The Natural Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Natural script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Redford movie based on the Bernard Malamud novel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Natural. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Natural Script



This is your spot, Roy.

Pay attention to it.



Pitch it in there.



You got a gift, Roy.

But it's not enough.



You gotta develop yourself.



Rely too much on your own gift

and you'll fail.









Gotta go.



Can I see you?



Right now?



Roy, what is it?



Wait a minute!



The Cubs sent for me. It's just

a tryout. I haven't made it.



- You'll make it.

- There's so many guys.



Not with your arm.

Wouldn't your daddy be proud?



- I gotta reach for the best in me.

- Promise me you will?



I promise. Come on!



- So when do you have to go?

- Tomorrow.



Oh, God.



I've never been on a train before.



It makes you feel important.



There's nothing to be

afraid of, Iris.



I love you so much.



I want you to marry me.



I do.



I want to send for you.



It's all right.



Thanks, Whammer.

My kid will treasure this.



Are you sure it ain't

for yourself now?



You see this?



What's that?



An Olympic athlete was shot

just one day after the slaying...



...of a football star,

Johnny Zirowski.



In each case,

a silver bullet was used.



A silver bullet?

That's crazy.



Max Mercy, the sportswriter?



I don't believe I know you.



Sam Simpson.

"Bud" Simpson. Remember?



I may have heard of you somewhere.



Of course, you know who

this fella is.






You look different in street clothes.



It's always nice to meet

a member of the general public.



You boys heading to Chicago too?



That's right.



I've been invited

to see the Cubs myself.



Is that so?



I'm bringing my slam-bang

pitching prospect for a look-see.



What's his name?



Roy Hobbs.



Where'd he play?



Like I said, Max, he's young.



He mowed them down

in that Sabotac Valley game.



You might've heard

of his eight no-hitters.



There he is. I'll bring him over.



You do that.



This is Roy Hobbs.



Max Mercy, syndicated sportswriter.



I'm pleased to meet you.



And this here's the Whammer.



How do you do?



You look different in street clothes.



First Pete and now "Repeat."



Let's play some cards.



Keep up those no-hitters...



...or they'll look for you

at Soda Pop Valley.






Whatever. Hang on to

the water wagon, old-timer.



- Hey, mister...

- Forget about it.



What'll it be?






Next stop, lola.



Half-hour water stop in lola.



Half-hour water stop!



Mind the time now.

Half-hour only.



Another home run!



Hey, Whammer, that's the way

to hit them!



Come on, Whammer! Hit another one!



Is he the best?



Best there ever was. Best there is

now and best there ever will be.



All right, that's it, folks!



Come on, Whammer!

You got a good audience out here!



You wanna see some more?



You'll have to come to Chicago,

buy a ticket!



You keep that bat, compliments of me.

Nice job! Keep it up!



There he goes, folks!



Whammer! The best baseball player

in the country!



You don't have

enough prizes for him.



He's a natural.

Give me that green doll.



Hey, busher!



Pitch one in here.

I'll knock it to the moon.



All right, folks.



You sure can pick them, Simpson.



I got $    here says he strikes

Wambold out on three pitch balls.



You old boozer,

your brain's full of mush.



This shit-kicker couldn't

strike me out with      pitches.



Three is all he'll need, Whammer.



I love contests of skill.



Do you, honey? So do I.



What about you there,

Huckleberry? Scared?



Not of you, I'm not.



Why don't we go on the other side

of the tracks, so nobody gets hurt.



Come on, folks!






...      feet...



...  inches, exactly.



Now here are the rules.



There's gonna be three pitches.



Any ball over the plate, or if Whammer

swings and misses is a strike, okay?



Anything outside the strike zone...



...that means the contest is over...



...and the Whammer wins.



I'll call them.



Why don't you take

some warm-up pitches?



- My arm's loose.

- It's your funeral.



Shall we proceed?

The sun's gonna set.



I wish you hadn't bet that money.

You come by it hard.



I wouldn't have made that bet

if I didn't believe in you.



So come on. There.



We're gonna show

what Roy Hobbs is all about.



- Batter up.

- Keep your shirt on.



Batter up! Let's go! Play ball!



Help you down there, old man?



Throw it here, plowboy!

It don't get lighter.



Chuck it down his whammy.

Chuck it down here.



Give him a shave with it!



- Strike  !

- Wait a minute.



You okay, Sam?



It's all right.



This damn glove.



How will you call them

from back there?



He looks wild.



Them your knees shaking?



Mind your business, red-nose,

and play ball!



Throw it in here, greenhorn.



Do it again, Roy.

Come on, boy. Do it again.



- Strike  !

- He's throwing spitballs!



In a pig's poop. That ball's

as dry as your granddaddy's scalp.



You better not be trying any

funny business out there, rum-pot!



Watch your mouth, mister!



Forget it.



This one's it, Whammer.

This is it. Don't let me down.



Don't let up.



One more, boy.



Come on, Roy. Right by him, baby.

March him out.



Strike  .



You're out.



Mister, you forgot this!



Wait, mister!



What's your name?



Roy Hobbs!









I'm Harriet Bird.



- It'll be in       papers.



I wanna do a little

background on your boy.



Not now. Maybe in the morning.



- Why?

- I'm not feeling well.



Listen, bring that sawbuck

you owe me.



We'll have breakfast on me, okay?



And I can do wonders

for that boy, if you let me.






Everyone thought

he would murder you.



And the way everyone

rallied around you!



They'll be talking about today

for years to come.



It was just like watching

Sir Lancelot jousting Sir Turquine.



Or was it Maldamor?

I'm not sure.



Have you ever read Homer?






Well, only homer I know

has four bases in it.



Homer lived ages ago

and wrote about heroes and gods.



And he would've written about baseball

had he seen you out there today.



You know what? Someday...



...l'll break every record

in the book.



I know I got it in me.



What will you hope to accomplish?



When I walk down the street, people

will say, "There goes Roy Hobbs...



...the best there ever was."



Is that all?



Well, what else is there?



Don't you know?



Isn't there something more?



More glorious?



Do you have a girl?



I'm gonna say good night now.



Would you come

watch me play sometime?



Roy, you are priceless.



Will you?



Of course.



I could throw a ball here

and never hit the end.



That's for sure, kid.



- Is that licorice?

- Never mind. Let's go to the hotel.



- How far is it to the stadium?

- We're going to the hotel first.



We gotta get over to the hotel.

I wanna get a drink.



-This is Harriet. 

- Excuse me?



Harriet Bird, silly. 



The door's open.



How'd you know I was staying here?



What's going on here?



Will you be the best

there ever was in the game?



That's right.



All right, kid. Throw strikes now.

Put something on it, now!



He's walking the whole ballpark,

and he's the best pitcher we got.



I should've been a farmer.



Since the day I was born,

I should have been a farmer.



I love chickens

and pigs and ducks.



I'm kind of fond

of nanny goats, I am.



Come on, Fowler!

Throw strikes!



Fowler's killing worms, Pop.



Hey, Fowler!

Don't you know how I hate...



...losing to the Pirates?



My ma urged me

to get out of this game.



When I was a kid,

she pleaded with me.



And I meant to. You know what I mean?

But she died.






Now look at me.



I'm wet nurse to a last-place,

dead-to-the-neck-up ball club...



...and I'm choking to death!



Wouldn't you think

I could get a fresh drink...



...after all the years I spent

in this game?



Red, did you talk to my bastard

partner about the drinking fountain?



The Judge said he's working on it.



Working on it?



Son of a bitch!



The day that snake walked

into this ballpark...


            of the darkest

days of my life, Red.



What do we got here?

The Salvation Army Band?



- Pop Fisher?

- Who wants to know?



I'm Roy Hobbs,

your new right fielder.



My what?



It's right here.



- Scotty Carson sent you here?

- That's right.



He must be nuts.



Where do they find these guys?



Fella, you don't start playing ball

at your age. You retire.



Where'd he find you?



The Heeber Oilers.



I've never heard of them.



They're semipro.






Schultz, go warm up.



You ever play organized ball

in your life?



I just got back in the game.



What's that mean?



I used to play in high school.



Excuse me?



I used to play in high school.



Red, he used to play in high school.



That's nice.



Scotty Carson signs him up...



...the Judge okays it,

they ain't talked to me yet.



I got that in my deal

for as long as I live.



They gotta talk to me!



- I got a contract.

- I wanna see it.



Come on, Hinkle!



$    they give this guy

to play with us.



This ain't legal.



Is Carson your chief scout? He said

he had the authority to sign me.



Yeah, well, he don't have.



Let me talk to you just a minute.



He has, Pop.



You said so yourself,

if he ever found anybody decent.



I know, but look at this guy.



We don't need no middle-aged rookies.



Well, we sure need somebody.



Hey, fella.



All right, you come at a bad time.



Like Red says...



...Scotty Carson seen

something in you.



Go find Doctor Dizzy and suit up.



Red, I should've been a farmer.



Number    . That's a bad-luck number.

I won't go into that.



What about  ?



 ? Well, you got me.



  it is. What's in the case?



My bat.



A bat?



Follow me. Second locker down.



Slip this on. See if you got

enough room under the arms.



If it was close,

why didn't you slide?



I had a cigar in my back pocket.

I didn't wanna break it.



Hear you and Memo

are getting hitched.



I don't know where you heard that.

She says that to everybody.



It's not true.



What's this? Another victim?



Bump Bailey.



- What are you? A new coach?

- New player. Roy Hobbs.



No kidding?



I didn't catch your name.



Roy Hobbs.



Max Mercy.



Fowler, I wanna ask you something.



There'll be a room for you

at the Ellicott Hotel.



Why don't you meet me

in the lobby about  :  .



We'll get something to eat,

have a talk.






Another brilliant find

from our scouting system. Geniuses.



Try this on for size.



Welcome to the majors.



We're not moving.



- Hey, Pop.

- Hi, honey.



You together?



No, I'm meeting Bump.



My niece, Memo Paris. Roy Hobbs.



He's a new player.



How do you do?






What position?



He just started today.



Right field.



Right? That's Bump's position.

Isn't it, Pop?



Mr. Hobbs is brand-new, and we're

not sure what we'll do with him.



Come on, I'll walk you to a cab.






Anything wrong?



No, I'm just not used to hotels.



Let's go.



How long were you with the Oilers?



Two weeks.



Two weeks?



And before that?



Just knocked around from here to there.



You don't mind me asking

these questions, do you?



I read Scotty's report on you.



Said you're one hell of a hitter.



How come you didn't start playing

when you was younger?



I did play when I was younger.



We're already eating.

We got our food.



We've already ordered.



But you gave it up?



Sort of.



But my mind was always on the game.



So I figured...


            give it another try.



Just like that?



Just like that.



Where you from?



Does it matter?



Do you always talk this way

about yourself?



Let me tell you something about Pop.



He gave his heart and soul

to the game...



...only to get it trampled on.



I'd give my right arm

to get him the pennant.



It took me     years to get here.



You play me...



...and you'll get the best I got.



I believe you.



Pretty good food, huh?



It's damn good.



You can't spell it,

but it eats pretty good, don't it?



All right. A little hustle,

a little hustle!



I don't know where

that water comes from, but...



Never mind the water.

Just stand up there and hit the ball.



You wanna sit this one out?



Can you imagine that Judge

sending me a middle-aged rookie?



I'm gonna pay his contract.



I ain't gonna play him.






That's kind of a bad play there.



...which are so

inherently symptomatic...



...of a losing team.



Sorry, doc, I had a little...

You know.



The mind is a strange thing, men.



We must begin by asking it...



..."What is losing?"



Losing is a disease...


            contagious as polio.



Losing is a disease...


            contagious as syphilis.



Losing is a disease...


            contagious as bubonic plague...



... attacking one... 



... but infecting all. 



But curable.



Now, I want you to imagine...


            are on a ship at sea...



...on a vast...



You wanna sit down and pay attention?



...gently rocking.



Get back in here!



Gently rocking.



Gently rocking. 



Gently rocking. 



I'm sending you down, Hobbs.



Class B ball.



Tomorrow morning, you go

to the Great Lakes Association.



- You make the rules.

- That's right.



And you ain't been playing by them.



All these other guys play by them.



- You remember signing a contract?

- I remember signing it...


            play ball. Not to be put to sleep

by some hypnotist. I won't do that.



You're going down.



Took me a long time to get here.

I won't do it!



I can't.



I came here to play ball.



Come back here!



Batting practice tomorrow.



Be there!



I have been...



...every day.



You all squared away?



- Yeah.

- All right.



Get in the cage.

Let's see what you can do.



Get out of there, Bump.



Show us what you can do.



Try this one, grandpa.



Come here!



Let me see that bat.



Not bad, kid.



Where'd you get this?



I made it myself

from a tree near home.




You put that on there?



What does it mean?



I made it a long time ago,

when I was a kid.



I wanted it to be a very special bat.



How about this lightning bolt?



The tree I made it from

was split open by lightning.



I don't figure this.



All those years, and you never played

organized baseball?



Well, I sort of got sidetracked.



Measure that and weigh it.



If it comes up to specifications,

we'll let you use it.



Now, go on out there

and shag some flies.



Better late than never, Pop.



Red, this is practice.



We'll see.



Knights lead Philadelphia,  - .

A golden opportunity to break... 



... a long losing streak. 

Fowler winds, throws. 



Long fly ball. 

Bivens moving under. 



Here comes Bailey! 

Bailey knocks the ball... 



... and the ball rolls to the wall! 



One run moving across the plate. 

That'll make it   to  .



He comes around  rd base. 



Bivens throws the ball to  nd. 



Now it's  -  the Phillies. A golden

opportunity and it's down the drain... 



... as Bailey boggles the situation

and knocks the ball... 



...loose from Bivens' glove.



The Knights can do nothing right,

no matter what they try.



You ain't nailed to the ground.

Move. A little hustle!



Let's go, let's go!



Bumper, I wanna see you

in my office after the game.



I lost it in the sun.






  st!   st base!






All right, all right!



Stay put, Bumper.

You're gonna sit this one out.



- What are you trying to do?

- I'm taking you out.



Do you want an apology from me?



Forget it. I won't apologize.



- Listen to me.

- I'm listening.



I'm the manager, you're the player.

You sit down and shut your mouth!



- What do you want?

- I want you to sit down!



Gabby, Boone, help him find

his seat! Hobbs, you're up.



What's the matter with you?



Sit down and shut up,

you mouthy prima donna.



You want apologies from me?



Sit down!



Trade me and get it over with!



Let me have a hitter up here.



Come on, Hobbs! You're up!



Knock the cover off the ball.



Now batting for Bump Bailey... 



... number   Roy Hobbs. 



Here's a surprise. Fisher will

replace Bump Bailey with number  .



Number   is Roy Hobbs. 



Hobbs was brought up in midseason. 

I don't know too much about him. 



Apparently Fisher's very upset

with Bailey. 



Of course Bailey messed up

that play with Bivens. 



Two runs came in. 

That made the Phillies   to  ... 



... when the Knights led  - ... 



... trying to get out

of this losing streak. 



MacBride's gonna look in again

at Hobbs right now. 



He'll check Bivens at  st. 

Baker leading off of  nd right now. 



-Here comes the pitch. 

- Strike  !



Fastball, inside corner, strike  .



Hobbs didn't like the call. 

Well, welcome to the majors. 



MacBride gave him a good, strong

fastball on the inside corner. 



Let me see the ball.



- Not that junk, the ball!

- That junk is the ball.



- That's a ball?

- Jesus, he shot it to pieces!



We want a real ball!



Was that real, the cover coming off?



- You were there. You saw it.

- Yeah, I know.



- Explain that cover coming off.

- I hit it as hard as I could.



Is it true he just walked in one day?



Can we see the bat Hobbs used?



That's the way to grease them.

Ain't no mystery.



Give us a break!

Where'd you find him?



Scouts found him.

They always look for young players.



- He doesn't look young. Is he      ?

- That's young to me.



Where in the hell did you find him?



As my chief scout, Mr. Carson,

I'm relying on your honor.



Judge, I'm doing what you asked. 

Hobbs is a joke, a nobody from nowhere. 



Yes, that's just what

concerns me, Mr. Carson.



It's about time we found out

just who he is and where he's from.



Good day.



And when I'm taking trips



To her tasty lips



Nice bat.



You like it?



Do you think I'll be able to make

one of those bats?



Tell you what.



Go down to the lumberyard...



...pick yourself out

a really good piece of wood...



...and we'll work on it together.

- All right. Thanks.



- See you.

- See you.



I'm Max Mercy. I met you

in the locker room with Bump.



Interesting way you mistreat

a baseball.



Can I buy you a beer?



- No, I'm in a hurry.

- I wanna ask you something.



- Do I look familiar to you?

- You? No.



Because you sure look familiar to me.



- Where you from, Hobbs?

- Nowhere special.



Wait. You ever play

in a Cardinal organization?



Well, it'll come to me in a minute.

I got a terrific memory.



See you around, Hobbs.



Hi, Al.



Hi, Iris. How was your weekend?






What can I get you?



One of those, cup of coffee.



Help yourself.



- Al, did you read Mercy's article?

- Why should I read it? I heard it.



Must've been the rain.

Stitches probably got loose.



It didn't start to rain

till after he hit the ball.



- The ball was defective.

- Defective. He made a meal out of it.



- What's the name of his bat?

- Wonderboy!






You guys. You know, people are

always running down amazing things.



This guy Hobbs, you ain't seen

nothing yet. I got a feeling.



Wonderboy. You gotta be kidding!



See you later, Al.



Okay, Ralph.



Our cameras turn

to the world of sports. 



In response to

Max Mercy's accusation... 



... that Wonderboy was a loaded bat, 

Commissioner Gates made a statement. 



We measured and weighed the bat... 



... and it is within

League specifications. 



Therefore, the bat is legal

and may be used in League play. 



Hold up the bat! 



"Wonderboy"! And oh, what a bat it is! 



My gut tells me this,

and Red agrees.



We feel Hobbs can fill

your position very neatly.



We'll give you one more chance

to shape up.



Otherwise, it's the bench.



Top of the  th right now. 

Knights leading Boston,  - .



Bump Bailey's   for   and made

a great catch off the right-field wall. 



Bailey at the top of his game. 



Looks like your talk to Bump

is paying off.



I gotta believe you're right.



Fowler has very good control. 



Abel takes a slight leadoff to  nd, 

Fowler tries to move him back. 



Fair ball, swung on. 

Long fly ball out there! 



Bailey going way back! 

This ball is hit real deep. 



Bailey looks up! 



He hits off the wall! 

The ball rolls free. 



Bailey went through the wall, folks. 



There's no movement at all. 



He's certainly down.



Bailey looks like

he's seriously hurt. 



In a stirring ceremony at Knights

Field, star Bump Bailey's ashes... 



... were dropped from a plane

as fans and ballplayers stood... 



... and paid their last respects. 



Bump Bailey died after crashing... 



... headfirst into the right-field wall

in pursuit of a fly ball. 



A great catch that almost was. 



Rest in peace, Bump Bailey. 



Baseball will miss you. 



Play ball!



Over       fans are here, 

paying their respects to Bump Bailey. 



Hobbs stepping up to bat right now. 



As you remember, just the other day, 

Hobbs knocked the cover off the ball. 



He had an auspicious beginning. 

Hobbs hitting from the left side. 



Looking in right now, 

Hobbs in his stance. 



Here's the pitch. 

He swings. Long fly ball! 



Way, way, way back! 



Way up into the rafters there! 

An unbelievable hit from Roy Hobbs! 



Incredible power! 



As good a hit as I've seen all year. 



Hobbs rounds the bases. 

Roy Hobbs,   for  .



Maybe we can expect

good things from Roy Hobbs. 



You've never seen Hobbs before?



No, I already told you that.

What have you got on your mind?






You really threw

that lumber around today.



We broke a few windows, didn't we?



Real good. You know, there's not

a mark on it. Not a nick.



I boned it so it wouldn't chip.



You know what I like?



I like this lightning bolt.



When I was a kid, my father gave me

his collection of squadron insignias.



The kind flying aces used to wear.



It reminds me of that.



- Nice going.

- Nice game, guys.



Wanna get something to eat?



Hey, Olsen, nice patch.

Try putting it over your eye.



All right, I ain't talking,

I'm hitting.



- Impressive.

- It must be the patch.



It's like Samson with his hair.



He came alive.



Well, he sure did.



There seems to be a mistake.

Olsen's hitting the ball.



I want one of those for myself.



And the rockets' red glare



The bombs bursting in air



Gave proof through the night



That our flag was still there



Oh, say does that star-spangled... 



... banner yet wave



O'er the land of the free



And the home... 



... of the brave



... Hobbs' homer, goes into the    th! 



Home runs, triples, singles...



Anything he wants to hit, he hits.



I've never seen anything like it.



It's incredible!



Anything he wants to do, he does!



I mean, how can somebody play

that well that came from nowhere?



New York Knights powerhouse hitter, 

Roy Hobbs... 



... a shining example

to his young fans. 



Though embarrassed by praise

and shy of the press... 



... Hobbs is always there

for an autograph. 



Well, I'm sure gonna try real hard. 



What's it take to be a big leaguer? 



You need a lot

of little boy in you... 



... so you guys

qualify pretty well. 



What's your name? 



And with a few

words of wisdom that... 



... who knows, might alter

the destiny... 



... of one of these fine young fans. 



Let me tell you something about Pop.

He thinks he's jinxed.



What do you mean?



Last season he had

some financial problems.



That makes the Judge the majority

stockholder of the Knights.



But he got one condition

in the contract.



If he can win

the pennant this season...



...he can buy the shares back,

and the Judge is out.



If he loses...



...he's out, and he has to sell.



And winner take all.



"If I Had You."



"Small Hotel."



"Dear Old Girl."



Dear old girl



She speaks of how



I love you



I'd have bet money you

wouldn't know that song!



Pitch it in!



Come on, let me see what you got!



Come on, just one more.



Throw him one.



I wanna knock it into the stands!



Come on, Roy, pitch it in!



- I bet you     bucks he can whiff you.

- You already owe me $   .



- Double or nothing then.

- You're on.



Pitch it here!



One more, Roy! Right into the stands!



Barrel one down his main street!



He really burnt that in there.



Come in here a minute.



What's up?



Ask the Judge.



The Judge?



He wants to see you.



I should go with you.



No, I can handle it.



I hope so.



- I'm Roy Hobbs.

- Yes, the Judge is expecting you.



Go right in.



Thank you.



Come in. Come in.



We meet at last.



This is a swell office.



Mere creature comforts.



Could use a little more light though.



Where you from, Hobbs?



All around, really.

What about you?



Please pardon the absence of light.



You see, as a youngster I was

frightened of the dark...



...and I used to wake up sobbing

in it as if it was water...



...and I was drowning in it.



As you will observe, I have...



...disciplined myself

against that fear...



...that now I much prefer...



...a dark room.



The only thing I know about the dark

is, you can't see in it.



A pure canard.



What's a canard?



A prevarication.



What's that mean?



A lie.



You can see, you know.



Well, not good enough.



You see me, don't you?



Maybe I do, maybe I don't.



I asked you here because I wanted to

pay you my compliments...



...for your performance in the field.



It's been fun.



Oh, you made a great contribution.



Stands have been constantly filled.



Financial fortunes have been

radically reversed since you joined.



I hadn't noticed.



You're not fascinated

by the almighty dollar?



I never gave it much thought.



You're above such

mundane thoughts, huh?



I didn't say that.



No, I'm as interested in a buck

as anybody else.



And I am not one to let

good deeds go unrewarded.



Would a new contract interest you?



For more money.



You wanna pay me more,

that's up to you.



I don't detect any gratitude

on your part, Mr. Hobbs.



I'm under no legal obligation

to pay you one penny more.



Either way, I play to win.



A young man your age

ought to think about your future.



Well, let me put it to you this way:



There's no way I'm gonna let you

steal this club from Pop.



The fact is, Pop

is a jinxed man.



All the Roy Hobbses

in the world can't change that.



- Well, it'll be a team effort.

- You're a very impudent man.



The interview is ended.



You come back here and turn off

that infernal light!



He's not as greedy as Bump.



He'll be hard to work with,

but we'll get him.



How'd it go up there, kiddo?



What are you doing here? Stay home

in bed and quit tailing me around.



You really are a riddle.

What are you trying to hide?



- I ain't hiding a thing.

- Well, who says you are?



You know...



...old Sam Simpson died before

he could give me the lowdown on you.



But I want you to look at this.



What you have in your hand is

a great story, but I want it all.



- A Max Mercy exclusive.



I don't want the public to get

the wrong idea.



Stories are floating around.



One says you played

for another major-league team.



One says you were

an acrobat in the circus.



There's even a crazy story

that said you killed someone.



Let them believe

what they wanna believe.



My paper will guarantee you

five grand, cash, for your story.



It'll give your fans something

to keep up their goodwill in you.



Once you get to know me better,

you'll like me.



Hi, kid. How are you doing?



Nice to see you.



We're gonna meet a guy

named Gus Sands, all right?



Who's he?



You're kidding.

He's a $    million-a-year bookie.



- You never heard of him?

- No.



Awfully nice guy. Awfully nice.



They don't have bands like that

in Nebraska, do they?



That's not where I'm from, but they

aren't there either.






You know...

Here. You know Roy Hobbs.



Yeah, sure.

I know all about Roy Hobbs.



Everybody here know everybody?



Sit down.



- Have a drink, slugger?

- No, thanks.



Strictly a Wheaties man, right?



Well, the eyes.



- Gotta keep them clear.

- Oh, yes.



How'd it go today, slugger?



He did better than we did. He got

  out of   in the   st...



...and   for   in the  nd.



What do you know?

That'll cost me a pretty penny.



How's that?



I bet against you today.



Against the Knights?



Just against you, kid.



I didn't know you could bet

against one player.



You can bet against anybody, anything.



Strikes, balls, hits, runs, errors.



Take your pick.



I once bet $       

on three pitched balls.



How'd you make out?






But the next week, I ruined the guy

with a different deal.



Sometimes you win,

sometimes you don't.



I lost with you today...



...but some other time,

I'll clean up double.



How you gonna do that?



When you're not batting so good.



How will you know

when that is?



The magic eye. It sees all.



Show him how it works. Go on.



Yeah, sure. Why not?



I'll bet that I can tell,

within a buck either way...


            much money

you've got in your pocket.



I'll take that chance.



For a thousand dollars?



Better make it a hundred.

You know the Judge.



A hundred it is.



You got     bucks.



What is it?



Eight dollars.



You lose.



And the silver?



The silver.



A dollar, what,   ?



Never misses. Right, sugar?



Just a lucky guy, Gus.



That's pretty good. I owe you     .



Forget it. Forget it.



Someday you'll maybe

do me a favor, eh?



Don't bet on it.



Excuse me.






I think you overlooked these.



We call it even?



Would you like to dance?



What do you know about him?



Not much. Not very much.



But I got a questionnaire out

in a thousand papers all over the West.



Somebody's gotta claim him, right?






- Are you interested?

- Yeah, I could be, Max. Could be.



I can't pay enough

for good information these days.



Thank you.



It's nice to know my hair

is full of silver.



Can you read my mind too?



No. I'm not good at that.



You don't mind if I just look?



Isn't that what you've been doing?



So far.



So far it's fun.



Does it get better in private?



I have a car.



What about Gus?



I'll tell him you made me disappear.



My father walked out on us

when I was a little girl.



I don't remember being happy

until I was about     or    .



Then what happened?



Then I won a beauty contest.



How could you lose?



You know, it's strange,

but ever since the hotel, I feel...


            we've met before.



I doubt it.



- So what about you?

- What about me?



Now it's your turn to tell.



Me? What's there to tell?



Come on, I don't have any secrets.



Maybe. But I do.



What about magic?



Where did you learn magic?



I just picked it up around, through

the years, like a lot of things.



Like what?






"Baseball." Max was right.



You're just a mystery.

I mean, I don't know...



He's just after a story.



What about Gus?

He's quite a character.



Bump introduced us.



He picked me up when I was down.



He's a friend.



I'm not waiting for true love

to come along, Roy.



I never have.



I've known a million guys.



Bump was swell.



He was real swell, but typical.



You're not like him...



...or anyone else.



Gus gives me things.



Things I've never had in my life.



Anything wrong with that?



Not if you understand the risks.



There are always risks.



Touch me.









See you later.



You know what time it is?



I could fine you. I would,

if you were making any money.



Wait till next year.



There might not be a next year for you,

you keep pulling stunts like this.



How long you been seeing her anyway?



Since tonight.



I'd better tell you something.



You're a grown man. What you do with

your personal time is your own business.



I got it in the back of my mind,

that girl's bad luck.



- Well, you're a swell uncle.

- Got nothing to do with it.



I love her.



But I believe that bad luck has a way

of rubbing itself off on other people.



Pop, don't worry about me.



Well, I am.



See, I'm just considering you.



I'll consider me.



-Strike  ! 



Where were you?



I was with Gus.



He thought something

happened to me last night.



It did.



Strike  !



You all right?



We'll get them next time.



Haven't you been paying attention?



Strike  !



You miss me?









Are you...

Are you all right?



It's all right.



Sorry, I...



It's all right.



I just touched you right here.



It's okay.



The team bus is now

at the   th Street entrance. 



Bus is at the   th Street entrance. 



Let's go.



Straighten that good-looking tie.






How you doing?



Cub programs! 



Get your Cub program here! Ten cents. 



Get your official Cub program here! 

Ten cents. 



Peanuts! Five cents.



Now batting for New York, 

number   Roy Hobbs. 



Hobbs coming to bat right now. 



He has a terrible batting score. 

Can't get himself on the track at all. 



Hobbs, trying to get

something started. 



And here comes the pitch. 



Strike the bum out!



Strike  ! 



Lazy pitch there. 

Strike  ! 



Hobbs goes down. 

  pitches,   strikes. 



You're a bum!



Maybe you should try another bat.



Whatever's wrong isn't the bat.



Knights lead the Cubs  - .



Fowler's stepping up to the bat. 

Short ball, a hit! 



That's gonna be out in the right field. 

He'll fire the ball into  rd base. 



Safe at  rd base! 



At the end of the  th, 

it's all tied up,  - .



Cubs leading by  . Bivens at

the plate. He swings. Fly ball.



Camaretti has problems. 

He fumbles the ball! 



Bivens heads to  nd base. 

Here comes the throw! 



Now batting for New York, 

number   ... 



... John Olsen. 



Now batting for New York, 

number   Roy Hobbs. 



Hobbs just can't get himself on track. 

He's   for   today. 



Stepping up right now, 

he gets the signal. 



Bivens is at  rd base. 

  to  .



Strike  !



Pop Fisher's not happy. 

Here's the pitch. 



-Swings and... 

- Strike  !



He just can't get himself set. 

He hasn't had the concentration. 



Sit down!



Folks, I'm telling you, 

I've seen some power before... 



... but certainly Hobbs... 



Over here!



- Where you going?

- You ever hit one that far before?



Hobbs, turn around, will you?



What's he looking at?



- One more.

- Hobbs, over here.



This is for you.



Nice lady.



Are you married?



Hi, folks. What can I get you?



- I'd like you to meet Roy Hobbs.

- Are you kidding?



What do you think I ran here for?

We got jiffy service? My pleasure.



He's a great fan of yours.



- What can I get you?

- You got any lemonade?



Sure have.



- I'd like the same, please.

- Two lemonades, coming up.



No, not married.



Are you?






It's unbelievable someone with your

looks would be on the loose so long.



I don't get lonely.



How is it the girls missed you?



I didn't see any point

in settling down.



Two lemonades.



Oh, boy.



Ain't she a peach?



I come here a lot.



You go to many games?






So why did you come?



Maybe I shouldn't have.



I'm glad you did.



Well, I don't know.



We're not kids anymore.



Things are never the same.



Am I different?



Am I?






A lot.



I thought I saw you once

in a train station here.






I used to look for you in crowds...



...thinking someday

maybe you'd be there.



Somewhere I stopped.



What happened to you, Roy?



My life didn't turn out

the way I expected.



What is it?



I've gotta go.



How come?



I've just got to.



I'd like you to come

to the game tomorrow.



I can't.



I came today.



I see. You work?









It's me, Memo.






Where are you?



I'm here in my room...



...sitting in a white slip,

thinking of you.



I miss you.



I miss you too.



Did you hear? We won today.



Yeah, I heard it on the radio.









But you better get some rest.



You'll need it.



Good night.



Good night, Roy.



And I love you too.



That was cute.



Smooth enough?



You are in control, aren't you, pal?



Sure, Gus.






Hobbs steps up. 

He shattered the clock yesterday. 



That's good! Bottom of the  rd

inning. Hobbs looking in. 



He swings! There's no doubt about

that one! Goodbye, Mr. Spalding! 



  to  . Bottom of the  th. 



He swings! There it goes! 

Oh, my! 



 th inning. 



Here's the pitch. He swings! 

I don't believe it! 



Four in a row! What a day for Hobbs! 



I just wanted to...



I'm glad you came.



Just think what I would've missed.



That was just luck.



I know better.



Wait. Are you going?






Can we...



...walk a bit?



All right.



I met a woman on a train to Chicago...



...and it was a mistake.



Do you mean when you first left?



That was the beginning

of a lot of mistakes...



I was in the hospital

for a couple of years.



Finally I got out, and they

told me I couldn't play ball.



I didn't have any money,

and jobs were hard to come by.



I lost my confidence.



Then there was just no going back.



How long have you been in Chicago?



Ten years.



- Would you like some coffee?

- No, thank you.



- Sure?

- I don't wanna put you out.



It's not putting me out.

I'll just brew it up.



- Nice cup of coffee?

- No.



Something simple, iced tea?



Iced tea.



I don't have any, but I'll brew some.



You have to brew some?



Then I'll have some coffee, okay?



This is a swell apartment.






Did you sell the farm?






I'll always have that.






It's home.



It's my son's.



He means the world to me.



He's a great kid.



I'll bet he is.



I'd like to meet him.



He's coming home pretty soon.



Is he with his father?






His father lives in New York.



Oh, you're...



But I've been thinking that he needs

his father now. He's at that age.



I think he needs him.






A father makes all the difference.



You gotta catch your train.



I can stay.



You'd better go.



Where to next?






I'm sorry I missed your boy.



I'll tell him.



Roy Hobbs.



He won't believe it.



That's good!



Do a goose step now!



I'm trying to shelter this guy.



Have a peanut, Bobby.



No, it's too late.

He's gonna be too old.



Did you do your homework?



All right!



Here goes nothing.



I blew a little too hard there.



Hobbs is making the whole situation

impossible to predict.



Only more difficult.



Hobbs will make it more interesting,

but he won't make the difference.



Safe! Safe!



He dropped the ball!



Here's the pitch. 

Hobbs swings! Long fly ball! 



That's right! Goodbye, Mr. Spalding! 



The Knights have tied for the finish! 

They've tied for the finish! 



You can hear this crowd! They're

going crazy! They got Hobbs... 



Knock it off!



Hey, knock it off!



We gotta win another game

before this is over.



Don't jinx this. Look at this!



Now, come on.



Go home, get some sleep.



Knock off the booze. No booze!



I'm sorry, there's no answer. 

Would you place your call again later? 



Okay, thanks.



The Knights simply have to win... 



... one game against the Phillies

to put them in the World Series. 



That wraps it up here

for this post-game show. 



I'll be right over to pick him up.



Protect your car

with Valvoline Motor Oil. 



This is Jim Bauer inviting you

to join us... 



Boy, did I miss you!



What's going on here?



A victory party.



We haven't won yet.

Whose place is this?






At least it will be in a week.



- You must've hocked your fur for it.

- Never.



Gus chipped in.



How do you like it?



I like it.



I'm not so sure anymore...



...after Chicago.



Come on, Memo, how about a dance?



Sure, Al.



Don't wait up, grandpa.



Welcome home, slugger.



Some blowout, huh?



All fresh food

from Jack and Charlie's.



How's the team holding up?



They can do no wrong.



When you're on a roll,

it's like that sometimes.



When you're not, every little thing

gets you down. What about you?



What about me?



I see you dug yourself

out of that hole you were in.



It must have cost you.



You're up, you're down.



How's the Judge treating you?



What's it to you?






Except it's a shame that son of a bitch

is paying a player like you...



...rock-bottom salary.



- I can live with it.

- You gotta look to the future.



You can't build on what you don't got.



It's nice to know you worry

so much about a guy like me.



Listen, I'm just bringing it up

because I know Memo's crazy about you.



I mean, I wouldn't like to see you

lose her to a better provider.



Fame isn't enough, kid.



I'll take my chances.



Why should you, when we can all profit

from these little chats?



I mean, take tomorrow, for example.



Tomorrow I wouldn't bet against me.



You're missing the point, kid.



I already have.



You can't hang on to the game forever.



You can't get back into it

from jail either.



Isn't she something?



Yeah, she is.



What every guy would give

to be in your shoes, huh?



You're standing close. I can't tell

if it's your toes I'm feeling or mine.



I misjudged your boy.



I don't like being disappointed.



Try these eclairs.



I was gonna go on this little...



The whipped cream's a little...

I don't like it.



It's not good for my stomach.



Try one of these.






Try this.



Thank you.



Remember when we get there, baby



Two steps! Two steps! 

And we're gonna have a ball



We're gonna dance off

Both our shoes



When they play those

Jellyroll blues



Tomorrow night



Having a great time,

take it everybody!



I'll be down to get you

In a taxi, honey



I'll get there

Around half past  



You okay?



Roy, you okay? You okay?



Where's Pop?



"Where's Pop?" What are you, nuts?



Sit down.



Get me out of here.



Let's go.



Call a cab.



Come on, come on.



And how are we feeling today?



Where am I?



Tower Maternity, Roy.



I'm Dr. Newman.



It was an emergency,

and we were the closest.



They lost three in a row.



- What's done is done.



Am I okay to play Monday?



I'm afraid there's some bad news.



The lining of your stomach

has been gradually deteriorating...



...due to a previous injury.



We pumped your stomach

and came up with this.



This silver bullet head has been

in your stomach for some time.



Years, I would say.



It doesn't matter.

It's history.



Yes, but it could prove fatal

if you continue to play baseball.



Stop now, and in time

it could heal properly.



Can I play Monday?



The odds and your age

would be against you.



One day, your stomach could easily

blow apart, kill you on the spot.



I'm sorry.



Roy Hobbs, New York Knights' star, 

is laid up... 



... at Tower Maternity Hospital

in New York City. 



The full nature and extent

of his illness is as yet undisclosed. 



His availability for Monday's

game against Pittsburgh... 



... remains a question. 

Turning to local news... 



May I come in?



You must've had a snoot full.



It was a great party.



I heard Gus and Max

talking last night.



What about?



He said that if you played Monday

it could kill you.



- It's a lie.

- No, it's not!



You're not gonna play.



Really, are you?



It would just be my last game.



It's his last game!



Well, that's rich!



You're trying to kill yourself,

aren't you?



Doc's making it out

worse than it is.



Oh, he is? Sure he is!



Hey, why not?



I look swell in black.

Don't you think I look swell in black?



I sure do.



Why don't we just get away?

Let's just go away right now.



I've been away long enough.



Oh, my God!



Why are you doing this?



What for?



Just to play one last game,

is that it?



It's all I've got left.



Then I can walk away.



Well, I have a small favor to ask.



Walk away right now...



...and you'll live for sure.



That way we can see

a whole lot more of each other.



And you won't walk away empty-handed.



That's for sure.



What do you mean?



I mean, Gus will stake us

to a lot of money.



We can buy into a company.

Everybody does that.



Think what we can do, Roy. With

your name, we'll make out fine.



If I skip the playoff?



Come on, Roy, you understand.



You make up your mind

to have certain things.



You know how it is.



Yes, I do.



Do you?



Just a few practice swings,

that's all.



Just to get back my timing.



It's my ass if Pop finds out.



We heard about that.

We heard about it already.



Just make sure you take it easy.



Roy's the money.

He gets hurt, we're out of a job!



We'll take it easy.



Just making a point. Take it easy.



Sometimes I wonder

what I'm doing in this game.



How do I get myself

in situations like this?



Diz, I think maybe

we heard that a couple of times.



He's always saying that. Don't know

about you, but he's making me nuts!



All right, here we go.



Come on, Diz.



You get that, Max?



Don't ever look back, Max! Ever!



Oh, my God!



Can you stand? Roy?



- We should've had more sense!

- It's all right. No one will know.



No one's gonna know.



Take it easy.



We better get you

back to the hospital.



Who's there?



Don't be alarmed.



I understand that you are playing.



- I wouldn't want you to dock my pay.

- On the contrary.



I wish to augment it with a bonus.



Now, as you may know,

we are favored to win.



Which puts you back

working night court.



I have decided that

would be a grave mistake.



Now, financially speaking,

I can do better by not winning.



With your help, of course.



You put that in writing for Pop.



Now, as you may know, the prevailing

rate for this sort of thing...


            $      .



I'm offering you twice that.



You're wasting your time.



You know as well as I do that

you're in no condition to play.



Then why the      ?






You could get into the game.



You could wreck it

with an unexpected blow.



That'd be the beauty of it.



It's a monumental mistake, Hobbs...


            light of certain information

that I now possess.



Police photographs...



...taken     years ago...


            a hotel room.



By the way...



...that's you.



A nice young boy.



Half-naked lady...



...lying in the street.



You, in her room, shot.



Nasty business.






Full disclosure of this scandal in the

eyes of your admirers and loved ones...



...could only cause

humiliation. Embarrassment.



It was suicide.



Oh, Mr. Hobbs...



...if kids should see this...



Now, it's a surprisingly

simple procedure.



You're to play your normal game,

except when you are at bat.



And then, under no circumstances,

are you to hit the ball safely.



They'll beat you without me.



Without you, they lost three in a row.



What is more, I have a contingency

plan for their flat failure.



Who else is in on this?



A key man.



Good night, Mr. Hobbs.



Here's another. Listen.



"We love to watch you hit that ball.

We cheer when you're connecting.



But it really shocked us, one and all,

to hear that you're expecting."



Hold it. I didn't write those lines.



I didn't think you could read.



The babies. Please!



What about the babies?



How would you like to wake up to this?



I can't have this noise.

You're disturbing the mothers.



I guess that's you, guys.



Get well quick.



You just go out there

and play great ball.



Take care.



Get well. We need you. Take care.



Look out on the way out.

Just keep your eyes straight ahead.



It's gonna be tough without you, Roy.



Thanks, Diz.






Hi, I'm Max Mercy, sports columnist

for The Daily Mirror. 



I saw your picture in the paper.

Very nice.



Roy and I go back a long way. I wonder

if you'll help me a little on this.



See, I need a little help

if you could give some.



For Roy's defense, okay?



Now, you know this woman?

You know what happened?



Anything to do with a love quarrel?



You might have known her,

she knew you, a love triangle?



A bad joke.



I thought you might be able

to help us with some little clue.



I'm gonna do everything I can

to keep this story from breaking.



Hey, miss?



Is there...



...a chair?



Doc says I have to quit baseball.






Some mistakes I guess

we never stop paying for.



I didn't even know her.



The girl on the train?



You liked her, didn't you?






But I didn't see it coming.



How could you know she'd hurt you?

How could anyone?



- I didn't see it coming.

- You should've?






But I didn't.



Why didn't I?



You were so young.



Things sure turned out different.



In what way?






For     years, I've lived

with the idea that I could be...



...the best in the game.



You're so good now!



I could've been better.



I could've broke

every record in the book.



And then?



"And then"?



When I walked down the street,

people would've said:



"There goes Roy Hobbs, the best

there ever was in this game."



You know, I believe we have two lives.



How? What do you mean?



The life we learn with and

the life we live with after that.



With or without the records...



...they'll remember you.



Think of all those young boys

you've influenced.



There are so many of them.



That day in Chicago,

why did you stand up?



I didn't want to see you fail.



I wish Dad could've...



God, I love baseball.



Are you gonna go to the game tomorrow?



Is your son with you?



He is.



Excuse me.



Well, I gotta go.



Tomorrow, after we've lost...



...I want Pop Fisher out of here,

bag and baggage.



That's right. Lay it all

on the line, Harry.



All of it.

That's right. You heard me.



I'll call back.



Slugger, you okay?



I'm fine.



- You look a little lost.

- I'm not.



You dropped this on your way out.



Something seems amiss.



Correct me if I'm wrong, Hobbs,

but we had a deal.






Those are your winnings.



This is a gag.

Pick it up. Get out.



If it isn't enough money,

tell us what you've got in mind.



To hit away.



I thought I could rely on your honor.



You're about to.



You're a foolish, foolish man.



You've forgotten something.



Your past.



I don't care. Go on.



Get on the phone.






That won't be necessary.



I like the action.



Then let it ride.



You bastard!



I hate you.



I hate you.



You were right, Memo.



We have met before.



You're a lot weaker than I thought.

What do you think this changes?



Have Max draw you a picture. You can

read about it in the morning paper.



You're yesterday's news, kid.



You had a great gift, a talent.

But it's not enough.



I think you're a loser.



You can't let him go.






With his insides, he's as good

to us now as he was before.



Besides, we're $      richer.



I wanted to win that pennant worse than

I wanted any goddamned thing in my life.



You'd think I could

just this once, wouldn't you?



I didn't care nothing

about the Series.



Win or lose,

I would have been satisfied.



I'd have walked away from baseball

and I'd have bought a farm.



Nothing like a farm.



Nothing like being around animals,

fixing things.



There's nothing like being in the field

with the corn and the winter wheat.



The greenest stuff you ever saw.



You know, my mother told me

I ought to be a farmer.



My dad wanted me to be

a baseball player.



You're better than

anyone I ever had.



And you're the best

goddamned hitter I ever saw.



Suit up.



Still dogging me, huh, Max?



End of the road, Hobbs.



You wanna hear what I think

our chances are?



You read my mind.



That takes all of three seconds.



They come and they go, Hobbs.

They come and they go.



I'll be around here longer

than you or anybody else here.



I'm here to protect this game.



Whose game?



I do it by making

or breaking the likes of you.



Did you ever play ball, Max?



No, never have.



But I make it a little

more fun to watch, you see.



And after today, whether

you're a goat or a hero...


           're gonna make me a great story.



See you around.



And here come the New York Knights

as they take the field. 



Everyone will have their eyes

on Hobbs, whose illness came close... 



... to shattering

the Knights' dream of a pennant. 



Hobbs moving to his position

in right field. 



And just listen to that crowd

go wild for Hobbs! 






Let's go, Knights!



He looks like he's set

and ready to go. 



This is for the National

League Pennant! 



The Knights versus Pittsburgh! 

The playoff game! 



Play ball!



Al Fowler on the mound.   outs as

he faces Schaffer. The pitch! 



Schaffer swings! Fly ball going out

over the field! Hobbs goes back fast! 



The Pirates go down  - - 

in the  st inning. 



- Feel okay?

-Bivens going in against Youngberry. 



Youngberry, excellent control. 



   and   on the season. 

The pitch! 



Strike   inside corner! 



Now batting, number    John Olsen. 



Come on, Roy!



And strike   on Olsen. 



Strike  ! 



Hobbs kneels next to Bobby Savoy, 

the batboy for the Knights. 



Strike  ! Olsen badly fooled! 



Now batting, number   Roy Hobbs! 



Come on, Roy!



And listen to that chant! 

The Roy Hobbs chant! 



Hobbs batting. 



Hobbs bats against Youngberry. 






... who made fifth place this year. 

Here's the pitch! 



Swung on and missed! 



Hobbs fooled by that pitch. 



Now stepping back to the plate. 

Youngberry gets set. 



Hobbs has been   for  

so far this season. 



Youngberry looking in for the sign. 



He goes to the wind-up. 



The pitch! 



Inside corner, strike  ! The

crowd was not happy with the pitch. 



An excellent call. 



Youngberry looks in once again. 

Hobbs sets himself. The concentration. 



Youngberry to the wind-up. 

The pitch! 



Strike  ! 

Hobbs is out of there. 



And so at the end of   inning, 

no score at all. 



The big question is whether or not

Hobbs can get his timing back. 



After a four-day layoff, it's difficult

for a hitter to step into the game. 



Hobbs came directly to the field with

no batting practice this afternoon.



At the end of   innings, 

no score. 



Fowler looking in against Boyle. 

Boyle, the count,   and  .



The pitch! And he walks. 



Terrific so far this afternoon. 

Here comes Allen. 



Allen's last time up grounded

out to  st base. Fowler looking in. 



Boyle over on  st base. 



Allen has good power. 



Allen swings! Fly ball! 



Back, back! Hobbs drifting back. 



That's out of here! 



The score is   to nothing. 



Pittsburgh strikes first. 



Fowler up until this point

has been absolutely outstanding. 



That one got away from him. 

Fowler not happy with it at all. 



You can feel the anxiety

spreading through this crowd. 






This is a little unusual. 



Roy Hobbs has called time out

and is heading in to see Fowler. 



It's kind of an unusual situation. 



Play ball!



Don't do it.



If this is for show,

you can cut the crap.



Give them the real stuff, Al.



I'll start pitching

when you start hitting.



What the hell's going on?



It's a surprise.



It's okay, Pop.



Let's play ball.



  to nothing, 

the Knights at bat. 



- This is it, Roy!

- Swing it, Hobbs!



Now batting, number   Roy Hobbs! 



Come on, Roy!



Youngberry, the pitch! 



A swing and a miss. 

Hobbs misses. 



Swing and a miss! 

Strike  ! 



Strike  ! 

Hobbs falls to the ground! 



Hobbs tried and missed it. 

Knocked him to the ground. 



Picks himself up again. 

Youngberry overpowering. 



Hobbs just hasn't been able

to put it together this evening. 



- Where are you going?

- I'll be back.



Excuse me.



It's all right, slugger!



Come on, Hobbs!



It's important

that Roy Hobbs gets this.



I just can't do that.



I know. I have his son in the stands.

He doesn't know his son is here.



- I can't do it.

- Please. I don't know what to say.



At the end of   innings, 

no score at all for the Knights. 



At the end of   innings, 

again,   to nothing. 



The Knights still... 



LaJong hits the ball into the field! 

Here comes the throw! 



And Frenchie is out of there! 



Shouldn't have gone for two. 

He's trying to get something started. 



At the end of  

  to nothing, Pittsburgh. 



Fowler's been overpowering

ever since the  th inning. 



Getting himself settled down. 



Fowler looking in against Yancey. 

The pitch! 



Throw, swing and a miss! 

Strike  ! 



At the top half of the  th, 

still   to nothing. 



  outs right now. Bivens going

back to get himself another bat. 



Nothing has worked so far. 

Maybe he'll try another one. Bivens... 



...   for   today. The pitch! 



There's the shot over the right field! 



Allen picks it up. 

He's throwing it! 



There's the throw! He is safe! 






Hobbs is   for  .

What a game we have tonight! 



From the stretch, Youngberry looks... 



The pitch! 



Olsen swings! 

Ground down to  rd base! 



Run, you son of a bitch! Run!



The ball rolls free! 

Bivens takes  rd! 



Now batting, number   Roy Hobbs. 



Come on, Roy!



The pitch! 



Hobbs has been

an outstanding player all year! 



Youngberry! The pitch again! 



Time out! Heading for the mound. 



That may be it for Youngberry. 

Taking no chances at all. That's it. 



He's gonna go for a left-hander. 

Youngberry not happy at all about this. 



Youngberry has only given up

  hits in the entire game. 



A beautiful pitching performance. 



Let's go!



Young John Rhoades

strides to the mound. 



A Nebraska farm boy, 

blazing left-handed speed. 



The Pirate organization expects

great things for him. 



You can hit it!



They say he's got the best fastball

in the major leagues right now. 



This is the game for the World Series. 



One of these teams will be, tomorrow, 

playing in the World Series. 



It comes down to this. 



Hobbs, with determination, 

trying to make it happen. 



The pitch! He swings! 



Oh, my God! 



He's trying to destroy

the press box right next to us! 



Absolutely broke the glass

right next to our radio booth here! 






This is it! 

This is the game right now. 



Hobbs is at the bat still. 

He brought them this far. 



Will he take them all the way? 

The pitch! Hobbs hits! 



Fading, fading, it's a foul ball! 



Let's go!



Pick me out a winner, Bobby.



Come on, Roy!



Are you all right, fella?



Let's play ball.



Come on, one time!



Attaboy, Roy!



And it's spinning way

back up, high over the right field! 



That ball is still going! 

It's way back, high up in the air! 



He did it! Hobbs did it! 




Special help by SergeiK