Near Dark Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Near Dark script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kathryn Bigelow vampire movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Near Dark. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Near Dark Script



Dumb suck.



Get off that truck, son. Oh, i'm sorry

I put a dent in it...



Right up byThe light there;

I'm sorry.



You son of a bitch.



Okay. Okay, come on.

Go ahead. Go ahead.



Give it your best shot.

Go ahead.



What the hell's eatin' you? Chuckles

Your mama.



You wish. I wish i may,

I wish i might.



Wish i was a thousand miles

From here tonight.



Well, take off. Might just. You didn't

Get me a beer, did you?



You're gonna have to support

Your own bad habits.



You are a selfish

on of a bitch.



What are you lookin' at? Turn around

And feast your eyes.



I'm dreamin'. Well, you can go ahead

And keep on dreamin', son.



Would you look at him?



- Can i have a bite?

- Bite?



- I'm just dyin' for a cone.

- Dyin'?



- You're not from

Around here, are ya? No.



- You got a name? It's mae.



Mae. Well, That's a nice name.



I mean, it's pretty.



- Where you from, mae?

You ever heard of sweetwater?



It's down near snyder,

Isn't it? Texas.



- Who you out here with?

- Friends.



- Boyfriend? - friends.



I'm just stayin' At the trailer

parkDown by the highway.



Oh, yeah?



I need a lift home.



My name's caleb.



Now that's

A real nice name.




You sure are pretty.



I guess everybody

Tells you that, huh?



- You got a boyfriend?

- Sometimes.



What about other times?

What about 'em?



I mean, i don't have

A girlfriend. Exactly. That's too bad.



You plan to stay around

For a while? Not long.



You're not leaving tonight? No.



You think maybe-

There's a show down-Shh.



What? Here? Stop the truck.



Yeah. Now. -



There's somethin'

I want to show you.



There's somethin' You want

to show me? Yeah. The night.



What about it? It's dark.



I noticed. It's also bright.

It'll blind you.



I can't see.



Well, listen.



Do you hear it?



I'm listenin'. I don't hear nothin'.

Listen hard. Do you hear it?



Hear what? The night.

It's deafening.



Well, i'll hold your ears.



Listen hard.



I sure haven't met

Many girls like you.



No, you haven't met

Any girls like me.



Look up.



Stars See that one?



First one i laid my eyes on.



The light that's leavin'

That star right now...



Will take a billion years

To get down here.



You want to know why you've

Never met a girl like meBefore?



Yeah. Why? Because i'll still be here

When the light from that star...



Gets down here to earth

In a billion years.



That sounds like fun.

It is.



I'd like

To be there too. Maybe.






Well, who knows?



I sure haven't met Any girls like you

No. No, you sure haven't.



- You ain't in Any hurry, are you?

Never hurry.



I see. You want

To listen to the radio?



See if i can

Find somethin'.



How's that?



- Where we going?

You'll see.



I don't like

Surprises, caleb.



Oh, you're gonna

Like this one. Trust me.






I'm gonna introduce you

To a friend of mine. All right?



I want you To close your eyes.



Close your eyes.



Keep your eyes closed.



What's wrong, boy?

What's the matter with you?



Horses just don't like me.



No kiddin'. Why not?



They just don't.

That's all right.



- You're pretty strong.

- Yeah. Stronger than you.






What is it?

What's wrong?



What time is it?

I don't know.



What time do you

Got to be home?



Honey, dawn

Is a long ways off.



We got plenty of time.



Take me home, caleb.



What's the rush, mae?

I have to go.



Hurry, caleb. Hurry!

What is it?



I don't understand

What's goin' on.



Let's go. Let's go.




- Just a couple more miles. I can get there.

They'll never know.



- I didn't notice the time.

What is buggin' you anyway?



It's your daddy, right?

You don't get home on time, He's gonna give you a



Don't you worry about it. I'll just tell him

The car broke down.



Just get me home!



Maybe i will. But you're gonna

Have to kiss me first.



Come on, mae. Just a little touch.

I ain't askin' for much.



Mae. Mae!



Sure was some kiss.



Hey, dad, there's caleb.



About time he came home.



- Daddy, he looks sick.

What'd you say, darlin'?


















I'm gonna separate your head

From your shoulders. Hope you don't mind none.



You put a hurtin' on us, Mae, but good.

It was sort of an accident.



Nah, that was sloppy, mae.

Real sloppy.



Let me do it, jesse.

Let me tap dance on him, Won't ya?



- It'll be so good. Do it, fast.



- All right!

Yeah. Let the good times roll.



- Whoo! - no!



- Him? - what the fuck

Is goin' on?



It ain't what's goin' on, Son, it's what's

comin' off Your face, clean off.



- well, you might as well

Just kill me then too.



- How you figure that? 'cause he's been bit

But he ain't been bled.



- Ah, shit! He's turned by now.



Son of a bitch, jess.



He's turned. He comes with us.



It's all right.



You see these tire marks?

That's four hours And nine minutes ago.



Meanin', If they're on the highway

At a steady   



That puts 'em clear

In the next damn state.



I wanna know what you boys

Are doin' about that.



Look, i'll take care of it.

You can't, mae.



I turned you, I taught you.



Well, i turned him

And i'll teach him.



What's the matter, homer,

You jealous?



A little too little

To be jealous.



You have any idea What it's like

to beA big man on the inside...



And have a small body

On the outside?



You have any idea What it's like

to hear About it every night?



It's risky as shit, jess.

He fucks up, it's our ass.



It's our ass, mae, It's your ass.

You wanna give him a week?



Then it's decided. We give him a week to

see If we can call him one of us.



Cut the shit. I know you're awake.

I can smell it.



You slap me if i'm sleepin',

Cause i wanna wake up.



Guess what?



Who the hell

Are you people?



I'm jesse hooker.

I believe you already Met mae.






I'm you're worst

Fuckin' nightmare.






And i'm homer.

That's h-O-m-e-r.



Mispronounce it And i

wouldn't wantTo be you.



Oh, baby,

You are beautiful. Hmm?



Whoo! All right!



Hey, jesse, remember that

Fire we started in chicago?



- Let's get a move on.

I think it's burnin'.






Bombs away, little buddy.




Come on, jesse.



I don't feel so well.



I know.

No, you don't.



Look, i don't understand

What's goin' on here.



I like you.

I really do.



But i gotta get home.



I'm sorry.



Let me go.



- You won't get very far.

- We'll see.



I'll be seein' ya.



Before long.



Excuse me.



When's your next bus

To fixx, oklahoma?



Where the hell is fixx?



Well, the nearest

City's lauden.



Gate       minutes, $  .






Um, i only have   .



I got a bus ticket for   .



Can you give me a break? I gotta get home.



You're three bucks shy.



What seems to be The problem, kid?



No problem.



I'm just $ .OO short

For a bus ticket home.



Can you help me out?



Well, i got this.




Come this way, please.



What's the problem? You.



You're not looking

Too good, kid.



I ain't feelin' Too good,

sir. What are you on?



You wouldn't believe me If i told you.

Let me see your eyes.



You got blood on you.



Yes, sir.

I got cut.



Look, i only got $  .



And i need three more

To get home.



Can you help me out?



Get home.



And be a good boy.



Mm. Stop the bus.



I got to get off.



I'm dying.



You're just in time.



Drink this.



I asked you once If you listened

to the night. Now listen to me.



Look, the night.

It's so bright...



It'll blind you.









- Morning, daddy.

- Morning, baby.



- You sleep some? - i sleep some

You sleep a little?



A little. Bad dreams.



Me too.



Not much, loy, But the highway patrol found

What might be your winnebago.



It was left in Some fill and torched.

Nobody was inside.



Probably switched cars. Could be

your boy's fallin' inWith some trouble.



- What are you Doin' about that?

- All we can.



Well, it's not enough, Eakers.



Loy, you're just gonna

Have to bear with us For a bit.



Yes, operator,

I'd like to reverse charges...



On a long-distance call

To oklahoma.






Caleb. Caleb.

Look, caleb.



I wanted to go home too.



You know, i called, mae.

Ain't nobody home. Nobody was home.



Jesus! This is fucked, mae.

I'm scared.



So was i, but don't be.

Just feel it. Feel what's in you.



That's what scares me.

I feel it.



Look, you're in my hands.



You'll be fine.



What'll we do now?



Anything we want...



To the end of time.



But y ou have

To learn to kill.



I don't wanna kill.



You wanna die?

Mae, i ain't no killer.



Well, just don't

Think of it as killing.



Don't think at all.

Just use your instinct.



It's just something that you do Night after night.

It's only Ever a question of how.



- Instinct. - instinct.



Evenin'. Whoo! Evenin'.



It would be my pleasure And honor to invite

you two Lovely ladies for a drink.



All right. All right.



It's making me shaky.

That's because you have to.



Kill. That's right

. The night has its price.



Where are we, diamondback?

Hat road is this? You got me.



Isn't that where

I had the flat tire?



You pulled over.



And there you stood

By the side of that road.



And i just knew

You were trouble.



And you were right.



How many years ago

Was that?



Just remember, hon. You don't remember

the dateOf that night neither, do you?



Oh, jesse.



Look. You see what i see?



Hey, whichever way You're headin',

I'd appreciate a lift.



Sure thing. Climb in.



- Turn off the car.

- Hey, asshole, my pal here...



Told you to turn off the car.



Now, you mind if iDance

with your wife?



She's a real...

Look at this one. Ooh, yeah.



You're not Gonna look so good...

With your face ripped off.



Lord, did we Get lucky tonight.

She is so beautiful.



And he is so fuckin' stupid.



You kids,

Y'all running from home?



Sure. Hey, that's okay by me.



Sometimes home is bad.

Me, i got a truck For of home.



Nice setup you got here.

How do you fly it?



Hey, you drive

A truck before?



I've driven a semi.

Semi... that's five.



Five gears, brother.

This got thirteen.



You got two to the rear

And the rest go forward. Anyone smoke?






Got a light?



What about the rest?

Rest? Shifting.



You know how

To shift, don't ya?



Watch this.



Come on, baby,

Talk to me. Talk to me.



Come on, baby,

Talk to me.



Come on, there.



Show me how to

Brake and stop it.



Okay, now this is The most important thing

When you wanna brake a truck.



You got to remember

You got two brakes.



And one brake is for the cab.

This one over here.



And the other one

Is for the trailer. This one right here.



When you want to brake The truck,

you gotta Brake the trailer first.



Come on, baby.



Then, you got To brake your cab.



Or else. Or else what?



Or else you jackknife.



The trailer hits the cab,

No more truck.



No more truck,

No more truck driver.



Hey, uh, you okay?



You got a problem, kid?



What's the matter, boy?

You can't drink and drive?



You want to be the captain

Of a boat this big, boy,



You gotta be able

To stand the water, huh?



What's the matter, boy?

You really sick? Huh?






You could kill me

If you drink too much.



Shh. Honey.



Let's you and me go make A phone call.

See if anybody Knows anything. Okay?



Sheriff eakers?

Loy colton here.



You did?



A positive make?



Where was he?



Hope, kansas, bus station?



Cop said

He was goin' home?



Well, you checked the house? He

should have been there By now.



No, i'm in waco, texas.



I guess i'm headin' In the wrong direction.



Think i'll turn around

And head north.



Real brave boy.



Jesse, he needs

More time. Please.



Look, one more night.

One more night.



Then i'm gonna get

My wet dream, boy!



Why wait? We're gonna do it

anyway. He ain't one of us.



You don't belong.



Besides, you're so damn ugly,

It makes my gums ache.



I wonder about you, mae.

I should be wondering About you.



It ain't right for mae

To be carrying you, caleb.



He makes a kill tonight!



I don't care how you do it.

You do it, or you're done.



And done means dead

Without guile.



It means you be

Real uncomfortable...



For a long, long time.



That's your mama

Talkin', boy.



Well, i'll be goddamned.

Shit-kicker heaven.



Hey, come on, caleb. Let's belly up to

the bar And get us some refreshment.



Park your carcass.



Hi. Howdy.



Bartender, give me A couple of shots,



Whatever donkey piss

You're shoving down These cocksuckers' throats.



Hey. Hey! You spilled my drink.



Well, why don't you Lick it

up off the bar, Meatball?



Why don't you

Lick it up yourself?



Hey, i ever tell you

The one about buffalo bill?



Ah, hell You're all right.

Go on, give him another one.



Tequila. Beer in a glass.



Now pay the man. -



Oh, bartender?

That'll be a double shot...



Of your very best

Watered-down shit Right here.



There are two ways you can

Leave these here premises.



Is that a fact?

That's a fact.



On your feet

Or on your back.



That's pretty tough words

For a bartender, huh?



Gee whiz. If you're not

gonna Serve me a drink, well...



I'll just Have to drink his.



How can you Drink that shit?



Go on, hit him a couple Of times.

I'm tryin'To show the boy somethin'.



Now you hit

Him back, caleb.



You son of aOhh!




Did i do that?



"did i do that"?



Good times.



- Just the glass. The glass.

- Just the glass?



You're shakin' all over.



You nervous? I would be too if

i were you. But then again,



I'm not you.



You know, Your skin is as soft

As a preacher's belly.



You know that?



Don't you want the beer?

No, honey The drink's on me.



What you people want?



Just a couple more

Minutes of your time,



About the same duration

As the rest of your life.



???? Oww!



Oww, oww, oww, hoo-hoo-hoo!



Oww, oww, oww!



You know what?



What? This is the best

time I've had...



Since i nailed your mama

In the back Of your daddy's truck.



He was there Watchin' too.

I didn't see nothin', man.



To tell you the truth,

I think he liked it.



I'm cool, man.

I know she did.



Don't fuck with me.



You know what

I said to your mama?



You know what I said to her?

I said, "shh.



This ain't gonna hurt. "



I said...






I hate 'em when

They ain't been shaved.



Whoo! Mmm!



It's finger-lickin' good.



Hey, jess, I think i smell like

A dead polecat.



Well, this is a kick, Ain't it?



Holy shit!



Holy shit! Jess.



Am i alive?



Hey. You look like

   miles of rough road.



Why don't you

Sit this one out?



I'll take it from here.



Oh, yoo-hoo!



I got a new name for you.



Mr. Pig knuckle.



Are you havin' a little trouble

With your hog-leg there?






There's a fly

On the ceilin'.



Come on.

Won't you dance with me?



It's all right. Come on.



?? Now i just found a game

That i can't play??????



?? And this is where

The cowboy rides away?



?? And my heart is sinkin

Like the settin' sun??



?? Settin' on the things

I wish i'd done??



?? It's time to say good-bye??

He's for you, caleb.



- ?? This is where the cowboy

Rides away?? - No!






Bartender, set 'em up.






Here. Whoo!



This'll do. All right.



Allow me.



Please. Wait. Please.



Get in here!



- You fucked up

For the last time, boy. - Sorry.



Yeah? Why don't you do

Your sorry ass a favor? Take care of him later.



Black out them

Bulkheads and fantail. The sun is on the rise.



We should leave your boyfriend

In the road and let him Get himself a suntan.



- good idea.

- We better move our ass. Here she comes.



Come on, little boner.



We got five minutes Before sunup.



And we ain't found us

A place to stay yet.



That goddamn kid you let go

Is goin' straight to the law.



And they're gonna be

Combin' the area For this shitbox.



You both fucked up.



Gonna keep talkin', jess,

Or you gonna get us Out of the sun?






I'd like to rent

One of your bungalows, sir. Huh?



I'd like to rent

One of your bungalows.






The key.



Uh, here's...



You were here once before, Wasn't you?

Lots of years back?



Yes, i get through here

About once every    years.



Make me a reservation.



It's the police.



Honey, wake up.



Jesse, wake up.



Wake up.



Come out with your hands up!



Fuckin' daylight!






Daylight! No!

Please, no!



Pull yourself together,

Old man!



Leave him alone, jess. Shh.



I'll give you this end of it.

Give him the piece, severen.



Severen, Give him the gun!



Don't shoot

Your pecker off, boy.






We got the place surrounded!

Come on out!



This is your last warning!



Checkout time.






How you doin', jess? Like shit!

How you doin'?



I'm down to

My last inch of skin!



Now, boys, it ain't over

Till it's over!



Goin' after the van, jess.



That's a good one, shit bug!

You go outside, they're gonnaBe servin' you in a



- you got a better idea?

- It's the only chance we got.



Give me the keys, grandpa.



Go ahead.

We'll cover you, son.



Shit bug's gonna

Get himself killed.



What have we got to lose?

Just a pretty face.



- Get a move on.

We'll cover you. - See you in hell!



You did it!



Goin' home.



Let me in!

Let me in!



Let's get out of here!



Whoo-whoo! -






Come on, you little boner. Hurry your ass.



Wait! Get up here!



Wait up. Wait up!



Back there,

You did good.









All right.









You bought yourself

Some time, son.



Jesse, there's somethin'

I've been meanin' to ask you.



- Yeah? What might that be?

- How old are you?



Let's put it this way:

I fought for the south.



The south?



We lost.



Hey, caleb, let's go out

And look at the night.



All right.



How about a little five-card

Russian roulette?



Why not, severen?



It almost feels like

You're one of us now.



Yeah, it does.



So what does that make me?

I ain't exactly sure.



It's good, right?

I guess so, yeah.



Do you miss the sun?



It's been so long,

I can't really remember.



How long?



Spring, four years back,



And i was in high school. Mmm.



Homer said he was in fifth grade

And he needed help With his homework.



Little weasel.



- Do you miss he day? - the day?



Nah. I can see better at night.



Here we go.

I don't want this.



Three cards.

How many you want, Little boner?



How many for you,

You old saddle bum?



Three. Three. There you go.

One for her.



Three for the dealer.



Are you cheatin', Severen?

I ain't cheatin'.



What's this then?



Deal the cards.



I fold. I'm gonna taste the air.



Watch the time, boy.

Deal the cards.



It's impolite to stare.






My name's homer. What's yours?






What are you doing down here

All by yourself?



I do what i wanna do

When i wanna do it.



Wanna watch tv?



- What's on?

- Whatever you want.



Is it a color television?






Beautiful morning

Coming up here.



Looks like

Another sunny day also. And folks...



I'd like to introduce you

To... Sarah.



Boy, you people

Sure stay up late.



We keep odd hours.



Who ordered pizza?

Homer, sweet darling?



I tell you what.

I'll play you for the pizza.



Homer, you look at me when

I'm talkin' to you, now.






Deal 'em.



Sarah, you here

With your family?



- Just my daddy.

- And what room are you Stayin' in, honey?



Uh, number three.



There'll be something else on.

There'll be something. Wait.



No, that's okay. I better be going now

No, wait! Wait, sarah.



Sarah. I oughta punch

Your lights out.



I guess you oughta. Oh!



Oh, god, honey.



She's my sister.



What the hell's she doin'

Up at  :OO in the morning?



I tried callin' you.



We've been out a lot

Drivin' in the truck,



Tryin' to track you down. Dad.










'Round and 'round

And 'round she goes.



And where she stops,

Nobody knows.



It's about time For that big old wheel

To stop rotatin'.



Who are these people?



I'm with them now.



Jesse, you let them go.



It's my family.



Go on, now.

You comin'?






No. But you're goin'.









She's mine.



You're gonna have to Give her back, son.

She's not yours.



- I'm gonna nip her.

- You can't do that.



I chewed mae.



She went off

And chewed on you.



Now i'm chewing

Your little sister.



That makes us even-steven.



You let her go or

I'm gonna have to hurt Your body, homer.



- You're gonna have to hurt My body first.

- Hold on a second, pilgrim.



Remember which side Of the bread

Your butter's on.



Goddamn, this is my family!

Let 'em go!



The question is whether

They'd let us go.



They've been trackin' us.

Now they know our faces. I say kill 'em.



I've had about Enough of this shit.

Let go of my boy.



And y ou, let go

Of my little girl.



Daddy, put that away.

Ain't gonna do no good.



What do you mean, It ain't gonna do no good?

I'd listen to your son.



- I'd stop right there

If i was you, mister. - Not likely.



For you.






- Go on, daddy! Go!

- What the goddamn hell's Goin' on, son?



I can't expect y ou To believe it.

I can't believe it myself.



I ain't a person anymore.

I don't know what i am. I'm sick!



- We're gonna get you to The hospital right away.

- You do and i'm dead! No!



Caleb, Those people back there,

They wasn't normal.



Normal folks, They don't spit out bullets

When you shoot 'em.



I got bit.

I got a bite.



We're gonna get you to

The hospital right away.



No! Goddamn,

You want me killed?



I ain't goin' to

The goddamn hospital!



Hospitals fix this?



Damn it, daddy,

Take me home!



Daddy? Daddy?



You ever... You ever transfuse a person?






I'm all right.



Oh, god, honey.






You okay? Yeah, i am.



Sarah, i'll tell you

About it one day.



Just promise you won't

Ask me about it till then, All right?



Okay. Wanna go ride a horse?



Okay, let's go!



Knock it off.

Hey, hey, hey.



It's gettin' cold.

You can almost feel The fall comin' on.



Yeah, the days

Are gettin' shorter.



Nights are gettin' longer.



I'm tired.



You pick your dishes up And i'll be upstairs

To read to you.



I want caleb To read to me.



Go on upstairs. I'll be up in a minute.



Hey, don't forget

To brush your teeth.



You know... Look, i...



I'm gonna go out

And oil that swing.



That can wait.

No, it's all right. I can use the air.



Hi, caleb.



Why did you leave?



You're warm.

Your skin's warm.



I belong here, mae.



This is my family.



I miss you.



What's it gonna be?












Son of a bitch!



I'd sell him.



Goddamn. Where's my sister, severen?



- Hey, let me give you

A hand there, old buddy. - Asshole.



Hey, caleb!



I hate to be an indian giver,

I really do,



But you disappointed me,



And now you're gonna

Have to pay.



First, you're gonna

Give me back my spur.



Then i'm gonna knock

Your tonsils out your asshole.



What do you think

Of them apples, huh?



Stop! Stop!



Hey, mister...

Get the hell off my truck!



- Keep goin'

Before you get killed. -



I'm gonna give you

Till the count of five!



One, two, four...






Mister? Jesus.



I'm sorry. Damn you.



Now come on!



Come on, come on.



Come on.









Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!



- Oh, shit. - hey, caleb?



Fasten your fuckin'

Seat belt!



Son of a bitch!



No! -






It's time to pay The fiddler.



Where's my sister, jess?



I taught severen

Everything he knew,



But not everything I know.



The last sound that you hear

On your way to hell...



Is gonna be your guts

Snappin' like a bullwhip.



This ain't got nothin'

To do with my sister!



You leave her out of this

And let her go!



Jesse, let him come back.



It's too late for that, Mae.



Goddamn, jesse,

Where's my sister?



Everything is gonna be

All right.



Don't be scared.



- I'm gonna take her back.

- Sure you will.



Caleb, look out!









Go, caleb.

Make a run for it.



Come on, jesse!

Get in the car! Mae, come on!



Hurry up!

Get in the car!



Go on! Aah!



Go on, honey. Go on. Run.

Run, sarah!









Block that sun out!









- no, homer!









Wait, sarah!



My god.









Fun times.



Caleb, what's happening?



I brought you home.



I'm afraid. Don't be.



It's just the sun.




Special help by SergeiK