Ned Kelly Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ned Kelly script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Naomi Watts, yadda yadda..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ned Kelly. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ned Kelly Script



[ Woman Vocalizing ]



[ Vocalizing Continues ]



Australia  1871



- [ Man Narrating ]

I was the hero of Hughes Creek.

- [ Bird Screeches ]

Australia 1871    



- [ Man Narrating ]

I was the hero of Hughes Creek.

- [ Bird Screeches ]



I can still see the glint in me da's eye

as he looked down at me...



his hand on me shoulder.



What did he call me that day?

Ah, what did Da call me?



That's right.

He called me Sunshine.



[ Yawning ]



You're a pretty girl.



You're Wild Wright's horse,

aren't ya?



I know whose ya are.

It's all right.



I'll look after ya.



Handsome-looking horse you got there,

Ned. You're cuttin'a flash, all right.



[ Patting ]



Ah, great.



You're Ned Kelly, aren't ya?

Red Kelly's boy?



Get down,Jane.



- [ Kids Chattering ]

- Fine animal you got there.



- Distinctive, wouldn't you say?

- She's Wild Wright's.



- That's the postmaster's mare.

- No, it isn't. It's Wild Wright's.



- He lost her when

she bolted into the bushes.

- You're a liar, Kelly.



- No, I'm not.

I found her this morning, grazing.

- She's been reported stolen.



- Stolen, me arse!

- A horse thief!



- Get your hands off me!

- You're under arrest.



[ Grunting ]



Stand, Kelly, or I swear to God,

I'll shoot you down.



- I was only going after the horse.

- You were trying to escape.



- You're just as thick as your bloody father.

- [ People Exclaiming ]



Jesus Christ! Now, what are you trying

to do? I could've tanned your hide for that.



- Strike an officer,

and you'll bloody swing for it!

- Strike you down to the ground!



- No blows struck yet, Constable Hall!

- Help me, someone!



- Help him! Help Constable Hall!

Poor Constable Hall!

- [ Shouting, Indistinct ]



- He's such a fuckin' rat!

- He's trying to kill me,

the rascally blackguard!



- Help me, someone!

- Stand put! Go on! Put me down!



He tried to shoot me, for Christ's sake!

All right! All right!



[ Grunts ]



Is that the best you can do,

you bloody coward?



[ Grunts ]

Go on. I can take it.



[ Officer ]

That's enough!



- [ Bell Tolling ]

- [ Door Unlatching ]



[ Door Latching ]



[ Man ]

Hello there! Please, can you help me?



Hello! Hello there!

Please! Slow it down, please!



Come on! Come on!




Please, now! Oh, come on!

Give us a ride, you bastards!



Christ, it's muddy enough

to bog a dog.



- So, where'd you go after Beechworth?

- May Day Hills on a road gang.



Ah, you see Sean Gallagher?

I heard he was up there.



Yeah. I saw him

for a while.



Hey. I think that's old man Wicks and--

What's his daughter called?



- Sarah.

- Sarah. That's right. She's a picture.



Oh, we could be in love, boys.



Mr Wicks, good mornin'.



Mr Wicks, I don't know if you remember

me. I'm Aaron Sherritt, Mr Wicks.



- If you could just hold up

for one moment--

- If anyone can persuade...



an old man to share his daughter

with three larrikins like us, it'll be hard.



So how's me ma?



- What?

- Ah, the coppers have been

giving her a hard time, Ned.



Something goes missin',

a bullock or anything...



they come round the middle of the night,

tear the place apart,

scarin' the kiddies and all.



- She's had it hard.

- Come on, lads!



-Jump up!

- Well, will you look at that.



What did I tell ya?



- Thank you very much, sir.

- Thanks a lot, Mr Wicks.



Thank you, Mr Wicks.






- [ Dog Barking ]

- [ Girl ] Ma, there's someone coming.



[ Baby Crying ]



Oh, God. It's Ned.



[ Mother ]




[ Girl ] Mommy,

I named Hobson's kookaburra.



- What did you name him, darlin'?

- Beefy, 'cause he likes beef.



- Well, that's a fine name

for a kookaburra, Grace.

- Who's the proud father, Ma?



Don't even ask. He's a long time gone.

That's all there is to it.



- The stinkin' Proddy.

- He was a Yank.



George the baker.

We were married, Ned, right and proper.



- Well, that's grand, Ma.

- [ Both Laughing ]



- [ Dishes Clattering ]

- Christ! Will you stop messin'?

I'm sick of the pair of ya.



Give your mother some respect, or I'll give

ya a hidin', both of youse, ya hear me?



- And who are you, anyways?

- Steve Hart.



Well, seein' as how the two of you

are so full of beans...



you can both get off your asses

and help me fix up this place.



-You haven't done a minute's

work to help your ma, have you?

-[ Ma ] Come on, everyone.



- Sit down, now.

- What kind of stew is it?



Wombat. A wombat's a marsupial,

and it lives in a hole.



[ Ma ] I know, darlin:

I put one in the stew.



- [ Baby Fussing ]

- Shh. Da-da-da. La-la-la.



Ned, would you like

to say the grace?



All right.



Dear Lord, thank you for looking

after me mother...



me sister Grace, me sister Kate

and me brother Dan.



- Thank you, Lord, for

our beautiful baby Ellen...

- Shh, shh, shh.



and for this wonderful stew

made out of wombat.



- Amen.

- [ All ] Amen.






[ Ned Narrating ] It's not easy for

an Irishman in Queen Victoria's colony...



to walk the straight

and narrow...



but I toed the line...



despite all temptations.



- With me fighting

with my fists for money.

- [ All Cheering, Shouting ]



And after all, I did three years

for that stolen horse.



Wild Wright only got    months.

You think I was gonna let that one slide?



[ Onlookers Cheering ]



- [ Gasping ]

- I declare Ned the winner!



- [ Cheering ]

- Bets are in.



[ Shouting,

Chattering Continue ]



So, are we square?



Course we are, you mad bugger.

Come here!



[ Wild Wright ]

Thank Christ for that!



[ Ned Narrating ] Could it be possible that

the Kellys were finally getting ahead?



That I could actually

better meself?



- [ Horse Whinnies ]

- [ Woman ] Steady.



Excuse me.

You there.



- Would you mind coming

and holding my horse's thing?

- All right.






- Now, what thing

are you talkin' about, ma'am?

- [ Sighs ]



Are you gonna help me

or not?



I've been riding him pretty hard

the last two days.



Poor thing's been

holding on since Saturday.

His bladder's paralyzed with the colic.



- Good God.

- Have you got that?



- Right there. Good. Good.

-Just hold it there.



[ Chuckling ]

Keep still.



- I'm glad that's not me. Christ.

- [ Horse Nickering ]



- Steady.

- Whoa, boy. Whoa, boy.



Okay. All right.



Watch your boots, boys! Whoo!



- It looks like you've

done this kind of thing before.

- Only on horses.



Thank God for that.



My name's Ned Kelly.

Pleased to meet ya.



- Hello, Ned.

- Right.



- [ Horse Whinnying ]

- [ Man Shouting ]



[ Grunts ]



- [ Horse Whinnies ]

- [ Man ] Watch out, lads! Here

he goes again! Clear the way!



[ Whinnies ]



The horse is too wild.

It can't be broken.



A waste of damn money.

Fetch my rifle, please.



What? You can't

just shoot a horse 'cause it's wild.



- [ Man ] What else can we do?

We can't keep it here.

- Why don't you set it free?



I could break that horse

for you if you like.



I've broken horses before. You can ask

around. I'd like to give it a try, at least.



- We know there's not much point.

- [ Bullets Loading ]



The horse is bad.



[ Whinnies ]



[ Woman Gasping ]



[ Grunts ]



-  [ Fiddle ]

- [ Chattering ]



[ Men Speaking Cantonese ]



[ Speaking Cantonese ]

You know, the Chinese say you should

have only one true love in your entire life...



otherwise you are no better than

a mangy dog or a loose woman.



- [ Speaking Cantonese ]

- What did he say?

Good thing I'm not Chinese.



- [ Speaking Cantonese ]

- What did he say?



He said what a lucky fellow I am to be

with such a beauty as you.



Too lucky, if you ask me.



Oh, hello, Kate.

I didn't see you there.



- Fancy seeing you here.

- I'm just having a swift pint after work.



It's not like I'm a regular or anything.

A man needs to relax

after a hard day's work.



What would you know

about a hard day's work?



Sleeping and drinking and beatin' up

yellow fellows is all you ever seem to do.



That's not fair, now.

I'm only doing me job.



I get along with everybody.

Everybody gets along with me.



- Can I buy you a drink?

- No, thank you. I have money.



- I just wanna buy you a drink.

- I said I don't want one.



You're startin'

to get on me nerves now.



Think you're too good for me?

Is that it?



- Who do you think you are?

- Let go of me bloody arm.

You're hurtin' me.



- Let go of her arm, you.

- I'm just bein' friendly, Ned.



Just offering

the young lady a drink.



- She doesn't want one

from the likes of you.

- A problem there, Fitzpatrick?



No. There's no problem here,




I'm sorry if I upset you...





This one's a request from Ned Kelly.




Follow me, lads. One, two.



-  [ Fiddle ]

- [ Clapping To Beat ]



The nerve of the bloody knacker.

Look at him. Acts as if he owns the place.



Come here and dance

with your sister! Come on!



- [ Whooping ]

- That fella needs taking down

a peg or two, that's for sure.



[ Whooping ]



[ Barking ]



- Ned, the horses are gone.

- What?



[ Ned ] The biggest thieves and liars

the sun ever shone on.



The Victorian police.



Well, I'm telling you something

now, boys.



I'm not gonna let these bloody maggots

put one over on me.



[ Snoring ]



[ Mouthing Words ]



[ Ned Narrating ]

To change a horse's brand

is easy, easier than you'd think.



You just pluck the little hairs

and prick the skin with iodine.



A "C"or an "O"

can become a "Q. "



"Q"for "Quinn"--

me mother's maiden name.



[ Silverware Clanking ]



[ Barking ]



Who's that at this hour

of the night?



- Dan, is Kate in?

- Yeah, she is.



Well, would you mind telling her I'd

like a word, please? In private, like.



No, I won't. She wants nothing

to do with you. You know that full well.



[ Chuckles ] Well, I'd like to hear that

from her, if you don't mind.



Fitzpatrick, you've already heard that

from her many's the time.



Will you do yourself a favour.

Take a ride home.



- You think you're so smart.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.



- I've a warrant for you.

- You've no warrant, you fool.



A Kelly stole them horses. I know it was,

and I have a warrant for you.



Ned and all.

I've warrants for both of ya.



I don't suppose

I could see them warrants, could I?



There's your warrants.

Hmm? There's your warrants.



[ Horse Whinnying ]



Oh, hello.



I just came down

to find my riding jacket.



I thought I left it

here somewhere.



I haven't seen it.



I was sure it was here.



If I find it, I'll be sure to bring it up

to the house for ya.



- All right then.

- Right.



- You're from England?

- Yes.



Surrey, actually.

You're Irish?



Yeah. Me da was from Tipperary, but I was

born here. I've never been to Ireland.



I came over when I was   .



Richard acquired the land

through his family, and--



My da had to go to all the trouble of

stealing a sheep to get the trip over here.



He got a free fare then.

He was lucky.






- How are you tonight?

- Fine. Till you showed up.



[ Chuckles ]

Drink, boys?



- Steve?

- I don't drink with coppers.



Aye. There's no need for that.



So I'm leaving here tomorrow.

The work here for me is finished now.



Yes. I know.



So I won't

be seeing you any more.



You sure you don't want to have

a better look for that riding jacket?



No. l-- I must have

left it in the house somewhere.



Well, it was nice

to have met you.



I really should go.



I think you're the most beautiful woman

I've ever seen.



- You don't have any warrants

at all, do you?

- Oh, I do, Mrs Kelly. I do.



I don't believe this.

You just plain thick or what?



Come on, Kate.

I'm just having a bit of fun, you know.



Now, let's

see those bloody warrants.



I've split me head open!

You bastards!



- It's your hand, you bloody idiot.

- Hey, Fitzpatrick.



- Bottom rung on top now, huh?

- Shoot him.



- Don't, Dan.

- Give him back his bloody gun.



Go on! Get!



I'll be back for ya,

ya bastards.



Can you believe the brass neck

on that idiot?



Trying to be all friendly

with the grog.



Yeah. He seemed sobered up

when you pointed the gun at him.



- See his face?

- [ Ma ] I'm glad you think

this is all very funny.



- Where have you been?

- Never mind where I've been.



- What's happened?

- Fitzpatrick couldn't hold

his brandy and lemonade.



- What are you talking about?

- We had a fight with Fitzpatrick.



- A fight? Why?

- He said he had warrants for me and you.



- What warrants?

- Horse stealing, but there

was a load of shite in it.



-Whether it was or wasn't,

there's trouble now either way.

-You can't take that seriously.



How can you stand there and act like this

is one big joke, after all the trouble...



we've had with coppers

in this family?



- What are you thinking,Joe?

- You and Dan oughta clear out

for a day or two...



just to be safe.



God willing,

it'll all blow over.



- [ Dog Barking, Distant ]

- [ Chattering, Distant ]



What the hell

happened to you?



- Ned Kelly shot me.

- He what?



- [ Yells ]

- [ Ma ] Take your rotten hands

off me, you bastard!



- Get off her!

- You're under arrest!

I'm taking you to the cells!



[ Ma ] You filthy bastards!



[ Kate ]

Ned! Ned!



- Ned.Jesus, Ned, they've arrested Ma.

- They what?



Yeah. They've taken her to the cells,

charged her with attempted murder.



- [ Ned ] Attempted murder?

- And Fitzpatrick's saying

you took a shot at him.



- I wasn't even there.

- We know that, but it's your word

against his.



Take the word of a drunken liar

and arrest an innocent woman?



Is that right?



I won't take this injustice!

I'm gonna kill him!



I swear I'll scatter his blood

and brains like rain!



- Ned! Ned! No!

- Stand aside!



- No, Ned! Don't make this worse for Ma!

- Stop it, Ned!



Take the children inside, please.



- What are you doing here?

- They arrested me ma.



- What for?

- The copper says I tried to kill him.






'Cause he's a bastard liar,

like all coppers. That's why.



The thing is,

I wasn't even there.



I was here with you.



You could tell the truth,

show the swine up

for the drunken liar he is.



- And then they'd have to release me ma.

- That's impossible.



I couldn't. Do you realize

what that would mean?






I can't. I'd be disgraced.



He'd take away my children, and--



It's all right. I understand.



- Ned.

- Go ahead. Go ahead.






[ Latches Clanking ]



[ Gunfire ]



[ Ned Narrating ]

I made them an offer at the outset:



Charge me

and let me mother go.



The answer came back:

"We don't bargain with outlaws.



We'll catch you anyway. "



[ Chirping ]



[ Gunfire ]



[ Birds Screeching ]



[ Ned ] You see those stretchers?

You know what they're for?



The bastards ain't plannin'

on takin' prisoners, that's for sure.



There's another party down

past the neck of Bullock Creek.



Four of'em. They've hemmed us in

on either side, whether they know it or not.



[ Ned ] We'll come back at dawn, hold up

these two, take their guns and horses.



At least then we'll have a chance of

making a run for it.






[ Chirping ]



[ Gun Cocks ]



[ Whistles ]



Drop your arms!



[ Chirping ]



Christ, it's Lonigan, Ned.



You've killed Lonigan.



Do you want marmalade, Ned?



Are you gonna kill me or what?



I'll leave the force

first thing tomorrow morning.

I swear it on me mother's life.






-Jesus Christ.

- Do as I said, and no one will get shot.



Sergeant, you'd better surrender.

You're surrounded.



You been into the whisky again,

you old sod?



- Get some toast on, Lonigan.

- Lonigan's gone, and you two'll be next...



- if you don't get off them damn horses.

- [ Gunfire ]



[ Horse Whinnying ]



Oh, Christ!



- Give it up, man! It's over!

- [ Gasping ]



Will you stop running?

I won't shoot you. I swear.



- [ Yells ]

- [ Birds Screech ]



[ Officer Grunts, Coughs ]



[ Spits ]



- [ Coughing ]

- Why didn't you surrender?

I wouldn't have shot ya.



[ Choking ]

I can't breathe!



- No! I can't breathe!

- Right, right, right.



- Listen. It's okay.

- [ Crying ]



I can't breathe.



- One minute. One minute. One minute.

- [ Continues Choking, Coughing ]



- It's all right. It's all right.

- Oh!



- [ Gasping, Choking ]

- Why did you have to run?

I wouldn't have shot ya.



God damn. Look. No.



- I don't wanna die like this.

- No. No. I'm sorry I shot you.



I don't wanna-- I got a wife

and two children. [ Crying ]



What are they gonna do without me?

What are they gonna do without--



- No!

- Look at me. Look at me.



- God forgive me!

- [ Gunfire ]



[ Gasping ]



God forgive me.



[ Whimpering ]



[ Ned Narrating ]

I don't know why I took his watch.



It was something to do

with him not needing it.



[ Thunderclap ]



Later, I thought

about sending it to his family.



But by then, the papers had me down

as some sort of monster...



so I thought,

"No point now.



I'm damned anyway. "



[ Door Unlatching ]



Is it true what they've been saying

about the three coppers?



Yeah, it's true.



Oh, God.



It was a fair fight, Ma.



Better them than Ned.



They'll kill him now.



They'll kill him for sure.



Don't shoot, lad.

I'm unarmed.



Come on. Put that away.

There aren't any troops.



- Aw.

- [ Chuckling ]



- You're bloody chirpy

for this hour of the morning.

- Gotta keep your voice down.



- I've a visitor.

- Who?



- Mary Hegarty.

- Mary Hegarty!



- Mm.

-Jesus. She can be only   .



I'm not superstitious.

Well, well, well, well, well.



I've never met a man whose lies are worth

     before, especially not Irishmen.



- It's     .

- Is that what it's up to?



My cock alone's

worth more than that.



I could do

with the money meself.



I'd build a shed out the back,

buy a few horses.



In fact, I could buy half

of Beechworth with all that.



- That's very funny, Aaron.

- Clause two.



[ Clears Throat ]

They've recalled parliament.



Passed something called

"The Felons Apprehension Act."



It means we're listed as outlaws.



We can be shot

on sight by anyone who chooses.



[ Ned Narrating ] They said

I'd lost what it meant to be human.



Maybe I never had it

in the first place.



- [ Birds Screeching ]

- But wasn't this about

protecting the ones I loved...



the ones who gave me food and shelter,

even the clothes on me back.



And therefore,

wasn't it now a war?



Dan, you see

that wooden gate?



Around the back there

is their living quarters.



If anyone's there,

you keep 'em there.



[ Children Laughing ]



[ Clock Ticking ]



- [ Bell Rings ]

- [ Door Closes ]



- Can I help you?

- Yes, you can. Me name's Edward Kelly.



- His mates call him Ned.

- Ned Kelly?



- I'm sure I've heard

that name somewhere bef--

- I'm sure you have, sir.



[ Child Talking,

Indistinct ]



Stay where you are.



What do you think you're doing?

Who are you?



Going to a funeral, eh?

Better do as I say, or it'll be your own.



- [ Child ] Ma.

- Shh.



- Fanny Shaw, what are you doing here?

- I work here.



- I can't believe it.

- What are you doing here, Steve?



We're robbing the bank. Me and Fanny

used to go to school together.



Steve. Hello, kiddies.



[ Mouthing Words ]



- You're Ned Kelly.

- That's right.



What are you going

to do with us?



You're coming with us to Faithfulls Creek.

We can't leave anyone behind...



to raise the alarm,

now, can we?



Mr Kelly, we are supposed

to be attending a funeral today.



As you can see,

I'm dressed in mourning wear.



Obviously unsuitable

for a woman travelling

in the countryside, hostage or not.



- Even a blackguard like yourself--

- Susan!



I do apologize

for my wife's behaviour.



There is no need

to apologize on my account, Charles.



The man is wearing a magenta cravat,

for God's sake.



I have an outfit

just arrived from Melbourne.



L'eau du Nil silk.



Well, you'd better

put it on then. Go on.



[ Coughs ]



Joe, you should follow her, make sure

she doesn't signal from the windows

with her bloomers.



- How dare you!

- Sure. I'm doing no harm.



What are these, these skulls?



- I collect them.

- Hello.



So you're Joe Byrne?



The papers say you have the facial features

of a creature born to crime.



I'm the handsome one

in the bunch.



They also said you married

a Spanish housemaid in Diniliquin

with the exotic name of Madela.



We were just good friends.



Mm. I suppose

you have a lot of good friends.



I'm sure there's no harm

in being friendly.



No, I don't suppose

there is.



Oh, you're a beast...



an absolute beast.



She's taking an awfully long time.



He just fell off the other side

right into a puddle.



- You'll never guess

who I ran into last week.

- Who?



Danny O'Reilly. He's working

on the new rail line. He's got a wife

and three kids.



[ Steve ] Sure. That's grand.

I haven't seen him in at least three years.



- That's like one kid every year.

- [ Fanny Laughs ]



[ Dan ]

Hey, Ned. Look at this.




One of'em's for old man Wick's place.



- I recognize a couple of the others too.

- They're of no use to you.



They're the only records

I have of the bank's debtors.

Can I have them back, please?



[ Both ]




[ Ned Narrating ]

So I killed their policeman,

and I robbed their bank...



but burning their mortgages-- well,

that was destroying Crown property.



It was like slappin'

Queen Victoria herself across the face.



So they send in Hare,

Superintendent Francis Hare...



late of Cape Town,

South Africa.



And wasn't this the challenge

of your whole life, Superintendent?



A feather in your cap.

You can't catch me.



You don't have a hope of catching me,

so you take my friends instead.



Over a hundred men arrested,

stuck in stinkin'cells without trial...



while their crops

perish in the fields.



[ Gasping ]



And guess what. Not one of'em

caves in and tries to claim the reward...



not one of'em.



They loved mejust the same

and hated you all the more, didn't they?



- [ Spits ]

- Did you really think I was

gonna let 'em all rot?



Two and a half thousand pounds.

There's enough to pay rent

on the leaseholds for lads in jail.



Thomas, you can take what you need for

your mother to pay off her debt

to McTeague.



- Thanks, Ned.

- And there's some for McKinleys

and Bill Skilling...



whatever he needs

for his da.



Have you heard anything

about me ma?



They set a trial at the end of last month.

She's been given three years hard labour.



I'm sorry, Ned.



I say, give me that back.



That blackguard

just stole my watch.



- They say the Lord helps those

who help themselves.

- [ Ned ] Give him back his watch.



- What?

- You heard what I said. I said,

give him back his damn watch.



Have you gone simple all of a sudden?

We're robbing the bank.



Listen here, kid. This is the last time

I tell ya-- Give him back his damn watch.



You're not innocent men.

You're a bunch of common criminals.



Did you hear that? If we act

like common thieves, that's

just what they'll call us.



[ Sighs ]



[ Sniffs, Grunts ]



My mother is rotting away

in a prison cell...



because of the lies

of a policeman named Fitzpatrick.



She's an innocent woman,

and so are these boys here.



My Irish brethren have been

unlawfully imprisoned...



and blacklisted

from their selections.



How do you expect me to behave other

than to stand up against this treatment?



[ Exhales Strongly ]



Any one of you here can take a shot

at me and not be charged for it.



There's me gun.



Any of you feeling brave enough,

go ahead.






That's what I thought.



So if I can beg your patience,

this is my statement...



to the Premier of Victoria,

Graham Berry...



and you here

are my witnesses.



Joe, take out a pen and paper.

We'll write ourselves a letter.



Dear Sir--



Dear Sir--



"Dear Sir...



"I wish to acquaint you

with some of the occurrences...



"of the present,

past and future.



It will pay government

to give those people who are suffering--"



...justice and liberty.



"...justice and liberty.



"I seek revenge for the evil name

given me and my relations.



By the light that shines,

this is my warning. "



My brother and sisters

and mother...



have to put up with the brutal

and cowardly conduct of a parcel of--



- "...big, ugly--"

- ...big, ugly, fat-necked--



- "...fat-necked--"

- Wombat-headed.










- Magpie-legged!

- Magpie-legged.

Thank you very much, ma'am.



- Joe, write that down. Magpie-legged.

- [ Laughter ]







sons of Irish bailiffs--"



Or English landlords better known

as what? Victorian police.



[ Laughter ]



This section here you might

find less amusing, Superintendent.



I give fair warning to all those

who have reason to fear me...



not to attempt

to reside in Victoria.



[ Ned Continues ] Neglect this

and abide by the consequences...



which shall be worse

than than the rust in the wheat.



I do not wish to give this order full force

without timely warning...



but I am a widow's son




and my orders

must be obeyed.



Hey! Look! It's Ned Kelly.



- Look!

- Oh, my God.



It's Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne.



Can I get a kiss then?



Of course you can.



And a ladies' man, eh?



Where will you go, Ned?



The country belongs to us.



- [ Townspeople Affirm ]

- And we'll go wherever we like.



[ Townspeople Cheering ]



[ Horse Whinnies ]



[ Keys Jingle ]



[ Coughing ]



I hear you're planning

on getting married, starting a family.



Well, I'll tell you this, lad.



Lack of cooperation will

make it very hard for me...



to get you out of here

and back to that girl of yours.



I got nothing to tell you.



I don't need to tell you

about the reward out. It's a lot of money.



You could put it to good use.



You're a friend

of Joseph Byrne, aren't you?



You've known each other

since childhood...



served time together,

isn't that right?




it's the Kellys we want.



We don't care about Joe.



If we let this run its course...



he'll be shot down

like the others.



The only chance

your friend will have...



depends on you.



If you'll help me with this...



I'll guarantee his safety.



[ Men Shouting ]



- [ Insects Chirping ]

- [ Birds Squawking ]






[ Birds Continue Squawking ]



Jesus Christ. Come on.



Let's go.



[ Men Chattering ]






[ Nickers ]



[ Flies Buzzing ]



They've poisoned it.



[ Ned Narrating ]

Lying low, living in caves,

you get to learn sometimes.



Eventually, you can read soils

and rocks like books.



[ Narration Continues ]

I've watched gravel fade.



Dust settle into crust.



I've seen drips of water...



turn to stone

that defied gravity.



I've turned blood red

with cave mud.



- I've been a bloody rock.

- [ Snorts ]



- [ Slicing ]

- [ Whinnies ]



[ Horse Nickers ]



- Aaah! Oh!

- [ Chuckles ]



[ Gasps ]




[ Speaks Cantonese ]




Can you help...



to scrub my back?



I can't reach.



Where's your husband?



Out looking for you,

like the rest of the country.



You took a risk

coming here.



Well, turn me in so.



- You think God'll forgive us

for what we've done, Ned?

- I don't know.



I suppose we're

all gonna find out one day.



Just thinking of Ma

rottin' away in that cell.



[ Sighs ]



Where do you think Da is,

heaven or hell?



No. He wouldn't

be in hell, you know.



He wasn't

such a bad fella. He--



He was just a dumb paddy

who got picked on his whole life.



And that does something

to your pride, you know?



Can't even picture him.



When I was    and

they gave me that green-and-gold sash...



for saving that kid

from drowning...



that was the last time

I remember him.



He was proud of me that day.



We gonna be okay, Ned?



Of course we are,

you little gorn, you.



You're just

gonna keep running, aren't you?



They'll catch you eventually...



or shoot you down.



Did you know they pardoned

Frank Gardiner in New South Wales?



On condition

he left the colony.



- He gave himself in.

- He wasn't an Irishman.



Then why don't you

just leave the county now, try for

a new life somewhere in Queensland?



No. I can't.

It's not about me.



You know there's more to it

than that.



What would it take

to make you save yourself, Ned?



Hmm? My husband's best stallion?

Take it. It's yours. Forget the mares.



- More than that. Much more.

- What then?



The red one, too,

would be nice...



with you atop of it,

beside me.



For that you'd save yourself,

leave your friends behind?



And you your children.



Look. [ Sighs ]



You and me had no business

with one another in the first place, did we?



Wasn't that

the whole point of it?



Don't make me

grieve for you.



[ Exhales Deeply ]

I ain't dead yet.



[ Whimpers ]



[ Dog Whimpers, Barks ]






- Kate. It's all right! It's us!

- Oh-- Oh, you bloody swine!



- It's Ned. I know. Come here.

- [ Laughing ]



- [ Gasps ] Oh, my God.

- Now, Gracie, look at you.



You've grown too much.

Give us a cuddle. Come on.



[ Groans ]



Rebel, come on.

Come on.






I saw that rascal Aaron Sherritt

the other night.



Oh, yeah?

And what did you give him?




you little scoundrel.



- Hmm.

- The thing is, I saw him

talking to this fella...



all friendly like

on the way out.



Then the fella comes back here and starts

asking me all sorts of questions about you.



Such as?



When did I see you last

and where you were now--



that sorta thing.



- Is he a copper, do you think?

- I don't know.



Well, it could've

been nothing.



I just thought

you ought to know, like.



Thanks, Maggie.



[ Piddling ]



[ Dog Barking ]



Hello, Aaron.






[ Exhales Deeply ]

Ned. [ Laughs ]



So how's things, Aaron?



Not so bad. Well...



not too bad.



I've been reading

a lot about you, Ned.



You're a real terror altogether,

aren't you?



We've been meaning

to talk to you, Aaron.



We were wondering if you'd consider

acting as a scout for us.



We're heading into Beechworth

to rob a bank there.



A scout? Well, I'm flattered

you'd think of me, lads, but, uh--



- You're not interested?

- No. l-I'd love to.



If it was just up to me, I'd be in there

like a shot. You know that.



But I've got the missus

to think about now.



- Because between you and me, lads,

she's up the spout.

- Ah, she isn't?



- Ah, sure, that's grand.

- Congratulations, Aaron.



Oh, thanks. Thanks.

[ Chuckles ]



- How are Dan and Steve?

- They're fine.



Say hello to them for me,

will you?



- We will.

- [ Chuckles ]



Well, I'd best

get back to the party.



Mary will be wondering

where I got to.



Sure. You go on

and look after that girl of yours.






I will indeed.



Sorry I can't help you out.

Good luck with it all anyways.



I am a native



Of Erin, Ireland



Transported now



From my native shore



They tore me from



My aged parents



And from the maiden



Whom I adore



I've been a prisoner



At Port Macquarie



At Norfolk Island



And Emu Plains



At Castle Hill



And cursed Toongabbie



At all those settlements



I've worked in chains



But of all places

of condemnation



And penal stations



Of New South Wales




what are you doing?



Some coppers on horses

followed me until Wangaratta...



but I met up with Tom Lloyd and Bill

and we gave 'em the slip easy as you please.



- That's good.

- Here we go.



[ Grunting ]



That's great, Katie.



Yeah, well, I wish

I'd never bloody bothered.

You're all gonna get yourselves killed.



- We are not.

- You bloody well are!



No, we're not, Katie. We're gonna give 'em

a show like they've never seen before.



[ Ned Narrating ]

There's a certain type of black tribesman...



that bends in the wind...



blends into the background.



Mostly he employs

the help of the dead...



to destroy other people.



The "Night Dancer, "they call him.



[ Trigger Clicks ]



God, when is someone gonna

give me some proper cards.



Who's in?



[ Sniffs ]

Ugh. Fold.



- I'm turning in.

- I guess all that losin'

would make you tired.



- You in or you out?

- Gimme three.



- You?

- I'm out.



[ Door Creaks ]



- [ Sighs ]

- What's happening?



Go back to sleep, love.



[ Man ]

Here. I call.



Three to the English queen.



- It's blessed you are, Nigel.

- [ Chuckles ]



[ Woman ]




- [ Woman ] Aaron!

- Who's that?



Who is it?



Another one of your whores,

it looks like.



Just tell her to get lost,

unless she wants her head blown off.



[ Whispers ]

Lizzie, is that you?






Why do you think he did it?



Just for the money?



Maybe he started thinking

he was some kind of big shot...



instead of

a shit-kicker's son, like us.



- [ Hissing ]

- We have received word

that one of our informants...



has been shot dead

by the Kelly gang...



over near Beechworth.



We will entrain immediately

and proceed to Wangaratta.



From there, you'll be

split up into units...



and will fan out

across the country...




the immediate vicinity.



Stay close

to your troop commanders...



for your orders of march.



- [ Horse Whinnies ]

- I would remind you all...



the men we are hunting

have not only plundered two banks...




men, women and children...



but have murdered

three of your fellow officers.



They have outrun us before,




Do not allow them

to do so again.



Don't you worry, sir.

We'll show the bloody animals.



We'll blow 'em all

to kingdom come.



- [ Laughter ]

- These are not animals, Constable.



These are men who have been glorified

as the leaders of a movement...



a movement that threatens the stability

of an entire country.



Underestimate them, and it will be you

who will be blown to kingdom come.



[ Ned Narrating ]

They say the trouble with the Irish...



is that they rely

too much on dreams...



and not enough on gunpowder.



Whereas the English

were shy on dreams, as usual...



but had plenty of the other.



Now we had both.



- I suppose you're the Great Orlando.

- That I am.



Well, I'm the Great Ned Kelly,

and this here is the Fabulous Joe Byrne.



We'd like to join your circus.




[ Chuckles ]



[ Animal Bleats ]






That's right. You're not

seeing things. It's a camel.



I've got a lion and some ponies back down

the road. And the Great Orlando of course.



If you're here to rob the train,

you're too late.



We're not here

to rob the train.



[ Lion Roars ]



[ Exotic Animal Noises ]



[ Animal Noises Continue ]



Joe, get this lot inside.



This good-looking fella

over here is me brother, Dan Kelly.



These are my friends:



Joe Byrne

at the bar there...



and Steve Hart

there in the back corner.



And I'm Ned.



We're all Irish boys

and selectors'sons.



Had war declared on us...



by Victoria,

by New South Wales.



By the crown.



And by the London Times even.



[ Sniffs ]



The reward on our heads is

the biggest one yet offered in the world.



It's up to     .



[ Inhales Deeply ]

It's a lot of money.



We're the only four lads

in the whole country--



the entire empire, in fact--



that any one of you fine citizens

is allowed to kill...



no questions asked.



No, it's true.

The queen said so herself.



That's right.

It's Regina versus us, the Kelly gang.



[ Ned Narrating ]

So our plans were set.



One. The traitor,

Aaron Sherritt...



dead, as arranged.






The police special from Benalla

coming to meet us.



The line torn up

to send the train to hell, as arranged.



Three. Superintendent Hare,

if he lives...



easily worth

an outlaw's mother.



And four. The townspeople

out of harm's way...



drinks on us, as arranged.



[ Fiddle ]



- Here you go.

- Oh, lamb! My favourite.



- Ohh!

- Ohh!



Now, cheer up there,

Mr Curnow.



- You're witness to history.

- [ Revelers Laughing ]



How many schoolteachers

dream of that?



[ Continues ]



[ Lion Growls ]



Come on, Hare.

Where the hell are you?



[ Growling ]



- [ Roars ]

- [ Train Whistle Blows ]



[ Knocking ]



Were you sleeping?



You thinking of using that?



I'm mulling it over.



[ Chuckles ]




You don't remember me,

do you?



You were just a boy then.



You were riding a Palomino mare

with a white blaze.



[ Ned ]

Jane. Yeah.






Seems like a long time ago,

doesn't it?



A lifetime.



Where's the other fella?



Where's Curnow?



Ned, Curnow's gone!



Come on!

Give me a hand here!



[ Thunder Rumbling ]






Get those horses off!



[ Inaudible Dialogue ]



[ Metallic Scraping ]



Knights in shining armour.



[ Thunder Rumbling ]



- Curnow stopped the train.




- What does this mean?

- Hare's on his way.



You mean we didn't

get any of'em?



Not a soul.



There'll be a hundred

of them-- at least.



[ Man Shouting Orders ]



You okay, Dan?



Yeah, I'm okay, Ned.



[ Breathes Deeply ]






Short life,

but a merry one.




- We're gonna give them

a good old fight, aren't we?



Well, that's that then.



All right.

Everyone listen to me!



We're getting you

out of here!



[ Thunder Rumbling ]



[ Man Shouting Orders ]



[ Growls ]



[ Ned ]

Hold your fire!



We've got women

and children coming out.



[ Man ]

It's a trick!



[ Screaming ]



Stop your fire!

Cease fire!



[ Screaming Continues ]



[ Hare ]

Hold your fire!



Cease fire!



- [ Women Screaming ]

- Get down on the floor!



Keep your heads down!

Stay on the floor!



They fired at us!

They shot him!



Keep as low as you can,

you hear?



All right.

Let's give it to 'em.



Hit the lights.






[ Groans ]



[ Screaming ]



[ Screaming ]



They have armour

on their bodies!



Aim for their arms

and legs!



- Ohhh! Ahhh.

- He's been shot!



- They've shot Hare!

- [ Ned ] All right. Get back inside.



Get back inside.

Come on.



[ Bullets Ricocheting ]



Oh! Dan,

reload me pistols!



I got the bastard

that shot me.



Give me that anyways. Rifle!



[ Groans ]



Bullets. Come on.



[ Bullets Continue Ricocheting ]



[ Women Screaming ]



- [ Shrieks ]

- Aw. The monkey's been shot!



Poor little bugger!



Ah, dear God.



Oh! Shit.



- [ Woman Yells ]

- [ Groans ]



Somebody help me,

for Christ's sake!



Keep low! Get around

the back of the bar!



[ Groaning ]



Can you find me something

to stop the bleeding?



[ Ned ]

Get down!



- [ Groans ]

- To hell with all you bastards!



[ Bullets Continue Ricocheting ]



[ Groaning, Screaming ]



[ Woman Sobbing ]



Ned! Where the hell

are you going?



Get this lot around the back.






Now's your chance. Quickly!



[Joe ]

Out that back door there!



[ Groans ]







[ Groans ]



[ Breathing Heavily ]



Hands up, the lot of you,

or you'll be shot down like dogs!



Don't shoot!



[ Screaming ]



I got him!

I got Dan Kelly!



No, you bloody well haven't.



[ Bullets Continue Ricocheting ]



Jesus Christ, lads.



I think I need a drink.



[ Grunts ]



[ Gunfire Fades Away ]



[ Ned Narrating ]

What I best recall is riding alone...



with the sun behind me...



seeing me own shadow

cantering ahead...



against the roadside weeds

and willows...



and leaving me

stretched far behind...



galloping to chase it...



[ Breathing Heavily ]



like a centaur

in the picture books.



Well done, Ned.



[ Ned Narrating ]

I wore it seriously...



me hero sash

of green and gold.



Proof that

I've saved a life as well.



I'm out of rounds.

[ Whimpers ]



Do you have any left?



[ Sobs ]



Only two.



I guess that's

all we need then, isn't it?



We never stood a chance, did we?



- [ Sobs ]

- [ Sobs ]



[ Crying ]



[ Gunshot ]



[ Sobbing ]










[ Gunshot ]



[ Groaning ]



It's Ned Kelly.

Christ almighty, it's Ned Kelly.



Do you mind if I have this?



[ Train Whistle Blows ]



- [ Children Giggling ]

- [ Boy ] Hey! Look! It's Ned Kelly!




Hey, Ned!



[ Ned Narrating ]

Such is life.



Despite petitions for a pardon that bore

a total of       signatures...



Ned Kelly was hanged

on    th of November,     .



He was    years old.



[ Man ]

At the end of my days



When I'm called to go



Into the open arms



Of the Holy Ghost



To have lived such a life



As I have known



Oh, fortune follow me



That I'm afraid no more



For my great mistakes



I will surely pay



I'm running low



And the devil is on my trail



When fate delivers me



All I'll ask it for



Is a place

to rest and shelter



O'er my soul



Oh, if I could

spend my days



Free from the prison

of your gaze



Then I could die a happy man



Oh, if I could spend my days



Free from the shadow

of my name



Then I could die a happy man



And when I am released



From this mortal load



I'll take my leave



But I don't wanna go



When fate delivers me



All I'll ask for



A place to rest and shelter



O'er my soul



[ Classical Concerto ]

Special help by SergeiK