The Negotiator Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Negotiator script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Negotiator. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Negotiator Script



Yeah, I like animals

better than people sometimes.



Especially dogs. Dogs are the best.



Every time you come home, they act

like they haven't seen you in a year.



And the good thing about dogs...


            they got different dogs

for different people.



Like pit bulls.



The dog of dogs.



Pit bull can be the right man's

best friend...



...and the wrong man's worst enemy.



You going to give me a dog for a pet,

give me a pit bull. Give me...



...Raoul. Right, Omar?



Give me Raoul.



I fucking hate Raoul!



Shut the fuck up, asshole!



Sonofabitch won't shut up!



Hates Raoul.



Farley fucked up the list.



I can dig it, Omar.



I had a dog like that.



A poodle.



She didn't bark, though.

She pissed on the floor.



I hated that dog.



But if I was ever depressed...



...she'd lay her head in my lap, look up

at me with those big old eyes.



Even though I thought

I hated that dog...



...I loved her.



It's like that, ain't it?



That love-hate thing.



No more goddamned talk!



I can't wait anymore.



I want my wife!



I want her up here.



Or I'll do our daughter.



- Listen to me...

- No more talking.



I want that bitch or

I'll do the girl.



Omar, I'm doing the

best I can here, man.



I'm not going to hurt her. I just want

her to see me blow my brains out.



I want her to think about that when

she's sucking that fat prick's cock.



Roman's losing him.



If this guy goes, he takes

the girl with him. Let's go in.



I'll give Danny another minute.

He's pulled out of worse.



Another minute, that girl

will be dead.



Unit One, prepare entry.

All units stand by for full breach.



You lost him. Make entry.



Beck thinks you lost him.

Frost gave him the go-ahead.



That's not the play. Omar's tight.



He can get a shot off if they breach.



I can still talk to him.

I just need time.



HBT  . Negotiator requests time.



Negative. Team's in position.



Fuck it. I'm going in.



Don't do it.

You'll give him another hostage.



Know another way to get the gun

off her head?



Negotiator entering kill zone.



Keep him out. Our men will lose

objectivity if he's in there.



This is Frost. Stand down.



Omar was a Marine, right?



- We have a shot?

- Bedroom, but he's nowhere near.



He will be.

Get Eagle and Palermo to that window.



Tell them to wait for my signal.

Put that motherfucker on his back.



Hellman, Allen, Argento.



When I'm clear, come get that girl.



I just got word your wife's here.






Shut the fuck up.



I've been authorized to make the trade.



But I got to come in...



...look around, make sure there's

no other hostages or surprises.



Fuck you!



I want to see her first.



Omar, I got to come look.



Then I can bring in your wife,

get the girl.



What if you're lying?



Then shoot me!



Fair enough!



Nice and slow!



You look around...



...then I get my wife.



Or you fucking die.






Move real slow.

This ain't about me or you...



...but I'll take you out just the same.



He's in.



We got to play it out now.



Unit   hold position.



Lock it.



Nice breeze.



Great day to be out, you know?

Not cold. Cool, kind of brisk.



Too bad we're stuck here.



You've seen there's no surprise.

Let's do this.



I got to look in those rooms down there.

Make sure there's nobody there.



All right, move.



Football, huh?



Perfect day for it.



Ain't missed a Bears game

since I left the Corps.



The Corps was a winning team.



Oh, yeah? You were in?



- Did a tour in '  .

- Semper fi, motherfucker.



I did   tours.



'   and '  .



Well, hoo-fucking-rah, Omar. Hoorah!



Don't meet many Marines these days.

Everybody joins the Navy.



I have a visual on the suspect.



See? Nothing here, Lieutenant.

So now we make the trade.



Stay cool.



We got a one count.



Like I said,

got to check out everything.



A Marine and a sailor

are taking a piss.



The Marine goes to leave

without washing up.



Sailor says, "In the Navy...



...they teach us to wash our hands."



The Marine turns to him and says:



"In the Marines, they teach us

not to piss on our hands."



Move! Move!



H.T.'s down!






You all right?



You okay?






Here, boy!

Get down, get funky, get loose!



Do it, do it, do it!



You're a hoedown guy.



Now I've seen everything.



Which one is the most

pathetic out there?



How you feeling?



Not great. I want to talk to you.



All right, cool.



Cut the music!



Take a wild guess

who's on the news again.



After   hours, hostage negotiator

Danny Roman risked his own life...



... disarming the hostage-taker

to end the standoff.



It looks like you saved the day again.



No, it was a team effort.

I just talked the guy out.



Did he say anything in there?



He just wanted to hog the spotlight!



I came close to busting your ass today

because of that shit you pulled.



But because it'll never happen again,

I'll let it go.



All right, he's all talk.



Off the record, that was one hell of a

gutsy job. Again! Congratulations.



Thanks. Congratulations to you.

Great party.



You really in the Marines?



No, I was in the Army and

I fucking hate dogs.



Though things worked out you put

these guys in jeopardy.



If you were taken hostage,

you would've fucked up everything.



Everybody lived, Beck.



Even you.






      cops in Chicago.

Can't you take turns?



I was going to let Nate go in...



...but I knew Linda would be

pissed at me.



Nate's much smarter than that.



I'm too smart.

Too smart for my own good sometimes.



I got to talk to you. It's important.



A minute, I promise.



Just a minute.



Go on, tell your secrets.



Someone approached me recently.



He knows who took money

from the disability fund.



Almost   million is missing.



I know.



According to him, we know the guys

who took it.






Guys in our precinct, guys we

might call our friends...



...stealing our own money.



I would've told you sooner,

but this is my first chance.



Who told you this?



I can't say.



But he knows. He's been on

the job since '  .



He's been around.

He knows his shit.



Why didn't he go to Internal Affairs?



Because he thinks Internal Affairs

is involved.



Niebaum's name was mentioned.

He doesn't know what to do.



They offered to buy him out.



- And?

- And he said he'd think about it.



We were at the academy, worked Area  

together, so he trusts me.



But this guy...



This guy is really scared.



When did you find out?



Most of it last night.



But I've been working on it

for a couple of weeks.



But you're on the board,

You might've heard something.



I didn't hear a thing.



They did do an audit,

but we didn't prove anything.



If somebody's stealing our money,

we got to find out who.



Tell this informant...






Jesus Christ!



Officer Bald!



You girls blowing each other?



I was about to get one

till you showed.



I know you're partners,

but everyone's looking for you.



Don't shine the light in here, officer.

Can't a guy hold his partner's hand?



All right, I'll let you girls be.



Wipe your mouth.



Yeah, order me a drink, big guy.



We'll finish this later.



Don't tell Linda.






I don't care to fix up this house alone.

And with what you're doing...






...that's the job.



It's not the job.



The job I can deal with.

It's how you do the job.



- Like what you did today.

- I'm fine.



This time.



I love that you do these crazy things.



I just wish you'd start differentiating

between crazy and just plain stupid.



I know this marriage thing

is new to you...



...but coming home every night

is a big part of it.



Every night.



I promise...



...I will come home every night.



No matter what I have to do.



Every night.



What are you trying to negotiate?

You forget I know you lie for a living.



Not right now.



Listen, listen.



Danny Roman is a married man now.



No more crazy shit, all right?



See that?



That's the bus.



The bus is going down the street.



"Crazy" is on the bus.



What's vibrating, baby?



Nate's vibrating.



Go. Tell Nate I said hello.



And that I expect him to keep you

out of trouble.



Hey, how you doing? Caught me.



Danny beeped me earlier.

What's going on?






Get your hands up!



Police officer! Officer down!



He talked to his

informant last night.



Some guy he was at academy with

and knew from Area  .



This guy said he knew what was

going down with the pension fund.



The informant didn't come to

you guys...



...because he thought someone in

Internal Affairs was involved.



One of us?



Exactly who was this informant?



He didn't tell me his name.



It's obvious somebody found out

Nate was investigating...


            this informant's tip

and they took him out.



Let's go back to the very beginning.



I just found my partner with his

head blown off.



I don't want to do this!



You have to.



Fuck this!



Just back off, Niebaum.

We'll do this some other time.



Is that the door?



You get it.






They found the gun that killed Nathan.

It's in the lake. No fingerprints.



- I have a search warrant...

- Hold it. The gun's serial number.



It was   of   guns stolen from a dealer.

Two of the guns were recovered by you.



Remember? The third gun

was not found until now.



You're must be kidding.



- You serious?

- There's nothing we can do.



We came as soon as we heard

about the search warrant.



- Guys, go easy. He's one of ours.

- In here.



I'm sorry about this, Karen.

We know all know it's bullshit.



Just let them do their work.

They can get the hell out of here.



He's standing over a dead cop,

he had access to the gun...



...and he's on the fund's board.



He had motive and opportunity.



Who the fuck are you, Niebaum?



Nate mentioned your name when he said

Internal Affairs was involved.



Now it's my name, huh?



We've got an investigation too and

your name keeps coming up. Wonder why.



Maybe because Nathan found you

stealing money from the fund.






I think I got something in here.



Looks like offshore accounts.



That shit's not mine.

You planted this shit.



Put it away.



Why are you doing this to me?



Do you think you'll be charged

for the murder of Officer Roenick?



Make a hole here!



Come on, back up!



Give the guy a break!






How could you show your face?



I knew you'd get somebody killed.



Nobody really knows

what happened, okay?



Come on, seriously.



What's going on, Danny?



We're hearing a lot of shit.






Come on inside.



All right, everybody, get back to work.



Sit down.



I'll be honest with you.



I don't know what to think.



But I don't have any choice until...



...this investigation is complete.



So your gun and your badge.



You know me.



I'm being set up.



Nate told me his informant

knows who's involved.



Help me find this informant

and all this goes away.



We should keep going.



Mrs. Roenick, we should go.



I didn't do what they say I did.



Mrs. Roenick, we should go.



Fuck you, Danny.



Fuck Niebaum.



Fuck all of you.



You all killed him.



Don't you stand here in my face.

Don't say one more fucking word to me.



You took him away from me.



God help you, Danny.

You took him away from Jeremy.



Now you stand here...



...and you just live with that.



Mrs. Roenick, please.



Please, let's go home.



Danny, we need to go.



Come on, this way.



The papers found in your house...



Can you come up with an explanation

as to why you had that kind of money?



You have no proof the money was from

the fund or that he opened the accounts.



The money was well-laundered...



...but the last deposit matched

the last amount stolen.



I don't have any offshore accounts.



The statements were in your home.

You stood over the body.



Are you charging my client?

All of this is very circumstantial.



We have a gun linked to you...



...and a pair of gloves from the water.



Which explains why your client had

no powder on his hands.



You know how this city feels

about corrupt cops.



I'll get a conviction

with my eyes closed.



Tell us where the rest of the money is,

who your partners were and maybe...



I need to speak to my client.



I'll give you one day to make a deal.



You hear me?



One day.



After that, there'll be no deal

to negotiate.



We will arrest you and you will face

the maximum penalty. I'll see to it.



Be here tomorrow and have

a decision made.






Understand that they have a case

that a jury will convict on.



I can't do any more for you.



Cut a deal.



Wait in the car.



Don't worry.



Everything's going to be fine.



Please don't do anything crazy.



Crazy's on the bus, remember?



I love you.



I love you too.



Be right back.



- Danny Roman.

- I'm going to see Niebaum.



Could you wait a minute?

I'll buzz him.



Wait, sir!



Hold on.



Roman. What can I do for you?



Man's got a right to face his accusers,

doesn't he?



- We need to talk.

- Go ahead, talk.



What's going on?



You killed your partner.



And you're about to be

formally indicted.



You're not answering my question.



Nate told me you were involved. How?



Look me in the eye and say

you weren't involved.



- Look me in the eye!

- For what?



Why don't you just tell it to the judge?



We're finished.



Get him out of here.



You're not doing this!



Lock the door. Lock it!



Don't make things worse than they are.

Put the gun down.



You, sit your ass down.






This is my life here, Niebaum.



I want answers.



I don't have answers!



Put the gun down and leave!



Don't feel like talking?!



We're going to stay here until you do!



It's your choice.



Because I'm not going to jail today.






Drop your weapon.



Drop it, Danny.



Guns down! Down!



That was no accident! And neither will

the next one that goes in your head!



Get down here, now!



Come on!



Everybody in here, march over

to that desk over there.



Put your guns, cuffs, keys,




...on this desk and get out!



Let's go! Move! Move it!



Why are you here?



The call is out on the city-wide.



- See what they're making me do?!

- Danny, you just got married!



Think about Karen!



I am thinking about Karen.



And now that I think of it,

I'm glad you're here.



You just raised the ante.



Join the party.



God, Danny, this is crazy.



Take your guns off.

Put them on this table now!



I know you heard me say both of them.



Listen to me.



It's not too late to stop.



Are you trying to talk me down?



This is crazy. This isn't helping you.



Me and him have nothing to do with this.



I've known you    years.

What are you doing?



I know I made you stay, Frost, but you

cannot monopolize the conversation.



You're not the scene commander here.

I am.



You're Niebaum's secretary?



What's your name?



My name's Maggie and I'm his assistant.



Well, Maggie, don't be scared.



I'm familiar with situations like this.



I'm not scared. I've been mugged twice.

Once at gunpoint.



Guns are not new to me.



But I'd rather avoid them

if I get the chance.



You won't have that chance this time.



If you're his assistant...


            have everything to do with this.



But not me, bro.



I don't work for this pig.



- I'm not a cop.

- You're Rudy Timmons.



You're a rat for the rat squad.

You don't remember me?



I arrested you in '   for

credit card fraud.



Yeah, I remember you.



I remember you. Hey, man!



Last time I saw you, you were

a clean-cut boy in blue.



What happened to you?



That's what we're here to find out.



I wonder if they're out there.



Your partners, Niebaum.



The guilty ones.



My guys.



They'll come...



...scared shitless

I'll get the truth out of you.



And if they can't get me...



...they'll kill you.



Clear the perimeter and start evac.



Nothing moves on that fucking river!



Locate the phone panel. Lock down

the elevator. Clear the stairwell.



Have Unit   hold outside

Internal Affairs.



Christ, they're here already.



Set up command on that barge over there

so the press can't get to us.



What do you got?



Elevators locked

from the   th floor down.



I got a real concern.



He knows our tactics, we got a big area

to lock down. Do we have the manpower?



We got personnel from

  different districts.



But he'll still try and control

the environment.



We'll see who wins the race.



Perpetrator is an expert marksman.



He's an expert in explosives

and tactics.



Gentlemen, play this by the numbers.



Maintain your fields of fire.






Fucking Roman's up there, man.



He's got Frost inside.



We see a chance to end this,

we take him out.



We're blind and he's seeing   /  .



I want visuals and audio

set up from    and   .



Farley, you're negotiating.



He'll eat Farley up.






...if you want to talk to him...



I may not have a choice.



Get him locked down first! In the

meantime get on the fucking phone.



Someone locate the building engineer.



Right away.



Chief Travis.



Special Agent Grey.



This is Moran.



We're the FBI negotiators.



It's a federal building.

It's our jurisdiction.



He's one of ours. We got this.



Fine with us. For now.



We got eyes.



Son of a bitch! Go to camera  .



He got all  . We got nothing.



We got to see in that room.



No eyes, no ears.



We're running out of options.



- I want status reports now.

- Give me an update.



Give me status. Somebody give

me status. Tell me what you see.



All shafts are locked down, sir.



Blind's closed.



Visibility zero, sir.



We contained him.



We have not contained him.

He's contained himself and cut us off.



Try the phone again.

Let's see what he wants.






I'm Rudy, so don't shoot me

thinking I'm him. Please.



Rudy, my name is Farley.



Please get Danny on the line.



Farley would like to talk to you.



I only want to talk to Chris Sabian.



He'll only talk to Chris Sabian.



If Sabian's not here in    minutes...





I don't want to talk to anyone else

but Chris Sabian.



Okay, we heard you.



He said they heard you.



Who is Chris Sabian?



- I heard of him.

- He's from the Westside.



Once he talked    hours.

Never forces tactical action.



I don't know how Danny knows him.



So find Sabian.



    Chris Sabian.



Come on...


            to me.



I'm right here.



I'm not going anywhere,

so please come out.



You don't want me to.

I want to kill her.



I do want you to come out,

so we can discuss this.



You're not even listening to me.



Yes, I am listening to you.



You promised that you'd come out.



So come on out, all right?



I don't want to do this

through the door.



Look, I want to do something

without arguing. Let's get on the road.



Your clothes look fine.



They do.



According to some people

I look fat in ski clothes.



That's not the word she used.

She used...



...a much worse word.



Honey, get off the phone!



Get off the phone.



Get off the phone.



I'm your father and I'm very

upset with you right now!



Try your sweater.



Honey, get off the phone.



And I want you to apologize to your

mother for saying she looks...






That is not a good word to use. "Wide."

How'd you like to be called wide?



Do you hear me?! I am very serious!

I'm very angry with you!



Get off the phone! Get off the phone.



Don't you make me...



I talked a man out of

blowing up the Sears Tower...



...but I can't talk my wife out

of a bedroom or my kid off a phone.



That's because no one's standing

behind you with a big gun.



Yeah, well, that's debatable.



Hold on.



Yeah, he's right here.



It's for you.



Sabian's    minutes out.



And we only got   .



Call Danny again.

Get him to change that deadline.



Tell him Sabian's on his way.






It's Farley.



I told you I don't want to talk

to anyone but Chris Sabian.



He's on his way. He's going to be here

real soon. We just need more time.



But you don't have more time, Farley.



What are you doing here?

This is pretty serious.



It is serious!

So why don't you take me seriously?



Well, we are. We are. We just...



I just want to talk to you, okay?



Wait, wait.



You think you can talk me down?



I need to...



Tell me what you want.



You want a shot?



I'll give you a shot.



We got some time before Sabian gets




What do I want? Let's see.



How about, can I see a priest?



No, you can't see a priest.



That's good, Farley.

You shouldn't let me see a priest.



A priest is associated with death and

you don't want me thinking about death.



But you told me "no," Farley.

You can't say "no."



Never use "no" in a hostage situation.



- Danny, would you relax a little bit?

- I'm relaxed!



But here's some advice.



Never say "no" to a hostage-taker.

It's in the manual.



Will you to tell me "no" again?






Wrong answer!



Shut up!



Never use "no," "don't," "won't"

or "can't." All right?



It eliminates options. The option that

leaves is to shoot someone. Understand?






Yes! Good! See, "yes" is good.



You say "no" again, I'll kill somebody.

Let's practice. Can I see a priest?



You know what? Can we just

talk about this right now?



You wanted to talk! We are talking!

Now, can I see a priest?



I'll see what I can do?



That's good, Farley.

Now you're learning.



I'd like a submachine gun

to blow everyone away.



I'll look into that.



You're doing good.



You ever cheat on your wife?



- No.

- Watch yourself.



I'll kill someone.



You ever cheat on your wife? Answer!



I'll see what I can do.



I'll have to think about that.

I'll look into that.



You ever...



...dress up like a schoolgirl and

get your ass spanked?



Look, all I want to do is talk to you.



I am talking!



Did you or did you not dress up like a

schoolgirl and get your ass spanked?



Have to look into that, Danny.



Nothing against you dressing up

like a girl...



... but I didn't know that

about you, Farley.



This is really, really unproductive.






You're right. It is.



So tell me a joke, Farley.

You know any jokes?



No?! You just cost someone

their life, Farley! Game over!!



Shot fired!



Shot fired!



Can anyone see?



Don't let him go.



You can't talk me down!



You can't make me change the deadline!



Now get me Sabian!



You got   minutes,      ...



Listen, Danny, is anybody hurt?!



Is anybody hurt?



We're okay, just don't be saying "no"

no more, motherfucker!



- Everybody calm down.

- I'm so sorry.



I'm so fucking sorry.



Give me status. Someone give me status.



Tell me what you see.



Visibility zero, sir.



Just a few moments ago...



... a single shot was fired inside

the city administration building.



We got the whole city of Chicago

watching this.



This could turn into a press nightmare.



What do we do if Sabian can't make it?



We got to remember that's

Danny Roman upstairs.



We work with him and we don't

really know what he's done.



We know what he's doing now.



I don't want this to get personal

for us either.



He's obviously over...

Do you mind?!



He's obviously gone over the edge.



This is not personal.



If I thought sending my team in there

would put more people in jeopardy...



...I wouldn't consider it.



I don't want to go in there.



But it's our best option.



He can't be talked down.



They'll get us out.



Don't worry about Danny.

He won't hurt anybody.



Bullshit. No one knows what this

crazy fucker is going to do.



This has nothing to do with me

and Maggie. You get him to let us go.



"Because once you familiarize yourself

with the chains of bondage...


            prepare your own

limbs to wear them."



Abraham Lincoln said that

and I believe it.



So you have got to get me

the fuck out! Now!



Do yourself a favor and keep quiet.

We'll handle this.



Don't tell me to be quiet.



Don't say you'll handle it. None of you

been in a situation like this before.



Just shut the fuck up.



Fuck you!



- Prick.

- That's enough!



He's going to hear you.

He's got the gun, so he's in charge.



Both of you pipe down now.



Let Maggie go. She's not involved.

And she's a woman...



I didn't ask to be let go because

I'm a woman. I hate that crap.



Me and him should be let go because

we had nothing to do with this.



It's between you cops.



We have nothing to do with this.



Look, I'm not just some dirt merchant

loose in the street anymore.



I'm not. I got a nice new lady friend

that I'd like to get back to.



And she has got this kid, Albert.



Super kid, Dan.



Great kid.



What do you think you can do?



Take a look at that screen.



They think you're a killer.



They're going to try to take you out.



What do you think Sabian can do?

He can't stop this.



What about you, Frosty?



You think I'm a killer too?



Come on!



You've known me for    years.



You think I killed Nate?



I don't know what to think.



I'll tell you this:



What you're doing is not helping.



Hey, schoolgirl.



You still sweating that ugly display

you gave us all a few minutes ago?



Stop kicking yourself in the ass.

We all have our bad days.



Stop trying to get in here.

I'm pretty well bunkered.






...take that toothpick out.



I don't want you to swallow it

if something goes down.



That's right, sports fans...


           's me, Danny Roman.



The man upstairs.



Just wanted to say hello before the

curtain goes up on this little drama.



I guess you're all wondering

why we're here.



Well, it's simple.



We're here to find out

who took our money...



...and who killed Nate...



...because it wasn't me.



There's some bad cops among us...



... and today we're going to

find out who they are.



I know how that sounds.



I know what you're thinking:



"He's gone. He's a murderer."



But I'm that same son of a bitch

you trusted your lives with...



...played softball with,

went drinking with.



The same guy you invited to your house

to celebrate...



... your kid's baptism, Tonray.



The same guy who saved Palermo's ass...



... when that sniper had a bead

on him at the stadium gig.



This is good.



Danny's trying to get us to Stockholm

so we think twice about taking him out.



Now, I want...



No, I need you guys...



... to understand that I had

no choice here.



My life was being stripped away from me.



First, they kill Nate.



Then they took my badge.



Then you guys.






...they were going to take away my wife

by sending me to prison. And that...



...I cannot take.



I can't live without...



Put yourself in my position.



What else could I do?



Gaines, get word out to our team. We're

switching to frequency   now.



I tried to tell everyone I was being

set up, but no one wanted to listen.



Well, now you have no choice.



You got to listen,

because we're not leaving here...



...until I find out who set me up.



Let me warn you:



Whoever killed Nate is frightened that

Niebaum might know something.



They're going to try and

end this quickly.



Another warning:



I know the rules of engagement...



... so don't test me.



You got   minutes to get Sabian here...



...or you'll find out just how serious

I really am.



Look me in the eye.



Right here.



Now, tell me...



...when did you find out Nate

was investigating the fund?



I first found that Nathan was

conducting the investigation...



...after I spoke with you

after he was killed.



You're lying. And I know you're lying.



You know it, huh?



You can read my mind, Roman?



No, I'm not. I'm reading your eyes.



The eyes can't lie.



Didn't you know?!



A quick lesson in lying. See, this is

what us real cops do.



We study liars.






If I ask you a question about something

visual, like your favorite color...



...your eyes go up and to the left.



Neurophysiology tells us your eyes

go in that direction...



...because you're accessing

the visual cortex.



So you're telling the truth.



If your eyes go up and right...


           're accessing the brain's creative

centers and we know you're full of shit.



Now, let's try this again.



Your favorite television show?



I'm not going to play your stupid

fucking game, okay?



Why, Niebaum? You afraid we'll

catch you in a lie?



When did you find out

Nate was investigating the fund?



After I spoke with you.



That's a lie if I've ever seen one!



- Fuck you! I never blinked my eyes!

- You didn't have to blink.



Your body language says you're lying.



He's nervous.

What do you expect from him?



Shut up! You know how this works!



It's not just your eyes.

It's everything.



If you cough, sneeze, cross your legs,

scratch your ass...



...they're all tell-tale signs.



You can stare at me with those

dead-ass eyes all you want.



You can't beat the system.



One last question:



Do you know who killed Nate?






I don't know. I couldn't tell.



Up, down, right, left...



So what now? Card tricks?



Shut the fuck up!



You knew Nate was investigating

the fund and you killed him.



You could've ended this.



I guess you don't want to.



That's too bad.



That's really too bad.



Because Danny Roman was just

starting to like you.



Tell Danny Roman to hold the fuck on.



You don't want to do this.



How do you know?



If you think I could kill Nate, how do

you know I don't want to do this?



Danny Roman?



This is Chris Sabian here.



Good timing, Chris.

You made it just in time.



I got lucky. Traffic was light.



Glad you accepted my invitation.



I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

What's it been?   years?



Not since we both...



...showed for that North Side gig.



You pulled rank and ran my boys out.



Two negotiators on the same site...



... never work.



So what's this, then? The exception

that disproves the rule?



You do your job, I do mine, maybe we

both walk out of here in one piece.



Here's the million-dollar question.



Why you?






I don't want to go into that now.

We'll talk about that later.



This is our first date.

The courting period.



So what do guys like you do when

they're not talking guys like me down?



I'm pretty much of a homebody.

I spend a lot of time with my family.



My kid.



I read a lot of books.



I watch a lot of old movies. AMC.



You got a satellite?

They show all those old westerns.






I like comedies, myself.



I did like Shane though.



Shane, now that's a good one.



I would have picked one where

the hero lives at the end.



Like a Rio Bravo...



...or a Red River.



I think that's the wrong movie.



Shane lives. At the end of it,

he's riding off and that kid...



- Brandon...

- De Wilde.



Brandon de Wilde's calling his name:

"Shane, come back! Shane!"



I'm sorry to be the one to

tell you this but Shane died.



That's an assumption.



It's a common mistake.



In the final shot,

he slumps over his horse.



He doesn't look back because he can't.

Shane's dead.



He slumps because he's shot.

Don't mean he's dead.



You think Butch and Sundance live too?



You never see them dead either,

but they're surrounded.



Now you're a history buff?



I generally read

histories and biographies.



Don't believe everything you read.



I didn't say I read just one book.



I try to read all books on a subject.

You know, try to get all the facts...



...and then decide for myself

what really happened.



Get all the facts, huh? That's smart.



You're much better at this than Farley.



All right, before we start to bore

everyone, let's get back to business.



First, my list of demands.



One: I want my badge brought down here.



Two: If I die, I want a

departmental funeral.



No one's dying here.



Three: I want the informant found.



He's the only one who

can clear my name...



...and knows who's running

this conspiracy.



Four: I want to know

who killed my partner.



If neither the informant or killer

is found in   hours...



...I will kill one hostage an hour

until they're all dead.






I want to talk to you face to face now.



- Scene commander's upstairs?

- You can talk to me.



You're the chief?



Pleased to meet you.

You're Beck?






All right. Vest.



You're going up?






- Why didn't you try and talk him down?

- He would've expected it. His sheet.



Why'd he ask for me?



We were hoping you could answer that.



Psych evaluation, who's on it?



He thinks he's innocent.



We'll probably have to go tactical.

We've put a plan together.



If we can distract him long enough,

we can send in an infiltration team.



- Let's wait on that.

- Wife's here!



God! How is he? Has he hurt anyone?

Who's talking to him?



Karen, he's okay.



He asked for Chris Sabian.



I'm Chris Sabian.



Do you know Danny?



He didn't do those things they say.

You have to help him.



I have no idea about Danny's

guilt or innocence.



I'm here to get him out safely.

If you want to help...



...answer Tonray's questions

and then go home.



No! No! I'm not going home.



You bring tension and emotion to a scene

that already has too much of both.



I am not...



...leaving my husband.



All right, fine. But if you want

to help him, help me.



I have to get up there now.



Go with Tonray, answer his questions

and then stay in case we need you.



Just come with me and talk, okay?

It's going to be all right.



How do I get up?



Freight elevator to   

and walk the rest of the way.



All right. What is this? This is a

shaft off Internal Affairs?



That's access to the steam pipes.

It's unusable.



First, get his badge.

Second, shut off the heat.



He might deal a hostage to get it back.

What channel?






I want to show you something.



Danny, take me.



Take him. Come on.



I got the asthma.



You know?



You can't put me in bad situations, man.



For chrissakes.

Why you always pick on me?



I mean, who am I?

Charlie Brown?



You know what Nietzsche says:



"Even the strongest have their

moments of fatigue."



And I'm fatigued, Dan.



I'm fucking fatigued. Oh, God.



You okay?



Do I look okay? I got a gun

pointed at the back of my head.



Nice fucking pants.



Shut up, Mr. Blackwell. Get over here.



- You working?

- Sort of.



I was negotiating a truce between

my wife and daughter.



That might prove easy by comparison.



It wouldn't surprise me in the least.



You shut off the heat.



You know how this works.



Yeah, I do.



Next time you try and bluff,

make sure you charge your cell phone.



Now, you want to tell me

what I'm doing up here?



I wanted to tell you face to face

I'm not crazy.



I'm just doing this to

prove my innocence.



I believe you.

Anything I can do to help you get out...



Don't fucking patronize me!



You don't think I'm innocent!



Don't tell me "I want to do everything

I can to help you."



Like I'm some second-rate HT.



You're right. I'm sorry. My mistake.



You are sorry. Get out. Lock the door.

Call when you want to talk.



I'm ready to talk.



You're right.



You're right.



I don't know if you're innocent or not.



You could've done everything they say

you've done. I don't care.



There are ways to prove your innocence.

This isn't one of them.



And now you got hostages.



So let me tell you:



You hurt one of them, you'll burn up

whatever currency you got to deal with.



They're all I care about. You leaving

here walking is a distant second.



Do I make myself clear?






Now we're getting somewhere.



Good. Now answer my question.



What am I doing up here?



Before Nate was killed, he told me

the men involved are from my precinct.



Guys I know.



- Guys I might call friends.

- And?



And you're not.



When your friends betray you...



...sometimes the only people

you can trust are strangers.



Lock the door! Get out!



Come on, hurry up. Lock it!



Hurry up!



Hold it right there.



Beck, what happened? I've lost him!

He's gone back in!



Come on, go, go.



Get up! Get up!



Drop the gun! Drop them!



Put it down!



You are jeopardizing the life

of this hostage!



Drop your guns!



Sniper team, can anyone see Roman?

Look for the one shot.



We have the target acquired.



- Put it down!

- Drop the weapon, Danny!



Drop the gun! Drop it!



Put it down! Now!



Put it down!



You'll get this man killed!



Drop your weapon!!



Put your guns down!



Tell him! Tell him, Frost!



Put the gun down now!



Drop your weapon!



Green light. Take the subject out.



I can't believe this.



Palermo, take the subject out.



Palermo, take the subject out!






Don't tell me fucking copy!



- Pull the fucking trigger!

- Copy!



I cannot take the shot.



Pull the trigger!



- Negative, sir, I cannot take this shot!

- Have a heart!






Palermo, you're relieved.



Kick it!



- Looks like the HT's speech worked.

- Stand back.



We have this.



Is this your command or is it his?



You had him distracted.

We saw an opportunity to end this.



You put those hostages at risk!



That's what you did.

That's not how I work! First, we talk!



It was my call.



We don't feel this man

can be talked down.



Really? I've been here a half-hour!

How do you know that?



With all due respect, sir...



...I have kept a zero casualty rate

for   years precisely because...



...this kind of action is a last resort!



This is not your command, Sabian.



That's right. My command is to

get those people out safely!



You don't know this man!



He's manipulating the situation.

Look what he did to Palermo.



He's going to fuck with every single one

of you if we give him enough time!



And he knows you'll do it.

Because he knows how you fucking work.



He's got a point.



We have a chain of command.



Your chain of command just gave

Danny Roman   more hostages.



Officers! Will you take responsibility

if he takes one out? Because I don't!



They're waiting to take this over.

You want that to happen?



So this is going to be

very easy for you.



Roman asked for me and

he's going to get me.



We're going to do it my way or I walk.



I got no truck with leaving

you with this.



Now, it's your decision.

Or they'll fucking take it over!



You have command for now.



But I'm still the ranking officer

on the scene...



...and I will be watching.



Good. You watch. Now, do me a favor.



Introduce me to our team.






...this is your chief, Al Travis.



I would like to introduce you to

the negotiator, Chris Sabian...



...who, as of now, has full command.



My name is Chris Sabian and as of now,

all decisions go through me.



No order is valid unless I give it.



No action is taken unless

approved by me.



Understand that we will work

together to end this...



...safely and quickly.



It didn't work, Beck!



I'm still alive, motherfucker!



Danny, it's Chris.



Listen to me. Pick up the radio...



...and talk to me, man.



Nothing! Look!



You guys with the cameras, you get that?



All I asked for was more time...



...and they tried to take me out!



It is the policy of the

Chicago police...


            resolve all hostage situations...



...with the utmost regard for the

preservation of life!



Get his wife.



You want my blood?



Take my blood! Come on!



Here it is! Take it!



They have a shot!

We can end it here!



No. You want to shoot him

on national television?



Move the crowd back.

I want the area clear.



Go ahead, take my blood!



Go ahead, take the shot!



I'm getting too close to the truth

and they want to kill me...



...just like they killed Nate!



Chief, give me the order.



- Give me the order!

- Wait.



Don't take that shot!



What am I going to have to do

to be heard?



Am I going to have to hurt somebody

to get respect?! Well, all right.



All right, I will!



You don't want to do that. You do not

want to take this to the next level.



Can he hear me?

Does he have a radio?!



Think you can shoot people and get away

with it? They send you in to kill me?



Think you can kill me and

get away with it?!



I know you're one of them!

I know!



Now you're going to pay for

doing that shit to me!



Danny, Danny, do not...



...hurt anyone. Do not do that.

I am in command here.



No one will breach.

No one will come in there.



No one is going to do anything without

my authority. I am in control.



You are not in control! They are!

They're not listening to you, Chris!



So I'm going to show them

why they should!



One of those you sent in to kill me

is about to die!



Every time you try to come in...



...this will happen!









Get in there! Get in there!



Down! Down!



Are you one of them, Scott?

One of those that set me up?



Is that why you want me dead?!



Danny, it's me, Karen.



Danny, please talk to me.



Do not...



...come in here...






Karen, I'm sorry.



Cut the electric. Cut it now.



After hours of little to no action...



... in the past   minutes we've

witnessed a flurry of activity...



... up there on the   th floor

of the building.



And it looks like there's some

more action now.



They've cleared the barricades

and it looks like...



... those are federal sedans, FBI

agents, in fact, arriving on the scene.



This is a major development,

because up until now...



... this negotiation has been handled

exclusively by the Chicago police.



The arrival of the feds means they are

either coming to aid in negotiation...



... or perhaps more likely,

to take over the negotiations.



But that's all speculation.



All we know is they are now on the scene

and we'll have to wait and see...



What have you done, Danny?



You've just fucked yourself completely.

You killed a cop!



You killed an innocent man!



He wasn't innocent.



He's one of them.



He tried to kill me.



I told you all when I came in here...



...I wasn't leaving till

I got the truth.



I don't care how long it takes.



You could've prevented this.



Why don't you just tell him something,




Why don't you just tell him anything?!






  years, Maggie.



You must know something.



Please, Inspector.



He already lied when he knew it would

cost someone their life.



If you know something, anything,

you tell me now.



His personal files are on the computer.



I'm not supposed to know.



There's a lot of stuff on there.

Probably could help you.



Unlock yourself. Get the computer.



I saw your troops moving in...



...and I don't want a situation

where you and the ATF take over...



...without any fucking

evidence whatsoever.



I don't want you going in.



Before the press prints this,

I want another hour.



- Phone is ringing.

- I know.



- Another hour. I want a guarantee.

- Will you answer the phone?



You have one shot.



Are you going to get that?



Sorry to interrupt,

but what took you so long?



I'm busy.



A piece of advice: Never keep

a hostage-taker waiting.



Relax. He'll call back.



Who you think you're dealing with...



If you have a problem,

maybe let us handle this.



Tell him I'm on my way up.



Get the phone.



- Sabian...

- No, it's Far...



Danny, Chris is on his way up.



We need to reopen negotiations.



I'm sorry, you want something from me?



I want the electricity turned back on.



You want something...



...from me.



You think killing a man gives you

the power to negotiate?



Why is that?

Because you think you know me?



Because you think you can trust me?



Because you think you know what I'll do?

That I'll give you time?



Don't you fucking count on it.



I'm the only thing standing

between you...



...and an army that's itching to

walk in here and take you out.



So you tell me something, Danny.

Why should I get in their way?



Make me believe why I should

deal with you...



...ever again.



I still have hostages.



They can still be punished

for your mistakes.



Did you just threaten me? That's all

I need to walk out of here.



The rules of engagement state:



"Don't breach if the hostage-taker is

willing to kill in retaliation."



I think I've proved I'm

willing to do that.



Things are not what they seem, Chris.



You saw what they did.



They didn't tell you they were coming in

because they want me dead.



One more gun goes off...



...and I'll give the order to

move in myself. Understand?



Don't think you've bought anything

by asking me to come here.



Because you need to remember...



...I am a stranger to you.



You have no idea what I'm capable of.



I need the electricity...


            I can turn on the computer

and look at Niebaum's files.



I also want food and blankets

for the hostages.



I'll need a hostage. Nothing less.



Take Frost.



Turn the electricity back on.



Could you repeat that?



I'm about to walk out with a hostage.

Do what I say.



Turn the electricity back on.



Credit card fraud and electronic theft.

That's you, right, Rudy?



I got caught for credit card fraud

and electronic theft.



But the list goes on, you know?



Look, I could sit here all night

and get nothing.



What kind of security

has this thing got?



F  enter.






...dash I dash COM.



G- .



Run a search.



Look for anything that has to do

with the disability fund.



There's a lot of added security here.



It's not bad. It's just outdated

by about   months.



Fucking cops.

Always   steps behind.



He is looking for people

to believe in him.



And I don't think I helped

the situation.



And then he shoots Scott.






I couldn't do anything.



It would help if you could tell me about

Danny's relationship to the fund...



...his case, and this informant.



Anything you might've overheard

or that you know...



...that might be of use to me that

you think is pertinent.






"Disability fund.

Subdirectories: Wires and taps."



Click on wires.



There's a lot of wires.



- What are all these numbers?

- Cops' badge numbers.



Scroll down.






Back up one.



That's Nate's badge.



Click that.



They did do an audit,

but they didn't prove anything.



Hey, that's my voi...



Somebody's taking our money.

We got to find out who.



Oh, shit!



You sonofabitch.



You were tapping Nate.



You knew he was investigating the fraud.



- You lied!

- Fuck you!



Then you killed him because

he was getting too close.



There's only one killer in this room.



I'm not the killer, you are!



Scroll back to October   th...



...the night before Nate was killed.



- There's only one recording.

- Click on it!



Are you going to talk to me?



It's that case I'm working on.



I'll just be a minute.

I'm sorry, honey.



I just want to see if he's here.



I don't want to talk to him

on the phone. It's just not...



But I'll see you soon, okay?

I'll just be a minute.



- I love you.

- I love you too.



He was going to see his informant.



What are you talking about?



The night before Nate was killed

he said he'd...



...just talked to his informant.



You knew that too.



What's going on here, Niebaum?



Why can't you find this guy, huh?



You got to be looking for him so you

can shut him up too!



You don't know who he is, do you?



Linda wouldn't tell you where

they went that night!



Because she thinks you're

as guilty as I am!



- Go ahead, Danny.

- Is this a private line?



You need it to be?






Go ahead.



I need you to talk to Linda Roenick,

Nate's wife.



About what?



I found some taps that prove Niebaum's

been lying all along.



I heard something on one that

I need you to ask Linda about.



You and only you.



What do I ask her?



Ask her where she and Nate went on

October   th, the night before he died.



Who he talked to.



If she tells you who he saw...



...l'll give you another hostage.



If she tells you nothing...


            get nothing.



Have my hostage ready.






Excuse me, I got to go.



Can we have a word?



Hellman's been studying the blueprints

with Beck. They have a suggestion.



You do take suggestions?



Hellman thinks we can get a team

in the vent system above Roman.



We're suggesting getting men in place

for a crisis entry. Just one unit.



Only as a precaution.



With this type of entry, we can control

him if he starts shooting hostages.



We can go in there strong,

 -  seconds from bang to bullets.



It's not a full breach. We have a real

concern he'll kill another of our men.



That may not mean much to you...



...but it means a lot to us.



Beck, please.



I just want to be ready to go

if we need to.



I agree with the commander's assessment.

And I do care if our team is injured.



But they don't move, not an inch,

without my authorization. Understood?



- Gentlemen?

- Without a doubt.



We're going to make an opportunity.

We'll take him out if we get the shot.



How are you holding up?






Why don't you take a break?



I'll get us inside.



We'll end this thing.



Let's do it.



- Anybody got to use the bathroom?

- Yes, I do.



Me too.



Where is it, Maggie?



There's one across the street

in a restaurant...



...but that's probably out

of the question.



You can use that one if you can

hold it till we get out.



There's one down the hall.



Thank you.



When she's gone, use this.



To contain the building,

I need teams on   ...



...   and   .



And secure the lobby.



- Farley, what is Sabian doing out there?

- No idea.



Guy came in an hour ago.

They've been talking ever since.



Why the hell is this taking so long?



They're trying to wear down Danny...


            he gets tired.



Why the hell do you have all these cops

and their accounts in here?



Why are you investigating a fraud

you're part of?



I'm not part of any fraud.



Did you find out these cops were skimming

from the fund and blackmailed them?



Is that how it works?



Why these cops?

They don't have access to the money.



It's basically insurance fraud, right?






Some of these guys on this

list submit false claims.



Like this auto-body thing I pulled...



I mean, some guy I know...



He would tell the insurance company...



...his car had been wrecked, right?

It was very simple.



And then?



He'd never get paid if the

claims agent wasn't in on it.



So you need somebody with access to put

the paperwork through, then cover it up.






That's where you come in.



Isn't it?



What is this, Sabian? Who is this?



You're about to find out.



You talked to Linda?




I found your informant.



You're going to end up giving me

all my hostages.



Sergeant Cale Wangro.



He knows who's involved.



He was afraid to come forward

after Nathan was killed...



...and wasn't sure you weren't involved.



Who was it?



This'll implicate too many people.



So the FBI is ready to take his

statement to insure impartiality.



But I cannot have this go over the air.

So it's over.



It's done. Come on out.



Get my wife.



Get his wife.



- They found the informant.

- Thank God!



Yes! Thank God!



Congratulations, Maggie.

You are free to go.






...fuck you very much.



Thank you, thank you, thank you.



"Let my people go," man!

Come on, man. Give it up.



Hold on a second.



At the academy, we worked at

Area   together.



Chris, put Nate's informant on.



Wait, I don't want this broadcast.



If he can clear my name,

I want to talk to him now!



This is Cale.



Hi, Cale. Very brave of you

to come down like this.



I have a lot of questions.



Let's just start with...



... who was involved...


            this conspiracy?

For    ?



I can't name names in front of everyone.



It wouldn't be appropriate.



I don't want to hear that.



Who was involved?



Who was it?!



Men you know, Danny.



There may be others.



But I only know the key players.



Don't make me say their names.



Why didn't you see Niebaum?



I didn't know if Niebaum

was getting paid off...


            be quiet or not.



I couldn't trust him or

Internal Affairs.



I did hear his name mentioned.



So Niebaum was involved.






How did you know Nate?



From the academy.



How long you been on the job?



Since '  . Why?



When did you last meet Nate?



The night before he died.






Now we're getting somewhere.



Hold on, Cale.






So Nate tells me you played ball with

him at Colorado State. That right?



Yeah, but what's this have

to do with anything?



He went to Arizona State.



Put Chris on.



Nice try, Sabian.

Your little bluff didn't work.



Niebaum told me...



... Nate was his informant.



Yes, he worked for IAD.



He worked for Niebaum all along.

He just didn't want me to know.



Niebaum says he was not part

of the murder.



What's going on here?



- He's using our bluff against Niebaum.

- But he's willing to testify.



He'll name names...



... if you'll grant him immunity.



You call me back if we have a deal.



We've been made.



What are you doing?

I didn't make any deal.



They think you did.



But there is no "they," right?

So you don't have shit to worry about.



This was a bluff?!



That all depends on your position.



You knew about this?



No, I didn't.



I told him what I knew

about Nathan's informant.



This is how you used that information?



Making us think he's innocent after

all those... Who do you think you are?



I can use information any way I want!



I don't know who's innocent!

I'm trying to find out!



Don't call me in here to be part of

one of your charades again.



Get him back!






Right now, understand,

I don't know who to trust...



...up there or in there.



The bluff wasn't just for Danny.



Move, Rudy.






Who killed Nate?



They killed Nate.

You think they won't kill you too?!



Fuck it!



What are you doing?!



Where are you taking me?!



I know nothing!



You set me up so they'll take me out!

You'll get another innocent man killed!



Not in that room!



Don't put me in that room!



Nate came to me with taps. I went to

the guys who were implicated.



They offered me money to lose

the evidence! I did it!



Okay?! It was a one-time deal!



Nate turned down the same deal,

they killed him.



Who's on the taps?



Get me out of this doorway!



- Who's on the taps?

- All your friends!






...Hellman, Allen.



That's bullshit!



I have proof! I have them on taps...



...saying they took money

from the fund.



They couldn't by themselves!

Who's in charge?!



I don't know.



Are those taps on this computer here?!



Where are they?



I have them somewhere safe!



Air Tac-  civilian unit approaching.

Peel away.



You are flying in a government

crime scene air space.



It is imperative you respect

the  -mile boundary law.



Turn away from the building.



Who's firing?



Who just fired?



Initiate breach.



Do not breach!



Let me through! Let me through!



Team position's been compromised.

Unit   give me status.



Kill the lights, Unit  !



Give me status.



We're coming in.






Move! Move!



He's got flashbangs!



Fuck! Move, move!






Take him out!



Take the subject out!



Do not fire!



Do not! I did not give the order!

Do not!



Terminate breach!



Can you hear me?



Are you okay?



Shit. Shit!



They shot him.



Hold on, Inspector.

I'll get somebody up here to help you.



Danny, can you hear me?



Is anyone else hurt up there?



Come on, come on.



Is anyone hurt up there?



Come on. Hold on.



I'm going to get somebody.



Get somebody up here!

Niebaum's been...



Oh, God.



He's dead!



You hear that, Chris?



They killed him.



Are you shot?



Is anyone hurt up there?



Anyone else hurt up there?



What happened? I step out of this room

and someone gets killed?



It was an accident.

What did you expect my men to do?



A gun went off.

Any idea who shot first?



What the fuck are you accusing us of?

My men responded to a situation!



If a firecracker goes off,

you respond the same way?



And what did we agree to?



That no matter what, no one goes in

without my authority!



That's that we agreed on!



You have no eyes or ears up there!

You only have assumptions!



The breach was conducted

with my authority.



Not anymore.



We're taking over. FBI cannot let

the situation continue as it has.



Don't take me off. Listen.



We're asking you to leave.



I bluffed him but he knows

what I was doing.



We need to rotate your men...



He thinks that someone

just tried to kill him!



We're going in, full breach.



Don't do it. Listen to me.



You full breach and everyone's

going to die. Understand?



Maybe that's what some of you want,

but I don't!



I was brought here to save

this man's life and to bring him out!



There's no reason to

jeopardize hostages.



Shut up!



Agent Moran, this is a mistake.

You want to change negotiators, fine.



But you give Roman even a   -second

window of opportunity, he'll exploit it.



We got to keep him locked down.

My men can handle it.



We've seen what they can handle.






Your men stay in place.

Our men will support yours.



But you'll execute our orders.



You're off.



I'm just surrounded by people who

want to go in there and kill him.



This is a guy you called your friend!

I got nothing invested in this!



I wonder why that is!



Maybe someday we'll find out.



No more negotiating.



Would you please escort

Mr. Sabian to his car?






...this way, sir.



You call yourselves his friends!



Danny Roman, this is Agent Grey

of the FBI.



Chris Sabian's been relieved.

I'm in charge now.



As of this moment, all negotiations

are suspended.



You have   minutes to surrender...



...or we're coming in after you.



Oh, Christ. Sabian's going in.



Danny, it's me. I'm on my way up.



This wasn't your fault.

We all heard him confess.



He was guilty, not you.



I know.



What's it matter, Maggie?



Nate's dead. Niebaum's dead.



Computer's dead.



Look, Sabian is coming upstairs.



You have to tell him what Niebaum said.



Will you give up now?

That would be a crime.



Listen, all of you...



...l'm sorry I got you into this.



This'll all be over soon.



Danny, pick up the phone or

we will be forced to come in.



Will you tell my wife something for me?



Tell her I was trying

to keep my promise.



Niebaum worked at home just about

as much as he worked here.



He could have kept Nathan's taps there.



You alone?



You must surrender. I can't hold

them back. They're coming up.



I'm getting too close.



I know what went down now.



Niebaum told me Hellman, Allen

and Argento are involved.



You got no proof.



Niebaum confessed and we all heard him.



They're shooting us one by one

and you fuckers aren't helping us.



Are you going to help us?



Who called for the breach? Beck?



He says you fired first and

Niebaum was an accident.



He was assassinated!



He got three bullets, center mass!






Come on, you got to admit

something's going on.



Two cops are dead and you

killed one of them.



I need to get you all out of here

before they come in.



Let's end this!



They had to believe I was

capable of that!



There's only one dead cop up here,

killed by the men who set me up!



I know Nate tapped Hellman

and the others.



I think those taps are

at Niebaum's house.



If I can get there, I can end this!



You got no way out of here

unless you surrender!



You gave me a way out when

you shut the heat off.



You know there's another

way you can help me.



You were wrong about me.



What if I'm right about them?



But what if you're wrong about me?



Uncuff yourself.

Get in the conference room.



Initiate full breach. Shoot on sight.



Come on, Rudy. Move, move!



Here, Maggie, use this.



Markus, split this between

you and Rudy. Wet it.



You know the drill. There's going

to be a lot of gas and smoke.



Give me those keys.



Don't be scared. They're coming to save

you in a minute.



Close the door.



Down, down, down.



On the ground.



Double up, now!



Found the hostages. No sign of Roman.



Check the elevator shaft.

Check every vent. Check the basement.



Get up.



Let's go. Let's go!



We found Scott!



He's alive!



You want to prove your innocence,

here's your chance.



But you make one wrong move...



...and I'll take you down myself.




You want to get out of here?



Follow me.



If he's in here, we'll find him.



He's not.



He's gone mobile.



This is Commander Beck. I am now

back in charge of this operation.



- What are you doing?

- He's out of the building.



He's no longer in your jurisdiction.






Suspect may have left the scene,

possibly on foot. Alert all units.



Copy that. Alerting all units.



Sorry, Lieutenant.

Can we check the trunk?



I don't know what the fuck was going on.

A lot of shit happened.



You must have some idea.



You know something? I would really like

to help out but my lips are sealed.



Frankly, I don't trust any of you guys.

I'm very disappointed in all of you.



You got to help us out here.

I know what you're feeling.



I know you sympathize with Danny...



...but we need to stop him before he

does something dangerous again.



You don't want anyone else hurt, do you?



You know something, you don't tell us,

that's obstruction of justice.



You want to go to jail?



He went to Niebaum's house.



Why did he go there?



Why did he go there?



There's nothing here.



Who did Nate see the night before

he was killed?



He went to see you,

but you weren't at the precinct.



You're running out of time.



Dispatch, this is Commander Beck.



I need an air unit deployed

to the      block of Addison.



And have available HBT units meet me at

the corner of Addison and Iroquois.



I also need an HBT supervisor to

finish clearing the building.



Come on, Danny, there's nothing here.

It's over.



That's it. I'm taking you in.

You had your chance.



Don't screw me now. You said you were

going to give me time, right?



I know these are the bastards

that killed Nate.



Now, all I need is...



...two minutes and your radio. I can

make this work. Come on! Come on!



Hold it, Hellman! You come down this

hallway, I'll shoot you one by one!



Come on, it's all over!



You'll do a little time.



Karen'll be taken care of. Okay?



Nobody gets hurt.



All right? Come on.






Surrender, my ass! I've got two disks

with your voices on them! Nate's taps!



Come on down the hall!

I got    shots here! That's   apiece!



Whatever you're trying to pull,

it won't work.



So stop this shit and come out

before someone gets killed.



I know somebody else was in charge.

You couldn't pull this off by yourself!



You got this all wrong.



No, I got it right! Is that why you

sound so nervous, Argento?



You killed Niebaum and Nate?



That's absurd!



Come on...



...your guys will leave you hanging for

murder   while they plea down!



Make a deal for yourself

while you still can!



I swear to you, we don't know what

you're talking about.



Play dumb!



How could you let somebody

get you on tape?



Listen to you!

Stop this shit and come out?



All right, keep talking, asshole.



You've already done everything wrong!



You left me alive! Me against you...



...and I won.



Hey, fuck you!



Fuck you!



I don't give a fuck what kind of

evidence you got!



Because you won't make it

out of here alive!



Stand down.



Put your weapons down and move

your asses out of here now.



Danny, it's me, Frost!



I'm ordering them off!

I'm locking them out now!



It's just you and me, buddy.



You hear that, Danny?



They're gone!



Listen, Danny...



...I know you're scared.



I know you don't trust anyone.



A lot of shit went down.



I don't even understand

some of it myself.



Come on out.



You have my support.



Any evidence you have,

let's bring it out there.



Come on.



What are you doing here?



- Finishing what you started.

- What are you talking about?



Roman is going out with me.



No one else. Alone.

We can't trust anyone else.



That's right.



We don't know who to trust, do we?



Do you like westerns, Frost?



What is that supposed to mean?



I like westerns.

I can't get enough of them.



Watch all the time.



My favorites are the ones where

the hero dies at the end.



You remember Shane, Danny?






I think you're right.



Shane died at the end.





            killed Nathan.



I killed Danny.



And now my hands are just

as dirty as yours.



Only, I still have the evidence.



I'd say I'm in a very good position

to negotiate.



You want to deal?



You deal with me.



There's a time limit on the negotiations

because we're about to be interrupted.



Let's do this quickly. I want in.



   percent of everything you've taken.



I can't give you what I don't have.



You see, I spent a lot of my take.



I don't know how much Allen,

Hellman and Argento have left.



We used a lot of it to set Roman up.



   percent of what you don't have.












You should've been a negotiator.






I want all evidence destroyed.






This is everything?



What do you think?



Danny Roman's been shot.



He's dead.



Let's get you some help.



Come on. Here we go.



That's it. Come on.



We've got an officer down in here!



You have the right to remain silent.



If you give up that right...



...anything you say can and

will be used against...



You're not going to get off that easy.



Get some help here!



We got an injured cop here!



Give me your hand.



You know what I thought?



I'm sorry.



Sorry about that.



Nice bluff, Chris.



It worked.



I figured you'd rather be shot

by me than by him.



Here's the one demand I didn't meet yet.



Nice talking to you, Lieutenant.






Let's get him out of here.



Eagle, make sure this location

is secured!



I want this street cleared! Now!



We got an ambulance

coming through here.



Move it!




Special help by SergeiK