The Net Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Net script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sandra Bullock movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Net. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Net Script

            Well, thanks for the information. l appreciate it.

            There's no chance a mistake could've been made? A misreading?

            Human error? It happens.

            Oh. Well, that sort of rules that out then, doesn't it?

            So this really is reality.

            Mr. Secretary, your car.

            Oh, yes. Thank you.

            Eddie, let's take the parkway.

            Okay, buddy. Final offer. Nonnegotiable.

            For every buckle-down hour you give Algebra Two...

            you get two with quality time with Nintendo and Sega.

            Deal? Just whatever you do, don't tell your mother.

            Good. Now, put her back on.

            Okay, hon. Number-one son back on the straight and narrow.

            Me? Fine. Just needed a little field trip to clear the head.

            Bit of a nightmare day.

            l'll see you in a bit. You bet.

            l love you, Liz.

            This is a very dynamic game, Mr. Dapina.

            You can be honest, Angela. This game is as bloody as it gets.

            Believe me, the kids will eat this up.

            First, tell me what keeps crashing the damn thing.

            You have been virused, Mr. Dapina, and a not so very nice one.

            You're the best. I knew l could count on you.

            What should we do?

            Don't hit the escape key on any of your systems for a while.

            One keystroke will wipe out your whole system.

            l don't know how these things happen. l just ordered that security program.

            What's it called? Gatekeeper?

            That's what they all say. Did you install it?

            Absolutely. The minute we got it, l think.

            Everything's under control. lt's gonna be okay.

            You're the best. Will we be able to get this in stores by week's end?

            Absolutely. Everything but the virus.

            A friend of mine collects them. l don't know, some people save string.

            You are a genius, Angela. l can't thank you enough.

            You might think differently once you get my bill from Cathedral.

            Whatever it is, it's worth it. l'd love to show you my appreciation.

            Take you out to dinner tonight, some drinks.

            Get you out of the house.

            Oh, l'm very flattered and appreciative, but l--

            You gotta eat.

            Unfortunately, l already have dinner plans, so--

            How about tomorrow? The next day?

            These plans are kind of a standing arrangement.

            But l appreciate it. Thank you.

            - You're still the best. - l'll speak to you soon. Bye-Bye.



            Thank you.

            No one leaves the house anymore.

            No one has sex.

            The net is ultimate condom.

            Come on. Talk like that, lceman...

             could lead to the eventual extinction of our species.

              My sympathies exactly, Angel.

              Let's have a date and procreate.

              Not me. In two days, l'm off on vacation.

              Just me, the beach and a book.

              l'm there, babe. Look no further.

              Sorry. Not my type.

              l'm crushed. So what do you want in a man?




              Captain America...

              meets Albert Schweitzer.

              Spends all day dashing into fray...

              while making world...

              safe for democracy.

              At night, playing Bach cantatas...

              while curing cancer.

              Settle for a guy who puts the seat down?

              Listen, Angel, you're dreaming.

              - You're one of us. - We accept you.

              We accept her. You're one of us.

              One of us.

              Yeah, l know.

              lt's beautiful.

              - l love Chopin. - You know this piece?

              Well, l should. You taught it to me.

              Brought you something.

              Just don't let the nurses eat it all this time.

              My favorite. How did you know?

              Do you wanna-- We could pIay it together.

              I'm going on vacation for about a week to the Yucatan.

              lf for any reason you need to get in touch with me...

              l don't know if they have phones there, but you can talk to one of the nurses--

              You must be one of my students.

              No, Mom. My name's Angela.

              Can you bring me some candy when you come again?

              - My favorites are those-- - Almond Roca.

              Yeah, l know what your favorites are.

              - Angela Bennett! - Who is it?

              - FedEx. - Coming.

              Thank you for using our reservation service. Have a pleasant flight.

              Line five, please.

              - Oh, l have another one going out. - Okay. Here you go, ma'am.

              And here's your virus, Dale.

              - Can l use your pen? - Yeah, sure.

              This is a nice place.


              - Have a nice day, ma'am. - You too.

              Mozart's Ghost! The hottest band on the Internet.

              - Cathedral Software. - Dale Hessman, please.

              Please hold.

              - Hello. - Hi, it's Angela.

              Angela? FedEx had you signing for that disk three minutes ago.

              - What took you so long? - I was having way too much fun...

              with this Mozart's Ghost.

              By the way, l sent you a whopper of a virus for your hall of fame.

              Just be a little careful with the escape button.

              Look, here's the problem. Pop yourself into concert information.

              All right.

              Houston Utilities. Dale, l think you took a wrong turn here.

              Not quite Ticketmaster, is it? See anything unusual?

              No, looks like a normal web page to me, except for that...

              little icon at the bottom of the screen.

              Click on it, and then press control-shift.

              - My God. - So, what do you make of all this?

              Simple. lt's a programming glitch.

              lt's a futzed keystroke that sent you the wrong lnternet address.

              Last night it sent me to Amtrak's central mainframe and the Mayo Clinic.

              Neither of them are on the same subnet.

              Angela, l've accessed a system l shouldn't have.

              lf someone gets ahold of that disk, they'd have an awful lot of power.

              Why don't you just crawl in there, find the program error and delete it?

              Not quite ready to do that yet.

              Look, what's your day like tomorrow?

              Oh, no. No.

              l'm going on my first vacation in six years.

              l just confirmed my reservation. There are no refunds.

              - What time is your flight? -   :  . But l have to pack.

              l'm gonna be a complete madwoman.

              - Why don't you wait till l get back? - l don't think so.

              - Just tell me what this is about. - I'd rather not on the phone.

              l can fly down tonight in my Cessna, be there by breakfast.

              We'd have five hours.

              You know this shit better than anyone.

              Fine. Fine. l'll see you at  :  .

              Great. So, they finally get to meet.

              l'll be the tall guy.

              l'm gonna be the one with ''Spineless Simp'' tattooed to her forehead.

              Bye. See you tomorrow.

              Why do l do this?

              Burbank Tower. Cessna     Mike Bravo.

              lntercepting approach course l.L.S., runway eight.

              Three-nine Mike Bravo, we've lost radar contact.

              Say your position and altitude.

              Just passing the middle marker at      feet.

              Three-nine Mike Bravo, that's a negative.

              Verify your position and check your instruments.

              All normal, for crying out Ioud. You must be able to see my lights.

              That's a negative. Execute a missed approach immediately.

              Contact approach control on    . .

              Okay, Burbank, but still everything looks ok--



              - Cathedral Software. - Hi. Russ Melbourne, please.

              - One moment, please. - Mozart's Ghost!

              - Russ Melbourne here. - Hi. lt's Angela.

              l thought you'd be long gone.

              No, l was getting ready to leave. That's why l'm calling.

              l'm glad you're still going, but when you get back, we need to talk.

              We're really desperately short of your genius up here.

              Oh, please. l'm far from being a genius, Russ...

              especially with a room full of people looking over my shoulder.

              - That's not the reason l called. - Just think about it, will ya?

              The honchos up here aren't gonna let me replace Dale...

              on such short notice, not with all the security breaches we've had in the past.

              Replace Dale. Okay. What? You're kidding, right?

              Oh, God, l'm sorry. l thought you'd heard.

              What? What happened?

              Angela, Dale's dead. His plane crashed last night outside L.A.

              l just talked to him yesterday. He was coming to see me.

              Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

              Let's talk when you get back, huh?

              And try to have a good vacation.

              Okay. l'll talk to you soon, Russ.

              Plenty of time. Ain't nothin' comin' in or goin' out for the last hour.

              Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.

              We are sorry to announce...

              there is a computer malfunction, and all flights have been temporarily--

              - The whole airport is down. - When we get further information...

              we will advise you.

              Thank you very much.

              - We will let you all know. - Excuse me.

              I understand. We're doing the best we can.

              A blood test taken last week...

              at Bethesda Naval Hospital did in fact reveal...

              that Undersecretary of Defense Mike Bergstrom...

              was infected with the AlDS virus.

              You okay?

              Yeah. lt's all these people.

              No, l meant are you okay with your soda? Would you like a refill?

              - No, l'm fine. l've had three. - The malfunction has been repaired.

              One more, and l'll be able to fly myself to Mexico.

              Looks like you won't have to. Enjoy your flight.

              - Mozart's Ghost! - Waiter, l'd like a gibson, please.

              It's a martini with an onion instead of an olive.

              ls that okay? Thanks.

              Excuse me. Could l have one too, please?

              l'll take mine up at the bar.

              Didn't think anybody else drank those anymore?

              l guess l'm not as unfashionable as l once thought l was.

              ls that business or pleasure?

              ls there a difference?

              Not a great deal if you're a hacker.

              That's a nice piece of hardware. l assume you're in the business.

              lsn't everybody?


              God, we're pathetic, aren't we?

              Excuse me?

              Well, we're here.

              We're sitting on the most perfect beach in the world...

              and all we can think about is where--

              Where can l hook up my modem?

              Yeah, exactly.

              Um, l'm Jack Devlin.

              - Angela Bennett. - Angela?

              My most embarrassing secret.

              You know Breakfast At Tiffany's?

              - Very well. lt's my favorite film. - Right.

              l wore out my membership renting it.

              - You know what l'm talking about. - Yes. Very much so.

              When l was about   ...

              l had this sort of identity crisis.

              l used to think l was one of the characters.

              You thought you were Audrey Hepburn?

              - No, l used to think l was the cat. - The cat?

              l'd sit there...

              and l'd play out the last scene of the movie.

              l'd just play it over and over again.

              - You know the last scene? - Yes, I know the last scene.

              Out in the pouring rain, out in the alleyway.

              l'm soaked to the bone, and l'm scared.

              And l'm...


              l'm alone.

              That's it.

              Moon River

              Wider than a mile

              Would you have dinner with me tonight?

              Come on. lt's your last night.

              You know what?

              l would-- l would actually really love to.


              - lt's a company perk. - God, this is a company perk?

              - Yeah. - Some perk.

              l think l got a calendar one year from Cathedral.

              Where are you from? Colorado?

              Yes, it has to be. The eastern--

              Maybe it's the southeastern part of the state.

              The teeming metropolis of La Junta, population   .

              - La Junta? - That's pretty good.

              ls my accent that strong after all these years?

              - No, it's just a trick l do. - Oh.

              Why ''after all these years''? How long have you been gone?

              Oh, boy. lt seems like a lifetime.

              Let's see. l was, uh--

              l was    going on   ...

              and we moved from La Junta to San Jose...

              Tulsa, um--

              So your father got transferred a lot?

              No, not really. No. He, um--

              l don't know. He just, you know-- He just transferred out one day.

              What? What are you looking at?



              Computers are your life, aren't they?

              Yes. Perfect hiding place.


              - Well, yeah, okay. - Nice one of you.

              l have one or two other interests, l'll have you know.

              Such as? What's your speciality in computers?

              Oh, anything, pretty much.

              Beta testing, mostly, but pretty much anything.

              - That's way over my head, l'm afraid. - No, no.

              You just go into people's systems, you find the faults and you fix it.

              What happens if they don't have any faults?

              Don't believe l've met one yet.

              You must be a bit cold.

              Not really. Well, yeah, a little bit.

              - Here. - What?

              lt goes around here.


              - Want one? - Oh, God, l used to smoke those.

              But you quit, right?

              Well, l refuse to.

              l reckon you gotta try a few things in life without a safety net...

              or how else you gonna know you're alive?

              Well, l take my share of risks.

              l don't always floss.

              l rip the tags off my pillows when they're new.

              - My kind of woman. - Yeah, well--

              Pretty adventurous?

              l don't know. What did you have in mind?

              Dare you risk it?

              Shit! My purse!

              - Fuck! - No! Don't!

              - lt's not worth getting killed over! - Come back!

              - Jack, come back here! - You ! Stop!

              - lt's not here. - lt's not in hotel.

              l look everywhere.

              So l come here. l do like you say. Whoosh, like magician.

              Oh, yeah. You're the midget Houdini.

              Okay. Now the dinero.

              God, l had everything in that bag. l had my passport, my credit cards.

              - Ow. - Sorry.

              Thanks for doing this.

              Well, you're the one bleeding to death.

              l am the one crying about my MasterCard.

              l apologize for having been a jerk.

              What do you mean? l'm the jerk.

              Only trying to impress you.

              Well, for future reference...

              you should know that the living tend to interest me more than the dead do.

              - Yeah? - Yeah.

              l suppose that's quite healthy.

              l suppose we ought to call up the Cancun police on the ship-to-shore.

              lt's not working. We'll have to head further out.

              You can head to Morocco for all l care. lt's beautiful out here.

              How we doing?

              Still no dice.

              l'm just going down below. l won't be a minute.

              Maybe we didn't go out far enough.

              No, this should do it.

              Tonight's been so out of control, huh?


              l hope you don't take this the wrong way...

              but this isn't exactly my style.

              l thought you liked taking risks.

              WeIl, yes, but l mean--

              - You know what l mean. - What?

              - You know, first date. - Yeah.

              - Sex, one-night stand. - Oh, sex.

              Yes, that sort of thing.

              You've always been a relationship kind of girl.

              Absolutely. Both times.

              So when was the last time?

              Um,     .

              Oh, l see.

              And who was he? Your college boyfriend?

              Yeah, l bet he was the--

              He was the captain of the drinking team.

              Wasn't ready for a relationship.

              Oh, l wish l had been that lucky.

              No, it was my shrink, actually.

              You know the story.

              l thought l was lonely, and he forgot he was married.

              That's okay. lt didn't last very long.

              My mom developed Alzheimer's around then, so it was really--

              You know what? l'm gonna shut up right now.

              - l'm just gonna be quiet. - lt's okay.

              No, actually, it's me who doesn't want to hear it.

              Sorry. l'm rambling a little bit because I'm a little nervous.

              You want a drink?

              Yes. That'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

              So, what's this for?

              lt's, uh-- lt's for shark fishing.

              Shark fishing? With a silencer?


              You certainly seem to know your ordnance.

              Colorado. You grow up with guns.


              So, who are you, Jack?

              Who am l?

              l'll tell you who l am.

              l'm Captain Goddamn America meets Albert Schweitzer.

              That's who l am. lsn't that what you always wanted?

              lt is. I remember.

              lt was butch...


              brilliant, spends all day...

              dashing into the fray...

              fists flying.

              Sorry, l don't know any organ cantatas.

              Was that it?

              And if you'll excuse me...

              it's time to make the world safe for democracy.

              Where's the clip?

              Give me that!


              Somebody, l need help.

              Somebody? Hello?

              Please, somebody, l need help.

              Keys. Okay.

              What? No. How did l get here?

              How'd l get here?

              A fisherman found you. He brought you here.

              You were very lucky they came by.

              How long have l been here?

              Three days. Try not to talk too much.

              Oh, we found a man's wallet...

              filled with pesos and a lot of U.S. dollars.

              - We tried to contact him-- - No. He--

              No. There was no luck finding this man.

              There was a disk.

              Green square, plastic disk.

              Ah, yes.

              The disk was ruined by the sun.

              You relax now, hmm? Get well.

              - No. l need-- - ln a few days.

              Look at you now. You haven't got the strength. Please.

              My clothes. How much do l owe you?

              Please. You have to relax now. You have to rest.

              - You need a few days. - l need my clothes.

              l have to go. l just need my clothes.

              ln national news, we go to WNN correspondent Daniel Schorr.

              - Hi. l need-- - Wall Street panicked when prices...

              appeared to tumble at a rate reminiscent of the Black Tuesday crash.

              Officials suspended trading when it became clear...

              that the losses were fictitious and caused by computer pranksters.

              - l need my room key for      please. - What is the name?

              -Angela Bennett. -Wall Street expects to open tomorrow...

              with its computers protected by Gregg Microsystems' latest security program...

              aptly nicknamed the Gatekeeper.

              What about that prank downtown?

              Pranks? Short-sheeting someone's bed is a prank.

              These Praetorians could've done serious damage to our economy...

              just as the actions recently at LAX.

              No, l'm sorry. Angela Bennett checked out last Saturday night.

              No. Sorry, you don't understand. l'm Angela Bennett.

              l'm standing right here. l didn't check out.

              lt's not on the computer here. Let me check one more thing.

              No Angela Bennett. She checked out last Saturday night.

              No, l didn't check out. l would know if l checked out.

              - l didn't check out. - According to the computer, you did.

              There's nothing l can do for you. Okay? I'm sorry.

              - Excuse me, sir? - Step here, sir, please.

              That room is fine. We'll take it.

              That's for you. Okay. This one. Excuse me, ma'am.

              - There you go. - Thank you.

              Please dial your card number again now.

              The card number you have just dialed is not valid.

              Miss Marx?

              Please dial your card number again now.

              - Ruth Marx? Excuse me. - The card number you have just dialed--

              - Are you Ruth Marx? - No.

              You're not the woman who was here about a temporary visa?

              No, l am here about a visa, but--

              ls your Social Security number    -  -    ?

              You live at     Finley Avenue, Venice, California?


              Well, then according to the computers...

              of the California Department of Motor Vehicles...

              you're Ruth Marx.

              So if that's who you are...

              you need to sign your name there, and we'll issue your visa.

              - But l'm not-- - You're not what?

              l'm not clear about something.

              Without this, l can't get back into the United States. ls that correct?

              That's correct.

              So all l would have to do is just sign Ruth Marx and--

              Right there.

              Okay. Think, think.

              Oh, my God.

              Oh, my God.

              Where're you runnin'? Don't run. Take your time. Relax.

              My name is Stan Whiteman, Whiteman Realty. Let me show you around.

              You'll like it.

              Oh, l definitely saw her move out.

              Okay, when was this?

              Three days ago. Moving van, moving men, furniture.

              l've been in Mexico for over a week. How could l be in L.A. selling my house?

              lt wasn't your house to sell! lt's not her! lt's not Angela Bennett!

              - Calm down. - l am Angela Bennett!

              The real Angela Bennett had the deed and the mortgage papers!

              l got       in computers. l checked every record. lt's not her!

              Ma'am, it would help if you could produce some form of identification.

              You know what? l agree with you.

              But as l have told you      times today...

              l had everything stolen in Cozumel.

              Please. Ask her how she got across the border without a passport.

              - l had a temporary issued. - Do they do that?

              - l don't think they do that. - Oh, my God. This is ridiculous.

              Here. Here it is. This is it.

              lt's just that it's under a different name.

              - Why's that? - Because they think l'm not me.

              - ls this your signature? - Well, no.

              lt's my handwriting, but l just signed a different name that they gave me.

              lt's a federal offense to forge a visa.

              Oh, really? lt is? And what is it to steal an entire house?

              - Yo, Mike. You wanna run this? - l'll be right back.

              lt's not gonna make any difference, because what they've done is...

              they've screwed with my information and my fingerprints.

              - Who's they? - I have no idea.

              Where do you work? Do you work around here?

              Yeah, l work in my house, but my office is in San Francisco.

              But I've never been there. I work out of my house.

              You don't know one person in a town you've lived in for four years...

              who can vouch you're Angela Bennett-- not a mother, a father?

              My mother is not well. My father is--


              There's, uh-- There's my therapist Alan Champion.

              - Your therapist? - My ex-therapist, all right?

              Yeah, we've got a Ruth Marx trying to run a scam at a house.

              She's wanted for prostitution and narcotics.

              We're gonna bring her in.

              Um, would you excuse me?

              l'm gonna be right back. l'm just gonna use--

              Mrs. Raines...

              is she or isn't she?

              She kept to herself, didn't talk to anybody.

              - Where's the girl? - She's--

              Where's my phone? Anybody seen my phone?

              Excuse me, sir. Did you see a young woman running out of here?

              - No, sir. l haven't seen anyone. - Thanks.

              - Yeah? - What the hell happened, Devlin?

              Don't worry. We'll get hold of the disk. We'll find who she's been speaking to.

              She's out here on her own. She's feeIing pretty vulnerable.

              We don't want another Cozumel, Devlin. She's your responsibility. Deal with it.

              l said l'd take care of her, all right?

              - Cathedral Software. - Russ Melbourne.

              - Cathedral Software. - Russ Melbourne.

              Mr. Melbourne is no longer with the company.

              What do you mean?

              May l connect you to someone who could help you?

              l've never dealt with anybody in operations.

              - l don't know anybody else. - Who may l connect you with?

              Head of Security Systems. Tell them that it's Angela Bennett.

              Thank you. l'll put you through to Miss Bennett.

              What? No. l am Angela Bennett.

              This is Angela Bennett.

              - Who is this? - This is Angela Bennett. Hello?

              This is someone that can help you. Give us the disk, Angela.

              You have the wrong person. l don't know what you're talking about.

              Just give us the disk, and we'll give you your life back.

              l don't understand. l don't have your disk. l don't know what you mean.

              Give us the disk, Angela.

              - What's the number? -    -    .

              - Did you get the address? - It's      California.

              Hi. This is Dr. Alan Champion. l can 't come to the phone right now.

              - Please be home. - Please leave your name, your number.

              You know the drill.

              Are you screening? Please be screening.

              - Hello? Hello. l'm home. - Hi. lt's me.

              I need your help. l'm in a lot of trouble.

              - Shit. - I'm not sure what you want me to do.

              Hold on. This is a cell phone, right?

              Yeah, so we can't put a normal trace on it.

              Listen. There's no problem. No.

              - Just get the number. - Right.

              But don't dial it. Just send out a signal.

              - Send it from the base? - Yeah.

              Then find me two repeater cells that can pick it up.

              Give me the bisect, and it'll find it within a few hundred yards.

              - Okay. - Go.

              - Go, go. - Nice to see you too.

              - l'm sorry. Just go. - Come on. l'm not a cab.

              - Say hi. - Hi. Can we go now?

              Yeah, now we can go.

              Listen, do you still have that laptop that l gave you?

              - Uh-huh. l'm wearing it. - l'm serious. Do you have it?

              - Yes, l have it. - We need to get it and go to a hotel.

              - Now that's doable. - Alan, just go.

              Just go, go, go.

              l swear to God. l asked for a quarter, and she gave me a telephone.

              Yeah, that's right. l'm calling everybody.

              Clever girl.

              Voila. Ouch.

              Alan, you don't have to stay if you don't want to.

              l'm sure that-- God, what's her name?

              Amy. Don't worry. lt's over with Amy.

              - l'm sorry. - Don't be, dearie.

              We're not. This is bizarre.

              l haven't seen you in so long. What are we even doing here?

              l just figured you would be safe.

              Oh, great. So l've gone from being a self-centered asshole to safe.

              Thank you very much.

              No, l just figured that they couldn't trace me to you and that your--

              Your patient records are confidential, right?

              My patient records. Yeah, l knew l had my subtle charms.

              lt's just you're the only person l have to turn to right now.

              And you know what, Angie? l'm gonna take that as a big compliment.

              Guess what time it is. Gibsons.

              Almost. We have no onions, so we'll have to use these.

              Seldane, the antihistamine of champions.

              l could always make you laugh, couIdn't l?

              You know what? l'm gonna pass.

              - No drink? - No drink.

              All right. l come bearing gifts.

              Some of Amy's clothes for you here. Try these on.

              This is such a nightmare. lt's Iike l'm not even me anymore.

              Hey, come here.

              Come on. Look at me. You're freaking me.

              You gotta take a breath, take a pause.

              Okay, if you're not you, tell me who you think you are.

              - Christ, you're not even listening. - l am listening.

              But come on. Somebody stole your purse.

              - l didn't expect you to believe me. - l do believe you.

              That's not true. You know what l believe?

              l believe you're a very frightened woman.

              ln general, you're disconnected from the human race.

              l think you're way out there on your own.

              - You mix in your father leaving-- - Oh, no.

              My father has nothing to do with the fact that my car's missing.

              lt has nothing to do with the fact that my house is empty.

              lt has nothing to do with the fact that the police department...

              is chasing after me and that somebody out there wants to kiIl me.

              l believe something happened, but that just doesn't make sense.

              l don't want to be simplistic...

              but l think you're reaching out.

              You know what? You're absolutely right.

              l'm reaching out to anybody who knows me...

              anybody who will listen to me and believe me...

              be my friend and somebody to trust.

              Hey, Angie, l'm sorry.

              Sometimes it's easier for me to play doctor than it is to listen.

              l just don't understand. Why me? l am nobody. l am nothing.

              But they knew everything about me.

              They knew what l ate, what l drank, what movies l watched.

              They knew where l was from. They knew what cigarettes l used to smoke.

              And everything they did, they must have watched on the lnternet.

              l don't know. Watched my credit cards?

              Our whole lives are on the computer, and they knew that l could be vanished.

              They knew that nobody would care and it wouldn't matter.

              lt's going to be okay. What can I do?

              l need for you to take my mom and just put her anywhere.

              l don't care where. Just put her under a different name.

              l don't know what these people will do. You can do that 'cause you're a doctor?

              I can put your mom in a sanitarium for observation.

              How's that?

              That would mean a lot to me, 'cause she's all l got left right now.

              All that you have left?

              Christ, Angie, they've really gotten into your head with this.

              Put yourself in my shoes. l don't hear from you for a long time.

              l get a phone call, this convoluted story. Come on.

              l'm not buying the whole package, but l'll tell you what l can do.

              l have a friend in the federal building. His name's Ben Phillips.

              He's an FBl agent. Why don't l--

              l've been running from the police ever since l got back in this country.

              - That's the last thing that l need. - Well, that's great, Angela.

              Why don't you just live the rest of your life in this hotel room?

              Well, do you trust him?

              Yeah. I used to hold his head over the toilet at frat parties.

              Come on. l'm serious. Do you trust him?

              Yeah, l trust Ben. I do.

              Let's formulate our plan. l'm gonna go back to my place.

              l'll figure out the best way to transfer your mom to the sanitarium.

              Then l'll calI Ben. If l get any information, l'll get back to you.

              Don't be so down. Come here. lt's gonna be okay.

              l'm on watch now.

              You know, this would've never happened if you had stayed with me.

              Hey, Alan, thank you...

              for everything.

              You're welcome. You stay put, kiddo.

              Merci. Now prompt me, please.

              Okay, you carried this around, Devlin, because it was important.

              Bethesda Naval Hospital.


              Okay, password. We're gonna try you.

              No. Okay.

              Well, you look familiar. Let's try you again.

              Come on. Okay.

              Bergstrom? What?

              Oh, my God.


              - Someone's on. - Think it's our girl?

              Whoever it is is covering their tracks. A dozen hops so far.

              A pop in Switzerland, a Unix box in the University of Montana...

              five different routers at Berkeley.

              - They know what they're doing. - How long will it take to track her?

              Depending how long she stays on,    minutes, half hour at most.

              Call me the second you find her.

              And that other matter?

              That's free of charge.



              What? l need more information.

              ''The Big Bad Wolf, Cyberterrorists--''

              l need more information.

              ''LAX, Wall Street, Atlanta. Dangerous. Don't mess with them.''

              They've already started messing with me.

              ''Meet in lRL. ln Private.

              ln real life.''

              No, no. lt's gotta be a public place.

              Where it's safe with a lot of people.

              The Santa Monica Pier by--


              The Ferris wheel.

              - Any luck? -      Rosewood in West Hollywood.

              Remind me to buy you guys something nice.






Special help by SergeiK