New Jack City Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the New Jack City script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ice-T, Wesley Snipes, and Mario Van Peebles movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of New Jack City. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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New Jack City Script



You are about to witness

the strength of street knowledge.



Yo, this is Queen Latifah



Bringing a song to you

About a place you might live



In case you don't understand

It's called New Jack City



In case you still don't understand



I brought along Levert and Troop

To kick the ballistics



Unemployment is up,

says the Department of Labor...



... with nearly        more claims

for unemployment last month.



Americans whose income is below the

poverty line has risen to   million...



... compared to  .  million in     .



Economists say that the

economic inequality...



... is at its worst level since

the days of the Great Depression.



Over the last   years, the percentage of

after-tax income for the rich rose  %...



... while after-tax income

for the poor fell. %.



Homelessness is at an all-time high.



A drive-by shooting in Harlem resulted

in the death of a  -year-old boy.



Police say the shooting

was drug-related.



Said a police source,

"The kid just got in the way."



The bodies of   young black men

were discovered in Marcus Garvey Park.



Police believe they were victims

of a drug deal gone bad.



The identity of the victims

has been withheld.



Firemen were summoned to extract a man

from a ventilator duct of a building.



The man became trapped when he entered

the duct in order to rob the premises.



The deficit now stands

at an astounding $     billion.



A reputed crime lord and    of his

henchmen were gunned down today.



Witnesses said the gunmen

rode past Mr. Armeteo...



... and sprayed the group with gunfire.



The shooting was the result

of an ongoing turf war.






...look at you now.



Nino, please!



Don't start bitching up.



You don't have my product or my money.



You got to give me another chance!




Brothers don't wait to get paid.



Money talks.

Bullshit runs the marathon.



So, see you,

and I wouldn't want to be you.



The number of addicted

infants born in Manhattan...



... has risen over the past few years.



Hospital officials say...



... that the care required by these

tiny victims of the cocaine epidemic...



... has severely impacted the

available resources for pediatric care.



In other news, an unidentified man found

floating facedown in the East River...



... is believed to be another victim

in an ongoing drug war...



... that continues to plague our city.



Get out of my shit.



Thine is the kingdom, the power

and the glory forever and ever. Amen.



I like to pray before I start

scrambling. Keeps people honest.



Say that shit, say that shit.



Do this now. What's your price?



Yo, man. For you, Bob Marley,   .



For a key? You must be

doing the dope. Bring this down.



You got to get realistic.



I'm talking about a lower price.






This ain't Delancy Street, and you can't

Jew me down. That's my price.



Check this out, homeboy.

God's on your side, right?



Why don't we do this reasonable?

  K, bam.



You want to do this correct or not?   .



Let me see the money.



Come on. Let's do this, man.



What you know about that?



Everybody out! Get down!



Everybody down! Police!



You think you slick, you little punk,

blasphemous dope-fiend bitch!



Spit in my face, I'm going to kill you!



- You fucking that kid up.

- He's kicking his monkey ass.



Ease back, goddamnit! I'm a cop!



Shut the fuck up!



It's over. You have the right

to remain silent.



Anything you say can and will be used

against you in a court of law.



I'm going to get paid.



If I make this, you're going to have

to come out your pockets.



- Ain't made that shot in years.

- Pay your taxes.



I'm like the IRS.



That's it! I love it.



What's up? Where you going?



It's the sign of the times



I got to get mine

All I live is a life of crime



They got my back against the wall

And my dick is in the dust



Remember when we was kids...



...we played for Reverend Oates?

MO AB Bitty Squad?



I was    you was   .

We was the baddest backcourt...





We wasn't making no money then.



And now that we are, you're here

living your Michael Jordan fantasy.



Business must be good.



It will be, brother.



Peep this out.



Freebase. So what?



Yo, man, you know the rules.



Us brothers don't be getting high.



Shut the fuck up and drive the car,

you non-talking bastard.



You been making money

outside the family?



I just been doing a little

experimentation-type thing.



A little experimentation-type thing.

Like what?



At the clubs, some of the guys step away

from the blackjack table or the bar...


            buy $   or $     worth of sniff.



I set them up in the back room

with a hit of base...



...and    minutes after leaving the club,

they'd be back with   and   people.



So what?



They ain't come back for the cocaine.

They came back for the base.



You sound like

this shit'll change the world.



I don't know about all that

change-the-world shit, but I do know...



...they be going crazy over this.

And the bitches...



Oh, Lord! Them bitches,

they do anything for this, man!



I had my jimmy waxed every day

last week. You understand?



Several times a day.



Get the fuck out of here!



I know damn well ain't nobody

sucked your shriveled-up dick.



You trying to dis me?



I'm just telling the truth.

That's all I'm doing.



Several times a day, my ass.



All right, let me think about this

a little bit.



You think this base...


            the high-powered shit?



We going to come off like the Mob.

You understand what I'm saying?



Welcome right here to the spotlite,

where we make the beat right...



...and we can't fight.

So leave your drugs and go home.



D.J. Clark Kent.



Rocking from turntable number  

to turntable number  .



Just like he want to do.



You going to frisk me too?



Yo, my boy, Nino in the house.

Yo, Nino. What's up?



You want a flower?



I think you'll like him.

Here he is.



What's up, crew?



Nino, your girl looks good.



You must like slumming, Kareem.



Why would a high-class guy like you

leave a good computer job at the bank...



...come all the way uptown

by gypsy cab...


            work among a den of thieves?



I'm no dummy.



It's basic common sense and arithmetic.



The difference between

them paying me $    a week...



...and you paying me $     a week.



I think my cousin also likes the fact...



...that you're in the tradition

of Joe Kennedy.






Good. Because you got to rob

to get rich in the Reagan era.



They running a strange program.



More poor and disenfranchised folks

than this place has ever seen.



They try to act like it don't exist.



Meanwhile, the rich get richer...



And the poor don't get a thing.



Times like these, people want

to get high. Real high and real fast.



And this is going to do it.



And make us rich.



I mean, what,

people going crazy over this?



It look like cracked-off pieces of soap.



The Colombians and Dominicans

have shown us the way.



The shit is large.



But we'll do it differently.



No more selling on street corners.



Change the product,

you change the marketing strategy.



I've seen the future.



And its name is the Carter.



Hold up. The Carter Apartments,

that joint is big.



We're talking about

combinating and consolidating.



You're taking over The Carter?



We taking over The Carter. We going to

bum-rush the whole damn thing.



Now just imagine,

if the tenants cooperate, it's lovely.



They become loyal customers.



If they don't, fuck it. It's like

in Beirut, they become live-in hostages.



We going to set up a lab here

to make the product.



You hook up the computer, watch out for

the workers, the money and the product.



The Duh Duh Man, Keisha,

we need security...


            ward off the rival crews,

screen customers.



We also need lookouts...


           , here and here.



Alert us of  - .



One place to make the product,

one place to collect our money.



We will own this fucking city.



You's a genius, man. A pure, un...



Unadulterated. Would you please shut

the fuck up before you have a seizure?



Hey, man, suck my dick.



It's a brilliant plan.



But one thing does concern me, though.



That curry-goat-eating, skinny-ass

Fat Smitty.



He controls the Carter.

Time to sing that fat bitch a lullaby.



Rock-a-bye baby.



He'll be hanging with Elvis.









Hey, dreadlocks. What did Bombock

have to say? That bitch!



Let me speak with you.



Rastaman, I'm here to tell you

Nino Brown says...



...your services are no longer

needed in the community.



That's how you kill somebody. You get

right up on the motherfucker and blam!



Blow his brains all over the sidewalk

in broad daylight.



Rock-a-bye baby.



Brother, I think there's been

a little misunderstanding.



Now look, you are going to give up

those apartments, huh?



And you are going to turn over

control of the Carter.



Because if you don't...



...this shotgun blows your big,

fat head off...



...before you can get

your clothes back on.



Is that clear?






Living just enough



Living just for the city



Living living living just enough



And now we're living




Just enough



For the city



For the New Jack City



Do things do things do things

Bad things with it



Do things do things do things

Bad things with it



Almighty dollar



People don't let money



Don't let money change you



Don't let money change it



For the love of money

People will steal from their brother



For the love of money

People will rob their own mother



Money money



Just enough



For the city I live in



Living in a New









If you just say "no,"

what will you say "yes" to?



We say "yes" to education.



We say "yes" to dedication.

We climb up...


            a higher station

of new spiritual motivation...


            make a positive impact

on our nation.



Sergeant, I'm talking to you.



I want to know how drug pushers can take

over an entire apartment building...



...right under your nose.



If you lived in The Carter Apartments,

there'd be cops all over the place.



Hey, don't walk away. Listen to me!



I fought for this country. We pay taxes

and we're prisoners in our home.



I told the Commissioner

you were running late.



- You got those files?

- Right here.



Let's hope he buys it.



Peretti and Appleton. No way, Stone.



Who else you got?



- They're the ones I need.

- You kidding me?



Nick Peretti almost killed his partner

in a chase, Appleton's on suspension.






Semantics, Stone.



These   are trouble.



You and I know the system

wasn't ready for this epidemic.



Crack came on the scene

and spread like wildfire.



But now I got the mayor

and the governor on my back...



...and I need some results. Fast.



You get me Nino Brown.



Forget Peretti and Appleton.

The risk is too high.



With all due respect, sir...


            still don't get it.



You're not giving me what I need

to win this war.



I need cops that know these streets.



I need new jack cops

to take down a new jack gangster.



What you call a risk...



...I think is our only shot.



You got your men.



But I don't want any waves.



Not a goddamn ripple.



Who the hell is this

psychedelic blotter-acid fool?



Be cool.



This is Detective Nick Peretti, a crazy

motorcycle-freak, reject cop, like you.



A wild man no one else wanted.



He means I'm expendable.



Whatever, man. What did you

come here for? To watch me exercise?



I came here to lay a name on you.

Nino Brown?



His sidekick, "Gee Money" Wells?



Call themselves

the Cash Money Brothers.



Used to stickup twobit jewelry stores.



Yeah, thrill-seekers, wanna-be gangsters.

I hate them. So what's up?



What's up is this.

We need some evidence.



Evidence of murder, drug trafficking...



...racketeering, tax evasion. Anything.



We've never been able

to make anything stick on Brown.



No shit.  /  of the department's

on Nino's payroll.



The other  /  don't care

unless it affects their community.



What you saying?




I've been authorized to set up...


            independent drug-fighting unit

and I'm picking you.



- Why me?

- What do you mean, why you?



You're from the neighborhood. I can

trust you. And I know you give a shit.



So what's the catch?



There's no catch, man.

Why you got to say that?



Because I know your ass, Stone.



Peretti goes with you.



This big biscuit-head looking...



Listen! It's not going to be another

one of your wild-ass solo acts.



Peretti is the only cop I could find

crazy enough to team up with you.



This is my shot.



And you fuck up, it's all on me.



I want to thank you because you know

I want to get back in this war.



But this guy, man...



You in or out?



I'm in, all right?



What do you mean,

Frazier won't give up the apartments?



I'm not asking him, I'm telling him!

I'll handle that fat bastard myself!



- We're honored.

- No, I'm honored. Really.



We understand you have

a new Peruvian connection.



So what of it?



We know you've started to centralize

operations at the Carter.



And you didn't notify Don Armeteo,

who takes such things as an insult.



Your point?



My point is you fucking guys are cutting

us out of our agreed upon   %.



It's time we renegotiate.



I'll tell you what, message boy.



You go back and tell Don Armeteo:



No renegotiating. Fuck that.



The Cash Money Brothers

are a self-contained unit now.



But you come see me next week.



And I'll hook you up with some of them

collard green linguinis and shit.



Chicken Alfredo. Chitlins Alfredo.



Maybe get a better suit!



Fuck you.



Nino, I don't know.



Frankie's an all-right guy.



Fuck them scungili - eating motherfuckers.



This is our thing. They don't want

to roll with it, we'll roll over them.



This moolanyan must have an MX missile

instead of a cock, he gets so high.



Our snitch was right.



Nino and his Cash Money monkeys...



...are dealing with those spicaroos

up on Broadway and     st.



They don't even deny it.



Nor does he accept

our partnership no more.



Now, Gee Money, he was cool.



It was that testa dura, Nino.



You know what I say. You lay down with

Peruvian dogs, you get Spanish fleas.



Soon Nino will itch.



We'll be there

to scratch the hell out of him.






Suspects hand out consumables

and the natives are restless.



Yo, shut the fuck up, man.



Ten years as a low-life, murderous bum.



Nino's trying to purchase a conscience.

I ain't buying this Robin Hood bullshit.



Oh shit, that's the kid I shot!



Why don't you lose weight? You look

like a boiled yam wearing a belt!



What's up, baby? Glad to see

somebody cares about the needy.



Why don't you give me a turkey?



Look at your funky black ass.

First you want to be a stick-up kid.



But then you got shot.

Now you's a basehead.



You're messed up. Your life is crap.



I know I look like stir-fried shit.



Hook me up with some food.



There's a line. You got to wait.



Give this man something to eat.



Hook me up.



This all I get?



You want more?



I'm a veteran.



Here. How's that, all right?



Clean yourself up,

maybe I'll give you a job.



All right, man.



Want to buy a turkey?



I'm going to keep an eye on him.



You don't deserve that turkey.

I hooked you up for that last get-high.



Why I got to be owing you?



I was prom queen of King High School.



This is beneath me.



You were the prom queen.

Now you're the prom fiend.



Look at you.



Hey what?



Didn't I hook you up?

Didn't I walk those   blocks...


            get that pipe from that Iranian

who tried to beat me out of $ ?



Didn't I speak to your mother after

the bitch called me a homeless bastard?



Add all that up...



...and the fact that I'm a man who can

beat your ass, I say it's my turkey.



Get away! Get the fuck away!



Stop beating on her! Stop it!



Let go of me, man.



You chump! Beat her up over a turkey.

You're a poor excuse for a brother.



Shit, man! Fuck! Shit!

It's a cop! It's a cop!



Shut up!



Shut up or I'll blow your brains out.



Don't hurt me.



- Shut up!

- I know I was wrong to beat that girl.



Crack has got me.



I got no control over it.

I tried to kick...



...but the shit be calling me.

It be calling me. I got to go to it.



- I need help, man.

- Come on, man.



- We got a crack monster.

- Your mother's a monster.



- Hold him.

- What you writing?



"Pookie" Benny Robinson. Your name.



- I'm trying to help you.

- You ain't helping nobody!



- It's for your own good.

- Fuck you, man!



They'll hook you up.



I'm going to die!



They're going to help you.

They'll help you.



I had pretty much

everything I ever wanted.



Everything I thought I wanted.



I always had a need for acceptance.



All my friends were doing it.



Thought I could quit anytime.



That's when I woke up in the hospital.



It's a very simple program.



We only ask that you don't use

or drink one day at a time.



Don't leave before the miracle happens.



This program has revolving doors.



But just because you go out,

don't mean you can come back in.



It's crazy, because...



...I did everything. I whored.

I ripped my family off.



I was so scandalous,

I would even sell my baby's Pampers.



I have a crack baby.



He was born blind.



I know why he's blind.

Everybody knows why he's blind.



I kept telling myself I was

going to kick, but I never did.



I'm a junkie.



I'll be one the rest of my life.



It's the first time

I've ever been away for so long...



...and personally, I hope I never see

you motherfuckers again.



When I get out, I'll just take

everything one day at a time.



One day at a time.



Chill out. You been out two minutes

and already you want a job.



It's not just a job. You saved my life.



Let me pay you back.

Let me help you bring Nino down.



He promised me a job.

I'll take his money...



...and report to you.



I don't know.



You know what will happen

if I stay on the streets.



I need to be a part of something.

If you don't believe in me, who will?



Cool. You've been inside,

checked out the operations.



All right, Pookie.

Parks, come help me out.



Tell me what goes on in this dump.



It took me a while,

but I've been through the whole joint.



First, at the entrance, you got to

show a membership card to this runner.



It's like a video club.



Nino's got it hooked up

like Mission: Lmpossible.



Walking through that courtyard's

like a nightmare.



It's a nation full of zombies.



You're escorted to the  nd floor where

a worker rings a buzzer and a code.



A little panel on the wall opens up,

you get the crack.



The code, the buzzer where that go?



The call goes to the "Drug Store"

where they make the crack.



I heard they got everybody in there

butt naked. Titties hanging...



Nino don't trust a motherfucker.



Nino's one sick genius.



A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

What happens at the Drug Store?



After that, you can take your goodies

home or stay at the Enterprise.



What's the Enterprise?



What am I, your ghetto tour guide?



They got all this equipment

and you don't know shit.



When you're smoking crack, they say

that you're "beaming up to Scotty."



You're going to another world.



Crack is the final frontier. That's why

they call that room the Enterprise.



People sit down and light that

glass dick and take a hit.



That's some scary shit. Their eyes look

like a rocket ready to blast off.



Nino has most of the apartments?



Man, are you deaf, or what?

The boy controls the whole place.



Nino Brown's a mad scientist.



What did Marvin say? "The boy that

made slaves out of men"? That's Nino.



That's deep.



Happy New Year!



Welcome to the Spotlite

with the Flavor Flav.



Everybody say "Happy...



...New Year!"



The fruit of our hard work.



The belief in the

entrepreneurial spirit.



The new American Dream.



A toast.



A toast to my family, in life...



...until death.



Happy New Year.



To CMB. On and on.



- Am I my brother's keeper?

- Yes, I am!



Am I my brother's keeper?



Am I my brother's keeper?



I am!



Look at it.



A big reason for this success is you.



But this ain't about success.



This is about survival.



We ain't going out like Puss Head,

shot up over a $    bag. You know?



You got to be smarter than that.



We got to look out for one another.



I feel the same way.



Nothing and no one

will come between you and me.









I love you.



I love you too.



Let's go get busy.



Frank Needles out here.



Let him in.



My ace-boon-coon!

How you doing?



Happy New Year.

What's a matter...



...too rich to toast the New Year

with an old friend now?



If it isn't the thinking man's Rocky.

How are you doing?



Great. Love the hair.



The Don and I, we was thinking,

let's let bygones be bygones, all right?



We congratulate you on your new success,

and as a show of our good faith...



...a gift from the Don.



Open it.



To the moolanyan in charge.



All the best, babe.



You motherfucking creep!

Think you'll get away with that?



I just did.



Step the fuck off, Gigantor.



Now get their silly, spaghetti-eating

asses out of my office.



Frank, come on. Let's go.

Let's get out of here!



It's total slamboyancy

in the Spotlite tonight.



You're about to get rocked by some

cool, mellow fellows from Brooklyn.



I'm talking about Aaron, Damien,

Teddy, Slim, Guy.



Give it up.



Slim, give a little bit of bass.



This is the sound

That get harder and get down



Everyone must know



We've been here before

And we're going to give you more



It's time to let it show



Music is funky



Girls are so fly



So sweet and fine



Gee Money, come here,

come here, come here.



That the skeezer you met

at Frankie's strip joint?



Yeah, Uniqua.



What's up, brother?

You fucking her correctly, or what?



Once, but I just met her. You know,

I need time to get to know her.



I heard that.



Lord, have mercy.



You want to play rough?



Say hello to my little friend.



The world is mine.



And the brothers too, now.

Don't forget us.



The world is yours, Nino.



Only you won't be as careless

as Tony Montana, now will you?



You absolutely right.



I like this girl of yours.



He ain't got no papers

or a leash on me.



You know what happens

when dogs don't have a leash.



They run the streets

and fuck everything in sight.



It's true. I ain't got no papers

or no leash on her.



But nothing comes between us.



The world is mine!



All mine!



What the fuck are you doing up there?



A man like you, Nino,

needs to leave a legacy.



A son. A mark to let the world know

that he was here.



You know, you absolutely right.



Shit. It ain't like I ain't

been trying. Ain't that right?



She can't have kids.



She can't fuck, either.



Maybe that's why she can't have no kids.



That ain't right, man.

That ain't right.



- She can't?

- She can't.



Too bad.



You're goddamn right that's too bad.



Nino, you need to go get your girl.



You're right. I tell you what.



If I was you, I'd be looking

for the pimples on her booty.



Why the fuck did you have

to say that shit?



I told you before she couldn't

make no babies!



I love you!



And now you're taking me for granted.

How can you do that?



This is corny!

This is soap-opera shit!



- You act like I owe you something.

- You do.



I don't owe you jack.



Okay, you did give me

a couple of books to read.



And helped me build the brothers. But I

was your ticket out of a boring life...



...when your rich doctor daddy was

making house calls at Harlem General.



What's up with that? Right?



When your kleptomaniac mother

was housing shit in Bloomingdales.



Don't throw no shit in my face...



You ever touch me again, I'll...



Yeah, I'm aware of that situation.



Stone, your man hired an ex-dealer.



I know it seems a little unconventional.

Appleton and Peretti report to me.



- Is it out of control?

- Don't worry.



Don't blow this.



- Does the Commissioner know about this?

- No, not yet.






I told you about that new-jack-cop shit.



I give you a chance and you hire a

notorious crackhead. What's with you?



Why don't you get off my dick?



When you're ready to put your sideline

ass on the frontline, let me know.



Excuse me. Is this

some kind of black thing?



Yes, it is, so keep your

toy Mafia butt out of it!



Fuck the Mafia! I'm going to wax

your high-yellow, narrow-ass butt!



Cool it!



Relax, all right?



If you won't handle this,

why don't you send the white boy...



...inside the Carter with

the National Guard?



What we need is a videotape

of this whole operation.



We need evidence of the

financial records to make it work.



I work there. I'm the lookout from

  p.m. To   a. M...


            one of the apartment windows.



I had to fill out an application.

They asked if I still got high.



They remember me from before.



Because I was one of their first loyal

customers. I used to get fucked up.



Cracker barrel, cracker ass.



I got it, I got it.



This belt is really a video camera.



These wire transmitters will be

taped to you for sound.



It'll send your communication to us,

as well as sounds and images around you.



It will also pick up

shit you can't even hear.



You'll be great.

You're the best man for this job.



You're a fucking genius.



Your mother.



Pookie, we're counting on you.



You can help us bring down CMB.



Try this on.



You with it?



I'm with it, man.



Let's roll with it.



Put it on.



Pookie, come here, man.

Come here.



You know, I told Gee Money

how good you been.



How you've been bringing in

lots of customers.



And you're just a lookout.



Anything that makes them

more money they like.



This might be it.



We're promoting you.



Check it out.



Soon. Let's get going with it.



Jackpot! System!



He's inside! Yes!



This kid's been bringing us

a lot of business.



I'd like to take a shot

at one of those computer terminals.



- Can you program PASCAL?

- Can a white man dance?



I guess not. But people change,

they lose interest.



Today's your lucky day, homeboy.

I'm promoting your ass.



You still on the pipe?



No way.



Good. Real good.



Because you'll be working

in the Drug Store.



I'm glad you got confidence in me.



See you.



- Keep an eye on that kid.

- Why? What's wrong?



He's light-fingered.

Keep an eye on the product.



I don't think Pookie's ready

to be in a room full of crack.



I'm ready. Don't I look ready now?

I was born ready.



Ready to die.



Stay out of this.



He's already on the inside.

With a little more time...



...we'll have enough information

to put Nino away for good.



In my opinion, we get him out...



If I want your opinion, I'll give it.



I'm against it.



- But it's your call.

- And your funeral.



We told them, man.



Ready? Shit.



You better be ready,

because you owe a lot of people.



You owe me. You owe yourself.



You owe the whole community.



You even owe my mother.

Yeah, that's right.



A junkie just like you

killed my mother in     .



Didn't take money or jewelry.



Just took her life.



I don't know what you got left in your

so-called rehabilitated body.



But you better find something

because you owe a lot of people.



A lot of people. You owe, Pook.



You got skim milk in them titties?



One and a-two and a-three and a-four...



I'll give you something to look at.



Superfly, there's something wrong

with your boy.



What's happening with Pookie?



I have no idea.



You should, he's your plant.



Cool out. You're jumping the gun.



But something's wrong with your guy.



"Four score and seven years..."



- Is that a secret code for help?

- No, it's a black thing.



I'm tired of your stuff.

I'm tired of this dude.



What's wrong, fool?



Just doing a workout. This is

a tough job. Got to stay in shape.



A workout like this

boosts worker morale.



You think I'm stupid.



You're a high motherfucker.



You  - ?



- Shit! His cover's blown!

- Let's go!



Are you  - ?!



Take him outside...



... and kill him!

And blow the building!



Help me! I'm going to die!



Let's go!



Let's go!



Let me through!

I'll do the bitch!






Police! Get out! Come on!



- Nothing here!

- Let's get out of here!



Come here. Hold on.

Keep your head down.






Where the hell are you?



Touch him, it blows.



- Do this.

- There's too many wires.



Pick one.



Come on!



Light! I can't see! Give me a light!



Hold it there.



Scotty, on  ...



...I want you to slowly,

gently pull out the blue wire.






One's the ground.






- I don't know!

-   seconds left!



I knew it! You ain't nothing

but a high-priced whore.



Put Nino on, bitch.



It's for you.



What's up?



I know you're having a good time,

but we were infiltrated.



We shut down the Carter.



Get your ass out here right now!









What happened?



Don't nobody know nothing?



Don't everybody speak at once.



How the motherfucker get in?



Out of all you motherfuckers,

nobody knows jack shit?



The Duh Duh Man.

Duh Duh, what happened?



I'll be a motherfucker.



Don't nobody know nothing?



What up with this?



Somebody got to know something

was going on.



See what I'm saying?



Ain't that right, Gee Money?



I think Gee Money definitely

knows something.



Gee Money knows something.



You fucked up. You fucked up bigtime.



You're incapable of running this shit.



Sit your five-dollar ass down

before I make change.



Kareem brought him to my attention.



We got     employees.



I can't keep my eye on all of them.



If you was taking care of business...



What? If I was what?

Say it again!









That's what I thought you said.

Because that's what I got, nothing!



A million-dollar-a-week business

reduced to rubbish!



It's your responsibility.



I never liked you anyway,

pretty motherfucker.



What's the matter, Gee?

What's up with you?



Why are you letting some shit like who

I'm laying the pipe to fuck with you?



You're bigger than that.



Something like this

can never happen again.






...leave me.



Get the fuck out.



What Gee Money has brought together...



...let no man put asunder.



I now pronounce us man...



...and wife.



You may kiss the bride.



Be not deceived.

Neither fornicators, nor idolaters...



...nor adulterers, nor abusers

of themselves with mankind...



...shall inherit the kingdom of God.



May your soul rest in peace.



Goodbye, Pookie.



The Commissioner's been

on my ass all night.



Washington is blaming us for losing

thousands of dollars in man-hours.



Not to mention all the cops

we got killed.



The operation was a failure.



We didn't arrest anyone.

No one, man.



We didn't get any evidence. Nothing.

No financial records, nothing.



We still could be out there

fighting scum like Nino Brown...



...except for two things:



I gambled on you,

and you gambled on a crackhead.



Fuck that!



That's enough, man!



I'm sorry you lost your budget.

But I lost a friend.



Let it go.



Operation's over.



It's over.



It ain't over.

Pookie didn't die for nothing.



Operation's gone...



...Nino's loose, Pookie is dead.



I got Pookie killed.



Cut out this self-pitying shit

about you killing Pookie.



If anyone killed him it was me.

I could see it.



How you going to tell me

you killed Pookie?



Do you remember

when you said I didn't care?



When what the hell was I doing

at Pookie's funeral anyway? Remember?



I used to be Pookie.



How the hell you used to be Pookie?



I was a poor white-trash Pookie.



This whole drug shit, it's not

a black thing, it's not a white thing.



It's a death thing.

Death doesn't give a shit about color.



You don't have to like me.



I don't even know if I like you.



But we're in this together now, partner.



You know, a drug dealer

is the worst kind of brother.



He won't sell it to his sister.

He won't sell it to his mother.



But he'll sell it

to his boys in the street.



I don't know about you...



...but I'm ready to kill Nino Brown.



Are you with me?



I'm ahead of you.



Behind door number  

your head explodes like a melon.



Behind door   you hook us up with

Gee Money and get the prize, Nino Brown.



Let's make a deal.



You and me always had an understanding.

Besides, I needed a haircut, right?



My cugino and his friend are hungry.



And I got a feeling

that they can cut you a sweeter deal...



...than any Peruvian.



Enough to maybe throw in

a finder's fee for me.



If I swim with this offer...



You wanted to meet the main man, that's

done. From now on you deal with me...



...and me only.



You will cut me a side deal.






And you will be obligated

to report to me...



...and me only.



Give me your number.



Don Armeteo.



Nino is about to itch.



- What the fuck is up?

- What's up? Play ball, that's what.






Can I help you?



I'm here to see Gee Money.



- What's up with these elbows?

- Sucker!



I don't know you.



You know him?



Hold up. I know him. He's cool.



Ease back, playboy. Ease back.



How you feeling, Gee Money, my man?



What's up with your man?



Pat him down.



Pat him down!



It's like that?



What the fuck is this?



I don't know you, that's what.



I know you're my man's new contact...



...but I don't trust you.



So since you're interrupting my game,

get the fuck out.



Mr. Money?



Please escort Mr. Washington

off the court. Take him down the block.



And if this dreadlocked

boomboorah even blinks wrong...


            lullaby his ass.



Don't forget what we talked about

before at Frankie's.



I'm definitely going to be

the next king.



Yo, Keish, I seen that boy

somewhere before.



That's right, I checked him out myself.

He cooler than a fan.



And the product is   % cheaper

than what the brothers is paying now.



That will free up

a whole lot of money...



... to do a lot of other things.



Like, maybe take over

another city project?



All right, let's roll with it.



We build and get stronger.



Most definite. Most definite.



Money, I'll tell you something.



If he's not who he says he is...



...l'll kill him.



Then I'll kill you.



I don't trust Mr. Washington. So I want

him to stick to me like flies to shit.



When I was young, I was a member

of this gang called the L.A. Boys.



- Lennox Ave.

- You know it.



The leader, Jughead, told me to prove

my loyalty, I had to snuff somebody out.



It was like, "No problem."



I said, "An enemy?"

He said, "No, that's too easy."



"It's got to be an ordinary mo."



So I rode down to   rd.



Copped me a bag of that

Red Devil angel dust.



I got so zooted.



I walked up on this lady. She must have

been a schoolteacher or something.



I was so fucking crazy, man,

I didn't even care.



I stepped to her.



I didn't even stay to see her body drop.



I just ran.



You must think I'm a demon.



I guess what you was doing...


            was like business, right?



It wasn't personal.



My brother...


           's always business.



Never personal.



- Tell your moms I want some bean pies.

- Can I get some?



Come on in, little man.



Two for you.



Two for you.



- Hold up, pop.

- Get your butt out of here, now.



I can take care of you too, old man.



You better take care of yourself,

because you an ignorant bastard.



You committing genocide

on your people...



...with these silk suits and fancy cars.



Step off, grandpa.



Idol worshiper.



You killing your own people with the

white devils you put in that bottle.



You an idolater.



Reverend Oates,

why are you with this scum?



Shut up!



Nino, let me smoke this old dude.



Look at you.



In   years, they'll be

marking your gravesite.



Me? I'll be right here.



All you kids,

get out of here!



These kids...



...all these people

gather around you like you God Almighty.



Like you love them.



Devils ain't got no love.



You're killing your people.



What can you offer them?



Another "I have a dream" speech?



Some of that same shit

you ripping off to me?



Look where we at. Not a pot to piss in,

nor a window to throw it out of.



You's the fool, old man.



Don't try it, old man.

Don't even think about.



You don't understand, do you?



Idolater, you reap what you sow!



This is some fly shit.



Some George Raft- some

James Cagney-type shit.



You know what I'm saying?



- That's how you living, baby.

- Living large, brother.



Good looking out this afternoon

with that madness.



Gee Money should've seen it coming.



Old man really wanted to do me,

didn't he?



Old bastard.



But here's something

you might not find so funny.



Your boy Gee Money tried to cut

a side deal with me.



You can't trust anybody these days.



You can trust me. I got your back.



Thank you.



Now Reverend Oates will say

a few words to the happy couple.



You got to wait till somebody else

gets some too, okay?



Before we eat up all this cake,

we ought to give a toast...


            my daughter, my new son-in-law

and our gracious host...



...Mr. Nino Brown.



I got something for you.



That's my business card.

Call me sometime.



Hey, what's up? You still mad at me?



Fuck you, then.



- Where is the Duh Duh Man?

- Probably after that skeezer he was on.



What's up with Selina?



I don't know. Losing her mind,

that's what's up.



You think I care?

This is my world, my money...



...and that's my skeezer.



Hi, Daddy.



Thank you, mister.



Cover me!



Throw me a gun!



Get down!






You're a murderer, Nino!



I've seen you kill too many people!



Cancel that bitch.



I'll buy another one.



I hate you!



I hate you, Nino!



Don Armeteo's on the phone for you.



We made you. We gave you everything.



Shagazzy's, the Spotlite,

the street corners.



So you got cute.

You had to get spanked.



Now you listen to me. I made this. Me.



I own this city, you slicked-back,




... son of a bitch!



You're fucked!



This bulletin just in.



In a scene to rival the famed

St. Valentine's Day Massacre...



... of     's Chicago...



... Don Armeteo, reputed crime lord,

and    of his henchmen...



... were gunned down this afternoon...



I put you two together.

And you guys go off on your own...



...and now you want to come back.



You're telling me the disk I took

isn't important?



I'm telling you,

I hope it is important.



This is Hawkins.



We go back to law school.

She's the prosecuting attorney.



The son of a bitch used a little girl

as a bulletproof vest.



Watch your language.

Nino is going to fall.



- What about the Pookie video?

- It helps, but it's not enough.



Nino isn't in any of the tapes

at the Carter.



He's becoming Mr. Untouchable.



How many more got to get killed?

I could have smoked this fool myself.



Can we catch him in a drug buy?

Or get a witness who will testify...


            connect all the dots?



Nino's got great connections. Can we

nail any of them and tie them to Nino?



Check this out.



We got it set up so the

CMB brothers will buy from us.



And I also got it so Nino Brown

definitely doesn't trust Gee Money.



And we'll get it on videotape.



What's up, fellows?



Got the bucks?



So nice of you to make it.

Know what I'm saying?



What can I say?



What's taking him so long?



Nino's not moving. Shit.



Let's do this.



Open the briefcase.






Very easy.



I thought we was friends.



I told you, it's never personal, B.



Friends is friends. This is business.



Let's see the sample.






All here, baby.



I knew I knew Washington. He's  - .



Suck-ass motherfucker.



Punch it! Just do it!



You cut a side deal

with that motherfucker.



Yes, you did. Yes, you did, Gee.



Fucking Cain.



My brother's keeper.



Was it this...


            dick you've been sucking on?



Was that it? Now I see how

you let that motherfucker infiltrate.



He used you, Gee.



What ever happened to,

"Am I my brother's keeper?"



You know what happened to it.



"The world is mine."



Remember that?



"Everything is mine. Everything!"



Even my woman.



Is that what this is about?



That fucking skeezer?



You think I give a fuck about her?



Fuck that ho bitch!

I don't give a fuck about her!



It ain't about her.



It's about us.



I love you, man.



You embarrassed me, man!



In front of all them people,

you treated me like I was soft.



You treated me like I was spineless!



We built this shit!

You didn't do this shit by yourself!



You forgot about me, man, your brother.



What has this done to us?









The Duh Duh Man...






Let's just make it like it was.



Let's be a family.

Let's make it like it was.



Fuck them cars and

them bitches and all that shit.



Fuck that shit!



Let's do us, me and you.

Let's be a family again.



I'm on the run.



It can never go back the way it was.



But I'll tell you how

we can make it right.









We all we got.



Am I my brother's keeper?



Yes, I am.



You know where Nino Brown lives?



You heard my man.

I ain't telling you shit.



Last summer, me and my boys won

this basketball tournament.



Bought the whole team brand-new

red scooters. So you can kiss my ass.



Kiss my ass with that.



You know something, B?

This dude is a cop.  - ! B, out!



Come here, punk!



I know where Nino lives.



He beat this kid who

scrambled for him with a bat.



Poured gas on him and set him on fire...



...after he shorted him $ .



I hope you kill his black, hardened ass.



He's in apartment  C.



But watch out.

He got bodyguards on the roof.



Say hello to my little friend.









Kill him!



How the hell can you wear this and sell

poison to our people? You ain't shit!



Toss him down to me.



That teacher you killed?

That was my mother!



Kick his black ass!



These are the people you squash

and kill with no retribution.



Get your ass up.



This ain't business, bitch.

This is personal.



I want to shoot you so bad,

my dick's hard.



Coming through, excuse me.



We'll do this the right way.



I'll testify.



Even if it means my life,

I will testify.



Come on.



We can't go out like this.



Put the gun down.



Don't throw your life away

on a piece of shit.



Give me the gun. I'll do it.



I'll be out in a week.



You're a dead man.



Was the defendant, Mr. Nino Brown,

head of the CMB?



Remove the hat and the sunglasses.



Detective Appleton, when you

infiltrated the CMB...



...did the defendant, Mr. Nino Brown...



...attempt to buy two and a half kilos

of cocaine from you?



Did he? Can Michael Jordan slam-dunk?



Of course he did. He's a dope dealer.



That's what they do, buy and sell dope.



I'm not guilty.



You're the one who's guilty.



You lawmakers, the politicians,

the Colombian drug lords...



...all you who lobby against

making drugs legal.



Just like you did with alcohol

during Prohibition.



You're the one who's guilty.



Let's kick the ballistics here.



Ain't no Uzis made in Harlem.



Not one of us in here

owns a poppy field.



This thing is bigger than Nino Brown.

This is big business.



This is the American way.



I'm sure that the court

was enlightened...


            your geopolitical tirade.



Unfortunately, society at large

is not on trial here.



You are, Mr. Brown.



Were you or were you not...



...head of the narcotics consortium,

the murderously bloody...






I could not hear you.

Would you please speak up?



Yes, I was a member.



But I was forced into this way of life.



I've been dealing drugs

ever since I was    years old.



I didn't have the chances

that you have, Miss Hawkins.



I wasn't born with a silver spoon

in my mouth, Miss Hawkins.



I wanted to get out,

but they threatened to kill my mother.



Who are you talking about,

Mr. Brown? What "they"?






Look at him. Kareem Akbar.



That's right, the educated brother from

the bank. He's the head of the CMB.



The brains behind the whole thing.



This is bigger than Nino Brown,

and I got a list to prove it.



If I'm going down, I'm taking

a lot of people with me.



Order in the court!



Your Honor, may counsel

approach the bench?



- What's going on?

- I don't know.



What's the discussion?



The court is not pleased

with this application.



You understand that by pleading

guilty to a lesser charge...



...the court, under law, can impose

a sentence of   years to life...



...with parole eligibility

after    months. Do you understand?






How could you let this happen?



We wanted some of the crack

off the streets. I wanted Nino too.



He gave up his connections

and Powell wanted to make the deal.



Let's go.



This court is now adjourned.



What? All he gets is a year?



This ain't happening.



I should have killed you myself, bitch.



That's the difference between

you and me.



Don't get mad, Tito. It's the law.



Sucks, huh?



When this is over with,

you can come and work for me.



Did you turn state's evidence?



Did you sell out CMB?



You pleased with the outcome?



Absolutely. The American justice system

is the greatest in the world.



I'm proud to be an American.



- Hi, Mom.

- Idolater!



Your soul is required in hell!




Special help by SergeiK