Nicotina Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nicotina script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Diego Luna movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nicotina. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nicotina Script



Hack Banque Cantonal?



Yeah. Go deep. Direct account access.

Can you do it or not?



Yeah, yeah, l can.



But they scramble the codes

all the time, dude...



-you'd have to use them fast.

-No problem.



How much, Nene?



Diamonds, Lolo. Lots.



-l'll get on it right now.




-What'd he say?.

-He'll get on it now.



''Now'' or ''right now?. ''






full penetration on one CD

with    hours to use it.



Fine. When?



-l'll let you know.







-How long have you lived in Mexico?

-Long enough.



And you still don't know

what ''now'' means?






Fucking Swiss ingrates.



C'mon, move your spidery ass.










Nice one.



-He died, he died.

-He died 'cause his number was up.



-He died from smoking like a chimney.

-Nobody dies from just smoking.



-More smokers die than non-smokers.

-Where'd you get that from?



Statistics, kid.




check him out, statistics...



Lots of people die from lung cancer

and never touch a cigarette...



Wanna know why?.



'Cause assholes like you blew smoke

in their faces!



No, there are a lot of variables...



and when they all coincide,

you die.










l know people pushing eighty...



still puffing away.



That's part coincidence,

and partly not.



Yeah, but more so than not.




l locked into Switzerland, dude.



-We're on our way.

-How long?



-Half an hour.

-Buzz and l'll come down.







Statistics, my ass.



Coincidence, my balls.



Svoboda? lt's Nene.



-Forty minutes and you got it.




-That's fine. l've got to go.

-But l haven't finished.




We're on the flight tonight.



About time too, fuckin' Eulogia...






I know you're Ieaving today.



I know you're not coming back.



I know the fever

wiII take me over...



and I'II die from the heat.

You give me fever.



When you kiss me,

fever when you hoId me tight.






PIease Iisten to me, baby.



I am dying for you.



These hot embers inside me...



burn onIy for you.

You give me fever!



When you kiss me,

fever when you hoId me tight.






Love fever!



Save my souI,

don't Ieave me...



pIease don't go away.



I'm tortured by this fever...



and I can't Iive without you.
















Eulogia, it's me, Andrea.






Hi. What a surprise!

Can l help you?



Did Eulogia leave?



Yeah... l think so.

l think l heard her go. Why?.



She was going to leave my key in

the plant pot. Have you got a copy?.



No, no, of course not.



-lf the tenants don't offer me one...

-Of course...



Lolo, do me a favour?

Could l use your phone?



My phone?



So l can call Joaquin, from upstairs.



Eulogia was supposed to leave my key

so he could move that plant in.



Just a sec.



l'll page him cause his wife's

on the jealous side...



Hey, wait a minute...

lsn't this your key?.



Yes. Yes. that's it.



She must have got the wrong pot...



But if Joaquin brought this one...



-Don't worry about it.

-But it's impossible.



lt could happen to anyone.



Thanks, Lolo. l've been a bit

on edge these days...



My phone?



See you in a while.








-Andrea? lt's Claudia. What's up?



-No news. Nothing.

-Call him.



Let him answer my emails,

l'm not going begging.



Maybe he heard something.



Fifty year-olds freak when they feel

threatened by a younger man.



Be kind and give him a call.



He's    Claudia.



And has been conducting long enough

to know what goes on in an orchestra.



He knows several are willing

to do you a favour.



Yeah, young...



and stupid. Sleep with them once

and they think they own you.



You can't even rehearse in peace.



Girl, you're not getting

any younger yourself.



Carlos is offering you

First Cello in Seville.



-lt's way to get back to Spain.

-Sure, but Spain's no prize for me.



First, he's got to work things out

with his ex. l won't be his lover.



l've got Joaquin for that, and

he's     percent married.



-Who, the gardener from upstairs?

-Claudia, l gotta hang up...



something's wrong with the computer.

l'll call support.



-l'll call you later.







You're an angel! Sorry to bother

you, but l just don't get it.



lt's not your fault.

These cloned computers...



sometimes you just get

a bad processor...



and if the processor is bad,

then the chips start to go...



-Heard anything from Carlos?

-Emails get lost, don't they?.



Not if they were sent.



Fucking Carlos.



You're too good for that second rate

orchestra in Seville.



The London Philharmonic at least.

Take lessons from Yo-Yo Ma...



Find me a man who's got the dough

and l'm there.



He could be a toad or a geek.

Music makes up for everything.



So, what are you up to?



Well, actually, l'm closing

what you might call....



a very lucrative business deal.

Many thousands of dollars...



That's great!



Well, if you could

check out my computer...



Carlos might have written by now.

l'm gonna take a shower.



l don't know what l'd do

without you.



Lolo! Can you get the door?







coming, coming...



-This is Andrea's apartment, right?




l'm Lolo.



l'm her neighbour.



-We met once before.

-lf you don't mind...



Lolo? Who is it?



What the... Carlos!



Okay, look, say you've got a cell.



A human cell.






Now, for whatever reason that cell's

on the verge of going berserk.



One fine fucking day when

your defences are down...



that cell's gonna blow.



Smoke, don't smoke, whatever...

You're gone.



-That's the hotel...




That's where we're going later.



See what l mean?

See what l'm saying?






is full of fucking coincidences.



l'm out of cigarettes...



and that's the Russians' hotel.




-Now that's a fucking coincidence!



ln that hotel l had

the sweetest piece of ass ever.



They were playing this song.

And the song, the girl and me...



we all came together.

Now, that's a fucking coincidence!



Yeah, sure.

Deaf as a post...



You have good taste.



A pack of ''Tropicales''.



Just a moment.



Helps keep me from temptation.

Smoking's not allowed in here.



-Want one?




Didn't you say it wasn't allowed?



Customers can.



Where are you from?



Villa Ortuzar...



Buenos Aires.



-What are you doing here?

-Data Transmission...



Door to door.







That's one of the few things

in life worth living for.



Get away!



See if this helps you understand,

my dear Thompson.



This, is one of the few things

in life worth living for.






But blow your spare smoke

at someone else.



l'm dying for it...



Me too.



Well, let's see...

Off with your belt!




















It's me, CIaudia. What's up?



-No news. Nothing.

-CaII him.



Let him answer my emaiIs,

I'm not going begging.



Maybe he heard something.



Fifty year-oIds freak when they

feeI threatened by a younger man.



Who is it?



Just a minute.



He's    CIaudia.



And has been conducting Iong enough

to know what goes on in an orchestra.



He knows you've severaI...



...they think they own you.

You can't even rehearse in peace.



GirI, you're not getting

any younger yourself.



CarIos is offering you

First CeIIo in SeviIIe.



Who was that?



Nobody. Wrong number.



What's up?






-Are you all right?

-Yes, of course, no, yes...



Hey, why don't we go out

to dinner?



-Weren't you going to scrub my back?




Get into the shower.

l'll be right there.



lsn't this your key?.



-Who is it?

-lt's me, Andrea.



Can l come in?






l'm expecting clients any minute now.



Somebody's recording

my phone calls.



Could you check out

the answering machine?



-But they'll be here any minute...







Leave the door ajar, that way

you'll hear them ring...



l suppose so.




What are you doing!



Open up!



Open up...

Open up, goddamn it!



-Andrea, open the door.

-Son of a fucking bitch!



Wait. Don't touch anything.



Open up and

l'll show you everything.



-Fucking perverted peeping tom!

-Let me explain.



lt's not what you think!



Andrea, l love you!



l adore you.



l only did it to protect you!



l've watched you sleeping

like an angel all night...



l have all your practice

sessions on CD.



Open the door,

we can listen to them together!



l've seen you cry in your sleep

and cried with you...



No one knows you better than me.

l don't want you to ever cry again.



l can give you everything you want,

Master classes...



an apartment...



l just want to keep...



keep being your neighbour.



Oh, fuck no...






Thousands of silly fucking things

can kill you before this does.









l'll bring it right down.



Alright Lolo, let's go.



Nene, l can't go. l've got problems

with this girl in my building...



-Just bring back my share.

-Lolo, please get in the car.



l've got a serious problem.

And l forgot my glasses.



Lolo, this deal pans out,

no neighbour will resist you.



Whatever then.

But make it quick.



Got a smoke?



Later. lt bothers Thompson

if you smoke in the car.






Hey, Thompson.



Stupid cow!









What's the matter?



This is full of mistakes.



One, two, three boxes without prices.

And who knows how many more...



lt's a few little boxes.



Why can't you just admit

you screwed up?



The problem is that for you

l screw up everything...



so l end up screwing it up.



-So now it's my fault?

-No, it's not like that. lt's just...



You put the labels on wrong

and l end up being the asshole.



All right, we're done.



Clara, the problem is

l'm dying for a smoke...



and it's makes me nervous.




Don't say l offended you?



You know what?

l'm gonna take a fast shower...



and we'll forget all about accounts

and labels...



which in the end

nobody gives a fuck about.



Then, we'll have a quickie

before some customer comes in.



No, Beto, not today.



Come on, it'll do us good.



Look, look how tense you are...



What is it? Headache?



No, it's not that.

l haven't felt well all day...



Didn't show.

Doesn't show now, either.



Seriously, Beto.

l don't feel well.



Does it repulse you

when l touch you?



When l kiss you?



Answer me, goddamn it!



All of a sudden

you're so sick...



but l heard you giggling with that

asshole from the lab this morning.



-We were discussing discounts.

-l bet.



You nearly died laughing.

And l give you a headache?



Look what you made me do!

Goddamn it!



What are you doing?



Don't you know what l'm going

through trying to quit that shit?



Don't even think about going outside.

There are fucking maniacs everywhere.



I miss you...



Like the waving trees

miss the autumn...



And in those nights

when sIeep escapes me...



You can't imagine, Iove...



how much I miss you.



I miss you...



in every step...



in which I feeI my soIitude.



In every moment...






I miss you.



For example, you break your neck

in the bathtub...



get bitten by a rabid dog,

struck by lightning...



get shoved under the metro.

A bus comes...



as you step off the curb

without looking...



suffocated, electrocuted...



-There are nineteenth million ways...




Say it. Nine-teen.

Say it.







Be the wiseguy now, Nene...



but keep sucking down smoke like that

and you'll never reach my age.



Whatever. l'd rather have a short,

good life than a long, boring one.



-Doesn't prove the contrary...

-The contrary of what?



Of what you're saying.



And what am l saying?



The same as l am, for God's sake.

We're saying the same fucking thing.



No. No, sir.

No we're not.



l said short.



Good evening.



The rocks, please.



lt all depends what you call short

and what you call long.



-What's he say?.

-You've given us shit!



Fuck, that could be

my neighbour.



-What did he say?.

-There is not a fucking thing on it.




Do you think we're stupid?



He might be right.

lt might not have anything on it.



Give me the disc.



He's copying it, the fucking Russian!

He's copying it!



You okay, Nene?



-You got hit, kid, you got hit.

-Get him!



Over there!










lt was my mistake, dude...



lt was that girl...!



We can fix it, man!



Baby, gimme kisses

from your Iips...



from those Iips that drive me wiId.



I want a tasty IittIe kiss...



Goyo, did you take money

from that Russian?



Yes, to pay the mortgage.



Fucking Russian...



he must be round here







Let's go to the chemist's

so they can plug that hole.



No... l'll manage.



Don't be an idiot...



We'll look for the Russian later.



All set, Don Alberto.



Don Alberto!



You're all set,

just let me brush you down.



No, no, don't look for it.

lt's on the house.



l'll see you out.



Take it easy, now.



Come back whenever you want.



God bless you, Don Alberto.






He gets a free haircut and

l can't afford cigarettes?



Like what that old man could pay

would make a difference.



lt's that stupid way of thinking

that got us where we are.



Do you know how much you spend

on cigarettes, Carmen?



See? When God closes a window

a door opens.



Still open?






Sorry to be cautious, but we can't

be too careful these days.



-Can l help you?

-l want to shave beard and head.



-Didn't you like the way l cut it?

-Yes liked. But changed mind.



Keep your mouth shut,

you look prettier!



lnside, come on.



Don't hurt me, please.



Take everything,

but please, don't hurt me.






-lt's all in the top drawer...

-This isn't a fucking hold-up!



Look after Nene's wound.



l can't. l've never dressed

a wound like that before.



Where does that door go to?



To an inner yard.



Are you alone?






Quick. Get the fucking Russian...

l'll pull through.



-You gonna be okay?.

-That depends...



-On what?

-On where the bullet went in.



You damn well better be okay.



And you...



Give him your strongest painkillers,

clean and bandage the wound.



lf anything happens to him,

l'll kill you. Got it?



l'll be right back,

you stubborn fool.



Give me a cigarette.



lt's not a good idea,

if you're wounded...



Give me a cigarette!






What the fuck?



Are you allergic?



To chocolate...



but l'm not sure.



Not sure?



A lot of different variables

have to coincide:



the type of cocoa,

whether it's got milk...



Where's the key to this door?



-lsn't it in the lock?




lt's got to be around,

or in the counter drawer.



l never use that door.



Go in there...



Shaved bald?



Yes. Head and beard.



That's two items. Eighty for the head

and eighty for the beard.



-A hundred sixty total.

-Yes, whatever.



Shall l take yourjacket

and your briefcase?






lt's just fine here.







Svoboda. Things got fucked up.

Bad fucked up.



-What happened?

-l'm hit, but got away.



-You've got the rocks?

-Yes. Not deliver...



-You're sure?

-Yes. Got them...




-Yeah, yeah, all twenty.



-ln the belly.

-ln the belly?.



ln the belly.

Don't know how got in...



-Sure you're okay?.

-Cancel flight, get surgeon.



-l take taxi.

-No, wait, no...



You hear me?



l get shot.

You cut me no razor, no scissors.



Just shaver.



-You've got a bullet in there?

-Stayed in.



Problem being fat.



Oh, shit!

Rib is broke.



Do you want a drink of water?



No, l'm fine.



-How's this?

-Perfect. Sit down!






l'll do my best...






you're aiming that at me...



and l can't do it like that.

Not without cooperation.






he died...



He's dead.



Why did you hang up on me,




Those diamonds are my life!



Where are you?

We'll get you...



Svoboda? Are you okay?.

Don't fucking hang up...



What are you looking for?






l just heard he has diamonds.






ln the belly...



What the fuck

are you talking about?



He said he had them

in his belly.



Of course...

he swallowed them.



He must be

in the Russian Mafia.



Look, it was on TV.



Carriers swallow capsules with

diamonds, cocaine, whatever...



and then they take a laxative.



This Russian...



Has    diamonds in his belly.



That's a fortune, Goyo.



And it's something that goes way

beyond your equiIibrium...



something that takes you over.



It's desire, passion...



a dream that can save you

or damn you.



Live it intenseIy

untiI it hurts...



untiI you can't wake up...



untiI you stiII want more...



This is radio from

the heart of the souI...



it's pIeasure and pain...



after aII,

nobody's perfect.



This is Mariano,

and I'm deIighted to be with you.



lt'll have to be in your butt.



-Does it hurt?

-No, no.



l hate injections,

but you've got a gentle touch.



Take off yourjacket.



You're lucky, it came back out.



-You've got to get to hospital.

-No fucking way.



You could die.



l have to hear this from you, too?



How old are you?






Aren't you afraid of dying?



Yeah, but it's not that simple.



-What do you mean?

-lt's a matter of probabilities.



Nobody dies before their time.



Wait, wait, wait!



What are you doing?



That's alcohol...



Don't you have

hydrogen peroxide?



Don't be such a sissy.

Bite this.



What about you?



How old are you?






Check it out...



You're like,

the same age as my mom...



but you look much younger...









A towel...



Fucking liar...



Nobody here, huh?



The key!

Give me the key!






He always goes straight to bed

after he's showered.



-Give me the fucking key!




We've been robbed

five times this year...



he quit smoking and is going crazy.

lf he sees a gun...



Fuck him.

Shut up and open the door.



Goddamn it, there's no

fresh towels!



Please go.



Do you hear?



l'm coming, Beto!

l've got a customer!



Let me give him his towel.

l know him.



He'll head straight off to bed.



Alright. But open your mouth

and you're dead.



Your caII wiII be transferred

to voicemaiI.



Nene, don't disconnect!

No time for ass-kissing, kid!



l haven't seen the shadow

of the Russian...



Okay, smoke if you've got to,




don't go and die on me, kid.



l'm calling the police.




-Yes, Carmen.



-What for?

-So they'll come!



But what for?

So they can pocket the diamonds?



-He's got them in his guts!





What do you mean, ''and''?



Whatever you're thinking,




don't count on me.



l haven't counted on you

for a long time...



-Me neither...

-That's not true.



lf my brother hadn't helped us out,

we wouldn't even have this dump!



-l never told you to ask him!

-You're no good even for that.



-And your brother is?

-Of course he is!



He's worked like a dog

to get where he is.



Ripping off Social Security!

Selling them recycled junk!



That's not true!



lt was a false accusation.

They never proved a thing!



Goyo, look...



lf we call the police...



those diamonds will disappear.



We're the only ones

who saw this guy come in.



But he's dead.



Can you imagine digging diamonds

out of a dead man's guts?



The small intestine alone

is twenty-four feet long...



But twenty diamonds

is a lot of rocks.



We can feel for them

from the outside.



ln that ball of fat?



You've got strong fingers.



Then what?



With the razor...



You're out of your mind!



We've made so many sacrifices.



lf anybody deserves a prize

like this it's us.



We could go to Acapulco,




the Bahamas,

buy a    inch TV set...



-and a DVD like Tono's got...




You'd spend it on crap

and next year we'll be broke again.






we'll have to wait for a few months

before selling them...



But Tono has contacts...



Tono, Tono!



You think l don't have balls or

ambition? ls that what you think?



No, Goyo. Let's not fight.



lt's just that stolen diamonds

are not easy to sell and Tono...



Enough of Tono!



Tono could, Tono can!



Here, call that hot shit

brother of yours. Go on.



Let Tono come

and fix it all...



because he solves everything.



Carmen, if anything goes wrong...



l wasn't here and l saw nothing.



Hey, is it that bad?



Sorry, bad joke.



No formal complaint and l can't

interfere in family quarrels.



We had an appointment, remember?



l'm on my way out.




lt doesn't matter. l can wait until

Dona Carmen finishes her customer.



Well, she hasn't finished...



First thing tomorrow...



-First thing...

-l can't.



There's been a bad Code Nine

near here...



The chief said he'd arrest me

if l didn't get my hair cut.



Just run the shaver round the back,

you can do the rest tomorrow.



Your caII wiII be transferred

to voice maiI.



Nene, it's me, Lolo,




Fuck man,

l hope you're okay...



l just saw the Russian

in a barber shop near here.



l think the bastard's hurt.



Nene, the CD wasn't his fault.



lt was all a mix up.



lt was that crazy situation

with my neighbour...



Later l'll explain it to you.



But we've still got time, right?



l'll penetrate Switzerland

right away...



and get the information.

Just take a fucking second...




-Now l've got you, honey!



-No, let me go, please.

-Don't make me beg.



-Let me go, Beto!

-What the fuck's wrong with you?






You bit me!



You fucking bitch!

You'll pay for this!



l've had it with

your bullshit headaches!



-Open up!

-No, enough!



l haven't got a headache.

l haven't got a headache!



l've never had one in my life!

lt was all a lie. Get it?



Open the door

or l'll break it down!



l've fucking had it with never

knowing where l'll screw up next!



Clara, l just wanted

to hold you!



-Open the door!

-Leave me alone!



When it's not towels, it's prices or

whatever the hell you can think of!



lf the labels are wrong,

they're wrong!



-l don't care!

-You just can't admit you fuck up!



-Open the door!

-l can't take it anymore.



-Shall l break it down?

-l can't even smoke in my own house!



-Clara, open up, goddamn it!

-l'm through! Today it ended!



Open up!



l'm leaving...

l'm leaving right now.



Do you hear?



l'm leaving!



l'm going...



l've had it.

l can't take it anymore...



-lf you don't like it, kill me.

-Clara! Open up!



lf you want l'll get

rid of the fucker.



l owe you one, right?



Someone's knocking!



Gee, Don Goyo, really,

thanks a lot.



Yes, yes.



-Do you smoke, Dona Carmen?

-Oh, yes, thank you...



l'll keep it for when

l'm finished... Yes.



Light it. Light it up.



Oh, l'm sorry, the towel

got caught on your beard...



Did l pull too hard?



lf the Chief were to catch me

with sideburns like his...






Must be a relief not to shave

every day though, right?



But isn't it itchy

when it's hot?



He's asleep.



How l envy him!



l wish l could just drop off

any place...



With my shifts,

l hardly catch three hours in a row.



Got that ashtray?.












Hey, is that blood?



No, no. lt's the red grease l use

on the chairs so they'll roll easily.



Red grease?

As runny as that?



lt must have got mixed up with

some older grease...



Listen, that's blood,

look at that wound in his gut...



Put your hands on your head!



-What are you doing?




Easy, easy...

l won't do anything.



l said, hands on your head!



Tie him up. Only an idiot

would have let him in!



He let himself in.

Didn't you?



-The door was open.

-Take his gun!



Don't aim at me,

it could go off...



Take his gun and tie him up,

l said!



-Where are you going?

-To get some rope!



First take away his gun!



Just calm down. Let me help...



Holy fuck! You killed him!



You blew it by letting him in.




He might not be dead.



Don't be a faggot...



Lay him down.



-l'm not touching him...

-Lay him down, l said!



-You aiming at me, Carmen?

-Don't tempt me!




Now, stop pointing that at me.



Put him in there.



-No, not until we've talked...

-No, Goyo!



l'm not going out that door...



as poor as l was when

l came in this morning!



Not you nor anyone

will stop me!



Evening, Dona Clara...



-Good evening, Memo.

-Everything okay?.



Yeah, everything's fine.

Something you need?



ls Beto in?



He's asleep.



He went off to bed a while ago...



-Anything wrong?

-No, l got something for him.



Sure you're all right?

You look like you've been...?



Are you helping a customer?



Beto! lt's me, Memo!

How you doing, buddy?.



Memo! How're you doing?



Clara, let me out,

l want to talk to Memo.



Oh, so you got the lion in a cage?



You surprise me, Dona Clara.

Mind if l come in?






The thing is... actually,

Beto and l were...



-Oh, you were?

-No, nothing like that.



See, l made a mistake

on some price tags...



and you know how Beto is.



Well, come on,

he's at ground zero.



lmagine forty cigarettes a day

and suddenly, nothing!



Give him a few days

and he'll calm down.



Memo, don't go,

l wanna talk to you!



Clara, now,

please open the door.



Can l talk to him a sec?



Let him in and

come straight back here.



No, Thompson, l swear l didn't.

The CD was all ready...



lt was pure coincidence,

just bad luck...



-You too, punk?

-Me too, what?



Coincidence, my balls!



All right, but at least let's warn

the Russian, before...



Either shut up,

or l'll shut you up. Got it?



-All right.

-Okay. l'll shut up.



But let me call my neighbour

and tell her what happened.



Please don't ask him in.



My eyes are all swollen...






-How's it going, Memo?

-What's up?



-Hey, don't be mad...

-No problem...



l brought you some packs...



l'll bring the rest tomorrow.



Got what l gave you nearby?.



Cool, just there's been a shooting,

there's a couple bastards around.



Just keep cool.

Go do what you've got to.



-Catch you later.

-See you.



What the fuck is going on

inside your head?



Go to bed and we'll talk about it

tomorrow, Beto.



l'll go to bed

when l fucking want to!



What's this?



What have you been doing?

What did l ask you?



Enough, Beto, okay?.



You made me look an asshole

so you could smoke?



lt wasn't me, Beto.



What are you talking about?



Go on, get out of here!






Nene? The heat is gone.



Poke him in the guts.



Cut where you feel the stones.



l can't feel a thing...



Cut him. Start with the stomach.



l can't...

l can't, l can't do it.



Get your brother to bring the

ultrasound he used for his cons...



l wish you were half

as bright as him!



Oh yes, his ideas are all brilliant!

l admit it.



l've never been

any good at business...



but l've broken my back

to set up this barber's shop.



What have you done?

You just take courses:



computers, tourism, sushi!



-Enough, Goyo!

-lt's not fucking enough!



Go on, shoot me!



Maybe then you'll stop

giving me shit!












You have two new messages.



Nene, don't disconnect.

No time for ass-kissing, kid!



I haven't see the shadow

of the Russian...



Okay, smoke if you've got to.

But don't go and die on me, kid.



Nene, it's me, LoIo, dude.



I just saw the Russian

in a barber shop near here.



You tried to kill me,

you bitch...



You tried to kill me!



Get out of here.

l'll do it myself.



Get out of here, damn it!



lf you want to help...



start wrapping Sanchez up

in rubbish bags.



Poor old Sanchez...

He even said thank you.



-Where's the Russian?

-What's up?



What the fuck are you doing?



Don't kill us...



we didn't do anything to your friend,

he just died.



The rocks.



-Where are the rocks?

-They aren't there...



l can't find them.



They aren't in his briefcase.



He said he had them in his belly...



But l've searched his guts

and l couldn't find a fucking stone.



You got the wrong belly,

you fucking lunatic.



Take this!



Get it from him!






Nene, hang on.



lt was an accident,

we'll fix it.









Nene, don't fuck with me, dude.



Oh, dude.



Oh, man.



Oh, dude.



Honestly, Officer, believe me...



l swear l didn't do it.

He died all by himself.



l swear. Wait till Goyo

gets here, he'll tell you...



There he is! Goyo!













I'd debut with Tchaikovsky Variations

for CeIIo and Orchestra.






-l'm an idiot.

-l love you, my darling...



I Iove you... I Iove you.



A fucking idiot.



-And then MiIan?

-At La ScaIa.



-And BerIin?

-At the Konzert Haus.




-The Musik Vereine.




-The RoyaI AIbert.



I'd Iove to meet Yo-Yo Ma...

Take master cIasses with him.







Radio Messages, good evening.



-Good evening, Miss.

-Your code, please.



-      .




-Joaquin Lopez.

-Message, please.






Why don't you come down and

put that plant you know where.



The door's open,

don't be long...







Yes, Andrea.



l'm ltalian.



-Thank you.

-Good evening.



But who the fuck...?

Andrea, how couId you?



I'II kiII you. Son of a bitch!

I'II kiII you...



Hey, take it easy, calm down!



lt was her fault,

she left the door open for me!



-What do you mean?

-Tell him! Tell him!



You crazy fucking bitch!

That's what...



l come courting you,

and you screwing around with...



Five guys, Carlos.



First and Second Violins,

Oboe, Trombone...



and the conductor himself!



You're a whore!







Get out!



Get out of here

and never come back!



Get out!



Hey, Godinez...



-You gotta smoke?

-No, sir.



That was close...



You see?



You could've kept smoking.




-Yeah, who's this?



-lt's Goyo.




-How you doing, Tono?

-lt's a little late...



-Yes, l'm sorry about that...

-What? What happened?



l just wanted to say,

if it's not too much trouble...



-Well, spit it out!

-Tono, you're such hot shit...



look after your sister.



-What are you talking about?

-Good luck.






Fucking crazy night.




Special help by SergeiK