Nightbreed Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nightbreed script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Clive Barker movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nightbreed. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nightbreed Script

            Well, hi.


            You okay?

            Yeah. Sorry.

            - Want something to eat? - No.

            - You know what? - Hmm?

            We should get out of Calgary for a few days.

            - You know, just take off. - Any place special?

            Somewhere where we can be alone together.

            More alone than this?

            Yeah. And no work.

            No, no telephone calls.

            - No bad dreams. - No bad dreams.


            Decker's been calling again.


            - All last week, every day. - What does he want?

            I don't know. I haven't talked to him. I haven't called him back.

            Well, if he can help.

            I'm just... I'm just frustrated.

            - Spend all that time working with somebody... - Now, go see him.

            Tell him it's all gone except the bad dreams.

            The dreams aren't even that bad anymore.

            I'm actually beginning to like them.

            That does sound crazy, now doesn't it?

            But I like being fat, because it's comfortable.

            And I like myself fat. I like you fat too.

            Ooh, you'll wake the munchkins.


            Sweetie, you're supposed to be beddy-byes.

            - I heard something. - What did you hear, honey?

            - A bad man. - Oh, everything's all right.

            You go back to bed, munchkin, and I'll come and see you a bit later, okay?


            Looking very aggressive.

            There's the steal by Roberts. All alone!

            Oh, what a save!

              You know, most of my colleagues would have walked away from a case like yours.

              But I found you intriguing.

              All that talk about monsters in Midian.

              Only I didn't create 'em. I heard about 'em' from other people.

              Yeah, but you incorporated it into your private mythology.

              I guess I did.

              I needed a place to escape to.

              - A place where all your sins would be forgiven. - Yeah.

              - Do you remember what sins? - What do you mean?

              Well, when you imagined yourself being taken away...

              to this invented city, to Midian,

              what sins were you gonna be forgiven?

              Are we back in therapy, Doctor? They were just dreams.

              Midian doesn't exist. Monsters don't exist.

              But murder does, Aaron.

              Murder is very, very real.

              it might start in the mind,

              but then it changes to flesh and blood.

              Two days ago, the police brought me some photographs.

              They wanted to know if any of my patients...

              was capable of doing what's in those photographs.

              I'm gonna show them to you.

              - Why? - Because when you talked about murder on the tapes,

              I assumed it was just hallucinations.

              That's what I assumed.

              What you described on those tapes, Aaron,

              was very detailed, very specific.

              - Houses, faces.

              These houses, these faces.

              No, I... I don't remember.

              - Would you like to hear? - No!

              - So you think I did this? - Six families killed in ten months, Aaron.

              Oh, God.

              So what am I gonna do?

              You're gonna take these. They'll help you.

              You've got    hours to go to the police and tell them the truth.

              And that's all I can give you.


              This is Boone. You know what to do.


              Yeah. Hi, it's me.

              I'm at my place. I thought you were gonna be here.

              So, um, so come over as soon as you get this, okay?

              I love you. Bye.

              - Take it easy. Take it easy.

              - What have you been taking? - Lithium.

              Lucky you're in one piece, fellow.

              - This is not Lithium, friend. - What was I taking?

              it looks like it could be some kind of lab quality hallucinogen.

              - You're on what we used to call a bad trip, old buddy.

              Six families killed in ten months, Aaron.

              Six families killed in ten month, Aaron.

              Six families killed in ten months, Aaron.

              Take me to Midian.

              Take me to Midian. I'll do anything for you.

              Have I missed you? Have I missed you? No.

              Please. Please come.

              Please come. Take me. Take me to Midian.

              Please take me.

              Take me to Midian!

              Please. I beg you. I'll do anything.

              Why won't you come?

              What did you say?

              I said shut up!

              They won't come when you're here.

              They won't show themselves to the likes of you.

              - What did you just say? - "What'd you just say?"

              - You said "Midian". - Did I? Maybe.

              What do you know about it?

              it's where the monsters go.

              it takes away the pain.

              Hey, wait a minute.

              What do you know about it?

              - They forgive you there. - See, they only take you if you're worthy.

              know what they do to those that aren't worthy?


              So you know where it is?

              You and I could go there.

              - They sent you. - What?

              They sent you to take me.

              - Yes. Yeah.

              But I need to know where it is.

              it's a test.

              Yes. Yes.

              North of Athabasca.

              East of Peace River.

              North of Dwyer.

              You'll take me? I'm worthy. You ask anyone.

              I knew you'd come. I was waiting!


              I know, I know, I know. I know. I know.

              First I have to show you. That's how it works.

              - Show me what? - My true face.

              That's what these are for. I'm an actor, see?

              There's a face beneath this face.

              - No! - You have to see me!

              First I'll show you, then you'll take me with you.

              juvenile delinquency, periodically institutionalized.

              Some violent episodes. No criminal charges.

              - And he's been in my care...


              - What the hell have you done? - Nothing.

              in there! They need help!

              What's he saying?

              He's not making a whole lot of sense.

              Something about a place called Midian.

              He's dying. I think he wants to die.

              inspector, I know Boone.

              I know how he talks. I know how he manipulates.

              Now, maybe, if the right words are said to this man,

              they'll trigger something.

              Go ahead.

              I'll do what I can.

              But I'll have to have privacy.

              Move, and I'll slit your throat.

              - You got him? - I got him.

              Holy shit!

              Are you from Midian?

              - We shall take him below. - He's not Nightbreed.

              - He's Natural. - No. I've killed people!

              I'm like you. That's why I'm here.

              Shut the fuck up. You're meat.

              if we eat him, we break the law.

              That's true?

              Everything's true.

              God's an astronaut.

              Oz is over the rainbow.

              And Midian is where the monsters live.

              And you came to die.

              I didn't come to die. I came to be with you.

              No. Sorry.

              I can smell innocence...

              from    yards.

              I've killed people. I've killed    people!

              - Who told you that? - What do you mean?

              He lied, asshole.

              He lied.

              You're Natural.

              And that means...

              you're meat...

              for the beast.

              We mustn't! it's the law!

              Fuck the law. I want meat.


              Let him go!

              Women Wailing]

              Peloquin, no!

              He's meat! He's meat!

              He's after you. Quickly, that way! The gate's that way!

              Run while you've still got legs!

              He's gone! Enough!


              Something Natural.

              Freeze! Aaron Boone, you're under arrest!

              Boone, listen to him. it's no use.

              Stay back!

              inspector, I know how to talk to him.

              Boone, it's gonna be okay. They know everything now.

              I've explained everything to them.

              They're not gonna hurt you.

              I didn't do it. I didn't hurt anyone!

              - Of course you didn't. - Then you believe me?

              I believe you.

              - He's got a gun!

              No! Hold your fire!

              Hold your goddamn fire!

              Where's the gun?

              He reached into his jacket.

              Miss Winston, can you identify this as the body of Aaron Boone?

              You know, you meant the world to Aaron.

              He used to talk about you all the time.

              He talked a lot about you too.

              - We don't have to do this now. - I'd rather get it over with.

              What was your relationship with the deceased?

              We were lovers.

              Deceased is male white Caucasian, late  's.

              Possible cause of death: multiple gunshot wounds...

              to the thoracic cavity and the extremities.

              Unspecified animal bite adjacent bullet wound upper left shoulder.

              Bullet wound number one, upper left shoulder.

              Second bullet wound above left nipple.

              Third bullet wound below costal margin to the left.

              Jesus! They weren't taking any chances!

              He never raised a hand to me. He never hurt anyone in his life.

              Miss Winston, everybody has a secret face.

              Coffee break.

              Sweet dreams.

              Where did he die? What was the name of that town?

              it was a place called Midian.

              is it always the same dream, then?

              Oh, no, it's... Sometimes it's... it's like I'm... I don't know.

              it's like I'm underground. Maybe Midian,

              a place full of monsters I told you about.

              Are you buried alive?

              No, not alive.

              But you're conscious?

              Yeah, but not alive. I'm dead, but I'm still functioning.

              Death is the end.

              Not in Midian it isn't.

              in Midian, I live forever.

              So maybe death isn't the end, huh, Doc? Huh?

              - Good morning, Torrez.

              - What'll it be, darling? - Yeah, um, draft.

              A draft comin' up.

              I'm looking for a place called Midian.

              You're not the only one.

              A bunch of TV news folk passing through.

              Ever since they nailed that baby slasher up there.

              - Baby slasher? - Been a hell of a week for us.

              Took    shots to bag that sucker.

              What is it? Men or money?

              Whenever I cry, it's usually men or money.

              A man.

              What'd he do? Leave?

              Not exactly.

              He didn't come back, did he? That's even worse.

              Some loser gets a crush on you,

              you could throw him in the river tied to a piano,

              he'd come back faster than a dog with a bone.

              Oh! Why I bother to look so good...

              when there's on one here to admire the end product is beyond me.

              - know what I mean? - Yeah, I can't argue with that.

              Do you want a drink? I want a drink.

              You'll enjoy this. No, really!

              You hit me again, I'm gonna rip your face off.

              it's just a way to say welcome to the club.

              I'm not so sure I want to be in the club.

              You found your way back here for the same reason I did.

              We belong here. There's no place else on earth would take us in.

              Go on in.

              They're waiting for you.

              That's Lylesberg, the boss.

              Who's that girl?

              Shunma Sassi. Why?

              I dreamt about her.

              I dreamt him.

              - Who is your advocate? - I am.

              - Have you tutored him in the law? - Yes, he has.

              Let the advocate answer.

              Yes, I have.

              You understand what you do, joining us here tonight?

              You leave the natural world behind.

              The life you lived will be a dream.

              I know.

              The blood of Baphomet knows all truth.

              Are you prepared to be judged by the gods?

              Yes, I am.

              Aaron Boone...

              the tribes of the moon embrace you.

              You were wonderful.

              Bon appetit.


              How's your head?

              Please. But it was worth it.

              Lori, my grandmother always used to say,

              "Sheryl Ann, there's a man walking around out there with your name on his mind.

              All you gotta do is run into him".

              Of course, he happened to be checked in here at the crossroads of the world?

              He's fabulous.

              His name is Curtis, and he's a banker.

              He's just moved to Edmonton since he got his divorce.

              And best of all... he thinks I'm wonderful.

              Sheryl, are you sure you want to come along?

              Oh, yeah. I wouldn't miss it.

              Beside, Curtis has some business to do today.

              But we're meeting tonight, so that's okay.

              - My God! - Looks like the gold rush is over.

              - Why the hell would Boone come out here? - To get away from it all?

              Shut up, Sheryl Ann.

              Look, you go do whatever it is you have to do.

              I'll stay here and, uh, do something else.

              All right. I'll see you later.

              So this is Midian.

              This is someone else's soul

              Someone that I never knew

              This is someone else's body

              - Curtis. - Am I getting through to you

              What are you doin' here?

              - if you feel the way we all do - Hello, Sheryl.

              Bring her. Please bring her.

              Don't be frightened.


              Pick her up.

              O-Okay... hold still.

              Come on.

              Come on. No, it's okay. it's all right.

              Hurry, please. Bring her.

              Please bring her to me.

              Pay no attention. just give her to me.

              Babette, no!

              What's happening?

              - What? is it sick?

              - What's happening to it? - Mommy, help me.


              What the hell is this?

              She likes to play outside. I tell her the sun will hurt her.

              She's just a child. She doesn't understand.

              She likes to play outside?

              You saved her. I owe you something.

              Listen, I know why you've come.

              is Boone here? Did somebody bring him here?

              Rachel, you have said too much already.

              But, Lylesberg, she saved Babette.

              We know. But you cannot help her.

              Look... I don't know who you people are,

              but I saved the child's life, didn't I?

              So don't I deserve something for that?

              The child has no life to save.

              But what it has is yours, if you want it.

              That is the law. Do you want her?

              No! No, thanks.

              No, I just want some answers.

              But to speak of this to anyone would bring dire consequences.

              - What is that? A threat? - Not to you. To us.

              What's below... remains below.

              This is the law.

              Boone. Aaron Boone.

              just tell me, is he here?

              You took him. You took his body, didn't you?

              I need to know. Didn't you!

              I'm sorry. Please don't go.

              Wait a minute. Wait a minute!

              Where'd they go?

              She's mine!

              Y'all come back now, ya hear?

              Sheryl, we're goin'.

              I saw... Something's kinda come up,

              and, um, I...



              Oh, my God.

              Oh, my God.

              - Lori. - How do you know my name?

              Oh, that's a good question.

              Here's the answer.

              Oh, no.

              Boone's alive, Lori.

              And your death is gonna bring him out of hiding.

              Somebody help me!


              I'm not gonna let her die!

              You made an oath to obey the law.

              I'm not gonna let him butcher her.


              - I love her. - But she's a Natural.

              - She can't love you. Not now. - I don't care.

              Boone! Boone!

              Lie still. it's quicker that way.


              You're here.

              isn't this where the dead are supposed to go?

              - But you're not dead. - Oh, you're wrong, Decker. We're both dead.

              - Boone.

              Don't you get it? Blades are no better than bullets.

              I'm dead. I'm the walking dead.

              Are you gonna kill him or not? Only I want his balls.

              And his eyes. Unless, of course, you want them.

              I think I'll pass.

              Remember me, Doctor?

              I was dying when you had your way with me.

              - You made me give up my secrets...

              when I was feeling particularly vulnerable.

              - Now! - No!

              He's mine!

              Pretty sweet.

              I wasn't gonna hurt her.

              I only wanted to keep her warm.

              She's not gonna like the way you look.

              You've put us all in danger for your love of this woman.

              - Decker won't tell anyone. - He can still lead our enemies here!

              if he does, and Midian is unearthed, you are responsible.

              I'll make amends.

              just take the girl! Go on your way amongst the Naturals!

              That is the law.

              We got visitors, boy.

              - Can I use your phone? - Yeah.

              Don't know if it works.

              Broke down, did you?

              You ain't gonna get nobody to come out here.

              - Nobody never comes out here. - Get me inspector Joyce.

              Dr. Phillip Decker.

              You been up to Midian?

              kind of smelt like you had.

              Where exactly is the town of Midian?

              it ain't no town. just a cemetery.

              Joyce? Decker. Listen, I found out where Boone is.

              - Where are the nearest police? - Shere Neck.

              Shere Neck. Yes. I'll meet you in Shere Neck.

              - Who's buried in Midian. - Dead folk.

              Prospectors come from all over and got buried up there.

              - But there's something else. - Ain't nothin' but dead folk.


              Had to happen sooner or later. They couldn't hide forever.

              it's all right, boy. it's all right.

              Everything's gonna be all right.

              What the hell is this?

              it was Boone up there.

              - Yes. - But Boone's dead.

              - I saw him in the morgue. - You still don't understand.

              You're below now, with the Nightbreed.

              The last survivors of the great tribes.

              - Okay, tribes of what? - We're shape-shifters. Freaks.

              Remains of races that your tribe have all but driven to extinction.

              - So you're not immortal? - Far from it.

              The sun can kill some of us, like Babette.

              Some of us can be shot down.

              Others can survive that because they've gone beyond death.

              This is too weird.

              To be able to fly? To be smoke?

              Or a wolf?

              To know the night and live in it forever. That's not so bad.

              You call us monsters. But when you dream,

              you dream off lying and changing...

              and living without death.

              You envy us, and what you envy...

              We destroy.

              Babette, show her.

              Show her the past.

              We are all that remain.

              So you're saying, you're saying that Boone's like you?

              Yes. He's Nightbreed.

              No, that's not possible.

              - I gotta find him. - He's beyond your help.

              Where did he go?

              Down to the tabernacle. To Baphomet.

              - Who's that? - The baptizer.

              Who made Midian. Who called us here and saved us from our enemies.

              - Okay, take me there. - it's forbidden.

              We'll see about that.

              I told you everything I know.

              - No, no. The monsters. - N-Nightbreed?

              - Can they die? - What harm they ever done to you?

              Can they die!

              - Yeah. - How?

              Well, there are all kinds of Breed...

              and all kinds of ways to kill them.

              Uhh... bullets for some and f-fire for others.

              Why is it that you know so much about them?

              I-I wanted to be one of'em.

              They... Did they kick you out?

              is that why you hate 'em so much?

              I'm not one of them.

              I'm here to destroy them.

              You see, I've cleaned up a lot of breeders.

              Families like cesspools.

              Filth making filth making filth.

              And I did it over and over and over again,

              but it was all leading me here.

              I was born to destroy the whole Nightbreed together.

              Y-You're crazy.

              No, I'm death. Plain and simple.

              Say it!

              Then don't say it.


              There goes the neighborhood.


              Looking for Boone?



              Damnit, Boone.

              No one here by that name.

              - Told you.

              I know you.

              He's talked about you...


              Pretty little butterfly. Nice.

              You're still a Natural.

              - Want to join the family? - No!

              You will.

              Sooner or later, you'll want to live forever.

              - No!

              - Okay, Decker, what do you got? - I found Boone.

              Somebody stole the corpse, brought it down here?

              There is not corpse. He's not dead.

              He was shot, pumped full of bullets. I saw it.

              I saw it too, but he's alive.

              - He's killed again. - in Shere Neck?

              No. No, up in Midian.


              Captain Eigerman.

              inspector Joyce, Calgary Police Department.

              This is Dr. Decker.

              And this is Shere Neck. Midian is my jurisdiction.

              Boone was my prisoner. We can work together.

              No, we can't. I'll bring him in myself.

              - But he's not alone anymore. - I've heard that talk.

              - it's nuthouse talk. - What talk?

              Midian. Something is breeding there, underneath the cemetery.

              - Bullshit. - You believe that?

              Yes, I do. if somebody doesn't stop them, there's gonna be more bloodshed.

              I promise.

              Hey, you're really light on your feet.

              You may not be gorgeous, but you'll do for me.

              Up and about already?

              - Just stay away from me. - Hey, I'm sorry about upstairs.

              But I see a pretty face, and I just had to kiss it.

              - Hey, you can't go down there! - Why not?

              isn't this a great place? Shangri-la on dope.

              We love it!

              - What's that smell?

              Not me.

              - The Berserkers are down there.

              Mad bastards.

              They'll rip off your head and shit down your neck.

              - Did Boone go down there? - And he won't be coming back.

              - He's not dead. - He's more than that.

              if you don't believe me, just wait till he comes to...

              sniff a little blood.

              That'll bring out the beast in him!

              You can't go down there!

              You need some beauty sleep.

              Hey, love those tattoos!


              Help me!

              Come back here! Come back!

              Hey! Shine!

              - Slaughter! You missed.

              Where's Boone?

              This way.

              Boone! Boone!

              Don't look!

              Don't look!

              Come on!

              Well, well. Guess he can't take the heat.

              Thank God. Let's go.

              I can't go out there. I belong here!

              Now listen to me. You belong with me.

              That's why you lived. That's why we both survived...

              because we belong together.

              Don't you see they don't need you?

              Nobody needs you but me.

              - Okay. - Okay?

              I love you.

              Come on.

              There's no answer from the room.

              I tried twice.

              Huh? Oh.

              Yeah, the key's still here.

              I don't know. I haven't seen them.

              Arnie! Hey, Arnie!

              Where the fuck is he? Arnie!

              Listen, I'm gonna have to get someone back to you on that.

              Okay? Yeah.

              Oh, shit. Oh, God. What a mess.

              Gross me out.

              - Arnie?

              Okay. I'll get my stuff in two minutes.

              - What's wrong? - Why is it so empty?

              Must be the rodeo.

              - I smell blood.

              it's okay.

              Shere Neck Police.

              Boone! Next door.

              it was Decker.

              Decker did this.

              Boone, what's wrong? What is it?

              I don't want you to see!

              - Get out! - I'm not gonna leave you!

              in! Go! Go!

              They're coming!



              Up, up, up, up! Get him up!

              Christ, he stinks!

              What are you looking at?



              You are a freak and a cannibal,

              and you've come to the wrong town.

              Get the door. I'm gonna give you something to remember me by.

              Fuckin' cannibal.


              - Put him in my custody now! - Still here, huh?

              - I'm gonna go back to Midian with you.

              Yeah? I'll be right there.

              I'm not going anywhere with you. I got a press conference to deal with.

              - Now you tell him I've got Boone under control. - Don't trust him.

              - He changes. - Sure he does.

              Eigerman, he was right about the motel.

              - So what? - So maybe there are others.

              - What are you talking about? Monsters? - Aliens, a cult.

              - I don't know. We should check it out. - You wanna go out there?

              - Yeah. - Okay, we'll go out there. Pettine.

              - Yo, Chief. - You and some of the boys take inspector Joyce out to Midian.

              Look around that graveyard. if you see anything with more than two eyes, give me a holler.

              in the meantime, I got a press conference. Good-bye.

              Hey, the doctor's here to examine you, freak,

              just so no one can say we laid one finger on you.

              He looks okay to me.

              What do you think, Doc?

              - No pulse. - What's that?

              The man is dead.

              What the hell are you trying to do tome?

              I don't understand what the hell is going on around here!

              Now, how many bullets did they pull out of that geek up in Midian?

              - Why? - Why? You tell him why!

              - I can't get a pulse on him. - Jesus Christ!

              - Are you saying he's dead? - Not lying-down dead, my friend.

              Walkin' around in my fuckin' cell dead.

              Now, what have you got to say about that?

              Can you hear me?

              They'll find a way to kill you, Boone. You know that?

              Are you listening?

              You're an abomination, Boone.

              You have to die.

              You hear me?

              There's people down there. I can feel it.

              if there is, we call for backup.

              - Oh, shit. - Was that something?

              I don't know. Maybe we're just all spooked.

              Hell, who'd want to live in a graveyard?

              What do you say, inspector?

              - Let's just call it a day.

              - No, no, no, no!


              Do you want me to interrogate it, inspector?

              - Give him some air. - What the hell for?

              - Can't you see there's something wrong with him?

              God, get him off me!

              Damn it, get him off me!

                Jesus Christ on a crutch.

                He was just dust?

                it was the sun. The sun did it.

                We got the perfect weapon right over our heads.

                Yeah, just until it goes down.

                Oh, no, shit!

                Pettine! Goddamn it, get out here!

                - Who did it?

                Why do we have to get him back?

                Maybe Baphomet told him something...

                something that could save Midian.

                - Pettine, what's your status? - They torched our car. Lousy freaks!

                king, get in here.

                - Yes, sir? - I think it's about time we go out there, don't you?

                Reverend Ashberry, your services are required.

                - He looks like a drunk. - He is a drunk.

                Lost his brain. Now you wouldn't want to miss the Judgement Day, would you?

                The apocalypse? it's here?

                Well, they're warming up for it over in Midian.

                I want you to go to your church and get crosses...

                and prayer books and Bibles and whatever the hell else you people use.

                'Cause we're goin' out there with God on our side.

                Whether it's Commies, freaks or Third-World Y-chromosome mutants, we are there.

                Sons of the Free.

                - Come on, guys! Let's get 'em!

                Hey, freak-face, we found your pals.

                They're gonna fry just like you.

                Hey, Constable Labowitz, something to blow your brains?

                - Beauteous. - All right.

                - Suck on that.

                Hey, who's there?

                What's the problem?

                No problem!


                - Hold him!

                - You all right, Coback?

                Where is he? Where's Boone?

                Cell three, through the door.

                I love a coward.

                Don't think you're getting broke free! No way they get through that door!

                it's solid steel! Do you hear me, freak?

                Jesus Christ!

                Oh, fuck me.

                I do not want to hurt you.

                Naughty, naughty.

                - I want you to wait out here. - Brave girl.

                I'm not afraid of you.

                I don't wanna be dust.

                I want us flesh and blood.

                No time for hoochie-coochie.

                Are we going?

                Did you ever perform an exorcism, preacher?

                - No. - I suggest you start rehearsing.

                - Better take one of these. - I wouldn't know what to do with it.

                "So Moses spoke to the people, saying,

                "Arm yourselves for war and go and take vengeance for the Lord...

                "on Midian.'

                "And so they burned with fire all the cities where they dwelt...

                and killed the kings of Midian, both man and beast. "

                Ooh, Doc, it sounds like we're goin' head-to-head with the Devil himself.

                - I don't believe in the Devil. - Oh, but you will.

                Hot damn!

                All right, let's move in.

                it's only a mile or two more.

                - There's a shortcut near here. - Where?


                Let's go! Let's go!

                Move it! Move it, move it!

                What are you doing here, Decker?

                You'll miss all the fun.

                I just found something in there I really think you ought to take a look at.

                What the hell is this, Decker?

                T minus ten seconds.

                Five, four, three,

                two, one.

                We are too late.

                Looks like the millennium just ended.

                Stand up, fucker!


                - Rachel! Rachel! - Babette!

                Babette, no!

                Stay down! This is our home!

                We belong here! Stay where you are!

                - They're waiting for us above! - No!

                Don't listen to him! We'll all be slaughtered!

                if you want to live, it won't be here, and it won't be by your laws.

                Now if we want to survive, we can't hide.

                Brothers and sisters, it is time to fight!


                Come on! Don't look down! Hurry, hurry!

                Women and children upstairs!

                - You heard what he said. - What chance have we got?

                - They're armed. - So am I.

                Come to Daddy.

                Babette! Come on.

                - Come on. - Hey!

                it's my lucky day!

                - But she's just a kid.

                You found her.

                Come on!

                Hey, look what we got here.

                - Say good night.

                Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.

                it's all right. Which way is safe?

                - You've got to stop.

                There are children down there.

                You're killing children!

                Go ahead, faggot.


                - Sorry, padre. - Eigerman!

                - Hey, papa.

                We don't like priests here.

                - Ow!

                Je... What the fuck is this?

                I don't feel so good.


                What the hell are you doing down here? Your people need you.

                Baphomet is going to destroy us all... the Naturals, the Breed, Midian, everything!

                - How do you know? - Take a look for yourself.

                - The whole place is gonna blow? - it's Baphomet's will!

                Look, we can make it out! But we need fighters.

                - We're not warriors. - What about the Berserkers?

                Madness. They're uncontrollable.

                Better yet! Let them out.

                We are the tribes of the moon. You said so.

                The tribes of the moon.

                I'll release them.

                - What's the plan? - The usual.

                You take the big guy.

                - Sucker.

                You don't want to do that.

                Give me a good reason why not.

                I'll give you two.

                - Ugh, what a mess!

                My God.

                What have you done?

                Yo, Moses!

                Watch the pretty light.

                Wait for it.

                - Here it comes!


                Go get 'em, boys!

                - Come on! Let's go!

                Cut it out!


                You goddamn cowards!

                I'll kill you all!

                Dennis, give me a weapon!


                I didn't believe in the prophesies.

                it's all over.

                What prophesies?

                You want to see?

                - That's Boone. - Yes, it's him!

                All these years waiting for a savior.

                He hasn't saved us. He's destroyed us.

                I made him!

                The bite... was mine.

                The bite that mocks death.

                - That doesn't make him yours.

                Quite a dance, huh? Death everywhere, and you and me in the middle.

                Come on!


                Not yet!

                One last dance?


                Oh, my God.

                - Oh. - Decker's dead.

                Pull the knife out.


                Don't go.

                I have to. I'm responsible.

                You have destroyed our refuge.

                This was inevitable. No home is forever.

                You must rebuild what you've destroyed.

                You must find me. Heal me.

                Save me from my enemies.

                You are no longer Boone. You are Cabal.

                Save me from my enemies.

                Save me from my enemies.

                Save me from my enemies.

                Night-night, sweetheart.

                Where will I find you when I need you?

                You'll find me.

                And you'll need me.

                I never touched a legend before.

                I saw their god, Master.

                He burned me.

                I want to burn him back!

                Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

                Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

                This is someone else's soul

                Someone that I never knew

                This is someone else's body

                Am I getting through to you

                if you peel away the orange

                There's something underneath

                if you look below for hidden treasures

                Underneath another layer

                Are you hiding underneath the sea




Special help by SergeiK