Nighthawks Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nighthawks script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sylvester Stallone and Rutger Hauer movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nighthawks. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nighthawks Script



You talk, we cut your face, hear?



Your purse. Put it in my hand, bitch.



I said put it in my hand!





You busted my mouth!



- Come on, he-man.

- I'll cut you, man.



I got the hots for ya.



Drop it. Drop it!



Drop it!



You got one more shot to drop it, man.



- I'll cut you, man.

- Come on, badass.



Come on. Cut me, badass.

Come on. Come for me.



Come on.



Come on! Come on, badass.



You got the right to a legal counsel.



You have the right to remain silent.



And anything you say can be

used in a court of law against you.






Oh! Excuse me.



- Oh, it's warm in here.

- Isn't it, though?



- May I help you with anything?

- Yes, yes. Something special.



Oh, yes. I think you might be

interested in something like this.



That's good. What is it?



I think you'd be interested in this

more, sir. Would you like to smell it?



- What do you think?

- Would you wrap it up for me?



- I'll be back in a couple of minutes.

- All right.



You really are very pretty.



Well, thank you.





United Press.



I have an announcement to make

for your international wire.



The Wulfgar Command has just struck

a blow against British colonialism.



Be warned that I have a long arm...



...and I'm prepared to fight

my enemies wherever they may be.



Don't forget...



...there's no security.






- Put your hands up! Against the wall!

- Move! Move!



What the fuck is this shit?

How much shit you want, man?



How much for this motherfuckin' shit?



- Who you talkin' to?

- You, pig!



- Who the fuck you talkin' to?

- You, pig! How much money you want?



- Shut up, man.

- Shut up, my ass! How much...?



I want you to pay for every life you've

wasted on this shit, motherfucker!



- Motherfucker!

- Let him go, Matt.



That ain't worth it, man.



I said he ain't worth it.



Let him go, Matt.



Matt, let him go.



If I ever see you again,

I'm gonna kill you.



Do you hear me? I'm gonna kill you.

Now you get over there.



Now move! Move!






All right, keep your hands up. Let's go.

We're all goin' downtown. Come on.



Come on, kid.



- I could use some coffee. You?

- Yeah, sure.



I went to a party last night.

I'm not used to this nightlife.



- How does that feel?

- Good. Both sides look OK.



- Let the lady out.

- I'll be cool.



Wait a minute. We got things to do now.



- Why do you have to see her now?

- Just cover me for ten minutes.



- I want to see her now, that's all.

- Excuse me, ma'am.



- I'll call on her. Don't worry.

- Don't hang around too long, OK?



- I'll be ten minutes.

- Well, hurry up.



Take your hat off, at least. Jesus Christ.



Please, let me help you out.



Irene, I think the pleat you added

to my summer-skirt design is fantastic.



Incidentally, there's an important

buyer coming by in a few days.



It might be a good career move for you

if you'd escort him to dinner and such.



Think it over.



Deke, what are you doing back here?



I came up the back way so I didn't

embarrass you in this get-up.



Very chic(!)

Why are you dressed like that?



Me and Fox just got back from the Bronx.



- Were you cruising?

- Nah, dope bust.



- You all right?

- Oh, yeah, fine.



- So how are you doin'?

- Great. Yeah.



- Being promoted next week, even.

- Is that right? That's good.



Why did you come by? I've gotta get back

to work. I've got a million things to do.



Well, I was wonderin'

if maybe later tonight...



...we could spend some time together?



What do you want from me, Deke?



- What do you want from me?

- What?



Look, maybe I made a few mistakes.

I admit that, all right?



Look, you wouldn't like living

with me again. You really wouldn't.



- Irene, I know what I like.

- Well, it isn't the right time, anyway.



This is not the right time.



People grow, Deke.



I don't understand why you can't

get transferred off the streets.



Why do you have to do

these insane kinda things?



Why the hell can't you change?



I did.



Can I come by tonight?



Can I?



Why didn't you ever pay this much

attention when I was with you?



Cos I didn't know what

it'd be like without you.



I have to get back to work.



I have to go.



I've really got a million things to do.



We'll talk later, all right?





Listen, I've always seen you hanging about

college, but no one knows what you do.



Does it matter? I'm in business.



Don't run away now.



I really am a remarkable fellow.



Kenna, you look a bit nervous.

Mercer sent my money?



Not this trip. They want to

talk to you about that bomb.



Mercer says it was overdone.



Several children were killed.

It hurt the movement.



Don't your people realize what it

costs to run an operation like this?



I work miracles for them.



Kenna... where were you since Friday?



They picked me up at the airport

and they held me over the weekend.



- The police?

- No worry at all.



- But you still came here.

- You know I'd never tell them anything.





You already have.






You go to a better life.







- Excuse me, Inspector.

- Where's that bastard Hartman?



He's over at the back of the crowd, sir.



- What's going on here?

- Can you tell us anything?



I don't want to hear a word from you,

Hartman, that you warned us.



Not one word, understand?



One of these days it would be nice if

someone listened before it was too late.



First the bombing, then three men

come to get him, and he gets them.



He's becoming quite a legend here, sir.



Maybe. But even a legend can go too far.



He's now killed one of his own.



A man in his position has to worry as

much about his friends as his enemies.





Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.



You fool,

where the hell have you been?



Wulfgar, you must be out of your mind

to bring me here,



right next to police headquarters.



Couldn't you find another meeting place,

other than Sainte Chapelle?



I go where I like.



My payment... let me have it.



A ticket to Madrid?






Is Mercer joking, or what?



Mercer sent me.



But the killing of his courier

will not be forgotten.



He wasn't one of my people. He brought

the police to my door, the idiot.



An idiot with your photo in his pocket.






He had brought you your passport.



Interpol has your photo now,



and that was very stupid.



Have you spoken to Hammad?



He thinks you are a dead man soon.



He needs my help.



He needs someone

who believes in his cause.



But where can you work?



You can't show your face anywhere.



We'll see.



It's going down.



- DaSilva, they want you downtown.

- What?! You blew his cover!



- Hey, that ain't my problem, pal.

- It ain't your problem?!



What the fuck do you want here?



- Who do you think you're talkin' to?

- I'm talkin' to you!



Don't ever come around on

our detail again, understand?



- Don't go shittin' me.

- You wanna say somethin' to me?



You do that again,

I'll break your fuckin' face!



Fuckin' glory boys.

Nobody likes your crap.



None of ya. Neither one of ya.



They make anybody a sergeant now.

Kiss my ass, Fox!



I'm gonna kick your ass!






What you got?



You know we can't come back

here again, you know that?



- Bitch.

- All the time...



What is this?

Let's get back to headquarters.



Don't litter.



- You littered.

- So arrest me!



Our mutual contacts insisted

that I see you today.



Normally I do not operate on Sunday.



You must be quite important to them.



Make yourself comfortable, I will show you

photos which will help you choose.



Please have a seat.



This one would be perfect for your face.



Notice the contours,

strong and well-defined.



Not for me.



With the nostril more open then.



Not for me.



What do you want?



A smaller nose

and do something with his jaw line.



Yes, of course.



And the eyes can be made blue

with lenses?



Yes, I think we can do that.



Good, but do it fast.



What do you want exactly?



I want to be beautiful.



- Lieutenant?

- Right here.



I just got these latest transfer orders...



Don't sing me no operas today.

I don't feel good and I'm rushed.



I'm not singin' any operas.

I'm talkin' about these transfer orders.



Look, come on, Munafo.



For nine years I've been workin' decoy.

Now I'm pulled and I'd like to know why.



Look, you don't know me well enough to

call me Munafo, but I know you, DaSilva.



The gung-ho Lone Ranger

of the street-crime unit, huh?



You can forget about that.



We've been asked to cooperate

with the Special Federal State Unit.



- You two are assigned to an ATAC group.

- Come on! Terrorism, hijack, hostages...



That's FBI stuff.

What do they want with us?



Your military records had

something to do with it.



How many times you been

hospitalized this year? Five?



Consider this squad a vacation from decoy.



- I don't need a vacation from decoy.

- Oh, yes, you do.



They need someone

who knows the local rat holes.



- Anything goes down, you're the man.

- Where did this come from?



The commissioner. He got it from

Washington. Specialists from Europe...



...Interpol, will help organize it

in conjunction with Federal funding.



And this department will extend

every courtesy, understand?



- No, I don't...

- Get your hands off me!



Understand this, sucker! You're a cop

and you'll go where you're assigned!



Now you and Tonto be here tomorrow

at eight o'clock sharp! End of story!






High-gain antennae,

four mobile units, two on wheels...


            one helicopter and

another moored at the battery.



Direct telex... to Interpol Paris

and all of Western Europe.



Computer banks which

give total information.



Retrieval on every known

terrorist in the world.



Some of you may wonder

why you have been selected.



Simply because of your unique qualities,

field record, courage, etc, etc.



You are to be indoctrinated

in counterterrorist techniques...



...which will enable you to meet your

terrorist adversary on equal terms.



Air France passenger

Andrew Dunham...



...please pick up a white courtesy phone...



Is this trip business or pleasure?



Pleasure, I hope.



Welcome to the United States.



The ATAC squad - that's the

Antiterrorist Action Command -



...has been formed due to a serious

lack of ruthlessness by the police.



- What are we doin' here?

- They've become bland.



First lesson: Threat equals fire power.



Terrorists, though relatively few

in number, rely on massive fire power.



Fragmentation grenades,

other improvised explosive devices.



Law-enforcement officials,

on the other hand, are poorly armed...



...indoctrinated in the use

of non-deadly force...



...and, to a great extent, are not

proficient in what weapons they do have.



Department policy, reluctance to fire,

police-public relations...



...human rights, civil rights...


            orientation, necessary

when dealing with civilians...



...but catastrophic with terrorists.



- Pay attention, huh?

- The most important rule is...



...hesitation kills.



Hesitation must be removed

from the policeman.



Are you sure that

this guy's even in the city?



The latest information, as gathered by

the Interpol computer bank, supports this.



He isn't comfortable in Europe.

No one will hire him.



Africa, Asia, the Middle East,

South America...



They've got enough revolutionaries.



But if you wanted worldwide press

coverage... New York. Where else?



What about the possibility that he

could have retired or gone into hiding?



Sergeant Fox, isn't it?



The answer to the possibility

of Wulfgar's retirement, sir, is...



...he's only beginning.



Go ahead.



In    hours, I want each of you to know

every detail of his past operations.



We must make use of

every bit of time we have.



I assure you Wulfgar isn't wasting his.



International terrorism, gentlemen,

is a worldwide organization...



...and the man who runs like a thread

through the majority of all of it is one...



...alias Wulfgar.



There was a plastic surgeon

murdered in Paris recently.



The method and caliber of bullet used...



...was the same as Wulfgar has used

in similar assassinations.



So, gentlemen, he may now

look entirely different.



The man truly enjoys killing.



Don't start trouble, OK? Why are

you always such a troublemaker?



His pattern is that he makes

female contacts...


            establish safe housing for his armory.



He also has a liking for fancy foods,

expensive clothes and the nightlife.





Let's not be strangers. I'm Eric.



The real name is Heymar Reinhardt.



Born Frankfurt, Germany,     ...



...educated Paris and

Patrice Lumumba University, Moscow.



Currently financed by... no one.

Since the London incidents...



...he has become persona non grata

with revolutionary communities.



What makes him dangerous

is that he wants to prove himself...


            invincible as he ever was.



Well, not to us, of course, but

to international terrorist networks.



So he may strike anywhere,

without warning.



What he wants most is press coverage.

The media is their voice.



ABC... Television, right?



Right. And CBS is down there.



Radio City is way on down there.



- The news is here.

- Mm-hm.



You know...

I never asked you what you do.



Well, besides dance a lot,

I fly for National.



"I'm Pam. Fly me."



That's an airline joke, sort of.



Don't get me wrong. I don't actually

fly the plane. I'm just a stewardess.



A flying waitress, some people call us,

but I'd rather dance than do any of that.



- How about you?

- Me?



I'm an international terrorist,

wanted by half the countries in Europe.



- And I'm a lady-killer.

- Sure(!)



If you allow him to

dictate the circumstances...



...the hostages will ultimately die.



You can count on that.



So, try to stay with me, everybody.

Time is short.



Very short.



- Something to add, DaSilva?

- We can't catch him if we sit in here.



It's a logical procedure.



When you have been exposed

to counterterrorist techniques...



...then you will be ready for the streets.



A more logical procedure.



He has no network, no real organization.



He improvises. But he manages

to succeed where others have failed.



If he has changed his face,

he will be more dangerous than ever.






And the destruction of several buildings

in your so-called financial centre...


            only a warning.



Wulfgar will strike next

in the international community.



You people are never prepared.



And there's no security.



You may print that.



- You ever see anything like this?

- No.



This detonator tells me that

our suspect is not retired, Sergeant Fox.



Why now? Why not during the day,

when the place is wall-to-wall people?



- It's his method.

- What method?



The instilling of fear. By tomorrow, the UN

delegates will be screaming for protection.



It's all part of the acts

of terror, gentlemen.



Shakka Holland.



OPEC raid, Vienna.






- And what?

- What did she do in the OPEC raid?



OK, once again.



She shot a policeman in the neck

at point-blank range.



She kills without provocation.

She's a known associate of Wulfgar's.



Uh, DaSilva...


            the three successful

antiterrorist raids recorded worldwide.



We've gone over this for days now.



And we'll go over it

until it's second nature.



You have to learn to think like him, to

act with the same ruthlessness he does.



Isn't this overkill?






His cover's always some woman who's

clean. He loses one, he finds another.



We know his MO, but what we don't know,

and we'll never know it sitting here...


            motive, method and opportunity.

- Forget this police-academy nonsense!



This is a terrorist.



He doesn't think like a criminal.

He wants to be a hero.



And you want to treat him

like some mugger on the streets?



- Get inside the man's head, dammit!

- Look, I understand that.



But how do you expect me to understand

you're training us to be assassins?



The only difference between

him and us will be the badge.



I don't know about you, and I don't know

about the rest of these men, but...



...I didn't join the force to kill people.

- Oh, for Christ's sake, man!



To combat violence

you need greater violence.



To defeat a violent people,

you have to react in a given situation...



...with ruthless,

cold-blooded violence as well.



And if any of you think that you don't

have the killer instinct, you're wrong.



We all have it. It's just a question

of pushing the right button.



And if we're very lucky, there will be

one moment when he will be vulnerable.



One brief, critical moment.



- That is when you must do it.

- Do what?



- Take him.

- You mean open fire?



There's no other way.



And if we miss, that's dead hostages.



- Hopefully not.

- That's an unacceptable risk.



There's a UN benefit at

the Metropolitan Museum next week.



Those people are already hostages. It's

our responsibility to try and stop him.



It's not my responsibility to be

part of an accidental homicide.



For Christ's sake, DaSilva!



Will you get out of this

cop-on-the-beat mentality!



Your wife left you for it!

Wasn't that enough?



And how did I know that, DaSilva?



I make it my business to know

the backgrounds of all you people...



...because they're weapons against you. I

knew it would get through to you, DaSilva.



And if there's any way,

Wulfgar will know it too.



He will know the backgrounds

of each of you people.



What's valuable to you.

Make you live in fear.



You people have no idea of the extent of

the underground in your own city, do you?



That's the technique of terror.



How do you like it?



I'm out.



Thank you, everyone. That'll be all.



- Just listen to me...

- I don't want any part of it any more.



I know, but listen...



- He didn't have to say about my wife...

- Listen, listen.



He's asking us to commit ourselves

to stopping a terrorist...



...who's capable of wiping out hundreds

of people in one shot, just like that.



You're one of the best.

He's looking at you as one of the best.



And you can't back off now.

You gotta stay with it.



Think about it, OK? It's up to you.





What's this?














Let me help you.



I didn't mean it.



I couldn't help wondering...

what was in there.



I know.



- It doesn't matter.

- No...



- Please, I won't tell anyone. Don't worry.

- It's OK.



You mustn't be worried.



You go to a better life.



I don't want that transfer.



- No?

- But I'll be honest with you.



I don't know if I could take

that shot with innocent people around.



"Deke DaSilva, drafted into the army,

August      ."



"Volunteered for Airborne School."



"Accepted by Officer's Candidate School."



"Reassigned, first lieutenant,

First Cavalry Division, Vietnam."



And much more.



The most interesting statistic is...



...   registered kills in combat service.



One would have said that you were quite

adept at pulling the trigger, wouldn't one?



That was war.



Let me just say that I have a feeling

you'll do the right thing at the right time.



Good evening, DaSilva.



- No hace nada.

- Hay que botarlo, porque no sirve.



- Carajo.

- Carajo. Te veo. Ya te lo apunto, ya.



I'll have the special Cuban melon.



Don't sell melon here.



Didn't I read your ad

in the personal column?



Carajo, yo no advertise.



Maybe Wulfgar was wrong.








- Yes?

- They found a stewardess dead.



What stewardess?



If you guys at the command centre haven't

heard of this girl, maybe it's time you did.



We're not sure who her boyfriend was,

but we've gone through her souvenirs.



It's like a map of every discotheque

and singles bar in town.



- What's that to do with us?

- No, nothin' unusual...



...except one thing that doesn't belong.



A map of the Wall Street area.

The street that was bombed was circled.



I want you and Fox to hit all the places

she might've hung out.



- Somebody might have a bead on her.

- All right, we're on it.



- I never saw her.

- Are you sure?



- Positive.

- Absolutely positive?



- I never saw her.

- If you hear of anything, give us a call.



- No?

- Maybe, maybe.



If you think of anything...



- Ever seen that girl around here?

- No, I don't think so.



Look, if you remember anything,

call me at that number, all right?



No, no. Never seen her before.



Why don't you look again?



Don't remember her. Do you?



Yeah, she's been here.






- Maybe a couple of weeks ago.

- Do you remember who she was with?



Yeah, a guy with blond hair,

dressed pretty good.



- Has he been here tonight?

- I ain't seen him.



We just wanna

look around a while, all right?



OK. Go with him, Mike.

Don't hassle anyone, OK?



- May I have your coats?

- Thank you.





This way.



- What do you think?

- I don't think he's here.



We're gonna stick around for a while.



All right.



Come on, Deke.

Why don't we check out another place?



Wait. Wait.






Let's say I did this...

Cut this off, added this.



He could look something like that,

couldn't he?



Yeah, I guess so. Why?



Because that... is standing over there.



- I got a feeling.

- You wanna go check him out?






Police! Move! Move!



You dumb jerk!

You wanna get killed?!



I'll go this way!



- He went that way.

- In here!



- That's seven. He should be out.

- I hope you're right!









Police! Move! Get outta the way!



Get outta the way! Move!



You got him?



I don't see him!



I got him!



I lost him!



I got him! I got him!






Stand away! Move!



- Get outta the way!

- Shoot!






Idiot! Take the shot!



He's not clear.









Jump, Deke, jump!



Come on, I got you.



- It's locked.

- Get back. I'm gonna kick it open.






Police! Get back!



Get outta the way! Stand back!



Are you all right?



- Police!

- Move! Get outta the way!



Come on, goddamnit!



Get back! Move!






- I got him this way!

- Watch out.









Deke! Deke!



Don't move. Jesus Christ!



- God, I'm hurt.

- Get on back, goddamnit!



Get some help!

I'll kill that son of a bitch.



- Get him!

- Don't move.



- Get him, Deke!

- I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch.



- Get him!

- Don't move. You're fuckin' dead!



I'll kill that motherfucker.

You're fuckin' dead!



You're fuckin' dead!



I'm gonna kill that motherfucker.

You're fuckin' dead, you motherfucker!



You're fuckin' dead!



How you doin'?



The doctor said you have great reflexes.



You caught that blade on the jawbone,

so it didn't touch anything vital.



Before you know it,

you'll be back at the command centre.



OK? Good as new?



- Deke...

- What?



You shoulda took that shot.



You shoulda took the shot.



Close the shop.








The police have

a description of you, Wulfgar.



And by now, every delegation

at the UN has it too.



It doesn't matter.



I was wondering

when you would come here.



Have you seen Hammad?



Hammad is beginning to pay attention.

He's not ready to take you back yet.



Soon he'll beg.



How did they trace me so soon?

I don't understand.



- You must know...

- What?






- Hartman? Here?

- Yes.



You're just in time.



I need all the information

you can get on the UN personnel.



Hartman's people, too.



Especially the name of the bastard

who chased me tonight.



Have you been all right?



Well, yeah, fine. Why?



I want you to be

a bit more careful, that's all.



- You still haven't told me why.

- Irene, do me a favor this one time.



- Don't meet any new people right now.

- I wanna know why.



Why can't you just

do what I say one time?



You haven't talked like this before.

What are you working on?



If you'd like to talk about it,

I'd be happy to listen.



No, it'd take too long to explain.

It's too complicated to go into now.



- We'll talk later.

- Well, all right. How about this?



Why don't we have dinner

together next weekend?



At your favorite little Italian restaurant?



Did I say something that brought that on?






- Are you serious?

- Absolutely.



Well, how about I make the reservations?

I'll call you on Friday.



- OK. Bye.

- Bye.





Is this all?






Then we're ready.





The French assistant

ambassador's leaving.



OK, good. How are you feelin'?



I love watching other people

have a good time.



Gentlemen, proceed with

your checkpoints, please.



And let the guests see you.

Keeps them from getting nervous.



Checkpoint one all clear.

Checkpoint two?



South wing is all clear.



I've got the Swedish delegate in here.



- TV, check in, please.

- Pretty pictures here.



- Elevator, check in, please.

- British ambassador's on his way.



North side, check in.



- Everything's OK here.

- Roger.



DaSilva, everything seems to be

under control up there.



- Would you take Zone A?

- Sure. Listen...



- Are you hungry?

- Mm. A bit.



- Chinese food later?

- Look forward to it.



- How's everything?

- Fine.



Hartman, proceeding

to the south escalator.



Hello, balcony?

German counsel's heading your way.



OK, I see him.



DaSilva, do you read me?



Checkpoint one.



DaSilva, by the way...

Who's picking up the check?



Well, I believe in age

before beauty, don't you?






Watch out! Move outta the way! Get back!



Don't turn him over!






- All right, we got all the exits covered.

- Forget it.



- What do you mean?

- She's gone. Forget it.



- It's not his big play, anyway.

- How do you know?



Because I'm beginning to know

how the son of a bitch thinks.



Punch these up quick, all right?



Unexpected stop.



This is Shakka.



Do not underestimate her

because she's a woman.



She has no maternal instincts.



Don't be so afraid.

Back up, against the window!



I like your hat.



I'll be talking to you.

How old is that child?



- He's just eight months.

- OK.



- Comment a va?

- Bonjour.



- Du r svensk?

- Ja.



- This is Wulfgar calling.

- Get me     please.



There are certain representatives

of the United Nations with me.



I'll announce my terms for their release...



...when the proper authorities

are present to hear them.



I got it.






DaSilva, Fox. Wulfgar's on the tram.






I'm aware of every trick.



Do not force me to prove it.



Thank you.



Now... we'll get better acquainted.



Let's go!



- You have three children, right?

- How do you know that?





All the lines are open.



Detective Munafo, Sergeant Fox.

Gimme your binoculars.



Take it over the bridge.





Face the windows, everybody! Quickly!



- Can you see him?

- Yes, I see him.



Shakka's with him

and he has about    hostages.



He's doing something at

the back of the car. Wait a minute.



Your husband is first assistant to

the French ambassador, is he not?



Please... leave us alone.

We've done nothing.



You must be very proud.

You will come over...



- No, you take me!

- Sh.



What is it? What is happening?



Life, Mr Marigny.



No... it's not...



He's taken a woman to the front

of the tram. He has her against a window.



- What the hell is he doing?

- He's making the rules.



Get a little closer. I wanna see his face.



This one's for you, DaSilva.



Christ. Don't do it.



- Goddamnit, Matt, he killed her.

- I requested no police.



Get rid of the body.



This is Wulfgar calling.



Yes, we hear you.

This is Sergeant Fox.



If the UN authorities are present,

I'm ready to proceed.



I've been instructed to ask if you would

release all non-political hostages.



You are wasting your time.



- As you see, I am not to be taken lightly.

- We hear you.



Before we go any further...

there's an infant here.



I want it taken off.



I don't want the press to write

that I'm a man without a conscience.



- All right, what do you want?

- In five minutes, I'll lower a cable.



If you want the infant alive...

you'd better hurry.



- I'll be ready.

- Not you, Fox!



I want that bastard!



What bastard?






You can't let him go up there.

He'll waste him!



Look, I'm in charge here, Fox!

DaSilva's the man.



The barge is nearly in place.





How do you feel?






I could have cut the cable.

It's a long way down.



- Why'd you kill the woman?

- I wanted to.



So why don't you kill me?



In due time.



I want you to tell 'em

I have brought the city to its knees.



Police... are cowards.






I said... tell 'em.



He's brought the city to its knees.



The police are cowards.



We're not that different, Deke.



I do not enjoy killing, but it's my job.

Someone has to do it.



I represent... oppressed victims

who have nothing.



I speak only for them. I'm their voice.



I'm a liberator.



You think you're a liberator?



It's fascinating. Yes.





- The child!

- No! No!



Come on. Come on!



- Give it to me!

- Please be careful with him.



Sit down.



This is for the press.



- Now, you may drop the child...

- Oh, no!



- Don't drop this.

- He'll be all right.



What if you don't win this time?



Try again.



Shakka, lower him.



Please be careful with him!



Deke, you must realize...



...we're not heroes, we're victims.



This is Wulfgar.



- Go ahead.

- These are my demands.



I gave DaSilva a declaration...


            be published in

The Times and The Washington Post...



...and read over all networks.



- We don't control the press.

- No excuses!



I want a jet and a bus to the airport

by ten o'clock tonight.



And no police.



The following comrades...



...are to be released before ten o'clock.



Mohammed Yafi, Rafael Saldaa...



...Miroslav Jakovic, Liu Chan Tao.



- May we have until morning?

- Ten o'clock sharp.



And DaSilva... will drive the bus.



We may not make it this time.



It does not matter.



Let me have the cassette recording

of Hartman's last lecture on Shakka...



...the smallest tape recorder you can find,

ten feet of wire and an activator button.



Shakka Holland,

alias Shakka Kapoor...



The drama has not seen

a change for the better or worse.



The hostages still remain over     feet

above the East River in a cable car.



Several hours ago an innocent woman

was sent to her death...


            that terrorist known only as Wulfgar

and a single female companion.



Moments after that savage killing...



...that same terrorist demanded

an infant be taken to safety.



For those who tuned in late...



- You sure you know what you're doing?

- I think so.



You know when that bus gets to

the airport he's gonna waste you.



Why are you always tryin' to cheer me up?



- You said before, it's my choice.

- I did say that, didn't I?



- I'll see you later.

- I'll be watching.



I'm coming in.



No talking.



Move! Come on!









Soon it is your time.



Come on! Hurry up! Quick!



Shakka Holland,

alias Shakka Kapoor...



...born February       Tangiers, Morocco,

of wealthy parents.



A spoilt bitch

who kills without provocation.



You shit!



Get down!



Deke! Deke!



They found an address on Shakka.



Where the hell is he?



I don't know. Come on.



Don't stop. Keep moving.



I don't care what you think.

He might still have keys to the apartment.



Anybody comes or goes,

you check it out.



We haven't found a body,

but we got everything covered.



Well, keep looking.

He probably left something behind.



- What is it?

- Wait a minute.








Evening, ma'am. Chilly, isn't it?




Special help by SergeiK