Nightwatch Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nightwatch script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ewan McGregor and Patricia Arquette movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nightwatch. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nightwatch Script



Hi. How you doing, sweetie?

Come on in.



I already prepared

everything for you...



just the way you like it.



Jeez, it's so hot tonight.



Are you ready?



You want me to play dead?



Do you want me to die, honey?



Please. Please, let me die for you.



Why did you close the windows?



You know I don't scream.



What are you doing, honey?



Is there something wrong?



What's that?



You're hurting me!



Get off! Oh, God!



Please, help me!



What do you know about the killer?



We know he's a male, probably aged...



Is there a possibility

there's more than one killer?



No comment.



- You sound confident.

- I am.



- Do we know the killer's race?

- Not definitive.



We are analysing skin samples



taken from underneath

the fingernails of the victims.



Results will help to determine

the killer's race.



Is it true the police aren't

interested in finding the killers



because the victims

were prostitutes?



The suggestion that we're not

treating this case diligently



is not only false but offensive.



We've already spent

     man-hours on this case...



What do you know about the killer?



I can't tell you

all that we know, but he's male...



- You got the job. That job?

- Yeah.






That sounds disgusting.



Don't you think? Don't you think

it's just disgusting?



All I gotta do is sit on my ass

all night and read a book.



- You're drinking too much.

- He's already very drunk.



I think one person

is responsible for these crimes.



- Why do you say that?

- That's my business.



That's all I got to do.



I just got to sit on my ass.

Sit on my ass!






Is it true the police aren't

interested in finding the killers



because the victims

were prostitutes?



The suggestion that we're

not treating this case diligently



is not only false but offensive.



- Is there more than one killer?

- My feeling is one killer.



- Do you know the killer's race?

- Not definitive.



We are analysing skin samples



taken from underneath

the fingernails of the victims.



Results of those tests...



- Is there more than one killer?

- No comment.



Staying over tonight?



- Do you want me to?

- Do you want to?



If you want me to.



Marie, if I've ever done anything

to make you happy, I truly apologise.



These markings could have occurred

after death while the body was...



Sources have confirmed



that the victims were sexually

assaulted after their deaths.



Is there more than one killer?



It's gotten so hard

to talk her into things.



She's become less and less...






- When will the results come in?

- Soon. Maybe tomorrow.



That guy's supposed to be amazing.



- We can't tell the public every...

- Receptive to what?



Were the victims

sexually assaulted?



What do you think of the killer?



I think his time is running out.









I'm in the bathroom!









You had strange dreams last night.



I did?



You were breathing really heavy.



You kept kicking your legs

and moaning.



- You sure we weren't having sex?

- Pretty sure, yeah.



- Call me and tell me how it went.

- Yeah.



- Good night.

- Night.



Mr Johnson?



Mr Johnson.



- How did you get in?

- The front door was open.



Damn door never closes.



So, this is you?



- Oh, yeah, this is me.

- Welcome to Mars.



- Sorry?

- They weren't kidding you.



About what?



I'll leave you the coffee machine.

The radio is mine.



- You got a radio?

- No.



Get yourself a radio.



What did they tell you exactly?



Not a lot.



Now there's very few people around,



but at night,

this place is like Mars.



- So, what have you heard?

- Pardon?



What exactly

did they tell you about me?



- Nothing. They told me nothing.

- Come on. They told you why I quit.



No, honestly, not at all.



May we come in?



Turn the key till you hear the click.



It registers on a piece of punch tape

verifying you were here every hour.



- I see.

- Do you?



Thank God we don't need to check

this room. The key's outside.



Come, have a look.



It's all right. Come on.



- You know what's in those tubs?

- No. What?



Smell the formaldehyde.

You can smell it, can't you?



You should never go in there. Never.



I never have.






- So, I'll be alone here at night.

- Didn't they tell you?



Sometimes, an ambulance or police

comes in, but apart from that,



it's just you...



and them.



The morgue.



I don't know why

they put a key in there.



The hell with it.

Let's get on with it.



Just keep your eyes on the key.



Just keep looking at it.



Don't look at them.



Damned idiots. Why in the hell

did they put a key in here?



What are the cords for?



Just a precaution,

in case one of them wakes up.



- If you pull it, the alarm goes off.

- Wakes up?



Then you call the duty doctor

from the guard's station.



He'll be here in five minutes.

Don't worry. It'll never happen.



It's cold in here, but you can

still smell 'em, can't you?






Make sure the door doesn't close.

No handle on the inside.



- Why would it close?

- And turn out the lights.



This is where it happened,







Some years ago, scandal,

terrible scandal.



Night watchman.



Many years ago...



he did it.



- He did it?

- Did it with them.



- You mean...

- The guy had his very own harem.



Well, I never knew anything about it

firsthand, but the rumour was,



they caught him doing it.



They hushed the whole thing up.



Who knows? Lots of weirdos out here.






I'm not a weirdo.



After you've worked here a while,

your breath'll begin to stink.



You can test it by holding your

hand up to your mouth and breathe.



Am I right?



Oh, Jesus! You're right.



Goes with the territory.

Nothing you can do about it.



These are the staff files.

We're all in here somewhere.



Dead ones, over there.

Staff, over here.






Here's your duty roster.



You'll come on at eight,

be relieved at four.



- Is that the alarm from...?

- It'll never happen.



Have you got a radio?



- Actually, I'm gonna study.

- Get a radio.



- Like I said, I'll get a radio.

- Good.



Who is that picture of?



I don't know. It's always been there.



Oh, one more thing.



There's nothing

to be afraid of, but...



I think it'd be

a good thing to have.



And then the radio...



It'd be a good idea

to buy yourself a radio.






You have a choice

of seeing two movies.



One,    action-packed minutes

of two heroes spending time together



having these incredible adventures.



The other movie has    minutes of

one hero having incredible adventures



and the other    minutes

is a guy sitting at a desk,



reading a book, OK?



Which one do you go see?



Who's playing the guy

reading the book?



There is definitely

loss of consortium,



but how about mental anguish?



- What happened to us?

- What?



I can't breathe in here.

Why the fuck are we here?



- Getting older.

- We're dying.



- Same thing.

- No, no, no.



You know this movie

I was talking about?



The two heroes start

challenging each other.



- Really?

- Yes. The one who backs down loses.



Why would they want to do that?



Because they're dying

and they wanna play



before they end up in bed

with the establishment.



OK, so what are the stakes?



If I lose, I marry Marie.

You lose, you marry Katherine.






- Why?

- It's some fun!



You are totally insane.



No, I'm not.






Shit, the lights.



Weren't you afraid?



No. No. And then I saw these tubs.



There was something in them.

Spare parts.



I saw shadows or something.

I don't know.



That's really sick.



You're dead. What's it matter

what someone does to you?



I just think it's sick, OK?



I have to go to the bathroom.



Yeah, I'll go with you.



So, listen.




I'm down in Camden near Hyde.



I see this

very attractive-looking girl



standing at a bus stop, right?



But I notice she doesn't get

on any of the buses.






Come on, counsellor.

She was a prostitute.



Seventeen years old. Joyce.



How do you know all that?



Excuse me, those are my quarters.

I got the next game.



- Tough shit.

- All right, I'll get the manager.



I'm gonna go get Satan.



- It's OK.

- Sure?






Let us just play one game

then you guys can play, all right?



Why you look so scared?

I'm just kidding. You all right?



What did you do to him?

Shake my hand.



I'll just play one game, OK?

I'm sorry.



Damn, baby.

Do fries come with that shake?



Please, get out of my way.



Maybe we should do something, huh?



Let me know if you're interested

in nine inches.



I'm very interested in nine inches



but not in fucking you three times

to get it.



Such nasty things

coming from such a pretty mouth.



Where you going?



Did I hurt your feelings? Bitch.



Hi. I hope our little altercation

didn't interrupt your beer-drinking.



We were just discussing

if we should do something.



- Let's go.

- No. We're gonna stay.



No, we're not.



I didn't mean you and me.

I meant me and Martin.



Just a little while.



- Assholes.

- I hope you know what you're doing.



You know, if this was the movie and

you were playing the exciting guy...



you'd go over

and show those guys up.



James. James.






Four, quadruple, Jack.



- What are you doing?

- Getting ready.



- For what?

- You challenged me.



I take it back.



We're not in grade school.

You can't take it back.



James, don't...



Excuse me.



Hi. I wanted to thank you.



What in the fuck

is you talkin' about, fool?



I wanted to thank you. You know how

long we've been looking for you two?



You're not telling me I'm the first

person to approach you about this?



I'm serious. You guys are gonna be

on talk shows forever.



- Talk shows?

- Oprah, Phil, Sally. You name it.



You like Ricki Lake?



What the fuck are you talking about?



When I say we've been looking

for two guys like you, I mean it.



- No one's approached you about this?

- No, nobody's approached me.



That's unbelievable.




You go on these talk shows -

and there'll be a lot,



you're gonna be

on the road for weeks.



These guys will ask

the same opening questions.



Maybe we should run through it now,

just so you're prepared, huh?






Yeah? All right, great.



It's a multipart question,

so answer carefully.



Now, we know for certain

that your parents communicated



through a series

of clicks and grunts.



What we wanna know is how and when



did you acquire

the facility of speech?



All right? Were you the only one in

your group to exhibit this facility?



And when did the majority

of your body fur fall out?



Answer the third part first.






Come on back. Let's play some pool.

Where you going?



- Non-verbal communication...

- You motherfucker!



- Let's do it. Come here!

- You can't be domesticated.



God! Did you see their faces?

That was great!



"When did the majority

of your body fur fall out?"



Did you see them?



- Fuck!

- You all right?



- Goddamnit.

- Are you hurt?



Let's get out of here.



You know, I fucked her.






The hooker, Joyce. I fucked her.



You fucked a prostitute?



Jesus, what was it like?



It was fascinating.



She did everything I asked.






I'd say, "Stand over there,"

she'd say, "Yes, Martin. "



I'd say, "Lay down,"

she'd say, "Yes, Martin. "






- I told her I was you.

- You said you were me. Why?



How would she know

who the fuck you are?



Back at the bar,

you were excited by that.



It was a rush. You felt good.

You felt alive, didn't you?



- Yeah, sure.

- I didn't feel anything. Nothing.



A year ago, I would've felt like you.

I would've felt hyped up, flushed.



But, it's like

my tolerance is increasing



and I can't get that feeling any more

and I have to get that feeling.



I just don't get that feeling

and I need it.



I have to, too.



Do you?



Challenge me.



- OK, do it with Joyce.

- What?



- Do it.

- Yeah, yeah!



Come on. What, do you think

this is just for fun?



And we invite her out, OK?



- Katherine.

- Katherine will never know. Come on.



Find an excuse, OK? Friend?









You told her you were me? Fuck.



Why do you have to rehearse

in the morning?



Alan likes morning rehearsals.



- Yeah? Well, that guy's a moron.

- Well, he speaks highly of you.



Like I said, the guy's a genius.



- Come on. You know I can't be alone.

- You can.



You got bad breath.



Call me tonight.



You'll be asleep.



Wake me.






- Did I scare you?

- No.



I'm sorry. Inspector Cray.



Martin Bells.



- You new here?

- Yeah.



- Law school?

- Yeah, yeah. Last semester, I hope.



That's fascinating for some reason.



It has something to it.



He's dead and he's going to die.



I think his name was Louis Paine,

if I'm not mistaken.



Sitting on death row, waiting.



We could really use one right now.



- A death row?

- No, a murder.



Wait a minute. There's been another?



They're bringing her in now.



- Have you been in there?

- No.



- You should have a look.

- Nah.



No, you should. Otherwise you'll just

be haunted here working at night.



Nothing cures a fantasy

like a quick dose of reality.



You think so?



Go on.






Are you all right?



It was just feet. Just feet.






I've been meaning to ask

what they do with them.



By the way, I saw you on TV.



Yeah? How was I?



- Are you on to him?

- We're getting closer.



How do you know

it's just the one guy?



- Can I trust you?

- Well, yeah, absolutely.



Can I trust you with

a bit of privileged information?



- Yeah.

- He has a signature.



- Signature?

- He takes their eyes.



- Good evening, guys.

- This one just quit smoking.



Deputy Inspector Bill Davies,

this is the new night watchman.



- What's your name again?

- Martin Bells.



Deputy Inspector Bill Davies.



Bill, Bells. Bells, Bill.



Most people,

when they see something like this,



their immediate reaction is to ask,

"How could somebody do this and why?"



Even when we catch the killer,

they want to know the how and why.



In movies or television, the killer

always explains the how or why.



He always has some reason, however

crazy. A mad gleam in his eye.



I've interrogated murderers

like this one before.



Let me tell you, they are well beyond

the need to justify what they do.



They just do it.



Explanations are just a fiction

to make us feel safe.



Because if it can't be explained,

then it's just meaningless chaos.



It could touch any one of us

at any moment.



Which is exactly what it is.



I would have been sick.



I have a high tolerance

for that stuff.



I still think it's weird.



- Why?

- You don't think it's weird?



Why shouldn't I see the body?

I work there.



How do you know it's the same guy?



Some of us just know.



What is that supposed to mean?



Nothing. I'm sworn to secrecy.



- Come on.

- I can't tell you.



Wait a minute. You can't tell me?



Katherine, you wouldn't want to know.

Believe me.






- Duty nurse.

- This is night watchman from   .



- The alarm just went off.

- The alarm?



The alarm from the morgue went off.



- What was that?

- The alarm from the morgue.



- Oh, well...

- Well?



You should just

go and check it, then.



The doctor will be there

in about    minutes.



What! But what if it...?



Just go down and check it out

and find the defect.



What if it's not a defect?



Don't worry. It is.



You crazy bastard! You're insane!

What the hell are you doing?



- Who do you think you are?

- I couldn't help it.



- I almost had a heart attack.

- But you didn't.



Christ, I almost shit myself!



How the hell did you get in here?



The front door doesn't close right

and you're buried in that book.



I stood and watched you

for five minutes!



You scared ten years off my life.



I called the duty doctor.

They're gonna think I've gone crazy.



You know, it's a really

beautiful place you got here.



It's cosy!



I talked to Joyce.

Remember, your name is James.



I can't handle

any more of your ideas.



All you have to do is show up.

I promise.



Dress nice.



Like I'm gonna tell Katherine

I'm dressing nice to study with you.



Tell her that we're studying opera.



Figaro. Figaro. Figaro.



You're a fucking nutcase!



That's Mr Fucking Nutcase

to you, pal!



Where's the fire?



It was my fuckin' alarm clock.

I'm sorry. What a shock.



- Can I offer you something?

- Excuse me?



Have you ever spent any time

with the Zine family?






Thorazine, Stelazine, Compazine...






They're really very nice.



They will make you sing hymns while

you watch a baby fall under a train.



No, thank you. I'm fine. Thanks.



Listen, we don't have time

for screwed-up kids.



Just don't freak out again.






Those'll kill you.



Thank you.



She's probably not coming.



Impatience is

an early indicator of boringness.



- "Boringness"? That's not a word.

- Here we go.



Joyce. Friend to the working man.

Good luck, James.



Oh, my God. Oh, Jesus.



- Hello.

- Hi.



- I'm Joyce.

- I'm James.



Good evening.

Allow me to congratulate you both.



- Congratulate us?

- On your engagement.



Why, thank you.



- Would you care to order now?

- Sure.



I didn't get a chance to...



I think we'll have the cod fish.



- Very good.

- I don't like fish.



Oh, of course.

Well, the filet mignon.



How would you like those?



- Medium.

- Rare.



- Rare.

- Of course. Thank you.



So, where do you come from?






Oh, no, I meant...



San Diego.



Wow, San Diego.



- How did you get here?

- Walked.



No, I meant from San Diego.






- Do you like it here?

- It's OK.



I was on my way to Nepal.



Nepal? Wow. What's in Nepal?






Oh, right.



What are you doing?



Martin said

I had to do it right away.



Martin said.



You called?



No. Actually, we're fine.



I'm sorry, sir, but I'm gonna

have to ask you to leave.






Excuse me. Can I have a word, please?



Just for a second.



You went too far this time, "Martin".



What do I... What do I owe you?









I don't drink. It makes me sick.






How much to drink a glass of whisky?






Twenty bucks? Yeah? OK.



Whoa, wait.

I didn't say how big it would be.



Bottoms up.



I guess you hear

that phrase quite a bit.



Joyce, you're dribbling.

That wasn't part of the deal.



All right.



I'll give you $   .



$    if you can tell me

that you love me...



- I love you.

... and make me believe it.



- I love you.

- No, come on.



It's too fast. Didn't ring true.

I didn't believe it. Did you?



- I don't...

- OK, I'll add another   .



That's all my allowance now.



It's all yours

if you can make it sound real.



- I love you.

- No. Come on.



- I love you.

- No, make me believe it.



- I...

- Make it sound real.



I love you.






I didn't believe it. Sorry.



How you feeling, Joyce?






- Why do you take all this shit?

- What's it to you?



- Tell us about your customers.

- Why?



Tell us about your clients,

the weird ones. Tell us what they do.



- Why?

- Curiosity.



Answer the fucking question.



One dresses up like a baby

and makes me change his...



That's not weird enough.



- One guy makes me pee...

- Weirder.



One guy makes me pretend I'm dead.






He covers me in a sheet and puts

a tag on my toe and then he...



Then he what?



- Then he...

- Then he what?



Tell us what's wrong, Joyce.



My friend, Leanne,

brought the psycho home.






And she...






- I'd rather not.

- Tell us.



No. Please, can I go now?



Please, tell us.



They made me identify her body.



He took her eyes.



Could there be a relation between

the guy that makes you pretend...



What the hell do you care?



Can I go now?



You think you've met him?



Can I go now?



How was your evening?



OK, you know. Typical James.



- I don't know how Marie takes it.

- Me neither.



Who's Joyce?






I don't know. Why?



She called late, asking for you.



For me?






I don't know.

I don't know who that could be.



Did she say what it was about?






- She leave a number?

- No.



I don't know.



Here's Johnny!



And the question still remains,

ladies and gentlemen of the jury,



what did the defendant know?



When did he know it?



And if he's so fucking smart...



- Hello.

- Have you been here?



- I can't hear you.

- Have you been here?



Come to think of it,

I'm not even home. Leave a message.



The boy who cried zombie.



Just you wait.



She's down there.



OK, which one was it?



Think you can still remember?



- It was the prostitute.

- Prostitute.



Well, good morning, Miss Singer.



This young man claims

that you've been up and about.



Well, isn't that strange?



She appears to be as dead

as a fucking doornail.



But I saw her there.

I saw her like I'm seeing you.



Hello? Miss Singer?

Hello! Is this thing on?



Still dead.



Listen. I saw...



- What's going on?

- Sorry, Inspector,



but I thought

I might need some backup.



- Did you have a problem?

- Yeah! I saw this...



His problem is he's under-medicated.



I saw her in the hallway.



I've gotten rid of people

for much less.



This is like one of those

movies on the USA Network.



- What do you mean?

- The hero sees something weird



and then no one will believe him.



You know, sometimes, Martin,



when you get overly tired,

the lines get a little blurry.



No, but I saw it.



- Now that guy thinks I'm crazy.

- No, no, no. Forget the doctor.



I think he has too much access to

the medicines he freely prescribes.



You saw what you saw.



Here, Martin.



You can always reach me here.



Oh, OK.



Try and take it easy.



- Don't go back.

- We need the money.



We can borrow from my mother.



We don't want your family's money.



By the time my father was   



he was married

to a woman he didn't love



and he was having an affair

with the woman he did.



And what does that mean to you?



That he was afraid.



- Of what?

- Of life.



- Yes.

- Will you marry me?






Shit, I hate that place.



Are you Katherine, Martin's...

Martin's girlfriend?



I can't... I know I'm supposed

to memorise it,



but I forget.






Maybe you could write it down for me.



You're not gonna give it to me

until I remember. I know.



If you write it down,

I'll remember. I swear.



- Are you Katherine?

- Yes.



- Martin's girlfriend?

- Yes.



Please make him stop it.



Won't you please make him stop?



- Hello?

- Hello.



- How was it?

- We finished early.



What was that?



Let's get one thing straight,

you shit. I'm not Marie!



If you wanna treat someone like James

treats Marie, find somebody else.



What are you talking about?



- I met your little slave girl today.

- Who?






Yeah, go ahead, tell me

she's some little lying junkie whore



who makes up stories. Go on!



Look, I... I...



- Do you want me to play dead?

- What?



- You screwed her, didn't you?

- No!



No, it was just a game, I swear!



What did she say?



Do you want me to play dead?



Is that what turns you on?






- Is that how you like it?

- No, Katherine.



Katherine, what...?



- What are...?

- Did you enjoy it?









Did you enjoy it?



- Excuse me?

- Did you enjoy it?



- Hello, Martin.

- Hi.



How are you?



I don't know.



Tell me, Martin,

you did your rounds last night?



Of course. Why?



Come with me.



What can you tell me about that?



I don't know.



- Paul.

- I see a dead girl



turned over on her stomach

with her legs spread apart,



as though she's been

sexually assaulted.



The doctor tells me you're

the only one that's been in here.



Cray. You might want

to have a look at this.



Martin, what can you tell me

about the drops of semen over there?



Someone's trying to frame me.



I'm as confused as you are,



but the murder victim's

played tricks twice now



and you've been involved both times.



- Do you have any enemies?

- Not that I know of.



Debts? Old grudges?

Angry drug dealers? Anything?



Wait a minute. There was someone.



This hooker, Joyce.



I went with her.



I see.



The girl down there was her friend.



She identified the body.

The police must know her.



- Young girl. Redhead, skinny.

- Yeah, right.



I remember interviewing her.



What happened?



First, she called my house one night.



Then she met my girlfriend and

said I'd done stuff that I never did.



Why would she do that?



- How did you meet her?

- Through a friend. It was a joke.



Friend? Which friend?



Just some guy, James.

It was supposed to be a joke.



So many things are.

What's your friend's full name?



James Christian Galman.



- Martin.

- Yeah?



If all this is what I think it is...



there's someone very dangerous

standing right behind you in the dark



breathing down your neck.



And maybe you've unwittingly

become his link to Joyce.



What do you mean, "his link"?



I think the murderer

wants the murder to be exposed.



- I still don't get it.

- Well, I think he wants to stop.



I think he's tired of killing.



Wants to be free.



But he won't be free

as long as we're looking for him.



And how long

will we continue looking for him?



Till we catch the killer.



So what's the solution

to his dilemma?



Get somebody else caught

in his place.



He chooses a new victim...



and then he makes someone else

look guilty when he kills her.



He's already gained Joyce's trust.



Now all he needs to do

is find her killer.



Her killer?



No, this is too absurd.



Why does Joyce suddenly call you?

Why does she go see your girlfriend?



Think about what's happened here.



Think about that doctor that looks

at you without doubt in his mind.



Even Deputy Inspector Bill

suspects you.



No, you can't be serious.



Don't worry, Martin.

I know it's not you.



It has to be someone

that knows his way around here.



So, what about

the old night watchman?



Yes, I'll look into it.



- What about the semen in the morgue?

- What about it?



Yes, well,

the lab is gonna analyse it,



but in the meantime,

can we have a sample from you?



Martin, it's Joyce.



I need to see you. It's important.



There are some things I need to tell

you that I couldn't tell you before.



I need to see you in person,

tonight at eight.



Excuse me?



My address is      Second Street,

number    .



Fuck this!



He wasn't at home.

It was the answering machine.



Hey, buddy. How you doing?



What's the matter with you?



What are you doing with Joyce?



- What?

- The police can't find the murderer.



Someone raped one of the victims.



- Someone threatened Joyce.

- Shit.



- So, they know who it is?

- They have a suspect.



- Who is it?

- The wrong guy, I guess.



I guess they got the wrong guy.



You wanna narrow that down

a little bit? Which wrong guy?



- It's me.

- You?



They think it's you?



Oh, boy!



Boy, they got the wrong guy.



I'll ask you this once and then I'll

walk away and forget all about it.






Is it you?






Oh, come on. Martin!



It makes me sick

when I think of the scum out there.



God gave him over...



in the sinful desires of

their hearts, to sexual impurity...



Do you know...



Do you know where the Himalayas are?



I have always wanted

to go to the Himalayas.



I've always wanted to go there.



I've always wanted

to go to the Himalayas.












Martin, it's Joyce.

I need to see you.



It's important.



There are some things I need to tell

you that I couldn't tell you before.



I need to see you in person,

tonight at eight.



My address is      Second Street,

number    .



Damn, what if you wouldn't

have gotten out of there?



Can you imagine what he would...




we have to call the police.



We can't let her just lie there.



They found her.



A young girl was found dead tonight,

the third in as many weeks.



We have all the evidence we need.

We'll have closure soon.



I'd like to talk to the duty doctor.



One moment.



- Hello?

- Yeah, hello. This is Martin Bells.



You know, the screwed-up kid

from Forensics.



- Joyce asked me to say hello.

- Who?



Joyce. Your playmate.



Listen. I have personally asked

for your removal. Go home.



Well, I thought

you'd want me to stay.



Go and see a psychiatrist.



Do you think I'm a psychopath?



You wouldn't be

the first night watchman who was.



The first.



The first.



Deputy Inspector Bill Davies,

I'd like to speak to Martin Bells.



- He's not here.

- We don't know where he is.



- Hello.

- Yeah, hi. It's me.



Joyce has been murdered. The cops

are here looking for you right now.



- I'm going over.

- It's too dangerous.



He didn't do it!



Keep your ears open.

I'm gonna try something.



- Martin is not a murderer.

- We don't make up evidence.



He's a suspect because weird things

happened at work?



Listen. She exposed him herself.



- She wrote his name.

- What did she write?



- His name.

- Yeah, but what name?






We changed the names.

Joyce thought he was James



so she would have written James.



- That makes you our prime suspect.

- This is ridiculous.



- There was no name.

- What?



Katherine was there.



You were there? When?



There was a lot of blood.

But there was no name.



And the murderer...



was still there.



- What?

- Katherine.






Yeah, hello? This is Martin Bells.



The new... new night watchman.

You showed me around here.



You know what time it is?



Inspector Cray, please. Well,

where'd he go? The hospital? Alone?



You told me the story about

the guy who did it with... you know.



- When was it?

- The guy with the corpses?



- Yeah.

- Before I started, late '  s.



- Do you remember his name?

- No.



- And what happened to him?

- Nothing.



- What?

- The embarrassment.



The hospital couldn't press charges.



No. I guess

he's out there somewhere.



Where is she?









Martin, it's Inspector Cray.



We have a situation here.



Joyce has been murdered.



We have to talk.



Well, I'll come down to the station.



We really have to get

to the bottom of this.



I think it might be better

if I pick you up.






- Are you still there?

- I'd prefer to come to the station.



I'll come and get you.



Tell me, Martin. Are you still

gonna maintain your innocence?






Who else could it be, Martin?



The killing has to stop, Martin.

Don't you want it to stop?



Maybe I could talk

to Deputy Inspector Bill.



Why wouldn't you want to talk to me?



You're under arrest, Martin.



Would you please put this

on your desk?



We have all the time in the world

to wait for your confession, Martin.



All the time in the world.



I want you to do me a favour, Martin.



- Hit me.

- What?



Come on, hit me.



How much more can you take?



Do you know what they'll do to you?



They'll snuff you out

like a bug hitting a windshield.



You're going to die anyway, Martin.



Don't you know

that you're going to die?



Come on, Martin.

You've got to do something.



Protect yourself. Save yourself.

This is your last chance!



Do something...



or I'll take your girlfriend's eyes.






He's gone mad! Get in the hall!

Get in the hall!









I shouldn't be telling you this,



but she wrote his name

before she died.



I know.

Deputy Inspector Bill told me.



Deputy Inspector Bill told you?



That's highly unorthodox.



I'm very glad you told me this.



This changes everything.



All right, let's go through

this one more time.



Why didn't you call

from Joyce's apartment?



Because the murderer was still there.



The murderer was still there?



She was already dead.



- She was already dead?

- She hadn't written anything, so...



- Yes?

- Someone else must have written it.



Trying to frame Martin, right?



Trying to frame Martin? Yes.



Where are we?



Interesting theory.



What do we do now?



Martin, I'm waiting.



Hey, I was worried about you.



- He hit me and escaped.

- Something's wrong.



Nothing's wrong. Who's this?






- Where's Katherine?

- How should I know?



Her bike's outside,

she must be in here somewhere.



She's not in here. He, uh...



He probably took her with him.









Help us!



Take him to the station. I'll take

a look at Joyce. I'll meet you there.



- Wait, why would they try to escape?

- Take it easy.



Handcuff him.






You're under arrest

for suspicion of murder.



This is bullshit.



You have doubts too. Tell him!






Doubts about what,

Deputy Inspector Bill?






I don't like it when you keep things

from me, Deputy Inspector Bill.



I've always encouraged you

to have your own ideas, haven't I?



- Yeah. It's nothing. He's babbling.

- You said something was wrong.



Well, something is definitely wrong.

Take him away.



Have you ever been killed before?



I'll be back in a minute.



No. No. No.



This just doesn't happen.

It's not happening.



Cray, why are you doing this?



What the hell are you doing?



Stop asking for the how and why,




Does it hurt?



Let's grow old together.






Let's get older.



There's a challenge.



James, we're gonna take a little ride

now, all right? Keep that up.



Can you walk?




Special help by SergeiK