Nil By Mouth Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nil By Mouth script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Gary Oldman movie starring Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nil By Mouth. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nil By Mouth Script



Can I have a drink, mate? Mate?



Can I get served here, mate?



Can I have a drink?






I want-- Can I get two--? No, three.

Three pints of lager. And....



Three vodka tonics

and a drop of scotch.



Half a lager and lime.



Three vodka tonics, yeah.

Slice of lemon in them.



And put an olive in that.



You got a tray, mate? Yeah?



A tray?



No, I want half a lager.

Half a lager.



Yeah, lager and lime.

That's right.



How much?



Ain't you got no ice?



You got no ice?



-Hello, Joe. How are you?

-Hello there.






Tom, do the lights.



Evening, everyone.



What a miserable-looking lot.



Fucking cheek!



-Well, I'm back.




-Are you pleased to see me?








Thank you.



What do you think of the tan?



All right? It's all over.

It's not bottle, it's all over. It's all over.



Except for the carrots and onions.

I covered them up...



...because you never know, the hole in

the ozone. You know, what they say?



But I go to France every year,

and I don't know why I go....



Oh, here he is, look.



-Did you fucking pick them olives?

-Do you want to drink it or wear it?



-You seen Gus and Paula?

-No. Probably in the other bar.



I'll give them a shout

if I see them.



-Where are you going?

-I'll be back in a minute.



Where you going with all them?



Talk to the geezers.

What's with you?



Oh, yes.



Round of applause for our emcee,

Dave. Give it up for him.



Where you been? We've been sitting

here with our tongues hanging out.



I'm fucking melting here.

Look at me.



Getting them their fucking drinks.

She's driving me fucking mad, she is.



I was just telling him

about that Deborah.



-Remember Deborah?




-That fucking sort. Right good-looking.

-Oh, the bank bird.



-So, anyway, I get to the door, right?

-That's if it's true.



I ring the bell, right?

I'm standing there, I'm waiting, right?



There's a geezer standing there

in a see-through woman's negligee.



He's got all the fucking tackle

hanging out. He's stark naked.



-He's got a great big la-di-da.

-Yeah, one at both ends.



Yeah, but the cigar was bigger.



He says,

"Hello, you must be Mark.



My wife, Deborah, told me about you.

Drinks are in there, party's in there."



And he's pointed at these doors.



What you call them doors

in the fucking cowboy films?



-Them doors.

-Louver doors.



Louver doors, right?

So all of a sudden I'm stand--



-Very sorry, mate.

-All right, mate.



Cunt. Wants to sit in me fucking lap,

doesn't he?



Anyway, so I go through

these louver doors...



...and you ain't gonna believe

what I've seen.



There's eight or nine couples,

all bang at it. It's an orgy.



It's only turned out to be

a fucking orgy.



There's assholes going up and down,

there's tits everywhere.



It's like watching a bluey, right?

I'm thinking:



"I'm having some of this,

this is a bit of me."



So I strip down, right?

Strip down to me boxer shorts...



...sat down on the sofa, picked up an

album cover, and I start rolling a joint.



Tell him about the bird

bending over with the big Earthas.



There's a bird standing next to me.

She's leaning over the sofa.



She's got the biggest pair of tits

you've ever seen.



They are like that, right?



I'm thinking,

"I'd like to get hold of that."



I look around, she is getting a severe

portion up the fucking Gary, right?



The bird looks down at me

rolling the joint, and she said:



"Oh, no. It ain't gonna be one

of those parties, is it?"



-You all right?

-Only heard that    times.



And you'll hear it    fucking

more times, it's early yet.



Hello, Tone, it's Bill.



Oh, I'm all right, mate.

Yeah, what's going on?



We've fucking been waiting here

for an hour already, mate.



You turned your phone off.

You know what I mean?



Come on, mate. You can't have--

You should've said--



That's bollocks.

Tone, for fuck's sake, man.



You fucking left us hanging

in the lurch.



We're fucking shriveling up.



Give us a bang on your beer, mate.

I'm fucking gasping. Good man.



Fucking hell, that's nice.



Enjoy that. Cheers.



Your phone's been off

for a fucking hour, man.



Do you know what I mean?



Tone, for fuck's sake, mate!

You're fucking us about!



We've been waiting here

for an hour for you.



-Tell him to hurry up!

-I'm telling him!



Tell him to be quicker!



All right? Come now, yeah.

Blinding, all right.



Yeah, it will only take you     minutes,

then you can go do your other thing.



Okay, mate. All right, yeah. Ciao.



Getting me more and more.



Can I have another bang on that?

He's winding me up.



-He's coming now.




-He's coming down.

-That's definite?




-You're not fucking me about, are you?



The drugs are arriving!



-You dropped me off at the airport.




I'm in bits.

I mean, we've caned the fucking gear.



So I chop one up,

sling it up me fucking hooter.



-I thought you said we was out.

-lt was a bit of personal.



What's he like, a bit of personal?

You're fucking murder.



It was a bit of personal.



There they are. Paula, here!



Murderous, all day in traffic

to get here.



-You should've been here at  .

-Tell me about it.



We took a cab to Catford.

There was an accident.



Traffic was whack, all down

to one lane for nearly a fucking hour.



-Roadwork all the way, as usual.

-Do you want a drink?



-No, thanks.

-I want one.



-Tone, you all right?

-All right.



-All right. It's good, yeah?

-Yeah, you got two here?



-I'll get one. You want a ton?




-You got two bits here.

-I want the bit of Bill as well.



-That's the good one?

-Yeah, you got both.



-It's clean, right?

-Yeah. Oh, yeah, listen.



Listen, one more thing. When you

phone me, don't scream and shout.



You don't know

who could be listening.



If I say I'm gonna be there,

I'll be there.



Don't pester me, all right?

All right, have a good night.



I just said it was the devil's music.



Then I bought a country-western

album, and I played it backwards.



You know what you get when

you play it backwards?



You get your wife back,

your house back, your kids back.



Now don't fucking patronize me.



Sorry about that. I'm a free-reiner.



Bill? Billy?



-All right, Bill?

-How's it going, mate?



-Did you get that there thing?

-Yeah, yeah.



-Your family's over there.

-Me mum?



-Yeah, do you want a drink?

-No, I've got to go somewhere.



-Listen. Still on for Sunday?

-Yeah. Yeah, sure.



He's a mate.

I can't be fucked about.



-It's a nice little earner, Bill.

-And you're in your whack.



Yeah, I know. Lovely.

I'll probably see you tomorrow.






-Stay off that gear.

-All right.



Because this is important.

There's a nice few quid involved.



All right, mate.



-When is it?










All right, away you go.



-All right, see you later, mate.

-See you later, Bill.



Am I a cunt, or am I a cunt?



-ls he all right?

-Yeah, he's on that fucking gear.



Sean Connery making toast.






Maybe I'll have two slices.



You look anorexic. The best

way to wind up an anorexic is...



...tap them on the shoulder and go,

"You putting on weight, you fat cunt?"



Did I tell you I only shag

homeless women?



So much easier to get them

to stay the night.



And after you fuck them,

you can drop them off anywhere.



So he gets up to his turn

to go to the screw.



He goes, "Good morning, I'll have egg

and bacon, tomato and fried bread."



-What, he thinks he's in a hotel?

-He's always stronging it.



So the screw looked at him,

and he went, "No, egg or bacon."




-Yeah, right?



So he went, "I'll have egg and bacon

and--" And he went, "No, no, no.



You can have egg or bacon." He went,

"You're having a fucking laugh, cunt."



-It's egg and bacon.




-It's always been.




-Like salt and pepper, knife and fork.

-Horse and cart.



Fucking all that bollocks.



-Hello, stranger.

-All right?



About fucking time.



-You all right?

-Yeah. Give us a kiss.



-Had a bath?




I didn't think so.

You don't look soapy.



Crunch. Hits the screw

in the eye with the egg.



-All right, mate?

-All right, Bill?



All right, Mark. Hello, my little darling.

What are you doing?







-You get that parcel?

-It's on the table.



-By the....




-You missed dinner.

-That's all right. I'm not hungry.



-Mom out?

-She's in the loo. Do you want tea?



Yeah, lovely. Two sugars.




-Got orange juice?



-No, I've got Ribena.

-Yeah, lovely.



I'll have a cup of tea.

What am l, a spade?



The screw's gone over.

Well, it's fucking kicked right off...



...because they're all waiting

for someone to fucking start.



It's took a London boy to kick it off.



-Who's this?

-This is Micky Tyne.



You wouldn't remember him.

He's a bit more my age, you know.



And he was a fucking lunatic.



Right, so he hasn't even

been there a fucking day.



He hasn't got through breakfast,

and he's caused a riot.



So he's down on the block. He ain't

gonna see London for three stretches.



We all went to school together, right?

He was a fucking lunatic then.



Remember when we used to

go to the Bonamy?



You know, where your nan lives, Bill.

Over the railway.



We used to go over there thieving.



They used to keep all the vans over

there with all the catalogue gear.



There was Littlewood's.

What was the other one?







-They were to us.




Who'd he shoot?

Was it one of the firm?



No, it was off the plots,

up the fucking road a bit.



He's had a row with a couple

of geezers outside a fucking club.



-What's that, a fucking oil rig?

-Fucking hell, Red Adair's about?



So he's had a row with

these two geezers...



...fucking one's opened their mouth,

it's come out the wrong way.



Next thing you know, he's fucking

shot them with a fucking revolver.



-Who's giving him a revolver?

-He's a lunatic, the cunt.



Who's this?



Micky Tyne. Skinny guy, long hair.



Got nicked once

for breaking into a pound note.






-Where's he banged up?

-Up in Wayland.



Wayland, for murder.



He's like a time bomb

waiting to go off, that one.



Well, I just said that, didn't l?



Plankoss dossoss.



Who'd he murder?



-Couple of geezers.

-Outside a club.






-Do you remember my heart attack?

-Fucking hell. Listen to this.



Listen to this, Bill.

You'll love this one.



I'm   -fucking-  years of age, right?

And I have a heart attack, right?



So me and him have been out for

two or three days. Been a bit naughty.



We're out on this fucking bender,

and we pull these two Richards.



Right fucking sorts, they was.

Weren't they?



-We're having everything with them.

-All tackled up. Fucking tackled up.



We're having two's-ups and

chop-overs with them.



They're at it together. I still have

a wank on the strength of that.



So we're sitting there,

and I'm taking these pills, right?



I've got these pills. I was diagnosed

with depression. This was years ago.



And these pills, right,

have got a fucking side effect.



No one knows over here, right?

The Americans know, right?



We're like the fucking guinea pigs.

We're dropping like fucking flies.



So all of a sudden, I'm sitting there,

and you know what?



Know what they reckon now?

That these pills make you violent.



-You? You're not violent.

-Not proper violent.



No, like weird shit,

like killing your mother.



Wanna kill my mother-in-law for me?



Yeah, fucking she needs it.



And guess what they called them.

Everyone called them the "happy pill."



I mean, that's a fucking joke.

Happy pill? They was like cunts.



You couldn't piss, shit or come.

Fucking happy pill?



They could've fucking stuck them up

their asses, as far as I was concerned.



I used to give them to my cellmate

when I was banged up in the Scrubs.



-Remember that Brian?

-Fat cunt.



This geezer had the biggest

head you've ever seen.



It was like an armchair. Like someone

had picked up a medicine ball...



...and stuck it on his fucking

shoulders, right?



So we're at Micky Tyne's house, right?

Now, we are bang on it, right?



We're taking everything. We're taking

uppers, downers, sidewinders...



...reddies, greenies, blueys,

greenies, Auntie fucking Jeanies.



They're like Smarties, they're going

down, and we're out of it.



All of a sudden, I get these pains

right across my chest.



-Braces were too tight.




All across here, right?

All me arms start going numb, right?



And I'm in fucking trouble.

I'm bang in trouble.



All across me chest, right across here,

all me arms, all tight, you know?



One minute I'm having a laugh,

so he thinks I'm mucking about.



I think he's....



Next minute, I'm on

the floor screaming in pain.



So all of a sudden, they've scooped

me up, put me down in a motor...



...and off to the hospital.

Micky Tyne wants to drive.



Now, the three of us are totally

out of our heads.



Micky Tyne is murder in a motor

at the best of times.



Think nothing of going down

a one-way street the wrong way.



-Guy in the way, he'll run him over.

-We're flying down the Old Kent Road.



Next thing we know, we're down

this one-way the wrong way.



Suddenly, there's this

big bus in front of us...



...with the biggest black man

behind the wheel you've ever seen.



And he's leaned out the window,




"Where do you think you're going?"



He was a spade,

he weren't a fucking paki.



No one go in there yet. I think

a rat's crawled up my ass and died.



We just timed you. You've been

in there fucking    minutes.



Shut up. Thank you, darling.

You been anywhere nice?



-Here and there. Floating about.

-You want tea, Mum?



Yes, please. A strong one.

None of that shamrock shit.



-What's that?

-Three leaves.



-Give that cunt a dose of poison.

-Don't you start, Trappy Lil.



Shall I get a nice little drop of wine?



-All right, sweetheart.

-Careful, me head, I'm in pain.



Where you going?

You sleeping here?



No he fucking ain't!



Popping out for a couple of hours,

babe. Won't be long.



Bill, don't get too comfortable here.

Don't forget tomorrow.



Be about an hour. I'm gonna get on,

all right? Get rid of him.



See you later, Jan.



Where's he going this time of night

all suited and booted?



I don't know, do l?

Don't care.



-Where you going tomorrow?

-To help my mate out at work.



-His work.

-What work?



He ain't got no fucking work.



If he wanted to work,

he could finish this room.



He's taking the piss.



We caught him coming out of

the cafe like we arranged, right?



He goes up and gives him

a shot in the eye.



Gives him a black eye so it looks

pucker, you know what I mean?



Fat Tommy thinks it's for real. He's

hanging on to his legs, won't let go.



I gotta give him a fucking dig, ain't l?



Because he's hanging

on to me fucking leg...



...and when I've hit him,

I think he's gone into shock.



I think I broke his jaw.



He's laying on the floor,

and I'm about to kick his head in.



Stamping on his fucking head,

claret everywhere.



He's forgot he's in the fucking coup,

ain't he? He thinks he's being robbed.



Well, he is being fucking robbed,

ain't he?



Tell him about the gear next week.



We got a geezer

we been working on...



...he works in a warehouse, right?

Down at the west....



What you do is, you go in the front,

moody like you're going to buy big...



...then you slip around back, he loads

you up with whatever you want.



-You give him a list, he does--

-Don't say too much, he'll go alone.



Shithole. Nothing but spades.



-You gonna be like this all night?

-I ain't gonna be like this all night.



We're supposed to be

having a beer.



I don't even want to be here!



-You're having a laugh, ain't you?

-Look at that.



We'll have some of them marbles.



-Fancy a game of camels?

-Camels, sure. Ride the camels.



-Ride it, you lousy camel!

-Giddyup, you cunt!



Yeah! That was mine!



Give us a fucking prize.

Let's have a prize here.



He's won a prize, hasn't he?



Let's have a go, mate.



When they're nice and short,

you see her ass...



...and you say to her, "Do a little bit

of dusting over there, sweetheart."



As they bend over, you give them a

right good portion up from behind.



Ray, over here, look. Little bird

in the glittery dress there.



A bit of you, mate, good lot.



Just down there, look.



Over here.



-Wanna come in?

-I'll come in you.



-Will you?

-Let's have some of that.



-Wanna see a nice show?

-I wanna see you.



-Here, something to cuddle at night.

-Oh, cheers.



Right on your fucking ass.



All the way down.



What's happened here? Look.



-What fucking happened here?

-Look, it's Old Bill. Here, look.



Have a look at that.



Get on that geezer, there.

Slow down a bit. Get on that, look.



-I can't have none of that.

-He's dead.



-He's well dead.

-ls he dead?



Drive on, mate. It gives you

the fucking horrors, don't it?



Looks like hit and run.



I got two grams,

and you owe me    fucking quid.



You owe me    quid.

Here's      fucking quid.



You give me two back.

You owe me    quid.



Don't cry. I'm getting

the fucking horrors here.



-How you going, all right?

-Not too bad.



-Stuart's in the Wimpy.

-Tell him I wanna see him.






Go on, my son.



Now, you watch and learn, Bill.

You watch and learn, mate.



Watch him go to work.



Fucking good shot!

Go on, my son. Fucking sweet as.



What goes around, comes around.

What goes around, comes around.



Nice one.



Get in, let's get lively.

Let's get the fuck out of here.



Sweet as.

Nice one, mate, nice one.



Did you feel that?



-Get up! Get up!

-What's going on?



Get up, you cunt! Get up! Get up!

Where's my fucking gear?



Where's my fucking gear?

Don't fucking lie to me, you cunt!



Where's my fucking gear?

Where's my fucking gear?



Don't tell me lies! Don't lie to me,

you cunt, or I'll knock you out!



Now, where's my gear?



-I don't know what--

-Don't fucking lie to me, you cunt!



Don't fucking put your hands up!

Get your fucking hands off!



Now, Bill, where's my gear?

Don't fanny to me.



Don't ever fucking fanny to me!



Where's my gear, Bill?



-Calm yourself down, mate.

-Where's my fucking gear?!



Calm it. You looked for it?



What am l?

Some sort of cunt?



-Where's my gear?

-I don't know!



Don't lie to me!

I tell you now, don't fucking lie!



I'll fucking kill you!

Where's my fucking gear?



-What's going on?

-Mind your own fucking business!



-Where's my gear? Don't try to--

-I haven't touched it!



Leave him!



-Cunt! Cunt! Yeah?




What are you doing to him?

Fucking hell, Ray!



Get out of my way!

Get that cunt out of my house!



Get that cunt out

of my fucking house!



You're an animal, you are!



You taking the piss out of me?

There's your fucking clothes!



Get him out of my fucking house now!

Get him out!



I give him a roof, fed him, give him

money, he fucking thieves off of me?



You fucking junkie cunt!

Get him out or I'll kill him!



Then I'll fucking kill you

and your slag shit cunt family!



I'll blow the fucking lot of you up.

Get him out of my house now, cunt!



Come and sit down, you.

I'm fucking sick of this!



The pair of you, all the time.



You're gonna have to get that

looked at! I'm fucking sick of it!



-Gonna do my fucking head in, you!




I'm coming!



Careful of that.



Got a spare fag, mate?



Blinding. Cheers, mate.



-Been in a fight?

-No, no. I'm a brickie.



Fell off some scaffolding at work.

It's all right, it's only a scratch.



-ls that your boy?




Yeah, fucking, I just had me fucking

bike nicked from over there.



I needed it to get to the hospital,

know what I mean?



Couldn't lend us a pound,

could you, mate? So I can get the bus.



I'll pay you back.

I only live in the flats.






Come on.



Thanks for the fag, yeah.



Come on.



Excuse me, have you got

any spare change?



-You got any--?

-I just got out of the bus, good man.



Got any spare change, mate?

Any spare change?



What you done to your nose?






...gave me a love bite.



Hello? It's me. You up?



Yeah, they just give

him some antibiotics.






Yeah. No, they said leave it,

it'll heal up on its own.



Yeah, it looked worse

than what it was.






Yeah, half-hour.

No, about    minutes ago.



You know what it's like at the

hospitals at night.



They're understaffed, ain't they?






Well, I thought I'd ring you up

and let you know he was all right.






I know.



Who's that in the background?

Is he laughing?



Tell him for me he's a horrible bastard.

Next time I see him, he'll get a clump.



Put him on!



No, he won't, will he?









Yeah, all right, love. Ta-ta.



I fucking hate that Ray.



I curse the day she ever

laid eyes on that bastard.



Why don't she get out? Leave him?



What, with a  -year-old

and one on the way?



Don't be stupid, Mum.

Where's she gonna go?



Up the fucking halfway house,

living on the fucking social?



Why'd she get pregnant again

if she don't like him?



She wanted another kid and didn't

want a different dad, that's why.



He's not stopping the night. When

he wakes up he can go downstairs.



Nobody's going downstairs.

There's no room.



I don't want him up here doing drugs.



Oh, leave off, Mum.



-You all right, Bill?




Oh, let us have a fag, Nan.



I left you a tea over there.

Cold by now.



I was duly fitted for

a dress in the finest silk...



...with trimmings of English lace.



However, merely to dress as a

woman was not enough to satisfy me.



It was imperative that I also be

legally declared a woman.



Hello? Yeah, all right.



Don't make a noise,

let her see you like that.




-What's the matter?



-I need to borrow your van.

-You can't borrow the van.



Just give us the keys, Mum.

Don't fuck me about.



Look at you!

You can't drive like that!



I need some fucking gear!



Keep your voice down.

You'll wake her!



Doing me up, mate!

You don't know!



Where do you want me

to take you?



-Doing me up!

-Where do you want me to take you?



The flats.



I fucking hate them flats.



Make this the last time.

Don't make habit of it, Bill.



I'll sling some clothes on.









Fucking hell! You took your time!



What are you doing? Get in the

fucking back! Don't do that here!



And keep down so no one

don't see you!



-You all right?




You got any spare change?



No? Nothing? Neither of you?



-What you doing here?

-You got any money?



Don't be silly. I gave you money

this morning. What you done with it?



Something come up, know what

I mean? I had to weigh off a mate.



-What mate?

-A mate! I owed him a bit of dough.



-I haven't got any money!

-Don't fuck about!



Don't raise your voice at me!

Showing me up at fucking work!



I've got the pox of it.



-How much do you want?

-A score.



I haven't got a score.

I don't go to work...


            you can spend it on your mates.



-What'd you do with what I gave you?

-I've done that!



-On fucking gear?

-Don't fuck me about!



You know how much you've

had out of me the last year?



It adds up to thousands!



Don't be stupid!

How'd you work that out?



You got a   -pound-a-day habit and

I been supporting it like some cunt!



-Just lend me a tenner, then.

-I haven't fucking got any money!



-You ain't got a tenner?

-No, I haven't got--



Oh, bollocks, you fucking tight cunt!



-I'll get the money! I'll go steal it!

-Yeah, and do plenty of bird!



And go back to prison like your old

man? You horrible, selfish bastard!
















-She ain't seen him.



I don't know where he is.



Told you it'd be

a poxy waste of time.



Gave Sue a bell,

he ain't there neither.



He's out on his toes.

He ain't gonna show here.



He might not be bright,

but he ain't no mug.



I can't believe no one's seen him.



He ain't hard to spot.

He's got a nose like Coco the Clown.



It ain't funny though, is it?



It's a fluke I weren't in. I'm usually

getting her dinner at that time.



I was around the launderette.

Machine's broken.



-Where were you?

-He was playing snooker.



You all right?



You didn't call the Old Bill?



What, with my form?

Don't be stupid.



That's all I need,

the Old Bill snooping about...



...making themselves busy.

It was Billy, Jan.



Spare keys are gone. What am l

gonna say, they broke in with a key?



I'd look a cunt, wouldn't l?



-You ain't keeping him up there?

-No, why?



Just wondering.

Because you know he's due a dig.



He's a thieving slag, and when

I get hold of him, I'll kick his head in.



-You had a beer?

-Have I had a beer?



-You get lippy when you drink.

-You don't? You want a spank as well?



Don't see why not. Knock her about

enough, might as well do a job lot.



-Oh, don't start.

-Get me away from this cunt!



-I'm not starting.




He showed up at work, we had words

and that was it. Fucking hiding him.



Get in, Mother, nosy cow!

It's got nothing to do with you!



Get in the car, I wanna get her home.



She has got a name.

She was christened.



Not that you'd fucking remember.



That was his mum's picture. Of all the

things he could have fucking nicked....



Don't slam the fucking door!



All right, Kath. Kath!

Done all your work?







Look. You ain't fucking done that,

have you? Have a look.



-Don't dare raise a hand to me.

-What you gonna do?



-Little bird like you.

-Don't you worry, mate.



I could give you a kick in the balls,

I ain't that old.



Ain't that old for what?

Want a bit of that?



-Get off! Get off me!




I'm surprised you still know

where a pair of bollocks are!



The last time someone was

hanging out of you...



...they must've been fucking

on horseback!



The last time you had a trade--




When was the last time

you had a fucking trade?



I'm only-- I'm only fucking about.

Come give us a cuddle.



Give us a little cuddle.






Fucking-- I only wanted a fucking

laugh. What's the matter with you?



A fucking giggle.



A giggle.



Hey, Kath!



Never lead with your fucking

right hand, babe.



Because if you lead

with your right hand, left hook!



Fucking does you a left, right, center,

you know? Draw them in, babe.



My baby. I fucking love my baby.

What are you fucking about?



Mother? Love you.

I'm going out. See you later.



Love you! Bye!















No, no, no.



Come here. Look, Mum made this.

Real nice. Have a wee bit.




-Just a wee bit.



Kevin! Kevin!



Good Yorkshire pudding.

Have a Yorkshire. Have one of these--



No! No!



-But you like them.




You gotta eat something here.



Whoever that is, tell them to fuck off!



William, what you doing here?

Come in.



-ls me mum there?

-Yeah, in the living room.



Can you get her?



-Come on in.

-I'm all right.



Janet! Janet, Billy's here!



Billy boy, get your ass in here!



You've got some front

coming around here.



Ray's on his way. He's just come

off the phone and he sounds boozed.



Yeah? So?



He's fucked off!

He's got the hump over that picture!



What picture?



You walked off with his mum's picture.

What have you done with it?



-What you laughing at?

-I told him, Ray's--



Ray's upset about that picture.



We've had murders over

that, you little git!



If you're coming in, get upstairs.

He's on his way over with that Mark.



-Yeah? Fuck him!

-What you done with the picture?



Sold it, mate.



Come in. We'll hide you

under the bed.



Don't be daft.



-I only come up to give you this.

-What's this?



That's for you and Nan. Because...



...she lends me fags when l

ain't got them...



...she makes me cups of tea

and all that lot.



You know what I mean? I'm a bit flush

at the minute, so it's all right. Okay?



-See you later.

-Billy, take it back! We don't want it!



That's yours, all right?

I'll see you in a week. Ta-ta, Val!



I don't want big Ray getting hold

of me, you know what I mean?



You bring back that picture, right?

It was his mother's!



-Mum, you still upset with me?

-No, I love you!



No, mate, I'll tell you what

your fucking mate's done, right?



He's done what they call

a cold shake.



Can't heat them up,

it fucking clogs the syringe.



You mix it with water, cold water.



No, warm water, yeah.

Warm water.



Shake it till it dissolves.

You've got to crush them up.



And that's it.

I mean, you don't fucking pop them.



I mean, you get a buzz,

but you won't get a rush.



-No, but they was morphine.

-That's morphine.



They're fucking pure, ain't they?



-Hey, Schmuddie, give us a fag.

-I ain't got one.



-What's that?

-It's a spliff.



-I don't want a spliff, I want a fag.

-Do you?



Fuck you!



People do not die from purity. It's

the cut that shuts down the system.



-You've got the cigarettes....

-A bad cut will kill you faster.



It's the swag they put in it

that kills you, John.



You got, like, one-third heroin, right?

Then you got your dormaine...



...that's your sleeping powder.

That's your nod.



-Then you got quinine--

-What are you, a fucking chemist?



That gives you the rush.



Then you got all the other

fucking crap they cut with it.



-What's that?

-It's a dog, isn't it?



-What are you, having a laugh?

-Lovely, isn't it?



-Look, look, John.

-It's my dog. It's lovely.



Looks like a fucking gerbil.



Fuck off, it's a man-eater.

Cunt. Fucking gerbil, look!



-John, have a look.

-Fucking lovely little thing.



-Fuck off! Gerbil.

-How can that be a dog, though?



-It's gonna be a beautiful thing.

-How old is that?



-About six weeks.

-No, that's a fucking week old.



-Where'd you get it?

-I found it.



-Fucking take care, mate.

-Lovely, ain't it?



-Pretty little thing, ain't it?




I'll tell you, we had a fucking dog

years ago, beautiful dog, it was.



All Stations, it was.






That's what I used to call it.



That's what I thought they was

saying when I was little. All Stations.



German shepherd.



Judy, her name was. Yeah, me dad

fucking put her down when I was little.



I went on holiday with me nan...



...and when I come back,

he's fobbed us off...



...with some right swaggy story about

how it bit someone over at the park.



The lying cunt.



I fucking loved that dog.



That broke my heart, that did.



You know what I mean?



Fucking-- That dog never bit no one,

did it, Dan?



No, a lovely dog.



That's what I mean.

That's what I mean.



You fucking....

You know, you go away, right?



I went hop-picking

with me nan, right?



The first thing I wanted to do when l

got back was to see the dog, right?



All right, because I missed it and

all that, and it was fucking dead.



I tell you, man...



...he was just fucking mean,

my old man.



Spiteful cunt.



He didn't care about what other people

felt. He couldn't give a toss.



-Do you ever see him?

-No. Fuck him, no.



He was a dipper, he was.

That's how he started off, full-on thief.



If it weren't nailed down, he'd have it

in his coat. Dan will tell you.



-Proper geezer.

-Like, Dan's dad and my dad used to--



-Many moons ago.

-Many moons ago...



...they used to fucking run together.



So, what's he away for, then?



What's he away for?



He loved his mum.



But, I mean, he loved her to bits.



And he found out that his dad was

having it off with some young bird.



So he went around there and waited

outside her house. Waited all night.



When she got up in the morning

and, like, come out and get the milk...



...he fucking stabbed her.



That's it, stabbed her to death,

then went to try and do the old man!



He didn't die, the old man.



I seen him once or twice.



But, yeah, they banged him up.

Aimed the fucking--



-Look where you're going!

-Fuck off!



Hold the fucking dog!

Coming in, you fucking asshole!



-Do you want it with me, you wanker?!

-Hey! Dan, that's enough, mate.



Fuck him! The fucking fat cunt!



-You fucking stupid asshole!

-What's going on?



-What's going on? Where's the dog?

-Fucking wanker! Fucking asshole!



-ls he all right?

-Look at the size of the fucking dog!



-It's fucking shaking!

-Where's the dog? Is he all right?



-What happened?

-It's shaking!



You think that's clever?

He's got a fucking dog in his hands!



-I saw that.

-Fuck off!



Fucking asshole!



What the fuck is that all about?



Fuck! What's the matter with you?



Fucking hell. Fucking cunt.



Yeah, you cunt! You want it?!



You fucking wanker!



Do you want it, you cunt?!



-Do you want it with me?!

-Fucking hell.



Fucking hell.






-Two shots.

-Two shots.



Finish the game up here, watch.



-No, you won't.







Serves you right.




-No, nothing.



I'll double this one now.



See, like that.



Watch this one.



How many shots is that?






Long one, in the corner pocket.



What to go for?



I wanna go for that one there,

but I'll have to chip it around the side.



Oh, hello.



-Where'd you go?




Come out for a drink with Mum.

You was sparked out on the settee.



I told Mark where I was.



-You coming home?

-Yeah, in a bit.



-I'm going home now.

-Why don't you stay and have a drink?



I don't want a drink.

I've had a drink.



-I'm going home. You coming?

-Yeah, in a bit.



-Well, how long you gonna be?

-I don't know. Gonna finish me drink.



Where's your drink?

You ain't drinking your fucking drink...


           're playing pool.

You can drink at home.



It's over there with Mum.

Don't worry about it.



I'll catch up later. I'll get a cab.

I got to pick Michelle up, anyway.



Don't worry about it, Ray,

I won't be long.



I won't tell you again.

Put the fucking cue down...



...drink your fucking drink

and get in the cunting car, now.



Do as you're fucking told.



Liven up, Val. Take your shot, love.



-He's upset her.

-Give us me jacket, Mum.



-What's the matter, love?

-Got the hump about something.



I'm pissed off with him, that's all.



-I'll give you a bell tomorrow.

-All right.



-Look after yourself.

-See you, Val.



-What's wrong with him?

-Why does he do it? She's pregnant.



-I know.

-What's that about?



He's going mental.

Had a right pop at her.



-Did he have a go at you?

-No, I thought he'd give me a dig.



-All right, babe?

-All right, Mark.



Where we going first?

Your nan's? Pick up Michelle?






I know something

that you don't know.



That's right, Jack.

The man is clear in his mind....



"--but his soul is mad.



Oh, yeah.



He's dying, I think.



He hates all this. He hates it.






...the man's a....



He reads poetry out loud, all right?



And a voice....



A voice.



He likes you because you're still alive.



He's got plans for you.



No, no. I'm not gonna help you.



You're gonna help him, man.

You're gonna help him.



What are they gonna say

when he's gone?



Because he dies when it dies, man!

When it dies, he dies!



What are they gonna say about him?!

They gonna say he was a kind man?!



He was a wise man?

He had plans? He had wisdom?



Bullshit, man!

Am I gonna be the one...



...that's gonna set him straight?!

Look at me. Wrong!






Val. Val. Val. Wake up.



-I want to talk to you.

-What's the matter?



Come on, I got something

for you. Get up, now!






What's the matter?









-What's going on?




What's going on?



-What are you on about?

-Who were you playing pool with?




-The cunt you was playing pool with.



-That's Peter. Peter Murray.

-Peter Murray. Who's Peter Murray?



He's a mate of Gus and Paula's.



When did you meet him?



-What brought all this on?

-When did you meet him?



-Ray, I don't know.

-When did you meet him?



Meet him? I just know him.

He's a mate of Gus and Paula's.



-I've seen him a couple of times!

-How many times?



How many times have you seen him?

Are you fucking rumping him?



-Oh, don't be stupid! Look at me.

-Are you fucking him?



I look like a fucking barrel!

Who'd fancy me?



Tell me straight!

Are you fucking him?!



-Oh, I can't be doing with this!

-Don't fucking walk away from me!



-I need a cigarette!

-You want a fag? Have a fucking fag!



Come in here, cunt! Come here!



Why are you going around there?!

You fucking him?!



That Angus, did he fix you up

with one of his little mates? The cunt!



No, I go around there because

I can't stand this. I can't stand you!



-So it's true, then?!

-What's true?!



-You said you can't fucking stand me!

-I mean this! I can't stand this!



-Fucking what?! Fucking what?!




Fucking cunt! Get up, you cunt!



Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!



Cunt! Cunt!



You go to your mum's

or the hospital, I'll kill you!



Stay here! You want a drink,

you fucking drink here!



You fucking....



Go to bed, babe. Go on. Go to bed.



Oh, fucking hell.



Val, Michelle, it's only me.



Hello, darling.

Only popped in for a quick cuppa.



Michelle, go watch

the telly, darling. Good girl.



Oh, my God!

What you fucking done?



Fucking hell!



-God, what's the matter with you?

-I got run over.



What do you mean,

you got run over? Where?



Around by the shops.



-Who run you over?

-I don't know, it was a hit and run.



Didn't no one see it, no one there?

No one clocked a number?



I don't think so. Look.



That's where he hit me, there.

See? With the side of the headlights.



And then I went smack into the road

on me face and when I looked up...



...he'd gone. I mean, it was lucky

I didn't have Michelle with me.



-He'd probably have hit her as well.

-He would have fucking killed her.



Didn't no one see it?

No one mooching about?



No, it was-- You know,

down by the old shops. Down there.



-Were you looking?

-Of course I was looking, Mummy.



He come out of nowhere, and then

when I looked up, the fucker had gone.



You're fucking lucky. What's the

hospital say? Is the baby all right?



Yeah. You know, they gave it

an X-ray scan thing, and....



You know, they had a little look

in there. It's just bruising.



You don't know how it felt, Mum.



Look at me fingers there. Look.

They hurt the most.



They hurt more than this.



-Are they broke?

-I don't know.



Well, didn't they say?



No, they were sort of concentrating

more on the baby, didn't they?



Fucking hell. Fucking bastards.

If he had been going any faster...



...he could have killed you.

You could have been dead.



-Do you want a cup of tea?

-Oh, yeah, please, Mum.



Oh, God.



Every time I fucking move, it hurts.



-Can I have sugar in it?




Mummy's just going

to the toilet, okay?







Come here a minute, darling.



Will you go next door

and get Auntie Pat?




-There's a good girl.



Oh, God.



It's murder, really, ain't it?



God, if they only fucking knew.



What a bastard.



Cyanide pill would do him good.



You gonna nick him?



Oh, yeah, but then it's my turn.



Does he know where you are?



Not yet, no.

I'm in a moody name, ain't l?



Jill don't know, does she?

She's got a right mouth on her.



No, he won't go snooping

around there.



-Billy knows.

-Does he?



How? Did you tell him?



I put the phone down from you

and he showed up, saw I was upset.



-Did he go mad?

-Well, he weren't too happy.



Said he hopes he gets run over,

or has a heart attack.



-Nan don't know, does she?

-Yeah, why?



Oh, Mum.

I just don't want anyone knowing.



People know enough about your

business as it is. Nosy fucking mob.



Not Nan. You know...



...I just don't want anyone knowing.



Oh, God. Val...



...we're unlucky, ain't we?



Do you still love him?



There's bits in that.



I've got another headache.



-Do you want an aspirin or something?

-No, I got to wait.



I had the last two an hour ago.



Bill, don't soak in there all day.



Mum will be home in a minute

and she'll only have the hump.



Yeah, mon,

you can't even leave me to soak...



...for two minute, mon.

You mustn't vex me up.



Just fling to, fucking leave me

to soak, mon. Leave me.



Every man must have his bath,

you know what I mean?



Love to Michelle?















That's it. There you go.



That's it.



Go on, let it go.



-Can you see it?




Give me my kid!

Give me my fucking kid! Right now!



Cunt! Cunt!

Give me my kid, you cunt!



She don't want to fucking see you!



Give me my kid! Fuck you!

My kid! Give her, right now!



-I'll fucking bury you! My kid, you cunt!




You fucking cunt!



She's lost her baby because of you!



Hey, less of all

the fucking noise, mate!



-You can threaten me all you like!

-Look at this cunt.



-Go back inside, you nosy cunt!

-Get back in your window...



...and mind your own

fucking business!



Go inside!

I'll come smash your window!



I'll kick your door down,

and I'll throw you out!



You fucking grass cunt!



-You fucking mongrel shit cunt!

-Fuck you!



I'll fucking kill you, you cunt!



-I'll phone the bloody police.

-You fucking phone who you like!



Fuck you! I'll fucking find her...



...and I'll come back

and I'll do you, you cunt!



Fucking mug!

I'll get a fucking gun.



Give me a fucking gun!

Someone give me a gun.



I'll kill her. I'll kill that cunt!



I'll fucking get a gun

and kill you, you cunt.



-Get back in the motor.

-Fuck the motor. Cunt.




-Don't worry about him.



-He's still looking out the window.

-Get in the motor.



-You fucking get back inside!

-Get a pen.



Get back inside!

Get back in the motor, mate.



LB   -EJM, you cunt!



Old Bill's already got

that fucking number!



Write that-- Call the Old Bill!



Get them in here

and I'll shoot them all. You nosy cunt!



-You and whose fucking army?

-I'll stab you in the brain.



Get me out of here before I kill

someone. Get me out of here!



I'll kill some cunt!



Stop back a little bit, Mark.



Don't-- Don't--



Just hold up, hold up. It don't matter.



That's a touch.






Come on, come on, come on.



Coming through.



-I'm on this cunt.

-Don't worry, I got him.



Hold back a bit.

We're too fucking close.



They're gonna see us

in the fucking mirror.



Val, I just wanna talk to you.

Just two minutes.



-No, go away.

-You near her and I'll have you nicked.



Don't fucking push me.






-Leave it, Gus.

-All right, all right. That's enough!



That's enough!



Yeah, you got something to say?



Has nothing to do with you!



-This has nothing to do with you.

-The fucking liberty, that was.



It's all right when you're fucking

coming from behind.



Fucking mug.



Oh, yeah. Well, he's the one,

the fucking liberty, was he?



Get up.



Let's go. Lock the doors.









Come on, darling.



-Get in the motor.

-I'll have you, you bastard.



Oh, all right. Fucking get in the car.



Keep the doors locked.



Hey, is that you?



I've come there to say I'm sorry...



...and all of a sudden

you got that fucking trap.



Do you know what I mean?

"Shut your fucking noise...



...or we'll nick you."



Nick you?

Me?! Nick me?!



Nick fucking me?! All I wanna--



All I wanna do

is fucking have a rabbit...



...and I've got a Scotsman

hitting me on the chin...



...kicking me, making me look

like a complete cunt.



Because he's gonna get it. He will--

On my baby's life.



I can't let it go.



I can't let it go. I can't let it go.



-Magic. Magic.

-Hurry up.






Hurry up with the sausages.



-Hurry up!

-You're burning them.



He's burning it.



Have a Kit Kat.

This is great telly.



Phone! Phone!




-Hurry up!



Okay, okay.



Hello? What?






Val? Yeah, hang on.

Yeah, hang on.






Val, it's for you.

Sounded important.


















Yeah, Val. Val. Val. Val.



Yeah, I'm a....

I'm a mug.



I'm a cunt.

You know what I'm like.



I love you.



I love you.



I love you forever. Forever.



No, no. I'm a mug.

I'm a cunt.



I've always been a cunt.

You know I'm a cunt.



Hold it. Hold up.



You know how long you've been

fucking with me, right?



I ain't drinking. No, I ain't on it.



I ain't-- No, I'm not on it.

Babe, I promise you I'm not on it.



I swear on my life I'm not on it.



Just listen to me.

Will you just listen to me?



I had a little boy I loved to bits.

That's my boy.



But I was with you.

You fucked me off-- No, no.



You fucked me off before.

I come at you because I love you.



And you push me. You fucking--

No, you fucking push me.



You took liberty with me.

You shouldn't push me.



You know how far to go with me.



If you been mad at me and you've

been with me that fucking long...


            should know!



Am I wrong? Am l--?

Am I fucking wrong?



I've never been

wrong in my life, babe.



I'll stand up and I'll fight.

And I'll fight.



I'll fight him. I'll fight him forever.



You fucking mug.



I love you.



You can't fucking hurt me.



You can't fucking hurt me.



You can try and hurt me.



You, you can try it.



You can try it. Every fucking...



...rule in the fucking book, cunt.



No! No! No!

It don't matter.



It don't matter what I've done to her.

It don't matter what I've done to her.



Come down, come down,

come down, come down.



Babe, babe, babe.



I love you.



Of all the things in my life I love,

I love you.






Valerie, where are you?



You know I love you.



-I'm sorry, Nan.

-Please, I'm so sorry.












Val? Valerie?



I'll kill him, I'm telling you,

if he comes in here.



-Go away.




Just truly, I wanna see my baby, Val.



I wanna see my babies, Val.






Fucking cold.



Mum, he's not here. He ain't in.

You better have a look though.



Oh, my God.

What has he fucking done?



It's unbelievable, isn't it?

The fucking state of it.



He had a right fucking party.



Here, look, they had fireworks

in here last night.






Fucking hell.



She took his dinner in to him once.

Me mum, in the pub...



...and plonked it

in front of him on a tray.



Knife and fork, salt and pepper.



He said, "What's that?"



She said, "It's your dinner.

I thought you might be hungry.



You ain't eaten for three days.



You live in here, you might

as well fucking eat in here."



It's funny.



He didn't like that, did he?

Mugged him up in front of his mates.



Thought more of them cunts

than he did us. Lovely.






She got a clump over that.

Well, she would, wouldn't she?



He was always pissed in there,

weren't he? You know?



We go in the pub to get our living.

That's where we do our business.



He'd be in there spunking out while

we're sitting at home without a dinar.



And he'd promise things, you know?



Promise to take us places,

you know? Never did.



Never took us anywhere.



And when he did

bother to come home...



...he'd sit in that fucking chair,

doss off with his tray on his lap.



And I'd just stand there looking at him.



I'd look in his face...



...and my mother'd go upstairs,

and I'd say:



"Say, Mum,

ain't Daddy coming to bed?"



And she'd say,

"No. No, he's all right, son.



He'll come when he wakes up."

He's gotta wake up to go to bed.



Go to bed, yeah.



Now, I'd stand there looking at this

fucking old man, you know, my dad...


            know, in that chair,

that horrible fucking chair...



...with the shiny, worn-out arms.

I should've burnt the fucking thing.



By the end he was hemorrhaging

from both ends, you know?



I used to hear him

hanging on to the kharzi.



It was lovely.

Never stopped him going to the pub.



No, he was well enough to do that.



Now, one day, right,

he's staggering across the pub...



...pissed from the night before. He's

gone over, right on his mooey...



...Iike a fucking ironing board.

His hooter's around here...



...railings all over the fucking place.



Me and my mother had to go

to the hospital.



We walked in. He's laying in bed.

Tubes up his arms...



...down the back of his Gregory.

He didn't look well.



Fucking vodka was keeping him alive.



Well, I ain't that interested,

so I'm having a little mooch about.



I looked above his bed,

and there's this sign, right...



...with some weird writing on it.

I couldn't read too well at the time.



I said to my mum,

"Mum, what's that say?



You know, that sign

above Daddy's head." All right?



She said, "Nil by mouth."



"What's that, a football score?"



One-nil, three-nil, two-nil,

a geezer called fucking Nil. Yeah.



I said, "Well, what's it mean?"



She said, "lt means...."



-lt means nothing to eat.

-Yeah, nothing down the....



-Nothing down the-- Yeah.

-Yeah. All right.



I remembered that day...



...because I could've put that

on his fucking tombstone, you know?



Because I don't remember one kiss,

you know, one cuddle. Nothing.



I mean, plenty went down,

not a lot come out.



You know, nothing that

was any fucking good.



And I'd look at this man

that I call Dad, you know?



My father, I knew him as Dad.

He was my fucking dad...



...but he weren't like

other kids' dads, you know?



It was as if the word itself

was enough...



...and it ain't.



-That ain't when he died though, is it?




He lived another     years,

slippery cunt.



He died one afternoon

in that fucking armchair. About right.



I went around to see him when

he was plotted up at me mother's.



-Hatcham Road?




He was upstairs in that

front bedroom. Laid out.




-Yeah. Yeah.



I've gone up there, gone in.



I'm sitting on the bed looking at him.

He's laying there like:






And it was like he'd shrunk,

you know? He was a big man.



-He was a lump.

-You should know.



You got enough clumps off the cunt.



And I just touched him, you know?



He was fucking freezing cold.

It frightened the life out of me.



I was looking at him, you know? I--



For the first time in my life,

I talked to him.



I said:



"Why didn't you ever love me?"



I'll fucking kill you!






Hey, hey!




-Where do you think you're going?



-It's locked!

-Open the fucking door!



-Try the back! Try the back!

-It's a fucking toilet! No!



-You got a key for that door?




-Can you open the door?!

-I can't open it!



-Oh, fucking hell!

-Open the fucking door!



Hey, you, I'll fucking take

this knife, and I'm gonna stab you...



...right in the fucking ass,

you little cunt!



Yeah, you, you cunt!

I'll fucking kill you!



You got the wrong

couple of geezers.



I don't know what you're upset about.

It's got fuck-all to do with us.



-What have you done?




-You must've done something.

-Don't open the door!



I'm not gonna open the door.

He's got a knife!



-I'll kill him!

-Shit! We're fucked!



Sorry, man, I can't.

Nothing to do with me, mate.



You fucking little bastards!

I'll kill you!



I'll fucking kill you!



We're fucked.



Mate, it's got nothing to do with me.



We're fucked.



-Why ain't you got a back door?!

-I just work here.



You fucking mug! Fuck.



What's his name? That cunt Peter.



He had two birds with him.

One's name was-- Shit.



Fucking get someone in here.

I'm not a bad cunt.






If you ask me,

he's a fucking cunt.



I'm the one who's in here.



Does Mum know you're here?






Happy birthday.

I got you a little something.



Where you been hiding?




-I saw the flat. It's lovely.



I heard about Billy. What'd he get?



Two and a half. I got to get this

shopping in. Got to do Mum's hair.









Do you still love me?



Do I still love you?



Why'd you do it, Ray?



I do it....



I did it because I love you.



If that's your way of showing it,

you're sick.



-You ought to get some fucking help.

-I'm gonna stop it, the booze--



Oh, change the record, for fuck's sake.



If I could put me hand down me throat

and pull me heart out...



...I'd give it to you. You know I would.



She's performing again, the other one.

Giving me grief.




-Yeah, she won't let me see me boy.



That's all starting up again.

I suppose I'll be back in court.



It's my turn to see him, I come

to pick him up, she ain't there.



She's fucked off.




-I don't know.



I've been around her mother's.

I've rung around.



It's another worry on me plate,

with this and everything else.



She's stupid, ain't she?

It only hurts the kid in the long run.



You love that boy,

but you don't do yourself any favors.



-I've never touched that boy.

-I never said you did.



But you do hurt people.



And I've really thought

about this, about you.



At the end of the day, the only person

you're fooling is yourself.



You ain't taking

the piss out of me no more.



You're mugging you.



I found your picture.




-The one Billy took.



Oh, I'm going indoors.

It's a fucking mess.



How's your mum?



Well, she's worried, ain't she?



She's worried about Billy.

She's worried about me.



-Coming home?

-We ain't got a home to go back to.



Everything in that place

is fucking smashed.



Jesus, I mean, after all that,

you really must hate me.



-I don't hate you.

-Well, I don't feel loved.



I mean, that ain't love.






Can't you see the mess we're in?

Have you not noticed what we're like?



I mean, we don't talk anymore.



All right, just get in, Mum, will you?

Just get in. I'm dealing with it.



When you go out,

you go with your mates...



...and when you are in, you're pissed

asleep in front of the television.



I'll turn the television off,

go to bed...


            follow me at  :  

in the morning stinking of booze.



That's what I get. Either that

or you're knocking me about.



I'm    today, you know,

and I feel so fucking old.



You know, I'm so tired.



I wanna be able to look back and say,

"l had a bit of fun."



Instead of saying,

"Everyone fucking felt sorry for me."



I mean, that's the life I've got.



Do you hear what I'm saying?



I just don't want it.



I'll find somebody else.



You know, someone

who can love me. Someone kind.



I'll send Michelle your love.



Yes, it's no problem.

Come on, Mum, a song.



-Mother, get up and sing.

-Come on.



-No, I don't want to.

-Oh, come on, Mum!



-Oh, come on.

-Oh, you know you want to.



-All right, come on.

-Get up there.



-Haul your ass up there.

-You love it.



-Hey, hey!

-"Loving That Man of Mine."



-All right.

-Go on, Mum.



Oh, yeah. Thank you.



That's when the geezer did him.

Val spoke to the governor...



...told him not to move him

and that he was happy where he was.



She told him this was

gonna happen...



...because Danny's been putting

the word about that Billy's a grass.



The geezer that's done him

ain't nothing to do with Danny?




-So who cut him?



You remember when he got arrested?

Danny, right?



And we had that raid?

They turfed us out of bed...



...Iooking for drugs, right?



Billy, to get back

at Danny for that...



...put his name

in the frame this last time...



...over some job he's done that Billy

had nothing to do with.



They were gonna rope him in, right?

Danny's a burglar.



Billy ain't a burglar,

he's a creeper.



So he helped the Old Bill.

He's done a TlC with them.



"We did this, didn't do that,"

to help clear their books...



...and mark Danny's cards.

So Billy's been sent to the Mount...



...and Danny's in Wandsworth.



So he put it about

that Billy Rena's a grass, right?



So Mum knew it was gonna happen.

We got that phone call...



...saying they was gonna cut his

head off. We phoned the governor.



But the geezer that cut him...



...has got fuck-all to do

with the Danny business.



Yeah, Billy's got this mate, right,

who's doing a    -and-half.



His girlfriend's turned up on a visit.

They've had an argument.



She says, "You ain't the only one

I've had it off with."



She's pulled Billy's name

out of the hat.




-He's known her for years. That Lisa.



So this bloke's got the hump

thinking Billy's been giving her one.



He's got nothing to lose.

He's up for another nine years.



It's nothing for him to kill someone,

so he done Billy on the exercise yard...



...for the bird,

not the thing with Danny.



It's got nothing to do with that,

it's the other thing.



So he's done him with a knife,

a Stanley knife.



What amazes me is, how'd they get

the things in there in the first place?



What's the geezer doing

with a knife in the nick?



No, it was a moody thing,

you know?



It was like a toothbrush with

Bic razorblades bound around it, see?



So that's why Billy is in the

fraggle wing with the weirdoes.



Isn't he?



See, he's been segregated

for protection, hasn't he?



He's in there with all the noncers

and rapists. You know?



Poor sod. Mind your backs.



He's a C cat. I mean,

he shouldn't even fucking be there.



If we don't get a result

by the end of the week...



...we'll take it to the local MP.



They'll have to move him,

because it'll happen again.



His card's marked, and this time

the bloke will cut his throat.



If Billy hadn't turned when he did....

How'd they get hold of a razor?



They ship them in, don't they?

You'd be surprised what they can get.



I used to have a bit of puff when

I was doing me bit of bird.



You used to bring it in,

didn't you, Val?



Pop it in her mouth,

under the tongue...



...come out, give us a kiss,

a big frenchie.






I'd swallow it, right,

shit it out the next day.



You can get anything.

You know, drugs, the lot.



You'd have a hard job shitting

a razor blade out.



No. I mean, you can get anything

in there that you can get out here.



I mean, there's geezers

in there doing all sorts, you know?



-He's off the gear though, ain't he?




He sounded good on the phone,

didn't he? Poor little sod.



We'll give them

to the end of this week...


            do their paperwork

and hope it goes through.



Mum, come on, we'll be late.



Worst fucking nick going, isn't it?



I hate it. Every time I turn that corner

my stomach goes over.



Horrible hole.

Fancy being banged up there.



-You got the VO?

-Yeah, it's in me bag.



We'll be fucked without that. We'll get

there and won't be able to get in.



Looks nice. Done a good job, Ray.



Yeah, so....



-Yeah, I'm ready.

-You got your lD, Mother?



-Yeah, in me bag, me passport.

-Come on, then. Is the gas off?



Yeah, off, off, off, off.

I've got me keys.



-You all right?

-I hope I don't start to cry.




-When I see him.




Special help by SergeiK