Nina's Tragedies Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nina's Tragedies script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie Ha-Asonot Shel starring Ayelet Zorer.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nina's Tragedies. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nina's Tragedies Script


          Anat Assoulin Presents

          Ayelet Zorer

            Yoram Hatav

            Alon Aboutboul

            Aviv Elkabbez

            Anat Waxman

            Shmil Ben Ari

            Dov Navon

            Evganya Dodina

            In a film by Savi Gabizon

            Nina's Tragedies

            An Anat Assoulin Production

            Costume Design: Tsipi Englisher Casting: Hila Yuval

            Sound Design: Gil Toren Sound: David Liss

            Assistant Director Yochanan Kardo

            Original Music Assaf Amdursky

            Production Design Shahar Bar-Adon

            Editing Tali Halter Shanker

            Director of Photography David Gurfinkel

            Produced by Anat Assoulin & Savi Gabizon

            Written and Directed by Savi Gabizon

             Dad never understood how I turned out so white and short.

             During our most precious moments

             he'd call me: "Keftika de mierda dulce mia",

             which means: "My sweet shit pie".

             I was his gentleness, his soul.

             He never told me so, but I knew I was a disappointment to him.

             When he asked me who my best friend was,

             I'd make up a name,

             because I didn't have any school friends

             and he was always the best.

             He was the most handsome, the smartest,

             he was the best pilot trainee.

             When he became religious, he was the smartest pupil.

             Even in the hospital ward, he died the fastest.

            I have a lot of work.

            I can't, rabbi.

            I can't. I'm sorry.

            Goodbye, rabbi.

            Hello, how are you?

            Tell me what the problem is, I'm in a hurry.

            The back wheel wiggles.

            - Okay, let's fix it. - No, not now.

            The funeral is in    minutes.

            I'll be done in   minutes. You can leave the body there.

            Lift it up, please.

            That's it.

            Every time you guys fix it, it breaks again.

            Stay for the funeral, to make sure it's okay.

            - I can't. - Please.

            See for yourself, it's fine.

            - Please. - I don't have the time.


            There goes my day.

             The most insulting thing

             was when my parents wanted to talk without me listening.

             They'd ask if "Madam Estrea" was around.

             They called me Madam Estrea.

             Madam Estrea was a nosy old woman who'd walk around,

             listen to people's stories and tell them to everyone.

             That's Nina, my mother's little sister.

             Nina is the love of my life.

             She's the real smart one in the family.

             She's a book editor, she helps writers.

             The last two years were the hardest years of her life,

             and the hardest years for the whole family.

             Two days ago, on the last day of his life,

             my dad was called to come for a talk with the school counselor.

             She'd just come back from Senegal after being bitten by a mosquito.

             When this mosquito bites a normal person they lie in bed for   months,

             but she came back to work after two weeks.

            Come in.

            Yes, okay.

            I understand.

            Yes. Thank you.

            Thanks. Goodbye.

            Hello. I'm sorry, that was my doctor.

            It seems that I have flat feet too,

            I have to start wearing those footholds.

            You seem a bit startled,

            but you'll get used to it.

            No, it's fine, it's not that bad.

            And it keeps getting better.

            I even see some improvement since yesterday.

             The problem is, it's very itchy but I simply musn't itch.

              No, of course, you mustn't itch.

              Well then.

              Does this look familiar?


              You've never seen it?


              I'll read it as it is,

              I'll skip the embarrassment.

              "I stood on a rock to get a better look.

              "My pelvis was totally hot.

              "I held on to the wall with one hand

              "and held on to my dick with the other.

              "I felt as if it was on fire.

              "It was hard and I started stroking it.

              "Suddenly her body started moving,

              "as if to some mysterious rhythm.

              "She started moaning and with one hand

              "she pinched her lips or her tongue, but I couldn't see

              "because she turned her head.

              "I prayed to God to let me go inside.

              "Just once, God, I want to fuck her,

              "if there even is a God.

              "Suddenly everything froze,

              "only her finger kept moving down there," etc, etc.

              Nadav wrote that?

              That was the first thing I saw.

              May I?

              Who is Nina?

              That's about Nina?

              Is there a Nina?

              His aunt. Alona's sister.

              But maybe he just made up a name.

              That's what we're hoping. Look, Amnon,

              from what I read, this is full of peeping descriptions.

              How he and another friend wander around at night,

              peeping on women.

              So I thought you should read it and decide what to do.

              It may be a figment of his imagination,

              a fictitious story. I hope.

              It looks real.

              Here's Alona, Haimon...

              It's like a diary.

              - Here's Nina. - Nina is mentioned a lot,

              from what I browsed through.

              Here, he wrote about me too.

              Things that happened in our family.

              Here's Nina and Haimon's big fight.

              You shit! You shit!

              You can't just run out on me!

              - Nuni... - Don't call me Nuni!

              - Nina, calm down. - You treat me like a dog!

              - We had no choice. - Excuse me...

              I'll step outside...

              - No, it's okay, stay here. - Come on, we're going.

              Going where?

              - Home. - I'm not going home with you.

              What do you want from me?

              Nina, we'll hurt each other, I'm not going.

              Molcho, please step outside.

              I'd rather stay. He asked me to stay...

              Molcho, do me a favor, get out.

              Nina, I'm sorry, he asked me to stay.

              Did he ask you to come on to me too?

              Now you're just...

              I never came on to her.

              You're a fucking depressive fatso.


              I'm depressive?

              You and all your friends, you fucking loser, loser...

              Nina, stop crying. Please.

              Hug me.

              - And start all over again? - Hug me.

              You keep humiliating me.

              Stop it, please.

              Who do you think you are?

              Nina, enough already.

              Then let's get out of here.

              - I'm not going anywhere with you. - We'll go and talk.

              - We already talked. - Then we'll talk some more.

              But we agreed

              and you said it's cool, so why start all over again?

              - We'll talk more. - It won't do any good.

              - It will! - It won't! - Stop it, stop it!

              Molcho, leave us alone?

              Let's sit down, okay?

               That's my biggest enemy. Haimon.

               No one in the family liked Haimon, except Nina.

               They met when they were in high school

               and they've been together ever since.

              So you want to end it?

              It's what we decided.

              It's for the best.

              But I can't.

              What can I do?

              It'll be hard at first,

              but it'll get easier and easier.

              Fuck you.

              That's the way it is, Nina.

              I had so many things to tell you.

              What? What? We talked and talked and talked.

              - We didn't talk! - What did you want to say?

              You're so shitty and stupid.

              Go on, tell me.

              I'm sorry I came, I'm sorry about everything.

              What's keeping you from talking?


               Two weeks later, they decided to get married.

              Are we ready? Allow me to remind you,

              the white dip is a special Australian sauce.

              It's not mayonnaise and we don't have mayonnaise.

              Don't get upset,

              don't offend anyone. With a smile.

              We don't have mayonnaise, we don't work with mayonnaise. That's all.

              Two, three... go!

               At their wedding I felt that I was losing her for good.

               Now she has all of Haimon's family.

               She's not just mine and Mom's anymore.

               It was sad.

               This is my mom. She's wearing a "little black dress".

               It was invented by Coco Chanel    years ago.

               Ever since, the fashion world has been trying to invent new versions.

               My mom went for the zipper.

               My Mom's first collection revolved around zippers.

               She combined punk with elegant fashion.

               It wasn't a hit,

               and she complained that people have no sense of humor.

              - You think I'm cheating on you? - No, but you don't give a shit.

              You know it embarrasses me.

              Why do you have to touch? What are you, a healer?

               In her next collection, Mom changed direction.

               Her jacket is a simple monkish design.

               The collar is made of satin.

               The whole direction was more serious.

               And the zipper.

              So now I'll tell you.

              Maybe he wasn't interested.

              You didn't even try!

              You sat there like...

              You kept yawning!

              You arrogant loser.

              You and your pilot buddies. You're fucking stuck.

               Mom's breakthrough was when she discovered the designer Jil Sander.

               An elegant cut, made from natural fabrics.

              You know what? Go.

              I'm going, we'll talk later.

              - If you go, don't come back. - You'll calm down.

              I don't want to calm down!

              Insensitive, insensitive, insensitive!

              I can't take it anymore.

              Maybe I can't take it anymore either.

              Then leave! Get out!

              - Okay, but calm down. - Now!

               But Mom already had a successful factory

               that exported to Europe and the United States.

               Then the optimistic era started.

               The prints on the blouse were duplicated

               from wallpaper prints from the   's.

               Since Dad left, he hasn't come to see me.

               He lives at a yeshiva and he called twice,

               talked to Mom and sent me his regards.

               Mom says he's shitty and doesn't show enough interest in me,

               but I miss his yellow shoes.

               I spent a lot of time with Nina and Haimon.

               Mostly with Haimon.

              Wait here for a minute, okay?

              I'll be right back.

              May I?


              Do you know me?

              No, don't think so.

              - You don't know me? - No.

              Take a good look.

              No, I don't know you.

              You don't know me.

              Anyway, nice to meet you, I'm Menachem.

              Menachem. Take a good look.

              I really don't know you.

              What if I tell you that you do know me 'cause you're a bastard?

              Maybe you confused me with someone else.

              No way, it's you.

              - I even thought about you the other day. - About me?

              - What do you want? - Let me tell you a story.

              Two nights ago, I'm sitting at home.

              Suddenly I see an orange lizard

              climbing on the wall.

              I once saw on the Nature Channel

              that when this lizard breaks up with its mate, it becomes sad.

              It makes a faint wailing sound, like a cry of longing,

              for two weeks.

              Anyway, this lizard slowly approaches me...


              I crushed its head. What do you say?

              Nice story. But what's it got to do with me?

              Menachem. I'm running out of patience.

              You know me and you're gonna tell me where from.

              I don't know you. You tell me.

              But listen, I gotta go,

              so we'll talk some other time, if you don't mind, okay?

              No problem.

              What's your problem?

              You know me, you know me, you know me! I don't know you!

              Give me a break from this lizard and all this shit!

              - I've never seen you before! - Sit down.

              - What do you want? - Sit.

              - What's the problem? - Nothing. - Would you like to order?

              Want something to drink?


              I'll have a latte.

              I'll have a banana milkshake.

              Sit down.

              So what do you say?

              Where do I know you from?

              Listen to me, you pervert.

              If I see you once more, not peeping,

              but just walking down our street,

              I'll fuck you up, you faggot bastard.

              I'm warning you.

              You're lucky I'm here with my nephew,

              you peeping-tom motherfucker.

              If I catch you one more time, I'll fuck you up real bad.

              You should be ashamed of yourself, you loser.

              A banana milkshake? Fuck you, you motherfucker.

              Pervert face.

              Once more!

               Now I know that Menachem is a true friend.

               He could've called out to me,

               but he didn't say a thing.

               Menachem is my best friend.

              What's up?

              I'm not in the mood.

              What's so funny? I've had heartburn all day.

              Let's just check and see.

              If she's alone, we'll stay.

              - If he's there, we'll move on. - Alright.

              - Wanna go that way? - Okay.

              Hold on.

              Who is it?

              Mrs. Assis? Could you please open the door?

              What happened?

              - Mrs. Assis... - What happened?

              Please, we'd like you to sit down.

              - Shuli, grab her legs. - Did she hit her head?

              No, she's okay.

              - Uzi, move the table away. - Let's put her on the sofa.

              That's it. Hold her head.


              Water. Uzi, go get some water.

              Open the window.

              Thank God, you're awake.

              Water, you must drink.

              - You must drink. That's it. - Good.

              You're okay.

              He isn't dead, my boy isn't dead.

              Was he wounded? Injured?

              At first, he was wounded. An hour later,

              at the hospital, he passed away. - Passed away...

              How was he wounded?

              A roadside bomb exploded during a clash with terrorists

              in the northern division.

              Hayim Assis, Captain Hayim Assis, was the only casualty.

              He was hit in the first explosion.

              That's Entrance B.

              That's Entrance B, Entrance B.

              My son is Neri Assis.

              Hayim Assis is from Entrance B, we get their mail sometimes,

              that's Entrance B.

              Neri isn't a captain either.

              Here, it's Nina. Nina and Hayim Assis, that's Entrance B.


              No, nothing's wrong. I just wanted to talk to you.

              I know, but I had to.

              Okay, my love. Bye.

              He doesn't look well.

              No, don't film now.

              Shuli, take him to headquarters.

              - Okay. - Or better, to the hospital.

              And you, I want you...

              to go in with me.

              - You didn't go in already? - It was a mistake.

              We're going in now, okay?

              Yeah, okay.

              Leave the camera here. She'll be back soon.

              You're doing reserves duty, why are you wearing those dance trousers?

              They're Bedouin pants. In our unit we're allowed to wear them.

              Don't they wear them in those Georgian dances?

              I think they're more Muslim.

              I once saw this dance company from the Georgian Republic.

              They keep jumping on their knees, doesn't that ruin their knees?

              They must wear kneepads.

              Kneepads, eh?

                Cokes,   Sprites,   orange juice,

              coffee, Turkish and instant,

                bags of pita bread. Write it down.

                bags of pretzels,

                kilos of croissants.

              We don't need so many.

              It's a lot of people, Nina.

              Okay, write down   kilos of croissants.

              Plastic cups too.

               I was sad, because I started liking Haimon.

               But the day he was killed, the happiest time of my life began.

               That morning, my mom asked me if I'd move in with Nina for a while,

               to help her.

               And I said okay.

              My little Nina.

              How are you, Dad?

              - How are you feeling? - I'm okay.

               Haimon's funeral was the first time that he came back.

               The first time I saw him in the whole religious getup.

               For all I care, he can go back to the yeshiva, get married and have other kids.

              Nadav. Your father's here,

              he wants to talk to you. - I don't want to talk to him.

              - He wants to talk to you. - I don't want to talk to him.

              - You don't want to talk to him? - I don't want to.

              But he wants to talk to you, Nadav.

              How many times can you ask the same question?

              He's your father. Talk to him.

              But I don't want to.

              Talk to him for   minutes.

              I don't want to!

              -   minutes. - But I don't want to.

              - That's it? You won't talk to him? - No.


              Leave me alone! Just leave me alone!

              Feel better, Nina.

              As much as it's possible.

              Thank you.

              Are you a friend of Haimon's?

              No, I was here with the unit that...

              We notified you.

              I don't remember anything from that night.

              Not a thing.

              - Were you the one who notified? - Yes.

              I don't really belong to the unit...

              I don't remember anything.

              All I remember is that...

              you were all wearing white pants.

              Bedouin pants.

              Why were you all wearing Bedouin pants?

              I was the only one wearing them.

              I wasn't even supposed to come in,

              I'm from the army's filming unit and I was filming them,

              one of them didn't feel well, so I came in instead of him.

              All I remember is that you were all wearing Bedouin pants...

              I don't know, sometimes I wear them.

              Sometimes I feel like it.

              Lihi doesn't like them either.

              This is Lihi, my girlfriend.

              - Hi. - I'm sorry. Hello.

              - I'm sorry. - I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

              It's okay, really.

              Do you mind?

              She hasn't cried like this since the funeral. What...?

              I'm so sorry.

              I'm the one who notified her.

              Look, this is hard for her, so perhaps...

              This is very hard for her.

              To be honest, it's very hard for me too.

              - It was hard to come here. - Then perhaps...

              It would be best if you left now, okay?

              Of course.

              I made this jam for her,

              my grandma used to make it for me when I was sad.

              It's sugar, milk and rose water.

               During the first few weeks she'd come home from work,

               cry, and talk to Haimon.

               She had entire conversations with Haimon.

               Mom was worried about it,

               because before Grandma died,

               she used to talk to imaginary people.

               And then, one month later,

               the first laugh appeared.

               But she was laughing so loud, the neighbors could hear.

               On the   th day, Nina closed the door for the first time.

               And that could only mean one thing.

               Most of the time, we were alone.

               At first,

               people still came by,

               but that gradually stopped.

               But it was better that way,

               because people that came made a sad face,

               and instead of helping, it was upsetting.

               While I sat and thought about her at school,

               That day, for the first time,

               she didn't wear black.

              Excuse me. Hi.

              You're the guy who came with the casualties officer.

              Yes. Hello, Nina.

              I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.

              About what?

              About my sister asking you to leave, I thought it was awful.

              I even wanted to call you,

              so I'm sorry. - It's okay, Nina.

              I understood her. You cried and cried.

              Yes, it suddenly... I'm sorry.

              - How are you? - I'm okay.

              I'm glad I bumped into you.

              - It was bothering me. - Okay.

              And thanks for coming to console me. - You're welcome.

              If you want,  you can join me.

              - Now? - Yes.

              - I won't be disturbing you? - No.

              I'm over there.

              This is great.


              You're here, drinking.

              I come here a lot.

              My office is over there.

              This isn't a coincidence.


              Bumping into you isn't either.

              This morning we decided not to invite you to Lihi's exhibition.

              I just got the invitations

              and now I meet you.

              It's okay, you didn't have to invite me. What's the problem?

              It's an exhibition about you, Nina.

              About me? What do you mean?

              We were afraid the paintings may make you sad.

              - She painted me? - No.

              - No, not you. - Why are you laughing?

              I don't understand what's going on.

              No, because they're all cocoons and butterflies.

              Maybe it's not that funny.

              I'm sorry, I...

              I hear you crying all the time.

              It doesn't leave me, that crying... of yours.

              What's wrong?

              I shouldn't have come in, I made a mistake.

              But I'm okay. I'm really, really okay.

              Please, don't cry.

              I don't even know your name.


              I'm sorry, it doesn't leave me.

              Don't cry, Avinoam. Everything's okay, really.

              - I'm really okay. - I'll leave, I'm sorry.

              Will you be okay?

              It's about you. I really want you to come. Will you?

              I think I will.

              I'll be going now. Bye.

              What's going on?

              You won't believe this.

              Excuse me. Did you see a naked man walking down the street?

              I think she's a Taurus.

              I'll ask her.

              Now smear it all over your head.

              Hello there. I guess you want my particulars.

              Did you happen to see a naked man here?

              Could be. Definitely could be, they walk around here sometimes.

              - Did you see him? - I didn't really notice.

              I'm on the phone.

              - Tell me, are you in the art field? - No, no.

              - I don't mean to pry, but what's your sign? - What?

              - What's your star sign? - I'm a Leo.

              She's a lioness. No, Ossi was a Gemini.

              Can you believe I've never been with a lioness?

              I have a complete block about that sign.


              By the way, I'm an Aries.

              Are you crying? It's just a little scratch. No big deal.

              I put my number down too. Have a good day.

              Can you believe that?

              Of course it burns, but it'll get rid of your dandruff for good.

              I can't take it anymore, I can't.

              Enough, sweetie, enough.

               Nina didn't stop crying and Mom was in a state of panic.

               She called her shrink and he calmed her down.

               She made Nina swear she'd stop driving.

               While crying, Nina told Mom the awful story.

               She told her about meeting Avinoam,

               the "notifier" from the casualties unit,

               and that the night he notified her about Haimon,

               within the state of shock she was in, she thought he was sexy.

               And when he came to the mourning period, she lied about not remembering him.

               She was even happy that he came.

               But she was so ashamed of these thoughts.

               Mom told her that it's natural,

               I thought it was disgusting.

              I'll be going now.

              I'll be at home if anything...

              I'll be at home.

              - Bye, Nadavi. - Bye.

               He didn't even seem that sexy to me, that Avinoam.

               I didn't like him from the start.

              I brought you some tea.

              - Thanks. - It's with honey and cinnamon.

              How are you?


                 years, Nadavi.


              Here, I want you to read them.

              Letters that Haimon wrote to me.

               At first I felt awkward.

               And I couldn't understand

               how she could be looking at another man so soon.

               The letters were full of: "I love you, my little cockroach,"

               "I miss my sweet little rat's kisses. "


              Why don't you sleep with me tonight?

              - Okay. - Good.

               If there's a moment I could point out

               as the happiest moment of my life, then this is it.

               Her smell, her body. I felt its warmth.

               I was so happy.

               She fell asleep in a second, but I didn't want to waste

               the happiest moments of my life in sleep.

               What I wanted most was for Menachem to appear in the window and see me.

               But I haven't seen him for days.

               He said he met some Russian girl. At a bar.

              Cut it out.

              - What? - Just cut it out.

              - What's your problem? - What do you want?

              - What do you want? - What do you want now?

              - What do you want? - Cut it out!

              Now I don't feel like talking to you either.

              You keep staring. Cut it out!

              Just trying to communicate. Have it your way.

              - You keep staring. - Okay, I got it.

              You're all perverts in this city.

               She told him that she just broke up with her boyfriend who is a pervert

               and the one before him was a pervert too.

               She said that everyone here is a pervert, that this city is cursed.

               He told her it was just a coincidence, that she was unlucky,

               there are lots of people here who aren't perverts.

              Is that the children's song you told me about

              with the guy who drowns? - No.

               Galina slept for    hours straight,

               and when she woke up, all they did was sleep, eat and fuck.

               The next days were happy too.

               Nina would come home from work and we'd sit and talk,

               and eat, we'd even drink wine together.

               But sometimes, during her long silences,

               I suspected she was still thinking about Avinoam.

              You know what?

              Drive back to the city.

              No problem, sweetheart.

              Suddenly decided, eh?


              Nina, I'm so glad you came.

              I had a feeling you wouldn't.

              Why? You invited me.

              - I just had a feeling. - But I came.

              - I wanted to come. - Because I cried?

              Mainly because you cried.

              Everyone's here because of that.

              I cried to everyone, otherwise nobody would've come.

              Sorry I let out all my heavy shit on you at the cafe.

              Sorry I cried.

              Here's Lihi. Lihi!

              Excuse me.

              - Nina! - Hi.

              I'm so glad you came.

              We thought you wouldn't.

              At first we were afraid you would come,

              but I'm happy you came. I'm also a bit anxious.

              You'll see.

              You may think it's irresponsible,

              I turned what's insignificant into essential, but...

              I'm kind of squirming now, but I think it's pure.

              "Marvelous butterflies appeared

              "And softly told of a newborn

              "And upon dying, he felt relieved as if he had never had a name

              "In the trees he spread his seed like song

              "And in flowers his seeds were carried by all. "

              It's like a ditch.

              Ever since I walked into your house,

              I've been crying.

              I cry for hours on end, I don't know why.

              The funniest story is...

              there was one week during all that depression,

              one week that I suddenly realized.

              I was sure I was in love with you, and all the pain

              was because we're not together.

              You're laughing, but that's the way it was.

              Everything's so weird and over-the-top with you.

              I walked around as if I was in love.

              Now we know it's nonsense,

              but it was really as if I was in love with you, Nina.

              How did Lihi...

              Lihi's amazing.

              She knew straight away that it was an oedipal thing,

              that I see my mother in you

              and wanted to save her from the loss of my father.

              It sounds like... She's smart.

              - She's amazing, she's wonderful. - She's talented too.

              I hope it's okay I'm telling you all this.

              Is it okay?

              It's fine.

              It's just kind of weird.

              I'm sure I'll sit at home and wonder about all this.

              You keep saying weird. Do I seem weird to you?

              It seems weird to me, yes.

              You've been through many things that have to do...

              with me too, without me knowing.

              I don't really get you either.

              All the gaps and contradictions,

              the way you behaved at the cafe and today.

              There are all the explanations, but it's different.

              - Isn't it? - Yes, yes.

              Here we are.


              I'll be going in now.



              - What? - I don't know.

              Say it.


              What is it?

              Just a minute.


              Don't go, Haimon.

              Haimon, I'm sorry. Don't go.



              I'm sorry, Haimon.

              Come back, Haimon.

              Haimon, come back.

              We're going to have a baby, Haimon.

              We're going to have a baby in   months.

              You wanted a baby so badly, talk to me, Haimon.


               It hasn't even been   months. Aren't you ashamed?

               I don't want to see you ever again.

               Because you're a whore. A pregnant whore.

               I decided to leave without saying anything,

               without feeling anything. Just a great deal of hate.

               I hate her.

               Of all times, Menachem isn't home.

               I've been looking for him for a week, but he's never around.

              Good morning.

              - Alona's son? - Good morning.

              Good morning.

              Come sit down.

              Sit down.

              Is my mom here?

              She went out.

              That's some mom you've got.

              That's some shit-hot mom you've got.

              My mom had a potbelly.

              She died on Arbor Day last year.

              Assaf, right?

              - Nadav. - Oh yeah.

              Nice to meet you, Nadav.

              - I'm Issie. - Nice to meet you.

              Be natural, don't mind the camera.

              It's her.

              Hey, babe.

              I thought it was Alona. How's it going, Nina?

              What happened?

              Relax, he just got here.

              She wants to talk to you.

              - I don't wanna talk to her. - Come on.

              I don't want to.

              Nina, he doesn't want to talk.

              I'll tell him.

              She said she saw the dinner you made

              and she's sorry

              and she loves you.

              Don't be so serious. Smile.

              - Is my mom at the studio? - No, she went out.

              Maybe she's visiting your dad at the hospital.

              Visiting my dad where?

              Maybe she didn't want me to tell you?

               Issie told me about the tumor in my dad's lungs

               and about the surgery he had.

               He'd been in this ward for a month and asked my mom not to tell me.

              - What are you doing here? - Issie told me.

              Let's let him sleep.

              Come, Nadavi.

              What happened to Nina?


              Then why was she crying? Why didn't she want to talk to me?


              Come, let's go get something to drink.

              Let's sit here.

              I'll be right back.

              Why? Why?

              Why did I smoke? Why?

              "Why? Why? Why?" They cry all day.

              I smoked for    years.

              I loved smoking. Enjoyed every cigarette.

              So now I accept this as it is, and it's not that bad.

              I can talk with it, I can eat with it,

              I can even sing with it.

              "The pomegranate tree gave its fruit

              "From the Dead Sea to Jericho," etc, etc.

              There's nothing to drink here.

              Those assholes woke him up again.

               I wanted all that joy to end

               and to go home alone, like a father and son.

               I didn't want to go back to Nina, or to Mom and Issie.

              But you believe me, don't you?

              Yes. Of course.

              And he smiled.

              And when you got up, he disappeared?

              He wasn't angry, he just smiled.

              But if he smiled, then it's okay, right?

              It was a bitter smile, disappointed,

              as if he stood there and saw everything.

              Don't cry, sweetie.

              He was so disappointed.

              Nina, he's not here.

              Why should he be bitter?

              You're alone, you have to move on.

              You never liked him.

              Why didn't you like him?

              That's not true, Nina.

              You said horrible things about him.

              After I got to know him, I did like him.

              You said horrible things.

              Nina, after I got to know him, I did like him.

              - Should I? - No, it's him. He's been calling all day.

              - Then talk to him. - I don't want to.

              Hi, Nina. It's me again.

              I've called so many times, but you never answer.

              I came downstairs to talk to you, I miss you.

              I had a wonderful time yesterday, I've been floating all day.

              - I'm picking up. - Don't touch it!

              I feel like a kid.

              I keep reenacting everything that happened.

              I'm happy. I smile for no reason.

              You're the loveliest person I've ever met.

              I feel strong, I feel alive when I'm with you.

              I love your smile.

              I love your soul.

              I love your pussy.

              He loves your what?

              My pussy.

              Is that what he said?

              What is he, wacko?

              He's lovely.


              He's shaky, he's sweet, he's lovely.

              Really? So?

              He's the devil, Alona.

              The devil?

              From now on, I'm only with Haimon.

              Stop it with that popping!

              What's your problem?

              But you'll keep seeing him?

              I'll never see him again.

              But he sounds cute.

              It was a test and I failed.

              What test?

               A few days after the surgery, they released my dad

               and after promising not to teach me Torah,

               Mom agreed that I could go live with him.

              Hey, kid.

              - You came without your mom today. - I came alone.

              You're talking without the device.

              They're trying something new.

              I just have to talk quietly.

              We're getting released today.

              - People don't get released from this ward. - What do you mean?

              People don't get released from here.

              But the doctors released him.

              They released him?

              Are you crazzzzzzzzzzy?

              Are you crazzzzzzzzzzy?

              - What's wrong? - Are you crazzzzzzzzy?

              Can someone get a doctor?

              Are you crazzzzzzzzy?

              - What happened? - Are you crazzzzzzzzy?


              It's Nina. She wants to talk to you.

              - I don't wanna talk to her. - C'mon, it's Nina.

               I don't want to.

                Why doesn't he want to talk to you?

                Be careful not to step on Rafi.

                You're growing a moustache.

                - When are you going to shave? - I'm not going to.

                You know,

                Nina knows that you're upset,

                but she's sorry, she's not feeling very well.

                So I told her you'd talk to her.

                I don't want to.

                 My mom also kept nagging me to talk to Nina.

                 Since she saw Haimon in the window, she's been depressed.

                 She started going to a psychiatric clinic.

                 But I just wanted to forget her.

                 We kept silent like this every morning.

                 We were silent and happy.

                 I didn't know then that crazy cells kept splitting inside his body.

                 In the afternoons

                 things were completely different.

                 I felt I was slowly forgetting her.

                 Sometimes I didn't think about her for hours.

                 One evening I suddenly realized

                 I hadn't thought about her all day.

                 But when I saw him, everything resurfaced.

                 Even though I knew Nina didn't want him

                 and she refused to see him,

                 I hated him.

                 I knew that he told her he left his girlfriend so he could be with her.

                 He'd wait till she agreed to be with him.

                 But Nina asked him to leave her alone.


                - What are you doing here? - Where have you been?

                - I've been looking for you. - I went to your house.

                You wouldn't believe this story.

                What's going on with you?

                I moved in with my dad, nearby.

                I'm here with that girl I told you about with the backgammon hat. Galina!

                This is my friend Nadav that I told you about.

                - Galina. - Nadav.

                No change?

                - What do you think? - She's pretty.

                You won't believe this. After we got together,

                she took me to her Russian ex-boyfriend...

                 She asked Menachem to help her get her things.

                 On the way she told him that he'd been violent with her.


                Yes, just a minute.

                Galina. Thank God. I missed you.

                Will you open the door?

                Galina, forgive me.

                I was looking for you.

                - I came to get my things. - Forgive me, Gala.

                - May I? - Of course, come in.

                - Who's that? - A friend.

                He came to help me.

                - Do you have a twin brother? - No. I don't have a brother.

                Come in.

                No brother who looks like you?

                Something happened to him? He died?

                No brothers. Just a sister in Azerbaijan.

                Please, come in.

                It can't be. You look just like...

                Come in.

                Please, come in.

                It can't be, it's as if you're the same person.

                Menachem, give me a hand.


                I want to talk to you.

                I don't want to talk to you about anything.

                I want to talk to you calmly, in the bedroom.

                No, Alex, I said no more talking.

                - No more talking. - Just for one minute.

                - Please. - One minute.

                - Okay? - Okay.

                What's up?

                 Alex researches sleep disorders.

                 Back in Russia, he invented software that identifies snoring

                 that can be treated surgically.

                 People record their snoring and send it to him.

                - Promise? - Yes, yes.

                Have a seat.

                Sit, sit.

                - Galina honey... - Don't "Galina honey" me!

                - I behaved so badly. - Yes, you did.

                I know.

                You promised me the same thing last time.

                It's always the same thing.

                What's up?

                What's going on?

                Are we out of here?

                You helped me so much, Menachem.

                You helped her.

                Yes. What's going on?

                I owe you so much, Menachem.


                Well, I guess...

                I'll be going.


                Any friend of Galina's is a friend of mine.

                I'd be delighted if you stayed with us.

                You're a pain in the ass.

                I've had it, Alex.

                It's none of your business.

                - Pain in the ass. - I'm warning you. Don't do it.

                - Who do you think you are? - Don't yell at me. - Fuck off.

                Alex, I'm begging you. Don't do this.

                I'm leaving your clothes here!

                - You're not threatening me! - Don't yell at me!

                 That's how Menachem became friends with Alex and Galina.

                This way.

                 A few days later when Menachem brought them to his house,

                 the light was on at Nina's house.

                See that window?

                It's the guy who looks like you.

                - The dead guy? - Yeah.

                Let's go take a look.

                - There's a picture of him. - Now?

                It'll take a second.

                Look at the picture beside her.


                Don't go, Haimon. Haimon, I'm sorry, don't go.


                Come back, Haimon.

                 I wanted to tell her she didn't imagine it,

                 that there really is someone who looks like Haimon.

                 I wanted us to talk, sit on the sofa together.

                 I felt like my heart was about to burst. I couldn't wait till she came.

                 Suddenly, I saw him there.

                 He looked just like him.

                 He kept staring at Menachem's apartment,

                 to see if Menachem and Galina had arrived,

                 but they were already up north.

                 I knew I had to make him go away.

                 But then she showed up.

                 I couldn't move.

                 It'll be a disaster.


                - I'm not Haimon, lady. - It can't be.

                I'm Alex. Nice to meet you.

                I look like your late husband.

                I know.

                My friend showed me your house.

                At night. You were crying, yelling:

                "Haimon, Haimon, Haimon. "

                I was at your window.

                My friend. He ran off with my girlfriend.

                I'm waiting for them.

                Why are you laughing, lady?

                Don't cry.

                No need to cry, lady.

                No need.

                When I see a woman cry, I give her a big ol' slap in the face,

                it calms her down.

                I can't take it anymore, I want Alona to see you.

                Okay, lady.

                I can't take it anymore.

                Thank you.

                Do you walk around naked sometimes?

                Maybe you saw me?

                Yes, maybe.

                I like walking around naked with no clothes.

                It's good, it cleans me.

                People see me the realest. It's my art.

                I walk around naked a lot.

                It's good exercise too.

                Maybe I'll take your picture.

                Want to take my picture naked?

                No. This is fine.

                Because I want to. It's okay.

                This reminds me of a beautiful poem by Yuri Bukovsky.

                It goes like this.

                "When I take off my clothes

                "My personality falls to the floor with them

                "And I remain a tiny little dot

                "Between the closet and the bed

                "And a little bird sings and laughs in your heart

                "Because my dick makes you feel good. "

                - He's a great poet. - It's a nice poem.

                - So should I take off my clothes? - No, no.

                Wait here.

                - What happened? - Come and see.

                My God, who is he?

                Who is this, what is this?

                It can be, it can't be?

                I spread her ass open,

                then I fuck her and I fuck her

                until her mother says: You're not leavin till you marry my daughter.

                I look just like her husband. Haimon, right?

                What's so funny, damn it.

                 Little Haimon didn't understand what was going on.

                 Later on, the doctor insisted that he saw a little smile.

                 And Nina smiled a little smile.

                 And Alex kept walking around with a little smile.

                 And I'd cut classes

                 and follow Nina around when she went out for lunch or to a cafe.

                 And in the evenings, I'd go watch her.

                 She was in a good mood.

                 I felt that soon we'd be together again.

                 One evening, I heard her tell my mom that she misses Avinoam

                 and that she felt better on the night she spent with him

                 than she ever did with Haimon.

                 And it didn't upset me. Menachem once told me

                 that every woman has a black spot.

                 Someone she loved and thinks she missed out on.

                 But a real man has to learn to live with that spot.

                 I'll wait till she stops,

                 and I'll tell her that I love her.

                 But not as an aunt, that I really love her.

                 That I don't care about anything.

                 But she didn't walk towards the cafe.

                 She suddenly walked into...

                 I felt sick. I felt like crying.

                Excuse me. Is Avinoam here?

                Who told you he's here?

                I called earlier and they said he'd be here.

                He's not supposed to be here today.

                Did you tell her he'd be here?

                I thought he was coming to the screening.

                Because you're a fucking idiot.

                Creme de la creme.

                Jerking off for    years, why should you be efficient now?

                Look at yourself. Fucking idiot.

                Have a seat, I'll give you his phone numbers.

                First,    shekels.

                What for?

                Come on, I know you have it.


                This is yours.

                A book of poems I wrote.

                It's all done in chromo.

                   shekels is the cost price, but see here on the side?

                The bookbinder, another fucking idiot,

                the first letter is blocked sometimes.

                But you'll manage, you'll enjoy it.

                I wrote them to my beloved. Look.

                "To My Only Love".

                This is yours. And Avinoam's phone numbers.

                I've been calling this number, there's no answer.

                Are you a friend of theirs?


                Maybe they're still on their honeymoon.

                Are you a friend of Lihi's?

                - Hers too. - Try in a few days.

                They should be back by then. Soon.

                Thank you.

                Your book.

                Read it, enjoy.

                Thank you.

                 That's what she wanted, that's what she got.

                 She's so stupid sometimes. She was fooled by all that love of his.

                 She believed all his phony romanticism.

                 He said he'd wait for her forever.

                 He didn't even wait a few weeks.


                Get me my pills, please. Over there.

                 I didn't care that she was sad.

                 I didn't care about little Haimon. I didn't care about anything.

                 Only Dad kept getting worse.

                 He was on painkillers all the time.

                Nadav, come here.

                Come here, please.

                Give me your father's number.

                - Why? Do you wanna call him? - I need to speak to him.

                About what?

                I'm writing it down.

                   -    .

                - But what about? - I have to talk to him.

                - Did some teacher complain about me? - No, it's not that.

                - Then what about? - Something else.

                It's just that he's not feeling well.

                I'll talk to him and we'll see.

                 This was a disaster.

                 I either dropped it or forgot it in class,

                 and someone gave my diary to the counselor.

                 When I got home, Dad left me a note

                 that he was at school with the counselor.

                 This is a disaster. He's sitting there, reading it.

                Nadav, my sweetie, I was looking for you.

                Did Dad call you?

                 He didn't, but Mom said that a few hours earlier

                 Nina left the office on her way home.



                Alona, I'm having contractions.

                How did you get here?

                - Just come down. - Stay there!

                We'll be there in    minutes.

                Look, all the lights are green, it's great.

                Breathe, darling, breathe. Good, good.

                Alona, my water broke!

                - What broke? - My water!

                We're almost there. Breathe. Just breathe.

                Everything's okay. We're almost there.

                What's wrong with the car?

                What's wrong with your car?

                - You're out of gas! - It can't be.

                How can you drive without any gas?

                What are we going to do now?

                What the fuck is this rain? What should we do?

                I'll flag someone down.

                I have a woman in labor here, we need a ride.

                It's okay. I'm a doctor, calm down.

                - It hurts so bad. - We're almost there.

                Breathe deeply.

                That's it.

                Hang in there. We'll be there in    minutes.

                Hang in there.

                He's coming out! I can feel him!

                Stop the car, she's giving birth.

                Alona, he's coming out!

                Stop the car!

                There is no address, it's a parking lot.

                You'll find us.

                What? It's a white Peugeot.

                We're the only ones here.

                We're here. Hurry up.

                You won't run out on me ever again.

                You won't stop speaking to me. You'll always be with me.


                Wait for me in my room.

                Mom is on her way.


                - How did you know? - I was waiting outside your house

                and Alona came to get your things.

                Did she tell you about the delivery?

                Yeah, it's unbelievable.

                I saw you two today beside the statue.

                I saw you. I called out to you, but you drove off.

                Yeah. I heard you.


                I should congratulate you too. You got married.


                - So, congratulations. - Yeah.

                We got married in Cyprus, just a few friends. It was special.

                Then we went to Hanover, Philadelphia and New Delhi,

                we go after Lihi's exhibitions.


                We go for business, but we end up sightseeing more.

                Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Tokyo.

                Actually, it's today.

                I missed you.

                Nina, I missed you so much. And you were with me.

                You were with me all the time. Everywhere.

                Did I have a good time?

                Not a day went by that I didn't think about you.


                Thank you for coming to see me.

                I'm okay, I feel great.

                I have to go in.

                May I kiss you?

                - No. - No?

                You're a two-bit romantic, that's what you are.

                You're wrong. I know that's what you think.

                That's what you are.

                 I knew she was right. I wouldn't run out on her

                 or stop speaking to her ever again. I'll love her forever.

                Why are you here, Nadavi?

                No reason.

                Give me a hug.

                What's the matter?


                They took him to the hospital.

                And two hours later...

                It is customary not to walk back the same path on which we came.

                 I wish I had sunglasses, so people wouldn't see I'm not crying.

                 I don't know why I'm not crying.

                 I keep wondering if you read the whole diary.

                 That's all I can think about.


                Be strong, Nadav.

                Our condolences.

                I'll go to him.

                Nadav, before Dad died, he asked me...

                He wrote something too.

                He dictated it and I wrote it.

                It's at the end.

                Anything you need, always.

                 My beloved Nadavi.

                 Jewish tradition says that during a man's funeral

                 all the sperms he spilled in vain come to denounce him.

                 Millions of sperms will come to denounce me,

                 but there's one single sperm, beloved and sweet,

                 that grew into a young boy, and with one breath, one look,

                 he'll drive them all away to hell.

                 My sweet little Nadav, my angel, my darling.

                 You're not just Madam Estrea,

                 you are Madam Estrea, my talented lovely writer.

                 I always knew what I saw when I read your diary.

                 I'm so happy that I read it.

                 Now I'm leaving you calm, with a smile, with great love.

                 And if you look real close,

                 I bet you'll see me bragging about you up there.




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