No Such Thing Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the No Such Thing script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie by Hal Hartley starring Sarah Polley and Robert John Burke.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of No Such Thing. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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No Such Thing Script



I am not any more… 



the monster which I was.



I admit it.



I am tired.



I weakened.



I lose the memory… 



and I cannot sleep.



And yet, 



these friends with you, 



they died now.



I… I shredded them 

all three… 



and I threw the whole 

cliff, behind.



That the vultures dispute 

their remainders.



All that is ridiculous.



I try to withdraw me.



I take my retirement.



I hide.



But you always find me, 



even in my dreams.



You pollute my loneliness.



You fill the air of your 

din without end and reason.



Go ahead, kill me!






That my only existence 

is enough to offend you, 



bandage ignares!



But do not send to me 

these servants to flatter me… 



with their cameras 

and their Minicassettes.







who speak to me like 

if I were a whore of kid.






Time that it is necessary 

to kill these imbeciles is… 



it is depressing.



I cannot 

to continue like that.



If you refuse to come 

and to kill me… 



then, it is me 

who will have to kill you.



Until the last.



Yes.You gain.



Or, that will be.



I am again awaked 

and me am requested.



And after, eh well… 






With less than… 



And shit!



Get stuffed!






Room of press.

Have patience, please.



Margaret, it is 

' ' Associated Press '', line  .






- You are late.

- I have twenty minutes in advance.



And then?Make coffee.



There is much 

bad news, 



Mesdames and Messrs, 

a world of bad news.



All that it is necessary, it is 

to put the hand on the worst… 



the worst possible news.



Fred, the national scene?



The federal government 

is always in strike.



They is old, old, old.



The country already forgot that 

the government was in strike.



The president, 

he ended up committing suicide?




are not confirmed.



And well, confirm them.



Interior terrorism 

  °/o increased… 



since    days.






A little in top the curve, 

this is not, Tom?



How many deaths?






Sad, but noncatastrophic.



Judy, and on the plan 




Génocide in Eastern Europe.

The Japanese economy breaks down.



The Average East, of course.



Illegal sale of weapons 

nuclear by the Russian Maffia… 



in Pakistan and India.



Climatic anomalies 




it snows in Johannesburg.



They are the news of 

last week. Filling.



Facts randomly for 

enjoliver end of a spectacle.



What one has, 

here, downtown?



- A the Town hall?

- Manhattan-South was sold… 



with a large studio of Hollywood.



Good, of Sure agreement..



that will fill the waves at least 

until tomorrow afternoon.



Perhaps the president will make 

a radical act, by then.



- One expresses?

- Yes, in the five districts.




an attitude on top… 



but which can tomorrow.



Overpower the mayor.



Attention, Owner.



This station the tele one belongs 

with this studio of Hollywood.



Completely stupid!






- Excuse me.

- That there is, Béatrice?



An index arrived 

concerning disappearance… 



of our team in Iceland.



Which team?



They had left 

to inquire into a monster.... 



who would live under a silo 

with missiles close to north.



Local authorities 

sought without success.



- What arrived?

- a cassette of the taker of sound.



One of our envelopes. Look at.



That there is above?



Somebody who claims 

to have killed.



Killed which?



Our team.






- Known as-me moreover it, Beatrice.

- the cameraman my was promised in marriage.






Oh, my God, I am sorry!



Nevertheless, one will follow that.



It is very promising.



Segments should be made 

of human interest… 



from time to time.



that can be me?



What, being you?



I could inquire into 

the disappearance of our team?






But finally, Beatrice, 

who will make the coffee the morning?



I went to the university.

I studied journalism.



Listen.You are very young.

that could be dangerous.



Three young people 

miss already with the call.



Think of your family.



I do not have any.



My mother died the year 

last and I had only it.



- A leaves Jim.

- Jim?



My been engaged.



I see. Sorry.






' ' Dear Jim, 



' ' It was difficult 

to find a taxi… 



' ' bus of the terrorists had 

threatened to make jump… 



' ' bridges to leave 

from Manhattan.''



' ' Then, I tested 

to take the subway.



' ' But a sect had released there 

a nerve gas… 



' ' and one was quickly evacuated.



' ' Fortunately, two types 

in a truck took me along.



' ' They was experts in 

demolition which did not fear… 



' ' nor terrorists, 

neither sects, nor nobody.



' ' They seemed happy 

and slackened… 



' ' and were in a hurry, each day, 

to demolish to earn their living.



' ' A the airport, in the tail… 



' ' I saw capturing 

two men who tested… 



' ' to leave 

radioactive material.



' ' As mom said it, 



' ' the world is dangerous 

and dubious.



' ' A few moments here and there 

of altruism and affection… 



' ' make the life also good 

that it can be to it.''



Afflicted, Miss, 

your flight changed route.



You will have initially 

to go to Brussels… 



and then to go to Lisbon.



And of Lisbon, 

except later notification, 



you will be able to go directly 

In Reykjavik, Iceland.









' ' I would have liked that 

you know my mother, Jim.



' ' It would have found you 




' ' However, 



' ' I do not manage to cease 

to write these letters to you.



' ' that maintains to you in life, 

in a certain way.''



You need assistance, 

this is not?



Flight     for Brussels 

is ready for the loading.



Passengers of flight     

for Brussels… 



appointment immediately 

with the door  A.



Hold ready your passport 

and chart of loading.



Hold ready your passport 

and chart of loading.



I repeat, loading 

immediate for the flight hundred -- 



You would do better 

you to dispatch, Miss.



They retain 

the plane for you.



Go ahead!Quickly!



That it occurred?



A plane was crushed 

in the Atlantic.



The owner wants a talk 

with the infos of   H  .



- There are survivors?

- I doubt it.



Let us see, Judy.It is inevitably 

the fault of somebody.



- That known as the company?

- No comments… 



before the results 




Fred, I want the name 

of all the passengers.



And I want a team video 

in all the parents… 



children and family that you 

will be able to find before midday.



Margaret, stop crying 

or you are transfered.



She was in this flight.



You, Margaret Give.

This plane went to Brussels.



- One sent Béatrice -- where?

- In Iceland.



In Iceland.Of course, 

one sent Béatrice in Iceland.



The flight was deviated.



Why we did not know it?



Yes, I speak English.






Cordonées   -   west… 



  -   north.



Yes.Located surviving.



Let us ask assistance now.



That there is?



They found somebody.



It has multiple fractures, 



three broken coasts, severe 

cranial traumatism, 



it has the two broken legs, 



internal bleedings, 

severe hypothermia… 



and its spinal column 

is very damaged.



It is a miracle 

that it survived.



Jack, yes, it is me.



Listen, in what 

concern Béatrice, 



yes, they say that it 

will draw some with time.



It is possible that it 

cannot go any more.



I am sure that one will have 

exclusiveness on all that.



It works with me 

since always.



I ai..J' forgot. A long time.

How long?



- Five months.

- Since five months.Really?



Yes, in any event, 

it is only a gamine.



Yes, it is pretty.



Lastly, sufficiently pretty.



You know, simple, 

well in its skin… 



optimist, completely 

out of reality.



It will do all that one will want.



- I want to speak to nobody.

- the world needs to know.



- Why?

- How?



Why must one know how 

it is to be crushed at sea?




They must know some… 



a maximum to avoid 

another accident.



I already said to the investigators… 



governmental all 

that which I remember.



Technically, yes, 

but about the experiment?



As regards 

feelings, drama?



Who was loose, 

who was courageous?




what made the children?



Of agreement.One will speak later.



They was people.

True people.



Of agreement.As you will want.



And you clear up all 

only from now.



You do not have anybody in the world, 

Béatrice.Remember of.



In a few weeks, 

all that will be finished… 



and everyone will be foutra… 



the poor single one 

surviving of flight    … 



thus, for example, that of 

its increasing medical expenses.



I test simply 

to help you.






Beatrice, you realize 

as it is rare.



Which chances exist there 

that somebody… 



survives a jumbo jet 

being crushed at sea?



You are famous!



You are the darling of the media!



You are a monument 

on standby, a phenomenon!



It is useless.One returns.



This is possible?



This operation 

only one time was made.



The necessary pain and effort 

by the operation even… 



will kill.



It is not impossible.



that will hurt?



Yes, that will hurt.






Yes, that will make very badly.



Hello, Beatrice.






Etes you installed 




I believe that yes.



Can you include/understand me 




- Yes.

- Well.



Beatrice, during the operation… 



it will be necessary that 

you are also waked up… 



and communicative that possible.



Your assistance us 

is essential.



You include/understand me?









During the first hours 




you will receive a series 

local anaesthesias… 



in various parts 

of your body… 



of which effects 

will dissipate themselves… 




that the operation advances.



We know which parts 

of your body are insensitive.



And those which are not it.



While we will progress… 



you will smell more and more.



And if we succeed… 



we will reach the stages 

finales of the operation… 



in which none 

anaesthesia is not possible, 



but during which you 

will smell more and more… 



what one will be making.



You include/understand 

what I say to you?






It is good.We start.



One, and in position.



Program formatted.



One, and in position.



Local anaesthesia one.






Anaesthesia three… 



and pauses.






Local anaesthesia three.






and locking.



Trente-sept… and pauses.









And loan.












I believe that it is time 

that I leave.



What you will make?



I must find Jim.



I must discover 

what arrived.






Your friends rented a car 

to go until Bordheyri.



Beyond that, a car 

is useless.



They said that they would return 

one week later.



They did not return.



Lastly, approximately 

one month later, 



the police force contacted me on the subject 

one of my cars… 



who had been abandoned 

at this place.



Dr. Anna, you believe 

with the existence of the monsters?



A little.



Even you, a doctor?



A doctor sees things which 

are difficult to explain.



We try to explain them, 

but one always cannot.



It is perhaps that which people 

miracles call.



Like you, for example.



I had chance, 

it is all.



Or blessed?



He says that they left 

the car with the garage… 



and committed a guide for 

to take along to horse to Heimsenda.



It is the village.



One cannot go 

in car with Heimsenda.



There are no roads.



It says… that even the horses 

cannot go to the end.



that will go.



I know it.



Where let us be us?



These stones, they maintain 

the creature of the evil in north.



Who lives the village?



Only those which 

y are obliged.



Which kind of people?



You will see.



It was upright over there… 



so close it could feel 

breath of the monster… 



he to burn the hairs of the arms.



And it spit of the flames on 

he and its feet took fire.



It raised the house 

out of its foundations… 



and then, it tore off 

the door out of its hinges.



It says that the monster is 

awaked and that it is in anger, 



and that our whisky offerings 

are not sufficient.



One tried to say to your friend 

and its team to remain here… 



and to leave 

the quiet monster… 



but he did not want 

nothing to hear.



The Americans wanted… 



to build a base of missiles 

on the rock of the monster.



I was child.I remember.



One tried to prevent them but 

they did not want to listen.



I was child, yes, 

I remember.



One could hear 

their cries with kilometers.



The wind brought 

odor of their blood.



You will take me along there?



You will be taken along 

up to a certain point.



Not further.



It says that you should pass 

the night with us… initially.






What you look at 

like that, brothel?



Where I am?



Where are my clothing?



How I arrived here?



From time to time, 

these maniacs at the village… 



throw a small bottom 

without mistrust… 



on the rocks, over there.



A gift which, I suppose, 

is intended to me.



What you made my friends?



I killed them, probably.



I do not believe you.



And then?



You will kill me too?



that depends.



Of what?



Of if you are or not 

a whore of silly bitch.



What you have?



What want you to say, which you have?



Why are you like that?



Because I am a monster.



The monsters do not exist.



Ah, not?Really?



There are many reasons 

for your appearance.



Genetic changes, 

this kind of things.



Ah, of science!






You are a scientist?



Not.I have a friend 

who is a doctor.



How you did that?



How you want that I know it?



Listen, soeurette, 

you me will help or what?



You to help?



How can I help you?



- I do not love you much.

- Ouais?And well, so much worse.



Or you will come to help me here… 



or I will go down, 

to tear off you the head, 



to tear off you the heart 

and foutre fire with the whole.



You do not frighten me.



- How you are called?

- Beatrice.



Listen, Béatrice, 



you would like 

to see me dead, not true?



Not inevitably, not.



Of course that if.

I killed your friends.



If it is true, 

you must be judged… 



and punished to include/understand… 



the evil which you made.



The evil which I made?



Yes.It is like 

my mother said.



Jesus had any good included/understood.



The evil does not repair the evil.



It is also necessary to learn 

to love its enemies.



Good God!



Of agreement.I smell already 

that that will be a disaster.



Listening.I will close the eyes, 

to count and you will flee.



If you are always there to       



I will come 

and I will kill you.



You really have 

killed Jim, his friends?



Who is this whore of Jim?



My been engaged.



It is its video camera, there.



that, it is its portable.



Come with me.



Where that?



Your mouth and am me, you want?



Then, you believe in it 

with the monsters, now?



Leave me quiet.



I would like, soeurette, 

but you must begin again yourself… 



and to help me to destroy me.



What want you to say?



It is the market.



You come here 

and you help me to kill me… 



and if you of it are not able, 

then I get rid… 



of another bloody nuisance 

human being.



It is what, this connery?



It is charged.






It is well, princess, 



draw your best blow.



- I cannot.

- If, you can.



Not, I cannot.



- Do it!

- Not!




do not impress me.



The altruism will not be worth 

no good point, Beatrice.



Your life is a sans.valor, 

for me.



Then, tries to have 

a vaster vision.



You are only another human being.



Another small piece 

plague if you want.



I can kill you also easily 

that I would kill a fly.



I would not test any remorse, 



no bad conscience… 



no attractive feeling 

of diabolic achievement.



I do not have anything against you.



It is right which 

you are on my road.



I see the extinction… 



in all the other things 

around me.



Very from goes away.



Even the mountains from go away.



It is true.They die.



I saw it arriving.



But not me. Not.



I am immutable and eternal.



It is true.

I am alcoholic… 



and insomniac, also, 

but which would not be it?



Condemned to live the victory of 

humanity on all things… 



without same the option to kill me, 

as they do it… 



and for disappointments 

quite less, in my opinion.



You are… somebody of nice.



that is seen.



I do not know with what 

that will be useful to you, but… 



I think that you are 

capable to include/understand… 



the impossible situation 

in which I am.



- You want to finish some.

- your pity does not overpower me!



I hate this shit!



There are others of them?



You are sure?






You must only smell yourselves.



There is… 



There is a human being 

who can kill me.



It lived the house, 

over there, close to water.



Dr. Artaud.A scientist.



Insane to run the fields, 

but a genius nevertheless.



Where it is, now?



It opened its mouth… 



on its new invention and in 

two times three movements… 



it was in 

a strait jacket.



You include/understand… 



Dr. Artaud… 



it believes in the monsters.



You want that I 

finds, it is that?



You would return, with you and 

with hold, an immense service.



that cannot continue 

like that eternally.



If I do not find Artaud 

soon, I will be forced… 



to leave to massacre 

all the human ones that I will see.



Find to it yourself.



I cannot!



I have these crises!



Who causes them?



People, humanity, 




I know anything of it.



More there are people, 

more that worsens, 



and that worsens each year.



To drink, that helps.



Why, according to you, 

I will find?



Because you arrived 

up to now alive.



You arrived up to now… 



without I tearing off 

your whore of head.



I am impressed, of agreement?

What you want ego?



Promise to me something.






As you like the promises, 

you other human.



You cannot kill anybody.



If nobody comes, 

I will not kill them.



It is easy.



But I want that 

you came with me.






To seek Dr. Artaud.



- You want to say, over there?

- Yes.



One cannot require 

that I left without killing.



Then, I will not help you.



You complicate 

things unnecessarily.






You promised.



- One established connection?

that sounds.



Beatrice, that 

it occurs, over there?



A monster?A true monster?



It is not a question of a history 

of esbroufe, I hope?



Of agreement.



Artaud.Dr. Artaud.



But, listen to me well.

I want exclusiveness.



Let to us occupy itself 

of all, agreement?



Of agreement.



It will be found, this Artaud.



One will arrive there 

or nobody will arrive there.



But, listen.

It I will need interviews, 



a press conference, and 

certainly a photo sequence.



You are ready?



Then, you hang because 

that will be an enormous business.



I believe that one goes 

to become famous.



Hello, Miss Béatrice.

Happy voyage?



I show you your room.



Hello, Carlo.



By here.



I am Carlo.



And here my friend.



All these people are my friends.



Hé, stops that, small.



Beatrice, whom you make?



The press conference 

is in    minutes.



- Which is this?

- It is Carlo.



- Fred, leave it.

- Goodbye, Carlo.






What time is it?



Early.It is necessary to beat 

iron when it is hot.



Margaret, where passed 

the make-up girl?



- the habilleurs are there.

- You know topo.



Nice, but sexy.Perhaps 




Beatrice, whom you have 

fact all the night?



I made love.






You must be… 



eh well, the monster, I suppose.



You killed our team 

the tele one, is not this?



Torn of pieces and thrown 

their members with the vultures.



- me was very told.

- Where is Dr. Artaud?



It yet was not found.



And shit.



I see that that goes 

already of evil in worse.



It is said that it was removed 

by the American government… 



to work with the development 

of top secret weapons.




You heard that?






Gently, Messrs.



The matter is indivisible, 

do not forget it.



The bar, of course.



- It is him?

- Federal Marshal… 



with pupil of the state, 

Dr. Artaud.



Margaret, sign 

for the delivery.



Thank you, Messrs.



How you are, doctor?

Happy voyage?



My God!



You are transparent.



Fritz, take me along to the swimming pool.



Not, wait, the patient.



He is in top.



I must speak to him 

immediately.Follow me.



Not, not yet.Initially, 

one has the press conference.



- There will be to eat?

- Of course.



In this case.Fritz?



- Which is Fritz today?

- It is you.



Good.Yes, doctor?



My book.



Leave it from here.



- But.

- But nothing.



If this jerk in top 

is a true monster, 



I want that it is maintained 

in life as long as it is à.la.mode.






Hé, you, you are there?



Goes you in.



I want to speak to you.



Insane the camp.



Bloody hell.

Want you to leave me quiet?



I want to ask you for forgiveness.



Forgiveness for what?

Listen, princess, 



you only start 

to return the infernal life to me.



Listen.I have shame 

for yesterday evening, you know?



All this noise, 

dance and songs… 



and then, 



my God.



Sex during 

hours and hours and… 



You were all alone here.



The only creature of 

your species which exists.



I have completely 

missed consideration.



I ask you for forgiveness.



O.K.It is the hour to go there.



Beatrice, why 

this advertising countryside?



Beatrice, the monster 

it with all your orders obeys?



This is true that 

new cosmetics… 



will take 

your name and your image?



You with the monster sleep?



How it is really, 

under its the large envelope hard one?



You have already 

considering killing somebody?



I would like to question 

the monster.



Thus let us go right to the goal.



A monster, of our time?



You do not find that, 

and, exceeded well?



It spits of fire.I saw it.



It is also impermeable 

with the balls.



Leave me.



I remember… 



when you were young.






The scum of pond.



Just another secretion 

on the tepid shores of the corner.



I was there, I looked at.



I saw you evolving/moving.



Annoying to me to die, 

I sighed and I waited… 



while you put 

millenia with becoming fish.



I encouraged you… 



I jumped, I threw you 




while you crawl 

stupidly to sand.






I threaded in 

your small villages, the night.



I seized an old man 

or of a child… 



and I broke to them 

the cranium on a rock.



Afterwards, I looked at, 



I studied, 



I tried to include/understand 

how you were made.



What returned cretins like 

you so able to adapt.



But there was nothing.



Blood, tripe and of 

shit, as all the remainder.



Without reason, absurdity.



It was only another 

whore of accident.



I went on cliffs, 

the night… 



and I howled with stars, me 

asking how I would finish.



Would I live 




I want to die, but I cannot

.I am indestructible.



I am sorry.

It is not my fault.



that must be yours.



I do not know a god 

who can be also cruel.



I do not know a god, except 

if, of course, I am God… 



but then, 

where is the difference?



I would be always made kiss.



One continues to turn in round, 

the same good old man cul-de-sac.



The reasoning, logic.



The trouble gained me 

and I finished by… 



to descend the mountain 

and to terrorize the villagers.



It was completely excellent.

Thank you very much.



You will make foutre, 

the Madam.Where is Dr. Artaud?



These Messrs prepare with… 



you to lead auprès 

of Dr. Artaud immediately.



Fred, where they take along?



It will see Dr. Artaud.



Hé, pay to!



Where is Dr. Artaud?

I want to see it!



Dr. Artaud is not far.

Be patient.



- Where is the girl?

- Which girl?



- Oh, the girl.

- a girl?



Yes, of course, there is a girl.



Move away to me this whore 

of trick there.



It is necessary to sleep with which, here 

to have to drink, brothel?



The matter is indivisible.

Yes, of course, it is easy.



But, you see, 

the densities are variable.



The heavy one and the light one.



that can interpenetrate.



- You see?It is proven.

that, that proves it?



You doubt my methods.

No importance.



The center needs margins.



A little wine.



You are a scientist?



I am on holiday… 

or lost, perhaps.



One will see well.



It is very beautiful.



It is at the same time an equation 

and an architectural diagram.



To know and being.



It is not even a question.



There is no alternative.



that is seen even in the lanes 

most solitary… 



between the waves 

and particles… 



that even quarks 

most sociable avoid, 



unknown factors of various 

varieties of time.



If immense that 

it is invisible… 



however sufficiently 

small to be immutable… 



the factory of reality 

infinite rests… 



tightened in 

the small concrete fist… 



whole or nothing.



How you call it?



The matter eradicator… 



invented to save 

a difficult friend… 



eternal damnation.



You Are Dr. Artaud.



For what that is worth, alas, 

my name is soiled.



They retain me in 

a room, all in top… 



but I was coarse 

with the maid… 



and it released me.



I believed you in the train 

to examine the monster.



Not yet.One left me 

only with my thoughts.



It is not so serious, really.






It is necessary to leave from here.

They bernés us.



I am really sorry.



Margaret, where it is?



It is so sad.



All information 

in speak.



This animal, 

who killed out of the thousands… 



people, without remorse, during 

hundreds of years… 



is now the object 

scientific experiments… 



aiming at discovering its exact 

subcellulaire composition.



The researchers are unanimous.



This anomaly of nature is 

for the indestructible moment, 



insensitive even 

with atomic radiation.



Sources placed high 

ensure that the monster… 



is an acquisition without price 

for strategic defense.






It exceeds the scientific 




It is an unknown substance.



It is all and nothing.



Professor, it must 

to be something well.



But one does not know yet 

to name this something, 



therefore, we do not have 

to believe in its existence.



But it is weaker 

that envisaged.



It does not support 

not information.



It is like enormous 

parabolic aerial.



It feels to pass the physio-electronic 




like you and me 

let us feel the pain… 



of a brain tumour.



It will not die, I hope?



Oh, not.Completely impossible.



I ensure you that it is 

perfectly indestructible.



It can support 

this torture indefinitely.



I hope only that 

I could obtain… 



funds necessary 

to continue my research.



One can help you for that.



All that you will be able 

to make will be welcome.



We must, however, 

to leave in the world.



But it is dangerous.



Yes, of course, 

but it promised in Béatrice.



A promise with a girl.

What that is worth?



It will be needed that one waits, 

to see.



However, to return to him 

freedom and to study it… 



in circumstances 

various and varied, 



this could be 

of a priceless value.



I think that the monster 

nobody any more will interest… 



as of tomorrow afternoon.



It is necessary much more 

that the supernatural one… 



to captivate imagination 

demographic section… 



to which I have to make, 




He will quickly become obsolete.



He will fall hard 

and it will fall quickly.



It will be ridiculed 

and one will misuse him.



That will allow interesting 




All is ready for the boat.



Be there with  H   

and ask Vladimir.



Your flight takes off with   H  .



Friends with me will await you 

with the airport, in Iceland.



I will be there as soon as possible.

Do not speak with anybody.



Pay attention.






Kennedy airport, departures 

international, please.



Good.Very well.



It is the ideal mixture 

of pathos and fright.



It will not hold 

a long time its promise.



It will put a tramp in parts.



There is the right of 

to let that arrive?



Listening.We are not 

the police force.



It is information.

It is our job.



Do not leave.



Line two.






It disappeared.What you made?



We did not do anything.



The girl arrived 

and took it along.



you Calm.In reality, 

one calls that of the drama.



One very filmed.



It is fantastic.

Be without concern.



Dr. Artaud left too.



- How?

- the army took the command.



I was laid off.



One is in the shit, expensive 

Madam, and by your fault.






Ah, you here.



that wants to say what?

- It left.



I know it.What it arrived?



The ingenuous one subtilized.



Find me Margaret.



The note of bar to be paid 

is also consequent.



What it is that that?



Margaret kidnapped Artaud.

They hold me responsible.



It is a crisis.



The monster also disappeared 

and Washington is afraid… 



that another finds it before -- 



Without speaking about Artaud.



The Chinese already broke 

diplomatic relations.



The Pentagon issued 

a world hunting for the man.



Special Forces 

were mobilized.



The Security Council 

UNO will take place at midday.



You do not worry, 

Patronne.that will go.



- One will call the network.

- They will threaten somebody.



Not.You do not include/understand?

It is perfect!



How I did not have there 

not thought front?



The monster, Beatrice -- 

out-of-date news.



It is exactly the reversal 

that I sought.



A way of démoniser 

media, this kind of trick.



You do not worry.



With work.

Keep me informed.



Dear Sirs, I am ready.



Take me along.



Ouais, me… 



of which the voice in nature… 



made fall the birds 

trees, dead.



It was anger alone… 



who could suddenly change 

in ice water with my feet.



Humanity would not have 

to tire to await my excuses.



Not.Not human beings, 

more blind men of the blind men.



Makers of all 

what east demolishes.



The poisonous sumac of the universe.



The urticaria of reality.



Species of bastards 

idiots and noisy.



Listen.Let us go, begin again you.



I am tired.

I want to sleep.



Then, will sleep.



What that makes me?



You must protect me.



The cook seeks me.



To which purpose?



You know well.



With what you think?



I do not frighten any more anybody.



I am afraid of you.






It is true.



Here they are!



Yes, yes, yes.



Here they are.



But how will be 

the world without monsters?



This monster, they is ourselves, 

our hopes and our fears.



We created it and it us 

killed during our sleep… 



and we saw 

that we were human.



It does not know its origins 

because it started with us.



We manufactured it 

with a history.



We are very cruel, 

I think.



Not to kill it, but to put 

this responsibility… 



on its unpleasant back, 

to start.



It did not ask that.



We are very gifted for that.



One speaks to create 




to convince us 

that we exist.



And now, the blow 

most vicious -- 



to kill a creature 

while proving to him… 



that it is only one creation 

of our own imagination.



Three minutes front 

eradication of the matter.



I repeat, the account 

with wrong way started.



My friend, us 

we find finally.



This true, Artaud are?

that really will go?



I believe it.



that was never tried.

- But the figures prove it.



We had to improvise.



Etes you some 

that it is what you want?



Two minutes front 

eradication of the matter.



I repeat, it remains   minutes.



It will never know 

what arrived.



Beatrice, let us leave.



You do not have by remaining here.



Countdown.One minute 

before eradication of the matter.



I repeat, it remains one minute.



Beatrice, please.



At your stations and start 

code red preliminary.



Program formatted.



Position one.



In position.

































Code red.

Special help by SergeiK