Nobody Knows Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nobody Knows script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Dare mo shiranai (original movie title).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nobody Knows. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nobody Knows Script



Although this film was inspired by

actual events that took place in Tokyo,



the details and characters portrayed

in this film are entirely fictional









We've just moved into #   

We're the Fukushimas



I wanted to meet the landlord



It's just a token gift



Thank you for taking the trouble



It's very nice to meet you



Um, my husband's abroad,

you see,



so really, it's just the two of us

I hope you'll look out for us



Oh, I see

Don't hesitate to ask



Thank you very much

Introduce yourself



I'm Fukushima Akira



I see, are you in Jr. High?



I'm in sixth grade



You're so big



Once you get to this age,

it's fine, but little ones,



we, other tenants tend

to complain about them



Oh, he's very mature

He'll be no trouble



Fortunately, he takes after his father,



and he's a really good student



But now that he's in sixth grade,

he's ready to learn English...






Hold on






In the back room, please



The living room?






You just know

that landlord remarked



His first wife.

I bet you his first wife died,



and he went and married again



Just hold on, Shigeru



What is this!



Just hold on



Here goes



You OK? Was it hot?



It's hot



Wow, you did a great job



It was hot



This is your new home



Just hold on, Shigeru



Shall we let Shigeru out...



I'll let you out



Here comes the noisy boy



Was it hot?



Super hot



You did a great job

We're here




A huge success



What floor is this?



Our new home is

on the second floor






Get back inside, Shigeru



What if they see you?



We'll have to move all over again

Get inside



Get in here!

Hey, Akira



Get back inside



Shigeru, you've got to

unpack your own toys



I'll go pick up Kyoko

at the station



Be careful, off you go

You know the way?



I know



I'm off



OK, off you go, then



Did you wait?



You're late



I'm sorry



Is the apartment big?



Yeah, it's three rooms

Pretty big



The washing machine?



On the veranda



The veranda, huh?






We're home



I think I know how

to make the soup



I know how to make the soup



OK, then, you make it



Such big chopsticks!

Oh, I'll eat with these



Yeah! My favorite






May I have everyone's attention?



Now that we've moved

into a new home,



I'm going to explain the rules to you,

one more time



Let's promise to keep them, OK?



How many are there?



OK, first of all,

no loud voices or screaming



Can you do that?



I can



Next, no going outside



I know



Can you do that?

Not even out on the veranda



OK? Can you keep that promise?






Can you do it,little Shige-monster?



You're the one that

has to promise hardest



Absolutely no going outside

Can you do that?



Bet you can-can



He didn't raise his hand



That's right,

remember our old home,



we had to leave because

you always threw such tantrums



So, now that we've found

a nice new home,



you've got to promise

Can you?



How's Kyoko supposed

to do the laundry?



For the laundry,



there's no choice, but for Kyoko



to sneak out quietly for the laundry



Don't go out with her Shigeru



And Akira,

you already know all this,



but Mom's sometimes late,

so you'll be in charge



That's OK, right?

And study a lot



You really have to get it, Shigeru



Do you get it?



If you don't...

it's an enema for you!



Not an enema, green peppers



Green peppers?






Make him eat peppers



Oh, that's it, then



We'll give Shigeru "The Pepper

Punishment," got that?



Next time you're up for a tantrum,

get in the suitcase



Shut up!



Like I...



That's the time to climb in



That's right, that's right



What a great idea



Put him there when he's noisy, OK?



We'll all put him in






These tatami mats smell good



The tatami?

What do they smell like?



Like leaves in nature



That's a nice smell, isn't it?



The tatami are still new,

they're still green



Make you sleep well?



Good night



Will you be late?



Today? Let's see...



What's today?

Oh, I guess I might...



Maybe I'll be late



You want dinner?



Dinner... dinner...

What's for dinner tonight?



Maybe curry



Curry? I want curry!

Save me some curry






Maybe I'll eat it



Off you go



Hey, did Mom leave already?



She just left






The piano...



I'm going shopping



Off you go



Get me an "Apollo Choco"









Shall I buy persimmons...



No "Apollo Choco"



There's a video arcade...

"Inageya Hardwares store"



"Near and far-sighted..."



Found it



Apollo Choco



No bag, right?



Out of     Yen, then



Thank you very much



Save 'em for later...



You OK?



I'm fine



The bath's ready, brother



You can go first






Are there carrots?



There are carrots



None for me



No, you have to eat them



Dinner's ready, Kyoko






Shigeru left the carrots, again



Elementary Japanese



Look, Mother's home



Hey there, I'm back



Welcome home



It's damned cold out there

Warm in here



Weren't you in bed, yet?



I was hanging the laundry



What a good girl

Thank you



And what do we have here?



Can I have some?



Damn. It's cold



Welcome home



I'm home






Got it?



I can't



No way



It clicked but went out



All yours



Did I get this right?



What's this?



"A nation that flourished.



"in about     C.C."



What don't you understand?



Just wondered if I got it right



No, it should be "    B.C."



When you don't know,

you look it up in here



That way, you'll learn



Wow, is this Shigeru's?



Wow, what's this?



This yours? Kyoko's?



I hate math...



Six times six is...



Six-six, six-six...



Hurry, six-six



I can do it



Six-six is thirty-six...



Hello, yes



It's noisy there, awful noisy



Where are you? Karaoke?



Not now, it's too late



What? Who's there?

Oh, really, what a shame...






And-a, and-a  



Hey, oh no



And-a   hey






And-a, and-a  






Oh, me? And-a, and-a  




Oh, no, I'm the loser who

has to go without dinner!



You won't get sleepy



If there's no lid on,



what could be inside?



You can't tell



See, if you close your eyes

and put it in,



if you put it in but you don't know...






I want to go to school




You wouldn't have any fun at school



Besides, when you don't have a Daddy,

they bully you at school



You don't need to go to school



Wow, feels really great

Great smell, did you smell t?



Stinks of sunlight



Stink s of sunlight?



Stinkls of sunlight

What a beautiful day...



Your mother,



is in love with someone now






Not again

This guy's really



sweet and serious



I think he is really

looking out for me



So, if he promises to really...



to really marry me,



then we can all live in a big house

and you can all go to school



and Kyoko can play the piano...



So just hang on a little longer



I really think this time probably...



I'm home



I'm home



Here we are, sushi



I'm home, meow



Were you asleep?



C'mon, c'mon guys,

the sushi was a present



A sushi present, c'mon, c'mon



You wake up?



You wake up? You mad?



C'mon over, come over,

c'mon over, Yuki



She stinks of booze



Aren't you cold?

Were you asleep? I'm sorry



It's just that your Mommy had

a pretty good time today



Here you are, Mom



Oh, thank you






Listen, Akira...



he's starting to look

just like his father



He's got his father's eyes, exactly



You brother's father...



used to work at Haneda



You know what Haneda is?

It's a place with lots of airplanes



You know, right Shigeru?

That's where he used to work



Oh, I know, listen, Akira



Remember going to see your father?



I don't



We took the Monorail to

get to Haneda Airport



You forget?






Kyoko your father was...



a music producer...



I know! Let's give Kyoko's...



pretty hands a nice manicure



Your mother... actually...



wanted to be a singer



And I really made it...

part way



With your father, Kyoko



Oops, way too much



I was going to cut a record...



And we were almost ready



when the deal fell apart



Your mother really wanted to, but...



Dear Akira, Your mother's

going away for a little while



Please look after Kyoko,

Shigeru and Yuki



I'm going shopping



Sure, off you go, then



And also, mother won't be

coming back for a while



Why not?



Something to do with work, I think

I'm off



Off you go



Please enter your

deposit account...



The rent... electricity bill,

phone and gas...



And also...






Let's go to my office



Do you always do this?



No, I don't



Your first time?



I didn't take anything



Then what's a this doing here?



Your name?



Fukushima Akira



Fukushima... Akira...






Your father's name?



I don't have a father



No father?



Your mother. Then?



She's gone away to work

for a while



Where did she go?



If you won't tell me,

I'll have to call the police






I don't think this boy stole that



I think the boys reading comics

over there put them in his bag



It wasn't him?



No, I don't think so



Why didn't you speak up?



I'm sorry



Don't "I'm sorry," me



This is just between us, OK?

The meat buns are a little bonus



Hurry, give it to him



Thank you very much



Is that a plus sign?



That's right









I forgot to add this...






Isn't this your day off?



I'm driving again tonight

No use staying home



How's your Mom?



She hasn't been home in a month



For real?



How old are you, Akira?






And Yuki?



Yuki's fine



She takes after me?



Yes, she does



For real...






Shit, I'm    Yen short

Lend me    Yen



What,    Yen?



Why make a big deal over    Yen?



What's with that damned big wallet?



It's a hand-me-down

from my mother



From who?



From my mother...



You moved, right?



The new place big?



Any pubic hair, yet?






Liar, got mine in  th grade



No way



That's the truth



It's just...



What are you smirking about?



It's just that since mother's gone,



It's just, there's no money



For real? I don't have any money



What've you got left?



About       Yen



      Yen is enough



I'm in a helluva jam, myself



My girlfriend, you know,



she totally maxed out my credit cards

I'm in credit card hell, man



So I'm working my ass off,

slowly paying it down, man



This is all I've got on me

This is it, the last time



Thank you



A right, I'm off



By the way, Yuki's not my kid



Every time I did it with your mom,

I used a condom. Bye, then



Bye, then



Thanks for this






Oh, no, I'm hopeless



Gotta get it in



So cold...



I spent     Yen

at the supermark et



I have     Yen left in my wallet



How many Yen were in my wallet

to begin with?



Soon, I came across Bubu the Pig,

planting turnip seeds in a field



What a nice bag you have there



My mother made it for me



Where, where, where is it?



You can't go out, Shigeru



I'm not out



I'm not out



I'm home!



We come home



How've you guys been?



Hey, how've you guys been?



See, I'm home



Look, presents

This one's for Yuki



Thank you



For you, Shigeru



I'm home



Akira, Akira



Wow, it's been a while



Shall I open it for you?



You can carry it on your back






It's cute



Carry it? Carry it?

Like a backpack



You can put your things inside,

and do that...



The sides? Your ears? Out?



Ears out?



You look so neat

He looks better with short hair



Which is more becoming, Yuk?

Long or...






You I like him better with long hair?

Oh, no but I'll cut it anyway



A little bit shorter's OK, right?



What's that face for?



Don't tell me,

I cut your bangs too short



You're fine, right?

Too short?



I don't believe it



Anyway, it'll grow right back out

Don't act so cool



You look cute



I mean it



Here goes!






A chop! The pits!



Chop Maribo!









Hey, what are you doing?




What are you doing?

Don't touch my things



It's your fault

It won't come out...



Where were you, really, Mother?



I told you I was working



A whole month?



I was in Osaka

It was just too far



I told you not to touch my things



What are you doing?



What? You see, today,



your mother has to step out,

so I'm getting ready



You're going already?



Your mother's... busy today



But listen,

I'll be back for Christmas



Only      Yen?



He could've lent you a little more,

I mean, you're little kids in a jam



But hey, pachinko parlors and taxis,



I don't draw customers

in such hard times



But you go back to him

if you need to



It's cold



And the wind's blowing so hard

It's so cold...



Did you tell the man you're seeing

about us?



I told you, I'll tell him eventually...






You've got sugar there



God, you're irritating



Listen, I keep ask ng you,



when will you let us go to school?



What's this "school this, school that"?

Who needs to go to school anyway?



Plenty of famous people never

even went to school in the first place



Like who?



How should I know

But plenty of them...



You're so selfish, mother



How can you say that?



Selfish? You want to know

who's really selfish?



Your father's the one who's selfish,

up and disappearing like that



What is this?

I'm not allowed to be happy?



What is this?



Oh, I know someone famous



Prime Minister Tanaka

Ever heard of him?






You're too young



How about...

the wrestler Antonio Inoki?



I bet he never went to school

I'm not sure, but...



Sure, he did



Man, you're a drag

Hurry up and finish eating



I send you money, soon



You'll come home for Christmas?



Sure, I'll come home



I'll be right home

You take care, of them, too



Is Totoro really real?



Don't you know how big Totoro is?



I know



I know, he's really big



It'd be a real mess if

he was walking around



The police would've catched him



Think there are UFOs?









If Martians exist, so do UFOs



Martians are...



What about real Zombies?

Scary Zombies



You think Santa Claus is real?



He is, he is



You think?

There's only one Santa, right?



He can't cover Japan

all by himself, can he?



But he can

Santa Claus can manage it



That's right, there are all kinds...



Mother didn't come back. Did she?



Her work kept her away longer



Because I was so mean to Mom?



No, that's not true



Hllo, this is the

Sanwa Department Store



May I speak to Fukushima Keiko

in Menswear?



Excuse me...



This is her son



Please hold a moment



I'm terribly sorry, but Ms. Fukushima

resigned last month



How may I help you?



How many minutes, Shigeru?



Not yet



Not yet... how many more minutes?



One more minute, maybe









Not ready yet?



It's about ready, I think



You think?



Let's eat. Then



Thanks for the food



Off you go, then



Thanks for the food



I have to lick the lid



Taste good?



Tastes good



The super-duper best



Excuse me, I'm looking

for a phone number



Kanagawa Prefecture,

Kawasaki City, Nakahara Ku...



Hello, this is the Yamamotos



Hello... Hello?



Wonder who this is

They aren't talking...



Good evening

Have a happy new year



Kyoko's next



With the "kyo" like in Tok yo






That's right...



Mom sent us all

New Year's presents






For you, Yuki



Thank you









That's for you









     Yen! No way

It's      Yen












What do you want, Yuki?



A doll






Roller blades



Roller blades?



You, Kyoko?



I'm saving mine up for a piano



You, brother?



A baseball glove



No, I'm gonna meet

Mommy at the station



She's not coming home today



I'm sure she's coming home



She'll be back next week



She's really coming next week?



She really will



How do you know?



I just do



She's coming home next week



It's Yuki's birthday, today












Just hang on



OK, let's go



Good evening



Good evening



Stepping out?



Where to?



To the station to meet my Mommy



I see, what's your name?






Yuki, I see

How old are you, Yuki?






  years old? I see



She's our cousin,

just staying overnight



Oh, I see...

Off you go, then



Off we go, then



Adorable little gir



Tomato, daikon, broccoli,

squash, carrot...



There's so many







The butcher's...



Oh, only one left?



The last one



There's the monorail



It goes to Haneda Airport



Someday let's get on

and go see the airplanes



Yeah, let's do that



Dear Kyoko



To Kyoko



No, no, it turns on




No, no, it's            



No. I swear it's on  



No, I swear it's  



Listen, listen, man



You couldn't even do it on

that Kamehameha thing



Yes I could



Go! No, that's too far-ish



Oh, damn you did it



You're a genius, man



Using the brake?



No brake



Hey, wow, cool



You gotta crash it



That one already burned...



We come



Your friends?



Yeah, friends



That's     Yen



Get off, get off






Let's go



Bye, then



Thank you



See you tomorrow

Bye, then



Please indicate the desired amount



Please indicate the desired amount



- Excuse us

- Excuse us



This one, huh?

Let's do it, let's do it



Are you ready?




All right, perfect, max






Take that!



What a weird haircut



Coke and what?



Coke and orange and...

CC Lemon



I'm home



We bought stuff



You're late



How far'd you go?



Coke for me



Me, too



Hey, somebody attacked



Hey, you jerk, you let 'em in



But this person attacked



Your Gas Bill is Overdue



Get away, you jerk



OK, nice



Go away



Told you so, dammit



You'll never get it that way



Butt out



Let's go to the store, Akira



I'm hungry, treat us






Hey, I wanna go, too



No, you stay home

Don't touch the game



Don't touch it



What are you doing?



Hey, hey hey, isn't this great?



Her tits are huge

Great, huh?



Isn't it great?



You swipe it?



Your turn, Akira



We're friends, right? Go



Let's go



Hey, wait



He's not your type?



No way! He's way too passionate-like

I like a cool-like guy



But that's what's so cool



Been a while



Been a while



How you been?



Yeah, fine



They're too big for me

They don't fit



Mom says I'll grow any way,

so take the big ones



I hate 'em






Been a while

How you been? What's up?



Bought a new game,

why don't you come over?



I'll come over

when I have time



See you 'round



I've got cram school, sorry



See ya



See ya, then



Who was that?



Take me along to play



Yeah, but his house stinks



No way, stinks of what?



Stinks of garbage

The place is a real mess



Like rotting?



Here she comes



To Mizuguchi Saki in Heaven



Got it



Hello, there, Fukushima san



Don't worry, he's gone



How old are you?






You can't start working part-time

until you're   



Shouldn't you contact the police

or child welfare, or something?



If I do, the four of us won't

be able to stay together



That happened before

and it was an awful mess



I see...



You need it for your piano

It's OK



Let's race



Don't beat me, Akira



We come



Did your mother come back?



Who's taller?

We're the same



There are seeds here, too



Take them



I'll take these, too



OK, I'll take these

Look, Akira, seeds



Somebody just left them behind



Poor things






Amazing, for real



Paper, scissors, rock



F rst is rock

Paper, scissors, rock



I can't stop



Akira, got dirt?



Got it












Hey, Shigeru



The bag



It came out funny









I'll go get some water



Brother, the lights don't work



Not in the bathroom, either



Mr. String, Mr. String,

where are you?



What are you doing?



Not going to school?






I'm not either



There's a cicada hole here,

did you know?



No, I didn't



And again






First is rock

Paper, scissors, rock






First is rock

Paper, scissors, rock



And again!



We have suspended

your water service



I got so many



Wow, amazing



What are you doing?



Nothing special



Did you catch cold?



Your voice sounds weird



Shut up



Are you washing your hair?



Yesterday, at the park



Nice and cool?



When's your mother coming back?



She's never coming back






I'm not hot

I'm hot



I said, I'm not hot, I'm not



Thank you



Eat the inari sushi first






No salmon?



No, just what's there



No fair



This was Shigeru's

It died



She fell asleep



Excuse me. The door was unlocked...



I'm the landlord from the  rd floor,

here about the rent



Where's your mother?



She's working in Osaka



Are you cousins?



I'll go make some money



What? How?









Why not?

Just sang karaoke with him






What are you eating?



Spit it out



What is that?






That's     Yen



Exactly, thank you



How'd the semester go?



His report card, you mean?

A total disaster



He got a terrible grade in Japanese



My child did badly, too



Wish I could find something



Hey, where's Shigeru?






What are you doing?



Where's Shigeru?









You said you wanted noodles

so I got some!



What do you want!



You watch it, buster



Don't bother coming home



Don't take it out on things



Did it break?



Amazing power



He's just an idiot



Cut it out, Yuki



I have to pee



Why didn't you pee

in the park, before?



Go pee by the bath



Don't want to



Is Saki coming back?



Shigeru! You can't just

use up all the water!



There's none left to drink



Is Saki coming to play again?






What are you doing?



I'm selling these



Don't need 'em anymore



Stop it



Cut it out



Let go!



Shut up!






Don't touch it!



She's never coming back



Who cares! Stay in there!





Don't move your legs too much!



Kato! Where's Yano today?



Cram school



Cram schoo?

Oh, man, we're short



What year are you?



Akira, #  right field



Line up!



We're starting a game between the

White Bears and the Kenzan Fighters



Let's go!






Let's go!



Akira, hold your hands closer,

like this...



When the ball comes,

take a real hard slice at it, wham



Just, wham, swing at it



That's fine, nice swing...



"A big, big,

homerun, homerun"



"In heaven...

Grandpa and grandma..."






Yuki won't get up






She fell off the chair



Yes, hello?



Is Fukushima Keiko there?



Just a minute.

I'll go get her






A big, big...






In heaven...

Grandpa and grandma



So surprised...



A big... homerun...

In heaven...






What happened?



That money...

Can I borrow it?



I want to show Yuki...

the airplanes



You all off for a picnic?

Looks like fun



That' be      Yen



OK, thanks



Kyoko, what's this?



It just arrived



To Akira, give them my best

I'm counting on you, Mother



She doesn't fit



Guess Yuki... grew



Is it good bye?



When I touched Yuki

this morning...



she was so cold, it was awful



It just felt so...



It was just so...



When I ask the midnight sky



the stars just shine



Into the black lake of my

molten heart



I can only flow



Will the angel even give me

a backward glance?



Want to splash around in my heart?



The wlnds of the coming winter

lap at the waves



calllng me into the dark



Wlth eyes as wilted as ice



I'm growing up



A jewel pungent with a stench



that brooks no one's approach






Found one!















KAN Hanae










TATE Takako





ENDO Ken'ichi







Executive Producers:





Development Producer:

YASUDA Masahiro



Associate Development Producers:


Lee Bong-Ou



Associate Producers:


KOHNO Satoshi



Producer KORE-ED A Hirokazu

Line Producer: TAGUCHI Hijiri











Art Direction:

ISOMI Toshihiro





ARAE Yoshiko



Chief Assistant Director:




Production Manager:








Hair and Make-Up:

SAKAI Mutsuki



Still Photography:




Pubicity Design:







Theme Song "A Jewel":

TATE Takako



Production Assistance:




Produced by





Cine Qua Non



Directed, Written and Edited by

KORE-EDA Hirokazu




Special help by SergeiK