Nowhere In Africa Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Nowhere In Africa script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of Nirgendwo in Afrika (the original title).  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Nowhere In Africa. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Nowhere In Africa Script



I couldn't remember Germany.



I only knew there's snow and   seasons.



And that our family was there.

Everyone, not just mum and dad. Everyone.



And that I liked that.



But I know as well that I was always afraid of something.



Of the other children, of the people on

the streets. I was even afraid of dogs.



Oh come on, I'll help you.



Germany is a dark place for me.

Not so light and hot as Kenia.



A place with big buildings

and gloomy rooms.



Dad says that Germany is our home.

I guess he misses his own father.



My grandfather. He's allergic to nuts

And was not allowed to eat nut cookies .



He liked Heinrich Heines poems.

Especially those about Germany.



I had two aunts there too,

I really like them



Aunt Kšthe was my motherís sister.

Dadís sister was called Liesel.



Sometimes they helped out in grandfatherís

hotel ďEagleĒ.



But that was before the Nazis came.



May I help you?



No, thank you!



We have to leave now.



The Nazis didnít allow my father

to work as lawyer.



And they took grandfatherís hotel.

So the whole family had no job.



I always got the same answer

If I asked my mother why:



Because we are Jews, Regina.

Thatís the only reason.



Bwana! Bwana! Bwana!



Bwana! Bwana! Bwana!



- Whatís up?

- An urgent message.






Walter! Wake up!

This is Chinin! It's good.



Bring me the coffee.






God damn it, Walter, wake up!



Walter, open your mouth!



Excuse me, I have to open

the door. Hold on!



Aunt Jettel, is there still some apple

juice left?



Anna! Iím glad that you came.

Rudolf come in.



Good evening, Miss Redlich.

You shouldnít talk to them!



Anna, hello.

Hi, Ina.



Hubert, JŁrgen! Stop playing with fire!

You will light up the whole building.



Sure, Klara.



Here. Bite this

You will have to get used to this



The negros eat everything burned.

Or raw and bloody!



But they eat dogs!

I know that from my geography book.



They eat grasshoppers too. Hold him!

What do you want in Africa?



You donít even dare to touch

a dog.



Does this food contain nuts?

This was the only thing I could get, Mister Redlich!



But, Klara.

There are not that many nuts in it!



Because you have to sneeze, right?



Every god damn time.



I loved the green. Walter bought

it on New Yearís Eve.



But actually it doesnít suit me anymore.



Then take it.



Youíre an angel, Jettel. Thank you.



Kšthchen. No tears, ok?



Stay to your ass, Liesel.

Thatís how men like it.



- A letter for you.

- For me?



Some glitter is good for you.



Thank you very much!



Itís from Africa.



Rongai, Kenia, December  nd     .



Dear Jettel. I can imagine how excited

you are because of this letter



but I beg you to be strong.

The Jewish community in Nairobi



will pay the fees for your immigration.

Time has come now



In   months I can afford letting Regina and you

Come here.



Donít hesitate any longer!

Go to Karl Silbermann immediately.



He can I help you with the schedule.

Tell him which ferry to take



It doesnít matter how long he will be traveling

Itís most important that you both go.



We definitely need a fridge.

If it doesnít fit in our boxes,



get rid of the Rosenthal-dishes.

That doesnít count there.



And please get some gas lamps,

mosquito nets and sturdy shoes!



for you and Regina. Donít try to take

cash or jewels!



You know the Nazis. Talk as little

as possible about your plans.



You canít trust anybody,

even those people,



who were our best friends.

Iíve heart-rending feelings when I think



you both being in my arms.



Itís hard to imagine how painful

this letter will be to you mother.



Walter? Listen to me! You have malaria.



You have to take this!

You understand? Thatís very important!



I have to go back to the ranch.

Owuor will take care of you.



He needs Chinin   times a day,









Three times    drips.



Max, whatís up? We have to go!



I donít like railway stations



In one or two years this

will be over anyway.



You guys stay close eachother, ok?



Promise that you make it out together.



Thereís always the one who loves more than the other one.

Thatís why itís so difficult.



The one who loves more can be hurt easily.



My son loves you very much!



Iíll be missing you so much, Max.






Say goodbye please!



Eat this.



This will get the bad things out of your body.



Very good!



Do you know ďSchlesisches HimmelreichĒ?

(Silesian Heaven)



Meat, potatos, bacon, dried fruits,

mixed up together. Mmmh!



I don't understand a single word !



You know? In my first life

I was a lawyer.










Kiyo la dirisha.

Kiyo la dirisha.



Kiko la di...



Dirisha la Kiyo.



Dirisha la Kiyo.



Owuor? This is for you.



You give me your coat?



That's not a coat. It's a robe.



I was sick and you took care of me.



Thank you Owuor.



I used to wear this robe at home.



When I was not yet a Bwana but

used my brain



And you don't wear it here?



For that robe you have to be smart.



Here in Rongai you are smart. Not me.



"Robe" I'll need to say those words very often



so that i can say them as well as you.



Thanks a lot.



  weeks we spent together on this steamship

and circumnavigated Africa.



On April         Hitlerís birthday

We arrived in Nairobi.



Regina, hold that for me please.



Mr. Morrison, the owner of the farm

where my father worked gave us a ride.



I had to think about chocolate

But mum explained me that

from this point on we were poor



And thereís no chocolate for

for poor kids.



I promised to be brave.



Hey, come here.



How did that cow die?



We don't have enough water.



Shit! Always the same!



You have to dig a well.



A well!



A car is coming!






Over there.



Now everything is fine.






Welcome, little Memsaab!



Come to me.



Welcome to Rongai!



Regina, my darling! Come here!



And we were in England and Marocco,

everywhere at the harbour. I saw dolphins!



Mum danced too the other night!



Bwana, he means water.



Explain him what he has to do.



Yes, Bwana.



Thereís little water for the battle



The fee to leave the country was expemsive.

We had luck. They just opened   box at the borderÖ



filled with clothes. Max gave me this for you.



The books were in the other box.

Thanks God!



I know that this is not what you expected.



Itís beautiful.



But we canít live here.



Everything except those over there.



We wont stay long here anyway.



Memsaab. Plate. One plate.



You have to learn German if you

want to talk to me. Plate!









Jettel? My name is SŁŖkind.



Walter as well.

Everybody calls me SŁŖkind.






Walter shows Regina the farm.

They will be right back.



You want to have dinner with us?



Iíve had a   hours ride.

I canít go back tonight.



I brought onions, sugar

and cigarettes.



Praising God...



Chinin every day makes you blind.



You can still fight against it

if you get it. Owuor!



Letís drink on the arrival of Jettel

and Regina. On our second life.






How long have you been away

from home?



Sweetie was smart enough to

leave Germany in Ď  .



The departure was much easier. You could

take all you money with you right?



Especially your books.



And your wife? Weren't you married?



No I wasnít.



And why not?






I never had luck because I always fell in love

with married women



My mother always says that the

Nazis wont survive long.



Germany is a nation of culture,

the country of Goethe and Schiller.



Dad! I think I heard lions!



Those were monkies



You start talking like a black!



The air is muggy and dusk is breaking,



Smooth is flowing the Rhein.



The summit of the mountain is




The most beautiful virgin is up there.



Sheís combing her blond hairÖ



Öand is singing a song



Öwith a beautiful melody



The sailorís heart has been ached



He doesnít look at the rocks,

He just looks into the sky.



I think the waves will eat the sailor and his boat.



And all that time heís singing....



Have a good night honey.



You didnít bring the refrigerator right?






No I didnít.



There was no space left in the boxes.

You know, we were allowed to have just  ...



But there was space left for this crap!



What did you do with all the money?



I just bought this.



It wasnít expensive, just   Mark.



You bought a grown?



Yes I did.



(Goebbels) ... in his name.

And the stamp of his peronality



[going on and on...]



Damn, I never thought I would

enjoy his voice



Iíll leave the radio here.



We caní take this gift.



But know I have a reason to come back



to recharge the batteries.



Do you have a rifle?



Since Jettel and Regina are here now...



Good luck with the well!



Come on little Memsaab!



Do you see the holy mouontain?



That's Mount Kenya.



It is holy.



Mount Kenya



Little Memsaab, let's go!



I canít go any further.

Mum told me to stop here!



Could you help me out?






I am a cook



A cook doesn't dig holes.



The fields are thirsty



You need more water.



Come with me!






No men?



No, men don't carry water.



Women only.



Help me! It's so heavy.



please help me too!



The water is so heavy...



Help us too!



Please give me the shovel!






Yes. Fire.



There is no water, Bwana.



Didn't I tell you.



You were right, Chepoi



I'm sorry.



Go home!



Thank you. Thanks a lot!



I lost my heart in Heidelberg...



  months later



Why doesnít Owour slaugter chicken?



Thatís how it is arranged with Morrison.

Just the eggs.



I canít stand this garbage.

From time to time I need meat!



Thanks, Owuor.






You have to look at the fire,



if it has been quiet a while.



Donít be afraid.

Itís just a normal bush fire.



It wont reach the house...



Where do you wanna go?

Come on, thatís stupid.



I canít stand it anymore.

Thatís what you always say.



But I want to live with people,

whose language I can understand!



You donít earn a single cent here. Every day

we eat eggs and semi-solid food!



How could Regina go to school?



Yeah we are alive! And why?



All day long weíre hoping for rain so that

the battle doesnít die



which donít even belong to us?

Iím feeling pretty rotten!



And sometimes I wish I were.



We just could escape in time!



Yesterday the Nazis burned down

All the synagogues in Germany



and pillaged all the Jewish shops.

They smashed everything to pieces.



People, houses, shops, everything.



Who should have informed you about

this on this goddamn farm?



In the morning I could receive the Swiss radio.



For the Nazis weíre no longer human

beings for Christís sake.



I saw it coming.

I always saw it coming!



Do you get it now? It doesnít matter if

Regina doesnít study?



And mum, Kšthe and your dad?



I dontĎ know! I always said they

should leave Germany.



November   th     .



Dear dad, Iím very worried about the



news we hear from Germany.



What do you say?



Iíd love to know that you guys

are alright! If I earned money we could



afford that you leave the country!

Isnít there any way?



Do you really think itís too late?



Oh dad I tell you that Iím looking



forward to see you.



Here in this foreign country I realize

how lucky we were back home



and how i appreciate everything

you did for me.



Donít think that the money you

spent is lost.



Iím grateful that you let me

study so long.



One day I will be again the lawyer

you were so proud of.



Little Memsaab, come here!



It needs you



It's a kid (Toto) like you.



Hold it carefully.






Eww thatís cold!



I donít care.



There are a lot of other kids here.

But be careful! They all have malaria.



I donít want you to be ill.



You canít change it! A white kid

isnít a black kid.



Never eat anything they give you!

Never enter their homes!






Swallow this!



That tastes so nasty.

You get blind too!



Bullshit! Open your mouth!



Hey mum? Tonight they want to

celebrate for their ancestors.



They want to slaughter a lamb to

pray to God Hnai to ask for rain.



He lives on Mount Kenia.

And in the trees as well.



Thatís going to be a huge party.



They pray for rain. Thatís important.



The negros do it like this as well?



Says who?



What shall I do with you?



You know, grandma used to say?



Donít worry about Regina.

She knows what she does!






ďShe knows what she doesĒ.

Thatís what grandma used to say.



So, donít worry ma!



Iím so scared that something

happens to you.



Toto? Toto!



Memsaab, Bwana is on killing spree...



with the big gun!



Shoot it to death!



I canít!

You see that I canít!



I just wanted you to have meat.



You don't want anything of it?






You say you are not hungry



Good night.

I donít mind if you read.



I already read this book   times.

It doesnít make any difference



if I read it the  th time



I didnít expect that you

can hunt, Walter.



I couldnít do it.

Youíve never killed an animal.



I want be able to do it!



I didnít ask you to hunt.



You treat me like I'm an asshole!



As lawyer Iím you favourite panty

remover! And now?



Sweat-stained and unshaved

I donít exist for you!



How come princess! Iím your husband!

I can say what I think!



You donít have the right for a privileged

life! Untill now we just had luck!



So stop playing the daughter of

a middle class famlily.



you need to understand whatís

going on here!



One last thing. The way you treat Owur



remembers me of some people

back home in Germany.



I guess you donít want to be

compared to those people!



That's pretty warm.



Yes, warm.



Habari, little dog.

Where did you coming from?



Chepoi, whos dog is this?



This dog doesn't have a home.



It's a wild dog.



He is homeless.



Dad, this dog is homeless!

Could I keep him? Please!



But you are afraid of dogs!



But I like this one. Weíll keep him.



We call him Rummler!



Rummler is a nice name!















The trucks are going fast.



We will all be interned!



Nobody can stay on his farm!



Kids and women will come to Nairobi.



Everything is going to be alright!

I promise!



I won't go away!



Owuor! Take care of them!



Yes, Bwana. I will.









Can I take this too?






Let me help you.

Donít forget your ID!



Do you speak German?



No tears little Memsaab!



I'll find you everywhere,



and follow you soon.



You promise?



I promise



I'll follow you and get you a new Toto.



No. I donít want a new Toto.



I didn't protect it good enough.



Its mother would have taken more care of it.



I am not a good mother...



...for an antelope.



You are smart little Memsaab.



Take care of our stuff!



Good bye, Owuor!



Good bye, Rummler!



Suddenly we were no longer

refugees but enemies



We didnít even know why the

British were locking us up.



We were Germans and Germany

was in war with Great Britain.



But we were Jews as well and

obviously not on Hitlerís side



Get off miladies



Thatís a nice prison!



Can you understand that?



Maybe they didnít know

where to keep us



Whatís that?



Don't know. Something British.



Excuse me. Still free?



This remembers me of better times.



The chef de la cuisine used to

cook on a luxury cruise.



Iím very hungry!

This is lobster.



Fish, nice fish!

No thanks.



Thank you.

What"s wrong with it, ladies?



I Breslau we were never alone.

There was always something to do.



What a life!



Oh yeah, before immigation!



Are you done? Thanks.



No message for your husband?



Itís the feeling of being alone.

The feeling that you have



anything to say.

That you own anything



Some children maybe.

Realizing this is very painful!



You know what I am talking about?



Loneliness is a thing I can talk about.



With a wife like Jettel?

Such a beautiful woman!



Sheís happy and full of life.



Maybe you donít give her

a real chance.



Back home everything was fine.

Everyone played his part...



Now you can see.



I donít want to see reality.

But I want a grown up wife,



who I can talk to!



I have to put it past me. My dad, Liesel....



Shut the fuck up!






Sometimes I think we are   parcels.



Wrapped up together in a train



with unknown destination.



Nobody knows what the other one contains.



You think too much.






Soon we started to get used to the hotel.

Every day our mothers and us took



a walk in he shadow and thought

what we were going to get for lunch.



If we could just spend a couple

of hours outside.



Inside you get insane.



Mum, Iím hungry!

You are all Jews, arenít you.



Why donít you just write a letter

To your community in Nairobi!



They still have something to say

in this country.



Soon the government figured out that

not all the Germans are with Hitler.



  weeks later we could visit the

husbands in the camp.



With the brown uniforms it was hard to see



who was British and who was German.



Dad, got a real friend!

Sheís called Inge. She already kows how to read!



And mum wrote a letter!



A real letter, so that we could visit you!



You wrote to the British?



Perhaps we can go to Rongai soon!



You were very unhappy in Rongai right?

You guys want to drink something?



We all want to get back to the farms!



We canít go back to Rongai.



I was made redundant. Because of the war.

Morrison doesnít want to hire ďEnemy AlienĒ



So I have no work and we have no home.



No matter what we have to do to

get our stuff from the farm.



Maybe he is still waiting for us.

Because he thinks that we may come back.



Then grandpa will maybe meet Owuor.



Yeah of course!



May I help you?



I need a special permission.

I have to visit Mr. Edward Rubens,



the mayor of the Jewish community.

Itís very important that I talk to him.



Here we are.

Please help yourself, Mrs. Redlich.



My husband and I we have been at

the Olymmpics in Berlin!



My first time in Germany.

My God, we were naiv.



Until the end we thought our

civilized friends will help us



and stop Hitler.



Where are you now? Where have you been in Ď  ?



Hitler didnít invent anti-Semitism!

I donít think, Mrs Redlich came here



to discuss politics with you! Right?

How can we help you my dear?



Mr. Morrison, the owner of our farm

doesnít want ďEnemmy AliensĒ anymore.



But without work Walter canít leave the farm



and we donít know how to find new work.

Thatís why I beg you for help.



Weíd do anything.



Do you think you are the only one

who suffers from war?



Or do you think we are responsible?



You are alive!

By God, make the best out of it!



Eddie! Iím sorry, I canít help you!

Excuse me.



We have relatives in Poland.



For ages my husband hasnít heard

anything from them.



Sorry about that.



Well, good luck, my dear. Please take

these Biscuits for your little girl.



Thanks. Bye.



What are you doing here?



Why, what do you mean?



You are looking for a job for your husband.

On a farm



I got a friend here at the army.



He needs somebody.



I could talk to him.



That would be great.



...  ...  ...  ...



Youíre very beautiful, Mrs. Redlich.



Where were you? You have mail.



Looks pretty important.


            what the fuck means ďmorgenĒ?




Maybe you can remember this finally!



Tomorrow, there will be rain in Kenia.



Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?



Pussycat, pussycat, what did you there?



Oh God, Regina!






What did I do?



Here we are, Owuor!



Dad! The holy mountain!

Looks like a Chinese hat



Hey! Come down here?

Youíll brake your neck!



Thatís the most beautiful place on Earth!






I am scared.



This place is much further away

from your farm than Rongai.



We wont see you often.



You promise?



We will see each other more often than you like!



The damn cattle is out again.



Very good.



Iím your Bwana and I...



want you to undress yourself!



You will get grilled chicken if you do.



And now on the way down there.

Like a African woman.



Did you miss me in your hotel?



Good morning.



My name is Walter.



You will need my help.



I live here for    years.



I appreciate your offer!



Did Bwana Gibson die?






He doesn't have time to be here.



He is in the Royal Army



He wants me to take care of his farm.



You have to show me everything.



You are not a British Bwana right?



No. I didn't come to become rich in this country.



I came because I was driven out of my country.



Which is your country?



Germany - It's far away.



It is at war.



Somebody steals you an ox,



it will be killed, cooked and eaten.



You will forget that soon.



But if somebody steals your land,



then it's always there.



You can visit it. It will always be there.



You can't forget that.



Daji Jiwan is Indian. He's a good Fundi.



He can help you build the house.



As long as you work for me you'll get your corn.



Firewood,   liters milk per day and    Schillings per month.



   Schillings is not much.



I don't make deals. If you don't want to work for me someone else will do it.



These men can't build a house for you.



I'll teach them how to do it.



Bwana, Kania is my brother.



He can tidy up the rooms.



Can he cook as well?



We need a cook!



No, Kania isn't a cook, he can tidy up the rooms.



Kamau can cook for the dog.



For whose dog?



We don't have a dog.



Yes or No?



It's very expensive.



I have to pick up the mail.



Letters with those stamps always bring tears.



I'll be the one who gives Bwana the letter.



Good idea. You are his friend.



Sohrau, October  nd     .



My dear son,

Itís nice to hear,



that you had luck with your  nd farm.



Emigrating has become impossible .

Pretty soon



Hitler will close the borders.

Thereís nothing left we could sell.



People say that the Jews will be banned in ghettos.



In this case Greschek will send you our new address.



Walter, for the first time in my life

I am worried!



Worried...especially about Liesel

but as well about my own life



In Germany we feel like on a lonely island.



Nobody dares talking. Itís horrible.



My son. I send you this letter and

the rose seeds you wanted.



May these seeds grow in the African earth



to bring Jettl Regina and you a lot of joy.



I always think of you!

Your father.



They have made a big journey.



Yes, a big journey.



I want to enrol Regina at school

as soon as possible.









Did you learn how to cook?






You found us!



Memsaab doesn't have a cook in Ol Joro Orok?



No, we don't have a cook.



How do you know all that?

How did you find us?



Rummler has a good nose.



A bit of flour.






It's a young male and a young female.



They walked into the woods.



They are lost.



It's dangerous during the night.



That's an angel.



He lives in heaven.



And what's that?



Those are wings.



He needs those to fly in heaven.



Have you ever seen an angel?



No. You can't see angels.



You can't see your dead relatives either.



Yes. Angels protect us too,



if we are in danger.



I'm an angel...



and scare off the bad ghosts!



Come here!



No !



Hmmm, kids.



Come over here!



Go away ! Go away !



When you come back I wont be a child anymore.



Bullshit. i'll be back soon.

Every vacation.



Next harvest I'll be back already.



Swear that you come back.



I swear.



I think that's him.



Study hard my dear!



Mum, Iíll be back on vacation!



Memmsaab dogo!



When I come back,

I will tell you everything, Owuor.



Come, let's go home.



We are Jewish.

He said that we should get out!



Quickly I realized what it means to be an outsider.



I was happy to have Inge.



She didnít like the British games either.



I wonder how simple words

lose their meaning here.



For example ďtax returnĒ

Or ďrailwayĒ



Sometimes I wonder why I still

get dressed in the morning



I could just use a bag.

People wouldnít care.



I do care!



Do you still think I am attractive?



Yes ofcourse I do.



Did you meet someone in the hotel?



Do you think people should stay together their whole lives?



Probably not.

Maybe we are just unstable because of the situation...



Why? Do you want to leave?



Sometimes I think my life could be happier.



I want to make it with you!



You are my wife. I love you!



I miss them all so much!



My mother, Kšthe...



It hurts so much!






And? Isnt't that beautiful Jogona?



You can't speak with the night.



You are right.



You can't speak with the night.



But the woman who wrote this poem

imagined that the night has ears.



It's beautiful to make music with words.



Your father is a smart man.



He speaks with thunder and lightning too.



He speaks with ancestors. That's something different.



You have to undress yourslef.

You clothes are getting dirty.



No I won't undress myself.



I'm not a little child anymore.



You are stupid if you dirten your school clothes.



I'm not a child anymore.



You must not see my breast.



Your breasts arenn't different to other women's breasts.



Of course. A Mzungus breast is different than

black women's breasts.



You must not show them.



Mzungus' schools teach strange stuff.



Are you even allowed to climb trees?






But only if their clothes dont get dirty.



Wait Jogona!









My dears.

We are very excited.



Tomorrow we have to go to work in Poland

Donít forget us.



Mother and Kšthe.



They are not allowed to write more.

   words only...



They used   .



These aren't good days,



when the little Memsaab has to go to school.



Perhaps they want to try to escape through Poland.



Maybe they found a way.



Say something, Walter, finally!

Please talk to me!



Your mother wanted you to know it.

She wouldnít have written if not.



Poland means death



Shall I tell you something?

Sometimes I envy you because of this letter!



Now you can be sure!

I have to ask myself every day,



if my father is fine.

Where he is.



Where my sister is.



Every day the German army looses more

And more territory in the east.



A lot of people died.



Since the Russian winter offensive began the amount

of killed, wounded and German prisoners



increased over    .   .



What's this?



This woman doesn't need your help.

She wants to die today.



And her family leaves her out here?



The coyotes will pick up her corps during the night.



Kimani, I can't allow that.



I'm the Memsaab on this farm.



I want you guys to carry her into the house.



If she dies in the house

it isn't clean anymore.



The family would have to make many

sacrifies to get it clean again.



That's very expensive.



But still. I order it!



As soon as she's in the house those

people will carry her out again!



This woman wants to die out here.



That's how tradition demands it.



It's ok Memsaab.



My mother won't die alone.



We're all with her. She isn't afraid.



From now on you can count your days.

They call it ďOperation JĒ.



The reorganization of the African forces



They really take Germans?



They have a good Chance to get in.



Just donít tell them that you are

bored and need something else.



They want to hear that you canít wait

to fight for the right side.



And Jettel?



I canít believe that I get another chance in this war.



Whatís up with you?



Itís not my war.

I donít give a shit about Germany!



I wonít go to Nairobi with you.



I stay here with Owuor.

Thatís my final decision.



For you alone itís too dangerous.



You wanted to go to Germany and Rongai! But you never

wanted to be there where we actually were.



And now you donít want to leave.



But youíd meet a lot of peolple.



I donít want this anymore!



If something happens to you...



They are sending men to Burma!



I canít hang out here anymore.

Iím feeling useless.



I understand that.



I stay here with Owuor.



Thank you!



Sometimes I don't see you a day...



and a night. Where are you then?



I'm visiting my wife and my children.



At the lake. Near Kisumu.



They dont see you often.



They understand that I can't leave Memsaab alone.



But your wife is always alone.



That's something different.



White women are helpless, black women aren't



How many kids do you have?



I have   kids and   wives.






That's a lot of work if you visit them!



I give them money. -    Schillings is not much.



It's enough. They have their Schambas,



With corn and beens. And fishes from the lake.



Do they respect you?



They respect me.



I'm working in the house of a Bwana.



I respect you too Owour.



Without you we would be lost in this country.



Could you help me out?



I'm a cook not a barber.



Please! I can't do it alone.



How are your corn fields? Are they fine?



Yes they are



Do you want to do an excursion?



Iíll wait outside then



Nice that youíre here!



This country is beautiful!



The allies landed with more than    .    men



in Normandy.



Bad for Hitler,

so Iíd say: good.



You donít care whatís going on in Germany?



And you?






What do I do?



Are you already there?



I was worried about you.



Regina. I showed your mother Lake Bagoria.



We were pretty close to your school.



What do you accuse me of?

That I wasnít here once?



Why didnít you go with dad?



You are the one who doesn't want to leave the farm.



Bullshit. You donít love him anymore.



SŁŖkind made an excursion with me.

Thatís it.



The other day in the hotel... In NORFOLK.

Do you think I didnít realize that?



You started an affair with that soldier.



He arranged this farm

We were homeless!



And what can SŁŖkind do for you if you sleep with him?









Did you see my child?



The Mzungu-Kid?



Over there in the house.









Iíll be right there mum.



I often slept at Jogonaís place.



You didnít realize it because I was always back at dawn.



My wild girl. You canít just disappear!



Itís beautiful! I can understand why you wanted to have it



Because of this my dad almost sent me

Back to Germany.



You didnít wear it a single time?



We bought it at Wertheimm in Breslau.

For    Mark.



And then we ate a piece of cake at Cafe Monheim.



I canít even remember Germany.



Only if I eat nuts.

Then I think of grandpa.



Mamma... why are the Jews so hated?



You and dad, you are not really Jewish.

You eat meat.



And you donít pray right?



In school they told us that the Jews killed Godís son.



For me and dad Jewish played an important role.



We thought we were as much German as possible.



The German culture, the language.

That was our home.



Maybe we Jews are really different?



Aunt Ruth and uncle Salommon are different.



They obey the Jewish rules



Tolerance doesnít mean that we are all equal.



If I learned something here, it's

how important differences are.



Differences are good, Regina.



Smart people wont bother you

Just because you are different.



Mum? Tonight we will celebrate Pokot



They slaughtered a lamb under the holy tree.



There will be beer and they will be singing.



You have to see that.

Itís pretty different!



The war in Germany is over.



A couple of days ago I received a letter from

a German teacher in Tarnopol.



From whom?



I donít know this guy.

He was a teacher before the war.



He knew my father and Liesel.



Father gave him my adress. One week before he died.



Father and Liesel hid in a schoolís cellar.



  SS-men beat father to death in the middle of the street.



One month later Liesel came to Belsec.

With the  rd transport.



No one returned from that one.



She married during the escape.

A Tscheque



Erwin Schweiger.



He was a truck driver.



Wiesbaden, November  th     .

Dear Mr. Redlich!



We are glad to let you know



that we can offer you a job.



You will be used as judge in FrankfurtÖ

Ölater on maybe as lawyer.



You will help building up the

new judicial machinery in Germany.



We wish you and your family

good luck for the future...






How did you manage this?



You want me to show you my place?

I am here and here is Inge.



There is the supervision,

a girl from  th grade.



Priscilla. A British bitch.



Whatís going on, anything with mum?



Nah, donít worry

Everythingís alright.



I need your help!



I want to go back to Germany!



I know. You want to and mum doesnít.



I thought about it very carefully.

I want and I have to go back!



Please donít make it so hard.



I could never forgive myself if I make you unhappy.



Why do we have to go back?

Other people donít have to go either!



Ingeís dad is going to be British next week.

You could do that as well.



You are in the army. You could!



Maybe he gets a British passport.



Even though he is far away from being British. Tell me:



Can you imagine that your Headmaster will invite him?



No. Sure he wont.



A British passport isnít enough for me!

I donít want to be a man who has a name,



which doesnít belong to him. Here in Kenya

Iíll always be an outsider.



Do you know what this means to me?

I know that very well.



My brave girl.



Promise me that you wont be disappointed

if we go back to Germany.



Promise me that youíll trust me.



If we have to go back...



can Owuor join us?



Not this time.



Hello my friend.



Very good.



Where is Memsaab?



Out on the field with Bwana SŁŖkind.



Was Bwana SŁŖkind often here?



And then a corn cob drops out of his trousers.



Corn grew pretty good this year.

The rain came exactly at the right time!



Gibson can be satisfied.



And I give a fuck about this corn!



Asante, Owuor.



I requested to get sent back home.



The army is obliged to discharge its men when the war is over.



For us this would be Germany.



They pay for our tickets.



So only you decided this?

Maybe Regina and I want



something totally different!



Why do you do this?

Why donít you talk to me about things like these?



How can you think about going back to Germany...



Stay away!

You are not going to destroy my family!



Do you know what your problem is?

You donít know who you are!



We are Jews, Walter!

Even if it doesnít mean anything to you.






I say this only once.



You know, if you want to stay with me you can.



That would make me very happy.



These are going to be the best "KŲnigsberger Klopse"



you've ever eaten.



But you don't have Kapern



and you still don't know, what Kapern are!



I don't know what Kapern are,



but I do know, that Kapern aren't needed!



Happy new year, Rummler!



This have been the best "KŲnigsberger Klopse" I've ever eaten.



Thanks a lot!



I think she prefers your Ugali.



Happy new year, Jettel.



We need more guards for the fields.

A lot of corn is being stolen during the night.



Maybe you can talk to the guys.






I need to make my decision.

The government is waiting for my response.



I wonít go back to Germany.



You want to give up our family?

-I don't understand why still believe in that country.



I am a lawyer! I love my job!

And I have the feeling that



I could be useful in this Ąnewď Germany



Damn idealist! You think there are no

more Nazis around there?



They are the murderers of our parents!



Thatís not just bad language.

That stands for the faith in mankind



Maybe thatís naive but everything else

leads to death and destruction.



This country saved our lives.

But it isnít our country.



Can't you sleep?






In Germany there's a lot of snow in the winter,

do you see?



A lot of snow is very cold?






I hate snow.



You do all the work for Owuor, girl!



Mum needs your help.

Tomorrow harvest will begin!



The last couple of years she made

it pretty good without me.



Sometimes I prefer to be in school

than being here.



How come dad?



I donít know.






The grasshoppers are coming!



If they land on the fields they'll eat everything!



Theyíre flying away, theyíre flying away mum!



Do you want some? Itís good for your voice!



Thanks for coming back.



You have to be careful.

I am pregnant.



And I am the father?



Jettel, honey, I donít want to lose you.



Canít we sit like this all the night ?



Women and men in the village never kiss each other.



They donít even know what a kiss is.



What a pitty!



Everything I love is lying in this bed.



The songs of the women went deeper

into my heart than usual.



In the morning dad told me that mum

Is going to get another baby.



I felt Owuor right behind me and I knew



that this news was good as well as bad.



The letterÖ. Iím going to destroy it.



Which letter?



I canít go without you.



My parents have made their

trip to Frankfurt.



The first night my dad was pretty drunk.



And my mother was upset.



I am so afraid of these people, arenít you?



Yes I am.



Do you love me?



If you let me.



Then decide for us.






What are you doing here?



I am waiting for the sun.



And why?



Do you want to sell the dog at the market?



I didn't want you to see me.



Rummler and I will do a long safari.



Where this safari leads to, no one knows.



Say goodbye to little Memsaab!



A man has to do a safari if his time has come.



Shall I tell my little daughter:



"Owour is gone and didn't want to see you one more time?"



Shall I tell her "Rummler is gone forever?"



This dog is part of my child.



You were there,

when Rummler and Regina became friends.



Little Memsaab will understand.



She always understands everything.



She has eyes and a heart like we do.



Please Owour! Say goodbye !



Dad. Owuor has to go. Or do you want

his heart to dry ?



He doesnít want to die.



If so he would have died long time ago!



Here is my black coat.



You forgot it.



I didn't forget anything.



That coat doesn't belong to me anymore.



But I gave it to you as a gift



as you saved my life!



You said:



"I don't need this coat anymore...



it's from a past life that I've lost."



Now you've found life again.



The life with the coat.



Please Owour, take it with you!



Without this coat you'll forget me.



I'll never forget you Bwana



I learned so many words from you.



Owour, you have to lift me up one last time.

Like in Rongai on my first day.



You must not go.



You don't even want to do that safari.



Take care of Bwana. He's still like a kid!



You are smart. You have to show him the way!



Good luck!



You too! Thank you.



I hope youíll be happy.



Take care.



Why are we stopping now?

I have no idea.



Bananas, bananas, Ö



I can't buy anything, I'm poor like a monkey.



For the monkey!



Thank you.



My brother was born on July  th     .

Thanks to God Ngai the birth went well,



he was totally ok.

He was tall and strong



My parents called him Max.

Like grandfather!




Special help by SergeiK