Obsession Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Obsession script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Brian De Palma movie with Cliff Robertson and Geneviève Bujold.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Obsession. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Obsession Script



Ladies and gentlemen!



Ladies and gentlemen...



I would like to propose a toast...



to Michael and Elizabeth Courtland...



this world's last romantics.



Happy tenth anniversary!



Happy anniversary!



And if you'll allow me,

a special toast to this man...



a man of endless energy

and ambition...



the cream of the new South...



my dear friend

and new senior partner...



in what will soon be the finest real

estate development in New Orleans...



the new Pontchartrain Estates!



Thank you, Bob.



Bob has very generously

referred to me...



as part of the cream

of the new South.



I think that might be

a little bit genteel for me.



I would be more inclined

to consider myself more of...



oh, skim milk of the Middle West

or something.









I would hope...



that we could direct

those qualities...



to try and retain...



for the new South...



some of the graceful values

of the old South.



- Daddy.

- What?



- Will you dance with me?

- Will I dance with you?



What will you do

if I dance with you?



I'll dance with you.



Let's bring Mommy in, okay?



- Good night.

- Good night, John.



Bob, thanks again.



Thank you, Bob.

Good night, Debbie.



Good night.



Thank you.

It was nice having you.



Good night, Carl.



Mommy! Mommy!






Turn it on.



Come on, kid. Talk, damn it!



Tell your daddy how much

you want him to bring that money!



Daddy, please bring the money,




- That's real good.

- Please come get me and Mommy, please!



That's good. That's real good.






I'm supposed to bring this

to Mr. Courtland.



Come in.



- What is it, son?

- Mr. Courtland?



The man said you'd give me a tip.



Five dollars! Gee, thanks.



- What did he look like?

- Who?



The man who gave you the bag.



Just a man.



Let's start at the beginning.

Slow down.



Come on, kid! Talk, damn it!



Tell your daddy how much

you want him to bring that money!



Daddy, please bring the money,




Please come get me and Mommy,




Call the police.



I guess I'll have to take my money

out of the Pontchartrain project.



I know, Court.



Just thinkin' about it

makes me sick.



You know, I'm not gonna

take advantage of this.



We're gonna develop the land

just as you planned.



We'll build your park.



Hell, I like trees.



If you pick up the option,

you're not obligated to do my plan.



You can do anything you want with it.

You know that.



I want to do this thing for you.



Thanks, Bob. I appreciate that.



Of course, there's still

a week on the option.



If the police can get your money back,

it'll be just like before.



Well, I guess somebody

oughta get to the bank.



I'll go there myself.



Inspector Brie is here.

He'd like to see you right now.



- Would you send him in?

- Okay.



Hello, Inspector.

Thank you for coming out. Sit down.



Thank you.



Would you like a cup of coffee?



No, thank you, Mr. Courtland.



It's an excruciating situation.



I guess I don't have to

tell you that.



Preparing for the worst

and hoping for the best.



I've seen many cases

very similar to this.



They all ended up with the successful

return of the hostages...



and the apprehension

of the kidnappers.



It's just a matter of intelligence

and calm nerves.



Just try to leave this as much

as possible to us, Mr. Courtland.



There's nothing you can really do.



I'm willing to pay the money.

The money isn't important.



That's the hell of it, Mr. Courtland.



These men are professionals.



If they're caught without the loot,

they give up.



If they got the money in hand,

we may have a very dangerous fight.



Are you sure?






It is, of course,

finally your decision.



What would you do?



Something the lab has developed.



Something the lab has developed.



We go through the drop

as instructed.



False money

and a small radio transmitter...



in a locked briefcase.



We track the pickup man

by radio truck.



He leads us to the hostages.






At no point will the lives

of your wife and daughter be in danger.



Just leave it to us.



Give me an estimation.



I got it, I got it!



You oughta be happy, little girl.

Your daddy come through with the money.



Everything's gonna be all right.



Mommy, Mommy!

Daddy brought the money!



What the hell is that?






Son of a bitch!



Look at this. This is what

your old man thinks you're worth!



- Nothin'!

- Mommy!



This is Detective Brie.



This is Detective Brie

of the New Orleans police force.



The house is surrounded.



Come out with your hands raised

and you will not be harmed.



- What do we do?

- Be calm. Get the knife.



Don't panic.



Cut those ropes

and let's get outta here.



Break that window open.



Mommy! Mommy!



Don't shoot unless you

want the kid to get it!



Hold your fire. Hold your fire.



Peterson, this is Brie.



We're on the Broussard Road

approaching the bridge.



Are your roadblocks in place?



All set on your side, Inspector.



I'm helping an oil truck

off the road over here.



Get it out of there!

We're on the bridge now!



The wife and daughter of New Orleans

businessman Michael Courtland...



were killed yesterday...



when a kidnap-rescue effort

sadly backfired.



Over here is Inspector August Brie,

who's in charge of this case.



Inspector, can you tell us

exactly what happened here?



I'm sorry.



I can't divulge any information

at this time.



It's just been too tragic,

that's all.



The police did all they could.



The search for the bodies

remains fruitless...



hampered by the explosion

of the automobile...



and the currents of the Mississippi.



Here are your tickets.



Now, remember, you leave

at   :   tomorrow.



You arrive in Rome at  :  

and you take the Rapido to Florence.



- Do you have your passport?

- Yeah.



I'll put these in your briefcase.



You about ready, Michael?

I won't be a second.



What's that Italian's name,




He's a bit of a bore,

I'm afraid.



A rich one, though.



I hope his English

is better than my Italian.



You let me take care of him.

He's very susceptible to flattery.



He's gonna love it when I tell him

he's as wise as Caesar...



and as honest as the pope.



You know, I'm gonna like

this trip, Bob.



Really, I'm lookin' forward to it.



I can find out what you were doing on

the Florentine junkets all these years.



Food, money...



and above all art, my man.



I'm a lover of fine art.



- It's my only vice.

- You're just a Renaissance man, Robert.



He said  :  .



Oh, thanks, Bob.

You know, I think you're right.



I should have come back

to Italy years ago.



I told you, old boy.

It's the birthplace of western art.



One thing that puzzles me.



How do these old guys

get such young wives?



- I'll ask them.

- Don't.



I think so too. Would you like

to see a picture of my wife?



Picture of your wife?



Go ahead, show him a picture.



As Americans say, "Such a jewel."



Wonderful woman.



And cook... such a cook.



She's lovely.



This is Maria.

Such a wonderful woman.



- And I have six children.

- She's lovely.



Lovely lady.



Aren't you glad you asked?



A fantastico woman.



That's why I have to make

so much money.



She loves money,

and she deserves it.



- Everybody likes money.

- And women.



Oh, not everybody likes money, signor.



You take my partner here,




He and I own, in New Orleans...



one of the biggest, best plots of land

in the suburban city.



For       years...



he has refused to build anything

on that land.



Nothing but a tomb.



If you gentlemen will excuse me,

it's a little late.



Late? He thinks it's late.



Hell, I haven't even danced yet.



You should have stayed with us

last night, Court.



We aren't getting any younger.



Found that out, did you?



You're not upset

about last night, are you?



So what are we gonna do today?



I don't know. I thought we might

just do a little sightseeing...



absorb a little culture

and a little less wine.



That sounds great.



Isn't this the church

where you and Elizabeth met?



I'll be right back.



Well, how was it, Court?



The same.



Well, you about ready to go back

to the old U.S. Of A., Court?



I thought I'd like to stay around

a few more days.






I'd like to go back

to that church again.



Why do you wanna do that?



Will you come with me?



Well, okay, if it'd

make you feel better.



Oh, my God.



- You sure you're gonna be all right?

- Yeah, I'll be fine.



- I just need a few days.

- All right.



You take real good care

of yourself now.



Thanks, Bob.



Oh, that's all right.

I speak English.



You are American?



You like the Madonna?



It was painted in     ...



by Bernardo Daddi.



That's early Renaissance.



- You a student?

- No.



I used to be...

what do you call it?



Bilingual secretary.



Then one day I read

about the restoration project...



and I said, "Sandra,

the Madonna needs you."



So I quit my dull job,

and here I am...



an art historian.



I can't think of anything

more important.



Well, at least they don't

holler and scream at you...



when you talk to strange men.



What do you do?



I'm in land development,

real estate.



Ah. Well, that sounds important.



It's not.



My name is Courtland.



Michael Courtland.



Happy to meet you.

I'm Sandra.



Sandra Portinari.



You've been doing this work

a long time?



Oh, I'm not doing the restoration.



I'm just a workman.



But I prepare everything

for the specialist.



You see, several years ago...



long after the floods...



moisture seeped into a portion

of the altarpiece...



and it began to peel...



revealing an older painting




Then the art scholars

had to decide what to do.



Should they remove and destroy

a great painting by Daddi...



to uncover what appears to be

a crude first draft underneath it?



Or should they restore

the original...



but never know for sure

what lies beneath it?



What would you do?



Hold on to it.



Beauty should be protected.



Good. That is what

the scholars decided to do.



Now you have a free lecture,

and you don't have to read the brochure.



I wondered if I might...



repay you for your lecture...



and ask you to dinner somewhere.



You don't understand.



Dinner can be

a pretty serious affair here.



Lunch. I know a place nearby.



Signor, I thought it was the Italian men

who picked up the American women.



All right. Lunch.



But I have to work another

hour and a half before I go.



I'll wait.



So you were in Florence before?



A long time ago.



I was stationed near here

after the war.



I wasn't even born,

but my mother often told me...



how hard times were then.



You live with your mother?



Not anymore. I have an apartment

near Ponte Vecchio.



But I was raised by my mother.



My father deserted us

a long time ago.



That's sad.



What was Florence like

during the Occupation?






I'm really not an expert

on the Occupation.



My mind is elsewhere.



I met my wife there.



Oh, the plot thickens.



Let us sit and tell sad tales...



about deserted daughters

and lonely husbands.



I thought you had a familiar

melancholy look...



when you came into the church.



That wasn't...

She died a long time ago.



I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.



It's just that a single girl...



meets a lot of men,

mostly Americans...



who want to tell her

about their wives.



It's not very flattering.



What was she like?






She was very much like you.



Like me?



She was Italian?



No, she looked very much like you.



Do you have a picture of her?



I really have to go now.



May I see you again sometime?






We could have

a nonserious dinner.



- Seriously.

- When?



- Tonight.

- Tonight?



Is that all right?



That's only five hours from now.



Plenty of time to change.



All right, but I have to go see

my mother at the hospital after work.



I'll meet you there.



Oh, it's the San Giovanni.



I know.



All right.



See you. Ciao.






You're very fond

of that restaurant, aren't you?






That's where you met Elizabeth.



No, we met in the church

where you're working.



We used to eat

in the restaurant though.



Tell me about her.



- Elizabeth?

- Yes.



Well, as I said before,

she's very much like you.



I mean,

she looked very much like you.



She had brown hair...



and wore it longer,

kind of different, you know.



And she wore pink lipstick.



And she never wore rouge.



Oh, her walk...



Her walk was     degrees

different than yours.



- Different?

- Yeah.



- She had a very Bryn Mawr walk.

- Bryn Mawr?



Yeah, very Bryn Mawr.



What do you mean, "Bryn Mawr"?



Bryn Mawr?

That's kind of a walk.



It's... Well, it's...



It's... I don't...



Just walk, and I'll...

Just go ahead and walk upstairs.



No, that's an Italian walk.



What do you expect?



It's a good walk, but it's

just not a Bryn Mawr walk.



A Bryn Mawr walk

is a kind of a glide, you know?



Those girls used to wear long polo coats

in those old days, long raincoats.



They kind of glide,

like they're late for class.



They move fast

and just kinda glide.



This time now, just glide.

I'll talk you through it, okay?



- All right.

- Don't sashay so much. Just glide.



- All right.

- Go ahead.



Just glide.



No, not like a model.

Just glide.



That's it. That's it.



She called me Mike.






Listen, I am a good Catholic girl.



I obey everything the pope says.



You know?



What would the pope say

if I saw you tomorrow?



You forget I have a job to do.



Tomorrow night.



Let's wait a couple of days,

all right?




I'm free all day Saturday.



- What time?

- Oh,   :  ?



I'll be here.



All right.



Good night.



Move to your right.



All right, come closer now.

Come closer.



A little closer.



What is that, a love sonnet

from an Italian boyfriend?



No, it isn't. Jealous.



That's Dante.



"While life endures...



you should not ever

be inconstant to your lady...



who in death doth lie.



So speaks my heart

and afterwards doth sigh."



You know, as a child...



I used to go to the church...



where Dante came

to watch Beatrice.



Beatrice, la bella donna,

would sit here...



with her father...



and there...



Come here.



- Over there.

- I'm her father.



The young Dante,    years old...



would stand and watch Beatrice.



And here...



in between...



sat the Lady of the Screen...



a lady Dante pretended to love...



so that Beatrice

would not be embarrassed...



by his continual gaze.



You still love Elizabeth,

don't you?



That's why you want me.



How did she die?



I killed her.



I'm sorry, but I must go

to the hospital right away.



- My mother's very ill.

- I'll go with you.



- It's not your problem. I go alone.

- Please.



All right.

Well, let's hurry then.






Come closer.



I can't see you.



You love my Sandra?



Oh, Mama.



I must know now.






You love him?



I don't know.



He marry you.



You'll have to forgive my mother.

She's always been a matchmaker.



You rich?



You gangster?



You marry him.



Mama, we hardly know each other.



You get to know him...



after you're married.



No matter how many times I read it,

it still says the same thing.



Look at that.



"Hold St. Louis Cathedral for May  .



Break out the champagne.



I'm returning Tuesday the   th

for a church weddin'.



Love, Michael."



Poor Court.



He's a goner now.



I tell you, Jane.



If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes,

I wouldn't have believed it.



It was like Elizabeth

had stepped out of her tomb.



Yeah, well, you'll see

soon enough for yourself.



- Do you think she's a gold digger?

- I don't know what to think.



Maybe we should call Dr. Ellman.



- What good would he do?

- He's been treating Court for years.



But Ellman lives in     .



Michael lives in     .



- Mr. Michael!

- Judy.



Good to see you too.



I want you to meet Sandra.



Sandra, this is Judy,

a lifelong member of this house.



Hello, Miss Sandra.



Mr. Michael wrote me about you.



- Let me help you with this.

- Thank you.



It's beautiful here.



Now, this D'Annunzio-Florence deal

is lookin' awful good, Court.



Looks like the old goat is finally

gonna invest some big money with us.



Now, I've got a preliminary

breakdown here...



of the basic estimated

development cost and cash flow...



for the joint venture proposal.



I'd like you to look those over

if you would.



You wouldn't file

an in personam suit against me...



if I asked you to table all this

for a while, would ya?



I mean, with the wedding plans

and everything, I'm just not up to it.



- Would you mind, for a while?

- Can do, Court.



Can do. That's what

a partner's for, I guess.



Well, our friends are certainly

looking forward to meetin' Sandra.



They'll all meet her

on the big day.



Big day of the big wedding.



Big day of my new life.



How do you say in Italian?



"La vita nuova."



Look, Court...



I know this is

none of my business...



but don't you think maybe

this is all a little hasty?



A little premature?



You're right.

It's none of your business.



Yes, Miss Sandra?



There's a locked room upstairs.



What is it?



It was the master bedroom.



Why is it locked?



I don't know, Miss Sandra.

I don't clean it anymore.



I want to see it.

Can you open it for me?



I don't have the key.

Mr. Michael keeps it.






Well, I guess it's all right.

He keeps it in his desk.



"February        .



I think the days in Florence...



will be the happiest

I will ever have.



New Orleans is a nice town...



and Mike is very good to me...



but it is all so different now.



He is busy at work all day...



and sometimes I wonder if Mike loves me

as much as his business."



There it is, darling.



Isn't it beautiful?



And on the   th...



it'll be all ours.



It's so big.



And Mike,     guests.

That's a lot of people.



Just a small ceremony

would be fine.



No, it's more than a ceremony.



It's a celebration...



and there should be thousands...



and everything's got to be...



very special.



Yes. If you say so.



Good morning, Robert.



- Good morning, Michael.

- Good morning, Jane, Shirley.



What are you doing here, Doc?



This was the only way I had

to get in touch with you.



You're a hard man to get a hold of.



What can I do for you?



I thought we might just sit down

for a while and have a personal talk.



Purely a social visit.



Why is it psychiatrists

are such lousy liars?



Would you come in here, please?



Did you all ask Dr. Ellman up here?



He called to find out how you were.



We thought you might wanna

be talkin' to somebody.



That's fine. Thank you.



Michael, why don't you

talk to Charlie?



- That's fine.

- It's for your own good.



I went by and saw Sandra yesterday.

I didn't think you'd mind.



You didn't think I'd mind?



You invade my privacy

and you ask if I'd mind?



Will you listen to yourself?

Stop and listen to what you're saying.



- Can't you see what you're doing?

- I know exactly what I'm doing.



I don't want anybody

interfering with my private life.



You're talking with somebody

who already knows you...



knows you better probably

than anybody else.



Sandra and I talked about

a lot of things yesterday.



I don't think

you're being fair with her.



You shouldn't marry out

of a sense of guilt...



or out of some morbid preoccupation

with Elizabeth.



And now Sandra is obsessed

with the idea of Elizabeth.



That's all she wanted

to know about yesterday.



She's caught up in your fantasy.

You must know what's happening.



Give yourself some time.



Let your relationship

with Sandra grow first.



And I want you back in therapy.

If not with me, with some other doctor.



But give yourself some time.






Except you got it wrong.



We'll talk about it...



after lunch.




We'll work everything out.



Just come on down to my office and...



I just don't want you to do anything

impulsively that you'll regret.






What's happening?



- Why are you home?

- Because you're here.



Because my heart's here.



Because I never want to leave.



Where are you?

We've been so worried.



Look, we're both

really sorry about that.



We didn't mean it.

We only thought you...



Okay, he's here.

Just a minute.



It's Michael.



Michael, old boy, where are ya?



Well, now, don't you think it's...



Now, don't be hasty.



Okay, if that's what you want.



He wants us to put his share

of the company into a trust fund.



- He's already sent the papers.

- Where is he?



Who knows?



- Tomorrow.

- What?



Let's get married tomorrow.



We can have the justice of the peace

perform the ceremony right here.



- Why tomorrow?

- I don't wanna wait.



What about St. Louis Cathedral

and all your friends?



We can have it cancelled.

Besides, I don't have any friends.



I found that out today.

Would you be disappointed?



Well, no, not at all.



And now, in accordance with

the powers invested in me...



by the state of Louisiana...



I now pronounce you man and wife.



I've waited so long.






I am your wife.



I am Elizabeth.



I came back for one reason, Mike.



I came...



to give you a second chance

to prove your love.



I've always loved you.



Never leave me alone.



I want to be with you always.






I am happy now.



Now I am your wife.



I am Elizabeth.



I came to give you a second chance.



I'm sorry to call you so early.

Something's come up.



You've gotta go to the bank with me now.

We've gotta get $      .



- Don't ask me...

- What are you talking about?



- I'll tell you part in the car.

- What's this money gonna be used for?



What's your collateral? Am I loaning,

investing or just giving it to you?



It's a second chance for me.

You don't understand, but...



- You wanna come inside?

- No, I don't!



- You're under incredible strain.

- I know I am!



- You should talk to Dr. Ellman.

- The hell with Dr. Ellman! Please hurry.



- Why do you want to go to the bank?

- I wanna get $      .



- You don't have that kind of cash.

- I've got some money.



- Have you seen our books lately?

- We've got land.



We've got the Pontchartrain property.

We've got other property.



- And you wanna give me half?

- I'll give you anything!



It's only for a short while.

Please come.



If that's what you want, I'll do it.

We'll get the papers, and you sign.



- You can act crazy, I don't have to.

- Anything!



I'll take that land to protect it from

you. I gotta look after the company.



- All right! I'll wait in the car.

- I'll just get dressed.



You're gonna have to sign

these papers.



Right there.



Old Court.



Just can't come up

with the money...



not for Elizabeth

and not for you.






Look at this. This is what

your old man thinks you're worth.



Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!



Mommy! Mommy!



Cut those ropes and let's leave.

Break that window open!



Don't shoot unless

you want the kid to get it!



It looks like your daddy

doesn't think you're worth a dime.



I'm sure your Uncle Bob will.



I don't want this.

I don't want any part of it.



I don't want this.

I don't want any part of it.



$      is a lot of money

to turn down, darling.



- You keep it. You earned it.

- It wasn't supposed to be like this.



It was a dirty business from the start

and you knew it.



I told you Court would either

give up the land...



or be declared mentally incompetent

to manage it.



And you agreed. So don't start getting

an attack of conscience now.



At least you kept him out of bed.

Look at it that way.



Do you realize what I've done?



I wanna go back to him.

I wanna confess everything.



I wanna beg him to forgive me.



Look. You hold on.



Just keep your head a minute.



We just swindled a man

out of millions.



Now, the law isn't exactly gonna

look lightly on that...



if you go back to Michael

and confess.



You made a dirty deal with me

and you executed it flawlessly.



You're the best investment

I ever made.



Old Court fell for your Elizabeth act

hook, line and sinker.



So now I think you're entitled

to the due wages of sin.



You don't understand!



What am I gonna do now?



It's a little late for

existential questions, darling.



You just take the money. Believe you me,

it'll help you to forget.



What am I gonna do?



- I can't take it.

- Come on!



Look! Move!



Hurry up!



Have you got the money?



- This isn't enough.

- It's all for you.



What about the others?



- They're all dead.

- Christ!



Smart business deal

this turned out to be.



Courtland surprised all of us!



So just take the money

and get out of here!



Uncle Bob.



Where's Mommy?



She's dead, honey.



Your daddy didn't pay the men...



and they killed her.



You see. I gave the man the money.



I'm taking care of you now.



Now, you're gonna go with him...



on the plane to a faraway place where

I've got friends you can live with.



Now, I'll be there in about a week

to see if everything's okay.



But where's Daddy?



He don't want you anymore, honey.



Now you go with the man.



- Go on!

- No!



- Go with him!

- Uncle Bob, no!



Go with the man!



Uncle Bob!



Father, I do not ask forgiveness.



I know there can be none.



I was never killed with Mother.



I was ransomed by La Salle

and brought to Florence...



where I lived with Mrs. Portinari.



I was raised believing

you killed Mother.



I hated you. I lived for the day

when I could revenge her.



Then La Salle came to me with his plan

to swindle the land from you...



and I got my chance.



But you were not like he said.



I never thought I would...



Iove you.



Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry

to disturb you at this time...



but we have just encountered

some unexpected turbulence.



Would you please return to your seats

immediately and...



Excuse me.



It wasn't there.

The money wasn't there.



It wasn't there.



You got me out of bed...



forced me to give you $      .



You were actin' crazy.



Of course the money wasn't there.

I had to protect it from you.



I have the real money.



I was only lookin' after

your own good.



It's all yours now.



And this will surely keep you

from throwin' it away.



I killed her.



She came back a second time...



to let me prove I loved her...



and I killed her.



Now she's gone.



You just can't seem

to keep a woman, can you?



You self-righteous son of a bitch!



What did you think

you were anyway?



Steppin' on anybody you wanted to...



tellin' people what to do

and when to do it.



Sittin' on your ass...



while a fortune slipped

through our fingers!



Do you know how rich

we could have been?



But you don't care

about money, do ya?



You never did.



You just threw away millions this

mornin' for that lyin' little bitch.



Go ahead and kill me!



You gonna kill her too?



She was in it with me, you fool!



She was in it from the start.



She's goin' to Rome...



with $      of yours.



You didn't just throw away

a fortune.



You just threw away

your whole life.



TWA flight     to London...



scheduled for departure at   :  .



Passengers now boarding at gate   .



When's the next flight to Rome?



Rome... Tomorrow evening,  :   p.m.



You wanna make a reservation?



Would that be first class

or coach, sir?



First class.



Excuse me a minute.



All right.



Sir, you are in luck.



Our  :   flight from Rome

has just returned...



to check out an engine malfunction.



Now, the problem appears

to be cleared up...



and the flight is rescheduled

to take off at   :   p.m. From gate   .



If you want me to fix this for you...






You came with the money!













Special help by SergeiK