The Omen 4: The Awakening Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Omen 4: The Awakening script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie sequel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Omen 4: The Awakening. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Omen 4: The Awakening Script

            A beautiful baby girl. 

            Yes. Yes, she's just perfect.

            I'll give you to Sister Yvonne. She's dying to talk to you.

            Mrs. York, wait until you see her.

            She's a tiny miracle. 

            Yes. Yes, of course. 

            Then we'll expect you. 

            All right. Bye. 

            The clouds sweep away the color. 

            Leaves everything like a black and white photograph.

            Tell me about the parents. Any history of drug abuse or alcohol addiction?

            We're supplying the environment, but we're inheriting the genes,

            whether the mother was traumatized during the period of gestation.

            It's all important. 

            You're going to be the mother of this child, not her lawyer.

            Right. Sister, I'm so sorry. 

            I'm so insecure about all this. 

            You know we tried so hard. 

            I'm not anxious to take on a load of problems I'm not prepared for.

            -She has a "sins of the father thing". -I do not.

            The mother was at university and the father was an exchange student.

            Sweetheart, if there are any complications,

            psychological or physical, we'll handle it.

            She's got us. My best friend's a doctor.

            Besides, I play racquetball with a couple of good shrinks.

            You're such a wise guy. 

            She's beautiful. 

            It's okay. 

            Oh, she's beautiful. 

            Bye, bye. 


            Hush, little baby Don't say a word

            Mommy's gonna buy you a mockingbird Want to go to sleep?


            Quiet, quiet. 

            -Ooh. -Ta-da

            She's beautiful! 

            Everybody, I'd like you to meet... 


            What's she gonna sing? 

            -Any requests? -I don't know. When she's hungry,

            she can hit notes Tina Turner hasn't thought of.


            She scratched me. 

            Excuse me. Doctor in the house. 

            Let's take a look at this. It's nothing. You'll be all right.

            I don't know what happened. 

            She stopped crying as soon as Gene picked her up. I don't know what I did.


            Maybe this pin came undone while you were burping her.

            -What museum did we get this from? -I take full blame.

            I was the one who insisted that she go au natural with diapers and safety pins.

            Well, I don't think it merits a law suit.

            -But you come see me in the morning. -Okay.

            Come on. Here. Come on. 

            -Delia, don't scratch your mommy. -You okay?

            An eclipse is hardly an event, Sister Yvonne.

            Hardly an event? A spontaneous eclipse?

            How many spontaneous eclipses have you seen in your life?

            Don't speak to me in that fashion!

            You've damned us, cursed us with that child!

            I can think of no worse curse than the murder of a child!

            -We should never have been born! -Be quiet!

            Dear Father in heaven, we are heartily sorry...



              I don't believe this. 

              Yeah, well, antibiotics will stop it.

              But those red marks mean serious infection, don't they?

              How can a baby's fingernail do so much damage?

              Who knows? I had a client who got athlete's foot in the Caribbean.

              She almost lost her leg. 

              -Yeah, Lou, but this... -Karen, I'm a doctor.

              I've seen every conceivable type of infection, believe me.

              On a scale of one to ten, this is a big two.

              The good news is, you got your baby!

              -Yeah. -No more testing. Isn't that a relief?

              -Just my annual PAP smear. -That's right.

              I just don't get it. Gene and I have been tested.

              We're both okay. I should've been pregnant a dozen times by now.

              Karen, that happens to lots of couples. Three times a day.

              -Thank you. -What made you and Gene decide on the name "Delia"?

              -It's a pretty name, isn't it? -Beautiful.

              It means "always visible" in Greek. 

              Besides, I had an Aunt Delia... 

              who was the first woman in our hometown to run for office.

              Thought it might be a good-luck name as well.

              -Oh, yeah? Grooming her for office? -It's a family tradition.

              Now sanctify this water... 

              that Your servants who are washed in it may become one...

              with Christ's death and resurrection,

              to be cleansed and delivered from sin.

              Anoint them with Your Holy Spirit, that they may be born again in Your church,

              that they may become inheritors of Your glorious kingdom.

              Delia, I baptize you... 

              in the name of the Father, the Son, 

              and the Holy Spirit. 

              Give her to me. 

              They say that a child that cries is closer to God.

              There you go. Right there. 

              Yes, Delia! Isn't that beautiful?


              Boo! Yeah. 

              Say "hi". 

              Hi, Daddy. Whoops. 

              Don't you look pretty! 

              Smile nice, Mr. Congressman. 

              Drop your drawers for Capitol Hill. 

              Sure was convenient... 

              that somebody took that picture of Resnick in the motel room.

              Who cares who took it? Someone nailed the incumbent.

              Resnick is a crook and whore monger.

              Those photographs will bury him.

              You've had six weeks to think about it. What do you say?

              -Why do you want me to run,Jake? -Fishing.

              For answers, not compliments. You know what I stand for.

              How many hours have you spent complaining to me...

              about the bungling bureaucracy and how you'd change things?

              A couple thousand at least. 

              Now is the time to put some muscle where your mouth is.

              A lot of us agree with you and think they all ought to take...

              their sweet deals, perks and bulging pensions and take a hike.

              You're young. You don't need the money. You come from a political family.

              You've got the looks, the brains. Everything that spells voter appeal.

              -I said, no compliments. -That was the downside.

              Wait till you hear what I like about you.

              Gene York, popular Virginia legislator,

              has announced he will run for congress for the   th District seat...

              now held by the scandal-ridden Graham Resnick.

              Exit polls at this time indicate... 

              that Gene York should win the   th District by an unprecedented majority.

              You've got a meeting with Noland tomorrow at  :  .

              Congressman York, new chair of the Finance Committee,

              has been fighting for the homeless relief bill.

              Look over there,Jake. 

              Look at this. 

              She almost took the head clean off! 

              She's real rough on prom queens. 

              Ilie, ollie, oxen free 

              I'll find you behind a tree

              -Boo! -Boo.


              Cuckoo! Cuckoo! 


              Delia, this isn't funny! 





              Delia, come out now, please. 



              No! No! 


              -Look what you've done, you dumb dog! -No, no, no!

              He saved my daughter's life. Are you okay, baby?

              Are you okay? Yeah? 

              He's been bathed, had his shots.

              All checked out. He's fine. 

              She adores him. He adores her.

              Okay, okay. 

              He'd be good protection for her too.

              Congressman Gene York kicked off his reelection campaign...

              by issuing a renewed pledge for the plight of the disadvantaged.

              The popular Virginia congressman continues to lead all polls.

              I think we should get one thing clear.

              You guys don't know what you're doing.

              There's a witch who lives on top of that tower.

              Anyone who has the courage to climb that ladder,

              will be granted any wish they want.

              I could do it if I wanted to.

              -You're afraid of heights. -No, I'm not.

              I'm not talking to you,Jerome. 

              Miss Norris! 

              What is going on? 

              -But he hit her! Her lip was cut. -I've heard enough!

              If he did, she probably deserved it.

              She spit at him. Bit him so hard his hand swelled up.

              You've got a psycho for a daughter.

              And you, Mr. Congressman, see what happens next election.

              Mr. Creighton, I never bow to threats.

              Please leave before I lose my temper.

              What a first-class jerk. 

              Do you suppose it happened... 

              the way Delia told us it happened? 


              Why not? 

              -Hi, sweetheart. -Hi, Daddy.

              Tell me. 

              Exactly what kind of problems have you been having with this boy at school?

              He's always doing something to me. 

              Calling me names or hitting me. 

              Are you sure you didn't start it? 

              He started it by putting his gum in my hair that very first day.

              I know. I remember. 

              How about doing your dad a big favor, and staying far away from him?

              That whole family is trouble. 

              Daddy, there won't be any trouble. 

              That's my girl. 

              I promise. 

              -Can you identify this one for me? -Killer whale!

              And where does it go? 

              That's perfect. You got it. We're finished. Recess. Thank you.


              Gimme my watch back! 

              Give it back! 

              -Don't you dare! -You're so brave, come get it!

              I'm gonna tell Miss Norris. 

              "I'm gonna tell Miss Norris". You big crybaby.

              Come on,Jerome! 


              I warned you about this, but no, you're not gonna pay attention.

              That kid is trouble! I mean it!

              You'll hear from me. 

              Look at the children. They don't pay any attention to her.

              -She still hasn't made friends. -Some kids take more time.

              -Besides, she's more mature than most. -Yeah.

              She needs friends, though. 

              There you go. Melissa?

              Alex, you'll be next. 

              Here you go. 


              Paul?Come on. 

              Are you sure he's gentle? I mean, it's her first time on a horse.

              Honey, it's a first day for all of us.


              Hi, honey. 

              Let's go, Delia. 


              -Delia! -Don't move her. I'll get help.

              It looks like you're gonna be our guest for a while, Delia.

              -Hi, sweetheart. What is it? -Let's talk outside.

              Be right back, honey. 

              Thank you. 


              You can relax. There's no sign of internal bleeding,

              but I'm gonna run a couple tests and take some Xrays.

              Aside from a few bruises and maybe as light concussion...

              Thank God. 

              I still don't understand why that horse bolted.

              That happens sometimes, Gene. Especially when a child...

              -is becoming a woman. -What?

              Delia started menstruating. 

              That's impossible. She's only eight years old.

              It's not impossible. 

              It's rare, but it's not impossible. 

              I'll help you explain it to her if you want.


              You look tired, Karen. You can afford some help.

              She's old enough. Do it. 

              -So sorry to have kept you waiting. -It's okay.

              Just got off the phone with the agency. They gave you a four-star rating.

              They like to recommend me for special families.

              Special families? 

              Families with special needs. I like a challenge.

              Well, welcome to the Olympics. 

              Come up. I want you to meet Delia.

              That's Ryder. He's friendly. Delia? 

              -I'd like you to meet Miss Thueson. -Jo. Please call me Jo.

              Short for Josephine. First names are more friendly.

              -Hello. -Hi, there, Delia.

              -What's this? -That's a healing crystal.

              Isn't that pretty? 

              Come on, I'll show you to your room.

              I'm not anti-business,Jake. 

              But I'm not gonna let you pave over parks with concrete eyesores.

              You cripple construction, you cripple the country.

              You campaigned for me so you could have a connection on the Hill.

              -I don't deserve that. -You've gotten greedy.

              You're trying to turn me into what we both hated.

              Good boy, Ryder. 

              Yeah. Good boy. 

              Come on. Come on, Ryder. 

              -They grow like that with points? -Mm-hmm.

              The Book of Light. 

              That's all about healing and crystals. 

              And stupid junk! 

              I'm going out to play. 

              Delia, come back here. 

              No, it's okay, Mrs. York. Let her get used to me a little.

              She'll get used to you after she apologizes. Excuse me.


              They're all black! 

              Noah, can you come over? I need to talk.

              You feel it too? Tightening in the throat?

              -Yeah. -Ever since I got here.

              Energy's real low. 

              Look at my palms. 

              -Is that the girl? -Yeah.

              What do you get from her? Anything?

              Very weird. 

              It's more like a... It's more like a muddy pool than an aura.

              It's like mud and molasses. 

              Swirls of red paint. 

              Does that mean what I think it does?

              A very negative life force. 

              -Red means violence. -She's got a violent streak, all right.

              Swirled together like that, it means rage and chaos.

              Is she dangerous? 

              Why don't you get her on my turf?

              Bring her to the fair. Let others see her.

              That was my plan. 

              Why don't you get out? I'll see you at the fair.

              -Are you all right? -Yeah.

              Your creepy friend almost caused an accident.

              -Was he drunk? -No, Mrs. York.

              He was sick. You saw him, Delia.

              He was sweating, he could hardly catch his breath.

              Maybe he was sick. 

              -Jo said she saw what? -She saw an inverted cross on the mirror.

              I'm sure there's some explanation for it. You can handle it.

              I know I can handle it. I just wanted to talk to you about it.

              I've got a committee meeting. I've gotta go.

              You saw the cross yourself. 

              No, I don't know. 

              I don't know anything anymore. I'm tired.

              I know you're tired. That's why I'm here.

              I understand kids. They just want to fit in.

              Let me take her out this weekend, just the two of us.

              -There's a psychic fair. -Psychic fair. Psychic fair?

              I don't know. I don't want Delia getting involved in anything strange.

              There's nothing strange about metaphysics and new thought.

              It's very positive. She'll be one up on her friends.

              -She doesn't have any friends. -Maybe she'll make new friends.





              Thank you. Let's go. 

              Oh, look. 

              Have a cup. 

              I see a face. 

              He's a very important man, and I'm sure he will be...

              I feel a strong aura emanating... 

              Okay, here's what we've got. This should help you interpret it.

              No. No. 

              You're a dancer, many lifetimes. 

              Ballet. Not here, abroad. 

              -Europe? Netherlands? -Belgium.

              What? What? What is it? 

              -Very nice. -Thank you.

              Enjoy the fair. Thank you.

              -What's this place? -Noah and a couple of friends.

              Let's get our picture taken. 

              -What are you doing? -I thought it would be fun to get our picture taken.

              No, you didn't! 

              Oh, my God. It's just like I saw it.

              This isn't an aura. It's like an infection.

              Pestilence. Look how it's spread over Jo.

              Noah, these colors, or lack of, of sepia and black...

              This is the aura of a Borgia, 

              not a little girl. 


              -Delia, wait! -Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

              Come on! 

              -Does anyone know how the fire started? -No.

              -Know what a Kirlian photograph is? -No.

              It photographs auras. Jo was given...

              One of these photographs was taken of her and Delia at the psychic fair.

              I don't believe in any of that stuff.

              What does that have to do with the fire?

              Even if you don't believe in that stuff, there's other stuff.

              Like lying, accusations about dual behavior.

              Delia behaves differently in front of other people than she does in front of us.

              You're not answering my question. What does this have to do with the fire?

              What I'm trying to say is... 

              Jo says that Delia... 

              is a very powerful personality. 

              Like "Carrie setting fire to the prom"...



              would you give me a major break here?

              Shame on you for buying into that crap...

              and letting others judge the child you have.

              What is the matter with your vision?

              Tsk. Anyway, I'm committed to having Jo stay.

              She's determined to get through to Delia, and I want her to try again.

              I understand the guys have patched things up.

              Yeah. Thank God. Jake flew up to meet him.

              He just got carried away with having a friend in a high place.

              He helped put Gene there. 

              Are you talking about Daddy? 

              My daddy's going to be president. 

              No, I ordered the red. I ordered the red.

              Are you sure there's enough seating for    ? Watch out for the ferns!

              Go. Delia's alone. This is a chance for us to talk.

              -Just pack up and come with me. -I can't, Noah.

              You have the photograph. You're sharing her aura.

              Everything she touches turns to illness. The tone below illness is death!

              For heaven's sake, she's just a little girl.

              What were you doing? 


              Asking for guidance. 

              I just want to help you, Delia. 

              -If you'll just help me to understand. -What?

              About what happened at the psychic fair...

              and other things. 

              About the trouble with the kids at school, starting with kindergarten.

              I know they were unkind to you there.

              Yes.Jerome teased me. 

              He stuck gum in my hair, kicked in my lunch pail. He hit me.

              Is that why you hurt him? 

              I didn't hurt him. He was a sissy.

              And then his father was killed in that terrible accident.

              -How did you feel about that? -I don't know.

              In my bathroom, the cross? 

              Upside down? 

              -Do you know what that means? -Yes.

              -Who taught that to you? -My father.

              Your father taught you that? 

              My father... is your father. 

              I don't... I don't understand. 

              What's the matter with you? 

              Why did you do that? What evil made you do that?

              Mrs. York! Mrs. York! Mrs. York! 

              Mrs. York! 

              Mrs. York! Mrs. York! 

              Jo! Jo dead. Dead. 

              Relax, relax, Karen. 

              Relax.Just let go. 

              Let go. That's right. 

              That's right. Good. 

              Sorry. She's, uh... She's okay.

              What, Lou? 

              I think Karen may be pregnant. 


              We've sedated her. 

              -He told us if we stopped trying you might get pregnant. -I know, but...

              But what? We were both tested, and there was nothing wrong.

              There was a   -   chance you'd get pregnant, and you did.

              -Now, be happy. -I am happy.

              I'm just not going to let anything happen.

              -What could happen? -I don't know.

              -I gotta go. Have a good one. -Bye.

              Have a good day. 

              Mrs. York! 

              You should've seen her face. 

              She doesn't want me to have this baby.

              Karen, come on. How can you say something like that?

              She wouldn't try to hurt you. You said yourself, it's just a game.

              Children just don't know when to stop.

              I think you're just... I think you're nervous...

              Oh, that's gonna be an umbrella excuse for whatever I'm feeling over the next five months.

              I can see it coming. Gene!

              Our daughter isn't sacrosanct. 

              Every time her odd behavior is mentioned, you get defensive.

              Her behavior is not odd. Lou told you.

              When children no longer feel the center of attention, they do outrageous things.

              That's what happened. 

              I had a serious talk with her. 

              She promised she wouldn't do it again.

              There's all kinds of things. Jo's Book of Light.

              She flashed it at me at the window like she wanted me to see it.

              I found it in the bushes. Parts are underlined, making references to Bible passages.

              In it was a photograph of Jo and Delia at the psychic fair.

              -Karen... -It was a Kirlian photograph.

              Gene, please listen tome! 

              I talked to the man who took it. He was a friend of Jo's.

              -It photographs auras. -Honey, come on!

              Don't you think it's odd our daughter has never had any childhood illnesses?

              Not necessarily. She obviously has a strong immune system.

              Strong immune system. Friends, friends.

              She has no friends. Don't you think that's odd?

              Yes, I know that's odd, but I didn't have any friends too.

              I was an only child, and I turned out okay.

              Karen, look. 

              I'll keep my eyes open. I'll be on the lookout.

              If I see anything strange, anything at all, I'll deal with it.

              We'll deal with it together? 


              Come on. 


              Come on! Time to go. 

              Doctor says, "You're pregnant". She says, "I want a second opinion".

              He says, "Okay, you're ugly". 

              One of the niceties I miss about having dinner is saying grace.

              Delia, do you remember that simple prayer...

              of thanks I taught you? 


              Sure you do. Thank you, Lord,

              -for Thy bountiful gifts... -I don't remember it!

              Audible prayers can sometimes be embarrassing.

              -Let's vote against it, huh? -Not everything is up for a vote, Gene.

              Hi, you must be Mrs. York. 

              -Hello. Father Mattson? -Yes. How do you do? Congratulations.

              Thank you. I'm six months. 

              Father, I need your advice. 

              I want to know if you're familiar with this New Age book.

              -Please, let's go inside. -Thank you.

              There are several Bible references in this book.

              -One is from Revelations. Right here. -Ah, yes.

              "And he stood on the sand of the seashore..."

              Where is it? "And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea,

              having ten horns and seven heads. 

              And on his horns were ten diadems. 

              And on his heads were blasphemous names".

              The Book of Revelations will be argued until the Apocalypse.


              But we believe the beast to be the Antichrist.

              In God's eyes, that's exactly what he is: a beast.

              The ten horns are a confederation of ten nations.

              The seven heads are the seven leaders who will give him their allegiance.

              They form an alliance with the Antichrist.

              So, it's about politics? 

              There's nothing that isn't politics, Mrs. York.

              Look around us. 

              We're ushering in the Antichrist to a world of overpopulation,

              pollution, crime. 

              Our hell is his paradise. 

              We brought this on ourselves? We helped usher him in?

              This is crazy. 

              We're just speaking figuratively here, right?

              Whatever makes you comfortable. But, yes, we are ushering him in.

              That part of us that is the worst of us, is what gives him his power.

              You're saying we're all in league with the devil?

              Most of us unknowingly, of course, but there are others.

              What do you mean? What others?

              Leaders who plunder the treasuries of their poor countries,

              trashing their own people, driving them into famine, hopelessness, disease.

              Men who pave over forests that provide the very air we breathe.

              These are the true apostates, the ones laying out...

              the red carpet for the Antichrist. 

              You do believe the Antichrist will come?

              Yes, I do. 

              " Uttering haughty and blasphemous words,

              and allowed to exercise authority for    months".

              That's all it'll take? 

              A politician can do a lot of harm in    months.

              This man will be a terrible, charismatic liar.

              Millions are gonna believe in his one world, one religion.

              Do you think he can be stopped?

              I'd pack it in if I didn't. 

              We all do what we can, right? 

              Yes, Father. 

              Yes, we all do what we can. 

              Hi, honey. Is your mother home?

              She's across the street. 

              Let me leave you something for your mother to read.

              Ladies, excuse me. I live in this house. What happened?

              I only said hello. We handed her a pamphlet.

              -You didn't scare her? -With a smile?

              That little girl, the things she said! I've never heard language like that!

              She tore up the pamphlet, and then threatened us with your dog.

              Please,just wait here. I'll get you some money.

              -You get to your room right now! -Why? I didn't...

              Don't argue with me! Go! 

              Delia? What happened? 

              They scared me. 

              They said the world was gonna end,

              and that I was a sinner who was going to burn to death...

              unless I do what they say. 

              That's just not true. 

              Yes, it is. 

              Those end-of-the-world zealots have been around since I was a kid.

              They scared the hell out of me. I had nightmares for a week.

              -That's not what happened. -Mommy,

              you weren't even there. 

              You did it again. You found an excuse.

              Way back in your childhood, you found a corollary with what happened today.

              She told us what happened. 

              It never occurred to you that she might not be telling the truth?

              No, Karen, it never occurred to me.

              I should guess you're about eight months along.

              Oh, about eight months, two days, 

              and    hours and    minutes. 

              You have no idea what happened to Sister Yvonne?

              She chose a secular life. That's all I can tell you.

              -No contact at all? -None.

              Forwarding address? 

              I don't think so. 

              There's something wrong, isn't there?

              I'll see if I can find some address that might help you.


              Reverend Mother? 

              Do you think it's possible... 

              for a child to be born evil? 

              A child is not born evil. It's the world it's born into...

              that's filled with evil. 

              -But you believe in original sin? -Yes.

              But there are degrees of sin. To what degree it will be manifested...

              depends on how close we come to God.

              Then the idea of an evil seed...

              God wouldn't create something evil!

              Man does that for Him. 

              Gene? Come help me! 



              What's wrong? 

              I can't get up. 

              I feel like the Goodyear blimp.

              Couldn't say "no" to the ice cream, could you?

              He kidnapped his kid. He jumped bail, and snatched the boy.

              Don't give me that. The bastard doesn't give a damn about his kid!

              He's holding the boy hostage. 

              You bet! 

              And you tell your slimy client that he's in bounty country now.

              And I'm gonna bag him, field dress him, slam him across the hood of my car...

              like a gutted moose, and drop him on the steps of the county jail!

              I'm partial to Chinese. Charlie Chan's my hero.

              I newer saw a pregnant lawyer before.

              You know courtrooms, you look away for a second and... ahh!

              Ha, ha, ha, ha. 

              With a sense of humor. Hmm. 

              My friend Forrey Riggs told me about you.

              Lawyer. Black. Very smart. Wife's a teacher. Yeah, I remember.

              -I went on a dig for him. -He says you dig pretty good.

              Sit down. 

              I'd like you to do some investigative work for me.

              I play Paul Drake to your Perry Mason?

              No, I gave up my practice long ago. 


              Congressman Resnick. 

              Graham Resnick! 

              Oh, yeah. I enjoyed taking him down.

              -Yeah, my husband got his job. -I know who you are.

              Your husband's pretty clean. He's a good guy.

              Tell him to keep it that way. 

              Why did you choose Resnick as your target?

              Citizen's Action Committee contacted me. 

              Huh. Could you tell me who was on the committee?

              My fee is three hundred a day, plus expenses.

              I want you to find someone for me. 

              Missing persons is most of my business.

              The baby in this photograph is our adopted daughter.

              I want you to find her parents. The young novice is Sister Yvonne.

              I have an address for her. I'm not sure that it's good.

              This photograph was taken years ago at St. Francis Orphanage.

              There's more. There's so much more.

              There's a rash of things that have happened over the years.

              A Kirlian photograph that was taken by a psychic. Noah.

              I can get you his last name. 

              It started with the baptism. 

              There was a terrible accident with Father Hayes. Then there was Jo.

              Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. 

              Slowdown, slowdown. 

              I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!

              -It's all right. -It's just...

              It's just that so much has happened. I'm fine, I'm fine.

              Come here. Come on. 

              Citizen's Action Committee. 

              -They paved the way for your husband. -Huh.

              Smell a rat? 


              Hell of a world, huh? 

              Yeah. It's a hell of a world. 

              I have told you all I can, Mr. Knight. 

              The law prevents me from giving you the names of Delia's biological parents.

              Mrs. York already told you they were a young couple at the university...

              who got careless. 

              Reverend Mother, did we order two clowns to perform?

              Of course not! 

              What in Lord's name? 

              Excuse me a moment, Mr. Knight. 

              It's beautiful, honey. Karen, look at this.

              She drew the family trees of our founding fathers.

              Never known a child so interested in politics.

              -May I be excused? -Mm-hmm.

              It's beautiful, honey. 

              I came home early today. You weren't here.

              That photograph of Graham Resnick and the hooker.

              You know who set him up? 

              -Do you? -Jacob Millican.

              -How'd you find out? -A little detective work.

              -On your own? -I had a little professional help.

              Excuse me, excuse me. Have you seen this young woman?

              Yeah, she used to come in here. Don't look like that anymore, though.

              We all get older. 

              -Drinkin'and turning tricks don't help. -Where is she now?

              -What are you, a cop? -Was.

              "Was" don't cut it, pal. Only birdies sing for free.

              What does    bucks get me? Wanna? 

              -A vowel. Maybe a consonant. -Oh.

              He's a tough guy. 

              Here you go. 

              Pimp's name is Misha Russkie. 

              Uh-huh. First McDonald's, now pimping. They learn fast.


              He'll be in after dark. Pop in around  :  .

              I gotta keep track of my expenses. Give me a blank receipt.

              I'll fill it in later. 

              A dishonest cop. 

              Ex. Ex. 

              -What's this world comin' to? -Going straight to hell, pal.

              Oh, yeah. 

              Straight to hell. 

              She was no good for me. Nyet. 

              She starts for to preaching to her tricks. Bad for business.

              Eh, I had to dump her. 

              She got religion again, huh? 

              No, she starts for to hearing voices. 

              Becomes a prophet. Calls herself Felicity.

              Now she has a cult in North Carolina.

              I don't know where. But, I'll tell you this.

              She does better than me now. 

              Eh! Okay. 

              Just tell me what this means. 

              All right, all right. The young couple existed.

              But they're not your daughter's parents.

              They both died in the     s. They didn't even know each other.

              -What? -You've got Sister Yvonne, a nun who became a hooker.

              And now some kind of hellfire prophet with a cult.

              She goes by the name of Felicity. I tracked her down...

              to a small town in North Carolina. 

              Thought maybe I'd go and share her vision.

              What about Noah? 

              Disappeared after Jo's death. 

              Something must have scared the hell out of him.

              Mrs. York! 

              Are you all right? 

              -Just get me to my car. -Come on. This way.

              I got scared. Can I sleep with you?

              Sure, honey. Come on. 

              Nightmares, huh? 

              You okay? 

              -Get her away from me! -What is it? What's wrong?

              -Get me to the hospital. -Come on.

              She tried to kill my baby. She tried to kill my baby!

              -Your baby's fine. -Could Delia have anything to do with this?

              Don't be silly. Let's give you a healthy baby.

              That was    seconds. You did great. Huh?


              -You okay? -I'm okay.

              It's all arranged. I'm sending a lady over to help take care of Delia.

              -She's an ex-nurse named Miss Roselli. -That's great, and thanks.

              Who are you? 

              -This is the anesthesiologist. -No! No anesthesia.

              -Just in case. -No! No!

              -No! God! -Slow it down. Slow it down.

              Come on. 

              Push! Push! That's it.

              Push! Atta girl. 

              There we go. 

              My friends, I see that for a soul... 

              to be truly cleansed, to be truly purified,

              that soul must first be tainted... 

              by the soiled touch of the devil. 

              -Say "Hallelujah!" -Hallelujah!

              -Say "Hallelujah!" -Hallelujah!

              Now rise with me, my friends. Rise. And welcome our sister, Felicity,

              who is our own angel. 

              Dropped from the arms of her mother church...

              into the very pit of hell! 

              She has ascended! 

              She has been cleansed! 

              Say " Hallelujah!" 

              -Praise God! -Praise God!

              My friends, my friends. 

              Be seated. Be seated. 

              And hear with me the inspired words of our sister, Felicity.

              Faith in The Source, I enter the pit of damnable sin!

              -Say, "Hallelujah!" -Hallelujah!

              The sting of those lecherous angels God banished from His kingdom cannot hurt me.

              Because I have The Source to lead me.

              Praise God! 

              It is only through a demonstration of faith...

              The Source can deem us worthy...

              of surviving the final battle!

              -Praise! -Praise God!

              Hallelujah!Praise God! 

              Help her,Jesus. 


              Who shall take up serpents? 

              Melissa, you will be saved! 


              -John! -Praise God,John.

              I will pray for him. I will pray for your son.

              Bless you, brother. 


              I will pray for her. I will pray for your wife.

              John Stewart. 

              You've got the joy,John! 


                Just the devil. 

                Do not be afraid. 

                Fangs of the serpent cannot hurt us.

                Because our faith is strong! 


                Prayers be heard. 


                You'll be all right, Mr. Knight. I'll have someone move you to recovery.

                -How's Felicity? -Not good.

                Please don't be too long. 

                Away from God. 

                The child. 

                The child. 

                The beast. The beast awakens.


                -When can I see Mommy? -She'll be home soon.

                Good afternoon. I'm Lisa Roselli.

                -Hi. -Hi.

                -Your wife is well? -Yes. We had a baby boy.

                -And you have a little brother. -Congratulations.

                Thank you. 

                -Delia? -Just a little jealousy.


                We spoke briefly, Delia and I. She's perfect.

                Beautiful and very smart. 

                Miss Roselli, I want you to do me a favor.

                If there's any behavior of Delia's that you find odd,

                I want you to tell me at once. 

                My wife's not to know anything. I don't want to upset her, okay?

                Of course. 

                The new weatherman must be named Scrooge...

                because all holiday traffic in and out of Charlotte Airport has stopped because of fog.

                So here to help pass the time are some more Christmas favorites.

                You see, sir? Not anybody is leaving today.

                Ah, do you have a large envelope, please?

                And mercy mild 

                God and sinners reconciled 

                Joyful all ye nations rise 

                Join the triumph of the skies 

                With angelic hosts proclaim 

                Christ is born in Bethlehem 

                Hark the herald angels sing 

                Glory to the newborn King 

                Christ by highest heaven adored 

                Offspring of a virgin's womb 

                Veiled in flesh the god head see 

                Hail the incarnate deity 



                Honey, listen. Everything's okay. Alexander is proof of that.

                You're right. I'll be good.

                -Is that Lisa? -Miss Roselli. Let's keep it formal.

                This is Miss Roselli. 

                -Hello. -Hi, sweetie.

                No wipes, okay. 


                What are you doing? 

                What's this? 

                That's, uh, 

                Alexander's milk. 

                Don't mothers nurse their babies? 

                -Sometimes. -Don't you wanna nurse Alexander?

                Of course. Excuse me. 

                Sometimes a mother's milk doesn't have enough nutrients.


                Careful, Delia. You don't wanna wake him, do you?

                Um, hello? Can I speak to Earl Knight, please?

                -Oh! Are you a relative? -Why?

                Well, this sort of thing is kinda, you know, it's kinda tough to...

                Yeah, I'm his sister. 


                I'm so sorry. 

                Your brother died in a freak accident.

                -What? -I couldn't believe it.

                We had two strange deaths in one day.

                Your brother at the construction site.

                And then a preacher woman of snake bites. Oh, it was a bad day.

                Alexander's doing fine. He's with Lisa.

                She's a real godsend. 

                Did you know that Sister Yvonne died?

                You're kidding? 

                No, I'm not kidding. Snakebite.

                Freak accident. 

                That's terrible. 

                Lot of deaths lately. Real epidemic of strange deaths.

                Detective I hired died. Freak accident.

                Karen, those things happen. It's called coincidence.

                Look, I've been doing some thinking.

                And I think it might be a good idea to get away. Do some traveling.

                I can't now. 

                Fine. Not now, later. 

                Go to Europe. Eventually we could put the kids in international school.

                Uh-huh. Where? 

                -Rome would be nice. -Rome.

                -Where are you going? -Huh? Oh.

                I'm gonna... go check on Alexander.


                "And I saw the beast coming out of the sea".

                Good morning. 

                Where are you going? Your appointment with Lou isn't till   :  .

                I'm gonna run some errands. 

                On the phone. 

                Sorry. Didn't mean to keep you waiting. 

                Let's go somewhere more quiet, shall we?

                And somewhere, I think it's in Daniel, it talks about the fourth kingdom.


                What is there about the fourth kingdom that frightens you so much?

                Here it is. 

                "Thus he spoke. 

                As for the fourth beast, there shall be a fourth kingdom here on Earth,

                and it shall be different from all the kingdoms...

                and it shall devour the whole Earth".

                -This fourth kingdom is where the Antichrist comes from. -Yeah.

                -Does he have to be born there? -No, not necessarily.

                -Where is the fourth kingdom? -Rome.


                Rome. He said, "Travel to Rome". 


                -So, it could mean, " Educated in Rome". -Yes.

                Father, the Antichrist is always spoken of as a "he".

                The Bible didn't mean to be sexist. Mankind can also mean womankind.

                Womankind. Womankind. 

                Uh, Father, could I be left alone here for a few minutes?

                Oh, yes, of course. 


                Well, Gene tells me you got a case of the icks.


                -I beg your pardon? -You know, feeling icky.

                After a couple false alarms and then finally you becoming a mother.

                Oh, my God! 

                I want answers. It's all here.

                You're not mentioned, but the pieces fit. All about Delia.

                Her father. Who is Damien Thorn? The diary says he's the Antichrist.

                Yes, yes. It's true! 

                Damien. He's the whole, Karen. Damien is the power!

                Tell me about Delia. 

                She's Damien's daughter. She carried his seed.

                When did you know this? 

                We've always known. We've been waiting ever since his death.

                What is this fetus papyraceous? What is it?

                Fetus papyraceous. Ah, it's one twin able to carry...

                the embryo of its twin inside if it's a female.

                Just waiting to be implanted. 

                Alexander is Delia's twin. 

                She carried her twin inside her until you removed it.


                When I examined her, after she fell off the horse.

                You implanted it in me... 

                when you examined me after Jo's death.

                You made me a surrogate for Delia's brother, you son of a bitch.

                -Why Gene? Is Gene in on this too? -Gene? No!

                But we need him. 

                He will become a very important political figure.

                Of course. Of course. 

                It's all about politics, isn't it? 

                Forty-two months and it'll all be over.

                Wrong, Karen. It'll just be starting.

                Jake Millican is in on this too. What happened, Lou?

                Did he get greedy? Started thinking in the short term?

                No, he's back with the program now.

                It's gonna be a new world. Gene will usher in our king.

                One man. One religion. 

                That freak will never rule... 'cause I'm gonna kill him!

                Of course. You're one of them too.


                I want to see my son. 

                Yes, Mother. See him. Really see him.




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