One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Jack Nicholson.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Script



- Good morning, Miss Ratched.

- Good morning.



- Good morning, Miss Ratched.

- Mr. Washington.



- Good morning, Miss Ratched.

- Good morning.



- Good morning, Bancini.

- Good morning.



How are you feeling?






Medication time.



Medication time.



Okay, move it up!



Mr. Fredrickson, here.









Okay, my friend, let's go.



Here are his papers,

and I'm gonna need a signature.






- Mr. McMurphy's here.

- All right.



All right, I'm ready.



Okay. One pair of socks.









Goddamn, boy,

you're as big as a mountain!



Looks like you might have played

some football.



What's your name?



He can't hear you. He's deaf.



Deaf and dumb Indian.



Is that so?



Come on, Bibbit.



Can't even make a sound, huh?






Club lead. Jack of clubs.



What's your name, son?



Billy Bibbit.



Glad to know you, Bill. McMurphy's mine.



That's old Charlie Cheswick's cards.



That's his ace of spades.



Your turn, Bill.



Big ten.



- Put one of them on it, will you?

- Wait a minute.



Oh, I can win that one.



- I win.

- Oh, you overtrumped?



- Sure.

- Pinochle, Bill?



What's the bid?



Five... Five-fifty.



You like to look at other people's cards,

do you?






Ever seen this one?



- Come on, Martini.

- Martini!



Martini, will you? Will you play a club?



Whose turn is it now?



Let's see, he trumped...



Where you going?



- Aren't you going to play?

- What's the matter?



Aren't you gonna play, Martini?



Martini? I want to play.



Billy, I want to win some...



Get a grip on yourself, will you?






- Mr. McMurphy's here, Doc.

- Good, have him come in.



Thank you.



McMurphy, I'm Dr. Spivey.



Dr. Spivey, what a pleasure it is

to meet you.



Sure. Pull up a chair,

sit down and let's talk.






R.P. McMurphy.



That's a hell of a fish there, Doc.



- Isn't that a dandy?

- Yeah.



It's about    pounds, ain't it?



- No,   .

- Thirty-two.



But I'll tell you,

it took every bit of strength I had...


            hold it while the guy took the picture.



Every damn bit.



Probably that chain

didn't help it any, either.



You didn't weigh the chain, did you?



No, I didn't weigh the chain.



But I'm awfully proud of that picture.



That's the first Chinooker I ever caught.



It's a nice one.



Randall Patrick McMurphy.



Thirty-eight years old.



What can you tell me about...



...why you've been sent over here?






I don't know.



What's it say there?



- Mind if I smoke?

- No, go right ahead.



Well, it...



...says several things here.



It said you've been belligerent.



Talked when unauthorized.



You've been resentful in attitude

towards work, in general. That you're lazy.



Chewing gum in class.



The real reason

that you've been sent here...


            because they wanted you

to be evaluated.



To determine whether or not

you're mentally ill.



This is the real reason.



Why do you think they might think that?



Well, as near as I can figure out,

it's 'cause I...



...fight and fuck too much.



In the penitentiary?



No, no, no, you mean why...



Why did you get sent over here...



...from the work farm?



Well, I really don't know, Doc.



It says here that you went around...



- Let me just take a look...

- It ain't up to me, you know.






...two, three...






You've got at least...



...five arrests for assault.



What can you tell me about that?



Five fights, huh?



Rocky Marciano's got   

and he's a millionaire.



- That's true.

- That is true.



Of course, it's true that you went in for...



...statutory rape.



That's true, is it not, this time?



Absolutely true. But, Doc...



...she was    years old going on    Doc...



...and she told me she was   

and she was...



...very willing, you know what I mean?



I practically had to take

to sewing my pants shut.



But between you and me...



...she might have been   .

When you get that little red beaver...



...right there in front of you,

I don't think it's crazy at all.



And I don't think you do, either.



I hear what you're saying.



No man alive could r_sist that.

That's why I got into jail to begin with.



Now they're telling me

I'm crazy over here...



...'cause I don't sit there

like a goddamn vegetable.



It don't make a bit of sense to me.



If that's what being crazy is...



...then I'm senseless, out of it,

gone down the road, whacko.



But, no more, no less. That's it.



To be honest with you, McMurphy...



...what it says here...





...they think...



They think...


           've been faking it

in order to get out of your work detail.



- What do you think about that?

- Do I look like that kind of guy to you?



Let's just be frank for a minute.

All right, Randall, if you would.



Tell me...



Do you think there's anything

wrong with your mind, really?



Not a thing, Doc.



I'm a goddamn marvel of modern science.



You're going to be here for a period,

for us to evaluate you.



We're going to study you.



We'll make our determinations

as to what we're going to do...



...and give you the necessary treatment

as indicated.



Doc, let me just tell you this.



I'm here to cooperate with you

a hundred percent.



A hundred percent.



I'll be just right down the line with you.

You watch.



'Cause I think we ought to get

to the bottom of...



...R.P. McMurphy.



The scythe.



I'm awfully tired.



Sit down.



I'm tired.



Is that better?



Mr. Ellsworth...


           'll wear yourself out.



All right, gentlemen, let's begin.



At the close of Friday's meeting...



...we were discussing

Mr. Harding's problem concerning his wife.



Mr. Harding stated that his wife

made him uneasy...



...because she drew stares

from men on the street.



Is that correct, Mr. Harding?






That's correct.



He also thinks he may have

given her reason...


            seek sexual attention elsewhere,

but he wasn't able to say how.



Mr. Harding has been heard

to say to his wife:



"I hate you.



"I don't ever want to see you again.



"You've betrayed me."



So, does anyone care

to touch on this further?



Mr. Scanlon, would you begin today?



Are you sure?



Billy, how about you?



No, no, ma'am.



I'd like to write in my book

that you began the meeting.



Just once.



Mr. Martini?



Are you with us?





Would you like to begin?



Mr. Cheswick?



- Me?

- Yes.



You mean there's not a man here

who has an opinion on this matter?



All right.



Mr. Harding...


           've stated on more than

one occasion...



...that you've suspected your wife

of seeing other men.



Oh, yes!



Yes, very much, I suspect her.



I suspect her.



Maybe you can tell us why...


            suspect her.



Well, I can only...



...speculate as to the reasons why.



Have you ever speculated, Mr. Harding...



...that perhaps you are...



...impatient with your wife...



...because she doesn't meet

your mental requirements?



Perhaps. But you see,

the only thing I can really...



...speculate on, Nurse Ratched...


            the very existence of my life...



...with or without my wife...


            terms of the human relationships,

the juxtaposition of...


            person to another,

the form, the content.



Harding, why don't you knock off

the bullshit and get to the point?



This is the point.



This is the point, Taber. It's not bullshit.



I'm not just talking about my wife,

I'm talking about my life!



I can't seem to get that through to you.



I'm not just talking about one person,

I'm talking about everybody!



I'm talking about form!

I'm talking about content!



I'm talking about interrelationships!



I'm talking about God, the Devil,

Hell, Heaven!



Do you understand? Finally?



Yeah, Harding, you're so fucking dumb

I can't believe it.



It makes me feel very peculiar,

very peculiar...



...when you throw in something like that.

- Why?



What does that mean, "peculiar," Harding?



- Peculiar?

- Peculiar?



I'm gonna tell you guys something.



You just don't want to learn anything.



You just don't want to listen to anybody.



He's got intelligence!



You've never heard the word "peculiar"?

Say, what are you trying to say?



You trying to say I'm queer? Is that it?



Little Mary Ann? Little Marjorie Jane?



Is that what you're trying to tell me?



Is that your idea of communicating

something to me?



Well, is it?



They're all crowding in on you,

Mr. Harding.



They're all ganging up on you.



Is that news?



They sometimes want to gang up

on me, too, but l...



Cheswick, do me a favor.



Take it easy.



- And stay off my side.

- But I only want to...



I only want to help you.



- I understand.

- But don't you want me to...?



- Please!

- But I only want to...



- Please!

- But I only want to help you.






You see...



...the other day you made some allusions,

both of you.



- Illusions?

- Yes, allusions.



Not illusions. Allusions...


            sexual problems

I might be having with my wife.



Let's say it's true! Let's say

I know it's true, but you don't!



If that's your idea of trying

to tell me something...



You know, Harding, I think you're

some kind of morbid asshole!



- "Peculiar!"

- "Asshole" again.



It makes you feel "peculiar."



You've talked about your wife

ever since I can remember!



You know, she's on your mind,

and blah, blah...



I'm not talking about my wife!



When will you get that through your thick,

fucking head?



When are you gonna wise up

and turn her loose?



- Please!

- I don't want to hear it!



- I'm tired.

- I don't want to hear it!



I'm tired.



I don't want to hear it.



I don't want to hear it.



It's a lot of baloney and I'm tired.



I don't want to hear it!



We know you're tired. We're all tired.



- I'm tired and it's a lot of baloney.

- You're not tired, Bancini.



Take your hands off me!



Recreation time, gentlemen.



The bus is waiting.



All nonrestricted patients

please report to the bus.



Ever play this game, Chief?



Come on, I'll show you.



Old Indian game.



It's called "put the ball in the hole."



Now, that ought to be just...

Hold it right there.



All right.



Now, that's your spot. Don't move.



Never move. That's your spot,

you understand?



Right there. You don't move. Now...



...take the ball.



Here, take the ball.



That's it. Hold on to it.



Not too hard, Chief.

You'll crush all the air out of it.



We're gonna put her in the basket.

You understand?



All right. Now, raise up your arms.



Raise the ball up in the air, Chief.

Raise it up.






What the hell are you talking to him for?

He can't hear a fucking thing.



I ain't talking to him.

I'm talking to myself. It helps me think.



Yeah, well, it don't help him none.



Well, it don't hurt him, either, does it?



Don't hurt you, does it, Chief?



See? Don't hurt him.



All right, now, Chief.



Let's raise our hands up in the air.



Just raise them up.



Up, you understand?



Raise the hands up, here.



Up. Raise your hands up.



Up! That's it! That's it!

Up, all the way up.



All the way up. That's a baby, all right.



Okay, now...



Now, jump up in the air,

and put it in the basket, Chief.



Jump up and dunk it in!



Jump up in the air and stuff

that son of a bitch in there, Chief.



Take a rest, Chief.



Just stay right there.

Take a rest. I'll be right back.



Bancini, come here for a minute.



You're looking all right.

Get right over here for a second.



Now, just stand right there.



Just get down a little bit.

All right. Stand up.



Stand up. Go ahead.



That's a baby! All right, you got it.



All right. Now, over there.



Hit me, Chief! I got the moves!

I got them, Chief!



Hold it right there. Give me the ball.



Give me the ball. That's it.

Thank you, Chief.






...hold it right there.



You take the ball, you jump up,

and put it in the basket.



See what I mean? Put it...

Bancini, hold still.



All right, Chief, here. Take the ball.



Now, jump up and put it

in the basket, Chief!



Jump up and put it in the basket!



Not you, Bancini.



Raise up! Bancini, where you going?



I'm tired!



Fast break! Defense! Get back!



Come on, Bancini,

where the fuck you going at?



General, get this man around here.



That's it, back!



Over to Chief.



Fast break! Fast break! Hit me, Chief!



Hit me, baby!



Put it in the basket, Chief!



Put it in the basket!



All right.



Make the bets.



What's this?



Make the bets.



It's a dime, Martini.



I bet a nickel.



A dime's the limit, Martini.



I bet a dime.



This is not a dime, Martini.



This is a dime.



If you break it in half...


            don't get two nickels, you get shit.



Try and smoke it. You understand?



You don't understand!

All right, here they come.



Queen to the Chesser,

Big Bull to Tabulations...



...ten to Billy to match his whang,

and the dealer gets a three.



Hit me. Hit me.



I _an't hit you because it ain't

your turn yet. You understand?



You see these other people?

These are the real ones.



These are real people here.



What'll you do, Ches? Hit or sit?



Hit me.



That's    up, Cheswick.



Taber, you're busted. Give me this.






- Hit me.

- Shut up!






- Give me a dime!

- I'm next.



You're not next!



Hit me.



- Ace.

- Hit me.



That's   or   .



Don't want any more. Billy?



- Hit me. Hit me.

- Five.



You didn't make a bet, Martini.

I can't hit you. Jesus Christ.



I bet a dime.



All right, here.



- That's    showing.

- No.



- Take your money.

- No.



It's not.



It's            .



This is a fucking queen here,

you understand?



You don't count the this and the this.



Hit me.



You got    showing!



Hit me again. I want another card.



Scanlon, who's pitching the opener?



Medication time.



This isn't a queen!



Mac, hit me.



- Who's pitching the opener?

- Hit me.



Jesus Christ Almighty!



Do you nuts want to play cards

or do you want to fucking jerk off?



Play the game!



I can't even hear myself think already, here.



Stay back!



- Excuse me, ma'am. I just wanted to...

- Stay back!



Patients aren't allowed

in the nurses' station.



Well, I just wanted to turn...



When you're outside, we'll discuss

whatever problem you have, okay?



The patients are not allowed

in the nurses' station. All right?



Let me get in here, will you, Hard-on?

Thank you.



Excuse me, miss.



Do you think it might be possible

to turn the music down...


            maybe a couple of the boys

could talk?



That music is for everyone, Mr. McMurphy.



I know, but do you think

we might ease it down a little...


            maybe the boys didn't have to shout?



What you probably don't realize...


            that we have a lot of old men

in this ward...



...who couldn't hear the music

if we turned it lower.



That music is all they have.



Your hand is staining my window.



- I'm sorry, ma'am.

- All right.



Mr. McMurphy, your medication.



What's in the horse pill?



It's just medicine. It's good for you.



Yeah, but I don't like the idea of_taking

something if I don't know what it is.



Don't get upset, Mr. McMurphy.



I'm not getting upset, Miss Pilbow.



It's just that I don't want anyone

to try and slip me saltpeter.



You know what I mean?



It's all right, Nurse Pilbow.



If Mr. McMurphy doesn't want

to take his medication orally...



...l'm sure we can arrange

that he can have it some other way.



But I don't think you'd like it,

Mr. McMurphy.



You'd like it, wouldn't you, Hard-on?



Give it to me.






Very good!






Mr. Harding?






Tell me, lover-boy...



...why didn't you tell her to go fuck herself?



Jesus Christ.



Funny, huh? That's funny, huh?



You know that wasn't very smart.

She could have seen that.



God Almighty,

she's got you guys coming and going.



What do you think she is?

Some kind of a champ or something?



No, I thought you were the champ.



You want to bet?



Bet on what?



One week.



I bet in one week I can put a bug

so far up her ass...



...she won't know whether to shit

or wind her wrist watch.



What do you say to that? Want to bet?

Do you want to bet?



One week. That's all I need.

Who wants to bet?



You want to bet? Bet a buck. One buck.



I'll bet.



Tabes in, one buck. Solid.



Last time we were discussing...



...Mr. Harding and the problem

with his wife...



...and I think we were making

a lot of progress.



So who would like to begin today?



Mr. McMurphy?



I've been thinking about

what you said about...


            know, getting things off your chest.



Well, there's a couple of things

that I'd like to get off my chest.



Well, that's very good, Mr. McMurphy.

Go ahead.



Today, as you may or may not know,

it doesn't matter...


            the opening of the World Series.



What I'd like to suggest is that

we change the work detail tonight...


            that we can watch the ball game.



Well, Mr. McMurphy, what you're asking...


            that we change

a very carefully worked out schedule.



A little change never hurt, huh?



A little variety?



Well, it's not necessarily true,

Mr. McMurphy.



Some men on the ward take a long,

long time to get used to the schedule.



Change it now,

and they might find it very disturbing.



Fuck the schedule! They can go back

to the schedule after the Series.



I'm talking about the W_rld Series,

Nurse Ratched.



Well, anyway, this is no way

to proceed about this.



How would it be if we had a vote...



...and let the majority rule?



Great. Let's vote on it.



So, all those in favor raise your hands.



Okay, guys, come on.



Put your hands up.



What's the matter with you?

Don't you want to watch the World Series?



Get your hands up.

It can do you some good...


            get some exercise,

putting your arms up in the air.



That's it. Come on, let's...



What is this crap?



I watch the Series.

I haven't missed the Series in years.



Even in the cooler. When I'm in the cooler

they run it there or they'll have a riot.



What's the matter with you guys?

Come on, be good Americans!



Well, Mr. McMurphy,

I only count three votes, and...



...that's not enough

to change the ward policy.



I'm sorry.



My turn. Okay, hot dice.



I want a ten to go...



... 'cause I need cash.



I want to get to Mediterranean Avenue.



Big ten! Perfect.



Two fives.



- What are you doing?

- Hotel.



- You do not have a hotel there.

- Hotel.



For the third time...


            do not have a hotel on Boardwalk.

- Hotel.



- It costs $     and four green houses...

- Hotel.


            put a hotel on Boardwalk.

- Hotel.



Play the game and knock off the bullshit.



Play the game, Harding.



What are you talking about?

I am playing the game.



- Play the game!

- I ain't doing anything to you!



- What bullshit?

- Your bullshit!



- What about your bullshit?

- Play the game!



- You keep your hands off me!

- Play the game!



I've had enough bullshit out of you!



- Play the game.

- What the fuck are you picking on me for?



Play the game, Harding.



- I'm trying to ignore you, see?

- Just play the game.



Keep your hands off me, you son of a bitch!



Keep your hands off me! You hear me?



- Come on, come on.

- I can be pushed just so far, see!



Play the game.



You touch me once more.

Just touch me once more!



Just once more, huh? Just once more!



- Just touch me once more!

- Play the game, Harding!



Just touch me once more!



Holy Jesus!



Is that what your schedule

does for you, Hard-on?



Damn lunatic!



I don't know what you're talking about.



No? Well, then stay all wet, Harding, huh?



'Cause I'm going downtown

to w_tch the World Series, anyway.



Anybody want to come with me?



I do, Mac. I want to go with you!



Ches, all right. Anybody else?



- Where?

- Any bar downtown.



Mac, you can't...



...can't get out of here.



Anybody want to bet?



Chicken shits!



Maybe he'll just show Nurse Ratched

his big thing...



...and she'll open the door for him.



Yeah, maybe I will...



...and then maybe I'll use your

thick skull and knock a hole in the wall.



Sefelt, see?



Why? My head would squash

like an eggplant.



Fuck Sefelt's head,

I don't need Sefelt's head!



I'll take this fucking thing,

and put it through the window...



...and me and Cheswick will go out

through the hall...



...downtown, sit down in a bar,

wet our whistles...



...and watch the ball game.



And that's the bet.

Now, does anybody want any of it?



You're going to lift that thing?



Yeah! That's right.



I'll bet a buck.



Taber, $ .



I bet a dime.



Mac, you can't...



...can't lift that thing.



Anybody else want any of it? Hard-on?



I'll bet $  !



$   Hard-on!



Mac, nobody could ever lift that thing.



Get out of my way, son.

You're using my oxygen.



You know what I mean?



All right.



All right.



Giving up?



No! Just warming up.



Warming up.



This will be the one.



All right, baby.



But I tried, didn't I? Goddamn it!



At least I did that.



And on the mound, the left-hander,

Al Downing.



The two pitchers still warming up,

right down below us.



The second game of

the      World Series...



... is being brought to you

from Yankee Stadium.



Did you tell the girl

how you felt about her?



I went over to her house...


            Sunday afternoon and...



...and I brought her some flowers...



...and I said...



..."Celia, will you...



"...marry me?"



Why did you want to marry her?



Well, I was in love with her.



Your mother told me

that you never told her about it.



Why didn't you tell her about it?



Wasn't that the first time

you tried to commit suicide?



Oh, my God!



Yes, Mr. Cheswick?



Miss Ratched...


...l'd like to ask you a question, please.



Go ahead.






You know, if...



...Billy doesn't feel like talking...



...I mean, why are you pressing him?



Why can't we go on to some new business?



The business of this meeting,

Mr. Cheswick...





You know, I don't understand this,

Miss Ratched...



...because I don't...



Mr. McMurphy...



He said something yesterday

about a World Series.



A baseball game?



You know, and I've never been

to a baseball game and...



...I think I'd like to see one.



That would be good therapy, too,

wouldn't it, Miss Ratched?



I thought we'd decided that issue.



I don't think so, because, I mean...



...we discussed that yesterday...



...and we have a new game today,

I think, don't we, Mac?



That's right, Ches, and we want

a new vote on it, don't we?



Would one more vote satisfy you,

Mr. McMurphy?






It'd satisfy me.



There's a vote before the group.



Everyone in favor of changing

the schedule, please raise your hand.



Okay, I want to see the hands. Come on!



Which one of you nuts has got any guts?



All right. That's it!



I only count nine votes, Mr. McMurphy.



She only counts nine. Only nine!

It's a landslide.



There are    patients

on this ward, Mr. McMurphy...



...and you have to have a majority

to change ward policy.



So you gentlemen

can put your hands down.



Are you trying to tell me

that you're gonna count these?



These poor sons of bitches,

they don't know what we're talking about.



Well, I have to disagree with you,

Mr. McMurphy.



These men are members of the ward,

just as you are.



All right. All I need is one vote, right?






All right.






Want to watch the World Series?



This could be a big moment for you.



You want to watch a baseball game?



You want to watch baseball?



Just raise that hand up.

Just raise the hand up.



- What do you say?

- I gave it all to her.






Bancini, old horse.



What do you say?

You want to watch the ball game on TV?



Want to watch the ball game?

Baseball? World Series?



What do you say, pal? You're tired?



Just raise your hand up, Bancini.

Watch the ball game, huh?



I'm tired. Awfully tired.



Okay. All right.



What about you, pal?



All we need's one vote. Just one vote.



Just your one vote. That's all we need.



Just raise your hand up and your buddies

can watch the baseball game.



General, you remember, don't you?



October, the banner, the stars...



"Oh, say can you..."



The World Series.

Raise your hand up, Gen.



Just raise your hand up.



What about you pal, huh?

Want to watch the ball game?



Want to watch the ball game, huh?

Just one vote. Just raise your...



Gentlemen, the meeting is adjourned.



For Christ's sake, isn't there

one of you fucking maniacs...



...that knows what I'm talking about?



Mr. McMurphy?



The meeting is adjourned.



Just wait a minute, will you?

Just one minute?



You can bring the subject up

again tomorrow.



All right, Chief...


           're our last chance. What do you say?



Just raise your hand up.



That's all we need from you today, Chief.



Just raise your hand up one time.



Show her that you can do it.



Show her that you can still do it.



Just raise your hand up.

All the guys have got them up.



Just raise your hand up, Chief.

Will you? Huh?



Come on, there's got to be one guy here

that's not a total fucking nut!






Chief! The Chief!



Nurse Ratched? Nurse Ratched, look!



Look. The Chief put his hand up.



The Chief put his hand up. Look, he voted.



Would you please turn

the television set on?



The Chief has got his hand up, right there.



The Chief voted. Now...



...will you please turn the television set on?



Mr. McMurphy...



...the meeting was adjourned,

and the vote was closed.



But the vote was ten to eight.

The Chief, he's got his hand up! Look!



No, Mr. McMurphy.



When the meeting was adjourned,

the vote was nine to nine.



Come on, you're not going to say that now!



You're not going to say that now!



You're going to pull that henhouse shit,

now, when the vote...



The Chief just voted! It was ten to nine!



I want that television set turned on!

Right now!






- I want to watch television.

- No, you have a work assignment.






Koufax kicks. He delivers.



It's up the middle, it's a base hit.



Richardson's rounding first!

He's going for second!



The ball's in to deep right center!



Davidson, over in the corner,

cuts the ball off!


                   _Here comes the throw.

Richardson's around the dirt!



He slides, he's in there.

He's safe! It's a double!



He's in there, Martini!

Look at Richardson, he's on second base.



Koufax is in big fucking trouble!

Big trouble, baby!



All right, here's Tresh.

He's the next batter!



Tresh looks in. Koufax...



Koufax gets the sign from Roseboro!

He kicks once, he pumps...



It's a strike! Koufax's curve ball is

snapping off like a fucking firecracker.



Here he comes with the next pitch.



Tresh swings!

It's a long fly ball to deep left center!



It's going! It's gone!



Somebody give me a fucking wiener

before I die.



It's the great Mickey Mantle, now!

Here comes the pitch!



Mantle swings!



It's a fucking home run!



Gentlemen, stop this.



Stop this immediately.



Do you like it here?



That fucking nurse, man!



What do you mean, sir?



She ain't honest.



Miss Ratched's one of the finest nurses

we've got in this institution.



Well, I don't want to break up

the meeting or nothing...



...but she's something of a cunt,

ain't she, Doc?



How do you mean that?



She likes a rigged game,

you know what I mean?



Well, you know,

I've been observing you here now...



...for the last four weeks...



...and I don't see any evidence

of mental illness, at all.



I think that you've been trying

to put us on, all this time.



You know, what do you want me to do?

You know.



You know what I mean? Is that it?



Is that crazy enough for you?



Want me to take a shit on the floor?




Have you ever heard the old saying,

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"?






Does that mean something to you?



It's the same as "Don't wash

your dirty underwear in public."



I'm not sure I understand what you mean.



I'm smarter than him, ain't I?



Well that, sort of, has always meant...


           's hard for something to grow

on something that's moving.



How did you feel about

what happened yesterday?



I wanted to kill... I mean...



Do you gentlemen have

any more questions?



I don't have any more, but perhaps you do.



Do you have a question, McMurphy?



Where do you suppose she lives?



Chief, come on with me.



We'll show these guys who's nuts.



All right, wait.



Stand right here.



All right. Grab the fence.



Grab the fence here.



Right here, Chief. Strong!



Strong, like this, here.



That's it. All right.



Okay. Up.



That's it.



All right, you got it?



All right, push!



Come on, Bob!



Where are you going?



Don't breathe on me, Club.

Keep moving. Keep moving.



Come on, you guys. Get the lead out, huh?



Hey, what the hell's going on here?



Wait a minute!



Hold it!



See how easy it is?






This here is Candy.



Candy, this is the boys.



You all crazy?



Let's go. Down here.



- Isn't this wonderful?

- Down here.



No problem.



Right here.



Come on, we don't want to be late

for our first day out.






Come on, will you?

What are you standing around for?



Get on board. Give them these.



Hey, wait a minute!

What the heck is going on here?



What are you doing on this boat?



We're going fishing.



No, you're not going fishing.



Not on this boat.

You're not going fishing on this boat.



Oh, yeah, on this boat. Ask Captain Block.



- Captain Block?

- Captain Block. Yes, that's right.



Who are you?



We're from the...



...State Mental Institution...



This is Dr. Cheswick...



...Dr. Taber, Dr. Fredrickson...



...Dr. Scanlon.



The famous Dr. Scanlon.



Mr. Harding, Dr. Bibbit...



...Dr. Martini, and...



...Dr. Sefelt.



How about you? Who are you?



I'm Dr. McMurphy. R.P. McMurphy.



Wait, wait... Wait one second.



You don't understand.

We chartered the boat.



We're going to go fishing.



And that's all there is to it.



You better quit on this.



They'll throw you in the can again,

you know?



No, they won't. We're nuts!



They'll just take us back

to the feeb farm, see?



Von Sefelt, get the stern line.



Tabes, you're at the bow.



This one?



That one! The one at your feet.



Get back on! Jesus!






Come here, quick!



Aye, aye, sir. I mean, yes, Mac!



Take it easy, Charlie.

Have you ever driven one of these things?



- Driven one of...

- Yeah.



No, Mac.



Well, it's a lot of fun.



Come on over here.

Put_your hands on the wheel.



- Put your hands on.

- I've never done this.



Put your hands on the wheel

so you don't fall down. All right.



Just hold it steady right there, like that.



- Steady?

- Steady, yeah.



Now just go straight.



- Straight as an arrow, Charlie.

- Straight, Mac?



- Just straight. That's right.

- But, Mac...



Mac, this thing ain't too steady.



- Where are we going, Mac?

- Straight.



Just go on!



This is the bait.



Little fishes.



Dead fishes.



That's right.



Now what are we going to do

with these little fishes?



- Catch big fishes.

- That's right. That's right, Mr. Martini.









Now, hold on to your hooks...



...'cause here are the fishes.






Get a fish here.



There, for you, Martini.



All right, now we, each one of us

has got a fish.



What are you laughing at, Martini?



You're not an idiot, huh?



You're not a goddamn looney now, boy,

you're a fisherman.



Now, take your bottom hook.



You got it?



You take it...



...and you...



...push it all the way through.



Like that.



Wait a second.

Get it through the eyes, here.



- Right through here.

- In the eye?



Don't worry about it! He's dead, Martini.



Jesus Christ, just put it

through his eyeball, here.



That's it.



Crunch it right through.

All right. Now you got it, see?



Now, you just pull that baby through.

You see what I mean?



And you wrap it around.

You pull this so it's a little loop.



That's very good.



That's very good, Mr. Fredrickson!



Very good eye work.



Good eye work.



That little devil's gonna

not even feel the sting, is he, boy?



That son of a gun

is going to bite on you, isn't he?



You got beautiful hair.



Thank you.



And you got...



...beautiful eyes.



Thank you.



Billy, what's the matter?

Fishing don't grab you?



They do.



Now, come on with me, over here.



I'm gonna give each

and every one of you a rod.



All right.



Here's your poles.



Now, just keep watching the tip here.

If you get a strike, let me know.






Come on, Candy. Just keep fishing, guys!


             :  _     

Don't call me unless you get

something really big...


            can't handle yourselves.



Keep on fishing!



That's right.



Where is everybody?



Cheswick! Goddamn it, I told you to...



...steer that boat straight!



Fish! Help, help!



Goddamn it, he's got a fish. Hold it!

Wait a minute, Tabes. I got it!



Cheswick, get the fuck back up there!

Get up there in front!



Tabes, I got it, Tabes!



Get up, Tabes, I'll get it for you!



Son of a bitch, he's going over here!

Get up there!



I got it!



I got it! Give it to me!



Hey, Harding, I'm the skipper of this boat.



Shut up!



He said to go straight out as an arrow.



You're not going straight, you're kind of...



I'm going straight enough.

Now, Chessy, stop it!



- It's my duty!

- Chessy, stop it!



No, you son of a bitch!



All right, Martini.



All right, take him over!



Take him over!



That's it! Now play them, boys!



You sons of bitches!



Keep it straight!



Come back this way!



Home safe and sound. Didn't lose a nut!



Beats bowling, you know what I mean?



We caught it, look!



They're gonna be trolling this place

for six months looking for dead bodies!



I think he's dangerous.



He's not crazy...



...but he's dangerous.



You don't think he's crazy?



No, he's not crazy.



Dr. Songee?



I don't think he's overly psychotic.



But I still think he's quite sick.



- Do you think he's dangerous?

- Absolutely so.



Well, John, what do you want

to do with him?



I think we've had our turn.



I'd like to send him back

to the work farm, frankly.



Is there anybody that you have...



...on your staff, that could...



...relate to him? Maybe understand him.



Help him out with some of these problems?



The funny thing is that

the person that he's the closest to...


            the one he dislikes the most.



That's you, Mildred.



Well, gentlemen, in my opinion,

if we send him back to Pendleton or...



...we send him up to Disturbed...


           's just one more way of passing on

our problem to somebody else.



You know, we don't like to do that.



So I'd like to keep him on the ward.



I think we can help him.



Chief, Chief, come on.



Come with me, _uh?



Chief, this is the spot.



Right there is the spot. Remember?



Raise the hands, in the basket.



That's it. Raise the hands up.



All right! Let's have a little ball

from you nuts in here! Here we go!



All right! Let's play some ball, nuts.

Let's make some moves!



Hey, Mac, Mac. Time, time, time.



You've got six men on the court.



Harding, out of the ball game.



Hey, why me?



Because I'm the coach. I'll put you in later.



I don't trust you.



I'll go.



Okay, good boy, Billy.

I'll put you in in a minute, all right?



Let's play ball. Harding, break over there.



All right, Martini, get it back. Back!



I'm in the open! What are you doing?



You threw the goddamn ball into the fence!



Christ Almighty, you threw

the ball into the fence!



There's nobody there! We're playing ball!



All right, come on, get in the game.

Defense, nobody's doing nothing here!



- For Christ's sake!

- Hey, Mac, I'm open! I'm open!



Harding, give it back.

Back to me, Harding! Here.



I'm open.

Harding, will you give me the ball?



- Stop dribbling the goddamn ball!

- I got it!



Harding, over here.



Oh, for Christ's sake. I'm standing...



- You were covered!

- I was open!



Just give me the ball.

They're making all over the...



I was open. Give me the ball.



- You were covered, Mac.

- I wasn't covered. Somebody get back!



Give it to me! Give it to me!



Chief! Thatta baby, put it in!



Get down there!



Get down there, Chief! All right, all right.



Get around, Chief!



No, no, no. Get down there, Chief!



The ball's in play! Ball's in play!



- That's bullshit!

- Ball's in play.



Oh, fuck that shit! You've got to be crazy.



Man, that doesn't go!

Get that ball in and play!



Come on, Chief! Put it in!



What a ball club!



McMurphy, get off the side.



- Come on, move it, man!

- Hey, damn it!



Quick! Come on, go ahead.



Go ahead.



Go ahead.



I'll be seeing you on the outside.

You know what I mean?



By the time you get out of here...


           'll be too old to even get it up.



Sixty-eight days, buddy.



Sixty-eight days.



What the fuck you talking about,    days!



That's in jail, sucker.



You still don't know where you're at?



Yeah, where am I at, Washington?



With us, baby, you're with us.



And you're gonna stay with us

until we let you go.



Do you want to say something

to the group, Mr. McMurphy?



I'd like to know why none of the guys

never told me that you...



...Miss Ratched...



...and the doctors could keep me here till

you're good and ready to turn me loose.



That's what I'd like to know.



Fine, Randall, that's a good start.



Would anyone care

to answer Mr. McMurphy?



Answer what?



You heard me, Harding.



You let me go on hassling

Nurse Ratched here...



...knowing how much I had to lose

and you never told me nothing!



Now, Mac, wait a minute.



Wait a minute, I didn't know anything

about how much...



- Shit!

- Wait a minute. Listen.



Now, look...



I'm voluntary here, see?

I'm not committed.



I don't have to stay here.

I mean, I can go home anytime I want.



You can go home anytime you want?



- That's it.

- You're bullshitting me!



He's bullshitting me, right?



No, Randall, he's telling you the truth.



As a matter of fact, there are

very few men here who are committed.



There's Mr. Bromden.



Mr. Taber.



Some of the chronics, and you.






You're voluntary?






Billy, for Christ's sake,

you must be committed, right?



No, no, no.



You're just a young kid!



What are you doing here?

You ought to be out in a convertible...



...bird-dogging chicks and banging beaver.



What are you doing here, for Christ's sake?



What's so funny about that?



Jesus, I mean, you guys do nothing

but complain about how you can't...



...stand it in this place, and then

you haven't got the guts to walk out?



What do you think you are,

for Christ's sake? Crazy or something?



Well, you're not. You're not!



You're no crazier than the average asshole

walking around on the streets.



And that's it.



Jesus Christ, I can't believe it!



Those are very challenging observations

you made, Randall.



I'm sure some of the men

would like to comment.



Mr. Scanlon?



I want to know why the dorm is locked

in the daytime and on weekends.



I would like to know about our cigarettes.



May I have my cigarettes,

please, Miss Ratched?



You sit down, Mr. Cheswick,

and wait your turn.



Go ahead, sit down!



To answer your question

about the dorm, Mr. Scanlon...



You _now very well...



...that if we left the door open, you'd just

go right back to bed after breakfast.



Am I right?



So what?



May I have my cigarettes,

please, Miss Ratched?



Forget the cigarettes, Cheswick.



Cigarettes are not important.

Sit down, will you?



For Christ's sake!






Remember, Mr. Scanlon,

we've discussed many times...



...that time spent in the company

of others is very therapeutic.



While time spent brooding alone

only increases a feeling of separation.



You remember that, don't you?



Do you mean to say...


           's sick to want to be off by yourself?



Miss Ratched?



Mr. Cheswick, you sit down!



- I want to know about...

- Sit down, Mr. Cheswick.



I want to...



Give him a cigarette, will you, Harding?



It's my last one.



That's a fucking lie.

Why don't you give him a cigarette?



Look, I'm not running a charity ward, see?



Come on!



Look, I don't want his cigarettes.



And I don't want his, or his, or his...



...or his, or his, or his...



Or even yours.



Do you understand that?



I want my cigarettes, Miss Ratched!



I want my cigarettes!



I want mine, Miss Ratched!



What gives you the damn right...


            keep our cigarettes

piled up on your desk...



...and to squeeze out a pack

only when you feel like it, huh?



- Miss Ratched!

- Mr. Harding!



Oh, I'm sorry.



- You surprise me.

- I lost my head. I'm sorry.



I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...



I'm really very sorry. I just forgot.



I didn't mean to.

I'm really very sorry. I just forgot.



It's all right.



Miss Ratched!



Yes, Mr. Cheswick?



I asked you a question!



I heard your question, Mr. Cheswick...



...and I will answer your question

as soon as you've calmed down.



Are you calm, Mr. Cheswick?



- I'm calm.

- Good.



Now, as you all know, Mr. McMurphy...



...has been running

a small gambling casino in our tub room.



Now, most of you lost

all your cigarettes to Mr. McMurphy...



...not to mention a tidy sum of money

to Mr. McMurphy.



And that's why...



...your tub room privileges

have been suspended...



...and your cigarettes have been rationed.



Mr. Martini?



How are we going to win_our money back?



You're not going to win

your money back, Mr. Martini.



That's all over.



If you had obeyed the rules

in the first place...


            wouldn't have lost your money.



Sit down, gentlemen!

Sit down, gentlemen! Sit down!






Piss on your fucking rules, Miss Ratched!



Sit down, will you, Cheswick!



I want you to know something

right here and now, Miss Ratched!



- I ain't no little kid! I ain't no little kid!

- You sit down!



Where you're going to have cigarettes

kept from me like cookies...



And I want something done!

Ain't that right, Mac?



That's right! Will you sit down!



No, I won't! I won't!



I want something done!



- Sit down!

- I want something done!



I want something done!



I want something done!



I want something done!



I want something done!



- Here!

- I want something done!



Goddamn it, Cheswick, here!



Hey, calm down!



Why don't you leave him alone,

Washington? He's going to be all right!






...  -B.



I'll break your fucking back!



Forget it, Mac! It's all over, McMurphy!






Would you move, please?

We need this chair.



Just move right over there, okay.



I see we have Mr. Bromden back.

Yeah, okay.



- How do you do, Mr. McMurphy?

- I do real fine.



I know you didn't do anything wrong.

Just sit down.



We're not going to hurt you.

Sit down, right here.



That's it.



Nurse, this is Mr. Cheswick.

He's a little upset.



Okay, fine. Thank you very much.



- You'll be okay, Mr. Cheswick.

- Yes.



Would you keep an eye on these three?



Would you please take these, gentlemen?



He can't hear nothing.



Calm down, Ches, will you?



Mr. Cheswick, would you please follow me?



Mr. Cheswick?



- No!

- Nobody's going to hurt you, come on.



- No!

- It'll be all right.



No one's going to hurt you.



No, leave me alone!



- Take it easy on yourself. Come on!

- No! Mac!



Mac! Mac!






Come on. Come on, now. Come on.



- Come on.

- No!



I didn't do nothing!






- Come on.

- I won't go! I don't want to go!



Want some gum?



Thank you.



Juicy F_uit.



You sly son of a bitch, Chief.



Can you hear me, too?



Yeah, you bet!



Well, I'll be goddamned, Chief!



And they all, they all think

you're deaf and dumb.



Jesus Christ!



You fooled them, Chief.



You fooled them. You fooled them all!



Goddamn you!



What are we doing in here, Chief?



What's us, two guys,

doing in this fucking place?



Let's get out of here.












We'll be there before these

sons of bitches know what hit 'em.



Listen to Randall on this one.



Mr. McMurphy?



Please follow me.



You and me, Chief.



Take a cigarette break, boys. Easy.



I'll be fine.



Would you sit up, please?



- I'd love to.

- Thatta boy.



There might be a little fluid in them boots,

you know what I mean, boys?



Just a little leak.



A light shine, boys, and...



...send the specimen to Nurse Ratched.



All right, out with your gum.



Out with your gum.



Okay, this won't hurt,

and it'll be over in just a moment.



- What's that?

- Conductant.



A little dab will do you.



Right, Mr. Jackson?



Open your mouth.



- What's that?

- This'll keep you from biting your tongue.



Now just bite down on it.



That's right. Just bite down.



Now, bite down on it.



Are you ready?



Here we go.



Now, one big breath.



Very good.



Gentlemen, I'd like to begin today.

It shouldn't take too long.






It's been brought to my attention...



...that you've been giving Mr. Fredrickson

your medication.



Is that true?



No, ma'am.






Are you giving your medication

to Mr. Fredrickson...



...or are you not?



How about it, you creeps,

you lunatics, mental defectives.



Let's hear it for Bullgoose Randall,

back in action. Nice shirt, Cheseroo.



Look at the faces on you!



Look at you!



The feeb's brigade, you ding-a-lings!



The mental defective league in formation.



How are you, Nurse Ratched?

I'm happy to be back.



We're happy to have you back, Randall.



Thank you.



Would you like to rest today,

or would you like to join the g_oup?



I'd love to join the group...



I'd like...



I'm proud to join the group, Mildred.



How's it going, Mac?



Perfect, Billy Boy, absolutely perfect.



They were giving me       watts a day,

you know, and I'm...


            to trot.



The next woman who takes me on

will light up like a pinball machine...



...and pay off in silver dollars!



That's an amusing thought, Randall...



...but when you came in

we were talking to Jim.



He has a problem with his medication...



...and we'd like to get back to that.



Oh, I don't... I don't mind at all,

Nurse Ratched, I'm...


            gentle as a puppy dog and...



Please proceed. Thank you.



The administration was hopeful,

but cautious Friday...



... in its reaction...



... to a possible opening of the Berlin Wall...



... during the upcoming Christmas holiday.



Good night, gentlemen.

See you in the morning.



Yeah, baby, it's Mac.



It's on tonight.



Don't worry about it.



Don't worry about it. Get a car.



I don't give a shit, baby.

Steal it if you have to!



I gotta go! I gotta go!



Don't forget to bring some booze.









Chief, I can't take it no more.



I gotta get out of here.



I can't. I just can't.



It's easier than you think, Chief.



For you, maybe.

You're a lot bigger than me.



Why, Chief, you're about as big

as a goddamn tree trunk.



My poppa's real big.



He did like he pleased.



That's why everybody worked on him.



The last time I've seen my father

he was blind in the cedars from drinking.



And every time he put

the bottle to his mouth...



...he don't suck out of it.



It sucks out of him until he'd shrunk so...



...wrinkled and yellow,

even the dogs don't know him.



Killed him, huh?



I'm not saying they killed him.



They just worked on him,

the way they're working on you.



There they are, Chief.



There they are. They're here.



Over here. That's it!



McMurphy, stop all this Holy Roller shit...



...and get your ass back in bed.

Do you understand?



My prayers have been answered, Turkle.



Come on and see.



You'd take $  ...


            get down on your knees and pray,

wouldn't you, Turkle?



No, it don't send me, don't send me.



- It don't?

- Don't do nothing to me, no.



Well, you know there'll be more.



I mean, they'll be bringing

a couple of bottles with them, and...



You're getting closer, brother.

You're getting closer, but...



...they're going to be sharing

more than just bottles, ain't they?



- You know what I mean?

- Yeah, sure.



- I know what you mean.

- Understand what I mean?



Yeah, I understand what you mean.



- Anything you say, Turkle.

- I'm on my knees, brother.



- I'm on my knees.

- Yeah, all right, all right.



- Let me just give them a hand here.

- I appreciate that.



- Hi.

- Ladies!



Oh, thank you. I believe this is

your department, Mr. Turkle.



- Hi, there! Give me a hand.

- How're you doing?



Love to give you a hand.



Keep it down. Keep it down.



- I split my pants.

- Keep it down!



- Give it to me. Give it all to me.

- You got to keep it down!



This looks like my high school.



Oh, hey, I take that.



- The barber chair.

- You may have it.



It is mine, mine.



You can have it. You can have it, honey.



- Take a load of these tubs.

- It's a real nice place you got here.



Hey, can I take a bath?



Sure, you can take a bath. Sure.



Just don't drown your pretty little self.



You know...



...Rose was married to a maniac once,

up in Beaverton.



Oh, really, miss?



What seemed to be the problem?



Oh, nothing, he used to put frogs

in my bra all the time.



Very interesting.



Very interesting.



Rose is very interested in hospitals,

and hospital facilities.



- I am?

- Yes. Oh, yes, you are.



- I'm going to take Miss Candy...

- Where you going?



I'm gonna take Candy for a stroll.



I got you, I got you.



- But just don't make too much noise.

- Oh, no, not a peep, not a peep.



Now, you come over here, baby,

right over here.



Don't worry about Candy, honey.

Sit down and relax.



Wake up, boys.



Wake up.



It's medication time.



Medication time.



The nighttime spirits are here.



It's Randall to say goodbye...



... and get you high,

and nighttime angel, Candy.



That's right, Mr. Martini,

there is an Easter bunny.



Round the side, boys, join Mr. McMurphy...



... in the executive lounge, please.





It's going to be so great.



You'd like a nip, Charles?



No trouble at all!



It's Billy the Club of the fabulous

and fantastic   ...



- What the hell's going on?

- Mr. Turkle...



Ain't this a bitch!



McMurphy, what're you trying to do?

Get my ass really fired?



Come on, get your ass out of here.

Come on.



We're just having a party.



Party, my ass! This ain't no nightclub,

this is a hospital!



Man, this is my fucking job!

I don't give a damn, this is my fucking job!



Oh, shit! The supervisor!



Get your asses back in there.



Come on. Come on there!



Where's that no-talking son of a bitch?

Is he in there?



Good. Come on.



Mr. Turkle?



Mr. Turkle?



Where the hell is he?

Why doesn't he answer?



He's jerking off somewhere.



Ain't nobody jerking off nowhere,




Turkle, what the fuck are you doing here?

Go out and talk to her!



Doing the same fucking thing

you're doing in here, hiding!



Yes, ma'am?



Is everything all right, Mr. Turkle?



Oh, everything is just fine, ma'am.



Just fine. Just fine.



Who's there?



Ain't nobody in there.



Please open that door.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry, ma'am, but...


            know, a man gets

awfully lonesome at night.



You understand what I mean, don't you?



You understand? I'm sure you understand.



I want that woman off this ward,




Yes, ma'am.



Yes, ma'am.



- Jesus!

- Mr. Turkle, is she gone?



Shit! Yes, she's gone, and so am I...


            get your behinds out of here

and go to bed.



Go ahead, move it, move it! Move it!



- I knew we were in trouble!

- Let's go!



You and your teddy bear ass!

Move them on out of here!



Come on, come on!



- Candy?

- Come on, Candy!



Jesus Christ!



Mr. Turkle, I'm really sorry.



Tell those fucking friends of mine

to get out!



- Get out!

- I'm really sorry.



What are you...?



What the fuck...? Get out of here!



Please get out, this is my job!

You're fucking it up! You understand?



Get out!



Get out of here, you slim motherfucker!



Fuck it!



Fuck it!



Good night, good night,

don't let the cooties bite.



R_ght out of the shock department.

I got it from...



I got it from Ratched's charts.



Right. There you go, there you go.

Easy now.



Don't take it all at once!



Let's try a little over here. There you go.



Let's go.



I'll have to be the one, Chief.



Hey, Mac, what's going on?



Well, Dale...



...Lord Randall is stepping down one.









Aren't you gonna say goodbye to me, Mac?



Sure, I'm gonna say

goodbye to you, Charles.



Thank you, Mac.



Thank you.



I'll never forget you.



Settle down, Charles, all right.



Hey, Billy, what's wrong?



Billy, for Christ's sake?



What's the matter?



I'm gonna miss you very...



...very, very much, Mac.



Why don't you come with us, then?



Think I don't want to?



Well, come on then, let's go.



Well, it's not that easy.



I'm not ready yet.



Tell you what we'll do...



When I get to Canada,

I'll write you a postcard...



...and I'll put my address on it.



That way when you're ready, you'll...


           'll know where to go.



What do you say?



Is she going with you?






Yeah, she'll be there when you get there.

She's going with us.



Are you going to marry her?



No, we're just good friends.









Don't "nothing" me, all right? What is it?



It's too late.



Do you want a date with her?



Jesus, I must be crazy

to be in a looney bin like this!



Date, huh?



Well, it'll have to be a fast date,

I'll tell you that.



Not now!



Not now?



When, then?



When I have a free weekend.



You're busy right now, are you?



You've got something to do right now?



- You've got something to do?

- No.



Good, then don't talk to me about

when you're ready. Yeah.



- Ready and everything like that.

- No.



Candy, come here a minute.



Candy, I want you to meet

the famous Billy.



Go get him, will you?



Go get him. Get him out of there.



I want you to get a hold of Billy...



All you gotta do is this one little thing.



- The kid's cute, isn't he?

- Yeah.



Think of me the whole time.



There he is.



Billy the Club!



I got $  ...



...that says you are going to burn

this woman down!



Candy, baby...



...I love ya.



Hurl the ringer.



Take it easy! Back!



No, no, I'll show you some card tricks.



You ain't seen the Spanish deck yet.



That's    percent more torture.



I'm going to present you

with this fine deck of cards for playing.



This ain't gonna take long, Rose,

you know what I mean?



When we get to Canada...



Out of sight, man!



Out of sight!



- Good morning.

- Good morning.



Mr. Warren...



...close the window, and lock the screen.






Mr. Miller, show this woman

the way out of the hospital.






Come on, lady, let's go.



- You're going home.

- Where?



Let her go, Scanlon.



You're going home.



- Mr. Washington?

- Yes, Miss Ratched.



Make sure no one is missing.



Will do.



- Mac?

- Come on, Scanlon, let's move.



Everybody out of here!

Come on, move it out!



Come on, move it!



Martini, get your butt up! Come on, up!



All right, Colonel,

get your dead ass up there!



What the hell's going on here?

Come on, move out!



Miss Ratched?



Fredrickson, what are you doing?



Where you going? Back out here!



Let's go! Come on, move it!



Taber, get up. Come on.



I said, get up!



All right, move it back there! McMurphy...



...get your ass over here,

and bring Dracula with you.



Stay right there, Bancini!



- Miss Ratched?

- Yes.



It looks like Billy Bibbit's

the only one missing.






- Thank you, Mr. Washington.

- Okay.



Did Billy Bibbit leave the grounds

of the hospital, gentlemen?



I want an answer to my question!



Did he leave the grounds of the hospital?



- Mr. Washington?

- Yes.



Miss Pilbow, check all the rooms.



- Mr. Warren?

- Yes.



You start with the tub room.



Mr. Martini?



May I have my cap, please?



My cap!



My cap!






Thank you.



Miss Ratched.



I can explain everything.



Please do, Billy.



Explain everything.






Aren't you ashamed?



No, I'm not.



You know, Billy, what worries me is...


            your mother's going to take this.



Well, you...



...don't have to...



...tell her, Miss Ratched.



I don't have to tell her?



Your mother and I are old friends,

you know that.









...tell my mother.



Don't you think you should've thought

of that before you took that woman...


            that room?



No, no.



I didn't.



You mean, she dragged you

in there by force?



She did.



Everybody did.



Everybody? Who did?



You tell me who did!






Miss Ratched...



...please don't...



- Mr. Warren?

...tell my mother, please.



Would you see that the men

are washed and ready for the day.



Miss Ratched, please... please...



- Mr. Washington?

- Yes?



- Put Billy in Dr. Spivey's office.

- No.



Stay with him till the doctor arrives.



Move it! Come on, Martini, get on!



Hey, that way, please. Please, gentlemen.



Let's go, come on.

Come on, you guys. What is this?



Let's go.



Hey, what the hell is that?



McMurphy, what the hell are you doing?



Washington, to the day room!




Put down those keys and nobody gets hurt.



Move away from the window

and take that damn Chief with you.



Come on, let's go!



Let me through!



Let me through!



Out of the way, McMurphy!



Come on, clear it!



Get these people out of here!



Oh, Billy!



Will you guys clear the door?



Everybody out! Out! Everybody out!



Come on, goddamn it!



Now calm down!



The best thing we can do is

go on with our daily routine.



All right?



Don't! Mac!



Mac! No!



And the bets are placed.



There's one for Tabes, and Chessy,

and Martini, and the dealer.



And a four to Tabes, and a six, and a nine...



...and a ten to the dealer.



A nine?



What do you say, Tabes?



A dime a piece.



No? You stick.



- He sticks.

- He sticks with a four.



Chessy's going for the ride.



What does that mean?



He wants a hit. Yeah, and a big queen.



I think you're busted.



Buggered, not busted.



- Turn them over.

- Buggered.



And weep.



Hit me.



I think you're over.



- I know you're over.

- Hovno.



That's a three. Hovno.



Mr. Sefelt?



Did everything go well?



That's very nice.



Now you feel better, don't you?



Yes, ma'am.



Deuce to the dealer.



Split them. Higher.



McMurphy is out.



McMurphy has escaped.



They were taking him through the tunnel.



He beat up two of the attendants

and escaped.



McMurphy's upstairs.



Oh, no, no, no!



Jim, I'm telling you,

McMurphy is upstairs...



...and he's as meek as a lamb.






I mean, how do you know?



Jack Dunphy told me.



Jack Dunphy's full of shit!



Right! Right!



They said you escaped.



I knew you wouldn't leave without me.



I was waiting for you.



Now we can make it, Mac.



I feel big as a damn mountain.



Oh, no!



I'm not going without you, Mac.



I wouldn't leave you here this way.



You're coming with me.



Let's go!




Special help by SergeiK