One From The Heart Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the One From The Heart script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Francis Ford Coppola movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of One From The Heart. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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One From The Heart Script



[Roulette Ball Rolling]



[Roulette Ball

Drops In Slot, Clinks]



I wish I had a dollar for 



Each time I took a chance 



 On all those two-bit Romeos 



 Who counterfeit romance 



Somehow always thinking of 



 The last time I fell down 



Knowing that you'll fall in love 



 Once upon 









[Wind Whistling]



[Jazz. Distant]



Down through the ages 



All of the sages 



Said don't spend your wages on love 






 There's graft and collusion 



Avoid the intrusion 



And preceding foreclosures 



 There's overexposure 



Down at the crossroads 



A question is posed 



 The bridge is washed out

and the highway's closed 



 Got a good reason 



Firmly believe 



Love was designed

to exploit and deceive 



And there's an addendum 



 Whenever you send them 



 That red ball that beats

in your chest 



 You will see 



It's simple addition 



It keeps with tradition 



Don't spend your wages on love 



 Take any burg, any city or town 



Just get on Main Street 



And drive all the way down 



 You see, love has a graveyard 



An orchard for those 



 Who fell on their sabers 



And paid through the nose 



 Oh, your shovel's a shot glass 



Dig your own hole 



Bury what's left

of your miserable soul 



Down through the ages 



All of the sages 



- Said don't spend your wages on love 

- Don't spend your wages on love 



 There's graft and collusion 



Avoid the intrusion 



And preceding foreclosure 



 There's overexposure 



- Down at the crossroads 

- Down at the crossroads 



A question is posed 



 The bridge is washed out 



- And the highway's closed 

- [Coin Clanking, Handle Releasing]



[Bells Ringing,

Coins Clattering]






[Man Shouting, Indistinct]



[Radio. Jingle, Indistinct]



[Radio Announcer]

The traffic. The crowds. The noise.



Get out of Las Vegas

and come to paradise.



Discover Bora-Bora. Discover Tahiti.

Our tour prices have not gone up.



Your dollar is still worth a dollar.

We fly seven days a week.



- Tropical paradise.

- [Man Singing, Distant]






Here comes the bride 



And there goes the groom 



Looks like a hurricane 



 Went through this room 



Smells like a pool hall 



-  Where's my other shoe 

- Go away. Shoo!



And I'm sick and tired 



 Of pickin'up after you 



Looks like

you spent the night in a trench 



And tell me 



How long have you been

combing your hair with a wrench 




What is this?



-  The roses are dead 

- That's great, Frannie.



And the violets are too 



And I'm sick and tired

of pickin'up after you 



- Is anybody home? Oh, Frannie?

- I've told you before 



I won't tell you again 



 You don't defrost the icebox

with a ballpoint pen 



 This railroad apartment 



Is held together with glue 



And I'm sick and tired 



 Of pickin'up after you 



[Telephone Ringing]



[Telephone Continues Ringing]



Oh, Jesus! You scared me!




- Hello? Hello.

- [Woman Chuckles]



- Damn hang-up.

- Hmm.



- Hmm.

- Mm-hmm.



- I wonder who that was.

- One of your boyfriends.



- Probably one of your girlfriends.

- Oh, sure. Sure.



- You never know.

- You never do.



- You know what tomorrow is, Frannie?

- Mm-hmm.



It's the Fourth ofJuly.

The day we met.



- Five years ago.

- Mm-hmm.



And I thought

you deserved a present.



- This is for us.

- Oh, you sweetie.



- I got us a present too.

- You did?



Yeah. Happy anniversary, Frannie.

I love you, baby.



- I love you too. Open your present.

- Open your present.



- You go first. Go ahead.

- Yeah?



- What is this? What did you get?

- It's a surprise.



- Tickets.

- Mm-hmm.



Two tickets to Bora-Bora.



- Bora-Bora?

- That's right.



Just you and me on the beach.



A little sex. A little surfing.

A little sand in our toes.



Sex and surfing.

I got my sea and ski.



- Go on. See what that is. Open that up.

- [Giggles]



- I got a deed.

- Yeah.



- I got a deed... the deed to a house.

- The deed to this house.



I bought Moe's share.



- Are you kidding?

- I tricked him.



- No. I bought his share.

- This is the deed to this house?



- Yeah. It's ours!

- Great.



- This house?

- Yeah.



That's good. Hank, this house...

It's a fixer-upper.



It's the house that you fix it up

and you sell it.



It's got a lot of possibilities.

What are you talkin' about?



- I don't know.

- It's a great house, Frannie.



You'll love it, really. We'll

fix it up and have a place of our own.



- Okay.

- Sure.



Then we can go anyplace,

anyplace you wanna go.



- I am Tandaleo.

- Tandaleo?



Who are you, pagan slave?



- On your knees.

- How 'bout a dance, Tandaleo?



- I won't dance, don't ask me

- Dance, my child.



- You're gonna love the South Seas.

- Nice ankles.



Look, it's a great idea,

but we can't afford it right now.



Because I know 



I've been swindled 



I never bargained for this 



And what's more

you never cared about me 



 Why don't you get your own place 



So you can live like you do 



And I'm sick and tired 



 Of pickin'up after you 



Hi, Hildie. Nice evening.



 Take all your relatives 



And all of your shoes 



Believe me

I'll really swing 



 When you're gone 



I'll be livin'on chicken and wine 



- [Humming]

- After we're through 



 With someone I'll pick up 



- After you 

- What are you doing?



I'm cooking.

Special anniversary dinner.



- What are you so dressed up for?

- I thought you said we were going out.



Hank, let's not fight.



What are you talking about?

I love you.



Honey, let's just promise...



to never ever fight ever again, okay?



- You promise?

- I promise.



Seal it with a kiss.






I can clearly 



See nothing is clear 



I keep falling apart



Every year 



Let's take 



A hammer to it 



-  There's no glamour in it 

- Wait a second. I'll be right back.



- Is there any way out of this dream 

- Why don't you forget it this time?



- Maybe we'll have a kid.

- I'm as blue 



- We're not even married.

- As I can possibly be 



Is there someone else

out there for me 






Is dragging its feet 



I feel so incomplete 



Is there any way

out of this dream 






Is dragging its feet 



I feel so incomplete 



Is there any way out 



 Of this 






[Clock Ticking, Faint]



[Hank] You know, Frannie,

I think a vacation adventure...



would be a very good idea

for us.



Actually, this is a pretty solid house,

isn't it?



I mean, this is a good house.



- Well, this house could be made...

- You know, in Bora-Bora, there's no...



- Sorry. Go ahead.

- Go ahead.



- No. You go.

- Well, you see, that's the thing.



- Mm-hmm.

- This could be a good investment.






I know. If we could afford it.



What do you mean?

We bought it. It's ours.



You bought it.






- But with our money.

- Huh?



Our money? You spent our money

without asking me?



- What did you buy the tickets with?

- Those tickets are something special.



I got a discount on the tickets.



Trust me, honey.

I know best.






By the way, happy anniversary.



Happy anniversary.



When I first met you, Hank,

I thought,



this is not the guy for me.



No way. You didn't look like him.

You didn't talk like him.



You weren't him.






- You know. Prince Charming.

- [Chuckles]



But I started to like you anyway.



And then I started to love you.

'Cause you were nice.



- Nice?

- Yeah. You were nice.



You were really nice.



I thought maybe you'd change a little,

and I would change a little.



We'd both get together,

and everything would be all right.



But you haven't changed.



And you're not even nice anymore.



What about you, Frannie?



You know, you used to

shave your legs all the time.



Now you don't shave them for weeks.



You were very appetizing.

But now...



[Scoffs] What do you mean, "now"?

What about yourself?



You used

to have a pretty good build, you know?



You did. Now you're starting

to look like... an egg.



- Egg?

- Yes, an egg.



Hey, if I was putting on a few pounds,

you could have said somethin'.



Why didn't you say somethin'?



Because, frankly, you never listen

to anything I say anyway.



That's because

you've got nothin' to say.



Oh, yes, I have something to say.

I have lots to say.



I have lots to say.

I've got plenty to say.



That's great. You're really

saying something now. Terrific.



- Where you goin'?

- For a little ride.



Oh, great. Run away.

That's what you're good at.



Terrifc. There she goes, folks.

Off again.



- You know what you're good at?

- No, and I can't wait to hear.



Being boring. You are so boring.

You have forgotten how to live.



I'm gonna get out of here

before I become just like you.



Good-bye, Miss Bora-Bora.



You know, Frannie,

you're full of shit.



You're always talking about paradise,

but when you get there,



it's still gonna be you and

all your shit walking along the beach.



Yeah? Not all my shit.

Because you'll still be here.



Big joke.



- You're damn right I won't be with you.

- This time it's over, Hank.



This time it is really over.



I'll tell you a little secret. I knew

it was over last New Year's Eve...



when I didn't want to

kiss you at midnight.



I wanted to kiss what's-her-name,

the tall blond.



- Yeah, I know the tall blond.

- [Cat Screeches]



I didn't want to kiss you either.

I wanted to kiss Moe.



- Moe?

- Yes, Moe. Your best friend, Moe.



He followed me into the bathroom.

He had my blouse half off. He had

his tongue down my throat.



- And I was enjoying it.

- You kissed Moe?



- Don't you come near me. Stay away.

Don't you touch me.

- You whore!



And don't you call me a whore,

you hypocritical son of a bitch.



You called that tall blond

the next day too, didn't you?



- And you slept with her. And I knew.

- [Growls]



That was nothin'.



Just a little somethin'.

Besides, I didn't want to hurt ya.



Well, you did.



- Come on, Frannie.

- [Ignition Whining]



- Come on back.

- [Engine Starting, Stalling]



- [Ignition Whining, Engine Starting]

- All right. If this is how you want it,



this is how you're gonna get it.



[Woman] Knock it off, huh? Leave

your private matters where they belong,



not out here in public.



Hey, Frannie, come on.

What are you doing?






- Hello.

- [Woman] Hello.



- Hi, Angela. Moe here.

- Moe?



Yeah. Moe you, Moe me,

Moe life, Moe love.



Angela, is it true

that you're just after me for my body?



I've been wanting to

ask you that a long time.



- [Angela] Moe, I just thought

you were after me for my body.

- [Knocking]



- Yeah.

- [Angela] Wanna come over later?



Sure, my cosmically

beautiful cream puff.



- Did you ever kiss Frannie?

- What?



- [Angela Continues, Indistinct]

- Angela, I'd better call you back. Yeah.



- [Receiver Clanks]

- Did I ever what?



What happened with you and Frannie

last New Year's Eve?



New Year's Eve? Jesus.

I don't remember that.



She said you were kissing her

in the bathroom.



Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, uh...



No. Nothing happened. It was just

a New Year's kiss. You know.



- New Year's kiss?

- Yeah. I mean, it was New Year's Eve.



Everybody was kissing everybody.

You even tried to kiss me.



- She said you had her blouse off.

- She said that?



- Yeah.

- I don't remember nobody...



I don't remember her blouse being off.



Did you unbutton her blouse,

or did she take it off?



- She didn't take her blouse off.

- She didn't?



- No, uh, I don't remember.

- You're my best friend.



If I can't trust you,

who am I gonna trust?



Look, nothing happened

on New Year's Eve, okay?



- Let's leave it at that.

- Yeah, I bet nothing happened.



Wait a minute.

What's wrong with you?



Nothing happened in the bathroom.

Everybody was drinking, having a good...



I don't believe you, you know that?

I think you're a snake.



Don't call me no snake, man.



If you want to start calling names,

what aboutJan Morehouse?



- Jan Morehouse?

- I never did bring that up to you.



- That was different.

- What was different about it?



- You didn't love her.

- Hey, don't tell me who I love.



She was just a good-time girl.

Besides, I didn't want to hurt ya.



Didn't want to hurt me?

So both of you hurt me in my bed...



while I'm out getting pizza

like an idiot?



Come on. "Don't want to hurt me."

Hey, forget it.



- You forget it.

- You forget it.



Comin' over here

with all that bullshit.



- That was three years ago, Moe.

- Yeah, but it was like yesterday to me.



It was six months ago

when I kissed Frannie too.



Kissed Frannie. That bitch.

I don't believe women.



She was comin' on with me,

for Christ's sake.



Really busted me.



- I'm sorry, Moe.

- I'm sorry too.



- What's the matter? You all right?

- I can't breathe, man.



I feel sick.



- Are you okay?

- Frannie and I busted up.



This time it's for good, Maggie.

I swear.



Come on, honey.

People make up; they break up.



Nobody's perfect.



- Listen. You still got your health.

- Yeah. Everything's gonna be okay.



Frannie, you don't

have to be strong for me.



I'm your friend, dopey. You want

to fall apart? You want to cry?



Go ahead. Fall apart.

You'll feel better.



Maggie, I don't want to

fall apart, okay? [Sniffles]



Listen. Would you like me

to tell you the truth?



No, I don't want to

hear the truth either.



The truth is you're a very lucky lady.



Hank is absolutely a great guy.



Okay, so he's a little stingy.



- He's a stick-in-the-mud.

- You guys are gonna be fine.



Hank's wonderful.

He's a little cheap, but he's wonderful.



Don't make me puke.



- Frannie.

- What?



You're gonna be fine. I promise you.

You're gonna be just fine.



Maybe if you had a good cry,

you'd feel better.



Why don't you just

get it off your chest and cry?



I don't want to cry.

I don't want to cry.



I mean, I really don't.

If you want to cry, you cry. Go ahead.



You know I want to cry.



I want to cry so bad,

but I haven't cried in so many years,



I don't even know if I can cry.



- Do you know how hard it is for me?

- Maggie.



- Oh, God. I'm such a wreck.

- Maggie, I want to live.



This is what I want.

I want to go out with a bunch of guys.



- I want erotic things to happen.

- Frannie, you're out of your mind.



I want to go to paradise.

I want to do lots of things.



Susan Hayward in I Want to Live.



I wake up in some strange

fuckin' apartment.



I don't know where I am.

I'm going out with this guy tonight.



I don't want to go out with this guy.

I go. I go. I cry and I go.



I always go.



He has such a nerve, Frannie.

He calls me always at the last minute.



And then he tells me I should take

a cab over to his house at this hour.



Good night.

Lucky I'm crazy about him.



- Fran, are you gonna be all right?

- Yeah.



You promise me?

Will you put the chain on the door?



- Oh, God.

- I'll put the chain on the door.



Oh, God.



Oh, Hank. Goddamn it.



 Old boyfriends 



Lost in the pocket 



 Of your overcoat 



Like burned out lightbulbs 



 On a Ferris wheel 



 Old boyfriends 



 You remember

the kinds of cars they drove 



Parking in an orange grove 



Sorry there ain't no mayonnaise

for the tuna fish.



That's all we got. I gotta run. I gotta

meet the two girls at the Flamingo.



- I'm gonna call you in a half an hour.

- Thanks, pal. Thanks for everything.



You've got the TV and some grass

in the desk. I'll see you in about...



- I'll call you in a half an hour.

- Okay. Thank you. Have a good time.



I love you, man.

I'll see ya later.



- Oh, Jesus.

- [Line Ringing]



 We fell in love, you see 



 With someone that we used to be 



 Though I very seldom think of you 






Sometimes a mannequin's 



- Blue summer dress 

- [Line Continues Ringing]



 Can make a window 



Like a dream 



Ah, but now those dreams 



- Belong to someone else 

- Someone else 



Now they talk in their sleep 



In a drawer where I keep 



All my 



 Old boyfriends 



 Girls fill up the bars 



Every spring 



Dark places for remembering 



All your old 






Broken bicycles 



 Old busted chains 



Rusted handlebars out in the rain 



Somebody must

have an orphanage for 



All these things

that nobody wants anymore 



September's reminding July 



It's time to be saying good-bye 



Summer is gone 



But our love will remain 



Like old, broken bicycles 



 Out in the rain 



I don't care anymore.

I don't care anymore.



You see me? I don't care.



Let's take 



A hammer to it 



 There's no glamour in it 



Is there any way 



-  Out of this dream 

- [Engine Rewing]



[Horns Honking]



What is it gonna be?



The window?



It's gonna be Bora-Bora, you know,

in the South Pacific. It's an island.



- Bora-Bora doesn't look like that.

- It doesn't, huh?



Not at all.

That's not the color of the sky.



- You've been there?

- Many times.



- You have?

- Yeah. The sky's a different blue.



I've been to Tahiti,

Bora-Bora, Pango-pango.



- It's a different color. Don't you think?

- [Horn Honks]



I don't know.

I've never been there myself.



I just make the window.

From pictures.



You know,

every time I walk by here,



I look at your window

and I say to myself,



"What am I doing in this place?

Why am I not there?"



That's funny, 'cause that's

what I think when I make the windows.



I mean, I should be there

doing the hula.



Yeah. You know,

I see you all the time.



- You do?

- Yeah.



I work right up the street

playing the piano.



You play the piano?

That's great.



- I sing too.

- That's nice.



Would you like to come

hear me sing tonight?



Me? Uh...



- Maggie, you see this guy?

- No, I'm blind.



He's gorgeous but dangerous.



- Oh. Hi.

- I'm on at   :   and then at   :  .



I can leave your name at the door.

What's your name?



My name? Oh, I don't do that.



- I'm so exhausted.

- Maybe...



Tonight is gonna be a special night.

Really great.



Frannie, if we're gonna go shopping,

we gotta go now.



It's a holiday.

The stores close early.



Be bold. It's the Fourth ofJuly.



- Yeah, happy birthday, America.

- You're an interesting guy.



I try to stay away

from interesting guys, though.



- Why?

- They're dangerous.



- Are you dangerous?

- Come hear me sing and find out.



Stop! Hold it!



- What?

- I forgot the address. Here.



- I can't do this. I just can't.

- Why not? Give me a good reason.



- I just shouldn't.

- Why? Are you married? Are you engaged?



- Living in sin?

- No.



- Frannie, take the matches.

- Come on. Take it. It's gonna be nice.



- See you at   :   okay?

- Susan Hayward, I think you're gonna live.



-   :   okay?

- Yes.   :  .



- He's gorgeous.

- I know.



- Hey, what's your name?

- My name is Frannie.



- I like to dance.

- You're crazy.



- I'm Ray. I like to dance too.

- We're gonna get killed.



- I'm gonna dance with him.

- So you'll dance with him.



What's the big deal

about a little argument?



My folks were always fighting,

but they knew they loved each other.



They were together.

Nowadays you just move on.



Ain't nobody committed to nothin'

except having a good time.



Will you stop whining, Hank?

I'm about Frannied out already.



You know what's wrong

with America, don't ya?



- What?

- It's the light.



- Light? What's wrong with it?

- There's no more secrets.



It's now all tinsel.

It's phony bullshit. Nothing's real.



- Hey, look.

- [Chattering]



- Wow. Think she's real?

- She's gorgeous.



I don't believe this.

What is this, the circus?



- [Hank] Maybe it's a commercial.

- [Man Speaking In German]



[Hank] Oh, my God.

I think she's looking at us.



Act natural. Keep smiling.




Who's she lookin'at, you or me?



[Hank] She ain't looking at me.

She must be looking at you.



[Hank] Mais oui.



She's looking at you.



- Think so?

- Yeah.



Well, move over.

Let's see. Move over.



- Be subtle.

- Well, you know.



[Man] Leila.



- She's cute.

- Leila. [Man Continues In German]



- [Both Arguing In German]

- [Moe] Uh-oh. We got a family quarrel.




I think I'm in love, Moe.



[Moe] Hey, hey, hey.

Now's your chance. We got    seconds.



[Speaking In German]



You all right?



- Got a light?

- Sure, sure.



- [Coughing]

- Mm.



[Firecrackers Exploding]



You wanna... ah.



You know, you got a real...

You got a nice build. I mean, l...



I think you're a nice person.

You've got beautiful eyes.



You've got a lovely family.



You wanna meet me  :  

at the Fremont?



You kiddin'? Really?



Hey, I'll meet you anywhere.

I'll meet you at the Brooklyn Bridge.



[Man Shouts In German]



- [Footsteps Approaching]

- It's the old man.






- What she say?

- I think she said...



She said meet her

at the Fremont at  :  .



She... You mean she told you that?



- That's what she said.

- You son of a gun. You did it.



The most highly implausible thing

I've ever seen in my life.






That's bold, man.

That's the way you gotta do it.



- The pants are a little tight.

- They're supposed to be tight.



- You can see my equipment.

- Sexy. It's all right, man.



- You're making a statement here.

- I'm sayin' something.



You're saying something. You've been

out of circulation a long time.



The women are liberated now.

They're coming on strong.



You gotta come on strong.

That's great. Hey.



- Moves, Moe. Moves.

- Look at this. Hey.



You know, it was the Fourth ofJuly,

five years ago today?



So I was driving through the middle

of the desert, and my car broke down.



It was the Fourth ofJuly.



People were swearing

and throwing things at me,



and all of a sudden, this guy comes riding

out of nowhere in a tow truck and rescues me.



Took one look at her and said, "Watch out.

This woman's gonna be trouble."



I should have known better. Then

she starts telling me her life story.



Then he starts reading me poetry. It

turns out he didn't even write this poetry,



which was pretty good.



His customer writes it.

He keeps it around just to show women.



So then she looks up at me

with this little clown face,



and I'm really wishing

I had written those poems.



- Oh, yeah? Who wrote it? Leon?

- No. Fox.



Hank thinks that he understands women,

but he doesn't.



Frannie, this is what I'm talking about.

This is hot and sexy.



How do you wear these?



I don't think Frannie understands men.



In fact, I don't know any woman

who really understands men.



- That depends on the woman.

- Yeah.



- I look a little like a tuna fish.

- Hank, come on.



You look great.

It's a masterpiece.



Great, Tony.



That's a very in look.

You know what I mean?



His girlfriend thinks he's boring.



Oh, Frannie. Five years with Hank,

and all you've got is time.



Honey, you didn't even wind up

with a piece of real estate.



I know.



- [Kids Shouting, Indistinct]

- [Dog Barking]



- [Thunderclap]

- [Ice Cream Truck]



I'm just a scarecrow without you 



Baby, please don't disappear 



I beg your pardon, dear 



[Whistling, Sing-Song]



I got a bottle for a trumpet 



And a hatbox for a drum 



And I beg your pardon, dear 



I got upset 



I lost my head 



I didn't mean 



 The things I said 



 You are the landscape 



 Of my dreams 



Darling, I beg your 






[Door Squeaks]



Hi, Hank.






what happened to your hair?



My hair? I had it permed.



- Don't you like it?

- Yeah, I like it.



Just looks different. That's all.



It does, huh?



What are you doin' here, Hank?



- I live here. Remember?

- Yeah, I remember.



Ah. Taking the gong, huh?



- Where you goin' in that dress?

- To hell and back.



You'll probably get there in that dress.

You know what that dress says, don't ya?



- What?

- "Come and get me, boys. Eat me up."



Well, that's good,

'cause that's exactly what I'm saying.



I'm saying,

"Come and get me, boys."



Taking a little trip?



Yeah. Maybe I am.



- Where you goin'?

- Me? I'm going to paradise.



I'm not going roller-skating

to Henderson, Nevada.



And I'm not going to Reno,

and I'm not going fishing in Lake Mead.



I am going to Bora-Bora and Tahiti.



I hear Bora-Bora's very exotic

this time of year.



- It's gonna be nice.

- Come here. Why don't you shove Bora-Bora?



Oh, Hank.



Please. I'm not gonna wait for you

to start living my life.



- No more. You'll be sorry.

- What's happened? What's going on?



Stupid suitcase.

I'm not a pair of shoes, Hank.



What's going on?

How did we get here?



Me standing here watching you

go down these steps...



and not even trying to stop ya.



What do you think this means?




I don't know what it means.



I guess it means it's over.



[Roulette Ball Rolling]



[Roulette Ball Drops

In Slot, Clinks]



[Fireworks Popping]



[Fireworks Screaming]



- [Street Noise]

- [Honky-Tonk]



- Hello, beautiful.

- Me?



Would you mind giving me a light

for my cigar, please?



- [Firecrackers Popping]

- I have a light. Oops!



- I'll let you have it.

- Thank you. Have a nice day.



Crazy people.






- Ooh!

- What do you think of me?



What do I think of you?

I think of I'm exhausted.



You look gorgeous.

You look like a hot tomato.



- I do?

- You look great. You smell familiar, though.



You wearing my perfume?

A tiny bit? That's $   an ounce.



- Well, it's the Fourth ofJuly, and I thought...

- Where are you meeting him?



- Where are you going?

- At the place he told me.



Oh, shit. I gave the match to the short guy

I never saw before. I'll be back. Wait.



Yeah. I play the piano.

I sing too.



You wanna meet me  .  

at the Fremont?



- Hey. Remember me?

- Yeah. Miriam.



No. Leslie.



[Dealer Shouting, Indistinct]



[Distorted Piano Notes]



- [Jazz Piano]

- [Lighter Clicks, Flint Strikes]



[Bottle Cork Pops,

Champagne Fizzes]






[Coin Clanking,

Handle Releasing]



[Coins Dispensing]



- [Clanking Continues]

- Ooh.



[Neon Buzzes]



[Firecrackers Popping]



[Taxicab Radio Chatter]



- Are you alone?

- No. Somebody's meeting me.



- How many in your party?

- Two.



- Buffet or dinner?

- Dinner, please.



- Right here.

- Thank you.



No funny stuff.



- Setup.

- [Mumbles]






Hey. Hey, excuse me. Ray?



- I'm Frannie. Remember?

- Well, look at this.



You know,

I've been thinking about you all day.



- You have, huh?

- Yeah, I have. Uh, let me explain.



You see, what happened is that I sing

once in a while, and the rest of the time...



- You're a waiter.

- I'm a waiter. I'm a waiter.



That's all right.

I was a waitress myself once.



In Florida for a long time.

Adam and Eve on a raft. Wreck 'em.



- Wreck two. Got ya, Deena.

- Oh, no. She thinks l...



- I'm bothering you. I should go.

- No, wait a minute. Don't go.



- Have a glass of wine. I'll join you.

- Wine? I didn't order any wine.



- Would you like a club sandwich?

- Yes, I'm starving.



Whoop. There goes a crab leg.

That's okay. Here.



- I'm glad to see you.

- I'm glad to see you too.



To Bora-Bora

and other romantic places.



- Is that my club sandwich there?

- Not anymore.



- Let me light the candle.

- Don't light this candle.



Why not? It's the Fourth ofJuly.

We gotta be happy.



- I'm happy I found you.

- I'm happy I found you too.



Look, I was really

gonna sing tonight,



but what happened was at the last minute,

the owner pulled the plug.



You believe it?

I had a real first-class act.



- What are you trying to do to me?

- That's show business.



- Madam, I'll take care of it.

- Excuse me. Would you mind?



I'm trying to have

a reunion with my friend.



Oh, really? I'm trying to have

a coffee shop here, Raymond.



Excuse me.

I think those are my waffles.



Waffles? We have plenty of waffles.



- You're getting me very mad, Raymond.

- Can I have some horseradish here?



"Javeay." "Javeay."



It's Javier.



Raymond, why can't you be

more likeJavier?



He sings, but he's completely satisfied

with being a waiter.



Are you listening to me?

Horseradish, "Javeay."



You're through.

You're washed up here.



You never could sing. You can't

sing your way out of a paper bag.



- Horseradish.

- Don't give it to me. Give it to him.



Look, I've never been treated

so badly in a restaurant in all my life.



- I'm so sorry.

- This place is the pits.



And you, my friend...

you wouldn't know a tit from a tortilla.



That should take care

of the bill plus tip.



- Your service is terrible.

- Whose fault is that?



- I think you just got fired.

- That's okay. You inspire me.



Let's get out of here. I'll see you

someday on the strip when I'm singing.



Yeah, save me some passes

in the street.



- Hey, fella. Give me the lady's steak.

- Fella? What am I, a fella?



I happen to own this joint.

You bunch of cannibals.



Your hair looks different.



- Yeah. I had it curled.

- You look very beautiful.



- Thank you. So do you.

- Thank you.



- This is like a dance floor, isn't it?

- Mm-hmm.



Oh, I love to dance.



- I used to dance.

- Please sit, please.



- Okay.

- I guess it's good-bye, Vegas, for me.



- Really? You're really going?

- Yeah.



- You see this lounge?

- Yes.



It could have had

a real class act. Me.



'Cause I do only original material. I had

the best musicians in Vegas lined up.



- You're really going, huh?

- Yeah.



- Well, where are you going?

- I don't know.






Like in the movie Casablanca.

You remember?



- Oh, yeah.

- Humphrey Bogart.



- He was real cool.

- Mm-hmm.



He owned this swank club.



- That could be me. Maybe.

- Yeah.



- You know, he lost the woman

in the end of that movie.

- No, he didn't.



- Yeah, he did.

- He could have had her, but

he gave her up for something greater.



- Yeah? What?

- For freedom.



- Freedom?

- Yeah.



[Blows Raspberry] He should have

kept the girl. Wouldn't you?



- We'll see.

- [Piano: Latin Rhythm]



- I like that.

- You do?



- Yes, it's good.

- Thank you.



Meet me tonight



It's raining Cuban cigars



"Cuban cigars"?



Meet me tonight 



And we'll make love

where we are



- We'll see about that.

- Kiss me tonight



- It's raining chateaubriand

- And Dom Perignon.



It's magic tonight



And you turn me on



- [Piano Glissando]

- [Tango]



- Where are we going?

- We're gonna dance.



- Wanna dance?

- Okay.



- Can you tango?

- A little bit.




Oh, yeah!







Hey! Ole.!



[Ray Speaking In Spanish]



- [Ray Hums To Beat]

- You should sing.



- You dance divinely.

- I know.




Whoo! Oh.






Whoo! Ole.!







- [Jazzy Rock]

- [Woman Giggles]






Leila, Leila.



She ain't gonna come.

I know she ain't gonna come.



- You like this hair?

- [Leila Laughing]



Look, it wasn't my idea.

I didn't know.



You know, the guy said,

"This is what they wear nowadays.



It's very in."



Little Boy Blue,

come blow your horn.



The dish ran away

with the spoon



Home again, home again

It's Saturday morn



He never gets up

before noon



She used to render you

legal and tender 



 When you used to send her

your promises, boy 



A dillar, a dollar

unbutton your collar



And come out and holler

out all of your noise






Little Boy Blue

come blow your top



Cut it right down to the quick



Don't sit home and cry

on the Fourth ofJuly



Around now

you're hittin' the bricks




now she's disappeared



Everything's Canada Dry



So watch your behavior

and rattle your cage



With a bottle of bourbon




Little Boy Blue

lost Little Bo Peep 



She fell through a hole

in the nest 



Now, ain't it peculiar

that she's finally cooled



Your big wheels

like all the rest



Whenever it rains

the umbrellas complain



 They always get played

for a chump 



So mark it and strike it

she's history now



And you're hanging out at the pumps




- [Firecrackers Popping]

- [Jazzy Rock]

- [Bell Tinkling]



[Bell Tinkling]



[Bell Tinkling]



[Leila Laughing]



[All Cheering]



[Bell Tinkling]



Fifty-eight,      .



All right.

I said the Fremont Hotel,  :  .



Excuse me. Excuse me.

Fremont Hotel.



Hey, Leila.



- You're still there, aren't you?

- Yeah.



- I gave up on ya.

- My father locked me into the bathroom.



[Fireworks Exploding]



[Inaudible Dialogue]



[Inaudible Dialogue]



[Fade To Trumpet,

Piano Instrumental]



[Ship Horn Blowing]



[Birds Chirping]



[Frannie Moans] Ray.






[Elevator Bell Dings]



- This is my friend's floor.

- I wanna smoke this cigar here.



- Why don't you come with me?

- I can't.



Come on, Frannie. Why can't you?



- Come with me now.

- I can't.



- You're gonna have to tell me to go.

- When are we gonna get going?



- You should go, Ray.

- You really want me to?



I should... I'd like to go with you,

but my friend is waiting.



Come on. Come with me, huh?



- She should go home now.

- I'm on my knees.



- I can't.

- I'm on my knees.



Rough luck.



Keep guessing.



We're in the old factory,

and you're the night watchman.



No. Not quite.



[Animal Howling]



We're in the dungeon

of the Marquis de Sade,



and I'm your prisoner.



- I wish you were.

- No. Wait.



We're in the Taj Mahal,

and this is your garden.



- I saw a shooting star!

- Did you make a wish?



This is the garden

of the Taj Mahal.



You know the Taj Mahal

was built for a woman?






This is where I come to think.



[Fireworks Exploding]



- You want a swig?

- Yeah.



[Elevator Bell Dings]



Oh, me.



Okay. I'll do it. I'll go.



[Elevator Bell Dings]






- Hi.

- Hi.



You know,

I was never gonna do it again.



But I wanna do it for you.



- Wait.

- Please, do it for me.



- Spotlight! Drumroll!

- [Circus]



For the first time, Los Trapenos.!




[Simulates Drumbeats]







[Continues Simulating Drumbeats]



Be careful!

Those are high-tension wires!






Moe's not gonna believe this one,

I'll tell you that.



[Cacophonous Horns]



[Horns Stop]



I call this "Used Carlotta."



[Harmonious Horns]






- You'd better catch me.

- I got ya.



[Fireworks Exploding]



[Airplane Flying Overhead,

Fireworks Continue Exploding]






My place.



It's nice.



[Latin Beat]



Can I ask you a personal question?



- Personal?

- Yeah.



- I guess so.

- Do you fall in love a lot?






In high school,

we used to go to the drive-ins.



- It must have been so sexy.

- You wanna go to a drive-in?



- Yeah. Very sexy.

- You could have a boyfriend.



It's kinda cool, isn't it?

It gets kinda cool here in the desert.



You want some of this blanket?



- You never went to high school?

- No.




Did you ever have a boyfriend?



- Ever went to the drive-in?

- No.



- Want some music?

- No.



What do you want?

Tell you what I want.



Say, have you seen the carioca 



It's not a fox-trot or a polka 



It has a little bit of new rhythm 



 Ofblue rhythm that sighs 



It has a meter that is tricky 



A bit of wicked wacky-wicky 



But when you dance it

with a new love 



 There'll be true love

in his eyes 



 You'll dream of the new carioca 



Its theme is a kiss and a sigh 



 You'll dream of the new carioca 



 When music and lights are gone

and we're saying good-bye 



 Two heads together

they say are better than one 



 Two heads together

that's how this dance is begun 



 Two arms around you and lips that sigh

I'm yours and you are mine 



[Fireworks Whistling, Exploding]



[Birds Chirping]



[Motor Whining]



[Dog Barks]



- [Garbage Truck Brakes]

- [Cans, Bottles Rattle]



[Train Whistle Blows, Distant]






- What are you doing?

- It's nothing.



- Just a little something.

- I knew it. I knew it!



I knew!



- [Dial Tones Beeping]

- Oh, come on. Come on.



Hello, Fran. Oh, Maggie?

Maggie, let me talk to Fran.



- Yeah. Is she there?

- [Woman] You got the wrong number.



What do you mean, wrong number?

Wrong number, my ass. What?



- Wait a minute.!

- [Receiver Clanks]



[Dial Tones Beeping]



Hey, Moe. You remember the circus girl?

Well, she's here.



Yeah. Hey, go to my house,

pick up my car in front, huh?



- Okay. Yeah, I gotta find Frannie.

- [Moe] Wait a minute.



- All right. I know it's implausible.

- Slow down.






- Good mornin'.

- Guten Morgen.



- So, how was your sleep?

- Good. Very good. You?



- Getting up early, huh?

- Early bird gets the worm.



- Well, I guess so.

- Who the hell wants a worm?



So, heard you on the phone

over there.



- A bit early, isn't it?

- I talk to this business acquaintance.



- Fender man.

- Mm-hmm.



- Workin' out of Long Beach.

- Hmm.



Long Beach.



Hey, what's that?



That? That's something

I picked up at Caesar's Palace.



Basic ruby ring, that's all it is.



Do you know what that is?



It's the all-seeing eye.



Now, that tells the truth.




Oh, yeah?



Can you tell fortunes?



Unfortunately, yes.



She's with that guy,

isn't she?



Love is for suckers.



I was thinking you oughta spend more time

with people who understand you,



people who want

the same things you want.



- People like you maybe?

- You got it.



Well, what would we do, Ray?



- We would follow our hearts.

- Where to?



- Wherever they take us.

- Really?



Sure. We could go

to the airport, take a plane...



- and wake up in Paris or Rome,

- Mmm.



the South Pacific, hmm?



- We couldn't do that.

- Why not?



- Not really.

- What do you mean we couldn't do it?



What's stopping us?

You got the travel agency. I got money.



Perfect. Tonight, Bora-Bora.



- We could, you know.

- Yes, we could and we will.



We could actually do it.



- We will. You wanna do it?

- On the beach.



- On the beach.

- With the starfish.



- Yeah.

- On top of each other.



- Pina coladas.

- Coconuts.







- [Hank] Step on it, Moe.

- When you love a married man,

you have to learn.



- I'm not a married man.

- Yeah? You step out there together,



but you gotta come back alone.



It's a high-wire act.



Yeah. Right. Love is a high-wire act,

especially with this guy.




Keep 'em comin', Moe.



If you wanna get rid of a circus girl,

all you gotta do is close your eyes.



- Yeah?

- Yeah.



Then what, circus girl?



Then she disappears.



Like spit on a griddle.



- Let's see if Frannie's here.

- Hank! Hank!






Hank, run away with me, Hank.

Let's run away from Las Vegas.



Will you?

Come on. Take a chance.



I wouldn't hurt you

for anything, Leila.



I mean, I really... I really...



I love you too, Hank.



You're beautiful.



Leila, wait a second.

I'll be right back, okay?



Remember. Spit on a griddle.







- [Drumroll, Cymbals Crash]




- [Elevator Bell Dings]

- [Hank] Come on. Come on.

We gotta talk to her.



[Moe] Slow down. Take it easy.

We're in no big hurry here.



- Maggie!

- It's Sunday mornin', Hank.

There's people sleepin'.






- [Woman] Who is it?

- It's me. Hank.



- Hank?

- Open the door. I gotta talk to ya.



Why don't you come back... Jesus...

come back later when we're up?



Come on, Maggie. Open the door.

I gotta talk to ya.



- Please.

- Yeah?



- Where's Frannie?

- Sleeping.



- Well, wake her up. I gotta talk to her.

- I'm not waking her up.



- She's not feeling well.

- Well, neither am I.



- Would you open the door, please?

- I'm not opening this door, Hank.



Maggie, I'm gonna

break the door down!



The hell you're gonna

break the door down.



Jesus Christ! You crazy,

you son of a gun? You animal, you!



- You'd better open the door, Maggie.

- [Maggie Screeches] Hank!



- She's not in there.!

- Frannie! Frannie!




I knew it. I knew it!



She's not here. She's not here.

She hasn't been here all night.



- [Moe] I've never had the pleasure.

- It's my pleasure, I assure you.



- Maggie Levine. It's really Leveen.

- [Hank] I can't breathe.



I can't believe all these years,

and I never met you.



- It's my heart.

- You all right, honey?



- You're gonna be all right.

- Have a drink.



You want a cigarette?

Here. Have a cigarette, sweetheart.



- I don't want a cigarette.

- You want coffee? I make great coffee.



- I don't want any. Where is she, Maggie?

- Who knows?



- You know. You know where she is.

- You all right?



- You all right? You promise me

you're gonna behave yourself?

- I'm okay. Really.



- Okay. She's with a friend.

- Yeah. The tuxedo guy?



She's entitled to friends, isn't she?



- It's all right.

- Everybody's gotta have friends, huh?



- Yeah. See there.

- Probably a relative or something.



- What's his name?

- His name's Ray.



He plays the piano, and he works

at this place called the Tropical.



- They'll know where he lives.

- The Tropical? You know the Tropical!



- Come on, Moe!

- [Moe] Wait a minute.



[Maggie] I trusted you.!

You gonna be good to her, at least?



- I love her!

- [Maggie] Well,

then spend some money on her.!



I'm gonna break some legs, man.

I'm gonna call that guy, Al.



- Okay, man.

- Can you handle it all right?



Let's get goin', man.

Quit the talkin'. Hey, Moe!



 You can't unring a bell, Junior 



It'll cost you to get out

of this one, Junior 



She's got big plans 



 That don't include you 



 Take it like a man 



 'Cause you

you can't unring a bell 






 You'll need an attorney

for this journey 



- [Ray] Who is it?

- [Gruff Voice] Room service.




We didn't order any room service.



How's it feel 



How do you like it

in the slam 



 You're a little man

in a great big town 



- [Electrical Sparking]

- [Grunting]



Perhaps you were a little hasty 



-  You can't take back the things you said 

- [Yelling]



- [Stereo. Latin Beat]

- Hank?



- Frannie, what are you doing here?

- Leave me alone once and for all.



- Goddamn your ass.

- What are you doing?



What am I doing? What are you doing?

Get your hands off of me.



- Mister, relax, okay?

- You fool with my woman.



You tellin' me to relax?

You tellin' me to relax?



- Have a cigarette.

- I don't want a cigarette. I want my woman.



- I'm not your woman.

- Take it easy. You heard what she said.



You take it easy.

We don't need an interpreter.



- You have to let me go.

- I don't wanna have to use this.



- I don't wanna have to use it.

- I'm going. Yes, we're leaving. I got it.



[Ray] You can't do that. You just can't

break into people's apartments like that.



- That's what I'm doing.

- Let go of me.



- [Ray] Now I am really mad.!

- Put me down and we'll talk this over.



You wanted something different,

didn't you? This exciting enough?



- Is this different enough?

- I'm calling the cops, you son of a bitch.!



- Shut up!

- [Ray] Hold it.!



You don't understand.

I don't wanna be with you anymore.



- Don't you get it?

- You're gonna get it!



This is humiliating.

It's not even stupid. It's embarrassing.



- Get out of the way!

- And I won't shut up. I don't wanna.




Say, have you seen the carioca 



It's not a fox-trot or a polka 



It has a little bit of new rhythm

ofblue rhythm that sighs 



Terrific. Just what I feel like doing...



taking a nice little naked ride

on a Sunday afternoon with somebody I hate.



- I'm not exactly crazy about you.

- [Horn Honking, People Whistling]



What are you looking at?

Haven't you ever seen breasts before?



- Here. Cover yourself up.

- Big deal. Why don't you take a picture?



- It'll last longer.

- Fuck off, meatball!



I don't care anymore, okay?

I just don't care.



- Hang on.

- [Dog Barking, Distant]



You gonna... that guy?



I mean, what is it?

What's the deal?



- He's different?

- Well, he doesn't yell at me, you know.



- He sings to me.

- Sings to ya?






- Hank, are you crying?

- No. I don't cry.



Well, good.




Don't you know I'd sing to ya

if I could sing to ya?



I can't sing, honey.



Oh, Hank.



Can't you see

this is breaking my heart now, Hank?



We've been saying good-bye

for years, honey.



This time it's really good-bye.



Bye, Hank.



- [Thunderclap]

- [Clock Ticking]



Let's hear it for Miller time.



[Handle Releases,

Slot Machine Clanks]



A vacation.

Just the two of us alone together.



Bora-Bora, here we come.



- Why not?

-  You can't unring a bell 



- Why not?

- Junior 



[Plane Flying Overhead]



It'll cost you to get out

of this one 






- She's got big plans 

- [Radio Chatter]



-  That don't include you 

- I can't believe it.



The airport.

I'm finally going someplace.



-  Take it like a man 

- Wow.



Come on. Hurry.

We don't wanna miss the plane.




I'll give you Bora-Bora.



 'Cause you can't unring a bell 



I didn't come here to lose you

to some Rudolph "Vaselino" guy.



You know, the island of Bora-Bora

is really only    miles around.



I mean, you could practically

walk around it in a day if you wanted.



It's     miles from Tahiti, but first you have

to make a connecting flight from Papeete.



- It's one of the Fiji islands.

- Are you a little nervous?



No, I'm not nervous. Why?

Am I talking too much?



How's it feel 



 You're a little man 



In a great big town 



You meathead!

What's your problem?



- Perhaps you were a little hasty 

- Buddy, I'm sorry. Look...



- You shouldn't be parking here.

- Sorry.



I'm not normally like this,

but I got a plane to catch. Here.



 You can't take back

the things you said 



- [Gasps]

- Man 



-  'Cause you can't unring a bell 

- [Woman Speaking Over P.A., Indistinct]



- Junior 

- Do you have a flight to Bora-Bora?



- The end of the counter.

- [Man] Don't let this guy in front.



- He's a little crazy, isn't he?

- He's not crazy. He was just hurt.



- Excuse me.

-  Get it through your head 

- Excuse me.



-  You can't lie your way out of this 

- I'm sorry, sir. You're gonna have

to wait at the end of the line.



- How long did you live together?

- Five years.



[Whistles] That's a long time

to live with the wrong person.



- When did you split up?

- The day before yesterday.



- We don't fly to Bora-Bora.

- Who does fly to Bora-Bora?



- You'll have to go to Los Angeles.

- When's your flight to Los Angeles?



- We don't fly to Los Angeles.

- Why are you giving me a hard time?



I am not giving you a hard time.

You're giving all of us a hard time.



- Tell me or I'm gonna jump this counter.

- P.S.A. has the last flight to Los Angeles.



- Thank you.

- But it's already left.



 Yeah, she's got big plans 



 With a guy from South America 






Frannie! Hey!



It hurts, don't it 



Better get down on your knees 



- Suffer 

- Frannie!



- Hey, Frannie!

- Hank!



- [Ray] Oh, no. Not again.

- Frannie!

- What are you doing?



- I thought I'd do some traveling.

- Yeah? Where to?



- I was thinkin' of Bora-Bora.

- [Ray] Come on, Frannie.



- Let's go in.

- You ain't got no passport, okay?



- I'll get a passport. Excuse me.

- [Ray] Please. Come on.



- [Hank] Where do you get a passport?

- Hank, I gotta go.



[Hank] I wouldn't get

on this plane if I were you.



- [Ray] Come on. Let's go, Frannie.

- The wing looks a little funny.



- [Ray] Please. Come on.

- Hank, I'm through fighting.



Come on, Frannie.

Come on back, Frannie.



- [Ray] Come with me, okay?

- [Hank] Don't go, Frannie.



I didn't come here to fight with ya.

I came to sing to ya.



You are my sunshine

my only sunshine



You make me happy



 When skies are gray 



You'll never know, dear



How much I love you



Please don't

take my sunshine away



- Come on, Frannie.

- That was nice.



Frannie, come on home.



Come on back, Frannie.




Frannie, please. Come on, Frannie.



- The plane is leaving.

- It's too late. It's too late.









I should go out and honk the horn 



It's Independence Day 



Instead I just

pour myself a drink 



It's got to be love

I've never felt this way 



 Oh, baby

this one's from the heart 



 The shadows on the wall 



- Look like a railroad track 

- [Airplane Taking Off]



I wonder ifhe's ever 






 The moon's a yellow stain 



Across the sky 



 Oh, baby 



 This one's from the heart 



Blonds, brunettes and redheads 



Put their hammer down 



 To pound a cold chisel

through my heart 



But they were nothing

but apostrophes 



 Oh, baby

this one's from the heart 






I can't tell

Is that a siren 



 Or a saxophone 



But the roads get so slippery 



 When it rains 



I love you 



More than all these words

can ever say 



 Oh, baby

this one's from the heart 



[Matches Striking]



[Car Door Closes, Car Departs]



Oh, Frannie. Frannie.




I made a mistake.



- [Frannie Cries]

- Ohh.



 Take me home 



 You silly boy 



Put your arms 



Around me 



 Take me home 



-  You silly boy 

- I love you.



 Oh, the world's not round 



-  Without you 

- Ohh, Frannie.



I'm so sorry 



 That I broke your heart 



- Please don't leave my side 

- It's gonna be all right.



 Take me home 



 You silly boy 



 'Cause I'm still in love 



 With you 



I should go out

and honk the horn 



It's Independence Day 



But instead

I'll just pour myself a drink 



It's got to be love 



I've never felt this way 



 Oh, baby 



 This one's from the heart 



 The shadows on the wall 



Look like a railroad track 



I wonder ifhe's ever 






 The moon's a yellow stain 



Across the sky 



 Oh, baby 



 This one's from the heart 



Maybe I'll go down

to the corner 



And get a racing form 



But I should probably wait here 



By the phone 



 The brakes need adjustment 



 On the convertible 



 Oh, baby 



 This one's from the heart 



 The wind is climbin'



 The avocado tree 



Rubbin'its back 



Against the wall 



I pour myself a double sympathy 



 Oh, baby 



 This one's from the heart 



And blonds, brunettes

and redheads 



Put their hammer down 



 To pound a cold chisel

through my heart 



But they were nothin'



But apostrophes 



 Oh, baby 



 This one's from the heart 



Special help by SergeiK