Orpheus Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Orpheus script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jean Cocteau movie originally titled Orphée.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Orpheus. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Orpheus Script



The legend of Orpheus

is well-known.



In Greek mythology, Orpheus was

a troubadour from Thrace.



He charmed even the animals.



His songs diverted his attention

from his wife Eurydice.



Death took her away from him.



He descended

to the netherworld,



and used his charm

to win permission



to return with Eurydice

to the world of the living



on the condition

that he never look at her.



But he looked at her



and was torn away from her

by the Bacchantes.



Where does our story

take place...



and when?



A legend is entitled to be

beyond time and place.



Interpret it as you wish...



Heurtebise, help Cegeste

across the square.



I'm not drunk!



Yes, you are.






- Greetings!

- You're smashed.



Sit down for a minute.



- I've driven everyone away.

- You've entered the lion's den.



I wanted to find out..



- What will you have to drink?

- Nothing, thanks. I had a drink.



It was rather bitter.



You're brave to speak to me.



I'm no longer in the battle.



I gave up writing at   .

I had nothing new to say.



They respect my silence.



No doubt they think

I have nothing new to say,



and that a poet should not be

too famous.



They're not very fond of you.



Actually, they hate me.



Who's the not very amiable

young drunkard



who doesn't seem to be

averse to luxury?



That is Jacques Cegeste.

A poet.



He's    years old

and adored by all.



His companion, the princess,

finances the review



that published his first poems.



The princess is very beautiful

and very elegant.



She's not from here,

but she needs to be among us.



Here is her review.



Every page is blank!



It's called "Nudism."



It's absurd.



Less absurd than if it were

full of absurd writing.



No excess is absurd.



Orpheus, your gravest fault



is knowing how to get away

with going too far.



The public loves me.



The public is alone.



They're talking about us.



It seems they change everything

and publish texts.



I have his poems.



Hold on to them. In his current state

he's apt to leave them anywhere.



Jacques, give them back!



I'll knock you out!



Will you calm down?

I hate scenes.



Of course.






The Poets' Cafe.

There's a brawl.






Your cafe amuses me.



It thinks it's the center

of the universe.



It is.



You know it,

and that annoys you.



Is my case hopeless?



No. If it were,

they wouldn't hate you.



What should I do?



Fight them?



Astonish us.



Your papers.



My apologies, sir.

I didn't recognize you,



though my wife's room

is full of portraits of you.



- The gentleman is with me.

- My apologies once again.



You're in too well

with the police.



- Me?

- I advise you to disappear.



You might be blamed

for this unpleasantness.



That's too much!



Let me go!



You have no right

to treat him like this!



- He has no papers.

- I vouch for him.



- You can explain it at the station.

- This is outrageous!



We're just doing our job.



Let me go!



Scum! Swine!



Let me go!



- The little bastard bit me!

- Watch out!



- Get the license numbers.

- We couldn't see them.



Put the other units on alert.



Put him in my car and take care

of this pathetic crowd.



Heurtebise, help them.



And to think it happened here,

where no one even passes through!



Don't stand there

like a lamppost.



Yes, you!



Make yourself useful.



I need you as a witness.

Get in. Quick!



Give me your handkerchief.



He looks badly wounded.



Don't make useless remarks.



The hospital is behind us.



You don't think I'd take

this child to a hospital.



Don't touch him!






this young man is dead.



Will you mind

your own business?



When will you stop meddling

in other people's business?



It was you who told me

to come with you.



Will you please be quiet?



Take the usual route.



The radio.






goes faster backwards.



Three times.



I repeat.



Your attention, please.



A single glass of water

lights up the world.



- Where are we going?

- Must I force you to be quiet?



A single glass of water

lights the world.



Twice. I repeat.



Hello there!



But... those are the men

who knocked this boy down.



You're being stupid.



Please, ask me no more questions.



Get out and let my men work.



Take the body out of the car

and take it up there.



Are you sleepwalking?



I must be.



Everyone is dawdling.

I don't like it when people do that.



Wait for me here,

young man.



Lay him on the floor.



Follow me.



You're clearly asleep.



Yes, I'm asleep.



It's very strange.



- You must explain..

- No, I won't.



Sleeping or dreaming, the dreamer

must accept his dreams.



I have a right

to ask for an explanation.



You have every right, my dear man,

and so do I...



so we're even.



Turn off that music!



There's a dead man in the next room

and the men who killed him.



- I repeat... I demand-

- And I demand you not touch that radio!



- Message: The mirrors would do well...

- Calm down and have a seat.



to reflect further.



Three times.



You're unbearable.



Sit down.



Wait for me in this room.



My servants will bring you

some champagne and cigarettes.



Make yourself at home.



You try too hard to understand

what's going on, my dear young man,



and that's a serious mistake.



But they expect me at home.



Let your wife wait.



She'll be all the more pleased

when you return.



- Is everything ready?

- Yes, ma'am.



Cegeste, get up.









- Do you know who I am?

- I do.



- Say it.

- My death.



Good. From now on

you will serve me.



I will serve you.



- You will obey my orders.

- I will obey your orders.






Now, come with me.



Hold on to my dress.



Do not be afraid.

Don't let go.



Where are we?



- I said where are we!

- I don't know.



I'm supposed to wait for you

and take you back.



Where is the princess?

Where is the villa?



Sir, if you will kindly

get in the car..



Yes, yes!



The woman was staying

at the Thermal Hotel.



Call the manager for me.



They want to speak

to the manager.



This is the chief inspector speaking.



I'm sorry to trouble you again.



Have you conducted

your investigation?



Hello? Hello?



I can only repeat

what I've told you, Inspector.



There is no woman here

fitting that description,



nor have I seen any Rolls-Royces.



I'll drop by at  :  .



It's unbelievable.



Not at the Thermal,

not at the Fabius,



and not at the Two Worlds.



He'll never come back.



There, there, calm down.



Men always come back.



They're so absurd!



But where is he?

Where can he be?



There's no point in lying to you.

He's with that woman.



No, no! I don't believe it!



Inspector, tell her it's not true.

You know Orpheus!



- Tell her it's not true.

- It's difficult to say.



Yours is a perfect marriage,

but sometimes men lose their heads.



- It's a messy story.

- Will the press create a scandal?



No, I gave strict orders.



Besides, the reporters

don't know anything yet.



- It's a reporter, Inspector.

- What?



What is it?



I've been sent by the Sun.

Is your husband in?



My husband can't be disturbed.

He's sleeping.



He worked all night.



I came by to see him,

but I didn't want to disturb him.



Fine. I'll go then. Can I drop you off

somewhere, Inspector?



- Not necessary. I have my car.

- What was it you wanted?



I wanted to talk to him

about the accident.



The young man is not at the hospital,

and his friends are concerned.



Everything's fine.

I'll stop by your office.



Well done!



This is terrible!



Let's not panic.



I'll stop by the office

and speak with them.



Come now. Be strong.



Follow me, and be as quiet

as possible.



I'll open the garage.



Then it's agreed?



My wife would never understand.



I'm a reporter from the Sun.



So you're asleep, huh?



I'll let you sleep on, Orpheus.

Pleasant dreams!



Get out of here!



My newspaper will take

your attitude into account.



Clear out.



- You'll regret this!

- To hell with the press!



- That's something new.

- Yes, it's new.



Eurydice, he's back!



- What are you doing here?

- Charming!



Orpheus, if you abandon your wife,

it's only normal



that she should call on those

who love her.



I was frantic with worry.

I called Aglaonice.



And the inspector?



I don't think you realize

how serious the situation is.



What I realize is that I come home

and find the police



and a woman whom I've forbidden

to ever enter my house!



You've gone too far

with your bad manners.



You'll live to regret

those words!



Coming, Inspector?



You seem as unwelcome

as I am.



Go on. I'm not detaining you.



You're to come to my office




Aglaonice is dangerous!



Her League of Women is powerful.

You're crazy!



Perhaps I am going mad.



- Where were you!

- Oh, that!



No cross-examinations, please!



But you've never stayed out all night.

It's only natural that I ask you..




Ask me nothing!



Orpheus, you never drink!



I do now! Do you mind?



And here I was waiting

for you to come home



to tell you some great news!



I don't want to hear

any more stories!



I especially don't want to hear

any news!



The news I get is always bad news,

and I'm tired of it!



Leave me alone.

I want to sleep!



- Who are you?

- I brought your husband back.



Where was he?



I'm the chauffeur for the woman

whose car he got in yesterday.



Did he spend the night

with her?



No, ma'am.



My employer was transporting

a badly wounded man.



Your husband was at the scene

and got in the car.



But my boss doesn't like

people meddling in her affairs.



And so?



She left us on the road.



She had a small car waiting for her

near her villa.



She drove off on her own

with the wounded man.



And my husband?



I had a problem

with a loose connection.



It was better to wait

till day.



Your husband slept

in the car.



He was very worried

about you.



I'd like to believe it.



I might lie to you if I were

a real chauffeur, but I'm not.



- What are you?

- A student.. without a penny.



I only got the job

two weeks ago.



My name is Heurtebise.



You make me feel better.



- Do you know my husband?

- Who doesn't?



My husband adores me...

and now we've had a fight.



He's not himself.

He's been drinking.



You dropped your work.



I was going to tell him

the big news.



He wouldn't listen.

He saw nothing and heard nothing.



He stepped right on it

without even noticing.



He's tired.

It's hard to sleep in a car.



Perhaps it's that.

He said he wanted to sleep.



But you must be exhausted.



I'll make some coffee for you.



Where are you supposed to meet

your employer?



Forgive me.. your "lady."



Sit down.



I have no orders.



I'll wait for her in town.



Stay here if you like.



There's a little room

above the garage.



It's not much,

I'm warning you,



but you can park your car

next to ours and wait.



Tell the truth.



You want me under your thumb

because I'm part of the story.




you are charming.



You're wrong.

I'm very ordinary.



You must realize

that women like me



have much to fear

from certain people.



Your husband wouldn't

lose his head easily.



He's very handsome

and very famous.



It's a miracle that he's still

faithful to me.



- Please, forgive me.

- The gas!



- What about it?

- It's still on. Be careful.



I dislike that smell...



and for good reason.



I committed suicide

by gassing myself.



Since my death,

the smell has pursued me.



Your death?



I mean... since I almost

committed suicide.



You don't look like a ghost.



I was in love with a girl.

She was quite mean.



It's a pity

she wasn't like you.



- Your name is Eurydice, right?

- At your service.



But I've forgotten yours.



Heurtebise, at your service.



The bird sings with its fingers.






I repeat.



And that first night



Orpheus' death

entered his room



and watched him sleep.



Two days later...



There are other radios

besides this one.



I can't get this station

anywhere else.



I see I'll have to live

in the car.



- Nobody's forcing you!

- Darling..















I repeat.



Seems like nothing

but meaningless words to me.



But there was

a terrific message yesterday.



Rest a while.



So the messages can start again

as soon as I turn my back? Thanks.



You can't spend your life

in a talking car.



- It makes no sense.

- No sense?



My life had begun to pass

its peak.



It was rotting,

stinking of success and of death.



The least of these phrases

is much more than any of my poems.



I'd give all that I've written

for even one of those little phrases.



I'm on the trail

of the unknown.



Orpheus, little phrases

won't feed our child.



There's a woman for you,




You discover a world



and she speaks to you

of baby clothes and bills.



I admire Orpheus.



I could have listened a thousand times

and not paid the slightest attention.



Where could they be coming from,




They're on no other station.



I'm certain they're meant

for me.



Orpheus, nothing matters

but this car.



I could die

and you wouldn't even notice.



We were dead

and we didn't notice.



Beware of the Sirens!



It is / who charm them.



Your voice is very beautiful.



Be satisfied with your voice.






    . Twice.



What fascinating poetry!



Who can say what's poetry

and what isn't?



Besides, if you're not happy,

you don't have to stay.



I just want to be left

in peace, that's all.



Take her away.

She'll drive me mad.



That car will drive you mad.



Take her away, Heurtebise,

or I'll do something I'll regret!



Orpheus was horrible.



No, he's a genius,

and every genius has his moods.



It's not that talking car

that I fear.



It's what he's looking for.



But he'd be the same

with that woman.



All he's interested in

is those phrases.



Heurtebise, I may be silly



but I feel things.



It's the first time

he's treated me like a dog.



Don't exaggerate.

It's just a little family quarrel.



It starts with little

family quarrels.



You're going to lie down

and close your eyes.



Would you answer it for me?



Yes, this is Orpheus' house.



No, this is not Orpheus.



Yes, Inspector.



Yes, I'll give him your message.



The inspector called.

He's expecting you.



- And your wife doesn't feel well.

- It's natural in her condition.



- Go see her.

- All right. Would you get the car out?



- My car?

- No, mine.



No one must suspect

the other car is here.



The whole town knows

that car.



What's wrong?



- Don't you feel well?

- Very well.



- Would you like me to get you a nurse?

- A nurse?



I can't leave you all alone.

I have to go into town.



I won't be alone.



Forgive my bad temper.



I've been resting

on my laurels.



I've got to wake up.



Come home quickly.



Do you forgive me?

I'm all nerves.



What is it?

Did I scare you?



I'm all on edge.

I couldn't drive.



Aren't you afraid they might

recognize me if I drive?



You can drop me off and wait somewhere

where no one will recognize you.



I'm going to the police station,

and then I'll be back.



One never knows if one will return

from the police station.



Very funny.



Excuse me. Have you seen

a dark-haired woman pass by?



Hello, Orpheus.

Hot under the collar?



Excuse me..



Have you seen a young woman

pass by?



Chasing girls, Orpheus?



She's very thin and very smart,

and she walks very fast.



That's me!



- Orpheus, your autograph, please.

- I don't have the time.



- Please, sign my book!

- I don't have anything to write with.



Monique, lend me your pen.



It's him, it's him!



Let me go!






Over here! Come quick!



I see why he steers clear of us.

Read this.



A very annoying article.



Speak one at a time

or we'll never get anywhere.



You were saying, sir,

that this phrase is a poem.



No one should know

better than you.



Go ahead and speak.



Orpheus sent me the texts

yesterday morning.



I found them

quite astonishing.



I showed them

to my friends.



I noticed that one of them..

quite an astonishing one..



reminded me of something.



I believe this is the text.



"The bird sings with its fingers."



I believe that's how it reads.



On the day of the accident,

the guy was smashed.



Are you speaking

of the victim?



Jacques Cegeste.

He was to give us a poem.



After the brawl, I found these pages

at The Poets' Cafe.



He wrote the phrase

you have in your hand.



Orpheus didn't know Cegeste.



He was sitting with me when he saw

Cegeste for the first time.



The young man disappears

under tragic circumstances,



and his poem comes back to us

through Orpheus, who was in the car



and who claims he doesn't know

what became of Cegeste.



Madam, you run

a women's club, "The Bacchantes."



There's late-night drinking

that goes on there.



- Just champagne, Inspector.

- That's right.



What can you tell me?



Orpheus married

one of my former serving girls.



We're very fond of her.



When she's sad,

she comes to us.



She told us

she was very unhappy.



Ladies and gentlemen, I don't doubt

your good faith for a moment,



nor your wish to assist justice.



But this evidence is too flimsy

to accuse a national hero...






Don't forget we call

a fanfare of trumpets



"Orphean music."



Ladies, gentlemen..



To hell with national heroes!

We'll take care of justice ourselves!



I'm expecting Orpheus at any moment.

I'm sure he'll explain..



If justice refuses to intervene,

then we will.



Good-bye, Inspector.



Gentlemen, gentlemen!



Did you read the article?



- No, and I won't read it.

- You're right. It's horrible.



Don't mention it to my wife.



Did you see a lot of people?



It seemed to me that the streets

were oddly empty.



All I found were girls

asking for autographs.



- And you?

- No. Wait.. yes! My employer.



She passed by

in a convertible.



She slowed down and shouted to me

that the Rolls was fine at your place,



and that I should wait for her.



You should have gone after her,

shouted for her to stop.



A chauffeur doesn't give orders.

He only takes them.



Did she give you any orders?



No. She told me to wait for orders

at your place.



- What did the inspector tell you?

- I didn't go to see him. He can wait.



Each night, Orpheus' death



returned to his room.



- No, Eurydice, no!

- I must go, Heurtebise.



I'll go to Aglaonice.

I must!



She's the only one

who can advise me.



Orpheus would not like it!



He doesn't care about anything

but that woman's car.



Even if I drove you, he'd see you.

He's in the garage.



I'll take my bicycle.

I do it all the time.



- In your condition it's crazy!

- I'm going!



I don't have the authority

to forbid you,



but what if I begged you?



I'd still go.



It wouldn't stop me.

I'm going mad!



Aglaonice can't tell you

anything new



and you'll be dead tired.






Come along, Cegeste.

Get used to following me.



- Close the door.

- What door?



The mirror! You never understand

what you're told.



The mirror and the trapdoor.



Is everything all right?



That depends.



What do you mean by that?



Nothing, ma'am.






I can't stand impertinence.



Is Orpheus in the garage?



Yes, ma'am.



Well, now, Cegeste,



what does that look mean?



Perhaps you expected to see me

with a scythe and a shroud?



My boy, if I appeared to the living

the way they portray me,



they would recognize me,



and that wouldn't make

our task easy.



Heurtebise will help you.

You'd never manage on your own.



I'll close the curtains myself

since none of you have bothered to.



Leave nothing on the table

except the transmitter.



Cegeste, send the messages.



Come on, get a move on!



Not drinking doesn't suit you.



I have no time to lose.



"The mourning of young widows



is as brief as a noonday candle."



Once. I repeat.



Your phrases are an exquisite

stroke of inspiration.



Thank you.



- Where are my gloves?

- They're not in the bag.



Did you forget them?

That's the last straw!



Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.



I knew it. Give me yours,




You know I demand

absolute discipline



like on a ship.



Do you have orders?



What did you say?



I asked you

if you had orders.



When I carry out my orders,

I expect mine to be carried out.



That's exactly why I ask

if you have orders.



You dare to ask?



If you had had orders, your butchers

would have completed their task.



Are you in love

with this idiot?



What if I am?



You have no right to love

in any world.



- Nor do you.

- What?



- You can't escape the rules.

- I order you to be quiet!



You're in love with Orpheus

and you don't know how to handle it.



Shut up!



Transmit your messages.



Make something up..




Could I appear and disappear

like Heurtebise?



You're too clumsy.




"Jupiter gives wisdom



to those he would lose.



I repeat."



Orpheus! Orpheus!



What? Can't I ever

be left alone?



Your wife is in great danger.



- Follow me.

- Be quiet!



I'm telling you,

your wife is in great danger.



- I can't hear.

- Will you listen to me?



Let me finish writing this.



Orpheus, your wife is dying!



You don't know her.



It's just a trick to get me

back in the house.



Get up.



Do you know who I am?



- I do.

- Say it.



My death.



From now on

you belong to the other world.



From now on I belong

to the other world.



- You will obey my orders.

- I will obey.






Ah, there you are.



Orpheus must have refused

to follow you.



I will report this.



And so will I.



I have a lot to say.



Don't forget the apparatus.

You forget everything!



I suppose, Heurtebise, that you want

to stay on Earth?



You look like a gravedigger

in that trapdoor.



You are quite ridiculous!



I'm not the only one!



I'll make a note

of your insolence.






Won't you ever learn

not to look back?



People have been turned

into a pillar of salt for that!



Let's go.



I warned you.

You're too late.



- Too late?

- Come up.



What are you doing

in my room?



Come in through the window

you find so handy for climbing out.



I asked you what you're doing

in my room.



- Your wife.

- What about my wife?



Your wife is dead.



You're joking.



That would be

a strange joke.



You refused to listen to me.






Orpheus, listen to me.



It's too late for regrets.



Listen to me.



But how...



and why?



She had a bad fall



and, I suspect,

other things as well.



But what?



It's not possible.



Talk to me.



Look at me.



There's one way to undo

your foolishness.



This is part

of the same dream,



the same nightmare.



But I'll wake up..

Somebody wake me up!



Listen to me.



Will you listen to me,




It's all useless.



You have one chance left.



What chance?



Orpheus, you know Death.



I've spoken of her...



I've dreamt of her...



I've sung about her.



I thought I knew her...



but I didn't know her.



You know her... in person!



In person?



You have been with her.



With her?



In her room.

In her very room!



- The princess?

- That's right.



My God!



The mirror.



I'll give you

the secret of secrets.



Mirrors are the doors

through which Death comes and goes.



Look at yourself in a mirror

all your life...



and you'll see death at work



like bees in a hive of glass.



How do you know

these frightening things?



Don't be naive.



Could I be her chauffeur without

learning certain frightening things?



Heurtebise, there's nothing more

to be done.



Yes, there is.

Find her again.



No man can do that



unless he kills himself.



A poet is more than a man.



But my wife lies dead

there on her deathbed!



It's one of her faces,



as the princess is

one of death's faces.



It's all false!



Your wife is

in another world.



I invite you

to follow me there.



I would follow her to hell!



You needn't go that far.



I want to find Eurydice.



You don't need to beg.



I'm offering it to you.



Look into my eyes.



Is it Eurydice you wish to find,

or Death?






I'm asking you very clearly:



Is it Death you wish to find,

or Eurydice?






And, if you can, betray one

with the other?



Let's hurry!



I am delighted

that I am no longer alive.



Someone left their gloves.



- Gloves?

- Put them on.



Come on, put them on.



With these gloves you will pass

through mirrors



as if they were water.



Prove it.



Try it.



I'll go with you.



Look at the time.



Hands out in front.



Perhaps you're afraid?



But this mirror

is a mirror,



and in it I see

an unhappy man.



You don't have to understand.



You just have to believe.



Where are we?



Life is a long death...



This is no-man's land.



Here are men's memories

and the ruins of their beliefs.



Does every mirror in the world

lead here?



I suppose so.



But I wouldn't want to be

in your gloves.



Don't think I know much more

than you do.



Come on, keep moving.



It's hard to follow you.



You move,

but you're motionless.



It's different for me.






Why are these people prowling

around? Are they alive?



They think so.



There's nothing more habit-forming

than habit.



Are we going far?



The words you use

have no meaning here.



There's no wind.



Why do you seem to be

heading into the wind?




Always "Why?"



Ask no more questions.

Keep moving.



Do I have to take you

by the hand?



Did you receive orders

to transmit your messages?






Did you receive orders to transmit

certain messages?



Didn't you have to submit

the texts first?



Be careful how you answer.



No. I invented the phrases

and numbers.



I myself sent some phrases

I had written earlier.



Did you notice

anything peculiar



about Heurtebise's behavior?



I admired how he could

come and go at will.



I wished I could do that,



but Death told me

I'd never be able to.



- That I was too clumsy.

- Go on.



Take the young man away.



Bring the other person in.



May I sit down?



Be seated.



May I smoke?



If you wish.



Having been given orders..



or at least permission..



to take a young man

into your service...



you are accused of having taken

his wife as well.



Furthermore, of having undertaken

a private enterprise,



and of having used




What do you have to say

in response?






It was a series

of circumstances.



There are no circumstances

allowed here.



There are only orders.



Did you have orders?



The laws of the other world

are so different from ours.



Perhaps I overstepped my authority

without realizing it.



Before continuing the enquiry,



we must wait for another suspect

and a witness.



They're here.






We're caught like rats.



Make no mistake, gentlemen.

These are my judges.



Stay calm.



Come forward.



So, Heurtebise...



now is the time to say

what you have to say.



I have nothing to say.



You are accused of taking part

in an intrigue



in which Death was involved

without permission.



Do you have a good excuse?



I was her aide.

I followed her.



You lingered in the human world

for personal reasons,



which you had no right to do.






There is no "perhaps" here.






I didn't mean to disobey.



Come forward.



You. You!



- Me?

- Yes, you.



Your name.



- Your profession?

- Poet.



The card says "writer."



- It's almost the same thing.

- There is no "almost" here.



What do you mean by "poet"?



To write,

without being a writer.



Do you know this man?






Do you admit

you took his wife?






To get her out of the way

and have this man for yourself?



- Gentlemen..

- Silence.



Calm down.



- Keep calm.

- Do you love this man?






Is it true you entered his room

to watch him sleep?






Sign this paper.



Do you have a pen?



I forgot you're not a writer.



Show these two people out.



Not you.



You stay.



Come forward.



Do you recognize

this man?



Of course. It's Heurtebise.



Did he attempt to speak to you

in your husband's absence?



Did he say anything

shameful to you?






Of course not.

It's Heurtebise.



Heurtebise, do you love

this woman?



I repeat:

Do you love this woman?



- Yes.

- That is all we wanted to know.



Sign here.



And you told them yes?



One cannot lie here.



My love.



I loved you

even before we met.



I must have seemed

very stupid to you.



What can we say

to each other?



I don't have the right

to love anyone...



and yet I love.



You are all-powerful.



In your eyes.



Here death takes on

innumerable forms.



Young and old,

they receive orders.



And if you disobeyed

those orders?



They can't kill you.

It is you who kill.



- What they do is worse.

- Where do the orders come from?



They are sent back and forth

by so many sentinels



like the tom-toms

of your African tribes...



the echoes

of your mountains...



the wind whispering

through your trees.



I will go to he

who gives those orders.



My poor love,

he exists nowhere.



Some say he thinks

of us...



others, that we are

his thoughts.



Others say he sleeps

and that we are his dream...



his bad dream.



I'll take you away from here

when they set us free.



Set us free?



I never want to leave you.



I must leave you



but I swear I will find a way

to bring us back together.



Say "forever."



- Forever.

- Swear it.



I swear.



But now..



- Now their police are here.

- A miracle will happen.



Miracles only happen

in your world.



All worlds are moved by lovers.



In our world no one is moved.

One goes from judge to judge.






Go on. I love you.



Do not be afraid.



I don't want to lose you




If you resist,

you will lose us.



Follow me.






I shall now pronounce

the verdict.



"We, this tribunal,



release Orpheus' death

and her aides on bail.



Orpheus is free



on condition that he never speak

of what he has seen.



Eurydice is free to return to life

in the other world



on condition that Orpheus

never look upon her.



A single glance at her

and he will lose her forever."



- But..

- Silence!



Here is your wife.



Be careful!

Don't look at her!



You've made a good start.



May I be permitted to accompany

Orpheus to his house?



I'm afraid his compliance

may be difficult to monitor



without supervision

by one of our people.



You may accompany

the couple.



Under our watchful eye,

of course.



- Do you have the gloves?

- No.



- Oh, yes. In my pocket.

- Put them on.



Close your eyes.

I will guide you.



It will be easier that way

in the beginning.



And... her?



May I look at her?



Under no circumstances.



You must not open your eyes

under any circumstances!



Take hold of him by the shoulders.

It will be safer that way.






Where are the judges?



The swine!






If I were of our former world,



I'd say



let's have a drink.



How could it be  :  ?



We entered the mirror

at  :  .



You must not speak of these things.

You gave your word.



There's a letter.



I'll go.



Call out from the garden,

"I'm coming back in..."



and Eurydice will hide.



- How convenient.

- What a nightmare!



Be careful!



Why shouldn't I look at myself?



If Orpheus comes in,

he might see you in the mirror.



It's a good thing you came.



You're not angry with me

for what I said at the tribunal?



What did you say?



Excuse me.



When Orpheus comes in,

hide under the table.



An anonymous letter,

written backwards.



Look out, Eurydice!

He's coming!



Be careful, Orpheus.



- Eurydice, are you under the table?

- I am.



Where is he?



- Where are you?

- Over there, under the table.



That's great.



"You Are A Thief And A Murderer.

We Will Meet On Your Grave."



Beware of mirrors.



- No need to tell me.

- I meant her reflection.



Heurtebise forbids me

to look at myself in the mirror.



Get rid of that stupid letter!



May I come out?



Just a minute.

Turn your back.



You can come out.



I can't even say

how difficult this is...



the tension such an absurd thing




It'll become a habit.



A strange habit!



It's better than being blind...



or losing a leg.



We don't have much choice.



It even has its advantages.



Orpheus won't see

my wrinkles.






It seems you think

it's all a joke.



I don't see what else

your wife could do.



- What else she could..

- Careful!



You're dangerous, my friend.



I'm not going to live

with blinders on!



I'll get you a drink.

Close your eyes.



Heurtebise will sit you down

while I'm in the kitchen.



I'll tell you what else

my wife could do:



She could realize

the awful position I'm in.



You think she doesn't suffer too?



You're wrong.

Women adore complications.



Close your eyes.



- What if I put on a blindfold?

- That would be cheating.



It's wiser to get used to it

right from the start.



It won't be easy, I know,

but we'll make it.



Bring a chair.

Sit down.



I'll turn my back.



It's when you're moving around

that you're dangerous.



A picture of your wife

is not your wife.



I'm so tired.



A decision has to be made

about how to handle this situation,



and it's up to me

to make it.



We can't spend our lives

playing hide-and-seek.



Do you want me to go live

somewhere else?



- Always exaggerating!

- Come on, Orpheus.



We can't share

the same room.



I'll sleep here on the sofa.



Now who's exaggerating?



Be careful!



It's her fault! She could provoke

even a corpse to turn around!



- I should have stayed dead.

- Tell her to be quiet!



I'm incredibly on edge.

I could do anything!



You've made your wife cry.



Since I annoy everyone,

I'll leave!



- Where are you going?

- To my room.



Try to calm down.



He hates me.



If he hated you, he would not have

snared you from death.



For that he will always

be remembered.



He didn't come for me.



You know that.



Just like you know

where he's going



when he goes to the car.



Orpheus was lost to Eurydice.



She could not bear

to live this way.



She wanted to save him

from herself...



and there was only one way

to do it.



Do you love this man?



I'm asking you

if you love this man.



What is it?

Is that you?



It's me, Eurydice.



I know you often fall asleep

with the lamp on,



but since the electricity has been

cut off for an hour,



I came down

to find a book.



A book?

To read in the dark?



Try to understand.



Think of the risk you're exposing us to

with your foolishness.



Go upstairs

and close the trapdoor.



You gave me a bad scare.



- Do you forgive me?

- Of course.



Go upstairs

and get some sleep.



A short black-out



had made her miss her chance.



She had to go on living,



and the next day..



You've come just in time.

Do you understand the code?



Stock market quotations.



- What about this?

- Be careful, your wife is coming.



Don't push her too far.



- May I come in?

- Close your eyes for a minute.



Yes, come in.



Your husband was listening

to the stock market.



- Get in the back.

- Am I bothering you?



I was listening out here

so I wouldn't disturb you in the house.



- That noise frightens me.

- Don't take risks.



What risks?



Orpheus can't see me,

but I can touch his cheek.



It's wonderful!



The mirror!



That was bound to happen.



It had to happen.



It had to happen, Heurtebise.



I had enough of half-measures

and arrangements.



There's no getting adjusted to that.

You have to go all the way.



Stones. You can make

a statue of me with them!



You mustn't stay outdoors.



There they are, the swine!

I've been expecting them.



The letter, Heurtebise.

The anonymous letter.



I'll talk to them.



What does marble think

when it's being sculpted?



It thinks, "I am struck,

insulted, ruined, lost."



Life is sculpting me.

Let it finish its work.



- The swine!

- Threaten them with this.



This is your house!



Give me that revolver.

I'm ordering you to give it to me.



And I order you

to get off my property.



I forbid you to come back

on my property.



- I'll enter your property when I like.

- Do you want to kill me?



We want to know

where Jacques Cegeste is.



- Is he here with you?

- Stay back or I'll shoot.



I'll shoot!



- Step away from the door.

- Keep calm.



He's only wounded.

No one will harm you.



Is it done?



It is done.



- Cegeste.

- Madam?



This is the first time I have almost

understood the notion of time.



Waiting must be frightful

for men.



I no longer remember.



- Are you bored?

- What's that?



Forgive me.



I was talking to myself.



lt's not the same journey

this time.



Heurtebise leads Orpheus



where he should not lead him.



No longer the wonderful

motionless journey,



Orpheus and his guide

trudge on,



at every turn forced back

and forced on



by a great

and inexplicable breath.



They are here.



I found a way to come

to you again.



I called out from within me

for so long that you finally came.



I heard you

and waited for you.



I did not want you to stay

among men.



- Where shall we hide?

- We no longer have to hide.



- We are free.

- Forever?






Hold me, Orpheus.

Hold me tight.



You burn like ice.



You still have

a human warmth.



- It's nice.

- I love you.



I love you.



- Will you obey me?

- I will obey you.



- Whatever I ask?

- Whatever you ask.



Even if I passed sentence on you?

If I tortured you?



I belong to you



and I will never leave you.



Never again.



- You know what I expect of you.

- But madam..



It's our last hope,

and we don't have a second to lose.



- Reconsider..

- There is no need to reconsider.



There is nothing worse

in any world.



Are you a coward?



The death of a poet



requires a sacrifice



to render him immortal.



For the last time,

I beg you...



do not try to understand

what I am going to do,



for in truth it would be difficult

to understand even in our world.



- Stand here.

- Quick.



Cegeste, to work!



Orpheus, don't move.

Stay still. You promised.



Work, work!



Heurtebise, I'll help you.

I'll work along with you.



Don't weaken.



Count... calculate.

Labor as I labor.



Seal him off. You must!



Without willpower

we are cripples.



I can do no more.



You must will it, Heurtebise.

You must!



- I can't.

- You're not trying.



Don't speak.

Go deep inside yourself



and escape from yourself. Run!

Overturn all obstacles!



You're nearly there.



You're there.



I see it.



I'm almost there.



A final effort, Heurtebise.



Do it.



Are you there?



Answer me.

Are you there?



I'm there.



Then set out.



Go back in time.



What has been

must no longer be.



- I'm very tired.

- I don't care!




Work, I command you!



Where are you?



In the room.



The gloves.



Get the gloves, quick!



Were you watching me sleep?



Yes, my love.



- I had a terrible nightmare.

- You don't feel ill?



- No. A little headache.

- I will cure you.



- Were you working?

- I was working.



You work too hard.

Try to rest.



My books don't write




- But they do!

- I help them.



How is the young boy




- It might be a girl.

- It's a boy!



He's kicking me.



- He'll be as unbearable as his father.

- Unbearable? You?



Many people find me




Poor you! They love you.



- They loathe me.

- That's a form of love.



There's only one love

that counts:






Is it done?



It is done.



Madam, your own aides.



They're here to arrest you.



Yes, Cegeste.









When they arrest you here...



what happens?



It's not pleasant.



It's never pleasant.



Here less than anywhere else.



Thank you.



It was nothing.



We had to return them

to their swamp.



Farewell, Cegeste.




Special help by SergeiK