Osama Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Osama script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Marina Golbahari movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Osama. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Osama Script



"I cannot forget,but i

can forgive." Mandela



That protects from misfortune...



and the evil eye..



Rich men,give me a dollar.



Go away.



Tell him to go away.

I'm sick.



We have no money.

Go away.



You're so stuborn!

Go away!



I'll do it for free.That

man will pay.



Go away!Women

are protesting






Not for political reasons.

We're hungry.Jobs..




Got any change?



Come see

the revolution



It's not for political reasons!

We're hungry!We need jobs!



Don't pull me like this!Pull

those women over there.



The Talibans are

coming to bring hell!



It's not for political reasons!

We're hungry!We need jobs!






Run!The Talibans are




You want to get killed?



You'll get killed.Run!



Sends the misforunes away,

in the name of the king...



and the girls.Protects

from the evil eye.



Get up!



Don't lock us here!






Why you came now?It's

a dangerous situation.



The hospital is closing.

The manager wants to go.



Go where?He owes me




Let's go my love.



How am i gonna pay you?

I have no money.



So,what can i do?



Our patient is dying.

Help us!



I'm not a doctor.I'm

just the manager here.



Look at my shoes!



I can't do anything.



Government doesn't care

about us either.



I can't do anything.

The hospital is a mess.



We're hungry!We're begging you!



Leave me alone,

for Christ's sake!



My wife went out alone.

The Talibans arrested her.



It's said that the goat mourns

and the boucher for meat.



You're late.Come,my

father is not well.



Why?Isn't he

better than yesterday?



-He's worst.




Yes,come quick.



-Come quick!

-I'm coming!



Quick!My father is worst.



He was ok yesterday.



Now he's worst.

I'm loosing my father.



-How are you sir?

-Ok.My body's in pain.



Let's give half of yours

to this old man.



He's poor

and needs help.



We have no oxygen.

Make some air.



The Talibans are here.



What's happening?Mom!

The Talibans are here!



Are there any

foreign woman here?






Who is she then?



She's with my father.

He's sick.I brought him here.



And you came with whom?



With me.



Who are you?



I'm her husband.



I am with

my sick father.



You bastard!How you let her

speak?You're the husband!



Forgive me.



Father has asthma.

I'm making some air to him.



Mom,they're gone.



Come here so they don't see you.



Take that thing out.

I'll take him home.



He will die if i take it out.



I have no choice.



If i take care of him at home,

will you pay me?



Come,God is Great.



Quick!Let's go,

before it gets colder.



Come quick and bring it.



Will you take us home?

We're gonna be late.Let's go.



I'll escort them.The

Talibans will tease them.



Stop it,you bastard!



Aren't you ashamed of having

your wife on the bicycle?



All the men will fal in love with her!

Cover your legs!



Forgive me!

I won't do it again!



Can you escort

me again tomorrow?



No,find someone else.



Don't you add more

misery to me,mom.



God took his revenge on me

allready.I am a mess.



Shame on you!I told you not to take it off.



If something goes wrong..



what will i do?



Oh God,what a misery?



I wish my husband was alive.He

was bringing the food at least.



You took him away

in the Kabul war.



I wish my brother was alive...



and not kileed in the Russin war.



He would take care of

us now, mother mostly.



Oh God,i wish i had a son

instead of a daughter.



He would work for me.



I wish God haven't created women.



What?Men and women

are exactly the same.



My hair grown white

but i saw..



that there is no difference

between men and women.



Both work the same..



and both are the same unfortunate.



A shaved man,

under the burka..



looks like a woman...



and every woman

with short hair...



and wears a pair of trousers,

looks like a man.



Bring her father's




and cut them short.



I'll cut the hair




and she will be a boy.



What re you saying grandma?



If the Talibans realize this,

they ll kill me.



Don't be afraid.



If you are careful,

you'll be a man.



You are a boy my love.



All the bad things in the

world,is in his eyes.



We all die if

you don't work.



Do you remember that

old story i used to tell you?



Once upon a time

there was a beautiful boy...



hos father was dead.



He went to work and

came back a reck.



Then he wished

he was a girl...



so he didn't have

to work.



One day The

Wise One told him...



that if he crossed the

rainbow he would become a girl.



"What's the rainbow?"he asked.



It was a souvenir from

Rastam,the big hero...



to free us from the

pain and misery.



If a boy crosses it

becomes a girl...



and if i girl crosses it,

becomes a boy.



Get up my dear.



-You belong to me.

-Pay me this Friday.



-Thank you.

-I wish you health.



Don't get upset,Sister.



My condolescences.









I know you.

Why you cut your hair?



Pay me or

I'll turn you in.









You know Rahim?



Rahim who?



-The left-handed.




The one that got killed

in the Kabul war.



How come you don't remember him?



You fought together for    years.



I'm his wife.



I'm sorry i don't remember.



How are you?






How's your daughter?



This boy

is my daughter.



Come from the back.



Why you got out with

all this fuss?It's dangerous.



What could i do?

I came for you.



I disguised my girl

as a boy...



so you take her

at work.



I am poor

and desperate.



My husband died as a martyre.



All i got is you and the

garden of God.



Where can i go by myself?



I opened the store

so i can earn some money...



but noone comes.



I hardly earn a

living myself



I wish

i could help.



Sent only some bred.

God bless you.




early tomorrow for work.



God bless you.



Thank you.God

helps all.



You come back early.



Let's go son.



God bless you.



What's wrong?



Wore your sleepers.






Soften you voice.

It's too deep.






Don't talk.You voice

gives you away.






Boys,it's praying time.



Do you know

how to pray?



Not like that, my son.

Look at me.



Let's go.



God is Great.



Take this and go home before

it gets dark.



Thank you.

God bless you.



Why you hit me?



Mom!A Taliban

is behind the door.



Grandma,he will kill me

if he finds out that i'm a girl.



Oh God,what am i

gonna do with you?



What have you done?






The Talibans suspected it.

What am i gonna do?



I didn't do anything.



Shame on you!



Do something,fast!



Eat some watermelon!



You''ll get sick

if you don't eat.



Eat something and i'll tell you...



a nice fairytail

to sleep.



You'll get sick my dear.



I'll die for you...

I love you.



Once upon a time

there was a beautiful boy...



which father was dead.



He had four sisters.



He went to work

and came back a reck.



Then he wished

he was a girl...



so he doesn't have

to work.



If he crossed the rainbow,

he would become a girl.



He asked what a

rainbow was.



The Wise Man said:"Heavenly

rainbows rise from rain."



If a boy crossed them,

he became a girl...



and if a girl crossed them

she would become a boy.



Let's go.



What's wrong Molah Sahib?



I want that boy.



-What do you want from him?

-I'm taking him.



-He works for me.

-I must take him.



Let him be,please.

He's too poor.



Poor or not,

i'm taking him.



Drink some milk,

Molah Sahib.



Drink some,please.



How are you?



Where are they taking us?



To Bin Landen,

to fight.



No,they're taking us to prison.



Get in line!



Take one each!



One at a time!



What's happening here?



They turn us into Taliban here.

They'll give us turbans.



-Will i get one too?




Take this turban.



How do i wrap this?



Lower a little and

I'll do it for you.



You have to learn this.



My eyes are in pain.



Who can speak of

The Saint Koran?



-I don't know it.

-Don't speak so loud!



The dog barks.

Get up and chant!



Do it!Don't be a coward!



Get up.



Give me your hand.



Put me down.Fast!



Get me down!I'm falling!



Come down...slowly..



Place you feet

on my shoulders.






You know why i am

here today?



To teach you.



The lesson is that

you have a wet dream.



Something comes into your sleep.



Then you'll become men

and then you must take a bath.



There are many

"bath" ways.



A wet dream,

a prayer one...



and i'll show you

how we do it.



First you wash

your hands.



First right and

then left hand...



and then your testicles.

Got it?



I'll show you how,now.



This is for the head.



Got it?



This is the testicle you

must wash.



I didn't quite get it.



Only got knows if

this is the right way.



It's under his control.



Three time

the right side...



Three times

the left side...



and three times the in-between.

That's the way.



Come here.

Everybody pay attention now!



You won't experience

this again.



Watch carefully.Noone

has ever done this beofre.



And try to learn it.



You must wash

underneath here.



You don't need to

know which side...



cause it's right there,

hanging in the middle.



Now we pour water

three times,got it?



There must be plenty of

water.A river maybe.






My foot is bleeding,

Molah Sahib.



Wash your feet first,

then you can take a bath.



Come here to

wash your feet.



Take off you clothes.

Forget about the pain.



Take off your shoes.

Get your feet naked.



Wash'em.Take off your

clothes.Take a bath.



Oh God,what a wonderful feeling!



Do you want me to

wash your feet?



Don't you get it?



  times right,  times left

  the in-between.



This boy looks

like a bride.



What's a bride,

Molah Sahib?



Brides are the female

spirits in the sky.



It's a girl.Everything

look girlish.



I'm definite

it's a girl.



It's a boy.




She looks at men.Let

him be!You bastards!



If it's like that,

what's his name?






-We'll search him.

-I don't think so!



It's a just a kid.






-Where is he gone?




-Where is my boss?




Didn't managed too good.



You keep that so

you're warm.



Did he said where

he was heading?



I came back from school

and a neighbour said...



that he went to Pakistan.

What do we do now?



Don't worry.When a door

closes,another hundred open.



Our neighbour is having

a wedding ceremony tonight.



Wear your dress and

we'll go work there.



Give me the picture of the

groom holding a sword.



Thank you.



-Where is the groom?

-Went to Iran.



Talibans are at the doors!

Wear your burkes!



What's happening

in this house?



My mother died.



Listen.Forget the war

lessons afterwards.



His face

is girlish.



His feet

are girlish.



Listen to his voice.His hands

are girlish.



Get away from here!

I'm not a girl.



You lied to us yesterday.

You are a girl.









What's wrong?



Why you tease him,

you bastards?



You lied to us.



I didn't lie to

anyone.Go away!



He's not a girl.

He's a boy.



Then he must

climb to the tree.



Climb to the tree,Osama.



He looks like a girl.



He's a boy and he

can climb to that tree.






He's not a girl.

He's a man.






Come this way.

Come close.



I'm falling.






Mother where are you?



Get up.



He's a girl!



She's a girl!



Get her!



In the name of the father...



People that came to see.



We gathered here for

our religious laws.



To see what's happening

in Kaboul.



This unfaithful reporter

took shots from everybody.



He was spying

on the noble Talibans.



We have our witnesses

and evidence.



Take him.Death is the punishment!



Death is the punishment!



Judge ordered the death

penalty for him.



This unfaithful woman

was swearing.



The judges decided that stones

must be thrown at her until she dies.



-Where is the witness?

-Only God knows.



Bring the girl that

pretended to be a boy.



Whoever does this,

will conclude like him.



In our Holy Islam has never

happened anything like this.



We have seen many bad things...



in Kaboul like we see today.



I forgive her.



May you life and

faith go on forever



This orphane girl

doesn't have anyone.



I marry her to you...



legally and in a religious way.

Do you accept?



I accept.



Judge,don't give me

to him,please.



I want my mother.

Bring me my mother.



May God reward you.



They forgave her and

Molah Sahib took her.



Now justice has prevailed.



Praise the Lord.

God is Great!



Come on.



May God bring

hell to the Talibans.



They burnt our house,

our land,our garden.



We have

nothing left.



They arrested me and

the married me to this Molah.



They ruined my life.



I don't have a reason to

live.Oh God,please help me.



Look.At the beginning

we became refugees.



Afterwards,the Talibans took

my brother and killed him.



Then i was thrown to Molah.

I wish he dies.



At night i was painting my

hands with henna...



he forced me to run away

and marry him.



My life is black

and miserable.



I hate but

what can i do?



He took my life

the night we were married.



All my youth was destroyed

by that man.



Where is the girl?



I'll find hetmyself.



Come on!




Look and choose.



You don't like these.



This one is for you.

It's yours.








Special help by SergeiK