Paper Moon Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Paper Moon script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O'Neal movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Paper Moon. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Paper Moon Script



Say, it's only a paper moon



Sailing over a cardboard sea



But it wouldn't be make-believe



lf you believed in me



Yes, it's only a canvas sky



Hanging over a cotton tree



But it wouldn't be make-believe



lf you believed in me



Without your love



lt's a honky-tonk parade



Without your love



lt's a melody played

in a penny arcade



lt's a Barnum and Bailey world



Just as hollow as it can be



But it wouldn't be make-believe



lf you believed in me.



Rock of ages, cleft for me



Rock of ages, cleft for me



Let me hide myself in thee



Let the water and the blood



From thy wounded side

which flowed



Be of sin the double cure



Safe from wrath

and make me pure.



"Judge me, oh Lord,



"for l have lost

in mine integrity.



"l have trusted

also in the Lord,



"therefore l shall not slide.



"Examine me, oh Lord,

and prove me.



"Try my reins and my heart,



"for Thy loving kindness

is before mine eyes



"and l have walked in Thy truth.



"l have not sat



"with evil persons.



"Neither will l go in

with dissemblers.



"l will wash mine hands



"in innocency.



"So will l compass

Thine alter, oh Lord,



"that l may publish with

the voice of thanksgiving



and tell of all Thy

wondrous work..."






Loggins' funeral.



Yes, ma'am.



You ain't related, are ya'?



Related, ma'am?



We're looking

for the child's kin.



Thought l saw

some resemblance.



No kin, huh?



None we know of, 'cept out

in Missouri someplace.






Seems you got

the child's jaw.



No, ma'am, just

a friend of her mama's.



A friend.

Just passing through town.



lf ever a child needed a friend.



"...will l bless the Lord.






- Amen.

- Amen.



Amen, Essie Maye.



l just know

your ass is still warm.



Would you like

some water, Addie?



We'll get the child some water.



Bless you child.



l just wanted to pay

my respects to your mama.



Well, l'm going

to have to be going.



lt's a long way to St. Louis.



St. Louis?

You mean in Missouri?



Yes, ma'am.



l... l sell

the good book, ma'am.



Just moving through the country

with the Lord's good news.



Addie, child, don't you have



your Aunt Billie

living in St. Joseph?



St. Joseph, Missouri.



lt's her poor mother's sister.



The child's only known relative.



That so?



You're driving your

chariot to Missouri, sir.



You could deliver this

child to her kin folk.



Well, l wouldn't exactly

call it a chariot, Reverend.



l'll write the women

a letter tonight.



Hold it, hold it.



l have to think upon this,

you know, uh...



l mean, l may have to make

a few stops along the way.



l never traveled

with no child before.



But you're going that way.



The child's got no place to go.



Well... the eyes of the Lord.



Expect l have no choice, do l?






God works in mysterious ways.



Don't he now?



Come on, Addie.



Better get your things together.



This nice man's going to take

you to your aunt.



How come you're taking me?






How come you're taking me?



Because l'm going that way,




Although, l do want to make



just one stop

before we leave town.



Got a little business

to take care of.



You know my mama real good?



Oh, pretty good.



You just stay out here

till l come for you.



Don't you say a word

unless l ask you to.



Mr. Robertson?



That's right.



l'd like a minute

of your time.



Not buying today.



Oh, not selling.



Just want you to meet

somebody, Mr. Robertson.



Only take a second.



So what?



- Tell him your name, honey.

- Addie.



Addie what, honey?



Addie Loggins.



You done real fine.



l'll be out in a minute.



Ain't she a sweet child?



No, she ain't a sweet child.



Well, maybe she don't

seem sweet right now.



That's because she's sad, that

is with her mama being dead...



what, with your brother

getting drunk



and driving

into that tree like that.



What are you trying to pull?

Get out of here.



Get out of here!



All right, l'm going,



but let me tell you

where l'm going to go.



l don't care where

you're going to go.



l'm going to go see

Mr. J.T. Faraday.



Now, you know

who Mr. J.T. Faraday is?



He's one of

the biggest lawyers in Kansas,



and he don't favor

the man with the money.



He favors the man without it.



And you know what's going

to happen to your brother?



There's going to be

a lawsuit against him.



You know what happens then?



Everything's going to be



just tied up in knots,

just sitting there.



That's his banking money,

his house, everything he owns.



lncluding half this plant.



Now, don't think that poor child

ain't entitled, 'cause she is.



l was thinking,



couple a thousand dollars

would be acceptable.



Couple of thou?



l'll give you    .



$   ?



$   .



lt's a deal.



There you are.



That'll be, uh, $  .  .



You sure these tires are new?



$  .  .



Now, we'll have you

to St. Jo in no time.



What time's the next

train to St. Joseph?



St. Joseph?

Let's see here.



That'll be the  :  .



Change trains in Kansas City,



and that'll put you

into St. Jo at  :   AM.



l want one child's price ticket.



That will be $  .  .



l want you to send

this here telegram



to Mrs. Billie Roy Griggs,

Cosmo Road, St. Joseph.



Train arriving  :   AM,



and bringing love,

affection and $   cash.



Oh, make that $   cash.



And sign it just Addie Loggins.



Ten words, that will be

   cents more.



That will be    and   .



   and    huh?



Uh, you better say

in that message there,



love, affection and $   cash.



Love, affection and $   cash.



Now, here's your ticket,



and here's $  

for your Aunt Billie.



Well, we got till  :  .



l don't suppose you can wait

here by yourself, can you?



You hungry?



You want a Nehi

and a Coney lsland?



Ain't you gonna eat it?



l ain't hungry.



Don't you worry

about going on the train.



You're going to like the train.



Don't worry about it.



Before you know it,



you'll be asleep

in your aunt's house,



all your troubles

will be over.



So eat your Coney lsland.



She don't even

know me.



Well, she's going

to know you now.



She ain't gonna want me.



What are you

making trouble for?



She ain't even seen you, yet.



She never even cared

for my mama.



Nobody didn't care

for your mama.



And she was her sister.



Your mama was a fine woman.



Everybody said she weren't.



Well everybody don't

know your mama, do they?



How good you know my mama?



Good enough to know

you can be real proud



of the happiness

she give to people.



Now, eat your Coney lsland.



You meet my mama

in a barroom?



Where would you get

a question like that?



l hear Miss Ollie talking,

the neighbor lady.



Says one of you's my pa.



Well, don't the world

have a wild imagination?



Eat your Coney lsland.



You my pa?



Of course l ain't your pa.



l'll get you some relish.



A Coney lsland ain't

no good without relish.



Look, l know how you feel.



l lost my ma, too.



l even lost my pa.



l don't even know

where my sister is.



l wish l could tell

you l'm your pa,



but it just ain't like that.



You met her in a barroom.



Just because a man meets a woman

in a barroom



don't mean he's your pa.



Eat your Coney lsland.



Well, then,

if you ain't my pa,



l want my $   .



What's that?



l want my $   .



l heard you through the door

talking to that man.



lt's my money you got,

and l want it.



Now, you,

you just hold on a second.



l want my money.



You took my $   !



Will you quiet down, you hear?



l want my $   !



Hold on, now, just hold on.



Let me explain something to you.



lt ain't as if you was my pa.



That'd be different.



Well, l ain't your pa, so just

get that out of your head.



l don't care what those

neighbor ladies said.



l look like that.



You don't look nothing like me.



You don't look any more like me



than, than you do

that Coney lsland.



Eat that damn thing, you hear?



We got the same jaw.



Lots of people got the same jaw.



lt's possible.



No, no, it ain't possible.



Then l want my $   !



All right!



All right, maybe

we got the same jaw,



but same jaw don't

mean same blood.



l know a woman looks

like a bullfrog,



but that don't mean she's

the damn thing's mother.



You met my mom in a barroom.



For God's sakes, child.



You think everybody

gets met in a barroom



gets a baby?



lt's possible.



Anything is possible,



but possible don't make it true.



Then l want my money!



Will you quiet down?



You know what the

trouble is with you?



You got no appreciation.



All right.



Maybe l did get a little

money from that man,



and you're entitled to that,

but l'm entitled to my share



for getting it

for you, ain't l?



And where do you think

you'd be without me?



You think them folks would spend

a penny to send you east?



No, sir.



But who got you a ticket

to St. Jo?



Who got you a Nehi

and a Coney lsland?



And threw in $   extra,



not to mention    cents

for that telegram.



You wouldn't have had

any of that without me.



Now, l didn't have to take you,



but l took you, didn't l?



All right, l think

that's fair enough.



We're both a little better off.



You get to St. Jo,



l get myself a

little better car.



Fair is fair.



Now, drink your Nehi,



and eat your Coney lsland.



l want my $   .



l don't have

your $    no more,



and you know it.



lf you don't give me my $   



l'm going to tell a policeman

how you got it,



and he'll make you

give it to me,



'cause it's mine.



But l don't have it.



Then get it.



How we doing, Angel Pie?



We going to have

a little dessert



when we finish up

our hot dog?



l don't know.



What do you say, Daddy?



Why don't we get Precious

a little dessert



if she eats her dog?



Her name ain't Precious.



l want my money back

on this here ticket,



and l want you to send

this here telegram.



Trip delayed, but

l'm coming real soon!



You just lie down in

the seat and be quiet.



Folks don't take to children

when they're doing business.






Good afternoon, ma'am.



ls Mr. Rudolf Morgan

at home, please?



Mr. Morgan?



Yes, ma'am.



My name is Pray, Moses Pray...



Kansas Bible Company.



He'll know.



Oh, l'm sorry.



Mr. Morgan has passed on.



Oh, ma'am, l'm...



l just...



l don't know what to say.



Uh, what was it you

were seeing him about?



Well, he ordered

this here bible from...






Rudolph ordered a bible?



Yeah, he ordered this

here deluxe edition



with the lady's

name in the corner.



Lady's name?



Oh, l expect



some special gift

for a family friend.



But under the circumstances,



l'll just give you back



Mr. Morgan's dollar deposit,



and there won't be

no further obligation.



Ma'am, l just don't know

how to put into words



the sense of sorrow

that l feel.






what name is in the corner?



l don't really know what name



Mr. Morgan had put



in the corner, ma'am.



Let's see, now.



lt's here somewhere.



l've got it.



Uh... here it is.









l'm Pearl.



Well, he must have got



this here good book

for you, ma'am.



Yes. Yes, he bought it for me.



Of course, now, you're

not obliged to take it.



Of course l'll take it.



There's just one thing.



You see, l told him that l

could sell him a cheaper bible,



but no, naturally

he wanted the best...



the best, of course,

being the deluxe edition



with the lady's name printed



in child-in-the-manger

gold letters.



Oh, he would.



Bringing a balance due

of, uh, $ .  ? $ .  .



$ .  ?



Well, that's, uh, $ .  

minus the dollar deposit,



making it $ .  .



Um, l'll go get my purse.



Well, you're not

obliged to take it, now.



Of course l'm obliged.



He ordered the deluxe.



But cold or no cold,



it's good to be back

in old Manhattan.



Well, tell me, Jack,



you've been in town now

since Thursday.



What have you been doing

with yourself?



Oh, l've had a lot of fun, Don.



l saw some shows, went

to a couple of nightclubs,



and last night, l was invited



over to Fred Allen's

apartment for dinner.



Oh, Fred Allen, eh?



Yeah, he and l are

pretty good friends now.



Well, l'm glad to hear it.



Has Fred got a nice apartment?



Oh, how could l tell, Don,



with all that laundry

hanging in the living room?



Ain't you gonna go to sleep?



Don't you want to hear

Jack Benny?






l don't want to sound catty...



You're too young to smoke.



You're going to set this

whole place on fire.



l now owe you $   .  .






l always knew

someday l'd accompany you



Along Flirtation Walk



A dream foretold



A story

that you would unfold



That lives forever

and never grows old



l always felt



That your little heart

would melt



Along Flirtation Walk...



Frank D. Roosevelt said

we're all feeling a lot better.



He did, did he?



Made me feel good

when he said that.



Better than l've felt

in a long time.



Bet old Frank sure

does wish he was   .



You don't like me, do you?



No, l don't like you.






Afternoon, ma'am.

l was wondering



if Mr. Bates might be at home.



Mr. Bates is dead.



He died over a week ago.



Oh, you mean he passed over,




Why, l was just talking to him



not less than a month ago.



What was it you wanted?



Well, my name is Pray,

Kansas Bible Company.



l'm just here

to deliver this bible



that Mr. Bates ordered.






Who is it?

What's the trouble?



Something about Benjamin



buying a bible.



Bible? What kind of Bible?



He said he talked

to Benjamin,



less than a month ago.



Well, l'm-l'm not exactly sure

of the dates, ma'am.



Well, l don't see how.



Benjamin didn't go nowheres

near that shop



for more than a month

before he died.



Well, l may be a little

mixed up on the dates.



What company you say

you're from?



The Kansas Bible Company,

out of Wichita.



Kansas Bible Company?



l ain't never heard of

no Kansas Bible Company.






Can't we go now?



l want to get to church

and pray for Mama.



Oh, yeah, yeah.

Sure we can, honey.



Daddy was just fixin' to leave.



This here is my little girl.



lt's just the two of us now.



My Mama's gone to the Lord.



Oh, so has poor Mr. Bates,




l'll just, uh,



give you back

his dollar deposit,



and you let us know if

there's anything we can do.



Hold on, there.



Wait one damn minute.



He actually done

ordered a bible, huh?



Uh, he sure did... here it is,



right here in gold

for somebody named "Marie."



That's her. She's Marie.



Oh, she sure did

mean a lot to him.



He especially had me get

the deluxe edition.



How much to keep this here book?



Oh, w-well,

that one is the...



lt's the $   one, Daddy.



- $  ?

- $  ?



Uh, yeah, well, honey,

w-we have



to have a little goodness

in our hearts,



l mean, considering

the circumstances.



Never mind the circumstances.



And if it'll make

that woman happy...



l'll take it.



You owe me $  .  .



l mean, we're going

to Washington on the QT.



Molly, she says

we can't go on the QT...



we're got to take

the Pennsylvania.



Hey, l'd better get going.



Hey, Molly, where's my suitcase?

Do you know?



Uh, l'm sure l don't know,




You had it last night.



Oh, l know where it is.

lt's right here in the hall...



He's going to open the closet!



Now he's going to say



how he's got to straighten

the closet out!



Got to straighten out that

closet one of these days.



How'd you like to do a little

business with me?



You mean instead

of paying me back?



Now, don't get nervous.

l'll pay you back.



l'm just saying,

while we're heading east,



how'd you like to do a little

business together, that's all.



Well, you're looking at me



like l'm out to cheat you

or something.



l am offering you

a business proposition.



Take it or leave it,

and turn off that radio!



You're like to drive us all deaf

with that radio.



Maybe l'll be a big shot...



in an average way, of course.



Okay, l want you

to remember one thing:



l decide on the price.



Maybe you don't know French,



but there's something in this

world called "fine-esse."



$  ! l never sold

no bible for $  .



That man was a law officer.



You could've had me

put me in jail.



We got it, didn't we?



l don't care if we got it.



Don't you go making

the decisions.



l make the decisions.



All you got to do is look

like a pretty little girl.



You ain't got something

like a ribbon



in that cigar box, do you?



l got my mom's kimono

in my suitcase,



Chinamen with umbrellas.



That ain't quite

what l had in mind.



You look real nice

in that ribbon.



First off, l didn't know

was she a boy or a girl?



l'm a girl.



Well, it makes

all the difference.



Ain't she got a sweet

little face, somehow.



Well, seeing how l

just got paid today,



we'll take a

ribbon in each color.



How much that going

to set me back?



Well, that'll be    cents.



Bought my grandchildren

ribbons just like this



last holiday time.




l don't believe it.



You break a five?



Well, you can

believe it, all right.



l'm just as old as l look.



Well, now, here you be...



that's one, two,

three, four, five.



You know, this

old wallet of mine



is about to bust its sides.



l'll give you five ones back,



you give me that $  bill.



How many grandchildren

you got all together?



Well, l got two little




a nine year old,

a ten year old...



two grandsons near   



and l got a grandson

   years old.



Come on, you're

pulling my leg.



Why don't you just

give me a $   bill?



Here's the $  and

five ones, there.



That way l won't be so quick

to see it break apart.



Six children, huh?

My, my, my...



l've got a daughter,   .



Oh, now, l don't mean



to be handing you no line,



but that's just pretty

hard to believe



you got a   -year-old child.



You can believe it,

all right.



Well, l'm afraid l'd have

to see it to believe it.



Much obliged.



See you again.



Y'all come back!



That just don't seem

quite right... somehow.






l'm looking for Mr. Stanley,




Mr. Stanley's dead.



Oh, well, l'm looking



for Mr. Warren

M. Stanley, ma'am.



Warren's passed on, sir.



Oh, that's hard to believe.



l was just talking to Warren

not more than two weeks back.



He ordered this here bible

from me.



Warren spent money

on a bible?



Yes, ma'am, with the name Elvira

in the corner.



Why would Warren

spend money on a bible?



He took fast to the idea, ma'am.



Only thing is,



he left a balance due of,

well, let's see,



not counting the dollar




Daddy, this one's

already paid for.






Mr. Stanley paid

for the whole thing,



don't you remember?



Afternoon, ma'am.



Mr. Huff at home?



Mr. Huff passed away,

young man, a week ago.



Oh, gee, l'm sorry.



l was just talking to Mr. Huff

not more than a month ago.



What was it you wanted?



Oh, well, my name is Pray,

Kansas Bible Company.



Mr. Huff ordered this bible



as a gift for someone

named Edna.



Oh, that's my name.



You don't have to take it

if you don't want to.



l'll just give you back



Amos's dollar deposit, and...



Of course l want to keep it.



He bought me a bible.



Yes, ma'am.



Now, l told Amos

l could sell him a cheaper one,



but no, naturally,



he wanted the best...



the best, of course,

being the deluxe edition



with the name printed



in child-in-the-manger

gold letters,



bringing up a balance due of...



Of $  !



$  . l'll get my purse.



What's your name, honey?






Addie. What a sweet little name.



Addie Pray, ma'am.



Well, Addie Pray, l'm

going to give you $  



and an extra $  for

just coming to my door.



Praise the Lord.



Praise the Lord.



Keep your sunny side

up, up



Hide the side

that gets blue...



Moze, let's give him

some money.






Just a little bit.



We got $   .  .



Whole 'nother business

giving it away.



lt's bad enough

you give away bibles.



But they're poorly.



The whole country's




l told you before.



But Frank D. Roosevelt says



we got to look out

for one another.



l don't care about

Frank D. Roosevelt.



- But he says it.

- That so?



Why don't you ask

Frank D. Roosevelt



what he thinks about taking

care of himself.



You think he don't eat off

silver trays?



He could eat off tabletops

like the rest of us,



but he don't... you know why?



Because that would make him

look common.



And besides, Frank D. Roosevelt



ain't running this thing.



l'm running it, so don't

you make up no rules



about what we're

going to give away.



lt's my money too,

you know.



$    belongs to me,

and don't you forget that.



You want it?



Well, just put my share

in my pocket,



and l'll take you

to a train station...



how do you like that?



Get the map.



Find out where the

nearest depot is.



Nothing but trouble, anyway.



First you charge too much,

then you want to give it away.



Where are we now?



We just left Plainville.



$   for a bible,

then it's up to $  .



lf l stay with you,



l'll spend the rest

of my life in jail.



There's a depot in Lincoln.



You can take me to Lincoln.



You bet l will.



Where's Lincoln?



Clear over there.



Oh, boy, you think

l'm going to take you



clear over there just to get you

to some depot?



Then keep going east.



We'll hit one in Sylvan Grove.



- Where's Sylvan Grove?

- Right here.



Well, that'll take us

down through Lucas.



We got to go through something

to get to Sylvan Grove.



l am not complaining.



l'm just saying that'll take you

through Lucas.



You got to go

through Paradox and Waldo



- and Lorraine and Lucas

- Lorraine, huh?



if you want to get

to Sylvan Grove.



Those are pretty

good towns in there.



We could do some

business in there.



Well, it won't matter much.



We're near out

of bibles anyway.



What do you mean,

we're out of bibles?



Why didn't you tell me

we're out of bibles?



You look in the box too,

don't you?



Well, you've got an

excuse for everything.



'Cause you blame me

for everything.



lf we were running

out of bibles,



you should have told me



we were running

out of bibles.



We're running out

of bibles!



Well, then we got

to get new ones!



Then let's get new ones!



We can pick some

up in Great Bend.



Great Bend's the other way.



Well, we got to have

bibles, don't we?



Let's see, now, we

can veer down to Lucas,



and we'll veer

over to Wilson.



Veer off to Lorraine

and Bushton.



And we could veer off

to Hoisington.



We'll just have to keep

on veering, that's all.



l'm getting hungry.



You getting hungry?






Just one more chance



To prove

it's you alone l care for



Each night l say

a little prayer for...



You sweet thing.



Don't you tell me that.




Sometimes l just don't know,

with all the old doodly-doo.



Doodly-doo, doodly-doo.



Okay, now, you go on back, now.



l'll see you another time.



Don't send me back.



Oh, you got to go on back.



l'll see you another time,



- l promise.

- l want to go in your place.



No, no.



You trying to keep

secrets from me?



You got diamonds and

rubies in there?



Go on, go on.



Oh, Fido...



Night-night, old Fido.



- Woof-woof.

- Woof-woof.







l'm holding on awhile



You'll give me

just one more word...



There it is.



Much obliged.



Thank you, sir.



All right, boy, you're next.



l ain't a boy.



Aw, don't let it bother you.



lt ain't funny.



No reason to get that sore.



He called me a boy, didn't he?



He just got mixed up,

that's all.



He did not; he looked me

straight in the eye.



Yeah, well, l'm looking you

straight in the eye,



and l think

you're beautiful.



Oh, you're just saying that.



Would l made that up?



Why you're as beautiful

as your mama,



and she put all the flowers

in the world to shame.



You know, they wouldn't

even let her come to Holland



for fear

she'd droop the tulips,



and you got all the good looks

she ever had.



Then how come that

man called me a boy?



l don't know; maybe it's...



Maybe it's 'cause of what

you got on, or something.



What's wrong with what l got on?



Oh, nothing wrong with it.



Just... don't exactly

make you look feminine.



Maybe it wouldn't be

a bad idea



we get you fixed up

a little bit...



get you a new dress,

a fancy new hat, or something.



Come to think of it,



it wouldn't exactly

hurt business, either.



You really think l'm

as pretty as my mama?



Of course l do.



How much money

we got in the box?



$   .  .



Give me a $  .



What for?



Give me a $  .



Come on.



Where are we going?



We're going to get us

some fancy new outfits



with this money you got

from your Aunt Helen.



l don't have no Aunt Helen.



Oh, sure you do, honey.



Come on, let me

explain it to you.



Yes, sir?



l-l'd like



an lpana toothpaste,

and a pack of Sen-Sen.



Uh,    and five.






Yes, sir.



Here you go.



   makes one,



four makes five,

and    makes   .



Thank you very much.



l don't need a bag.



Thank you very much.



Thank you; bye, now.



How much is this?



That'll be    cents.



   cents makes a dollar.



Thank you very much.



Thank you.






May l have a bottle

of purple toilet water, please?



That'll be    cents.



There you go.



Lady, you made a mistake.



Huh? l give you $ .  .



But l gave you a $   bill.



Uh-uh. You give me a $ .



No, ma'am, it was a $   bill.



You give me a $ 

and l give you $ .  .



lt was a $   bill.



Got no $  s in with no $ s.



What's all the turmoil?



What's going on here?



This little girl

give me a $  bill,



and l give her change.



l gave her



a $   bill... l know l did.



lt was a birthday present

from my Aunt Helen in Wichita,



and she wrote "Happy Birthday,

Addie" on the end of it.



You just go look and see.



That's it right there!



That's my $   bill l got from

my Aunt Helen in Wichita.



Give the child her $   bill.



l'm giving it.



Give the child her $   bill,

Miss Brownwell.



Yes, sir.



And give her a piece of candy,

Miss Brownwell.



Yes, sir.



And pay attention to things,

Miss Brownwell.



Yes, sir.



Come on in, get

your cotton candy.



Sweetheart, Cotton Candy.



Five cents.



Do you have change

for this five?



There you are, little girl.



Cotton candy,

get your cotton candy.



Mister, this purse

is sure full.



lf you give me the five back,

l'll give you five ones.



Cotton candy, get your

cotton candy right here.



Mister, if you got

a ten dollar bill



l'll give you the five back

with the five ones you have.



Would you give me

a ten dollar bill?



There, now don't bother me

any more, you understand?



Cotton candy!



Step up and get

your cotton candy.



Come and get it.



Get your tickets.



Only one fourth of a dollar.



The show goes on

in five minutes.



Six unusual little ladies



unveiling the secrets

of passion.



Found only a few years back



in the actually Egyptian

tomb of Queen Nefereti.



And featuring the luscious

Miss Trixie Delight.



l had my photo took, Moze.



You did, huh?

Ain't that fine.



Moze, can you come have

your photo took with me?



Can't right now, sweetheart.



Only take a minute.



Not now, you hear me?



But it's almost

down here tonight.



lt wouldn't be here after...



l can't help that.



Now excuse me, you understand?



How many times

you going to see it?



As many times as l like,

that's how many times.



You seen it half a dozen times.



And l might see it

a half dozen more.



Now why don't you go

play bingo or something?



l don't want to play bingo.



Well, then why don't you go



write another love note

to St. Roosevelt?



Maybe l will.



And stop standing around

here checking on me.



You don't have to worry.



l ain't about to leave

some poor little child



stranded in the middle

of nowhere.



l got scruples, too,

you know.



You know what that is,




No, l don't know what it is,



but if you got them, l sure bet

they belong to somebody else.



And his name ain't Frank,

it's Franklin.



Hey there,

my little turtle-dee.



l wondered where you got to.



Where's your pa?



ls my picture ready?



Sure, it's...



Excuse me, folks,

come right back.



Sit back in the moon there,

l'll be right with you.



Let's see.



Here it is, here.



Hey, now, l thought you were



going to sit in the moon

with your pa.



He ain't my pa.



Hi, folks.



Get ready.



Smile. Hold it.



Hold it.






l-l don't want you smoking

in the car tomorrow.






l didn't say nothing.



l'm just listening to you.



Well, there are going to be



a couple extra people

riding with us,



and this particular person

don't like cigarette smoke.



What extra person?




l said what extra person?



A lady and her maid.



l'm giving them a ride

to Topeka.



l didn't know we was

going to Topeka.



Well, that's because you

don't know everything.



What's the lady's name?



Miss Delight.



Miss Trixie Delight.



She's a real lady.



She comes from a good family



and l'm just giving her

a ride, that's all.



Well, that's what you're always

talking about, ain't it?



Helping other people out.



Now don't you drop

nothing, lmogene.



You take care of those

breakables, understand?



Yes, Miss Trixie.






Car is right over here.



You better ride in

the backseat a while.



And then l danced

in Tuscaloosa.



And the mayor was there,



and he just said the nicest

things about me.



The newspaper ran

a whole big photo on me.



l got a scrap book

telling stories on me



from towns all over.



Tell him 'bout the time that man



tried to crack your head open

with the bottle, Miss Trixie.



Why, lmogene,

you silly old thing.



You know that's not true.



That old country boy



wasn't going to hit me over

the head with no bottle.



He was just horsing around.



Ask me real nice, maybe l'll

tell you about that sometime.



Well, tell him about the time



you almost got thrown

in jail, Miss Trixie.



l just don't

understand it, Daddy,



but this little baby has to go

winky-tinky all the time.



Well, don't you worry none.



We'll just plan on

stopping here for dinner.



But we just stopped for her

to winky-tink at lunch.



That's right, and now we're

stopping for dinner.



Come on.



l ain't hungry.



Want one?






How old are you?



l don't know,    why?



Just asking, that's all.



Where are you from?






Well, you got to be

from somewhere.



Down by Troy, l guess.



How long

have you worked for her?



Ain't kept count.



A year, maybe.



How old you be?






She really do all that dancing?



Well, if you want

to call it dancing.



All she do is wag her hips



and shake her

old behind a little.



How come she'd leave

that job back there?



'Cause the boss man

tried to make her



put out for his friends.



And she don't believe

in putting out for free.



She put out much?



Just like a gum machine.



You drop something in and

she'll put something out.



How much she charge?



Most she can get.



But she always

asks for $ .  .



She ain't putting out

for your pa, though.



Says she's going to wait

and get all she can



before she put out for him.



He tell her he was my pa?



Well, not exactly.



l heard him mumbling




like he didn't want

to talk about it.



Ain't he?



l'm with him, ain't l?



And how do you come

to be with her?



'Cause she promised to give

me $ .   every week.



She ain't gave me nothing.



'Cept a nickel or dime,




Why don't you quit?






How am l going to quit?



And what if l do quit?



Ain't got no money

to get home to Mom.



And what if l do get home?



They got hard times

as it is.



My mama say, "You go work

for a white lady,



she'll take

good care of you."



You want to know

what l think?






You know the little white speck

on top chicken doo-doo?






Well, that's the kind of white

l think miss Trixie is.



She's just like

that little white speck



on top of old chicken shit.



Oh, l just love it,

love it, love it.



All this white.



lt is absolutely

the proper thing



for my particular kind

of appearance.



You know, it wouldn't be bad



for you to have

a new dress, too.



The right kind of dress makes

all the difference in the face.



Especially since you got the

right kind of bone structure.






Oh, my, oh, my.



Daddy, but wouldn't

you look handsome



sitting behind the wheel

of a thing like that?



'Course, you know, everything

is in the bone structure.



You know, a person can

tell his whole life



on what his bone

structure is.



l tried pushing her out

a window once in Little Rock.



Oh, l think there's bugs

all over the...



l just hope there's

no snakes around here.



You know,

l think we ought to go now.



Thank you so much.



Now hurry... oh.



Come on, hurry up.



Get those things in there, now.



Don't break anything, either.



Let's go.



Hurry up, doctor, this baby's

got to go winky-tinky.



Don't worry.






Come on, we're ready.



Come on, now.



l ain't ready.



Well, you don't look

real busy with nothing,



so you just come on down.



l ain't coming.



Now you listen here,




No, l won't listen here.



What the heck's

up with you, then?



l want to sit in front.



And how come

we ain't working no more?



'Cause we're on vacation,

that's why.



And Miss Delight and me

are sitting in front



because we are two grown-ups,



and that's where grown-ups

do the sitting.



And little children

do not tell grown-ups



what to do with their lives,

you understand that?



Well, she ain't my grown-up,



and l ain't planning

no more to sit in the back.



Not for no cow.



Will you keep your voice down?



And Miss Delight ain't no cow.



She's a proper woman.



She has a high school diploma,



and right now she's got

to go to the bathroom,



so you just

get on down to the car.



She always has

to go to the bathroom.



She must have a bladder

the size of a peanut.



Well, l ain't getting

back in that car.



Not till she gets out of it.



Hey, what's up, kiddo?



Daddy says you're

wearing a sad face.



Ain't good to have

a sad face.



Hey, how would you like

a coloring book?



Would you like that?



You like Mickey the Mouse?



Oh, son of a bitch.



Ooh... oh.



Now come on down to the car

and let's all be friends.



You see me smile?



Come on, let's see you smile

like your Aunt Trixie.



Now, come on.



Come on down to the car

with mademoiselle.



Kiddo, l understand

how you feel.



Well, you don't have to worry.



One of these days, you're

going to be just as pretty



as mademoiselle,

maybe prettier.



You already got bone structure.



When l was your age, l didn't

have no bone structure.



Took me years

to get bone structure.



And don't think bone

structure's not important.



Nobody started to call me

mademoiselle till l was   



and getting

a little bone structure.



When l was your age, l was

skinnier than a pole.



l never thought

l'd have nothing up here.



You're going to have them

up there, too.



Look, l'll tell you what.



Want me to show you

how to use cosmetics?



Look, l'll let you put on

my earrings.



You can see how pretty

you're going to be.



And l'll show you how

to make up your eyes.



And your lips.



And l'll see to it you get

a little bra or something.



But right now you're going

to pick your little ass up,



you're going to drop it

in the backseat



and you're going to cut out

the crap, you understand?



You're going to ruin it,

ain't you?



Look, l don't want

to wipe you out,



and l don't want you

wiping me out, you know?



So l'm going

to level with you, okay?



Now, you see, with me,

it's just a matter of time.



l don't know why, but somehow



l just don't manage

to hold on real long.



So, if you wait it out a little,

it'll be over, you know?



l mean, even if l want a fella,



somehow or other l manage

to get it screwed up.



Maybe l'll get a new pair of

shoes, nice dress, a few laughs.



Times are hard.



Now, if you fool around

on the hill up here,



then you don't get nothing,



l don't get nothing,

he don't get nothing.



So how 'bout it, honey?



Just for a little while,



let old Trixie sit up front

with her big tits.



Hey, come on.



We're coming, baby doll.



And if you don't find me

some old gas station soon,



this little old snowflake's

going to wet her pantaloons.



Oh, my, l almost fell down.






Look what we got!



Ain't she the sweetest

little thing,



and don't he look

like a prince on that wheel?



Now, come on, lmogene.



Now, get everything in here.



We got more room than

the whole state of Kansas.



And listen to the horn.



Blow the horn, Daddy.



Oh, go ahead.



Do it again.



Sticks his tongue

into the water,



and there's an alligator

in the river...



Very funny.



This girl's sitting

on the trolley,



and she reaches in her bag,



and she takes out

this magazine,



and she starts to read it.



Well, she ain't read more than

a couple of pages.



And real slow and careful now,

she takes her stockings down



and takes off her shoes.



Now, she turns the stockings

wrong side out,



and she puts them back on.



And she puts her shoes back on.



Well, all the passengers

are watching.



They wonder what's going on.



This old guy,

he-he leans over to her,



and he asks her,

he says, "What's...?"



"l saw you indulge in a

strange procedure, ma'am.



What-what were you doing?"



And she said,

"Well, l was reading



"this here magazine, you know?



"And l found it to be

such hot stuff



"that l... well,

l felt compelled



to turn the hose on myself."



Oh, turn the hose on!



When you said that, l...



They wouldn't have a room

with a canopy bed, would they?



You wouldn't have a room

with a canopy bed, would you?



Uh, no.



But l got one with a fireplace.



Oh, l'd like that one, daddy.



lt ain't no canopy bed,



but it sure do open up a whole

new can of peas, don't it?



Can of peas.



Ain't that cute?



- Huh? How's that?

- Come on, lmogene.



Now, help the boy

with these things.



Give them         and    .



They're working

on the elevator right now,



and it's the first flight up,



if you don't mind.



- lt's all right.

- Thank you.



- Thank you.

- Can of peas.



Yeah, what was that all about?



- Did you hear that?

- Can of peas.



Well, you know,




can of pea...



They rhyme, you know?



Oh, l see... can of peas,



- canopy!

- Yeah.



Oh, l get it now.



l knew you'd get it

if l explained it to you.



Picture Henry Ford

without a car



Picture heaven's firmament

without a star



Picture Grigsby Chrysler

without a fiddle



Picture poor Philadelphia

without a Biddle



Picture Central Park

without a sailor



Picture Mr. Lord

minus his detailer



Mix 'em all together,

and what have you got?



Just a picture of me

without you...



Now there's a rip in the seam

of that dress, lmogene.



You get it sewed up good,

you hear?



And wash these hose.



Yes, Miss Trixie.



Got my bath ready?



Yes, Miss Trixie.



Hope the water's not too hot.



You've been making that water

awful hot lately, lmogene.



l knows you like it hot,

Miss Trixie.



Well, not that hot.



Now, you go on,

finish up all these things.



Then you come back in an hour

and dry me off.



Yes, Miss Trixie.



What you doing up there?



l got us an idea.



Come on.



What kind of idea?



Come on in here,

and l'll tell you.



Go on.



lmogene, what do you suppose

Miss Trixie would do



if somebody offered her $  

to put out?



Oh-wee, you crazy.



For that much money,



that women would

drop her pants down



in the middle of the road.



That's what l figured.



What you got in mind?



You want to get away

from Miss Trixie, don't you?






Well, if you help me,



l'll give you enough money



to get home to your mama.



- How much money?

- $  .



When do we start?



Tomorrow morning.



Miss Trixie,



you know that man

down at the desk



who checked us in yesterday?



Yeah, l know him.



What about him?



Well, he tell me, he'd pay $  



just to have a good time

with you.






Well, that little two-bit

bum nerve of that guy.



$  . l bet that little John

don't make that much in a week.



Where would he get    bucks?



l don't know.



All l know is what he told me.



   bucks, huh?



Sure have to see the money

to believe it.



Here you go.



You come back and see

us again real soon.



l'll have a Juicy Fruit gum,




Here you go,

my little beauty.



Want l should chew it for you?



Say, you know that

redheaded lady



that comes down here

named Miss Trixie Delight?






Well, she thinks

you're real cute.



Oh, yeah?



Says you and who else?



No, honest. She says

you're better looking



than Dick Powell.



She did, eh?



Well, the lady's got good taste,

don't she?



Well, just thought

you'd like to know.



Hey, just a minute.



Give these



here to the lady,



and tell her they're

with Floyd's compliments.



Oh. She'll like that.



Maybe you should

write her a note.



Yeah. What kind of a note?



Oh, l don't know.



l thought men always wrote

ladies notes



when they send them presents.



Maybe you should ask her

for a date.



That will sure tickle her.



Yeah. Maybe l ought to.






she's not married up

or anything like that, is she?



Of course not.



She don't even have

a regular boyfriend.



That man who come in here

yesterday with her is my daddy.



He's her manager.



She's a dancer.



A dancer?



You know, l figured

she was something like that.



Whereabouts she dance?



Oh, lots of big places.



She's a star.



Well, how about that!



Why don't you print it?



She like men who prints.



Print it, huh?



"Some sweets for the sweet.



"Ha, ha.



"Some girls say l'm a pretty

smooth dancer myself.



How about trying me out




You sure this is

going to work?



l don't know, but we're sure

going to give it a try.



Throw this in the drawer,

will you?



And keep your fingers crossed.



Who is it?



lt's me, Addie.



Oh. What do you want?



l got a message from Moze.



He asked me to tell you



he had to run over

to Hainesville today.



He won't be back

until suppertime.






l think he had to get something

fixed on his car.



He'll be gone all day.






Well... okay.












What you having?






l already ate.



l had waffles, too.



They sure are good, ain't they?



They ain't bad for waffles.



Mr. Moze,

Miss Trixie don't feel so good.



She say she's going

to stay in bed today.



She say she'll see you

around suppertime.



She sick? Sick in bed?



l-l better go up there.



Oh, she ain't



real sick.



Ain't nothing to worry about.



She's just having

her lady's time.






Well, you tell her

l'll see her this evening.



Well, just wanted

to say good morning.



l think l'll go upstairs

and polish my shoes.



Somebody at the door, lmogene.



Yes, Miss Trixie.



lt's something for you,

Miss Trixie.



Oh, what is it?



lt was outside the door.



What is that?



lmogene, let all that go now.



You can run along.



l'll call you when l need you.



Yes, Miss Trixie.



Well, hello, cupid.



Miss Trixie wants to see you.



She says it's real important.



Room    .



Oh, she does, does she? When?



Right now.



Well, l can't get off right now.



But she says

it's real important.



Well, you tell her

l'll come up later tonight...



when the moon is full.



But you can't come tonight.



She won't even be here

after tonight.



Matter of fact,



she won't even be here

after today.



She won't, huh?






You won't be sorry.



l guess l could go up

for a few minutes.



What's that room number again?



Room    .



She's waiting for ya.






You tell her

l'm on my way up, sweetheart.



He's coming!

He's coming!



Who is it?



Sheik of Araby.



Well, then,

don't you look pretty?



Well, come on in, honey.



Come on.


            don't give

a girl much time.



Oh, l manage to get around.



Say, you're not

one of these fellows



goes around babbling,

are you, honey?



What do you mean?



Well, you know,



now most of the time

l don't mind,



but it's important to me

right now



not to get talked about.



Hey, now do l look like

that kind of fellow?



S-Say, you are a wild one,

aren't you?



Hold it, hold it!



Now, wait a minute,



you're going to tear it!



Now, now,

just let me slip it off.



Hey, there.



Well, now, ain't you a show dog?



Ooh... ooh!



l'm going.



The key.



Give me the key.



Mr. Moze's going

to kill that man.



He's going to kill them both,

l just knows it.



Wait for me here.









What's the trouble?



Better go up to Trixie's room

right away.



Why? What? She sick?



No, she's not sick.

Just do what l tell you.



And take the elevator.



Don't knock. Use the key.



Your daddy going

to kill that man, l reckon.



l expect he cut him up

pretty bad.



Moze wouldn't do

a thing like that.



Well, down home,

when a man come in from work,



and hear a man inside house

in bed with his wife,



he just walk around

to the woodpile



and get his double-blade ax,

and go inside,



chop 'em both up

to little pieces.



Folks say he cut 'em up

just like kindling wood.



Get your things, Addie.

We're leaving.






Right this minute.



l swan, l don't know

why that girl



did such a thing to me.



l'd have done almost anything

for that girl.



Just ain't fair.



l reckon she's been...

carrying on a long time.



From the start.



You mean,

there were other men?



Lots of 'em.



Well, dadblammit,

why didn't you tell me?



l just knew you

wouldn't believe me.



l want you to promise me

just one thing.



What, Moze?



When you grow up,



don't you be the kind of woman

who goes around deceiving men.



Promise me that.



l promise, Moze.



Oh, my love,

let's take a walk



Just a little ways away



While we walk along,

we'll talk



Talk about our wedding day



Only say

that you'll be mine



And in our home,

we'll happy be



Down beside

where the waters flow



Down on the banks

of the Ohio...









Moze, pay attention.



What's the trouble?



l seen

something peculiar.



What's that?



That man in there.



What man?




by the door.



What's peculiar about him?



He's got a roll of money

could choke us both to death.



Well, l'm not up to

anything right now.



But he's got a black book

for making notes in,



and all that money,



and he keeps going outside

and then coming back in again.



- Bootlegger.

- Bootlegger?



No question about it.



You think we might do

some business with him?



Maybe drop a wad or something?



We ain't done nothing

in two months,



ever since Trixie.



And we only have $    left.



Better ways of doing

business with bootleggers.



What ways?



Oh, heaps of ways.



Look, he's going out again!



Follow him.



Should l, Moze?



l told you, didn't l?



Follow him.



Find out where he goes.



...thinking "Lord,

what a deed l have done!"



Killed the girl l loved,

you see



'Cause she would not

marry me



Only say that you'll be mine



And in our home,

we'll happy be



Down beside

where the waters flow



Down on the banks

of the Ohio...



Thank you.



Big brown eyes

and curly hair...



What'd you find out?



He's got a

lot of bottles



he keeps in some

kind of bin out back.



How big's the bin?



About as big as our

car trunk, maybe.



What you plan to do?



Find out where

he keeps his goods.



Well, there was a little shack

out there, too,



but he didn't go in it.






Well, honey...



how about a little walk before

Daddy puts you in the bed?



Oh, goody.



Our friend's name

is Jess Hardin.



He's a bootlegger, all right.



Wholesales pretty near

everybody in the county.



His brother's some sort

of a big shot, too,



but the girl couldn't

tell me about him.



Some Romeo walked up,

and l had to beat it.



Now where is it?



Right over there.



Okay, come on.



Okay, now, you watch the hotel.



You see anybody coming,

you cough real low.



l'm going inside.



lt may be locked.



Shucks, honey,



folks in the country

never lock anything.



Don't you know that?



Come sit by my side,

little darling



Come lay your cool hand

on my brow



Promise me that you will never



Be nobody's...



Your name Hardin?



That's right.



Conrad's the name.



Jack said l ought

to look you up.



Jack who?



Oh, just Jack's good enough,

l reckon.



Don't know no Jack.



Well, maybe you ought

to get acquainted.



He's running the biggest

wholesale business in the state.



You selling?



That's right.



Ain't interested

in no shiney.



l ain't selling no shiney,

l only deal in bonded goods.



- What kind?

- All kinds.



l can let you have a pretty good

deal on some Three Feathers.



How much?



Well, it depends.



You take    cases,



l'll let 'em go for $   per.



- That's too much.

- Ain't too much.



You can't get it that cheap

where they sell it legal.



Ain't legal here.



That's all the more reason

you're getting a bargain.



Give you just $  .



Can't do it.



Price is set down in Wichita.



How long before delivery?



Oh... how's early

in the morning?



You got it in the county?



That's right.



...that nobody knows



My mother is dead

and in heaven...



Where do l pick it up?



My daddy...



That'll do it.



Did you leave some?




He'll never miss it.







we better get.



- Here.

- lt's all filled up, l told you.



Them's for me.



Get going!






Get up there!



Now hold on.



And make sure

nothing spills off.



Well, you'd better go slow.



And hurry.






Well, l got to turn corners,

don't l?



Moze, ain't he going

to miss his whiskey?



Oh, maybe in about a week,



but by the time

he's figured it out,



we'll be in Missouri,



and he can't do nothing

once we're in Missouri.



Come on.



Where is it?



Scoot over!



How much you get?



$   .



$    and he bought

his own whiskey!



That's $    plus the $   

we already got.



And if we drop some wallets

and do some   s, we'll...



What's that?






Behind us.



l don't see nothin'.



There's something back there.



Nothin' but pitch black.



l thought l seen

something flicker.



Nothin' there.



You put the money in the box?






l'll be glad

to get out of this town,



l'll tell you that.



There it is again.






Somethin' flickered,

sure as hell.



Nothin' 'hind us, Moze.






l told ya!



Who could it be?






Don't stop, keep going!



l can't keep going.



The damn car's in front of me.



Everything's going to be

all right.



You just let me do the talking.



You playin' games with us,




Oh, l-l didn't know

who was back there.



lt's a risky thing to do.



Might get your tires shot off.



Where you headin'?



Me and my little girl

are going to Saint Jo.



Oh. Live there?






What's your business?



Uh, livestock, mostly...

mules and horses.



Some cattle.



That's funny.



l heard you was a bootlegger.



Oh, no, sir, not me, friend.



Must be some mistake.






Maybe not.



The way l hear it...



you just had a transaction

by the old barn.



Where'd you hear

a thing like that?



Oh, a... friend of the family.



No, l'm sorry.



l-l don't know what

you're talking about.



l'm talkin' about bootleggin'.



l'm talkin' about $   .



Now, just where might that be?



l don't have no $   .



l-l don't know what

you're talking about.



l don't even know where

the old barn is.






l reckon we'll just

have to explain



a little more

thoroughly, won't we?



Come on, Beau,



you take a ride with

these nice people.



Love to.



We're all goin' back to town.









Just when you think

you got it made...



just ain't made, is it?



You pretty good at

this little thing?



Not too good.



Not too good, huh?



Old bootlegger's sittin' there

with his own little game,



and he ain't even good

at his own game.



Yes, sir,

that is some good joke.



l found these on the front seat.



Wasn't any money in the car.



Went all through it,

inside and out.



Livestock business, huh?



That w-whiskey's for a friend.



Hold out your hands.






l said, hold out your hands.



You heard me.



l didn't say put 'em down,

did l?



Mighty clean hands

for livestock.



Them hands don't look like

they do nothin' in life



except play a little casino

every now and then.



l told you,

that whiskey's for a friend.



l didn't see no harm in buying

a couple of bottles...



Didn't see no harm?



Hear that, Beau?



Big bootlegger claims

he don't know the law.



Well, Mr. Bootlegger,



l don't need

no couple of bottles



to make a case against you.



Law says all l need is just

one little ol' drop.



And law says

you use a vehicle



to transport

alcoholic beverages,



and said vehicle

is confiscated



to be sold

at public auctions, so...



you can just kiss



that pretty little ol' car

of yours good-bye.



Hey, hold on! That seems

pretty rough just because...



Don't lower your hands.



l didn't tell you to

lower your hands.



l tell you to lower your hands,

then you lower your hands.



You don't do nothin'

until l tell you to.






Answer me.

You understand?



Yes, sir.



Ah, l already done that.



Ain't nothin' in his

clothes 'cept him.



He ain't worth five cents.



No, she ain't got

nothin' on her, either.



You don't know what kind



of real bad

trouble you're in.



You better start

thinking on it.



l've got a case against you



for possession and

transportin' whiskey,



and l reckon if l try,



l can think

of a few other things.



Better face it,

you're going to be



up in these parts

for quite a while,



working on the county roads.



Maybe you're lucky,

you get out in six months.



Six more months...

influencing a child...



maybe get six years for that.



M-Maybe we could work

something out.



What's there to work out?



...while l rustle one up,



you all listen

to this little goodie



from a couple of years ago...



Ah, l sure don't like

to send a man



to a road gang.

Never have.



Always felt sorry

for them poor devils.



But l can't overlook the fact

that you've been paid $   



and you ain't tellin' me

where it is.



Now, l know

you're a bootlegger,



so what's there for me

to work out?



All right.



Let's cut this




Where's that... money?



You think l'm foolin' around?



l ain't foolin' around.



Maybe you'll come around



in time.



Get a little thirsty

and get a little hungry.



Time sure does have

a way with criminals,



don't it, Beau?



Sure do.



Well, it's gettin'

on to  :  .



Somebody ought to be

stirring over at the cafe.



l think l'll step

over there a while.



See if that friend of the family

is there.



l'll be on back 'fore long.



l got all day, you know?



l got all the time in the world.



...let's have

another piece of pie



Trouble's just a bubble



And the clouds will soon roll by



So let's have

another cup of coffee



And let's have

another piece of pie



Let a smile be your umbrella



For it's just

an April shower



Even John D. Rockefeller...



Sir, may l get my things,




Mr. Herbert Hoover says

that now's the time to buy






So let's have

another cup of coffee



And let's have

another piece of pie.






l need to go to the shithouse.



Well, uh, there's a place

down the hall.



Daddy, l'm scared.



l want you

to come stand by the door.



All right if l go with her?



Down there.






You crazy?!






Where are we running?



Oh, my God.



Stop them people!



Hey, there's




Jesus Christ,

this is the craziest...






l'm hurryin'!






Oh, Jesus!



- l'm going to hit him!

- Make him jump! Don't slow down!



l could have killed him!



They're going to have me up

for murder!



They're shooting at us!



- But they're missin'!

- Keep going!



We ain't gonna make it.



Yes, we will.



Not in this car, we ain't.



Every two-bit lawman in Kansas



is going to be looking

for this car.



We got to get across

the river to Missouri.



Where's the bridge?



Oh, Jesus!



What's the matter?



Damn bridge is the other way!



- What?!

- Hang on.



Ah, this ain't no good.



We're gonna make it

too easy for 'em.



We got to get off this road.

Hang on!



Holy smoke!



Blow your horn!



Won't do no good.



He can't pull off the road.



Ain't we got all the luck,



selling whiskey to

a sheriff's brother?!



Hang onto your hat.



- What?

- Hold on, l said.



Oh, God.



You all right?






Okay, we threw a hobble

on 'em for a while,



but we got to get off this road,



or we're going to end up

in a town for sure.



And take that money

out of there.



You liked to give

me heart failure.



We made it, didn't we?!



Anybody 'thome?






Need to get rid of my car here.



l need to get rid of my car!



Sheriff wants to take away

my little girl,



put her in an orphanage.



You know anybody

who might want to swap?



How about that truck over there?



Well, we'll just let him

chew on it a while.



Well, the rear tires

look new, anyway.



The radio looks okay.



Think this thing runs?



lt better... we got to have

some way of traveling.



Where we going to go?



Out of Kansas, across the river

to Saint Jo, that's where.



Here he comes.



Look at 'em all.



All l'm looking for is a swap

and three days' head start



before you take it out

on the highway.



lt's all legal.



Got the papers right here

to prove it.



Just have to fill out that form

on the back, and you own it.



Ain't gonna swap.



Well, it's brand-new.



That car ain't no good.



What's the matter with it?



Can't haul nothing in it.



Oh, well, if that's all

that's bothering you,



you can sell the car



and get two trucks

t'do your hauling in.



l ain't gonna swap.



Wrassle you for it.



- Are you crazy?

- lf l win, we swap.



You win, you can keep the car

and the truck both.



- Moze...

- Quiet down.



What kind of wrassling?



You name it.



Catch as can?



Shoes or barefoot?



Makes no nevermind to me.






You're gonna get killed

just to give something away.



l ain't got no choice.



Get that city boy.



Get the city boy.



Let's go.



Make him say "calf rope," Leroy.



Come on, Leroy.



Get him, Leroy. Get him!



That ain't fair!

You stop that!



You make him fight fair!



Look out for that rake, Leroy.



Watch out, Leroy.



Let's go in the car. Come on!






Are you pushing?!



Of course l'm pushing!



Okay, it'll go now.



Put your foot on the brake.



The brake! The brake!



lt don't work!



The brake, goddamn it!



The brake!



Don't you even know

where the damn brake is?



lt don't work.



Oh. Well, it figures.



Well, we're in Missouri anyway.



What'll we do now,

drop some   s?



How much money we got?



    and some change.



   cents, l think.



Well, we're just outside

of St. Jo, ain't we?



So what?



So... it's a big town,

ain't it?



We can do better than   s.



Y'all know that one...



"Let's have

another cup of coffee,



let's have

another piece of pie."



Well, it's   :  

and it's Sunday morning



in St. Jo, and y'all get

to church now, okay?



Here's the news...



- Moze?

- Yeah?



What if that old man

don't believe ya?



He'll believe me, all right.



He's in the market

for making a killing,



just like we are.



Maybe he don't even have

a silver mine.



l had him checked out

real thorough.



Where's the money?



And he's just what

people say he is...



rich and greedy.



The independent candidate

for Senate this year...



Pull up your socks.



Moze, if we get a silver mine,



we could get a house

and everything, couldn't we?




just... everything.



Just around the corner,

there's a rainbow in the sky



So let's have

another cup of coffee...



Okay, you got

it straight?



Corner of East Warring

and Burlington.



  :  . Just show there

with tears in your eyes.



- That's all.

- Moze, don't forget the money.



Of course l won't forget

the money.



l'll see you in    minutes.



Moze, could we get a piano, too?



A piano?



We'll have a whole factory.



Just around the corner



There's a rainbow in the sky.




of natural resources.



l guess you just didn't make

a good enough swap.



My brother's real sore at ya.



Seems you sold him

some of his own whiskey.



You can't arrest me now.

We're in Missouri.



And your damn brother's

a bootlegger!



You got an awful big mouth,




Maybe l can't arrest you

in Missouri,



and maybe l don't want to.



But l sure can make sure



that you ain't gonna feel

real good while you're here.



Let's go!















l sw...



l swallowed my gold tooth.



Aw, Moze.



They took it all.



Oh, Moze, you'reall beat up.



Ain't nothing left.



Don't worry none.



l've been keeping ten

dollars for emergencies.



Ten dollars?



What the hell we do

with ten dollars?



We could buy some Bibles,



do a little widow business.



Must be lots of good

towns around here.



Do some   s, drop

some wallets...



before you know it,

we'll be real good again.



l'll bet in no time



we could have a whole

new car and everything.



You're going to take me

to Aunt Billie's now, ain't ya?



- Aw, Moze...

- Don't start crying.



l won't.



That's where we set out for,

ain't it?



Looks nice.



Yeah, it looks real fine.



That must be

your uncle Daniel.



He looks nice, too, don't he?



Yup. Real nice.



Maybe if

Frank D. Roosevelt comes,



he'll tell him to take me

to the station to see him.



Maybe you write, ol' Frankie'll



have a place to write you

back now.



Yeah, he might, at that.



'Course he will.



Ain't no question but he will.



All this talk's just

wasting time.



Here's your...



here, your skates,

your radio.



Where you gonna go?



Don't worry about me.

l got plans.



New ideas coming in every day.



Get going.



You know, if l knew for sure

you wasn't my pa...



lt's for sure l ain't your pa.



Although sometimes

l used to figure



Mr. Connors

could have been my pa,



the way he touched my shoulder,



get me things

from the candy counter for free.



And Mr. Pritchard,

he smiled at me once real nice,



except they don't have my jaw

or nothing.



So long.



Ain't you coming

to the door with me?



There it is, right there.



How much closer

am l supposed to bring you?



They'll wonder how l got here.



Tell 'em a family friend

brung you,



and you-you had

a little trouble on the way



with your car and with finances.



Now, get going.









l'm Addie.






Addie, l've been

worried sick about you.




come on in, child.



l been writing letters,

and your Uncle Daniel's



been trying to call

those people down there



to see where you've been.



You're just the spitting

image of your mother,



pretty as a picture.



l don't know why

l go on like this...



what you need is

some ice-cold lemonade.



Now you just sit right there,

and l'll be right back.



Everybody's going to be

so happy to see you.



We're going to get

those clothes off of you.



You're going to get into

a nice, fresh, bath...



and then you're going to sleep

in your own little bed,



alongside your cousin, Edna.



l just near give

up on you, child.



l bet you're starving

to death.



l'm going to cut you

a big piece of pie.



We got those telegrams,



and then we never did hear

from ya.



l told you, l don't want you

riding with me no more.



You still owe me $   .



Moze, look!



Come on.



Hurry up.



Keep your sunny side up



Keep it up high,

the side that gets blue



lf you have nine sons

in a row



Start a baseball team,

they make money, you know



Keep your funny side up...

don't let up



Let your laughter come through






Stand up on your legs



Be like two fried eggs



Keep your sunny side up.




Special help by SergeiK