Passion Of Mind Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Passion Of Mind script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Demi Moore movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Passion Of Mind. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Passion Of Mind Script



            ( Woman ) This is me.

            Or her.

            That's what we look like.

            She's different.

            I'm different.

            One day I realized I could no longer tell my dream world...

            from my real world.

            It felt to me that I was no longer one person...

            but two.

            ( Doubled Voice ) I don't know who I am anymore.

            Hey, you actually got it.

            ( Speaking In French )

            Hey, wait!


            ( Girl ) Mommy, look.

             Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens 

             Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens 

             Brown paper packages tied up with string 

             These are a few of my favorite things 

            Oh, that was so great.

            Okay. Come here. Ohh.

            ( Bell Tolling )

            It was.

            ( Boy Speaking French )

            - Mommy! - No more stories. Oh!

            Mmm. All right.

            Covers, covers, covers, covers.

            I'll read you more stories tomorrow.

            All right, beautiful.

            Night-night, Mama. Don't forget about me.

            Not hardly.


            - It's time, honey. - Mom.

            Let's go. Good night,Jean-Pierre.

            ( Speaks In French )

            To my angel for Mommy and my sister...

            and Jean-Pierre and Micheline...

            and all my friends from the village.

            Even Daddy and Alex, who aren't real.

            ( Chuckles )

            And keep my daddy safe with you and love him.


            c-could you lay in bed with me until I fall asleep?

            Sure, honey.

            I'd love to. Get your stuff out.

            Let's put your goodies away.

            ( Woman Speaking French On Television )

            ( Continues Speaking In French )

            ( Thunder Rumbling )

            - ( Sighs ) - ( Door Squeaks )

              ( Exhales Deeply )

              ( Electronic Beeping )

              ( Click, Beeping Stops )

              ( Moans Softly )

              ( Man On TV ) July has brought the onset ofstorm season...

              as HurricaneJulie pounded the Eastern seaboard.

              Hardest hit was the town of New Halifax on the coast of Maine.

              Normally a quiet vacation community...

              it is now an endless sea ofdebris, broken homes and broken dreams.

              With winds in excess of      miles per hour...

              the storm hammered boats and homes for hours.

              ( Phone Rings )

              - ( Phone Beeps ) - Hello? Oh, hey.

              No, I can't bring you.

              Because ex-boyfriends are very awkward for business...

              and especially for the clients.

              Yeah, even almost-exes.

              Thursday, uh, I think I'm in Chicago.

              But you know what? I don't have my book in front of me.

              If I had a sister I'd set you up with her, but you know...

              that's what you get for going out with an only child.

              I'll call you later, okay? Okay.

              - You're late. - Yes, I know.


              I'll do Throzen after Chicago, okay?

              ( Muttering )

              OnJonathan's cover-- I think the design isn't half bad.

              I think the problem is in the color.

              But I'll call McMillan. That's okay.

              What's this? Aaron Riley?

              Mr. Riley, it's good to meet you.

              We can get to the Mr. Riley stuff later.

              Let's start out as Aaron and Marty. Please.

              You're here to ream me, Marty. ( Chuckles )

              We both have full schedules.

              Let's get to it.

              Well, I don't usually interfere with a client's business manager...

              particularly one as new to the client as you are.

              But I've been unusually irresponsible?

              Oh, no! Not at all.

              I mean, considering you've only known Ed... six weeks?

              Four and a half.

              - ( Chuckles ) - Lucy Schaefer lived with Ed...

              for three years-- less, actually.

              During which time she was doing the deed behind his back.

              Hmm. Not a nice lady. Even he knows that now.

              Marty, it's his money.

              But ifwe give her that much of it...

              how is this poor girl ever going to start building some character?

              ( Chuckles ) What do you think, I represent this woman?

              I never saw the bitch in my life. We talked it through, Marty--

              slow, careful and really complete.

              It's what he wants to do.

              Mr. Riley...

              don't you believe in saving someone you care about from himself?

              ( Chuckles ) No, ma'am, I sure don't.

              I'm not that smart.


              ( Sighs )

              ( Sighs )

              ( Wind ChimesJingling )

              ( Rooster Crowing )

              ( Doorknob Turning )

              ( Growls ) What are you doing in here?

              - How did you get in here? - I stole the key fromJennifer.

              She told me to.

              ( Exhales )

              - Are you mad? - No!

              No, baby, I'm not mad.

              You didn't wake me up.

              But your sister's gonna be in big trouble.

              - Yea! - ( Chuckles )

              ( Making Whooshing Sounds )

              - ( Laughing ) - ( Chuckles )

              - No, no, no! - Got you!

              Look at her,Jessie.

              ( Grunting )

              - ( Sobbing ) - God, she's stubborn.

              Why won't she ask anybody for help?

              I wonder. ( Chuckles )

              Help is on the way. Go, go, go! Whee!

              - ( Grunting ) - You having a problem?

              No, Mom. I'm fii ne.

              - ( Chuckles ) - What's funny?

              Nothing's funny. Nothing. I--

              I like when you try hard.

              Especially at, uh, things you don't thinkyou're very good at.

              - Mom, it's not that. - Okay, okay!

              You know, sometimes when things come really easy to someone...

              they think they have to be perfect at everything.

              - But we're not perfect, are we? - No.

              Do you know anything that's perfect?

              So why would you want to be no one and nothing?

              - Do you think that's me? - Yeah, I do.

              'Cause you'rejust like me.

              ( Girl ) Nanny, nanny, boo-boo! You can't catch me!

              - ( Girl #  ) Yes I can! - ( Sighs )

              Ohh, ouch! Damn it!

              Twenty minutes now.

              We've discussed the rain and the roses and the hot cakes.

              Why do I feel you're avoiding something?

              I'm so obvious.

              God, I hate that.

              Mmm. How's the dream?

              No, I said that awkwardly. How is New York today?

              New York was, uh, fii ne.

              I'm not your shrink, baby.

              I'm just the old girl who comes and drinks your whisky...

              plays in your garden.

              I don't want to see him,Jessie.

              I don't-- I don't want to see any Dr. Langer.

              We had a deal. Ayear ago, we said...

              ifthis was still going on, I wanted you to see someone.

              We said? You said.

              And he's actually Viennese. Isn't that perfect? ( Chuckles )

              You're not giving up on me, are you?

              No. As long as you still want me here.

              No, until you tell me good-bye, there's hope.

              And so, my good friend Jessica tells me...

              ofan interesting case of multiple personality.

              Martha? Marie?

              - ( Marie ) Here, it's Marie. - Marie.

              When you fall asleep at night...

              in that instant you fii nd yourself waking in another world.

              In another life, where your name is?


              Hmm. And what do you call this situation?

              ( Chuckles ) A full life.

              ( Chuckles ) My goodness, yes.

              One is tempted to ask, could it be too full?

              I have a psychiatrist in New York.

              He thinks that I'm a Manhattan career woman...

              who dreams of being a mother in France.

              See, that's the problem with all ofyou guys.

              You all thinkyou're real, and I-- I don't blame you.

              ( Chuckles ) Well, we can't all be real, can we?

              That would be impossible.

              One world is real, the other a dream.

              Yes. ( Scoffs )

              I know that.

              But you do not know which.

              Why is that, I wonder?

              ( Sighs )

              Because if I...

              realized which...

              life wasn't real, then--

              Well, um, the dream wouldn't work.

              It... wouldn't give me the satisfaction ofthat life.

              I suppose it wouldn't.

              ( Chuckles ) Very ingenious...

              but not without its dangers.

              Do you realize how deliberate you make this sound...

              as ifyou could turn it on and off?

              You're riding two horses...

              and the mind is not built to do that...

              without breaking apart.

              I don't-- I don't know...

              how to get back to the way I used to be.

              ( Moaning Softly )

              ( Alarm Clock Beeping )

              - ( Beeping Stops ) - ( Sighs )

              ( Man ) Viennese, no less.

              YourJessie is really wheeling in the heavy artillery.

              - Perfect, isn't it? - So, what did, uh--

              Dr. Peters, I really need to smoke today.

              -You don't need to smoke. -Do you mind if I have a cigarette?

              - I could really usejust one. - No.

              - Ah, you're so great. - Marty. Marty.

              - Come on. -Just one more puff. Please.

              - Marty. - Okay. It's going out.

              So, Dr. Freud told you what?

              You should realize, he says, that New York has to be the dream world.

              I mean, who would fantasize...

              being a house-bound mother and a widow at that?

              No romance. That has to be real.

              But New York-- ah.

              Glamorous career. Power. Self-expression.

              Endless line of men wanting to date you.

              Every minute spent at your own whim.

              - Now, ifthat's not a dream, huh? - He said it with less drama.

              So, you say to Dr. Freud?

              Please stop calling him that.

              It's Dr. Langer, and he's as real as you are.

              So, you told Dr. Langer what?

              My New York shrink...

              thinks my life in Manhattan is hard work--

              hostile, adversary work...

              with long, grinding hours.

              That yes, there are a lot of men...

              but no real, uh, romance...

              no one to love me.

              And I'm alone, and who would dream that?

              What about the loneliness?

              Jessie said that...

              a woman still grieving for her late husband...

              isn't ready to love anyone yet...

              not even in their dreams.

              ( Chattering )

              Okay. I need to put you down so I can pay.

              - ( Laughs ) - Goodness!

              ( Coins Clattering )

              - Sarah? - ( Bell Rings )

              Sarah? Sarah?



              - Sarah? - ( Child Laughing )

              - No, it isn't. - Why, sure it is.

              We should go look foryour mommy. She'll be worried.

              Seraphine? I told you not to run off like that.

              Oh, goodness. You scared me.

              - You know her? - My mommy.

              - Oh. - You know, where I come from...

              people steal mommies who get lost in the market...

              so you keep an eye on her.

              - You like my hat? - Yes, honey, I do.

              I like your hat very much. But you should give it back now, okay?

              Oh, it's clean.

              I made it for her.

              Well, then I guess you've got yourselfa new hat.

              We better get going. We're going to be late.

              Can he come with us to the park?

              Oh, I wish I could. Bye-bye.

              So long, lady. Nice talking to you both.

              - ( Sarah ) Bye! - Bye.

              - Go higher. - Three more big pushes...

              and then we've got to go getJennifer.

              One, two...


              Okay, grab your stuff. Then we'll get going.

              Hey, you forgot yourjacket.


              ( Man Chuckles )

              ( Shouts )

              I thought you weren't coming to the park.

              - I said I wish I could, so I did. - Ah.

              Always do what you wish you could.

              ( Chuckles )

              Is that the secret of happiness?

              ( Stammering ) No, it's uh-- It'sjust what's right.

              Well, I wish we could stay, but--


              Uh, I mean we have to go pick up Jennifer from school. Let's go.

              - Thanks, honey. - Another time, then.

              - ( Sarah ) Bye. - Bye.

              Are you flirting?

              ( Chuckles )

              ( Man ) Get off of me!

              ( Grunting )


              - Ed! - Oh, Marty, hey.

              Jesus, is it    :   already? Listen, hang on just a sec, will ya?

              It's    -   . You know Aaron Riley, don't you?

              Give me that ball.

              ( Groans )

              ( Groans )


              I've got your contracts. Phyllis agreed.

              Hey, listen.

              Just give the manuscript to Phyllis, okay?

              I've decided to fii ght Lucy's demands.

              Yeah, well, you've got your friend Aaron to thank.

              That game, those were the stakes.

              - ( Ball Bouncing ) - ( Man ) Oh, that's two.

              ( Players Chattering )

              ( Woman ) Marty, I have your call to Aaron Riley on line one.

              - ( Phone Beeps ) - Hi. Aaron?

              Hi. This is Marty Talridge.

              I just wanted to call and... say thankyou...

              for Ed's manuscript.

              - I didn't do it foryou. - You didn't?

              But thanks for the thanks. Anyway, how grateful are you?

              Well, how grateful am I supposed to be?

              Central Park, Sunday morning at  :  ...

              Cherry Hill, across from the fountain.

              Just take    minutes ofyour time. Dress is informal.

              I'll bring refreshments.

              I'll think about it.

              They're lovely.

              - Well, they're not foryou. - Ah. Seraphine!

              - Your boyfriend's here. - They're not for her either.

              Hi. How are you?

              Look what I got foryou.

              - Whoa. What do you say? - Merci, monsieur.

              You've gotta beJennifer.

              - Okay. Then these are yours. - Go ahead.

              Merci, monsieur.

              - Ta da! - And sweets too?

              - What are you up to? - Courting.

              - Courting who? - Whoever.

              - Bite. - Merci, Guillaume.


              Guillaume is William. William what?

              Granther. William Granther.

              Hey,Jen? Why don't you take your sister up...

              and show Mr. Granther how you catch the Frisbee.

              You guys are great.

              Go on. We'll watch from right here.

              Point me in the direction ofthe kitchen...

              and I'll put those in water.

              - You still writing? - ( Chuckles ) Well, yeah.

              Some of us never learn.

              I'm down in Montaigne by the beach writing a new book.


              Yeah, found out you were in the neighborhood.

              That-That review.

              - Yeah. ( Chuckles ) - Yeah, I still have it.

              Well, not in my pants, but I have it.

              ( Chuckles )

              The thing is, is, uh-- I didn't like the book.

              Oh. Well, that explains the review.

              Well, um, so much for cordial relationships.

              Well, that depends on how things simmer...

              for both of us.

              - ( Sniffs ) Ahh. - ( Chuckles )

              - Gotta go back to Montaigne. - Oh, sorry.

              How did you know it was me?

              - The other day in the market. - The butcher pointed you out.

              And I realized you were the one who gave me that fantastic review.

              - Figures. - ( Engine Starts )

              -You know what this guy really is? -What?

              He's the chance to love again.

              See, you're starting to come out ofyour coma...

              and it terrifiies you.

              In New York, you sleep with men you don't love and feel safe.

              Now along comes William, you feel a pull...

              and you react...

              in your dream by creating this accountant.

              - Aaron Riley? - Mm-hmm.

              Oh, no. You're wrong. He's--

              He's no competition.

              - This seat taken? - Hmm.

              I don't know. I'm expecting quite a crowd.

              But, uh, since you're the fii rst.



              When you think ofducks, what do you think of?

              Orange sauce.

              You know, there's something about two people...

              sharing their souls on a Sunday morning thatjust--

              You didn't have to dress.

              - I said dress was informal. - Oh, yes. I remember.

              Well, here I am, driven by gratitude, up at dawn...

              dressed informally.

              - So, what's up? - Nothing's up.

              We'rejust gonna hang out for    minutes.

              - Why would we do that? - Because I'm interested.

              Alarm? Mild alarm.

              Uh-oh. It's even worse than you think.

              - Oh yeah? - Oh, yeah.

              -I'm not interested in dating you. -You're not.

              I don't enjoy rejection enough to wait in line for it.

              And I'm not the kind of guy who attracts you.

              And what kind of guy is that?

              Handsome, but with enough edge to make it a little dangerous.

              Someone powerful who can sweep you offyour feet.

              Who you can control...

              only by leaving...

              which is, ofcourse, the safest control ofall.


              - My turn? - Sure.

              - So, what are you interested in? - You.

              Just who you are.

              - It's scary, huh? - Oh, yeah.

              See, I can be dangerous too.

              - So, what, you need a friend? - ( Scoffs )

              Hey, don't move for me. No silly faces.

              Okay, come on. Please smile. Oh, so pretty.

              Oh! That one was very good.

              Come out, please.

              -I don't want to take a picture. -You are making this so diffiicult.

              - Now, be still. Be st-- - ( Shutter Clicks )

              ( Chattering )

              This seat taken?

              I've been waiting foryou since  :  .

              The butcher said Fridays you have a sitter so you shop alone.

              The woman assured me of regular habits.

              God, it's hell having a snoop for a butcher.


              So, how are things?

              ( Chuckles ) Things are fii ne.

              ( Chuckles )

              - ( Chuckles ) - ( Laughing ) Oh, God.

              I love talking small.

              Saturday night. A real date, okay?

               :   dress up, everything.

              Dress is formal.

              My husband died a couple ofyears ago, and--

              I haven't had a real... date.

              Well, that's great.

              You'll be terrifiically uncomfortable...

              because I plan to put the pressure on right away.

              ( Chuckles )

              I've decided I want you to like me.

              Hi there.

              Table for one? Or were you expecting someone?


              Wait here.

              Okay, you can look.

              - ( Laughing ) - ( Laughing )

              - It's beautiful. ( Chuckling ) - ( Chuckling )


              ( Both Laughing )

              - Do you know what that taste is? - No. What-What is this?

              - Coriander. Coriander and fennel. - And fennel, huh?

              Uh-huh. Well, there's a trace-- a trace offennel.

              Trace offennel. Trace.

              I can taste that trace.

              What about the zinc?

              - Z-Zinc? ( Laughs ) - ( Laughing )

              What are you doing? Are you reviewing my food too?

              - No! - Yes, you are!

              I'm a saucier. I spent two years learning to do sauces.

              I see. I'm sorry. When you should have been learning to write...

              you've been so busy learning your saucing.

              Oh, see, when you should have been learning...

              how to make someone bleed, you were.

              Oh, ho, ho!

              I'm just trying to make light of my own guilt.

              That's funny, because I'm just trying to use it.

              - Lightly. - Well, lightly, ofcourse, yeah.

              I can't believe I'm eating with you.

              I just can't believe I'm eating with you. Not after that review.

              But doesn't it make it so exciting?

              You know, the book that I said I came down here to fii nish...

              it's actually done.

              I just came down here to pick at it and... and worry.

              Worry's good. Worry's very, very constructive.

              - Y-Yeah. - Yeah.

              Yeah, but um-- ( Sighs )

              - I want you to read it. - ( Gasps )

              - God, what an awful line. - ( Both Laughing )

              I want you to read it. I want you to be crazy about it.

              Ifyou could manage that without actually reading it...

              I'd do anything foryou.

              - Is it good? - Well, no, not entirely...

              but there are things in it that are--

              are very good.

              Christ, I just want you to read it.

              And I want you to have this... this look...

              this, uh, this flushed look...

              ifyou can imagine that.

              And I want you to think...

              ""What a guy.""

              A guy who can... can feel like that, I wonder how he'd--

              - Make love? - Yeah.

              And even more serious stuff.

              I'd like to come home with you.

              ( Chuckles )

              I'd like to say yes.

              But I can't.

              Maybe another time.

              It's a deal.

              So, usually Wednesday lunch.

              What-- some guy who's gorgeous, influential.

              Rack of lamb, talk about...

              power, sex...

              fashion choices.

              God, I miss it.

              Why do you do this to yourself?

              Because I like you too much, and we both know it.

              Well, it doesn't mean we have to wear it.

              But on you...

              it looks good. ( Chuckles )

              I have something foryou.

              It's a-- It's not technically an heirloom, but...

              it's very precious to me.

              No, no, no. No. You can't open it till you're all alone.

              ( Chuckles )

              Oh, this guy.

              (Jennifer ) Will you cook me a picnic too someday?

              Mommy says you cook.

              Sure, I'll cookyou a peanut butter hamburger...

              with raspberryjam.

              Mommy would never eat that.

              Oh, I'd make your mommy a chicken and tarragon sandwich.

              - Yes, hold the fennel. - Hold the fennel, hold the zinc.

              So, what else did your mommy tell you about me?

              - She says you write stories. - Uh-huh.

              - Do you live in New York? - No. Why New York?

              She knows a writer in New York...

              and I want her to show him all her stories.

              Her stories?

              Your mommy reviews other peoples' stories in the New York Times.

              -She doesn't write her own stories. -Counsel leading the witness.

              - That's overruled. - She has her stories.

              - In a box in a closet. - Don't you want to see them?

              - In a box? - How about this weather?

              Look at these cumulus clouds. Boy, are theyjust something.

              Are you sure there's clouds up there? Because I don't see any.

              - Get real. - How about what's in the closet?

              In the box. Gonna let me see them?

              Wish I could.

               ( Playing Tune )

              It's the wrong way around.

              ( Music Stops )

              I hate to break up this beautiful romance...

              but it's time for bed.

              Mom, it's too early.

              Oh, no.

              I think it's quite late.

              - All right, you. - Night-night, Mama.

              Don't forget about me.

              Not hardly.

              There's something about your girls, about being with them.

              I guess children make you a real person.

              Do they?

              I think so.

              They have to be real. They see.

              - Yeah. - You okay?


              Sometimes I wish you didn't look like you do.


              Because people who look like you have learned not to trust.

              I can't. I can't. I'm sorry.

              - I'm sorry. - Don't explain it.

              While you feel like that, even if it's forever,

              don't fii ght it.

              I want to make love to you.

              I think about it all the time.

              ( Chuckles ) But in a way, in a real way...

              I'm afraid.

              All my life, sex never really brought me closer to--

              Usually it was the beginning ofthe end.

              And I don't want this to end.

              This house, those children, your warmth.

              Everything about you. Don't let me do anything to lose that, okay?

              - ( Chuckles ) - Now, walk me to my car.

              Are you gonna come back in the morning and make me breakfast?

              Why? I'm going somewhere?

              Afraid the kids will see me?

              I could say that.

              Or I could say it's...

              because of my husband.

              But it's something else.

              Ifsomeone was to be with me...

              and woke me up, something bad might happen.

              It's-- It's very crazy, and...

              I can't tell you about it.

              Can I have that much mystery?

              ( Sighs )

              It's okay.

              It's okay.

              I'll leave. ( Kissing )

              - ( Continues Kissing ) - Mmm.

              Well, you-- I could maybe stay awake another hour or so.

              ( Both Chuckling )

              Ifyou played your cards right...

              I could almost even make it three.

              ( Chuckling )

              ( Panting )

              ( Gasps )


              Um, hey. Come on in.


              - Thanks a lot for coming over. - Sure.

              Um, would you like something to drink?

              - No, thanks. - Coffee or anything? Water?

              - I'm fii ne. - Okay. Um--

              You want to come on in and, uh--

              You can sit over here.

              Ifyou'd like, you can sit here or there.


              - Good morning. - Hi.


              I don't know why I, uh, why I really called.


              I'm-- I'm, uh--

              I'm sorry I'm like this. I'm usually very strong and together.

              I know.

              But, um, something happened in France last night...

              and I'm--

              I'm just, uh--

              I'm just not sure how I feel about it.

              In France?

              I think I may have fallen in love with someone...

              and I made love to him last night...

              and I don't even know if he's real.

              I'm sorry. You, uh--

              You slept with someone last night in France?



              Ooh. Um--

              Aaron, you may think that I am...

              absolutely, certifiiably insane.

              And ifyou do, and you want to go...

              I'll completely understand.

              I have a whole other life, in France.

              And that's not even the bad part.

              The bad part is, um...

              that both lives are so... equal...

              and so real to me that...

              well, I don't know which one is the dream and which one is real.

              I don't even know ifyou're real.

              Are you sitting there saying, ""Shit. How fast can I get to the door?""

              ( Laughs ) Uh--

              I-I'm real.

              Well, you know, that's what they all say.

              I'm sorry. It's, uh--

              I've been analyzed to death, and so...

              I was thinking maybe I could use a friend.

              Well, you've got that.

              ( Sighs ) Wow.

              What can I do?

              I don't know ifthere's anything you can do.

              But I thought...


              if it was okay, you could stay with me today.

              ( Dialing Telephone )

              Hey. It's me. I'm gonna take the day off.


              Kiss their ass. You can tell them the truth. I don't really care.


              I'll see you tomorrow. Okay. Bye.


              ( Marty ) That's, uh, her-- in France.

              Or me. It's what we look like there.

              ( Aaron ) Well, she looks good in the earrings. Her hair kind of--

              ( Laughs )

              Come on.

              - ( Sighs ) - Let's go.

              - ( Aaron ) Hey, hey, hey, hey! - I'm not cheating!

              Just wait.Just wait. Soon. Soon.

              - Ready? - Yes.

              Here we go. Here we go. ( Exclaims )

              - It's beautiful. - Yeah.

              It's my favorite bridge...

              in the world.

              - How come? - It's the prettiest.

              The bridge, or my earrings?


              Next Wednesday is my birthday.

              I'm funny about my birthday.

              Going out would make me lonely, so I always stay in--

              alone-- which is less lonely.

              So, you busy Wednesday?

              I've got to go to Atlanta till the end ofthe week.

              Some big doing.

              How about when I get back?

              Sure. Bejust as good.

              ( Peters ) You know, Marty, as to your romance with William...

              it sounds like love when you talk about this guy.

              I like that. I can say, ""Marie, you seem happy.""

              I like that even better.

              But ifyou'll forgive an intrusion from the real world for a moment...

              why did you tell Aaron about your condition?

              I had to tell someone.

              Maybe we could let Aaron be your analyst, and I'll do your taxes.

              That was a very distancing thing to do.

              Look, Marty, Aaron seems like a nice man.

              You like him. Maybe not romantically, but you seem close.

              Ofcourse, telling someone you're mad as a hatter...

              doesn't usually bring them any closer.

              ""Mad as a hatter""?

              It's a medical term I like to use.


              Why don't you keep William in your dreams and in this offiice...

              and away from everybody else?

              ( Toy Train Whistle Blowing )

              ( Whistle Continues )

              I'm funny about birthdays too.


              I even, uh, have dinner ready.

              You'll never guess.

              Duck with orange sauce.

              ( Laughs )

              ( Sighs )

               ( Soft Jazz )

              I love this music.

              ( Woman )  Now you say you're lonely 

              -  ( Continues ) - ( Groans ) It's  :   already.

               Well, you can cry me a river 

              -  Cry me a river  - Kind ofa dirty trick, huh?

               I cried a river 

              -  Overyou  - Birthday on a Wednesday.

              -  Now you say  - ( Thunder Rumbling )

               You're sorry 

               For being so 


               Well, you can cry 

              -  Me a river  - Guess I'd better get you a cab.

              - Yeah. -  Cry me a river 

              Guess you better.

               I cried a river 


              ( Sighs )

              Now, look, uh--

              In the dream last night, exactly what did you tell Mr. Reilly?

              Well, uh, exactly?

              ( Girl ) Aren't you going to say good-bye?

              - ( Guillaume ) You all right now? - Everything.

              Boy, poor Dr. Peters. That must have rattled his teeth.

              I would have thought you'd want me to be honest.

              I do. I do.

              But I don't want you scaring this William away.

              You can bare your soul to Mr. Reilly ifyou like...

              but not to William.

              All he gets is your love.

              And you know what that love is gonna do?

              Pretty soon there won't be any dream to tell him about.

              Just have a good time. Come on!

              Girls, Mommy's off.

              - Come here, honey. - Pleasure meeting you.

              - Pleasure was mine. - I'll miss you so much.

              - Good night. - Hey!

              I'll live, okay?

              Yeah. I'm sorry.

              One ofthese days we've got to work on the room thing.

              - I promise. - Okay.

              - Good night. - Night.

              ( Lock Clicks )

              It's a nice place. Little pricey.

              Well, ofcourse. I have good taste.

              When did you steal this?

              Last night.

              So, tomorrow night, you gonna bring me back some foie gras?

              Oh, how cruelly you make sport ofthe insane.

              ( Laughing ) H-Hey!

              I prefer ""stone-cold nuts"" myself, but that'sjust me.

              Has more character.


               My favorite things 

              -  When the dog bites  - What are you doing?

              -  When the bee stings  - Can I have that, please?

              Let me guess. Let me guess.

              You have an older housekeeper, and she brings her own tapes.

              - Can I please have this? - ( Laughing )

              -  So bad  - Stop it.

              Stop. I'm very identifiied withJulie Andrews.

              No kidding. We're practically the same person on the inside.

              Oh, great. That makes three ofyou.

              Yes. Sometimes it's...

              a little crowded.

               ( Tape Clicks On )

              ( Laughing ) Will you stop?

               Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens 

               Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens 

              ( Groans ) What am I gonna do?

              I don't know, but I'm sure glad you didn't call me William.

              That was so yummy.

              ( Laughs )

              Yeah, it was.

              You, I love.

              Au revoir.

              Sorry you can't stay.

              ( Siren Wailing In Distance )

              ( Different Siren Wailing In Distance )

                ( No Audible Dialogue )

                ( No Audible Dialogue )

                So what do you think?

                I mean, do you hate me? Do you think I'm nuts?

                - Do you-- - No, no, no.

                - It's worse. I believe you. - Worse?

                You tell me about this nightmare that you're living through.

                And all I can think of is this other guy.

                ( Laughs ) I'm jealous.

                No, I'm crazed about a guy who doesn't exist.

                Well, he--

                Never mind.

                - ( Sighs ) - You really love him, huh?

                I think so.

                So how close does he get to seeing who you really are?

                I don't know, but--

                But he...

                calls my condition a passion of mind.

                Well, he's very wise.

                I'm gonna fii ght foryou.

                ( Laughs )


                Was it good? It was good, wasn't it?


                Did you tell him about me?

                Poor guy.

                How's he gonna fii nd another girl like you?

                ( Giggles )

                ( Tapping )

                ( Whistles )


                - Like it? - Oh, it's great!

                Once we get the curtains up...

                TV in...

                we can put your friend here when he comes to visit.

                My friend?

                Your friend. The accountant from New York.

                What's his name-- Arnie something, huh?

                I can't believe you are making fun ofthe handicapped.


                He's handicapped too?

                He's handicapped and fiictitious? Pretty appealing.

                Not him, doofus. Me.

                I'm the one who's handicapped.

                - I mean, I'm, you know-- - Mad as a hatter?

                Mad as a hatter. Don't you consider that a handicap?

                Yeah, that's--

                That's a handicap.

                -I don't think it's ever going off. -Off?

                Yeah. The light...

                that always goes off inside me...

                so I can move on.

                Oh, God. You know how to do that?

                Well, you commit beautifully...

                and yet you still let me know...

                that you could run, and...

                damn you, that keeps me from running fii rst.

                ( Splashing )

                When you think of kids...

                what do you think of?

                Orange sauce.

                I was aiming more at, uh, ""How many?"" ""When?""

                You mean, uh, with you?

                Yeah, me. ( Laughs )

                Let's see.

                With you, I'd want a lot.

                I'd want a lot with you.

                You know...

                kids come fii rst.

                I'd be real ruthless about that.

                I'm talking about the way you are.

                - Ah. - Ah.

                That. Mmm.

                What about France? You gonna have kids with him too?

                I don't know. Maybe he likes the ones I've got.

                Am I so...


                Could I commit my life to you just the way you are?


                But I'd never do that to my kids.

                Not in a million years.

                And you have to hear that.

                Couldn't getJen to sleep. She was in the weirdest... mood.

                She was wild. Crawling under the...

                bed and, uh--

                I don't know.

                I couldn't quite fii gure it out.

                She wasjust in the weirdest mood.


                From a box in the closet.

                Jennifer gave them to me after dinner.

                She said they were beautiful, and I should read them.

                It should be our secret.

                I didn't read them, ofcourse.

                She's very proud ofyou.

                What she did taught me something...

                about what your dream really is.

                You said whatJen did taught you.

                In your dream, Marty can do what she wants.

                She can work with what she loves...

                and give herselfto it, and it's okay.

                She doesn't have to... hide it...

                in a box... in a closet.

                Every night I go back to a room...

                and I lie there...

                and I think about you.

                When I dream, I dream about you.

                - I know what you're saying. - No, you don't.

                - I do. I do. - The hell you do.

                It's all built around you.

                Those people in New York--

                they're all you.

                You're analyzing yourself. You're courting yourself.

                You're making love to yourself.

                It's all my fault. I'm sorry.

                - I said more than that. - I heard everything you said.

                All of it-- and it's right.

                How long did he give you?

                He didn't say.


                You don't have to lose the whole dream.Just the man.

                Why do I have to lose anything at all?

                I don't want to give up either ofthem.

                You don't have that choice.

                You're not playing alone anymore.

                The real one will leave.

                And when he does, you'll know the other one is the dream--

                which means you've lost him too.

                ( Sighing )

                This is your moment.

                You've got to go for it.

                I don't know-- I don't know if I can.

                Yes, you can.

                ( William ) I can't let you be safe anymore.

                Choose. Choose!

                ( Sighs )

                What are you doing?



                - I should have guessed. - I'm writing in here.

                So, what did you dream last night?

                What does he look like?

                Is he dark?

                Strong? Pretty?

                Is he younger than me?

                Don't do that.

                Please don't do that.

                How does he make love to you?


                How do his hands feel?

                His lips?

                Does he get to stay the night?

                Well, tonight he can.

                What is it, uh, Sarah says?

                Don't forget about me.

                ( Whimpering )


                ( Bell Dings )

                - Are you okay? - I'm okay.

                There's something I want to tell you. Um--

                You're not going away with me this weekend.

                Are you sure you're okay? You look--

                You look kind ofweird.

                I am weird, remember?

                Oh. Oh, yeah. What are you looking for?

                I'm glad you're here.

                What are those?

                How many ofthose were you planning to take?

                Just one.

                Why? You don't want to sleep?

                - I don't want to talk about it. - Why not?

                - I just don't. - Why tonight?

                - What's back there? - Nothing, nothing, nothing.

                You can't stay awake forever.

                Jesus. It's one goddamn pill.

                You know, you don't have to go there tonight.

                You could go someplace else.

                Tahiti, maybe.

                Maybe you could--

                Maybe you could take me along.

                'Cause I've never been there, and maybe we'd have a hell ofa time...

                and you could-- you could tell me all about it over breakfast.

                And maybe I want to be alone.

                And I don't want to be alone. I don't.

                And I'm afraid not to be alone.

                ( Voice Breaking ) And I want you to stay.

                Why? Why do you ever have to go back there again?

                Because my babies need me.

                ( Marty ) Look at this. Wow!

                What a sweetie.

                - Thankyou. - I'm really good, aren't I?

                - You are good. - Uh-huh.

                What's this?

                Where did you get this?

                Just looking around on the bookshelf...

                for whatever-- snooping, basically.

                I noticed that tin box on one ofthe shelves...

                so I peeked inside.

                - You found this here? - Yeah. Right on the shelf.

                You know last night, before I came in?

                I lay there, on that incredibly comfortable bed...

                and I tried to hearyou breathing.

                Couldn't. Started thinking about how close you were.

                Figured I'd just come over to the bed. I'd see you.

                And you know, I was--

                At fii rst I was afraid.

                ( Laughing ) Like, ifyou woke up, I'd disappear.

                I actually thought that. I really did.

                Well, I guess it worked out. You're here.

                Yeah. Wherever that is.

                These were, um...

                my mother's.

                And, um, these are hers too.

                She, uh, wore them together.

                Nice pictures.

                This is when I was fiive...

                and this one's when I was about...

                ten, eleven, I think.

                You haven't changed much.

                ( Laughs )

                I'm gonna be late. I gotta go.


                Just thinking about my best friend.

                She sounds pretty high maintenance. I don't know.

                Could be quite a loser. You might want to dump her.

                No, she's not a loser, just...

                someone who needs to run when things aren't perfect...

                and love is never perfect, is it?

                And ifyou really care about someone...

                really care, then you have to respect who they really are.

                I know who you are.

                You're the little girl whose mama died in France...

                when she was     .

                One time you said--

                You said, don't I believe in saving someone...

                I care about from himself, and I said, ""No, ma'am.

                I sure don't. I'm not that smart.''

                I would rather be your best friend than the guy...

                that made you give up any part ofyourself.

                I really would.

                That's what I aspire to be when I grow up--

                your best friend.

                So, ifyou need to run...

                you should.


                ( Giggles )




                Mommy, what's the matter? Wake up! Mommy!

                ( Footsteps )

                ( Creaking )


                ( Aaron's Voice ) You, I love.

                ( Toy Train Whistle Blowing )

                ( Mechanical Rattling )

                ( Aaron's Voice ) Marty?

                - ( Screams ) - No, no, no. Easy.

                It's okay. It's okay.

                It's okay. It's me.

                It's okay.

                Why did you bring me back?

                I had to see you one more time.

                I had to say good-bye.

                - Oh, I love you. - I know.

                ( Marty's Voice ) Who knows what dreams are made of?

                The kiss ofa childhood friend...

                the roar ofa stranger's car on a gravel road...

                the absolute calm of my father's voice...

                the warmth of my mother's arms.

                You're not drinking tonight?

                No, I'm... talking tonight.

                Confessing, actually.

                You go ahead.

                I can keep a secret. ( Laughs )


                how you said you wouldn't give up on me?


                You won't, will you?

                Promise me you won't, 'cause I couldn't do it without you.

                So I guess my big secret...

                is that I love you like crazy, Mom...

                and I always will...

                even if I can't...

                be with you like this anymore.

                I've always been there--

                even when you didn't know it.

                Thankyou for coming.

                Well, I fii gured there'd be a drink waiting.

                Well, I couldn't let you down.

                I meant always. Thankyou.

                Me too.

                Don't forget about me.

                Not hardly.


                I had a bad dream.

                ( Marty ) Goodness, you guys.

                Lay back, sweetie, and just relax.

                Can you rub my foot?

                Yes, I can rub your foot.

                - Better? - It was scary.

                You know, there's something that I want to talk to you about.

                Something very, very important.

                Something... foryou guys to remember...

                and to know...

                even when I'm not with you...

                whereveryou might be.

                What do you mean?

                You see, we're the same person--

                all of us--

                and I love you...

                with all my heart-- all of it.

                Always, always, always.

                And when...

                you think of me, you...

                think then I will be there.

                We'll all be there together.

                I-- I love you, Mommy.

                I love you too.

                And whereveryou are...

                just think of me, and I'll be there for you too.

                Thankyou, sweetie.

                - Love you, Mommy. - I love you, sweetie.

                - Can you rub my foot too? - Yes, I can rub your foot too.

                - I love you, Mommy. - Love you, Mom.

                ( Footsteps )

                ( Aaron ) Is this seat taken?

                I brought you something--

                stories from a box in a closet.

                I brought them home from France.

                I won't be going back there.

                I-- I would like you to read them.

                I'd like you to have them.

                They were always meant foryou.


Special help by SergeiK