Patriot Games Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Patriot Games script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Tom Clancy movie with Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Patriot Games. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Patriot Games Script





We can't come to the phone rightnow.

Please leave a message.



Hi, it's Jack. We're going

to leave London as planned.



We'll take a cab from the airport

so don'tpick us up.



Eight! One, two, three ...



You already own that.

You own everything.



We forgot about Sally's goldfish.

Feed them if they're still alive.



Mom can make my move.



lf they're not, go to the store

and find a couple the same size.



We'll see you soon. Bye.



What's happening?



- Yes!

- No! Another hotel?



- What does he owe you?

- You owe me £  ,   .



l haven't got it. l'm out.

l want to go to sleep.



- Good evening, sir.

- Yes?



Will these do?



Yeah, bring them in.



My wife ... l guess.



Candles, champagne ...



- l'm sor´ry l didn't think of this.

- lt's okay, only one of us had to.



ls she asleep?



- What about your speech?

- l'll wing it.



Are you sure?



We have all watched in awe at

the events taking place in Moscow.



And at the enormous changes

resulting from these events.



ln this volatile climate,

we can only speculate -



- on the future

of Soviet Fleet development.



l would like to thank the Royal Navy

for inviting me here today.



He's impressed, but he can't show it.

He's a professional soldier.



Come on, we've got to meet Daddy.



l'm impressed.



- Can you find it?

- Yeah, we're here.



When we get to this street,

we turn left ... no, right.



Are you sure?

Okay, we're going to turn right.



Mind yourself, Paddyboy.

Move sure and fast.



- You've told me that.

- l'm telling you again.



This won't be like anything

you've done before, little brother.



Targetleaving the palace now.



Stay awake, lads. Here they come.



There's Daddy.






Get down!



Get down!



Get down. Keep her down.



Get out of the car! Get out!



Open the fucking door!



Open it or l'll blow you up.



Come on, let's go.



Go! Go!






Stop! Army! Drop it!



What about the boy?.



He's had it.



lt's all right, sweetie. Stay here.



- Stand back, ma'am.

- That's my husband. l'm a doctor.



Jesus! What were you thinking of?



l'm going to set you down.



Stay with me, Jack. You hear me?



Jack ... Stay with me.



There's a feeling of outrage over

this attack on the Royal Family.



No group has yet claimed credit,

but one is under strong scrutiny.



The lRA.



According to eyewitness accounts,

Lord William Holmes, -



- the MinisterforNorthern lreland,

along with his wife and son, -



- were saved by an American tourist,

John Patrick Ryan.



An author andprofessor at the

NavalAcademy in Maryland, -



- Ryan is

a former Marine Lieutenant.



He was wounded and is underguard

at an undisclosed London hospital.



Deborah Weston,

CNN News, London.



- l'm sor´ry.

- lt's all right.



You're alive. l forgive you.

otherwise ...



Hey, pumpkin.



l love you.



l love you, too.



Can you dignify their cowardice

with your silence? They left you.



They drove off without you.

What is it you think you owe them?



lf any of my mates

left me in your hands, -



- l'd feel no great sense

of loyalty. l'd kill them.



Who are they, Sean?



Where are they?.



The trip was unscheduled, but you

knew Lord Holmes would be there.



l can't help you

if you don't talk to me.



l'd tear your heart out

if l didn't know you'd enjoy it.



You Fenian bastard.



No, not in all eternity.

He'll not chirp a word.



Not Sean Miller. Not while

his brother's lying on a slab.



- Don't you believe it, Jimmy?.

- l don't believe the entire thing.



The Royal Family,

that only turns people against us.



This was totally unauthorised.

The brigade know you were behind it.



Fuck the lRA! All these years of war

and they've got us nowhere.



England is still a monarchy,

and that is where we must strike.



The Royals and the ruling class.



You're either with us

or you're against us.



- Make up your mind.

- l'm with you.



Good, that's all l wanted to hear.



l'll leave you to it.



Kevin. Charlie's going to drop by

to straighten things out.



Be smart. Talk to him

and hold your temper.



l promise. Thanks, Jimmy.






Kevin, it's Charlie.



That's me holding my temper.



- Damn! l forgot.

- What?



Where's my bag?



You're not going to make me wear

a rubber?.



- The church says it's a sin, darling.

- So's this, darling.



What can you tell me about this guy?.



He's a nice boy. Sean Miller.

He shot a priest in Der´ry.



lt was during confession. He thought

he was informing for the British.



lt's not in Mr Ryan's best

interests, nor the prosecution's, -



- to discuss matters

not directly at hand.



lf you can confirm for me that you

disarmed that man in the square, -



- we'll be through.



- l can.

- Do you have anything to add?



Yes. The man l killed

was Miller's ... brother.



Patrick ... not even    . He was

recruited by Sean into the lRA.



T´ry to preserve the clarity

of your eventual testimony.



- l read it in a newspaper.

- Refrain from reading newspapers.



Not even Doonesbury?.



Do you have anything to add?






My name's Geoffrey Watkins.

Private secreta´ry to Lord Holmes.



lt's a pleasure to meet you.

This is my wife, Catherine.



Dr Ryan, how is your patient?



Just fine, we're looking forward

to going home, though.



- May l introduce his lordship?

- Hello.



lt's my great honour

to finally meet you.



l owe you a debt of gratitude

that l shall never be able to repay.



l'm delighted you're here

to share in the good news, Mrs Ryan.



Her Majesty has decided to invest

your husband with a knighthood.



My congratulations ... Sir.



Good luck today.



Sir Jack!



Lady Catherine!



lf l'd had time to think, l'd have

preferred to do something else.



You're saying you didn't have time,

so you didn't?



- Didn't what?

- You didn't think. lsn't that it?



No, you raced into a situation

of which you had no understanding -



- and attacked my client, who was

a pedestrian also hur´rying to help.



- Wearing a ski mask?.

- You shot another man in the chest.



- After they shot me.

- And felled a second victim.



l used that force

l deemed necessa´ry.



l should say so. l doubt ve´ry much

if anyone would disagree.



l didn't make this happen ...

He did.



There is one more question.



Are you still in the paid service

of the ClA?



Remember you're under oath.



- No.

- l beg your pardon?






That's all, thank you.



The witness may stand down.



Thank you.



Bloody proud of yourself,

aren't you?



You stuck your nose in, and

now you've killed my baby brother.



Hey, Daddy.



Wow, you guys have really grown.



- How are you feeling?

- Not so good.



- Are you tired?

- No.



- l have no idea what time it is.

- You're telling me.



- Did l miss something?

- No ... but l did.



l'm pregnant.






Can l watch some TV?

l'm not at all tired.









- Do l have any say in this?

- Sure, this is a family.



- Eve´ryone has a say.

- But my say is after the fact.



- Or am l wrong?

- No, you're right.



Michaela despises her little sister.



Well, it could be even worse.

lt could be a baby brother.



Oh no! Boys!






Are you denying

that the lRA was behind this action?



When the lRA carry out a campaign,

they admit to it.



That's theirpolicy.

They'llproudlysay they did it.



Have the lRA admitted to this?

l mean, common sense, logic ...



Can l at least suggest some names?



Sure you can.



Good morning, Mr Cooley.



And to you. How's business?



Fine, thank you. l came upon this

first edition at an estate auction.



Can your man restore it?



- When would you want this by?.

- Soon.



The binder

may have some trouble with this.



ls that so?



l'll see what l can do.

He's not a miracle worker.



No, obviously he's not, Mr Cooley.



The best you can arrange then.



- Good day, Mr Cooley.

- Good day, madam.



Hello, Sean, do you mind

if l come along with you?



Although l disapprove

of the things you've done, -



- l can't quite bring myself

to condemn you.



l can't, because l understand

where the hatred comes from.



l more than understand it.



But the fact is, we're ve´ry near the

darkest hole in all of Great Britain, -



- and you still won't speak to me.



The bridge is up.

We'llbe here forfive minutes.






Mobile three to Lymington ...



Open the door.

Open it or l'll kill him.



- They've got the bridge keeper.

- Open the door.



Should we wait until they kill him

and then open the door?.



- Your guns.

- We are unarmed.



Get them out.



Lie down. Don't you fucking move.



Did you think we'd forget about you?



lnspector Robert Highland,

this is a friend of mine.



Tell me, what do they pay you

to turn against your own people?



Get on with it and be on your way.



Ve´ry well,

if that's the way you feel about it.



Come on, Cath.



- Have l got the tickets?

- They're on the fridge!



- Dad ...

- Honey, there's plenty of time.



- Hello, Admiral.

- Jack, you know Marty Cantor.



- How's the shoulder?.

- Not too bad.



Something's come up.

Can we sit down and have a chat?



They were moving him to

Albany Prison on the lsle of Wight.



- We think he's left the count´ry.

- Let's deal in what we know.



We know he escaped in Kent,

near the Channel.



lf he's left the count´ry ...

Jack, are you listening?



The chances that he'd come here,

or would t´ry to, -



- are so remote

l have trouble even saying it.



Yet your first instinct

was to come out here and tell me.



Marty, excuse us a few minutes.



l've got a few more weeks

before school starts, -



- but l've got to prepare

a few lectures.



Come and look at what we've got.

You might turn up something.



You're asking me

if l want to come back.






We'll t´ry and go next week.




Sean Miller escaped.



What does that mean?



They thought l might be concerned,

but l'm not.



The lRA's not going to follow me

over here. We talked about that.



They're gone, that's it.



They didn't ask you

to come back to ClA?



- l said no.

- Just like that.



l don't want to go back.



- l saw them coming and l just ...

- l know.



l can't go back to that life again,

you know?.



l bet your cell

was better than this.



At least you had

your own toilet bowl.



Cheer up, you've just been spared

a lifetime of hell on earth.



l don't feel like resting, laying in

the sun like a complacent tourist.



We've got to train like soldiers

and we can't do that in lreland.



lt's a waste of time.



There's a difference

between laying about and laying low.



Next time we'll post Lord Holmes

back to Whitehall in pieces, -



- if that's what it takes to free

eve´ry lrish political prisoner.



- That's not what l'm thinking of.

- l know that.



What Ryan did can't be undone.

Stop thinking about it.



l can't.



How could something like this

have happened?



lnspector Highland picked the day

and the route, and still they knew.



- He had two children.

- Tragic.



SO-   have narrowed it down to

   people who had this knowledge.



Five of whom are now dead.



You should limit your appointments.



l will not have my itinera´ry

dictated to me by terrorists.



Whoever this traitor is,

they'd better pray l never find him.



We know you'll do your best, sir.



We don't know

ifwe're ever coming home



stand up, buckle up,

shuffle through the door



jump out and shout Marine Corps!



Egesta appealed to Athens

on what basis, on what grounds?



Mr Viederman?

A bad time for you?



They said they'd be grateful.



- Didn't they?.

- Yeah.



''Fight our battle and the world

will fear and respect you.''



- Athens already had respect.

- lt didn't matter.



- Pride, sir.

- That's the real battle.



- Attention on deck.

- Attention to orders.



l have a presentation to make.



For service above and beyond

the call of duty of a tourist, -



- we recognise John Patrick Ryan

with the order of the Purple Target.



We hope that he will duck

next time, -



- lest he become part of histo´ry

rather than a teacher of it.



- How old is he?

- Ten.



Plate-glass window?.



Here goes. Hi, guys.



We may have to bump my next

appointment. This might take time.



Yes, let's bump it.

Okay, let's do it.



You just waded on in

like John Wayne.



Why did you do it?

What were you thinking?



- l don't know. l wasn't thinking.

- You sound like my students.



lt pissed me off.



l couldn't just stand there

and watch them shoot those people.



lt was ... rage.



Pure rage.



- lt just made me mad.

- l hope you never get mad at me.



She's late, Sean.



She was at this dance,

and then this guy at the end ...



She's kind of cute, isn't she?



ls she?






- Hi, Mommy.

- How are you?



Let's do it.






Highway   . West.



Goodbye, Doctor.



Dr Ryan! He's getting away.



Where's Sean Miller?.



Dr Catherine Ryan, please.



How long?



Come on!



This is Dr Ryan. l want the results

on the Thompson boy's retinal scan.



Cathy, get off the phone.



- Look, Mom.

- lt's beautiful.



l'm still holding.

l'd like to speak with Dr Sutton.



Operator, emergency breakthrough.

The number is    -    .



lt's a mobile phone, l know.

What do you mean l can't?






- Dr Ryan, the scan is fine.

- Great, thank you.






Hello? Jack?.



Cath, something's happened.

ls Sally with you?



- ls everything all right?

- Fine.



There she is.



Get to the nearest police station

as quick as you can.



- The police station?

- Get offthe highway.



Steady, mate.



- Where are you now?

- Rowe Boulevard.



There's a police station

at Houston Street.



- ls something wrong?

- No, everything's fine.



They're gone.



- Mr Ryan?

- Yeah.



Your wife's okay.

She sustained a concussion.



- She's pregnant.

- The baby's okay.



- And my daughter?.

- Let's sit down.



No, talk to me.



lt's going to be a while

before we know.



- Where's Sally?.

- She's in the recove´ry room.



They're watching her.

We'll know in a few hours.



They had to remove her spleen.



She's in pretty bad shape.



l'm sor´ry.



Here you go. Are you okay?.



We go over to our reporter

with Paddy O'Neil.



l'm praying for the recovery ofthe

victims ofthis senseless attack.



Sinn Féin are outraged, as are most

lrishmen, at this heinous crime.



l want to share with Dr Ryan

our empathy and anguish, -



- at an appropriate time.



- Was funding for the lRA ...

- The lRA are notresponsible here.



- Theyhad nothing to do with it?

- No more questions.



- She's going to be okay.

- Thank you.



lt's all right. She's fine.



Mr Ryan?



l'd like to share with you

our deep regret ...



Mr Ryan ...



You know the deal. You are involved.

lt's not good process.



The victim of a crime

does not make the best analysis, -



- even if

you knew something about terrorism.



l have guys on it

who know about the lRA.



l'm not standing here with my hat

in my hand. l want back in.



Jack ...

Thank God about Sally.



Alice and l are so relieved.



- Have you managed any sleep?

- Not much, sir.



l'm interrupting something.



You were telling Jack that we'd

be better off without him around.



Or something along those lines.



Marc Spiva. Jack Ryan.



Tony Ferro. Alex Winter.



- Rose ...

- You look better than l expected.



- lt's an illusion.

- lt'd have to be. Good to see you.



We've carved a niche for you.

Here's your night-table reading.



''Father killed by RUC ...

Belfast,     .''



Good morning, sir.

Could l see some identification?



- Did you see the game?

- Yeah, it was all right.



For that penalty,

he was outside the area.



- What the hell ..?

- Nobody move!



Get 'em up!



Good morning.



Kevin O'Donnell.

A long-time lRA strategist.



He saw Timothy Miller die in     .



He looked after Sean and Patrick.

lt's a recent photo.



lf we could find O'Donnell,

we'd find Miller, too.



- Are you with me, Jack?.

- l'm just thinking.



- What about the gun?

- lt wasn't registered.



- Son of a bitch.

- What?



Look ...



SO-   gets an anonymous tip

about some bomb-making setup.



They get the bad guys,

but who tipped them off?



Three lRA hitmen

found dead at a farmhouse.



That's British soldiers

getting out of hand.



No, look ... Brigade Commander

Jimmy O'Reardon.



Ends up dead in a cheap hotel.

A professional hit.



- Was that after the farmhouse?

- Same day.



- Same day.

- What are you coming to?



Jack! Where are you going?



l'm going to throw

some water on my face.



Excuse me ...



l think one of us

is in the wrong room.



lt's okay.



- Jack!

- Get down.



When the lRA carry out a campaign,

they admit to it.



Get down!



Who are we looking for here,

lRA terrorists?



Or some ultra-violent faction

of the lRA, fighting their own way.



O'Reardon checked into an hotel

with a woman with long hair.



Long red hair.



This is who we're looking for.

We find her, we'll find him.



l saw his wife and daughter die,

but she and Neddie blew it.



Ryan's still alive.



- They're not dead.

- What?



They survived it.

l can't say it any plainer.



- lt doesn't matter now.

- lt does matter.



Americans hold their breath

eve´ry time a little girl falls down.



You shot at one with a machine gun

on her way back from school.



We've started the war. The Brits are

tearing apart Belfast for the lRA.



Their American money, by denying the

hits, makes them look more guilty.



The war is raging. When it's over,

we'll be the ones left standing.



l let you go for Paddyboy,

but that's it!



We've got work to do ...

and it's not in Ma´ryland.






- Yeah?

- How's the family, Ryan?



You nearly lost them, didn't you?

lt's easy to get at them.



You should

look afteryour familybetter.



Are you there? l understand

your little girl's feeling better.



Losing herspleen willmake it

tough on her to fight offinfection.



You sick son of a bitch.



lt was him, wasn't it?

He's never going to leave us alone.



He'll never get close to us again.

All he can do is call up.



You get him, Jack.

l don't care what you have to do.



Just get him!



Can l buy you a drink?.



No ...



Let me buy you one.



Two whiskeys.



The lRA's not responsible

for all this, l know that.



Are you waiting for me to agree?

lt's what l've said all along.



You claim responsibility

for one thing, deny it for another.



Nobody believes you anymore.



l want to know where Sean Miller

and Kevin O'Donnell are.



Let me t´ry and understand this ...



You want me to sell out

my fellow lrishmen to you?



- You don't understand me at all.

- l think l do.



l don't care what they've done!



The day l sell out my own people,

l'll put a bullet through my head.



- That's it then.

- Yes, l'm not drinking with you.



Okay, l'll go home.



l'll call the Press and let them

film in my daughter's hospital room.



lt'll be on the evening news.



l don't care if it wasn't you,

and neither will anyone else.



You'll have so little gun money,

you'll all be out throwing rocks.



l will fucking destroy you!

l'll make it my mission in life.



Excuse me.



Well, lads, did you hear that?



- The satellite's coming.

- Let's go.



Come on!



Get inside!



SO-   traced the guns

used in the Lord Holmes incident -



- to an arms dealer

that supplies Gaddafi.



Sean Miller was last seen in a

Zodiac heading out into the Channel.



l checked on the freighters

that were out there that day.



Syrian regist´ry. lnvolved

in the Middle East arms trade.



- Miller sailed to North Africa.

- Exactly.



Our planes photograph     camps

a day in North Africa.



Libyan bases, PLO, Red Brigade,

Action Direct, Red Army Faction ...



But on the day

this ship docked in Benghazi, -



- there's activity

in only nine of these camps.



One is PLO, one Shining Path,

these seven we're not so sure about.



- Why?.

- Our satellites ...



The people in those camps probably

know our satellite schedules.



Marty, unless you authorise us

to retask those satellites, -



- so we can get a look in, -



- we're never going to know

which camp they're at.



Do you know how big a deal

it is to retask those satellites?






Bring up camp    again.



Tighten on the camp here.



Let's look up here.

See what we can see.



Show me this grouping here.



That's nothing.

Go back to the bigger picture.



Let me see down here.



What's that? Tighten up on that.



Can you enhance that?






The SAS could take out

any one of these camps.



Kill eve´rybody there,

and be gone before the echo fades.



Are you sure this is the same woman?



Keep at it then.



Son of a bitch.






Read it again, Daddy.



''The sun did not shine,

it was too wet to play.''



''So we sat in the house

all that cold, wet day.''



''l sat there with Sally.

We sat there, we two.''



''l wish we had something to do.''



''Too wet to go out.

Too cold to playball. ''



''So we satin the house

and did nothing at all. ''



''All we could do

was to sit, sit, sit. ''



''We did notlike it,

not one little bit. ''



''And then something went... bump. ''



Paddy O'Neil can sleep at night.

He probably enjoys the irony.



She's not lrish, she's English.



This is the girl you saw

in the jeep, in the blink of an eye?



- Yeah.

- What am l supposed to do?



Tell SO-   you know who she is.

Give them her picture.



Ask them to look for her.

What do you mean, what do you do?



You walk into a bar, half of whose

customers want you dead.



You walk up to the lRA's bagman

and publicly threaten him.



You're not a field man.

You are an analyst. Analyse that!



l am not after yourjob. l'm after

the man who tried to kill my family.



Well then, think. lf you tell O'Neil

that you're looking for a girl, -



- and he gives you pictures of

a girl. Do you believe him?



l didn't tell him

l was looking for a girl.



Sarge, come and look at this.



l'm a bit of a bookworm, not that

you'd know it to look at me.



What's your passion then?

Mysteries? Spy novels?



- This is a rare book shop.

- Rare? Yes, so they are.



- Can you locate the problem?

- l already have.



The wiring in this place

dates from before the war.



lt's what we call

in the electrical business ... rare.



- l can fix it, but can you afford it?

- Just fix it.



- He's seen it, hasn't he?

- l don't know.



- He's got it.

- What do you make of this?



l ...

l have no idea!






l have to go out for a few minutes

to deliver some books.



- Keep about your repairs.

- l'll be here all week.



He gave me the hat.

He said, ''This is for you, my dear.''






Dinner at the White House

is no problem.



- What is the problem?

- We're running out of dates.



We could move that to there ...



Which would leave us the   th.



Check with John Ryan

about a presentation -



- at our embassy in Washington

on the ...



...   th.



Let's go over this again.

We start in Washington ...



- Geoffrey Watkins.

- l'm trying to reach Mr Titus.



- ls that extension     ?

- No, this is     .



l'm terribly sor´ry.



- What are you doing up?

- l want to be there when she wakes.



l'll go with you

and take a cab back.



Hello ... Yes, just a minute.



- lt's for you, Sir John.

- Hello?



Mr Ryan is holding a celebration.

Would you care to join them?



- Where? At his house?

- Yes, sir.



Why not?



We shot this

eight days ago in Berlin.



One, two, three ...



Four Brits travelling with him.

Light arms.



- The heavy stuff is in the cars.

- He's German.



- ls this boring you, Sean?

- Six altogether.



- lt'll be the same in Washington.

- Holmes will always be protected.



Four days in Washington

and one day in New York ...



... shopping.



Yeah, two Caucasians.



Take a look at the one with the hat.



- His arms look a little pink.

- Sunburn. A new arrival.



What do you think, same guy?.



The rare-book dealer, Dennis Cooley.

He's bald.



lt's possible there's a woman

in some of these camps.



But with her and Cooley

in the same place ...



... if that is Cooley, the odds

of coincidence are dropping fast.



But still,

there's no way l can be ...



... absolutely certain.



Jack, tell me one thing in life

that is absolutely certain.



My daughter's love.



What l need is your best guess,

and l think l've heard it.



Haven't l?



The bastards took away

my book shop and my books.



l'm sor´ry, you can't come.

You haven't got the training.



- This mission will be ve´ry messy.

- l can fire a gun.



Sor´ry, Dennis.



- Where are you taking me, Marty?.

- lt's you who have taken us, Jack.



lnto battle.



Airborne support in target area.

ETA,    seconds.



SAS team on the ground.



Enlarge camp   .



Enlarge prima´ry target.



That is a kill.



Targets have been neutralised.



Airborne support approaching.



SAS team withdrawing.



We're passing out of visual.



lt's over.



Come on, honey.



- Would your men like some coffee?

- No, thank you.



Thank you, Miss Ryan,

for inviting us to your homecoming.



You're a gracious host, and it's my

pleasure to make your acquaintance.



You're welcome.



l'll make the presentation

after dinner.



Would you like to see it now?.



- That's ve´ry nice.

- l already gave you one of those.



That's your second piece of cake.



- Where's the bathroom?

- Second door on the left.



- More coffee?

- l'd love some.



- Excuse me.

- Here it comes.






- There's someone in there.

- No, that's the basement.



- Hello.

- Jack, it's Marty.



l thought

you'd like to know right away.



- SAS just identified Cooley.

- What about the others?



Pretty messy. lt'll take    hours

to verify the dental records.



They're keeping right on it.



The storm knocked the power.

l have to light some candles.



- l'll light one foryou, too.

- Thanks, Marty.



Forget to pay your bill, Cath?



- ls eve´ryone all right?

- Just fine.



This only happens when

we have royalty over for dinner.



- ls something wrong?

- Come with me.



The storm would have knocked out

the lights in the boathouse, too.



The power comes in

from the street and branches off.






This is Ryan. Any DSS agent?



Ma´ryland Troopers? Anyone?



Anyone reading me?




- Can l come down later on?

- You've got to get some sleep.






- Don't tell them.

- Quite a storm.



Take your hands off me!

What are you doing?






Stay right there.



Rob, over here.



How many are coming?

Where's Sean Miller?.



- What are you talking about?

- Give me the gun.



Five, six ... maybe more.



l'll get the others.

Don't turn on the lights.



- Go to the basement. Where's Cathy?.

- She's putting Sally to bed.



Come on, Ryan. Show yourself.



Annette, upstairs.



- Come on, sweetie.

- What's wrong, Mommy?.



Climb up on the stool.

Shine the light up there.



God, Jack, what did you do

with the shells?






Get down.



Get back!



Are you all right? Where's Sally?.

lt's okay, honey.



Come on.



You've got to be real quiet.



Got you!






Hold on.



Come on.



- Who is off the air?.

- DSS, State Troopers, everyone.



Get me Hostage Rescue, now!



Robby, open up.



- lt's us.

- Jack?.



- They're outside.

- We want the Royal alive.



They're all over the place.



How were you going to get away?.

Do l go for the other knee?



Boats at the bottom of the cliff.

There are ropes.






You've killed him!



No, Sean! We need Holmes alive.



- We're past that.

- Alive!



Come on.



- Any contact?

- They're still off the air.



There he is!



Stay down.



Come on, you bastards.



Come on.



He's alone.

He's leading us away from the royal.



- Turn around.

- No.



Turn it round.



- Turn it round.

- Forget about Ryan.



- Don't blow the mission now.

- That's not my mission.



You crazy bastard!



- Do you want some toast?

- Pancakes.



There's no time for pancakes.

Toast or ... toast?



ls somebody going to get that?



Hello? Yes, she is.

Hold on a second.



- lt's Dr Zaillian.

- The amnio.



- ls it going to be okay?.

- We're just waiting to find out.



- What do you want on your toast?

- Strawber´ry.



Do you want to know what it is?

He's asking.



l don't know. Do you want to know?.



- l don't know. Do you?

- l'm not sure.



Hold on, we're discussing it.



l do and l don't.



He's waiting.



Okay, tell us.



Okay, tell us.



Thank you.


Special help by SergeiK