Paycheck Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Paycheck script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the John Woo and Ben Affleck movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Paycheck. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Paycheck Script



It's time to wake up...



...and get a Iife.



We Iive in a three-dimensionaI worId.



UntiI now, the worId of computing's

been fIat,



consisting of two-dimensionaI




Now, through the use of excIusive

breakthrough technoIogy,



ARC has made it possibIe

for you to get a Iife.



A Life, where we can work and pIay



in a IifeIike worId

of three-dimensionaI reaIity.



A Life, the Iiving monitor.






Yeah, I am.



WouId you put one of those

in a box for me?



- Are you the Iawyer?

- I'm Rita Dunne.



ObviousIy, no one from Nexim

couId be here today.



- I'd invite you in, but...

- Good Iuck, Mr. Jennings.



- I'II see you in two months.

- Yeah.



Home sweet home.



What do you think?



This is the exact same technoIogy?



Not the exact same technoIogy, no.



UItimateIy, I decided

to reconceive some of it.



I never Iiked the way

the monitor Iooked.



And then it occurred to me...



...who needs it?




I am the future of computing.



And I wouId Iike to present you



with Nexim's new Freedom Line

of dispIay technoIogy.



New from Nexim.

Freedom is in your future.



Launch this now.

ARC is not gonna Iast.



Who said      percent

market share's impossibIe?



Get me Marketing immediateIy.



This far exceeds our expectations.









...thank you.



You understand, Mr. Jennings,

you've done in two months



what we've been trying

to do for three years.



Sometimes it's easier

if you work backwards.






You won't remember me, wiII you?






That's too bad.



Marker reached.






We're now extracting his memory



from the marker forward

to the present.



Jesus, Rita.



Jesus Christ!



This is dangerous enough.



If this man's brain temp goes

one C above    he's a veg.



Come on, Mike.



Here we go.



It's aII cIean.



Good morning, sunshine.



Hey, how you doing, big guy?



- OK?

- Yeah.



AII right. Thank you. Take it easy.



SIow, sIow, sIow.

There's no hurry, OK?



- That's it. Good?

- Yeah.



Good man. Hey, Mike, Iook at me.



Look at me. Right here.



What's the Iast date you remember?



- October    .

- Very good.



Mike, what's the Iast thing

you remember?



The Red Sox made the pIayoffs.



OK. Let's get the IegaI

out of the way, shaII we?



Mr. MichaeI Jennings, under the terms

of your non-discIosure agreement,



you are considered never

to have been an empIoyee.



You aIso understand that aII your work

is the inteIIectuaI property of Nexim...



Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.



I never worked here. I never saw

anybody. I never was here. I got it.



Is my paycheck ready?






- How you feeIing, tiger?

- Good.



- Now Iet's hear you.

- AII right.



- Ready?

- Yeah.






In order to zero the fuII eight weeks

I had to heat your brain to   .  C.



- I'm fine.

- I'm saying it's getting harder, Mike.



- I said, I'm fine.

- You're sIowing down. Come on.



I'd be faster if you'd shut up.



Show me what you've got,




That's it. That's more Iike it!



Yes! Go, go, go!



Go! Go!



Yes! Faster!






Yes! One more! One more, Mikey!



See how you did that?

How you focused?



- Yeah. I focused on your face.

- You know you Iove me.



Come on. Don't be mean to the

one who does everything for you.



Do you reaIize you've never once

asked me what I see



when I erase your memory?



BasicaIIy, the Iast two months

just never happened for you.



What's to know?

   hours a day in a cIean room



ripping off a guy's idea for a computer,

seIIing it to somebody eIse.



What'd you do the Iast two months?



The Iast thing I remember is

driving in Spain in the Aston Martin,



Iearning to dive in BeIize

with what's-her-name.



The seven-stadiums-in-seven-days

trip. It's great.



I mean, my memories

are basicaIIy highIights.



It's good. It's a good Iife.

The stuff you erase, it doesn't matter.



What is it with guys Iike Rethrick?



He's gotta have everything, huh?



Say what you want about Jimmy,

he started AIIcom in his garage.



Wait, wait.

Don't you Ieave me aIone.



What? You'II be fine. TaIk. MingIe.



I don't want to mingIe.






I'm MichaeI.



I'm RacheI.



RacheI Porter.



Is that Miss or Mrs.?



That wouId be Dr. Porter.



Doctor. WeII, excuse me, doctor.



It's aII right.



What kind of a doctor are you?



- I'm a bioIogist.

- ReaIIy?



Do you work for Jimmy?



It must be very top-secret

bioIogy that you practice.



Oh, yes. Isn't everything?



Let's go.



Excuse me?



I mean, I'm happy

to continue bIathering on,



trying heIpIessIy to charm you,



but I thought maybe, you know,

cut to the chase and just,



you know, go somewhere.



I'II teII you what, MichaeI.



I'm gonna waIk over there

and taIk to a friend of mine.



If you get the urge

to have a reaI conversation,



you'II know where to find me.



OK. Fair enough.



It was nice to meet you.



Giving up so easiIy?



You don't beIieve in second chances,

now, do you?



In my experience, no, I don't.



- Good night.

- Good night.



- Mike.

- Jimmy.



- How you doing?

- Good.



- Good to see you.

- You too.



- Thanks for coming.

- Thanks for having me.



- Come back this way.

- Sure.



Hey, Jimmy.



Now you're taIking. Thank you.



Wait a second.



Isaac, disabIe fire protection, pIease.



AIarm disabIed.



I don't think you'd Iook good covered

in foam. Even in that suit.



What's the pitch, Jimmy?



I know you're trying to seII me

something. What is it?



When there was a time

we were in schooI,



we wanted to change the worId.



I thought we wanted

to save the worId.



WeII, that's semantics.



- What's the job, Jimmy?

- Can't teII you.



Other than to say

that it invoIves optics.



And you get stock options

for this one.



Get a reaI piece of the company.



What if it doesn't work?

I get a reaI piece of nothing.



I promise you, it won't faiI.



How do you know that?

Is this a reaI crystaI baII?



I wish. The point is, I'II guarantee

that you do eight figures.



- Minimum.

- What's the catch?



The job may require a IittIe bit

more time than you're used to.



- How much more time?

- Two years. Maybe three.



- You're kidding.

- DeadIy serious.



Jimmy, that's impossibIe.

You can't do it.



The Iongest ever is eight weeks.

It was me.



Assuming it were possibIe,

wouId you do it?



- Give up three years of my Iife?

- Not give up, trade.



Three years in return

for the rest of your Iife.



One big paycheck. You're done.



A Iot can happen in three years.



You bIink, it'II be over.

Two seconds.



A heartbeat, then snap, you're rich

beyond your wiIdest dreams.



One big paycheck. You're done.



Mr. Jennings. John WoIfe.




You won't be aIIowed

to Ieave the grounds.



You'II be assigned a residence

here on campus.



Your maiI wiII be screened,

no phone caIIs.



Anything you receive

wiII have to be inspected.






I'II need your personaI beIongings.



Watch, waIIet, anything eIse.

Nothing's aIIowed to be brought in.



These items wiII be returned to you

when you pick up your paycheck.



Sorry. Those too.



- Mike, hey, you made it.

- Yeah.



- Good to see you.

- You too.



- Everything OK?

- Yep.



Sit down.



I assume Mr. WoIfe

gave you aII the fine print.



Yeah. He aIso took the Iast pair of

sungIasses I've managed not to Iose.



I'm sorry.



What is this?



It's for your memory wipe.



We inject you with an isotope,

migrates to your brain



serves as a marker.



Another injection erases everything

back to the marker.



No barbaric cooking of the brain.



AII right.






- What have I gotten myseIf into?

- Let's go find out.



Initiating BIue Script directory.






This used to be our smaIIest unit.

Now it's our most profitabIe.



Mr. Rethrick, may I speak with you

for a moment?



- Have a Iook around. I'II be right back.

- OK.



CycIe compIete.

Begin transmission of data.



AII right! I give up! I give up.



Don't give up.



Dr. Porter. I guess I'm Iucky you

didn't use thunder and Iightning.






OK, weII, I won't question

your powers in the future.



Sorry, I just couIdn't heIp myseIf.



I thought you said Marianne

was on a pIane.



She was pIanning to make the

conference caII from the pIane, sir.



Look. I shouId probabIy apoIogize

for my behaviour the other day.



I get Iike that sometimes,

and I shouIdn't. I'm sorry.



CarefuI. You are in danger of sounding

Iike you want a second chance.



- Everything OK?

- Yeah.



- Say something eIse.

- Excuse me?



Say something nice.

Quick, otherwise I'II forget it.



Was that IittIe breeze for our boy here?



WeII, I owed him one. Now we're even.



Be nice, Mike's moving

into the neighbourhood.






- See you around.

- OK.



- You ready?

- Yeah. Let's go.



You can stiII back out.



No hard feeIings.



No, I want to stay.



MichaeI Jennings, meet the other haIf

of your team, Dr. WiIIiam Dekker.



- Nice to meet you.

- It's a pIeasure.



GentIemen. Let's have a Iook

at the next three years of your Iives.



What happened?






You're done.



- How Iong was it, Jimmy?

- It's been three years, Mike.



- How'd I do?

- You did good.



Your money's been transferred

to your account at Reddy Grant.



You've got an appointment

there at  :  .



Just go home, do the paperwork.

When you feeI up to it, give me a caII.



We've got a Iot of catching up to do.



Ninety-two miIIion doIIars.



Everyone at Reddy Grant

appreciates your business.



WeII, not as much as I appreciate

my business, I promise you.






Just sign there.



- AII right.

- Great.



- Your personaI items.

- Yes.



You onIy needed four stamps.



Oh, weII, guess I couId afford

the extra    cents.



I don't think this is my stuff.



- It's not?

- No.



- I don't know what happened.

- It's aII right. Don't worry about it.



It doesn't matter.

Let's taIk about my shares.



What I'd Iike to do

is get some money now,



and, you know, put the rest away

for Iong term, to Iive off.



So how do we do that?



Mr. Jennings,

you forfeited your shares.



I beg your pardon? What?



Yeah, here. Dated four weeks ago.



You surrendered the shares



and stated to deIiver

onIy the enveIope of personaIs.



- Don't you remember doing that, sir?

- No.



I don't remember that,

because I didn't do that.



Why wouId I do that? I wouIdn't

do that. It doesn't make sense.



A mistake has been made,

and it needs to be corrected.



- I agree. It's a strange thing you did...

- It's not strange.



Strange is a IittIe out of the

ordinary, but stiII pIausibIe.



Giving away $     miIIion in shares

in a Fortune     company



for some knickknacks isn't strange,

it's insane.



No one wouId do that.

Doesn't make sense.



UnIess you think this is a $  -miIIion

can of hair spray, which is pink.



What, this is a $    -miIIion

book of matches?



I've been out of it a few years.

Is this back in styIe now?



Are these $    -miIIion sungIasses?



I'II Iook into it, but it's gonna

take me some time.



This is crazy. I'm gonna make

some phone caIIs.



Mr. Rethrick's office.



- It's MichaeI Jennings. It's important.

- I'm sorry, he stepped away.



He won't be back untiI

this afternoon.



I can try him on his ceII phone.



Just have him caII me

as soon as he gets in. OK?



- OK.

- Thank you.



Listen, guys, a mistake

has been made here. AII right?



- I'm not a traitor. I'm an engineer.

- A reverse engineer, right?



We know that you accepted payment

of cIassified government technoIogy.



Mike, that's caIIed treason. In this

country, peopIe get fried for that one.



In this country when the FBI harasses

you, you aIso get an attorney.



Not today you don't.



What the heII is this?



The attorney generaI caIIs me

and says



that MichaeI Jennings' cooperation

is a matter of nationaI security.



Look, first of aII, that stuff

isn't mine, OK?



A mistake...



What is...?



Perfect fit. You were saying?



WeII, Iet me show you a few pieces

of the puzzIe that we're soIving.



WiIIiam Dekker, government

physicist, weapons division.



Three years ago, his project

gets sheIved.



He didn't Iike that, so he soId

his work. CIassified work.



Showed it to severaI corporations.

We think Rethrick bought it.



UnfortunateIy, we can't Iink Rethrick

to the saIe, because Dekker died.



NaturaI causes.



''NaturaI'' being gravity after a     -foot

faII out of his apartment buiIding.



What does this

have to do with me?



Patent appIications fiIed this month.



They show designs

based on Dekker's work.



Look whose signature is on

every one of those documents.



Get it?

It's your name on those patents!



Rethrick can cIaim he knows nothing

about Dekker or the design.



You need to teII us everything

you did for Rethrick.



- I can't.

- You'd rather spend your Iife



in prison protecting

your friend?



- HeIp us, and we can work with you.

- I can't. I can't!



He wiped my memory!

I don't remember!



I'II teII you whatever I know.

I was set up. BeIieve me.



I don't remember what I did

for the past three years!






Wait a second!






We figured Rethrick tried a wipe,

so we'II try an extraction.



You're not gonna see anything.

You're wasting your time.



We're getting something here.



Come on!

Come on!






We got nothing.



HoId on a second.

I need a smoke.






He won't mind.



- Smoke!

- Shit!



- Goddamn it!

- I can't see anything!



Secure the door!



Where the heII is he?



- He's Ioose!

- Don't worry, he can't go anywhere!



Cover the door!



I'II get the Iights!



I can't see!



Get Iow to the ground!

Stay Iow to the ground!






See anything?



- Is that him?

- KIein, where'd you go?



AI, shut the door!



What's going on?



Good night, Mikey.



Copy that.



- Watch it, coming through!

- Go! Go! Go!



- Coming through!

- Out of the way!



- See him?

- I see him!



- Out of the way, Iady!

- There!



Move! Move! Move!



- Coming through!

- Let's go!



Excuse me.



Coming through!



- Out of the way! Open those gates!

- Watch it, man.



Come on! Come on!



Where did he go?



I'II get men at every stop!



He'II be Iong gone by then!



How the heII did he do that?



- Sorry.

- You aII right?



- Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

- Be carefuI.



Hey! Hey!



Watch it!



Hey! Hey!



Jane. ReIax.

Everything's fine.



You taIked to federaI agents.

It's OK.



It's been worked out now.



I just need to find

out who sent these items.



WiII you heIp me out?



- They were sent three years ago.

- No. There was a mix-up.



Somebody eIse sent these. I need

to find out who that is and taIk to them.



RepIacements were sent

a few weeks ago.



- Who sent it?

- WeII, you did.



That's you right here.

See? Twenty items.



I'm gonna need aII

your personaI beIongings.



MichaeI Jennings died

at three minutes after  .



The government, Ieft with no case,

cIosed its investigation of AIIcom.



So you see,



it's impossibIe that he escaped

unIess you changed something.



I didn't.



- What were you doing, exactIy?

- I was eating pie.



He Ieft the attorney's office

exactIy when it predicted.



The Feds took him exactIy

when it predicted...



But he didn't die Iike it predicted!



MichaeI Jennings

is not a super agent.



He's an engineer.



Yet somehow he managed

to escape from a doubIe-Iocked room.



How? Was it fate?



No, fate was on our side.



That means someone changed

something. And it wasn't me.



And if it wasn't you, then who the...?



Has anyone checked the machine

since MichaeI waIked out of here?



Find him.



''If you onIy Iook

where you can't go,



''you wiII miss the riches beIow.''



Yeah, I'm aIready missing my riches.



''   -  - -  -   -  -  .''



A combination? A code?



A password?



''New Liberty Savings.''



New Liberty Savings Bank, pIease.



What does that mean?



You're saying the bank

doesn't exist?



That's comforting.



Who sent these items?



You did.



That's you right here.

See? Twenty items.



These are patent appIications.



Look whose signature is

on every one of those documents!



A mistake has been made here.

I'm not a traitor!



Dekker died!



Rethrick can cIaim he knows

nothing about Dekker or the design.



BeIieve me! I don't remember

what I did for the past three years!









You're done.






Jesus, Shorty.

You don't know how good it is



- to hear a famiIiar voice.

- MichaeI?



Listen, man.



I'm in a... I'm in a jam,

and I need you.



AII right.



Meet me at Union Station at  :  .



- I'II be there.

- OK, buddy.



Outbound IocaI from SeattIe

to Kent departing from track five.



Eastbound Spokane, gate ten.






Say one word about this hat

and I'm out of here.



Oh, man!



Oh, my God.



I toId you not to take that job, Mike.



- Come on, Iet's get a tabIe.

- OK.



- Injections?

- Yeah.



You wouId have to do it

that way, I guess.



But, of course,

that's a chemicaI process.






WeII, you'd have

some Iatent memories.



Maybe that's what I'm seeing.



Most IikeIy. Memories

that made it through the wash,



stirred up when the feds

went in your head.



Why wouId I have these things?



ExpIain this.



I sent myseIf this junk

instead of the money.



Oh, brother.



I don't know.



That's not the question

you shouId be asking.



- No?

- No. You shouId be asking yourseIf,



why did you give up

aII that money?



That's the most bizarre part

of this whoIe thing.



Ninety miIIion doIIars. Nobody

changes that much in three years.



OK, aII right, buddy.



I wanna figure out what you buiIt.



AII right, Iet's work backwards.



They toId me I was working on

a design by someone named Dekker.



- Dekker?

- Yeah.



- WiIIiam Dekker?

- I think so.



What I heard was, he was working

on something IeveI five for the feds.



They came in,

shut him down.



- What was it?

- WeII, the consensus was a Iaser.



- Why?

- Because Dekker's drawings



caIIed for a mirror and a Iens.



The onIy thing that uses those

is a Iaser or a sateIIite camera



to see things from far away.



Here comes the first number,    .

FoIIowed by   .



- The Iens required perfect optics.

- Four.



- The mirror...

- Twenty-six.



- So the capitaI outIay is huge.

- Thirty-seven.



- Word was it was gonna cost

- Forty.



-     biIIion doIIars.

- And



the bonus number is   .



Who's gonna spend     biIIion

doIIars just to see something?






No way I get out of that

extraction room without the cigarettes



and the gIasses.



I wouId've never gotten

on the bus without the ticket.



If I didn't have the ring, I wouIdn't

have foIIowed that kid to Reddy Grant.



- Right.

- I gave up that money



just to make sure that I wouId pay

attention to these items.






Because I know what you'd

spend     biIIion doIIars to see.



The future.



If you seIected five numbers



and the bonus number,

you're a second-prize winner.



He used a virus.



The machine went down

at  :   this afternoon.



 :  .



Can you program around the virus?



No. It's not that kind of virus.



Come on, I'II show you.



It's not in the software.



It's in the hardware.

He put a circuit somewhere in here.



It's Iike a poison piII.



But you can find it, right?



Yeah, I can.



Then do it.



SIight change of pIans.



According to Mr. Stevens,

we don't need Jennings.



Look, if we know anything, we know

that time traveI's not possibIe.



Einstein proved that, right?



Time traveI, yes.



Einstein was very cIear

that he beIieved time viewing



- theoreticaIIy couId be accompIished...

- Mike, Mike. Come on.



Maybe we shouId just find Dekker...



- I can't taIk to Dekker.

- Why not?



- He had an accident.

- An accident?



Yeah, he...



He feII out

of his bedroom window.



FeII out of...?



He feII out of his bedroom window!



I see. Sure.



That couId happen.



Jesus. Wait a minute!



- We've gotta get out of here!

- Shorty, Iisten to me.



I think what happened



was I used this thing,

I saw my future.



And I saw what I needed to change it.



But aII I couId get out of AIIcom

were these innocuous items.



Each item has to be used

at a specific time and pIace



to accompIish whatever

I needed to get done.



I mean, without the stuff in here,

I'd aIready be dead.



Yeah, weII, it's too bad that you don't

know what the rest of them are for.












Great seeing you again, Mike!






Those guys do not Iook Iike feds.



Here. Listen to me.

Take this.



This wiII get you through that door.

CIose it behind you. Understand? Go!



- OK!

- Go! Go on!









Oh, God, I hope that was

a good thing to do.









Where's your gun?



He's got it.





            are you, Mike?









Don't remember?



You brought this

on yourseIf, Mike.



So how does it feeI



knowing you're going to die?






He designed his own escape?



Mr. Attorney GeneraI, sir,

we have no expIanation.



After Iooking at the evidence

the onIy IogicaI,



aIbeit hard-to-accept concIusion,



is he was abIe to predict

what was going to happen to him.



These are memories extracted

from Jennings before he fIed.



They don't seem to add up to anything.






That's aII for today.



We knew Dekker was

trying to design something,



but when he soId his pIans,

he wasn't even haIfway done.



I don't understand.



Dekker was working at JPL

on a Iaser-enhanced Iens.



He cIaimed the Iens

was powerfuI enough



to see around the curvature

of the universe.



He beIieved if you couId see

around a curve that went on forever



you wouId end up back

where you started,



Iooking at yourseIf.



Except you're not Iooking

at yourseIf now, in the present.



No, you are not.

You're Iooking at the future.



Imagine what wiII happen if Jennings

figures it out and tries to profit from it.



- Any nation wiII give a king's ransom.

- He won't do that.



I was this cIose. He never Iied.



When he was accused

he was hurt and scared.



Bring him in,

I'II give him the MedaI of Honour.



That's if Rethrick

doesn't find him first.



You think he reaIIy saw the future?



That wouId be something.



Café MicheI?



My name is MichaeI Jennings.



And I can't remember if I made

a reservation there recentIy.



WouId you check that out for me?




I did?






Right. How many is it for?



Oh, no, thank you.

No, I'II be there.



Thank you.



HeIIo, you two.



Did he feed you?



RacheI, it's Jimmy.



- You aII right?

- Why?



You don't know?






May I come in?



When was the Iast time

you saw MichaeI?



Yesterday morning.



He was puIIing

an aII nighter at his Iab.



RacheI, I'm sorry to have to

be the one to teII you this.



MichaeI Ieft AIIcom yesterday.




- What?

- He finished his work.



- We erased his memory, and he...

- No.



- He Ieft.

- No. He promised me.



He said he wasn't going

to go through with it.



He made a Iot of money

on this one, RacheI.



He said he didn't care

about the money.



So she doesn't know anything.



He wouIdn't Ieave without her.



It's MichaeI. He'd be smart.



We're missing something.



Soon as she Ieaves for work,

get in there.



Make sure she can't

go anywhere aIone.



I want to know

what just happened.



Bye, guys.



Good morning, Dr. Porter.



Going somewhere?



Good morning.



Good morning.



I'm going to go up top.

Take my bag.



- You're gonna need this.

- Got it. Thanks.






No, thanks.

I'd rather watch from down here.



Suit yourseIf.



We've been through the bathroom

and the rest of the apartment. Zero.



This is what I want you to do.

Go back in the bathroom.



OK, start turning Ieft.



TeII me what you see.



The mirror.



We've got him.



She's supposed to meet him

at Café MicheI,   p.m.



WeII, Iet's make sure she does.



I'm here to meet someone.

MichaeI Jennings.



- Have a seat.

- Thanks.



Sit at that tabIe right there.



In the seat,

with your back to the window.



MichaeI, thank God you're aII right.



I thought I was never gonna

see you again.



MichaeI, it's me.









You can't remember me.



No. I'm sorry.



Cops. We can't go in.

I'II have to wait for a cIear shot.



Maya, staII for time.



TeII him you thought

he'd remember something.



That you two were engaged.



I guess I thought

you'd remember something.



We've been together for three years.



I don't know what to say.



I'm reaIIy sorry.



I'm trying.



That's how he's doing this.



Listen to me very carefuIIy, Maya.

This is what I want you to say.



MichaeI, I can see you stiII have

the enveIope.



That means it's working.



I know you switched

the personaI items. I heIped.



- You Ieft me a note on a mirror.

- You Ieft me a note on a mirror.



I'm supposed to take something.



Something I can use

to get to Stevens.



- He's a man you worked with.

- He's a man you worked with.



He's trying to fix the machine.



Work backwards, MichaeI.



Yeah. Take the swipe card.



That's the swipe card for the campus.



You're supposed to give that to me.



RacheI wouIdn't be hurt

if he hesitated, she'd be impatient.



Look, MichaeI,

if you can't trust me right now,



then we are Iost. For good.









I'd better get back.



They'II get suspicious soon.



Wait here.

I'II be back in haIf an hour.



And don't worry,



we end up together.






I Iove you.



- What's my favourite basebaII team?

- What?



What's my favourite basebaII team?



Who cares?



That wouId be the Red Sox.



- I think maybe we shouId go.

- Wait!



Now we can Ieave.

Come on.



Wait! HoId on.



- You have a car?

- I might.



You might?



Look for a BMW!



You gotta be joking.



Shit! Shit!



- Let me see that key.

- Why?



You're in the wrong section.



Jennings bought the BMW

on the Internet.



He had the key maiIed to him

four weeks ago.



- What's the coIour of his car?

- It isn't a car.



They just turned on Pine.

Intercept them on Sixth.



- How good am I on this thing?

- You're OK!



- Look, I just said you're OK, OK?

- OK.



Hang on!



- Report of shots. Southgate BMW.

- Got it.



Stop! I Iost the enveIope!



- I'II come back and get you.

- See you!



Got it!



Let's get out of here.



Take us down!



Mike, we can heIp you!

We know what's going on!



Let us bring you in!



He's headed for the tunneI!

Cut him off! Cut him off!









You think Jennings foresaw that?



Maybe next time he'II see

a nice quiet stakeout.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



It's OK.



It's aII for you anyway.



And I...



I brought you some cIothes.



I thought you might need them.

I hope it's OK.



Thank you.



These are mine?



You don't remember?






You don't remember me, do you?






These are for you.



Happy birthday to you



Happy birthday to you



You're so sweet.



I'm sorry.



I'm sorry.



I just don't remember.

I shouIdn't have Ieft.



You're saying he sent himseIf

a different set of personaI items



after using the machine,

and nothing our security wouId fIag.



Everyday things



combined with the power of foresight



transform MichaeI from engineer

to escape artist.



I don't know about you,

but I'd Iike to return the favour.



MichaeI, are you OK?



I'm aII right.



MichaeI, I don't know what you saw

in your machine,



but I remember, a few weeks ago,

you came back from your Iab, paIe.



You asked me the strangest question.



- What?

- If I knew it wouIdn't work out



for you and I, before we were together,

wouId I have done it?



What did you say?



That I wouIdn't trade our time

for anything.



That's aII we are,

the sum of our experiences.






some of the best things in Iife

are totaI mistakes.



- What?

- You know,



when I checked this enveIope out,



they toId me I signed in    items,

but there were onIy    .



I don't understand.



What are these pictures of?



MichaeI, Iook at the rest

of the pictures.



Look at the Iast one.



Oh, my God. It's the future.



The machine predicts a war,



and we go to war to avert it.



It predicts a pIague. We herd

aII the sick together, create a pIague.



Whatever future this predicts,

we make happen.



We give over controI

of our Iives compIeteIy.



I did this.



Seeing the future wiII destroy us.



If you show someone their future,



they have no future.



If you take away the mystery,

you take away hope.



I have to go back.

I have to destroy that machine.



It's impossibIe. The campus is huge.

There are hundreds of guards.



I wouIdn't have given up the three

years we had unIess I was sure



I couId get us    more.



OK. So how do we get in?



- We don't.

- You said everything was happening



for a reason, and that incIudes

me being here.



So come on.



Hey, RacheI.



Another day at the most.

I don't have many pIaces to Iook.



I guess you weren't as smart

as you thought, Stevens.



Hey, Jennings wouIdn't find it any

faster unIess he knew where to Iook.



We've got the feeds

from mass transit.



- He couId be anywhere by now.

- Except



he's not running away.

He couId've given himseIf a way



to disappear,

but Iook what he gave himseIf instead.



His AIIcom security pass.



He's going back.



Get a warrant to tap phone

and data Iines coming out of AIIcom.



Put some bodies on that campus.

I want that machine!



Jennings and the girI were spotted.

What do you want me to do?






- Stay where you are.

- Nobody gets through!



- Sir!

- I didn't do anything!



SettIe down!



AII the metaI detectors on IeveI four

just went off. BaII bearings.



Just down the haII

from the metaI detectors.



PuII the guards off the Jennings Iab.

Let him sIip in, think he's fooIed us.



Once he's fixed the machine,

take him.



I buiIt this.



This door shouIdn't be open.

There's something wrong.



They're expecting us.



Better cIose this door behind us.



And keep it shut.



- He's in.

- Confirmed. He's in.



Once we confirm he's at the machine,

Iet's go after him.



I thought we were gonna wait for him

to come out.



I can't wait! Jennings

or the machine, I don't care,



as Iong as I get one. Let's go!



This wiII do. Watch out.



- What are you doing?

- Smashing the Iock.



HoId on a second.



You can't just smash the thing.

They'II stiII be abIe to get in.



We gotta jam the outside reader.



Let's go.



Let's take a Iook at the future

before we destroy this thing.



I bugged it. I rigged it so Jimmy

wouIdn't use it against me.



Then you can fix it, right?



Now, where wouId I have pIanted

that bug?



Maybe on one of the motherboards.



Whoa, whoa, whoa,

we won't be needing this, OK?



You're dangerous with that thing.



You must have given yourseIf

something to heIp you find it.



The onIy things Ieft

are the buIIet and...this.



- Crossword?

- Yeah.



Look at this.



TweIve down.



Maybe it's here.



Nine, ten, eIeven, tweIve.



Let's take a Iook.



Maybe it's a circuit diagram.



I wouIdn't have put it

in the primary path.



TweIve down.



Take him.



OK, corridor three, subIeveI A,



Jennings' Iab.



AII right, Iet's put this thing

to good use one Iast time.



Let's get us out of here.



That's in the Iab.



It's the catwaIk.



Look, I've changed my future before

using this thing. I can do it again.



Don't have time. Gotta

destroy this before they get it.



Reprogram the door

to Jennings' Iab, pIease.






He must've done something

to the controIIer.



- How are we gonna get out of here?

- I don't know.






- What are you doing?

- These are Iiquid hydrogen.



They're used to cooI the machine.

They fire in order.



Number one just fired.



When it gets down to number six here,

that's aII she wrote.



I'II see you when this goes off, Jimmy.



Come on!



You see?

You judge too soon.



They went out through the vent.

Spread out, find them.



Position three standing by.



Come on.






Look out.



SeaI off aII exits to the Iab.



AII right, Jennings,



Iet's see what you've been up to.



RacheI, go for the door, OK?



Drop the gun.



Drop the gun.



Looks Iike MichaeI's

got a date on the catwaIks.



Let's make sure he makes it.



- Let's go.

- We can't take the catwaIk.



I know. We won't, I promise.

Come on, Iet's go.



- MichaeI! What are you doing?

- Go. I'II distract them.



- Go, pIease.

- No!



Listen to me. This is my debt.

I buiIt this machine.



- I have to pay for it.

- You come with me now!



You promised

you'd change your fate!



PIease, we don't have time.



If you Iove me, if you care

about me, go. Have a good Iife.



Remember me.



Damn you.






You want to kiII me,



come do it yourseIf.



Here I am. You want me?

Come get me.



- Hi, Jimmy.

- Hi, Mike.



- Looks Iike this is it, huh?

- It is, Mike.



- You onIy have yourseIf to bIame.

- That's a Iie.



You can't change your fate.

You're gonna die today.






But you're not going to kiII me.



That's right, Mike.

I've seen the future.



StiII think you can

change your fate, Mike?



I am the future, Mike!



- Rethrick has Jennings.

- Retire him.



- What?

- We have the machine.



We can't risk its creator faIIing

into the wrong hands. Come on.



Don't bIame me.



You and MichaeI wouId've Iived

happiIy ever after, no memory wipe.



He saw something he didn't Iike.



He's the one who decided

he wanted to stop the program.



Look at it this way,

you did change the future, MichaeI.



Before you interfered

you both wouId've Iived



and we wouId stiII be friends,

instead of ending up Iike this.



It wasn't meant to be.



Giving up so easy?



Don't you beIieve in second chances?



To teII you the truth, I do.



Go, go, go.






Let's go.






Any records? Any papers?



ExpIosion destroyed everything.



- Are we trying to saIvage that or what?

- I guess we don't get the machine.



Any sign of Jennings?



No, I'm afraid he didn't make it.



What was Shorty thinking,

starting a nursery?



I mean, these pIants

are on Iife-support.



What do you mean? ReaIIy?

He toId me he had a green thumb.



Gangrene is more Iike it.



Lucky for Shorty, I'm a bioIogist.



Lucky for both of us,

since I faiIed bioIogy,



- I'm no heIp to either one of you.

- So you say.



Too bad, though,

because I'm Iooking for a partner



- for a start-up company.

- ReaIIy? Doing what?



We're gonna save the worId.



I don't think I'm your guy.



But wouId you settIe for someone

who wants to heIp you change it?



- OK.

- Good.



So how does it end for us, MichaeI?

I mean, what's in our future?



You know, I don't know.

I kind of Iike it that way.



- I do know one thing.

- What's that?



I never want to forget anything

ever again.



Break it up, break it up.

The birdman cometh.



- Shorty.

- It's dinner.



- You found them.

- Yes, I did.



- Who does everything for everybody?

- You do.



- You're right.

- You're my hero.



Thank you very much.



- You hear that? I'm a hero.

- That's great.



I think I remember.

Are those our birds?



Yes, of course they are.

We bought them together.



You remember the birds? WeII done.

You couId see into the future



and aII you remember

are PoIIy and Tweety there.



Why not remember something

that'd make us rich?



- Wait a second.

- What is it?



- I think there was something eIse.

- No, no, no.



The enveIope's empty.

Don't worry about it.



HoId on. I'm working backward here.



''If you onIy Iook where you can't go,

you wiII miss the riches beIow.''



I must've known you'd never

get rid of these birds.



Of course not. They're famiIy.



So I knew this wouId be here.

What onIy Iooks where it can't go?



A caged bird.



''You wiII miss the riches beIow.''



The riches beIow.



What is that?



WeII, that's a $  -miIIion

Iottery ticket.



- Wait. Wait a minute.

- It's $   miIIion.



- Nice.

- Yes, I'm proud of it.



Wait a minute. No.



- Wait.

- What are you doing?



You know what?



- I thought it was  5.

- No, 33.



- Thirty-three percent!

- He deserves it.



It was found on my premises.



I'II get back to you.

I'm gonna cash this in.


Special help by SergeiK