Pearl Harbor Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pearl Harbor script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Pearl Harbor. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Pearl Harbor Script



[Making airplane noises]



German bandits attwo o'clock!



Increase throttle! Power dive!



[Making machine gun noises]



DANNY: Spellit right,Rafe.



"Rudder" is spelled with two Ds.




-Yeah, sure.



[Making airplane noises]



-[Cow moos]

-Whoa, bandits!



[Making machine gun noises]



Crack shootin', Danny.



Crack shootin', Rafe.



-Land of thefree.

-Home of the brave.



[Making airplane noises]



[Making machine gun noises]



RAFE: Greatflyin',Dad!






Come on.

I'm gonna teach you how tofly.



DANNY:lgetthe front!



RAFE: No, you take the back.



I'm bigger,

and I should be infront.



I'm older,

and I'm teachin', so no.




It's like we're reallyflying.



Yeah, I did it lots of times.



Come on,you man the guns.



I'll give her some throttle.



We gotta getthose

dirty German bandits.



[Making airplane noises]



[Making machine gun noises]



-[Engine starts]

-Oh, gosh!



[Shouting indistinctly]



-Hang on!

-Make it stop, Rafe!



I've seen my dad

do this lots of times.









Oh, my gosh! We'reflying!






Whoa! Uhh!









RAFE: My dad's gonna kill me.



[Panting] Come on.



Yes! Whoo-hoo!






DANNY: Weflew! Yes!

I'm a pilot!



-I know!







-You no-account boy!




I done told you,

you spend time playing...



with this stupid boy

can't read...



you ain't never goin'

to amountto nothin'!



He ain't stupid, Daddy!
















Getonbackhome. Now!



[Danny whimpering]






You gotworkto do.



Come on! Come on, get on home!



[Grunts] Uhh!



You let him alone!






Daddy, no!



I will bustyou open,

you dirty German!



What'd you call me?






Ifoughtthe Germans in France.



And lfought 'em

in the trenches.



And I pray to God

no one ever has to see...



the things that I saw.



You're my bestfriend.



DANNY:Daddy, wait!














builds the German





allofEurope into war.



Buteven while France

falls to Hitler...




tojoin the fighting.



-Where's McCawley and Walker?

-Still training, sir.




Nowlet's show 'em how to fly.



We're gonna play chicken.

You ready?



DANNY: This ain'tthe farm,

andthese ain'tno cropdusters.



I'm not playing

chicken with you.



Now don't be a baby.

I'll tell you what--



-I'm not doing it, Rafe.

-Well, I'm coming right atyou.



You can turn, oryou can hit me.

It's upto you.






Oh, boy.



Why you always

bustin' my ass, Rafe?



Which way you goin'?



I guess I'll go right.

No, uh, left. I'll go left.



OK,we're goin' left, right?



RAFE: Ri--uh, right. Right?



Right like we're goin' right,

or right like we're goin' left?



Well, now you got me

all mixed up!



I don't know.

Make upyour mind.



God, Rafe,we're going right!














Those are some smooth aces.



Did you say something?



'Cause let me tell ya,

thosefarm boys are grounded!



Yes, sir, an entirely

unacceptable use...



of m-m-military aircraft, sir.



-Get my hat.

-Yes, sir.



Getthose hedge-hoppers

in Doolittle's office.



Aftertwo years of training...



you believe that

a $      airplane...



is thereforyour amusement?



RAFE: No, sir.

I was justtrying...



to keep my edge, Major.



And when you did

the outside loop lastweek...



what did you thinkthatwas?

Honing your skills?




That's nottraining, McCawley.



That's astunt.




consideritto be reckless...



and irresponsible.






How could that be,

when you'refamous...



for being thefirst man

in the world everto do it?



Don't get cute with me, son.



No, sir, I don't mean

to be disrespectful.



I justthinkthat--

well, l--



It is reckless

and irresponsible...



if you're just doing it

to be a show-off.



But I was doing itto try

to inspire the men, sir...



in the way that

you've inspired me.



I believe the French

even have a wordforthat...



when the men gettogether

to honortheir leaders.



They call it an homage, sir.



-A what?

-An homage, sir.



That's bullshit, McCawley!



But it's very,

very good bullshit.



Thankyou, sir.



[Clicking teeth]



McCawley,you remind me

of myselffifteen years ago.



Which is why we need

to discuss this.



Have a seat, son.



The British have accepted you

into the Eagle Squadron.



You're on yourway

to England tomorrow...



if you still wantto go.



Huh. Wow.



Just afew British pilots

are all that stand...



between Hitler

and total victory in Europe.



They're gonna need

all the helpthey can get.



Yes, sir.

Well, I'm on my way.



Justforthe record...



I'm supposed to askyou

to reconsider.






Sooner or later

we're gonna be in this war...



whetherwe like itornot.



And I'm gonna need

all of my best pilots.



So it's my duty

to askyou to stay.



Major,whatwould you do?



If itwas me...



I'd go.



Get out. Am I going bald

right back here?






Man, I am one good-lookin'

son of a bitch.



Don'tyou ever die.




Die. That's exactly...



the concept

you gotta worktonight.



You put a drop of this clove oil

underyour eyes...



and you let 'em sting

and well up.



You getyour nurse alone,

take a breath...



Iet her see your eyes glisten...



and say, "Baby,

they're training meforwar...



"and I don't know

what'll happen...



"but if I die tomorrow,

I wantto know...



"thatwe lived

all we could tonight."



Come on, guys!

We got nurses waitin'.



PILOT: Come on,before the rest

ofhis hair falls out.



How could you do this?



Well, Doolittle assigned me.



He wanted me to get some real--

real combattraining in.



Well, guess what?



It's nottraining overthere.

It's war.



Where the losers die,

and there aren't any winners--



just guys who turn

into broken-down wrecks...



Iike myfather.



Yeah, I understand that, Danny.



But lfeel like

I got a duty to go.



Don't preach to me

about duty, damn it.



I wearthe same uniform you do.



Now, if trouble wants me,

I'm readyfor it.



Butwhy go lookingfor it?



God, Danny, come on.



I'm gonna be twenty-five.

I might as well be an old man.



They're gonna have me bein'

aflight instructor.



I don'twanna teach

loops and barrel rolls.



I wanna be a combatfighter.



PILOT:Hey, come on!



The nurses can't

d-d-dance by themselves.



Let's go.



[Whistle blows]



WOMAN:lfthe callofduty

means seeing    men...



in theirunderwearevery day...



we are here to serve.






I can't believe it.



Saturday night

in New York City.



Do youknow whatthey're doing

where lcome from?









Well,that's why

you joined the Navy, hon'.



To get out of that dusty

little town and see the world.



May I remind you, Barbara,

we're Navy nurses, nottourists.



I joined to do

my patriotic duty and...



to meet guys.






Girls,we're gonna have

so muchfun tonight in the city.



You've gotta tell them

the story, Evelyn.






Oh, come on. Tell us.



Oh, it's such a long story.



We gottime.



I saw it happen.



EVELYN: Well, itwas

aboutfourweeks ago...



EVELYN: Well, itwas

aboutfourweeks ago...



What do you think

is b-b-better?



All in the one cheek,

or spreading them out?









You all right, buddy?



Sweetie, do you really

have to do this?



I'm not gonna getyellowfever

in my barracks.



No? lf you'd rather,

she can do it.



[Inhales sharply]




Just gimme a minute.



[Sighs] Honey,the government

says stick 'em,we stick 'em.






RAFE:Hey,Red, you allright?



EVELYN: Eye exam numberfour?



MAN: Listen, Doc, I have passed

a dozen medical checks.



You write that,

they won't let mefly.



Sorry, son.



I'm gonnafail.



They're gonna

take my wings away.



No,they won't. Just relax.



Read the bottom line, please.



Just keep practicin'

the bottom line.



And don'tworry.

I'm right behind you.


















Eyes like an eagle, ma'am.



Slow down,flyboy.



And, instead of the bottom,

read the very top. Both eyes.






"C"--sorry, "J."



Ahem. "C"...



-[Whispering] "W."





-Uh, "Q."



RAFE: Uh, "Q."



Read the bottom line

again, please.



But read it rightto left

and every other letter.






Heh. "X."



-[Whispering] X-E.







Ma'am, I know how this looks.



I'm sorry, Lieutenant,

I really am.



ButArmy and Navy

requires   /   vision.



Oh, l--it's--it's not

a problem with my eyes.



I mean, I can see.



I mean, I can hit a running

rabbitwith a $ .   pistol.



I got a problem with letters,

that's all.



Well, maybe after

some schooling...



you could come back

and take the test again.



No, I had schooling.



I mean, l--the teachers

just never knew...



whatto make of it.

It's just letters.



I mix 'em up sometimes.

That's all.



I mean, I just get 'em

backward sometimes.



L-look here. Uh, my--my math

and--and spacial reasoning...



and my verbal scores

are all excellent.



Butyou barely passed

the written exam.



Yeah, but he did pass it.

So, is it my turn now?



-No,you'll waityourturn.

-Yes, ma'am.



Ma'am, l-l'm never gonna

be an English teacher.



But I know why I'm here.



To be a pilot.



Andyou don'tdogfight




You don'tfly withgauges.



I mean, it's all about

feeling and speed...



and lettin' that plane

become like a part...







says that a guy who's a slow

reader can't be a good pilot.



Thatfile says I'm

the best pilot in this room.



Ma'am, please,

don'ttake my wings.



Well, lfelt so bad.



Evelyn, rotate to station three.



EVELYN:lhadno choice.



I passed him.







EVELYN: So, then this

cockypilotcomes back.



-Say,fella, are you enlisted?




"Yeah"? Boy,

you're talking to an officer.



Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.



-Give me thatfile.

-Yes, sir.



-Parade rest.

-Yes, sir.



Ma'am, I didn't get

a chance to thankyou.



Dropyour skivvies.



Ah, oh, OK.



Just like this?






EVELYN:He didhave

a very cute butt.



You know, I know

you didn't have to pass me...



and you did. And I just--



I didn'tthink

you'd understand, and you did.



You know,you still

haven't said thankyou.






You're welcome.



Why'd you do it?

I mean, I'm just curious.



You're like my hero now.



Actually, myfatherwas a pilot.



And, um, I've seen

first-hand what happens...



when a pilot loses his wings.



Youknow what?



Yourfather's my hero,




Infact, as an officer,

I think it'd by my duty...



to take mynewhero's







Gosh, did I poke too deep?



I thinkyou hitthe bone there.



[All giggling]



You are so mean.






What? So is--

is there any chance...



thatyou might,

kind of, sort of...



you know, like me, or...



Oh, how did you guess?




They nevertaught us...



how to deal with this...







Well, it's kind of like...this.






Well, he was gettingfresh,

so I poked him again.



[All giggling]



All right, Romeo.

I wantto getthis overwith.



Hold on a second.






I really, really lickyou.






What did he mean?



Like you.



I didn't mean to say that.



And I just, um...



I justwantto askyou, please,

if I can donate dinner.



EVELYN:He started

to actverystrange.



Or,well, buy you dinner.



This isn'tyour chart.






No. That's the, uh,this,

uh,fellow over here's.



I think he left.



Have you already had this shot?



Yeah,well, once...already.



Well, I wanted--

I mean, can I askyou out?







And he justwentwham!



Unh! [Groans]



Oh! What'd you do to him?



Oh! What'd you do to him?



-Poor guy.













Oh, my God.

Are you OK?






I'mfine. Ifeel great.



This is just standard




Look, I got some, uh,

genuine French champagne...



from France.



I thought,you know,

maybe we could celebrate.



Celebrate what?



Oh, I don't know. Uh,well,

you being my hero,for one.



OK. Why not?



So, uh, ahem...



I wanted to thankyou.



And I justwanted to, uh...



putyour mind at ease

about passing me...



because I really do think

you did this country a service.



I mean, I'm--

I am a greatflier.



Andifyouhave afault,

which you obviously don't...



it's modesty.



No. If I have afault,

it's candor.



You are just so--






Uhh. Corkjust got awayfrom me.









God, oh, it hurts.



It hurts somethingfierce.



I'm sorry.




-Oh, it's bleeding.








-Lay still.



I ruined everything.



-Lay still.

-Oh, it hurts.



-Ow! It's cold.

-It'll stopthe bleeding.



Yeah. I can't breathe.



-Lay still.




You are so beautiful it hurts.



It's your nose that hurts.



No. I think it's my heart.






MARTHA: Oh, Evelyn.



That's the most romantic story

I ever heard.



It's been the most romanticfour

weeks and two days of my life.



Oh, I'm so jealous.






Hello, Lieutenant.



-It's good to see you.

-You,too, Lieutenant.



Pick a hand.



It's beautiful.



What's in your other hand?






Well, ittook me six hours

tofold these.









I wantyou to meet myfriends.



Rafe,this is Martha,

Barbara, Sandra--



-Hi. I'm Betty.




Would you happen

to have anyfriends?



Huh. Take your pick.






[Swing music playing]



[Laughing and talking]






We ever get in this war

and somethin' happens to me...



I can'ttell you how good

it makes mefeel to know...



that someone as sweet

as you will be there...



to nurse me backto health.



Good, butwe're not

in the waryet.




-OK. Thatwas a bad line.







I'm--I'm Red.







Heh heh.

Your last name's Strange?



Yeah. She's all yours, soldier.



No. It--it's Winkle.






Red is such a ladies' man.



Do you always stutter?



No. Only when I'm--




She's totally buying it.







Why can't I get

something like that?









Danny seems kind of shy

around the girls.



Tsk. It's notthat he's shy.



He's just, ahem...



a little unsure of himself,

you know.



His old man used to

run him down a lot.



Gethim in aplane,

he's sure ofhimself.



He's like my brother.

He's like my bestfriend.



He's my right hand.



Which atthe moment is

a long way south of my waist.



Oh, I'm sorry.



I guess I lost

a little altitude.



Yeah, I guess you did.



Excuse me.



You and me,we gotto talk.



So,the rumor is the Navy's

shipping us to Pearl Harbor.



Well,won't be so bad.



It's about asfarfrom

thefighting as you can get.



You'll get a suntan.



So maybe the Army'll

postyou guys there,too.



You...are a super special woman.



And, and,well...







they're training me...



to be a big bad warrior,




So, I mean,you never know

what might happen tomorrow...



or...or any day

afterthat,you know?






God,we need to make

tonight super special.



Why are you crying?



I guess it's the thought...



that I might not ever

getto see you again.



Dry your eyes,toots.



Tonight,you're mine.



I don'twantto be

with a crowd tonight.



I justwantto be

alone with you.






How does New York Harbor

by moonlight sound?



Ohh! Heh heh!



EVELYN:Are yougonnabe




Of course I'm a bad influence.



Let's see if we can

commandeerthis vessel...



'cause we're, uh, officers

of the U.S. Government.



Notfor long,we won't be.



One day,we'll take a trip

on a boat like that.



Would you like that?



We'llbe dressingforcocktails

andwalk into the grandsalon.



No one's talking aboutwar.



They're just dancing

to Cole Porter.



-I'll have to get a tux.




Come on. There you go.

All aboard.



-You're out of your mind.




Careful now.

Here, sit down.



Now let's see here.



Ah! There we go.



See,this is as close as I

could getyou to your ship.



So, at least I tried, right?



Actually,you know what?

This is better.



Yeah, it is.



God,you're pretty.



What's gonna become

of us all, Rafe?



Well,thefuture's not

exactly in our hands, is it?



No. I guess you're right.



[Both screaming]







Oh, my God!

Are you all right?



Yeah, are you?



Thatwas not part of the date.



[Evelyn giggles]



RAFE: Watch yourstep.



[Laughs] Oh,thankyou.



BARBARA: Evelyn!



Guys, come up! Come on up!



Come up! We're in   .



There's something

I gotto tell you.



Well,you got no secrets

from me, Lieutenant.



I've seen your medical chart.



Here we go.






This can't be good, or it

wouldn't be so hard to say.



[Sighs] Yep.



I gotto go away.



We're all going away.






but I'm going to the war...




I'mflying with

the Eagle Squadron.



It's an outfitthe British

startedforAmerican pilots.



I don't understand.



You're in the U.S. Army.

How could they orderyou to go?



They didn't order me.



I volunteered.






But I passed you.



Iletyou through.



Andnow you volunteer...



forthe most dangerous place

you could go?



It's notyour responsibility,

notyour choice.



Flying's the only thing

I everwanted to do.



I mean, everything in my life

has led me upto this point.



Meeting you.



I love you.






I love you so much.



RAFE: Let's go inside.



All right. Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.



Just--I--I can't do this.



This just--it's not right.

I'm sorry. I just--



See, I can't do this.



I mean, I mean, I can.

I--I wantto.



I'm nottrying to be noble,

you know.



Or not saying

I know whatwould happen...




I need to stoptalking.



I just--I just don'twant--



I just don'twant it

to be like everybody else.



I don'twantyou to have

anything abouttonight...



thatyou regret.



I mean, it's been the most

incredible night of my life...



and I don'twantto ruin that.



Oh,you couldn't ruin it.



If I had one more nightto live,

I'd wantto spend itwith you.






See,that's what I want

to come home to.



That's what I wantto have

to think about and dream about.



I wantto know that

the best part of my life...



is still ahead of me.






Don't, um...could you...

not come see me off?



Because, uh...saying good-bye

to you once is hard enough.



[Whispering] Here.



Take this.




You think it looks good on me?









I will come back.



I thoughtyou said

you told her notto come.



Yeah, I did.



Why you lookingfor herthen?



It's my test.



If I tell her notto come,

and she comes anyway...



then l--I know she loves me.



All aboard! Track   !



If, uh, anything

happens to me...



I wantyou to be the one

to tell her.



All right?



You just make sure and come back

forthe both of us, all right?






RAFE: See you whenlgetback.






Good hunting, Rafe.



[Train whistle blows]












[Train whistle blows]












She loves me.



[Air raid siren]



[Air raid siren]




The GermanLuftwaffe...







while Churchill's

RoyaIAir Force...



is in a deadlystruggle...



to maintain control

ofthe Britishskies.



This is a real mess.



Lieutenant McCawley

reportingfor duty, sir.






We'll getyou settled

into your quarters.



And then introduce you

to the crate you'll beflying.



If y'all are patching up

bullet holes here...



maybe we ought

to skip housekeeping...



and get me in an airplane.



MAN: Two didn'tcome back,sir.



We counted only eleven.



Are all Yanks

as anxious as you...



to getthemselves killed,

Pilot Officer?



Not anxious to die, sir.

Just anxious to matter.



This is yours.



Good chap.



Didn't die till he'd landed

and shut down his engine.



Please be seated, gentlemen.



I'm afraid I'm in a bad mood.



Churchill and Stalin are

asking me what I'm asking you.



How long is America

going to pretend...



the world is not atwar?



We've increasedfood and oil

shipments, Mr. President...



and asfar as I know--



Whatthey really need

are tanks, planes...



bullets, bombs,

and men tofight.



Butourpeople think

Hitlerandhis Nazithugs...



are Europe's problem.



We have to do more.



Send the Brits and Russians

more of our ships...



and anti-aircraftweapons.



And keep cannibalizing

the Pacific Fleet?



What choice do we have?



We're building refrigerators

while our enemies build bombs.



This is so exciting.



You know there's about

one hundred ships on Pearl.







It depends.

More on a battleshipthan a sub.



But say, on average...    ?



Then there's the flyers,

the marines,basepersonnel.



I'm still working on

the sailors.



Girls, I thinkthe odds

are in yourfavor.



Yeah, like      to one.



-It's paradise.

-[Sailors whistling]



See you on the beach, boys!



We're in Hawaii!









You're not supposed

to painttitties...



on the side of my airplanes.



Andifyou do,

don'tmake 'em lopsided.



They were lopsided, Earl.




Look, itsays righthere.



"Never ride waves amongst

rocks or submerged pilings."



See, it says

you shouldn't do that.



How do you know they're

submerged if they're submerged?



Gooz,what in the hell

are you doing?



Justtrying tofix

this surfboard thing.



He keeps taking chunks off

his nose on the rocks.



On my day off, I'm working

on my new invention--



the Gooz Cruise Fin.



I'm gonna be a richfella.



Every surfboard in

the nation's gonna need one.



EARL: Yeah? Well,

you're gonnaneedabroom.




Checkoutthese newrecruits.









Y'all pilots?



We're working on it.



It's a lot of switches

and stuff.




Pride of the Pacific.



Who are you?



Terrors of the skies.






WOMAN: Welcome, ladies.



ALL: Hi.



I have to deal with

toasty sunburntfanny...



before I can show you around.










It's differentthanlthought

itwouldbe here.



It's cold--



so colditgoes deep

into yourbones.



There is oneplace

lcango to findwarmth.



Thatis to thinkofyou.




backthere with you.




It's noteasymakingfriends.



Two days ago,lhadabeer...



with a couple

ofthe RAFpilots.




both ofthem gotkilled.






Imiss youso much.



It's so strange to be

halfa worldawayfrom you.




I'm right on his tail!



Got one!



EVELYN: Everynight

llookatthe sunset...



andtry to draw the lastounce

ofheatfrom its longday...




from myheartto yours.






Girl, sir.



The girl.



A lot of people

frown on the Yanks...



for not being in this waryet.



I'd just like to say...



if there are many more

back home like you...



God help anyone who goes

to warwith America.



[Bell chimes]






Attention on deck!





Pacific Fleet, on deck.




Sharppresentation, Captain.



Thankyou,Admiral Kimmel.



Forfour months now Washington's

been blowing pink smoke...



aboutthe threatfrom Japan.



Could make us lose

ourfighting edge.



I'm determined

notto letthat happen.



[Ship's horn blows]



With your permission, Captain.



Admiral, urgent,

from Washington.



I'm supposed

to keepthisfleet...




to take on the Japanese...



cover half the damn globe.



Now they want me to transfer...



anothertwelve destroyers

to the Atlantic.



Don'ttheyknow what

we're facingouthere?



Theyfeel Europe

is the greater danger.



I'm assuming these risk

assessments include Hawaii?



Pearl Harbor is too shallow

for an aerial torpedo attack.



We're surrounded by sub nets.



All we need worry

about is sabotage...



so we bunched

our planes together...



to make them easierto protect.



Distance is our ally,Admiral.



You analysts got it

allfigured out, don'tyou?



The smart enemy hits you...



exactly where

you thinkyou're safe.



-[Air raid siren]







Ifixed the hydraulics

and electrics, sir...



butthe oil hoses

still need attention.



Just crank it, lan!



God speed you, sir.



Red section,take the bombers.



Blue section,

look outforthefighters.



Bombers dead ahead.



Let's dropin

andgive 'em areception.



Red Two,follow my lead,

high side.



Go right atthe lead bomber.



Following you, Red One.






Good hit! Good hit!



Red One, coming around,

resetforthe kill.



I have the middle bomber.



Hammer down!



We got him.

Nice shot, Red Two.



I gottwo M.E.s dead ahead.



RAFE:l'm onhim.

I'm onhis tail.



Hammer down.



RAFE:lgotone ofthem!



I got another one.



Red One,you gotfighters

all overyourtail!



I'm underfire!

I'm takingfire!



Red One, get out of there.

Pull up! Pull up!



Argh! I got an oil leak.






Can't see a damn thing!



I can't bail!

My canopy's stuck!



I can't bail out!



He's on my tail, Red Two.



I'm hit! I'm hit!



Mayday! Mayday!



Oh, my God.




I'm no goodatchurch.




Whatdo youmean,sweetie?



When I'm upthere getting

my slate wiped clean...



I'm thinking how

to dirty it up again.



Wow,thisfrom a virgin!



I gotto inventory supplies.



Kill me now.



Could you be any more boring?



Don't bother.

Sunday, she writes Rafe...



tenpages instead

ofthe usualfive.






Gosh, I wish I was in love.






Hey, sweetheart.



She hates me.



Good to see you, Red.



Good to see you,too, Betty.



You wanna comefor a ride?



Come on.



Yeah, I'll be your chauffeur.






That-a-boy! Be a mad dog!



You hit pretty hard...

for a cook.



All right,Walker,

who you got?



I'll take the cook.



Why? You don't like money?



Come on! Get outthere now!



-I'll putfive on it.




Against a mechanic?



Thatguy craps rivets.



How's itfeel up

from the engine room?



Sunlight botherin' you?






Man, he's getting all busted up!



Move! Move!



[Bell rings]



Come here,we gotta talk.



Get down here.



He can't hurt us.



He can hurt us.



-He cut us. We bleeding.




That's a scratch. See this?



This is the hard-earned




of every pot-scrubbin'

chop in thisfleet.



Now if we don'twin...



Teeny here has tofind

another battleship!



I'm not going back

to the Arizona empty-handed.



Don'tworry aboutthe money.



I'll send that

smug engine-fixin' snipe...



back belowdecks where he belong.



[Bell rings]



We the man!



He slapped your mama!

Be a son of a bitch!



Look atthis!

All right, Dorie!




That's enough. That's enough.






-Oh! Where's my money?

-Nah,fight's rigged.



We're rich! Ha ha ha!









Did you win?



Yes, ma'am.



What do you getforwinning?






So,why do you have tofight

with yourfists to get respect?



I left my momma in Texas...



and joined the Navy

to see the world...



become a man.



They made me a cook.



Not even that.



I clean up after

other sailors eat.



Two years,they never even

let mefire a weapon.



Well, let's hope

you never have to.



Yes, ma'am.



You take care,

Petty Officer Miller.



You,too, ma'am.



DANNY: Youknow,

he taughtme to fly.



Ialways knew thatno matter

whattrouble lgotinto...



I'd never be in it alone.



He'd be there with me.



He was always pushing me

to be better andfaster.



He told me

you were a greatflier.



Itwas the same night

he told me...



he'd volunteered

to go to England.






He...he told me

he'd been assigned.



He was always

trying to protect me.



Butyou know what?



I look at myself in

the mirror in this uniform...



and I still

don't know who I am.



I look like a hero...



but I don'tfeel like it.






he always looked the part,

didn't he?



He couldn'twaitto be one.



To Rafe McCawley.



The best pilot...



and the bestfriend

I ever knew...



or everwill know.



To Rafe.






[Machines clacking]




The Japanese...



are floodingthe Pacific

withradio traffic.



Everywherefrom the Panama Canal

to southeastAsia.



There's no logical pattern,




No. There's always logic.



Theyknow we readtheirmail.



They're trying to make us think

theirfleet is moving south.



I'm not buying it.



Something, something's up.



Otherwise,why would they take

the trouble to bullshit me?






Evelyn, I signedfor

these lettersforyou today.



They're from England.



They'refrom Rafe.



I'm sorry, Ev.




ittakes mailto gethere.



Hurry up!



Show time, boys! Come on!




awaits Japan's response...







arrives in Washington...



in whatcould




continuedpeace in the Pacific.



On the Britishfront,

Churchill declares...



"Give us the tools,

andwe willfinish thejob."



The RAFhas fought

bravely against...



Hitler's ambition to rule

the skies overthe Channel.



Victory does notcome











Some comedy, huh?



[Sighs] Yeah.



It's been a while.



I've been logging

a lot offlight hours.



I kinda been avoiding you,too.







-Do you--



Do you wantto?







one time whenlwas...



Iike,seven years old...



Iwas always building

gadgets andthings.



He wantedme

to buildhim some wings...



so he couldfly like his daddy.



Itoldhim you can'tfly

withoutsome kindofengine.



But he wouldn't listen.



"Danny, never mind that,

just build 'em anyway."



So I did.



And I'm upthere...



strapping these big ol' wings

on his back...



thatwe made

from paper and glue...



and these massive silk bloomers

thatwe stole.



He looked so stupid,

and I told him...



"You can'tjump off the barn

in these."



And bam!



He busted his leg on a backhoe.



God, I miss him.



Yeah. But don'tyou think...



that Rafe wasn't

back upthere next day.



Cast and everything...



tellingme to make some

adjustments on those wings.



BILLY: Checkthis out!



Crossroads ofthe Pacific.



Tahiti--     miles!



All right!



Say, Betty...






-No, Betty! Get up!

-What's going on, Red?



-Stand up, please.

-What do you mean?



Just stand up.






Oh! Ha!






BILLY:Red, come on!



We got a dinner reservation.



Can I get a minute?



What's the matter,you sick?



Can a guy propose?!



Oh! Thankyou!



DANNY:Am ltalkingtoo much?



Sometimes I do that, I'm sorry.



BARBARA:Hold up!









OK, let's getoutofhere.






I guess I should go.



Don't let it be three months

before I see you again.



I had a good time.



Yeah, me,too.



Do you want me

to walkyou home?



No, I'll befine.



No...of course.



-Good night.

-Good night.



I was justwondering if maybe

I could come by some time...



get a cup of coffee

or a piece of pie?



What am I doing?






Oh! You were asleep. I'm sorry.






Is something wrong?



No! Nothing's wrong.

No problem. Hi!



It's just Danny.











Itwas good of you

to take the trouble...



to drop it



I...well, I thought

you might need it.



You know...

maybe tomorrow morning.






notthatyou wearthis

to work, but...


           's a hankie.



Right, right. Yeah.



Listen, I was thinking maybe...

I could come by some time...



if I gave you a call,

could I come by?



Once, maybe...

if you're not busy?



Yeah, maybe.







OK, all right.






Good-bye. Good night.



You are such an idiot!



Did you havefun last night?



Itwasn't how it looked.



And if itwas,

it'd be all right.



It's been months.

It's time to move on.



I am moving on.



BETTY: Ev, don'tlie.



All I know is, I hearyou crying

when you think I'm asleep.



Whenmy dadleft...



I was too much

for my mom to handle...



so she sent me

to live with my aunt.



I thought my life was over...



Butyou don'tknow

where it's allgonnalead.



Iflhadn'trun away

andliedaboutmy age...



andenlistedin the Navy...



I wouldn't have met Red, and...



now he's myfiance.



Oh, God, I can't

get used to thatword.



-It's only been twelve hours.

-Oh, Betty!



Little Betty

beat us all to the post.



MARTHA:Andthis is wardthree.



As you can see, no patients.



Welcome to Hawaii.

Come on, I'll show you the bar.



Sandra, new recruits to torture.



Come on. Excuse me, ladies?






We're gonna waittwo years

until I'm nineteen...



and Red can buy me a ring.






Rafe sent his bestfriend

to tell you...



so you would be OK,

so you can move on.



You gotta go on living, Ev.






Whoo! Sorry!



[Whispers] Bye, Rafe.




The Japanese Fleet is missing.



They're operating

underradio silence.



This footage was shot

fourdays ago on October  th.



OFFICER: We're sending

scout planes in widervectors...



all overthe Pacific,

butthey get nothing.



They couldbe anywhere inhere.



I don't understand how

two whole carrier divisions...



can just disappear.






Aw,we're all overthe page.



We gotone wall-eyed




Anthony,tap in number six.

All right.



Gooz,tap in numberthree.



All right.



Hey. We got a visitor.



Oh...that ain't

no Navy issue uniform, eh?



BILLY:Danny, it's Evelyn.






You allright?



Yeah. Yeah.






I think I'mfallin' for her.



Wow. You know,

I saw this coming.






I didn'twantthis to happen.



Itjust kind of did.

Can't help it.



Well, Danny,

she's gotta be with somebody.



It might as well be you.



You telling me

if you were dead...



and you saw your best buddy

doin' your girl...



you wouldn't come back and beat

the living crap outta him?



-Tony, back off.

-I'd be back sofast.



Danny's being a betterfriend

taking care of her himself.



I got a girlfriend.



That's great.



Come on, fellas.

Let's split.



Danny,whatever happens now

is just aboutyou and her.



Yougotta try




GOOZ:Be careful, allright?


            the mind.



-Thanks, Gooz.

-You're welcome.



Hey, Danny.



Where's everybody going?



Just bein' discreet.



Does it seem like everybody's

acting a little strange?



No. Nah.






Well, maybe--maybe a little.




Well, people in this outfit...



have way too much time

on their hands.






I just hope they don'tthink

there's been something...



goin' on between us,

that's all.



Oh, no. I mean, no.

Thatwould be...



embarrassing, right?



Forgot my wrenches.



Thatwould definitely

be embarrassing.






Ha. Forgot my wrenches.



Hey. He really

doesn't have to leave.






I, uh, I'm just goin'

outwith the girls, so...



I guess I'll see you later.




-All right.



Yeah, all right.

I'll see you around.









Have you ever seen

Pearl Harbor at sunset?



Of course.



Well...from the air?



You know, I could get kicked

out of the militaryforthis.




-Yeah. Stay down.



DANNY: The Hawaiians called

this harbor WaiMomi.



It means "water of pearls."



It's so beautiful.



My dadtookme up

a couple oftimes.



Just don't do what he did.



What do you call it

when youflip over?



DANNY:A barrelroll?






I won't.







-Ha ha ha ha!



-Oh, God.

-What do you think?



I like that.






Thatplane was supposed

to be backhere anhourago!



Quick, hide

in the parachute hangar.



My heart is pounding.



Danny, last night...



No,that's terrible.



Danny,we need

to talk aboutthis.



Sir. Evelyn!




-Hey. Hi.






I didn't sleep a wink

last night.



I had to see you.



Last nightwas crazy,

I know, but...



I'm not sorry. Are you?



I don't know.



Danny, I had a wonderful

time last night. I--



It's just all toofast.



Listen, Evelyn, I was just down

atthe beach this morning...



and I watched the sun rise...



and I knew that everything

was gonna be different.



Thatthis was the start

of something new.



In this place, in this moment.



And I don't care what

anybody else says,you know?



How can I notfeel this way?



I kinda like you.



Oh,you do?



You have yourtie on crooked.




gonna be all right, OK?




gonna be all right.



Do you have any airtours going

through the valley of Oahu?



You do?




This is KGMB inHonolulu...



on anotherbeautiful

fall dayhere inparadise.




We have enough information.



We are returninghome.



EVELYN:Do you everwonder...



ifthis war's

gonna catch up with us?



DANNY: Nota whole lot.



Every momentwe're nottogether,

you're upthere trainingfor it.



Yeah,well, I'm training

for moments like these...



'cause I have no idea...



how I'm gonna getthis car

out of the sand.



Evelyn, can you please

come out of the bathroom?



You've been therefor an hour.



Evelyn! What are you

trying to do, look like me?



[Women giggle]









What's the matter?







They call itthe vacant sea.



None of the major sea lanes

go through it...



and you can bury the entire

land mass of Asia there...



andnobody wouldknow.



ADMIRAL: From there,

they could attack anywhere.




Our last signals intercept...



indicate thatthe Japanese

taskforce is heading south...



towards the Philippines




But Captain Thurman

of Naval lntelligence here...



has his own theory

aboutthe missing ships.



Sir, I believe

they'll try to hit us...



where it'll hurt us the most--

Pearl Harbor.



It's over     nautical miles

from Japan to Pearl.



That's alongdistance

to steam anavy, Captain.



Yourtheory is based on what?



Well, it's what I would do.



ADMIRAL: That's notexactly

hardevidence, Captain Thurman.




if I had hard evidence...



we'd already be atwar.



Sir,we can read

their diplomatic codes...



fasterthan they can type them.



But Captain Thurman's

cryptology team...



is still trying

to crackthe naval codes.



The intercepts have missing

words and garbled lines...



so to explain the decrypts,

we have to try to interpret...



whatwe think

they're trying to do.




You mean guess.



They use

their informed intuition, sir.



We guess.



It's like playing chess

in the dark.



Any rumor,troop movement,

ship movement...



spine-tingle, goose bump,

we pay attention to it.



When I was in

the Asiatic Fleet...



the locals used to try

to get outside of a problem...



to try to see the inside.



Well,lsee astrike onPearl.



It's the worstthing

that could happen.



A blow to Pearl

would devastate...



the Pacific Fleet's

ability to make war.



So, sir,you would have us

mobilize the entirefleet...



atthe cost

of millions of dollars...



based on this spine-tingling

feeling of yours?



No, sir. My job is to gather

and interpret material.



Makingdifficult decisions...



based on

incomplete information...



from my limited

decoding ability...



is yourjob, sir.



Then breakthe damn naval code,




so I can make a better decision.



Aye, sir. We are trying.



I wonder if we shouldn't put

the Pacific Fleet onfull alert.




ln case the optimism...



ofthe "HonoluluAdvertiser"

proves unfounded,gentlemen...



what are General Short

and the Army...



going to do

about protecting my ships?



Within a ten-mile radius

of your harbor...



we have fighterplanes

here at Wheeler...



bombers atHickam, and

a trainingstrip atHaleiwa.



[Ding ding]



We've recently established

a radar station here...



thatcan detectplanes

   miles out.



Which is a month old,Admiral,

and untested.



I've seen

these new radar screens, Major.



There's no way of telling

whetherthey're ours,theirs...



or aflock of damn birds.



LISTENER:l'm intercepting

a callfrom Tokyo...



to somewhere close byPearl.




There's a callfrom Tokyo.



They say they don't know you.



Hello? Hai.



[Speaking Japanese]



[Speaking Japanese]




It's alocaldentist.



He cansee PearIHarbor

from his office.



Are there many sailors around?



[Speaking Japanese]



LISTENER: Uh, the dentist

says thatthe flatships...



are not in port.



They're talkingabout

the weather.



He doesn'tseem to know

who he's talkingto.




-[Dial tone]



Hello? Moshi moshi.






Thatwas a strange call.




may I speakto you in private?




Why wouldaspy use aphone?



They know we tap

all international lines.



Our listenersfeel

it's probably not code talk.



It sounds like someone in Japan

is sneaking around...



asking a local citizen

the location of our carriers.



Well,that makes mefeel

all warm inside.



Getthe FBI on it immediately.



Have wefound

the goddamn Japanese Fleetyet?



No,Admiral. The bases are

looking all overthe Pacific.



So the entirefleet could be

rounding Diamond Head...



and we wouldn't know

a thing about it.



Get on it.



RAFE:l'm alive.



This is the first




[Man shouts in French]




Jepense gu'ilestmort!



Ilestencore en vie.






I told you I'd come back.



Here, sit down.

Sit down. Come here.



RAFE: It's OK.




It's all right.



You're real.






I wishedforthis every day.



I know. Me,too.



Every second. So did l.



I thoughtyou were dead.



They said you were shot down

in the sea.



Yeah, I was.



I was in the ocean.

Itwas so cold.



I missed you.



I got picked up

by a Frenchfishing boat...



and I was in occupied France,

and I couldn't getword out.



And I'm just--I'll tell you

all about it, I promise.



But I'mfine. I'm OK.



And I'm here now.






I justwanted to see you.



You're so beautiful.



I love you.



Hey, it's OK. It's OK.



Evelyn, Evelyn. I'm back.



It's OK. I won't leave you

again, I promise.



Rafe,you died.



And so did l.



I know, but I'm--I'm--

It'sfine now. I'm back.



We're together.



I mean,we are together...






I don't know where I am.









Stay away.







This is Radio Honolulu...



playingthe sweetestmusic...



on the sweetestisland

in the Pacific.



It's abeautiful

December th...






[Man sings in Hawaiian]






BILLY: Oh, Goddamnit.

There yougo.



A real live ace!



MEN: Whoo!



An ace is onlyfive.

I shot down six M.E.s.



And I gottwo smokers,too.

They don't countthem.



Of course, I got shot down

myself before they could pin me.



So you got back

from behind enemy lines, huh?



What's that combat like?

Were you scared?



Hey! One at a time.



Well,them Luftwaffe boys

canfly pretty good.



It's not like,

you know,training.



They're, uh...






You know,they're all about

tactics is what it is.



See,the Nazis, right,

they'refasterthan you are...



so they'll disappear and

they get up in the soup...



and they'll throw like

a roll or a hammerhead...



and they'll come around

on your high side...



shootyoufrom behind--

Iike some Americans will.







Gooz,you're lookin'

at a real live ace.



Well, let me give you

the shirt off my back!



ALL: Whoo!



Aloha! There you go!



I'll take itfrom you.



Icansee how y'allbeen

spendingyourtime outhere.



Hey, Rafe,

we gotta talk, all right?



I got nothin' to talk

aboutwith you. Here.



Why don'tyou have a drink?



I'll make a toast.



To returningfrom the dead.



Wasn't all I expected,

but,well,that's life.



To my bestfriend

and loyal buddy Danny...



for keepin' upthe war effort

back here at home.






You know,where I comefrom...



somebody makes a toastto you

and you don't drink...



that's sayin' something.



All right, Rafe.



That's how it's gonna be.



To you.



Hey,you guys need to spend

some time alone, I think.



Aw, hell, no, Red.

Come on.



No, no, no.

We're celebratin' here.



Me overtherefightin'...



almost gettin' killed...



myfriend Danny back here...



Iookin' after my interests

for me.



Y'all know Danny

was even good enough...



to look outfor my girlfor me

while I was gone?



We thoughtyou were dead, Rafe.

And it gutted us both.



And we were justtryin'

to get on with our lives.



Life is good, ain't it, Danny?



You know,you're a rotten drunk.

You always have been.



Well,you're a lousyfriend.

That's a new development.



You left hertofight

somebody else's war...



and you made damn sure

that I didn't go with you...



and we thought

thatyou were dead--



I almost did die,

you little son of a bitch!



And herface was the lastthing

thatwentthrough my mind...



so don't stand there and tell

me to act like it's all right!



Yeah, Rafe,well, I stayed.



I stayed,

and you made sure of that...



and some things changed.



And I hope

you can get used to that.



Oh, I have to get used to it?



All right. We'll see

how I can get used to it.







Get used to that, boy!



Hey, hey!



And that's my left hand,too!




Hey, hey, hey! Hey, come on!



Melee atthe Hula-la.

Send M.P.s!







-You called me a lousyfriend?

-Getyour hands off!






Ow! Shit!



Come on, Danny!



M.P.: Let's go get 'em.



[Blows whistle]



M.P.: Let's move out!



[Blowing whistle]



Oh, no. They're gonna

throw us in the brig.



Let's get outta here.



[Men shouting]



[Man sings in Hawaiian]



[Vomits and coughs]



Oh, shit.






you're the onlyfamily I got.



When you were gone...



itwas the loneliest




The same forher, too.



Oh, boy, now you're really

breakin' my heart.



If you hadn't gone,

none of this woulda happened.



Oh, so it's myfault, I guess.



Damn it, Rafe.



I just know

there's gotto be some way...



we can workthings out

so that...



things could be right

between me and you.



I just don't see how

it could ever be the same.







Igo now to fulfillmymission

andmy destiny.



Ihope it is a destiny...




to ourfamily...



andifitreguires mylife...



Iwillsacrifice it gladly...



to be agoodservant







we got a large haze.



That's too big

to be planes, right?



Is thatwhatyou wanna do?

Knightto knightfive?



Boom! Wrong move.







alarge return

movingin from the northeast.



Hang on.






It's aflight of B-  s

coming infrom the mainland.



Nothing to worry about.



A heckofalotofB-  s.



Good shot, Hop.



This better be good, Commander.



One of our destroyers reports

havingfired and sunk...



enemy submarine attempting

to enter Pearl Harbor at     .



It's  :  !



We had decoder delays,Admiral.



Relay this to Washington.

Recall the staff.






"Peace talks...






Thurman here.

Tokyo transmitting...



to theirembassy

in Washington--



"Discontinue use

of your decoding machine...



"and dispose of immediately.



"Special emphasis

on destroying important parts."



Do you read that?







Naval lntel intercepted

a transmissionfrom Tokyo...



to the Japanese embassy

in Washington...



instructing them to break apart

all decoder machines...



and burn all secret documents.



The Japanese

are expecting a war.



Should we?







Japanese aggressive movement

in any direction.



"Broken relationship.

Hostilities imminent."






Did you ever lose afight,




I been lucky sofar, Captain.



From what I hear, it ain't luck.



Ship's proud of you, son.






Ha ha ha. Yeah! Ha ha!




Why the hell's the Navy...



doing practice this early

on a Sunday?




-Get down!



Go, go, go, go!



I'm with Navy newsreel,

and I can tell you one thing--



them ain't Navy planes!




man yourbattle stations!



We're being bombed!

We're being bombed!



Get up! Get up!



Jesus Christ!




Man yourbattle stations.



Another dumb drill.




man yourbattle stations.



-Whatthe heckwas that?

-It's a bomb!



[Men yelling]






Son of a bi--



MAN: From outside!



Get me the engine room!



My God.



Take cover!



MAN: Down! Down!



Report battle stations!

Manned and ready!




Man your battle stations!




This is no shit!











man yourbattle stations!



This is no damn drill!



MAN: Go! Go!



They look like Japs.



I didn't even know

the Japs were sore at us!



Danny,you just get me

to a goddamn airplane!



RAFE: Holy God!



NEWSREEL GUY: This is good

footage. Didyousee that?



Holy cow!



I hope

there's still an airfield left.



[Distant gunfire and explosions]



WOMAN: Hurry up!

What in the world?



Look! So many!



Everybody to the hospital!






[Shouting and stuttering]



ANTHONY: Why's the Navy

always buzzin' us?






BILLY: Shutup,Red!






-Oh, man, come on.

-Red, it's too early.



The Japs are here!



PILOT: Whatthe hell?

Let's go!Let's go!



[Men shouting]






[Bombs whistling]



-Get corpsmen to the bridge.

-Aye, Captain!



OFFICER:Repairsays thirddeck

is floodingportside!



Yaah! Uhh!






OFFICER: Get up!



Get up,you cowards!

Get upthere andfight!



Move it!



SAILOR: Take cover!






I gotyou, Captain.



You radiofor air cover!



Initiate damage control!



Find my X.O.

Tell him to assume command.



And you make sure the gunners--



Everyone's where

they need to be, Captain.



You trained us well.



You trained us well.












Go, go, go, go!



Let's go! Let's go!

Everybody move!



Getthe ammo

forthatfifty cal!



Getthatfifty cal!



Let's go! We gotta get--



Come on, man,we gotta

getthis thing loaded up!







Let's go! Let's go!



Come on!

Let's go! Let's go!




get me into a damn plane!



Come on!



Get some ammo up here!

We need some men on these guns!



Sir! The captain says

you're in charge, sir!



We need more ammo! Now!



OFFICER: Sendup ammunition

forthe five-inchguns!






OFFICER:AIIof 'em,now!









Aah! Aah! Aah!



Come on!



Aah! Come on!



Come on,you sum'bitch!






Aah ha!






l need a doctor!

Somebody help me!



Getto the supply room!



Get everything out!




-Planes incoming!



Cut 'em down!



DOCTOR: Come on, come on!

Get 'em awayfrom the windows!



SANDRA: The mattresses!

Get 'em againstthe waII!



[Man shouting]



MAN: Take cover!




-ls everybody all right?




Can youstand? Can youstand?



Hold yourfire!




Getto the gun! Hurry up!



Get down, Danny!







-This is Walker!



We need to getthose planes

fueled and loaded right now!



GOOZ: What's goingon





whatthe hell's that noise?



Youguys doin' targetpractice




l thinkWorld War ll

just started.



MAN: Go,go,go!







-lt's gonna blow!

-lt's a dud.



lt's a dud!



PILOT: Come on,getdown!




Danny, are you all right?



l'm all right!



Come on, let's go!

Come on, let's go!



Gooz, come on, man!







We're sinking! We're sinking!



OFFICER: Stay together!

CIose the hatches!






-l can't swim!

-Just hang on!



MAN:Let's move itnow!



Joe! Go! Go!



We're gettin' outta here!

Get in the car!



RAFE: Get in! Get in!



Come on, let's go! Go!



Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!



DANNY: Come on!



Where's this place we're goin'?



We got a small mechanic runway

aboutten minutes away.



Hasn't been hityet.




We gotZeros on oursix!






-[Men screaming]

-Help us!







We're trapped.




Try it! Try the door!






Oh, my God! l'm going under!



[Metal grinding]



lt's sucking me back!



The current's too strong!



[Muffled gunfire]



They're shootin' at us!



[Gasping] l don'twanna die!

l don'twanna die!



[Muffled thumping]






This is it.




Getus outofhere now!






How bad?




lt's still not over, sir.



An entirefleet at anchor.



My God, my God...



[Shouting and screaming]



Barbara,fill every syringe

you canfind with morphine!



Fill upthe kitchen!

Are you listening to me?



Fill upthe kitchen!




Overthere! Overthere!




We gotabadneckwoundhere!



Surgery! Move!



Get him to surgery!

Oh, God.



ln here!



DOCTOR:He's stiIIbIeeding!





Give me ahemostatnow!






Damn it, hurry!



Gimme another hemostat!

Another suture! Hurry!



Gimme another hemostat!

Another suture! Hurry!



Give me a--

Oh, God, l'm so sorry!



[Doctor shouting]






Here! Aah!



Am l gonna die?






Don't leave me!



Doctor! Get over here!




are plugging his artery!



Doctor,what do you need?



Focus, look at me.

What do you need?







Here. All right, look at me.

You're going to be all right.



You're goingto be aIIright.



[Man speaking Japanese]



l need more ammo!



l need more ammo, ladies!



Ineedmore ammo!



Earl! We good to go?



-Mostly, but--

-Get down!



-Shit! Get cover!




-Come on,you guys!

-Earl, get in here!



RAFE: Sergeant!

We needmore than ashotgun!



You got any otherweapons

for coverfire?



lnside that ammo locker!



-Come on!

-Move it!



-Go! Go!

-Getthe guns out!



You said the planes

are mostly ready, but...






She's down, she's broke,

she's shit.



l gotfour left.



One's good, two needammo,

one needs fueI.



Fall out

and load up in the bunker!



Let's go! Get down!




-Get ready to roll this thing!



Get down! Now!



Anthony, Red,you stay here

and man thefifty-caliber.



Gooz, getto the next bunker

and lay down some coverfire.






Should wefire?



Stay down! God damn it!

Hold yourfire!



Stay still! Nobodyfire!



Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.



They don't know we're here.



-Stay down.




No, God damn it,

stay down, stay still.






Oh, God.




Idon'tsee any ordnance.



Ithinkthey're goinghome.



No. They'll be back. We still

got planes on the ground.



Pilots, listen up.



GetaII the speed

you can on the runway...



don't get on the stick

till the very end.



In the air,stayIow

between the buiIdings.



Yousee anyZero

on yourtaiI...



wipe him off, don'tfreeze.

Just keep moving.



Try to separate 'em,

take 'em outone by one.



P-  s can'toutrunZeros,

so don'ttry.



We have to outfly 'em.



We got high-level bombers!



They'll bustthis hangar

wide open!




Grab the fifties!Let's move!



[All yelling]



Move! Move!



Go, go, go!






Take cover! Take cover!



Take cover! Take cover!






-Get down! Get down!

-Let's go! ln the box!









Come on!



Come on, buddy!



Leave him, he's dead!

He's dead!






They're kicking our butt.



Getto the airplanes!

Go, go, go!







Run! Red,Anthony, let's go!



Come on, help me!

Goddamn belts!



Let's go! Come on!



Knock 'em dead.



Quick! Get in! Putthis on!



MAN: They're comingaround.

Bring 'em out!Let's go!



Red, get out of here,

God damn it! Go!



Come on, let's go.



Joe, get outthe way!



l'm rollin'!



Clear! Go!



Oh, God. Planes!



Come on, help me!



Hey, Joe! Yougotthree Zeros




Turn! Turn!



Oh, God!






Oh, shit.



What are you doing? Get going!



Danny, startthatthing up

and get in the air.



l'm not much good without

a wing man. l need you!



l gotyou!



Let's do it!



lt's real tight, Rafe!

Real tight!



Hey,Rafe,I'm notsure

we have enoughrunway!



Getyour airspeed up

before you leave the dirt!



Don'tfreeze. Don'tfreeze.




I'm gonnamake itover!



Come on! Come on!



We did it! l'm up!



We got Zeros behind us!



How many you see backthere?



We gotfive on our six!



Take it down to the deck, now!






We gotta split 'em up.



You take left, l'll take right.



Earl, get some guns

in that goddamn tower!



OK! Let's go! lnto the truck!



Danny, l gotthree on my six.







Stop! Stop!Let's go!



Let's go! Move it!

Move it, Red!



-Let's go!

-Gimme thefifty!



Let's go! All right!




two behindme,Rafe.






Son of a bitch!






Earl, God damn it,

get some guns in thattower!



On the tower.

Going ten stories up.



lt's a long son of a bitch.



Rafe,they're all over me!

l can't getthem off me!




l still gotthree on my tail!



Keepjinking it!

Don't letthem get a handle!



l can't shake 'em!



God damn it.



RAFE:Danny, Iet'spIay chicken

with these Japsuckers!



l'm with you.






-l'm coming right atyou!

-Don't brake till l tell you.



Notyet! Notyet!



Come on!



Go left! Now!



-Whoo! We got 'em!

-Ha ha ha!



Set up overthere!



GOOZ: Come on, Ioadit!



We're on the tower.



l got one on my tail.

l'll bring him right by you.



He's comin' around!

Let's getthis Jap sucker!



Hold yourfire. Here he comes.



You better be cocked and locked

when l come by!



Hold yourfire!






Whoo! Good shootin', boys!



RAFE: Nice shot, EarI!



Let's head over

to battleship row!



l'm with you!



Let's go do some business.



l'm going after 'em.



Rafe! l got him!






-P-  's!




They're pulling

into the clouds!



We ain't gonna letthese

sons of bitches get home!



How do you like someone

shooting back atyou?



Oh, l'm on your ass now!



Yeah! l got one!



Come on!



God, come on!



Come on, stay in there!






l gotyou,you son of a bitch!



Who taughtyou how tofly,




He did.



[Shouting and screaming]



l have to amputate here!

l have to amputate!



You're not gonna die!



l gotyou.

Hold onto this...




we're running out of morphine.



Find some way to mark 'em...



So we cankeep track

ofwho's gotmorphine aIready.



Tell me aboutyour ship.

What ship are youfrom?



lt's not marking.

Have you got a marker?



Use my lipstick!

Put ''M'' for morphine.



-We need a tourniquet!




Where are the clamps?



There's nothing left!




-Here, use this.



Go outside.

There's too many to help.



Sortthem out.



OnIy those thatcanbe saved




l can't...



No, please,

l need you to do it!



Go! Go!






Don't look at anyone

without a mark!







Keep 'em outside!



MAN: Come on!Let's go!



[Crowd shouting]



Wait here.



Don'ttouch me,you Jap!

Getyour hands off me!




Gethim into criticaI.



-Get him off me.




How bad am l?



You're gonna be justfine,




-l don'twanna die.

-You're not gonna die.



l've gotyour hand.



Do you have enough morphine

to make him comfortable?



He won't make it.



Line the critical up!



Get him morphine.

Take him overthere!



Burn victims by the tree!



l justfound her!



l don'tthink she's breathing.



No, she's dead. Take her--



Oh, God.



Are you sure, Ev?

Check her again.



She's dead.

Take her overthere!



Butyou've gotta be sure!



She's dead!

Go backto work, Sandra.




l don't know whatto do!



[Muffled yelling]



[Moaning and crying]



MAN: Overhere!






From Washington.



''Attack by Japan

considered imminent.''



They're only an hour late.



[Screams and moans echoing]



[Screams and moans echoing]



How can we help?



We need blood. Come on.



Remember, son,

hold on to yourfaith.



     cartons overthere.



PRIEST: ''Today you wiIIbe

withme inparadise...



''so fearnot.''






You are aman truIybIessed.



You wiII die

in astate ofgrace.



Remember,pain is temporary,

butgIoryis forever.



HoIdon to yourfaith,myson.



You'IIbe with God, the saints,

andthe angeIs soon.



IabsoIve you ofyoursins...



in the name ofthe Father,

the Son, the HoIy Spirit.



Innominepatris etfiIi,

etspiritus sancti.






Go with God,myson.






We've got men trapped

everywhere in the harbor.



We need help

from anybody who can move.



[Grinding rumble]






[Banging and yelling]



There's somebody in here!



Get somebody down here!



They're cutting through!







Getsome guys uphere!



ALL: Pull!



MAN: [MuffIed] Getus out!

It's fiIIingwith water!



Get an airline in here!






We need the air hose!

What can we do?



ltwon't cut anyfaster!



[Gurgling cries]



-Cut him out!




ROOSEVELT: Yesterday...



December       ...



a date

which will live in infamy...



the United States of America...



was suddenly

and deliberately attacked...



bynavaIandair forces

ofthe empire ofJapan.



ROOSEVELT: It is obvious...



thatpIanningthe attack

beganmany weeks ago.



Duringthe interveningtime...



the Japanese government...



has deIiberateIysoughtto

deceive the UnitedStates...



byfalse statements...



and expressions of hope

for continued peace.



The attackyesterday

on the HawaiianIsIands...



has causedsevere damage




Iregretto teIIyou...



thatover    AmericanIives

have beenIost.



No matterhowIong

itmay take us...



to overcome

this premeditated invasion...




in their righteous might...



wiIIwin through

to absoIute victory.






Because of this unprovoked,

dastardly attack by Japan...



l askthatthe Congress

declare a state of war.






ls ittrue...



men are still trapped alive

inside the Arizona?



We can heartapping

from inside the hull.



We're doing everything we can

to getto them...




fortyfeet below water.



We've been trained to think

thatwe're invincible.



Andnow ourproudestships

have been destroyed...



by an enemy

we considered inferior.



We're on the ropes, gentlemen.



That's exactly why

we have to strike back now.



We'll attackthe Marshall

and Gilbert lslands, sir.



l mean hitting the heart of

Japan the way they have hit us.



Mr. President...



Pearl Harbor caught us unawares

because we didn'tfacefacts.



This isn'ta time

forignoringthem again.



We have long-range bombers,

but no place to launch them.



Midwayis too far,

andRussia won'taIIow us...



to launch a raidfrom there.






Navy's planes are small.



They carry light loads

and have a short range.



We'd have to getthem within

afew hundred miles of Japan.



We'd risk our carriers,

and if we lose them...



we'll have no shield

against invasion.



Does anyone in this room

thinkvictory is possible...



withoutfacing danger?



We are atwar.

Of course there's a risk.



But considerthe risk,

Mr. President.



lf the Japanese

invade us right now...



they would reach Chicago

before we could stopthem.






most of you did not know me

when l had the use of my legs.



l was strong and proud...

and arrogant.



Now l wonder,

every hour of my life...



why God put me into this chair.



Butwhen l see defeat

in the eyes of my countrymen--



in youreyes,rightnow--



l startto thinkthat

maybe he brought me down...



fortimes like these...



when we all need to be reminded

who we truly are--



thatwe will not

give up or give in.



ADMIRAL:Mr. President,

with aIIrespect,sir...



whatyou're asking

can't be done.



-Mr. President!

-Get back, George!



Get back.



Do nottell me...



it can't be done.



NARRATOR:Japan continues

its miIitary conguest...



throughoutthe Pacific.






miIIions ofAmerican workers




bringingfactories to Iife

to avenge PearIHarbor.



Mr. President,we have an idea

how to bombthe Japanese.




Sir, it's risky...



but it's bold.



-Who are you?

-l, sir?



Captain Low, Mr. President.



He's a submariner.

He came upwith this idea.



l like sub commanders.



They don't have time

for bullshit, and neither do l.



Fire away, gentlemen.



[Playing ''The Last Post'']




Andwhere is Godin aII this?



MINISTER: Ourenemies beIieve

a divine windprotects them.



Butwe see ourfriends

Iaidouthere before us.



Hey, Captain.



Lieutenants Rafe McCawley,

Daniel Walker.



Yes, Major?



You're both going stateside.

Fly out in two hours.



Whatfor, sir?



Ask Colonel Doolittle.



Yes, sir.



You're packing.






What kind of orders?




The top-secret kind.



The dangerous kind.



l can'tfind Danny.



ls thatwhy you're here?



Lookingfor Danny?



Probably saying good-bye

to his squadron.



We've been assigned

to Doolittle.



l wasn't lookingfor Danny.



l couldn't have you go away...




understanding something.



Yeah. You don't have

to explain anything.



Ido,because you're acting

Iike Ididn'tIove you.




loving you kept me alive.



l should've died overthere.



When l was in thatwater,

l made a deal with God.



l told him l was sorry...



that l knew l'd been afool

for leaving you...



trying to go overthere

and be a hero...



and l promised l'd never ask

for anything again...



if l could just see you

one more time.



And you know what?



ltwas worth it.



You kept me alive, Evelyn.

You brought me home.



So l'm gonna stand by

my end of the deal.



l'm gonna walk away.



And l won't askyou

for anything.



But l justwantto know why.



Justtell me that,will you,

please? Justtell me why.



Rafe, l'm pregnant.



Oh, my God.



l didn't even know until

the day you turned up alive.



And then all this happened.



l haven'ttold Danny.



l don'twant him to know.



All he needs to think about...



is how to do this mission

and get back alive.



Rafe, all l everwanted...



wasfor us to have a home,

grow old together...



but life never asked me

what l wanted.



Now, l'm gonna give Danny

my whole heart...



but l don'tthink l'll ever

look at another sunset...



withoutthinking of you.



l'll love you my whole life.



l'll see you on board.



You know,the only thing

that scares me...



is thatyou might love him

more than you love me.



l love you, Danny.



And l'll be here waiting

foryou when you come back.



Follow me.







on your promotion, sir.



l heard whatyou did.



We can explain that, sir.



Explain what?



Whatever it is

you heard about us, sir.



You mean the hula shirts

you wereflying in?



Orthe seven planes

you shot down?



You're both being awarded

the Silver Star...



and promoted to captain.



ls thatthe good news,

sir, or...



You're just about

the only pilots in the Army...



with combat experience.



l need youfor a mission...



l've been ordered

to puttogether.



You know whattop secret is?



Yes, sir.



lt's the kind of mission

where you get medals.



Butthey send 'em

to your relatives.



Top secret means

you trainfor something...



never done before

in aviation history...



and you go without knowing

where you're going.



You do it on that basis

or not at all.



l'll go, sir.



l'll go,too, sir.



By the way,the Brits sent

overyour personal effects.



Thankyou, sir.




There's onIy one more thing.



Leave your goddamn hula shirts

at home.






It's so strange

to be this farfrom you...



butyoushouIdknow this--




l've been looking

all overforyou.







this ain't no time

to leave things unsaid.



Now,we gottafacefacts here.



Thefact is,we just both love

the same woman.



She's thefirst girl l ever

feltthis way about, Rafe.






l couldn't helpwhat happened

any more than you could.



This is different,

though, Danny.



Evelyn already lost

the man she loved once.



l just don'twant itto see

that happen to her again.



Guys like us got no choice.

This is war.



She knows that.



Danny, don't do this.



Don't go on this mission.



You got nothing to prove.



You've been protecting me

since we were kids.






you do tend to need it

from time to time.



The mission l'm asking you

to volunteerfor...



is exceptionally dangerous.



Take aIookatthe man

beside you.



It's agoodbet

thatin the nextsix weeks...



you or he...



will be dead.



Everyone brave enough

to acceptthis...







couIdtake aB-   off...



on a mile-long runway.



Well, l'm gonna train you

to do it in    feet.



Because at   feet...



you're dead.



And once you get it up...



you'll learn tofly it

like afighter...



thirtyfeet off the ground.



l wantyou to say hello...



to LieutenantJack Richards,

Navy Aviation.



He'IIheIp us

Iighten these fatIadies.



Dumpthat ashcan.



Dumpthat ashcan.



See that bomb sight?

Get rid of it.



Colonel, he's crazy!



-The lady'sfat!

-Listen to him.




We want a skinny lady!



Max power!



Get up, get up!




-How the heck--






DOOLlTTLE: They just keep

rolling pastthat line.




Maybe it's a bad idea.



No,they're too heavy.

We gotta get drastic.



This armored plating goes.



l'm sure, l'm sure.

Lose it like a skirt, son.



Release brakes!



Come on, come on!




-Put every man on the line!



Let's show these boys

how this thing is done!



Come on! Max power.






Well, if he can do it...






DOOLITTLE: WeII,gentIemen,

nowIcan teIIyou...



thatwe're going to Tokyo.



And we're gonna bomb it.






That comes

as a special request...




President Roosevelt.



The Navy'll sneak us about

    miles off the coast...



and we'll launch

from the carrierthere.



Has that been done before?



Taking Army bombers

off Navy carriers?







Any other questions?



Well, sir, is it even

possible to land...



a B-  

on an aircraft carrier deck?



Thatwon't matter.



As soon as we're airborne,

the carrier headsfor Hawaii.




where do we land?



l have a phrase

l wantyou to memorize.



Wo shimeiguo ren.



lt means ''l am an American''.



ln Chinese.



Ain't gonna be any easier.



That's threefeet shorter

than our practice runway.










Secretary of the Navy

gave me these.



What are they?



Friendship medals

the Japanese gave us...



when they were pretending

to want peace.



What'll you do with them?



Wire them to the bombs

and give them back.



So what's going on?



Well, sir,

we only have sixteen planes.






When the Japs hit us,

they had more than    .



How much difference

can we make?



It's notthatwe're afraid,




Butwe might die, and

we wantto know what it'sfor.



You know, at Pearl,

they hit us with a sledgehammer.



This raid,

even if we make itthrough...



it'll only be a pinprick...



but it'll be straight

through their hearts.



VictorybeIongs to those

thatbeIieve in it the most...



and believe in itthe longest.



We're gonna believe.



We're gonna make

America believe,too.







-Excuse me, MajorJackson?




Do you remember me?



Oh, sure l do.



l'm sorry.

l've been meaning to thankyou.



Well, maybe you can.



When the news comes in

aboutthe Doolittle boys...



l wantto be

in the command post.



l'm sorry. l don't know

whatyou're talking about.



How the hell

do you know aboutthis mission?



Let's call it

an inadvertent disclosure.



Someflyboy you're dating

shot his mouth off.




it's abouttwo pilots.



l know they're going

into great danger.



l justwantto be there

when the news tells us...



if they've lived or died.



Most officers would have

thrown you in the brig.



Most nurses

wouldn't keeptheirfingers...



plugged in your artery.



l can't promise you anything.




you thinktheypickedus...



to do this

'cause we're younganddumb?



Come on, Gooz,

we're the tip of the sword.



ln honor of ourtripto Japan...



Igotus some victory cigars!




-There you go.



Putthatin yourinsidepocket,

nextto yourheart.



You know,Jack,

we may lose this battle...



butwe're gonna win this war.



-You know how l know?








'Cause they're rare.



Andattimes Iike these,

yousee them...






There's nothing strongerthan

the heart of a volunteer,Jack.




in the war department...



don'twant me

to lead this raid...



because they say

l'm too valuable.



They don'twant me

up in the air...



flying with the men

that l've chosen...



that l've chewed out, cussed

out, pushed to the limit...



and that l've come to respect.



They wantme to stand

on the fIightdeck...



and wave you off.

Well, l don't see itthatway.



So l'm going with you.



We take off

tomorrow afternoon...



drop ourfire,

and headfor China.




is to hitmiIitary targets...






Colonel,you've given us

homing beacons...



butyou said China is

overrun with Japanese troops.



What if the beacons

are switched off?



Bring her down

any way you can...



and do your best

to avoid capture.



What if we have to bail out




Well, in that situation,

l can'ttell you whatto do.



Whatwould you do, Colonel?



l wasn't built

to be a prisoner...



so l would have

my crew bail out.



l'dfind the sweetest

military target l could...



and drive my plane right

smack into the middle of it...



and kill as many

of those bastards as l could.



Butthat's just me.



l'mforty-five years old.

l'm an old man.



You guys have yourwhole lives

ahead of you...



so whatyou do is upto you.



The mission will launch

in a couple of hours.



You'll stay right in here.



Here. Stay here.



Don'ttalkto them.

They won'ttalkto you.



Pretend to type

the information we pass you.



That's it.



RADIO: This is OrphanAnnie

from Radio Tokyo.



To aII the IoneIyboys

in the South Pacific...



watch out--

the enemy wiIIgetyou.



Maybe she's right.



[Music playing]



Japs transmitting!



Captain, radar reports

Japanese patrol boats.



-Range     yards.

-How many yards?



    yards and closing, sir.




    yards! Let's go!



Admiral Halsey's ordering

the cruisers to openfire!



We gotta sinkthese Jap boats

before they give us away.



Go to general quarters!



Go, go, go, go!



Oh, my God.




-This can't be good!




man yourbattIe stations.



Japs one mile away.

They reported our position.



Supposed to launch

    miles away. Howfar are we?







-What do you wantto do?






Colonel, l don't know

if the planes...



can carry enoughfuel

to make itto China.



Now. We launch now!



Army pilots! Man your planes!



Man yourpIanes!






They're shooting at something.



-Let's go!

-lt ain't a drill!







We're toofar outto make it!



They need morefuel,

butthey can't gettoo heavy!



Strip everything out of

this plane you don't need now!



Start pre-flight! Let's go!



Add ten cans offuel

for each plane!






Let's go! Move!



Guys, get upthere!



Lose those suitcases now!



-What's yourfavorite gun?




You want off this deck,

give me a gun now!



lt's still too heavy!



Go to the kitchen,

get some broomsticks.



Cut 'em down, paint 'em black,

and bring them here.



We'll put a broomstick

where this gun was.



RED: Whatare you doing

to mypIane?



Tell your crew to take a piss

before they take off.



We got broomsticks

fortail guns.




Maybe it'll scare 'em.



You take care of yourself




Yeah, l will.



Danny, be careful,you hear me?



l will.

l'll see you, Rafe.




We're the tip ofthe sword!



[Engines whine]



-Turning on one!

-Turning on two!



All right.



You readyforthis?



-Superchargers low and latched!

-Low and latched.



We'refull into the wind!



More speed! More speed!



Are you nervous?



No--yes, sir. Yes.



When did youfind religion?



When you assigned me

to this mission, sir.



Do me afavor.



-What's that, Colonel?

-Prayfor both of us.



Tell me when!



Let's go!



Max power!



Oh, please.



Come on! Come on!






Way to go!



Jesus,thatwas short.



Move 'em up!



Full power, here we go!



Pull back!



Ha ha ha!



[Crew cheering]



Come on, here we go, here we go!



[All cheering]



We made it!




From BerIin,Rome, andTokyo...



we have been described...



as anation ofweakIings




who hire British,

Russian, or Chinese soIdiers...



to do ourfightingforus.



Letthem repeatthat now.



Letthem tell thatto

General MacArthur and his men.



Letthem teII that

to the soIdiers who today...



are fightinghardin

the farwaters ofthe Pacific.



Letthem tell thatto the boys

in theflyingfortresses.



Letthem tell that

to the Marines.



That's Japan,fellas.

Tighten up backthere!



Man your guns!



We're in the enemy's backyard!



LookaIive backthere.

Isee coastIine.



Heads up, boys! Heads up!



Man your guns backthere.



l'm cocked and locked!



Get ready, suckers!




targets forbombingraid!



Open bomb bay doors.



RAFE: RipIey,

yougota targetinsight?




Target in sight!



All right, boys,

let's knocktheir clocks off!



-Dropyour ordnance!

-Bombs away!



One away!



-Bombs away!

-Bombs away!



Two away!



Three away!

Four away!




We caught 'em bysurprise!




-Bombs away!








-We got it!



DOOLITTLE: We hitourtargets!




[Shouting and alarms]



God! Jesus--what? Shit!



We gotflak everywhere!



Go down there and get Gooz!



l want everyone to separate!



-Clean that up!

-Yes, sir.



Try and clean that up!




They're shootingfIakatus!









We gotta get out of this shit,




-We got afire!

-Tail's hit!



The eIectrics!

We gotafire backhere!



l gotta shortthis out!



RAFE: Getinto the cIouds,

Danny, rightnow!



God damn!



Red, go checkthat out!



We're getting covered!



Just hope they don't hit a prop!






l'm hit!



They're tearing

this plane apart!



Red,take it up,   feet.






l thinkTheo's dead!

Theo,wake up!






Get into the clouds,

Danny, right now!



Get up in that soup!



We're gonna pull out of this,




Thankyou, George.



What is it, General?



Colonel Doolittle had to

advance his execution order...



by twelve hours, Mr. President.



There will be no homing beacons.



The plane carrying them

crashed en route to China...




mayIackthe fueI...



to reach the mainland, sir.



So our boys areflying blind

on empty tanks.



God helpthem.



We're still not

getting a signal.



All ocean and no land.



Homing in on nothing.



Howmany cans offueI

we gotIeft?



These are all empty!



ls this all you got?



That's aIIwe got,Red.



Rafe! You better prayfor land!



Break radio silence.



l'm sorry, gentlemen.



You're all brave souls.



The bravestI've everhad

thepriviIege offIyingwith.



Butwe're on our own.



This really was

a suicide mission.



[Engine sputtering]



Engine one'sfluctuating.



We'll lose it any minute.



-Rafe,you gotta prime it.

-l am. How about now?



l see the coast.



l see the coast!



DANNY: Copy that,Rafe.



We're gonna make it.



Danny,follow me.



We can make this.

l can see the coast now.



We're onIy afewmiIes out.



We gottafind

a soft landing spot.



l'm pushing up on two.







l see rice paddies.



We'IIbringit in righthere.




Oh, God, engine one's dead.



We'll lose engine two

any second.



We can make it in. Easy.



Pull it back, glide in onfumes.






We gotJap patrols

all overthe place!



Japs!Landsomewhere eIse!



Strapyourselves in!

We're coming in hard!



RED: We're a deadstick.



Get outta the nose!



Hold on, boys!

We're going down!



Watch the trees!



[Engines sputtering]






Everyone all right?






l'm OK! l'm OK!



Where's RipIey?



RAFE:He's dead.






[Coughing and gasping]



-Jap patrols!

-Take cover!









Who's got magazines?



Got em!



Gotta get up into those hills,

find the Chinese!






They got us pinned down!




-Rafe! Rafe, no!






Rafe,you don't have a chance!



God damn. Danny!



Come on!






MAN: Gooz? You OK,man?



Danny? Aw, shit,Anthony.



RED: Gooz! Can youhearme?




-Come on.




Easy, easy, easy.



l've had better landings.



You saved us backthere.



l got something in my neck.



-Let me pull this out.

-Where's Gooz?




He's right overthere.



[Shouting in Japanese]






[Shouting in Japanese]












Danny! Oh!






-Hold on!




Hold on, now. l gotyou.



You're all right.

You're all right.



l'm not gonna make it.



Oh,yes,you are.



Yes,you are. Now look at me.



Rafe, l'm so cold.

l'm so cold.



You're all right. Hey.



Hey, Rafe?



Can you do me afavor?






Can you have someone else

write my name on the tombstone?



You're not gonna die.

Look at me, listen to me!



You ain't gonna die,

you hear me?






Danny,you can't die.



You can't die. You know why?



'Cause you're gonna be afather.



You're gonna be a daddy.




l wasn't supposed to tell you.



You're gonna be afather.






No. You are.












Please, please!









RAFE: PIease,Danny.



[Rafe sobbing]




They're Chinese.



EVELYN: When the actionis over

andwe Iookback...



we understand

bothmore andIess.



This muchis certain.



Before the DooIittIe raid...










JapanreaIizedforthe first

time thatthey couIdIose...



andbegan topuIIback.




thatshe wouIdwin...






Itwas a war




Dorie MiIIerwas

the firstbIackAmerican...



to be awardedthe Navy Cross.



Buthe wouIdnotbe the Iast.







That'sfor all the raiders.



EVELYN: WorId WarIIforus

began atPearIHarbor...



and     men

stiIIIie entombed...



in the battIeshipArizona.







Itwas notinevitabIe.



The times triedoursouIs...



andthrough the triaI,

we overcame.



Hey, Danny...



how'd you like to goflying?



[Laughs] Come here.






FAITHHILL: WhenIthinkback

on these times



Andthe dreams we Ieftbehind



I'IIbe gIad

'cause Iwas bIessed



To getto have youinmyIife



WhenIIookbackon these days



I'IIIookandsee yourface



You were rightthere forme



Inmy dreams

I'IIaIways see you



Soarabove the sky



Inmyheart, there'II

aIways be apIace foryou






I'IIkeep apartofyou




Andeverywhere Iam



There you'IIbe



Andeverywhere Iam



There you'IIbe



WeII, youshowedme

howit feeIs



FeeIthe sky withinmyreach



AndIaIways wiIIremember



AII the strength

yougave to me



YourIove made me

make it through



Oh,Iowe so much to you



You were rightthere forme



Inmy dreams

I'IIaIways see you



Soarabove the sky




there'IIaIways be



A pIace foryou






I'IIkeep apartofyou




Andeverywhere Iam



There you'IIbe



'Cause IaIways saw

in youmyIight






AndIwantto thankyounow



ForaII the ways



You were rightthere forme



You were rightthere forme



You were rightthere forme






Inmy dreams

I'IIaIways see you



Soarabove the sky




there'IIaIways be



A pIace foryou






I'IIkeep apartofyou




Andeverywhere Iam



There you'IIbe



Andeverywhere Iam



There you'IIbe



There you'IIbe




Special help by SergeiK