People Vs. Larry Flynt Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the People Vs. Larry Flynt script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie directed by Milos Forman starring Edward Norton, Woody Harrelson, Courtney Love, James Cromwell, yadda yadda.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of People Vs. Larry Flynt. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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People Vs. Larry Flynt Script



Larry! Jimmy!



That's very good.



- How much is it?

- Two dollars.



There's one.



There's two.



Thank you.



It's locked.

He's in there again.






What are you doin' in there?

Open up this door!



You'd better not be doin'

what I think you're doin'!



I told you I make that for peddlin',

not for you to drink.



You show some respect.



Larry! Jimmy!



Y'all get on to the house!

Supper's ready!



Why'd you hit him?



He was drinkin' my profits.



Can't be so ornery.



People think you're crazy.



I'm just tryin' to make

an honest buck.



Hello, walls



How'd things go

for you today



Don't you miss her



Since she upped

and walked away



And I'll bet you dread

to spend another



Lonely night with me



Don't call me at work.






I'll call you back, Mama.



Give a big hand...



to Alanis...



from Ottawa, Tennessee.



Thank you, Jimmy.



I don't know if you feel

the way I do right now...



but we deliver the finest ladies

in Southern Ohio.



Don't you think?



Thank you.



And now, please give

a warm, warm welcome...



to Kimberley and Melissa.



They're all the way here

from Paris and London... Kentucky.



So, how we doin'?






- What do you mean, "bad"?

- I mean, we're broke.



How can we be broke, Larry?



These giveaways are killing us.



The limousine.



The smorgasbord

was a stupid idea.



Then all your buddies are comin' in here

every night, drinkin' for free.



Don't bring my friends

into this.



Hey, ladies.



Hey, Larry.

We're ready to go.



You put forth some hard work.

Thank you.



Alanis, I'll be by in an hour,

and I'll bring the Ping-Pong balls.






I'II see you in two hours.



I liked the way

you blew that candle out tonight.



You know,

there's the secret.



If we could just somehow let people

know what great lays these girls are...



we'd have something.



Larry, you can't advertise that.



I know you can't, but...



Mister, what kind

of business is this?



I run the Hustler go-go clubs.

I'm sure you've heard of 'em.



Well, see, that's why

I need a newsletter.



I figured we'd run maybe

eight, ten pages per issue.



With nothing but nudie pictures?



Yeah, on this...



nice, smooth paper.



- That's called slick.

- Slick. Yeah.



But I could get in trouble

printing these.






Because there are laws.



You gotta have some sort of text,

like Playboy does.



God will punish the sinner!



Thank y'all for coming

to my establishment...



and keep in mind,

we welcome Christians in here too.



We don't want your kind here!



How many times



Have you heard someone say



If I had his money



I could do things my way



What do you think?



How much did it cost?



Would you forget the money

for one second?



What do you think?



That depends on

how much it cost.



Look, there it is.



The first Hustler newsletter.



It's all for the man on the go,

the man about town.



- News service, pictures...

- It's a magazine, not a newsletter.



How you gonna pay for that?



Don't interrupt me

when I'm talking.



Let's hear it for Camille.

You were wonderful, Camille.



Welcome to the stage now, gentlemen,

Calamity Jane from Moscow, Texas.



Let's hear it for her.



Hang on, Sloopy



Sloopy, hang on



Sloopy lives



In a very bad part of town



And everybody, yeah



Tries to put my Sloopy down



Sloopy, I don't care



What your daddy do



Who is that?



That's the new girl.



She got the moves, don't she?



And so I sing out

Hang on, Sloopy



She ain't bad.



- She ain't legal either.

- Yes, she is. I saw her I. D.



Look, you stupid briar-hopper,

my dog could get an I. D...



from my goat.



Hey, uh, listen.



When she gets done up there,

send her up to my office.



Sloopy, let your hair down, girl



Let it hang down on me



What's your name?






We have a policy in this club.



Oh, yeah?



Okay. And?



The trouble is,

I have a sneaking suspicion...



that you're not... of age.



This could cost me

my liquor license.



I'd have to close up

and fire a lot of people.



- I'II tell you something.

- Please.



Yeah, well, you see this?



See that? That?



I am this far...



One second, one millimeter,

one second...



from being legal.



So I'm gonna have to ask you

to come back...



when you're, uh,

when that centimeter's up.



That would be

tomorrow morning, then.



I like the way you dance.

Don't get me wrong.



What's that?



Oh, just a little somethin'

I got from down home.



You're a classy guy.



I've heard about you.



This is moonshine.



Is that...

This is moonshine, right?



It's okay.

It's just from potatoes.



- What's it gonna do to me?

- It's fine. Natural.



Step away from the desk.



That's like fire!



- Sorry I made a mess.

- That's okay.



Could I ask a question?






I heard that you've slept with

every girl in every one of your clubs.



Sort of a prerequisite.



I'm just wonderin'

if that's true or not.



Well, it ain't entirely untrue,

if that's what you mean.



I'm just curious why you haven't

taken a stab at me.



Well, I just met you

five minutes ago.



It was six.



Tick, tick, tick.



Come on. One more time.



"One more time"?

Come on, Althea.



Even Superman has his limits.



That's the problem

with you men.



Your batteries run out.



We women,

our batteries never run out.



We could go on and on.



Well, then go fuck a woman.



"Go fuck a woman."



I do fuck women.



Excuse me?



You are not the only person

in this club...



to have had every woman

in this club.



After one night,

she's movin' in with you?



Well, this girl, she had it rough.

Grew up in an orphanage...



Hey, buddy.



Are you that sex paper guy?



Could be.



I love the pictures.

How do I subscribe?



Where'd you come up

on the newsletter?



I found it in a gas station bathroom.

Came in pretty handy.



Well, I'm glad we helped you out...



but it ain't for subscription.



Y'all want some chips?






Ooh, look at her tits.

They're nice.



They're nice tits,

but they don't look real.



I don't understand

this magazine.



All these fuzzy pictures...



articles about I don't know

what the hell they're talking about.



You guys read Playboy?



- Well, yeah.

- Yeah.



Did you...

Excuse me, baby.



Did you enjoy

this month's article...



on how to hook up

your quadraphonic stereo system?



- What are you talkin' about?

- I think I missed that one.



Did you follow their advice

on how to make a perfect martini?



Hey, Larry, move over.



Who is this magazine for, anyway?



I mean, it's like if you don't

make      -plus a year...



you don't jerk off.



Seven million people buying it,

and nobody's reading it.



Gentlemen, Playboy is mocking you.



- Give me a jelly doughnut.

- I got your jelly.



- How many pages do we have right now?

- We have    .



- That's no good.

- Why not?



    is good.     that's good.




Are you connected with these numbers?

What difference...



It's gotta be an even number.



A paper has got two sides, right?

Two. Multiples of two.



No, a page has four!



Four. One, two, three, four.

You fold it and put in the staple.



- It's not even an even number.

- Right.



We'II figure it out.

We'll ask Larry.



What the hell's he doin'?



Hold that flower

in your left hand.



No, your other left hand.



We're not runnin' a flower shop here.

We're sellin' the girl.



Stop futzin' around with the props

and pillows and flowers...



and just shoot the girl.



Okay, let's go for

that leg thing.



Recline a little.



Open them legs a little bit.



Give me a little wider.



A little wider.

A little wider.



Just another touch wider...



Not quite that wide.



Wait, wait, wait, wait.



That's exactly what we want.



That's perfect.



That's what you want.



A woman's vagina...



has as much personality

as her face.



But you can't show

the genitalia.



Why not?



Larry, Rudy's right.



- Legally, you can't show the vagina.

- Shut up.



Rudy, are you a religious man?



- Yeah.

- You believe God created man?



God created woman?



Then surely the same God

created her vagina.



And who are you to defy God?

Just shoot her!



Jesus Christ.



Where is she?




Hey, baby.



Happy birthday, baby.



And I have...



a heart for my heart.



Oh, Larry, that's beautiful.



What's wrong?



The distributor called...



and, unfortunately,

we've had only a   % sell-through.



Somebody wanna

translate that for me?



What that means is...



they're sending back




That's what it means.



You're just a stupid briar-hopper.

What made you think you could do this?



At least he has balls.



Well, he needs brains.



Oh, God. Einstein speaking.



I'm so impressed.



One more issue and we're broke?






Larry, you said yourself

it's not so bad to be poor.



Fuck you, Althea.

You go be poor.



Fuck me?



You're the one that got us

into this debt.



You think just 'cause it's your birthday

that you can be a bitch?



Yeah, and I'm    feet tall

and you have a needle dick.



Don't ever hit me

like that again.



Don't talk to me like that.



I'II go back

and I'll eat dog food.



Take this.



I don't own this anymore.

Throw it out in the street.



Mr. Flynt, a guy on the phone claims

he has naked pictures of Jackie O.



Put him through. Hello.



- You the photographer?

- Yeah.



- What do you got?

- Is this Mr. Flynt?






I was watching that damn island

for four months.



Then one day

the cabana door opens...



and out comes Jackie O

with nothing on.



I mean, not a single stitch.



- You sure it's Jackie O?

- Yeah! Sure!



- And what do you see?

- Absolutely everything. Trust me.



And she's a good one. This ain't no

Mamie Eisenhower or Ladybird.



Oh, my God. First Pussy.



Everyone's talking about

local boy done good...



- or bad... Larry Flynt...

- Arlo, move!



whose Hustler magazine

has reached national sales figures...



of an astonishing

two million copies.



In a stunning disclosure...



- Cal, move your ass!

- WGBE-TV has learned...



that Ohio governor Jim Rhodes himself

was spotted at a newsstand...



buying a copy of

the infamous Jackie O issue.



- I spoke to the governor today...

- Arlo, move it!



and he had this response.



Everybody knows I've been a historical

buff about First Ladies for a long time.



Would you be interested

in nude photos of Martha Washington?



- She's a bit before my time.

- Arlo!



What about nude photos

of your wife?



A teacher educates our children...



and they become model citizens.



The clergyman preaches,

and we find spirituality.



My bank gives loans,

and homes get built.



But now...



there's a new, darker influence

in Cincinnati.



Mr. Leis, if you would.



I'm going to ask that you review

this material very, very carefully...



because it's important

that you know...



that I did not buy these

at a smut store.



These were not purchased at a...



dirty book shop.



I bought this...



in a neighborhood grocery store...



in full view

of our children.



Ma'am, you cannot hide from this.



Decent people...



are being corrupted.



Why, just look what happened

to our fine governor.



As members of the Citizens

for Decent Literature...



we cannot relent.



We must prevent the destruction...



of the soul of our country.



Take off your pants.



- What?

- Take off your pants.









I've never fucked

a millionaire before.



Look at that.



Happy birthday, America!



This is Larry's house?



- Ma! Pa!

- Must be it.



Hi, son!



- You came!

- It's so big.



Who are all these people?



Well, these are my friends, Ma.



- Oh. You have so many friends.

- Lots of money, lots of friends.



Oh! Look at you!



Hey, Arlo!



You know how many rooms

I have here?



-   . You know who else has    rooms?

- The President?



Hugh Hefner.



This is the best room in the house.

You're gonna like it.



This is the best room

in the house.



You know, there's a maid

still cleaning up in there.



Let me just say a word.



The maid's in there.



Listen, my folks are here...



so move the girls into the Jacuzzi

and I'll get with you later.



Your folks are here?



What in the world is that?



Hey, ladies.






The party is just beginning.



She's nice.



And she's frigid.



Let's see what we can do

about that.



Do you ever think

about getting married?



Oh, God.



There's nothing more certain to ruin

a beautiful relationship than marriage.



As soon as you get that ring

around the finger...



suddenly you have

an ownership situation.



Prior to that...



it's friendly.



You're kind to each other.



I'll tell you something...



as much as I love you...



I want a variety

of different...



vagina, pussy.



- What did we just do?

- That's what I'm talking about.



So, do you think

I'm talking about monogamy?



You're not talking

about monogamy?



No. Of course not.



How could you misunderstand me?



I was wondering,

'cause I thought...



I don't wanna get married

and stop the way we live.



The way we live is great.



Nothing would change.

My God.



Why now?



Because I only wanna

be with you.



You're the only man

I wanna be with.



I want this ring on my finger...



to tell me that you love me

above all other women.



You want a ceremony?



I wanna go to a church.

I wanna stand in front of a preacher.



Pay the preacher first...



and we'll get a "cashectomy"

from the lawyer on the way out.



You are my life.



You're my life.



- I am here for the rest of my life.

- You're my life too.



Right now, right here, my life.

I can't speak for    years from now.



- I can.

- You can?



- Let me say something.

- Oh, man!



- Just forget I brought it up.

- Listen to what I'm saying.



Would you marry me?



It's not funny.



I'm not joking.

Would you marry me?



Would you do me the honor

of becoming Mrs. Larry Flynt?



You're not fucking with me?



You mean it?



No, I'm just kiddin'.



You are?



No, I'm serious.

I'm serious.



She's got a dick!



You taped this on.

This is not real.



- Who would want to see that anyway?

- I do!



- I think it's genius.

- It don't matter.



It's just like when people slow down

at a car crash to take a peek.



We're breaking taboos.



I've got an idea.

The Wizard of Oz.






Okay, Dorothy is laying there

in Kansas...



and there's the Tin Man...



and the Scarecrow and...



- Who's the other one?

- The lion.



The lion.



They're all gang-banging her...



and there's Toto, maybe, even?



Althea, I think

some things are sacred.



Shut up.



That is the best idea

I ever heard.



Yeah. It could work.



Where can I find Larry Flynt?



The Tin Man can have

a tin penis.



No, he's got that hat like a funnel,

that funnel hat.



Larry Claxton Flynt!



Stand up, sir.

Hands behind your back.



- What's this?

- You're under arrest...



on charges of pandering obscenity

in Cincinnati...



and engaging in organized crime.



Organized crime?



Sit down, lady.

You have the right to remain silent.



Anything you say can be used

against you in court.



If you cannot afford an attorney,

one will be appointed by the court.



Mr. Flynt?



You Larry Flynt?



- Who are you?

- Alan Isaacman.



I'm your lawyer.



Your bail is all taken care of...



but we oughta talk

about the case.



Wait. Who hired you?



Your wife.



- My wife?

- Yeah.



Are you doin' her?



Wait... Am I what?



I'm just kiddin'.

I like you.



Give me a call

after you get out of law school.



Oh, no.

I'm out of law school.



- What are you,   ?

-   .



Harvard law school, three years

in the public defender's office.



Obviously you can get whoever you want

to represent you in this case...



but let me say one thing

to you...



You're pretty far out there, even for

the guys who do a lot of this stuff.



I am interested in your case.



The problem you've got is

very definitely what I know best...



and I am good at what I do.



What, do you specialize

in porn?



No, I don't specialize

in porn.



I'll be perfectly honest.

I don't particularly like what you do.



I specialize

in civil liberties.



I don't understand

why they've singled me out.



Look, this case is bigger

than just you and your magazine.



In your case, what's more troubling

is this organized crime charge.



Organized crime?

Larry's not in the Mob.



Mr. Flynt, I gotta ask you once.



Do you have any connections

in any way to organized crime?



Absolutely not.



I've gotta ask.



By the way, call me Larry.



All right.



In that case, Larry,

this is a bullshit charge...



but we have to take this




because you could conceivably

be looking at   to    years.



Twenty-five years?



All I'm guilty of is bad taste.



My cousin Bobby

shot a preacher in the back.



He got six months for it.



Bobby shot a preacher?

What denomination?






Can we discuss Cousin Bobby later?



We need to discuss this




I am serious.

I'm taking notes.



Good morning,

ladies and gentlemen.



Before we begin...



I must apologize...



for the unpleasantness

of this task.



What you're about to see...



is going to

take your breath away.



Hustler magazine...



depicts men and women...



posed together...



in a lewd

and shameful manner.



Hustler depicts women and women...



posed together

in a lewd and shameful manner.



Hustler magazine

depicts Santa Claus...



posed in a lewd

and shameful manner.



What's he talking about?



Jesus Christ, Larry.



With the court's permission, the defense

would like to introduce into evidence...



   other men's magazines...



sold in the Cincinnati area.



Titles such as Penthouse, Playboy...












Wait a second, Your Honor,

if I may.



These magazines...



contain material that is virtually

identical to Hustler magazine.



If these magazines are legal

and Hustler is not legal...



then this is clearly a case

of selective prosecution.






I'm sorry.

Did you say "no"?



I will not allow them

into evidence.



- They're irrelevant to this case.

- But they are not irrelevant.



They very clearly demonstrate the

community standard which is laid out...



No, Counselor!



The jury is representative

of community standards...



not a pile of magazines.



I won't admit them.



You won't admit them.



Mr. Flynt, would you please

turn to page   ?



Would you describe to the jury

what is on page    please, sir?



It's a picture of Santa Claus.



What is Santa Claus doing?



Talking to Mrs. Claus...



and holding in his hand...



what appears to be...



a large, erect penis.



And would you read the caption

under that cartoon, please?



It says...



"This is what I've got

to 'Ho-ho-ho' about."



Mr. Flynt, do you think...



that the founding fathers

had a cartoon like this in mind...



when they wrote

the First Amendment?



Well, no, but I don't think

they necessarily had Playboy in mind...



or People either...



'cause I saw a couple of

swear words in there once.



But isn't a community allowed

to set its own standards?



No. That's just a disguise

for censorship.



This country belongs to me...



as much as it belongs to you,

Mr. Leis.



If you don't like Hustler magazine,

don't read it.



I don't.



But what about the innocent children

who gaze upon your magazine...



in our grocery stores?



If a kid gets caught

drinking beer in a tavern...



we don't ban Budweiser

across the nation.



Ladies and gentlemen

of the jury...



you've heard a lot here today

and I won't try to go back over it all.



But you have to go back in that room

and make some decisions...



and there is one thing I want to make

very clear to you before you do.



I'm not trying to convince you that

you should like what Larry Flynt does.



I don't like what he does.



But what I do like is...



that I live in a country...



where you and I can

make that decision for ourselves.



I like that I live in a country

where I can pick up Hustler magazine...



read it if I want...



or throw it in the trash,

if that's where I think it belongs.



Or I can not buy it.



I like that right.

I care about it.



And you should care

about it too...



because we live

in a free country.



We say that a lot, but sometimes we

forget what that means, so listen again.



We live in a free country.



That is a powerful idea.

That's a magnificent way to live.



But there is a price for that freedom,

which is that sometimes...



we have to tolerate things

that we don't necessarily like.



So go back in that room...



where you are free to think

whatever you want to think...



about Larry Flynt

and Hustler magazine.



But then ask yourselves if you want to

make that decision for the rest of us...



because the freedom

that everyone in this room enjoys...



is, in a very real way,

in your hands.



If we start throwing up walls against

what some of us think is obscene...



we may wake up one morning

and realize...



that walls have been thrown up

in places we never expected...



and we can't see anything

or do anything.



And that's not freedom.



That is not freedom.



So, be careful.



Thank you.



Madam Foreman,

have you reached a verdict?



Yes, Your Honor, we have.



Hand the verdict

to the bailiff.



Will the defendant please rise?



Madam Clerk,

read the verdict.



"We, the jury...



find the defendant,

Larry Claxton Flynt...



guilty as charged

on all counts."



Do you have anything to say

before I sentence you?



Your Honor...



you've not made...



one intelligent decision

during the course of this trial...



and I don't expect one now.



Knock yourself out.



I sentence you to    years

in the Ohio State Penitentiary.



Your Honor, we request bail...



- Bail denied.

- Denied?



- Take him away.

- This procedure is completely standard.



All I do

is publish a magazine!



Mrs. Flynt, were you surprised

by the verdict?



No, I was not surprised

by the verdict at all.



We had a stupid judge

and an uptight prosecutor.



Are you ashamed to have

your husband locked up?



I never would be

ashamed of Larry.



I'd rather have a man who stands up

for what he believes in.



Of course I'm not happy

he's going to jail.



You guys can call this

a circus, a witch hunt...



Hi, baby.



You are so beautiful.



Hi, Larry.



How are you?



- I miss you.

- I've missed you too.



You got any girlfriends

in here?



You got calluses on your hands?



You know it.



I fantasize about you

all the time.



Our bed is so empty.






Oh, baby.



Oh, God.



What can I do

to get you out of here?



Isaacman says there's no way

this is gonna hold up.



What if Alan's wrong?



What if you don't get out

till the year     ...



and I'm fat and old and ugly

and you don't love me anymore?



You ain't never gonna be

old and fat and ugly.



I promise you.



- I love you.

- I love you.



Glory, glory, hallelujah



His truth



Is marching on



His truth is









Please. Please. Please.



And now,

Americans for a Free Press...



take extreme pleasure

in welcoming to Cincinnati...



direct from jail...



cleared    %

by the Appellate Court...



This is great of the Americans for

a Free Press to invite us here tonight.



The Americans for a Free Press is me.

Who do you think's paying for all this?



...that freedom fighter,

Larry C. Flynt!



- Thank you.

- We love you, Larry!



I have a thought.



Murder is illegal...



but you take a picture of somebody

committing the act of murder...



they'll put you on the cover

of Newsweek.



You might even win

a Pulitzer Prize.



And yet...



sex is legal.



Everybody's doin' it,

or wants to be.



Yet you take a picture of two people

in the act of sex...



or of just a woman's

naked body...



and they'll put you in jail.



Now, I have a message for all you

good, moral, Christian people...



who are complaining

that breasts and vaginas are obscene.



Don't complain to me.

Complain to the manufacturer.



Okay? And although Jesus told us

not to judge, I know you will anyway...



so judge sanely.



Judge with your eyes open.

What do you consider obscene?



Is this obscene to you?



Or perhaps that's obscene to you.



Maybe this is obscene to you.



But what is more obscene,




or this?






or this?



You know, politicians

and demagogues like to say...



that sexually explicit material

corrupts the youth of our country.



And yet they lie, cheat

and start unholy wars.



Look at them. They call themselves men.

They're sheep in a herd.



I think the real obscenity

comes from raising our youth...



to believe that sex is bad

and ugly and dirty...



and yet it is heroic

to go spill guts and blood...



in the most ghastly manner

in the name of humanity.



With all the taboos

attached to sex...



it's no wonder

we have the problems we have...



that we're angry and violent

and genocidal.



But ask yourself the question...



What is more obscene...



sex or war?



She's a killer.



- Larry.

- Yeah.



Hi, Althea.



Hi, Arlo.



Arlo, you wanted something?






I've got bad news.



A Georgia prosecutor's

arrested some newsdealers...



for selling Hustler.



Some other retailers are getting nervous

and taking issues off the stands.



Fuel the jet.




Alert the Georgia media.



Tell 'em the cavalry's

on the way.



Larry, why are you here?



Good, hardworkin' news vendors

are being threatened and intimidated.



If that's not censorship,

what is?



- So, what's your plan?

- Well, just watch.



Come right on in here.

Stand right over there.



All right.



Don't crowd.



Let the cameras through.

You rollin'?



Now, what we're gonna do here is...



I'm gonna pay this gentleman

$    .



I'm renting the Puff 'n' Read

for    hours.



I am in control now.



Anybody who would like to purchase

a copy of Hustler magazine...



Could I please buy a copy

of the Hustler magazine?



Yes, you can, sir. Here is

the Hustler magazine I'm selling...



That's it.

Larry Flynt, you're under arrest.




I gotta give him some change.



Only in America, huh?



How far will you go for Hustler?

What are your plans?



Many people support Hustler magazine,

but none are willing to support you.



How do you feel about that?



Why do I have to go to jail

to protect your freedom?



That's good.



So, we're gonna pay

a million bucks?



If it catches the killer,

it's worth it.



Moving on.

Asshole of the Month.



Jerry Falwell.



You always say Jerry Falwell.



Jerry Falwell

is always an asshole.



How about Anita Bryant

this month?



I say Gerald Ford.



I say Larry Flynt.



I like that, bro.

I mean, everybody thinks I'm an asshole.



- Yeah, that's true.

- Is that right?



Larry, you have a call.



- Take a message.

- How about Asshole of the Decade?



She's calling

from North Carolina.



She says she's the President's sister,

Ruth Carter something.



Ruth Carter Stapleton?



She's a woman of God.



What does she want with you?



What are you afraid of?

Pick up the phone.



Okay, patch her through.



Hello, this is Larry Flynt.



- Praise the Lord. I found you.

- Hallelujah.



What can I help you with?



We have a mutual friend, Larry,

a television producer...



and he suggested

we get together.



He thought you and I

would hit it off.



I don't understand.



You're an evangelist

and I'm a smut peddler.



Larry, I don't believe in labels.



I think you and I

could teach each other a lot, so...



are you free

for dinner tomorrow night?



You know,

I have a hectic schedule.



You know what's nice about

people like you and me, Mr. Flynt?



What's that?



We can do anything we want.



Do you go to church, Larry?



Yeah, church.



Particularly the, uh,

you know, the big holidays...



Christmas, Easter

and New Year's Eve.



New Year's Eve?



They don't have church

on New Year's Eve. Okay.



Well, we've proven I'm a liar.



- I never go.

- It's not important.



That's only a ritual.



I believe in going straight

to the teachings of Jesus.



And does she love that man.



Would you call yourself...



a faith healer?



Goodness, no.



I do spiritual healing.






I don't mend bones.

I mend troubled souls.



That's a relief. I thought you might be

one of those tent revival fakes...



that used to come

scare the kids with snakes...



and "Wicked this, wicked that."



Hellfire, damnation,

that sort of thing.



That kind of talk

is almost unforgivable.



Well, then,

I'd say we have...



something in common.



Actually, Larry, there's something else

you and I have in common.



What's that?



We're both trying to release people

from sexual repression.






Sorry, Mrs. Stapleton.



So, tell me, your brother...



Ji... Mr. President...



Jimmy will be fine.



Do you think he ever...



read my publication?



You remember that interview

he gave Playboy magazine?



The one where he admitted

he had lust in his heart?



I was especially proud of that.



I'm sure you were...



but Oral Roberts wasn't

and Billy Graham wasn't.



They took out after him

in public.



So I don't think he's a big fan

of adult magazines.



But, you know, Larry...



I'm more ambivalent

about what you do...



because I think

that sexuality is...



a God-given gift.



I have to agree with you.



When I counsel Pentecostal women

in bad marriages...



I don't take the Bible out.



I say to them...



"Get some make-up.

Get yourself some curlers.



Make yourself beautiful, because

Jesus wants you to be beautiful."



Yeah, well, that...



You're something.

You surprise me.



Larry, what was

your childhood like?



You know, sometimes things happen to us

when we're very young...



that can hurt

for many years after.



I think we're all born

into this world...



Why? Why?



'Cause I had an epiphany.




- A what?

- An epiphany.



Where'd you learn

that damn word?



This woman crookin' you so hard,

she's teaching you English now?



She ain't crookin' me.



I think it's more

an acid flashback.



Don't belittle it like that.

It was a serious thing.



Do you think that I wanted Jesus

to tap me on the shoulder?



I'm the last guy who wanted that.



I'm gettin' laid six times a day.

I got limousines, a jet, lots of money.



I'm the last guy who wanted God

tapping him on the shoulder.



I had an epiphany.



- I had an epiphany once, Larry.

- What was that?



When my daddy shot

my entire family in the head...



and I was the only one

to identify the bodies.



I got sent to an orphanage

full of good Christian nuns...



who shoved my face

into their pussies...



with their crucifixes on...



for eight goddamn years!



I am genuinely sorry for you, baby,

but that does not...



Don't be sorry for me!

Be sorry for yourself!



- You'll need that in the pawn shop.

- Don't throw that!



We're gonna be so broke,

you're gonna need that.



Come on.



It's okay.



Just get behind me on this,




That's all I'm asking.



I feel like it's me against the world.

You're all I got, baby.



Say you ain't gonna do this.



- I'm doing it!

- No! You ain't gonna do it!



Oh, now I'm baptized too.

Is that it?



Fuck you, Larry!



The Lord



Oh, Lord



My soul



Doth magnify



The Lord



Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ

as your Savior...



and reject Satan

and all his works?



I do.



In obedience to the will of God...



and upon the confession

of this, our brother...



we baptize you in the name

of the Father, the Son...



and in the name

of the Holy Spirit.









There will be no more...



photo spreads of women alone.



From now on, sex will be presented

in a more natural setting...



with a man in the picture.



You know, a Genesis pictorial...



with Adam and Eve

getting it on in the Garden of Eden.



Then next month

I'd like to have...



pretty girls all floating

on big glass crucifixes.



Marjoe Gortner could shoot that.



I plead with you

not to do this.



If you do this,

this company's gonna be worth nothin'.



You're all looking at me

like I'm the one growing horns.



Look around you.

We are living in Roman times.



It is time...



to feed the lions

to the Christians.



This is a joke.



You're just doing this to...



help our circulation.






I love you, brother...



but please

don't ever, ever, ever...



doubt my sincerity.



Use me



For your service



Dear Lord



Just grant me the power



This is making people sick.



They're going up to newsstands

and they're puking, they're vomiting.



I was just trying to illustrate...



that I am no longer willing...



to exploit the female body.



You've failed miserably

at that.



Nobody on this planet wants their

religion and their porn mixed together.



Well, you know, Ruth says that...



Well, get your friend Ruth to buy

two million of these magazines...



because nobody else will do it.



Larry, I'm not gonna pretend

that I understand...



what you go through...



what this spiritual thing

is to you.



I never have, but I've always

been supportive. Always.



And, honey...



you're taking this too far now.



It's going too far.



It's like

you're losing your mind.



My mind is fine.



God is working through me.



Don't you see that?



I could accomplish anything.

I could move mountains with God's help.



I could make that wall come

tumbling down with sheer willpower.



God. Do it.

Just do it, then.



- Do it.

- Do it?



He's gonna be thrilled about this.




Hey, Larry.

Yeah, it's Alan.



I'm sitting here with the eminently

reasonable District Attorney of Georgia.



He's very impressed

by your conversion.



He's offering a plea bargain.



A plea bargain

because I found God?



Larry, listen to me.



Don't argue with me on this.



Just say yes, because I pulled

a lot of strings to make this happen.



Is he there with you?



Could you do me a favor?



Tell that miserable,

gray-haired bastard...



to go fuck himself.



We're goin' to trial.



Okay. Right.



Oh, and praise the Lord.






The Gwinnett County Court

is now in session.



Mr. Flynt, how can you,

as a good Christian...



defend this filth?



I don't have to.



It may be wrong,

in some people's opinion...



to portray women

the way I have...



but it's not illegal.



It may not be smart to have too much

to drink, but it's not illegal.



Abortion may be

morally repugnant...



but right now it's not illegal.



If we want to change the laws,

that's another discussion...



but our right to decide for ourselves

cannot be restricted.



George Orwell said that...



if liberty means anything...



it means the right to tell people

what they don't wanna hear.



Now, America...



is the strongest country

in the world today...



only because it is

the freest country.



If it ever loses sight

of its basic heritage...



and the principles involved...



then we will no longer

be free.



That was a bang-up job.



Larry, did you pray

before entering the courtroom?



- No comment.

- Is your wife jealous of Ruth?



Do you have any comment?



- Is that true?

- Do you have anything to say?



This is Jackson. We got shots fired

in front of the courthouse.



- Somebody help!

- We need an ambulance right away.



Stand back.



Got a   -year-old male,

gunshot wound, left shoulder.



Patient has no movement

or sensation...



I want him alive. I don't care

if his head's in a fishbowl!



Mrs. Flynt...



there's something

you have to know...



before you go in that room.



They say that you're paralyzed.



They say you're paralyzed

from the waist down.



They say that

you ain't gonna walk again.



From the waist down?



I fuckin' love you.



I'm so sorry, Althea.






My dearest, how are you?



Oh, the pain.



I feel like I'm in hell.



No, you're not in hell.



You belong to God.



I wish he'd killed me.



I do.



I can't ever walk again.



I can't make love to my wife.



I can't...



have a child with her.



But don't give in

to the bitterness.



You'll be so much stronger

if you keep your faith.



God will see you through this.






there is no God.



Take this down. I want all this

Christian stuff out of here now.



Ladies. Gentlemen.



The reign of Christian terror

at this magazine is now over.



We're smut peddlers again.

We're going back to our roots.



We are porn again.



When's Larry coming back?



Larry's coming back soon.



So, what do we know?



The FBI ain't got nothin'.



- That's what we know.

- Who'd wanna shoot you, Larry?



Who wouldn't want to, Jimmy?



- I'd say it was the CIA.

- Why?



Because of the million dollars

that was offered for JFK's killers.



I think it was the interracial

photo spreads and the KKK.



It wasn't the KKK.

It was the Mob.



The extreme religious right.

They control all the fanatics.



You've just named every American psycho.

Let's try to narrow the field a bit.



Larry, you're always, always...



gonna have to

watch your ass forever.



I oughta move somewhere

where perverts are welcome.



Where you goin', baby?



To get some ice cream.

You want some?



I want some more.



I just gave you

twice your dose.



Please. Please. Please.



Larry, you're gonna overdose.



I'm not gonna overdose.

I'm in pain.



- You're just doing this to get off.

- More!



I'm only giving you half

of what I just gave you.



Don't ask for any more.






Okay, let go.



You all right?



I love you, baby.



Oh, God.



Hi, Doctor Bob.



Hello, Althea.

How's Larry today?






Pretty shitty.



How are you today, Larry?






- I'm in pain.

- He can hardly talk.



You know, Larry,

we're running out of options here.



The drugs, your pain...

it's going to kill you.



Something stronger.



This is    grand.



Can we just have our medicine, please,

Doctor Bob, in peace?



Larry, there is an operation...



and apparently it's been

very successful for this kind of pain.



- Ready for the laser.

- Laser ready, five watts.



Okay, let's go.



Hey, baby.



What's that?



Some lady died down the hall.



I got her flowers.



How do you feel?



I feel good.



You feel good?



Yeah, I feel...



I feel great.



For the first time

since those bullets...



I don't feel any pain.



I don't want it.



What do you... I don't...



I feel good.



And you're not on nothin'.



You're crookin' me,

or you're a fuckin' liar.



You've been on drugs

for four or five years.



I have a hard time believing that

you feel really great on nothin' now.



Is it that hard to believe

that I don't want any?






I was taking the drugs

'cause I was in pain.



I'm not in pain now,

so I don't want it.



Why would I want it?



- I don't know.

- Why do you want it?



Well, if I don't take it I'll go

into seizures and get really sick.



And it makes me feel good.




- I don't want it!

- In two hours you will.



I'm done with it.




- You've said this before.

- Stop it!



'Cause you're fuckin' on...






- Stop it.

- Get away from me!



- Stop.

- I don't want it!



You're gonna hurt yourself.

Stop it, please.



I don't know.



Been through a lot together.

We can make it through this.



You're gonna go cold turkey?



I am, and so are you.



- Okay?

- No.









I can't, Larry.



- What am I gonna do?

- What do I need that shit for?



I want my mind back.



The pervert is back!



What's your name?






Tell everybody

the pervert is back.



The pervert is back.



Circulation is down

by a third.



The color reproduction

is horrible.



The models look like

they're three-dollar whores.



The writing is by

some moronic idiot.



Mr. Flynt?



I don't wanna step

on your toes...



but things have changed since you

were actively running the company.



I mean, I look back at the stuff

you did in the '  s...



and it was sort of racy

and crazy...



but the country's

different now.



Reagan has rebuilt America...



and the Moral Majority

is gaining power.



You're fired.



Excuse me?






get the fuck out of my building!



Get him outta here!



He's a blow-dried,

jerk motherfucker!



Throw him in the incinerator!



Cut him into pieces

and feed him to the animals!



- Get outta here!

- Larry!



You can't do that!

He's our vice president of marketing!



Hey, Jimbo, are you trying

to challenge my authority?



You see that on the wall?




That's Larry Flynt Publications.



Not "JFP." Okay?



I'm the big kahuna here.

Do you have a problem with that?



No, Larry.



You're the boss.



So, uh, Larry...



what's the plan?






The plan is simple.



The establishment...



took my manhood from me...



but they left

the half with my brain...



and I'm gonna use it...



to get back.



Wake up.



Who is this?



It's Larry Flynt.



Is CBS interested

in seeing videotape of the FBI...



selling John Delorean

   kilos of cocaine?



- Are you Mr. Waverly?

- Yeah.



- Who are you?

- I'm Mrs. Flynt.



Do you want some coffee...



or tea or sandwiches...



or Ho-Hos or Pringles

or something?



No, that's all right.

Can I just see the tape?



- John Delorean.

- There's Delorean.



These are the drug dealers.



- Guess what this is.

- The coke?



That whole suitcase?



Yeah. Watch this.




The first time to touch it.



That's it. That's all the contact

he had with that cocaine.



This is my favorite part.

They can't get this damn...



They can't get

the suitcase closed. Right?



There's a lot of cocaine

in this motherfucker.



How do they get

the damn thing closed?



- They're all pushing down on it.

- Amazing.



Now they do a toast.



Now watch this.



This is weird.



There's a knock at the door.



Tubby goes to the door.






Four million dollars worth of cocaine.

Nobody's even nervous.



Now watch.



FBI. FBI, right?



This guy's got a good camera sense.

Watch him clear camera.



Let me get outta your way.

Watch this guy.



Grabs his champagne...



and walks away.



These guys

aren't concerned about him...



because they're FBI!



The tapes are genuine, newsworthy,

and we have a right to broadcast them.



- This is stolen government evidence.

- This makes a fair trial impossible.



My client, Mr. Delorean,

will never find an impartial jury.



We're talking basic

constitutional rights here.




Gentlemen, please.



These are stolen tapes.



Gentlemen, that's enough!



It's stolen, Judge!



Here is the Campari

ad campaign parody.



"Jerry Falwell

talks about his first time."



You guys are stupid.



You ever have anything

positive to say, Jimmy?



I got a subpoena here for you

to appear in Federal Court tomorrow...



to reveal the source

of the Delorean tape.



The FBI got very pissed off.



They want you in front

of the judge tomorrow.



You tell that judge

I'm wipin' my ass with his subpoena.



Why is your client doing this?



My client is

a very complicated man.



He's heavily medicated,

among other things.



I believe him to be




I'II give him something

to be depressed about.



I'm issuing a warrant

for his arrest.



"If anyone tries coming after me,

I'll shoot him between the eyes."



Flynt has been barricaded in his

Beverly Hills compound for three days.



Holy shit!






Federal marshals!



Drop the gun now!



Hands on your head now!



On your knees!






What's wrong with you, CBS?



We're Federal marshals!

Come out!



Shut up!



Where are your fuckin' priorities?



We interrupt this program

for a special report...



I turned the whole world

into a tabloid!



Here I come!



Larry, are you going somewhere?






Roll on out of there now!



Will you get me some bananas?



Yes, I'll get you bananas



Thank you, honey.



Raise your right hand

and place your left hand on the Bible.



Do you swear to tell the whole truth

and nothing but the truth...



so help you God?






I'm an atheist.



I can't very well swear to a God

I don't believe exists.



Mr. Flynt, you are a handful.



I know, Your Honor.



We'II allow you to affirm,

if that's satisfactory with you, sir.



That would satisfy me.



I just need you to answer

one question...



and then you are able

to go back home.






What was the source

of this videotape?



Your Honor, Vicki Morgan

was Alfred Bloomingdale's mistress...



Excuse me, Your Honor.



It's okay, Alan.



Alfred introduced her

to all Reagan's cabinet buddies.



She was a real party girl

and they really liked her...



if you know what I mean,

Your Honor.



So the thing about Vicki is...



she was a bit naive...



and she started writing a book...



about all these orgies

that they were having.



The next thing you know... Bam!

She's murdered.



But what these White House killers

don't realize is...






kept some videotapes...



of their sexcapades.



These tapes, Your Honor...



are pure...









I've never seen anything...

Well, I have.



But most people haven't seen

anything like this, Your Honor.



What has this got to do

with the Delorean trial?



That's a good question.



Well, technically, nothing,

Your Honor...



but I had those tapes and this tape,

and it just made me think of it.



Well, Mr. Flynt, I'd appreciate it

if you would stick to the subject.



I'II ask again:

What was the source of this videotape?



With all due respect,

you don't have the right to ask.



That's it.

You're in contempt of court.



As of tomorrow,

I'm fining you $      a day...



until you reveal the source

of your videotape.



Look. There's Larry.



There he is.



- Mr. Flynt!

- Make way. Let us through here.



Mr. Flynt,

is this a conspiracy?



Oh, say, can you see



By the dawn's early light



- What so proudly we hail

- Where are the Vicki Morgan tapes?



Do you really have

the Vicki Morgan sex tapes?



No. I just told 'em

I had the Delorean tapes.



Now they believe

anything I say.



Sir, take that helmet off.



We don't wear hats

in a Federal courtroom.



There's no war going on here.



Well, you can never be

too careful, Your Honor.



Don't worry, Mr. Flynt. The U.S.

Government will take care of you.



We brought extra marshals

in today...



so I'd appreciate

your taking off that helmet.



Sir, are you here now...



to obey the court and reveal

the source of the videotape...



or to pay the $     ?



- I'd like a moment with my client.

- No!



It is my right, under the freedom

of the First Amendment...



to protect my sources.



Listen, don't go any further.



- Let me talk for one second.

- Shut up! Relax, Alan.



Is that an American flag

you have on there, sir?



I have fashioned this American flag

into a diaper...



because if you're gonna treat me

like a baby, I'm gonna act like one.



Larry Flynt, I'm ordering you arrested

for desecration of the American flag.



Marshal, take him into custody.



We'd like to post bond,

if that's all right.



Take it easy.



Just a minute, Marshal.



Very well, Mr. Isaacman.



Court will set a bond

on Mr. Larry Flynt for $     .



And this time, sir...



I'd prefer a cashier's check.









I'm going to keep our Mr. Flynt

on a very tight leash.



As a condition of his bond...



he absolutely cannot leave

the state of California.



You're not getting on that plane.



- Yes, I am.

- No! Don't do it.



- Do you think this is a game?

- Yeah, you're right.



It's a fucking joke!



Five-and-a-half years since

they shot me, and the government...



Hey, I was there too.

You remember?



You don't see me pissing off everybody

who could help us.



Yeah, well, you can walk

and you can fuck...



and I'm in this chair!



I got money...



and that gives me the power

to shake up this system.



Find somebody else to help you then,

because I didn't sign on for this.



I don't even know

what we're engaged in anymore.



If you get on that plane,

I quit.



Alan, don't be so melodramatic.



You don't wanna quit me.

I'm your dream client.



I'm the most fun, I'm rich

and I'm always in trouble.



Hey, go to hell, Larry.

Go to hell.






Why did you disobey

this court's order?



Why did you disobey

this court's order?



Didn't I make it clear

you were not to leave California?



We had an honest misunderstanding...



Counselor, he's right.



Some rules are made to help us,

not hurt us, and l...



I do apologize, Your Honor.



I want to 'fess up and reveal...



my source.



Tell me...



who was the source

of this videotape?



The samurai.



Excuse me?



The samurai gave me the tape.



Who is this man,

and where is he?



Unfortunately, he had

a critical groin injury...



on the way to give me the tape...



and he's undergoing acupuncture

treatment in Beijing, China.



- What is this?

- It's okay.



Mr. Flynt, this court fears

that you are seriously mentally ill.



Opinions are like assholes,

Your Honor.



- Everybody's got one.

- Cut it out. Shut up.



No, you shut up!



Let your lawyer do the talking.



No. I know the rules.



You're fired.

I'm representing myself.



- I am so tired of you. You're fired.

- You can't fuckin' fire me!



- You will not curse in this courtroom.

- What?



- Larry Flynt...

- How about spitting?



Marshal, put a gag on that man!



- Sit down, sir!

- You bastard!



Sit down, lady!

Lady, be seated!



- Get off me!

- Everybody down in this courtroom!



All right, Mr. Flynt...



are you willing

to calm down now, sir?



If I take that gag off, will you

show me and my courtroom staff...



the courtesy and respect

we deserve?



All right, Marshal.



Fuck you, you son of a bitch!



I've had enough.



Larry Flynt, you leave me no choice

but to sentence you...



to nine months.



- Is that all you got?

- Three more months, then.



- Fuck you, Your Honor!

- You want more?



- Stop it.

- Sit down!



Larry Flynt, you are hereby sentenced

to    months...



in a Federal psychiatric prison.



Don't look at me.

Ask for bail, Counselor.



Can I post bail, Your Honor?



Get him out of my courtroom.



Fuckin' bastard!



You can use all those foul words

behind four padded walls!



There's something

we'd like to show you, sir.



I don't understand.



The Reverend would never endorse

a liquor company.



Well, there's a larger problem.



Substantially larger.



You see, sir...



it says right there

that the Reverend...



It says, sir...



that he fornicated with his mother

in an outhouse.



Give me a second.



What do you boys have

for me today?



I think you need to read this.



Give me your jacket, please.



Stand up, please.



Raise your foot.



- Arms up.

- Arms what?



Arms up.



You look so good.



You look like shit.






I don't want to work

at the magazine anymore.



People there...



don't listen to me...



and they don't talk to me.



They're afraid of me and...



they don't shake my hand.



I went to Dr. Robert and...



he told me that I was sick.



I mean...



sick sick.



I mean, I got AIDS, Larry.



They won't shake your hand?



Oh. Yes, sir. Yes.



Code pink. Code pink.



Larry, it's Jimmy here.

You there?




Larry, you there?



I have some important

announcements to make.



- So, how's the hospital treatin' you?

- Never mind that.



Is everybody there?






You're all fired.



Larry, you can't just fire

these people. We need them.



Shut up. It's my business, and I'll

run it into the ground if I want to.



That's all. I gotta go.



What the fuck was that?



Just calm down, Arlo.

Don't panic on me.



- None of you guys are fired.

- But Larry just said that...



Yeah, well, what did Larry say?

He's in a nuthouse.



I said you're not fired.

Is that a problem?



Thank you.



Jesus, Althea.



Come on. Sit down.



You all right, Mrs. Flynt?



Fine, thanks.



You look different.

Did you change your hair?



Yeah, I changed my hair.



Yeah. I like it.



Yeah, my hair's different.



What's up?



I got this the other day...



and I brought it by to see

if you would look at it, please.



Wow. That is...



I mean, this is...



It's intense.



Yes, it is.



What are we gonna do?



You're gonna give it

to Larry's lawyers.



You are our lawyers.

You've always been our lawyers.



You're part of the family.

Don't listen to Larry.



- You know how he is.

- I don't know.



We need your help.



Please. Please help us.






Boy, this is great, Larry.

This is really great.



- I hope it was worth it.

- Didn't I fire you?



Well, I mean, I've always ignored

most of what you said, right?



Well, listen,

I know the timing is lousy...



but you remember your Campari ad?



Jerry Falwell in the outhouse

with his mother?



Well, he saw it.



I guess it's safe to say

he didn't find it all that funny.



He is suing you...



for libel...



and intentional infliction

of emotional distress.



He is asking

for    million dollars.



This is Jerry Falwell...



in his home state.






if you're up to it...



we ought to figure out

how you want to deal with this.









Yeah, he's suing you.



He's suing me?



For heaven's sake,

on what grounds?



You xeroxed his ad and sent it out

in a million fund-raising letters.



Yeah? So?



But you didn't get

his permission...



and that's

copyright infringement.



The depth of his depravity

sickens me.



They are gonna put you on the stand.

Your testimony will make or break us.



Downplay how much

you hate Falwell.



You've got to make them understand

it was just a joke.



- I'm just a clown.

- Take this one seriously.



Don't fuck it up. This will be the most

expensive case ever for you if you lose.



Reverend Falwell, you're a preacher.

Is that right?



Yes, I am.



As a preacher, you speak

to a fairly broad audience.



I mean, you preach on television

and on your Old Time Gospel Radio Hour.



I do.



So you've achieved

a certain notoriety...



one might say a national reputation,

for your sermons...



and opinions and ideas...



and your leadership

of the Moral Majority.



Yes. Our membership

is now over five million.



But even beyond

your membership, really...



you've been recognized...



and awarded for your efforts

all over America.



I have a number

of honorary degrees.



In a recent poll

of Good Housekeeping magazine...



I was voted

second most admired American...



behind President Reagan.



Good Housekeeping.

That's... That's...



I mean, hey, you're famous.




Well, I suppose

you could say that.



Have you ever had sex

with your mother?



Absolutely not.






Never in the outhouse,

as Hustler magazine suggested?



That is an absurd question.



My mother

was a very godly woman...



and as close to a saint...



as anyone I have ever known.



I'm sure she was.



Have you ever preached

while drunk?



Drunk? Never.



You never had too many at lunch

and went back on the radio?



That is a totally outrageous




- "Totally outrageous"?

- Totally.



You don't think that some people,

despite your reputation...



might believe

you could do that?



I would find that

very difficult to believe.



So what you're telling me is

nobody could reasonably think...



that these statements about you

were true.



That's what I'm saying.



Reverend Falwell,

at the beginning of this trial...



Judge Kirk gave very specific

instructions to this jury.



She said,

"If a reasonable person...



could not believe

that Hustler magazine...



describes actual facts

about Jerry Falwell...



then you must dismiss

the libel claim."



Do you remember

these instructions?



Obviously not,

so I'm gonna ask you one more thing.



Why are you suing my client

for libel?



I am not a lawyer,

Mr. Isaacman.



I am a lawyer,

and I can't figure it out either.



Would you state your full name

for the record, Mr. Flynt?



Yes, sir.



Christopher Columbus...






I.P.Q., Harvey H.

and Pagey Pugh.



That's very interesting...



but are you also known

as Larry Flynt?



A.K.A. Jesus H. Flynt, Esq.



Oh, for Christ's sakes.



Are you the publisher

and editor-in-chief...



of Hustler magazine?



I am the publisher

of the most tasteless, sleaziest...



most disgusting, greatest porn magazine

on the face of the earth.



Thank you.



I have in my hand Exhibit "B"...



a typewritten script

of the Campari ad.



When you approved this ad...



did you have any

specific knowledge...



that the Rev. Falwell

had ever engaged...



in sexual intercourse

with his mother?



But I have a photograph...



of Falwell having fellatio...



with a sheep.



Your Honor, my client is in a heavily

medicated, mentally agitated state.



We will stipulate

that no such document exists.



I have it...



and Mr. Fartwell is a liar,

a glutton and a "sheep-o-phile."



My client's name

is Jerry Falwell.



Jerry Falwell!



That's what I said.

Jerry Fartwell.



Are you trying to hold

Rev. Falwell up to ridicule?



No. Contempt.



- Scorn?

- Truculent.



- Obloquy?

- Parlez vouz Francais?



Oh, God,

my French is so rusty.



Bon appetit!



I love her.






I love you, baby.



Jesus loves me



Do you have an aversion

to organized religion?



- "A virgin"?

- No. Aversion.



You heard me, Mr. Flynt.

An aversion to organized religion.



You bet your sweet ass I do.



Do you think that gives you license

to mock the leaders...



of great religious movements?



Goddamn right.



Objection, Your Honor.



This is totally irrelevant.






Free expression is absolute.



- Thank you, Your Honor.

- You agree?






Ma'am, if you can't control yourself,

you'II have to leave the courtroom.



So it was your intention...



to hold Rev. Falwell out

to be a hypocrite, wasn't it?



Well, that's what he is.



But didn't it occur to you...



that Rev. Falwell must have

an integrity people can believe in...



if he is to practice

his profession?






And it was your intent

to destroy that integrity...



and his livelihood,

if you could.



To assassinate it.



Hey, it's me!

It's a weird decision.



No, he's not guilty of libel...



but he is guilty

of inflicting emotional distress.



Flynt has to pay him     grand!



This ruling shows that nobody

can prostitute the First Amendment.



Pornography has thrust its ugly head

into our everyday lives.



In the billion-dollar

sex industry...



of which Larry Flynt

is a self-described leader...



lust and greed have replaced

decency and morality.



We must make

a solemn commitment...



to God Almighty...



to turn this nation around




Fuckin' AIDS junkie.



You crazy cripple.



It's just not that funny.



It wasn't funny

the first time we printed it either.



Well, guys, I'm certainly

open to suggestions.



I would suggest if we're going to

recycle it that we replace the noun...



I thought I fired all of you.






Come here.



Sorry if I tried

to run things, but...



I was just trying to protect you.



Come here.



Come closer.



Come on.



Don't sweat it, bro.

I love you.



I love you too, man.



You look great, man.



Chester. You remember Althea.

Shake her hand.



Hey, Althea, you...



Hi, Chester.



Don't sneak up on us like that.



Ah, what the hell.



Shake Althea's hand.



- Good to see you.

- Welcome back.



- Hi, Althea.

- What do you do?



I'm a secretary.



Who's young and healthy

Cross your heart and confess



Happy you and merry me



Oh, who bought the ticket

for the Joytown Express



Happy you and merry me



Though Mr. Gloom

may chase us



We'll dodge him every day



Say, who is the finest



Any sane man can see



Happy you and merry me



I got it.



I wanna take my bath.



Okay, why don't you hop on.



I'll give you a ride.



Go ahead.



Buckle up.






Ohh! You're crushing my legs!



You're shivering, baby.









- Oh, no.

- What are you doing?



You're gonna kill us.



It's okay.



They'll freeze us...



and thaw us out in the year     .



Curbside service.



That'll be $ .   lady.



Dr. Kipper, please.



Larry Flynt.



Dr. Kipper?



She doesn't look good.



I know, but there's gotta be

something more we can do.



Some new technology or drug.



What are they doing in Europe?



Money is no object.





















Can you hear me?



Jesus said, "I am the way,

the truth and the life.



No man comes to the Father...



but by Me.



He that liveth

and believeth in Me...



shall never die.



In My Father's house

are many rooms...



and if I go and prepare

a place for you...



I will come again...



and receive you unto Myself...



that where I am

there you may be also.



And you will live with Me




and ever."



you cannot mock God.



You cannot fool God.



If you violate His laws...



God Almighty will judge you.



AIDS is a plague.



These perverted lifestyles...



have to stop.



If you break moral laws...



you'll reap the whirlwind.



Alan. It's Larry.



I want to appeal

the Falwell case.



This is over.



No, it's not.

We can go higher.



- Higher?

- The Supreme Court.



- Give 'em a call.

- It's not that simple, Larry.



Thousands of people every year

petition the Supreme Court.



Our case is as good as any.



Our case is better than most.

You're missing my point.



They will never pick you...



because you're a nightmare.



They're afraid if they let you in

you'II wear a diaper or throw oranges...



and they should be.



In all the times

you've asked the court for help...



you've never demonstrated any respect

for its institutions and procedures.



They consider you a pig.



Well, you always said...



It's the principle. A pig

has the same rights as the President.



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



People get tired of a pig.



Bullshit. You're scared, Alan.

You're scared.



You're letting these guys

steamroll you.



It's not just them, Larry.

Okay? It's me.



It's me.

I am not taking you.



Lawyers dream about a case like this

in front of the Supreme Court.



And they would probably hear us.



But I am not going with you.



I have been giving you my best since

back when people were laughing at you...



and every time I come in you fuck me

with this bullshit circus act.



I won't do it again.

I can't.



I'm not gonna do it in front of

the U.S. Supreme Court.



Your sentimental speeches

and cornball patriotism...



don't work on me anymore...



because I don't believe you.



I don't believe you.



You... You're my...



You're my friend, Alan.



We're friends.



I would love to be...



remembered for something...






Any research problems,

use my archives.



Tell the Reverend...



that I've dealt

with this filth monger myself...



and I wish to offer my support.



Is that the Tin Man?



Yes, that's the Tin Man.



God vs. the Devil.



America's minister

vs. America's pimp.



Today is the showdown.



Many were surprised by the High Court's

decision to hear Flynt's case...



but he had some unlikely supporters

filing briefs on his behalf...



like The New York Times, the American

Newspaper Publishers Association...



and the Association

of American Editorial Cartoonists.



All rise.



The Honorable Chief Justice...



and the Associate Justices

of the United States Supreme Court.



Oyez, oyez, oyez.



All persons having business

before the Honorables...



of the United States Supreme Court...



are admonished to draw near

and give their attention...



for this Court is now sitting.



God save the United States

and this Supreme Court.



We'll hear the argument first

this morning in number   -    ...



Hustler Magazine

and Larry C. Flynt...



vs. Jerry Falwell.



Mr. Isaacman, you may proceed

whenever you're ready.



Mr. Chief Justice,

and may it please the Court...



one of the most cherished ideas

that we hold in this country...



is that there should be

uninhibited public debate...



and freedom of speech.



The question you have

before you today...



is whether a public figure's right

to protection from emotional distress...



should outweigh

the public interest...



in allowing every United States citizen

to freely express his views.



But what was the view expressed

in Exhibit "A"?



Well, to begin with,

this is a parody of a known Campari ad.



I understand. Go ahead.



Also, and importantly,

it was a satire of a public figure...



of Jerry Falwell...



who, in this case, was

a prime candidate for such a satire...



because he's such an unlikely person

to appear in a liquor ad.



This is a person we are used to seeing

at the pulpit, Bible in hand...



preaching with a famously

beatific smile on his face.



But what is the public interest

you're describing?



That there is some interest

in making him look ludicrous?



Yes, there is a public interest in

making Jerry Falwell look ludicrous...



insofar as there is a public interest

in having Hustler magazine...



express the point of view

that Jerry Falwell is full of B.S.



Hustler magazine has every right

to express this view.



They have the right to say...



that somebody who has campaigned

actively against their magazine...



who has told people

not to buy it...



who has publicly said that it

poisons the minds of Americans...



who, in addition, has told people

sex out of wedlock is immoral...



that they shouldn't drink...



Hustler magazine

has a First Amendment right...



to publicly respond

to these comments...



by saying that Jerry Falwell

is full of B.S.



It says, "Let's deflate this stuffed

shirt and bring him down to our level."



Our level, in this case, being,

admittedly, a lower level...



than most people would like

to be brought to.



I know I'm not supposed to joke,

but that's sort of the point.



Mr. Isaacman, the First Amendment

is not everything.



It's of very important value, but

it's not the only value in our society.



What about another value

which says...



that good people should be able

to enter public life and public service?



The rule you give us says

if you stand for public office...



or become a public figure

in any way...



you cannot protect yourself

or, indeed, your mother...



against a parody of your

committing incest with her.



Do you think that George Washington

would've stood for public office...



if that was the consequence?



It's interesting that you mention

George Washington, Justice Scalia...



because very recently I saw

a    -year-old political cartoon.



It depicts George Washington

riding on a donkey being led by a man...



and the caption suggests...



that this man is leading an ass

to Washington.



I can handle that.



I think George can too.



But that's a far cry from committing

incest with your mother in an outhouse.



There's no line between the two?



No, Justice Scalia,

I would say there isn't...



because you're talking about

a matter of taste, not law.



As you yourself said,

I believe...



in Pope vs. Illinois...



"It's useless to argue about taste

and even more useless to litigate it"...



and that is the case here.



The jury has already determined that

this is a matter of taste, not of law...



because they've said

there's no libelous speech...



that nobody could reasonably believe

that Hustler was actually suggesting...



Falwell had sex with his mother.



So why did Hustler

have him and his mother together?



Hustler puts him and his mother

together in a...



example of literary travesty,

if you will.



And what public purpose

does this serve?



The same public purpose...



as Garry Trudeau saying Reagan has

no brain or that George Bush is a wimp.



It lets us look at public figures

a little bit differently.



We have a long tradition in this country

of satiric commentary.



If Jerry Falwell can sue when

there has been no libelous speech...



purely on the grounds

of emotional distress...



then so can other public figures.



Imagine, if you will, suits

against people like Garry Trudeau...



and Johnny Carson,

for what he says on The Tonight Show.



Obviously, when people

criticize public figures...



they're going to experience

emotional distress.



We all know that.



It's easy to claim

and impossible to refute.



That's what makes it

a meaningless standard.



Really, all it does is allow us

to punish unpopular speech.



This country is founded,

at least in part...



on the firm belief that unpopular speech

is vital to the health of our nation.



Thank you, Mr. Isaacman.



Reverend, are you confident

you'll win this case?






There's no way

the Supreme Court...



will come down on the side

of a sleaze merchant like Larry Flynt.



Mr. Keating,

why are you here today?



To show support for those who believe

pornography should be outlawed.



Because if the First Amendment

will protect a...



- What did Grutman call me?

- A scumbag.



A scumbag like me...



then it'll protect all of you.



'Cause I'm the worst.



Larry, do you have any regrets?



Only one.












It's Alan.



They just brought

the decision in.



Well, is it good or bad?



It's a unanimous decision.



Rehnquist wrote it himself.



Is it good or bad?



I want you to hear this.



"At the heart of the First Amendment

is the recognition...



of the fundamental importance

of the free flow of ideas.



Freedom to speak one's mind is not only

an aspect of individual liberty...



but essential

to the quest for truth...



and the vitality of society

as a whole.



In the world of debate

about public affairs...



many things done with motives

that are less than admirable...



are nonetheless protected

by the First Amendment."



So we won.



Yes. We won.



Thank you, Alan.



- Thank you.

- Don't mention it.



We won, baby.



Strip for me, baby.






So when you're old and ugly,

you can look back at this.



I'm never gonna be

old and ugly, Larry.



You're gonna be old and ugly.



I've just closed my eyes again



Climbed aboard

the Dream Weaver train



Driver, take away

my worries of today



And leave tomorrow behind



Ooh, Dream Weaver



I believe you can get me



Through the night



Ooh, Dream Weaver



I believe we can reach



The morning light



Fly me high

through the starry skies



Maybe to an astral plane



'Cross the highways

of fantasy



Help me to forget

today's pain



Ooh, Dream Weaver



I believe you can get me



Through the night



Ooh, Dream Weaver



I believe we can reach



The morning light



Though the dawn

may be coming soon



There still may be some time



Fly me away



To the bright side of the moon



Meet me on the other side



Ooh, Dream Weaver



I believe you can get me



Through the night



Ooh, Dream Weaver



I believe we can reach



The morning light



Dream Weaver



Dream Weaver



Dream Weaver

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