Pinocchio Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pinocchio script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Walt Disney movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Pinocchio. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Pinocchio Script

          When you wish upon a star

           Makes no difference who you are

            Anything your heart desires will come to you

            If your heart is in your dreams

            No request is too extreme

            When you wish upon a star

            As dreamers do

            Fate is kind

            She brings

            To those who love

            The sweet fulfilment

            Of their secret longing

            Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

            Like a boat out of the blue

            Fate steps in and sees you through

            When you wish upon a star

            Your dreams come true

            Pretty, huh?

            I'll bet a lot of you folks don't believe that...

            about a wish coming true... do you?

            Well, I didn't, either.

            Of course, I'm just a cricket

            singing my way from hearth to hearth,

            but let me tell you what made me change my mind.

            One night a long time a...

            pardon me.

            Wait till I fix this thing here.


            One night a long time ago,

            my travels took me to a quaint little village.

            It was a beautiful night.

            The stars were shining like diamonds

            high above the roofs of that sleepy old town.

            Pretty as a picture.

            As I wandered along the crooked streets,

            there wasn't a soul to be seen.

            The only sign of life was a lighted window

            in the shop of a woodcarver named Geppetto.

            So, I hopped over...

            ...and looked in.

            It was a shame to see a nice, cheerful fire goin' to waste.

            So what do I do?

            I go in.

            I looked around.

            Of course, being in a strange place like that,

            I didn't know what to expect.

            A cricket can't be too careful, you know.

            Soon as I saw there was no one about,

            I made myself at home.

            As I stood there warming my... myself,

            I took a look around.

            Well, sir, you never saw such a place...

            the most fantastic clocks you ever laid your eyes on,

            and all carved out of wood.

            And cute, little music boxes... each one a work of art.

            And shelf after shelf of toys and...

            and then something else caught my eye...

            a puppet.

            You know... one of those marionette things.

            All strings and joints.

            Cute little fella.

            Goin' up?!

            Good piece of wood, too.

            Well, now.

            It won't take much longer.

            Just a little more paint, and he's all finished.

            I think he'll be alright, don't you, Figaro?

            Beg pardon.

            See? That makes a big difference.

            Very good.

            Very, very g...

            Well, you can't please everybody.

            Now I have just the name for you...


            Do you like it, Figaro?


            You do, don't you, Cleo?

            Well, we'll leave it to little wooden head.

            Do you like it?

            That settles it!

            Pinocchio it is!

            Come on, now! We'll try you out.

             Music, Professor!

              Take it easy, there!

              Break it up, will ya?

              Lot of downbeats in there.

              Little wooden head, go play your part

              Bring a little joy to every heart

              Little do you know, and yet it's true

              That I'm mighty proud of you

              Little wooden feet and best of all

              Little wooden seat in case you fall

              How graceful!

              My little wooden head

              Cleo, meet Pinocchio.

              Say, "How do you do?"

              Say hello to Figaro.

              Up to mischief already!

              You see what happens?

              Up we go!

              You're a cute little fellow.

              And that smile... You know, I...

              You rascal. Jealous, huh?

              You know, Pinocchio,

              I think Figaro is jealous of you.

              Don't worry, Figaro. I...

              I wonder what time it is.

              It's getting late.

              Come now. We go to bed.

              Good night, Pinocchio.

              Little funny face.

              Good night, Cleo, my little water baby.

              You say good night, too.

              Go on.

              Now, go to sleep, my little mermaid.

              Good night.

              This is my idea of comfort.

              Silent comfort.

              Look at him, Figaro.

              He almost looks alive.

              Wouldn't it be nice if he was a real boy?

              Oh, well.

              Come on.

              We go to sleep.

              I forgot to open the window.

              Oh, Figaro, look!

              Look! A wishing star!

              Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight...

              I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I make tonight.

              Figaro, you know what I wish?

              I wish that my little Pinocchio might be a real boy.

              Wouldn't that be nice? Just think!

              A real boy!

              A very lovely thought...

              but not at all practical.

              A real...



              After all, enough's enough.

              Now what's up?

              Hey! What's goin' on here?!

              As I live and breathe... a fairy!

              Good Geppetto,

              you have given so much happiness to others.

              You deserve to have your wish come true.

              Little puppet made of pine...


              The gift of life is thine.

              What they can't do these days.

              I can move!

              I can talk!

              I can walk!

              Yes, Pinocchio. I've given you life.


              Because tonight Geppetto wished for a real boy.

              Am I a real boy?

              No, Pinocchio.

              To make Geppetto's wish come true will be entirely up to you.

              Up to me?

              Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish,

              and someday you will be a real boy.

              A real boy!

              That won't be easy.

              You must learn to choose between right and wrong.

              Right and wrong?

              But how will I know?

              How will he know?

              Your conscience will tell you.

              What are conscience?

              What are conscience?

              Well, I'll tell ya!

              A conscience is that still, small voice

              that people won't listen to.

              That's just the trouble with the world today.

              Are you my conscience?

              Who, me?

              Would you like to be Pinocchio's conscience?

              Well, b... I... I...


              Very well.

              What is your name?

              Cricket's the name.

              Jiminy Cricket.

              Kneel, Mr. Cricket.


              No tricks, now.

              I dub you Pinocchio's conscience,

              Lord High Keeper of the knowledge of right and wrong,

              counsellor in moments of temptation,

              and guide along the straight and narrow path.

              Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket.

              Well! My, my!

              Say, that's pretty swell!

              Gee, thanks.

              But don't I get a badge or somethin'?

              Well, we'll see.

              You mean maybe I will?

              I shouldn't wonder.

              Make it a gold one?


              Now, remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy.

              And always let your conscience be your guide.

              Goodbye, milady.


              Not bad, says I.

              Oh, yeah.

              Almost forgot about you.

              Well, Pinoke...

              Maybe you and I had better have a little heart-to-heart talk.


              Well, you want to be a real boy, don't you?



              Sit down, son.

              Now, you see, the world is full of temptations.


              Yep... temptations.

              They're the wrong things that seem right at the time.

              But even though the right things

              may seem wrong sometimes, sometimes the...

              the wrong things may be right

              at the wrong time or vice versa.



              But I'm gonna do right!

              Attaboy, Pinoke. And I'm gonna help you.

              And anytime you need me, you know, just whistle,

              like this.

              Like this?

              No, no. Try it again, Pinoke.

              Like this?

              No, son.

              Now, listen.

              That's it!

              Come on, now! Let's sing it!

              When you get in trouble

              And you don't know right from wrong

              Give a little whistle

              Give a little whistle

              When you meet temptation and the urge is very strong

              Give a little whistle

              Give a little whistle

              Not just a little squeak

              Pucker up and blow

              And if your whistle's weak, yell

              - Jiminy Cricket? - Right!

              Take the straight and narrow path

              And if you start to slide

              Give a little whistle

              Give a little whistle

              And always let your conscience be your guide

              Take the straight and narrow path

              And if you start to slide, give a little whistle

              Give a little whistle

              And always let your conscience be your guide

              And always let your conscience be your guide

              Look out, Pinoke!

              Who's there?!

              It's me!

              Oh. It's me.

              There's somebody in here!

              Carefully, now, Figaro.

              He might spring out on us at any time.

              He's in here somewhere.

              Here I am!

              How did you get down here?

              - I fell down. - Oh, you did, hmm?

              Oh! You are talking!



              Yes! And I can move, too!

              No, no, no! You can't! I'm dreaming in my sleep!

              Wake me up! Wake me up!

              Now we see who's dreaming.

              Go on... say something.

              Gee, you're funny.

              Do it again!

              You do talk!

              Yes! The blue fairy came...

              The blue fairy?

              - And I got a conscience! - A conscience?

              And someday, I'm gonna be a real boy!

              A real boy! It's my wish!

              It's come true!

              Figaro, look!

              He's alive! He can talk!

              Say hello to Figaro.

              Hello to Figaro.

              I almost forgot!

              Look! It's Pinocchio!

              She's my little water baby. Isn't she cute?

              Yeah. Cute.

              This calls for a celebration!


              You start one, Pinocchio!

              Oh, boy! A party!

              Mind if I cut in?

              How 'bout sittin' out the next one, babe, huh?

              Whoa! Let me out! Let me out!

              Come, Cleo! It's time to party! Dance!

              Ooh! Nice!

              Gathering toys

              For my little boy

              Look! Pretty!

              Where's a bucket?!

              Get water!

              Where's water?

              Here it is! I got it! Here's water!

              Here's some water!

              Help! Where's water?

              That was close.

              Maybe we'd better go to bed before something else happens.

              Little man, you've had a busy night.

              Now close your eyes and go to sleep.


              Oh, everybody has to sleep.

              Figaro goes to sleep, and Cleo and...

              and besides, tomorrow you've got to go to school.


              Oh, to learn things and...

              and get smart.




              Oh, look, Father! Look!

              Now, wait. Stand still, now.

              What are those?

              Oh, those.

              They are your schoolmates... girls and boys.

              - Now, get into this. - Real boys?


              But hurry, now.

              Oh! Wait, wait, wait!

              Here's an apple for your teacher.

              Now, turn around and let me look you over.

              Oh, yeah! Yes! Here.

              Run along, now.

              Wait, wait!

              Come back here, Figaro.

              School is not for you.

              Goodbye, Father!

              Goodbye, son! Hurry back!

              Gideon, listen... the merry laughter

              of little, innocent children wending their way to school.

              Thirsty little minds rushing to the fountain of knowledge.

              School... a noble institution.

              What would this stupid world be without...

              Well, well, well!

              So that old rascal's back in town, eh?

              Remember, Giddy, the time I tied strings on you

              and passed you off as a puppet?

              We nearly put one over on that old gypsy that time.

              A little wooden boy.

              Now, who... A wooden boy!

              Look, Giddy. Look.

              It's amazing!

              A live puppet without strings.

              A thing like that ought to be worth a fortune to someone.

              Now, let me see...

              That's it... Stromboli!

              Why, that fat, old faker would give his...


              If we play our cards right, we'll be on Easy Street,

              or my name isn't Honest John.

              Quick! We'll head him off.

              Now's our...

              No, no, stupid.

              Don't be crude.

              Let me handle this. Here he comes.

              Yes, Giddy,

              as I was saying to the duchess only yesterday...

              Oh! Oh, how clumsy of me!

              Oh, my, my, my, my.

              Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

              Oh, I do hope you're not injured.

              I'm alright.

              Oh, splendid.

              Well, well. Quite the scholar, I see.

              Look, Giddy. A man of letters.

              - Here's your book. - I'm going to school.

              School. Yes.

              Then you haven't heard of the easy road to success.

              - Unh-unh. - No?

              I'm speaking, my boy, of the theatre!

              Here's your apple.

              Bright lights! Music! Applause!


              - Fame? - Yes!

              And with that personality, that profile,

              that physique,

              why, he's a natural-born actor, eh, Giddy?

              - And I'm going... - Straight to the top.

              Why, I can see your name in lights...

              lights six feet high... What is your name?






              We're wasting precious time.

              Come. On to the theatre!

              An actor's life for me

              A high silk hat and a silver cane

              A watch of gold with a diamond chain

              An actor's life is gay

              It's great to be a celebrity

              An actor's life for me

              An actor's life is fun

              Fine conscience I turned out to be.

              Late the first day.

              Oh, well.

              He can't get in much trouble between here and school.

              Oh, boy! A parade!

              An actor's life for me

              An actor's life for me

              A wax moustache and a beaver coat

              A pony cart and a billy goat

              Why, it's Pinoke!

              Hey! Where you goin'?

              You wear your hair in a pompadour

              You ride around in a coach and four

              You stop and buy out a candy store

              An actor's life for me

              An actor's life for me

              With clothes that come from the finest shops

              And lots of peanuts and soda pops

              What was that?

              Oh, it's Jiminy!

              What you doin' up there?

              Huh? Who? What? What?

              Who? Jiminy? Up where?

              Why, my boy, you must be seeing things.

              Oh, no. That's my conscience. He...

              Now, now, now. Just calm down.

              Why, there's nothing up there to be afraid of.

              Over here.

              Over here.

              Oh, Jiminy! I'm gonna be an actor!

              Alright, son. Take it easy, now.

              Remember what I said about temptation?

              Well, that's him.

              Oh, no, Jiminy!

              That's Mr. Honest John.

              Honest John?

              Get me outta here!

              Get me outta here!

              Alright, then. Here's what we'll tell 'em...

              you can't go to the theatre.

              Say thank you just the same.

              You're sorry, but you've got to go to school.

              Here they come, Pinoke. Now, you tell 'em.

              Oh, little boy...

              There you are!

              Oh, where were we?

              Yes. On to the theatre!

              Goodbye, Jiminy! Goodbye!

              Goodbye? Huh?!

              An actor's life for me

              A high silk hat and a silver cane

              A watch of gold with a diamond chain

              Oh, what'll I do? I'll run and tell his father.

              No. That would be snitchy. I'll go after him myself.

              Ladies and gentlemen,

              to conclude the performance of this great show,

              Stromboli the Master Showman...

              that's me...

              and by special permission of the management...

              that's me, too...

              is presenting to you

              something you will absolutely refuse to believe.

              Well, looks like a sellout.

              I ntroducing...

              the only marionette who can sing and dance

              absolutely without the aids of strings!

              The one-and-only Pinocchio!

              What a buildup.

              I've got no strings to hold me d...

              Go ahead. Make a fool of yourself.

              Then maybe you'll listen to your conscience.

              I've got no strings to hold me down

              To make me fret or make me frown

              I had strings, but now I'm free

              There are no strings on me

              Heigh-ho the merry-o

              That's the only way to be

              I want the world to know nothing ever worries me

              I've got no strings, so I have fun

              What I told you, huh?!

              They've got strings, but you can see

              There are no strings on me

              You have no strings, your arms is free

              To love me by the Zuider Zee

              If you would woo

              I'd bust my strings for you

              You've got no strings, comme ci, comme ša

              Your savoir-faire is ooh la la

              I've got strings, but entre nous

              I'd cut my strings for you

              Down where the Volga flows

              There's a Russian rendezvous

              Where me and lvan go

              But I'd rather go with you

              There are no strings on me

              They like him.

              He's a success.

              Gosh, maybe I was wrong.


              guess he won't need me anymore.

              What does an actor want with a conscience anyway?

              What could have happened to him?

              Where could he be at this hour?

              I'd better go out again and look for him.

              And remember...

              nobody eats a bite... until I find him.

              I got no strings, but I got the brain

              I got no strings, but I got the brain

              I buy a new suit and I swing the cane

              I eat the best and I drink champagne

              I got no strings on me

              Bravo, Pinocchio!

              They liked me.


              You are sensational!

              You mean I'm good?


              You are colossal!

              Does that mean I'm an actor?

              Sure! I will push you in the public's eye!

              Your face... she will be on everybody's tongue!

              Will she?

              Yeah. Huh?

              What's this?!

              For you, my little Pinocchio.

              For me? Gee, thanks!

              I'll run right home and tell my father.


              Oh, sure!

              Going home to your father!

              Oh, that is very comical!

              You mean it's funny?


              I'll be back in the morning.

              Be back in the morning?!

              Going home!


              This will be your home!

              Where I can find you always.

              No! No! No!

              Yes! Yes! Yes!

              To me... you are belonging.

              We will tour the world.



              Monte Carlo...


              No! No!


              We start tonight!

              You will make lots of money...

              for me!

              And when you are growing too old,

              you will make good...


              Let me out of here!

              I gotta get out! You can't...


              Shut up before I knock you silly!

              Good night...

     little wooden gold mine.

              No! No, wait!

              Let me out! I'll tell my father!

              Get along, then!

              Jiminy, where are you?!

              Well, there he goes...

              sitting in the lap of luxury, the world at his feet.

              Oh, well, I can always say I knew him when.

              I'll just go out of his life quietly.

              I would like to wish him luck, though.

              Sure. Why not?

              It's me... your old friend Jiminy, remember?

              Jiminy! Gee, I'm glad to see ya!

              What's happened?!

              What did he do to you?

              Oh, he was mad!

              He said he was gonna push my face in everybody's eye!

              And just 'cause I'm a goldbrick,

              he's gonna chop me into firewood!

              Oh, is that so?

              Now, don't you worry, son.

              I'll have you out of here in no time at all.

              Why, this is just as easy as rolling off a...

              Kinda rusty.

              Needs a little oil.

              Well, that's what I said.

              Must be one of the old models.

              You mean you can't open it?


              Looks pretty hopeless.

              It'll take a miracle to get us out of here.


              A fine conscience I turned out to be.

              I should've listened to you, Jiminy.

              No. It was my fault.

              I shouldn't have walked out on you.

              Guess I'll never see my father again.

              Oh, buck up, son.

              It could be worse.

              Be cheerful...

              like me!

              Take it easy, son.

              Come on... blow.


              Oh, well...

              It stopped raining, anyway.

              Hey, that star again!

              The lady!

              The fairy!

              What'll she say?

              What'll I tell her?

              Well, you might tell her the truth.

              Why, Pinocchio...


              Sir Jiminy...

              Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

              Pinocchio, why didn't you go to school?


              Go ahead. Tell her.

              I was going to school till I met somebody.

              Met somebody?

              Yeah. Two big monsters...

              with big, green eyes.


              Monsters? Weren't you afraid?

              No, ma'am, but they tied me in a big sack.

              You don't say!

              And where was Sir Jiminy?

              Oh. Jiminy?

              Leave me out of this.

              They put him in a little sack.



              - How did you escape? - I didn't.

              They chopped me into firewood!

              Oh! Oh, look! My nose!

              What's happened?

              Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio.

              - Perhaps? - Oh, but I have.

              Every single word!

              Oh, please, help me. I'm awful sorry.

              You see, Pinocchio, a lie keeps growing and growing

              until it's as plain as the nose on your face.

              She's right, Pinoke. You better come clean.

              I'll never lie again... honest, I won't.

              Please, Your Honour...

              ...I mean, Miss Fairy.

              Give him another chance...

              for my sake, will ya? Huh?

              I'll forgive you this once, but remember...

              a boy who won't be good

              might just as well be made of wood.

              We'll be good, won't we?

              Very well. But this is the last time I can help you.

              Gee, look, Jiminy, my nose!

              Hey, we're free! Come on, Pinoke.

              I buy a new suit and I swing the cane

              I eat the best and I drink champagne

              I got no strings on me

              Toodle-oo, Stromboli.

              Goodbye, Mr. Stromb...


              Let's get out of here before something else happens.

              An actor's life for me

              A high silk hat and a silver cane

              A watch of gold with a diamond chain

              An actor's life is gay

              It's great to be a celebrity

              An actor's life for me

              And the dummy fell for it.

              Hook, line, and sinker!

              And he still thinks we're his friends.

              And did Stromboli pay?


              That shows you how low Honest John will stoop...

              Eh, Giddy?

              Now, coachman...

              What's your proposition?


              How would you blokes like to make some real money?

              Well! And who do we have to...

              No, no. Nothing like that.

              You see...

              I'm collecting stupid little boys.

              Stupid little boys?

              You know, the disobedient ones

              who want to play hooky from school.

              And you see...


              And I takes 'em to Pleasure Island.

              Pleasure Island.

              Pleasure Island?!

              But the law! Suppose they...

              No, no. There's no risk.

              They never come back...

              as boys!

              Now... I've got a coach load leaving at midnight.

              We'll meet at the crossroads...

              and no double-crossing!

              - No, sir. - Scout around...

              and any good prospects you find, bring 'em to me.

              - Yes, chief. - I'll pay you well.

              I got plenty of gold.

              Yes, yes.

              No, sir! Nothing can stop me now!

              I'll make good this time.

              You'd better!

              I will. I'm going to school!

              That's the stuff, Pinoke!

              I'd rather be smart than be an actor.

              Now you're talkin'!

              Come on, slow-poke. I'll race you home!

              Well, well. Pinocchio.

              What's your rush?

              I gotta beat Jiminy home.

              Oh, hello.

              Well, how is the great actor?

              I don't want to be an actor.

              Stromboli was terrible.

              - He was? - Yeah.

              He locked me in a birdcage.

              - He did? - Uh-huh.

              And I learnt my lesson.

              - I'm going... - Oh, you poor, poor boy.

              You must be a nervous wreck.

              That's it! You are a nervous wreck!

              We must diagnose this case at once.

              Quick, Doctor, your notebook.

              Bless my soul.

              My, my.

              Just as I thought.

              A slight touch of monetary complications

              with bucolic semilunar contraptions

              of the flying trapezes.

              Say, "Hippopotamus".


              I knew it!

              Compound transmission of the pandemonium

              with percussion and spasmodic frantic disintegration.

              Close your eyes. What do you see?


              Open 'em. Now what do you see?


              Now, that heart.

              Ooh, my goodness!

              A palpating syncopation of the killer diller

              with a wicky-wacky stamping of the boy-joy.

              Quick, Doctor, that report!

              This makes it perfectly clear!

              My boy, you are allergic.


              Yes, and there is only one cure.

              A vacation on Pleasure Island!

              Pleasure Island?

              Yes! That happy land of carefree boys

              where every day's a holiday!

              But I can't go. I...

              Why, of course you can go!

              I'm giving you my ticket.


              Thanks! But I'm...

              I insist!

              Your health comes first.

              Come! The coach departs at midnight!

              It's Pleasure Isle for me

              Where every day is a holiday

              And kids have nothing to do but play

              Now, where do you suppose he... huh?

              Pinocchio! Hey, come back!


     we go again.

              My name's Lampwick.

              What's yours?

              You ever been to Pleasure Island?

              Unh-unh, but Mr. Honest John gave me...

              Me neither, but they say it's a swell joint...

              no school, no cops.

              You can tear the joint apart and nobody says a word.

              Honest John gave me...

              Loaf around, plenty to eat, plenty to drink,

              and it's all free.

              Boy, that's the place. I can hardly wait.

              Right here, boys! Right here!

              Get your cake, pie, dill pickles, and ice cream!

              Eat all you can! Be a glutton!

              Stuff yourselves! It's all free, boys!

              It's all free! Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

              The rough house! The rough house!

              It's the roughest, toughest joint you ever seen!

              Come in and pick a fight, boys!

              Oh, boy, a scrap!

              Come on, let's go in and poke somebody in the nose.


              Aw, just for the fun of it.

              Okay, Lampy.

              Tobacco row! Tobacco row!

              Get your cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco!

              Come in and smoke your heads off!

              There's nobody here to stop you!

              There's somethin'... phoney about all this.

              I've gotta get him outta here.

              Hurry, hurry, hurry!

              See the model home. It's open for destruction.

              And it's all yours, boys! It's all yours!

              What'd I tell ya? Ain't this a swell joint?

              Yeah! Bein' bad's a lot of fun, ain't it?


              Get a load of that stained-glass window.

              Alright, now, hop to it, you blokes.

              Come on! Come on!

              Shut the doors and lock 'em tight!

              Now get below and get them crates ready.

              Give a bad boy enough rope,

              and he'll soon make a jackass of himself.

              Where is everybody?

              Place is like a graveyard.

              I don't like the looks of this.

              Hey, where are you?!

              Where do you suppose all the kids went to, Lampwick?

              They're around here somewheres. What do you care?

              You're having a good time, ain't ya?

              Uh-huh. I sure am.

              Oh, boy. This is the life, huh, Pinokey?


              It sure is.

              Ah, you smoke like me grandmother.

              Come on, take a big drag!

              Like this.

              Okay, Lampy.

              Some fun, huh, kid?

              Okay, Slats, your shot.

              What's the matter, Slats? Losin' your grip?

              So this is where I find you!

              How do you ever expect to be a real boy?!

              Look at yourself... smokin'!

              Playin' pool!

              You're comin' right home with me this minute!

              Hey... who's the beetle?

              Put me down!

              He's my conscience.

              He tells me what's right and wrong.


              You mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopper?!


              Look here, you... you ignorant young pup!

              It wouldn't hurt you to take orders from your grasshop...

              er, er, your conscience... if you have one.

              Yeah, yeah. Sure.

              Screwball in the corner pocket.

              Why... why, you young hoodlum,

              I'll... I'll knock your block off!

              Why, I'll take you apart and put you back together!

              Oh, don't hurt him, Jiminy. He's my best friend.

              Why, I'll... your best friend?!

              And what am I? Just your conscience.

              Okay, that settles it.

              But, Jiminy...

              You buttered your bread. Now sleep in it!

              Go on, laugh! Make a jackass outta yourself!

              I am through! This is the end.

              But, Jiminy...

              Lampwick says a guy only lives once.

              Come on! Come on! Let him go!

              Burns me up.

              After all I tried to do for him.

              Who's his conscience anyway...

              me or that hoodlum Lampwick?

              I've had enough of this.

              I'm taking the next boat outta here.

              Open up that door. Open up!

              I want to go home!

              Come on, you blokes! Keep her moving!

              Lively there, now. We haven't got all night!

              Where'd all the donkeys come from?

              Come on! Come on! Let's have another!

              And what's your name?

              Okay, you'll do.

              I n you go!

              You boys will bring a nice price!

              Alright, next!

              And what might your name be?


              So you can talk.

              Yes, sir.

              I want to go home to my mama!

              Take him back!

              He can still talk!

              Please, please, I don't want to be a donkey!

              Let me outta here!


              You boys have had your fun. Now pay for it!


              So that's wh...

              Hear that beetle talk...

              you'd think somethin' was gonna happen to us.

              Conscience. Ah, phooey!

              Where does he get that stuff?

              "How do ya ever expect to be a real boy?"

              What's he think I look like...

              a jackass?

              You sure do!

              Hey, you laugh like a donkey!

              Did that come outta me?

              What the...

              What's goin' on?!

              I've been double-crossed!

              Help! Help!

              Somebody help!

              I've been framed!


              Please, you've gotta help me!

              Be a pal!

              Call that beetle! Call anybody!



              Oh! What's happened?!

              I hope I'm not too late!

              What'll I do?!

              Jiminy! Oh, Jiminy, help!

              Quick! Pinoke! The kids! The boys!

              They're all donkeys!

              You too!

              Come on, quick! Before you get any worse!

              This way, Pinoke! It's the only way out!

              Hurry up... before they see us!

              You gotta jump!

              You alright?


              I thought we'd never make it.

              Certainly feels good to be back on...

              dry land.

              Come on. Let's get home.

              Father! Father, I'm home!

              - We're home, Mr. Geppetto! - It's me... Pinocchio!

              I'm home to stay!

              Here he is, Mr. Geppetto! Home at last!

              Hey, maybe he's asleep.

              Father! Father, it's me!

              Pinoke, come here.


              He ain't here.

              He's gone.

              Yeah, and Figaro.

              And Cleo, too.

              Maybe somethin' awful happened to him.

              Don't worry, son. He probably hasn't gone far.

              It's a message.

              What's it say?

              It's about your father.

              Where is he?

              Why, it says here he...

              he went looking for you, and he was swallowed by a whale.

              Swallowed by a whale?!

              Yeah. A whale?!

              A whale named Monstro!

              Oh, he's...

              But wait. He's alive.

              Alive? Where?

              I nside the whale at the bottom of the sea.

              Bottom of the sea?!

              Where you goin'?!

              I'm going to find him!

              But, Pinoke, are you crazy?!

              Don't you realise he's in a whale?

              I gotta go to him.

              Hey, Pinoke! Wait!

              Listen here, son!

              But this Monstro... I've heard of him.

              He's a whale of a whale!

              Why, he swallows whole ships alive!

              Tie it good and tight, now.

              And besides, it's dangerous. Why, I...

              Bye, Jiminy.


              I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya. Come on.

              Let's go.

              Look out below!

              Gangway down there!

                Gee... what a big place!

                Come on, Jiminy!

                Alright. Soon as I take on some ballast.

                One side, sister.

                Well, so long.

                Put it in the wrong end.

                No more privacy than a goldfish.

                Ooh, chilly!



                Hey, Pinoke, wait for me!



                He ain't my father.

                Mr. Geppetto!

                Hey, what the...

                Let go!

                Run along you little... squirt.

                What's the matter, kid? I was only...

                We were only looking for Monstro.

                That got 'em.



                Oh. Hello.

                Can you tell me where we can find Monstro?

                Will ya?

                Gee. They're scared.

                Pardon me, Pearl.

                Are you acquainted with Monstro, the whale?

                Whoa, hold it, there.


                One side there, son.

                Come on, boys, break it up.

                Break it up, now.

                Hey, what the...

                Quit shovin', now.


                Take it easy. Take it easy, there.

                Steady there, Nellie.

                Go ahead, Pinoke. Ask them.

                Could any of you tell me where to find Monstro?

                Thanks a lot.



                Mr. Geppetto!

                Not a bite for days.

                We can't hold out much longer.

                I never thought

                it would end this way, Figaro...

                starving to death...

                in the belly of a whale.

                My poor little Pinocchio.

                He was such a good boy.

                It's hopeless, Figaro.

                There isn't a fish left.

                If the monster doesn't wake up soon, I...

                I'm afraid we are done for.

                Here they come!

                Tuna! Tuna fish!

                Food! We'll eat!

                Here's a big one.

                Get them in there, Figaro!


                Wait a minute! Have you seen...

                Oh, we gotta get out of here!

                Come on, Pinoke, don't wait for me!

                Never saw so many!

                Here's another one!

                Enough for weeks!

                Here's a big one.

                Keep them in there, Figaro!

                Hey, blubber mouth, open up!

                I gotta get in there!

                It looks like the last of them.

                Here's a big one! Only a few left!

                We gotta work fast!


                Here's another one!

                Hey, Father!


                Don't bother me now, Pinocchio!


                Pinocchio! My son!

                Hey, Father! Here I am!

                Huh? Oh, oh, yes!

                Pinocchio! My boy.

                I'm so happy to see you!

                Me, too, Father.

                You're here, too.


                We all are together again.

                Oh, you are soaking wet.

                Yes, Father.

                You mustn't catch cold.

                But I came to see you!

                You shouldn't have come down here.

                But, Father...

                But I'm awfully glad to see you.

                Let me take your hat.

                What's the matter?

                Those ears!

                Huh? Ears?

                Oh, these.

                Oh, that's nothing.

                I got a tail, too!

                What's happened to you?

                Well, I... I... I...

                Oh, never mind now.

                Old Geppetto has his little wooden head.

                Nothing else matters.

                I gotta get in. My pal's in there!

                Come on, ya big moose, open up, I tell ya!

                Hey! Cut it out!

                Hey! Go on! Beat it, ya buzzards!

                Get out? Oh, no, no, son.

                I've tried every way.

                Why, I even built a raft!

                A raft?

                That's it.

                We'll take the raft,

                and when the whale opens his mouth...

                No, no, no, no. Now listen, son.

                He only opens his mouth when he's eating.

                Then everything comes in.

                Nothing goes out.

                It's hopeless, Pinocchio.

                Come, we'll make a nice fire, and we'll cook some of the fish.

                A fire! That's it!

                Yes, and then we'll all eat again.

                A great big fire!

                Lots of smoke!

                Smoke? Oh, yeah, sure.

                A smoked fish will taste good.

                Quick... some wood!

                Pinocchio, not the chair!

                Hurry, Father! More wood!

                Oh, what will we sit on if we...

                We won't need it! We're getting out!

                Getting out? But how?

                We'll make him sneeze!

                Make him sneeze?

                Ohh, that will make him mad!

                Well, it's about time!

                It won't work!

                Hurry, Father! Climb aboard!

                We'll never get by those teeth!

                Yes, we will!

                Hey, which way you goin'?! Wait for me!

                Hang on! Here we go!


                We are going back!

                No, we'll make it! Faster! Faster!

                It's no use! Here it goes!

                We made it!

                Look, now he is mad!

                I told you he'd be furious!

                He's gone!

                Where'd he go?!

                Look out!

                Hang on!

                He's coming back! Hurry!

                He's trying to get us! Paddle, son!

                Let's go back!

                Look out! Jump!

                Father! Father!

                Oh, Father!

                Pinocchio, swim for shore. Swim for shore.

                Hang on, Father!

                Save... yourself.

                Pinocchio... save yourself.

                Don't mind me, son.

                Save yourself... Pinocchio.

                My boy...

                My brave little boy...

                Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish,

                and someday you will be a real boy.

                Awake, Pinocchio.



                Whatcha cryin' for?

                'Cause... you're dead, Pinocchio.

                No! No, I'm not!

                Yes, yes, you are.

                Now lie down...

                But, Father, I'm alive. See?


                And I'm...


                I'm real!

                I'm a real boy!

                You're alive!

                And you are a real boy!

                A real, live boy!

                This calls for a celebration!

                Professor! Lots of music!

                Well! This is practically where I came in.

                Thank you, milady.

                He deserved to be a real boy.

                And it sure was nice of you to...

                Well, I'll be!

                My, my!

                Solid gold, too.

                Oh, I think it's swell!

                When your heart is in your dreams

                No request is too extreme

                When you wish upon a star

                Your dreams

                Come true

                You'll find your dreams come true




Special help by SergeiK