Piranha II: The Spawning Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Piranha II: The Spawning script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the James Cameron movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Piranha II: The Spawning. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Piranha II: The Spawning Script


          What's the matter? ls it me?

          Of course it isn't. ln a boat like this, it's uncomfortable.

          The boat's uncomfortable, beach was sandy, air was too conditioned--

          l bet it's the hotel water. They should let you know you can't drink it.

          -You're trying too hard. That's all. -Yeah, l need to relax more.

          We can relax more later. Now let's do what we came out here for.

          You're sure it's not dangerous?

          lt's just wonderful. You won't believe it.

            Hi, Ron.

            -Did you catch a fish? -Sort of.

              l suppose you think that's funny.

              No, it's Ocyurus chrysurus.

              Since you obviously bothered to look it up, l won't rip your lips off.

              Chris, get that thing out of my bed.

              Okay, l'm trying. l'm trying.

              -l'm trying. -Well, get it out.

              Come on, now. Stop it. Get it out of this bed.

              -Hi. -Good morning.

              -What's good about it? -lt's another sunny day.

              No shit. These eggs are not as scrambled as l like them.

              That's because they're for Ms. Kimbrough in room   . This is yours.

              -Scrambled? -Yes, sir.

              l can't figure out why l came to a small island for my vacation.

              l live on a small island.

              -Really? Which one? -Manhattan.

              Good morning, Christopher.

              -Who is it, Chris? -Breakfast, Mom.

              Give me a break.

              What time is it?

              Five after  .

              Gonna be late again.

              He always comes when you're getting out of the shower.

              -What are you, my chaperon? -No.

              l'd rather you looked upon me as a spiritual advisor.

              You wouldn't have guys hitting on you if you were still with Dad.

              Yeah, well, l'm not.

              Why don't we live in a house like normal humans?

              Because there's no room service.

              No, really, Mom, this hotel is the pits.


              ...it won't be for long.

              lf they wanna give me this suite for free while l'm working here...

              ...might as well take advantage of it. lt's a way to save money.

              Remember that job l got crewing on some rich guy's boat for five days?

              Well, we leave this morning.

              That's this morning?

              l don't know. l told you l would think about it.

              -Yeah, well, everything's okay. -No, everything is not okay.

              We discussed that. l don't know this guy or anything about him.

              Come on. You said we needed to save money.

              l don't like this any more than you do. Sailing around these islands is tough.

              All that grueling sun and wind.

              l'd much rather stay at home and experiment...

              ...with fabrics and colors and things.

              Things might be different if there were a father figure around.

              -Okay. Okay. Chris. Chris! -A hotel--

              You are a weird boy.

              You may also be an imposter. My real son is much younger and shorter.

              -Mom, why don't you just stand up? -l am standing.

              -Dr. Bell, there's mail for you up front. -Thank you.

              -Enjoy your breakfast. -l am.


              Cindy, it's him. He's the one.

              Beverly, you're kidding. You know l have my eyes on the lifeguard.

              Look at him. He's stunning. l've got to have him.

              Come on, Beverly. That lox?

              Why are you so superficial? He's a doctor.

              Morning, Mr. Benotti. Myrna, l hope you're enjoying your honeymoon here.

              -We certainly are. -l'm so happy.

              -Well, let's have breakfast. -But, honey, l'm not very hungry.

              We really should eat, honey. lt's included in the price of the room.

              Say, l love those shorts.

              -Good morning, Mrs. Wilson. -A little tight at the top.

              -Down early this morning, are you? -At my age, every moment counts.

              Say, Ronnie...

              ...you wouldn't care for a casual encounter, no complications?

              l could show you a thing or two that would put these young girls to shame.

              l bet you could.

              You know what the doctor said killed my last husband?

              No, ma'am.


              You wanna lose that boat?

              l told you the next time l caught you dynamite fishing...

              ...l'd throw your sorry ass in jail, and l meant it...

              ...and let you rot. Nobody will care.

              They won't even give a damn. They won't even notice.

              And l'll impound this boat too.

              -You sorry son of a bitch. -l like the smell of this fuse.

              -Think fast. -Son of a bitch!

              We done it.

              You'll be cooking these tonight.

              Run by the boatyard.

              l'll have to come by.

              -That means we get to keep the boat? -Boat?

              You call this a boat?

              Bring something to drink if you're coming.

              Steve and Anne and l go back a long time.

              Permission to come aboard, Mr. Dumont?

              lt's you. You're late.

              And by the way, you may call me Captain.

              -Why don't you secure this halyard. -You mean the jib sheet, sir?

              -Yes, this thing right here. -No problem, Captain.

              Here's the rest of our motley crew. This is my daughter, Allison.

              -Allison, this is Mr. Kimbrough. -Hi.

              First, l want you to clean the head and the bilge and the storage compartments.

              Then swab down the decks, box up the hatches...

              ...and then l want all these fittings polished on deck.

              My pleasure, Captain.

              Yes. Now, as soon as all that's done, we'll hoist sail and take off.

              Sir, shouldn't we motor out past the reef first?

              Well, of course. Of course. Hoist sail is just an expression.

              Our lives are in your hands.

              Make sure you don't put that on our tab.

              Do it.

              We're waiting.

              Help! Help!

              lt's all right. l promise you. l promise you.

              l promise you you'll be fine.

              Okay. lt's okay. lt's okay. You're safe.

              Better safe than dead. You saved my life.

              -My pleasure. -lt hurts.

              -Can l take a look? -Yes, please. lt's the other one.

              We should get you a doctor.

              -Aren't you a doctor? -No.

              -You're not a doctor? -No, but l'm a dentist.

              -You're a dentist? -Dr. Leo Bell, D.D.S. at your service.

              Hi, l'm Beverly.

              ls everyone clear on today's activities?

              The volleyball tournament on the beach at  .

              The Mr. Muscle contest at  :   l'm judging.

              And the new reggae band at  ...

              ...which means they might arrive by   so try to keep the guests happy.

              And tomorrow night, don't forget the annual Fish Fry Beach Festival.

              And, Anne, l'd like you to give your little speech about the spawning.

              We have some new people. Perhaps you'd like to explain about the spawning.

              Well, it's an excuse to get drunk and rowdy, basically.

              This sweet little fish called the grunion swims up out of the ocean...

              ...onto the beach, for a moment of privacy for his mating ritual.

              And human beings swoop down on him, scoop him up, and fry him for dinner.

              How do you know it's tomorrow?

              lt's always the first full moon after the spring equinox.

              But how do the fish know?

              Better put something on, we're heading into port.

              Aye, aye, captain.

              Listen to this, Loretta. '' Log of the Circe, day   .

              lt's been     days since we ran out of our rationed supply of money.

              Traveling from island to island, we must live by our wits...

              ...raiding the ports for provisions and trusting our sturdy craft for escape.

              We're sea bandits, taking what we want, giving no quarter and asking none.

              l think we can continue indefinitely, until Daddy takes the boat back.''

              Not bad for a Yankee.

              We've made landfall at Elysium, just in time.

              -Shall we take a shot at it? -Aye, aye, captain.


              l wanna talk to one of you.

              -You! Come down here. -What's the matter?

              -l've been keeping to the right. -l'll take care of this.

              l tried to reach you.

              l tried to get ahold of you.

              Your radio was off. You know better.

              l know. You scared the shit out-- You scared Mr. Dumont very badly.

              l have to call him Captain.

              You tell Captain Dumont to keep the radio on because of the storms.

              -Where are you going? -Around the cays, south of Buck lsland.

              Dad, can we go fishing when we get back? Marlin fishing.

              You catch one    -pound marlin, you've caught them all.

              -Boring. -Take me fishing, please.

              -She's pretty nice. -Who?

              -Well.... -She's cute, huh?

              Okay. She's okay. Not that bad, anyway.

              -What's the matter? -Nothing. Nothing.

              Okay, let's go.

              -What did he want? -He thought you were a smuggler.

              Wanted to strip-search the boat, but l talked him out of it.

              Hey, Annie.

              -How you been? -Okay.

              -You know. How about you? -Same.


              -Putting on a little weight? -l don't know. Maybe.

              l have to go. l'm gonna be late for class.

              Wait a second. Do you recognize that dinghy?

              -lt's an orange and blue caravel. -Do you know who it belongs to?

              You think l sneak down here at night to memorize boats?

              Don't they pay you to do that stuff?

              l found it tied to the channel marker out by the Fitzgerald wreck.

              Since you take innocent tourists out there for their drowning lessons--

              Drowning lessons?

              -Throwing a party? -You scared me half to death.

              -l'll have to call the manager. -Don't do that.

              -Why not? -Because l'm starving.

              Come on, l saw you and your friend pull in on that great rig.

              We're in a jam. We ran out of food and all our money was stolen yesterday.

              -Really? -Yeah, really.

              Listen, we'll make it up to you. What's your name?


              Mal, why don't you come by the boat later on.

              Have a nice dinner, cruise around the bay for a while.

              Maybe get stoned. Know what l mean?

              l'm sure that Loretta and l can keep you entertained.

              -And this is dinner? -Yeah, that's it.

              l don't know.

              Listen, Loretta's hip. She trusts my judgment in men.

              Mal, have you ever made it with two girls?

              lt's a date.

              Good. We're docked up at the point. Six o'clock all right?

              Wait. Let me bring the dinner. l'm an amateur chef.

              l'll make something really special. Okay?

              Gotta go.

              See you later, alligator.

              Today's dive will take us to the wreck of the Dwight Fitzgerald.

              lt was a Navy supply ship that went down a couple of months ago.

              We received permission to dive there, but we can't go inside.

              You're kidding. Our first big dive and we can't go inside at all?

              No. Don't worry, there will be plenty of things to see.

              We're gonna swim all the way around.

              There are hundreds of fish using the boat as a reef.


              Hey, come here.

              You go to asshole school or something?

              Okay. Are there any questions?

              Get your equipment: masks, fins, snorkels only.

              The tanks and regulators are onboard the boat. Let's get wet.

              -l have a question for you. -Yes?

              Seemed like you were a pretty good diver. Why take the class?

              Mainly l was bored, and l heard that it was part of the package deal.

              Also, l heard the instructor was very cute.

              Thank you.

              Do you dive on the first date?

              -Steve. -Yes?

              We've got a deader on the docks. They brought him up.

              -Drowned? -l'm not sure.

              Steve, it's one of your wife's students.

              Man, you gotta be kidding me. Let's go.

              Drink that.

              Are you all right?

              Can l ask you a few questions?

              -Do you feel up to it? -Okay.

              Alone, please.

              Do you know the name of the deceased?

              Yeah. Robert Hayward.

              Hayward. Was he enrolled in one of your diving tours?


              This incident took place on one of your regularly scheduled dives?


              Did you see what happened?

              He just swam away from the rest of the group.

              He was only out of sight for a second.

              -Did you see a shark at any time? -No. lt wasn't that.

              -A school of barracuda? -No, but--

              -A moray eel? -Would you listen to me for a minute?

              lt wasn't a shark, or a barracuda, or a moray eel, or a jealous lover.

              -Then what was it? -l don't know. That's the point.

              l'm familiar with the marine life in this area, and l don't know!

              Give her a break. She's had a shock. She's upset. Can't you see that?

              Who's this?

              -What's his name? -Sherman. Tyler Sherman.

              l've gotta look at the body. l only saw it for a moment.

              Out of the question. That's the coroner's job.


              l was responsible for that boy. That's my job. l have to know what happened.

              That's right. You were responsible...

              ...and that's precisely why you can't touch the body...

              ...because it may be used in evidence in a case of negligence.

              You are still the most pigheaded person ever.

              That may be true, but l'm in charge of this investigation.

              And if l need any information, l'll ask you.

              What do you think?

              lf l had a little spiffy outfit like that, maybe l could be in charge too.

              You know that robot?

              Yes. He's my husband.

              Here he is. You will not believe how weird this guy is.

              The word is he hasn't been laid in     years.

              Wait until you see him, you'll laugh.

              He doesn't look so bad from here.

              -Hi. Here l come. -That's what he thinks.

              -Wait until you see what l made. -l can't wait.

              -Should l jump onboard now? -Yeah, but pass me the box first.


              Okay, now, untie the rope.


              Boy, this is going to be fun.

              -Hand it over here. -Okay.

              And don't forget the other one.



              Now, jump!

              lt's a little too far away. Can you bring it a little closer?

              Come on, it's just a couple of feet.

              Okay, wait.

              Watch this. Here l come. Oh, boy.

              So long, asshole.

              Hey. You awake?

              -Hey. -Of course.

              l just wanted to tell you l'm really glad you came with us.

              So am l. The way your father drives, we'd have probably hit a reef by now.

              -That's not what l meant. -l'm sorry.

              lt's just such a drag my daddy made us go to bed so early.

              Well, why does he make you go to bed so early?

              l think he's just trying to be cool with me.

              You see, it took him a whole bottle of wine to get to sleep.

              Need a guide? Work's incredibly cheap.

              -Hi, Tyler. No, thanks. -How about dinner?

              lf you're going for a restaurant, that's the wrong direction.

              -l'm not. -That's all right. We can just...

              ...stroll and talk.

              Tyler, can you give me a break?

              l would like to be by myself. l don't want to talk to anybody. Okay?

              You need to talk to somebody.

              Why not me? l am your best friend.

              l just met you five days ago.

              And all that time l thought we had this incredible rapport.

              -Okay. Would you do me a favor? -Sure. Anything.

              -Leave me alone. -Except that.

              -Let me just buy you one drink. -Okay. Tomorrow you can buy me a drink.

              You can buy me two drinks. Feel better?



              How can we have a love affair if you keep walking away from me?

              What do you want?

              l just want to spend time with you. l don't care where you're going...

              ...or what you're doing. l just would like to be with you. Okay?

              -Okay. -Great!

              -You sure? -Yeah.

              Follow me.

              Yeah, man.

              lt's kind of dark in here.

              You did say that you wanted to be with me. Didn't you?

              Yeah. You come here often?

              -Hey, this is the morgue. -Very good.

              Yeah. l'm kind of a perceptive sort of guy.

              No. We're not going to be breaking in here, are we?

              Jesus, we're breaking in.

              Don't leave home without it.

              Anne, what the hell are we doing in this place, anyway?

              l'm trying to get a good look at the body before the coroner gets to it.

              Boy, you are one fun chick, you know?

              Where do you think they put him?

              We're gonna have to pull him out to take pictures.

              Help me with this thing.

              Take this, l'll get my camera.

              Your method is pretty scientific, lady.

              l studied marine biology before l met Steve.

              -Don't try anything funny! -Nothing funny.

              Mrs. Kimbrough, what are you doing here?

              Well, we--

              -Came to pay our last respects. -My ass.

              Nobody's got any respect anymore. Not even for the dead.

              l almost lost my job letting in a guy because he said he was the bereaved.

              Then l catch him having a party. Sure isn't going to happen again.

              No party. Just on our way out.

              Damn right you were.

              Shit. The bike. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.

              Come busting in as if it's a playground.

              No damn respect. lsn't that right, love?

              Oh, hell.


              Tremendous jaw pressure.

              lt sheared cleanly through bone in places.

              -You got any wine in the house? -Only Coke, if there's any left.

              l don't know anything that could do that.

              Maybe it's a new kind of species, you know.

              Something that never existed before.

              Like a mutant strain or genetic engineering?

              Yeah, l guess. Anybody doing stuff to fish?

              The Army was, but that was several years ago.

              They developed a sort of killer fish to screw up the rivers in Vietnam.

              -Apocalypse Two. -And Three and Four.

              They escaped from their tank and killed a lot of civilians.

              -Maybe it's the same fish. -No.

              They were experimenting with a freshwater fish...

              ...from the piranha family, l think. Serrasalmus or....

              Whatever it was, it couldn't live in the ocean.


              Well, they changed it a little, made it nastier.

              What have you been reading? National Enquirer?

              No. We get the news here too. You're the one who brought up the new species.

              Yeah, but that was just a joke!


              l'm sorry.

              l know l've been lousy company, but l just can't stop thinking about it.

              l know. l understand. lt could have been you.

              Or even worse, me.

              -l'm glad it wasn't you. -Yeah. Me too.

              Well, thanks for dinner, the show.

              lt was terrific. We should do it again.


              Would you stay?

              Just to be here.

              We wouldn't have to make love or anything.

              Make love? Anne, that was the furthest thing from my mind.

              Boy, these guys, they buy you dinner and they think they own you!

              But that was still a pretty mean thing to do.

              -lt was not. -But he was so cute.

              You'd think a snake was cute. l always miss that.

              -l'm going below to clean up the mess. -Okay.

              -Loretta, what was that? -l don't know.

              -Well, go look up front. -Yeah.

              l don't see a thing.


              Loretta! Loretta, what is it?

              Loretta! Jesus, Loretta!

              Loretta. Oh, my God, Loretta! Try to grab onto this.

              Jesus Christ, what's happening? Loretta!

              Annie, are you here?

              That was your husband. Tried to gnaw my arm off, but there just wasn't time.

              You came here to talk. Talk!

              -You see this? -Yes. l see it.

              -Where did l find it? -All right. l was there.

              -l have an answer if you care to listen. -l'm listening.

              -The Army has a strain of fish that-- -Fish?

              See what's on the back of this? Blood!

              l found the nurse at the morgue with her throat torn out, on dry land.

              l got another girl right next to her in the same condition.

              This is my conclusion: l got three bodies on my hands...

              ...and my wife was the last one to see two of them alive!

              There's nothing left to talk about. Stay the hell out of this.

              l don't want to hear more of your cockamamie ideas.

              Go home and sit on your hands. And the next time, lock your door!

              You really ought to learn how to release those pent-up feelings.

              You know, my ears popped a little from that vacuum you left...

              ...when you ran after Steve.

              l have a few things to do.

              There's some food in the refrigerator if you care to have some breakfast.


              l'm canceling the dive tour today, tomorrow and as long as necessary.

              Anne, l'm booked solid on the dives.

              People like the dives. They like you.

              You're sticking a red-hot poker up my ass by canceling now.

              l advise you to stop water activities until we find out what's going on.

              -You're just upset. -No boating, jet-skiing, windsurfing...

              -You're being ridiculous. -...snorkeling, swimming, or anything.

              Anne, you're fired.


              Unemployed. As of now.

              And l could use your suite. So please vacate by tomorrow morning.

              lt's Tyler. l'm still here on Elysium.

              That attack yesterday, l'm pretty sure that it--

              Well, now what else could it be, huh?

              Listen. l ran into a woman here who's starting to put the pieces together.

              l think she could be pretty helpful to us.

              Yeah, l know that. Very risky. l realize that.

              But if she blows the whistle, we don't have to put our asses on the line.

              Look, just relax. lt's gonna be okay.

              l'll take care of it. l'm gonna get a specimen. l'll get back to you.

              Did you see them?

              One of them came so close l could have touched it.

              -Scared the shit out of me. You okay? -Fine.

              l gotta get my camera before it gets dark. l don't think they like light.

              Anne? Anne!

              You can't go down.

              lf l can get a picture, that's proof.

              They're not the same piranha you talked about last night.

              -They're more vicious than anything. -What are you talking about?

              Four canisters of fertile piranha eggs sank right there.

              -Three were found. -How do you know that?

              l worked on the project for about two years. l'm a biochemist.

              -You knew? -No. l didn't know.

              l suspected. That's why l came.

              You knew and didn't say a goddamn word.

              -l couldn't. lt's all classified. -Oh, ''classified.'' Bullshit.

              You tell me what you know about those things.

              l can't do that.

              -Fine. l'm going. -Wait a minute.

              Just sit down for one second. Okay?

              All right. l'll tell you everything l know.

              My ass could end up in jail for this, but l'll tell you.

              We spliced genes from different species to create the ultimate killer organism.

              Grunions that could live out of water...

              ...the common flying fish you see in the bay here...

              ...so it could live in all environments. Understand?

              My God. We've got to tell somebody right now.

              You have to come with me to convince them.

              -l can't. l'm not supposed to be here. -Tyler, people are dead.

              You've got to go and tell them what you know now.

              -l've got to get more information. -God.

              Then l can fill out my report and submit it to the proper authorities.

              People on this island are not qualified.

              lt's gotta go through proper channels.

              Fuck the proper channels. Help me now, or you get the hell out of my way.

              Turn your radio on, you jackass. Six. Channel six.

              -Hey. Hello? -Are you Dumont?

              Yes, this is he. What have l done?

              Let me speak to Chris Kimbrough.

              They're both gone. They must've taken the dinghy.

              -Chris and my daughter. -How long ago?

              -l don't know. l was sleeping. -Dumont, listen to me...

              ...very carefully. l'm only gonna say this once, slowly.

              l want you to stay put.

              When they come back, l want you to call me on channel six.

              Do yourself a favor.

              Find my daughter.

              And when you do, let me know at once.

              Okay, honey, this one's for the den.

              Great! Okay, let's see you.

              All right.

              -That's for the girls in the office. -Hey, Ralph!

              Come on, Myrna, this one's for your mother!



              l hope you're coming to our fish fry tonight.

              lt's something special.

              ls it in our package? We're on the modified B plan.

              Of course, of course.

              The music, the hor d'oeuvres and the first drink are free.

              And dinner is a gift from the sea.

              Sounds great!

              Oh, you might want to have a snack.

              Things don't start happening until after midnight.

              Oh, honey, l just know we're going to have a great time!

              -More pictures now. -Do l have to?

              All right.

              This is all we caught last night.

              And the nets like this.

              But this is what l wanted to show you.

              They must be getting damn hungry to eat each other like this.

              Please, Raoul....

              l'm not just being hysterical.

              l'm trying the best way l know how...

              ...to convince you that these things exist. l've seen them.

              -Piranha? -l told you what Tyler Sherman said.

              What they are, where they come from. According to him, they can fly.

              l wonder what has triggered this paranoid delusion?

              Really, l'm quite concerned for your health, Anne, dear.

              You've been breathing too much air from those musty tanks.

              Look, the things are here and they've killed people.

              You both have a responsibility!

              Of course.

              Let's be quite practical, shall we?

              l can't cut all my beach activities.

              Fiscally, l'd be cutting my nuts off!

              Kimbrough, perhaps you can explain...

              ...to her how this island survives financially.

              As usual, Raoul, you're full of shit.

              The bastards fly.

              That's it.

              lf you'll excuse me, l've got business to attend to...

              ...back on earth.


              Hey, come back here!

              l'm gonna maroon you!

              -l'm gonna black and blue you! -Part of that sounds great!

              Oh, you wretch!

              Come on.


              Hop in!

              -Did you locate Chris? -No.

              l know he's in the cays south of Buck lsland.

              -Take care of this. -Relax.

              Aaron, take her back to the hotel. lf anything happens...

              ...close the place down even if it's at gunpoint.

              l've heard this twice, Steve. lt's under control.

              -Why can't we close it now? -l'll tell you.

              l called the Defense Department about Tyler Sherman.

              After bureaucratic bullshit, l got ahold of a colonel...

              ...that admitted he existed.

              lt seems he was fired from this unnamed government project.

              That he was unstable, that anything he said was nonsense.

              They said do absolutely nothing. Nothing.

              They would send a team in tomorrow.

              Well, that sounds real convincing. They're contradicting themselves.

              Tyler Sherman came here because he wanted to warn people.

              -That's what he was using me for. -l knew l didn't like him.

              We'll talk about him later. Right now l'm concerned about Chris.

              You know how l feel about Chris. l'm not coming back without him.

              Hey, Kimbrough.

              Listen, everyone!

              l just want to remind you that no one is allowed on the beach early.

              We'll scare them off if we don't wait until they're all ashore.

              One person can spoil it for everyone, so l really must insist.


              Come in, Aaron, over.

              This is Aaron.

              -See anything? -No, nothing. How about you?

              lt's okay so far. Stand by this channel. Out.

              Open up, sugar.

              Hi, Mrs. Wilson. ls there something l can do for you?

              You bet. You can help me kill this Mumm's and eat these oysters.

              Better watch out, they're an aphrodisiac.

              What is it, honey?

              Hi, Mrs. Wilson.

              Anything wrong?

               No, l guess l have the wrong room number.

                l'm sorry. Bye!

                -Bye. -Bye-bye, Mrs. Wilson.

                And no one knows what forces bring them to these beaches...

                ...year after year, to find a mate...

                ...and spawn in the dark of the night.

                -Sorry l'm late. -l know why you're late.

                -What a waste. -l don't think so.

                And remember, whoever catches the most fish wins a two-day trip!

                Air search to unit one, come in, over.

                Steve, this is Anne. Did you find Chris yet? Over.

                Not yet. l'm gonna refuel at Buck lsland and stay out for a while.

                Okay. Everything's calm here. Good luck. Over and out.

                Aaron, this is Anne. Come in.

                Aaron, come in!

                You're wonderful!

                You're great! You're my dream come true!

                Hi, lady.

                There's only one way for a fat guy to be first when running for the beach.


                Light the torches.

                Don't burn me.

                Now, we must call to the fish in the traditional style.

                To lure them from the sea with the ancient rhythm.

                All right, we must have total silence.

                They killed my son.

                l'm going to kill them fish. l'm going to kill them in the wreck!

                No, Gabby, please, no. You'll never get down to the wreck!

                Can you hear the sound?

                Everybody ready?

                Let's go get them!

                We want fish. We want fish.

                We want fish. We want fish.


                Where are you?

                lf l didn't have so much to drink tonight, l'd swear l was seeing things.

                Allison, wake up. Wake up!

                We're lost.

                Lost at sea.

                How romantic.

                Oh, my God.


                Words cannot describe the trouble we're in.

                l was expecting Gabby.

                Gabby's dead.

                So are a lot of people.

                -You got the charges he made? -Yeah.

                One's mine.

                You don't have to go. l can handle it.

                l might as well, l got the damn suit on.

                We've got one hour.

                What about those lights over there?

                -Where? -Those. Right there.

                The red one could be the channel marker by the hotel.

                Okay, that's where we're going.

                Steve, just be sure you're clear by  .:  .

                These detonators are electronic and the time should be accurate.

                Anne, don't do this. All we have to do is walk away from this in one piece!

                l can take care of myself. Just find Chris. Over.

                Annie, listen to me.

                -Annie! -Don't answer.

                -Hey, look! lt's Dad! -Hey! Here we are!

                -Dad! -Over here!

                Down here! Dad!

                -Mr. Kimbrough! We're here! -He's coming. Over here!

                Chris, can you drive the dive boat?

                All right, son, stay right where you are.

                Come on, baby.

                Throw me a rope!

                Throw me a line!

                -Come on. -Dad, what's going on?

                Come on! Move your ass.

                Go, go, go.

                -Where's Mom? -Put that on!

                -Here. -What's going on, Dad?

                -Go below. -l can--

                Go below!

                Annie, Annie, Annie.






Special help by SergeiK