Point Blank Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Point Blank script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Lee Marvin movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Point Blank. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Point Blank Script






Prison cell?



How'd I get here?



What do you want, son?



Walker, let's get out of here.

I want to talk to you.



I want to talk to you. It's important.



Come on, Walker! Come on!



- Now you listen to me!

- Hey.



I need your help!



Don't you understand? I need your help!



What are you doing?



Walker, they use the prison.



You know, it's closed.



We just wait.



We wait till they get it.



And then we take it from them.



You take the stuff, I'll get the lights.



You're my friend, Walker.



I can't make it on my own.



Help, my friend.



- Trust me! Please!

- What are we doing here?



Help me!



I hear it.






Hit them!



I owe a bundle to some guys, Walker.



They're going to kill me if I don't get it.



They're going to kill me if I don't get it!



We just hit them on the head, that's it.



It's simple,

we just knock them on the head.



It's my show, Walker!



- We made it.

- We blew it!



We blew it.



And? $  s?



$     . $     in $  s.



Come on, let's get out of here.



Will you shut up? I'm trying to count!



You coming, Lynne?



The boat won't be here for an hour.






- Darling?

- It's not as much as I thought.



Is it less than we need?



You'd better take care of your husband.



How'd we get into this mess?



I don't know.






come here.



Take me away.



Did it happen?



A dream?



A dream.



As we get closer to Alcatraz...



notice the treacherous currents

around the island...



rendering it virtually escape-proof.



The water temperature is usually

around    degrees.



In its    years as a federal penitentiary...



the one thing that obsessed its prisoners

and plagued its wardens was escape.



In      the first escape attempt...



was made by a prisoner

who was almost into the Bay...



before he was discovered.



In      two prisoners

actually got off the island.



Because of the dense fog

and strong tides...



it's assumed

that they were washed out to sea.



There has never been

a trace of them found.



On June        ...



three men dug their way

out of the cellblock using small teaspoons.



They left dummies, which they had

created, in their cells...



and managed to get off the island.



They have never been heard of since.



How did you make it, Walker?



In     ...



the historic Battle of Alcatraz took place.



Two convicts had managed

to overpower their guards...



and took over the main cellblock...



releasing those prisoners

still in their cells.



They had nine hostages.



During the two days of siege,

the Coast Guard...



Using the Rock...



for a drop.






I'm Yost.



- Are you making a charge?

- No.



I want something else.



... a utility corridor...



that the police riddled

with rifle and shotgun fire.



After the   - hour break...



two officers

and three prisoners were dead.



I want the Organization.



Excuse me.



The last escape attempt from Alcatraz...



Your friend Reese...



he's in the big time now.



Come on, dear.









He bought his way back in...



with the money he stole from you.



... never heard from again.



And all indications point

to their being swept with the tide...



out through the Golden Gate

to a watery grave.



Alcatraz, often called 'the Rock, '

was actually...



$      wasn't it?



$     .



You want Reese...



and I want the Organization.



Workmen were supposed

to establish a lighthouse...



You understand?



... to afford protection to ships

and small vessels...



I'm going to help you.

And you're going to help me.



The island was eventually sold...



That's your wife's address in Los Angeles.



... for the sum of $    ...



Reese lives there, too.



In      the United States Army

began to fortify Alcatraz.



Walker, Reese isn't here.



He's gone.



Three months ago.



Gone. Cold.



Moved out.






I'm glad you're not dead.



It's true. I really am.



You ought to kill me.



I can't sleep.



Haven't slept.



Keep taking pills.



Dream about you.



How good it must be...



being dead.



Is it?






No, I can't.



Never had the courage.






Payoff, I guess.



I don't know where he is, I really don't.






A guy brings it the first of every month.



$    .



Always a different guy.

No contact with Mal.



Just couldn't make it with you, Walker.



With him, it was...



kind of fun.



Just drifted into it.



That night on Alcatraz...



I knew it was you I really wanted.



I found out too late.



Do you remember...



when we met?



The rain?



You were a little drunk.



So was I.



You were funny when you were drunk.






I don't remember very much, but...






we were together.



It was wonderful at first.



I loved you.



Then Mal happened.



You talked a lot about Mal.



Mal Reese.



He was very real for me.



Until I met him.



That night at the reunion...



when you found Mal again

and brought him home.



The two of you together.



Then, it was the three of us...






It was...



It was perfect.






I think I was happier then

than any other time.



I seemed to be floating...



between the two of you.



Suddenly, I began to drift toward Mal.



And I just went with it.






come here.



Come on, I've got something nice for you.



Hey, who... Listen...



Only Miss Walker, they said.



- I got to call them.

- You got to call them?



- No, I can't.

- You can't?



Because they'll kill me.



They'll kill you?



- Big John will kill me.

- Big John?



John Stegman. Big John's Car Lot.



This guy's got a car lot.






- What's the dog's name?

- Lola.



- Lola?

- Yes, she is a girl.



The dog's name is Lola?

What's your name?



Miss Stewart.



Miss Stewart,

what do you think of this car?



I like it very much.



- It's a good buy.

- Yes.



A one-owner car, a lady from Beverly Hills

who drove it carefully.



- Mr. Stegman?

- Yes, sir.



An old lady from Beverly Hills?



That's me.



I'm looking for a car.



Take your pick, friend.

What have you got in mind?



What about that model?



What'd you say?



- It has power steering.

- Yes.



What about this one?



Beautiful car.



It costs a lot of money.



I've got a lot of money.



Why does every pretty girl think so?

By the way, I'm giving the car away.



What kind of a car do you want?



Did somebody recommend you?



Mal Reese.



We're asking $     for this one...



- Good. You want to take a spin?

- Okay.



I think I would...



Aren't you going to introduce this lady

to your boss?



Yes, sir. This is my boss.



- Well, hello.

- How do you do? Glad to meet you.



You ready to go for a little spin?



- She's already committed herself.

- Where?



Anywhere you say.



See the scenery.



- Let's go to the beach.

- Great.



Why don't you go with us?



I've got something to do.

I'll be back in about    minutes.



- Good.

- For sure?



Don't go away.



Don't worry.

I won't do anything you won't.



- I'll be right back.

- All right.



Fallen in love?



Yeah. Pretty nice rig, huh?



You don't really need that.



Most accidents happen

within three miles from home.






What do you want for it?



See if you like it,

and we'll work out a deal. Okay?



Most people like that headliner.

They kind of flop over.



Take a look right up that line.

Picture yourself behind that wheel.



Mind if I hear my commercial?



No, go right ahead.



- Stereo. Pretty good, huh?

- Yeah.



How's the power steering work?



Get it over.



Are you crazy?



- Where can I find Reese?

- What's he got to do with this?



What're you doing to my car?



What I did to your delivery boy.



- What are you talking about?

- You know. Tell me!



I can't tell you!



Stop it.



Who the hell are you, anyway?



My name's Walker. Where do I find Reese?



I've got nothing to do with Reese!



I know about you, Walker.

How's your wife?



- She's dead.

- And her sister?



Chris? What about her?



She's with Reese now!

He nailed both sisters.



How does that grab you?



Where's Reese?



Big John loves cars. Come on in.

Pay us a visit.



Get up.



... four-door sedan and only...



Where's Chris?



She runs a club.



A place called the Movie House.



You'll love my guarantee.



Come on in to Big John's Car Lot.



Remember, Big John loves cars.



You'll love my guarantee.

You'll love my cars at Big John's.



Did I exaggerate?



- He did that, huh?

- With me in it.



- You sure it was him?

- It was him.



- Tall? Big man?

- I know him, Mal.



- You didn't tell him anything?

- I didn't tell him anything.



Would I tell him anything?



You're sure you told him nothing?



This says I didn't.



- Then why didn't he kill you?

- He killed the car.



You didn't give him something?



- A name?

- I told him you were in Frisco.



Smart boy.



Just don't hold out on me.



You can trust me, Mal.



You had him and you let him go.

Find him again.



- Find him?

- I don't care how you do it. Just do it.



- Mal, come on.

- Shut up.



Now, you find him.



And you finish him.



How are you, Sandy?



Walker, are you still alive?



Are you?



Where's Chris?



She's off tonight.



Write down her address for me, huh?



Thought I'd see you.






Some guy. Asking for you.



Is there another way out of this joint?



Back of the stage.



Sandra, see you around, huh?



Do come.






Where's Reese?



You're supposed to be dead.

Lynne said so.



She's dead.






- You?

- No. Her.



- Those.

- I'm not sleeping.



I heard you're running with Reese.



Well, you heard wrong.



Does he want you?



- Sure he does.

- Do you want him?



He makes my flesh crawl.



I want him.



You were always the best thing

about Lynne.



Why don't you want him?



I don't want any of them.



I was going with a guy.



Owned a club, jazz club...



Yeah, the Movie House.



It was different then.



It was a good jazz club.



The Organization wanted to...



become his partner.



- And?

- And, he...



killed him.



I run it. I run the club now.



Oh, boy! Do I pay.



You know, I loved him.









Got to make a living.



The Organization?



And Mal Reese.



What do you want from me?






He owes me money.



Lynne and money.



You fix your face.



I've got an extra room,

you can stay here if you want to.






I'll get him for you.



- Well?

- Nothing.



I got guys out all night looking for him.



Not a sign of him.



Everything humanly possible, Mal.



- See you at noon.

- You...



Don't get lost.



Yes, Mr. Carter.



You can go in now, Mr. Reese.



The usual formalities, Mr. Reese.

Nice and high.



There you go.



Three copies to them

and two up to Santa Barbara.



Three copies to Santa Barbara?



I said two.



What the hell

are you fooling around with now?



There's a lot at stake, Mr. Carter.

That's why I came to you.



- That's why I must...

- Must? There's no must about it.



I'd be grateful for anything you could do.



You're trouble. I've always thought so.



I was against taking you back in,

but I was overruled.



Wherever you go, trouble finds you out.



I certainly would appreciate

anything you could do for me.



What's his name?






What's his first name?



He never called himself anything but that.

I've known him for years.



Not even his wife.



Wife have something to do

with his grudge?









You know, that mess you got us into

last year cost us $      .



That's what Walker's here for, isn't it?

The money you paid us back.



Only $      belonged to him.



Only $     ?



What's the story?



A job, Mr. Carter.



You remember the Alcatraz run?



The one I brought into the Organization.



Walker was one of the men you held up?



No, he was with me.



You took his share, too, is that it?



I needed all of it to pay you back.



You left with Walker's share and his wife.



- She still with you?

- He killed her.



You shouldn't have left him alive.



Does he know where you are?



No, but he's looking.



Fine. I'll tell you what we'll do.



We'll let him know where you are.



He'll come for you, won't he?



They're waiting.



It's a setup.



They're spreading the word now.

They want you to try and get him.



Where is he?



The Huntley.

A place run by the Organization.



- Where would he be?

- All the way up. The penthouse.



He always uses it.



What's it like?



Fort Knox.



You've been there?



Once. To see Lynne.



- What's that? An apartment house?

- Yeah.






That goes up to the top?



There's another elevator inside the lobby.

It goes up to the other penthouse.



They got two?



- What's the roof like?

- Flat, open.



Look at it. Men everywhere.



You're going to have a lot of trouble

getting in...



but you'll never get out.



- He has to come out sometime.

- Yeah.



How bad does he want you, Chris?



I don't know.



- Who knows?

- Yeah, you know. How bad?



Pretty bad, I guess.



Bad enough to let you through,

into the Huntley?



Why should I?



It's up to you.



- Mr. Reese, please.

- Right over there.



This way to Heaven.



We have a saying in Brazil.



He says to go on up.



It says...



Which means, "God is Brazilian."



So you see,

we have no worry in the world.



- Of course, you have to worry some.

- Why?



That's the way of life.



Hello, Mal.



Go on in, honey.



Are these all right?



Yeah, that'll do fine.

Now, tie yourselves up.



No, not individually, together.



Well, Cinderella...



I was beginning to think

you'd never come for you shoe.



Here I am.



What made you change your mind?



It's a woman's privilege.



All good things come to those who wait.



Then, I win first prize.






Scotch is fine.



Do you know how long

I've been hung up on you?



The first time I saw you with Lynne.



I've some business to settle here first.

Then we'll go to New York.



- You take empty bags.

- Sure, Mal.



Operator? Give me the police.

This is an emergency.



Wait till they answer.



Sir, help me, please. I'm being attacked.



Ferguson, yes.      Western.



Across from the Huntley. Second floor.

Please, for God's sakes hurry up!



- Is that all right?

- That was fine, thank you.



Have you seen Lynne lately?



You know about her and me.



You girls ought to kiss and make up.



I haven't seen her.

Not since the two of you...



You ever meet Walker?



A couple of times.



Didn't he die or something?



About a year ago.



- What's going on?

- It's okay, Mal.



It's across the way.



- What goes?

- It's across the street.



It's all right!



- What do we do?

- Tell him.



Who died? Who was attacked?



- Mike.

- Yeah?



- A couple of clowns got held up.

- Is that all?



Mal, could we close the curtains?






It's a great view from up here.



Get up!



You okay, Mal?






- What're you going to do?

- I want you to come with me.



- What for?

- I want my $     .



You don't stand a chance.



Wake up.



Wake up. Don't go to sleep. Come on.



On your feet. Let's go.



- Let me get dressed.

- I want you this way.



- My money.

- I've given it all to the Organization.



- Who has it?

- There's no one man.



If you go high, there's always one man.



No, it's not like that. It's a big operation!



Names, Mal.









Carter. Come on, kill me.



Who do you work for?



Carter. Come on, Walker, kill me.



Where do I find him?



It won't do you any good.

He's got protection.



Where do I find him?



- I can't remember.

- What do you mean?



- I remember now.

- Where?



Stuart Building.



He's got offices there.



It's called the Multiplex Company.

On the   th floor.



What's to keep me from getting him?



No one gets in there

without being searched.



Stop worrying about me.

Worry about yourself.



I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll get it for you.



But you've got to trust me.



Trust me, Walker. Trust me!






You're my friend, Walker.

You're my last chance.



I'm taking you to Carter.

We're going to do this one together.



Sure we will, Walker! We'll live forever!






Drop it!



Don't shoot!



Save me!



Don't shoot us!



What's the trouble here?

Who are you trying to kill?



My leg! My knee! Stop!



Take it easy!



My knee!



What's happened?



Come on.



I saw it, the ambulance, and everything.



Yeah, he fell.



You let him fall? You should've killed him.

You owe it to yourself.



This money belonged to your sister.

You'd better take it.



You died at Alcatraz, all right.



- Goodbye, Walker.

- Yeah, goodbye, Chris.



Yes, I'd like the number

of the Multiplex Products Company.



That's in Los Angeles.



If you're looking for Carter,

I might be able to help you.



Fred? Helen?



- Did I interrupt you? I'm so sorry.

- Fred? Excellent.



Mr. Carter, I want something from you.



- What's that?

- My $     .



- Yeah?

- Yeah, it's my money.



- Fred, call me in the morning.

- Yes, you bet.



I haven't got time to turn around.

Luncheons, dinners.



I'm getting fat as a pig.



Reese owed us a sum, he paid it back.



Any debt he has to you is his problem.



It's your problem now.



Why don't you move over?



- You don't own the place, you know.

- I'm sorry.



Over here.



Don't monopolize him.



- Let me tell you about Reese.

- Reese is dead.



They're scraping his body up

off the sidewalk in front of the Huntley.



- Then his debt died with him, I'm afraid.

- Wrong. It passed on to you.



No business corporation in the world

would acknowledge a debt like that.



If you don't, I'll kill you.



...one jump ahead of these

foreign designers.



You must be stark, staring mad.



- You don't know who you're dealing with.

- Listen to me.



I want my money in    hours.



I'll tell you where to make the drop.



If you don't, you are dead.



I said nobody was to go up there!



He could've done without a girl

for one night.



- Mal told us to let her through.

- Did he?



Is that what I should tell our friends?



You know what this is gonna cost me

to cover up?



That girl was Walker's sister-in-law!



We didn't know that.



Well, he did. How the hell did he know?



- She was the Trojan horse.

- What did you say?



I said she was the Trojan horse.



Trojan horse.



You're a smart boy, Stegman.



Come on, I wanna talk to you.



- Get rid of them and bring the stuff.

- Right.



The door is this way.



Do you know

what I'm gonna do about Walker?



You're going to have him...



- Wrong.

- Wrong?



Killing Walker is no longer

an economic proposition.



What about the principle?



Profit is the only principle. Come in.



What are you gonna to do?



Nothing. You're gonna do it.



You're gonna pay Walker off.



Is this money?



Ever been so close to so much?



I made an agreement with Walker

last night.



The storm drain here.



An open storm drain.



You go down and wait. Walker will collect.



- But why?

- Why what?



- Why me?

- 'Cause you know what he looks like.






When do you want me to go?



Now, Stegman.



- Use that door.

- Sure.



- Stegman.

- Yes?



You will give Walker his money,

won't you?






Good. You wouldn't try what Reese did,

would you?



Can I help you?



- Which door is he?

- Behind me.



Okay, the buzzer.



What are you doing in here?



- What do you want?

- I want my money.



I don't understand.

It's all arranged as you wanted.



You're crazy, Walker.

How can this help you?



Let's go.



Because I want you to pay me personally.



You can't take me out of here in daylight.



Things aren't done this way.

Let's be reasonable.



It's a setup.



- I assure you, I always...

- Don't.



- Can you authorize the payoff?

- Yeah.



- Then you're the top man.

- Right.



- What about Brewster?

- How do you know...



Reese talked!



Two of us run things, Brewster and I.



- Nobody else?

- Right.






- There's a money man.

- What's his name?



- Makes no difference.

- His name!






I'm a businessman. A man of my word.

Stegman's got your money, go get it.



You go get it for me.



No, it's all right!



It's all right, it's Carter!



- With that little thing?

- It's high-velocity. He was a good shot.



Carter, Brewster, Fairfax.



- Brewster's next.

- Where do I find him?



- He's out of town.

- When will he be back?



- Tomorrow morning, he's got a meeting.

- I want him alone.



We can fix that.



- Where's the meeting?

- At his house.



Where's his house?



We're here. This is it.



I said alone.



Take it easy. You'll last longer.



Hello, Walker.



They really got to you, huh?



I got well paid for fingering Reese.



The place is like a morgue.

I should've moved months ago.



This guy you were going around with,

did he...



spend some time here?






A lot of this stuff was his.



What're you going to do now?



I don't know. What about you?



Are you asking me out?






Come on in.



Whose is it?



Brewster's. It belongs to the Organization.

They use it for meetings.



Nobody lives in it, that's for sure.



Brewster? How do you know

he won't show up?



He will, that's why we're here.

I'm waiting for him.



What am I doing here?



I thought you'd be safer with me

than you would be by yourself.



And when do we expect our host?



Anytime. Maybe not until morning.



You'll ask him for the money,

he'll say no, and you'll kill him.



Something like that.

What did you think this was, a pitch?



- Forget it.

- You forget it.



Good morning, Stevey.



It wasn't Lois' idea, or Mrs. Jenkins'.

It was yours.



What am I supposed to do?

Get real flattered...



and be grateful to you

for the rest of my life?



You figure this will get me over

my neurotic inertia or something?



- Get out of here.

- You know what?



The most fabulous things happen

to a girl...



when she tries Pond's

seven-day beauty plan.



All I did...



was cream twice each night for a week

with Pond's cold cream.



You're a pathetic sight, Walker,

from where I'm standing.



Chasing shadows.



You're played out. It's over.



It's finished.



What would you do with the money

if you got it?



Wasn't yours in the first place.



Why don't you just lie down and die?



- Going to work?

- Another day, another dollar.



- Welcome back, boss.

- Bill.



- What do you want?

- My money.



What for?



- For Stegman.

- Stegman's nothing. Who killed Carter?



Bill, the briefcase.



I did.



You did, huh? What happened?



Carter set it up.

He was where Walker should've been.



- You don't care, do you?

- No, I love it.



That leaves you in a spot.



You killed the man

who was going to pay you.



- Who pays me?

- I can't hear you.



- What about Walker?

- What?



Walker's still around.



The Organization will take care of Walker.



It'll never happen. He's a pro.



Walker's beautiful.

He's just tearing you apart.



- You coming with me?

- Pass.



I'll wait for Fairfax. He'll pay me.



All right. And if he doesn't,

you can kill him, too.






What's my last name?



What's my first name?



Look at that hillside.



Nobody did any watering or anything.



You tell people to do things around here,

and it doesn't make any difference.



Just a minute.



It's ice-cold, Bill.






You're a very bad man.

A very destructive man!



Why do you run around doing things

like this? What do you want?



I want my money.



I want my $     .



$     ?



You threaten a financial structure like this

for $     ?



I don't believe you.

What do you really want?



I really want my money.



I want my money.



I'm not gonna give you any money,

and nobody else is, don't you understand?



Who runs things?



Carter and I run things. I run things.



What about Fairfax? Will he pay me?



Fairfax is a man who signs checks.



No, cash.



Fairfax isn't going to give you anything.

He's finished.



Fairfax is dead,

he just doesn't know it yet.



Somebody's got to pay.



- Make a phone call.

- It's a waste of time!



All right.



I'm just getting a cigar out of here,

that's all.






You think I can go

to some hole in the wall...



take out $      and peel it off for you?



- Operator.

- Yeah, Brewster, Los Angeles.



Get me Mr. Fairfax, will you?



Let me tell you something

about corporations.



This is a corporation,

and I'm an officer in it.



We deal in millions, we never see cash.

I got about $   in my pocket.



- How are you?

- Yeah, I just got in.



How's the weather up there?



It's all right.

Dried up the lawn a little bit. Listen...



I got a man named Walker with me.

He says we owe him $     .



Are you going to say anything?



What do you want me to say?



He says he's going to shoot me

unless I give him $     .



Brewster, you know me better than that.



Want to say a word?



How much is Brewster

worth to you, Fairfax?



Threatening phone calls don't impress me.



Fairfax, I think he's getting ready

to fire the gun.



- Yes or no?

- Of course not.



- What's happened?

- Nothing. Where'd you come from?



- I'm with him.

- You're...



Walker, it occurred to me that...



we might still be able

to do something for you.



I mean, get you the money you want.



But not here in Los Angeles.



There's still one setup where

large sums of money change hands.



It's up in San Francisco.



The Alcatraz run.



You remember it, with Reese.



It' s still there. Once a week. Every week.






The drop's changed,

but the run is still the same.



If you wanna go up to San Francisco...



Her, too, if you want her.



Anything you want.



You can trust me, Walker.



There's supposed to be a light

on that landing where you are!



I don't know exactly where it is,

but it's up there.



Is that it?



All right, good.



Just stay in the light.



- What do you mean?

- Nothing is going to happen, is it?



No, nothing's gonna happen,

except what I said was gonna happen.



We're gonna make the exchange

and you're gonna get your money.



The whole thing's just a routine.



What are you looking for?



There's nobody else here.






There it is.



It's coming in.



Safe as a church. Your money.



What about your friend, Fairfax?



Fairfax is dead. Or he will be tomorrow.



It is tomorrow.



- Will you help me carry the box up?

- No.



Here's your money.



Why did you do that?



Walker didn't shoot you.






This is Fairfax, Walker!



Kill him!



You should've stayed an accountant.



Our deal is done, Walker!



Brewster was the last one!



He thought he could take over from me.



Come on in with me.



I've been looking years

for someone like you.



Come and get your money then!



Come on and get it!



I pay my debts!






This is the last time!



How do you like that?



I like it.



Leave it.




Special help by SergeiK