Police Story Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Police Story script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Jackie Chan.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Police Story. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Police Story Script



This is Chu Tu.

He's in his mid to late forties.



He's a nightclub owner, trader,

and property developer.



But we've found out all his companies

are losing money.



Hey, how are things up there?



This is Mad Wing, his bodyguard.



All of his employees

are actually hit men.



Be careful!

I'll see you at the dye factory.



Wait for me up there.



This is Danny Chu, his nephew.

He's always surrounded by bodyguards.



This is John Ko, the brains

behind Chu Tu's organisation.



This lady's name is Salina Fong.

She's only joined Chu Tu recently.



It's hard to tell how much she knows

but she is involved.



Our mission is to arrest

all these drug dealers.



The code name is Operation Boar Hunt.



- Have you got that?

- Yes, sir!



Read your orders.

You all have specific duties.



Memorise then destroy. It's crucial

that you stay in position.



Hurry, come on!



Attention! Crime squad!

The Operation is underway!



Would you like a cup of tea?



- Two teas please!

- OK!



I'll be back for them.



There is a suspicious looking guy.



Two teas please!



Tell the others, I'll check it out.



- Kim!

- Are you buying me a tea?



- We've been discovered.

- What?!



Follow the guy in the red top.



- What is it?

- There's a suspicious looking guy...



- What are you doing?

- Police!



- It's the police!

- The police are here!



Freeze! Police!



I just heard some gunshots.



- They've opened fire!

- Let's break up the crowd first.



Leave this area now!



Crime squad. What's happening?!



Police! Get out of here!



Go on! Hurry!



Listen! Mind the residents

and get the kids inside.



Hurry up! Go on!



- Move in and help.

- But we're supposed to stay put.



The situation's changed. Move it!



- Let me go!

- It gets tighter if you move.



Let me go!



I'll keep you covered,

you make a break for it.



There's a female suspect up there.

Take her back to the station.



It's only me!



- Why did they open fire?

- Don't ask me.



Calm down!



Help me!



Tak! Cover me!






You must stay calm.



Help me.



You stay here and take care of him.



They mean business!



Don't forget the warning.

Mind the villagers.



But will the bad guys

give a damn about them?



Who made you a cop?



Come here!



Be careful, Ka-kui.

These guys are really mean!



Boss! This way!



Get in!



You're blocking the road!

Get out of the way!






Not this way!



- You OK?

- This way's blocked, go back.



Go back! Quick!



Go back up!

The road below is blocked!



- We're stuck, boss! Now what?!

- Go that way!



Let's go!



Boss! Quick!



This way!






Mind the civilians!



Where have you been?

They've all escaped.



- We went up to help.

- Who gave that order? They're gone!



You can't blame me for that.



Hurry, go!



Can I borrow this?



Tell them to get down.

Don't let them see my face.



Tell the driver to step on it!



Get down!



Turn here, turn!



- Keep going!

- Keep going!



- Easy, boss, we'll make it.

- Look!



Get up there, and get rid of him.

Tell the driver to go faster!



Come down here and get him.



Come down!



Turn the bus! Go down the hill!



What are you doing?



Police. Stay back!



- Boss, the bastard's right in front!

- Run over him!



Step on it, run over him.



We'll be all right.






You're under arrest,

but you have the right to...



If you let me go...



this is all yours.



There is a lot of money here,

no one will ever find out.



Smart guy!






Well done, you guys.



Give him credit if he praises you

and don't let it go to your heads.



I know what to do. Ka-kui is the one

who needs your advice.



I didn't do it alone. It was a

success because of careful planning.



That's a great line. Don't forget

to say it when the Super comes.



He'll be very happy to hear that.



Operation Boar Hunt

was carefully planned.



You were told to go in

and make the arrest.



You almost let the prime suspect

get away.



What happened?



Didn't he give you clear orders?



Yes, but he said the operation

was very well planned.






This operation was carefully planned.

But it had a few flaws.



Why were there flaws?



That's because Ka-kui

couldn't handle the woman.



Before we even got to the store,

they heard her screaming.



How did Chu Tu get through your men,




What do you mean by that?



Don't point your fingers

at each other.



- What?!

- The PR lady is here.



Let her in.



The press is here, Superintendent.



- Tell them no comment!

- Hold it.



- I asked them to come.

- Then, tell them to wait.



- Ka-kui, you'll be our spokesman.

- Me?!



- I can't possibly.

- The speech is ready, just read it.



Learn your lines

and don't botch them.



You can go now.



The Chief is well pleased

with Ka-kui's performance.



A promising lad.



After the speech, take him

to do a police recruitment poster.



And arrange for him to appear on TV.



A role model?!



The Chief thinks

he's a model policeman.



He should be good at it.



What are the charges on Salina?



Drug dealing, resisting arrest

and assaulting police officers.



- Drop all the charges.

- Really?!



You played a big part

in this operation.



The success of this operation

depended on skilful planning.



He means you.



Will you get a promotion?



As a police officer,

I don't fight crime to get promoted.



I'm not worried about promotions.



Did Chu Tu try to bribe you?



He sure did, with millions.

He could have bribed the whole force.



Just kidding! Don't put that down.



Can you two sit closer?



- What are you doing?

- Just saying hello.



Don't sit too close.



Let me sit here.



- He'll come this way, right?

- Yeah!



Let's start!



Straighten up your back.



Open your eyes a bit more.



Open your mouth. Wider.



Wider still!



Forget it, just be yourself!






The handcuffs in the middle.

Try to be more energetic.



- Your plan wouldn't work.

- Why not?



Remember, she's Chu Tu's secretary,

notjust anyone can get thatjob.



Chu Tu's been arrested

and once he knows



his secretary is going to be

a witness, what will he do?



He'll do everything he can

to stop her appearing in court.



Whoever we send to protect her

will be in danger.



Don't be a cop if you're not

willing to risk your life.



Put that line

on one of our recruitment posters.



We don't have enough evidence to

prosecute him.



We must push him into a corner.

Then we can put him behind bars.



Who's going to protect her?

I suggest...



I have someone in mind already.



Great minds think alike.



Good luck to him.



You're the only one who got bail.



You're really lucky.



- They're here to see the Super.

- Please wait.



- Please wait.

- Right.



You can leave after you've seen him.



- You can go in now.

- Thanks!



Please sit down!



You can leave now, Miss Fong.



Wait a second.



Please keep this subpoena,

you'll need it to appear in court.



- What's the charge?

- Nothing!



But you'll be acting

as our witness.



I'm sorry!

My client isn't going to do that.



We're not asking her.

According to law, she has to do it.



- Inspector Chan!

- Yes, sir.



Yourjob is to protect Miss Fong

until she appears in court.



- Me? Protect her?

- Why not?



- Great!

- I don't need his protection.



As long as he doesn't harass you,

you can't refuse.



Inspector Chan.



As an escort of the witness,

you must be aware



that the witness is often faced with

threat, disturbance, and assault,



or irritated

by the intentions of such.



It is your duty to see her safety

and personal rights are intact.



Yes, sir!

But can you send someone else?



You'll get expenses

for this assignment -



$ .   per day.



It's an old tradition,

unchanged for years.



I know it's very little. That's all.



Can we talk to you alone, Miss Fong?



My client doesn't answer questions

without the presence of her lawyer.



We won't ask her any questions.



We just want to advise her

for her own good.



- You have the right to refuse this.

- Let me see what they have to say.



Mr Cheung! Please excuse us.



You don't have to answer if they ask

you any questions about the case.



- Get out of here!

- I have to go, too?



What is your rank?



What do you want to talk to me about?



Nothing, you can go now.



See you in court.



Did they ask... Let's go.






- Your tape recorder.

- OK.



- What did they say to you?

- They didn't say anything.



- I'm your lawyer, you can trust me.

- They didn't say a word to me.



- Why was it only her...

- They're coming!



- How's our boss and the others?

- I can't bail them out.



- What about Salina, then?

- She's their witness.



- What? Really?!

- They want me to do it.



You should have turned it down.



Stop bothering our witness!



- Who are you?

- I'm a cop!



My duty is to protect her.



If you keep doing that, I can charge

you with interfering with the police.






You can only say goodbye or bye-bye.



One more word

and you're under arrest.



- I'll take you home.

- That's part of my job.



I'll tell them nothing!



- Now what, Mr Cheung?

- I'll see your boss this afternoon.



All right! Let's go!



It's dangerous for you

to hang around outside.



- Let's go home, shall we?

- It's none of your business.



It's for your own safety.



I don't need your protection,

you fool!



You know what happened to the last

witness who said that?



What happened?!



Were they shot? Don't try to

scare me. It won't work.



You're right!

They were fine in the end.



- You can do whatever you want.

- You can't scare me!



All the evidence

points to the defendants.



Only your situation is better.



We're depending on you, Mr Cheung.



I'll do my best.



You'd better be prepared for

bad news. The chances are slim.



If I walk away free,

I'll take good care of you.



There's still something

we need to worry about.



- Salina is their witness.

- Is she really?!



She's been granted bail.



The police even gave her an escort -

the guy who arrested you.



Salina doesn't know much. She's new.



That doesn't concern me.



But she could say something bad

about us in court.



I don't think she would... All right.



Call Danny for me.

Tell him to take care of Salina.



- Thanks a lot!

- Keep the change!



See you later!



- It's dangerous to stay home alone.

- I always live dangerously.



- John? I just got back.

- The phone is tapped.



All right, I'll meet you later.



I'm really scared!



You think you can scare me like that?









I'm going to kill you!



I'll get you!



You have to die!



I'm going to kill you!



Go to hell!



I got you!



I'm going to kill you!



Don't run away!



I've got you now!



Go to hell!



There's no way out. You're finished.

I'm going to kill you!



Don't worry! I'm here!



She's terrified. Can I go now?



You can leave right now.



Hold on to him, I'll call the police.



The phone line!



Go now!



I knocked him out!



Not yet! He's still conscious.



He's fighting me! Keep away from us!



Please go now.

You can't stay here any longer.



He's passed out!



No! He's still conscious. See?



Please leave here right now!

Go now! Go on!



Go! Hurry!



Leave him to me!



- He's fainted.

- Let me hit him one more time!



Stop, or we won't be able

to identify him.



- But...

- I don't want to do this any more.



I don't know him.



- They'd use a stranger to kill you.

- Why kill me?



Of course, Chu Tu's a ruthless man.



Inspector Chou, it's Ka-kui.

I just realised this is a tough case.



Can you send a replacement? No?!

I'm not risking my life for this job.



I've had enough of her! I don't

give a damn about her any more.



I quit! Enough is enough!



- Where are you going?

- Home!



- You're supposed to protect me!

- But you're not cooperating.



- What if I cooperate?

- It's too late! I quit.



I was right.

You cops have no sense of duty.



But there's nothing I can do.

If I stay here, I'll get killed, too.



I'll cooperate.



I'm not forcing you.



I'm doing it of my own free will.



You should come to my house,

it's much safer there.



- Great!

- Look at you!



- I'll get changed!

- Chu's men could be back any time.



I won't change my clothes, then.

Now what?



What is it?!



I'm checking

to see if everything's OK.



Go back!



You can come out.



- Why are you holding that?

- This is yourjacket.



I told you to put it on.



Follow me!



Use my car.



- Which one is yours?

- Over there.



- Why are you not nervous at all?

- I'm used to situations like this.



- I told you to stay quiet, didn't I?

- Now what?



- Are you all right?

- My son!



Close the car door!



It's me! Give me my gun!



It's in my jacket pocket.






I've got you!









Stay calm! Give me the gun.



- Stay calm!

- Keep away!



Give me the gun! It's me!



- Are you all right?

- Where are they?



You scared them off with that shot.



We must get you away from here,

those guys are for real.



Who was the guy at my house, then?



He wanted to kill you, too.

But these are professionals.



- I see why you're nervous now.

- Get in the car.



- You're crying?!

- How could Chu Tu do this to me?



You can't be that na´ve,

your boss is capable of anything.



He can't have you in that courtroom!



What should I do then?



You should tell the judge everything



so he can put Chu in jail

and then you'll be safe.



What should I say to the judge?



What rackets Chu Tu's involved in,



who his contacts are,

who the dealers are.



Why are you taping this?



It's for my own reference.

How long have you worked for him?



Four years.



He's a family friend. He used to give

my mother money to buy me food.



- Now you help him deal drugs.

- I hardly know anything.



You can still tell me

what you do know.



If you remember anything else,

don't forget to tell me.



Do you have enough to prosecute him?



That's for the court to decide.

What you've told me is very useful.



Come in.



Come on.



Let me turn on the lights.



It's May.

I almost forgot today's my birthday.



Are you all right?



Let me introduce you,

this is Miss Fong.



- Are you all right?

- I'm fine. May!



They've all gone? That was quick!



It's all my fault.



She wanted to surprise you,

but you brought me here.



And I'm dressed like this.

Of course she's angry.



I'm angry, too. I didn't

even have the chance to explain.



She dumped the cake on me!



I won't answer

if she calls to apologize.



I doubt she will.



I knew she would be back!



What's happy about it?



I saw May. What's wrong?



- She saw me with our witness.

- I'll go and explain to her.



No need. Tell her to curb her temper.



Why do I have to explain everything

to everyone?



I'm sick and tired of it.



Do you want some cake?

What about a drink, then?



- Orange juice, please!

- Help yourself!



Do you live alone?



It's too big, they'd get me

for corruption. My flatmate's away.



I'm really sorry. Your girlfriend

was furious when she saw me.



Don't worry. I was doing my job.

It's time she understood.



Come on! Come in!



You'll be all right. I'm leaving.



See you!



I'm just a cop now.



But I might become a movie star

and have to kiss ladies passionately.



What would she do then?



She loves you, so she's jealous.

I'll explain to her.



What for? She'll never understand me.



Aren't you going

to say something nice to her?



No way! If I started sweet-talking,

I'd have a million girls.



She must say sorry!



You love her a lot, don't you?



To be honest, I do love her a lot!



But loving her is one thing,

apologizing is another.



When she gets home,

she'll call and apologize to me.



What a waste of food!



Am I right?

She couldn't wait to call me.



- Is that your girlfriend?

- It's her. She's crying!



Stop crying. You shouldn't

humiliate me in front of people.



What?! If I was with a man,

you'd think I was gay.



You're so childish!

Curb your temper!



- Let me explain to her.

- No need!



Curb that temper of yours!



You should show me some respect.

Stop crying. Talk to you later.



It's time to teach her a good lesson.



- When did she come back?

- Right after you went in the shower.



So she heard everything?



The phone call?!



Not again! May!



Let me explain. She's our witness,

my job is to protect her.



I'm mad about what you just said!



I was just kidding. Don't be mad.



You just insulted me in front of her.

How dare you?!



- Go away!

- Please listen to me! May!



- Are you all right?

- No! Are you happy now?!



I didn't mean to do that!



Your shoe. Here, put it on.



Go away!



- Please listen to me!

- No, I don't want to!



Don't be so childish.



- Listen to me, will you?

- Let me go.



Be careful!



I hate you!



Where is she?



I accepted her apologies,

and she went home.



- Oh, you! That hurt?

- What did I do?



You really poked me!



You're breaking it!

Don't push too hard!



What an ugly thing! Go away!



It's the only one I got.

It's broken.



You got me all wet!



Let me wipe it for you.



Please, no more! No, don't!

Not there, here.



- Here?!

- Yeah!



Be gentle! That hurt!



This sofa's hard, it's not very

comfy. Let's go to bed now.



Let's go to bed.



- But where can I sleep?

- On my bed.



- And you?

- Next to you.



You're so protective. It's exciting!



I'm going to bed.



Don't wake me up.



Women are weird!



Ka-kui? Wait! He's on the line.



- You're late. We're waiting for you!

- He's not here.



I know it's you. Quick!

Get that witness here.



What was your duty on that day?



I was observing the squatter huts

behind the site.



The suspects were trying to escape,

and I arrested two of them.



Thank you!



Can I ask the witness a question?



Inspector Kim, you said

you saw the suspects escaping.



Did they pass in front of you

one by one?



Or did you have a special device



to allow you see them escaping

at the same time?



I object! The question

played with the witness's wording.






Thank you! No more questions!



Bring on the next witness.



- That's my spot.

- I'm in a hurry!



I want that space!



Nice parking, though.



What?! She's gone?

What have you been up to?



- Now what? We might lose.

- I don't know.



How could you be so sure that one of

the escaping suspects was my client?



He had the same clothes.



In other words, you didn't have a

clear view of the suspects' faces.



I would say so.



- Are you short-sighted?

- No, I'm not.



All right. No more questions.



Next witness.



I swear to tell the truth.



I was at the squatter huts

for the operation.



The first, second, third

and fourth defendants opened fire.



I saw them jump on a bus.



So I took a short cut

and went down the hill.



A citizen helped me

to stop the bus with his car.



After the bus stopped,

I arrested the first defendant.



He tried to bribe me, but I refused.



That'll do.



That was very clear. Thank you!



You were at the squatter house.



- What time was that?

- About  :  am.



- What time exactly?

-  :  am.



Let's say  :  am.



In December in Hong Kong,

sunrise is at  :  am.



- Did you know that?

- I didn't know.



- Is that true?

- I don't know.



Do you know the saying

"Darkness before dawn"?



No, I don't.



The saying means that it's dark

before the sun rises.



- I might have heard of it.

- All right.



If there wasn't much light,



should we believe

you could actually see my client?



Believe what you like.

I did see him.



You said you ran down the hill

to stop the bus.



- Was the bus always in sight?

- Yes.



- Why hesitate?

- I was thinking.



You have doubts?!



Don't hound him.

Rephrase the question.



How long did it take you

to go down the hill?



And was the bus always in sight?



For a while my view

was blocked by the hill.



Could it be that another bus

overtook the first one at that point?



- There was only one bus!

- You're lying!




Defence should rephrase his question.



- Could you be mistaken?

- No!



There are four different bus routes

on that road.



On two routes,

the buses run every five minutes.



The other two,

the buses run every six minutes.



So    buses run back and forth

on that road every hour.



- That's more than one bus a minute.

- So what?



How long did it take you

to go down the hill?



About two minutes.



- Exactly?

- Two and a half minutes.



So at most eight or nine buses

could have passed by.



But you said there was one.

I say you're lying.



Don't you know the buses

are always late?



All right. Let's give you

the benefit of the doubt.



Assume there was one bus

and you could see it all the time.



Which part was clearly visible

to you?



- The body.

- How much of the body?



- All of it!

- You're lying!



What's he doing?



You could see only one side of

this bus. At most, only half of it.



You couldn't see the other half.



- Am I right?

- Yeah.



And anything could have happened

on the side you couldn't see.



So if someone jumped off,

you couldn't see him, could you?



- No.

- Speak louder.



I could have jumped off, he couldn't.



Just answer the question.



I mean it!

You try jumping from a moving bus!



Control yourself!



- He tried to bribe me.

- Why would he do that?



He offered me money to let him go.



If it was you and someone pointed

a gun at you, what would you do?



Objection overruled! Answer him!



- I'd give him all my money.

- That's what happened to my client.



- Am I right?

- No, I'd already identified myself.



There are many cases where

criminals pose as policemen.






Court will ignore that remark.

Confine yourself to this case.



I'm sorry!



Consider this, a businessman is

carrying company cash on a bus.



A policeman chasing robbers stops

the bus and points a gun at him.



So the businessman thinks

the policeman is a crook.



So he tells the policeman

to take the cash and let him go.



Inspector Chan, isn't that right?



The witness needn't answer.



We already know the answer. He

doesn't need to say it. I conclude.






- Now what?

- I know what to do.



He'll get off the hook.



Your Honour, we request

an adjournment.



Our prime witness was delayed.



The Crown has failed

to establish a case.



There is insufficient evidence

to convict my client.



- I request a dismissal.

- Your Honour.



We have taped evidence

from our witness.



Tapes can't be accepted as evidence.



That tape is key to this case.



I will not adjourn

or postpone the hearing.



That would be unfair

to the defendant.



I will grant him bail.

But we will hear that tape first.



This case is not over yet.



Please turn up the volume.

It's a cheap tape.



Wait! I didn't erase that.

Just let it play!



It's coming up!



Oh, you! That hurt!



- What did I do?

- You really poked me!



You're breaking it!

Don't push too hard!



- What an ugly thing! Go away!

- It's the only one I got.



It's only a cactus!



You got me all wet!



- Let me wipe it for you.

- Please, no more! No, don't!



That was only orange juice!



That wasn't what you think.



The sofa's hard. It's not very comfy.

Let's go to bed now.



- Let's go to bed.

- But where can I sleep?



On my bed.



- And you?

- Next to you.



You're so protective. It's exciting!



Come on!



Please stand back.



No photographs!






I want a written report.






No pictures!



John, reserve a room

at the country club.



We're going to celebrate.



- I'm leaving now.

- Thank you very much!



Next time let's hire him

as prosecutor.



This is Crime Story.

I'm so happy to see you all again.



Our guest today is

a brave police officer.



Sitting next to me is

Inspector Chan Ka-kui.



- Hello!

- Hello! Hello everyone!



After cracking down on the biggest

drug racket in Hong Kong,



you've become very popular

amongst the people.



Would you share this particular

experience with us?



The success of this operation

was due to team work.



I was just a part of it.



We were well prepared for

the operation.



What makes your department so special

in the police force?



To be one of us, you have to be

strong, alert, smart, and...



- Boss.

- What's up?!



His photo is all over

the papers and magazines.



He's even been nominated

for some awards.



"Brave Policeman Arrests Drug Tycoon"



And our Thai source is out of stock.



What? Are they crazy?



They've sold everything to Uncle Joe.



They want hard cash.



Boss, Mr Cheung is here.



Please come in.



Mr Chu, I've received your cheque,

thanks a lot!



I should thank you!



How's my case now?



All evidence must remain

with the court until the case ends.



What does that include?



Your passport and bank account.

You can't use them now.



If you're found guilty,

your assets will be confiscated.



And besides,

the bastards could jail me.



- Phone call for you, boss.

- Excuse me!






It's boring here.

I want to go somewhere else.



Notjust yet.



- Can I come and see you?

- Not now.



You should stay where you are.

The police are looking for you.



I'm planning a trip to Europe

for you.



Once you're there, you'll be fine.



You just have to wait.



It's for your own good.



- Where were we?

- We were lucky to bail you out.



It would have been different

if they had found Salina.



I doubt they'll ever

be able to find her.



Very well. I must leave. See you.



Your lawyer is right.



Salina's a big problem.

You can't hide her forever.



Snake Eyes says that stupid cop

is looking for Salina everywhere.



- We should send her abroad.

- On a one-way ticket.



Let's use that stupid cop

to kill Salina.



Be sensible. Chicks like her

aren't difficult to get.



Inspector Man wants to see you.



Let him in.



You paid him off, didn't you?



Yes, I did. But he says he wants

to retire and start a business.



- What does that mean?

- He wants more money!



This way, Inspector Man.



- Hello!

- Hello.



- Sit down.

- I'm OK.



- I came to see you about...

- Yes, I know.



You want to retire

and start a business. Good idea.



- Thanks for your money.

- I know you're a smart guy.



- But I want one more favour.

- What is it?



I want Chan Ka-kui to disappear

for good.



You want to be a hero.

I'll make you a tragic hero.



I'll book you for that!






Hi, there! Follow me.



Inspector Chan!



If anything happens,

you can reach me...



...on the pager?



...at home.

- But you're on patrol.



That doesn't mean

I can't pass by my house.



Excuse me!



I'm going to the toilet,

you stay here.



Don't stay there for too long.



Hello, Police Station.



You called, Inspector Chan?



Of course, any news?



On Salina? I need more time.

It's not easy, you should know.



Then you won't get paid.



I know. I'm doing my best.



What? Wait a second!



Police Station, hold the line.



- Three more days, Snake Eyes.

- What?



That's not enough time.



What? I'll give you four days.



Or you'll be in trouble,

when I get back to town.



I'm hanging up now! All right?!



- Can I help?

- I've been waiting for ages.



You want to speak to Inspector Chan?

Hold on.



- Phone, Inspector Chan.

- Right, thanks!



- Hello, this is Inspector Chan.

- It's me.



- Who was that?

- That rude guy?



Didn't I tell you to be polite

on the phone?! You're so rude!



I'm really sorry!



Right. I just told him off.



- How's it going?

- What are you doing now?



Now? Now I'm talking to you.



- Have you had lunch?

- Not yet.



I'm cooking some noodles.



- Have you eaten, then?

- No.



Wait a minute.



Police Station, hold the line.



I'm back.



Mum wants to have dinner with us

on Sunday.



Is that so?

That sounds great. Hold on.



- Police Station.

- My husband...



- Your husband what?

- He's beating me up.



- Who's beating who up?

- My husband's beating me up!



Don't cry. I'll put you through

to a different department.



I'm coming on Sunday, wait a sec.



The line's busy.



Police Station, how can I help?



- I'm missing a cow.

- Hold the line.



I'll get you the right department.

The line's still busy.



- Police Station.

- I was raped!




I have to write down the details.



When were you raped?



I wasn't raped,

but my husband's mad.



Oh! It's you,

I'm still connecting your call.



- It's taking so long!

- This is a big police station. Wait!



Who's been raped?



- Me!

- I'm missing a cow!



Hold the line.



- When were you raped?

- Last year!



Why didn't you report it?



- Are there any pills I can take?

- Pills?!



I'll find out for you.



- Hello, Police Station.

- I'm missing a cow.



All right. But you need to bring in

a photo of the cow first.



May, I'm very busy. She wants me

to name a place for dinner?



Give me a minute first.



- Where shall we go?

- The Family Planning Clinic.



Take a double portion

of contraception pills.



Tell your own mum to take

contraception pills!



What?! May!



I was saying that to someone else.



My mum doesn't need those pills.



- Police Station.

- I'm testing the line, bye!






- Stuck in traffic?

- No, not traffic.



You're late.



If the roads were congested,

I wouldn't be here at all.



You're having dinner with us.

Mum hates it when anyone's late!



I've been waiting all day

for Snake Eyes to phone.



You're off that case.

Forget about it.



I can't.



I need to make a phone call.



Hold on to the car.



The hand brake doesn't work.

Don't let go.



It's me, Snake Eyes.



Chu Tu's hiding that witness you're

looking for in his Kowloon villa.



You sure?



Better hurry.

They don't plan to keep her alive.



Is it true?



Would I lie to you? Hurry up!



Are you coming?!



That was Snake Eyes.

I know where they're hiding Salina.



Don't go!



If Chu Tu kills her, he'll go free.



I've got to save her.

I can't let her die.



- What's up?

- Your car!



- What now?!

- Taxi!



Call someone to tow the car away.

And say sorry to your mum for me.



Be careful!



- Keep the change.

- Thanks!



- What happened?

- I don't know what they're up to.



- Is anyone else here?

- No one. They just disappeared.



Now you know what Chu Tu is like.



If you had listened to me,

you wouldn't be in danger.



It's lucky I got here.

Otherwise, you'd be dead.



Let's get out of here.









Step aside.



- How did you know I was here?

- I have my ways.



- You can't be...

- Surprised?!



That's not the only surprise.



We were supposed to kill him.



That's right.



The boss wants us to use

a police gun. One cop kills another.



What a perfect set-up!



Who's killing who?



Let's get out of here!






I can't do it!









Move it!






Go get her!



You little prick!



We'll teach you.

You'll wish you'd never interfered.



That's enough!



Take care of him. I'll go down.



Ka-kui didn't shoot Inspector Man.



We can't take your word for it.

Where did he go with his gun?



The bullet that killed Man was fired

from Ka-kui's gun.



Policemen make lots of enemies.

Someone is trying to frame Ka-kui.



If it were anyone else but Ka-kui,

would you feel the same?



You're our boss.



Don't always go by the book!

Show some feelings for your men.



I don't want people thinking

if a cop kills, he gets away with it.



There'll be no cover up!

One law for all.



You want to nail him

even more than the crooks!






If you were me, what would you do?



Hi, May.



I know.



I'll wait for you.



"One Cop Kills Another"



"Policeman Is Killed"



What should we do?



My mum is really worried about you.



Ka-kui, be careful!



Ka-kui's back!



- Ka-kui!

- Ka-kui!






- I didn't kill him.

- We believe you.



But where have you been?



I don't know.



You must remember something. Were

you drunk or with your girlfriend?



I was fighting Chu Tu's men.



Inspector Man appeared

and pointed his gun at me.



They took my revolver

and shot Man with it.



That's all I remember.



Nothing else?



You disliked Man,

and the bullet was from your gun.



I wouldn't kill him over

some petty differences.



Who would believe that?

We must have proof!



That's how the law works.



- But I'm glad you're back.

- Give me your gun.



Call Homicide.

Tell them we have the suspect.



Ka-kui, don't worry.

We'll do our very best to help you.



Lock him up.



And charge him... with murder.



How could you?!






- Ka-kui, what are you doing?

- I didn't kill anyone!



- Don't you believe me?

- I believe you.



But based on the evidence,

I must charge you.



Can't you see I was framed?

You're bloody stupid!



I'll conduct

a very thorough investigation!



- Don't give me that!

- Let him go!






- What you are doing is dangerous!

- Dangerous for him!



While we risk our lives out there,

he's sitting back thinking of chicks.



We've arrested so many bad guys,

but he's never satisfied.



And that stupid idea of protecting

the witness.



So easy?!



You only have to open your mouth

and we have to risk our lives!



- Ka-kui!

- Shut up!



You got promoted at our expense.

Have you ever thought of us?



If any of us dies,

you need only write a report



and turn up for the funeral.



We have families, too.



If it wasn't for us, you'd never have

this office and all this other crap!



Get back!



Come any closer

and I'll blow his head off!



Ka-kui, don't do that!



Open the door!



Don't move!



Don't push me!



Keep back!



Don't worry about me.

I know what I'm doing!



Ka-kui's holding the Super hostage!



Calm down!



Stay cool! Ka-kui, calm down.



Stay back!



- Ka-kui, calm down.

- Let's talk about this.



We'll sort this out.



Put your hands on the table.






You're being stupid.



Give up before it's too late!

We'll help you.



Trust us! We'll sort this out.



I trust all of you,

but I can't depend on you.



- You're making it worse!

- Stop!



Don't move!



Don't push him!



Don't push him.

Call in the snipers. Alert all units.



Easy, everybody!






Get in!



- Ka-kui!

- Drive out.



Let them go!



Don't go after them!



Where are we going?






Get out.



I wouldn't have shot

even if you had run.



I know.



I'm not sure how to help you,

but you'll have a head start.



They'll start hunting for you

once I get back.



I'll get Chu Tu

before your men get me.



- I hope so.

- Thank you, sir.



No one knows where this Salina is.



Let's get a couple of chicks

and have some fun.



I didn't set you up, Inspector Chan!

It wasn't me. I had no part in it!



It's for you.



I'll have it then. I'm starving.



Boss, I heard that stupid cop

is on the run.



Wasn't he arrested?



- He's run away!

- He's got some nerve!



We should have killed him, too,

once and for all.



Where is Salina?



Mad Wing and Snake Eyes

are looking for her.



We've heard nothing from them.



Salina could be with that stupid cop.



What's up, boss?



Someone's stealing my data.



- Who is it?

- It must be Salina.



Only she knows the password.



- Go get her.

- Alert our men.



Call Mr Cheung.



- How long do we need to wait?

- You're impatient.



I'm not, but I'm scared.



You two stay here.



Up there.



Call Inspector Chou!



Get that briefcase

or we're doomed! Quick!



That way!



- Ka-kui!

- Why didn't you go to the police?



Chu Tu's men are here.



- You witnessed Man's murder.

- I've got evidence on Chu Tu.



They're here!



Take her back to the office. Quick!



What's going on?



Let's go.



- Come on!

- I'm not going.



Kill him!






It's there! Go and get it!



- May!

- Are you all right, Ka-kui?



Don't worry about me.

Get the briefcase!



Go to hell!



Chu Tu!









- Ka-kui, stop!

- Don't do it!



- Put that down.

- We'll sort this out!



- This is between him and me.

- He's not worth it.



There's no justice. I have to take

the law into my own hands.



- Don't do anything foolish.

- I'm going to kill him right here.



It was Danny Chu

who killed Inspector Man.



All the evidence

is in the briefcase.



Are you all right?



May is hurt, Ka-kui.

Take care of her first!



Take all the suspects

back to the station!



You're abusing your power

as police officers.



You're hurting innocent people.



You're not above the law.

Justice is for everyone.



I'm going to sue you for kidnapping,

threatening and assaulting my client.



I'm not going to let you

get away with this!



You lot are a menace to society!



- He just proved it.

- Ka-kui, let go of him.



- This is entrapment!

- You're going to jail.



How dare you treat a lawyer

like that?



We're so glad you're here, Mr Cheung!



You'll have to help me

with that report.



- Pardon?

- Let's write it together.



I didn't see anything.



That's enough!

Special help by SergeiK