Postcards From The Edge Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Postcards From The Edge script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Meryl Streep movie based on the Carrie Fisher novel.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Postcards From The Edge. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Postcards From The Edge Script


            - Do you know where you're going? - This is it.

            - Do we bring the bags? - Yeah.

            Flight 92 to Miami, boarding gate  .

            After you pass through the passport control, it will be on your right.

             Muchas gracias, por favor.

            She speaks English.

            I don't know why you speak refried Spanish all the time.

            It's a courtesy, Janet. We're in their country.

            Mary Jennings?

            Yeah, that's my name. Don't wear it out.

            - What's the problem? - Come with me.

            Excuse me, but we've got a flight that's just about to leave.

            You two will wait here. Follow me, please.

            Seriously, what is the problem?

            I don't want to miss this flight. I have a special rate.

            - Excursion rates, they're called. - This way, please.

            What the heck is going on here, boys?

            Wait a minute. Is this some kind of "Candid Camera" thing?

            - Where's the camera? - Shut up.

            I beg your pardon?

            Did you think we don't know about your affair with a government official?

            We know who you are...

            ...Miss Porter.

            We are not fools.

            Fools, no. You wish you were foolish.

            Foolish should be a goal of yours. Let me ask you something.

            Don't you get tired of acting like a typical South American police thug?

            Go ahead, hit me again. I tell you, our side will always win.

            We have more spirit and resources than you.

            All it'll cost us is money.

            There isn't enough mommy in the world to further your cause.


            Will you shut up, Raoul?

            You'd want your mommy too, if you had to say all this.

            - Cut! - Oh, Lowell, I'm sorry.

            End marker.

            I'm sorry.

            I'm sorry, Lowell.

            You can't use any of it? You hate me now, don't you?

            No, it's funny. I don't hate you.

            I hate myself for not using cutaways. It was terrific up to that point.

            Let's go, folks. Back to one. Into position.

            Do I have time to go to the men's room?

            You bet.

            Back to one!

            Don't hit your chest because of the body mike.

            I'm lucky to get through that speech at all. If I hit my chest, forgive me.

            You'd hit my chest too.

            Work with us, people! Back to one as quickly as possible!

            - Reloading. - You can say that again.

            - I will after the next shot. - Lf I make it all the way through.

            Very nice, guys. Tom, take this out. Back to one, please.

            Where's my plane ticket?

            You fuck up my movie, I'll kill you.

            You know what I'm talking about and so does everybody on this set.

            I don't care what you do to your body on your time, but this is my time.

            I won't have some spoiled, selfish, coked-up little actress ruin my movie.

            Pull yourself together and work with us these last days...

            ...or I'll kill you before you kill yourself.

            I'll do a better job. You're so out of it, you'd botch that up.

            Can you do the shot straight through this time?


            Okay, back to one. Let's try it again.

            What's your name?

            - Cindy. - Cindy. That's perfect.

            Get your ass off this set and don't come back.

            If I catch you on this set, supplying her with drugs, I'll call the cops.

            Shoo! Get!

            Is that about everything?

            Anybody else want to be arrested or killed before we wrap this?

            Let's do the shot.

            I feel like I slept under an elephant's foot.


              It's almost   :  .


              Sleeping Beauty?

              What was the name of that man who slept for     years?

              Rapunzel. No.

              Rip van Winkle.

              Mrs. Winkle, this is your wake-up call.



              - Delivery! - Excuse me?

              Delivery. I'm dropping someone off.

              I'm dropping someone off! Isn't this an emergency room?

              - Yes. - Well, this is an emergency!

              Are you a relation of hers?

              Oh, no. No relation.

              I barely know her. I found her like this and I brought her here.

              - Will she be okay? - I don't know.

              Where can we reach you?

              I'll call. There's empty bottles of pills in her purse.

              I think that's what she took.


              What'd she take?

              - Pills. Demerol, Percodan, cocaine. - Give me her vitals.

              Blood pressure's   /   and she's tachycardic.

              - What's she saying? - Something about being foolish.

              You can say that again.

              - You want ipecac? - She's too unresponsive.

              We have to pump your stomach!

              Do I have to be there?

              Nasty dream?

              Everybody has those. You'll have them for a while.


              I'm Julie Marsden, director of the rehab unit. I'm here to admit you.

              Excuse me?

              Which part is confusing you?

              I'm in rehab?

              Yes, Dr. Feldman and your mother had you transferred...

              ...from the emergency room last night.

              I'm in a rehab?

              You don't remember having your stomach pumped?

              Oh. That's what...

              My mother knows?

              She was here while you were unconscious last night.


              Oh, God.

              Why did they pump my stomach?

              You would have died if they hadn't.

              Why can't I remember anything?

              You were probably in a blackout.

              And you don't remember taking any drugs?

              Oh, well, sure.

              Some, but not, I mean...

              How did I get to the emergency room?

              A man dropped you off unconscious.


              I'm not a detective.

              I'm here to admit you and, God willing, help you.

              I'd like to ask a few questions.

              A guy dropped me off?

              Did you try to take your life?

              - Oh, please! - I'm sorry if the question offends you.

              But having to have your stomach pumped indicates fairly suicidal behaviour.

              Well, the behaviour might be, but I'm certainly not.

              I want you to know that I know you're scared.

              And that this is the place to handle it.

              I don't really understand how I almost died. That's not...

              That's never what I wanted to do.

              What did you want to do?

              I don't know.


              That's your first step.

              I just feel like if I don't do what you want...

    're gonna leave me. You'll punish me.

              All right, all right. Let's stop there for the day.

              Good work, Carol.

              Okay, everybody, before we go, I'd like to introduce...

              ...a newcomer, Suzanne, who's just out of detox.

              Hi, Suzanne, and welcome.

              Weren't your parents coming tonight?

              My mother, you mean.

              No, my mother's working.

              She's coming if she can.

              We should all visit with our significant others for a few minutes.

              Suzanne, could I talk to you?

              Deal with your feelings before they deal with you.

              Do you always talk in bumper stickers?

              Addiction isn't the problem, it's the solution.

              - You do. - Until you remove the solution...

     can't see what the problem is.

              This anger's not about me. Who are you angry with?

              Hello, darling!

              Hello, dear.

              Hi, Mama.

              Am I too late for the family thing?

              Yeah, but it's okay.

              I did not want to miss that. How did it go? What's wrong with your hair?

              - It's all the rage in the rehab. - Excuse me, Suzanne.

              Can I meet your mother?

              - Sure. Bart, this is my mom. - I can't believe I'm meeting you.

              - Since I was   I wanted to be you. - Bart does you in his drag show.

              - This is my lover, Allen. - Hello, Allen.

              What number do you do?

              "Whistling Pines." My costume's like the one you wore...

     "That Marvellous Mrs. Markham."

              The one with the corset? That was so difficult to wear.

              Sorry, boys.

              - Nice meeting you. - Very nice meeting you. See you.

              Dear, sorry, but you know how much the queens love me.

               Whistling pines

               Call out to me

               Under the stars

               You'll hear the trees

              - She looks fabulous. - Who do you think did her?

              Dr. Klein. He does all of them.

              I wonder what Allen does.

              This is my new roommate, Aretha.

              How do you do? How rude of me. I was excited to see my daughter.

              Aretha's an unusual name.

              I know. I think my parents were expecting someone black.

              Are you black?


              It's very nice to meet you. Suzanne has told me so much about you.

              I think I'll go weave a basket or something...

              ...and let the two of you visit.

              - She seems very unusual. - Yeah.

              I'm glad you're making new friends.

              Thanks, Mom!

              Have you talked to Marty?

              Not yet.

              - You should. - I know.

              You're supposed to start that new film.

              - I'm not doing it. - Don't do it. I'll tell you why.

              I'm not going to do it.

              First: It is not a pivotal project in your career.

              Two: You'll need time to rest and explore.

              And C: You should change agents. I don't like what they're doing for you.

              Careers need planning. Your big problem is, you're too impatient.

              You only want instant gratification.

              - Instant gratification takes too long. - Don't think about that now.

              I'll handle everything while you're in here. No pressure.

              I don't want anything hanging over your head.

              I want you to be absolutely clear.

              I promised myself I would not do this and look at me.

              I didn't want you to see me get upset.

              I hate getting upset.

              I really hate that you have to go through this.

              I wish I could do it for you.

              Ever since you were a little girl, I had this feeling that I'd lose you...

              ...that you'd be taken from me early.

              As opposed to later, when it would be more convenient?

              You are tough. You're just like Grandma, always judging me.

              - We don't need to go over this again. - You never let me talk.

              It's just that I feel like I'm not talking to you sometimes.

              It feels like I'm talking to your drama coach.

              You think you could try not being so mad at me?

              I'll rinse these. I have Woolite in my purse.

              - It's handy for the road. - Leave it!

              I'll have some clothes brought by tomorrow...

              ...and your tape cassette thing for your music and a quilt.

              Sunday afternoon, Mary will bring your video machine and some tapes...

              ...and a plant.

              It's so blah in here.

              I don't know how you stand it, everything one colour.

              Flowers for you, Suzanne.

              Who died?

              Both of us almost did, for a start.

              Who are they from?

              They're from the guy who pumped my stomach.


              "Hope your stomach is better.

              You seem to me to be what my mother warned me about:

              A beautiful and overly sensitive person."

              He can tell from the contents of your stomach.

              I have to be sensitive to need dope.

              I'm tempted to marry him so I can tell people how we met.

              Lowell Korshack's on the phone again.

              Tell him I'm detoxing.

              He's a director I was working with. I don't want to talk to him.

              I'm embarrassed. I don't have to, do I?

              You don't have to do anything you don't want to.

              Except never take drugs and go to AA meetings for the rest of your life.

              Oh, I feel so much better.

              What can I say?

              The upshot of the whole thing is that your being in the clinic...

              ...made you a high risk to do a movie.

              They want me to do it. I talked to the director.

              The director is not the problem. It's the insurance company.

              They won't cover you if you do drugs. What can I say?

              I'm not doing any drugs.

              We know. These are businessmen...

              ...with no knowledge of creative personalities.

              Actors are not treated well. And actresses are treated like...

              ...I hate to use the word, but, shit.

              I remember when I was    years old.

              Mr. Mayer called me in for a meeting. He was on the toilet.

              We had the meeting with him on the toilet.

              You can be sure he wouldn't have done that to John Garfield. Correct.

              She doesn't like me to talk.

              Doris, you better let Uncle Marty handle this.

              She'll listen to you, you're not her mother.

              Suzy, what can I say?

              Other actresses and actors...

              ...who have not come to work due to a drug or alcohol problem...

              ...cost the insurance companies a lot of money. Can you see their problem?

              I do see. I'm being punished.

              If you'll let me finish, you'll see this is not all bad news.

              Your Uncle Marty talked to the insurance company this morning...

              ...and they'll cover you...

              ...if you stay with a " responsible party" for the run of the film.

              What am I supposed to do?

              Go to a halfway house for wayward SAG members?

              If you calm down a bit, you'll see it's not that bad.

              They said they'd cover you if you stay with one or both of your parents.

              What can I say? I said your father lives in New York.

              - So, what about Doris? - Excuse me?

              She can't stay with her father. He's worse than she is.

              - Not that you're bad. - Stay with my mother?

              I'm not a teenager!

              I lived with my parents until I was    years old. We all shared the...

              Doris, please. Thank you.

              Maybe it would be better to wait a few months to go back to work.

              - Go to your AA meetings... - I want to do this film.

              I can go to meetings and work. I do better when I work.

              She's exactly like me when I was her age.

              - I never stopped working. - I feel I belong, I feel necessary.

              It was good therapy after my divorce and my miscarriages.

              In those days, the material was a lot better.

              Doris. So you got it right?

              These are the conditions for doing this film.

              For the run of the film, you stay with your mother.

              You can have your old room.


              Okay, I'll stay with her. You.

              You know what they say, "No pain, no gain."

              Well, no wonder I'm so hefty.


              If anything, you are too thin. Now, me. My stomach, that's hefty.

              Mom, I was kidding.

              I don't get your generation's humour.

              I don't have a generation.

              Then I think you should get one.

              I got it right here.

              Morning, I'm Ted. Designed to make your life a more annoying place to be.

              I'm Suzanne, designed to be annoyed.

              Then we'll get along just great.

              - This, of course, is your... - My hamster cage.

              - Your resting place. - My final resting place.

              I dreamed it would end like this. Alone in a tiny room with an AM radio.

              It won't end like this, it'll just middle.

              It'll end in a larger room...

              ...with air conditioning and an AM/FM radio.

              I have news to cheer you up.

              The producer's coming to see you. One of them.

              - How many are there? - Three.

              The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

              Which one am I endearing myself to today?

              - Anybody home? - Morning.

              Hi. Joe Pierce. Just came by to welcome you aboard.

              - You ready for makeup? - Soon.

              Any more people in here, we'll need a lubricant.

              Ted, thanks. We'll see you out there.

              Rob, get the door, please.

              Suzanne, this is my agent, Rob Sonnenfeld.

              He came by to make sure that we're all A-OK.

              Nice to see you.

              We came by to say hi and make sure everything's up to snuff.

              Yeah, everything's great.

              And we'll need a drug screen.

              Excuse me?

              It's not for us. We're not worried about you at all.

              The damn insurance company won't cover you without a screen.

              I see.

              We're behind you a hundred percent. It's just...

              ...a formality.

              Yeah, I understand totally.

              So do you want blood or urine?

              I think urine would be fine.

              Do you have a cup or something that I can put it in?

              Don't worry about that.

              We'll have the nurse come by and pick that up later.

              It's great to have this little chat.

              We're gonna leave you. Do what you have to do.

              We'll see you outside, okay?

              Okay, great. Go, go, go.

              Have fun.


              - Who do these belong to? - They're Frank's.

              - Frankie, I got your shirt. - Watch your back!

              Good morning.

              Hi there. You're just the cop I'm looking for.

              We're ready for a lineup.

              Are we gonna get a rehearsal by any chance?

              You got this film confused with a big-budget film.

              The lower the budget, the fewer the rehearsals, the worse the food.

              Hello, darling! Great day for it. You look glorious. Big kiss.


              Stick your arms through the holes please.

              - Good morning. - Hi. Suzanne.

              Robert Munch.

              Quiet, please! We're gonna do a block for camera.

              There's a lot of dialogue, so we need total cooperation.

              Also, keep in mind there are live snakes in this shot...

     we need you to be very careful.

              Come in.

              Your mom's here.

              How was your day, dear?

              They made me do a drug test.

              I knew it. I knew you shouldn't do this picture.

              Yeah, because it's a bad film, not because they'd make me do a drug test.

              I don't analyse the way you do. It just felt wrong to me.

              I had a dream that it wasn't right.

              You don't believe my dreams, even the one about your kidney stone.

              - I'd really like a Percodan. - I had a dream the other night.

              - I had a dream that I was drowning. - Two Percodan. Make that three.

              - A sequined gown dragging me down. - What does that mean?

              I don't want to alarm you, but I do want to prepare you.

              I didn't tell you this before because of the drug clinic thing.

              Remember my hysterectomy?

              - The one last year? - Right. Well, they found tumours.

              - Really? - Fibroid tumours.

              But isn't that normal?

              Usually. Usually it's normal.

              But in our family all the women die young.

              Grandma's still alive.

              Barely, and don't contradict me.

              I might not be around for much longer. I don't want to alarm you.

              I want to prepare you for my death.

              It is so important that you understand how precious your life is to me.

              How did we end up talking about your death from my drug test?

              I don't understand. Could we not talk? I don't feel very well.

              You should have Dr. Feldman look at you. Maybe you have tumours.

              Mine was big as a grapefruit.

              I'm gonna kill myself.

              Don't say that, even in jest, Suzanne.

              You were in a drug clinic. People might take it the wrong way.

              Looks as though there's a party going on here.

              I invited a few friends over to celebrate your coming home.

              Oh, no, Mom. I have to get up early. I don't want to see them.

              All right, if you want, I'll tell them all to go home.


              My little girl is home.

              There are people here I haven't seen since high school...

              ...nor would I want to.

              Louis Karasik!

              For chrissake, where did she come up with Louis Karasik?

              Last time I saw him, he threw up scrambled eggs out of his nose...

              ...on the way to the library.

              Let me look at you, before your fat old grandmother goes home to bed!

              Give me a hug, you fat old grandma.

              You sure do stink pretty.

              This is my friend Aretha.

              - Hi and bye. We're hitting the road. - Not yet.

              Your mother started drinking wine.

              She'll rattle off at the mouth all night.

              I'm hightailing it out of here.

              Now that you're better, why don't you get her to stop?

              I know. Ornery as a mule, just like Owen.

              - I heard that! - Well, you are bullheaded, honey.

              Don't you want more cashews, Grandpa?

              - Did I have some already? - He's worse every day.

              Who gets worse? I heard that. Get off my back. I want to go home.

              - Yeah, well, we're going. - Not with you!

              I want to go home. Are we going soon?

              Soon, sir. Very, very soon.

              - You know what my daddy did? - What?

              - What are we talking about? - I told you.

              I heard that!

              Get off my back, woman! Yap, yap, yap!

              That's all you do, all the livelong day.

               And the farmer hauled  Another load away

              The other day he punched me when I tried to put clean pajamas on him.

              I'm going to skedaddle, baby doll.

              You ought to eat more, young lady.

              You're no bigger than a pound of soap after a hard day's wash.

              Good night, sugar. Gotta let them dogs out.

              Howdy's got worms.

              I have nothing to say.

              The same cannot be said for the rest of your family.

              I love them, though. To me, she was always this lovable, loud mountain.

              Your mother wants you inside to cut the cake.


              Sing something, Suzanne.

              Wonderful idea!

              - Come on, sweetheart. - I can't, Mama.

              Sing one of your old numbers from my act.

              I don't want to. Really.

              One number for your old mother. Come on.

              You know that...

               You give your hand to me That Ray Charles tune.

               - And then you say hello - Keep going.

              "And" / "can hardly speak"

              Can hardly sing.

               My heart is beating so

               And anyone can tell That's it.

               You think you know me well

              Sweet song.

               Well, you don't know me

               No, you don't know the one

               Who dreams of you at night

               And longs to kiss your lips

               And longs to hold you tight

              "To you" I'm just a friend"

              "And that's all that" I've ever been"

               But you don't know me

              I don't know the bridge.

               Afraid and shy

              / "let my chance go by"

               A chance that  You might have loved me too

               You give your hand to me

               And then you say goodbye

              / "want to walk away"

              "All" / "can do is cry"

               No one will ever know

               The one who loves you so

               No, you don't know me

              That was so lovely, dear.

              I don't know why you don't sing any longer.

              - I get so nervous. - But you shouldn't.

              You have such a terrific voice. Such a terrific talent.

              Now, Doris sing something.

              Come on, Doris.

              I couldn't. No, this is my daughter's night. Really.

              Come on.

              - Do you think I should, really? - Yes.

              All right. You sang for me, I'll sing for you.

              "I'm Still Here" in D flat.

               Good times and bum times I've seen them all"

              "And my dear," I'm still here"

              Darn right you are!

               Plush velvet sometimes

               Sometimes just pretzels and beer

              "But" I'm here"

               Ten years of braces, voice and tap

               Touring in places off the map

               Getting auditions on Zanuck's lap

               Never fear

               My mother drew up the contract

              "So" I'm here"

              I've done commercials"  And club dates and talk shows

               Gee, that was fun and a half

               When you've done commercials  And club dates and talk shows

               Anything else is a laugh

               Black sable one day

               The next day it goes into hock

              "But" I'm here"

               Top billing Monday

               Tuesday you're touring in stock

              "But" I'm here"

               First you're another true-blue tramp

               Then someone's mother

               Then you're camp

               Then you career from career to career

              I'm feeling transcendental"

              "Am" / "here?"

              I've gotten through,"  "Hey, lady, aren't you who's its?

               Gee, what a looker you were. "

               Or better yet, "Sorry," / "thought you were who's its."

               Whatever happened to her?"

               Good times and bum times I've seen them all"

              "And my dear," / "am still here"

               Smooth sailing sometimes  Sometimes a kick in the rear

              "But" I'm here"

              I've run the gamut, A to Z"

               Three cheers "And damn it," c'est la vie

              / "got through all of last year"

              "And" I'm here"

              "Lord knows, at least" / "was there"

              "And" I'm here"

               Look who's here

              I'm still..."

               ... here


              - Hello, darling. - Hey, Simon.

              We've got some adjustments, you've got    minutes.

              What's happening?

              Did they make you do a drug test too?

              No, no. It's nothing, really.

              The producers saw the rushes last night.

              They had some rather interesting notes.

              - Well, what? - Now, don't take it the wrong way.

              I saw them this morning. They were fine, you were fine. Really.

              It was my first day.

              I couldn't agree with you more. It was your first day.

              They basically felt that you...

              ...could have fun with it.

              You know, just have more fun with it, that's all.

              Fancy meeting you here.

              Neil Bleene, associate producer.

              I understand my enjoyment levels are down.

              No, we felt the performance was fine.

              But you're holding something back.

              Holding something back?

              I've been in the theatre. I'm actually a theatre director.

              Sometimes certain line-readings apply.

              Like in comedy, it is a rule. Inflections go up at the end.

              That's a comedy rule?

              Well, not so much rule as guideline.

              You were very good in "Public Domain." What did you do there?

              Thanks. I rehearsed.

              I guess I don't take criticism very well.

              But I mean, I've had one day of work on this...

              ...and two conversations about what's missing in my performance.

              We're talking about two minutes of film.

              Two minutes out of   .

              Is it correctable?

              Oh, come on.

              It's not as though you farted during all your dialogue...

              ...and we sat in rushes saying, "What's that noise over her lines?"

              I'm so relieved.

              That analogy's bathed me in relief.

              Well, Neil, thank you very much for the acting tips and the pep talk.

              My pleasure.

              - I'm feeling much more relaxed now. - Good.

              Can't we put her in a girdle?

              Not with that dress. Maybe control-top pantyhose, but it may not be enough.

              All right, all right. Anything. Just do something.

              We have to get her into pants, not shorts. The tops of her legs are...

              Bulbous. She has cellulite.

              I wish we could get her to stop eating so much.

              I guess having given up drugs, she has to do something.

              You think we can get her to start smoking?

              What are we going to do about the bed scene?

              Cheat the angle, I presume.

              Her breasts are rather out of shape, aren't they?

              If you have her on her back, as the script indicates...

              ...her tits will move off into her armpits.

              How very unpleasant.

              Well, perhaps you should buy a camisole.

              I had no idea she was so out of shape when I hired her.

              But we wouldn't have got her if she was in her prime.

              If you'll forgive me, with her reputation she's lucky to have a job.

              She pretty much destroyed her career. This is a break for her.

              You're right.

              It's sad, though, isn't it? She was so good in "A Night Full of Shoes."

              I hope it's not too much trouble for you.

              I'm almost sorry we didn't get Valerie Rogers.

              Valerie has a terrific body.

              Oh, well. See you.

              George Lazan, executive producer of "Kitchen Sink..."

              ...and now, "L.A. Beat." How are you?


              - Suzanne. - Vale. I know.

              Have I caught you at a bad time?

              I saw the rushes. And frankly, you're holding back.

              - What seems to be the problem? - The problem...

              The problem is that hundreds of people have talked with me...

              ...about my low enjoyment levels and my...

              It bothered me. I'd prefer to receive direction solely from you.

              Really? Hundreds? I'll have a word with them.

              I mean, we're talking about one day of work.

              A day in which I was tied to a cactus and assaulted by snakes.

              As if I were a child!

              They could call my mother to come in and stand by and make sure I'm relaxed!

              That's her! That's the character!

              That's the quality I've been looking for! Now, what you're doing.

              But Simon, this is not relaxed!

              This is incredibly upset!

              - Lf this is the quality... - People, this'll be picture!

              Just be yourself and you'll be fine. It sounds trite, but it's true.

              Just trust me. I'll speak with the producer.

              I promise what happened today won't be repeated. Try to calm down, okay?

              Quiet on the set!

              - Roll sound! - Speed.

              Roll camera.


              Roll plate.


              Help. Help me.

              Help me!

              It's me!

              - Jack. - Oh, sure! Jack.

              - How've you been? - Great. You?

              Great. Okay.

              God, I've just had this long, weird day so...

              How long has it been since we've seen each other?

              Oh, too long. Way too long.

              Good to see you now.

              You too. You going to the reunion?

              - What reunion? - High school.

              - You went to Beverly High! - Where'd you think I knew you from?

              I didn't mean it like a question, "You went to Beverly?"

              I meant it in a nostalgic way. When's the reunion?

              End of the month.

              You remember Mr. Craverly?

              The biology teacher.

              It's terrible what happened to him.

              What happened to him?

              - Oh, I thought you knew. - No.

              He went to this party and met this girl.

              And she seemed tired, sick maybe.

              He took her to a restaurant. Maybe some food would make her feel better.

              Next thing you know, she goes home with him.

              - You haven't heard this? - She goes with him and then what?

              He thinks it's a wonderful evening...

              ...and then she takes a handful of pills and overdoses.

              - Then he drives her to the hospital. - The next morning.

              And he didn't leave his name.

              Mr. Craverly, I presume.

              At your service.

              I don't have a service. I have a machine.

              I'm glad to see you're all right.

              Well, I suppose I should thank you.

              I could apologize for not leaving my name at the hospital.

              Under the circumstances, it was probably secondary.

              What's polite during an overdose with a complete stranger?

              I'm not a complete stranger. More like a relative one. Like family.

              I don't know what happened that night.

              I can only guess.

              No, I don't even want to do that. I want you to know I'm not like that.

              I don't know what I am like, but I don't make a habit of...

              What if I told you nothing happened?

              Nothing what?

              Nothing happened. We just talked.

              Then you took my Daradil and fell asleep.

              Why? Am I so completely unappealing to you?

              Quite the contrary. It's just that you were a little the worse...

              ...or better for substances, and I have rules about that.

              Didn't Jimmy Stewart say that to somebody in a movie?

              Well, if he did, then he darn sure should have!

              I didn't sleep with you?




              - What? Here, right now? - No. Then. That night.

              Well, does this ring a bell?

              That rings something. I'm not sure if it's the memory bell or...

              How about this?

              That reminds me of something I should've done before.

              Reminds me of something I'd like to do later so I can look back on it.

              I'm nostalgic already.

              Did anybody ever tell you that you smell like Catalina?

              Yes, as a matter of fact, just this morning.

              Did anybody ever tell you that you smell like the future?

              "But I break just like a little girl."

              Oh, hello.

              May I help you?

              I'm here for Suzanne. Jack Falkner.

              Jack. Well, I'm Suzanne's mother. Is she expecting you?

              I believe so. We're driving to my ranch.

              Come in.

              - Thank you. - I'll just call her.

              I hope you don't think I was rude.

              You know how protective mothers can be.

              - You said you had a ranch? - Yes, ma'am, in Malibu.

              Way out in Malibu. How nice for you.

              Have you known Suzanne long?

              We've known each other about a month.

              Seems like longer, though.

              I know what you mean. I'm her mother, and it seems like longer.

              She's a very interesting woman, don't you think?

              - Oh, yes. - Authentic.

              So you said you've known her about a month?

              Good morning, dear.

              This is my husband, Sid Roth. This is Suzanne's little friend Jim.

              Jack. Good to meet you, Mr. Roth.

              You certainly don't seem like your average rancher to me.

              Well, you don't seem like your average mother.

              If all ranchers looked like you, there wouldn't be many crops.

              That depends on what you're raising, ma'am.

              Certainly not doubts!

              Oh, hello, dear. I was just coming to get you. Your friend's here.

              Could I just talk to you for a second?

              My daughter wants to talk to me.

              What you watching, Mr. Roth?

              I'd like to have people of my own...

              ...without them having to like you so much.

              Why can't we share people?

              Why must you take over every situation and completely overshadow me?

              I am not overshadowing you. I don't care if he likes me or not.

              - Your friend with the bedroom eyes. - Right.

              And the living room nose and the kitchen forehead and den ears.

              Wait, I can't.

              Stop, please.

              - I can't do this. - Can't do what?

              What do you mean "what"? Re-upholster your furniture. This.

              I don't have casual affairs.



              There was a moment when I thought I might have had one with you...

              I don't want to have a casual affair.

              Is this a proposal?

              Do you joke about everything?

              When things get too serious or stray too far from what I can talk about.

              Have we strayed too far?

              Officially, yeah. Look, I just got out of a drug clinic.

              I'm uncomfortable with...

              ...whatever this is. Feelings, okay?

              So you have feelings for me?

              - Don't do this. - I want to know, because I do for you.


              Have feelings.

              How many? More than two?

              - I won't do this if you make fun of me. - Promise?

              I'm not going to make fun of you.

              I am making fun of you.


              I'm sorry. I'll stop.

              What are you trying to say?

              I think I love you.

              - When will you know for sure? - This is hard enough.

              You can't be serious. You just met me.

              I'm as surprised as you are.

              I thought I'd lost the ability. With you, I...

              I thought I was immune to movie stars.

              But I've wanted you from the first time I saw you on-screen.

              And that never happens to me.

              You're the realest person I've ever met in the abstract.

              You had a shot in "Public Domain" where you looked at the camera, into me...

              ...and I loved you.

              I can't explain it.

              You're doing pretty well.

              But you're my fantasy, and I want to make you real.

              Let me love you.

              You're serious?

              I don't know what to say.

              - I shouldn't have told you. - It's good you told me. It's very...



              Right, because it's a long shot. You could never love me back.

              No, no, no. Well, who knows? I mean...

              You certainly are infatuation material.

              I love you.

              You're crazy.

              Stay with me.

              Take a risk. I'm worth the risk, you'll see.

              I don't want to see anyone or smell anyone but you.

              I don't know when you're kidding.

              I'm serious.

              - Okay. - You'll never be sorry.

              You sound like a rug salesman.

              My rug salesman.

              Do you have any idea what time it is, dear?

              I suppose it never occurred to you that you scared me by staying out so late.

              I was about to call all the emergency rooms.

              I'm sorry, Mama.

              I didn't call because I thought you might be asleep.

              I came home because I didn't want to worry you.

              You did worry me.

              Look at me. I'm a wreck.

              I'm sorry.

              What if you'd been out taking drugs or something?

              I'm supposed to be taking care of you.

              You're my responsibility. You're my daughter.

              What was I supposed to think when you didn't come home?

              You mind if I have a drink?

              Do you mind if I drop acid?

              Dear, I drink socially.

              I took acid socially.

              I hardly think my drinking can be compared with your drug-taking.

              Even if it could be...

              ...your involvement with drugs has vindicated me.

              I hardly think you're in a position to judge me.

              I hope you weren't sleeping with someone.

              - I wasn't sleeping with... - lf you were, I hope you used condoms.

              I didn't raise you to act this way.

              I hope it's your morals in question, not your judgment.

              I'm middle-aged.

              I'm middle-aged.

              How many    -year-old women do you know?

              You just got out of a drug clinic. You don't know what's best for you.

              Oh, and I suppose you do?

              Suzanne, how did we become so estranged?

              I've tried to be a good mother to you.

              Only to be met by this fresh and superior attitude of yours.

              You've felt you were my intellectual superior since you were    years old.

              Rightfully so. You were always more verbal than me.



              Why did you turn away from me?

              I just want you to like me. I want to be your friend.

              Could we have this conversation in the morning? I'm very tired.

              Every time I try to get close to you, you push me away.

              How'd you like to have Joan Crawford for a mother? Or Lana Turner?

              These are the options?

              - You or Lana or Joan? - When I had my breakdown...

              ...I would've killed myself if not for you.

              It's just like that, that you say... I don't know what to do with that.

              I came from nothing and I made something out of my life.

              You come from somewhere and you're trying to make nothing out of yours.

              You should just get over what happened to you in your adolescence.

              It is time to move on.


              - Jack Falkner? - Yeah, why?

              He produced that Cambodian movie?

              I guess. Why? You know him?

              Ask Evelyn Ames about him.

              Evelyn Ames that's playing the prostitute?

              Can I have your gun, please?

              Thank you.

              He says, "What am I gonna do without you?"

              So I say, " I don't know.

              Juices, I guess.

              Lots and lots of juices."


              Could I talk to you just for a second?


              Come on, honey. It can't be that bad.

              Oh, no. It's just... It's about this guy.

              It usually is.

              Bobby said you might know him.

              I guess I might. Who?

              Jack Falkner.

              You know him.

              Yeah, you might say that.

              You've slept with him.

              Well, I don't know how much of a rest I got.


              What's the matter?

              - Has he got...? - Oh, no, no, no.

              Oh, God, I hope not.

              God, you scared me for a second.

              I thought you were from a celebrity AIDS notification board.

              Could I ask you a personal question?

              Asking who I sleep with isn't personal anymore?

              What do you want to know, if I smoke?

              When did you see him last?

              I don't know. A couple days ago.

              Saturday. Saturday afternoon.

              Saturday afternoon.

              Yeah, why?

              I was with him Saturday night. That's two girls in one day.

              That's just the ones we know about.

              Imagine what you could pick up if you got a satellite dish.

              How can you laugh? It's disgusting!

              Especially in this day and age.

              You look like somebody who can take care of herself. Buy some condoms.

              Don't feel bad.

              He probably really likes you.

              He didn't give you his big Walt Whitman speech, did he?

              The one about genius?

              - I don't think so. - That's a good sign.

              That's his standard pickup line.

              That and the big Cambodian speech.

              And the thing about smelling like Catalina.

              That I've heard.

              That's not bad. One out of three.

              You're obviously getting some new stuff, which means he must like you.

              So he goes out with lots of people.

              Yeah, sure. That's his big thing:


              So if you can just enjoy yourself with him...

     he's enjoying himself with you...

              That's what I do.

              I'm in it for the "endolphin" rush.



              "Good morning, L.A." It's burnt toast"  and coffee time,  :   a.m.


              - Morning. - Hey, babe!

              Oh, excuse me, officer.

              Would you like to see my I.D.?

              I've seen it.

              Well, just hold that thought. Hold it between your knees.

              - Or would you join me? - No, I'm on duty.

              Be right out.

              I saw someone you know last night.

              Oh, yeah? Who?

              Evelyn. Evelyn Ames.

              Oh, yeah.

              - Where'd you see her? - On the set. She's in this movie.

              How's it going?

              Great, now that my relaxation levels have stabilized.

              - I don't know how you put up with them. - Neither do I.

              - I would've quit. - You can't quit.

              If you quit, no one will hire you again. I like working, so...

              I like Evelyn.

              - Yeah, I do too. - Yeah, she told me.

              She told you?

              She told me you fucked her Saturday. Saturday afternoon.

              - Jesus, here we go. - No, here you go.

              Straight from her Saturday afternoon to me that night!

              - You have exclusive rights? - What about moderation and discretion?

              As far as discretion goes, what were you and Evelyn doing, comparing notes?

              No. She just told me she fucked you on Saturday.

              She marches up to you and blows her wad? Or did you nose it out of her?

              She said she was in it for the endorphins. Sorry, the "endolphins."

              You said you loved me.

              I meant it at the time.

              What is it, a viral love? A   -hour thing?

              Apparently Evelyn smells like Catalina too. Must be going around.

              I just got out of a drug clinic and you manipulate me?

              - Give me a break, we just met! - That's what I said to you!

              We should stop this. It's ridiculous. I do not like this side of you.

              I'm not a box with sides. This is it! One side fits all!

              You are so competitive!

              - You're not? - No, I'm not.

              You're just a reaction to me?

              You got this far by not being competitive?

              That's not competitive. That's ambition and talent.

              If you do say so yourself!

              This is a jealous tantrum!

              I am not jealous!

              I am humiliated! How could you fuck us both on the same day?

              What bothers you? That it was the same day or that it was Evelyn?

              It's not that you fuck around a lot. It's that you lie about it.

              Could've told the truth, fucked them all, had the cigarette with me.

              That is such bullshit!

              Women say, " It's not the fact that you left. It's the way you did it."

              "It's not that you fuck around, but you lie."

              You are all so full of shit!

              It is the fact that I fuck around...

              ...and it is the fact that I will leave!

              I have to stop this with you.

              - Are we breaking up? - We can't. We were never together.

              - You're acting like a wife. - Better than acting like a whore!

              You can't judge me. You were in a drug clinic.

              Where you belong, Mr. Pothead. Mr. Vodka, Mr. Bedroom Eyes.

              You're a virgin? You weren't hard to convince the first night.

              I thought we didn't do anything.

              I lied.

              You were more fun when you were loaded!

              And "Public Domain" was a piece of shit!

              Relax, they're blanks. Asshole.

              Hi, Ma.

              I was just looking for some aspirin.

              Did you find it?



                Why are you still wearing your costume?

                I was in a hurry.

                I have some news.


                You dreamt I lost some weight? Endorsed a line of clothing?

                Don't be fresh, dear.

                Don't you have looping this morning?


                How do you expect to get anywhere in this business if you don't show up?


                I have something...

                ...inevitable to tell you.

                I don't want you to be angry with me for having predicted it.


                Your beloved business manager, Marty Weiner...

                ...the man you stayed with, the one I begged you to leave...

                - Mom? - Yes, darling?

                The news?

                I know.

                I don't want to say. I know how upset you'll be. I know how upset I was.

                Marty Weiner has disappeared.


                The police called to say he is nowhere to be found...

                ...and neither is his clients' money.

                Meaning what, that I have no money?

                - I don't know. - Can't they find him? Can't I sue him?

                I contacted your stepfather's lawyer, Samuel Stone.

                He's terrific. He's on it.

                Oh, that's perfect. Just perfect.

                Thank God I got sober so I'm hyper- conscious for these humiliations!


                Dear, it's no good feeling sorry for yourself.

                You're gonna have to overcome these difficulties.

                You might as well do it with some style.

                You could easily make an enormous amount of money if you'd only sing.

                You have a God-given talent and you just throw it away.

                You could be much bigger than Madonna. She hasn't got half your voice.

                You'd have to stop smoking. You could make an album. I'd produce it.

                I'm getting out of the business.

                If I don't, I'll never have any kind of a chance at having a normal life.

                Let's take this one thing at a time.

                First, everyone is always getting out of the business.

                And B: You are just like me. Some days I wake up...

                Will you please stop telling me how to run my life...

                ...for a couple of minutes?

                Isn't it enough that you were right?

                You feel sorry for yourself for having a monster of a mother like me.

                Everything about you says, "See what you did?"

                I never said "monster."

                You don't say it, but you feel it.

                Somehow you lay the entire blame for your drug-taking on me.

                I do not. I do not, Mother.

                I took the drugs, nobody made me.

                Go ahead and say it. You think I'm an alcoholic.


                I think you're an alcoholic.

                Maybe I was an alcoholic when you were a teenager...

                ...but I had a breakdown when my marriage failed and I lost my money.

                That's when I started taking drugs.

                I got over it. Now I just drink like an Irish person.

                You drink to relax. You just enjoy your wine.

                I know, you've told me. You don't want me to be a singer.

                You're the singer. You're the performer.

                I can't possibly compete with you. What if somebody won?

                You want me to do well...

                ...just not better than you.

                You are jealous because I can drink and you can't take drugs any longer.

                - I can handle it and you can't. - Handle it? How do you handle it?

                My drinking does not interfere with my work.

                I wish my mother had been as concerned about me when I was a little girl!

                Will you tell me what awful thing I did to you when you were a child?

                - You want to know? - Tell me!

                Fine. From the time I was   you gave me sleeping pills!

                It was over-the-counter medication.

                - You couldn't sleep! - You don't give kids sleeping pills.

                They were not sleeping pills!

                It was store-bought and it was perfectly safe!

                And don't blame me for your drug-taking!

                I do not blame my mother for my misfortunes or for my drinking.

                You don't admit you drink!

                How can you blame her for something you don't even do!

                Remember my   th birthday party when you lifted your skirt up...

       front of... - I did not lift my skirt!

                It twirled up!

                You only remember the bad stuff.

                What about the big band I got to play? Do you remember that? No!

                You only remember that my skirt accidentally twirled up!

                And you weren't wearing underwear.


                Dear, I am sorry if you think I hurt you.

                Everything I did, I did out of love for you.

                I might've done wrong sometimes. How can you do everything right?

                Can we...? Let's just stop.

                I made some mistakes, but I'm human.

                - Where are you going? - To cut an album.

                I'm gonna go have some fibroid tumours removed.

                I'm going to fucking loop.

                I'm sorry.

                I'm sorry.

                What are you sorry about?

                - I thought I was late. - No.

                We didn't expect you for half an hour.

                Oh, well, so, is it okay now?

                Yeah, it's okay now.

                Victor, Miss Vale is here. Would you put up her reels now, please?

                Wasn't that simple?

                Oh, excuse me. Suzanne, this is our editor, Phil Hartley...

                ...and sound editor, Elliot Morse.

                 Ready, Lowell.

                Thank you. Shall we begin?

                Could I have some coke... - a-cola? Please.

                - Could you get Suzanne a Coke, please? - Sure.

                You're better in the film than you deserve to be.

                Good. I mean, thank you.

                I'm sorry I was such a nightmare.

                You seem better now.

                Really? No, I don't.

                - Better because you're sober... - Worse because I'm sober.

                Yes, but worse in a good way.

                - Here you go. - Thank you.

                 We have more spirit  and resources than you.

                 All it'll cost us is money.

                 There isn't enough mommy in the world  to further your cause.


                That's as good as it got all day.

                We never got a full take after that.

                I know. I'm sorry.

                Don't be sorry, just fix it.


                Okay, let's try one.

                Could I get a level from you, please?

                There isn't enough money in the world to further your cause.

                 Bring it down a little.

                Can you try again, please?

                 - Good. - Okay, let's do it.

                Can I do another?

                I have to do it one more time.

                Let's look at that.


                Will you guys take...? Take five minutes, will you, please?

                Thank you.

                What could possibly be the matter?

                You've gone back and corrected the past, at least in your work.

                What could be a better metaphor?

                It couldn't be something I said.

                Nothing you say to me is as horrible as what I say to myself.

                And at least it's outside my head where I can deal with it.

                You've had it too easy and you don't know it.

                No, no. I do know it.

                You're not gonna get a lot of sympathy.

                People would give their right arm to lead the kind of life you lead.

                I know, but the trouble is, I can't feel my life.

                I can't feel it. I see it all around me and I know...

                ...that so much of it is good.

                But I just take it the wrong way. It's like this thing...

                ...with my mother. I know she does all this stuff because she loves me...

                ...but I just can't believe it.

                And other stuff.

                I don't know about your mother.

                Maybe she'll stop mothering you when you grow up.

                - You don't know my mother. - I don't.

                I know you can make a mother out of anybody.

                Look, your mother did it to you, and her mother did it to her...

                ...and back all the way to Eve.

                At some point, you stop it and say:

                "Fuck it. I start with me."

                Did you just make that up?

                I was working on it before you came. If you were half an hour later...

       would have been better.

                It's pretty good as it is.

                It sounds like movie dialogue.

                That's me. I don't want life to imitate art, I want life to be art.


                Look at that.

                See what you can do?

                You weren't even conscious then, for chrissake.

                Imagine what you could do now.

                Maybe I should just...

                ...go back to the clinic?

                Growing up isn't like in a movie...

                ...where you have a realization and life changes.

                In life, you have a realization and your life changes a month or so later.

                So I just have to wait a month?

                It depends on the realization.

                Some of them you only wait a couple weeks.


      're better here coping than in a clinic giving up.

                You're gonna be out here eventually coping anyway.

                So why don't you start now?


       can't go to the hospital. I've got a job for you.

                You wouldn't be ashamed to work with me again?

                It doesn't start for a few months, so you have time for realizations.

                Grow up. Leave your mother.

                Thank you, God.

                What happened?

                Lady plowed into a tree.

                Where's the lady? Is she all right?

                - Who are you? - I'm her daughter.

                She hit her head. She's at Canyon Medical Centre.

                Look, I'm afraid we had to book her for driving under the influence.

                Thank you.

                May I help you?

                Miss Vale. Your mother's getting patched up. I'll take you to her.

                I'm afraid the press has been alerted to your mother's presence here...

                ...and her arrest. - Oh, great.

                Doctor, this is Miss Mann's daughter.

                Your mom's fine. It's a slight contusion. A superficial wound.

                - Can I see her? - Yeah. Sure, sure.

                She's more frightened than anything.

                There she is, my other monster.

                I can't seem to keep you two out of the hospital lately.

                She's fine. She just bumped her head is all.

                She was worried about you.

                She got into her car and backed up a tree.

                Why am I in this family?

                I got a wino daughter and a doped-up granddaughter.

                Oh, sure. " Cry all you want. You'll pee less," as my grandma used to say.

                I swear. I don't know where you get it from. But you!

                You're just spoiled. You've thrown everything away.

                I told you not to bring her up that way. Would you listen?

                Don't run to me now. I got my hands full with Grandpa.

                Oh, shut up, Grandma.

                - I beg your pardon? - I should think you would.

                If you'd washed her mouth out with soap when she was little...

                I'm simply suggesting that we all try to enjoy each other...

                ...without having to assign blame.

                Listen to Miss Snooty Britches, "assign blame."

                Come on!

                - What're you doing? - Moving you to the waiting room.

                No need to shove! I'm going!

                You need a good pop on the butt like I used to give your mother!

                Yap, yap, yap, yap.

                If I thought I made you feel like that, I'd kill myself.

                Don't say that, even in jest.

                Particularly in a hospital, people might take it wrong.

                I suppose she means well.

                She sounds like the voice in your head that tells you you can't do anything.

                It's true, isn't it?

                Where'd you go to?

                Looping. But I shouldn't have left like that. I'm sorry.

                You don't really think I don't want you to do well?

                No, Ma.

                And you were right about that guy.

                I'm right about your doing that music video too.

                Just wait and see. That's where your big success will be.

                It's blood.

                Blood on my wig, on my clothes.

                All my makeup's come off.

                Do I have any eyebrows left?

                Some, I think.

                They're not all rubbed off.

                - I hate not having eyebrows. - I know.

                Since the studio shaved them, they never grew back.

                Come on, let's put some makeup on you now.


                Are you less mad at me?

                I've always been less mad at you, Mama.

                Remember when I was little, you'd write notes to the school saying:

                "Please excuse Suzanne from morning classes.

                She has insomnia and needs to get some sleep."

                When you were sick, I'd sing you that little song.

                 Little drops of water

                 Little grains of sand

                 Make the mighty ocean

                 And the pleasant land

                You know, dear?

                I think I'm...

                I think I'm sort of...

                ...jealous of you.

                And that is because, well...

       being your turn and all.

                I think I find it tough to face...

                ...that mine is almost up.

                It's real important to enjoy your turn.

                And it would help me a lot if I knew...

                ...that one of us enjoyed our youth.

                Let me see my mirror.

                Oh, dear.

                Look at this.

                I don't mind getting old. I never thought I'd live this long.

                What I do mind is looking old.

                My eyebrow pencil, okay?


                You know, it's in my will...

                ...that they don't bury me without eyebrows.

                I do not go in the ground without them.

                I know.

                Should I have liposuction? Like under here?

                There's press out there, Mama.

                I figured. The "Enquirer." The "Star. Variety."

                "Doris Mann in drunken brawl with tree."

                "Doris Mann...

                ...still distraught over divorce from Tony Vale    years ago...

                ...attempts suicide with lethal oak."

                How do I look?

                Not bad for an old-timer, huh?

                I'll say.

                Hand me a coat.

                "Never let them see you ache."

                That's what Mr. Mayer used to say.

                Or was it "ass"?

                "Never let them see your ass."

                Anyway, you know what my mother said to me yesterday?

                She said that I put on airs.

                That I use big words like "gesture" and "devastate."

                I don't think they're so big, do you?

                What am I supposed to do, sound like a hick just to make her happy?

                 And the farmer hauled  Another load away

                Well, compared to the end of the world. Let's go get them, baby.

                Seems like it takes a crisis to bring us together lately.

                Like war buddies.

                Sid speaks!

                Don't laugh, dear.

                The man is also a dynamo in bed.

                Still waters, you know.

                My scarf. Where's my...? Oh, I'm wearing it.

                - We should get a family rate here. - At least.

                She seems to be feeling a lot better.

                We're designed more for public than for private.

                Did you ever get my flowers?

                - You're the guy! - I pumped your stomach.

                Oh, God.

                Oh, God, I'm really...

                Well, thanks for the flowers and everything.

                How you doing with the drugs?

                I want to do them all the time.

                That's not unusual. It sometimes never goes away.

                How you talk.

                But have you done any?


                Sometimes I want to so bad I have to put my head down till it passes.

                I just go to an AA meeting. In fact...

                ...I should.

                Would you like to go to a movie with me sometime?

                Okay. We could go see  Valley of the Dolls.

                We can say fate brought us together.

                Fate and too many painkillers.

                Always my favourite combination.


                But it can't be a "date" date.

                - Why not? - Because...

                Because I'm not...


                Oh, okay.

                I understand that.

                I'll wait.

                What are your plans for the future?

                To go on drinking.

                We're gonna try one.

                Please don't go over your marks.

                Let's go to number one, please.

                Let's clang the bell, please.

                - Can we watch from here? - No, they're working here.

                I want you to see it.

                I'll see it.


                 Pull back them dark...

                 ... and dusty drapes

                 Let in some light

                 Here, bellboy, come and get my trunk

                "'Cause" I'm leavin' here tonight"

                "Well," I've packed my bags"

                "And" I've paid my bill"

                "And" I'm turnin' in my key"

                 And if those sad souls...

                 ... down in the lobby...

                 ... ask for me

                 Just tell 'em

                I'm checking out..."

                 ... of this Heartbreak Hotel

                / "ain't gonna live on"  Lonely Street no more

                No more.

                I've found a new love"

                 And a new place to dwell

                 Where teardrops

                 Ain't soaking the floor

                 So take down my suitcase

                 And hand me my hat

                I'm going..."

                 ... from sleazy to swell

                 Give that desk clerk a dime

                 And you can just tell him "That" I'm checkin' out..."

                 ... of this Heartbreak Hotel

                 Well, you can give that sad bellhop

                 My bebop blues guitar

                "'Cause" I'm only gonna sing"  Them sweet songs from now on

                 And you can tell that ol' bartender

                 He might as well close down the bar

                 'Cause chugaluggin' Sally's  Packed and gone

                 Through that grey windowpane

                It always looked like rain"

                 But there's sunshine...

                "... outside," / "can tell"

                 Open up that door

                I'm leavin' and" / "won't"  Be back no more

                I'm checkin' out..."

                 ... of this Heartbreak Hotel

                 Checkin' out...

                 ... of this Heartbreak...

                 ... Hotel

                Cut! Print!

                End mark!

                I'm checkin' out..."

                 ... of this Heartbreak Hotel

                / "ain't gonna live on"  Lonely Street no more




Special help by SergeiK