Postman Always Rings Twice Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Postman Always Rings Twice script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the David Mamet written movie starring Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Postman Always Rings Twice. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Postman Always Rings Twice Script



-You wanna get somethin' to eat?




I had somethin' last night,

ruined my appetite.



Besides, I gotta get down the road.



Okay. Thanks for the ride.



Come on, I'll buy you

a cup of tea and a bromo.



-Come on.

-Okay, but I can only stay a minute.






Okay, we open. Come in.



-Where's the john at?

-In the back.



Gimme a bromo for my friend here.



I'll take a small steak,

two eggs on top...



...some fries, juice,

and a side order of toast....



Yes, sure. Right away.



Look out for that stomach, huh?



Here we fix you up one second.

You'll feel much better.



Okay. See you, huh?



We'll have your steak

ready in a minute.



Where's my buddy?



Oh, he left.



He left?



-What are you talkin' about?

-Hey, what's a matter? You okay?



The guy drove off on me.

How are you gonna figure that?



Oh, I think your steak's ready.



Thank you.



Oh, no!




-He took my wallet.



I left the raincoat in the car and....



I can't even pay you for this.



Tell me, where you goin' anyway?



-Down to L.A.




I was goin' down for a job.

The whole thing's in the wallet.



-What kind of job?

-Phone number...huh?









-Hey, thanks a lot.

-Eat, you'll feel better.



I'll be right back.



You watch.



-Watch what?

-You watch.



I find a new guy for the cars.



How's food? Good?



Very good. Great. Really.



-Nick Papadakis.

-Frank Chambers.



Frank, huh?



You know cars, Frank?



Yeah. Some.



I need mechanic.




-Oh, sure. Station.



I'll tell you, though, Nick...



...l got friends down in L.A.



I gotta go down in L.A. Thanks.



And the meal, really, it was delicious.



She cook the food.



The food...






Tell me somethin', Nick,

just a question....



What would you pay a guy?



-Cora, how much we pay last guy?

-Eight dollars.



-And you promised him....

-Eight dollars.



Room, board and you say

you like my wife's cooking.



-Your wife?

-Oh, sure.



Tell you what, Nick.

I got to track my guy down in L.A.



If it don't pan out,

I take you up on it.



Well, okay. If we still got it.



And I'll send you some money

in any case for the breakfast.



-Oh, yeah. Do that.

-Okay. Thanks a lot, Nick.



Goodbye, now.






Be right with you there.



Here's a change,    cents.

Thank you very much.



What you need, Mr. Papadakis,

is more coverage.



I hadda lass year.



Last year you had fire,

theft, no liability.



So what I need it now for?



Well, you should've had it then.



Suppose a customer comes in here and

there's a spot of grease on the floor?



No, I'm sorry.

There's no grease onna floor.



-No, I'm just sayin' suppose.

-No. You suppose-a something else.



-What are you doing here?

-I come lookin' for some hand soap.



I don't have any hand soap here.



You got anything in the kitchen

I could use?



Go use the station john.



I'd just get it dirty.



I'll tell him to get you some

the next time he goes in.



Sorry to bother you.



You want a cup of coffee?



Yeah, thanks.



A nice place you got here,

Mrs. Papadukis.






Oh, yeah. Sorry.






What are you, Greek or somethin'?


            I look Greek to you?












...what do I call ya?



I guess you can call me Cora.



A man, every man,

needs to have a home.



-You travel, huh?




It's okay.



But you know, the time come....



The time come!



Close the door, it is windy.



Cora, give the man some wine.



-It's in the cupboard if he wants it.

-Nice coffee, Missus.



When the times comes....



I used to travel a lot, too.



I was a young idiot.



I know you...sit down.



I know you travelin' men.



I was, too.



Oh, sure. I've been everyplace.

I speak six language.



-No kiddin'.

-Oh, yes, sure.



Go get the wine, huh?



Ah, language. Watch this.



You know what that is?






You know what it means, that?






I know, you never make fun

of a man talk funny.



I talk English

better than she talk Greek.



You know, Frank, this-a country...



...there's no...



...there's no...ideas here.



Opportunity, oh yes.



There is no happiness.



Frank, Frank come here!

Hurry up! Quick!



Hurry up! Look!

Look at his!



Goddamn son of a bitch thief.



Here, pick 'em up. Here.



-Hold on. You got 'em?

-Where are we goin'?



We go here. Put 'em up on post.



You got it?



Push. Push.



Know what I'd do, Nick?



-I'd get a new one.

-Oh, I get new one, sure.



And that son of a bitch

hang it first time, he pay for it.



Neon. Somethin' flashy.

You know what I mean?



Bring some business in.



Neon? What's a neon?



Neon. You know...



-...them little colored tubes.




Oh, it's a neon.



Yeah, neon....






Goddamn, they all try cheat foreigner.



Frank, clean up the place.



He say how long he's gonna be gone?



He didn't tell me.



He said he was goin' into town

to get some parts.



Smells good in here today.



Is that door locked?



I must've locked it.



That's money down the drain,

isn't it?



You could look at it that way,

if you wanted to, yeah.



It's not your money, either, is it?






Open it.



Did you hear me?



Wait a minute!



Wait! Get off!



All right, come on!



Come on!



I have surprise for you.






What do you think, huh? It's new.



Let's see it.



-You like it?

-Nick, it's beautiful. Real silk?



-Yeah, silk.

-For you, huh?



-Where you go?

-I'll be right back.



How'd you get that way?



How're you feelin' tonight, Cora?









Yeah, you missed me.






Oh, stupid, I almost forgot.



Like the sign, huh?

I see they make it the way I say.



See you tomorrow, eh?



Yeah, see you later, Nick.






Feel like doin' somethin'?



I'm doin' it.



Do you want some company?



Huh? Want some company?



You want to be with me, right?












Go pack a bag, we're goin' to Chicago.



Go pack a bag.



We're goin' to Chicago. Now.



-I used to work near here.

-Get your L.A. Times.



-You got a cigarette?




How much money you got?



$   .



Don't flash it around here. Come on.



Wait a minute. You left your suitcase.



Bus leaving for Los Angeles,

San Diego, Phoenix....



-Want something to eat?





-I'll be right back.



The next departure will be...



...Los Angeles to Chicago.



Help you, sir?



Change, sir. Sir! Change.




-You're welcome.



-I've got 'em all, what do you want?

-You want one?



Okay, new shooter comin' into the game.



All right, guys, four.



I got it. Who wants a hard-ways four?



-Two to one.

-Two to one on the hard ways?



Right. You got it.

What about you? Dollar here.



Okay, roll 'em. Come on.

Don't touch this money.



-Where does he think he's goin'?

-I don't know.



-Hey, buddy, we ain't got all night.

-Honey, gimme some money.



Come on, we're gettin' lucky.



These guys don't know craps

from wheat or somethin'.



Come on!



No, I'm not giving it to you.



What? No, you don't understand.



I got to cover a bet.



-I can't talk to you about it just now.

-Frank, I can't go out there broke.






What're you doin' out there, anyway?



Will you, for Chrissakes,

just give me some money?



I saved that money.



Two for San Francisco.



-What are you doing?

-I'm tradin' these in.



-San Francisco.

-Wait. We're going to Chicago.



Not anymore.

You want to give me some money?




-That's $   change for you folks.



-I appreciate that.




You told me your friends

were in Chicago.



Hey, I got friends in Chicago.

I got friends in Duluth.



Now I'm gonna show you somethin'.

Sit down.



What have I got?



-You got it.

-All right.



Oh, I must've skipped you.



-You destroyed me.

-I sure did get lucky.



Wait a minute.

Are you leavin' with the money?



Well, I won it.



Hey, mate.

I want a shot to get it back.



Fuck you, Commodore.

I won this money.



All right?



It's all right with me, pal.



-Good meetin' with ya.

-Come on, Jim.



Wait a minute. Let's play.



Did you see that good-looking girl

that I was talking to leave here?



No, I don't know where she went.



Okay, you can turn 'em on.



I told you we shouldn'a hooked this

up in the rain in the first place.



Finish up, already.



-You check the connections?

-Yes, I checked the connections.



-Did you check the switch?

-I checked the switch.



Well, go check the hookup.



Your boss say, "Sign work both

day and night." I wanna lights on.



-Want a cup of coffee, Nick?

-Turn 'em on.



He's checkin' the hookup.



Well, hurry up.

I wanna see lights on.



Turn on.



Where the hell is it, anyhow?



Go around there,

he said it's around to the left.



Yeah, I think I've found it.



He would have found us anyway.



You don't know him, Frank.



He would've followed us,

and he would have found us.



Don't lose sleep over it, Cora.

I'm just disappointed.



I thought we had somethin'.



You just don't know what it's like.



Bein' a woman,

trapped in this kind of....



You don't, you don't know.



There's always a way, Cora.



If we stick together.



I didn't know what to do.






I've got to have you, Frank.



If it was just us....



If it was just you and me.



What are you talking about?



I'm getting tired

of what's right and wrong.



They hang people for that, Cora.






Come here!



Hey, Frank, it look good

from here, uh?



Yeah. It's a hell of an idea you had.



Hey, neon, huh? Neon.



All right?



Ah, ring twice for danger.

And the door?



Locked from the inside.



And then down the ladder

and that's it.







Do you love me, Frank?






You know I do.



Don't worry about anything, okay?



Don't tell me that.






You knew I had to stop here, didn't ya?



She's beautiful.



I come by here all the time.

When'd you put her up?



-Just today.

-Had to be.



What was that?



-There's a damn cat up there.

-Oh, yeah.



Hey, they sound a lot like

babies cryin' sometimes, don't they?



Yes, they do.



Well, I expect I ought to

get back to work.



Yeah, well, we all got to sometime,

that's for sure.



That's for sure. Take care now.



Yeah, I'll do that.



Frank, get over here!



Oh, my God!



What happened to the light?



I hit him! I hit him!



-What happened?

-I hit him and all the lights went out!



Get on the phone. Call an ambulance.

The cop came by and saw everything.



-The cop? What cop?

-Get on the phone!



We're gonna die for this!



Hello, Nick.



Nick, wake up.



Come on, Nick. Come on, Nick.



Nick, wake up.



We'll know for sure

after we see the tests.



It'll be about a week.

All of a week.



Can I have the book, please?






All he knows, it went dark.



If he'd have turned around, Frank,

they'd have hanged us for it.



And something,

something put that cop there.



It's an act of God,

those lights went out.



Don't look back.




-Don't look back. It's a cop.



-His red light's on.

-Oh, God.



No, no, leave 'em on.



Bathroom upstairs?



Ah, yeah.



What's the ladder doin' there?



I don't know.



Hey, come here.



All right. Sure.






Cover's off this fuse box up here.



I'd say that sucker stuck a paw in it.

Fried him deader than hell.



Yeah. How about that?



Must've been those guys

that were workin' on the sign today.






Sounds like that.



Sorry about your husband, ma'am.



Thank you.



Thanks a lot.



I'll get a flashlight.



I know it's go down

and see him.



You're sure you don't want

me to drive?



Hurry back.



Take it easy guys, there's plenty here.



Cut pie. Little portions.



John Philip Sousa.



I don't want to make love tonight.



It's our last night.



I know.



I don't want to make love.



Yeah, you're right.



Me neither.



Oh, Christ, Cora.



It's all in the feet.

You must watch the feet.



-Can I talk to you a minute?

-It is beautiful, believe me.



-You just watch your feet....

-Can I talk to you for a minute?



-And you will learn....

-Excuse me.



I can't talk about it now.



What do you mean,

you can't talk about it now?



Four days already,

you can't talk about it.



Yeah, and you don't understand.



I can't do it anymore, Frank.

You understand?



Why can't you do it anymore?



What does that mean?

You can't do it anymore?



-It's over.

-Come dance.



What? What are you talkin' about?



Bravo, Nicko.



Come here.



Come here.



This man saved my life.

I'm fond this man.



Cora, my feets, you know.



My feets. They're beautiful, huh?




-You say it.



You say it Greek.



Nick, I can't say it in Greek.



Come on, you say it.



Say it.



That's it.



Come here. Now, you say it.

Is beautiful.












What're you doing?



You're the guy's wife, Cora.



You told me that.



You were gonna leave me?



-I was writing you a note.

-Were you writing me a thank-you note?



-Is that what you were doing?

-Cora, look.



Live here.



Live with the guy.



Took a chance, we didn't make it.



Live with the man.



He wants to have a baby.

You understand?



He's changed.



He says the accident changed him

and now I'm supposed to have his kid.



How am I gonna do that, Frank?



How am I supposed to have his baby?



I can't have his baby.



The only one I could have

a baby by is you.






Say you won't leave me. Please.



Just stall him, babe.



Just stall him.



-Going far?

-We're goin' to Ventura.



A trip. A change of scene.



-Is it much farther?

-It's a couple of hours.



-That's it.

-What do I owe ya?



$ .  .



-Okay. Here you go.

-Be right back.



-Here's your change.

-I'm gonna drive now.



You can't even walk.

What are you talkin' about, drivin'?



-Now, get in the back.




-Get in the back.

-Are you nuts? Are you nutty?



-Mister, you don't want to--

-I'm drivin' this car home.



-Come on, Frank.

-You don't want to drive tonight.



-You don't want to drive tonight.

-What, do you own this car, big fella?



-Get in the back.

-Just get in the back.



That's it.



You drive safely now, okay?




-Good wine.

-C'mon, Nick.



Is nothing like to have a wife.



-Cut it out, Nick.

-Don't worry. He's drunk.




-Don't talk like that.



It's boiling over, Nick.

I gotta pull over.



Hey, wake 'im up.



Wake up. The car's stopped.



Come on, wake up.

You gotta fix it.



Frank, get out of the car.






I'll fix it myself.



What's a matter...with door?



There, got it....



Is he dead?



Get in!



Come on, Cora, get in.






Put it in neutral.






Now, Cora, come on.



Do it.



Come on, Cora. Do it!



Hurt me.



Now, you got this on the dash.



And you don't know where you got this.



Oh, God! No!






There's been an accident!

Please help me! Oh, God!



Thank you.



How are you today?






Have you ever been in San Francisco?






In Buffalo?



Who are you, mister?



You know who I am.



You did time in Buffalo.



In Wichita, armed robbery,

reduced to attempted assault.



-Could we talk about this another day?

-St. Louis you held up a card game.



Moline, Illinois,    months.



Assault on a railroad investigator.



They gave me something.



If you plead innocent and

make me try you for homicide...



...l'm going to see that you pay.



What're you sayin'?



This have something

to do with this accident?



-I wasn't even driving.

-Oh, you weren't even driving.



You were too drunk to drive.

You were too drunk to walk.



You have a witness

at the filling station, yes.



Who do you think you're dealing with?



-I know you killed him.

-Come on.



Why would I want to kill him?



Oh, buddy, I saw her.



I might kill for her.



Why would I want to kill for that?



Forget the girl.

They'll hang you for the money.



What money?



A $      life insurance policy.



Issued on Nick Papadakis

by Pacific Reliance...



...his wife, the sole beneficiary.



Does that look familiar, Frank?



Don't play around with

the insurance company.



They don't like to lose.



Mister, I swear I don't know nothin'

about no insurance policy.



Oh, come on, Frank.



Either she did it, or you did

it together. Now, which is it?



I didn't kill him.



Prove it to me, Frank.



How can I prove it to you?



Sign this.



What is this?



It's the only thing that'll convince me

and the jury of your innocence.



All right, Frank?



Let's get out of here.



It's all right.



My name is Katz.



I'm representing you and Mrs. Papadakis.



The two of you are going

to be arraigned tomorrow.



Until then, anybody ask you anything...


            say, "Talk to the lawyer."



Do you understand that, Frank?









Did you sign this?



Don't sign anything else, huh?



You got yourself pretty banged up.



Good. It'll look good in court.



Hey, are you gonna see Cora?






Tell her I didn't mean it.



It was broken in the act.



'Cause it was used

to strike the victim on the head...



...which caused his death.



In your opinion could the victim's

injuries have been caused by...


            overturning car?






I object, Your Honor.

This man is not a doctor.



This man is an acknowledged expert

in the field of insurance fraud.



This man is an interested party.



If my clients were to be convicted,

his company, Pacific Reliance...



...stands to save $     .



Your Honor, I strenuously object

and request that...



...his entire testimony be stricken.






Thank you, I'm finished.



Now, Your Honor, at this time

I will submit a complaint and...



...request for damages sworn

by Frank Chambers against...



-...Mrs. Cora Papadakis...




...for injuries sustained

in a car under her control.



-I object to this complaint.

-What complaint?



Under the California Vehicle Act....



Did you sign something, Frank?



Did you sign something against me?



Sit down, Cora.



You wouldn't do that to me, would you?

He wouldn't do that to me.



-Your Honor, that is exactly....

-What did he sign?! What complaint?!



This supposed complaint...



...acts on the adjudication

of the matter...



-Show it to me!

-...can have no bearing.



I want to see it! I don't believe it!

Show it to me!






-Enter the complaint.

-I don't believe he says I did it.



You cannot enter the complaint.

It was extorted from a man...



...a seriously injured man

under the influence of drugs...



...and extraordinary pain

without the benefit of counsel....



I've ruled on it.



Will you proceed?



Under the circumstances of this ruling,

I have no alternative but...


            withdraw my plea of "Not guilty"

and to plead Mrs. Papadakis...



..."Guilty as charged."



State accepts the plea.



Your Honor, I move to adjourn.









You're workin' for the state.



He changed her plea to "Guilty."



-You're making a terrible mistake.

-Just shut up.



Okay, ready?



Okay, this is my statement.



We did it all.



Frank Chambers and I planned it

and killed my husband.



-I'll just be a few minutes.




-I appreciate you seeing me.

-Okay, what is it? They're guilty.



That's yet to be decided.



They're guilty.

What you want me to do?



I can turn around and plead

them innocent. I've got    hours.



Look, they've tried to kill him

once before.



Oh, that's very interesting

you should think that.



On March  th, there was a party.



I've got a fucking Greek army's

gonna tromp in here and...



...swear that Papadakis threw his arms

around Chambers and said:



"That's the man who saved my life."



I think you got it backwards.



Off the record.






You don't mean to sit there and

tell me you think they're innocent?



That is precisely what I'm telling you.

And that's what I'm telling the jury.



The prosecution's got no case.



They've got no evidence,

no witnesses, nothing.



All they've got is you.



And what are you doin'?



Don't forget.

I am talking to poor people out there.



Now, that jury....



They've got an attractive...



...grief-stricken, young woman

on that stand on the one hand.



On the other hand...



...they've got you, pal.



You and your...



...big insurance company

trying to save ten grand.



We'll see.



What do you think?



I still think they're gonna burn 'em.



And if they don't...


           've cost your company ten grand.



There goes your Christmas bonus.



You wanna take that chance?



I'm gonna show you a way

that you don't have to take a chance.



Now what?






This is Art Beeman, Claims Department,

Western Equitable.



-Hello, Beeman.

-Glad to meet you.



Tell him.





            company issued

a $      liability policy...



...home, business, auto,

to Mr. Nick Papadakis, just...



...slightly before his death.



Frank Chambers

was a passenger in the car.



He sustained various lacerations...



...a concussion,

and severe back trauma...



...which will, I'm advised,

impair for the rest of his life...



...his ability to walk.



If she was trying to kill her husband,

and in the process...



...made my man, an employee

and passenger in her car...



...a cripple for life.



I'll go into court.



I'm gonna sue Western Equitable here

for    grand and I'm gonna win.



-Here's what he's prepared to do.

-Would you excuse us, please?



I would.



Western's in an unprotected

posture here.



You're saying you'd reimburse?






Now, if you were prepared,

we'd pay the $      death benefit.



Cleared this with your people?






Well, I think we can do business.



Here you go, Frank.

I already signed for 'em.



Go ahead.



Come on, take it.



Come here.



They never had a thing.

They bluffed ya.



Sackett bluffed ya.



Gets you to sign a complaint against

the woman, uses the complaint...


            get her to confess

and you both walk the plank.



Get it?



Come on, my boy.

You're goin' home.



-Come on, we'll get you changed.

-You're kiddin'.



You're kidding.



Here you go.



-She's free?

-That is correct.




-But what?



She confessed.



Luckily, though, she confessed

to my assistant, Kennedy.



The red-headed guy.

I bet you thought he was a cop.



Yeah, I did.



-Well, he wasn't. He works for me.




Thought it might be a good idea

for her to get it off her chest...



...before they locked her up.



She was very upset.



Let's go out the back way,

avoid the press. Okay?



Where are they goin'?

And where's the girl?



The best part was the insurance.

Their Mr. Barlow, their expert...



...he stands up in court,

says he made a grave mistake...



...the whole thing

was an auto accident.



Hell of a world, huh, Frank?



Yeah. Where's Cora?



Outside in a cab.

I told her to wait for Kennedy.



I knew I'd find you here, sneaking out.



-Yeah, that's right.

-You'd best sneak out.



The file stays open on you.



On you and the woman, both.



You put yourselves above the law.

You killed.



Hey, I'm sorry,

you can't talk to me that way.



-I can't?

-'Cause I been inside a court of law.



You'll be back, my friend.

I know your type.



I'll see you again.



Spit on the sidewalk

and you'll die in jail.



Hey, hey. Learn to lose!



Thanks a lot.



That's okay.



You took our part, eh?



And you made me $     .



It's been swell.



I had to pay him

the insurance money, the lawyer.



Yeah, I know.



I didn't even know

he had an insurance policy.



Can't leave this state for six months.

I've got to call 'em every week.



I'm gonna have a record.



I didn't mean to turn on ya.



That's mine.



-She doesn't look that old.

-Well, that's her.



I saw her picture.



She's acting exactly

as I expected her to.



She'll hear you!



Wonderful pie.






Keep the change.



Thanks. Come again.



Sure will.






How about that chicken?



I'll have it for you in two minutes.



You think you could get in

and help out, huh?



-You're doin' fine.

-I'm doin' fine.



I'd be doin' a little bit better

if you'd do some work around here.



What're you killin' yourself for?

We're leavin' in two months.



That's what you said.



Soon as your probation's up...



-...we're leavin'. Right?

-You wanna leave, Frank?



You can go now.



You wanna stay...



...then do some work around here.



And will you use a glass?



What are you, an animal?



What're you gonna do

with the money?



I'm gonna buy a new car.



What the hell do you care

what I'm gonna do?






Move! Come on!



You bastard, get out of there.



Get out. Go on, move!



-You folks need somethin'?

-No, thank you.



There you go, gentlemen.



I've been looking for you.



Well, you found me.



I saw your picture in the paper.



Join the club.



Here's a menu.

I'll be right back.



You know, I knew you

since you were a little girl.



I knew it was you.



But I didn't want to call.



I knew they'd lost track of you.



I get The Courier still, from home.



And I read about your mother.



I was pretty sure you didn't know.



Oh, you don't remember me.



But I remember you.



-Want me to call the probation people?

-No, don't call them.



I'll be back next week, the latest.



I'm sure she'll be all right.



Let me know, huh?



Yeah, I will.



What is this, a holiday?






Come on, gimme a break, huh?



What'll it take you, a minute?



Where you headin'?



San Diego.



What've you got in the back there,

if you don't mind my askin'?






What is this?



Three cats.



What are they, drugged?



No. They're tired.



They're very tired.



These cats are drugged.

No. I tell you they will not perform.



I will not get in the ring with them.

Take them out of here.



All right. What is it you need?



I told you. I need performers.



-I need wild animals.

-And where do you get them?






-Where are they?




All right, you get the cats.

Join back up in Tucson on the   th.



You do it.







Anything else you need?



Of course. A driver.



Excuse me.



Put your....



Take the cats away. I'm sorry.



You're right about that,

you know, miss.



What's that?



I drove a hundred miles with these

cats and...they didn't peep once.



Is that so?



Here's a fine little animal.



What about that?



And, who, might I ask, are you?



Frank Chambers, miss.



Pleased to meet you, Frank.



You know what I'd do for you?



Buy you a hat.



Yeah, a big white one.



-You'd like that, huh?




I'm sorry about your mother, Cora.



She was old.



Let's get a drink.



No, I quit it.

I'm not drinkin' anymore.



I've been thinkin' about

a lot of things, Frank.



Let's just go home.



I'm going to have a baby.



I'm going to have your baby, Frank.



Do you want it?



Yeah, I do.



-Tell me you want it.

-I do.



-You do?

-I do want it.



-You do?







You're gonna have a baby, huh?



Think about that, huh?



We lost some business, Cora.



I don't care.



I closed the place for a week.



Went to San Francisco.



I don't care.



I've been wrong, haven't l?






Yes, I have. I know I have.



I've been makin' our life hell here.



But I'm gonna change now, Frank.






...if we got each other...



...then, we got everything.



I want you to forgive me, please.

Oh, God!






Come on.



So you want to know what I learned?

About babies?



What the most important thing is?



You always got to be natural with them.



I'm always natural.



'Cause they can tell, you know?

Young as they are, they know.



-Yeah, but--

-So what you gotta do is two things.



First one....



First one is, you gotta

follow your instincts.



What is it?



The second thing....



Tell 'em to go away.



Yeah. I'll get rid of 'em.




-Can I bother you for a minute?



-We're closed.

-I know. It won't take but a minute.






Just a minute.



Mr. Kennedy. Remember me?



Yeah, sure.



-How's Mr. Katz?

-Yeah, right.



I don't, I don't work

for him anymore.



-Is that right?




What're you doin' now?



As a matter of fact,

I'm not doin' anything.



That's...that's why

I thought I'd drop by.



You know, I thought maybe

you could help me out.



Oh, yeah? ln what way?



What do you need,

a couple of bucks or somethin'?



I mean, I know you're out of a job.



You remember that confession

that I typed up that time?



Oh, yeah.



You mean that phoney thing

you and Katz dreamed up?



Yeah, right.



Yeah, well, you know,

when I left Katz...



...l took the liberty of taking it

with me from his files.



I thought the two of you might like it.



Nice place here.



You want $   ?



I want ten grand.



Ten grand?

What are you crazy, Bozo?



What are you, insane?

We gave the money to Katz.



Who cares? I just want the money.



Get it for me.



Sell the place.



Bring me ten or I mail the confession

off to Sackett and you die.



The End.



Fuck with my family.



Where's the paper?

Where's the paper?



-I can't tell you.

-Where's the paper?



-I got it in the bank.

-In the bank?



-Which one?

-I can't tell you.



Which one?



Which one?



Which one?



Glendale Trust.



Get the gun.



-How do you feel?

-I feel great.



I'll get back as soon as I can.

You want anything from town?






Let's go, Kennedy.



You folks open?






There you go.






Your friend came by.



You bastard!



Don't come near me.



You're scum, Frank.



I knew that when I met you.



You'll never change.



Your confession.



I don't even need it.

I never did.



They tried me for it once.

They can't touch me now.



You understand?

It's in the Constitution.



Didn't you know that, Frank?



But they can try you.



They can still try you.



Who're you callin'?



I'm cold.



You sure about that?



I want to marry ya.



You just want to shut me up.



If I wanted to shut you up,

I'd have shut you up.



I want to marry ya.



Is that what you want?









You want to wait till the weekend?



You know, I been thinkin'.



Maybe we ought to sell that place, huh?



It ain't bad, honey.

For kids...keep pets.



Walking there?



Why not?



You got a beer there? Huh?



-There you go.

-Got the opener?






That's it. That's it.



-Cora? What's wrong?

-It's okay.



-What's wrong?

-It's okay.



-You all right?

-Just hurt for a minute.



-You sure?




-No, it's okay.

-No, come on. Get in.



Take it easy.



I'll get over this in just a minute.



I just feel dizzy.



We'll get somebody to look at you.



-No, I'm fine.

-Hey, you listen to me.



I just want to go home.

Really, Frank.



I'm gonna have you looked at.



I just felt a little funny.



Like I strained something.



That's what I mean.



Feelin' a little better? Huh?



Feel great.













You do?



Why shouldn't l?

Special help by SergeiK