Pret-A-Porter Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pret-A-Porter script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Robert Altman movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Pret-A-Porter. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Pret-A-Porter Script

            [Pedestrians Conversing]

            [Traffic Noises]

            [Speaking French]







            Voila. [Groans]


            [Man Singing On TV]   So, honey-child  

              Come on get dressed  

              Put on your best  

              'Cause style is back  

              in style  



            This is Kitty Potter, On the Scene for FAD-TV.

            At the moment, Paris fashion is a thrilling bore.

            But as of tomorrow, all of that could change.

            Tomorrow is the first day of the pret-a-porter collections.

            It's a strange and exhilarating moment for fashion.

            The only rule is-- is that there are no rules.

            C'mon with Kitty. We'll be goin' backstage...

            and sippin' Diet Coke with all the top models.

            - [Constant Hubbub] - And we'll meet designers from supernovas to super-nobodies.

            - Now let's go behind the scenes... - Thierry?

            - Thierry? - and into the busy workrooms of some of fashion's biggest thinkers.

            - Shall we? - Can we roll?

            - This is Kitty Potter in Paris, and I'm here with Thierry Mugler... - [Hubbub Continues]

            the cutting edge couturier known for his sartorial shock tactics.

            Thierry, Thierry. You know, it's been said--

            It's been said that your clothes have a kind of...

            overt, extreme, sexual subtext...

            which is squarely at odds with the image of women as capable and independent of men.

            So I was just wondering-- Our audience would love to know, really...

            what you think about that.

            Well, it's all about looking good, helping the silhouette.

            And it's all about getting a great fuck, honey.

            - [Models Laughing] - Oh.

            Well... thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you.

            Well, that was designer Thierry Mugler explaining his unique views on style.

            This is Kitty Potter in Paris, and we're backstage with FAD.

            - [Emcee Speaking French] -   I'm a model You know what I mean  

              And I do my little turn on the catwalk  

            - [Emcee Continues] -   Yeah, on the catwalk On the catwalk, yeah  

               I get to do my little turn on the catwalk  

              - You move faster, huh? Now you finish. - Oh.

              - And I'd like to see Kiki and Dane. Okay, thank you. - Gracias.

              - Okay? But quickly, because we are very late. - Dane, Kiki, c'mon.

              - Kiki, can you stop smoking, please? - Hi, Jack.

              - Oh! Who's there? It's wonderful! - Simone.

              - Yeah, well, great things happen to me. - Twins, no?

              Egg and sperm, and they loved each other. No, triplets.

              - [Laughs] Wonderful. - [Jack] Albertine.

              - You kept a secret from us. Who's the unlucky man? - Well, maybe it's you, darling.

              - Come on, Kiki, Dane. Dane and Kiki, come on. - Oh, really?

              I'm sorry, Simone. I won't be able to do your defile this year.

              Oh, don't worry. It's no problem. You'll get me Eve, huh?

              - Albertine. - You'll get me Eve.

              Oh! What have we here?

              - Big fish in the trunk. - [Chuckles]

              How extraordinary. And, uh, when did this happen?

              - About eight and a half months ago. Exactly. - Mmm.

              Hi, Fiona Ulrich. I'm with the New York Times.

              I'm writing a piece on the fashion industry.

              I am not anymore of any interest for the New York Times because I just stopped working.

              On the contrary, I'd like to talk to you even more. Uh--


              [Computer Keys Clicking]


              Oui, merci.

              How 'bout right here? This is good.

              That's good.

              - [Man] Here comes one of the bags. - [Woman] Yoo-hoo.

              - I think this is-- Yeah, but it's mine I'm looking for, not yours. - This big one coming up...

              this is mine. All right, that's one. I brought-- I don't think that's mine.

              -Do you know what my luggage looks like? -Yeah. Are you sure it was green?

              Yes, I'm sure it's green, darling. It's green, it's brown, it's big.

              - Where are you from? - Fr-From, uh, Texas.

              Oh! I love that accent. I love it. It's so courtly.

              - You're here from Vogue Magazine? - Would you say, uh...

              - "Thank you, ma'am"? Would you just say that for me once? - [Laughing]

              - [Man] This guy is crackin' me up. - [Texan] Well, maybe later.

              He knows the Polaroids are not supposed to travel in the box, okay?

              I could be in the hotel by now.

              - [Gasps] Oh! - Oh, I'm so sorry! Excuse me.

              It's okay. It's okay. Are you all right?

              [Sighs] I lost my suitcase.

              Oh. Well, you just report it over there to Lost Luggage.

              No. I-- Well, it's not, it's not that. I left it in the...

              [Clears Throat] um, the airport bar in Houston.

              That's-- That's where I came in from. And I, uh, I--

              I'm scared to fly, so I went in there to get...

              my courage, if you know what I mean, and--

              Would you read the tags, darling? Thank you so much.

              - Hey! Don't kick it. - [French] Viviene?

              They'll find it. That's what they're very good at.

              - And all you have to do is just tell them, you know. - Well, it's, it's...

              it's nice of you to say that, you know. It's nice of you to care...

              because, you see, I don't speak French. That's the thing, I don't speak French.

              Well, high school. But, you know, that doesn't really count.

              And-- You know, I don't even know the French word for "baggage."

              It's "bagage." Just like baggage. Bagage.

              You got the cards ready? You ready?

              We need a longer cord on this thing. This is irritating me.


              Olivier de la Fontaine. Try to find out why he's here.

              - Hello, Olivier! - Hi, Kitty.

              Oh, what a pretty tie! And it's got kitties on it!

              - And I'm Kitty! [Giggles] - [Laughing] Funny.

              Let me guess. A Charvet or Dior?

              - No, Dior, naturellement. - Oh! Bingo!

              [Intercom Announcements in French]

              Your attention, please. Arrival of Flight... [Continues]

              This is Kitty Potter at Charles de Gaulle Airport...

              where what I like to call the international intelligentsia of fashion...

              in all its many mutations is arriving all around me.

              Are we expecting someone special here today?

              - Special? - Special.

              Um, uh-- Well, le tout-Paris has been buzzin' about...

              a lollapalooza called Liza...

              and her definite, maybe, appearance on the runway at Chanel.

              And I know that she is, is due any minute.

              Uh, any possibility that you might be here for her?

              Well, I'm here to welcome the press and, uh, the retailers.

              - I'm here to welcome you, Kitty. - [Giggles]

              I think it's going to be a great season.

              Well, we all know how Liza just loves the spotlight, so I was just wonderin'...

              if maybe you could give us a little-- Just shed some light on, on that subject for us?

              Uh, uh, Olivier?

              Olivier? Sir.

              Uh, our new facilities, I think, are sublime.

              It's a giant step forward for the Paris fashion.

              The designers are thrilled.

              - Well, I bet they are. Um-- - Um--

              - Will you excuse me? - Well-- Uh-- C-C-Could-- Uh--

              Well, there he goes...

              with the absolute poise of an architect's desk lamp.

              Are you here for the pret-a-porter? I'm with the Houston Chronicle.

              I'm the assistant fashion editor. My boss was supposed to come, but she got sick.

              And here we have the Paris troika...

              the three powers-that-be in the world of magazine editing.

              The unflinchingly fabulous Sissy Wanamaker of Harper's Bazaar.

              - Hi, Sissy. - Hello, Kitty. Hello.

              The unstoppably sophisticated Nina Scant from British Vogue.

              Lord, I've never heard myself described like that before. Hello, hello.

              And the relentlessly artistic Regina Krumm from Elle. Hey.

              - Uh, hey. - [Laughs] Welcome to Paris, girls.



              I have the best art director in a decade, maybe ever.

              The best photographers, the top, top models, the best writers...

              - the best editors-- - But, I think I hear Elle's belles right behind you.

              Operative word being "behind."

              Ah, I'm not really interested in jockeying for position.

              I-I just think we're going through an incredibly exciting, vital time at Elle.

              [Nina] A lot of articles about sex nowadays in Elle. I think they're interesting.

              They're very diverting, both magazines, but I still think Vogue is the final word, Kitty.

              - Oh, I think Vogue-- - I think you'll have to agree with me there. I have to go.

              - [All Arguing] - This was fun.

              I, uh, suppose you don't remember me. Major Hamilton?

              - Marshall Field's, Chicago. Fashion director? - Oh, yes.

              It's good seeing you. I have a little bit of time. Would you like a quick interview?

              [Kitty] Oh, we really don't do unscheduled interviews.

              [Hamilton] Oh, I don't mind. I don't mind at all.

              - Hey, Milo. Milo, one minute. - [Groans]

              - One minute. Hey. How are you? - [Hamilton] I'll be here if you need me.

              - Kitty Potter? Kitty Potter. - How're you doin'? Yeah.

              We ready? We rollin'? This is Milo O'Brannigan...

              the most sought-after fashion photographer in the business today.

              Milo, you've had a lock on the look of the '  s for decades now.

              Um, how have you managed to stay on top of everything?

              Probably the same way you have, Kitty.

              Just hard work and believin' in yourself, right?

              Mmm. Taking advantage of other people's insecurities.

              [Simone] Anyway, we'll show it to Pilar.

              [Fiona] So, does your mother believe in the old adage...

              that some women dress for men, but most women dress for other women?

              You know, my mother makes dresses to celebrate a woman's body.

              Dressing for men has never particularly interested her...

              although she's certainly undressed for a few of them.

              No. You know, the main difference between men and women in fashion is this:

              Women make dresses for themselves and for other women;

              a man.... makes clothes for a woman he wants to be with...

              - or, as in most cases, for the woman he wants to be. - Mm-hmm.

              - [Chuckles] - Are you married?

              Mm-hmm. I'm married to Dane. Come over here, honey.


              Dane, whoo-hoo. Earth to Dane.

              Jack, try and be a little bit nice.

              This is my wife, Dane. These are her famous legs, and this is her famous sister, Kiki.

              - Hello. Fiona. - Hey, how's it going? Hey, Fiona.

              - Hi, I'm Dane. - They share the same father, at least that's what their agent tells us.

              I made these clothes for your old body, and now you couldn't fit into them if I asked you to.

              - Cy! Cy, it was not her fault. - Am I crazy? Am I crazy, or what?

              What of a "fault"? It's not a fault, you faggot! You woman-haters! It's great!

              - It's a big shock! - Albertine, you could've called me, right?

              - I was in Germany. - You could've called me. Oh, oh, I am crazy, I am crazy!

              Or did the goddamn Germans invent the telephone?

              They invented worse, okay? I wasn't really sure I was going to keep it.

              Look, you gotta be eight and a half months pregnant.

              I mean, if I was Lacroix or was that thief Lagerfeld, you would've called me, right?

              - We'll get Eve; they are the same size. - I hate her fucking tattooed head.

              - You're bald! - Aren't I.

              Uh-- [Snaps Fingers] Violetta.

              - Yes. - I can't deal with this girl.

              - Well, I'll get rid of her. - Albertine. Albertine's the one I want.

              - Why can't I have Albertine? - Albertine is pregnant. The agency said she was pregnant.

              Pregnant is not my silhouette this season!

              - Oh, I know. - I mean, it is not. It is not, it is not!

              My bulge is in the bustle out at the back, not in the bulge up front.

              Bald tattoo is not part of my vision. It's beyond deja vu.

              - [Shutter Clicking] - [Woman] We're freezing out here!

              [Car Horns Honking]

              [Honking Continues]


              [Clearing Throat]

              [Honking Continues]

              [Choking, Coughing]




              [Honking Continues]

              [Gasps] Monsieur!


              [Shutter Clicking]

              Monsieur, qu'est-ce que vous faites?

              [Woman Screaming]

              [Gasping, Chattering]

              - [Woman] Ah, mon Dieu! - [Shutter Clicks]

              - What? Are you joking? - [Simone] Pilar, the two greys, it's not good, you know.

              - [Jack] Get me Ricardo Bonet... - Hold on, please. Simone.

              - Why is there no music today here? - [Pilar] S'il vous plait.

              - Simone, it's important. - Okay, I'm coming.

              - Please. - Oh, your smoke, Pilar. You're killing us.


              Oui, c'est moi.

              - Murdered? - Jack!

              Put on the news.

              [Simone] C'est pas possible. He was here.

              - [Static] - [Woman] A little bit more--

              Olivier has been murdered.

              [Dane] What? What? What?

              - [Woman] When did this happen? - What happened?

              Does... his wife know yet?

              - [Emcee Speaking French] - [Audience Applauding]

              [Emcee Continues]

              Oh, mon Dieu!

              - [Laughing] - Madame.

              We're coming to you live from the historic Pont Alexandre in Paris...

              - where Olivier de la Fontaine... - [Siren Wailing]

              - [Reporter Continues] - [Siren Wailing]

              Eyewitnesses report a stocky man, possibly in his mid-  s...

              [Reporter Continues]

              - ...fleeing the scene by plunging... - [Siren Blaring]

              This is a shocking prelude to the spring pret-a-porter collections...

              the glittering spectacle Olivier de la Fontaine choreographed...

              each season for a cast of thousands.

              It's, uh-- It's this-- this one.

              - You took photographs? Can I have the roll? - Oui. Yes.

              Okay. You give your-- You give your name.

              He jumped off the bridge, just like that. He just jumped off.

              - Totally bizarre. Completely strange. - I-I saw the whole thing.

              Il est ou le chauffeur?

              - Could you identify the guy? - All white people look alike to me.

              All right. How can you tell him apart from your boss, if it's true?

              By his clothes, how do you think? That's how I tell everybody apart.

              [Woman] Our tickets for shows--

              [People Chattering]

              [Major Hamilton] How much longer?

              Miss, how much longer?

              [Receptionist] Checkout time is   :  .

              [Hamilton] Well, that's an hour and    minutes.

              You're not telling me I have to wait an hour and    minutes, are you?

              [Receptionist] This is just making it longer.

              [Lobby Chatter Continues]

              Come on, come on. Right around here. Right here should be fine.

              Yeah, I'm checking out. Joe Flynn.

              Slim! Slim!

              Slim? Slim, hey.

              Oh, hello, Kitty.

              [Receptionist] There's a phone call for you from Washington.

              Am I invisible? I've been standing here for a half an hour!

              - You can use the phone on the desk right there. - All right.


              Hi. I'm Anne Eisenhower from the Houston Chronicle. I should have a reservation.

              ...and the only person still living...

              who can give Saint Laurent colour tips.

              Slim, we've missed you so very much...

              - since you've, uh, retired from Vogue. - Really?

              I'm a sports reporter, for Christ's sake! I don't know dick about fashion.

              [Editor On Phone] You're all we got, pal. Now, Matthews wants--

              Oh, for God's sake! I gotta leave Paris. You gotta use the fuckin' wire.

              - [Editor] This is a big story. - What's so special about this dead guy?

              What's his name? The dead guy!

              - De la Fontaine. Olivier de la Fontaine. Got that? - Yeah, right. Do me a favour.

              Call my wife. She's not gonna believe me.

              - Fuckin' cocksuckers! - [Clerk] Here's the key to your room.

              Whoa, whoa. New ball game. I-I-I'm not checking out. I'm not checking out.

              - What'd you say? - No, I'm not checking out. I'm not leaving. I'm staying.

              - But you can't. This lady has just checked in. - This is my room.

              - No, this is my room. - You'll have to find the lady another room, I'm sorry.

              - Sorry, there is no other room. - Excuse me. You clearly don't understand. This is my room.

              - We do have a problem, I'm sorry. - You don't understand the day that I've had.

              - I've lost my luggage-- - You don't understand! I haven't checked out!

              - See, I have not checked out! - I'm covering the fashion--

              Well, do we have any fashion plans or projects in the wings anywhere?

              Well, I think you'll find out about them when the time is right...

              but now I want you to meet somebody very, very special.

              Clint, come over here.

              Clint Lammeraux, meet Kitty Potter.

              - I don't care about your luggage. - I have to be here to cover the fashion show.

              - You'll have to find the lady another room. Hey! - This is my-- This is my--

              Excuse me!

              Where's my bag? Where's my bag?

              If you don't find my bag soon, you're gonna hear from the Washington Post.     .



              Yes, and, uh, especially that.

              Cotton, pharmaceuticals. You name it.

              Cobras, pythons, uh, rattlesnakes, uh, ring lizards.

              - Oh, shit! - Oh. Heh-heh! Hey! Hey!

              Hey, what're you do-- Ow!

              - Let me in!Ow! - Ow!

              [TV Audio in French]

              - I'm on this line. - [Sighs]

              Yes, this is Joe Flynn. Listen to me if you want to keep your job.

              What do you mean you don't have my bagage? I know goddamn well you have my bagage!

              If you think you can smoke me out of here with that cock-and-bull story...

              you're as full of shit as a Christmas goose!

              - [French] - As full of merde as a c-- canard de--

              [TV Reporter Continues]

              Yes, hello. This is Anne Eisenhower, as in General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

              Yes, that's correct. Ex-President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

              No, I know he's not registered here. I am!

              No, I don't want to talk to the manager again. I have talked to the manager.

              I want the owner.

              I think this hotel is owned by Sony or some Japanese company.

              I wonder what time it is in Tokyo.

              I wonder how long it'll take them to get you out of my room, Mr Joe Flynn.

              - Oh, thank you. Could you help me with these bags? I'll be checking in here. - Of course.

              Oops! Sorry.

              - Excusez-moi. I believe you have a reservation for, uh, Louise Marshall?

              - Marshall? - Field. Louise Field.


              [TV Audio: French]

              [Gasps] Major! Oh.

              Good-looking guy, huh?

              Well, bonjour. And I'm standin' here with the one, the only...

              Elsa Klensch.

              - Thank you, Kitty. How are you? - How are you doin'?

              - I'm fine, darling. - Thank you so much for doin' this.

              Um, what's goin' on in fashion for the '  s?

              Well, this is the most important time, the most important week in fashion.

              This is where everything happens, really, for the year.

              Let me ask you this: Did you get any good scoops this mornin'?

              Yes, but, uh--

              [Laughs] Oh, she's savin' it for her own show, folks.


              What the hell is this?

              Operator? Splendide Hotel, please.

              -   Let's begin again   - [Phone Ringing]

                Let's begin again  


              - Agh! Hello? Yes? - [Major] Louise? Goddamn it, Louise!

              You left a pair of skivvies in my suitcase. You gotta be careful about that stuff.

              I don't know how that happened. I'm very sorry, and I won't let that happen again.

              I'll be much more careful. Whew!I-- You-- I'm sorry!

              And listen. Since when are you so talkative?

              - You were talkin' to everybody at the airport. - I didn't talk to anyone, honey.

              - You even started to talk to me. - Hardly anyone at all.

              You would've blown our cover. We gotta be careful, honey. Very, very careful.

              - You understand? - I'm very sorry. I will be more careful. Okay?

              My darling, do you miss me?

              Does a bear shit in the woods?


              - How was Milan? - Well, I'll tell you. I got the surprise of my life there.

              You know, I know a lot about fashion, and we all know that short skirts are back.

              And short skirts are gonna be back for the rest of the '  s, that's my bet.

              Well, I've seen pleated skirts; I saw A-line skirts;

              I saw sarong skirts.

              But then, suddenly, the pouf skirt emerged.

              - Now, you must remember Lacroix's pouf skirt? - Mmm.

              - We were poufed and poufed and poufed. - Mm-hmm.

              Well, it could be that we're gonna be poufed again before the turn of the century.

              - Will you be poufed? - I doubt it.

              - Arrete! - Stop. Stop.

              [Kitty Potter] At the moment--


              Just going to take a look.

              - Stop. - Arrete, s'il vous plait.

              [Kitty Potter] Tomorrow is the first day of the pret-a-porter collections.

              - [Kitty Continues] - What suite is Regina Krumm in?

              Regina. Uh, uh, Foest Street.

              - Foest? - Yes, Foest Street.

              - You mean, Faust? The Faust Suite. - Faust! Yes, the Faust Suite.

              Oh! That's supposed to be my suite.

              What suite is Nina Scant in?

              - The Solomon Suite. - Solo-- You mean the Salome Suite.

              - The Salome Suite. - That's the suite that I'm supposed to be in.

              - Well, this is your suite. - No, no! This is not my suite.

              This is the Faust Suite. I'm supposed to be in the Salome Suite.

              - I'm not in the Salome Suite. You get on the phone right now. - Yeah. Yeah.

              Get on the phone and tell them that I want to be in the Faust Suite.

              - Faust Suite. - It's what I asked for. I don't want to be in the Salome Suite.

              - This is the wrong suite. I'm supposed to be in the Salome Suite. - The wrong suite.

              - You're supposed to be in the Salome Suite. - You just set those things down.

              Put everything down. Just put it down, because this is not my suite.

              - Oh, Regina. [Chuckles] - Nina.

              Oh, my God. Here we are again.

              [Nina] Here we are again. It's unbelievable; it seems like we were here just a second ago.

              - I know. I feel like I have deja vu. - Oh!

              - Can you believe the construction in this city? - No! It's wild!

              - What are they doing? - Well, it must be an awful lot of maintenance...

              - in a city like this. - Oh, my God, the plaster dust!

              You know, it just goes right up my nostrils. It's incredible.

              Yes. It's horrid, isn't it? Now, are you going to the embassy tonight?

              - Oh, yes, of course. - Well, my darling, I shall... see you... there.

              - All right. Bye-bye. - Get some rest.

              [Both Shaking Latches, Chuckling, Knocking]

              Bonjour. Monsieur, bonjour, bonjour.

              [Dog Panting Loudly]

              - Forget. - Come with us.




              [Chauffeur] That's him. That's the man.

              See? That's his coat, his pants.

              [Inspector Forget] We know what he wore. We don't know who he is.

              We're coming to you live from the historic Pont Alexandre in Paris...

              - where Olivier de la Fontaine... - [Computer Keys Clicking]

              head of the la Chambre de Syndicale de la Mode de la Haute Couture...

              which is French fashion's governing body...

              has been murdered in the back of his limousine.

              Eyewitnesses report a stocky man, possibly mid-  s...

              exited the car as it stopped in traffic, fleeing the scene...

              by plunging headlong into the Seine.

              He's believed drowned. If not, he has surely died of pollution.

              -Excuse me. -[Reporter] This is a shocking prelude to the pret-a-porter collections...

              the glittering spectacle Olivier de la Fontaine...

              choreographed each season for a cast of thousands.

              This was Sandra de la Notte for SKY News.

              - [Announcer] From the SKY satellite network... - You still here?

              this is SKY News.

              It's gonna be a group designer photo. Um, most everybody's gonna be there.

              - All the designers are gonna be there? - Pretty much everybody.

              I've got Cerruti, Rykiel, Westwood, Montana, Agnes B.

              - You don't know these people. - Well, they said they're gonna be there. Uh--

              Simone Lo will probably not be there. She may not even show her collection.

              - Are you serious? Simone is a greedy bitch! - Cort?

              - Don't say such things. - It's true.

              Simone Lo's collection is little more than crematorium couture.

              Dead. How about Gaultier?

              - Yeah. He's very enthusiastic. - [Groans]

              - But you like his work. - I used to, at the beginning of his career...

              when he was... my little protege.

              Lately he's gone off in a direction I don't think I can entirely approve of.

              - You mean, like Cy Bianco? - Why would you want to dredge up his recycled name?

              It seems that they're both influenced by the street.

              Ah. What street? Bond? Or Camden Loch?

              - Where's Mother? - Um, I think she's in her office.


              - Mother? - Don't say anything, Jack. Just get out and close the door.

              No, no. I don't want that black thing. No, please.

              I don't think I'm gonna be home tonight, honey. My mother wants me to stay with her.

              - I wonder who's the father. - The father?

              You know, Albertine's baby.

              [Chuckles] Well, it's not me. [Kissing]

              - Oh, really? - Mm-hmm.

              Dane, I'm gonna try and catch a ride with your old man.

              - I'll catch you later, all right? - That's nice of him.

              - There's no downside. Milo O'Brannigan's the photographer. - [Laughing]

              - You can't do better than that. He's the best. - Milo O'Brannigan?

              - Ooh. - He'll make you all look great. And you'll be, what, with your friends.

              - Oh, that's nice. Nice. - He shoots quick.

              - Is it wrong? - No, it's definitely not wrong.

              - Milo, huh? - Well, yeah, Milo. He's the best.

              - How'd you get him? You sleep with him, or what? - No. I don't sleep with men.

              - Where is Mr Lammeraux? [Laughing] - [Slim Laughing] Jack!

              - Wait'll you see these boots! - [French]

              - One for every mood. - [French]

              - Clint, how are you? It's been such a long time, since Christmas. - Jack.

              -How is Ann? She is absolutely charming. -She said to say hi.

              - Do you know Ann Richards? - I introduced you to her. Remember me?

              - Oh! Eve. Clint Lammeraux. - Nice to meet you.

              - Eve. Slim Chrysler. - Bonjour. Bonjour.

              - Why don't you try those on? - Well, I've got boots on now.

              - Oui, c'est ca! - How's that?

              Well, Slim was just saying that my mother...

              is really going to love these boots. She's gonna love them.

              Well, it's nice of you to say so, but, uh...

              - I'm just a simple Irish country boy who loves his work. - Ah, listen...

              - I know your contract at Vogue is almost up. - March   .

              - [Doorbell Chimes] - Is it? Ha. I never bother with that business stuff.

              I'll get somebody to check it out. Let me give you another glass of champagne.

              Milo. Me old darlin'.

              [Laughs] Hello.

              - I'm here for a slightly premature celebration. - Mm-hmm?

              Remember the information that I imparted to you about my imminent...

              megabucks deal in the States?

              Well, it's about to come to fruition.

              - You know I want you to be my right-hand man. - [Doorbell Chimes]

              We're gonna blow Vanity Fair out of the fucking water, darling.

              - And my friend at The New Yorker says Tina... - [Laughs]

              - is shitting herself! - [Continues Laughing]

              - Regina! - Hi.

              Oh! Oh!

              Oh, I'm sorry, I thought...

              this was Gerard Depardieu's suite.

              [Door Opens]

              He never looked better. [Chuckles]

              Isabella de la Fontaine, my condolences.

              I'd appreciate it if you would please answer a few questions.

              Some people here in Paris think that your husband was involved with Simone Lo.

              - How do you feel about that right now? - The car?

              Is it true that your husband was in financial turmoil?

              - Did you know your husband had enemies? - Oh, merde!

              - [Sandra de la Notte] What are you going to do now? - Merde!

              Thank you, Mrs de la Fontaine. My condolences. Okay. Come here. Move, move, move.

              This is Sandra de la Notte reporting.

              There she is. Simone Lowenthal!

              Mrs Lowenthal! Mrs Lo!

              Mrs Lo, please, could you answer to a few quick questions?

              Mrs Lowenthal, please. What was your relationship with the victim before the murder?

              - Please, leave me alone. - Did you have quarrels with his wife?

              - Would you please tell me about your collection? - [Crowd Murmuring]

              - What was your relationship with the victim? - Why don't you ask his widow?

              [Sandra] Who do you think could have done such a horrible thing?

              - These bizarre circumstances... - [Joe] These bizarre circumstances...

              - ...have cast... - have cast a strange pall over fashion week here in Paris...

              where it's difficult to eclipse the epic drama of the pret-a-porter.

              - [Sandra] Ironically... - [Joe] Ironically...

              - the controversial figure... - the controversial figure at the centre of it all...

              - has done just that. - has done just that.

              -   ["SKY News Theme"] - That's it.

              [Joe] I'll call with something on the coroner's report tomorrow.

              [Man On TV Speaking French]

              [Sandra] Isabella!

              Isabella! Is--


              - [French] - Close the door.

              [TV Audio Continues]


                [Singing in Italian]

              [Sewing Machine Buzzing]

              You know, they said it was a man who murdered him. I would have guessed his wife.

              Please. Simone's better off without him anyway.

              - [Dane] So's his wife. - Kiki.

              - [Dane] Did you ever sleep with him? - [Laughs] Get outta here!

              No, I wouldn't do that to Simone. Why? Tryin' to tell me something?

              - Not quite. I have to go. I'm cooking. Bye. - Okay. Bye.

              - Who's on the phone? - Only your wife.


              - [Cork Pops] - Want some wine?

              [Sighs] No, I shouldn't.

              - [Phone Ringing] - Oh.

              Hello. Yes, this is Anne Eisenhower.

              Y-Yes. Yes. Well, you know, that's just completely unacceptable, I'm afraid...

              because I have to have my bag.

              - [TV Audio Continues] - Well. I-I-I filled out the form and everything's there.

              Just-- If you could just please keep looking.

              Thank you. Thank you very much.

              [Kitty On TV] If you can't make it, then sit with Kitty Potter.

              I'll be in Paris guaranteeing you...

              - that I'm gonna bring to you a drama. -   Closer, closer  

              -   [TV] - I thought you said you didn't drink.

                Long ago Seems so far away  

              I said I shouldn't drink.

                I fell in love with you  

                And that feeling remained  

                Looking back I recall how you never could see  

              - Well, cheers. - Thank you.

                All the feelings I kept deep inside  

                That I didn't set free  

              -   But still I   -   Ooh  

              -   I wanna be close to you I wanna be close to you   - [Chuckles]

              -   Closer, closer   - Um.

                Still I I wanna get close to you  

              These French really know how to make wine. [Laughs]


              -   [Operatic Duet] - [Chattering, Laughter]

              I don't know. Just go ahead without Simone.

              Guys, I'm-- I'm fed up waiting. We're gonna do this now. All right?

              - Right. - Yeah? You all right? You ready? Ready? Oh, okay.

              Hi. So, hope you're all well. You look lovely.

              I'm just gonna do this shot now, okay? Uh, the important thing is...

              I'm gonna count to three. When I say three, that's when the shot is gonna be...

              so I want you to keep your eyes wide open, you know. No blinking. Okay?

              Focus on the camera when I say three. All right? Here we go.

              Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

              - Uh, what about the champagne glasses? - Yeah, I told them.

              -[Woman] Milo, she's here. -I'm sorry I'm late. I'm sorry I'm late.

              Winnie, pull her into the centre.

              - [Simone] No, no, no. - [Winnie] Si, si, si, si!


              I'm sorry.

              - Tres bien. - [Pilar] I'll wait for you.

              Hi, Simone. Now, on the count of three, I want you to look over here. All right?

              - Okay. I'm sorry, Milo. - Okay. Excuse me, I'm trying to work.


              Okay. And again. Over here, please.

              One, two, three.

              [Lights Pop]

              This is Kitty Potter reporting live...

              on the first day of the Fall      Paris collections.

              The remarkably well-preserved crowd of fashion folk...

              - you see around me look as though... - [Mutters]

              they're about to break into the Bonjour, Paris number from Funny Face, don't they?]

              But in reality, they're headed for the trenches.

              Fashion, my friends, is war.

              A week from now, these editors, journalists, photographers and retailers...

              will wear their battle scars, much as they do their huge Prada handbags...

              and their Vivian Westwood platform shoes, as chic accessories.

              Even a wisp of iron like Regina Krumm...

              the Lilliputian editor of Elle Magazine, is here for the blood sport.

              With    collections to view...

              vision blurs and judgment is occasionally impaired.

              Wearing dark glasses can't stop it, either.

              There will be great lapses in taste...

              but there will also be dazzling moments of rare beauty.

              And I'll be everywhere at once!

              That's Kitty Potter, keepin' you posted.

              [Crowd Chattering]

                When you're sick of life from nine to five  

                And you're ready to come alive  

                And you look both high and low  

                And you can't find a trumpet that blows  

              -   Come on, baby   -   Oh, shucks  

                Where the good times never die  

              -   Come on, baby   -   Oh, shucks  

                Where the damsels gonna fly Come on, baby  

                You can shake your funky monkey 'til it cries  

                Polyvinyl acetate Monkey gonna get high  

              -   If you wanna get real freaky Now's the time to try   -   Come on  

                Get wild  

                Everybody up in the place  

              - [Sighs] -   Get wild  

              - That's got a bad stain on it. - D'accord.

                Ooh, midnight is where the day begins  

              -   [Continues] - [Audience Applauding, Cheering]

              Whither the couturier in his metier, you ask?

              And I answer right here backstage at Christian Lacroix...

              the artiste from Arles...

              the saviour of ready-to-wear deluxe.

              - Christian, it was such a beautiful collection, and so perfect. - Thank you.

              - What was perfect for you this morning? - Perfection for me?

              It doesn't exist. Never. In fashion, we are never satisfied.

              [Kitty] Well, let me ask you something.

              The photo prints of the models and the faces were just wonderful.

              How did you come up with that idea?

              Now the fashion is, uh, starting from the media...

              from magazines and from models.

              And, uh, I wanted to put them in the street...

              because, uh, I want people to be a little bit disturbed, and, uh...

              they don't know where is reality: fashion...

              magazine, media, models, girls, real girls. I wanted to mix all of that.

              - Merci beaucoup, madame. - See you later.

              - Thank you. Bye. - Au revoir.

              - Is she going ahead with the show? - Well, of course.

              It is our business, after all.

              - Will she actually be there herself? - [Pilar Sighing]


              Everything is okay?

              Bernell, it's Anne, and I'm just calling to say everything is great in Paris.

              - I'm in the hotel. I got all the schedules, all the invitations-- - [Doorbell Chimes]

              And, so, that's it. If you need to call me, just remember the time change. Okay, bye.

              [Woman On TV] Imagine... something new.

              Something new.

              - Something new. - Madame. Monsieur.

              -   [Piano On TV] - Votre signature, s'il vous plait.

              [Woman On TV] Imagine.

              - Merci. Au revoir. - [Clears Throat]


              You know, this is, uh, a really unusual circumstance, and...

              I just, I just hope that you can...

              forget about last night.

              - Um-- [Chuckles] I have a little... - [Channel Clicks]

              problem with alcohol, and, um--

              [Commentator Speaking French]

              Mm. Excuse me?

              Hello? Hi.

              Um. I-I-I-- Just--

              I hope that you can be a gentleman, and that we can just say...

              what happened last night never happened, okay?

              Sure. No problem. [Slurps]

              - No problem? Really? - Yeah, whatever you want.

              Just... [Snaps Fingers] forgotten, like that? It's so easy.

              - Yeah. - That's great.

              - Why, what? Am I supposed to be crushed or something? - No!

              No! No, this is great. This is just great. You know?

              - Yeah. That's... great. - Aw, c'mon, don't change the channel!

              - C'mon! Hey, hey, hey. - [Door Slams]

              Aw, c'mon. Now, gimme back the channel changer.

                And you gotta come  

                And, Ruby, to none  

                She's gonna melt  

                Like we're in love  

                Just the same Ruby, Ruby, how would you  

                Like a ghost I'm gonna haunt you  

                Ruby, Ruby, ah When will you be mine  

                When will you be mine  

                My Ru-u-u-u Ah-ah-ah, when  

                When will you be mine Ruby  

                Ruby, when will you be mine  




              That's... very nice. But isn't it your show today?

              Oh. That's not important.

              Our concern is for our friends.

              Business will take care of business.

              - [Clearing Throat] - I-I am so sorry for you.

              I can feel your pain.

              Simone, I have to be honest with you.

              Olivier and I were never great friends, but you know that.

              But to be murdered.

              Strangled by a maniac.

              [Shudders] It makes my flesh crawl.

              But you! You poor, poor dear.

              - [Footsteps] - You are truly the bravest woman in Christendom.

              [Sighs] You are so kind. Really.

              Oh. Where's my crew? Where's my camera? Oh, there you go.

              I'm standin' here with the handsomest man I know...

              - Monsieur Gianfranco Ferre, the Italian designer-in-residence... - Yeah.

              at the venerated old French house of Christian Dior.

              Gianfranco, bravissimo. [Laughs]

              - Such refinement-- - Thanks a lot. You speak Italian so well.

              [Laughs] Such refinement. What inspired you this time?

              Well, it's the energy that a woman needs in these times.

              I try to do my best. I love women.

              I like to make fantasies with women. But, uh--

              I always figure what she does, how she moves, which way she can move.

              That's a great thing. But she can make her wardrobe with different pieces...

              without throwing them away season after season.

              Sure, she can make her own new traditions in the--

              with the freedom that she needs.


              I know this has been a... [Kisses] great shock to you.


              You lost your man. And I know you're not gonna wanna hear what I got to say...


              Olivier? He was not a nice man.

              There, I've said it. It's over, it's done, it's finished, it's gone.

              I mean, I could tell you stories about him...

              that would make you want to scream.

              God knows, you're better off without that man.

              I mean, he did not deserve you. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

              He did not deserve you.

              Believe me, you'll get over him.

              You're a strong woman. Right?

              Yes, I'm a strong woman.

              Merci beaucoup, a bientot. Keep the change, mon ami.



              S-s-s-- Hi.

              Um, do you have this in larger sizes? This green?

              - It's beautiful. - Yes. It is a medium.

              A    or an   . Big. This stretches, right?

              Yes. Is this for you?

                [Woman Singing in Japanese]


              -   [Continues] - [Joe] The number of the coroner. Look-- No.

              No, no, no. Monsieur. [Clears Throat]

              Monsieur, imagine...

              - Hey! That's my jacket. - That's your jacket?

              That was my jacket. That guy had my jacket on.

              That must've been the guy that t-took my-- my suitcase.

              - So, Issey Miyake stole your suitcase. - No, not--

              The checkered thing. It was my jacket.

              I don't know that Issey Miyake's really...

              your-- your way to go.

              Checkered? Hmm. I think J.C. Pennee...

              is more your designer. [Suppressed Laughter]


              [Sandra] Lowenthal herself described her lover as...

              a sycophant and a purple panderer...

              storming out of Pamela Harriman's dinner party...

              at the American Embassy only last Tuesday...

              prompting the New York Post headline:

              "Simone, How Lo Can You Go?"

              Jack Lowenthal, son of the designer...

              lost control of the business in     .

              Stay here. I'll just be a moment. Pilar?

              - Simone? - Simone?


              - [French] - Ah, Simone. Hello.

              - Oh, I know this must be a very awkward time for you... - Oh, it's okay.

              but I so wanted to introduce Clint Lammeraux to you.

              Clint is a gigantic fan of yours.

              - In Texas we think of Simone Lowenthal the same way we think of longhorns. - Oh, how nice.

              Clint, come over here.

              - Oh, how interesting. - What's interesting?

              Your shoes. Is that new?

              [Laughs] No, I've had them for years. But, speaking of shoes...

              Clint has a gift for you.

              Made in Texas, by Texans.

              Oh. You put my logo on these boots?

              But who gave you the permission?

              [Crowd Chattering]

              Sorry, I'm in your seat. My condolences.

              - Nicola! - Ah, Kitty.

              - Wonderful to see you. I don't think we've seen each other... - Nice to see you.

              - since the Volpi ball in Venice! - Yes, I remember.

              What's goin on at Trussardi's? How about doin' a little interview with us?

              Just-- We rollin'? Tell us about the new Trussardi attitude, Nicola.

              - No interview, Kitty. Thank you. - Nicola, just one word.

              - No, thank you. Ciao. - Just one word. Shit.

              - [Woman] So I would like, uh... - Has anybody seen Violetta?

              - [Laughs] - [Models Chattering]

              - [Moans] - [Woman] Then you put your base on?


              What are you doing talking on the telephone at a time like this?

              For God's sake, Violetta, we're about to start.

              - I was only talking to my mother. - Your mother.

              Your mother is in Algeria. You were talking to Africa at a time like this?

              - Beautiful. I like that. Yes. - You like that? Yes?

              This is your best one yet, you know?

              - No doubt. No doubt about it. - Thanks, Eve.

              - It's-- Wonderful. I like it. - Who were you talking to on the phone?

              - Who, me? Oh. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, just now...

              - you were talking to somebody on the phone, right? - Yes, I was. I was.

              - She's cute. - Walk again.

              - Yeah, well, who were you talking to on the phone right now? - Yes.

              - Who was that? - You know what? I love you when you are jealous.

              - Excuse me. I think-- I do believe-- - I'm sorry.

              - Oh. I do believe-- Well! Hello. - Hello.

              - How are you? My name is Kitty Potter. - Nice to see you.

              Nice to see you as well.


                [Selections From Gilbert And Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance]

                [Men Singing]



                [Women Singing]

              I'm very upset. It was-- It's so su-- sudden.

              I'm so-- Also, I--

              I'm very sad for Simone.

              The reaction I have is, uh...

              absolutely personal, and I can't talk...

              about it on TV.

              I'm not happy. I'm just--

              I just think that...

              the Earth does not cry.

              I saw him just, like, two weeks ago...

              -and he was, uh, looking, uh, all right. -[Moans]

              I think it's sad also because of the organization.

              I have a show starting in a couple of minutes.

                [Chorus Singing Opera]


              [Applause, Cheering]





              [Audience Cheering]

              [Cheering Continues]

              Here's the designer and his wife... [Gasps]

              - Violetta, revelling in post-show euphoria. - Violetta, Cort, it was great!

              It was out of this world. We'll never see it again.

              Congratulations. Thank you. Congratulations.

              - Hello, darling. Unbelievable. - Wonderful show.

              What about the shapes? Are they feminine?

              Well, Kitty, I think...

              that my ideal woman...

              has a bust, waist and hips...

              and she's not shy of her shoulders.

              I think-- I think shoulders are very fresh again.

              And, of course, legs.

              She doesn't have to have legs...

              but, oh, it's wonderful if she does, don't you think?

              - [Kitty] And it seems that she's also got-- - Excuse me.

              - I'm putting this in your pocket. I think you should read it... - [Cort] The bustle is back.

              and then I think you should call me.

              Oh, my lord! Albertine.

              God, it's hot in there.

              - [Man] Harry Belafonte. Harry! - [Kitty] Yes, yes.

              Gimme-- Give it to me.

              - Mr Belafonte, can we do an interview with Kitty Potter? - Harry? Hey!

              - Remember me? Great! - Yes, I do.

              Could we do that interview now? Do you mind?

              - Yeah, sure. - [Kitty] Are we rolling?

              I'm standing here with a gentleman who needs no introduction, I believe.

              - Hi. - What brings you to Paris?

              I'm here doing a film. It's about Ronald Reagan becoming president again.

              Nancy Reagan's running the seat of government.

              Ollie North is Secretary of Health and Human Resources and, uh...

              - Oh! - Sidney Poitier is playing the part of a black guy...

              - who takes over American Express. - [Kitty Gasps]

              What's goin' on? Oh, my God!

              [Man] Give her some room! Give her some air!

              Bedlam-- Bedlam has-- has broken out here backstage at Cort Romney's show.

              Isabella de la Fontaine has fainted. She has lost consciousness.

              - Her condition-- Is she dead? Is she dead? - [Man] No, she's okay.

              She isn't dead. She is not dead.

              I-I don't know her condition. Has somebody called the medics?


              Uh, I-I didn't-- I didn't order that.

              - What? - Avec les compliments de la direction, monsieur.

              [Joe] Compliments of the-- Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay.

              Well, listen. Listen. Do you know where my laundry is? My clothes? The laundry?

              - [Joe] Lavez moi. - [Door Closes]

              [Cy On TV] ...clothes, you know, things taken from different places...

              and putting them together, like adding a little life.

              [Anne] Laundry?

              - [Interviewer On TV] Everything is close to the body. - Mmm.

              - You believe in a very vivid line. - Not quite.

              [Cy] Yeah, I like, you know, to-to express the body, you know.

              Tie-dye certainly expresses an individual spirit on everybody, you know.

              Thank you for joining me with Style. I'm Elsa Klensch.

              [Cork Pops]

              - [French] - [Kitty] Isabella de la Fontaine...

              is in stable condition.

              Stable condition. She's being examined here right now.

              Right now by a team of fashion doctors here at the site of Cort Romney's show.

              Madame de la Fontaine had just rocked the fashion world...

              by taking her husband's symbolically vacant seat...

              in the front row, wearing what fashion observers could only speculate to be...

              a vintage Dior dress, we think.

              Until his untimely death...

              Olivier de la Fontaine was commonly known to be involved...

              with Simone Lowenthal for most of his duration through the marriage.

              Oh, here she is! She's lookin' mighty fine to me.

              Hello! Who made your dress?

              Very nice accessory.

              Yes, this is very good.

              No. He doesn't even suspect, but he's such a bitch.

              I mean, he's snoopin' through all my things. He's goin' through my pockets.

              He says we have to be careful.

              Of course, I'm gonna get rid of him. I just have to wait until after the collection. Okay?

              - I love you. - [Cy] I love you too. Bye.


                ["Martha" by Deep Forest]







              -   [Continues On TV] - [Muffled Laughter]

              [Muffled Chatter]

              - [Slurping] - [Glass Clinks]

              - Could we do a little thing here? Do you mind? Okay. - Okay.

              Okay, could we just have this right here? Thank you. Thank you.

              Anyway, I'm with the man who gave us fetish fashions.

              He gave us, uh, pierced nipples and, uh--

              Oh, I can't say that. I don't think I can say that.

              Anyway, tell me your-- your ideas on beauty, would you please?

              [French Accent] I think there is not only one idea of beauty.

              I think there is a lot of different kind of beauty.

              And it's exactly what I try to show in my different collection.

              You know that there is different people coming from, uh, different parts...

              that has not the profile, Greek profile or something like that, but can be beautiful.

              And I try to show, like, a kind of, uh, tolerance...

              where is that, uh, uh, you know, uh, to be different, you can be...

              and to be proud about it, and to-- to live like that.

              Well, you heard it here from the wizard of our Oz, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

              And I'm Kitty Potter with FAD.

              [Car Horn Honking]

              [Milo] So, I got your note.

              Well, I sort of had to resort to that, you know.

              You're so h-hard to get to with all those people around you.

              Would you like cream or milk with your tea?

              No, I don't like tea.

              Oh. Well, that's fine.

              We can just get right to the point, Milo.

              May I call you Milo, Mr O'Brannigan?

              Oh, sure. Love the way you say it.

              Sounds just me old mother.

              Warms the cockles of my heart.

              You know what I want to talk about, don't you?

              I haven't the foggiest, but I love surprises.

              And I love your work.

              I want you to sign with Elle.

              I'll get you everything you want. I'd stake my job on it.

              - Would you, now? - Yes.

              I would. And more than that!

              What could be more than that, Miss Krumm?

              Well, let's see. Ah, I would, uh...

              get down on my hands and knees, if I thought it would help.

              Ah, you never know, it might help.


              I beg your pardon?

              Well, you said, would it help if you got down on your hands and knees?

              And I said, "Well, you never know, might help."


               It might help.

                And you think I won't do that, don't you?

                Just you watch me.

                - Does that make you happy? - [Camera Clicking]

                What the hell are you doing? You goddamn idiot!

                Cut that out. Oh!

                - [Laughs] - No. Get out! Get the hell out of my room!


                - [Laughs] - Well, you know what you are?

                You are a goddamn amateur!

                - You are the fucking Irish flavour of the month! Zap! - [Laughing]

                [Muttering in French]

                [Door Closes]

                Where are my clothes?

                - Jack took them. - What do you mean he took them?

                [Speaking Italian]

                Okay, okay, Pilar.

                - He's driving me crazy! - Okay, Pilar. Where are the clothes?

                The Milo O'Brannigan shoot.

                - [Dog Growling] - Oh!


                What the f-- Winnie!

                - Get over here! - [Jack] Milo!

                Oh, geez, what's goin' on? I've got dog shit all over me shoe.

                Who brought a dog in here?

                - None of us. - That's-- That's one of the reasons we wear these boots.

                In Texas, you're always steppin' in somethin'.

                Take it away and incinerate it. Good morning.

                Good morning, Milo.

                - I brought a little present for you. - Listen, uh, could ya...

                clear out of here, 'cause I want to get this thing done kind of fast, okay?

                Clint? Clint.

                - C'mon. Pay attention. Let's go. - Okay. Let's do this.

                Hi. Bonjour, ca va?

                How you doin', Anne? Eve. Kiki. Could you take your positions, please?

                Let's have a look at this.

                You got-- Constant? You got the Polaroids?

                You know, what are we selling? Hats or boots? Get the hats off.

                - This exposition is fine? - Yeah. Yeah, it's nice.

                Yeah, it's not bad. It looks all right, actually. Ah.

                Okay. Now, listen. You all look, um, gorgeous and talented...

                and full of sexual allure and all that kind of stuff.

                And it's just as well, because the clothes are kind of boring.

                These boots were made for walkin'.

                -   You keep sayin' you got somethin' for me   - Okay, over here, please.

                - Heads up, please. Chin up. -   Somethin'  

                -   You call love, but confess   - Over here. Yeah, we're doin' fine.

                Okay, imagine you're walking around in fuckin' Texas or someplace like that.

                - This is so fucking now. -   You've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a-messin'  

                - Okay, you're John Wayne, you hate the camera. Over here. -   And now someone else  

                -   Is gettin' all your best   - That's good. That's good. Over here.

                - Think cowboy, you know. C'mon. -   These boots were made for walkin'  

                - Chin up, please, Gamaliana. Yeah, very Randolph Scott. -   That's just what they'll do  

                -   'Cause one of these days these boots   - That's good, that's great. Over here.

                -   Are gonna walk all over you   - I like that sullen look.

                Okay. That's good. Keep it there. Hold it. Keep it there.


                Okay. Merci. Very, very nice. Au revoir.

                Ah, here's the taxi. Thank you.

                Uh, St. Germaine Du Prix, s'il vous plait, or just St. Germaine Du Pres.

                I don't know. Whoo!

                Tout le bags. Whoops!

                -      s'il vous plait. - [Operator] Pardon?

                - Vingt-deux-- - Vingt-trois quarante.

                Vingt-trois quarante, please.

                - [Phone Ringing] - [Assistant] Hello.

                [Sissy] Milo O'Brannigan, s'il vous plait.

                - Sissy Wanamaker, Harper's Bazaar. - Milo.

                It's the Wanamaker woman.

                - Hold on. - That's the woman from Harper's Bazaar, you know?

                Hi, Miss Wanamaker.

                - Sissy. -   ["Addicted To Love"]

                [Milo] Yeah, all right. Sissy, I was just thinking about ya.

                - You were? - Yeah, I was.

                Well, I've been thinking about you too, Milo.

                Have you now, Sissy.

                Oh, yes, Milo. Yes, I have. I really have.

                -   The lights are on   -   The lights are on  

                -   But you're not home   -   But you're not home  

                  Your will  

                -   Is not your own   - [Laughing]

                  Your heart slips  

                -   Your teeth grind   - [Anne]   Teeth grind  

                  One kiss  

                -   And you'll be mine Whoa-oa   - [Giggling]

                  You might think that you're immune to the stuff  

                  Oh, yeah  

                - [Doorbell Rings] - I'll get it.

                - Oh, no, you don't! I'll get the door. You get the-- - Okay, okay, okay.

                - You get the contract. Where is it? - On the dresser.

                - Okay, put it on the bed. - Oh! Okay.

                - Miss. Anytime you need me, I'll be there. Okay? - Yes. Just go. Just go.

                  [Soft Jazz]

                Come on in.

                I'm surprised you're alone.

                Where's your entourage?

                Aren't you scared to be in a room alone with me?

                I am. How 'bout some champagne?

                Got a beer?

                A beer! Let me look.

                I like beer. Actually, I prefer it to champagne.

                But you know-- When in-- When in Rome, do as the Parisians do.

                I like a man who drinks beer.

                Actually, my father drank it constantly.

                Don't forget, he was part Irish.


                How nice.

                But then, you do know about lighting, don't you?

                Shall we, uh, drink out of the glasses or just drink out of the bottle?

                Oh, the bottle's fine.

                Oh, this is ale, but... well, that's the same as beer, isn't it?

                Here's to us.



                You don't know how much I admire you, Milo.

                - Do you, now? - Yes, I do.

                Nice suite. Big bed.

                Oh, Milo, you're driving me insane.

                I'm acting like a-a three-year-old teenager, for God's sake.

                I'm the editor of a fashion magazine, and you're the photographer.

                But I'm American, and I'm so noisy, and you're so quiet.

                You're so goddamn Irish. I mean, you're like The Quiet Man.

                Oh, I don't know what to do!

                I want you to sign this contract, and I want you. So, take me!

                Oh, God! What are you doing?

                Oh, God! What are you doing?

                You son-of-a-bitch! Get out of here! Get out of here!

                - Stop it! Viviene! Viviene! - [Laughing]

                Oh, you son-of-a-bitch!

                This is Kitty Potter live from Paris.

                And there's a kind of Mad Hatter magic in the air here tonight...

                judging by Nina Scant's magnificent millinery.

                A chic international crowd is gathering here at the elegant restaurant Le Doyen...

                to see a new collection of Haute Bijou ..

                from the celebrated jeweler Bulgari.

                - Oh! - Oh!

                Why don't you open your eyes?

                Arrogant bastard!

                [Kitty] This is pure poetry here tonight with some of the most beautiful jewels...

                I have ever seen, glittering everywhere you look...

                especially on the lovely throat of Isabella de la Fontaine.

                We haven't seen Isabella on the social circuit for more than    years.

                And she's certainly made absolutely sure we won't miss her here tonight.

                Every great while, Paris plays host to a glittering evening so filled with charm and fantasy...

                it feels like you just walked right to the other side of the looking glass.

                Inside, we sit down to the sumptuous contemporary cuisine...

                that has earned Le Doyen its constellation of Michelin stars.

                But first, the dessert. Let's go inside and have a look at the jewellery. Shall we?

                - [Woman] Say when. - I'm here with Paolo Bulgari...

                the third generation of a house which built its name...

                on preserving and enhancing the style and workmanship of the Italian Renaissance...

                and the   th century Roman school of artisans.

                Paolo, the latest collection is a foray into the subtleties of porcelain.

                How did it evolve?

                I tell you, um, about a couple of years ago--

                I feel very at home here. It's so great to be in the middle of all this again.

                Miss Krumm, if-- If we meet here, the car will be, uh, available--

                You just stay with me.

                - Viviene! - Please, I will-- I will be a second.

                Viviene, no second! Just get over here.

                [Kitty] Oh, it's beautiful. Just marvellous.

                Thank you so much.

                - How do you find the jewellery? - How do you find the jewellery?

                Oh, well, I usually shove my hand down the back of the sofa.

                Hopefully, I come up with something.

                I'm talking about the Bulgari, uh, porcelain pieces.

                Um, yes, I know you are, but it's just it's such a boring question to ask.

                You know, unimaginative. Can't anyone ask anything serious every now and again?

                Okay. How do you feel that     of the world's pollution is caused by the textile mills?

                [Siren Wailing]

                The person I blame...

                and hate the most...

                is me, of course.

                [Sighs] I'm the one to blame. It's my fault, I know.

                You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. It's my fault. I'm the one to blame.

                You couldn't help yourself.


                - Oh, really? - Yeah, that was unfair of me.

                You're not all that irresistible, you know.

                - I did have a little something to do with this decision. - Oh, no. I--

                - I assure you. - I didn't mean it that way.

                Okay, it was my choice. In fact, I'd say you had very little to do with the decision.

                Okay, you are simply...

                a pawn in this game.

                Game? [Laughs]

                That's great!

                You're a fuckin' piece of work. You know know that?

                You telling me you just fall into bed with the first person to pour you a glass of wine?

                Oh, that is just so typical of you to always go for the really cheap, low--

                Always? Always? Wait a second. I don't know you!

                I just met you. I'm not your fuckin' husband!

                Well, I'm not your fucking wife. Who do you think I am?

                - I-I'm tryin' to figure that out. - Oh, are you?

                - Yes, I am! - Well, don't strain yourself!

                - Well, don't worry! - I won't!

                -   ["Unchained Melody"] - Gonna watch more of that fashion shit?

                No. I'm looking for a soccer game, you arsehole.

                [Announcer] Citrogen would just like to point out...

                that the new Xantea is equipped with a remarkable, unified passenger safety structure.

                -   [Continues] - You wanna dance?


                [Announcer] Xantea. Discover what Citrogen can do for you.

                - Oh! Cher. Hey. Um-- - Uh, yes.

                I'm Kitty Potter for FAD, and this is...

                - Cher. Hey. - Hi.

                - How are you doin'? - Fine.

                Great. You enjoying this party? We're at the Bulgari party.

                - Yes, I am. I'm-- Yes. - In Paris, yes. At Paris.

                - Um, would you talk about it for us? - Well, yeah.

                [Cher] I actually think that the whole thing behind all of this pret-a-porter...

                and all of this thing is about women trying to be beautiful.

                And none of us are going to look like Naomi Campbell...

                none of us are going to look like Christy Turlington; so, in a way, I think it's kind of sad.

                [Kitty] And not many of us are gonna look like you, either. So--

                Well, yeah. I don't know. I mean, I'm a victim as well as a perpetrator of this.

                And I think it's not about what you put on your body...

                I think it's more about what you are on the inside.

                - Ha! I mean, this is Cher! - I never exactly--

                We have taken Paris by storm.

                By storm. By storm, by storm, by storm.

                - Ah. - How's who?

                At last! A table. A chair.

                - Madame de la Fontaine, may I introduce myself? - Yes.

                - I'm Kitty Potter. - Oh, what a cute name.

                - It's not real. It's just for TV. - Mine is not real either.

                - No, I know. It was your husband's name, right? - Oh, not really. Excuse me.

                - Um, I love your jewels. - Thank you.

                Hey! Hey, I got a jacket just like that.

                [Guests Chattering]

                - Excuse me, I'm sorry, pardon me. - Hi. I'm Fiona Ulrich. I'm from the New York Times.

                - Hi. How are you? - Oh, hi.

                I just wondered, how do you find this year's collections differing from last year's?

                Aha. Well, I don't know! Um--

                Look at her face! Let me see the ones of Regina. Oh. Oh, she's over there.

                - She knows we're talking about her. - Oh, Milo. Milo O'Brannigan.

                He pretty much controls how women think that they have to look in, like,    countries.

                - Bye, Eve. - [Regina] I have to run.

                - Craig, come on. Please! Come. - I was just--


                - Milo, you have to do a book. A book of tragedy. You have to. - [Cy Laughs]

                [Milo] It's just a hobby, you know. I get so bored with it.

                [Nina] Look at these tired old tits. I mean, it's just quel tragique.

                - You gonna blackmail people, or what? - [Laughing]

                - You watch out, Cy. I might get one of you. - [Laughing]

                No, I want a print of this one right here!

                - [Woman] A porno photographer! - [Laughing]

                Ah, it passes the time anyway, you know.

                Isabella, I'm so sorry about the death of your husband.

                Thank you very much, indeed.

                I want you to take them back to my hotel. There's my key, okay?

                - Okay. - Bring the key back to me immediately.

                No problem. I'll be back in a minute.

                Winnie, tell you what. You can take a walk. I'll see you tomorrow sometime, okay?

                - Do you know that boy? - Who? Oh, oh! Alain! Yes, I know him.

                Good. Follow him. Get that key for me.

                - Bring it back here before he gets back. Do you understand? - But, how?

                I don't know how! That's what you're here for.

                Use your brain, your, your breasts, anything. But get me that key.

                - I don't think he likes girls. - Well, then act like a boy!

                Oh, Jesus.


                - Ciao. - Ciao.

                It's a surprise. I can't tell you.

                Well, I'll meet you later, at L'Arc. Okay?

                It's a surprise. I can't tell you!

                Excuse me, everybody. Goodbye.

                I have a headache. Listen, I have to get going. Sorry.

                - Give my love to Mother. Please. - Cort.

                - Bye, Sis. - Clint, do you mind helping me down the stairs?

                - No, not at all. - I think I snapped my heel.

                [Cort] Excuse me, Slim. The call of nature.

                - See you, Slim. - Right.



                  When we first met  

                  We were both so young we didn't give a damn  

                  How the clock would run  

                  The time was wild I'd get so full of you  

                  'Cause it's gettin' late What would ya like to do  

                  Jump on top of me, baby  

                  Now, get on top of me, baby  

                  Jump on top of me now  

                  And give it to me nice and slow  

                  Well, jump on top of me baby  

                -   Jump on top of me, baby   - [Viviene Screams]

                  Jump on top of me, girl, and give it to me nice and slow  

                  All right Jump on top of me, baby  

                [Door Opening]

                Oh. Oh, my God.

                Oh, you evil son-of-a-bitch.

                [Papers Rustling]

                - Oh! Ha. - [Woman Laughs, Door Latch Jiggles]

                [Man And Woman Conversing]

                [Door Unlatching]

                [Nina] This stupid card! Why don't they give you a fucking key?

                I love keys.

                Now, do you have any more of these wonderful photographs to show me?

                C'mere, you big gorilla. [Grunts]

                [Nina Laughing] Oh! You animal.


                - [Gasps] - [Nina] Oh. Did you fart?

                - [Milo] I never fart. Only when I drink champagne. - [Laughs]

                You're a great shape of a woman, you know that?

                - Well, let me get my coat off. - I'm sick of all these models. They're like walkin' implants.

                - I'm so hot. - C'mon, sit down. Here, do you want a drink?

                - Oh, God. I'd love one. Lovely. - Do you like Irish whisky?

                - I'd love it. Can I have a glass, please? - That's the good stuff.

                - No. Knock it back. You'll love it. - [Laughs]

                - Great. - Go on, sit down. Relax.

                Ah! Oh, you know. I just love Ireland.

                It's fantastic. It's so beautiful. We landed in Shannon last year.

                And we drove around the ring of Kerry, which is unbelievably beautiful.

                We stayed at a couple of hotels. They weren't bad.

                I think one was in the Relais et Chateau, which is my bible.

                The people were fantastic. I mean, I don't think Irish people are thick.

                - I think you're lyrical. - Come here, you big animal!

                - Give it to me. - [Laughs] You have no savoir faire, Milo.

                - Come here. Come here, and I'll show you my boudoir. - Oh, your boudoir?

                [Snorts] I love your use of the language.

                - C'mon, get that Gaultier stuff off ya. - What?

                I'll never get it over my Philip Treacy hat.

                - Philip Treacy, the Galway charl-- - He's a genius.

                - Uh, bonsoir. - Bonsoir, madame.

                - [Nina] Fucking photographs! Stop it! - [Milo Laughing Uproariously]

                No more! Stop taking fucking photographs, you animal!

                - [Laughing] - Jesus!I wondered what that clicking sound was.

                You must be gay if you want me in that position, anyway!

                You little shit!

                - Don't take any more fucking photographs! You! - [Laughing]

                - Stop it! That's it. I'll get the camera off you. Stop it! - Good night!

                - You Irish wanker! - [Laughing]

                You Irish, you are thick! I take it back! You're fucking stupid.

                And you wouldn't know what to do with your fucking country if we gave it back to you.

                - You bog-runner! - [Laughs Loudly]

                Where's my bag? Jesus.

                [Church Bell Tolling]


                Non, merci.

                [Phone Ringing]

                [Ringing Continues]

                Dane! The telephone's ringing.

                [Ringing Continues]


                - [Ringing] - Merde.

                -Hello? -[Simone] What happened to my clothes?

                What are you doing with Milo O'Brannigan? What's going on around here?

                - I can explain everything, Mother. - Oh, I doubt it.

                Where have you been all night? Huh?

                - [Simone] Hello? - I'll call you back, Mother. I'll call you back.

                I want to know where you've been all night. Dane!

                I spent the night with my sister. How about you?

                [Phone Ringing]

                [Phone Ringing]

                - Hello. - Mr Flynn? This is the concierge.

                We have secured a room for you. I am sending the key right away.

                [Whispering] Oh. I don't want it.

                Is 'at the laun'y or our 'ags or a 'oom?

                - [Whispering] My wife. - The bell boy is bringing the new room key now.

                [Whispering into Phone] No, tell him I don't need it.

                - We are sorry for the inconvenience. - I-- Uh, I-I don't want it!

                - I hope you will enjoy your stay at the Grand Hotel. - Do you--

                No ecoutez? Come on, man. Hello?



                [Applause, Cheering]


                Excuse me, you're on my cord.

                Thank you. My own cameraman.

                This is Kitty Potter. Are we rolling?

                This is Kitty Potter live in Paris with the queen of knit, Sonia Rykiel.

                - And-- - Thank you. Thank you.

                It was a wonderfully sensual show. I just-- The collection was beautiful.

                Please, you speak too quick for me. Because my English is not too good.

                We need a translator here. I think we're having a little problem right here.

                - [Joe] Shh, shh, shh! - [Bell Boy]

                [Joe] No. I don't want it. Are you fucking deaf?

                Are you deaf? I don't want it.

                Je ne suis pas vous.

                I don't want it. It's not my room.

                I don't want it. Je ne suis pas vous. Understand? Goodbye. Au revoir.

                - [Bell Boy] Oui, Monsieur Flynn. - All right? Goodbye.

                Goodbye. Au revoir.

                - Good mornin'. - Paper. Great.

                - Eh, oui. [Chuckles] - Tres bon.

                [Clears Throat]

                - Uh-- - Uh--

                Winnie? Where's my coffee?

                Gee, do I have to do everything meself? [Groans]

                Jesus Christ. What happened to the proofs?

                Winnie! The proofs!

                What happened to the negatives?

                Where else would an underground designer go but underground?

                I'm standin' in the crush of Cy Bianco's fans...

                who've gathered here in an abandoned Metro station to see what Generation X wants to wear.

                - [Assistant] Wait a minute. - Wait a minute, what?

                - There's Cort Romney. - Oh, wait a minute!

                It's Cort Romney, who professes never to look at a fashion magazine...

                and never visits anyone else's atelier.

                Uh, Cort. To what do we owe this delightful pleasure?

                I must've missed my stop.

                - This obviously isn't Gare St. Lazare, is it? - Uh, no, I don't believe it is.

                I have only one thing to say to the press in general and to you, Potty, in particular.

                How many G's are there in "bugger off"? Excuse me.

                Well... what an artistic temperament!

                [Dane] At least I'm not fucking other people's husbands.

                - [Kiki] So? - Somebody's fucking mine.

                I think you're being a bit neurotic. You don't know that anyway.

                There's nothing neurotic about what I'm saying. I'm not being overly sensitive.

                - Oh, how do you know? How do you know? - I can smell it on him...

                and it smells very close to home.

                Waah! Any spies out there?

                Vogue. Harper's.


                Wonder... who's gonna sign Milo O'Brannigan.

                Well, Vogue is very happy that his contract's up...

                so I guess that leaves a clear track for you two.

                Elle's not interested in has-beens.

                Really! I would have thought you'd be on your hands and knees to sign him.

                - In fact, I think you were. - What did he tell you, Sissy?

                Nothing. Just something I saw.

                - He showed you pictures of me? - Let's just say I saw them.

                I haven't seen yours yet, Nina. I'm... sure they're wonderful.

                - How do you know that he took photographs of me? - I was in the room.

                What do you mean, you were in the room?

                Well, I wasn't actually in the room. I was in the closet.

                -He took photographs of all three of us? -Yes, he did.

                Oh, God. He's a misery.

                - He's a menace. Psychopath. - Well, not to worry, girls. Not to worry.

                I have the negatives of the Lammeraux boot shoot.

                - [Metro Train Approaching] - [Cheering, Applause]

                  Here we come Here we come  

                -   Here we come, here we come   - [Applause, Cheering, Whistling]

                  Here come the sisters with the stuff  

                  Here come the sisters with the stuff  

                  Here it comes here it comes  

                  Here it comes Here it comes Hit it  

                  Here come the sisters with the stuff  

                  Bringin' home the bacon Fryin' it up in a pan  

                  Here we come, sisters Get rough  

                  He would never let you ever forget your man  

                -   Here come the sisters with the stuff   - [Cheering, Applause]

                  Here we come, sisters Get rough  

                  He would never let you ever forget your man  

                -   I'm a '  s girl   -   That's what they call me I work hard for my family  

                  Doin' it all See, it just so happens that I choose to rhyme  

                  Like a homegirl I gets busy with mine  

                  Spending quality time with my baby on the normal  

                  When it's time to get the goods yo, I'm goin' strong  

                  Black, intelligent wise beyond my years  

                  No time for fightin' No time for fears  

                  You gots to get yours I gots to get mine  

                  Nine times outta ten gotta fend--  

                You sold my company.

                - You sold me to a Texan shoemaker? - Boots.

                A very rich boot maker.

                Without my permission.

                Without asking me.

                But who are you?

                You know, you're worse than your father was.

                - Whoever that was. - You sell and buy everything.

                Even your own mother.

                - I did it for your own good, Mother. - My own good?

                -Yes. -Who decide? A philanderer, a traitor...

                a liar?

                And where are these people?

                They are here.

                Oh. Here?

                - They are outside. - Oh!

                But it's a done thing, Mother.

                There is nothing you can do.

                I did it for you.

                You'll be rich now.

                You'll be rich.

                Okay. Well, let them in.

                I want to meet my new boss.

                - You'll see. Things will turn out just great. - Yeah.

                You'll still be the designer, and we won't have any more problems about money.

                You'll be just like Lagerfeld or Lacroix... or Ferre.

                -   She said, funky   -   Whoo, whoo  

                  She said, funky  


                  Sticks and stones may break some bones  

                  But a .    got a funky--  

                Isabella! Uh--



                -   - [Cheering, Whistling]

                  Na na-na na-na Na-na na-na na-na-na Na-na-na  

                  Na na na-na  

                  Here comes the hotstepper  

                  With the lyrical girls-a  

                  Big hotstepper in the area

                -   Still love you like that   - [Cheering, Applause Continue]

                  No, no, we don't die Yes, we multiply  

                  Anyone present will hear the fat lady sing  

                  Hello, Josephine  

                  How do you do  

                  Do you remember me my baby  

                - Cy! Hey, Cy. -   Like I remember you  

                Major Hamilton. Marshall Field's, Chicago. Fashion director.

                - Right. - I want to say what you're doing--

                What you're doing is sensational. It's very adventurous.

                You're a real hero. Of course, it's not right for my place...

                you know. We're very traditional. You know, conservative.

                But maybe ten years down the line. Hold on, and I'll--

                - Well, it's not for everybody, right? - No, it isn't.

                But I'll tell you, the younger employees in my place all love your stuff.

                  And all your friends are sayin' he's a landin' superstar  

                  Josephine, Josephine Josephine  

                -   [Continues] - [Crowd Chattering]

                [Major] Where's Cy? Where the hell's Cy?


                - Where's Cy? He went that way. - [Woman] Just calm down.

                I'm calm. Why don't you talk in English? You think I've got an attitude problem?

                What the hell are you saying?

                - Bitch! - You are the bitch! What are you doing here?

                - Slut! How could you? You cunt! - No, you're the cunt!

                - You're a cunt, you... adulterating, mendacious-- [Shouting]-

                - [Cort] Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt! - Hi, Cy!

                Thought you were hidin' from us.

                Wonderful show. Just wonderful! We loved it.

                - Just wonderful. - I'm glad you liked it.

                - Would you do a little thing with us for FAD? Do you mind? Yeah.-

                - Hey. Hi, everybody. - Hi.

                Do you mind if I just get right in here? Can I have it? Okay.

                Can we roll? Roll? Okay, let's go.

                Hey, everybody! Kitty Potter comin' at you from Cy Bianco's funkin' fashion show.

                Cy, that was superfine. Tell us about the collection.

                Uh, right. I'm trying to do something like, uh, stocking tops, and, uh, layers, you know.

                Old clothes. Taking old clothes from, like, Tati, different places...

                and reshaping them really tight for the youth, you know.

                - Not so expensive. - Right.

                - Brilliant work. - Absolutely brilliant. You are a pagan.

                You are to the '  s what lava lamps were to the '  s.

                It's pret-a-go-go-go-go-go.

                It's plastic; it's rap; it's fabulous; it's Cy.

                - [Phone Rings] - Lookie, lookie. This is what I've been waiting for.

                - No, that's the Rykiel shoot. - Oh. Well, where are the proofs?

                Well, there's a problem with the proofs.

                - Oh, I was afraid of that. You mean the boot idea didn't work? - No. The boots worked fine.

                - It's just there's a problem with the negatives. - [Doorbell Chimes]

                - I'll get that. - Milo. Are you trying to tell me the lab fucked up?

                No, I'm not trying to tell you the lab fucked up. But there is a fuck-up with the negatives.

                [Slim] What am I gonna tell Clint? I mean, you know, he seems very quiet on the outside...

                but he can be a real monster.


                What have we here? A publishers' convention?

                Looks like a scene from MacBeth.

                [Slim Chuckles]

                - Negotiations. - [Slim] What did she say?

                - [Milo] She said "negotiations." - What does she mean?

                [Milo] I think she means negotiations.

                Oops. [Chuckles]

                When did that come?

                [Clears Throat] Uh, this-- this afternoon.

                This morning.

                - [Knock At Door] - Where was I?


                Oh! My bagage!

                - Bonsoir. - Merci, monsieur.



                  Here we go, here we go  

                -   Here we go, here we go   -   Here we go again  

                Oh, this is so beautiful.

                Oh, come outside.

                Come here and look at this view. It is so beautiful. [Sighs]

                - Ah, Paris. - You're the only view I want to see.

                Oh, Major.

                Oh, honey. Come inside. I want to show you some of the things I bought today.


                [Eve On TV] J'aime pas les piercings.

                Je trouve pas ca esthetique.

                [Reporter] Vous en avez eu marre d'etre chauve?

                Non, pas du tout. Non, non.

                C'est juste, ouais, juste une surprise.

                This is the Sonia Rykiel I was telling you-- What a beautiful colour.

                - I love the colour. - This is beautiful. It's kind of a Chinese thing...

                - with the little frogs on the side. - Uh-huh, that's nice.

                - See, it's a very beautiful thing. - It's nice and long though too.

                And wait. Now, this is the piece de resistance.

                - You can't believe it. It's an opera coat! - Oh! The colour! Whoa!

                - It's beautiful, isn't it? - Victorian! Elizabethan. Oh, it's beautiful.

                - Now, this is, of course, the best. - Oh, stop.

                - It's a Chanel suit! - Stop it.



                Hey there, again. This is Kitty Potter...

                giving you a glimpse of fashion in the making.

                We're behind the scenes at Simone Lo as she rehearses her show.

                And from what we can tell here, all those models will be wearing none other than...

                cowboy boots.

                Let's look around to see what else we can find.

                [Clears Throat] Dane, we have to talk.

                Did you hear something?

                - [Chuckles] No, maybe just a rat. - Are there rats here?

                - Dane. - Yeah, but they're harmless, darling.

                  [Woman Singing in French]

                What would you say is the difference between a cross-dresser...

                - and a transvestite? - Well, actually...

                cross-dresser is just another way of saying transvestite...

                which is the same thing but coming from the Latin root.

                How do you choose what you're going to wear?

                - What-- What-- - Ah, this is the big problem. This is the big problem.

                -How come? -Yeah, because I have too many things...

                and it is very difficult to know what to choose from one situation to the other.

                And you have to be able to laugh about yourself.

                A-And take it easy. We are here to have a good time.

                It's an old pattern. It was started back in the '  s.

                Hi, honey. Here, put these on. They'll look great with that outfit.

                Okay, thanks. What is she, kidding?

                Is she colour-blind? Those boots don't even match.

                - Well, everybody knows that. - Knows what?

                - That she's colour-blind. - Well, I didn't.

                [Chuckles] 'Cause I didn't write it on your cards.


                - Mais je ne fume pas. I don't smoke. - Don't smoke. Inglese.


                Ah, papiroski.

                  [Woman Singing in French]

                - You okay? - Look at it. It's beautiful.

                May Rose, you are beautiful. You look beautiful tonight. You do.

                - It's because you went shopping for me, darling. - Oh, thank you.

                - No one shops like my Louise. It's beautiful. - Yes.

                - Very nice. Oh! - Well, what do you think?

                Shall we join someone over there, or--

                - No, I'd rather sit alone tonight. - You want to be alone? Okay. Fine.

                As a woman, you know, I'm just content. Just-- Just here and now.

                  [Man Singing in Italian]


                  [Singing Along]



                - [Howling] - [Giggles]



                - [Phonograph Needle Scratching, Music Stops] - [Snoring]


                  ["I Got the Bull By the Horns" By k.d. Iang]

                [Simone] A little faster.


                  All around the town  


                  Never, no, never again  


                  No, sir Never, no, never again  


                  [Woman Singing in French]

                - You know who you look like? It just hit me. - Who?

                Just a little, tiny bit. Barbra Streisand. You do. In the eyes.

                - You do. Very sweet. Mm-hmm. - You really think so?

                I thought the smile might be similar to hers.

                [Shutter Clicking]


                Hey, you! You with the camera! I know you.

                - Who, me? - I know who you are.

                Give me that camera! Stop her!

                Come back with that camera! Stop her!

                She's got my camera! Stop that girl!

                Oh, mon Dieu! [Laughs]


                [TV Audio, Faint]

                [Woman Speaking German]


                There it is. Olivier de la Fontaine...

                president de la Chambre Syndicale du pret-a-porter de la Haute Couture...

                for the past    years...

                has merely choked on a ham sandwich...

                leaving the Paris fashion world stunned and saddened.

                [Joe] This guy wasn't even murdered. [Clears Throat]

                - He choked on a sandwich. - This is Sandra de la Notte...

                What a waste of time.

                A complete waste of time.

                So, what do you think?

                I feel like I've grown since I met you.

                So, what would you, uh, write about...

                this charming ensemble in your column, Anne?

                I'd say it's, um...

                - very... pret-a-porter. - [Chuckles]

                You look great.

                Thank you.



                I really had a great time.

                Me too.

                - If you, uh-- - I think your, um-- [Clears Throat]


                It was very nice to meet you, Mr Joe Flynn. [Laughs]

                It was very nice meeting you too, Miss Anne--

                Uh, Nixon?

                Eisenhower. [Chuckles]

                [Sissy] This has been nice. This has been good for us.

                [Audience Chattering]

                If he was the only photographer available, and I suddenly had--

                [Simone On Loudspeaker] This is Simone Lo.

                The collection you are about to see...

                -   ["Pretty" By The Cranberries] - presents two decades...

                of an emerging vision.

                -  -For me, it's the closing of a circle...

                and the beginning of something new.

                Something new.




                  You're so pretty the way you are  

                  You're so pretty the way you are  

                  And you have no reason to be so, he said to me  

                  You're so pretty the way you are  

                  No, no-o-o  

                  You can say it if you want to  

                  But you won't change me  

                  No, no-o-o  

                  You can say it if you want to  

                  But you won't change me  


                  You're so pretty the way you are  

                  You're so pretty the way you are  

                  And you have no reason to be so, he said to me  

                  You're so pretty the way you are  

                  No, no-o-o  

                  You can say it if you want to  

                  But you won't change me  

                  No-o, no-o-o  

                  You get to say it if you want to  

                  But you won't change me  

                  No-o, no-o-o  

                  You get to say it if you want to  

                  But you won't change me  

                -   No-o, no-o-o   - Rollin'?

                - This is Kitty Potter... -   You can say it if you want to  

                - live from Paris at Simone Lo's defile. -   But you won't change me  

                - Well! What can I say? -   No-o, no-o-o  

                Simone Lo has shown us everything!

                [Audience Applauding]

                I mean, I don't know how much of this is gonna be on TV or anything...

                but, it's-- it's-- it's so new.

                I mean, it's, uh, it's so old.

                I mean, it's, uh-- I mean, she shows it like it really is.

                [Cheering, Whistling]

                It's, uh, it's so old, it's true.

                It's so true, it's new.

                It's the oldest new look. It's the newest old look.

                It's-- It's--

                Simone Lo has created a-- a new, new look...

                for every man, woman and child.

                And they can all afford it.

                It's called the "bare look." So, hooray for Simone Lo.

                What the hell am I talkin' about?

                I mean, wh-wh-- For Christ's sake, wh-wh-what is goin' on here, really?

                Can you tell me what's goin' on on this planet?

                Th-this is fuckin' fruitcake time.

                I mean, is that fashion? Is it? I mean, is there a message out there?

                I mean, you got a lot of naked people wanderin' around here.

                I mean, I been forever trying to find out what this bullshit is all about, and you know what?

                You know what? I have had it. I have had it.

                Goodbye. Au revoir. Sophie, you got yourself a career.

                - Qu'est-ce qu'on fait? On y va? - [Cameraman] Vas-y, vas-y.

                Come on. On y va.

                - [Applause Continues] - This is Sophie Choiset for FAD-TV.

                In May      the great couturier Balenciaga closed his atelier forever...

                because, he said, "There is no one left to dress."

                It appears Simone Lo believes the same.

                - [Synchronized Applause] - She has just shown us a celebration of fashion...

                in the profoundest sense of the word.

                She has made a statement here today that will be felt for decades to come.

                She's made a choice that will influence all designers everywhere.

                - [Audience Cheering, Whistling] - And most of all, she has spoken to women the world over...

                telling them not about what to wear...

                but how to think about what they want and need from fashion.

                This is Sophie Choiset in Paris for FAD-TV. Ca va?

                [Cheering, Whistling Continue]

                - [Bawling] - [Church Bell Tolling]

                [Tolling Continues]

                [Bawling Continues]

                - [Cooing, Laughing] - One is bigger than the other one.

                Okay, go on. Put the diapers on the kids, will you?

                [Baby Crying] Mama!

                Come on, Winnie.

                [Milo] All right. I guess just about here is about right.

                Okay. Try it there.

                - [Assistant] Bring this here? - Hi, sweetie.

                - The shadow and the sun? - Okay, let's go. Got it.

                [Milo] Here, here.

                [Shutter Clicking]

                  [French, "La Vie En Rose"]


                  When he takes me in his arms  

                  And whispers love to me  

                  Everything is lovely  

                  It's him for me and me for him  

                  Oh, la la  

                  And it's so real What I feel  

                  This is why  


                  La vie  

                  La vie en rose  

                  La vie en rose  



                  La vie-ie-ie  


                  La vie en rose La vie en rose  

                  La vie en rose La vie en rose  

                  La vie en rose La vie en rose  

                  La vie en rose La vie en rose  




                  [Singing in French Continues]

                [Applause, Cheering]




Special help by SergeiK