Pretty Woman Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Pretty Woman script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Julia Roberts And Richard Gere movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Pretty Woman. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Pretty Woman Script

          [ People Chattering, Laughing ]

          [ Man #1] Broke in right on the two of them.

          [ Man #2] No matter what they say, it's all about money.

          So let's imagine, ladies, that you're a Savings and Loan officer. Watch.

          One, two, three. See ?

          You've got it all, and we've got nothin'.

          - And you have all four. Take a look. - Oh !

          But I wouldn't trust you with real gold.

          - That's why this one's only worth about a penny. - [ Man ] Hmm.

          And if you wonder where the other one went, watch.

          A penny from the ear. How much for the rest ? [ Laughs ]

           - Have you seen Edward ? - No, I haven't. Great party, Philip.

            My wife went to a lot of trouble; she called a caterer.

            - Excuse me, Ann. Howard, how are you ? - Philip, good.

            Hey, I understand Edward's taking over Morse Industries.

            - Yeah, well, he's not here to get a suntan. - Can I get in on it ?

            - Yeah. Call me. - When ?

            Just call me.

            - Uh, hi. I'm Philip Stuckey, Edward Lewis's lawyer. - Where's the guest of honor ?

            He's probably off in a corner somewhere charming a very pretty lady.

            How are you ? [ Kiss ]

            I told my secretary to make the arrangements. Didn't she call you ?

            [ Woman ] Yes, she did. I speak to your secretary more than I speak to you.

            - I see. - I have my own life too, you know, Edward.

            This is a very important week for me. I need you here.

            But you never give me any notice. You just think I'm at your beck and call.

            I do not believe that you are at my beck and call.

            Well, that's the way you always make me feel.

            - Maybe I should just move out. - If that's what you want, yes.

            All right, when you get back to New York, we'll discuss it.

            - Now is as good a time as any. - That's fine with me, Edward. Good-bye.

            - [ Click ] - Good-bye, Jessica.

            [ Party Chatter ]

            - Phil suggested that maybe I should take a l-- - Phil is just my lawyer, okay ?

            - Yes, sir. - How did the Morse stock open at the Nikkei ?

            - I don't know. - You don't know ? Tokyo opened maybe    minutes ago.

            - You have to keep on top of these things, all right ? - Done.

            - Hello, Mr. Lewis. - Hi. How you doin' ? I want this whole thing...

            wrapped up as soon as possible; I gotta get to New York by Sunday.

            - I got tickets to the Met. - Yes, sir.

            - Your coat, Mr. Lewis. - Thank you.

            - Edward ! - Susan !

            - Hi. - Hi. [ Kiss ]

            - I was sorry to hear about Carter. - Oh, yeah. Thanks.

            -Heard you got married. -Well... yeah. I couldn't wait for you !

            - [ Laughs ] - Mmm. Susan, tell me something.

            - Yes ? - When you and I were dating,

            did you speak to my secretary more than you spoke to me ?

            She was one of my bridesmaids.

            Hmm. Your husband's a very lucky guy.

            - [ Kiss ] Bye. - Thanks, bye.

            - Do you ? - Absolutely.

            - Wonderful. - He's leaving. Edward's leaving.

            - Excuse me. - Sure.

            - [ Edward ] ls this Mr. Stuckey's car ? - [ Speaking Japanese ]

            Edward, where you goin' ?

            - You got the keys to your car ? - Why, what's wrong with the limo ?

            Look, the limo is buried back there. Darryl can't get it out.

            - [ Philip ] Mmm. - Please give me the keys. - All right, look.

            I don't think you should drive. You're a little excited. Don't drive my car.

            Let me work something out here. Fellas, what kind of a system is this ?

            Can you move these cars out of here ? Look, Edward.

            - Edward. Uh, are you familiar with a stick shift ? - Uh, yeah.

            - Have you driven a shift ? Listen, all right. - Yeah. Yeah.

            -Just be ginger with it. It's a new car. -[ Gears Clash ]

            - Don't, uh-- Just don't-- - Okay. I can do it.

            - [ Tires Squeal ] - Edward ! Give me a break, please !

            - I love this car. - I love it too. Look, you don't even know where you're going.

            - You're gonna get lost in the dark ! - [ Tires Squeal ]

            - Beverly Hills is down the hill ! - [ Squealing ]

            [Music] I don't need to fall at your feet [Music]

            [Music] Just 'cause you cut me to the bone [Music]

            - [ Squealing ] - [Music] And I won't miss the way that you kiss me [Music]

            - Oh, shit. - [Music] We were never carved in stone [Music]

            [Music] If I don't listen to the talk of the town [Music]

            [Music] Then maybe I can fool myself [Music]

            [Music] I'll get over you I know I will [Music]

            [Music] I'll pretend my ship's not sinking [Music]

            [Music] And I'll tell myself I'm over you [Music]

            - [Music] 'Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking [Music][Music] - Maps here. Maps.

            Have a good one.

            - [ Man In Car ] What do you say, blondie ? - Hi, honey, want some fun ?

            - Hey, baby, you lookin' for a date ? - Yeah, honey, we're lookin'.

            - Here I am. - I'm Al and this is my friend Bill. Get in the car.

            [ Siren Wailing ]

            [ Alarm Clock Ringing ]

            [Music] Well, I'm just goin' to school like I'm real, real cool [Music]

            [Music] Gotta dance like a fool Got the message [Music]

            [Music] And I gotta be a wild one Ooh, yeah [Music]

            [Music] I'm a wild one [Music]

            [Music] Gonna break the news Gonna keep on moving wild [Music]

            [Music] Gonna keep on swingin', baby I'm a real wild child [Music]

            [ Brakes Screech, Engine Lurches ]

            [ Man ] Now, wait a minute. You don't seem to understand me.

            That's my job. At the end of the month, I collect everybody's rent.

            Now give me the money, or you're outta here.

            [Music] Gonna meet all my friends Gonna have myself a ball [Music]

            [Music] Gonna tell my friends Gonna tell them all [Music]

            [Music] That I'm a wild one [Music]

            [Music] Ooh, yeah I'm a wild one [Music]

            [Music] Gonna break the news Gonna keep on moving wild [Music]

            [Music] Gonna keep on swinging, baby I'm a real wild child [Music]

            [ Engine Revving, Lurching ]

            [Music] I'm a real wild one and I like wild fun [Music]

            [Music] In a world going crazy everything seems hazy [Music]

            [Music] I'm a wild one Ooh, yeah, I'm a wild one [Music]

            [Music] Gonna break the news Gonna keep on moving wild [Music]

            [Music] Gonna keep on swinging, baby I'm a real wild child [Music][Music]

            [ Man ] Welcome to Hollywood !

            Everybody comes to Hollywood got a dream.

            What's your dream ? What's your dream ?

            Hey, mister ? Hey, what's your dream ?

            Have a good one.

            - [ Woman ] What happened ? - [ Man ] Some chick. She bought it over there.

             Detective Albertson. What do you know about that girl ?

              I tell you, man. I don't know who she hang with.

              C'mon, guy. We just pulled her out of a Dumpster in the back. Who was her pimp ?

              [ Happy Man ] Cocaine her pimp. She a strawberry.

              She be out on these streets day in, day out, tradin' her sorry self for some crack.

              - [ Detective ] And what do you do ? - I cool.

              [ Snickering ] Oh, I'll bet. Hey, hey, hey ! Excuse me ! Excuse me !

              - What are you, from the press ? - No, no. We're from Orlando.

              Oh, I don't believe this. Do you-- I got tourists photographing the body, Al.

              [ Woman ] What happened ?

              [Music] In a world that can be so insane [Music]

              [Music] I don't think it's very strange for me to be in love with you [Music]

              [Music] I wanna know more than your brain [Music]

              Hey, Pops, has Kit been in here ?

              Upstairs in the poolroom.

              [Music] Now I smile for your affection We have made a soul connection [Music]

              [Music] Just for whom does your bell toll [Music]

              [Music] Don't be cruel Show me your soul [Music][Music]

              Yo, Viv !

              - Is it all gone ? - Carlos, you know my roommate, Vivian.

              - This is Angel. That's the Dude. - I know everybody ! ls it all gone, Kit ?

              Carlos sold me some great shit. We just had this party. I was the hostess.

              I can't believe you bought drugs with our rent. What is goin' on with you, Kit ?

              I needed a little pick-me-up.

              - Well, we need rent money ! - Oh, calm down, chica.

              - She only owes me     more. - Carlos !

              - Another $    ? - That was from way before.

              That's right,     Vivian. But if you wanna work off her money with me,

              - we can work something out. - That's a very sweet offer, Carlos, but not now.

              - Come on, Viv. Come downstairs. - Work out-- Work out what ?

              - What are we gonna work out ? - You really like her, Carlos ?

              You took it while I was sleeping ?

              - You were unavailable for consultation. - Hey, let's go.

              Snack ! Snack !

              - Besides, it's my apartment. - Yeah, well, I have to live there too, Kit.

              Look, you came here; I gave you some money; I gave you a place to stay...

              and some valuable vocational advice.

              He was on my case. I had to give him something.

              So don't irritate me.

              - This ain't a buffet, Kit. - Irritate you ?

              Irritate you ? I just saw a girl pulled out of a Dumpster.

              I know. Skinny Marie. But... she was a-- a flake.

              She was a crack head. Dominic was trying to straighten her out for months.

              - [ People Shouting, Glass Breaking ] - [ Man ] Leave her alone !

              Don't you want to get outta here ?

              Get outta where ? Where the fuck you wanna go ?

              Aah, nothin' but garbage.

              - Uh, excuse me. - Huh ?

              - Can you tell me how to get to Beverly Hills ? - You're here !

              That's Sylvester Stallone's house right there. [ Laughs ]

              - Thank you. - You're welcome.

              - Hey, yo, Rachel. - What ?

              - Yeah. You see the stars on the sidewalk, babe ? - Yeah.

              Well, Vivian and me, we work Bob Hope, we work the Ritz Brothers,

              we work Fred Astaire, we work all the way down to Ella Fitzgerald.

              This is our turf. We got seniority. You better get off our corner.

              Forgive me. I was just takin' a rest here. Besides, she's new.

              Yeah. Well, I'm old, so go rest up by Monty Hall or Esther Wilson.

              - Williams. - Esther Williams ! Where you belong !

              Back off, Kit. You know, you're really becoming a grouch.

              - Am I really a grouch ? - Yes.


              Well, just 'cause I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get something to eat.

              - [ Whistle ] Hey, girls. - Hey, yo, baby !

              How about a freebie ? It's my birthday.

              Dream on !

              It's lookin' really slow tonight.

              Yeah, well... maybe we should get a pimp, you know. Carlos really digs you.

              And then he'll run our lives and take our money. No.

              You're right. We say who, we say when, we say how much.

              - Do you think I look like Carol Channing ? - No ! I love this look.

              - It's very glamorous. Glamour choice. - [ Brakes Screech ]

              Oh, yo, oh, yo. Catch this !

              [ Grinding Gears ]

              Wait a minute. That's a Lotus Esprit.

              [ Brakes Screech ]

              No, that's rent. You should go for him. You look hot tonight.

              Don't take less than a hundred. Call me when you're through. Take care of you.

              - Take care of you. - [Music][Music] [ Car Radio ]

              [ Exhales ]

              Work it. Work it, baby. Work it !

              Work it. Own it.

              Yes, you can handle this.

              - First is here somewhere. - [ Gears Grinding ]

              Hey, sugar, you lookin' for a date ?

              No, I wanna find Beverly Hills. Can you give me directions ?

              Sure. For five bucks.

              - Ridiculous. - Price just went up to ten.

              You can't charge me for directions.

              I can do anything I want to, baby. I ain't lost.

              All right, okay ?

              All right. You win, I lose. Got change for a    ?

              For    I'll show you personal. Even show you where the stars live.

              - Oh, that's all right. I already been to Stallone's. - Right. Uh, down the street.

              - What, you forget ? I told you no dates tonight. - Go.

              - Let's go. - Hey, where you goin', baby ? Vivian !

              Lights ! Lights would be good here.

              I guess this is not the greatest time to be a hooker, is it ?

              Look, I use condoms always. I get checked out once a month at the free clinic.

              Not only am I better in the sack than an amateur, I am probably safer.

              I like that. That's very good.

              Should have that printed on your business card.

              - If you're makin' fun of me, I don't like it. - No, I'm not making fun of you.

              No, I'm not makin'-- I'm not. I wouldn't offend you. I'm sorry.

              What's your name ?

              What do you want it to be ?

              - Vivian. My name is Vivian. - Vivian.

              - So, what hotel you stayin' at ? - The, uh, Regent Beverly Wilshire.

              Down the block, right at the corner.

              [ Gears Clash ]

              Man, this baby must corner like it's on rails !

              I beg your pardon ?

              Well, doesn't it blow your mind ? This is only four cylinders.

              - [ Gears Clash ] - You know about cars. Where did that come from ?

              Road and Track. The boys back home I grew up with,

              they were really into American heavy metal: Mustangs, Corvettes.

              - Ah. - They bought 'em cheap and fixed 'em up. I paid attention.

              So how is it you know so little about cars ?

              [ Exhales ] My first car was a limousine.

              - Oh. - So where is this...

              - [ Gears Grinding ] - [ Grunting ] heavy metal... home ?

              Millage Ville, Georgia.

              You know, I think you left your transmission back there.

              - [ Exhales ] - You're not shifting right. This is a standard "H."

              Standard "H." Like I know what that means.

              - [ Laughs ] - Have you ever driven a Lotus ?

              - No. - You're gonna start right now.

              - You're joking. - No. It's the only way I can get you off my coat.

              Fasten your seat belts. I am taking you for the ride of your life.

              - I'm gonna show you what this car can really do. Are you ready ? - I am ready.

              - Hang on. - Okay. - Here we go.

              This has pedals like a race car. They're really close together.

              So it's probably easier for a woman to drive, 'cause they have little feet.

              Except me. I wear a size nine.

              You know your foot's as big as your arm from your elbow to your wrist ?

              - [ Chuckles ] - Did you know that ?

              - No, I didn't know that. - It's a little bit of trivia.

              Tell me, what kind of-- what kind of money you girls make these days ?


              Can't take less than $   .

              - A hundred dollars a night. - For an hour.

              An hour ?

              You make $    an hour and you got a safety pin holding your boot up ?

              You gotta be joking.

              - I never joke about money. - Neither do l.

              Hundred dollars an hour.

              Pretty stiff.

              Well, no. But it's got potential.

              [ Tires Squeal ]

              Good evening, Mr. Lewis.

              Will you be needing the car anymore tonight ?

              [ Laughing ] l-- I hope not !

              Ah. We're here.


              So you'll be all right ?

              Yeah, I'm gonna grab a cab with my twenty bucks.

              - Go back to your office. - [ Laughs ] Yeah.

              My office. Yeah.

              Well, thanks for the ride.

              - See you. - Good-bye.

              No taxis ?

              No, I like the bus.

              I was thinking-- Did you really say $    an hour ?

              - Yeah. - Yeah.

              Well, if you don't have any prior engagements,

              I'd be very pleased if you would accompany me into the hotel.

              You got it.

              [ Laughs ] What is your name ?

              - Edward. - Edward. That's my favorite name in the whole world !

              - No ! - I tell you what, this is fate, Edward.

              That's what this is.

              - Why don't you put this on ? - Why ?

              Well, this hotel is not the kind of establishment that rents rooms by the hour.


              - Wow ! - [ Chuckles ] It's all right.

              - Holy shit. - You're gonna be fine.

              Come with me. And stop fidgeting.

              - Good evening, Mr. Lewis. - Hello. You have messages ?

              - Yes, we have several. - Thank you.

              - Could you send up some champagne and strawberries, please ? - Of course.

              Room service for Mr. Lewis, please.

              Oh, honey.

              You know what's happened ? I've got a runner in my pantyhose.

              [ Laughs ] I'm not wearing pantyhose.

              [ Elevator Bell Dings ]

              Well, color me happy ! There's a sofa in here for two.

              - First time in an elevator. - Ah.

              Close your mouth, dear.

              Sorry, I couldn't help it.


              - Penthouse. - The penthouse.

              - Yes. - Mmm.

              - To the left. - Oh.

              [ Sighs ]

              [ Sighs ] Oh, I miss keys.

              Impressed ?

              You kidding me ? I come here all the time.

              - As a matter of fact, they do rent this room by the hour. - Sure they do.

              Wow, great view !

              - I bet you can see all the way to the ocean from out here. - I'll take your word for it.

              - I don't go out there. - Why don't you go out there ?

              - I'm afraid of heights. - You are ?

              So how come you rented the penthouse ?

              It's the best. I looked all around for penthouses on the first floor,

              but I can't find one.

              Well, now that you have me here, what are you going to do with me ?

              - Want to know something ? I don't have a clue. - No ?

              I hadn't exactly planned this.

              Well, do you plan everything ?

              - Always. - Yeah. Me too.

              I'm actually-- No, I'm not a planner. I wouldn't say I was a planner.

              I would say I was, um, a kind of "fly by the seat of my pants" gal.

              You know, moment to moment. That's me. That's-- Yeah.

              Mm-hmm. You know, you could pay me.

              That's one way to maybe break the ice.

              Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. Uh, I assume cash is acceptable.

              Cash works for me, yeah.

              You're on my fax.

              Well, that's one I haven't been on before.

              - Cute. She's very cute. Thank you. - [ Laughs ]

              All right. Here we go.

              Pick one. I got red, I got green, I got yellow.

              I'm out of purple, but I do have one gold circle coin left.

              The condom of champions. The one and only. Nothing is gettin' through this sucker.

              - What d'you say ? Hmm ? - A buffet of safety.

              I'm a safety girl.

              - [ Sighs ] - All right, let's get one of these on you.

              No. I--

              [ Laughs Awkwardly ]

              Why don't we just talk for a little bit, okay ?

              Talk. Yeah... uh... okay.

              Edward, are you in town on, uh, business or pleasure ?

              - Business, I think. - Business, you think.

              Well... Iet me guess.

              Well... Iet me guess.

              That would make you... a lawyer.

              - A lawyer. - Mm-hmm.

              - What makes you think I'm a lawyer ? - You've got that, um...

              sharp, useless look about you.

              [ Chuckles ] I bet you've known a lot of lawyers.

              I've known a lot of everybody.

              [Music][Music] [ Doorbell Chimes Play Melody ]

              What is that ?

              - Champagne. - Oh ! Well.

              Might as well make myself useful.

              - Take a load off. - [Music][Music] [ Chimes Repeat ]

              - Good evening. - Hi.

              - Uh, where would you like it ? - Where would we like it ?

              Uh, over by the bar.

              Excuse me ! [ Giggles ]

              It'll be on your bill, Mr. Lewis.

              Thank you.

              - What are you lookin' at ? - [ Clears Throat ]

              - What is he lookin' at ? - Ah, yes. Here you go. Thank you very much.

              Thank you very much, sir. Have a nice night.

              A tip. Wow. I missed that one. Oh.

              - [ Softly ] Stupid. - Don't worry about it.

              - You mind if I take my boots off ? - Not at all.

              - So, do you have a wife ? Girlfriend ? - I have both.

              - Where are they ? Shopping together ? - [ Cork Pops ]

              My ex-wife... is now in Long lsland... in my ex-home...

              with my ex-dog.

              There you go. My ex-girlfriend, Jessica, is in New York...

              moving out of my apartment even as we speak.

              Why don't you try a strawberry ?

              - Why ? - It brings out the flavor in the champagne.

              Oh, groovy.

              - [ Sighs ] - Pretty good.

              - Don't you drink ? - No.

              Listen, l-- I appreciate this whole seduction scene you've got goin',

              but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing, okay ?

              So, I'm on an hourly rate. Could we just move it along ?

              Somehow I'm sensing that this time problem is a major issue with you.

              Why don't we just get through that right now ?

              - Great, let's get started. - How much for the entire night ?

              [ Clicks Tongue ] Stay here ?

              [ Snickers ] You couldn't afford it.

              - Try me. - $   .

              Done. Thank you. Now we can relax.

              Are you sure you want me to stay for the entire night ?

              I mean, I could just pop you good and be on my way.

              To tell you the truth, I don't feel like being alone tonight.

              - Why ? ls it your birthday or something ? - No.

              I mean, I have been the party at a couple of birthdays.

              I bet you have.

              So what do you want me to do ?

              I don't know. I really don't know.

              I'll be out in just a minute. That champagne kind of got to me.

              - I didn't hear you. What did you say ? - Uh...

              I said I'd be out in just a minute.

              What is-- What do you have in, uh, your hand there ?

              - What are you hiding ? - Nothing.

              [ Sighs ] All right, look. I do not want any drugs here.

              I don't want any of this. Get your things and your money and please leave.

              I don't do drugs, all right ? l-l stopped doing drugs when I was   .

              What is this ? What is this ?

              - This is dental floss. - Yeah ? So ?

              I had all those strawberry seeds. And you shouldn't neglect your gums.

              I'm sorry. Please continue.

              Thank you.

              - Are you gonna watch ? - No, I'm going.

              Thank you.

              It's just that, uh, very few people surprise me.

              Yeah, well, you're lucky. Most of 'em shock the hell outta me.

              - You're watching. - I'm going.

              [ Woman Speaking ltalian ]

              [ Audience Laughing ]

              [ Speaking ltalian ]

              - [ Edward ] Yes, that may be true, Vance. - [ Vivian Laughing ]

              Yes, I know, but I still need the numbers on Morse Industries.

              Uh-huh. I've got 'em from London;

              - I need 'em now from Tokyo. - [ TV Continues ]

              I'll call down and get them when I want them. Thank you very much.

              I have a little carpet picnic here. Are you sure you don't want a drink ?

              [ Snorts ] I'm high on life. Can't you tell ?

              [ Laughs ]

              [ Laughing ]

              You know, I never saw this episode.

              - [ Chuckles ] - [ Laughing ]

              [ Laughs Loudly ]

              [ Vivian Laughing ]

              [ Chuckles ]

              [ TV Continues ]

              [ Chuckles ]

              [ Audio Mutes ]

              What do you want ?

              What do you do ?


              But I don't kiss on the mouth.

              Neither do l.

              [ Kissing ]

              [ Inhales, Sighs ]

              - Hey, how you doing there ? - All right.

              - Good morning, gentlemen. - Good morning, Mr. Thompson.

              - Good morning, good morning. - Good morning, sir.

              - [ Woman ] Good morning, Mr. Thompson. - Good morning, Marjorie.

              Of course Morse is going to fight. It's to be expected.

              He's run his company for a very long time now.

              I don't think he's ready to have his name taken off the stationery.

              He wants to meet you face to face.

              - [ Philip ] I wouldn't do it. - Sure, you wouldn't. But do it anyhow.

              Tonight. Dinner. Set it up.

              Oh, Edward, Edward. I-- Look, it's really not a good idea that you see him.

              Definitely not alone. [ Chuckles ] You know ? He's a feisty old guy.

              You know, we say the wrong thing, we could wind up in court.

              Well, you know, there's always a possibility things are gonna go wrong.

              That's why I enjoy this so much. Oh, by the way, Phil, about your car.

              - Oh, God. What ? - It corners like it's on rails.

              What ? What does that mean ? Edward ? Edward !


              Well, good morning.



              Y-You didn't wake me. I can see you're really busy.

              - I'm gonna be outta here in just a minute. - No, there's no hurry.

              Are you hungry ? You must be.

              Why don't you sit and have something to eat ?

              I, uh, took the liberty of ordering everything on the menu.

              I didn't know what you'd like.

              - Thanks. - All right ? Good.

              - Did you sleep well ? - Yeah, too good.

              - I forgot where I was. - Occupational hazard ?

              [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Did you sleep ?

              Uh, yes, a little, on the couch.

              I was, uh, working last night.

              You don't sleep, you don't do drugs,

              you don't drink, you hardly eat.

              What do you do, Edward ? 'Cause I know you're not a lawyer.

              [ Laughs ] That's right.

              There are four other chairs here.


              - So what do you do ? - I buy companies.

              What kind of companies ?

              Uh, I buy companies that are in financial difficulty.

              If they have problems, you must get 'em for a bargain, huh ?

              Well, the company I'm buying this week,

              I'm getting for the bargain price of about one billion.

              - A billion dollars ? - Yes.

              Wow. You must be really smart, huh ?

              [ Chuckles ]

              I only got through the eleventh grade.

              How far did you go in school ?

              I went all the way.

              Your folks must be really proud, huh ?

              [ Sighs ] So you don't actually have a billion dollars, huh ?

              No, I get some of it from banks, investors.

              It's not an easy thing to do.

              - And you don't make anything and you don't build anything. - No. No.

              - So what do you do with the companies once you buy them ? - I sell them.

              Here, let me do that. You sell them.

              Well, l... don't sell the whole company; I break it up into pieces...

              and then I sell that off; it's worth more than the whole.

              So it's sort of like, um, stealing cars and selling 'em for the parts, right ?

              - [ Exhales ] Yeah, sort of. But legal. - Mm-hmm.

              There. See, now it's perfect.

              Not bad. Not bad at all. Where'd you learn to do that ?

              Well, I screwed the debate team in high school.

              I had a grandpa ! He was nice to me. He liked ties on Sundays.

              Mind if l, um, take a swim in your tub before I go ?

              Not at all. Just stay in the shallow end.

              - Hello ? - Edward, it's Phil. Listen, I'm running out the door.

              I just wanted to let you know, Morse is all set for tonight.

              - Oh, that's good. - He's bringing his grandson.

              He's grooming him to take over. I don't know.

              Ah, yes. Very intense young man named David. He plays polo.

              Look, I gotta say this again. I don't like you goin' alone.

              [ Vivian ] [Music] I just want your extra time and your [Music]

              Look, I just think it'd be better if you-- if you went with a date.

              - You know ? Keep it social. [ Chuckles ] - [Music][Music] [ Singing Continues ]

              - Edward ? Did you hear me ? - Oh, yes. Yeah, I'm here.

              - [Music] If you want to impress me [Music] - [ Philip ] What is that ?

              - [Music] Oh [Music] - Housekeeping is singing.

              [Music] Got to be too flirty, Mama [Music]

              - [Music] I know how to undress me [Music] - Yeah... Iisten.

              - Edward, I know a lot of nice girls. - No, you don't.

              [Music] I just want your extra time and your [Music]

              [ Kissing ] [Music] Kiss [Music]

              - Besides, I already have one. - [Music] If you want to impress me [Music]

              You just concentrate on finding out what Morse is up to. I'm on my way.

              [Music] I know how to undress me Mm-hmm, yeah, baby [Music]

              [Music] I want to be your fantasy [Music]

              [Music] Well, maybe you could be mine [Music]

              [Music] Mm-hmm You just leave it [Music]

              [Music] All up to me [Music][Music]

              - [ Laughs ] - Don't you just love Prince ?

              - More than life itself. - Don't you knock ?

              Vivian, I have a business proposition for you.

              - What do you want ? - I'm gonna be in town until Sunday.

              I'd like you to spend the week with me.

              - Really ? - Yes.

              Yes, I'd like to hire you as an employee.

              - Would you consider spending the week with me ? - [ Laughs Awkwardly ]

              I will pay you to be at my beck and call.

              Look, I'd love to be your "beck and call girl,"

              but you're a rich, good-lookin' guy.

              You could get a million girls free.

              I want a professional.

              I don't need any romantic hassles this week.

              If you're talkin'    hours a day, it's gonna cost you.

              Oh, yes, of course !

              All right, here we go.

              Give me a ballpark figure. How much ?

              Six full nights, days too.

              - Four thousand. - Six nights at     is     .

              - You want days too. - Two thousand.

              - Three thousand. - Done.

              Holy shit ! [ Laughs ]


              Vivian, is that a yes ?

              Yes. [ Spitting, Laughing ] Yes !

              I'll be gone most of the day. I want you to buy some clothes.

              - You really should think about traveler's checks. - We may be going out evenings.

              - You'll need something to wear. - Like what ?

              Uh, nothing too flashy. Not too sexy.

              - Conservative. You understand ? - Boring.

              Elegant. Any questions ?

              - Can I call you Eddie ? - Not if you expect me to answer.

              I would've stayed for     .

              I would've paid four.

              - I'll see you tonight. - Baby, I'm gonna treat you so nice,

              you're never gonna wanna let me go.

              Three thousand for six days. And, Vivian, I will let you go.

              But I'm here now.

              [ Laughing Wildly ]

              [ Whooping ]

              Three thousand dollars !


              [ Phone Ringing ]

              Hello ?

              I called and called. Where were you last night ?

              - Ma ? - It's Viv.

              Oh. Hi. I had to party. Where are you ?

              Oh, man. Are you ready for this ? The guy ?

              The Lotus ? I am in his hotel room in Beverly Hills.

              The penthouse. His bathroom is bigger than the Blue Banana !

              Do I have to hear this ?

              Kit, he wants me to stay the whole week. And you know what he's gonna give me ?

              - Guess. You'll never guess. - [ Slurps ]

              - Three thousand dollars. - Bullshit !

              I swear to God. And extra money to buy clothes.

              Oh, man ! I am bummed. I gave that guy to you !

              Three thousand. Really ? ls he twisted ?

              - No. - Ugly ? - He's good-looking !

              - Well, what's wrong with him ? - Nothing.

              -Did he give you the money yet ? -At the end of the week. -That's what's wrong with him.

              Well, he gave me     for last night. And, Kit ?

              I'm gonna leave some at the front desk for you. I want you to pick it up.

              I'm at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. Write it down.

              Are you writing it down ? You'll forget it. Write it down.

              Reg... Bev... Wil.

              Now, one more thing. Where do I go for the clothes ? Good stuff, on him.

              - In Beverly Hills ? - Yeah.

              Rodeo Drive, baby.

              [ Conversing In ltalian ]

              - Hi. - Yes, ma'am. May I help you ?

              Yeah, I'm leaving this here for Kit De Luca. She's gonna pick it up.

              - Don't open that. - No, ma'am.

              [ Speaking ltalian ]

              - Grazie. - Arrivederci.

              Miss Wilson, do you know that lady ?

              No, sir.

              [Music] Wild women do [Music]

              [Music] And they don't regret it [Music]

              [Music] Wild women show what they're goin' through [Music]

              [Music] Ooh [Music]

              [Music] Wild women do what you think you'll never [Music]

              [Music] What you only dream about wild women do [Music]

              [Music] Oh, yes, they do [Music]

              [Music] You tell me you want a woman who [Music]

              [Music] ls simple as a flower [Music]

              [Music] Well, if you want me to act like that [Music]

              [Music] You've got to pay me by the hour [Music]

              [Music] Wild women do and they don't regret it [Music]

              [Music] Oh, wild women show [Music]

              [Music] What they're goin' through Ooh, yeah [Music]

              [Music] Wild women do what you think you'll never [Music][Music]

              - May I help you ? - I'm just checkin' things out.

              Are you looking for something in particular ?

              No. Well, yeah. Something... conservative.


              - You got nice stuff. - Thank you.

              - How much is this ? - I don't think this would fit you.

              Well, I didn't ask if it would fit. I asked how much it was.

              How much is this, Marie ?

              It's very expensive.

              - It's very expensive. - Look, I got money to spend in here.

              I don't think we have anything for you.

              You're obviously in the wrong place.

              Please leave.

              [ Pedestrians Chattering ]

              [ Woman ] Doctor's office ? Two blocks down and to your left.

              [ Man ] Thank you.

              [ Man ] Tiffany is taking the corner space; they like the project.

              We're very excited about the whole thing.

              Did you realize that Via Rodeo is the first new street...

              in Beverly Hills in    years ?

              - Excuse me, miss, may I help you ? - I'm going to my room.

              - Uh, do you have a key ? - Oh. I forgot that cardboard thing.

              - I'm on the top floor. - You're a guest here ?

              - I'm with a friend. - And who would that be ?

              - Edward. - Edward ?

              - [ Elevator Bell Dings ] - Edward... Edward, uh--

              - He knows me. - Dennis.

              Dennis, did you just come off the night shift ? Hmm ?

              - Yes, sir. - Do you know this young lady ?

              - She's with Mr. Lewis. - Mr. Lewis.

              That's it. Edward Lewis ! Thanks, Dennis.

              - Evidently she joined him last night. - Thank you.

              [ Vivian ] Oh, God ! What now ? What ? What ?

              - What is with everybody today ? - No, no. It's all right. Just come with me.

              - We'll have a little chat. Thank you. Dennis, thank you. - I'm coming.

              - Uh, what is your name, miss ? - What do you want it to be ?

              - Don't play with me, young lady. - Vivian.

              Thank you. Vivian.

              Well, Miss Vivian.

              Things that go on in other hotels don't happen at the Regent Beverly Wilshire.

              Now, Mr. Lewis, however, is a very special customer,

              and we like to think of our special customers as friends.

              Now, as a customer, we would expect Mr. Lewis to sign in any additional guests,

              but as a friend, we're willing to overlook it.

              Now, I'm assuming that you're a--

              - Relative ? - Yes.

              I thought so. Then you must be his--

              Niece ?

              Of course. Naturally, when Mr. Lewis leaves, I won't see you in this hotel again.

              I assume you have no other uncles here.

              Good ! Then we understand each other. I would also encourage you...

              to dress a little more appropriately; that'll be all.

              No, that's not all. That's what I was trying to do. I tried to go...

              get a dress on Rodeo Drive today, and the women wouldn't help me.

              And I have all this money now and no dress !

              Not that I expect you to help me, but I have all of this, okay ?

              I have to buy a dress for dinner tonight.

              And nobody will help me.

              Oh, man, if you're callin' the cops.

              Yeah, call the cops. That's great. Tell 'em I said hi.

              Women's clothing.

              Bridget, please.

              [ Blowing Nose Loudly ]

              Yes, Bridget. Hello. This is Barnard Thompson here at the Regent Beverly Wil--

              [ Chuckles ] Thank you, yes, but I'd like you to do a favor for me, please.

              I'm sending someone over. Her name is Vivian.

              She's a special guest.

              She's the niece of a very special guest.

              [ Philip ] Now, this is the jewel in Morse's crown:

              prime industrial property straddling the port of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

              The real estate possibilities are endless, but most of the yard we'll just level.

              We just got the information, Mr. Stuckey.

              Edward, we just got the Morse update. Don, can you hold the projection, please ?

              [ Sighs ] Yeah, what ? Speak.

              Old Man Morse just got the inside track on a $    million contract...

              - to build destroyers for the Navy. - [ Philip Snickers ]

              Navy contract. I can't believe this.

              - You said they had nothing in the hopper on this one ! - I thought they didn't.

              Hey, you know, if that's true it could cost a lot more.

              Those stocks could go through the roof.

              - Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. - Maybe we're lucky to get this information now, sir.

              - See, we can still walk away from it. - [ Philip ] Walk away ?

              Hey, forget it, pal. We got a thousand man-hours in on this !

              - Nobody's walkin' away from anything ! - Philip, I think he's right.

              - [ Arguing Loudly ] - Gentlemen, relax !

              Relax ! Who do we know on the Senate Appropriations Committee ?

              Senator Adams.

              All right, Senator Adams. Let's find out where he is.

              The Navy's not gonna spend $    million on anything without going to Appropriations first.

              - I don't understand what's goin' on here today, gentlemen. - Hello ?

              That's why I hired you, Phil, to do my worrying for me.

              I'll be in your office. Bob, if you want to send over the geologicals ?

              - No problem. - Thank you. - [ Philip ] Edward.

              - Listen, everything all set for the meeting tonight ? - Mm-hmm.

              Who-- Who is this girl you're going with ?

              Nobody you know.

              [ Assistant ] Yes, Edward Lewis Enterprises. Phil Stuckey.

              Yes, I have him right here.

              - Don't worry, Mrs. Rainey, I'll call you the minute it comes in. - Thank you.

              - Have a nice day. - Thank you.

              Hello. You must be Vivian. My name's Bridget.

              - Yeah, hi. Barney said you'd be nice to me. - [ Laughs ]

              He's very sweet. What are your plans while you're in town ?

              - We're gonna have dinner. - Oh, don't sit on there, dear !

              - You're gonna go out ? Dinner ? - Mm-hmm.

              Well, you'll need a cocktail dress then. Come with me.

              Now, I'm sure we're gonna find something here that your uncle will love.

              - You're a size six, right ? - Yeah. How'd you know that ?

              - Oh, that's my job. - Bridg, he's not really my uncle.

              They never are, dear.

              [ Speaking Japanese ]

              Barney ! Sorry, mister.

              - [ Speaks Japanese ] - I got a dress !

              Well, I'd rather hoped you'd be wearing it.

              Oh, no, I didn't want to get it messed up ! Listen, I got shoes too. You wanna see ?

              No, that won't be necessary. I'm sure they're quite lovely. Thank you.

              Okay, well, listen. I didn't mean to interrupt you, but Bridget was really great...

              and I just wanted to say thanks.

              - You're cool. - You're welcome, Miss Vivian.

              [ Ringing ]

              Hello ?

              Never, ever pick up the phone.

              - Then why are you calling me ? - Did you buy clothes today ?

              - I got a dress. A cocktail one. - That's good.

              I'll be in the hotel lobby,  :   sharp.

              What ? You're not comin' up to the door ?

              This isn't a date. It's business.

              Where are you takin' me, anyway ?

              I'm taking you to a restaurant called the Voltaire.

              - Very elegant. - All right.

              I'll meet you in the lobby, but only 'cause you're payin' me to.

              Well, thank you very much.

              Get her back for me, please.

              - Mr. Stuckey wanted to see you. - Yes, tell him I'm in the middle of a very important phone call.

              - [ Phone Ringing ] - Hello ?

              - I told you not to pick up the phone. - Then stop callin' me.

              - [ Laughs ] - Sick.

              - Barney ! - It didn't fit.

              Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Uh-- I've got a little problem.

              All right, Miss Vivian, one more time.

              - Dinner napkin. - Dinner napkin, laid gently in the lap.

              Good. Elbows off the table. Don't slouch.

              Shrimp fork,

              salad fork, dinner fork.

              I definitely have the salad fork.

              The rest of the silverware is a little confusing.

              All right, if you get nervous, just count the tines.

              Four tines: dinner fork.

              And sometimes there are three tines in the salad fork. And sometimes--

              [ Hotel Guests Chattering ]

              [Music][Music] [ Piano: Lounge Music ]

              Pardon me, Mr. Lewis. I'm Mr. Thompson. I'm the manager of the hotel.

              - Uh-huh. Excuse me, I just want to make one call. - Yes, um, sir.

              - I have a message for you, sir. - From who ?

              - From your niece, sir. - My what ?

              The young lady who's staying with you in your room, sir.

              Oh. Hmm.

              - I think we both know that she's not my niece. - Of course.

              The reason I know that is that I am an only child.

              - Yes, sir. - What's the message ?

              She's waiting for you in the lounge.

              Intriguing young lady, Miss Vivian.

              - Intriguing. - Have a good evening, sir.

              - Thank you, Mr.-- ? - Thompson. I'm the manager-- manager of the hotel, sir.

              [Music][Music] [ Piano ]

              [Music][Music] [ Continues ]

              You're late.

              You're stunning.

              You're forgiven. [ Laughs ]

              Shall we go to dinner ?

              - This way, Mr. Lewis. Your party is waiting. - Stop fidgeting.

              - Mr. Morse. - Yes, Mr. Lewis. I'm Jim Morse.

              This fireball is my grandson, David.

              Well, I don't know about the fireball part, but grandson is true enough.

              I'm pleased to meet you both. This is a friend of mine, Vivian Ward.

              - Hi. I'm really glad to meet you. - Mr. Morse. David.

              Please, sit.

              [ Softly ] Excuse me.

              - Where are you going ? - I'm going to the ladies' room.

              - Upstairs, to the right. -Okay. Excuse me.

              - Shall I order for you ? - Yeah.

              [ Exhales ] Please do so. Thank you.

              I'll do that.

              Mr. Lewis, my grandfather believes the men who create a company...

              - should control its destiny. - Where's the salad ?

              Uh, the salad comes at the end of the meal.

              That's the fork I knew.

              [ David ] Let me, uh, put it another way.

              Between your public statements and the rumors flying around on this thing,

              we find it very hard to figure out what your real intentions are.

              I don't know about you, but I've never been able to figure which goes with what !

              [ Morse, Vivian Laugh ]

              You know, there was a time when we built ships the size of cities.

              - Men like my grandfather made this country. - Who ordered this ?

              [ Waiter ] The gentleman did, ma'am. Bon appetite.

              These are escargot. It's French for snails. It's a delicacy.

              Try it. David ?

              Mr. Lewis, if you were to get control-- and I don't think you will-- but if you did,

              what do you plan to do with the company ?

              Break it up and sell off the pieces.

              I'm sure you'll understand I'm not thrilled at the idea...

              of your turning    years of my work into your garage sale.

              At the price I'm paying for this stock, Mr. Morse, you are going to be a very rich man.

              I'm rich enough. I just want to head my shipyard.

              Slippery little suckers.

              It happens all the time.

              I met your father. What's his name ?

              - Carter. - Yeah. Carter. Carter Lewis.

              He's not quite the bastard everybody says he is.

              - No, I have the franchise on that. - Does that make him proud ?

              I doubt it. It doesn't really matter now. He passed away.

              Oh, I hadn't heard. I'm sorry.

              I'm sorry too.

              Mr. Morse, you asked for this meeting. What can I do for you ?

              - Leave my company alone. - I can't do that. I own ten million shares.

              - I'll buy your stock back. - You don't have the money.

              We will; we're getting a contract to build ten destroyers.

              There will be no contract. The contract is now buried in Appropriations Committee.

              - And it will remain there. - And how the hell did you pull something like that ?

              You got dirty politicians in your pockets now or something ?

              [ Morse ] Easy, easy, calm down. Calm down, David.

              - Mr. Lewis plays hardball. - Yes, yes, I do.

              I've heard enough of this. Vivian, it was a great pleasure to meet you.

              I'm sorry, Grandfather. I've gotta get some air. Mr. Lewis.

              I'd better join my grandson. You two enjoy your dinner.

              I'm sure it'll be delicious. Good luck, miss.

              Watch out, Lewis. I'm gonna tear you apart.

              I look forward to it, sir.

              Rich people throw their napkins a lot, don't they ?

              He seems like a nice man.

              I guess $     does not buy loyalty, does it ?

              I just mean it's sweet the way he's crazy about his grandson.

              Oh, his grandson thinks he's a relic. He hates that he does, but he does.

              - No, just the two. - Yes, sir.

              - It's ketchup. - Yes, sir.

              - Check, please. - Yes, sir.

              Haven't they ever seen ketchup before ?

              Not in this building.

              Edward ?

              Edward, you said you never come out here.

              Well, I'm only halfway out.

              Didn't say much in the car on the way home.

              You thinkin' about dinner ? I was a maniac.

              I mean, the business was good, I think. You know ?

              He's in trouble. You want his company.

              He doesn't want to let it go.

              Thanks for the recap.

              The problem is, I think you liked Mr. Morse.

              I'd like for you to get down from there; you're making me very nervous.

              It's making you nervous ? What if I just leaned back a little bit like this ?

              Would you-- Would you rescue me if I fell ?

              Vivian, I'm serious. Come-- I'm not looking.

              It's really high. Look, no hands, no hands ! Okay, all right. I'm sorry.

              [ Sighs ]

              The truth is, it really is totally irrelevant whether I like this man or not.

              I will not let myself become emotionally involved in business.

              I know. Kit's always saying to me,

              "Don't get emotional when you turn tricks."

              That's why no kissing. It's too personal.

              It's like what you're saying: You stay numb, you don't get involved.

              When I'm with a guy, I'm like a robot. I just do it.

              I mean... except with you.

              Oh, of course, not with me.

              You and I are such similar creatures, Vivian.

              We both screw people for money.

              I was sorry to hear about your dad.

              - When did he die ? - Last month.

              Do you miss him ?

              I hadn't spoken to him in fourteen and a half years.

              I wasn't there when he died.

              - Do you want to talk about this ? - No.

              Well, I tell you what, 'cause I got an idea.

              Let's watch old movies all night. We'll just veg out in front of the TV.

              - "Veg out" ? - Yeah. Be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.

              Look, I'll tell you what. I'll be back. We'll do broccoli tomorrow.

              - Where are you going ? - I'm going downstairs for a while.

              Did you say marriage license ?

              Now, don't change the subject, just give me the stamp.

              Oh, I love you, Adam, Alex, Peter, Brian, whatever your name is.

              Oh, I love you.

              [ Sighs ]

              Hi, uh, I'm in the penthouse. The guy that was here,

              Mr. Lewis, have you seen him down there anywhere ?

              [Music][Music] [ Piano In Distance ]

              [ Vivian Applauding ]

              Thank you. Thank you very much.

              I didn't know you played.

              I only play for strangers.

              I was gettin' lonely upstairs all by myself.

              Gentlemen, would you mind leaving us, please ?

              Thank you.

              People always do what you tell them to do ?

              [Music][Music] [ Keys Pound ]

              [ Sighs Deeply ]

              [ Inhales ]

              I guess so.

              [Music][Music] [ Pounds ]

              [Music][Music] [ Pounds ]

              [Music][Music] [ Pounds ]

              [Music][Music] [ Pounds ]

              Wake up. Time to shop.

              Now, if you have any trouble using this card, have them call the hotel.

              All right ?

              [ Exhales ] More shopping.


              I'm surprised you didn't buy more than one dress yesterday.

              - Wasn't as much fun as I thought it was gonna be. - Why not ?

              They were mean to me.

              Mean to you ?

              People are looking at me.

              They're not looking at you; they're looking at me.

              The stores are not nice to people. I don't like it.

              Stores are never nice to people; they're nice to credit cards.

              Okay, stop fidgeting. Get rid of your gum.

              [ Spits ]

              I don't believe you did that.

              [ Edward Clears Throat ]

              - Yes. - I am Mr. Hollister, the manager. May I help you ?

              - Edward Lewis. - Ah, yes, sir.

              - You see this young lady over here. - Yes.

              - Do you have anything in this shop as beautiful as she is ? - Oh, yes.

              Oh, no ! No, no, no, I'm saying we have many things as beautiful as she would want them to be.

              That's the point I was getting at, and I think we can all agree with that.

              - That's why when you came in-- - Excuse me. We're gonna need a few more people helping us.

              I'll tell you why. We're going to be spending an obscene amount of money in here.

              So we're going to need a lot more help sucking up to us.

              That's what we really like. You understand that.

              Sir, you're in the right store and the right city for that matter.

              Anything you see here, we can do, by the way. Get ready to have some fun.

              Mary Pat, Mary Kate, Mary Francis, Tovah, let's see it !

              - Come on. Bring it out, girls. - Oh, this is absolutely divine.

              - Excuse me, sir, uh, - Yeah ?

              exactly how obscene an amount of money were you talking about ?

              Just profane or really offensive ?

              - Really offensive. - I like him so much !

              Mr. Lewis, sir. Mr. Lewis, how's it going so far ? Pretty well, I think.

              I think we need some major sucking up.

              Very well, sir. You're not only handsome, but a powerful man.

              I could see the second you walked in here, you were someone to reckon with--

              - Hollister. - Yes, sir.

              Not me. Her.

              I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry.

              How we doing, ladies ?

              Oh, Edward, Edward. Where the hell are you ?

              The word's all over the street. Morse is gonna raise your offer, pal.

              He's countering ? God, he is a tough old bird.

              He knows the navy contracts are stalled. Where's he gonna get the money ?

              I don't know. He, uh-- I think he's throwin' in with the employees.

              He still needs someone to underwrite the paper.

              - Find out who it is. - Yeah, okay. You got it.

              You're on your own. I have to go back to work. You look great !

              - She has my card. - And we'll help her use it, sir.

              [Music] Pretty woman walking down the street [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman the kind I like to meet [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman [Music]

              [Music] I don't believe you You're not the truth [Music]

              [Music] No one could look as good as you Mercy [Music]

              [Music][Music] [ Growls, Continues ]

              - Edward would love that tie. - Would you give her the tie ?

              - The tie ? - Take off the tie. Give her the tie.

              - He wants to do this, by the way. - He would go crazy about this tie.

              Who ordered pizza ?

              [Music] Pretty woman, stop a while [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman, talk a while [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman give your smile to me [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman Yeah, yeah, yeah [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman, look my way [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman [Music] [Music][Music] [ Continues ]

              - May I help you ? - No, thank you. Hi.

              - Hello. - Do you remember me ?

              - No, I'm sorry. - I was in here yesterday. You wouldn't wait on me.

              - Oh. - You work on commission, right ?

              Uh, yes.

              Big mistake. Big. Huge !

              I have to go shopping now.

              [Music] Pretty woman don't walk on by [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman don't make me cry [Music]

              [Music] Pretty woman [Music]

              [Music] Don't walk away, hey [Music]

              Thank you.

              - [Music] Oh, oh, pretty woman [Music][Music] - [ Sighs ]

              - [ Men ] Mister Lewis. - Gentlemen.

              Fellas, let's finish this up this afternoon, huh ?

              Jake, set something up with Blair. Around  :    :   would be good.

              You were right about Morse. He mortgaged everything he owns, right down to his underwear,

              to secure a loan from the bank.

              And it's not just any bank. Plymouth Trust, huh ?

              - Hmm. - So, it goes without saying...

              that your business means a lot more to them than our friend, Mr. Morse.

              All you gotta do is call the bank.


              Edward, excuse me for saying this, but what the hell is wrong with you this week ?

              Are you givin' Morse a chance to get away ?

              You know what I used to love when I was a kid, Phil ?

              [ Sighs ] What ?


              Building blocks. Erector sets.

              So, I liked Monopoly. Boardwalk, Park Place. Wh-What's the point ?

              We don't build anything, Phil. We don't make anything.

              We make money, Edward.

              We worked for a year on this deal. It's what you said you wanted.

              I'm handing it to you.

              Morse's jugular is exposed. It's time for the kill.

              Let's finish this.

              Call the bank !

              [ Clicks ]

              [Music][Music] [ Easy Listening ]

              [ Door Opens, Closes ]

              How was your day, dear ?

              Nice tie.

              I got it for you.

              Well, my mother was a music teacher...

              and married my father, whose family was extremely wealthy.

              Then he divorced my mother to be with another woman.

              And he took his money with him.

              And then she died.

              I was very angry with him.

              It cost me $      in therapy to say that sentence.

              I was very angry with him.

              I do it very well, don't I ? I'll say it again. I was very angry with him.

              Hello, my name is Mr. Lewis. I'm very angry with my father.

              I would've been angry at the $     .

               My father was president of the third company I ever took over.

                I bought it. I sold it off piece by piece.

                - What'd the shrink say ? - He said I was cured.

                Well, so you got even. That must've made you happy.

                Did I mention my leg is    inches from hip to toe,

                so, basically, we're talkin' about    inches of therapy...

                wrapped around you for the bargain price of...

                [ Together ] $    .

                - Yeah. - [ Air Horn Blows ]

                [ Announcer On P.A. ] Ebersol of the Falcons passes to Kennan.

                This is Bill Fricker with Gwen Olsen giving you play-by-play...

                - of this marvelous charity event. - Watch where you're walking.

                If you step in something, we're not going back in the car.

                Not too near the tree. I don't like the ants. Hello. Have you seen Edward anywhere ?

                - What if someone recognizes me ? - Not likely. They don't spend too much time on Hollywood Blvd.

                - You did. - Come on. Let go. Let go.

                All right. You look great. You look like a lady.

                You're gonna have a wonderful time.

                Okay. Don't fidget and smile.

                [ Announcer On P.A. ] Humboldt's coming around to this side.

                Toquenee is on Kennan. Penalty on that play.

                This is Gwen and Gretchen, the infamous Olsen sisters,

                who have made marrying well an art form.

                - Edward. - Be back in just a second. Hold on.

                So, you're the flavor of the month. Hmm.

                Uh, she's just being testy. Edward's our most eligible bachelor.

                Everybody is trying to land him.

                Well, I'm not trying to land him. I'm just using him for sex.

                Oh, yes.

                - Well done. - Well done. Whoo, whoo, whoo !

                Tell me again why we're here.

                - Business. - Business mingling ?

                - Yeah. - [ Air Horn Blows ]

                [ Announcer On P.A. ] That's the chukker, ladies and gentlemen.

                Falcons, seven. Gems, four.

                - Excuse me. Edward ! Edward. Over here. - Phil.

                - Ah, good to see you. - You too.

                I want you to meet a new friend of mine, Vivian Ward.

                Well, hi. Philip Stuckey, Vivian. This is my wife, Elizabeth.

                It's always a pleasure meeting one of Edward's girls.

                Oh, my God ! It's Tate Whitley Wallington.

                Tate ! It's me, Elizabeth, from Workout World.

                Sort of an aerobics queen. Feel the burns.

                Well, let me get you something to drink. Vivian, why don't you start with that. Okay ?

                I'll be right back. Did you notice Senator Adams is here ?

                Mm-hmm. I asked him.

                That is why I have pledged my eternal love to you. Mmm !

                Real genuine guy. Who is he ?

                He's my lawyer. He's all right.

                You could freeze ice on his wife's ass.

                Maybe we'll try that later.

                - Are these people your friends ? - I spend time with them, yeah.

                - Well, no wonder. - No wonder what ?

                No wonder why you came looking for me.

                And I do need some help from you ladies and gentlemen in the audience.

                We need you to help replace some of the divots out here on the grass.

                - So come on out now. - [ Announcer ] Come on ! Come on, folks.

                You heard her. The stomping of the divots.

                This is a time-honored tradition, ladies and gentlemen.

                As old as the game of polo itself. Kings and queens used to do this.

                She's sweet, Edward.

                Wherever did you find her ?


                [ Announcer On P.A. ] Only one word of advice: Avoid the steaming divot !

                [ Laughing ]

                No, it's all part of the game of polo.

                You get to have your shoes polished by a member of the club.

                I think I got something in the car that will buff that up.

                Thank you.

                - Vivian, hi. David Morse. - Excuse me.

                - David. - How are ya ?

                - I'm okay. - I thought that was you. I like this hat.

                - It's new. - What are you looking at ?

                - Edward's date. - I'm going for a ride with the Ritter's in their new car.

                - Okay, hon ? - Uh-huh.

                I'm going to rip off all my clothes and do a naked belly dance for the polo players.

                Have fun.

                - Come meet my horse, Vivian. - Well, Edward's waiting for me.

                -He's right here. -Okay, I'll-- Just for a second, though.

                I didn't know you were playing today.

                Uh, I was asking for directions. There she was.

                Oh, so you just ran into her ? That's great. Jesus.

                So anyway, what does she do ? Does she work ?

                - She's in sales. - Sales ? That's terrific. That's good.

                What does she sell ?

                Why do you want to know ?

                Just hear me out on this. I've known you a long time.

                I see some differences in you this week, like the tie, and, uh--

                I'm wondering if maybe this girl isn't the difference,

                especially when I see her talking to David Morse.

                - I introduced them at dinner the other night. - So what ?

                Now they're best friends ? This girl appears out of nowhere.

                Now she's talking to a guy whose company we're trying to buy. Convenient, don't you think ?

                - Don't be ridiculous. - How do you know that this girl...

                hasn't attached herself to you because she's bringing information back to Morse ?

                - This happens ! Industrial espionage-- - Phil, Phil, Phil !

                - Phil, listen to me. - What ?

                - She's not a spy. She is a hooker. - Oh !

                She is a hooker.

                I picked her up on Hollywood Boulevard.

                In your car.

                - [ Laughs ] Oh, you are-- - Yes, yes.

                Oh, man !

                [ Snorts ] You're the only millionaire I ever heard of...

                who goes looking for a bargain basement streetwalker, you know ?

                - Edward ! - I'm sorry I told you.

                Senator. Senator Adams, I'm pleased you could make it.

                Thank you. I hope the information I gave you was helpful.

                Oh, absolutely, yes, and thank you for it. There's no change, is there ?

                No, it's still bogged down.

                - Having a nice time, Vivian ? - Yeah, I'm having a great time.

                Must be quite a change from Hollywood Boulevard, hmm ?

                What ?

                Yeah, Edward told me.

                But don't worry; you're secret is safe with me.

                Listen, maybe, uh, you and I could get together sometime...

                after Edward leaves.

                Yeah, sure. Why not ?

                We'll just have to do that, hmm ?

                [ Elizabeth ] Philip.

                [ Gwen On P.A. ] Hi, tailgaters.

                I'd like to mention a couple of our silver sponsors:

                Jacobs Distributors, Norrell Saddlery,

                and we'd like to give a great big thanks to our platinum sponsor,

                - Edward Lewis Enterprises. - [ Air Horn Blows ]

                [ Announcer On P.A. ] The ball is in for chukker number four.

                - You all right ? - I'm fine.

                Fine. That's good. Seven "fines" since we left the match.

                Could I have another word, please ?

                Asshole ! There's a word.

                I think I liked "fine" better.

                You know what ? Just tell me one thing: Why did you make me get all dressed up ?

                Well, for one thing, the clothing was appropriate.

                No, what I mean is, if you were gonna tell everybody I'm a hooker,

                - why didn't you just let me wear my own clothes, okay ? - I did not-- I did not--

                I mean, in my own clothes, when someone like that guy Stuckey comes up to me,

                I can handle it; I'm prepared.

                I'm very sorry. I'm not happy with Stuckey at all for saying or doing that.

                But he is my attorney. I've known him for ten years.

                He thought you were some kind of industrial spy. The guy's paranoid.

                Are you my pimp now ? You think you can pass me around to your friends ?

                - I'm not some little toy ! - Look, I know you're not my toy. Vivian !

                Vivian, I'm speaking to you. Come back here !

                I hate to point out the obvious, but you are, in fact, a hooker !

                - And you are my employee ! - Look, you don't own me. I decide, okay ?

                I say who; I say when; l-- I say who--

                I refuse to spend the next three days fighting with you. I said I was sorry. I meant it.

                That's the end of it !

                I'm sorry I ever met you.

                I'm sorry I ever got into your stupid car !

                As if you had so many more appealing options.

                I've never had anyone make me feel as cheap as you did today.

                Somehow, I find that very hard to believe.

                Where are you going ?

                I want my money. I want to get out of here.

                Come on !

                [ Door Opens ]

                I'm sorry.

                I wasn't prepared to answer questions about us.

                It was stupid and cruel.

                I didn't mean it.

                I don't want you to go.

                - Will you stay the week ? - Why ?

                I saw you talking to David Morse; I didn't like it.

                We were just talking.

                [ Chuckles ]

                - I didn't like it. - [ Elevator Bell Dings ]

                Down ?

                You hurt me.


                Don't do it again.

                First guy I ever loved was a total nothing.

                Second was worse.

                My mom called me a bum magnet.

                If there was a bum within a   -mile radius, I was completely attracted to him.

                That's how I ended up here. I followed bum number three.


                So here I was: no money, no friends, no bum.

                [ Chuckles ] And you chose this as your profession ?

                I worked at a couple fast food places,

                parked cars at wrestling.

                And I couldn't make the rent. I was too ashamed to go home.

                That's when I met Kit.

                She was a hooker and made it sound so great.

                So one day I did it.

                I cried the whole time.

                But then I got some regulars and, you know--

                It's not like anybody plans this; it's not your childhood dream.

                You could be so much more.

                People put you down enough, you start to believe it.

                I think you are a very bright, very special woman.

                The bad stuff is easier to believe.

                You ever notice that ?

                - Tell him I'll call him on Monday. - Yes, sir.

                - Where you going ? Did he sign these ? - No, he said he had to leave.

                - Edward, you can't disappear now. We're in this too deep. - Don't panic, Philip.

                Morse isn't going anywhere. I'll be back here in the morning.

                - Did you send the tickets to the hotel ? Thank you. - Yes, sir.

                - Where are you going ? - I have a date.

                With the hooker ?

                Be careful, Philip.

                - Do I look okay ? - Mmm.

                - Mmm ? - Something's missing.

                Well, nothin' else is gonna fit into this dress. I'll tell ya that.

                Well, maybe something in this box.

                I don't want you to get too excited. This is only on loan.

                [ Laughs Quietly ]

                Oh ! [ Laughs ]

                They really let you borrow this from the jewelry store ?

                I'm a very good customer.

                If you were gonna buy this, how much would it cost ?

                - Quarter of a million. - [ Nervous Laugh ]

                A quarter of a million dollars ?

                So, where we goin' ?

                It's a surprise.

                If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.

                Thank you.

                When you're not fidgeting, you look very beautiful...

                - and very tall. - [ Laughs ]

                [Music] You're a dream coming true [Music]

                [Music] I can't believe how I have [Music]

                [Music] Fallen for you [Music]

                [Music] You are the one [Music]

                [Music] Who's led me to the sun [Music]

                - [Music] How could I know [Music] - You don't want to go to San Francisco in a limousine ?

                - [Music] I was lost without you [Music] - I've never been on a plane before.

                [Music] And I want to tell you [Music]

                [Music] You control my brain [Music]

                [Music] And you should know that [Music]

                [Music] You are life in my veins [Music][Music]

                [ Pilot ] Well, it should be a pretty smooth flight, Mr. Lewis.

                The weather is clear all the way up to San Francisco.

                We should be there in about    minutes.

                - We're late. - No, it's all right.

                - Opening night never starts on time. - Okay.

                - Program, sir. - Thank you.

                How nice to meet you.

                [Music][Music] [ Orchestra Warming Up ]

                Right this way, Mr. Lewis, sir.

                - Doris, how nice to see you. - How are you ?

                - Sir. Wonderful news. Congratulations. - Good evening, Edward.

                -Hey, come here. You gotta look at this. -It's all right.

                - I've already seen it. - If you're afraid of heights, why do you get seats up here ?

                Because they're the best.

                - Is there anything else, sir ? - No, thank you.

                -The glasses are there. Enjoy the opera. -Oh !

                - So, you said this is in ltalian. - Uh-huh.

                So how am I gonna know what they're singin' ? These are broken.

                - Mine are broken. - No, no. That's okay It's all right.

                - Oh. - You'll know. Believe me, you'll understand.

                The music's very powerful.

                There's a band !

                People's reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic.

                They either love it or they hate it.

                If they love it, they will always love it.

                If they don't, they may learn to appreciate it,

                but it will never become part of their soul.

                - Mmm. - [Music][Music] [ Orchestra: "Overture" To La Traviata ]

                [Music][Music] [ Act l: Love Duet Sung In ltalian ]

                [Music][Music] [ Act ll: Soprano Solo ]

                [Music][Music] [ Final Scene: Soprano Solo ]

                [ Applause, Bravos ]

                - Did you enjoy the opera, dear ? - Oh, it was so good, I almost peed in my pants.

                What ?

                She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance.

                - Oh ! - Yes.

                Good-bye now.

                - [ Edward ] No, don't touch-- - I moved the queen. I like the queen.

                - You can't move the queen. - [ Vivian Laughs ]

                Did you really do that ?

                Why don't we finish this tomorrow ? It's really late, and I have to work.

                Why don't you not go to work tomorrow. Take the day off.

                - Me, not work ? - Yeah.

                I do own the company.

                Here are the storage reports you wanted, and Mr. Lewis called.

                - What'd he say ? - He said he's taking the day off.

                - He's taking the day off ? - That's what he said.

                I'm starving. There's a snap dog vendor over there. Do you have any money ?

                I have money. I don't know what a snap dog is, but I have money.

                Well, I'm gonna give, um-- you'll buy a snap dog; we'll cop a squat under a tree somewhere.

                - Cop a what ? - Cop a squat.

                All right, read the first two pages.



                I was talking to someone.

                Did you know that two of the Bach pieces that we heard tonight...

                were found by Felix Mendelssohn in a butcher's shop ?

                They were wrapping meat with the sheet music.

                What's with you ? You're fidgeting. What's wrong ?

                Um, there's a club up here that I'd like to stop into for a second to see my roommate,

                - if that's okay ? - Absolutelty.

                - Yeah ? - Darryl.

                Uh, Darryl, can you just pull up into the back alleyway, please ?

                - [ Edward ] The Blue Banana ? - The Blue Banana.

                Very colorful life you lead.

                [ Chattering ]

                You say this is a nice place. I'm sure it's a very nice place.

                I just wanna run in for a minute and see if she's there, so just stay here.

                - I'm hoping they don't spot this limousine as it is. - I'll block it with my body.

                [Music][Music] [ "Fame" ]

                [Music] Fame Makes a man who'll take things over [Music]

                [Music] Fame Lets him loose and hard to swallow [Music]

                [Music] Fame [Music]

                Hey, Viv, you lookin' good, man. What'd you win, the lottery or what ?

                - Hey, Rachel, have you seen Kit ? - No, not since, uh, Tuesday.

                Hey, and Carlos is looking for her too.

                - [ Man ] Hiya, honey, you look great. - Hi, Pops. Thanks.

                - Have you seen Kit ? - I think she went to Santa Barbara.


                Here's my number where I'm gonna be for the rest of the week. Have her call me, okay ?

                - Okay, honey. Thanks. - Thanks.

                [Music][Music] [ Continues ]

                What's going on out here ?

                I don't know. You left and all of a sudden I'm in the middle of West Side Story.

                I think you owe me some money, baby.

                - Two hundred dollars. - Don't you go to school tomorrow ?

                [ Giggling ]

                Now I hear you got yourself a new job ?

                - Let's just leave. - You ain't goin' no place.

                - Hey, hey, hey-- - You're outta your neighborhood. This ain't no Beverly Hills !

                I don't believe this. He has this knife coming out of his skateboard.

                He's going to stab me. What, you gonna strangle me with a Slinky ?

                - [ Giggling ] - Shut up !

                All right, okay, this is what's happening. You believe this person owes you $    ?

                - That's right. - Why ?

                Because this is my block.

                - His block ? - He's a drug dealer. It has to do with Kit.

                - Let's just go, Edward. - Edward. So how's it feel to be a trick ?

                I am not a trick.

                This is a trick. Darryl !

                Left pocket.

                Isn't that incredible ? And he does have a permit. Thank you, gentlemen.

                - Don't you ever go near her again. - [ Scoffs ]

                [ Vivian ] Does Darryl always carry a gun ?

                When he drives me, yes, always.

                He sleeps.

                [ Gasps ]

                I love you.

                What are you thinkin' about sittin' here all by yourself ?

                The fact that this will be our last night together, and you'll finally be rid of me.

                [ Sighs ] Well, you've been pretty tough to take.

                My business is almost over, so I'll be going back to New York.

                I'd really like to see you again.

                - You would ? - Yes.

                Yes, I would, so I've arranged for you to have an apartment, to have a car,

                a wide variety of stores guaranteed to suck up to you anytime you want to go shopping.

                - Everything's done. - [ Exhales ] What else ?

                You gonna leave some money by the bed when you pass through town ?

                Vivian, it really wouldn't be like that.

                How would it be ?

                - Well, for one thing, it would get you off the streets. - That's just geography.

                [ Car Horn Honks ]

                [ Sighs ] Vivian, what is it you want ?

                What do you see happening between us ?

                I don't know.

                When I was a little girl,

                my mama used to lock me in the attic when I was bad, which was pretty often.

                And I would-- I would pretend I was a princess...

                trapped in a tower by a wicked queen.

                And then suddenly this knight...

                on a white horse with these colors flying would come charging up and draw his sword.

                And I would wave.

                And he would climb up the tower and rescue me.

                But never in all the time...

                that I had this dream did the knight say to me,

                "Come on, baby, I'll put you up in a great condo."

                [ Phone Ringing ]

                - Yes. - I had to call.

                I just got off the phone with James Morse. Get this.

                - He wants to meet with you today. - What about ?

                He wouldn't say. Edward, I think we got him. His nuts are on the block.

                We got him ! [ Laughing ]

                Look, if he's really caving in, I want to get him to commit his stocks to us this afternoon.

                No, it's no good. If he's really caving in, I don't want to wait 'til this afternoon.

                Have Morse meet me downtown this morning. Good-bye.

                I have to go now,

                but I want you to understand...

                I heard everything you said.

                This is all I'm capable of right now.

                It's a very big step for me.

                I know. It's a really good offer for a girl like me.

                I've never treated you like a prostitute.

                You just did.

                It's Barnard Thompson here, Miss Vivian.

                Could you come down to the front desk ? There's someone here who wants to speak to you.

                - She says her name is Miss De Luca-- - Let me talk to her.

                Let me-- Let me just talk to her.

                Yo, Viv, babe. Would you come down here ? The sphincter police won't let me through.

                - Okay. She's on her way. - Fine.

                - Mr. Thompson. - Yes.

                The window washer is refusing to come down.

                It's a Saturday. Wait here, please.

                - Watch her. - Yes, sir.

                [ Exhales ]

                Fifty bucks, Grandpa. For    the wife can watch.

                [ Laughs ]

                [ Vivian ] Listen, I've been calling you.

                Yeah, I know. They told me at the Banana you were lookin' for me.

                You were supposed to come by Tuesday. I left the money at the desk.

                - I was hidin' from Carlos. - Well, if you picked up the money,

                - you wouldn't have to hide. - I was busy. I had a life. Nino got beat up.

                We had to visit him in the hospital, Rachel got arrested. It was a mess.

                Anyway, I got the money. Thank you very much for saving my ass. Now Carlos can get off of it.

                You know, he was talkin' about you last night.

                He would bust somethin' if he saw you in this outfit.

                I was afraid to hug you up there. I might wrinkle you !

                - You look really good. No, something in the shade. - Over there.

                You clean up real nice.

                You sure don't fit in down on the Boulevard lookin' like you do, not that you ever did.

                Well, thanks, but it's easy to clean up when you got money.


                - So, when does he leave ? - Tomorrow.

                - You get to keep the clothes ? - Yeah.

                Edward asked me if I wanted to see him again.

                But I think, I think definitely no. It's just another week, right ?

                - "Definitely no." - Yeah.

                Oh, no.

                What ?

                - I know this weepy look on your face. - Oh, no, you don't !

                - You fell in love with him. - No. Kit, please. Stop it.

                - You've fallen in love with him ? - Kit !

                - Did you kiss him ? On the mouth ? - Uh, yeah, I did.

                - You kissed him on the mouth ? - I did. It was nice.

                You fall in love with him, and you kiss him on the mouth. Did I not teach you anything ?

                Look, I'm not stupid, okay ? I'm-- I'm not in love with him.

                I just-- I like him.

                You like him ?

                - Yeah. - You definitely like him.

                Well, he's not a bum. He's a rich, classy guy.

                - Who's gonna break my heart, right ? - Oh, no. Come on.

                You don't know that. Hey, he asked you, right ?

                Maybe you guys could, like, um, you know, get a house together.

                Like, buy some diamonds and a horse. I don't know.

                Anyway, it could work. It happens.

                When does it happen, Kit ?

                When does it really happen ? Who does it really work out for ?

                Did it work out for Skinny Marie or Rachel ? No !

                Those were very specific cases of crackheads.

                I just wanna know who it works out for.

                You give me one example of somebody that we know that it happened for.

                - Name someone ? - Yeah, one person that it worked out for.

                - You want me to give you a name or something. - Yeah.

                Oh, God, the pressure of a name.

                [ Sighs ]


                [ Man ] If you do, I'll give you a piggy-back ride when you--

                See, l-- Not quick enough for the old man !

                [ Laughing ]

                Oh ! Hah !

                Winner gets a piggy-back. Come on, saddle up, boy.

                Oh, Zachary ! Too many doughnuts.

                [ Laughing ]

                Mr. Morse, you said this morning you wished to speak to Mr. Lewis.

                Mr. Lewis is now listening.

                I've reconsidered my position on your acquisition offer...

                on one condition.

                I'm not so concerned about me, but the people who are working for me.

                It's not a problem. They'll be taken care of.

                Well, then, gentlemen. If we could address ourselves to the contracts in front of you.

                - If you look at-- - Excuse me, Phil.

                [ Inhales ] Gentlemen, I'd like to speak to Mr. Morse alone.

                Thank you.

                All right, gentlemen, you heard the man. Please wait outside.

                You too, Phil.

                [ Chuckles Nervously ] What do you mean ?

                I mean I would like to speak to Mr. Morse alone.

                - Why does he get to stay ? - Please, please.

                - I'll be right outside. - Good.

                - Is that better ? - It's all right.

                - Would you like a cup of coffee ? - Black.

                [ Exhales ] Mr. Morse,

                my interests in your company have changed.

                What is it you're after now, Mr. Lewis ?

                Well, I no longer wish to buy your company and take it apart.

                But I don't want anyone else to, either.

                And it is still extremely vulnerable.

                So I find myself... in unfamiliar territory.

                I wanna help you.

                Why ?

                Mr. Morse, I think we can do something very special with your company.

                What about our Navy contracts ?

                Ah, they weren't dead. Just delayed. I... bluffed a little bit.

                - [ Chuckles ] You're very good at it. - Thank you very much.

                It's my job. [ Chuckles ]

                I think we can leave the details up to the others.

                I find this hard to say without sounding condescending, but...

                I'm proud of you.

                Thank you.

                I think we can let in the other suits now.

                - [ Door Opens ] - Let's continue the meeting.

                Come in, gentlemen. Sit down.

                Edward, please, what was this all about ? Hmm ?

                It's all yours, Phil. Finish it up.

                Hold it. Hold it. These aren't signed !

                These aren't signed ! Could someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here ?

                [ Morse ] Mr. Lewis and I are going to build ships together.

                Great big ships.

                You know, I think I'm gonna go for a walk.

                - Just stay here for a while. I'll be back. - Yes, sir, Mr. Lewis.

                [ Door Bell Chimes ]

                Well, well. Hello again. I'm looking for Edward.

                Edward's not here. I thought he was with you.

                No. Uh, Edward is definitely not with me.

                [ Chuckles ]

                No, if Edward were with me--

                When. Actually, when... Edward was with me,

                he didn't blow off billion dollar deals !

                I think that, uh, Edward's with you. That's what I think.

                - Mind if I have a drink ? - No.

                No, thank you.

                Well, I'll just wait.

                Uh, Edward will be back soon. Any minute, he'll be home.

                You know, [ Chuckles ]

                this is not home.

                This is, uh, a hotel room.

                And, uh, you are not...

                the little woman. [ Snickers ]

                You're a hooker.

                Maybe you're a very good hooker, you know ?

                Maybe if I do you, then I wouldn't care about losing millions of dollars.

                Because I have to be very honest with you.

                Right now, Vivian, right now I really do care. I really do.

                And right now I am really pissed, you know ?

                Right now I am just freaking out.

                So maybe if I screw you, huh,

                and take you to the opera, then I could be a happy guy, just like Edward.

                - Hey, get off me ! - [ Grunts ] Hey, hey ! Goddamn it !

                - Ow ! - Ow !

                - Come on ! Come on ! I'll pay for it. - Get off me !

                - How much is it ? Twenty bucks, thirty bucks ? - Get off me ! Get off me !

                - Fifty ? You a $   whore, Vivian ? - What are you doing ?

                - Get off ! - Stop. I don't want to hurt you ! Stop it !

                You already did, Edward !

                - Out. Out of here. - All right, all right.

                Look, she's a whore, man. She's a goddamn-- Aah !

                - Aah ! Damn. - Shit. Goddamn !

                - I think you broke my nose. - Get outta here.

                What is wrong with you ? Come on, Edward ! I gave you ten years !

                - I devoted my whole life to you ! - That's bullshit.

                This is such bullshit ! It's the kill you love, not me !

                I made you a very rich man doing exactly what you loved.

                Now get outta here !

                Get out !

                Why do guys always know how to hit a woman right across the cheek ?

                Wham ! And it feels like your eye is gonna explode.

                What do they do ? Do they pull you aside in high school and show you how to do this ?

                Is that-- Ow.

                Not all guys hit.

                I heard about what you did with Morse.

                - That was a business decision. - It was good.

                It felt good.

                I think this is okay.

                I gotta get going.

                Yes, I noticed you're packed.

                Why are you leaving now ?

                Edward, there'll always be some guy, even some friend of yours,

                thinkin' he can treat me like Stuckey,

                thinking that it's allowed.

                What are you gonna do ? You gonna beat up everybody ?

                That's not why you're leaving.

                Look, you made me a really nice offer.

                Look, you made me a really nice offer.

                And a few months ago, no problem.

                But now everything is different, and you've changed that.

                And you can't change back.

                I want more.

                I know about wanting more.

                I invented the concept.

                The question is how much more.

                I want the fairy tale.

                Impossible relationships.

                My special gift is impossible relationships.

                - Thank you. - You're welcome.

                If you ever need anything-- dental floss, whatever-- you give me a call.

                [ Both Chuckle ]

                I had a good time.

                Me too.

                Do you want me to get you a bellboy ?

                - No, I got it. - I'll carry this.


                Stay. Stay the night with me.

                And not because I'm paying you, but because you want to.

                - I can't. - [ Sighs ]


                I think you have a lot of special gifts.


                - I didn't do it, sir. - No, no. I didn't say that.

                I want you to call maintenance and have them deal with this. You must delegate authority.

                - Yes, sir. - Hi, Barney.

                Miss Vivian. Thank you.

                I wanted to say good-bye.

                Well, then, I gather you're not accompanying Mr. Lewis to New York.

                Come on, Barney. You and me live in the real world... most of the time.

                Have you arranged for transportation ?

                - I'm gonna call a cab. - Allow me.

                - Darryl. - Yes, sir.

                Please take Miss Vivian anywhere she wishes to go.

                Yes, sir.

                It's been a pleasure knowing you.

                Come and visit us again sometime.

                Stay cool.

                [Music] Lay a whisper [Music]

                [Music] On my pillow [Music]

                [Music] Leave the winter [Music]

                [Music] On the ground [Music]

                [Music] I wake up lonely [Music]

                [Music] The stare of silence [Music]

                [Music] In the bedroom [Music]

                [Music] And all around [Music]

                [Music] Touch me now [Music]

                [Music] I close my eyes [Music]

                [Music] And dream away [Music]

                [Music] It must have been love [Music]

                [Music] But it's over now [Music]

                [Music] It must have been good [Music]

                [Music] But I lost it somehow [Music]

                [Music] It must have been love [Music]

                [Music] But it's over now [Music]

                [Music] From the moment we touched [Music]

                [Music] 'Til the time had run out [Music][Music]

                [ Thunder ]

                Is that everything, sir ?

                [ Inhales ] Yes. Yes, that's everything.

                - I'll meet you downstairs, sir. - Thank you.

                [ Thunder ]

                [ Chuckling ] We look so dopey.

                San Francisco's not that great, you know.

                It's bad climate. It's foggy. It's unpredictable.

                I'll wear a sweater.

                What are you gonna do there ?

                Get a job. Finish high school.

                I got things I can do. I used to make pretty good grades in high school.

                Yeah, I could see that about you. I could see that.

                Sure you won't come with me ?

                And leave all this ? Not in a million. [ Laughs ]

                Come here.

                Whoa. Whoa. What is this ?

                It's part of the Edward Lewis scholarship fund.

                We think you got a lot of potential, Kit De Luca.

                You do ? You think I got potential ?

                Oh, yeah. Don't let anybody tell you different, okay ?


                Take care of you.

                No, I can't, I can't. It's your favorite.

                What time's your bus ?

                An hour.

                Yeah, well, I gotta split, 'cause good-byes make me crazy.

                - So, take care of you. - Whoa. [ Chuckles ]

                [ Kiss ]

                Mr. Lewis.

                You don't have any messages for me, do you ?

                No, I'm afraid not, sir.

                I'll need a car to the airport also.

                Of course. Darryl will take you wherever you need to go.

                - Darryl, the limousine out front, please ? - Yes, sir.

                - Thank you, Darryl. - [ Clears Throat ]

                - One last thing. If you could possibly... - Yes.

                - return this to Fred's for me, please. - Yes, of course.

                May l, sir ?

                [ Chuckles ] Of course, please.

                It must be difficult to let go of something so beautiful.

                You know, Darryl also drove Miss Vivian home yesterday.

                I'll take care of it.

                Thank you, Mr. Thompson.

                Your plane is leaving as scheduled, sir,

                and you should be back in New York on time.

                I'm gonna have to charge you a little more rent than Vivian...

                because I've got this beauty course I'm looking into.

                I'm not gonna be there that much, you know ?

                'Cause you can't-- You just can't turn tricks forever.

                You gotta have a goal. Do you have a goal ?

                [ Angel ] Well, I always wanted to be in the lce Capades.

                - Help you, love ? - There you go. Thank you very much.

                So, you got a lot of stuff you gotta move in ?

                No, Carlos burned most of my stuff when I said I was movin' out.

                [ Car Honking ]

                [Music][Music] [ Soprano Solo from La Traviata ]

                [ Honking ]

                [Music][Music] [ Continues ]

                Vivian !

                - [ Laughs ] - Vivian.

                Princess Vivian ! Come down !

                - Had to be the top floor, right ? - It's the best.

                All right. I'm coming up.

                [ Moans ]

                [ Laughing ]

                So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her ?

                She rescues him right back.

                [ Man ] Welcome to Hollywood. What's your dream ?

                Everybody comes here. This is Hollywood, the land of dreams.

                Some dreams come true, some don't. But keep on dreamin'.

                This is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'.

                [Music] Pretty woman [Music]

                [Music] Walkin' down the street [Music]

                [Music] Pretty woman The kind I like to meet [Music]

                [Music] Pretty woman [Music]

                [Music] I don't believe you You're not the truth [Music]

                [Music] No one could look as good as you [Music]

                [Music] Mercy [Music]

                [Music] Pretty woman won't you pardon me [Music]

                [Music] Pretty woman I couldn't help but see [Music]

                [Music] Pretty woman [Music]

                [Music] That you look lovely as can be [Music]

                [Music] Are you lonely just like me [Music]

                [Music] Oh, pretty woman [Music][Music]

                [Music] You really took me by surprise [Music]

                [Music] You're someone I've needed for a lifetime [Music]

                [Music] Your heart was cleverly disguised [Music]

                [Music] And it didn't look that way in my mind [Music]

                [Music] Tell me how could it be [Music]

                [Music] I was the last to know [Music]

                [Music] Darlin', I couldn't read what was in your mind [Music]

                [Music] To turn around and love me [Music]

                [Music] With no [Music]

                [Music] Explanation [Music]

                [Music] I gave you everything I have [Music]

                [Music] I didn't know that you would take it [Music]

                [Music] With sweet consideration [Music]

                [Music] And after all that we've been through [Music]

                [Music] I can't believe it's true [Music]

                [Music] Until I hear you say [Music]

                [Music] Ooh [Music]

                [Music] I know now, now, now [Music]

                [Music] Ah [Music]

                [Music] No explanation [Music]

                [Music] I gave you everything I have [Music]

                [Music] I didn't know




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