Prime Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Prime script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Prime. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Prime Script





Oh, excuse me.

I don't get...



he is so hot in here...



and I don't get to understand

that stupid thing.



I signed the papers.






- How are you feeling?

- Terrible.



Francis was there,

obviously it was there.



It is really painful to see him.



He signed so fast,



nor he faked to be reselling the things

a last time.



That sounds terrifying for me.



He will take a time.



I want to say, nine years of coexistence,



you cannot just give the

backs for so much time.



The craziest thing is that...



I left that marriage,

in...   minutes...



and of the anything,

me just...



I found thinking me on...



a baby.



I don't know as, me nor I thought about a baby

while it was married.



Well, actually,

in a certain point you knew,



that he was not the right man.



Then you were if protecting

regarding that, it was a good thing.



Oh! Rafi, you are returning

the life again.



You will just have to work with all the

things which you will have to forget,



which he could have had.



It is a great place for changing.



And regarding the baby,

she will happen on time.



But, just concentrate on the now.



For the time being.



Ei, David! He is Morris, ah,



I have a favor for asking...



you 're with a girl

another night, and...



and she told me that I never called for

her again... you know, girls!



and I need him to come

with me that time...



now goes mad, just not

I want to support the idiot.



now am sure,




I don't understand as

I can be part of that.



You have an incurable disease,

I understand that.



But why am involved?



- How could you be involved?

- Because I am in the car.



And I will testify that,

this turns me accomplice.



- The something, how a hand suitcase?

- Morris.



Who is that time then?



He wants to know am a donkey,

I don't want to know, don't tell me.



Probably his father is in the road

of the management or something like that.



Why is the one that I would like to know

did no girl go out twice with you?



One day and it ended, which you did,

what did you say?



Does he want to know?

It is also a mystery for me.



Are you hermaphrodite?

Does he have some virus type?



It is here, we go there!



We will do with that that is fast,



I promised Michelle that would take her

to the movies later.






- God!

- Thank you, of any way.



 - She needs lucky.

- Are you playing?






What devils do you make here?



I said him would not see




I just want to talk,

come, we will talk...



I don't believe that it came

until my house.



- He doesn't have respect for the women,

- I didn't want, I feel a lot...



You hurt my feelings,

you are a garbage.



Ok, ok, ok...



I cannot believe that you...



- Mike!

Ok, am going...



Joe comes here.



- Mike!

- Mike?



- Joe, come here...

- We go, enter in the car!



Enter in the car!



- He comes his merdinha here!

- He goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, it goes...






They come here!



He is going face.






That was not graced.







- Finding Michelle.

- Yes!



What will attend "Beatches?"



- "The wind beneath my wings", expensive.

- Ei, you knew that it is my hero!



- Have fun!

- It was worth face.






- Randall.

- Do I know, and there, as it is going face?



- Hi!

- Is it then?



He swims too much.






This is my friend Katherine,

and that is my friend Rafi.



- Hi.

- Hi.




what does the one make then for here?



- Well... I thought about attending a film.

- Right.



Why? You would get embarassed if

didn't I attend her anything?



- The something?

- Everything well, just saw me.



That boy is ducky,

where did you find him?



He works in a

art gallery, and...



- We met a customer...

- Hi.






- Randall.

- Excuse me...



- Hi! Michelle.

- Michelle.



- Michelle?

- Yes



- You have the entrances.

- No, we have to buy them.



- Will you attend that film?

- Yes.



- You go.

- Yes



That is great!




- We see each other later.

- Ok, legal!



I will put you in the bread.

Enter in the bread!



Enter in the bread...



Good winner!






It is locked_







The something?



The door doesn't open.



Does then that always happen?



Actually, no so

frequent like this.



What will make?



To wait until that...

anybody skirt?






  Where is it going?






Nos see again?



Bem, at least he tells me

his name and the telephone.



- Thank you.

- Yes.



Then, there is how long

are you dating?



- There are some weeks.

- We are not dating.



- Everything well.

- Next question.



Well, we only left twice before

of that, do you consider courtship?



- I think so.

- I feel a lot.



For me, to date is something more serious

how to leave for some months, he knows,



not to live together, but with certainty to pass

to pass some nights during the week,



without mattering more in

to pay for the last dinner,



to see each other go

to the bathroom, he knows...



the worst types of things, does he understand?



And the one what you call that?



Well, it is that. Officially no there is

plus any beautiful boy here.



- Ei, pleasure in knowing her.

- It was a pleasure to know him also.



- Dave, great night!

- Good night, tchauzinho...



pleasure in knowing him.



A, two, three, four...



Just call!












Hi, it is Dave.






You has just called?






A connection fall?






Did you turn off?






They say that he gives white, but I don't get

to speak when I am nervous,



I think I need to be in...

a better place.



I prefer of that way,

I was an out little of circulation.



Ou you have many liars

in his life, ahn?



The something?






Would he like to leave to have dinner?

With me...?






Ei, Dave! I am making a sandwich.

Do you want one?



No, I am well.



- What was that?

- They are my roommates.



Then, do you want to have dinner?









I tie you tomorrow.



- Ok, hm...

- Ok.



- Good-bye!

- Good-bye!






It is then, grandma.



That sandwich type

are we speaking?



I came to see Rafi Gardet,

my name is Dave.



Raphaelle, is Damien.



- Here he has a..

- It is Dave...



Dave here to see her.






- She will already go down.

- Ok.



Bubbles here...

I like that.



He gives a good touch.



Is that wool? It seems that he gives itch.

Does he give itch?



I think he is the largest

contradiction of the world.



Jews eat carp.

Who eats carp?



It is not served at restaurants.



He already saw carp in a menu

in his life, please?



- Answer me honestly.

- No.




Does he know him why?



Because it is disgusting!



Of all that horrible food, you never

he saw such obsessed people with her in his life.



Which the problem with them? Apposed that the

immigrants vindos later  nd World war,



they put a lot of emphasis in the food.



Who does care he?



Carp is cheaply, it is for that that

he should be in his feeding.



What is that? History Channel?

Is he trying to kill them for me?



Excuse me.

Excuse me.



Ok, my friend, Morris.

Their parents...



Then, I think you

he will adore that place.



It is beautiful, nobody never goes there.



- Can I see the identity?

- Clear.



I adore when that happens.



Who had felt, still

to happen with me.



With license, Dave!

But I have a question for you.



How old are you?



Actually, I don't speak Vietnamese,

what did you ask?



- Is it being evasive?

- I am trying.




he knows...



I don't speak my age.



I think the people call

too much in the numbers.



Do I have    did you know about that?



- No, I didn't think a lot on that.

- Of course thought.



He looks, I know that you are much more

new that I only wanted to know...



you know... how much?



Ok, let to guess me...



-   ?

- No.







I don't think that he has   .



Thank you.



- I have   .

- No, he doesn't have.



I don't believe, he lets to see me the

driver's license.



Oh, my God!

You are a child.






- I have older shirts than you.

- Is it, then do let to go, everything well?



With one of the parents inside of the car.



Like you it can seem

so older for me?



I don't know.

I don't know if I can make that.



We go there!



- Can it hold that?

- Clear.



- Will we enter in problems?

- I hope so.



This place is incredible.



I don't believe that I go by that place there is

   years and he didn't know that he was here.



- He can speak.

- The something?



How do you know?



Ok, his name is David and...



he is really very gentile.

It is a candy.



And I knew there is him some days ago

and he called me to leave in an encounter.






we went to have dinner and...



we kissed each other.



I like beer.






I want to say, I learned how to like,

because nobody in my family drinks.



You have luck, because all in the

my family drinks.



No, I want to say, mine

family doesn't drink anything.



It is as the city of the solids.



They, maybe, take a sip of wine

to the sixth fairs in "Sabbath."



- It is that. And "Mevushal."

- I never took that.



As well as me, he knows...



because my mother likes to maintain the wine

in the refrigerator and still to take him later   months.



- A good Chardonnay can last...

- Yes, it is dyed.



That is not good.

And for speaking in that, things the if it avoids.






To begin sentences using:

"my mother."



Certain, I understood.






He doesn't import his age,

I have to say...



he didn't have fun so much like this,

there is a long time.



I am happy for having acquaintance you.



Now you are leaving me nervous of

a way that I am not accustomed.






My God, Lisa, what am making?

I have just gotten divorced, last week!



He calms, it calms, it is everything well.



He didn't tattoo his name

in his behind, did it tattoo?



You want to keep something

for telling me later?



The something?



What is?



He is...



He has only    years.






How like this "and?"

They are    years of difference!



He could be my brother.



If he went a newer years,

he could be his brother.



Don't you feel shame for me?



I want to say, he smells as the boy of the

swimming pool in Resort of the Sandalwood.



Ah, is everything well.

Maybe make some well to you.



- If you understand what want to say.

- Flat!



What was?



No there is anything to embarrass,

both are in the peak of his sexual life,



- Do you approve then?

- Yes!



Without shadow of doubts, yes!

That is good!



But cannot he give any in place, does he know?

I want to say, he is so young!



It is, but it is early a little

to worry with that.



Besides, you are not drifting

to get married next week, right?



Take advantage a little his life!



You deserve that.




I deserve that!



No, she is not Jewish.



Mother, I am not

trying you to kill.



Yes, I want you to be

live to know their grandchildren.



Their Jewish grandchildren, mother.



No, I didn't know that you

he wanted to be buried in Israel.



Mother, I won't talk about that

for the telephone now, everything well?



I see you tomorrow.



I also love you.






- Hi, Dave!

- Hi, wanted.



Where is the mom?



I said for you to turn off, Dinah!



Ei, personal.



I/you left the bed dressing mine

briefs this morning.



Jeff Rosenberg's son

he was fiancé yesterday.



With a fonoaudióloga.



- Ei, garotão!

- Hi, father.



We needed to talk about ours

last conversation to the telephone.






- It is good you to see also.

- I am not playing.



Everything well, I can say that that is some

type disciplinary action and no a conversation.



Certain, we will be sure

that it will be a conversation.



Now help his sister

to put the table, please.






And remove the wine of the refrigerator!



- Did he already call?

- The following night.



- Legal!

- I know, I am not accustomed to that.



Then, you already made plans

of leaving together again?



He wants to leave to have dinner

tomorrow the night.



But I have a flight in the

Sunday in the morning,



when I said that it went to Paris,

he spoke:



"It doesn't find a little drastic for one

bad encounter, you to leave the country?"



- The boy is graced!

- Please, don't use that word.



Ah, feel a lot.

He is very tempered.



- What is making he?

- Drinking...



Mother, I am    years old,

everything is well...



Tomorrow, in "Shavua Tov",

I want all to have...



Dinah, you have to know some

things on the Jews.



- Mother, let to finish him.

- He already finished.



They were so beautiful...



Why do you have to do that?



So much other women exist

with whom you could leave.



I encouraged you the

to diversify their activities...



in any field, but not in that.

Why do you have to do that?



What does with "doing that" mean?

To do the something?



- Running into God?

- Why is entering in problems?



I won't get married, mother.

I am only seeing what there is outside.



You speak as if we were

living at a ghetto.



Stop with that segregation thing.

We are stronger and in larger number.



- Does he still think about marrying with a Jew?

- Yes, yes.



Of course yes, everything well?



But I don't get to understand, why

do you have to follow that road?



You can end if hurting

for anything, or worse, hurting her.



- Doesn't he value his culture and history?

- No, it is not as the other ones, mother.



But if you are smart

enough to know,



that he does more sense to marry with somebody

of the same culture, and he does do,



even studies they already proved that,

until the divorces they appear.



Then you should be smart

enough to know,



that to not to begin a thing,

knowing that will finish in problem.



I don't believe in what is saying.

Did you hear, what is saying?



- What?

- You are a therapist.



You would never say that

for a patient.



It is not true, no same.



I encourage my patients to have her

relationships inside of their own ones...



faiths, it is easier.



I encourage them go her to the

mosque, church, what wants him to be.



I think religion is...



indispensable in the life of a person.



Everything well, yes, but to encourage them is

very different of discouraging them.



And I know that you understood well.



You would say one of their patients for

not to leave with somebody that them



they didn't believe that will get married.



Stop being asking what I say

to the patients, they are not my children.



How old is she?



- She is    years old.

- The something?



- Uhum...

- Does she have   more years than you?



Oh, David, give up now.

That can only end badly.



Maybe if you know her, it can...



I won't know her!

My God, you are out of itself...



Mother, you sound as one

he programs special after the class!



- Don't make that.

- I am doing.



For his own bill, then.



Is it there, as it is, expensive?






You need some thing or...






- It can arise, she is waiting you.

- Thank you!






Thumbs for top?



Smile, not?



We will arrive there.



- Hi.

- Hi.



We go, among.



- Thank you for the soup.

- Clear.



- It is chicken soup with pasta.

- Great.




That place is enormous!



I don't go nor to ask... as,

I don't want to know.



Denny Brasco.



I never saw that before.

Of when is it?






It is probably mine

piece of favorite art.



It is, I adore that you/they never got

if it compares to his work.



It is beautiful.






- What is that?

- It is my sentimental climate.



- Did you never hear Coltrane before?

- No.



- What, am I in trouble now?

- No!



No, it is alone that...



- he is a famous jazz musician.

- Hmm...



Ah, then is that the famous music of the

black that all comment on?



Because I didn't make idea.






I have to wake up

in five hours.



Say for me to leave.



- Remove his sweater.

- Hum?



Wait, that involves to dance,

because my feet are killing me...



Remove him and come with me.






I really like her.

She traveled two days ago, it returns tomorrow,



and I already miss her.



I never thought about that before.



- It is because you didn't sleep with her still.

- No, definitively it is not that.



I really like her, expensive.

I don't know, I want to say...



- I think until I can love her.

- The something?



Uau! Uau! Uau! Uau!

Uau! Ual!



- What was I saying?

- I don't know, face, there is something in that girl...



He knows that sensation that you have,

when it is at a room with somebody



and even if you know that no the

he understands completely, you just...



he knows that it is before the

does greatness, know?



It is, as when you come

to my apartment.



- She is old, expensive! She struggles against the time!

- She is too much, brother!



- I don't know, I only think will finish badly.

- You are speaking as my mother.



It can have faith.



Ei, Morris!



Everything well.



Why devils am

giving ears to you?



I am in a sweet shop

buying a pie...



for you to play in the face

of a girl...



when she gives you out one.



- When was the pie of cream made?

- Today.






- Legal, I will be with her.

- Ok.



- Then, with Dave what is there?

- Huhmm



He is taking that

girl seriously or the something?



I don't know.



- What is she? Catholic, Episcopal?

- I didn't ask.



You prefer a denomination the other,

up to where the love to Christ does go?



- Dad will go mad.

- Yes!



And it is a feather that his mother

be not here for that.



Or she would also go mad.



Then, what will make?



I don't know.



Feel that.



He already heard to speak of

"does kuro with pay off light?"






- What is?

- They swear that it is as doing sex.



- It is a thing if to want.

- Does he want to try?



How can I say not now, huh?



- That is incredible.

- I know.



The something?



Then as it was his trip?



- Who does care he?

- Everything well.



Well, that seems to be very good.



- It is what am hearing.

- It was wonderful.



He is really,

very gentile.



- However, I didn't have an orgasm.

- Completely normal.



So many subjects exist

of trust that...



- you owe if to give a time.

- And I am willing to do that.



My God!



- Do you still worry about his age?

- Definitively.



I was thinking last night,

in some countries,



us which I could be arrested by that.

I want to say,    years!



- I thought that he had said that he had   .

- Did I say?



I said.



I feel a lot.



- I lied to you on that.

- Why does think it lied?



He was, I am embarrassed for his age.

He wants to say, he is so young!



- What does he make?

- He is an artist.



- I am not an artist.

- I thought he had said that it was painting.



No, I said that he liked to paint,




it is a pastime. I want to say,

I have to work also.



He doesn't believe in that,

but it is what he is.



Pending subjects exist on that,



his family doesn't approve yours

I work in way some.






- Where does he live?

- Grand Street, of the side West.



I never went there, he lives with some

friends, it is not the best place to be.






Our time ended... and...

I see you in the... ah...









- Are you well?

- Yes.







No, I want to say, I have

that to go to a place... you know...



- Ok, good-bye!

- Good-bye!






He drugs...






Oh! Right!



Oh! Drug!



What devils should the one make then now?

To finish the treatment?



To continue?



To put them in the sessions for couples?



- Well, if that is not going any to place...

- And I really think it won't go.



Then, if it will be diminished in

to continue with her for the time being.



If you finish his treatment and them

they break in two weeks,



you won't be acting in his best interest.



Then the one what is saying?

What should continue taking care of her?



- If you think it is passing...

- That is madness! It is not nor ethical.



His work is to help her.



That is his ethical limit.






Forgetting of all of the implications

professionals for one moment,



how is he feeling?



I am devastated...

I am so....



I want to say, she is not nor it hurts.



If she was Jewish,



you would feel better

for him to date...



a    year-old divorced woman?



Where are we going?



I have to stop in mine

I work for one second.



- Is it there, expensive?

- Is it there?



- How does it go?

- Everything well.



- Is everything ready?

- Clear.



- This is Rafi.

- Hi.






Oh, my God!

That incredible!



Come, I have one more thing

to show to you.



You should be playing with me.



Quero to say to roll,

he goes, expensive!




- He goes, it goes, it goes.



Obrigado for ignoring me!



We go there, walk a little!



He goes, it goes...

Let us go!



- Oh face!

- Feel a short ball.



We go, we go...



He lacks face!




Be far, be far.

I said twice, now it ended.



Those guys are not controlled.




Play for me.



- We are a gang.

- Drug.






It is incredible.




Do excuse me, is his bra appearing?

Is he lacking a button there?



- No.

- Well, then it is like this.



You were so right

on the Jewish men.



They are so kind! Of course you

he knows, it is married_with one.



It is, but he has "ADT."



I simply am not able to

to forget, I want to say...



I feel a little finds strange

in saying that for you...



and I cannot say anybody more.



We went out in each surface

of my apartment.



I didn't sleep a lot, I want to say,

he was so anxious in pleasing me...



and I felt in the same way

regarding him.






- He makes to want to do me things...

- I understand.



- ...that I never wanted to do before.

- I already understood.



He won't believe, but him not

he knew where the clitoris was.






- Did you show to him?

- It is clear!



I want to say,

he is so desinibido...



he was happy in learning,



he doesn't have a lot of experience,

he was only with an or two women.



The something? He went out with

other two women?



It is, I knew that you not

he will believe in that!



Now I know because the men

they are going behind the newest women.



There is something on that.



His youth, the body,



the ingenuousness, that cursed

anxiety, I want to say...



- It is not great?

- It is wonderful!






I have to speak that because I am without

way of counting the any other person.



His penises...



- Oh God!

- is so beautiful...



that I wanted to remove the hat.



You some time thought that me

he would be like this, so satisfied...



he knows...



- Sexually?

- Not of that way.



- Are you if protecting?

- Ah, clear!



- He that brought, is very responsible.

- Ah, that is very good.



- Is he courteous?

- The something?



The one that he does,



after the sex, he makes the bed in the morning,

does he ask before using the telephone?







You can say a lot on one

man knowing about those things.



Huh, he is very courteous,

in spite of having some strange habits.



Ei, I am not

trying to get scared,



but those cotton swabs

they are wonderful!



Does he want to know?

You are getting scared!



- Of the one what is speaking he?

- I never used those before.



I saw them in my mother's bathroom,

but we never used him.



- How did it clean the ears?

- He didn't clean.






it dried them with a towel,

I find.



- Let to see me the cotton swab.

- No!



You have to leave of here.



I want to say, that moth_r type no

does he teach to the son to clean the ears?



The pediatricians say



that it is not healthy for children to use them

because they can harm the channel headphone.



And it was proven that

some wax



in the channel headphone it can be

a little necessary.



- I didn't know about that.

- Oh...



Excuse me.



I feel a lot.



Do tell me the one what is trying to say?



I am only concerned until

where that is going.



I want to donate me for whole,

to let to happen, it is so tempting,



everything is that he wants of me.



Who won't everything of you, Rafi want?

You are a wonderful woman!



Then me leaning that he is too young

to have those responsibilities,



I have myself fear of me

to expose of that way.



That is a reasoning line

very it ripens.



I am sure that the

intentions of him are pure,



but him no...



he sounds as if he knew in the one that

he is wrapping up exactly.



You think I would owe

to cut right now?



I don't go...



that to answer.



He looks, I don't want you to have the

wrong impression on my family.



I notice that you are

changing the subject?










I was talking with

my mother on you.



- On me?

- It is.



It is alone that...



I wanted her to know her,

but she said that not.






that is very gentile, but it is early a little

to come his mother.



Did she say that not?







she has a problem

for you not to be Jewish.



Won't she know myself?



Why you think I am so annoyed,

while I am speaking now?



I don't understand, I thought there was

dictated that she was a therapist.



I know.

How does it think I feel?



- Didn't she meet that black girl?

- Of way none!



No, my mother nor to the

fewer knows about that.



That was my grandmother,

my father's mother.



- David!

- Hi, grandma!



I would like you to know

my girlfriend Regina.



Gina, that is my grandmother.






Is she black?



It is not so funny, everything well?



My grandmother died three weeks later.



And I know that she didn't count the

nobody on Gina, but



his reaction with his sudden death

they give me the idea that should be quiet.



I swear that she must have entered home

after that and beatin_...



in the own head with a stick.



I want to say, it is that the image that me

I have whenever I make something wrong.



Just her, going mad

with a stick.



I can say a thing.



Leaving the age of side,



he gives me more than I really need,

that any other he already gave me.



Real things,

things that I never had,



he turns more difficult to think in the age,

religion, or in any thing because...



...I am just happy.






What did happen he, Dave?



- I lost my job.

- I feel a lot.



He was knowing that

Was Josh Freeman fiancé?



- Of a chef?

- It is, I was knowing.



Two "Bar Mitzvah", wonderful.



It is better to speak to him

on Kutchner, Sam.



We will change of apartment with

Kutchner on August  .



- In Miami?

- Hum!



You will have to find another one

place to live when we leave.



Ah, no, now not!

That is the worst possible hour!



And who is going in August to Miami?



That that I said was.



Do we go there, what are speaking?

It is beautiful in that time of the year!



Grandpa, makes sun there and it rains

the whole afternoon!



Kutchner are

leaving vacations!



- I said, Sam.

- Ah, what does he know?.



- It is a condominium. We go.

- The something?



Does condominium mean "without rain?"



  Diana, I still need that finishes.



Uma child close to one year.

And eyes in me.



Sabe, a group of faces knows

to speak with emphasis...



Do you know where Rafi Gardet is?



É a great place in Winston < / i>



e will have a limousine waiting,

then they won't want...



With license, you know where

Is Raphaelle Gardet?



- Who are you?

- I am Dave!



Hi, Dave!



Are you one of the models?



- No, are you the hairdresser?

- How is it?



I think you heard me.



Diana, look at me.

He is great.



Are you the hairdresser?



That was great.



I really liked.



I just asked,



the where Rafi Gardet was and he came

with that model attitude,



- Jesus, Dave, that was so bad...

- The guy is an idiot!



An idiot?

It is for who I work.



Who are you?



What was thinking he?



I discovered that I lost my work

in one day,



then I discovered that I have to leave

of my house on Monday,



and that will be broken in one month.



Do excuse me, ok?



I feel a lot.



Everything well, we will make some thing.

It is Friday the night.



What does want to do?

To begin to deserve Sabbath or something like that?






I would like to know that was one night

normal of sixth fair for you.



Before having known me.



I want to say, you didn't set on fire houses

in Village and was it drunk, right?



Huh, actually,



we set on fire garbage cans

in Barry and we drank as in the forties.



- We go there.

- The something?



I want to know that did.

Show me.



- Is he sure?

- Yes.



He is good in his house.

Cannot we go for there?



I have companions of

room, Rafi. Rafi!



I want to see their pictures.



- He won't lose anything.

- Convenient and weak.



I want to go and I want to go now.



I want to feel where you sleep

when it is not in my bed.



It is legal!



- Kitchen.

- It is very adult.






David? Who are

their apartment companions?



É you, David?



It is, he will sleep, grandma.



Please, feel a time!

Is it already sufficiently embarrassing, right?



Where is the bathroom?



- Did you eat?

- Yes!



I ate, good night!



What is making he?



- Keeping the porn videos?

- That.



And all my posters had

that to leave also.



Why are all of them

facing the other side?



I don't know.



Who wants to be looking for

my pictures all the day?



We have to talk,



on that thing that has with his art.

I want to say, it is strange.



It is as if it believed that that

it is some sin type.






I decided that will be an artist.






you are really good.



It is that that should continue doing,

you have to continue painting.




That is not life.



Who did say he?



You are crazy!



You have luck,

I will be far away from you.



The oldest son's curse.



He is for at every moment.

You will be able to bring Jay-Z home.



You and the mom are not if speaking?



No exactly.

She is different those days.



- What is making he?

- Catching some clothes.



Won't you be here?



No, in Morris' house.



I thought he didn't want me here.



Be not melodramatic.

That is his house and his family.



Same not having brought

JD home.



It is Jay-Z, mother.



That it is!



JB, JD...



I have a patient one arriving,

then be careful when leaving.



Oh! I feel a lot...

for leaving her...






- Did I beat?

- I heard.



I feel as if he had,

but not.






He sits down, he sits down, he sits down.



- What is that? A weapon?

- No, yoga rug.



- He will move for my house.

- The something?



I thought he had statement;



the one that you said on him not to can

to give to you the things that he needed?



I am still insecure,

but I think should give a chance.



You always say "causes confusion the life, for the

does fewer know that he is living", right?



Besides, if he is not able to

to give me what I want,



I will discover faster if

he is living with me.



- He doesn't have to go where.

- Did he say that?






His best friend has a studio,



he is not feeling well with the mother,

then it cannot go home,



For speaking in that, she hates me.

Did I count that to you?



No, you didn't mention.



It is, that is another thing that

I am trying not to think.



He said that she analyzes him in way

crueller than any other.



It is, I already heard that.



Then, is he moving?



I think will be entertaining.



I want to say, that that said went for

I to do certain? For just...



to have fun.



Quite so,

quite so.



What is looking at he?



Ah, I forgot,

I have a book!



A book, a book that

I want to show you!



It can help.



"Lesbians and Kabbalah -

An Encounter done in the Paradise."



Wrong book, wrong book!

Ah, well, leave for there.



Forget that.



I feel a lot.



I am so... late.



I cannot be avoided

you parade thereabout...



all accomplishing my dreams that yours

work friends already had.



You should use a garbage sack

to go until the elevator.



- Are we going to Southhampton on Friday?

- Yes! Even later!








Weekend with Village People.



You will do well.

I was preparing you for that moment.



It is, Bette Davis' mir_cles

transforming a disqualified.



Didn't you hear?

We go there!



- Hi, Jason!

- How does it go?



- You are great!

- You also.



Dave, that is Jason.



- Hi.

- Hi, we heard a lot on you.






- Hello!

- Hi!



It is so good to find him again.



- How are you?

- Everything well.



- How was the trip?

- It was good.



- Good.

- Very good.



- This is Dave.

- It is there face!



- David.

- How does it go?



- How are you?

- Great!






Is he well?



Ignore him he is just with jealousy

for not having entered here before the men.



Ei, as you are?



- Oh! My God, I feel very much.

- That ugly thing, his nut!



Everything is because he doesn't bark.



- Are you well?

- Yes.



- I think I am blind.

- Oh! No, I have to call a pediatrician.



Certain, we go...



  It is unbelievable.



That place is incredible!



I want to say, all of the things

all of the rooms are perfect.



Look for that,

until the bed it is outstanding!



We will have sex vacations, that night.



What are sex vacations, Dave?



I don't know,

you just catch the girl and...



Feel that breeze arrival

through that window, perfect.



- Are those guys as the one of "The O.C".?

- They are not gay very rich.



- I didn't understand.

- Ah! Is it?



He will win that.



Vacations of the sex, Dave!



Please, you are the only gays

republican and registered in New York.



He just has to do with that thing of taxes,

other subjects are of side.



I still say that the democrats deserve

his own show, his own tour.



No, nobody would attend,

there would not be any blood.



I would not say that.



The people prefer the humiliation alienates,

of the one that agent O'Maley.



You should continue, Dave.

It is finally the humiliation.



Acho that no, Jason.



- Stace? where is he?

- I catch him.



- He caught a pleasant lung.

- It is so young. Did you catch him of way?



Yes, unhappily I caught him.



I find him great. Smart and gentile,

just needing a small treatment.



I think he is...



They want to know, you don't want to say

that you/they are dying from envy of me.






Maybe, but I am still

concerned with you.


             _  :     

He is so young,

and you are passionate escancaradamente.



Is it then?



Rafi, you are    years younger,

I never saw that happen.



He only wanted to say that you want a baby,



and he is not in conditions to give that to you.

You have an eye on the clock, Rafi.



Thank you, Randall.

That gentile.



Besides him to have that relationship

eccentric with the mother.






That he wants him to get married

with somebody Jew.



Randall, who asked you

if you think that relationship is eccentric?



Everything is summarized,

in proximity.



All of us should have that luck.



In addition his mother still thinks

that you are hetero, for God's sake!



Then Dave, you care

what are their children Jewish?



It imports me that you/they are happy.



Good answer.



What was with their friends there?



The whole weekend as if it was

a long presentation.



- They are just concerned with me.

- Concerned with the something?



Which his age?



I want to say,

I want to have a son some day.



You are moving,

I am a little nervous, it is that.



How many apartments

in New York you have...



of some hundreds of m²

what can you say that yours is?



The work is charming, it is a realistic picture,

he has only    years, as that it is incredible.



He sounds very well, I would really like

of taking a look in his work.



- Is he here?

- Yes, he is.



- Great.

- I would adore, I will find him.






You have to see that,

come here.






How are you wanted?



- That good you to see.

- Good to see you.



Do you already know my friend Anne?



- Hi.

- Hi.



A lot of pleasure, excuse but I am

with the busy hands.



With certainty you have them.




- She is beautiful.

- Thank you.



- Which his name?

- Ella.



Oh! She is so sweet!



- Which his age?

- She is   year old.



- Oh! My God!

- Yes, she is big for the age.



Do you have children?



No, I don't have children.



She has just done   year,

to hold her in the lap is delicious.



She is so calm.



Hi, wanted!






You knew that he has more

of     channels in that thing?



I attended Grang Prix

of Malaysia today.






That is impressive.



You left the apartment

from this morning?









He spends the whole day

seating in my apartment...



and any privacy

when I am going home.



That is not working,

he has to have the own place.



Yes, but he needs of

a job before.



No longer it is without time...



I have to buy the birthday present

that week, some good idea?



He has that thing of Nintendo,

of which he is always speaking...



Rafi, let to wonder

a thing for you.



Do you like to go out?



Don't buy Nintendo.



- Don't you come for the bed?

- Yes, soon after that game.



Only for one second.






- He won't hurt.

- We can always give the turn.



Will we just look, right?



- Oh! I loved that, it is beautiful!

- Yes, it is legal.



- Which of them is that?

- It is very expensive, not even he looks, don't look.



Crate and Barrel!



Sim, lady;

I remember you.



- Can I help her?

- The something?



- Can I help?

- No!



- Jack?

- The something?



- We have to leave.

- Why?



I have an encounter,

of which forgot.



- But you said that he didn't have anything marked...

- He is in the hour, we have to leave.



- What was?

- Drug!



Stoop down, enter here.



- The something?

- Quiet.






Is a patient?



He is not my lover, yes he is a patient.

Be just quiet.



- Do you have to spend that?

- No, I am not able to.



Ok! You are scaring

the other customers.






I just dropped the contact lens.



I was married with a man

that it didn't get me to love.



It is now am with somebody

that I can love myself, but...



he is not really a man,

at least no the whole time.



I can visualize that.



Maybe if I donated me

completely to him,



he would jump until the levels,

us which, I need him.



He said that he knows that I am not

surrendering completely,



and that is unjust with us.



I think cannot make that.




I feel a lot.



- I just am not able to.

- The something?



We needed to talk Rafi.






He is my son.






Why is written it

Metzger in his door?



Metzger is my unmarried woman last name.



You betrayed me.






I betrayed his trust, but I made him

to preserve our relationship;



that I thought to be more important.



That is what you call of

to preserve our relationship?



At that time it seemed

the right thing to be done.



What do you mean?

Is there how long you know?



  weeks,   days.



I wanted to have certainty that

it was not just a passing thing.



If it went, we would be qualified

to give continuity but...



now we are having tends a conversation

that it puts an end in our work committees.



See, I tried to avoid that conversation...



for his good to be.






I think you made him for

to control his son's life.



No, that is not true,

it is not true.



I just stayed for you,

any other reason.



I don't believe in you.



You gave me pieces of advice to do

what brought me pleasure.



And not to do the same for his son,

it is wandered.



I think you need

to take a look in that.



Thank you, I am working in that

with my therapist on that moment.



You let to talk me with you

on his penises.



Believe, it was so difficult for me,

all was for you.



Even few weeks behind me nor he knew

that my son had a penises.



You noticed that now his mother knows

intimate details of his penises?



Did you speak about my penises for her?



- Jesus! Rafi!

- Excuse...



I supposed that it was safer you

to know when it went back to her.



It is better she not to use that against me

in the Day of Thanksgivings.



- How can you make jokes with that?

- What more we can do?



- To be angry, to be furious.

- I am, I am angry.



I cannot believe that she was

so far away with that.



I know that she worries

with the people that she helps.



- And she worries a lot.

- What is there wrong with you?



You are having hopes.



She is trying to control him.

She is still.



Rafi, won't discuss with you...

I know that she tries to control me



and I hate that.

I hate!






also she never used

you to do that.



You are so naive.



How can you make a thing of those?

It is totally anti-ethical.



Like you he dares,



I worry more about the

well to be of her than you.



That is evident in his choice

of continuing to see her.






What will you make now?



To live the life.



Eu hope you take

the best decisões,



pois you have one more person

depending on you now.



Everything well, I can find a way,

I love her.



Great, don't only come to ask help

for solving the problems.



I won't go.



I want to say, there won't be problems

the they be resolved, mother.



E I didn't buy beautiful cotton swabs...



because it was trying

to protect their ears!



Then, she said that it doesn't go

to let you to live without paying rent?



- No, without rent, of another you sort things out.

- Oh! My God! You are my hero.



No, it is not what seems.



That whole thing with my mother killed her,

it is impossible to live together with them those days.



It is here, you want to wait outside or...



No, I thought about waiting beside her,

with paper towels...



I find you in the

apartment of Rafi,



come to know the place,

she doesn't return next hours.



I don't believe that you still didn't do

the page  .



- He wants to know, this place is manageable.

- I know.



Now I understand because you

he brought all his fishing net.



It was not the reason.



I, like to live here,

but it is not the reason of being with her.



Huh, great apartment,



friends with house in Southhampton,

art exhibitions.



Those are good reasons, foil,

does he understand him what want to say?



Shut up!



Which is, expensive?



She has more tires than

the Bay of the Pelicans.



Serious, I badly see him lately.



I am only here now,

because she is not home.



- He drugs, it is her.

- The something?



Will hide.



Tá speaking serious?

Cannot I really be?



- Among closet, in the closet.

- In the closet?



- Enter in the closet.

- But, but...



Just people leaving with the space.



Leaving the space,

what devils are leaving the space?



- Is the kitchen part of him?

- Just enter in the closet.






Is it there?



Hi, why are you already home?



Oh! I feel a lot,

do you want me to leave?



I thought you will give a turn

with Morris today.



Oh! Yes, drink that! It is of the good!



I went, or better I go...



I want to say, we left before...



What is there wrong with you?

You are acting in a strange way.



Me? I am not well.



Are you well?



- Does he have anybody here?

- What? No.



Is anybody here with you?



- Ah! Well, I am allergic to him.

- What is happening here he?



Ok, ok, ah...



He is well...




We were here there are few minutes,

I heard you arriving,



I panicked and he said

to him to hide.



- In the closet?

- I said him that was a bad idea.



Rafi, were here there is just...



Enough to take a beer

with his pathetic friend sociopath?



Wait, ei, not! Wait, I said him,

I said you...



- I said that that will happen.

- I said you in first place, admit.



Wait, wait, wait,

that is better or worse than sociopath.



What is there wrong with you?



I don't get to believe that

I return home for seeing that:



hidden people in the closet,

you lying.



Here it is not the drug of the pré-school, Dave!



You didn't give me a lot of options,

since I moved for here.



- The something?

- Yes, you tell me that he wants me here...



...then he treats me as if

I went his enemy.



An enemy?



I want to say, you badly can carry

his weight in here Dave.



I make everything.



And you are not capable nor

of cleaning the apartment.



The only thing that I asked you,

it is to wonder before bringing somebody here.



Rafi, that is not a thing

so serious, ok?



I want to say, you should overcome that,

I am not Francis.



I am not lying for you,

I am not betraying you,



definitively not

I am avoiding you.



Thank you, that is same reconfortante,

and of very good taste.



Me just...



plus I cannot make that.



Buy a dog when he feels alone,

because I don't get more to do that.



Let us go!



I feel his lack as a lunatic.



I think we have to give a time, Dave.

To begin to leave with other people.



The something?



I cannot make that, I want to say,

that is not right for me.



And more I cannot trust you.



We went to his apartment

just for one minute.



It is not alone that.



You are not in a position

of giving me everything that I need.



I need that.



And that whole madness with his mother,

that me nor I know as speaking on...



It is a madness, but...



His only reason to have stopped seeing her,

it is because she thinks we loved each other.



It is just...



It is just that won't give right,

not on that moment.



Then it is like this?






Don't be blamed by the that

you had foreseen.



Are you playing?



I am devastated.



I hurt a patient,



for her to have a relationship

with my son.



It is what happens,

I always hurt my patients.



It is now,



my patient

he hurts my son.



I am totally confused

on my role in that.



I think you made the right thing, Lisa.



You know, even passionate,

he arrives one day in that one will hurt the other.



If some thing just

he seems similar.



The things are going badly...



- he is a mess.



Rafi told me that

he liked his work,



- I trust his judgement.

- Yes, it is...



we broke.



I feel a lot, I didn't know.



Didn't she say anything on that?






Those are great,



- do you have a gallery?

- No.



How much for the larger pictures?



I don't know,

they never asked me before.



I give him U $     each, for those two,

and to see what get for his exhibition.






I don't believe,



you will be a famous painter

and I will have to pay for a round.



The one that their parents really think

of his performance?



- For who you are calling?

- Rafi.



- Why?

- To tell for her that I won.



Who knows some money wakes up

his admiration.



What is me,

a deliverer of purchases?



I was tried to say that,

you are the reason of having given everything wrong.



Oi, here is Rafi,

I am not in the moment... 



That means that I will be

done substitute now?



Shut up.



... thank you.



Hi, Rafi, am me again,

hear, I have incredible news...



for you, please




Rafi! Rafi! Hello?



When will you call them?



I like, mine! Does he seem, type formerly, does know?



A small problem in the roof,

you repaired that.



Therefore Anne will come with the documentation.



You will have rules and pasta...



- for the first time in his life.

- Shut up...



If I was you,



I want to see you appear again,

we go there, get dressed want to leave,



I want legal opinion...

two for trip,



You were closed for a long time,

we go there, get ready!



- Are you with her?

- No he is not.



The one that, but my girlfriend

he is there inside!




Leave the strings.



- Ei.

- Ei.



- Do you know that cat?

- Yes.



What is there wrong?



- We didn't get to enter.

- Ei, is everything well, come!



Enter, come here!



Ei, I love you,

I really love.



You won't remove

advantage of the situation?



I am seriously questioning

his manliness.



I miss her.



Do overcome that, ok?



He does two weeks,



you don't think she is

making the same thing?



I am thinking about the

"penne" with trouts.



Or the salmon, seems good also.



Natural or smoked?



- Do you like carp?

- No.



- I want to dance.

- Go with her.



We go, shake those legs,

go ahead.



- What is that?

- Ah!



No, no, it seems an Irene Parish,

with incandescent legs.



- He makes you to lose the control of the danger.

- Yes.



No, that is not helping anybody.



Does he want a drink, dear?



- Does he feel better?

- The something?






I used his toothbrush,

everything well, right?



- Oh, my God!

- The something?









Do you believe in Jesus Cristo?



- Are you painting?

- I am working.



I am not making that

to leave you furious,



it is not a rebelliousness action.



I love her, I want him to give right,

I really need his help.



To help, you didn't hear a word

of the one what did I say on that?



I am out of that.



Let to take her to me

home that night.



Please, mother!

I am imploring you.



She is always talking about you,



the all seats his lack and

all those things.



Are you crazy?



Of way none.



What is there?



Are you well?



Mother, we are here!









The something?



What was wanted it?



I felt his lack,

you don't imagine him as.



Oh! Oh!



- I felt his lack also.

- Did my lack feel?






- Hi, my love.

- Hi, mother. Thank you.



- You seem very well.

- Ok!






The something? Oh, yes!

Let us go!



- Can mother leave?

- N_, no, leave the telephone.






Father, that is Rafi.



- Hi.

- Hi.



- Pleasure in knowing him.

- Pleasure in knowing her.



- This is my sister.

- Hi, Tub!



Beautiful dress.



- I heard so much on you.

- Serious?



- Hi, I am Blanche.

- That is my mother.



- And are you?

- Rafi.



- Rafi, that beautiful name.

- Thank you, it is Raphaelle, actually.




As the painter.






My husband Sam.



- Hi

- Hi Sam, is a pleasure to know him.



Care with him?



It is true.



- I am hungry.

- Yes.



oh! My God! You would not owe...

Thank you.



Thank you very much.



- That bag fofinha.

- Nice bottle also.



Look at that.



If it is cold enough,

we will take him in dinner.



- Mother?

- Absolutely!



Put in the freezer.



Yes, thank you.



God blesses my daughter,

I don't know where it would be without her.



In Brooklyn Sam,

you would be at Brooklyn.



- Here it is you.

- Certain, here I am me.



That is beautiful!



- Are you well grandma?

- How if I had choice?



You are well,

if I have a collapse.



I have to tell to you

a wonderful history.



The first time that

I met my Blanche,



it was in the subway.



Have a high one,

crossing the Avenida Callberry...



I was on a side of the wagon.

she was on the other side of the wagon...



and she was using the hair

more madman of his life,



and she seemed great.



- I already heard that history once.

- Oh! She has luck.



It is an adorable history.





            wonderful as David

to have sold their pictures?



- Yes, we are so happy for him.

- Is it, right?



- You had a chance and so much.

- Ei, there go us.



- Oh! Dad...

- In any way...



you should know that is what will continue

doing for the rest of my life.



- Serious?

- Anything of C.P.A., anything of approval.



Anything of pagers for Dr. Bloomberg, father.

It is that.



How will you live out of that?



Then, I knew about his interest for if

to convert to the Judaism.



Oh, my God!



- Oh! God, thank you.

- You are welcome.



- Do those go here?

- Yes, yes.



Ok, good.

That is good.



- That is very strange.

- Yes it is, I feel a lot.



Certainly I didn't go by an experience,

remotely similar to that.



Now you knew that his therapist

he has a family of crazy.



Are you playing?

That is what I never had.



You know as they are grandparents,

anything of laughters in the dining table.



Anything of having dinner, actually.



Thank you, for having me here in dinner.



I know that that was a lot

difficult for you.



No, it was not difficult of

he sorts out some.



I find you great Rafi.



I find you great.



I know that that is difficult for you to understand,

but it is not personal.



I don't just want my son,

giving up his faith, so early.



But he doesn't need to give up.



I don't want that my children

don't have a religion,



I never had one,

and I always suffered for that.



Uou, slowly, you... 




children, with my son?



- Rafi, think about what is saying.

- Excuse me.



Sometimes I forget that you

he is mother of him.



Still leaning in you

as my therapist.



What mess, ahn?



Does he want him to know what more?



He had some soft things

of    silvers in the bathroom.



The rest of the place is

a complete lixão.



Wait for a little,

are you speaking about Dave?



- Dave of Rafi?

- Yes, and then, they finished.



Hear me, Sue, Dave and Rafi are

together again now.



Then they returned,

which the great problem?



The great problem is that

that will kill her.



Ok! Jesus!

I won't say anything.



Won't nothing say on the something?






Did you go out with Sue?



The something?



Does he want to know?



Call for her now, and return for yours

old apartment, please.



The fastest possible.



Thank you!



I won't call,

that is madness.



She tells me for finding other people,

and does he give me a punch for following his piece of advice?



How is that called?



Does he want to know? Even me I can see

that it was not what she wanted.



It was with you that

she wanted to be.



It is as learning with yours

own lesson, for here.



Jesus Cristo!



Lock the door, please!



Thank you.









You have my total support,

in any thing that you want to do.



Why I feel as if you

did it still go against that?



I am not.



I am concerned, I am his mother,

that is my work.



And if I decide to go in front with that?



Dear, you have some

thing evidently.



Special to you two.



I look at that relationship and

leaning the one that he did to you...



it is real and it is great.



You are, you conquered alone,

I want to say, he is a painter, I understood that.



Rafi, made to see me that.



That will be his life.



- Right?

- He is right.



- Uhum.

- Great!



David you have that

to try to hear that...



love is not always enough.



No when you are speaking about marriage,

children, and to share bank bills.



You supposedly not

he can learn that.



With    years, maybe...



but you entered in a

complicated situation.






Relationships are a work,




they are work.



I am not saying that love

it is not important,



he is, but...



What are you saying?



I am saying that...



sometimes you love

and he learns...



and you...



it goes straight ahead.



Everything well!



There we go us!






I feel a lot.






It was really a terrible attitude,

and I was not thinking with clarity...



I feel so much, Rafi.



To learn those things and to proceed alone,



you have to work with me here,




do you want to enter here?



Of way any, I work here.



Certain, don't go to place any, look...



Rafi, can have things against us, but

we make nonsenses once in a while...



and that happens with everybody.



The difference with me, is that I am trying

with so much effort that gives right...



and I want to be the man that

you see frequently...



ok, am pathetic, everything well,



but I want to be that

man for you.



The main point is...



I love her so much...



will we find a way, ok?



I understood,

you only need to give me a chance.



- Is he sure on that?

- Yes, I am sure.



We know...



because you want that more than

any thing in the world...



and I want to give for you.



I want to have a baby with you.



I am not able to.






Because I love you,

and I cannot make that to you.



I don't understand him that you

he is doing with me.



Actually, it seems very good.



I just am not able to.



I want to give that to you.



I know that you want.



And it is the sweetest present than

anybody already gave me.



But it is not right for you.



You will be sorry.



You know about that.



If we could maintain the demonstrations,

without leaving the love to leave.



That is the present that

I am receiving from you.






I think I need to sell

just one more picture,



to give him out from here.



The something?

Will you go where?



He was thinking somewhere

in América Central.



El savior.



You will release just everything and

to go for El Salvador?






Honestly, you want to play

but he doesn't know where wants to go.



I still didn't discover.



I find strange you to say that,

I never left the country before.



Excuse me,

but how much the Class of     ?



- The something, Niágara Falls?

- Yes.



- Which is, Morris?

- The something?



And the one what will I make?



- You should come with me.

- No, El Salvador?



It is the country of Noriega,

that I pass.



It is different,

you go learns some thing.



Well... I learn

right here.



I went a second find with

that girl, other night.



Are you playing with me?



Yes, but I had a second encounter,

didn't I have?



- I had him.

- Drug!



The something?



- I forgot my hat in the restaurant.

- You are an imbecile.



- Does he want me to go with you?

- No, it is something that I have to do.



It was worth face, I adore you brother.



- I reach you later.

- Good-bye, expensive!



- Did you forget his hat?

- Oh! Yes.



- Here it is him.

- Thank you.



I wish you bluebirds

in the spring < / i>



To give your heart the song to sing < / i>



And then the kiss < / i>



But lives than this

I wish you love < / i>



And in July the lemonade < / i>



To cool you in adds leafy glade < / i>



I wish you health

And lives than wealth < / i>



I wish you love < / i>



My breaking heart and I agree < / i>



That you and I could never be < / i>



So with my best, my very best

I set you free < / i>



I wish you shelter from the storm < / i>



A cozy fire to keep you warm < / i>



But most of all

When snowflakes fall < / i>



I wish you love < / i>



But most of all

When snowflakes fall < / i>



I wish you love < / i>



My breaking heart and I agree < / i>



That you and I could never be < / i>



So with my best, my very best

I set you free < / i>



I wish you shelter from the storm < / i>



A cozy fire to keep you warm < / i>



But most of all

When snowflakes fall < / i>



I wish you love < / i>



Special help by SergeiK