Proof Of Life Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Proof Of Life script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Proof Of Life. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Proof Of Life Script



              This is the conclusive Kidnap and Ransom Report for Mr. Pierre Lenoir.

            Location: Chechnya.



            We were contracted by AGP underwriters who insured the victim.

            Mr. Lenoir was abducted January 21st   from Russian-held territory...

   members of the Chechen Nationalist Militia.

            Their first demand was for $5 million.

            My ability to negotiate directly with the Chechens...

            ...was subverted by Russian military command...

            ...who monitored my every move.

            After  days...

            ...I had negotiated the final ransom figure down.

            Final proof of life was received midnight Wednesday, February  5.

            The next morning, I was informed by the Russians...

            ...that I would be prohibited from personally delivering the ransom.

            Any confidence that these men would deliver the ransom money...

            ...and return the hostage safely, had, by this point, been dissipated.

            Tell your colonel...

  's his responsibility now.

            He's got his orders. He fucks about...

            ...I'll be the least of his problems.

            Factoring the time-sensitive interests of the group holding Lenoir...

            ...the limited communication available with the London office...

            ...and the Russian insistence...

            ...that they, and they alone, deliver the ransom payment.

            I made the decision that there was simply no alternative...

            ...but to give the Russians exactly what they wanted.

            Knowing that I'd retain possession of the ransom money...

            ...I'd managed to contact the Chechens privately.

            We had agreed to rendezvous at an alternative location.

            Transport options in this area are limited.


            So I did the best that I could.

            The group holding Mr. Lenoir...

            ...was responsible for a dozen kidnappings over the past two years.

            This is a battle-tested guerrilla militia.

            They are well-armed, highly mobile and extremely unpredictable.

            Mr. Lenoir was found to be in an excellent state of health...

            ...considering the circumstances.

            I sent the Russians away. I don't know how much time we've got.

            Following a review of the ransom payment.

            Mr. Lenoir was released into our care.

            The success of this extraction depended on a brisk, timely, transfer schedule.

            We were, however, not quite fast enough.


            Come in hot, Joe. This place is going loud!

            Evac emergency RV. Repeat, ERV.

            Airborne, I have a visual!

            There are two dead trees in the center of the field.

            I'm    yards to the west of the south tree.

            Don't give me any shit, Joseph. I've got injured cargo. Get your ass down!


            This extraction didn't go down well for the Chechens or our Russian hosts.

            As a result...

   ability to function as a Kidnap and Ransom consultant in the area...

            ...has been permanently compromised.

            Mr. Lenoir was examined by mobile medical...

            ...and as per his insurance company's request...

            ...transported to Athens yesterday for surgical treatment.

            At this time, we have contracts with all three insurance underwriters...

            ...holding K and R policies in the west-Asian, post-Soviet republics.

            This area is clearly in a critical state of transition...

            ...and demands the most vigorous security precautions.

            What did they bill last year, our three underwriters?

            Total premium?

            -$   million. -And the ransom total?

            Paid out on policies?

            $   million.

            Bloody hell.

            Set up some premium meetings. Wave the red flag a bit.

            Excellent job, Terry. Thank you.

            As always, outstanding.


            Where are we next? Pakistan?



              Peter, is that you?

              Baby, it's me.

              Can you hear me? It's about tonight.

              I'm shopping for dinner.

              The good news is, I'll definitely be back.

              Yeah? Go on.

              We've got to go to this thing tonight. The dinner. The charity event.

              You're kidding, right?

              No. I'm getting completely screwed here.

              None of my equipment's here. None of the stuff they promised.

              I've got    guys running around the jungle with nothing to do.

              Something is really messed up here.

              I'm going to pin these bastards down tonight.

              You really want to put me at a table full of oil executives?

              They're big boys. They can stand up to a little hippie like you.

              Can I tell them what I think of them?

              If you really want to skip it--

              No, I'll go, I'll be there.

              And I'll be on my best behavior.


              Thank you, Alice. I mean it.

              I'll have to borrow a dress from Norma.

              Get Sandro to drop my tux by the airfield before he stops back and picks you up.

              Yeah, don't worry about it.

              Please don't leave me hanging out there with those people.

              And be careful.

              I will. I love you.

              Peter, what's happening? What about the equipment?

              Everything is taken care of.

              I'm meeting with the guys from Quad Carbon tonight.

              His mom said he was exactly the same as a baby.

              She's right, you know.

              Hey, baby.

              I was worried about you.

              -I told you he'd make it. -Hi, Peter.

              -Let's find our tables. -We'll see you inside.

              Look at you, all decked out in Norma's duds.

              It's my debut as a corporate wife.

              Whatever it is...

     is working.

              I'm dressing like this all the time now. You ought to come around more often.

              -I guess I got some making up to do. -I guess so.

              I just want to know what the hell is going on.

              -Nobody called? -No.

              I was there all day.

              Hey, y'all. Sorry we're late.

              -Where is everybody? -Nobody called you?

              Are you shitting me?

              Fellner, Buddy and their gang left for Houston this morning. A powwow.

              Peggy said if he was going, she was going. I guess all the girls jumped on that.

              So, it's just us.

              Better late than never.

              So, Ivy tell you?


              This morning. All of them. Fellner chartered a plane.

              What's in Houston?

              New money.

              Peter, look.

              How did it get so bad so fast?

              Come on, man.

              Where the hell have you been?

              I've been trying to build a dam.

              Pick your head up every now and then, take a look around.

              You're building a charity water project.

              As for the company, you're nothing but a humanitarian window-dressing.

              Quad Carbon came down here looking for a lucky break and we got nailed.

              We've a billion-dollar pipeline that hasn't spit out a gallon yet.

              Oil prices are going through the roof. We can't take advantage of it.

              You know, market close today...

              ...Quad Carbon stock down $   and falling.

              The vultures are circling.

              Which vulture is in Houston?

              It's Octonal.

              They're the only ones big enough to come and get this thing on track.

              Peter, look!

              Peter, look!

              Maybe you missed it, but this happens to be a big deal for me.

              I think I know that.

              You sure don't act like it.

              Maybe it's a sign. Maybe it's just a sign that we should go home.

              You tell me. This all falls apart, this goes away, what was the point?

              -The point of what? -I don't know. How about everything?

              How about Africa? How about Egypt? How about Thailand?

              How about eight years of shit postings? Eight years of working for assholes.

              Eight years of working on somebody else's bad ideas.

              Wait. I don't get it here.

              Suddenly the last eight years, that's just all shit now?

              -Is that what I said? -I thought...

              ...we were doing what we wanted to do.

              I thought we were living our lives together.

              That's not what I said. This isn't just a job!

              This is everything I have prepared for my entire life!

              If Jerry's right, if it's Octonal, they come in and take this over, I'm fucked!

              I wouldn't get too upset about it.

              Maybe Octonal wants a dam of their very own.

              Octonal doesn't build dams, they kick ass.

              They don't care about these people. It's all about profits.

              I don't get it. What is the surprise here? You wanted to work for an oil company.

              I don't work for an oil company. That's not what I'm doing here!

              I'm building a dam that will save people's lives!

              You are building a dam so an oil company can get a pipeline contract.

              -Who cares who pays for it? -Apparently, no one!

              You're drunk.

              No, Peter.

              This isn't us.

              -Let's just go home. -Great.

              That is so supportive.

              You don't like this place either.

              -I like the project. -I don't have a project!

              Then find a fucking project!


              Use your talent, your experience.

              There's got to be    agencies working down here.

              There's food projects, health-care projects.

              Any one of them would be thrilled to have you on their staff.

              I don't get this.

              You've hit the ground running every place we've ever gone.

              I'm sorry I'm not bouncing back fast enough for you.

              Five months here, you haven't even started to learn the language.

              I am not getting pregnant again in the Third World.

              No, not Africa.

              We're not gonna bring that into this.

              -"That"? -Yes, that.

              When the hell are you gonna move on? It's over. It happened.

              -It wasn't meant to be. Get over it! -I don't want to move on!

              Well, I have. And goddamn it, I'm right here. Right now.

              My whole situation is falling apart and somehow, we're back to this agenda.

              I am not an agenda.

              You know what?

              Go home.

              I'm serious.

              Take a break.

              Well, it's what you want.

              Isn't it?

              I never said that.

              Then I guess it's me.


              Ted, tell Octonal how much local support we've got down here.

              I don't know what to tell you.

              We're in Houston looking for help.

              Octonal has their own way of doing things.

              I'm not the only one who's going to fight for this.

              If that's a threat, I'm not sure what that is. But, you lose sight....

              No. Ted, you're breaking up.

              Don't lose track of where you stand in the food chain around here.

              I've got people here who've burned their bridges to come work with us.

              I can barely hear you.

              Can you hear me?

              Ted, whenever you're ready.

              What the hell am I supposed to tell my people?

              Tell them Quad Carbon is finished. Tell them Octonal is taking us over.

              Tell them to get their resumes out.

              I'm heading for the office. I'll call you back on a landline.

              Beatrice, thanks for coming in on Sunday.

              Call Ted Fellner. Tell him I'll be at the office in    minutes.

              I've got to take the long way around. Right.

              I don't believe this. Fuck!


              My God!

              No. It's a telephone! It's just a telephone.

              No. I'm not doing anything!

              No. I just need my briefcase.

              I'm not part of this.

              I have some really bad news.

              You ought to go inside and sit down. It's about Peter.

              This morning there was a roadblock and these guys in ski masks....

              They had guns and they took him with a bunch of other people.

              He's been kidnapped. Do you understand what I'm saying?

              We got a call from Tecala this morning.

              You're not sending me there.

              -I think if you hear me out.... -I just got off the plane, okay?

              Terry, I need you down there.

              I'm just not good at the moment.

              I want you to consider this your first management assignment.

              The first of many.

              We all get rattled. It's not the first time.

              That was kind of my point.

              -Sir. -Hey, Henry.

              I'm on my way to the airport.

              I'll call your mom, see if her and Michael can make it up this weekend.

              I'll call her.

              What time is kickoff on Sunday?  :  ?

              Yes, sir.

              I was really looking forward to it.

              Better get back out there with your mates.

              Yes, sir.

              Can I speak now? Because this is wrong.

              This is so wrong.

              I'm here to help the people of Tecala.

              I'm here to build a dam.

              No. I don't work on the pipeline.

              I'm here to build the dam at Chimaya.

              -For the pipeline. -Not for the pipeline.

              -Yes, for the pipeline. -Listen to me--

              Listen to me. Just listen.

              To stop the flooding. Can you understand that?

              Don't you hear me? Didn't you hear me?

              I don't work for the pipeline! I'm here to help the people of Tecala.

              You are a prisoner.

              Una foto, por favor.

              That's it.

              This whole box is just....

              We brought some albums with us. I was gonna...

              ...organize all this, and I just never got it together.

              Oh God, what's that? It's India?

              Alice, stop now. We need just one good picture of his face.


              I'm the one who's sorry. I don't understand my country anymore.

              No, it was completely random.

              He was out in the barrio.

              Anything can happen out there. They steal your car, your money, whatever.

              No, we don't really know a damn thing.

              Nothing definite at all.

              Let me call you back.

              You're telling him we don't know what happened?

              At this point, we don't know.

              He was kidnapped, Jerry.

              He was taken at gunpoint in a roadblock.

              Twenty-five people saw him drive away in that goddamn truck.

              I don't know, maybe it's me, but that sounds pretty fucking definitive.

              Alex, it's your sister-in-law again.

              Janis, did you get the flight?

              Welcome back, Mr. Thorne. How long will you stay this time?

              Mr. Peter Bowman.

              Let's have a look at you, mate.



              -Go here. Sandro will get your bag. -Okay.

              -Tickets, ma'am. -Okay. Yeah.

              Please don't lose my luggage.

              There's a guy waiting from England. He wants to talk to you about Peter.

              He says it's important.

              I was against this, but they insist.

              Sorry. I hope we did the right thing.

              -What's Luthan Risk International? -He's a negotiator.

              -Shall I go with you? -No. I'll take care of it.


              How are you? I'm Peter's sister. Can we help you?

              Terrence Thorne. How do you do?

              Considering the circumstances, we're doing all right.

              How do you do, Mrs. Bowman?

              I'm with Luthan Risk. We're an international consultancy--

              I have one. Your card.

              We're based in London. I'm with our Security and Crisis Response Unit.

              I'm sorry for appearing like this.

              My company is the designated K and R consultant for Quad Carbon.

              "K and R." What is K and R?

              Kidnap and Ransom.

              -You just flew in? -Correct. Last night.

              Have you spoken to anyone at Quad Carbon?

              London may have. I was just assigned. All I've seen is an employment dossier.

              I'd like to get a proper file going. I've some questions, and so must you.

              I'll try and explain as much as I can.

              This is a game.

              It's a game you play, whether you like it or not.

              For you, it's emotional. For the people holding Peter, it's a business.

              The sooner you get comfortable and objective about that...

              ...the easier this will be.

              People take hostages all over the world. Sometimes, it's purely terror...

              ...other times it's political, propaganda purposes.

              Down here, it's simply about money.


              ...where is Peter? Where is he now?

              Probably in the mountains. He's probably been taken by the ELT.


              ...I just got off a plane.

              Can we back up a little bit here, please?

              This ELT...

              ...this group, who the hell are they?

              And how can you be so sure they're the ones who have my brother?

              This is a land reform movement. These people are revolutionaries.

              Initially, there was a political agenda.

              However, what you must understand is...

    's version of the EL T...

     a completely different animal. Twenty years ago...

              ...they were a struggling Marxist revolutionary group in the mountains.

              The end of the Cold War changed everything.

              The money from Moscow dried up...

              ...and the ELT had to find a new way to support itself.

              So they got into kidnapping, which has made them millions.

              Then they realized they were sitting on an even bigger goldmine.

              Behind Colombia, Tecala is the world's largest supplier of cocaine.

              The ELT had the weapons and an unlimited supply of poor, illiterate soldiers.

              They came in hard and they came in fast, and they took over the drug trade.

              Whatever political agenda they started with...

              ...has been completely perverted.

              Did you know that when you moved here?

              Listen. Can we get practical here, just for a second?

              Can you just explain how this works, step by step?

              We wait for contact, they make a demand, we start negotiating.

              Negotiate? What's to negotiate?

              Everything. We pay too fast, pay too much...

              ...make it look too easy, and instead of getting Peter back...

              ...we'll get a message thanking us for the down payment and asking for more.

              All that we want to do is find a number.

              A dollar figure that gets Peter back in one piece as quickly as possible.


              Let me clarify something. This is not about rescues.

              This is not about bringing anyone to justice.

              Relying on the police down here is dangerous.

              The army is no better. They're pumped up and trigger-happy.

              The last thing we need is heroics, so we rely on nobody, nobody local.

              And the embassy? I'm still waiting for them to call me back.

              The US mission down here at the moment...

     to try and break the ELT and switch the country's economy from drugs...


              Peter does not fit into those plans.

              The embassy cannot help you and they know it.

              The most you'll get is a sympathetic smile and a pat on the back.

              How long is this gonna take?

              In truth, I don't know.

              You need to settle in for a long haul. Nothing goes quickly in Tecala.

              But the people holding Peter, they do know what they're doing.

              He's a very valuable commodity, and it's in their best interest...

     keep him healthy.

              Was Peter in the habit of taking off and not telling you where he would be?

              No. What are you getting at?

              How is his health?

              Peter's health has always been fine.

              -Medication? -No.

              -What about allergies? -No. Nothing.

              He's allergic to chlorine and strawberries.

              A blood vessel popped in his eye. He's been taking drops.

              And he's very prone to ear infections.

              What about emotionally? Is he equipped to handle this kind of stress?

              What kind of stress?

              I don't know, Frank. He doesn't know. It could be one week, it could be six.

              She's Alice. What can I tell you? Alice is Alice.

              She's still out there, trying to save the world.

              -I can't tell you what she's feeling. -Who are you? I mean...

              ...people who do this, are you lawyers, foreign service, what?

              Some law enforcement, some intelligence. Mostly, it's military.

              -Which are you? -I was a soldier.

              What kind of soldier?

              British army.

              -You sound Australian. -I am.

              I was in the regiment at home...

              ...but we don't get into a lot of action down there, so I went to England.

              SAS. Special Air Service.

              "Special," meaning what? Special Forces?


              She is a trip.

              -Do they get on? -With Peter? She drives him crazy.

              Sometimes I think we've been bouncing around the world so he can avoid her.

              I read that in the employment dossier.

              The "bouncing around."

              He shouldn't have been in that convertible.

              His stupid goddamn car.

              Tell me, what's with all the scorpions?

              This house. It's insane, isn't it?

              Some busted drug lord, El Escorpión, built it for one of his mistresses.

              Peter called and said he had found this ridiculous, enormous house...

              ...that nobody wanted because it was supposed to be cursed.

              One of the maids comes every Monday and sprinkles holy water around.

              So maybe it is cursed, all that bad juju.

              So, this is your life. This is what you do.

              Go into people's houses, tell them how it is.

              That's part of it.

              Try to figure out what they're like, how they'll be and hold up.

              That's what you're doing, isn't it?

              Mrs. Bowman, I'm on your side.

              So, how am I doing...

     know, for the bereaved spouse?

              Your husband isn't dead. He's alive.

              And I will do everything I can to make sure he gets home safe.

              This won't work if you bullshit me.

              I can see that.

              So we'll be straight up, then?

              That's exactly how we'll do it.


              God, you'd think I'd been gone for a month.

              Would you like some wine?

              You know I don't drink.

              So, where were we?

              I like this!

              He's loco.

              Don't be afraid, we're not gonna kill you.

              The competition arrives.

              Hello, mate.

              I heard an ugly rumor you were around somewhere.

              I thought you'd gone all civilized and unsocial on us.

              What's this? A face-lift?

              Yeah, I'm doing one side at a time. You good?

              He looks like shit, but he's working.

              What are you celebrating?

              Life, liberty, and the ability to purchase clitoris.


              Thank God you're here, Terry.

              Because the quality of conversation has been just "bloody appalling."

              Where was it?

              Someone said you were in Turkey?

              Not Turkey, Chechnya.

              -With the Frenchman, Lenoir. -Keeping updated?

              My guys turned that one down. It's a job Wyatt's outfit would take.

              Thought you were retiring.

              Yes, I was, but Inherent Risk rang me with a sob story.

              Could I, please? "Old time's sake?"

              What are you doing?

              I'm working on the biggest thing down here.

              He's doing the Italian.

              Calitri. Banker.

              -Very pleased with himself. -I can tell.

              And Ian has you off in fucking Chechnya alone.

              That's why I left. Luthan Risk doesn't give a shit about you, and you know it.

              Your cops still on the payroll?

              -Better than ever. Judges, too. -Will you run some names for me?

              That top one is this client's driver.

              -Shouldn't be a problem, for a hefty price. -Will we ever get a drink?

              I think somebody's kidnapped the barman.

              That's all right, mate.

              My shout.

              Bloody hell! That's just like mine.

              It is yours.

              It is mine.

              Hey, old mate. It's good to see you.

              Alice, I can't tell you how shocked I am something like this could happen.

              Did you get my wire? How are you doing?

              -Janis Goodman. Peter's sister. -Ted Fellner. Peter's boss.

              -Nice to meet you. -Let's step into my office.

              I was in Houston, got this phone call. I couldn't believe it.

              I flew back here last night. We've got everybody working...

              ...trying to access the information we need to make some informed decisions.

              Make them quick. The right decisions. Please sit down.

              Would you like some coffee or tea?

              No, I think we're fine.

              Where's Mr. Thorne?

              The guy from Luthan Risk.


              There's been a change in plans.

              What kind of change?

              We think it's best for all of us, under the circumstances...

     go with a local representative.

              -You don't want to use Luthan Risk? -What circumstances?

              There's no insurance.

              None of us, no one at Quad Carbon, has been insured for kidnapping since July.

              Some idiot was trying to cut costs and didn't realize what they were doing.

              Alice, honey, please.

              This could be any one of us.

              We're doing our best. We're talking to Octonal, trying to get their input.

              We're hoping they'll step up and cover this, but at this point--

              Don't they have to?

              Their position is, they're buying a pipeline, not the company.

              -It's a bit complicated. -Their "position"?

              How do they already have a position? This just happened!

              Could you just tell me where Quad Carbon stands in all of this?

              Quad Carbon is evaporating.

              They're selling off what they can. Just a little late for miracles.

              So you're all out of work?

              It would seem so.

              Who's this?

              This is Arturo Fernández.

              Señora Bowman.

              Mr. Fernández has been our local security coordinator for years.

              He's very well connected and very experienced.

              If you give us a few minutes you'll realize...

              ...just how lucky we are to have him working with us.

              Mr. Thorne, you're leaving so soon.

              Perhaps next time we can go dancing.

              Boy, did you have me fooled.

              -I was just about to call you. -Where, from the plane?

              You stood in my house and you told me that I didn't have to worry anymore.

              We thought Quad Carbon was still a client.

              What about us? We can't be the client?

              I really am sorry. It's not a good situation for us either.



              You stood in my kitchen and you told me my husband was coming home.

              Quad Carbon is out of business, okay?

              Octonal spends $   million a year on K and R insurance in the world.

              My company has    percent of that package.

              -Octonal does not like conflict. -Peter doesn't work for Octonal.

              That's the point and the way they want it. No Quad Carbon confusion.

              I'm not even supposed to talk to you.

              -So, this is you being brave? -No, this is me doing my job.

              It's good I came by then, right? Let you get that off your chest.

              I'm sure it'll all work out.

              You know they're giving us some local security guy?

              Exactly the kind of guy you warned me about.

              What can I say? I don't make policy.

              Great. So when this is over and my husband is dead...

              ...and I'm suing these bastards, you can tell the judge...

     did everything you could to help me out?

              Wait a minute. Wait!

              Listen to me, I'm sorry. I apologize. I'm sorry!

              I'm sorry to be like this...



              ...the first, you are the only person...

              ...I've met who knows what they're talking about.

              So, I'm begging you, I am totally begging you to help me out on this.

              You asked me not to bullshit you, right?


              I got a plane to catch.

              Alice, I'm sorry. We just had a call about Peter.

              They said to look in our car for a cell phone. This was there.

              They are calling back to this phone in    minutes.

              God, Alice...

              ...they have our phone number.

              My God.

              Peter is alive.

              He's definitely being held by El Ejército de Liberación de Tecala.

              He's in good health, but he's a prisoner of war.

              -They want $  million for his release. -Oh, my God.

              Obviously, this is negotiable.

              They always start with a big number.

              He says that in order to make it better for Peter's care and food...

              ...and to prove to us that he's alive, they want to get a first transfer...

     a gesture of good faith. As soon as possible.

              First transfer being what?

               .  billion pesos.

              -Jesus! -It's only $     .

              Can I talk to him?

              No, I don't think so.

              This guy is going to make one last contact.

              He will let us know where to go for this.

              But, ladies...

              ...the important thing is that Peter is alive.

              This is very positive.

              It's very fast.

              A case like this? Very fast.

              -Honest. -Could you excuse us for a minute, please?


              Thank you.

              I am not trusting that man with $     .

              -What is the alternative? -You feel good about this? About him?

              This whole thing feels thrown together. It feels out of control.

              There's more than one person who does this.

              You've been calling for two days and nothing!

              I want to wait for the guy in Miami.

              How long, five days, two weeks? You want to comparison-shop? Peter is alive now!

              Peter is my little brother.

              I'm trying to be smart about this.

              I've never done this before.

              I know. I'm just....

              I know.

              I know.

              Ask him where he thinks I'll go?

              Ask him how long I have to be here.

              What did he say?

              Never mind. It's okay.

              Lord Lucan is actually living in the Ukraine.

              In a sanatorium.


              -Welcome back. -Hello, Terry.

              Pleasure seeing you again.

              Round at Westminster and back down to Greenwich, please.

              I'll have two of these, please.

              Here's to dodging bullets.

              We almost lost a $   million contract over this Quad Carbon fiasco.

              Octonal got quite put off by the whole adventure.

              I'm sure you did, as well.

              Quite right, too.

              I'll make it up to you, Terry, I will.

              So, what happens to these people?


              The Bowmans. What happens to them now?

              Come on. They'll find a way through.

              We've got half a dozen firms on our backs. Believe me, somebody wants this case.

              Okay. Who?

              Name a company that doesn't have Octonal business that you'd trust.

              Trust with your own family.

              They'll be fine!


              ...I got a trip to Bangkok. Two or three days at the most.

              Strictly management assignment. Wave the flag. Talk to a few people.

              After that, I thought you might want a trip to the beach at Phuket.

              If you're handling the twenties, it's fifty.

              -And if you're handling fifties-  -I know.


              Damn it!

              -Shit! This is ridiculous! -Janis.

              -Hold on. How many did you have? -I had   .

              Why does everyone keep asking how much money I have?

              Please, Mr. Fernández.

              Come on, Janis. Calm down.

              Are you expecting someone?


              Watch out!

              This guy is so....

              Maybe it's Elio.

              -Whoever it is, out! -Please, let me handle it.

              What are you doing here?

              I wanted to apologize.

              I thought you did that already.

              My God, it's you!

              -Hello, Janis. -What do you want?

              I wanted to tell you I'm sorry about the way things went.

              Great, it's just that...

              ...we're in the middle of something.

              I understand your reluctance, but I want to offer you my services.

              Haven't we done this already?

              -I thought your hands were tied. -They were.

              What about your company?

              I'd be doing this alone.

              Señora, please!

              -What's all this? -We're putting together a payment.

              -What kind of payment? -For Peter. A good faith payment.

              -Good faith? -We're getting a proof of life.

              Who put this together?

              How are you doing? I'm Terry Thorne.

              What do you have here?

              We got one, two, three guys with guns. A shit load of money.

              Holy snapping assholes, look at this!

              Tell them to put those guns down!

              All right!

              I asked you not to come in. Maybe these ladies don't understand.

              But you understand!

              -I get this. -You want to talk, come back later!

              -Like when the money is gone? -There you go.

              Okay. All right.

              That's what I'm doing.

              I do this for a living. I do this all the time.

              This is my job, you know?

              You never buy a proof of life.

              Bullshit! You don't know what you're talking about.

              You never pack money in your client's house unless it's a fucking emergency.

              And you don't wave guns around people you're trying to help.

              Don't do that!

              Put your gun down or I'll blow your head off.


              Just calm down.

              Do it!

              There you go.

              What are you gonna do now, asshole?


              Ask him to leave.


              Thank them very much for their help and ask them to leave.

              Me? You are telling me?

              You're taking the case?

              -Yes. -Enough with this. Leave, now.

              Mr. Fernández...

              ...I'd like you to go.

              -You heard Mrs. Bowman. -I'm not going anywhere, pal.

              You are. Now!

              Can I make a suggestion?

              Can hardly wait, can I?

              I think you should calm down, then look over there and meet my friend.


              -Down. Put the fucking thing down. -I thought you'd gone legit.



              Let's go.

              All right, you too. Right now!


              Let's get this all cleaned up.

              When are you guys gonna put those things away?

              Have a cigarette, it might help.

              Sandro's going around again. Eliodoro is ready now.

              We are the talk of the town.

              -Is it complimentary? -You'd be flattered.

              -Where's Mrs. Bowman? -Check the kitchen.

              -Hey. -Yeah?

              That was fun?


              Mrs. Bowman?


              Dino and Sandro are taking the dummy bags into town.

              Make it look good.

              We'll keep the cash here.

              I need to know, was there any kind of plan? Was there a contact schedule?


              We're just waiting for another call.

              I haven't cried since this started. It's just....

              Hey, it's okay.

              It's just the tension. Finally, it just....

              It's okay.

              Why are you doing this?

              Nobody was going to take your case.

              Nobody any good, anyway.

              I know.

              But you came back.

              We have to do this my way, right?

              We'll do it together, but you've just got to....

              Even if it gets tough.

              You have to learn to trust me.

              -'Morning. -How are you?

              We've been listening to this all night.

              Estúpido is right.

              So, what are you doing here?

              -Linda, you're smart, a good person. -I have no family.

              This is not your family.

              They are my family.

              -Let me be your family. -No.

              -They are my family. -They're not your family.



              Just help me.

              You can do it.

              Help me.

              -Who answered the phone? -Maria.

              I was in the shower.

              -Janis stayed in case there are more calls. -Where did they hide it?

              Look for the Jesus with the purple robe. Under the altar cloth.

              -Did you get it? -It's good.

              We got radio frequencies, times to call. We're on for Wednesdays and Sundays.

              I'd like five minutes alone with you, without your gun.

              I'd take your whole fucking world apart without breaking a sweat. Comprende?

              I want my shirt, I want my spoon.

              Aim that fucking thing at me one more time....

              Show me how fucking big you are!

              I'll make you eat that goddamn rifle!

              -He wants the family. -Tell him to forget it.

              We represent the family. Just do it.

              Do it.

              Put his wife on the radio right now, or we forget the whole fucking thing!

              Who is this?

              I said I want to speak with the wife. Who is this?

              You can call me Tío. What's your name?

              Call me Marco.

              You're not making all the rules here.

              We wanna work with you.

              We want a proof of life and we're not paying for it.

              If there's any good faith, it can start with that.

              Okay, Uncle Tío.

              So you are the one in charge now?

              That's right.


              Then you will be responsible for the death of Peter Bowman.

              Do you understand me?

              You are responsible!

              -He's gone? -Yeah.

              It's all right, just get used to it. It's the way it's done.

              Goddamn it.

              I've never seen you smoke.

              I smoke when I play cards.

              Is that supposed to be reassuring?

              This is how it goes.


              They've come to us. We've established radio contact.

              This is all positive.

              Who do you care about?

              I told you you'd have to trust me, and you said you could.

              Dino says you have a   -year-old son.

              Yeah. Surprised?

              What if it was him?

              What if it was your son up there in the mountains?

              I would find somebody that I could trust and I would do what they told me.

              So, what's your son like?

              He's quiet.

              Smart, you know.

              Seems to make good friends.

              Good rugby player.

              You know, I see him all done up...

              ...and I think, God, he's just at the end of being a boy, and...

              ...I missed it.

              Just haven't been there for him.

              You know, truthfully...

              ...we really don't know each other.

              When he talks to me it's like he's on a parade ground.

              So he's a soldier like his dad.

              No. He wants to be a pilot and get all the girls.

              And his mother?

              Now, there's the soldier.

              I guess she'd have to be.

              Do you know how an English general's daughter gets back at Daddy?

              She marries an Australian.

              You never remarried?

              I took up the veil, you know? This job.

              You gotta have rhythm, you start moving, and...

     just takes over.


              Peter Bowman.


              You stay here.


              Quiet! Whisper!

              You came today from the mountains?

              I'm Kessler. Erich Kessler.

              Peter Bowman.

              You know my name? I'm a missionary.

              You know something...

              ...perhaps, about my situation? Some news?

              No, I don't know.

              Are you a hostage, too?

              There's an Italian.

              Up the hill, at the farmhouse. He came a week ago.

              Is he your friend?

              No, I was brought here alone.

              What kind of camp is this?

              Once it was only for drugs...

     make cocaine at the river.

              But now from the fighting...

    's all for soldiers.

              How long have you been here?

              You need soap for your feet?

              Maybe tomorrow, I can steal some.

              How long have you been here?

              Nineteen months.

              They think I'm crazy.


              -Terry, I'm sorry. -This is Alice Bowman.

              Janis Goodman, Dover McLoon, consulate officer.

               I know we scheduled to meet today, but something's come up.

                -We've been waiting for an hour and a half. -I know that.

                I really want to hear about your progress.

                I'm sympathetic, we all are, but...

                -...we've got a situation. -What kind of situation?

                I really just think we have to reschedule.

                He's sympathetic.

                What the hell does that mean?

                The ELT just let off three car bombs around the city.

                They've threatened the embassy. It's a mess. I gotta go issue a statement.

                -That's okay, you stay safe. -Thanks.

                We need to clear out. They've had a bomb threat.

                -What's happening? -Get in the car!

                What's this?

                -Is it from them? -Don't open that.

                -It's from them, isn't it? -Open it!

                Put your seat belts on, we're going to the hotel.

                -Just open it. -Not here.

        -Is it from them? -Don't open that.

         -It's from them, isn't it? -Open it!

          Put your seat belts on, we're going to the hotel.

          -Just open it. -Not here.

          Okay, how about a nice big smile, you skinny motherfucker.


          Close the door.

          Take a seat.

          Just open it. Please, just open it.

          Come on. Is it a proof of life or not?

          Give me a minute and take a seat.

            It is.

            It's a proof of life, isn't it?

            Usually, I do this by myself, okay? Just wait a minute.

            There's things here that they want us to see.

            You never get a pretty picture, okay?

            His feet.

            He looks terrible.

            What happened to his feet?

            You said...

            ...that they knew he was valuable.

            That they would take care of him.

            What are you doing?

            This is it, right? The one he's holding in the picture?

            -What, do you save all the papers? -This is good news, okay?

            I mean, this is good luck.

            It's what we've been waiting for. We're in play.

            All we have to do now is start talking specifics.


            I need to know exactly how much I've got to work with.

            You'll have to get back to Denver and start putting this cash together.

            We're gonna shoot for $      .

            I'm hoping that's where we land.

            Thank you.

            Don't be a fool! Stop it!

            Calm down!

            It's nothing!

            You see up there...

            ...the farmhouse?

            That's where they've got the Italian.

            On the other side, down the valley...

            ...that is where they make cocaine.

            When you get home, you'll want to talk about this. It's normal.

            I know. It's not restaurant conversation.

            It's not for my friends, it's not even for my kids.

            -Right. -Right.

            Turn that scramble phone on, test it out straight away.

            If it doesn't work, I'll come up with something else.

            You're doing great.

            Thank you.

            It's not every soccer mom who gets her own encrypted phone, right?

            It's a lot of money.

            $      .

            He's not even sure.

            I know.

            I know you've got the kids, tuition, your mortgage.

            I know all of it is impossible to ask.

            But you're our only chance.

            What if it's more?

            I don't know.

            But I swear, if it takes every day, for the rest of my life, I will pay you back.

            I will.

            I'm sorry if I've been....

            It's just that I'm trying to get through this, trying to be...


            He's lucky to have you.

            Don't worry.

            -What's that? -The alarm.

            When they ring the bell...

            -...the army is crossing the river on a raid. -Where are they going?

            To protect their cocaine factories.

            It's becoming a war.

            -What is it? -Nothing.

            What was that?

            ELT sending a message. It's got nothing to do with us. Let's go.

            $  million is the price for Peter Bowman.

            That's a ridiculous figure.

             This is not a businessman. He's an engineer, here to construct a dam.

              You're gonna have to come down from $  million.

              Like this is a game. We are saying concrete things...

              ...and you are having us suck cock with this bullshit.

              At $      ...

    're already over my limit.

              So, what you need to do is take that offer back and see if....

              -What the hell are they bringing back? -It's a French helicopter.

              How would you know that?

              What the hell is that?

              I've got very good news for you. I've got another $      for you.

              $      changes nothing!

              I might as well walk across the camp...

              ...go into his cell, and blow his brains out.


              He's nowhere near Peter.

              How do you know?

              That's a weather sheet from last Sunday. When I was talking to him...

     was raining and when it was thundering, I heard it on the radio.

              It's not raining in the mountains, and we know Peter's three days away.

              That means that this guy is in this city.

              Marco, if...

     are near Peter Bowman, go and get him and put him on the radio...

     he can talk to his wife, and we'll accept that as a proof of life.


              Do you copy?

              You must understand that you're dealing with a single family here.

              We know he works for that oil company Octonal.

              We know that Octonal is the biggest oil company in the world.

              Peter Bowman doesn't work for Octonal.

              Peter Bowman was here, subcontracting....

              -It's her. Alice. -Beautiful.

              I asked for $  million, I come down to two. It's an insult.

              He's losing faith in the family, and especially in the wife.

              This is bullshit. You know him.

              We can't be responsible for what he may do to himself!

              I think we just put a bullet in his head and sell you the body.

              I couldn't listen anymore.

              It's all right.

              You okay?

              People say things happen for a reason.

              You must get a lot of that, right?

              I had a miscarriage eight months ago.

              In Africa.

              It wasn't anybody's fault. It wasn't Peter's fault.

              Not like I didn't try to blame him, or...

              ...blame myself like I deserved it, like there was a reason.

              If I could just figure it out.

              I thought if I wasn't the one keeping control, everything would fall apart.

              And I thought that I could just...

              ...make it all happen.

              The places we've been, like Thailand...


              There's so much pain, you know.

              You can't possibly make any sense out of it.

              You can't push it away, even if you're paralyzed by it. What good are you? So...

     let it go.

              And now that you don't have control?

              It's like a faith.

              Once you let go...

              ...everything becomes clear.

              All the stupid, stupid shit that I worried about.

              Everything that I put her through.

              It's like, since the baby, I....

              It's like everything I learned along the way somehow didn't apply to me, too.

              You think I would have gotten the message.

              I gotta get through this.

              I gotta get home.

              Things don't happen for a reason.

              They just...


              My daughter is buried in Africa.

              Who can explain that?

              What was her name?


              Mali Jasmine Bowman.

              It's a beautiful name.

              Nobody ever asked me that.

              Okay, Marco.

              We've got $      .

              That is not a good number!

              Marco, you've got to think about it.

              It is a good number. It's the right number. It's the only number.

              There is no company, no insurance.

              All you're dealing with is the family.

              This babble is bullshit.

              They need to start thinking harder, like around $  million...

              ...or they'll never see him again.

              We should close at $      . We should look at $      .

              You can forget it.

              The family has worked very hard.

              This is the complete net worth and assets of this man's family.

              It's not possible.

              I am trying, you understand?

              I am working my people.

              I am trying to make this happen.

              But I need something from you. You give me nothing, nothing!

              Marco, we got $      .

              $       changes nothing.

              The maintenance alone for this brother is more than you are offering.

              If that changes nothing...

              ...then you'll have to come up with a number that does start to change things.

              If you go to $       I will take that back to my people.

              You think you can get $      ?

              Right, Marco. We're going to close it at $      .

              Okay. I will go to my people and I'll talk to you again on Sunday night.

              No. It's all right. I'll be over here.


              -What are you doing? -Be quiet!

              -Are you crazy? -Watch for me!

              -What are you doing? It's too dangerous. -Give me your Bible.

              -What for? -Give me your goddamn Bible!


              It's all right!

              Jesus, we're right there. And there is the pipeline.

              Hurry up.

              I can't believe we're so close.

              They are coming back.

              You're crazy. You're risking our lives.

              Okay, almost.

              Goddamn fool!

              I'm going to bring it back!

              I'll take it back.

              No, it's too dangerous. I'll do it.

              Look at me!

              These pigs are lucky to have you.

              Muy lucky.

              That's for your main account. The others are subsidiary accounts.

              -I'm signing all these? -And initial each page.

              You have to keep each account under $      .

              Anything over that, they put a magnifying glass on it.

              Once the accounts are available, it takes less than an hour...

              ...for the funds to be transferred from your bank in Denver.

              Dino, that third drawer down at the bottom, there's candles.

              Maria, can you grab me some candle holders?

              Sorry about that.

              Don't apologize, one has to live with these guerrillas, I suppose.

              Torch it up. There. Careful.

              We need to initial the passport numbers.

              The host with the most.

              Just like your last birthday party.

              What happened at your last birthday party?

              Terry popped out of a cake...

              ...scared the shit out of us. It's a K and R thing.

              You got to get me a pair of those boots.

              I'll never make it out of here in these.

              -You won't make it without me. -No!

              I'm not going to be responsible for you. This is my decision. For me.

              Once I start, I'm not gonna turn back.

              You're not responsible.


              I have to get back to my wife.

              I have to. If I stay here, I'll die.

              I know it.

              This is not your problem.

              I'm coming with you.

              I can't stay here alone.

              Not now.

              I'd go crazy.

              Marco, it's Tío. Acknowledge?

              Marco, it's Tío. Do you copy? Over.

              Is this thing usual? What is this? A ploy? What is he doing?

              He said he'd be on the radio on Sunday. He's taking the figure back.

              -That's a deal. -Where is he?

              Marco, if for some reason you can hear me...

              ...but I can't hear you...

              ...we have to work out some other way of communicating.

              Marco, do you copy?

              Acknowledge. Marco, do you copy?

              It's Tío. Calling Marco, do you copy?

              We're getting a little anxious to know if this deal is     percent.

              Ask if Peter is all right, can you?

              We need some kind of indication that Peter Bowman is okay.

              Which way?

              The river's got to be this way!

              Get up! We gotta keep moving!

              -Come on! -No, you got to get out of here!

              Take this! Get the map out of here! It's your only chance.

              -Promise me you'll keep going. -I promise.


              Where's your pigs?

              Marco, this is Tío. Do you copy?

              Good day.

              You better get out of there.

              -What's up? -The German. Kessler.

              That missionary fella?

              He's out. Some farmer dumped him at one of my precincts last night.

              What's that got to do with me?

              He says he was with Peter. He says they made a run for it.

              It doesn't sound good, Terry.

              For the meals, we could eat together.

              But the food, it's nothing.

              It's just to keep you alive.

              But Peter would transform this crap into a feast. He would say:

              "Tonight, let's see what Alice has made for us."


     were everything for him.

              He talked about you and your daughter, Mali...

              ...all the time.

              He loved you both so very much.

              You have to know--

              I'm so sorry.

              He didn't see him killed. He didn't see a body. He heard a shot.

              You gotta wake up. You gotta get real on this.

              You don't spend that much time working on a deal and kill your hostage.

              When was the last time you had contact? A week? Two weeks?

              I've just had nothing but    days of static.

              Maybe there are no more deals to be had. Maybe this is coming apart.

              Maybe he's alive.

              Maybe he is.

              Maybe he is. But what we do know is that my guy is still up there...

              ...and they don't know Kessler's out. They think he's dead.

              Kessler knows every inch of that camp, and he's willing to help me.

              -He's a missionary-  -He's not!

              He is from the French Foreign Legion.

              So what? He found God. He's got a map in there.

              A map that I think is real.

              Where are you going with this?


              This has to stay quiet.

              And she has to know that.

              You're thinking of going in? Is that what you're thinking?

              Fuck thinking. That's what I'm doing.

              I'm in there on the telephone. That's all I can do. Tell me what else I should do.

              Talk to me before you do anything, okay?

              For you, I can do that.

              For you.

              If you don't keep me up to speed, I'm gonna take it personally.

              You've been doing that a lot lately.

              I can't hear any more of this!

              -Wait! -An eyewitness saw him killed.

              Until we know for sure, this has got to stay in play.

              What are you doing? Why are you doing this?

              He didn't see a body.

              Peter is dead!

              Let me grieve!

              -Why can't you do that? -Instinct.

              Until I know, until I'm sure...

              ...until I've received a visual confirmation of the body of Peter...

              ...I'm looking to retrieve my cargo and complete my mission.

              She's just a girl.

              She's too young to be involved in this, please. It's very dangerous for her.

              How are you doing?

              I thought we had a deal going.

              I haven't heard from you in two weeks. I miss you.

              Why don't you call me "Tío"?

              And I'll call you "Marco."

              You've got a good game going.

              Your wife thinks you're out with the card buddies...

              ...they think you're off with a mistress.

              And there you are, on the radio, every Wednesday night...

              ...bartering human life.

              This is a tape of my friend Marco.

              It's not the only one.

              Is Peter Bowman alive?

              Is Peter Bowman alive?

              He tried to escape.

              He was hurt.

              He's alive.

              Is he with the Italian, Calitri?

              How did you find me?

              Now, I have $       waiting.

              I'll get another $      off the books...

              ...between you and me, if we get this done.

              Or I've got this tape.

              I'll lay it on your golfing buddies and you don't make it out of the car park alive.

              So, let's just get this deal done, shall we?

              It's not the money.

              That doesn't matter anymore.

              It's always the money, Fred.

              You have $  billion?

              Because that's the money we are talking about.

              You think Octonal will buy this pipeline without a promise from the army...

     completely destroy us?

              That pipeline goes right through our coca fields!

              They are buying a war.

              Peter Bowman will never get down.

              He knows too much.

              We are fighting for our life.

              Listen to me. There are no more deals.

              Enjoy the parade, Fred.

              This is the camp. He said they call it Canyon Verde.

              This is the river. This valley, the big one below, is very active.

              Every time the army moves through, there's a skirmish.

              March, May and June.

              Kessler said that every couple of weeks, the whole camp would run out and fight.

              -Pipeline? -Fifteen clicks down river.

              Terry Thorne. Tomas Morales.

              These guys are top. They're my Panama crew, I trained them myself.

              So, simply, all we have to do...

     encourage the army to cross the river.

              Right about here would be convenient. Start a battle, drain the camp.

              Drop into this flat area.

              While they're fighting, we slip in from behind, extract cargo and exit.

              Basically, we just call the army, schedule a battle.

              How would Wednesday around  :   be for you?

              We don't call them, mate. Alice will do it for us.

              Can you get a bird? Crew plus seven?

              Are you in love with this woman?

              I don't know what you're holding out hope for.

              You'll save her husband, she'll see the light and run off with you?

              It doesn't work that way. You know that.

              I want to cash out of here. I want my own shop.

              If we could pull this off....

              This is the stuff of legends. We could sell this.

              Don't get me wrong. I would love to go out of here a winner.

              But I have been over this and over this a thousand times, and it's fucked!

              So we're on, then?


              You're gonna have to lie, Alice.

              You got to totally bullshit this bastard.

              We've got to get the army to invade ELT territory tomorrow.

              Peter's life depends on it. You just have to walk in there...

     walk right up to Fellner and you flat-out lie.

              And he's got to buy it, or we run out of options.


              ...are you...


              ELT wants $  million for Peter. We don't have it.

              That's a lot of money.

              If I gave you information for protecting the pipeline...

              ...would Octonal step up and do the right thing?

              What kind of information are we talking about?

              Alice, stop! Alonzo, don't go away. I'll be right back.

              Alice, come on.

              You think I don't wake up every morning and think about Peter?

              I have had a dozen meetings with the transition team about this situation.

              Just how wrong I think it is.

              Fuck you, Ted.


              ...I'm not sure what we're talking about here.

              But you give me something to work with...

              ...and maybe I can push this the last mile.

              ELT is going after the pipeline tomorrow.

              I know where.

              Do you step up for Peter or not?

              I don't know what you think you're trying to accomplish...

              ...or what you think you know, or how stupid you think I am...

              ...but I get three military briefings a week.

              It's a good bet that if anyone knew what was happening here, it would be me.

              Is that a no?

              How could you possibly know this?

              And who the hell is that?

              I'm Kessler. Erich Kessler.

              Two phosphorous, two smoke, two HE...

              ...two flash bangs per mag.

              G-  .

              But it's a British kick.

              -One day's rations. -One day?

              I've just come from an urgent sit-down with our old friend Dover McLoon...

     the embassy, who's freaked out today over a rebel push up towards Rio Verde.

              Nice going, Alice.

              Ready to rock, Terry.

              Kit inspection in    minutes. We're on the bird in an hour.

              You heard the man. Let's go!

              Let's go! We've got to move right now.

              Don't make me wait. Coming at us. We got to prep that LZ right now!

              I've never seen you nervous.

              Yes, you have.

              I make it    to    .

              And that ain't no overnight stay.

              Kessler's map is perfect.

              Peter is the engineer.

              I'm impressed.

              Fellner does have clout.

              In less than    hours, the army...

              ...has crossed the river.

              How silly.

              Well, my old mate...

              ...why don't you wander uptown?

              I'll catch you on the flip side.

              Downtown-  is in position.

              Copy, Downtown- .

              Downtown-  stand by.

              This is Uptown-  . We've arrived and taken our position by the farmhouse, over.

              Uptown-  this is Downtown-  .

              Solid visual on the wood shack. Breakfast in bed for one.

              Appears principal cargo is on board. Over.

              Roger that.

              Downtown-  this is Uptown-  .

              We have breakfast for three and delivery in progress.

              All call signs, let's go on a final head count.

              Wood shack, one player.

              Red bandanna. POR, door,   o'clock.

              Barracks,   o'clock, five players. Over.

              Uptown-  has a two-man detail on the farm with a possible cargo inside...


              ...we have a player returning downtown via the upper path.

              Downtown-  this is Downtown- . Parade ground,   .

              Copy. That gives us    visuals downtown...

              ...two uptown, and one in transit.    confirmed.

              Copy, that makes us ready.

              Uptown-  is good to go. Standing by, Downtown.

              Peter Bowman. Peter Bowman.

              Alice sent me.

              Alice, your wife, sent me.

              She told me about Mali, your daughter. How she died...


              My daughter?



              Alice told me. Your wife.

              So you would know.

              I'm here to get you home, okay?

              All right?

              You're not fucking with me?

              No, mate. I'm for real.

              We're gonna get out of here.

              All right?


              Downtown-  you've got a player at   o'clock.

              What fucking player?

              Softly, mate. Softly.


              Downtown-  what the fuck was that?

              All call signs, wait out.

              I repeat. What the fuck was that, Terry?

              Downtown- ?

              Downtown-  respond!

              This is Downtown- . Not in position.

              I've got a   th confirmed. Visual. Downtown-     o'clock.

              Downtown-  I got him.

              What are we doing?

              Stand by.

              What are we doing here?


              Downtown-  what are we doing?

              Go loud.

              -Fuck. -Roger that.

              He's down. Shift,   o'clock.

              Can you use one of these?

              Cover me!

              Safety is on! Get down.

              -Ready, Peter? -I'm with you.

              Back! Back!

              I got the player from the farmhouse.

              I'm shifting position.

              Downtown- !

              Give us some pressure at   o'clock, on my count!

              One! Two! Three!

              Peter, go! Stay low.


              -Peter! -I'm ready.

              Through there.


              Stay down! Stay down!

              -Which way? -Come on!

              Downtown-  this is Uptown-  . We are secure.

              On the lower path, I got the cargo in tow.

              We've got bogies up our ass. Bring the Big Bird to LZ .

              Copy, Downtown- . Move to LZ .

              We are Blue, Option  .

              Big Bird, this is Uptown-  .

              Request exfil. We are Option  .

              We are good to go. Proceed to LZ . I repeat, LZ .

              Safety's off, okay?


              Keep moving.

              What are you doing?

              Keep going down the path! Follow the path!

              Peter, look at me. Look at me!

              You gotta keep going. I know you're in pain. You've got to keep going.

              Don't let the fuckers catch you. They'll kill you. Stay on this path.

              This path leads to Alice. This path leads home!

              Stay in front of me. Go!

              Terry, what the hell is going on down there?

              Terry, what the hell is going on down there?

              The Big Bird is en route.

              It's okay! Get the camicia up.

              Terry, where are you?

              Downtown-  is traveling well.

              We've got a visual on the bird. We're coming in.

              You big, beautiful bitch!

              There she is!

              You want to go home?

              You're going home, baby!

              Uptown- .

              This is Downtown- .

              I have a man down. Downtown-  is down!

              Say again?

              I repeat, Downtown-  is down.


              Give me that fucking thing!



              Downtown- ...

              ...I'm on my way.

              Downtown-  this is Uptown- .

              I've got a man down. Downtown-  is down.

              I'm going back to get him. Uptown-  has my cargo on the bird.

              We'll be evacuating Downtown-  back to the LZ.

              I repeat. Be evacuating back to LZ !

              Roger that. I'm at the LZ.

              Got an eye on the bird, my cargo is in tow.

              My back door is clear.

              If you need help, give me a yell.

              Look out, grenade!




              I can't see!

              I'm right here.

              I got you. Just hang on to me.

              Are you crazy? Get on that fucking chopper now!

              Eyewash! Give me some eyewash!

              He needs something for his eyes.

              He needs it now.

              He's alive!

              It's right here.

              Carlos, look at me. Who am I?

              -You're an asshole. -That's fucking right!

              Are you all right?

              Don't you fucking die on me, man! I can't tell on you....

              He always does this shit!

              You're a pussy! He's a fucking pussy, man!

              How is it?

              Who are you?

              Terry Thorne.

              How's my wife?

              She okay?

              She misses you. She's waiting for you where we land.

              Welcome home!

              Keep your head down.

              Hello, Alice.

              You all right?


              -Hi. -Hi.

              You look great.

              I need one minute.


              -We did it. -You did it.

              You know, you better get going.

              We could be very unpopular around here in the future.

              -I thought we'd get a chance-  -What?

              To sit around and chat? The three of us?

              There's a  :   American flight to Dallas. You can make it.

              There's a passport in the Jeep for Peter.

              Norma will pack the house. She'll send everything up.

              His leg looks bad but it can wait till Dallas.

              This is important.

              No telephone calls...

     high-fives, no champagne. You get to the airport...

              ...and you make that plane.

              Just tell me you know how much you mean to me.

              So we're even.

              No, we'll never be even.

              I've given you...

              -...nothing. -Believe me, we're even.

              You deserve more than this.

              You got a plane to catch.

              I'll see you around, Mrs. Bowman.

              Get my Duke Ellington records. Get me the Scotch.

              The good shit. Twelve-year-old, not crap. Remember the encrypted phone.

              Take care, Alice.

              Who's the man?

              Stuff of legends. You are the man.

              Sandro, we've got to get to the airport fast.

              We've got a flight in an hour.

              We made it.


              Let's go home.

              You and me, we open our own shop. I run New York, you run London.

              We meet in the Caymans once a month to visit our money.

              Strictly white glove. Lots of long lunches.

              No more fucking frontlines. Some consulting, some policies...

              ...and we give Ian a heart attack before we open the doors.

              I don't know if I want you visiting my money.


Special help by SergeiK