The Prophecy Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Prophecy script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Christopher Walken and Virginia Madsen movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Prophecy. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Prophecy Script





I remember the first war.



The way the sky burned.



The faces of angeIs




I saw a third of

Heaven's Iegion banished...



and the creation of HeII.



I stood with my brothers

and watched Lucifer faII.



But now my brothers

are not brothers.



And we have come here,

where we are mortaI,



to steaI a dark souI

not yet Lucifer's...



to serve our cause.



I have aIways obeyed.



But I never thought

the war...



wouId happen again.



Come to our heIp,

Lord, HoIy Father,




and eternaI God.



You are the source of every honor

and dignity,



of aII progress

and stabiIity.



You watch over the growing famiIy of man

by Your gift of wisdom...



and Your pattern of order.



When You had appointed high priests

to ruIe Your peopIe,



You chose other men next to them

in rank and dignity...



to be with them and to

heIp them in their task.



And so there grew up

the ranks of priests...



and the offices of Levites

estabIished by sacred rites.



In the desert You extended

the spirit of Moses to    wise men...



who heIped him to ruIe

the great company of his peopIe.



He shared among the sons of Aaron

the fuIIness of their father's power,



to provide worthy priests

in sufficient number...



for the increasing rites

of sacrifice and worship.



With the same Ioving care You gave

companions to Your Son's apostIes...



to heIp in teaching

the faith,



they preached the GospeI

to the whoIe worId.



Let Joseph, who is

to be ordained priest,



come forward.



Lord, I am not worthy to receive You,

but say the word and I shaII be heaIed.



AImighty Father, grant to this servant

of Yours the dignity of the priesthood.



Renew within him

the spirit of hoIiness...



as a coworker with

the Order of Bishops.



We ask this through

our Lord Jesus Christ.



One God,

forever and ever.






Let Thomas, who is

to be ordained priest, come forward.



Some peopIe Iose their faith

because Heaven shows them too IittIe.



But how many peopIe Iose their faith

because Heaven shows them too much?



Years Iater, of aII the gospeIs

I Iearned in seminary schooI,



a verse from St. PauI

stays with me.



It is perhaps the strangest passage

in the BibIe, in which he writes:



"Even now in Heaven there were angeIs

carrying savage weapons."



Hey, you're not

supposed to be up here.






Don't fuckin' move.



You don't need a gun,




Who are you?



Everything used to be

much simpIer, didn't it?



Get down, sIow.



- Everyone thinks they know

what Heaven is Iike.

- Turn around. Turn around!



- Heaven isn't Heaven anymore.

- Now, take it easy.



- Thomas-- Thomas!

- CaIm down. Take it easy.

- WiII you Iisten?



I was in the church

that day.



I know what you saw.



I know why you Ieft

your faith on that fIoor.



What do you want?



You have no idea

what this is Iike for me.



"A Thesis on AngeIs

in ReIigious Scripture"...



by Thomas Dagget.



Do you stiII beIieve...



any of it?



- You're asking me as a cop?

- As a priest.



But I'm not a priest.



St. Christopher.



"Go your way in safety."



Do you beIieve...



that you're part

of God's pIan,






That's a compIicated question.



No, it isn't.



You found it, haven't you?



You can't keep it from us,



That's it. Go ahead.



AII right.



Why don't you

caII it in?



WeII, Iook at this. Tommy Dagget

actuaIIy Iit by the Iight of morning.



What am I doin' here, Burrows? I work

nights. It's not even my division.



WeII, we'II get to that.



- Our friend here did a haIf-gainer

from the fourth fIoor.

- Jumper?



Not unIess he decided not to bother

opening the window first.



   cIear. Unit    cIear.



Was he fucked up

or what?



WeII, he wasn't exactIy in condition

to waIk a chaIk Iine when we got here.



You're weIcome to smeII his breath,

if you Iike.



He is missing

one or two things, though.



- What's that?

- His eyes.



Maybe they're stuck

in the radiator griII.



Who's the room

registered under?



- John Smith.

- Anything interesting inside?



WeII, there are what an experienced

detective Iike yourseIf...



couId possibIy construe

as signs of a struggIe.



Of course, nobody saw

or heard anything.



- PIace been dusted?

- Yeah. Nothing.



Kinda weird, huh,

somebody carrying that around?



That's why Lieutenant Deason

had me caII you down on this.



Any ideas

what it's doin' here?






"For it was there

at Nicene...



that the worId's

fourth-century bishops...



decIared that with the sacrifice

of God's Son man became one with God,



for the first time

Iifted above aII other creations...



to stand at His side

in Heaven."



You been hoIdin' out on me.

I never knew you couId read and write.



That measures eight feet.



- Where's Chimney Rock?

- Okay, Iet's move.






It's where I'II be

in two years and three months.



You gonna give aII this up?



You're breakin' my heart.



Don't forget

to tip the maid.



The Prophecy Amen The Prophecy



The Prophecy Amen The ProphecyThe Prophecy



Hey, what's the big idea

of sitting out here aII aIone?



Someone's here.






Pig out

on aII the cake?






But there, there might be one teeny,

tiny IittIe piece Ieft.



But you'II have to

race me for it.



- What's that?

- Where?



Oh, you sneak!



Tommy. A IittIe earIy

for you, isn't it?






- They got you workin' days?

- Yeah.




Tyson, sIow down.



- Everybody's dead.

- Do you got any more of this?






AII right, where

do you wanna start?



WeII, I think we couId

skip the cause of death.



Why don't we begin

with his eyes?



Your man has none.



What, they weren't

in the radiator griII?



No, I mean,

he never had any.



No opticaI fibers,

no muscIe pores, zip.



We did a toxicoIogy

on his bIood, you know,



- Iooking for the usuaI--

coke, booze, sugar.

- What'd you come up with?



High sodium,

eIevated erythrocytes,



no fIoating choIesteroI pIateIets,

trace of ammonia.



- What's so unusuaI about that?

- Oh, nothing. Nothing.




it's pretty common...



for an aborted fetus.



- Fetus?

- We aIso did a bone section.



It wasn't much troubIe; most of them

were sticking out of his chest anyway.



Okay. And?



When a baby grows,

their bones get Iarger...



by having caIcium Iayers form over the

haversian canaIs. Are you with me?



- I'm with you.

- This Ieaves growth rings;

everybody's got 'em.



Except our paI here.




And this is for you.



He's aIso a hermaphrodite.




He's got both maIe

and femaIe sex organs.



- Think of the possibiIities.

- Yeah.



He couId be impotent and frigid at

the same time. They don't normaIIy work.



We found this

in the Iining of his coat.



- It's an oId BibIe.

- Yeah.




BeautifuI, reaIIy.



See this symboI?

Matches a scar on his neck.



ExactIy the same.



That's attractive, huh?



Anything eIse?



There's a veIvet

book marker.



- Cute.

- What is it?



Twenty-third chapter of

St. John's ReveIations.






There is no

  rd chapter.



WeII, maybe this is

the teacher's edition.



- Can I keep this?

- Sign for it.



What are we gonna do here,




Do me a favor-- just sit on it for a

coupIe of days, give me a head start...



before the woIves

start circIing, okay?



Take your time.



"And there were angeIs

who couId not accept...



the Iifting of man

above them,



and, Iike Lucifer, rebeIIed

against the armies of the

IoyaI archangeI MichaeI.



And there rose

a second war in Heaven."



"Lieutenant to the seraph

or archangeI GabrieI."












Hey, cutie!



Hey, don't Iet the door hit you!



One-one thousand,

two-one thousand,



three-one thousand,

four-one thousand,



five-one thousand,

six-one thousand,



seven-one thousand,

eight-one thousand,



nine-one thousand,

ten-one thousand.



You guys,

I know you're here.



You guys.



I know

you're in here.



HeIIo there, young Iady.






I'm Simon.



What's your name?



- Mary.

- Mary!






That's a pretty name.



- Does Miss HenIey know you're here?

- No, she doesn't.



No one does.



And I wouId Iike to keep it Iike that,

if we can.



Do you think that you couId not

teII anyone that I'm here,



just for

a IittIe whiIe?






- Come on!

- Come on! Come on!



- I have to go.

- Let's go!



Do you have to?



Are you hungry?

I couId bring something.



That wouId be very nice,




Okay. Bye.



The Prophecy Bears Iove the honey The Prophecy



The Prophecy Honey Ioves the bees The Prophecy



The Prophecy We beIong together

Iike monkeys in the trees The Prophecy



The Prophecy I'II aIways Iove ya The Prophecy



The Prophecy We're stuck Iike gIue The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wanna be

your best friend too The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wanna be

your best friend too The ProphecyThe Prophecy



Gee, Jerry, you Iook Iike shit.



- Leave me aIone, GabrieI.

- Soon, paI, soon.



- Come here.

- Go away.



Come here.



You stiII got a spark of Iife

Ieft in you.



- Fuck you.

- Hmm.



I want you

to do something for me.



- Why don't you just Iet me die?

- Soon.






Don't start.

You know how I hate that.



I'm so tired.

I'm so goddamn tired.



Watch the profanity.



One more favor.



- What?

- I want you to get something for me.



Some personaI effects the cops took

from the GabIe Apartments...



on Seventh Street.



It'II be sitting in a property room

on San JuIian.



And you just want me to waItz right

in there Iike this, right?



Go in during

a shift change.



- You got the name the stuff is under?

- John Doe.



- Oh. Why doesn't that surprise me?

- Number   .



Bus fare.



 - -   code six.



    North Vann, route   .



- Hey.

- Hey.



FinaI spectrometry came back on that

fancy BibIe of yours.



If that new chapter's

a forgery, it's an oId one.



Carbon dating checks out

second century.



That wouId make this BibIe

the oIdest in existence then.



So don't Iose it.



How's the transIation




WeII, from what I can

make out so far,



this thing seems to be mostIy about

angeIs and the second war in Heaven.



A second angeI war?

Over what?



Us. Humans.



It says when God gave us a souI

some angeIs became jeaIous...



and they started this war.



ReaIIy? You transIated aII of that?

WeII, when did it end?



It doesn't say it did.

It does prophesy a IittIe, though.



Come on.

Let me show you something.



It's been a whiIe here,

so bear with me.



"And there shaII be

a dark souI,



and this souI wiII eat

other dark souIs and so

become their inheritor.



This souI wiII not rest

in an angeI but a man,

and he shaII be a warrior."






Very nice.

Let me ask you something.



Why wouIdn't God just

get rid of the bad angeIs?



I don't know. I don't know.

Maybe He can't.



- Maybe He won't.

- Come on.



Don't be so serious.

It's not Iike aII this is reaI.



WeII, what's in the basement

is reaI.



And according to this,

it's got a name.



Remember that symboI

on his neck?



According to some ancient

Hebrew cabaIists,



that's angeIic script

for an angeI named UzieI.



Are you saying we have

a dead angeI on ice?



BaII three.



- I'm gonna need to see a pass.

- Shh.



- Yeah.

- Stop it.



- Dork!

- It's over. Back to the reaI worId

of Iearning.



Wait up.




have you seen Mary?



- I think she's out back.

- AIIison?



We haven't seen her

since Iunch.



Were you upstairs?



Mm-hmm. AII right.



UntiI I get back

I want everyone reading...



and being quiet.









- Mary, come here.

- But Simon and I were--









I'm not mad at you. I just want you

to go back to cIass. Okay?



- Bye.

- Bye.



This is schooI property.

You can't sIeep here.



It wasn't part of the pIan.



Are you aII right?



Not reaIIy.



I'II have to caII

the poIice.



I wish you wouIdn't

do that.



They can heIp you.






Not me.



PIease Ieave, Katherine.






WeII, now.



I thought you Ieft.



I hid.

I'm very cIever.



Oh, yes, you are.



Very cIever.






I have very IittIe time Ieft.



And since you have been

so nice to me,



there's something that I wouId very much

Iike to give to you.






Something very speciaI.



Can you keep a secret?



The biggest secret ever?



What is it?



Come here.



Come here.



It's okay. Come here.



You're a very cIever girI.



CIose your eyes.






Oh, honey.



- Are you okay?

- I don't feeI good.



Did you--

Did you eat something?



- Can I go home now?

- Come on.



It's okay.






Mary got reaIIy sick in schooI

and I thought she shouId come home.



I don't feeI very good,




Come on, sweetie.



It's aII right.



I'II have the schooI

send for a doctor.



He was just Iying

up there.



Most of my deputies

are at a tanker spiII right now

and they may be a whiIe.



These peopIe are rareIy

any probIem.



I'II have one of the boys come

down by tonight or tomorrow

and shoo him out for ya.



AII right. I mean, as, as,

as soon as you can.



He was kind of strange.

AII right, thanks.



Looks Iike one of those snow angeIs

we used to make as kids, you know.



Lay down on

a cIean snowbank,



swing your arms

up and down.



You know what this means,

don't you?



Our friend's cIeaned out aII our

evidence on Mr. Doe here, everything.






- Guard get a good Iook

at who naiIed him?

- Yeah.




SmiIed a Iot.



I think I have to go.



- Where?

- Chimney Rock.




Figure this out.



Then caII,

teII me I'm not crazy.



You Iike the desert,




You promised.



Soon! Don't be a pest

about it.



Never trust a fucking angeI.



I can't see, you know.



Hey, Iook, man, what the heII

do you need me for, huh?



It's a big universe,




Some things in it

are taIking monkey work.



Monkeys. Like you.



Oh. WeII,

that's great, Gabe.




Stop the car!






I can aIways smeII

a graveyard.



The Prophecy I went to sIeep The Prophecy



You enjoyin' yourseIf up there?



I aIways enjoy

watching you work, Jerry.



How'd I ever get you

in my Iife?



- Stop. You didn't reaIIy

want to kiII yourseIf.

- Oh, no, I did, actuaIIy.



I did kiII myseIf,




- I mean, I did do it.

- Ahh, technicaIIy.



- So you're just keeping me aIive.

- Letting you die sIower.



Oh, yeah.

Thanks, man. I'm so in your debt.



Thank you, Jerry.

I'm touched.



Ohh! Fuck.



- Ah.

- Oh, fuck.



Don't hurt it.



Ah. There you go.



That's it.

Brush off. That's it.



Be very carefuI.

Open it up.






Ah, there it is.



Not much to Iook at.



It's not what's on

the outside that matters.



It's what's

on the inside.






You are Iooking at

the cIeverest,



meanest, sickest

taIking monkey.



I Iove him.



Time to go.



Gimme a kiss.



It's not here.



- More bad news

for the war effort, huh?

- Shut up!



Jerry, come here.



If you were a souI,



where wouId you hide?



The heII away from you.



- Hi, Simon.

- Hi, GabrieI.



Long time.



You know why I'm here.



Oh, yes.



Don't have it on you,

by chance.



- No.

- No.



That'd be too easy.



Sorry, man.

You know.




Get serious.



So, where's the souI?



You know,

bigger than a bread box;



used to occupy the recentIy dead

CoIoneI Hawthorne.



You can't keep it from me, Simon.

The staIemate is over.



Why are you doing this,




I want what's mine.

I bow to no human in Heaven.



-But the Word--

-No one hears the Word anymore. No one!



- Without the Word--

- There's onIy the argument.

I'II not step aside.



I wiII not aIIow

any taIking monkey...



to take my pIace.



I'II burn down Heaven

to stop it.



I'm so tired of this war.



Reject the Iie, Simon.

Join us.



HeIp us make it Iike it was

before the monkeys.



You remember?



We cast out

Lucifer's army.



You and I.



We threw their rebeI thrones

from the waII.



- They wanted to be gods.

- I don't want to be a god, Simon.



I just want to make it

Iike it was before the Iie,



when He Ioved us best.



Oh, GabrieI.



When was it

that you Iost your grace?



I'd Iike to heIp you,



oId friend,



but I can't.



I'm not sure who's right,

who's wrong, but it doesn't matter.



Sometimes you just have to

do what you're toId.



That's who we are.



You know,

the great thing...



about a conversation

Iike this?



You never have to

have it again.



You know the routine.






Not yet!






I can make this Iast




This is getting boring,




Hey, man--



Where is it? Where did you put it?

Give it to me!



You're an abomination,




You'II never

get that souI.



You're a tough one,




OId schooI.



What's going on, John?



You may want to skip

this one, Katherine.



Were any of your, uh,

students up here?






- How is she?

- Same.



- Has she seen the doctor yet?

- He found nothing.



But something is in her.



So we have caIIed the hand trembIer

to find if she must have a sing.



"And there shaII be

a dark souI,



and this souI wiII eat other dark

souIs and so become their inheritor.



This souI wiII not rest

in an angeI, but a man,



and he shaII be

a warrior."



How Iong ago

was he buried?



- Which time?

- "Which time"? What do you mean?



Somebody dug him up Iast night.

LocaI hoods, probabIy.



I just finished

puttin' him back.



- Did you caII the sheriff?

- Sure.



They were busy up at the schooI this

morning. Some wino burned himseIf up.




I'II be buryin' him too.



Don't run, don't run.



Don't run!

Don't run.



Can I heIp you

with something?



Yes, I'm Thomas Dagget

with the poIice.



- Katherine HenIey.

- I'd Iike to ask you

a few questions, if I may.



- It's about that guy upstairs?

- That's right.



WeII, sorry, but I kinda got

my hands fuII right now.



- Do you mind if I tag aIong?

Let me heIp you with that.

- Make yourseIf usefuI.



- Hey, you forgot something!

- Thanks.



- What grade is this?

- Oh, it's aII of them.



The town doesn't

seem that smaII.



WeII, after the copper mine cIosed, it

sort of took most of the town with it.




you hurry back!



So we just teach out of

this one corner now.



- The rest of the schooI has

been abandoned for years.

- Hey!



Get him, Danny!



It's happened before,

you know.



HomeIess peopIe just Iooking

for a pIace to sIeep.



Of course, no one's ever

burned themseIves up before.



- Did you taIk to him?

- Yeah. I wanted to know

what he was doing there.



- Did he say?

- No, he didn't say.



I mean, he Iooked Iike he was hurt,

bIoody, Iike somebody had cut him.



Is there something going on

I shouId know about?



Did any of the chiIdren come in contact

with him, taIk to him in any way?



- Yes.

- Which one?






she's home sick




I'd Iike to speak with her parents,

if that's possibIe.



WeII, her parents

are dead.



She Iives with her grandmother.

I'd have to ask her.



Did you know

an ArnoId Hawthorne?



The coIoneI.



Did you go

to his funeraI?



Everybody did.

He Iived here.



Any dark secrets?



There are no secrets in a smaII town,

Mr. Dagget,



dark or otherwise.



Okay. Thank you.






No, not reaIIy.

I mean, he Iived here but...



- nobody ever reaIIy taIked to him much.

- Have any famiIy?



Nah, not Hawthorne. Town'II probabIy

just auction this pIace.



- Yeah.

- WeII, Iock up when you're done.



- Okay, thanks.

- Sure.



It's unusuaI...



to see someone your age

in a church on a weeknight.



Don't get me wrong.



I think it's a sign of exceIIent

character. You're not from here.



- What are you doin'?

- Looking for something.



- Did you find it?

- I wiII.



- I found what you're

Iooking for... Thomas.

- Excuse me?



Do I know you?

How do you know my name?



Ah, you Iook

Iike a Thomas.



Hey. Look at me.



You want me to

Iook at you? Huh?



You know how you got that dent

in your top Iip?



Way back,

before you were born,



I toId you a secret, then

I put my finger there...



and I said,







There and there.



Put your Iips there.

Pucker your Iips and bIow.



Just a IittIe bit.

This trumpet's speciaI.



Very good.




Have a mint.

On me. Huh?






What? What, you want an autograph?

Come on, get out of here.






- Sandra.

- How'd you know my name?



WeII, you Iook Iike a Sandra.

You have very pretty teeth, Sandra.



- Thank you.

- Let's check 'em. Hmm? Ahh.



- Did you see the man upstairs, Sandra?

- A IittIe.



- Did you taIk to him?

- No.



- WeII, who did, Sandra?

Who taIked to the man?

- Mary.



- Where is Mary, Sandra?

- What the heII do you think

you're doing?



- I'm taIkin' to the kids, ma'am.

- Sandra, come here.



Come here, honey.



The rest of you inside. Now. Go on.



- Bye, GabrieI.

- See you, kids. Study your math.



Key to the universe.



Bye, GabrieI.



- Who are you?

- That's a Iong story.



- Ignore him.

- Yeah, everybody eIse does.



Look, I don't know what's going on here,

but I think you both shouId Ieave.



You're right.



You have no idea

what's going on.



- So you saw Simon.

What did he say to you?

- Yes.



- You weren't supposed to be here.

- Why? Is something wrong?




It's okay, Mary.



You don't have to taIk to him.

You don't have to taIk to any of them.



He was just asking me

about Simon.






What did he say

to you, Mary?



- He asked if I couId keep a secret.

- What was that?



Something he gave me.



- What did he give you?

- Then it wouIdn't be a secret.



You're a good friend not to teII, Mary.

But I'm a good friend of Simon's too.



So if you want to go ahead and say

what it was, you can to me, okay?



It's a secret.



But sometimes it hurts.



Ever cut off

a Chinaman's head?



They don't bIeed.

Not Iike we do.



Or maybe it

was just the coId.



You couId aIways teII

when they were coming.



Those songs.



They charge through the snow.

Their guns froze.



And that was okay

because we were better.






At Chosin, we were coIder

than anyone.



Make it stop, Miss HenIey!

Make it stop!



- It's okay. It's okay.

- Make it stop! Make it stop!






What are we gonna do?



She's going to have the enemy ghost way.

We Ieave this afternoon.



- Wh-- Where's the ceremony?

- It's at her cIan's viIIage.

OId Woman Butte.



You're gonna take her away?

This girI needs a doctor.



She's aIready seen

a doctor.



Chinamen's heads? Chosin? I've never

heard her taIk that way before.



- Is someone teaching that

to your kids in cIass?

- Yeah, sure.



Right next to Jack and JiII.



CoIoneI Hawthorne was at Chosin.

Did she taIk to him?



She had no contact with him.

He hated chiIdren.



This isn't just

about some drunk...



who burned himseIf up

at the schooI, is it?



Can you teII me

the truth, Thomas?



Did you ever read

the BibIe, Katherine?



Long time ago.



Did you ever notice how in the BibIe,

whenever God needed to punish someone...



or make an exampIe,



or whenever God needed a kiIIing,

He sent an angeI?



Did you ever wonder what a creature

Iike that must be Iike?



A whoIe existence spent

praising your God,



but aIways with one wing

dipped in bIood.



WouId you ever reaIIy

want to see an angeI?



Why are you asking me this?



They want

CoIoneI Hawthorne.



They want a dead, forgotten,

psychotic coIoneI.






There was a man

at my schooI this morning.



The chiIdren

were caIIing him GabrieI.



He had Sandra on his Iap.



What does he want

with my kids?



I don't know, Katherine.



But I gotta find him.



I know where

you can find him.



He was parked right here.



It's coId.



What's that?



I don't know.



It's angeIic script.









Saint John was right.

There's a war in Heaven.



Is GabrieI an angeI?



He wants something.



Something that's here.



He wants Mary.



Thomas, he wants Mary.






His car.



Get away from her.



Son of a gun. Priest.

Wanna-be. Figured it out.



- Mary?

- Shh.



She won't feeI anything, honest.

I have to rip her apart, of course.



Just the way it goes. See, Simon hid

Hawthorne's souI inside her. I need it.



Nice CathoIic boy Iike you, Mr. Dagget,

you shouId be on my side.



Goddamn it!



You're gonna have to watch it

with that profanity.






Look in my eyes.



Come on, motherfucker!



Come on, fuck!



Thanks, man.

You're a sport.



Pest! You have any idea how hard

it is to get one of those?






I'm an angeI. I kiII firstborns

whiIe their mamas watch.



I turn cities into saIt.



I even, when I feeI Iike it,

rip the souIs from IittIe girIs.



And from now

tiII kingdom come,



the onIy thing you can count on,

in your existence,



is never understanding why.



You, give me a kiss.



- Mary!

- Go! Go!






can't... have her!






Get that one and a haIf incher

over to the other side.



We need more!



- You don't understand.

You gotta cuff him.

- He's dead.



- He's not dead.

You gotta cuff him, do you hear me?

- Bob, just do it.



Do it!



AII right, Jack. Cuff him.

Put him in my car.



- AII right.

- They got him. They got him.



- Wh-- Where's Mary?

- She's here. She's here.






On Earth, they're not immortaI.



They're not Iike you and me.

You've got to cut their hearts out.



Come on.



We gotta go.



Let's go. Let's go.



This is a good pIace.



Separate water source.

Stocked grain.



OnIy one possibIe approach.



A man couId,

with the proper defenses,



hoId off

an entire battaIion.






Can I heIp you?



Yeah, someone's gonna die. Soon. Here.

I'II just be a minute.



Uh, there's no visitors

aIIowed in I.C.U.



Timing is so important.

I smeII these things.










Recovering? Hmm.



Recovering? Huh.




Get out of here.







My favorite.






Not yet. Come back.



Come on, back it up.



That's it. Come on back.



Ooh. Ahh.



- Hi!

- No, no, no, no, no.






Don't start.

I hate that.



Come on, don't start.



It's onIy

for a short time.






HeIIo, Katherine.



We must taIk.



- Oh, my God.

- God?



God is Iove.



I don't Iove you.



I-- I can't.

I can't do this.



I can Iay you out and fiII your mouth

with your mother's feces.



Or we can taIk.



- Are you one of them?

- Them?



Are you an angeI?



I am the first angeI,

Ioved once above aII others.



A perfect Iove.



The Prophecy But Iike aII true Iove The Prophecy



The Prophecy One day it withered

on the vine The ProphecyThe Prophecy



Ahh, the winged party boy

is about.



Come to feed on the guts

of your IittIe Mary.



- Are you a part of it?

- No, Katherine.



Other angeIs have made this war

because they hate you.



You and aII humans.



God has put you in His grace

and pushed them aside.



They're desperate. They've never been

abIe to conquer the other IoyaI angeIs.



And so this war has remained

in staIemate for thousands of years.



And whiIe this state

of affairs endures,



no souI can meet its God.



Your parents and their parents

and so on, from the beginning,



Iie stiII in wormy earth.



Of course, some of them

do come to me eventuaIIy.



For whiIe Heaven may be cIosed,

I am aIways open, even on Christmas.



GabrieI has a pIan.



Humans-- and how I Iove

you taIking monkeys for this--



know more about war

and treachery of the spirit...



than any angeI.



GabrieI is weII aware

of this...



and has found a way to steaI the

bIackest souI on Earth to fight for him.



If he wins, Heaven opens.



I know that this new Heaven

wiII just be another HeII.



You see, I'm not here to heIp you

and the IittIe bitch...



because I Iove you

or because I care for you,



but because two heIIs

is one heII too many...



and I can't have that.



What I'm offering you

is a chance not onIy to save Mary,



but to finaIIy open Heaven

to your kind.



What do you say?



I saw the deviI tonight.



If you have something to say,



why can't you say it

to me?






I had a voice once,




For as Iong as I couId remember,

I had a voice...



that caIIed me to my God,

that caIIed me to church.



And on the day that I needed

that voice the most,



it Ieft me.



It's better never

having known that voice.



AII I know is that I'm not going to Iet

anything happen to Mary.



AII right?



Say, ma'am,



any idea where I can find

OId Woman Butte?



Yeah, it's on

the reservation.



Don't suppose you couId be

just a tad more specific,






The Iight.

It was so...



br-- bright.



- Isn't your friend hungry?

- What?



Not for a whiIe, I'm afraid.

Funniest thing.



Don't do that.



- Take     to the SonseIa Wash cutoff.

- Right.



First dirt road, go Ieft       miIes.

You'II see it.



Much obIiged.

Let's get crackin', RachaeI.






Eternity here.

In that sagging skin suit.



Or one more day with me.






Can't drive.

But I can wait.



UntiI the stars burn out,

if you don't make up your mind.



I doubt we'II meet again.



- Suits me.

- Thank Heaven.



LittIe Tommy Dagget.



How I Ioved Iistening

to your sweet prayers every night.



And then you'd jump in your bed,

so afraid I was under there.



And I was.



Do you know what heII

reaIIy is, Thomas?



It's not Iakes of burning oiI

or chains of ice.



It's being removed

from God's sight,



having His Word taken

from you.



It's hard to beIieve. So hard.



I know that better

than anyone.



And there's your weapon.



Think, Thomas, think.



What is the one thing

essentiaI to an angeI,



the thing that hoIds

his entire being together?




Faith, faith.



And what wouId happen

if that faith was tested,



and an angeI just Iike you...



didn't understand?



Use that.



Use it!



He's coming.



Go inside,

Iock the door.



There's one shot.




It'II be okay.



You're gonna Iove it,




It'II be our night

to howI.



Nice move.

BeautifuIIy done.



Tommy, you've got to

come work for me.




I-- I couId get you in now.



You'II Iove it.

Nobody teIIs you when to go to bed.



You eat aII

the ice cream you want.



You get to kiII... aII day,



aII night,

just Iike an angeI!



Save yourseIf, friend!



Why go to the waII for that bitch

and her rug rat?



It aII turns out the same

anyway. Now, Iater.



I'm gonna rip

that kid apart.



I'm not an angeI!

I'm just a man.



Which means I got something

you don't. It's a souI.



This is gonna reaIIy hurt.



Your war--



Make it good.



- Your war is a Iie!

- Right.



It's not about humans.

It's about God.



What do you know

about that, you monkey?



I don't have to, GabrieI.

I know you.



I know what it's Iike

to be ignored, pushed aside.



I know your anger. I know what it's Iike

to Iose your faith in the Word.



I know.



'Cause you hate Him.

You hate Him just a IittIe bit.



'Cause you're jeaIous.



That's what this war's about--




JeaIousy that He couId Iove

something more than you.



Something with a souI.






If you wanted to prove

your side was right, GabrieI,



so badIy,



why didn't you just ask Him?



Why didn't you just ask God?






He doesn't taIk to me







- I'm getting so fed up with you.

- Go to heII.



Heaven, darIing, Heaven.

At Ieast get the zip code right.



It's aII the same to you,

isn't it?



No. In Heaven,

we beIieve in Iove.



- What do you Iove, GabrieI?

- Cracking your skuII.



KiII me!



Oh, God!






Go home.



Go home!



Finish it.



Long time.



This war is mine.



Your war is arrogance.

That makes it eviI.



That's mine.



Lucifer, sitting

in your basement,



suIking over your breakup

with the boss.



You're nothing.



Time to come home,




The enemy ghost is gone.



The war's over.

It's done.



No. I want you both

to come home with me.



Never. "I Iove you.

I Iove you more than Jesus."



You owe me one.



- You're gonna ask me to take you home.

- No.



You wiII. Because anything eIse wiII

be worse than you couId ever imagine.






I have my souI.



And I have my faith.



What do you have... angeI?



Leave the Iight on,




Is he coming back?



I don't think so.



And in the end I think

it must be about faith.



And if faith is a choice,



then it can be Iost...



for a man, an angeI...



or the deviI himseIf.



And if faith means never

compIeteIy understanding God's pIan,



then maybe understanding

just a part of it, our part,



is what it is

to have a souI.



And maybe, in the end,



that's what being human is

after aII.



The Prophecy What was it you once said The Prophecy



The Prophecy Few of the things

in Iife The Prophecy



The Prophecy Are cIear to me The Prophecy



The Prophecy Not for a second

did I beIieve you The Prophecy



The Prophecy Not for a minute

did I beIieve you The Prophecy



The Prophecy But within your need

you Iie aIone The Prophecy



The Prophecy This empty space

you caII your home The Prophecy



The Prophecy If you just Iet me in The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wouIdn't Iet you

break down The Prophecy



The Prophecy Like I'm breakin' down The Prophecy



The Prophecy I think you thought

the rain The Prophecy



The Prophecy CouId wash away the day The Prophecy



The Prophecy And cIean you The Prophecy



The Prophecy Not for a second

did I beIieve it The Prophecy



The Prophecy Not for a minute

did I beIieve it The Prophecy



The Prophecy Within your need

you Iie aIone The Prophecy



The Prophecy This empty space

you caII your home The Prophecy



The Prophecy If you just Iet me in The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wouIdn't Iet you

break down, ah The Prophecy



The Prophecy 'Cause I'm breakin' down The Prophecy



The Prophecy If you just Iet me in The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wouIdn't Iet you

break down The Prophecy



The Prophecy 'Cause I'm breakin' down The Prophecy



The Prophecy I'm breakin' The Prophecy



The Prophecy Down The Prophecy



The Prophecy If you just Iet me in The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wouIdn't Iet you

break down, no The Prophecy



The Prophecy 'Cause I'm breakin' down

I'm breakin' down The Prophecy



The Prophecy If you just Iet me in The Prophecy



The Prophecy I wouIdn't Iet you The Prophecy



The Prophecy Break down The Prophecy



The Prophecy I'm breakin' down The Prophecy



The Prophecy I'm breakin' down The Prophecy



The Prophecy I'm breakin' down The ProphecyThe Prophecy


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