The Punisher Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Punisher script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the Marvel Comic Book.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Punisher. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Punisher Script



So I'm gonna get

a three-to-one return on my money?



Otto is the real deal.

I met him at a hash bar in Amsterdam.



He speaks Russian, German, Arabic...



Mr. Ostroff's trust

is not gained easily.



Two years it took me.



You see, Micky,

he doesn't like new faces.



So tell me, why am I

looking at a new face?



Otto Krieg, meet my friend, Bobby.



He's helping me with the finance.



He's not a cop.



Let's see the money.



You like it?



Yeah, I like it.



- We have deal?

- We have deal.



- Bring 'em down!

- Move!



Move in!



This is the FBI!



Put your hands on your head!



What is this?



You brought a cop, and

he brought his fucking friends!



- Don't look at me.

- This is not good.



My father will kill me!



You're under arrest for the importation

and sale of contraband firearms.






- Gun!

- Drop the gun! Drop the gun!



Whoa, whoa, whoa!






This is not my deal.

This is not my deal!



I don't even know these guys!



Cease fire!



Holy shit. Holy shit.









Stay down!



I'm calling it. It's  :   AM.



Bag him and ship him.



God, I hate this job.



- Give me a hand, fellas.

- Yeah.



All right, Frank.

We gotta get you outta here.



What the hell happened?

Who's the kid?



Definitely not in the plan.

But we beat the spread.



- This isn't football.

- It's a figure of speech.



People weren't supposed

to die out there.



Get them IDed

and get them to the morgue.



- And get me my pants!

- Can we get some pants over here?



Ah, shit.






To Frank Castle...

the finest soldier,



the finest undercover op,



the finest man I've ever known.



What am I gonna do without you?



Get a girlfriend.



Have fun in Puerto Rico, man.

Say hello to your folks.






Agent Weeks.



He's Robert Saint.

Howard Saint's son.



More paperwork for Tampa PD.



No, we can handle this.



- See you, buddy!

- See you, fellas!



Bail him now.

Bring him to the club.



Don't hit me. Don't hit me.



- Hey, Micky.

- Don't hit me.



You sell homegrown pot by the ounce,

Micky, not by the barrel.



You sell badly forged,

fake passports to Haitians.



So what inspired you to become...



the Mr. Universe

of international arms dealers?



You should apologize for the death

of Mr. Saint's youngest child.



Okay, I know how it looks...



But Bobby, he buys pot from me.



And when he found out what I was doing,

he insisted on coming in.



He put up half the cash.

He came of his own free will.



If you're gonna kill me,

will you leave my face alone,



for my mother?



We just made your bail.



If I wanted to kill you, I would have

left you in jail where we have friends,



and in some way that I can only

describe as deeply pornographic,



you would have been killed.

But you're a small piece of shit,



and I don't want the karma

of your death on my soul.



But on the other hand,

maybe I don't believe in karma,



- so guys...

- No, I'll tell you what I want to know.



I want to know one thing only,

who brokered the deal?



His name is Otto Krieg.



And if it's any comfort

to Mr. Saint, he's dead too.



Well, it's not.

It's actually no comfort at all.



But what might be comforting to me,

is to watch the slow death of the man



who was supposed

to be taking care of my son,



and making sure that

he did not get into trouble.



Now, Micky...



what would your father

think of this?



Your father gave his life for me.



What would he say?



I didn't know it was

gonna happen like this. Please!



Well, ignorance is no excuse.



The man who is responsible

for my son's death must die.



I told you to never

let him out of your sight.



Mr. Saint, Bobby told me to stay.



Tell him, John.




Mr. Saint!

It was Bobby's idea!



He wanted to go alone!

He thought he could impress you.



Thank you for that explanation.



My son didn't need to impress me.



More boxes, guys.



This was a hard one.



This was the last one.



It's over.



Tell that to your son.

He doesn't believe me.



- Where is he?

- You know.



You know what I miss

most about Buck?



He could catch a ball,



no matter how hard you threw it.



He was right there.



- Why are we always moving?

- This is the last time.



You said that last time.



I did?






You said we were leaving California



and we were gonna move to Virginia,



and you'd work in Washington...



and we'd never move again.



I guess I've said a lot of things, huh?



So why London?



London's a safe place

where we can all be together.



No more more moving around,

I promise.



Some day when you're older, Will...



I'll tell you why we had

to move so much.



He was such a special boy.



Are you identifying this body

as your son, Robert Saint?



He deserved better.



Somebody lied to him.



Promised him one thing,

gave him another.



Do you know that I used to have

to dress him till he was   ?



I'd tie his ties, and comb his hair...



I'll have to get him a new suit.



Who is Otto Krieg?



Who are the people

who work for him?



Who are his friends?



Who would stand to make money

from this deal? Tell me.



We can't talk about the case, Mr. Saint.



Now, I understand your grief,

but for your own safety,



leave this to professionals.



Professionals. Yes...



I'll do that.



I'll do that.



Good bye, son.



We called New York, we called

Las Vegas, we called Europe



and Hong Kong, we even got

the Sicilians in it for old time's sake.



With what you're paying Howard,

we'll know everything



about Otto Krieg within    hours.



High five.



- Come on.

- That was cool!



Leave it. We'll be back.



- Race you?

- Yeah.



Got anything left?



I don't see it!

Come on!



He did his free ascent

on the first try.



I've seen Navy SEALs do worse.



- That's what we like to hear.

- I'm so proud of you.



Good job, babe.



Hey, Frank,

is that that Candelaria?



Yeah, Manuel.



People around here

call him a witch doctor.



He lives on that island

way off the point.



Only one damn fool I know

crazy enough to swim over there.



Gee, let me guess.



This is the first family reunion

we've had in five years.



And that's too long.

That's too long.






Two families and

when you put them together,



you get this: My grandson!



I just want to say that...



I'm very happy that you're all here.



I'm very proud that you're all here.

And that...



I love you.



Love you, too, Dad.



- Salud!

- Salud!






- Hey.

- What happened? What's wrong?



You know...



I can't believe I'm home...



and that I could ever be so lucky.



Because there were times,

Maria, I gotta tell you...






I lost so much time,

with both of you.



- And I'm really sorry...

- Stop. Hey, hey, hey.



I married you.

I knew what I was doing...



and I'd do it again.



You and I, we're not lucky,



we are blessed.



I'll see you at home, son.



His name's Frank Castle.



Senior agent.

Just got the Bureau's London desk.



His alias, connections,

apartments in Europe,



none of it was real,



not even his death.



Well, maybe it was.




he died and came back to life

so he could die again.



You have your chance.



He's leaving

for England next week



and he's at a family reunion

in Puerto Rico.



I think you should be there



so you can come back

and tell Livia how he died.



- All right.

- Wait.



His family.



His whole family.



Is this what you want?



- Morning.

- Hey.



We should have another.



I'm ready.



Another what?



- Good morning, Will.

- Come here.



They were selling

T- shirts in town.



One of them was really scary.



The guy in the shop said

it wards off evil spirits.



It's really intense.



- You know about this?

- Mm-hm.



Let's see here...



This is interesting.



- Like it?

- Like it?



I love it.









Here you go.

Where's the camera? Okay.



- Come on! You've gotta see this!

- What?



Your      Colts,

you've done something to them.



You could say that.



I bore the chambers

and customized the triggers



and added some compensators.

They used to be pretty good,



- but now they're nail drivers.

- Let's see.



Hey, Mom!



- Look.

- Wow!



- Look at that. It's a stingray.

- Yeah.






Get down, Willie!

Get down!



Get over here. Under the boat.

Get under it.






Okay, I'm going to count to three,

and we're going to run to the jeep.



- Okay, honey?

- What about Dad?



Dad'll be okay.



One... two... three...






Go on, honey.



You hang on, honey!






Are you okay?



Mom's gonna get help, okay?



Come on, baby.

Get out of the car.



- Mom, my arm!

- Come on, honey, you can do it.



- My arm! Mom, my arm.

- I know, baby.



But we have to keep moving, okay?



I need you to be a big boy,

and we have to keep moving, okay?



- Okay.

- Okay.









Somebody help me!



Come on, baby!



Mom, here.

Grandpa's boat.



Run, honey!









My mother and father

send their regards.



This time,

they're not blanks.






It's me, Castle. Candelaria.

I'll take care of you.



Are you gonna make love

to that car, or park it?



Get that junk out of here!

Thank you.



Come on, fellas.



Big crowd tonight, Mr. Saint.



- You look beautiful, Mrs. Saint.

- Little prick.



Holy shit!



- To Bobby.

- To Bobby.



To a score settled.



Quentin, go dance with Livia.



All these feelings



From my intuition...



When did you speak to him?



About an hour ago,

Mr. Saint.



Try the Grand Turk.



I got something for you.



Harry Winston.






Without you,

they're just diamonds.



I asked you to avenge our son

and you did.



Thank you.



Vaya con Dios, Castle.



Go with God.



God's going to sit

this one out.



La donna  mobile

qual piuma al vento!



You are insignificant.



You are a coward.



You are a great disappointment

to your mother and I!



Yes! Die!

Die! Die!



I'm the most amazing man

in the world!



It's really loud.



Is it supposed

to be that loud?



Oh, it's beautiful.



He hasn't slept all week.



- How do you know?

- 'Cause I haven't slept all week.



What do you think he does?



Maybe he's an artist.



Wow! Our neighbor

is an artist.



You are the expert on artistes?



I've known a few.



So what do you think he's doing?



Ask him.



Oh, yeah, right.



"Ask him."



I'm late for work.



- Bye, Joan.

- Bye, Joan.






This is undignified.



You're supposed to be dead.



Let's talk.



Stay away from me, Castle.

I have friends, you know?



Let's talk about your friends.



Make you own friends, buddy.

I'm not saying nothing.



I talk to you, they'll kill me.



You don't help me,

I'll kill you now, Mick.



The Saints tell me nothing.






They pay your rent...



your legal bills...



You should know something.



What's the torch for?



     degrees, Mick.



Enough to turn steel

into butter.



It won't hurt at first.

It's too hot, you see?



The flame sears

the nerve endings shut,



killing them.



You'll go into shock...



and all you'll feel is...






Isn't science fun, Micky?



I don't know shit.



You'll smell burning meat,

and then...



then it'll hurt.



I swear I'm telling

the truth!



Son of a bitch!



Oh, my God.



Should we call the police?



Let's stay out of it.

He's a very scary man.



He's killing someone

and we're next.






Wait, wait!



Smell that, Mick?

I'm burning off some of your fat.



I'll tell you anything, anything,

anything you want to know.



- That's a good boy.

- Okay, okay.



Any discussion of Howard Saint's

business involves two Cubans...



the Toro brothers.



They control all the prostitution and

gambling up and down the Gulf Coast...



tons of cash.



They give their dirty money

to Howard Saint,



who transports it in cigarette boats

to his banks in Gran Cayman,



washes it and wires it back

clean as a whistle.



For the love of God!



You are not a nice person.



So what's up, you're gonna

string up Howard Saint



and blowtorch him?



I like that idea...



But I have something better.



Guess what?



You're gonna help me.



Unless you want to stay Howard Saint's

lackey for the rest of you life.



I hate the Saints.

All of them.



Tell me about them.



What they do, where.






Howard Saint's a man

of strict habits.



He has first tee time

five days a week at Tampa Springs.



Never fails.



He likes money,

he likes power,



but the thing

this guy covets most,



the wife, Livia.



What happened

to your family...



Howard did that for her.



She's just like him, and

she's just as predictable.



Every Thursday,

she works out,



gets her nails done

and goes to the movies.



Howard knows every move

this broad makes.



Any man who looks at her wrong,

he ends up in Tampa Bay.



Let's not forget Johnny boy,



the son you didn't kill.



What a putz.



Last but no least,



Quentin Glass.



Been with Howard    years...



the family consigliore, lawyer,

CPA and a sadist.



Who knows

what's going on with this guy?






Pop, you are not

going to believe this.



No, I think I might.



Chief Morris, will the budget

cuts mean less officers on the street?



Thank you.

Thank you.



What impact will all this have

on police layoffs?



- Castle?

- Frank Castle?



- Hey, I thought you were dead.

- Wait, hold them.



Where have you been?



It's been five months

since my family was killed,



and I don't see

one man in jail.



Obviously you're upset.




Is that the word?



I used to get upset

when I had a flat tire.



I used to get upset

when a plane was delayed.



I used to get upset when

the Yankees won the series.



So if that's what "upset" means,



then how do I feel now?



If you know the word,

tell me, because...



I don't.






Enrique,  qu pas?



Get up.



Wheel the money out.



Fill that up.



You know

whose money this is?



You know

whose building this is?



Howard Saint's.



He's going to fuck your life up.



He already fucked

my life up.



Now, out the window.






Out the window.



Good business, murder?



Did Saint pay for each one,



or does he get

a group-rate discount?



Our top story this morning,



a double homicide

in downtown Tampa.



Two men were gunned down

in the lobby of the Saint building...



Frank Castle

is alive and back in Tampa.



You may remember,

Castle's the FBI agent



presumed dead...



He speaks six languages,



he did two tours

and    special Ops CTU.



- What's CTU?

- Counter Terrorism Unit.



At this hour, Tampa police

do not have a motive



and no arrests have been made.

That's the latest news at this hour...



It's him.



Hi, there.



I just want to say



that I'm very happy that you're all

here, very proud that you're all here.



I guess

I've said a lot of things.



We're not lucky,

we are blessed.






How is he still alive?

I don't know, Quentin.



I wasn't there.



Why is he still alive?

That's an interesting question.



Maybe he's still alive

because he was meant to suffer more.



I don't know.



But how can we make him suffer

if we can't find him?



He's daring us.



No, no, he misses his family



and he wants to die.



He's asking for help,

so let's help him.



Did the Toros call?



They'll be here

tomorrow morning.



You invited them

to this house?



They invited themselves, Howard.



Mike, Joe.






Let's get a drink.



We don't have time

for that, Howard.



Oh my God,

this weather.



Yeah, just a little polluted,

don't you think so?



I've seen hurricanes.



I've seen it rain

like cats and dogs.



But never in all my years have I

seen it rain hundred-dollar bills.



Yeah, this rainmaker, Castle,



he was supposed

to be dead, no?



- Yeah.

- Guys, look...



come on...



been working together

for    years.



First time anything

like this ever happened.



At a personal loss to us

of $   million, Howard.



That's one time too many.



Do you want us

to find another banker?









Look, we want our money back,

all right?



And we want protection

on the next shipment.



Do you guarantee

our money this time?



With everything I've got.



In    hours,

Castle is a memory.



A pro from Memphis.

The best.



Come on, Joannie.



Open up the goddamn door,

you fucking bitch!



I want to talk with you now

Honey, you're hurting my feelings.



Joannie, open up

the goddamn door!



You're hurting my feelings,

you bitch!



Hmm, dude?



It's kind of late.



Yeah? What time

is it in Hawaii?



You should leave

right now.



Shut your face,

you lard ass.



Joannie, come on,

baby, let me in.



I'm gonna call the cops.



Are you?



You'll call the cops?

You'll call the cops?



Call them! Call them!

Call them!



Call them! Call them!

Call them!






Get out.



What, what, what?



He don't have his tricks anymore?



And the speed?




What, what, what...



You shouldn't play

with knives.



No one's ever

stood up for me before.



Come on, champ.

Let's get some ice on that.



Come on.



Frank kicked his ass, huh?



He's fine, he's all right.






I've lived in seven cities

in seven years and...



in each one,

I've managed to find



the one guy

who will treat me the worst.



But I'm trying to fix that.



You're Castle.



Used to be.



We saw you on TV.



I don't have one.



I'm Joan.

Dave's the one with all the...



the metal.



And Bumpo's is the...



well, you can probably figure out

which one Bumpo is.



We are really sorry.



About what?



About your family.



Did you know them?






I'm over it.



Don't let your memories kill you.



They won't kill me.



- Glass.

- Quentin Glass?



Who is this?



I have

certain photographic studies



of you and your boyfriend.



Meet me at the bar,

at the Wyndham Hotel.



Bring $     and

I'll give you the photos.



You wouldn't want Howard Saint

to see them, Mr. Glass.



Thank you, sir.

Have a good night.



Quentin is late.

Do you know were he is?



- I have no idea.

- Have you seen your mother?



It's Thursday, Pop.



Right. Movies.



Mr. Saint?



I know where Mr. Glass is.



I saw him pulling into

the Wyndham Hotel a couple of hours ago.




Come here.



I was just telling Quentin

about the movie.



Where have you been,




I've been looking for you.



I dozed off

out by the pool.



- That's funny.

- What's funny?



Micky said that he saw you

at the Wyndham.



Micky should have

his eyes checked.



So he's mistaken?



Yes, Howard,

he's mistaken.



Oh, my goodness.



These pancakes

are really good, Joan.



What's he been doing

for the last few days?






A lot.



Good morning, sir.

Sit anywhere you like.



I can hear

what you're thinking



All your doubts

and fears



And if you

look in my eye



In time, you'll find

the reason I'm here



And in time, all things

shall pass away



In time, you may

come back some day



To live once more



Or die once more



But in time, your time

will be no more.



Do I know you?



I know you.



You're that boy

in the newspaper,



came back from the dead.



I didn't catch your name.



You like that song?



I wrote that for you.



I'm gonna sing it

at your funeral.



You are one dumb

son of a bitch.



Bring a knife

to a gunfight.



Ms rpido, ms rpido!

Come on, let's move.



Let's move!



All of it? All?



Look at this, Joe.



- This is what I'm talking about.

- Don't touch me, cojones.



Don't tell the Toros,

till we have a plan.



Look at this place.

Isn't it beautiful?



Howard, we had chicken

a la Havana tonight.



Very tasty.



Don't touch the Cubans.



Have you heard the news?



A shipment of cash

was torched at Malaqui.



Whose money was it, huh?



Our mother always put

her cash in the mattress,



which I thought

it was a good idea



till the house burned down.



It was a big fire.



She lost everything.



That's what happens



when you don't watch

your money.



You lose everything, Howard.




   shipments are perfect.



One went bad

and I get this, why?



Because you want to scare me?



There's no insurance

in this business. You know that.



So I'm not covering

you fucking losses.



And Mike, if you don't like it,

just remember one thing:



I've got more guns

than you do.



It's not even Cuban,




It's Honduran.



They're animals.



With all due respect,

we don't have more guns.



- It's my duty to...

- It's your duty to make Castle dead!



I don't care what it takes,

what it costs.



Call the Russian.






Mr. Castle,

we need you help right now,



because the guy

who's after Joan



is in her apartment...

right now.



We want you

to have dinner with us.



I know it's not Thanksgiving,



but um...



I'd like us to all say

what we're thankful for.



I'll start.



I'm thankful

to be alive this year.



And to have a job.



And to be sober.



Yeah, I'm thankful

for my mom...



getting out of jail.



You know, it's cool.



And this girl

gave me her number...



which is also cool.



Thanks for leftovers.

I'm full.



Thanks for Diet Pepsi.



And thanks for good neighbors.



Thanks for dinner.



There's dessert.



Ice Florentine.



You have to try

my Ice Florentine.



Come on, Dave.



Come on.



I need your help.



No, no.

I'll do that.



I know what it's like.



I know what it's like to try and

make your memories go away.



You can make

new memories.



Good ones.



Good memories

can save your life.



I'm not what

you're looking for.



La donna  mobile



Qual piuma al vento



Muta d'accento



E di pensiero



Sempre un'amabile






E sempre misero



Chi a lei s'affida



Chi le confida



Mal cauto il core



Pur mai non sentesi



Felice appieno



Chi su quel seno



Non liba amore



La donna  mobil



Qual piuma al vento



Muta d'accento...



Did you feel that?



No, no, no.



...E di pensier.



Mr. Castle?






I'm fine.



He's not.



- We have to get him to a hospital.

- He needs a doctor.



- You need a doctor.

- No hospital, no police.



- Okay, all right. All right.

- I know what he wants.



Okay. Okay.






It sure looks like you know

what you're doing, Joan.



I don't know much,

but I'm good with a needle.



Don't ask.

This will hurt.



He looks weak.



Is he going to die?



Appearances aren't everything.



You can let go now.



- We have to move him.

- Where? There's no place to go.



What do we do?









Okay, come on.

Let's go.






Where's Castle?



Frank Castle,



who lives here.



I asked you a question, fat man.



Leave him alone.



Then I'll ask you.



Where's Castle?



He's not here.






Are you sure?



What did you say?




I'm having a difficult time

hearing you.



I said...



I'm not saying shit.



I don't want you to say shit,

I want you to answer me.



You don't want to say anything

about anything you might know?



Maybe we should get to know

each other a little better.



What's your name?






You go to school around here?



- You don't go to school?

- No.



No, I dropped out.



You dropped out?



You're not doing drugs,

are you?



Not right now.



And what are you doing

with all this stuff?



What is it?









Did it hurt

when you did that?



Not really.



You like that?



Did it hurt a little bit?



That's a special one there,

isn't it?



Is that your favorite?



That's hard to get.






Answer my question,







- Come here.

- No.



Your friend 's about

to have a bad day.



You can save him by talking.



It doesn't have

to be this way.



You think you know

about pain, boy?



What do you know

about pain?



That's okay.

That's okay.



Are you going to tell me?



Dave? Dave?



Are you going to tell me?



- No!

- Huh?



Why don't you and I see if we can

discover the true nature of pain?






Come here, Dave.



Come on, come on.



- You want to talk to me?

- No!



You can talk to me.



Talk to me, Dave.



If they knew,

they would have talked.



They must not have known.






when he shows up...



kill him.



Go ahead.



Castle's alive.

The Russian's dead.



- Where is Quentin?

- Home. I'm at the office.



Close the club.

Get everyone in.



We're going hunting.



I'll be back after   :  .






It's Thursday.



Bye, sweetie.



Look what they did to him.



They tried to make me talk.



I gave them nothing.



You don't know me.



You don't owe me anything.

I've brought you nothing but trouble.



Why are you ready

to die for me?



Because, you're one of us.



You're family.



Get him to a hospital.



Come on, champ,

they'll get you all fixed up.



Say you kill them all...



then what?



What makes you

any different from them?



They have something to lose.



You're gonna die tonight,

aren't you?



Is that what you want?



"I leave this

as a declaration of intent,



so no one will be confused.



'Sic vis pacem para bellum. '






The boot camp sergeant

made us recite it like a prayer...



'Sic vis pacem para bellum'...



'lf you want peace,

prepare for war. "'






Those pictures

of you... I changed my mind.



The number's now $     .



Be at McNab's the men's store

on Broadway at  :   PM,



or they'll have

their own website.



- Listen to me, you son of...

- Remember...



 :   PM.

Just do it, Glass.



- Duka speaking.

- You're on.



Mr. Saint,



how do you want me

to pay for this?



Pay for what?



I was detailing Mrs. Saint's car

and I found this ticket.



Just take care of it.

Where was it?



The Wyndham Hotel.



- What's that date?

- September  th.



Last Thursday.



Where did you say Quentin

was last Thursday?



The Wyndham Hotel.



But Mrs. Saint was at the movies

last Thursday, wasn't she?



- Do you have Quentin's house keys?

- Sure.



I do his laundry.






Get me last month's

phone bill.



Yes, sir.



Need help with some

underpants, sir?



Go fuck yourself.



Evening, Quentin.






- What are you doing here?

- Jim Bowie.



Excuse me?



You know, Jim Bowie,

the colonel...



the man who died

in The Alamo...



had a knife named after him.

He was a gambler.



And when he was accused

of cheating at cards,



what he would do is take

the guy in the other room,



move the furniture

like so...



then he'd take his knife,



he'd throw it in the ground...



and the one that left...



got the money.



Gee, I didn't know that, Howard.



The only problem is that

you have too much furniture.



I'm not following this.



- I'm accusing you.

- Of what?






I've never taken

a cent from you.



Where were the two of you going

to do it next time, the Wyndham?



- Two who?

- You and the whore.



I don't know

what you are talking about.



You're good.



You should have been

a stage actor.



Maybe next lifetime.



What are you doing?



You better pick up

the knife, Quentin.



If you don't, I will.



I don't need to grab

a knife, Howard.



This isn't funny, Howard.












How long have you

worked for me?



You think I'm an idiot?



Have you lost your mind...



You were my brother.



I gave you everything, didn't I?



But it wasn't enough.



- My Liv.

- What has she told you?



Don't you see?




don't do this!



Don't, don't, don't do this.




you're killing me.



You're killing me.




Why are you killing me?

Why are you killing me?



What the hell

are you doing?



I know about you

and Quentin.






You went to the movies

last Thursday,  :  ?






Then at  :  

you called him from your car?



Must've been a short movie.




there's an explanation.



I know, I know.



You're fucking him.



You're fucking my best friend.



That would be a little hard

to accomplish, Howard.



Oh, so true.



So true.






You should really learn

to pay your parking tickets.






You thought we...






Quentin was gay.



You'd say anything!



I don't know what happened.



Would you just talk to me?!



Howard, Howard.






You have to listen to me.



Please, Howard.



Please, Howard.



Do you recognize

the neighborhood?



Little Cuba.



Just think,



the first time I saw you

was only three blocks from here.



Look at me, Howard.



Of course then, the neighborhood

was much more colorful.



Look at me.

Howard, please.



Please, Howard.



Now it's just for whores.

You'll fit right in.



Look at that rock!

Look at it! Take a look!



I gave you that

when I had nothing.



All I asked for

in return, was loyalty.



I have been loyal to you, Howard.

You're not making any sense!



I'm not making sense?

Here, look at this.



I found that in Quentin's bed.

Does that make enough sense for you?



Huh, huh?






Me neither.



I'd like to go to the club.



I need a Martini.



$      a piece.



And $      more

to the man who kills him.



If you accept this money,

you are in till it's over.



Where have you been?






- Where's Quentin?

- Oh... well,



he's wrapped up in something.



- I called home, no one was there.

- Your mother's gone.



- What?

- She took the train.



Frank Castle is dead.



He died with his family.



In certain extreme situations,



the law is inadequate.



In order to shame

its inadequacy,



it is necessary

to act outside the law,



to pursue...



natural justice.



This is not vengeance.



Revenge is not a valid motive,

it's an emotional response.



No, not vengeance...






Hey, Eddie,

more champagne on the double.



Coming right up.






You look like a strong kid.

You must work out.



Ever try isometrics?



This antipersonnel mine

weighs eight pounds.



Not much.






try holding it

with an outstretched arm.



Hell of a workout.



Don't leave me like this.



Don't leave me like this!



Help, please.



Howard Saint.



Howard Saint!



You took everything from me.



You killed my son.



Both of them.



I made you kill

your best friend.



I made you kill your wife.



Oh, God.



And now I've killed you.



You're right,



good memories

can save your life.



When Dave gets out of the hospital,

check the cupboard.



I left something.

For all of you.



- You're leaving?

- I have work to do.



Read your newspaper every day.

You'll understand.



Which section?






"Those who do evil to others...



the killers, the rapists,



psychos, sadists...



you will come to know me well.



Frank Castle is dead.



Call me...



The Punisher."



One, two, three, go!



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



You had your chance

to walk away



Live to see another day



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



You're gonna

get knocked down






Yeah, you've been living

on the edge of a broken dream






Yeah, that's the only thing

you'll ever take away from me



I'm never gonna stop

I'm never gonna drop



Ain't no different

than it was before



So take some good advice,

you better stop and think twice



Before you take your first

step out that door



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



You had your chance

to walk away



Live to see another day



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



You're gonna

get knocked down






Yeah, that's the only thing here

that's left for you






Yeah, that's the only thing

you're ever gonna fucking do



I'm never gonna stop,

I'm never gonna drop



Ain't no different

than it was before



So take some good advice,

you better stop and think twice



Before you take your first

step out that door



So if you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



You had your chance

to walk away



Live to see another day



If you wanna step up



You're gonna

get knocked down



You're gonna

get knocked down



You're gonna

get knocked down...



I've thrown away,

I've thrown away again



The pills that make me



I've thrown away,

I've thrown away again



The chance

to want to change



I've thrown away,

I've thrown away again



Standing all alone



I've thrown away,

I've thrown away again



Eyes wired shut



Running through my brain



Pulling back the skin,

it happens, we're getting older



Eyes wired shut



Running through my brain



It's all the same,

but in the end



It keeps me coming



I've blown away,

blown away again



The fear of failing



I've blown away,

blown away again



The lies that make me sane



I've blown away

the chance to make it right



I want to be,

I want to see



I want to make it back to me



Eyes wired shut



Running through my brain



Pulling back the skin,

it happens, we're getting older



Eyes wired shut



Running through my brain



It's all the same,

but in the end



It keeps me coming



Eyes wired shut



Running through my brain



Pulling back the skin, it happens,

we're getting older



Eyes wired shut



Running through my brain



It's all the same,

but in the end



It keeps me coming.



I wanted you to know



That I love the way you laugh



I want to hold you high



And steal your pain away



I keep your photograph



And I know it serves me well



I want to hold you high



And steal your pain



Because I'm broken



When I'm lonesome



And I don't feel right



When you're gone away



You've gone away



You don't feel me here






The worst is over now



And we can breathe again



I want to hold you high



Steal my pain away



There's so much left to learn



And no one left to fight



I want to hold you high



And steal your pain



'Cause I'm broken



When I'm open



And I don't feel



Like I am strong enough...

Special help by SergeiK