Quadrophenia Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Quadrophenia script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of Pete Townsend's musical movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Quadrophenia. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Quadrophenia Script





# Is it me, for a moment...



# Love



# Rain on me



# Bell boy [echoes]



# Can you see

the real me, can you?



# I went back to the doctor,

to get another shrink



# I sit and tell him

about my weekend...




Darlin'! Whey!



# Whoo!



# Can you see the real me,




# Doctor?



# Can you see

the real me, Doctor?



# Whoa, Doctor!



# I went back to my mother



# I said I'm crazy, Ma, help me!



# She said,

I know how it feels, Son



# 'Cos it runs in the family



# Can you see the real me,




# Mother?



# Can you see the real me,




# Whoa, please!



# Can you see,

can you see the real me?



# The real me, the real me



# Can you see the real me,




# Preacher...



[Rockers shout]



Fuck off!



[Rockers shout]



Bollocks! Fuck off!




Why don't you get off and push?



# Can you see?

Can you see? Can you see?



# Whoa!



# Can you see the real me,




# Can you see the real me



# Mother!



'Ere, Ferdy. Ferdy.



Say, 'ello, Jim.

How's it goin', eh?



All right.



'Ere, you got

something nice for me?






At your service, friend.



They keep your brains warm?



How many d'you want?



Well, come 'ere.



I want about a dozen.



Fuck off, Jim.



All right,   . But how much?



They're pretty scarce right now.



I went abroad to get these.



Got on a banana boat

back to Jamaica, did you?



No. Brixton.



And as you know, Jim,

it costs money.



All right, all right. How much?






You're a fuckin' liberty-taker.



[Loud pop music]



[Loud pop music]



 i! Ferdy!



- Hello, lovers!

- Hi, Monkey! [Laughs]



Go on, get in there!

She won't bite.



'Cos if you don't, I might!



- No, I'm not bothered.

- Not much.



I know, I'll ask for you.



- No, you won't.

-  i, Steph!



[Jim] Fuck off!









# Now, you know, you know

you're gonna knock 'em dead #



[Cheering and applause]



[Band starts new song]



# I love the way you walk



# I'm crazy 'bout your walk



# I love the way you walk



# I love the way you walk



# You're my baby... #



[Quiet voices]



[Dad] Pack it up. Don't do that.



- [Mum] Why not?

- Just go to sleep.



I always do. I'm fed up with it.



Here, Yvonne.

You got any scissors?



Under the table.






 h, what you done?



Dunno, what I done.

I can't see, can I?



It's only some naiI varnish.

I'll clean it up tomorrow.



You're so bleedin' clumsy.



'Ere, you wanna watch it,

you know.



 ne day you'll come from under

there with first degree burns.



It happened to my mate's sister.



 h, piss off.



# Why should I care



# If I have to cut my hair?



# I got to move with the fashion



#  r be outcast



# I know I should fight



# But my old man,

is nearly all right



# And I'm still living in hope



# Even though it won't last



# Zoot suit!



# White jacket with side-vents



# Five inches long



# I'm out on the street again



# And I'm leaping along



# Day's ride, for a beach fight



# But I just can't explain



# Why that uncertain feelin'



# Is still here in my brain #



[Man sings]

# Well, be-bop-a-lula



# She's my baby



# Be-bop-a-lula,

I don't mean maybe...



 i! Will you leave

that out, please?



Do what?



Er, don't sing all that

old rubbish, eh?



That ain't rubbish, pal!

That's Gene Vincent, all right?




Yeah's what I said.  ld rubbish.



Why don't you just turn over and

do a few underwater farts, eh?



Why don't you just fuck off?



You fuck off.



[Sings again]

# Well, be-bop-a-lula



# She's my baby...



# Da-da da-doo! Do-do do-doo!



- # Yeah, you really got me

- # Be-bop a-lula...



#... Don't know what I'm doin',

really got me...



- # Yeah! You really got me

- # Be-bop-a-lula!



- # You got me so...

- # Don't mean maybe...



[Man shouts]

What are you? Couple o' fairies?



[Both sing louder]



[Knocking on walls]



All right, all right.

Cut it out!



What d'you think this is? The

bloody Eurovision Song Contest?



[Jim] Ahh!




Right, I'll sort you out.



Look! If you wanna start,

I'll see you outside...



- Fuck me.

- Kevin Herriot?






Yeah, yeah.

I thought you was in the army?



No, I got out. You?



I'm all right, yeah.



The army didn't teach

you singing, did it?



Nah. Give me my brush back?



'Ere, pile the liquor on, mate.









[Laughs to himself]



Hello, Jim.



What's the matter

with you, then?



That gear you've got on,

it's leather.



That's it.

Goes with the bike, dunnit?



I never realised.



You never realised what?



Well, you was... a rocker.



What am l, black?



You ain't white

in that get-up, are you?



[Snorts] Nah.



Give us a cuppa tea, mate.



Anyway, how long you been back?



Coupla' months ago.



Couldn't stick it, eh?



Nah, they messed me about,

didn't they?



They treat you like shit.



Some poncey Sergeant Major's

always ordering you about.



'Don't do this, don't do that. '

Drove me fuckin' mad.



Then ship you to Wogland.









Was all right, as it 'appens.



Shooting matches

with the rebels and all that.



But they stopped that.



- Ship you home.

- [Man] You're joking!



Back to the same boring routine.



- Drove me fuckin' mad...

- Gotta go, Kev.



- Where you goin'?

- See you later.



- All right?

- Yeah, fine, John.



What's this fuckin'

rocker doin' here?






Here's your towel.



See you later, Kev!






- [Inside] How does that feel?

- Awkward.



- What?

- Bring it in 'ere.



- I could bring it...

- All right, Dan?



- All right, Jim.

- Put your hands there.



Stop fuckin' about!



Don't use that

language here, sonny.



Talk like that you can

make your own suit.



There you go.



   shillings, please.



I'll bring that in.



What about this?



I want it by Saturday.



Saturday. Yeah, Saturday.



- What d'you think?

- Rent-a-tent, innit?



Two pound nine pence, please.



- [Customer mutters]

- Don't matter.



All right, darlin'?



Saturdays, I hate 'em.



I thought I'd just

drop by and say hello.



Been up to no good?



Not really.

Just paid me suit off.



- Yeah? What's it like?

- Handsome.



Three buttons, side vents.

  ' bottoms.



Dark brown.



[Woman] Have I got to wait

all day while you finish?



I'm wearin' it down to Brighton.



Gonna be one of the faces there,

are you?



What d'you mean 'Going to be'?

I am one of the faces.



# I'm the hippiest

number in town



# And I tell you why



# I'm the snappiest dresser

right down to my pinstripe tie



# And I'll get you wise



# I'll explain to you



# A few of the things

that a face is supposed to do #



That Bombers?

Give us a couple.



Chalky! The Ponce,

he's about again.



Not a tight-arse, are you?

I ain't had one for days.



Why? You get banged up

in Margate or something?



Banged up in Shepherd's Bush.



My old man ain't let me out

since Margate.



Even padlocked

the scooter, right?



I went round,

he tried to do me over.



I wouldn't stand for it.



If my old man

took them sort of liberties,



I'd fuckin' do him.



You seen his dad? He's  ' '.



How come you're so small?



- Dunno, it's... thingy...

- Genetic.



His nan's a midget.



There's a party

down Kitchener Road.



- Told you.

- That posh bird?



- Yeah. Right goer.

-  ne with...?



Wanna go to a party?

Everybody's going.



- Where?

- Kitchener Road.






It only takes    minutes

to get there by scooter.



Where you off to, then?



I'll see you later.



Come on, Jim.



[Mutter to each other]






This is the place, lads.

Come on!



All right, John?



Yeah, straight in, no problem.

Come on!



No gate-crashers.



Gate-crashers? Lads, he's

callin' us gatecrashers.






You didn't even

bring any bottles!



Who the fuck are you?

Bleedin' Prince Philip?



I'm the boyfriend

of the hostess.



[All shout mockingly]



Listen, it's Sandra's party,

and me and me mates are invited.






'Ere, where'd you

get that shirt?



All right, Jim?



Anything you fancy?



There's nothing there.

You found a bird.



I know her. [Laughs]



'Ere, that's mine, ain't it?



Can I have that one? Ta.



'Scuse me.



[Girl squeals and laughs]



'Ere, Dan. Seen what's

goin' on in there?



Go in there. It's a laugh!

You'll love it!






[# THE R NETTES: Be My Baby]



 h, let's have some!



Come on, Monkey,

don't mess about.



Not unless you

give me something.









You always have to ask,

don't you?



      for you.



Where'd you get these, eh?



That'd be telling, wouldn't it?



You forgot I work

for the chemist.




The Rhythm  f The Rain]



[Music stops]



[Mutters of complaint]




Come on, then!



[# THE WH : My Generation]






Let's go.



[All sing]

# People try to put us down



# Talkin' 'bout my generation



# Just because we get around



# Talkin' 'bout my generation



# The things they do

look awful cold



# Talkin' bout my generation



# Hope I die before I get old



# Talkin' 'bout my generation



# My generation



# My generation, baby



- # Why don't you all f...

- Fuck off!



# Talkin' 'bout my generation



# Don't try to dig

what we all say



# Talkin' 'bout my generation



# I'm not tryin' to cause

a big s... ensation



# Talkin' 'bout my generation



# Just talkin'

'bout my g-g-generation



# My generation



# My generation, baby #



And again!






[Glass breaks]



[Glass smashes]



[Starts engine]






Leave it out, Jim.

Give us a break.



Sorry, John, eh?



Get in there.



- Dave!

- What?



What are you doin'?



What d'you think?



 h, yeah? Where've I seen

that face before?



- You all right?

- Yeah, get in there!



Piss off, will ya?



Sorry, sorry.



Shut the door!






[Shouts of complaint]















[Car horn]




What is this? What's going on?




Look at my plants!



# Every year is the same



# And I feel it again



# Bottom's up, no chance to win



# Leaves start fallin'



# Come down is callin'



# Loneliness starts sinkin' in



# But I'm one



# I am one



# And I can see that this is me



# And I will be



# You'll all see I'm the one #












And the paper.



Thank you.



Take that to Mr Phelps.



That's for Phelpsy, eh?



- 'Ere.

- You're late.



The letters...






Saw the rounds yesterday,




For people like you, Phil, eh?



I'd like you to look at them.



Sure, what's the problem?



Well, the overall

campaign's going well.



Seen the posters?



Yes. Gorgeous tart.






The trouble is, the clients

are getting over-greedy.



As usual.



They want to corner

the entire youth market.



Cut right across the groupings



It's all right

with A's and B's...



[Jim coughing]



...young managers, graduates,

that type of person.



It's C's and D's

I'm worried about.



It's a bit up-market for them.



I'll look at it for you,

Simon. With pleasure.



-  :   all right?

- Fine.



You don't think this lung cancer

talk will make a difference?



No, young people...



[Jim coughing]



They're not worried.



Glad I gave it up.



[TV] Pychopathic,

that's what it was



[TV] Pychopathic,

that's what it was



- I thought something's wrong...

- Shut up and listen to me.



[TV] Your next assignment

is to get Sir Thomas Weller.



[TV] You bonkers?

He's the guv...






[TV] What, no lolly?



Where you been?



Fell asleep on the train.

I wound up in bloody Neasden.



Ridin' about on them motorbikes

all night, I'm not surprised.



It's not normal.



[TV] A nice quiet piece of

scenery and kick him to a pulp.



 h, yeah? What's normal, then?



What's that?



[Engine outside]



Hello, Jim.



Thought I'd just pop by, like.



You don't mind, do you?



No, I don't mind. Come in.






What's the matter, then?



She's misfirin' a bit.



- Yeah?

- Yeah.



It's your plug.



Got some tools on the bike,

hold up.



[Engine turns and fades]



It'll break your

bleedin' leg off, that.



No wonder you wear

those boots.



It's the best bike

ever made.



I've got a ton, five

out of that.



Better than that poxy hairdryer.



-  h, yeah?

- Yeah.



Well, that isn't it, is it?



I mean, it isn't the bikes,

is it? It's the people.



And people riding these are

states, third class tickets.



Do what?



Rockers, all that greasy hair

and clobber. It's diabolical.



I don't give a monkey's arsehole

about mods and rockers.



Underneath, we're all the same,

ain't we?



Nah, Kev, that's it.



I don't wanna be the same

as everybody else.



That's why I'm a mod, see?



I mean, you gotta

be somebody, ain't you?



 r why not jump

in the sea and drown?



That's why I joined the army,

to be different.



To get away from all this.



Wherever you go,

there's always some cunt



who wants to push you about.



Run it, please!



Two bob.



I'll see you.



Two fives.






Nah, that's bollocks.



Three of a kind don't beat that.



- It does.

- Who says?



I do!



He's right you know, Harry.



Will you run it, please?



[Film] I was late.



She was waiting

in the wrong place.



And by the time I found her...



Did you get us some blues, then?



I'll have to see, won't I?

I dunno.



[Romantic piano music]



[Jim]  ne card.



[Jim] Down and dirty.



Make a mod out of you yet,

Harry, eh?



I don't think, though,

they make Levis in your size.






[Romantic music continues]



- [Jim] Is it me?

- [Harry] Yeah.



[Jim] All right.



- [Des] Threes.

- [Harry] Threes.



Two bob.



I'm out.



Yeah, so am I. You're a fuckin'

jammy bleeder, Cooper.



You're gettin' chicken, Des.

Look, I only had an ace.






I gotta go

to Broadwick Street now.



Take some stuff up there.



[Mr Fulford] Will you run

that film again, please?



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



 h, yeah, Des. I don't like

to be cruel. Take it all back.



Nah, it's yours. You won it.



That's the ten bob I owe you.

[Des laughs]



Fuck off! I ain't carrying

all that fuckin' change about!



Take it or leave it, me son.

Take it or leave it.



I'll see you later, Harry.

See you, Des.



Er, Mr Cale sent me to collect

some stuff for Broadwick Street.



Yes, we've been waiting

for you for over an hour.






Come on, that stuff's got

to be over there fast. F.A.S.T.



[Imitates engine]



Watch the cloth, moth.



[Man] Tacky little herbert.



- You want to hear it?

- Yeah.



Number two.



[Music plays softly]



[Sighs]  h, boy!

What you gonna do tonight?



Wait for a call,

I suppose.



[Steph] Listen, I'll see you

later, all right? Bye!



Wotcha, Jimmy.



What you doing here, then?



- Waiting for you.

- Yeah? What for?



- To give you a lift.

- Great.



- Steph?

- What?



You goin' to Brighton

this weekend?



- Yeah, you?

- 'Course I am.



Who you goin' with?



Pete's taking me.

Gonna be good, innit?



Yeah. Good.



You and Pete gettin'

a bit strong, then?



No, course not.

He's a laugh, that's all.



Bit flash though, ain't he?



I wouldn't be with him

otherwise, would I?



Nah. S'pose not.



You jealous?



'Course I ain't.



Nah? That's a pity,

I thought you was.



[Bell rings, cheering]



[Bells ring]



[Jim laughs]



[Chalky laughs]






It's a technique!



All right, boys?



So what we gonna do about pills?



If we're goin' to Brighton,

we'll need bloody millions.



I wanna get out me head.



That's not difficult

with your little monkey brain.






Get some rockers off their

heads, knock 'em off!



I was thinkin' about

getting a gun.



Don't talk bloody daft!



I'm gettin' my suit tomorrow.



 nly 'cause

you wanna screw Steph.



- No!

- Hey, Jim!



Hey! Hey! Hey!



Go outside!



We're goin', ain't we.



 h, let's go, then.



[All mutter disdainfully]



The rolls have got scabs on 'em!



[Cheering and laughter]






- Get off it a sec.

- Spider!



[Jim] What's up, then?



- Dunno.

- Breakdown?



[Spider] Must be the points.



- See you there.

- Yeah. Ten minutes.




You'd do better to catch a bus!



[Spider] We will, then!






What's up with it?



How am I supposed

to bleedin' know?



# Met him on a Monday

and my heart stood still



# Da do ron ron ron,

da do ron ron



# Somebody told me

that his name was Bill



# Da do ron ron ron,

da do ron ron #



[Motorbikes approaching]



 h, shit!



What's up? Your mother's

hairdryer blown up, has it?



Rubber band busted?



- Yeah.

- No, let's fix it.



Hold on,

we don't do nothin' for nothin'.



Why don't you piss off?

Bloody leave us alone.



Hold on, Lenny,

they don't want our help.



Are you the boy or the girl?

It's hard to tell with you lot.



This one. Give us a kiss.



Piss off!



[Girl] You bastards!



This one's the bird!



[Girl screams] Bugger off!



- [Girl] Spider!

- Let's go!






So long, suckers!

[Car horn]



Fuck off!



[Spider] Bloody hell.






# Yeah, my heart stood still



# Yes, his name was Bill



# Yeah,

and when he walked me home... #



Lads, I've just seen Spider

outside. He's taken a kicking!



Some rockers have had him!



- You're joking?

- He's outside on the stairs.



[Dave] Come on!



Spider? You all right, yeah?



What's this about rockers

kickin' you in?



I'm gonna murder

the bleedin' scum!



You lot! Come on!



[Dave] Stay there, right?



- What we gonna do?

- Fucking kill 'em!



- Right! Come on!

- Are you with me?



[All shout angrily]




# Yes, he looked so fine



# Yes, I made him mine



# And when he walked me home



# Da do ron ron ron,

da do ron ron



There they fuckin' are!



[Angry shouting]



[Rocker yells in pain]



Fuckin' hell!



Fuckin' have 'im!







You wanted it, didn't you?



Fuck off! Leave 'im alone!



Leave 'im alone!



- Leg it!

- Fuckin' law'll be here!



What sort of time

d'you call this?



I haven't got a watch.



Don't come funny, lad.

It's nearly midnight, isn't it?



I ain't gonna turn

into a pumpkin, am I?



Anyway, you're pissed.






[Mum] What's going on?



I've been sat up,

waiting for you.



I can do without

your clever remarks.



[Mum] George!



Who'd you think you are?



I don't know. You tell me, eh?



You're barmy, that's what.

Staying out all hours.



Gettin' up to God knows what.

Dressing like a bloody freak.



Stand still when

I'm talking to you.



I wouldn't be surprised

if you're on drugs.



- Yeah.

- Yeah.



I know what you

get up to, your gang.



You've got to be part of a gang.

Got to be a mod.



Haven't you got

a mind of your own?



I'll tell you,

you're schizophrenic, you are.



What's that then, eh?



I'll tell you.

It's somebody like you,



who doesn't know

where his mind is.



Bloody split personality.



Half your mother's family

were the same.



That's where you get it.



Your Uncle Sid was always

trying to kill himself.



And when he did

it was an accident.



He never knew what he was doing.



- What happened to him?

- He got drowned, didn't he?



Fell down a bleedin' well

in the garden.



Go on, get off to bed.



[Knocking on door]



[Knocking on door]



[Mum] Jimmy? Jimmy!



Come on, you,

you're late as it is.



- Jimmy!

- [Mumbles] Don't...



Come on, wake up.






I'm not well, Mum.



- What?

- I can't go in. I'm not well.






Something wrong with your head?

Lying there in your clothes!



It's not normal.



Well, I can't stand here.

I've gotta get on.



[Shouts] Make sure you go to the

doctor for a certificate, hear?






Hang on, what about them blokes

Pete was on about?



What? Always got bags of it?



Straight out the back door

of the chemical factory?



That's fuckin' rubbish.



Just sort of bollocks you'd

expect from that flash cunt.



Yeah, but it's worth a try.



- I'll try him now.

- [Man] Nothing to do?



All right, George,

half a minute.



I'll pick you up later.



Yeah, all right, Jim.



D'you want a push start?



[Engine starts]

No, thanks.



Hey, Jim!



I'll be me own bike tomorrow.






The scooter's back

from the garage.



Burn the arse off

your rust bucket.



Any time.



[Dogs bark]



Butch! Jenny! It's all right.



Go on, get back in there.



Hello, young Jim.  n holiday?



Nah, just fancied the day off.



You'll be a bloody beatnik

before you know it.



Ban the bomb and do fuck all.

Poncin' about.



 h, you're all right.

Just you and your Uncle Charlie.



Don't have to bother

with a load of cunts.



- You know what I mean.

- I don't.



No work, no money.



And I like money.



'Ere, Pete, what about Brighton

this weekend, eh?



What about it?



Er, pills.



We thought you might

get hold of some.



Why me?

I'm not a fuckin' pusher.



No, but you know

some blokes who are?



Not me.



Charlie's mates.



And I'm not gonna start blabbing

about mates of Charlie's.



They're fuckin' big.

They don't mess about.



Anyway, don't know why you're

worryin'. Ferdy'll have some.



Well, Ferdy ain't

been seen, has he?



He'll turn up. Friday, he'll pop

up like a jack-in-the-box.



 r a golliwog.



Ain't bloody here, is he?




Cunt. I wonder where he is?



I dunno.



This place gives me the shits.



Bleedin' nig-nogs everywhere.



Shut up.



It's like bleedin'

Calcutta round 'ere.



Calcutta's in India.



Yeah, West India. That's where

they bleedin' come from, innit?



- Yeah.

- What's so funny?



[Window opens above]



Just who you lookin' for,




[Jim] Is Ferdy in?



He not here. Him gone out.



Looking for Ferdy?



Yeah. Yeah, yeah.



He's gone out.



 h. Yeah.



Stitchin' me up an' all,

the bloke. Fuckin'...



Peter Fenton!



 h. Peter!






Peter Fenton. Who is it?



Fuckin' hell, why ring me here?



[Dave] Listen, you cunt. Tell us

where to find these blokes,



- Or we're stuck for Brighton.

-  K. This time.



Hold this, then.



What for?



Well, I ain't goin' in there

with me parka on.






What d'you want, son?



Is, er, Harry North about?



Who are you, then?



I got a message for him.



Hang about a minute, all right?



Come through here.



Come through, come through.



Go on, through here.






That's him in the grey suit.



Go on, you're all right.



What can I do for you, son?



- Me uncle Charlie.

- Who?



Charlie Fenton, he said...



You Charlie's boy?



His nephew, yeah.



His nephew.

What's your name, son?






It's a pleasure to meet

any one of the Fentons.



D'you wanna drink, son?



No, thanks.

I gotta get goin' soon.



What can I do for you, then?



You can talk here.

We're all pals.



Well, I wanted some pills.



 h. What d'you want?



Purple Hearts, blues, Dexedrine?



- Some blues.

- Some blues?



I got a tenner.



Not in here, son.



Teddy! Come here.



This is Teddy. Go for a walk

with him, he'll do the business.



Here, give my regards

to your Uncle Charlie, son.






Come on, Ronnie!



Come on, Ron!






[Whispers] Wotcha.



It's all there.



    it'll see us through

till Christmas, eh?



 ne for the road, eh?



Come on, hurry up.




That ain't a blue!



It's paraffin!



We've been done!

That's my three quid wasted!



Yeah. And mine!



Let's do the bastards' motor.






Come on!



Get out the way!



- Come on!

- Go!



You on?



[Jim] Wankers!






Go on.



Shove it, man.



Nice one.

You're fuckin' makin' a racket.



- Do we have to do this?

- 'Course we do.



We don't wanna leave

prints all over, do we?



My arse. It's the smell.






[Dog barks]



[Whispers] We must be able

to find some pills here, eh?






[Whispers]  h, yes!






[Thud followed by giggles]



[Whispers] Shut up!



- Fucking shut up!

- All right.



Shh. Shh.



Jim, I just thought.






- Footprints.

- Footprints?



You got lines on your feet,

same as your fingers.



Must be thousands

of pills here... Millions.



Ah, nothing's there,

I'm gonna search in here...



I'm puttin' me socks on.



I ain't stupid.



[Whispers] Police!



Lads, look at these! Johnnies!

Fuckin' hundreds of 'em!



Chuck us some packets!



You got something

planned tonight?



'Course I have.



 h! Yellows.



Chalky, what you doin'?

Give us a hand, eh?



Not takin' no chances, am I?



[Dave and Chalky laugh]



[Jim] Come on! Shut up!



Get down to it, eh?



A-ha! Found 'em! They're blues!



I found some blues.



There's not many.



Perhaps someone's

been nickin' 'em.



[Telephone rings]

[Jim] Fuckin' hell!



[Chalky] Hang on.



Chalky, come on!



I'm just gettin'

somethin' for me mum.



I'm droppin' all the blues!



Just get out!



- [Man] Right...

-  ne and tuppence?



 K, you behave

yourself tonight,  K?



I'll try. I'll try

and behave myself tonight.



Yeah, I'm flyin'!

Terrific, ain't they?



Did we have it off or what?



- Hi.

- We done your chemist's.



- You didn't?

- Yeah.



I was gonna phone.



Why didn't you?

I know where everything is.



Here y'are. Got you a Pepsi.



- And a present.

- What is it?



You nicked 'em, didn't you?



You're handling stolen goods.

I'll give you some more.



Listen, d'you fancy

takin' me home later?



What about Pete, then?



I'll worry about Pete.



But if you tell him, I'll never

ever speak to you again, right?



Don't worry. I won't tell him.



And I'm still gonna down

to Brighton with him.






I've said I would, haven't I?



Yeah, I s'pose so.




# Girl, you really got me now




# Girl, you really got me now



# You got me so

I can't sleep at night



# You really got me. Whoo!



# Really got me. Whoo!



# Really got me. Whoo!



# Please...



Ah, cheers.



How much you get?



Mr Fulford mentioned your

unexplained absence yesterday.



Like what?



Like, don't do it again.



Unless you want to hear him

read the riot act?



I take it you don't.



I'd rather be dead, Mr Cale.



All right.  ff you go.



You too, Alec.



Have a nice weekend!






The only way you'll keep

that up is with lacquer.



- No, no lacquer.

- Just a little?



No, poofs wear lacquer.




I wear lacquer.



That's what I mean, innit?



- There y'are.

- Cheers.



That's all right.



My bird'll pull that back.



Long as that's all she pulls.



All right.



The usual miracle?



Careful, I've got a rash.



You know how the hair falls?

Goes down the back.



- All right.

- Know what I mean?



- See you, Dan.

- Yeah.



Brighton tomorrow!



Yeah, see you there.



Mum? Mum?



Where've you put

them old newspapers?



You're not gonna make

my carpets wet again?



Nah, I've wrung 'em out

this time.



They're under the sink.



Gordon Bennett!

What have you got on?



Is this some kind of new fashion

thing I haven't heard about?



Sopping wet trousers?



They're Levis.



Never mind what they are,

they're bleedin' wet!



You gotta shrink 'em on you,

so they fit right.




He's definitely gettin' worse.



[The Who on TV]



# I can go anyway



# (Way I choose)



# I can live anyhow



# (Win or lose)



# I can go anywhere... #



What's this rubbish, then?



Ready, Steady, Go!



Ready what?



Ready, Steady, Go!



Ready, steady, go?



Bunch of louts.



[Dad laughs]



Bloody moron.



I suppose they wear

wet jeans and all?






l... Is that how you're supposed

to play a guitar now, then?






 h, gawd help us.



Here, have you seen this?



[Mum] I haven't got time

for that rubbish.



[Dad] I can sing better

than that little ape.



You call that singing?



Sounds like a drowned dog!



That'll make you deaf, you know.



[Radio] Gerry & the Pacemakers.

The Animals are next.



This is Big L,    .



[Electronic voice]

Wondefrul Radio London. Whoopee!



Good morning, it's  .  . Here

are the main points in the news.



After yesterday's conference

session the Colonial Secretary



commented that he hoped for

independence in Aden in a year.



The Bank Holiday started

in earnest last night,



with motorists taking advantage

of the fine weather,



heading towards

the South Coast resorts.



Traffic was reported heavy on

the A    the Southend road,



and there were jams southbound

on the M  causing long delays.



Shopkeepers in the Brighton

area, fearing a reoccurrence



of disturbances by groups of

rival youths in other resorts,



were putting up

shutters last night.



A spokesman said, while they

weren't expecting any trouble



they were going

to be prepared...



[Happy chatter and laughter]



Show off!



Fuck off!



He thinks he's Davey Crockett!



Give us a mirror!



Piss off!






Hold the bike.



Hey, Chalky! Chalky!



Chalky, you all right?






Yeah, I'm all right



Anything broken?






Shame, eh? Shame.



Nah, it looked good

from back there. [Laughs]



Don't take the piss,

I nearly broke me fuckin' neck.



You're all right.



We'll get 'em, right?



- Fuckin' grease monkeys.

- Follow us up.



Told you I'd burn you.



- See you, Chalk!

- Hang on!



- See you down there!

- See ya!



# Get out and don't come back



# Get out and don't come back



# Get out and don't come back



# Get out and don't come back



# Don't come back



# Don't come back



# Don't come back #



Look at that!

That is Brighton, my sons.









Terrific! All right, lads!



Nice one!









Here they are!



[Steph] Whoo!



Hi! What about this?

Everyone's here.



This is great!



Great? Brilliant!



Hey, look! There's Bonzo!



Bonzo? Bonzo!






When'd you get down here, then?



About half an hour ago.



We left before it was light.



- What's it like?

- Dark, weren't it?



Look at him!



Don't he look smart.



[Jim] Wallop!



[Steph] Look at the scooter!



[Jim] That is ace!



Whoo! Whoo!



So, erm... What happened

to you last night?



That'd be tellin', now,

wouldn't it?









Thanks for waitin'!

Bleedin' turd.



Where'd the bird go?



[# B  KER T & THE MGs:

Green  nions]



How many you want?



He's out of his head.



Jim, you come up then?



- Yeah, I'm really up.

- Fuckin' great!



- Greenwich Village.

- Where?



Greenwich Village, New York.



[# THE KINGSMEN: Louie, Louie]



Geezer with the hair, man.



-  i, Dave! Dave!

- Yeah?



The one with the hair!

Let's watch. He's brilliant!



- Jim?

- See you there.



Come on!



Monkey! Come dance!



All right, there, Steph?






Great dancer, ain't he, eh?



Must be the ace face, eh?






You wanna dance with a face?



- All right.

- C'mon, then.



[Steph] C'mon!



 h, c'mon, let's dance over

there! C'mon, I wanna watch him!



- No, dance here.

- C'mon!



- Where you going?

- To dance!



 h, dance with yourself!



Look at him!



What's he doin'?



[Bouncer]  ut the way son.

 ut the way. Come on.



 i! Bouncers!










You're out. Come on, out.



You could've killed

yourself. Come on.



[Crowd] Get off! Leave 'im!



[Monkey] Jimmy!



- [Chalky] Monkey!

- No!



Get out and stay out!



[# Northern soul]



Bit of a girl, was she?



- Where to?

- I wanna ride!



I'm findin' somewhere to kip.

You seen Jimmy?



He was bein' kicked out.



- Fenton's pulled again.

- Makes you sick.



He's sorted his sleepin'

arrangements out.



- Let's ride, Chalk!

- No, get some kip.



- See ya, Dave.

- Cheerio, Spider.



-  i, Steph!

- What?



You comin' with us?



No, we're goin' to a bed

and breakfast, ain't we, Shirl?



- Bye.

- See ya.



I wouldn't say no

to bed and breakfast.



I ain't got no dough.



Not you. Them!



 h. Yeah, not half.



Can you imagine it?



Legs wrapped round your face...



- Fuckin' amazin'.

- Whoo-hoo!



Bit of all right is Steph.



- So where we gonna kip?

- I dunno.



What we gonna do?

Go back to the beach?



 h, yeah? Can you swim?



I don't wanna sleep anyway.

Do you?






What d'you reckon?



It's cheap. [Laughs]



Bit of a shithouse, innit?



I dunno, never slept

in a shithouse, Chalk.



What d'you reckon?



[Man] Make your fucking mind up.



[Dave]... Kin' hell!



[Moans of complaint]



[Dave] Sorry. Is there room?



Come on, then, let's move.



Get a move on.



I've heard there's

a few mods about.



See you down there.



[Both laugh]



What d'you want?



Bacon sandwich, please.






Hello, girls!



- Where's Jim?

-  ver there.



Jim! How's the human cannonball




Leave me hair alone, Dave!






We're in this beach hut,

it's dark, right?



Wakes up this morning,

there's greasers everywhere!



- Right, Dave?

- Yeah, screwing some bird.



Yeah, what did

she look like then?



Dunno, we only saw her arse.



But that wasn't rough.

Well, apart from the splinters.



[Chalky]  ne was the geezer

that rode me off the bike.



He's on my fuckin' list.



All right if I sit down, eh?






What you got the 'ump about?



- Hey?

- Why you so humpy?






Just lookin' at the sea,

that's all.



 h, yeah?



Christ Almighty.



Take your feet off the table.



Piss off!



Just watch it or you're out!



Where'd you get to then?




Just kipped on the beach.



You're fuckin' mad,

getting chucked out.



You shoulda stayed around, mush.

You woulda been well in.



What d'you mean?



She was all on her Jack Jones.









Fucking Fenton gets off

with this beatnik chick.



And she's all on her own.



Tell you, I'd have been up her

like a fuckin' ferret!



Well, if I hadn't known

you were so...



So what?



I ain't gone on her, you know?



Hello, Jimmy!




knows you fancy her.



I reckon she's a right

good bunk-up.



 h, you animal.



[Band plays]



[Band plays]



[Shouts and cheering]






- All right, Steph?

- Yeah, great, innit?



- Where's Pete, then?

- Dunno. Don't care.



Don't care?

Dave! Come on. Dave!



[Chanting] We are the mods,

we are the mods!



We are, we are, we are the mods!



[Chant continues]



Fucking wankers!



That's the geezer that

run me off the road yesterday!



Let's fuckin' have 'em!






Have 'im!



[Shouting and screaming]



Pete! Stop 'em!



[Rocker] No!



They've gone berserk!

Get somebody here!



What's that... Stop!



Jesus Christ,

they've gone...  i!



[Screaming and shouting]



What's goin' on here?!



 ver the edge!






Jimmy! Jimmy!



All right! I was there! Mods!




Mods! Mods! Mods!



There was a geezer, man, I tell

you, I went, crack! Crack!



We are the mods,

we are the mods!



We are, we are, we are the mods!






Fuckin' hell! Run! Run!



[Chanting] We are the mods,

we are the mods!



We are, we are, we are the mods!



[Police sirens]







Mods! Mods! Mods!



We got some rockers!



[All talk]



Kill the bastards!



[Cheering and shouting]



[Jim] Steph, come on!



[Screams of pain]



[Police sirens]



[Policemen shout]



[Jim]  ut the way!



- Come on!

- [Steph] Wait for me!






- [Jim] Steph!

- [Steph] Jimmy!



[Squeal of tyres]



[Horns honk]



Jesus Christ! The Law!



[Confused shouts]



[Squeal of tyres]



[Police radios]




Right, keep them in!




Control those kids!




We are the mods,



we are the mods!



We are, we are, we are the mods!



[Jim] Run. Run! Run!!



Up here, up here! Come on.



[Jim]  h...






[Steph] Come 'ere.



Come here.






Uh...  h...






[Steph moans gently]



[Steph moans faster]



[Jim groans]



'Ere, c'mon.



Down 'ere.



Come on!




Get onto the footpaths!




Get onto the path!



Get off! I ain't done nothing!

Go on, go on!



Right, give him here. Come on.



Steph, come on!



 h, no.






[Ace Face]

All right, all right!



Fuck off! Cunt.



[Police sirens]






[Policeman] All right!



# I feel I'm bein' followed



# My head is empty



# Every word I say

turns out a sentence



# Statements to a stranger



# Just asking for directions



# Goin' from being helped



# To being questioned...



 i, Steph? Are you all right?



[Both laugh]



# I see a man

without a problem #



[Magistrate] It seems strange

to see this procession



of miserable specimens.



So different from the strutting

hooligans of yesterday,



who came here to pollute

the air of this town.






These long-haired, mentally

unstable, petty little hoodlums.



These sordid Caesars, who can

only find courage, like rats,



by hunting in packs,



came to Brighton

with the avowed intent



of intefrering with the life

and property of its inhabitants.



And so far as the law

gives us power,



this court will not faiI to use

the prescribed penalties.



It may, perhaps, discourage you,

and others of your kidney,



who're infected with this

vicious virus,



that you be ordered

to pay a fine of   .



I'll pay now if you don't mind.



[Laughter and cheering]



Haven't got a pen,

have you, your honour?







That's enough, silence!



[Magistrate] Take him away!




James Michael Cooper.



You stay right where you are!



I don't have to ask

where you've been, do I?



I suppose you think this is

clever? Proud of yourself?



- No.

- No?



You was there, weren't you?



Yeah, we were there.



And you had more of this filth

with you, didn't you?



You can look shame-faced,

my lad.



I've a good mind to get the law.



- Where'd you get these?

- Dunno.



- Someone gave 'em to me.

-  h, did he?



And you had to take 'em?



- No.

- You've gotta look big.



If they was rat poison

you'd have taken them anyway?



Then gone off like savages

ruining everybody's peace!



I look at you and don't know

what I've brought up!



Your sister's not like this!



Ain't she?

What do you fucking know, eh?



Drugs and filthy pictures!

Running riot over everywhere!



You're a little animal,

you wanna be locked up!



Look what I've got!

A bloody mad thing!



All right.



You're a little savage!



Get out of my house, go on!



Get out!



You're no son of mine!



Wait till your

father comes home!



- I'll wait!

- Go on, get out!



Yeah, fuck off!



...fuckin' house anyway, eh?



# Get out

and don't come back no more



# Get out

and don't come back no more



# Get out, don't come back



# Get out, don't come back



# Get out



# and don't come back



# no more #



[Knock at door]






The post room boy.



Be with you in a minute, Cooper.



Absent for a full day

last week, Cooper.



Now, I understand one day's bank

holiday's not enough for you,



so you have to take two.



May I enquire if there's

any reason for this?



Not really.



Not ill or anything, were you?






Mr Cale tells me you spent

the weekend in Brighton.



I imagine you were involved

in the... disturbances there?



Yeah, I was there.



You weren't arrested or

detained or anything, were you?






I must say, I find your attitude

fairly incomprehensible.



I feel I must warn you, Cooper,



that we cannot tolerate

this kind of absenteeism



amongst our junior staff.



You've got a good steady job,




Plenty of young men'd give their

eye teeth to be in your shoes.






Find one, then.



I beg your pardon?



You heard. Find one, then.



I'll tell you

what to do with your job.



You can take that mail,

and that franking machine,



and all that other rubbish

I have to go about with,



and you can stuff 'em

right up your arse!



Hey, Jimmy. You lose a shilling

and find sixpence, eh?



Well, look who it isn't.



Jimmy, I thought

they'd locked you up.



Yeah, I got fined,

didn't I?   .






Another good customer

bites the dust.



We couldn't wait for you,

had to get back to our jobs.



Yeah, well I ain't bothered.

I was with Ace and that.



Yeah, we went to court together










he's really weird tonight.



I couldn't give a shit.









You got any blues?



Yeah, how many you want?



Dunno. How many you got?



A ton. French blues.



I'll have the lot.



- What?

- You can't afford it!



Where'd you get all that, then?



Golden hand shake, innit?



Two weeks money.



Told him to stuff the job

right up his arse.




You sure you want the whole bag?



Yeah. Why not, eh? Why not?



All right.



[Ferdy] A fiver.






What you gonna do with that lot?



Start a one-man riot?



Yeah. I might.



Why'd you chuck your job?



'Cos I felt like it.



Well, you're bleedin' nutty.



You was on a cushy number.



Look, don't give it

all that, right?



I just got fed up.

Fancied something outdoors.



So do I.



She's not bad, is she?



I found her by the road

in Brighton.



See you found yourself

a new little boy, then?



Hey, Jimmy?



Hope you find a new job.



 h, yeah?



I could get you a job

on the rubbish carts?



You're good at going

up and down in alleys.






If I see you round 'ere again

I'll fuckin' kill you!



- Get off me!

- What's the matter?



You're not a face!



- Piss off!

- You piss off!



Forget her, Jimmy!



Shut up and piss off. You're all

wankers and cunts. Wankers!



[Knocks on door]




Pack that in and clear off!



What d'you want,

you old spunker, eh?



[Shouts] Eh? What d'you

want? What d'you want?



I'll have you,

you little bastard!



[Mum] Are you mad?



What's the matter with you?

You're worse than he is!



Come on in!




You'll wake the whole street.




It's a bit late for that!



[Dad] If he comes

here again I'll kill him!



[Mum] Can't you

come in and talk about it?



Do they all have to know

our business?



[Dad coughs]



Hello, Steph.



What you doin' here?



I wanted to see you.



You've seen me,  K?



Wait a minute, will ya?



What you gonna do? Beat me up?



What d'you want?

Come on, I'm late.



Well... I left home last night.



I kipped out, didn't I?



In some nuthouse?



Look, I ain't mad!



What is wrong with you, then?



Well, I dunno.



It's just... it seems like

everything's going backwards.






You sure it's not you

going backwards?



No, it's just... I can't

think straight, that's all.



I mean, nothing seems right,

apart from Brighton.



Brighton was  K, going to court

with the Ace and that.



I was a mod there, you know?



I mean, that's something,

innit, eh?



What are you talkin' about?



Brighton was a laugh,

that's why we went down there.



 h, yeah. And me and you, then?

Was that just a giggle?



 h, what do you think?



All right, so I fancied you.



We had it off.

But that don't mean nothin'.



It did to fuckin' me.



I can't help that, can I?



If I'd known you'd go mad,

I wouldn't have.



I told you, I ain't

fuckin' mad, right?



No, not much. Look at you?



 ne minute you're all right,

next minute you're going stupid.



You can't have a bit without

kicking your mates' head in.



Just leave me alone,

Jimmy! All right?



Steph, please. Steph, please!



Fuck off!



You slag!



Ah, you cunt!



Bastard! Cunt!







What the bloody hell you doin'?



We could've killed you!






Look at this.



Ah, fuckin' hell!

Look what you've done!



You cunts!



[Driver] Why didn't you stop?



You've killed me scooter!



Fuck off! Leave it alone!

Get off it!



-  nly a dent...

- Fuck off!



Get off it!



Take it easy, take it easy, now.



Fuckin' leave it alone!



Get off! Get off it!



There it is.

It's on the floor now.



You're lucky you weren't killed.



- Fuckin' lucky, am I?

- 'Course you are.



- Bastard!

- I didn't see you.



Fuck off! Go away.



   years, never had an accident.



No fuckin' accident!

You got me, didn't you?



Why don't you kill me?

All of ya!



All of you fuckin' Mr Postmen,

fuck off, go on!



Fuck off!



# Why should I care?

Why should I care?



# He-man drag,

in a glittering ballroom



# Greyly outrageous,

in my high heeled shoes



# Tightly undone,

know what they're showing



# Sadly ecstatic

that the heroes are news



# Girls of   



# The ushers are sniffing



# The seats are seductive



# Pretty girls diggin'...



What you lookin' at?



# Magically bored,

on a quiet street corner



# Read frustration,

in our minds and our clothes



# Quiet storm water,

m-m-my generation



# Uppers and downers,

either way blood flows



- # Inside, outside

- # Leave me alone



- # Inside, outside

- # Nowhere is home



- # Inside, outside

- # Where have I been?



#  ut of my brain on the  :  



#  ut of my brain on the train!



#  ut of my brain on the train,

on the train



# Wow! I'm out of my brain!



#  nly love



# Can make it rain



# The way the beach



# Is kissed by the sea



#  nly love



# Can make it rain



# Like the sweat of lovers



# Layin' in the fields



#  h!



# Rain on me



# Rain on me, rain on me



# Love



# Rain on me



# Rain on me, rain on me



#  n a dry and dusty road



# The nights we spent

apart, alone



# I need to get back home



# The cool, cool, rain



# I can't sleep,

and I lay and I think



# The night is hot

and black as ink



# Whoo, God, I need a drink



#  f cool, cool rain



# Rain



# Rain on me



# Rain over me, over me, over me



# Whoa, rain



# Rain on me



# Whoa!



#  n me...



Fuck it!



# Rain...



Fuck it!



# A beach is a place

where a man can feel



# He's the only soul

in the world that's real



# But I see a face coming

through the haze



# I remember him

from those crazy days



# Crazy days



# Crazy days



# Ain't you the guy

who used to set the paces



# Runnin' at the front

of a hundred faces



# I don't suppose

you would remember me



# But I used to follow you

back in '  



# I've got a good job

and I'm newly-born



# You should see me

dressed up in my uniform



# I'm workin' in a hotel,

all gilt and flash



# Remember the gaff

with the doors we smashed?



- # Bell boy!

- # I gotta get runnin' now



- # Bell boy!

- # Keep my lip buttoned down



- # Bell boy!

- # Carry this baggage out.



Bell boy! Bell boy!



# You were under the impression



# That when you

were walking forwards



# That you'd end up

further onwards



# But things

ain't quite that simple



# You got altered information



# You were told

to not take chances



# You missed that

all-new dancin'



# Now you're losin'

all your senses



# My jacket's gonna be cut

slim and check



# With a touch of seersucker

with an open neck



# I ride a GS scooter

with my hair cut neat



# I wear my wartime coat

in the winter streets



# Love, rain on me



# Rain on me



# Love



# Rain on me



# Love



# Had enough of living



# Had enough of dying



# Had enough of smiling



# Had enough of crying



# Taken all the high roads



# Squandered enough saved



# I've had enough of childhood



# I've had enough of grades



# Love



# Rain on me



# Rain on me



# Love



- # Rain on me

- Me!



# Love



# Had enough of discos



# I've had enough of pills



# I've had enough

of street fights



# I've seen my share of kills



# I'm finished

with the fashions



# And acting like I'm tough



# I'm bored with hate

and passion



# I've had enough

of trying to...



[Echoing scream]



# You stopped dancin' #



# Laugh and say I'm green



# I've seen things

you've never seen



# Talk behind my back



# I walk the beaten track



# I'll take on anyone



# Ain't scared of a bloody nose



# Drink till I drop down



# With one eye on my clothes



# What is it? I'll take it



# Who is she? I'll rave it



# Got a Vespa? I'll need it



# Gettin' high?

You can't beat it



# What is it? I'll take it



# Who is she?  oh, I'll rave it



# Doctor Jimmy and Mr Jim



# When I'm pilled

you're gonna notice him



# He only comes out

when I drink my gin #


Special help by SergeiK