Queen Margot Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Queen Margot script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Isabelle Adjani movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Queen Margot. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Queen Margot Script




France is torn apart
by the Wars of Religion. Catholics and Protestants
have been fighting for years. King Charles IX always let his mother,
Catherine de Medici, rule. But today the Protestant leader,
Admiral Coligny, has the King's trust: the entire country might
switch over to the new religion. To quench the hatred, Catherine
sets up an alliance for peace: she marries her daughter Margot to Henri of Navarre,
her Protestant cousin. A political scheme
that everybody sees through. But Coligny wants war with
Catholic Spain. He must be stopped. August . A heat wave
has fallen over Paris. Thousands of Protestants have come for the wedding. They are invading the inns
and the streets. Their dark clothes and looks provoke the Parisians,
already on the verge of rebellion. Margot's wedding,
a symbol of peace and reconciliation, will be used to set off the greatest
massacre in the history of France. It's up there. Ten coins for the room and two for the horse. Ten coins for that! Find someplace else. Paris is full. With the wedding, the Protestants fell on us like the plague. Who's that! Who are you? I'll kill him! Let me kill him! Who are you? - He just wants to sleep. Put it away.
- To sleep? - Well?
- With me? You'd rather sleep in the street with your Protestant friends? What? He's Protestant? The dust bothers you? You bother me.
I don't sleep with my brethren, even less a Catholic! There's more of us than you. Get used to it! There we go! Everybody in the same bed! We're all friends now! Unity is what they want,
so set the example! - You came for the wedding?
- No. That Margot is an evil whore. The wedding shames us all. Henri, King of Navarre, do you take Marguerite de Valois
as your wife? I do. Marguerite de Valois, do you take Henri de Bourbon
as your husband? Marguerite, do you take... In the name of God, of the Son, and his Holy Church, I join you in holy matrimony. By giving you my sister,
I give my heart to your faith. Welcome to the family. It's a peculiar one, but not that bad. - Why not tonight?
- On his wedding night? Precisely! - He's a smelly goat.
- A wild boar! I know it's a bad day
for you, but look: My Catholics and my Protestants, together in God's house! Look, this wedding
will fix everything. A wedding and a war! That'll fix the French. War? Who talks of war today? Look at him! Coligny wants war. Look! The King's against the war. What do you know? The King is Coligny's puppet. Your power is finished! Do not hate me yet. They all hate me: Your brothers, Guise... Your mother dislikes me. Yours hated me. Yours killed mine. There was no proof. - Go on, talk, but you're as scared as me.
- Scared of what? Who hates you, loves me. Then why make you marry me? For peace! I don't have to sleep with you! Do not come to my room tonight. Charlotte! I got you some red blush. A gift! Who is he? Armagnac. He is . I heard he's a real fanatic. A bit dark and skinny. Nice smile! And this one? Du Bartas. He came with Henri. He's . He lives with his sister! Promising. Nice eyes... But short legs. Short legs? Toss him away! Conde. Royal prince. Which one is he? That one. He's a pervert. He despises me. - And him?
- Henri? What is he doing? Still drinking? Laughing? What? They're lining up to see him. We'll have a haven in Navarre,
freedom of faith in the south, the right to bear arms... What can the King guarantee
when Catherine rules? She doesn't rule any more. I do. In three days you lead the army, with me. Will I still be alive in three days? How could you marry that scarecrow? It'll never work! You did it with Protestants? Oh, no! You will, though! I'll stick to Catholics. Look! The tall one's Armagnac. The short one, Du Bartas. - I'll go.
- Go on! Where were you? They'll make you convert. No! They will! She will! Margot will convert you! Who is she? Charlotte de Sauves. A baroness. She's after you. Baroness? Do you always stare? I fancy you, milord! Can you prove it? You must do the proving. Whenever you want. Choose me over tonight's pleasure. Tonight? What pleasure awaits me?
A knife? Poison? Or a slap, if God's kind! My room is above yours. So it's tonight, or never! Tonight, as usual... Anjou won! And in April, Coligny, how many men did you lose? It's not a war! How many Protestants fought? But it's not a war. What is it, then? Answer me. ? This is a crusade, not a war!
They were ready to die! But not to fight! Spain crushed them! Won't you help Flanders? Maybe not! We are willing to help, but... But what? It's Spain! We would be fighting the King of Spain! And we're just not ready! Not to fight Europe's greatest army! Attack Spain, and France takes sides
with the Protestant countries! But if Spain wins Flanders,
we'll be besieged. You mean besieged by Catholics! Nurse! How long to prepare? We're ready! Why did we accept this wedding, if not to bring peace? - Peace? You liar!
- We want peace inside France, so Catholics and Protestants
may fight together outside! Never! You've men here. And they want to fight.
They're hungry! Beware! Beware they do not start a revolt
that no one can stop! I want this war! The King wants it too. We'll be ready. Come feed the dog, Coligny. White meat is better. Hand me the vegetables. You dominate me. You influence me too much. You always cut me off. You noticed? He's a good eater. They all say so. Everyone: my family, and all the others. But what I see is that you freed me from myself. Yes, Coligny, freed me of my mother. She's Queen no more. I'm King! Good dog, eat! I'm King, now that you're my father. I never trusted anyone before you. Only my nurse! She's a Protestant too. So, go over our battle plans. I'll see you in the morning. At ten, as usual. So it's war? Yes. Who is he? Rene, Catherine's perfume-maker. And her poison-maker! That's good to know. - No perfume!
- You prefer poison? I like you Protestants! You've not lost faith in God
like we have. Oh, I like you Catholics too. Are you really here? Go on, count them!
They're my wedding guests. They say it's good for France, but for me...
your wedding day is a day of mourning! I feel shame! You had my mother killed, and now I marry your whore. In Orleans, three years ago, Guise paid you to kill Coligny. Was it ? ? . I know. A man saved him.
One of his old captains, who took the bullet. What was his name? De la Mole. Leyrac de la Mole. You were in his service? You were a son to him. He gave you room and board. You called him Father! He was a father to you! And you shot him in the back... They want your head. Shall I give it? Sell it... Or else, use me. Tomorrow, at ten,
a man will walk down St Germain Street, to the Louvre. How do I spot him? He'll have a red portfolio. Like this one. You still have Guise's pistol? I'm better with a musket. Maurevel! I'd rather you use Guise's pistol. I waited last night.
You promised to say goodbye. Why say goodbye?
I love you, and I'm still here! You belong to him now. He'll never be my husband.
And you'll always be my brothers! Wake up! He's here. He's waiting. Out! Out! The King told me that he isn't the cuckold any more! I never gave you my virginity, so take my wedding night! Who took your virginity? Who? Your brothers? Which one? Take me tonight! You've got a dagger? Isn't he coming? The wild boar... Do I look like a bride? You look uncertain, unpredictable... Tonight, love me like never before. I want to discover your body, your smell. I want an endless night. I want to see the image of my death
amidst my pleasure. I want my wedding night, but with you! Your husband's coming.
He just left his room. Don't go! You knew he'd come! No! Don't go! You knew it! I'll make him leave! After... We'll have our longest night. I guess I avoided Catherine's spies. They think I'm with... the Italian... The pretty baroness. Go on! Go see her! God ordered me to talk to you, and only you. I have to... convince you! Protestants always mention God! God... or instinct. Whose? The peasant's! As your mother calls me. If I live, I'll be King. My brother is King! The other two will succeed him. And then their children. Your chances are slim. Yours are too. They won't protect you. You're nothing to them. You're a hostage for your brothers. My brothers love me! They'd sell you out, - And Catherine...
- Mother loves me! She'd sell you for nothing! Mother cherishes me! She hates you! And your lover, de Guise... - He uses you...
- Stop! For power, and to seduce women. Why? Stop it. Did your God ask you to insult me? No, Margot, I came to strike a deal. Will our marriage save me
for a month? Days? Help me, and tomorrow I'll give you everything. You agreed not to come tonight,
or any other night. That's true... It was agreed. But give me your hand. Teach me! Lead me! I'm blind here!
These halls lead to an invisible trap. - They'll kill me.
- No! Your brothers will,
and you'll be a useless widow. You can rule over them. You can be Queen, Margot! Let go of me! We were forced to marry. Let's outplay them. Quiet! Be my ally! Let's strike a deal!
Don't be my enemy! Be quiet... I'm not your enemy. My friend, then? My ally? Will you be my ally? Maybe. Now leave. Leave. Is it a brother? A lover? Both? I'd love to know. I also had a coat. I don't love him... But I won't betray him. Stay. It's your wedding night, not mine. Henriette! I need a man tonight. Let's go out. Let go of that! Protestant bastard! That's mine! Give it back! This must be yours. You're from the country? You lost everything? My horse... Some clothes. All my money! It'll be free for you, then. Not on the mouth! My father left me this hunting book. I heard Rene le Florentin
might be interested. It's for sale? Yes, I've been robbed. It's for sale. It's a hunting book. About hunting, and falconry. Leyrac de la Mole. Is that you? My father. From Roussillon? From Languedoc. Remarkable. Exquisite. coins? You came for the wedding? I came to see Admiral Coligny. Coligny? A friend of my father's. Don't you know? He's dead. Someone shot him,
just a few minutes ago. Look out! On a Friday. Like our Lord! Make way! Is that the Admiral? - Is he...?
- A miracle! He'll live. Murderers! You murderers! You want us all dead! Let them through! God will punish you. Is that your peace? Make way for the King! Justice will be done! Our brethren will come from all over to avenge us! Speak to them! Don't cry for revenge.
Thank God who looks over you. Coligny will live!
It's only a light wound. I'll prove my loyalty. A ship awaits,
to take you to England. With Coligny gone, you're dead! But he lives! I know what they can do... - What we can do!
- Don't listen! She's a Catholic! She's a spy! Get her out of here! We're ! Let's gather and fight! Listen... She's warning us! She hates us. Get her out! - She's one of them!
- She's Guise's mistress! Whose side would Jesus
take if he were here? Jesus would tell your King
to risk drowning at sea... - She mocks us!
- But not to wait to die in a disaster. I'm telling you to flee tonight! First they killed your mother! Today they attacked Coligny. You're next. You'd come with me? But... She's one of them! It's true, I'm one of them. You can't be saved. You'll deserve your fate. They'll seek revenge. They're getting ready
in the peasant's room. I feel it.
I want to know who did it. Didn't you see their hatred?
How they cursed us? The Louvre will fall. They'll kill you,
your brother and sister. They'll kill us all! They've been mustering for weeks. I've got weapons! I've got men! They're thousands. They've got power, and will use it! Coligny's my father. Stop calling him that! If your father were alive,
he'd know what to do! He knew that a real King
does both good deeds and bad ones! Guise knows how to attack first! - Me?
- They found your pistol. Fine! That's a crime I'd have loved to commit. Nobody's blaming you, but why miss! They blame me for Coligny? So what! Go on, open an inquiry for Coligny! Listen to Guise!
Be a useless King seeking justice! You'll bring ruin to France, when I'm working to make it strong! Since your father died, it's me
who's been doing all the dirty work! - It was you?
- I'd die to save my children! You had him shot? Me, only me... He should have died! We have to go all the way now. We must kill the leaders. Tonight! Conde, of course, and D'Aubigne. Teligny, Beauvoix, Mornay,
Du Bartas... - La Rochefoucauld...
- Crussol... And Navarre! No! Not Navarre! Coligny! You want Coligny dead? I do too! So, all the others in France
must die too! There must be no survivors! No one left to blame me for this. - How many must we kill?
- Eleven. Fourteen. All of them! - How many are we?
- Enough. Name? Coconnas... Hannibal. You know what you're volunteering for? I do. What about those who help them? May God help those who help them. - And the witnesses?
- The Catholics won't talk. Make sure the others can't! A lot of people! The King said all of them! It has started. Get the weapons! Over there! Let him go! Move! Armagnac! Du Bartas! Henri! Margot! Fight back! Go get De Nancay! Go to your room! Lock yourself in! - There's one upstairs.
- Quick. This La Mole's a Protestant. - Why are you telling me that?
- Go on! Son of a bitch! Get him! Over there! Come here! - You're a Protestant?
- Yes. Of course he is! He must convert! You heard her. Say the Credo. Say it. Credo in unum Deum,
Patrem omnipotentem... Say it! Say it! Look out! Coligny's up there. Kick in the door! There he is! Mine! He's mine! It's done! I curse you! There he is! I am the Queen of Navarre! He is with me! It's God's justice, he must die. God doesn't want him dead!
Kill me first! Why save him? He'll die in my arms,
not in yours! You won't get this one! How many did you kill? Only those I had to. On Judgement Day
you'll be glad to have spared one life for Our Lord. And that day may be close by. What will you say to God? What will you say to God? That you finished off the wounded? And killed a Catholic woman to do so? I've six Catholics with me! And I'll stab you in the heart! So get out now! Let's go! He's back... It's a bad wound. Take me away. I'm ready. I knew you would be beautiful...
So luminous! I'm ready! Take me away! Open up! They're going to kill Henri!
She wants him dead! What? They said they want him dead. He didn't come to see me tonight. Where is he? In the King's room. Let me through!
Is Navarre here? He has to convert! He's in my room. With them. He won't convert. It isn't my doing. I didn't order this. You believe me? Why? Why? She did it. I swear she's to blame! You gave them Henri? No! I brought him here to protect him.
They all came later. Come with me. No! Come on... Come on. I'm scared! Calm down... - I don't want to go!
- It's all right... Hush... Where were you? And Armagnac? Did they kill him too? What do we do with him? Not Henri! Don't touch him! We'll all be damned! We said all the leaders. Don't touch him! You should've killed him before. It's too late now.
You wed us before God... He's my husband, your brother. He won't convert. Let him be! You still won't? - Why?
- Don't insist... It's over now. No Protestants in the family! - Stop!
- You understand? Let Margot deal with him. Now I know what hate is! Well, learn about hypocrisy too. You must convert. Don't go! What do you want? You'll never find him. This one? We must forget tonight's faces. Take them away! "I wish to return to
the Catholic Church... ...the Roman Catholic Church..." "I wish to return to
the Catholic Church... ...the Roman Catholic Church..." "I renounce all Lutheran and Calvinist heresy..." "And I beg you in the name of God... of his son Jesus,
and the Holy Virgin... the most Holy Virgin Mary,
his mother..." "And I beg you in the name of God... To pardon my sins among these sects... and greet me in the community... obedient to the Pope." I thought you were dead.
They let you live! I too converted. Don't be ashamed. We're alive! Bells? No one's left to kill! Wrong! Your friend Conde got away. One more, one less! Who cares? You are now a proud Catholic King! You can be proud! Proud to rule over a country
full of dead bodies! Paris is a cemetery! Your subjects are either dead or covered in shame! You always worry about your sons. Well, don't any more -
because they're damned! And I am too! Why? They were my wedding guests! And you used me as bait for the massacre! Not in public! Your family doesn't need bait
to start a massacre. How many killers did you take along? I finished what the King started. No! The King saved us! Don't insult him! How many did it take for Coligny? Stop it! Take a message to Conde. I'm a prisoner too! Come on! I wanted peace, Margot! Peace for the kingdom, for my children! You are no longer to leave the Louvre. That way you'll be with
your Protestant friends. What's wrong, Margot? Your husband's Catholic now.
Don't become Protestant! Something happened last night? Something else? I'll find out. Every night he cries out, vowing to find his enemy... I'm the one he seeks. I can't escape this man. God put him on my road. He's always hounding me. And if he doesn't find me, I'll go after him. Stay put! I must see her! They say you're a faceless devil... People fear you
because you're the executioner. Yet you saved my life. You can't even walk. They say she can't love... That murderous blood runs in her... Yet she saved my life! I must see her! No one can get near her. Or near her husband. They can't even move around
the Louvre freely. It's better like that. God chose me to save her. I'll set her free. Look. Here in Amsterdam
there are waiting to leave. They'd rather face hunger, cold,
and the unknown, than pray in the cellar, or pretend to go to Mass. I could leave too... No! We must fight! I was in London, Germany...
We are gaining ground. The Catholics feel our threat! They fear us! I saw La Rochelle, I got in by the sea. Guise has doubled his men,
but our people die rather than convert! Guise fuels my hate! Hope shall rise among our people
if we free Navarre. How many men will you need? Monsieur Mendes is back.
You'll get your money. Only . Secrecy counts
more than numbers. Last year, Monsieur Mendes' family
had to flee Spain. I'm Jewish. My wife's a Christian. My family converted a long time ago.
That changed nothing. The law forbids us to marry Catholics. They want to keep the blood pure! I'll give you the money to save the King of Navarre. Even if we are of different faiths. So he converted! She made him? No, she saved him! And they are both prisoners? I don't believe it! Look! I count seven lumps. Anjou will live? He'll be King? He'll rule years. Anjou will rule after Charles. And Alencon? He'll rule after that? Alencon will not live to be . But his son? One of my sons
will have a son, right? The liver is to the left: Three deaths followed by decay. Death? My three sons! Decay? Henri of Navarre... will rule in their place. I thought that horrid night
had changed it all! We killed of them... But he's still alive! The red is so beautiful, so pure. There! The blue is Venice Cream. Let me see. It's beautiful! You're gorgeous. Look. They can even cry! Why should they cry? Charlotte, I have a present for you. Come... The red blush
I promised for your lips. For me? At the last moment!
It's a powerful aphrodisiac. Thank you! We've invaded your rooms! She's up to something. And Armagnac? Where is he? How about you? - Do you know?
- No, Madame, I don't. Yes, you do! I've had enough! Did you hear anything? Thousands have converted. They're not so resolute after all... And him? Him? You need another man. A man to arouse your body, and put your memory to sleep. - Forget him.
- I can't. You forgot others! She suspects me. She's right. You'd do anything! Take it off. The blush? Everything but the blush. Don't touch her! Don't touch her! Come, it's too late for her. Where is he?
She's alone. Too bad. Wait! Grab her feet. Open the window. Throw her out. Come on, throw her out! Don't stay here... Go back to bed. Armagnac... escaped thanks to her. Every night I see my people
being slaughtered. I hear screams,
people yelling murder... Hide your grief. Hide your fear and sorrow. Keep a light heart, pretend you're free. You've managed so far.
Don't stop! Death was on her lips. Never show them you're weak! Those you love become their victims. That's how they can destroy you. Never show them your love. Margot, no! I promised not to... I didn't. He's gone. One day he woke up
and asked for you. You were gone, so he left. He's living with a duchess. He's rich... But he's sad. I worry about him. A duchess? I stitch arms as well as I chop heads! A woman from the court? Who knows Margot? Who sees her every day? Does he live with her? Wait here. You're alive! Thank God! You saved my life... And you're back to punish my sins! Thanks to you,
I'll make up for all my crimes. I can't absolve your crimes... Hit me! I'm wretched...
There is someone in me... someone else... Someone I didn't know. An animal, a monster. And it gave me
terrifying pleasure! Calm down. You're my redemption, La Mole. I beg you to hit me. Get up! Are you hungry? You want to eat?
Can I cook something? Tomato, basil and fresh onions. It's my turn to feed you. And the Louvre? I'm there all the time.
That's what makes me sick. Can you really get in? They're all silk-clad vultures! Nobody cares about the massacre,
except me. You take me for an idiot? No. You have a letter for Henri of Navarre. Yes! But you want her! You wish to free her. Help me! No! It's too dangerous! - She saved me!
- To better ruin you. Maybe... Maybe. Who managed to get you up? You're lucky... I can't any more. He's the one
she thought was dead, and dreams about. I know. You were eating? You wish to see her? You really do? You shall. Every night I dreamt of a ghost. Every morning I hoped you were alive. I always knew you'd recognise me. Always. You smelt of jasmine that morning. I thought: maybe she's ugly
under her mask? Or disfigured.
But it didn't matter. You wouldn't let me kiss you. I thought: she's even lonelier than me. She loves as though
she is seeking revenge. I tried to forget you, but you came to me on that horrid night! God brought me to you. I opened my eyes during the massacre, and there you were... How many men? Two hundred. They'll be in Meaux, waiting for him. When's the hunt? At what time? Monday. They leave at six. They'll be in Pontoise at nine. They'll eat at twelve,
and Henri will try to slip away. You'll be with him? No. It's a wild-boar hunt. Men only! I've tried to get you out for months! Navarre and you, but mainly you! I'll leave on my own. I'm the King's sister. It'll be easy. Where will I meet you? Henri's page, Orthon, will tell you. Henri's already a prisoner here.
Why the Bastille? I want him locked away. - In a cell?
- Yes. He'll die! Listen, Armagnac is back from Holland. He's with Conde, in Meaux. - So?
- They're scheming. They got money
from England and Holland. Sign. No! Not now! He's going to teach me... to kill wild boar with a dagger. Go hunting. We'll arrest him after. Tonight's fine. Sign. They're waiting. I'm late. Maurevel! He's back? Why him? Why not? He's perfect. After the hunt. Come on, Henri! Come to Navarre! I can't leave Charles. Quick! A stake! A stake! Take my pistol! It's no fun with a gun! A stake! Come on! Give me one! Another one! Come on! Look out! Anjou! Alencon! Shoot! Shoot! Are you all right? I suppose... Thank you, Henri. I'm not dead, so you're not King! Not yet. You thought about it, though! To Paris! To Paris? Now? Yes, I've had enough. Come on, friend Henri! Back to the Louvre? Can you believe it? He saved the King! He betrayed us! We must warn Margot! She can wait! They'll notice she's gone. I'll go to the Louvre. I want to see him. Go and get killed, then! Come along. We're leaving. Leaving? I'll get my coat. No! Come now! Come on. Go on, she's waiting for you! I thought you were dead. Again! You must go back. Henri saved the King's life. They turned back before Henri could escape. They'll see you're gone. You must go back. Come! Marie! Charles! I brought another King.
A happy one, with no crown. Come, Henri. Take his hand. Hold it... It's the hand of a brother. Without him,
our child would be an orphan! I can eat without checking my food here! You won't say anything? Ever? She'd kill them! Catherine loves you.
Maybe she'd only be jealous. Jealous? She only loves Anjou.
She wants to rule with him... To make him King!
King of France or Poland. I feel happy here. But... Does Margot know about...? Nobody knows. If she knew, maybe she'd be jealous too? She plays sister to you,
but not wife to me! Would you let Margot go free? Come sit with us! I'd rather listen. Would you set Margot free? Today I can't deny you anything. Then let us go!
I'll take her to Navarre. Margot? In Navarre? She'd be bored to death! I'll teach her... to love life. I'll teach her... to go swimming in rivers, to cook bread on hot stones, to drink wine, to eat garlic! One must love life. That's all there is in Navarre. Did you sleep with Margot? Yes. Don't leave me, Henri. You're my only friend. Nobody will harm you, or Margot, not as long as I live. If we succeed,
you'll go to Navarre with Henri. - You'll be safe.
- I know. You'll be Queen. And you'll be my master, and my subject! I love you as you are now. Naked, in exile, forgotten by all... No past, no future... No family, no fancy clothes to bury love! I'm on your side, with the victims. I won't go back to the killers. I'll never be your subject! Please, don't ever leave me! Promise me something. They say death
always took your lovers. They say you lock their hearts in gold boxes around your bed. They do? What else? That at night, wearing a mask,
I roam the city Iooking for love? One day you'll know who you really are. Promise you won't forget me, the one you shouldn't have loved. I promise. God's hand is on this man! Come kiss me, my son. You were brave yesterday. Your hand saved my son. I thank you. Come! There she is! The Protestants believe
you betrayed them! They can't understand! What is betrayal... but one's skill in following
the flow of events? You've made great progress! I'm learning from you. Where were you last night? Do you know? I gave the King my word. Anjou is leaving. My heart bleeds... I love my three children. I mean, all four of them... Why come back?
Wasn't he good enough? I came back for you!
La Mole would die to free us! - Us?
- He'd die for us! He'd die for another night with you. His life is no use to me. Have you gone mad? Don't you care who they killed? Your blood will soon be on the wall!
You must go, flee as soon as you can! Charles trusts me. You did it for a reason! And he knows it! I saved him, and he saved me. To leave would be betrayal. To stay is betrayal! To hear you say that is shocking! It sounds like you mean it! You betrayed your faith.
Now it's your friends! You grovel at Charles's feet. Last night he was different. He always is! I know him so well... I love him! I'm going to wash. You once asked me to be your ally. So I guided and protected you. Now it's my turn to ask. Let Navarre be a haven for me! Take me to Navarre. Take me with him! Whom do you wish to rule over?
Navarre, your lover, or me? I only slept with you
so people would know! You've no right over me. They're inseparable.
They're out hunting again. Just the two of them! It stinks! - What is it?
- The King has sold... ...yes, sold,
your brother to the Poles. Do you know what he said? "What if we sent the boy..." - Meaning you - "to Navarre, so Henri can stay with me?" Do you know why he wants Henri here? So Margot will stay. One day he'll get rid of me! Hands off! You're now... Can you keep a secret? Margot's soon to be a widow. This is a book on falconry. Perfect for learning about falconry. Who cares about falconry? Put it in Henri's room. It's such a rare book... So scarce... It has been closed for so long that the pages are stuck together. One must wet one's finger,
page after page, to turn them. Look, the brat! Quiet, Acteon! You're white as a sheet! You're reading? It's amazing! The best hunting book ever written. Look: La Mole.
Do you know the name? Are you listening? He's Margot's lover. A man of taste! Both in women and books! I must meet him! Why are the pages stuck? Every day I'll send a messenger. You'll know everything... About the family, France... Every day,
until I call you back for good. I'll pretend to be their King. But my heart will be here... with you. You'll be back soon, dear eyes, my conqueror! I'll die! To the King of Poland! Now we're all kings! Anjou in Poland, me here... You, in Navarre! You want Navarre? It's yours! Nature, wine, garlic... And hunting! The other day, my emotions... They nearly made you kill
the horseman instead of the horse! Damned emotions! God can do so much with so little! How was war? How was the countryside? Your eyes are bulging. The cuckold's horns are pushing out from behind? Like this! It bothers you! It's eating you up! Don't look at me like that! La Mole! A courier, a plotter... A pure heart, mind you! But he does screw your wife! Does Henriette watch?
I hear she loves to! - A slut at heart!
- Stop it! You know La Mole? A survivor! Margot saved him that night! Right, Margot? - Never in...
- Public, I know! They made a pact. You're mad, Margot! The husband remains blind and the wife mute. My farewell party makes them sad. Please, stop! What's this? What's that scar? On your arm... Look! Teeth marks! Was it you? Charles, you bit her! A long time ago... Show them! Show them my mark! Show your tattoo! She cut herself,
and we rubbed dirt in. It all closed up. It's on her thigh, up here. Show them! Tell us about La Mole! He taught me Iove, pleasure! Tell us more! He is a magical lover. He is a prince. And you're a dog in women's jewellery! Lucky for us you're sterile! I'm burning! My throat! My belly! You're not gone yet! It's all right... It's over now. I feel better. Acteon! The poison ate up the bowels. Are you sure? As though I made it myself. A blend of arsenic. A slow poison. What would a man feel? Headaches, burning throat and stomach. Then it would stop. As though it were over. Then pure fire... until death. A quick death? No. But a sure one. Recognise this book? No! You poisoned Henri's mother's gloves! And Charlotte's blush! I'll have you burnt to bits!
Whose book is it? I gave it to Queen Catherine. She wanted... Navarre to read it! It hurts! I'm on fire! Your Protestant rabble...
Conde and all... They're waiting for you
at the pavilion. Waiting for me? La Mole's there. Go on! Go rule over Navarre! - With me dead, they'll kill you.
- Margot? - She's ours.
- She's my wife! - She's ours!
- You promised! You promised! I promised you nothing. She'll never go. Leave! Go straight through the marsh.
They're waiting! It's blood. He's sweating blood. Please leave, Madame... I'll get the doctor. Get out! Leave! I'm staying. I'm your mother. She who gives life is no longer a mother once she takes that life back! I've read too much. Do you understand? It wasn't meant for you, I swear! It was for the peasant. He wants you dead! He wants all my children dead! If he lives,
it means the end of our family! The end of my beloved sons! You only love one of them. That's not true! Burn it. La Mole. Margot tried to leave with that man. Margot will never leave. Burn the book. Burn it! What about him? Where is he? With Henri's Protestants. Without Margot? He left without her? He won't be back,
and Margot will forget him. But what if he does? He deserves to die... What for? For screwing Margot! For poisoning the King! I was weak,
but my ordeals enlightened me... You were weak, but we are proud of you. Prince Henri, welcome back to our faith! God welcomes you back! He will help you conquer France! I am cleansed of all evil and rot! I obeyed that family to save my life! Forgive me, and my cowardice! Now I am myself again, at last! My life and my courage are yours! Together we shall
make God's love triumph! - I won't abandon Margot.
- You have! I won't leave her. She's Catholic!
She's one of them. It's over! She never once betrayed me! Can you say the same? But she never loved me. If she must come, don't go yourself. Send someone else. You go, then. Orthon will help. But they'll fight for her. Tell Margot that Navarre will forever be a haven for her... and for those she loves. What's Orthon doing? He's with the horses. Margot will be here any minute now. And Henriette's coming too. Look out! We've been found out! You poor, innocent victim of duty! You'll die here. Fight, Coconnas! For each one you kill,
a sin shall be forgiven! God's watching you! Stop! You saved him once. That's enough! They're off to the Bastille! Get up! Go to the King! Speak to him! That's my favourite dress. Charles! I love him... Where were you? I love him. For days now, you've been hiding in your room. You didn't want to see me? I've changed... You still love me? It's blood... It doesn't matter! Keep a smile on your lips! Stifling one's grief
is an honour to the dead. They're not dead! I am dead! I'd have been sad to die without you. You won't die! I'll stay with you. He did nothing but help me and love me. That's not a crime! Please let him go. No, that's not a crime. Let me have him, Charles! Set him free! To my room... Only Margot! You too have loved in secret... Pardon La Mole for me. He poisoned me! No, he didn't! But we must say he did. Why? Who poisoned you? Let me carry him! Is she here? - Can you see her?
- Yes. Lift me up so I can see her. At the window, over there. In her blue dress. - Where?
- She's crying. Where is she? Hold me! Hold me! You too must forgive. Sign... Sign La Mole's pardon! What time is it? Five o'clock. It's too late, then. Too late? Too late... Marie... I loved you so! Margot... Lord! I come to thee
without crown or sceptre. Forget the King's crimes, and remember only
your child's sufferings... My conqueror! You are back! We shall do great things. I only wish to please God. We shall stop the war!
We shall stop all hatred. We shall be gentle yet strong... King Charles IX is dead! King Charles IX is dead! Long live King Henri III! It is a mixture used
for embalming the kings. Preserve his beauty. Remove my jewels. Bury them together. You can come with me. I'll stay. Let's go! Navarre awaits you...
Special help by SergeiK