The Quest Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Quest script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Quest. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Quest Script





Cup of coffee?



Thank you.



- From around here?

- Long time ago.



Things sure as hell

have changed, huh?



Well, things change.



Hey, why don't I just put a little taste

of whiskey in that coffee?



What do you say?



- That's nice.

- You just sit down over there.



Relax. You make yourself at home.

I'll bring you the coffee.



Thank you.



What can I do for you fellas?



You wanna do somethin' for me?



- You can open the cash register.

- All right.



- Y-You just take it easy.

- You should leave.



- [ Laughing ]

- I heard an echo.



Did you hear an echo?






What the hell

you gonna do, old man?



Drool on me?






[ Gasping ]



[ Groans ]



Where did you learn

to fight like that?



It was long ago.



It was long ago.



[ Announcer, Indistinct ]



[ Grunting ]



- What the hell is this?

- You read, please.



I'm invited?



- Hey, Georgie!

- Yeah.



Get a load of this.



[ Chattering, Laughing ]



You know what to do.



Let's go, guys!

Let's go!



[ "Ooga" Horn Blowing ]



Hey, clown boy.



- Get off of my street.

- Wait a minute.



Hey, Dubois.



What are you,

sick in the head or somethin'?



Please. Grow up, go get yourself some

decent clothes and come work for me.



- I don't work for nobody.

- Tsk, tsk, tsk.



It's too bad, Dubois.

It's too bad.



You're a waste-of-talent nutcase,

you know that?



Suit yourself.

I got money to make.






Hey, here.



[ Horn Blowing ]



[ Children Laughing ]



Please. Juggle.



Dubois, I want you and your kids

off the street.



I mean it, Dubois.

This is it.



Move it, kid.



Get down now

or we'll knock you flat.



- [ Children Laughing ]

- Grab him!



[ Crowd Clamoring ]



- Some nut, huh?

- Hmph. Yeah.



[ Whistle Blowing ]



Get your ass down here.



Dubois, get down.



You've crossed the line, Dubois.



[ Crowd Exclaiming ]



[ Whistle Blowing ]



- Hey, what are you doin'?

- Lookin' for a toilet.



There's no toilet there.

Get lost. Get lost.



- [ Whistle Blowing ]

- Where'd he go?



- Did you get it?

- There was nothing there.



It's impossible.

Today's the day.



Nothin', Chief. Sorry.



Nothing? Nothing.



[ Sighs ]

I don't believe it.



[ Kids Chuckling ]



- Wow!

- Did I tell you or what? We're rich!






- Look at that!

- With this we buy respect.



If we want something,

we take it.



- Forever and ever.

- Forever and ever!



- Billy.

- Yes, Chief?



Get us some food--

some real food.






- Let's celebrate.

- [ Kids ] Yeah!



- Good night.

- Good night.



I'm so full I could bust.



Red, you go to bed.

See you in the morning, kids.



[ Car Approaching ]



[ Screaming ]



- Dubois!

- [ Gun Cocking ]



Hand me the dough, clown,

or the kid's dead.



Easy, easy.

The kid had nothing to do with it.



Shut your mouth

and hand me the bag!



You heard him, Dubois.

Hand it over.



Count it.



Nobody steals from me.




- [ Gunshot ]

- [ Groaning ]



Billy. Oh, Billy.



It's okay. It's okay.

He's gonna be fine.



The cops are gonna blame you, Chris.



- [ Sirens Wailing ]

- Chris. Chris!



They're gonna kill you!

Get outta here! Go!



Red, you're in charge now.

No matter what happens, I'll come back.



I swear to God.

I'll come back.



[ Tires Squealing ]



[ Cops ]

This way! Down here!



Put 'em in the wagon.



All right, come with me.



Dubois! I'm gonna find you

and I'm gonna kill you!



Dubois! Dubois!



Check the exits and watch the docks!

He's here somewhere!



Move it!

I got the gutter! Dubois!



Check the cargo.

Look around those boxes.



- What was that?

- By the warehouse! Move out!



[ Chattering, Indistinct ]



Under there.



[ Machinery Clattering ]



[ Chattering, Indistinct ]



Your mother's health isn't improving,

and her money's gone.



I rather doubt she'll be coming.



Now, Christopher, be a good boy

and stay right here.



I'll be back.



Don't move. Don't move!



What is this?



[ Grunting ]



A stowaway.

You work for us.



- Put him in chains.

- Wait.



Come on.



Back to work.



[ Men Chattering, Laughing ]



[ Ship's Horn Blowing ]



I come to say good-bye.



It's a shame,

but even good things...



come to an end.



Yes. I'm sure...



the sharks will enjoy you.



Hit the boiler room.



- Grappling irons, now!

- Cast!



- [ Gunfire ]

- Fire at will!



[ Captain ] Come on, boys.

The Turk's ours.



Harry, who the hell is that?



We're even.



Hey, you're losin'

your aim, Dobbsy.



What's your name, son?



Christopher Dubois.



Mine's Dobbs. Lord Dobbs.



And how can we be of service,

Christopher Dubois?



I need to find a ship

back to America.



America, eh?

Well, you're in luck.



We might just find one

on Muay Thai Island.



- Muay Thai Island? No--

- Trust me.



Yes, sir. You are now the guest

of Admiral Dobbs and Harry Smith.



The last of the buccaneers.

Come aboard.






Piece of shit.



Muay Thai Island off the bow!



Muay Thai Island, Chris...



where my good friend

Mr. Khao will take care of you.



[ Speaking Dialect ]



[ Young Men Chattering ]



Hurry it up, lads.



Quickly as you can

with those boxes, boys.



I want to get this tide

out of here.



Khao, my old friend.

Nice to see you.



How are you?

How's business?



Oh, that good, eh?

Well, I have a few interesting items...



I picked up on the way here.



Perfect for insurrections.



But I have something

even better. Harry.



- Bring Chris over here.

- Come on.



Watch the way the boy moves.



Chris Dubois from the United States,

the best fighter I've ever seen.



Oh, Chris. Khao was saying

he's going to make sure...



you catch the boat that comes here

from the States.



- Dobbsy--

- Yes. Khao, I suggest we step inside.



Dobbsy. [ Speaking Dialect ]



Wait here, kid. We're gonna

fix you up nice with our friends here.



[ Men Chattering ]



It's daylight bloody robbery.



He could get killed in the first fight.

Then what do I have?



The boy is good. I've seen him fight.

Have I ever lied to you?



This is the offer.

Take it or leave it.



[ Smith ]

Hey, kid! Kid!



This is gonna turn out

to be your lucky day.



Great news, Chris. There is a ship due

in two weeks, and you are on it.



No need to thank us.



Oh, uh, remember what I told you.

Watch out for your tail.



Watch my tail.






[ Dubois ]

How many weeks?



[ Guffawing ]

Ah, this is great.



Dobbsy, this is gonna be

the best one we ever had.



I do hate long good-byes.



- [ Shouts ]

- [ Groans ]



[ Men Chanting Rhythmically ]



[ Shouts Command ]



Be ready at all times.

You will learn that...



or you'll never become

Muay Thai fighter.



[ Shouting In Dialect ]



[ Shouting In Unison ]



[ Rhythmic Shouting Continues ]



I need some help.

Take me home.



And take care

of Billy, Red, the kids.



Hey. Leave him alone.



Yeah, you. Yeah, you now.



[ Shouts ]



- [ Speaking Dialect ]

- Yeah. Always be ready.






Forget it, Dobbs.



Fifty pounds says I can gain

her most intimate confidence.



Come on, Dobbs.



Trust me, Harry.




Yes, sir.



The young lady who just came in.



Would you ask her if she'd care

to partake of a flute of champagne?



- Say it came from--

- Lord Dobbs?



Yes, sir. Castle in Scotland,

factories in Singapore.



- Smart lad.

- Thank you.



Castle in Scotland?



Excuse me, miss. The gentleman

over there would like to see you.



Thank you.



- I'm sorry. Do we know one another?

- I can't be sure, Miss--



- Newton.

- Miss Newton.



Maybe it was my castle in Scotland

or our vineyards in the south of France?



- No.

- No matter. I shall remember.



Miss Newton.

By the way, I'm Lord Edgar Dobbs.



This is the president of my company,

Harry Smith, with an "i."



- Ma'am.

- Pleased to meet you. Carrie Newton.



Miss Carrie Newton.



- Will you join us?

- I just came in for some refreshment.



Well, then, take it

with us, please.



All right.

Thank you, my lord.






Let's dispense with silly titles.



So, what brings you to the Orient,

if I may inquire?



- I'm here on assignment.

- An assignment?



- Like a journalist?

- Yes. The "New York Globe."



- "New York Globe," huh?

- Hmm.



- Maybe we met through my father.

- Your father?



Howard Newton.

He owns the "Globe."



Howard Newton.

Oh, yes, a splendid chap.



[ Villagers, Vendors Chattering ]



[ Dobbs ] They say you can buy anything

you desire on the streets of Bangkok.



And what is it you desire,

Lord Dobbs?



Oh-ho, a great number of things,

but what about you, m'dear?



- Well, what any woman desires.

- Oh?



A great story.



[ Gong Resounding ]



[ Speaking Thai Dialect ]



- What's he saying?

- Harry?



Somethin' about Muay Thai tournament

tonight. Fighting or somethin'.



That's what I desire.




That's strictly for peasants.



I am a journalist.



All right.

Harry will arrange it.



[ Crowd Shouting ]



[ Cheering ]



[ Announcer Speaking In Thai Dialect ]



- Noisy, isn't it?

- Yeah.



- I warned you it was for peasants.

- We'll get a seat over here.






Khao. What a lovely surprise.



You are a thief, Dobbs.



- You sold me rusty rifles.

- Nothing that a little oil won't cure.



Nice American lady.

A very important journalist.



Carrie Newton.

Very good friend of Lord Dobbs.



Might write nice things

about Muay Thai fighting.



Make you famous in the

United States of America.



Oh, I see.

It's my pleasure to meet you.



Please, have a seat up there

with my good friend Lord Dobbs.



[ Crowd Chanting ]



[ Cheering ]



My God.



Jesus, Mary and Joseph.



[ Crowd Cheering ]



- Let's go.

- You have to get me this story.



I'll arrange it.



- Did you see him?

- Of course I saw him. Just keep moving.



- Did you see him?

- Keep moving.






- We were looking for you, weren't we?

- Yeah, we were lookin' for you.



Good to see you again, my boy.



You've put on

a little muscle.



You've become famous.

I always said you'd make it.



- Didn't I?

- Mm-hmm.



You owe me.



Yes, I do, Chris,

and I always repay my debts.



What do you want?



- The golden dragon.

- Golden what?



The golden dragon

in the Lost City.



Lost City?



The best fighters will meet

to compete in secret...



for a big dragon

made of solid gold.



- Solid gold.

- Solid gold.



You think you can win?



[ Sighs ]




You're learning.



What exactly do you

want me to do?



You buy me back from Khao

and finance my trip to the Lost City.



Carrie Newton.



What'd I miss?



Chris, my son, it is fortuitous,

us meeting like this.



A bloody gold dragon, eh?

Well, I'll tell you what.



You get us to the Lost City,

and I'll make sure that you--



We come back

with the gold dragon.









- Yeah, Newman, I got it.

- No, it's "Newton."






- Do you have a table?

- Lord Dobbs.



[ Dobbs ] It's all right, waiter.

He's with us.



- I need a way to get on the journey.

- Find your own, lady.



Well, how about at least

printing a teaser on the story?



Okay, you get me a photo, and

I might get it in "Around the World."



Wait. Here's the wire.



[ Man On Phone ] Aren't you who we sent

to the Orient to get out of our hair?




Hey, Newman, you there?



- Oh, my God.

- Hello!



You see, Chris...



the problem is that you can't get

into this wretched Ghan gheng thing...



without a special invitation.



- We'll forge it.

- Impossible.



Apparently, it has a map on it,

so we are faced with a real dilemma.



- Good morning, gentlemen.

- Good morning, Miss Newton.



What are you so cheerful about?



Because, my lord, I hold in my hand

your ticket to that journey.



Not so fast.

First we make a deal.



What kind of deal?



I go with you

to the Ghan gheng.



- How do we know it's good?

- Oh, it's good.



It's very good.



Without it,

your plans are worthless.



- That's me. Devine. I need some help.

- Come with me.



[ Grunting ]



- Mr. Devine?

- That's me.



Welcome to Bangkok.



I am Edgar Dobbs

of the Ghan gheng committee.



This is Harry Smith and

Christopher Dubois, your personal valet.



Hey, this is great.

I thought I was gonna get stuck...



with a couple of Oriental fellas

didn't speak no English.



Oh, not for you, champ.

Chris, the bags.



Dobbs, I'm gonna kill you.



Not yet.




It's thieves with pride

that dangle from the gallows.



Who said that?



Edgar Dobbs, lvory Coast,     .



Besides, Chris, my son,

we have an almost perfect plan.



Maxie has the map and the invitation

that will get us into the Lost City.



All that will be on his mind

is fighting.



Miss Newton is off getting

her story of the century...



and in the meantime,

you, Harry and yours truly...



will be devising ways and means

of stealing the dragon.



- Yeah. Sounds good to me.

- Good?



It is perfect. All we have to do

is keep the champ in our pocket.



- So, we ready to go?

- Thank you.



Well, now, who is this?



Carrie Newton. It's a pleasure to meet

the heavyweight champion of the world.



- Is she goin' with us?

- Somebody to record the historic event.



[ Smith ] Let's get goin'.



Her father owns the "New York Globe."



- Well, whoop-de-doo.

- All right, make a pretty picture.






Come on. Smile!



Now what?



Trust me.



[ Elephant Trumpeting ]



[ Smith ] Man, boss,

these elephants are bustin' my rump.



Oh, stop complaining, Harry.

We could be back in Cairo on camels.



Where'd you get

the haircut-- the army?



No, I'm, uh--

I'm a sailor.



I'll tell you what. You look like

you're in pretty good shape.



I'll work you out, give you

a few pointers. Who knows?



Maybe you'd make a good fighter.

Now that's the way to earn some money.






Yep, that's a pretty lady.



- Oh, my achin' rump.

- Elephants.



From now on in, it's horses.



[ Thunder Rumbling ]



Dobbs. I'm gonna go for a walk.



Oh, be careful, boy-o.



Taken one?



A funeral.



No headstones.

That's how they bury thieves here.



Makes them give back to the earth.



[ Thunder Rumbling ]



Hey, Dobbs,

what do you drink with tonic?



Don't tell me.



- Gin.

- I said don't tell me.



- [ Whinnying ]

- Shut up, you!



The Americans!



Welcome to our humble inn.



Thank you.



- What the hell is this?

- Fresh-killed cobra, champ.



Well, I always say one should never eat

on an empty stomach.



I'm for that.



Well, isn't this a small world?



Khao, my old friend,

I just realized I owed you some money.



- Harry?

- You didn't pay him?



No, he didn't pay me.

He's a thief. I'm used to him.



But you--



You are worse. You dare go to

the Ghan gheng to fight against us...



after we've trained you in the ways

of the Muay Thai warrior.



You got it all wrong, pops.

He ain't gonna fight. I am.






That is correct.

This is Maxie Devine, the champ.



You are a fighter?



[ Scoffing ]

What are you talkin' about?



- What the hell's goin' on here?

- [ Dobbs ] He's just talking nonsense.



[ Dobbs ] It's gotten

a little quiet, hasn't it?



Now, as I was saying...



before I was so rudely interrupted

by Mr. Khao--



[ Murmuring, Indistinct ]



Excuse me, honorable sir.



We need this table.



- So do we.

- But--



[ Harry ] You heard him!

Now beat it.



I said--



I say, do you speak English?



He knows what you're saying.



Hey, pal, scram.



Easy, kid.

It ain't worth it.



[ Grunts ]



What the hell is this?



That's what you'll

face at the Ghan gheng.



Good morning, champ.



Good morning, my ass.

You think I was born yesterday?



You don't have anything to do

with this damn Ghan gheng, do ya?



Huh? And you're no valet, either.



You're nothin' but

a cheap, lyin' punk.



- Take it easy.

- Take it easy?



You ain't no fighter, either. You

wouldn't last one round in a real fight.



- Whaddya think of that?

- Hey.



You want some?






Come on. Come on!



[ Both Grunt ]



[ Both Grunt ]



[ Horse Neighing ]






No more.



No more.



Is this what you're after?



So what are you looking

so glum about?



[ Harry ]

"Maxie Devine."



This is, uh, Maxie Devine,

champion of America.



[ Gate Creaking Open ]



Welcome to Ghan gheng.



[ Gong Resounds ]



Kishu Yama from Japan.



[ Speaking Japanese ]



Phang Prahan of Siam.



I am Phang.



Maxie Devine of America.



That's me.



Maxie Devine,

heavyweight champion of the world.



This man is

a better fighter than me...



and as the former

heavyweight champion...



I turn my title over to him.



This here's your man,

Christopher Dubois.



[ People Murmuring ]



Dubois will be granted

a chance to prove...



if he is a worthy combatant

in the first round.



If not, Maxie Devine

shall pay the penalty...



and never leave the Lost City.



[ Murmuring ]



[ Gong ]



[ Dobbs ] That thing is

bigger than I thought.



Why did you come back?



I've been champion a long time...



and you beat me...

with your legs, with your speed.



Besides, when I got

the invitation to come here...



I decided I was gonna see the American

flag flyin' at the end of this thing.



I don't know what's

on your mind, Chris...



but I do know a champion

when I meet one...



and I'm here to see

that you fight like one.



Now you know why.



[ Crowd Yelling, Cheering ]



[ Yelling, Cheering Continue ]



Here in the Lost City...



at the top of the world...



we greet our first heroes.



In this mystical arena...



there are no masks--

just truth.



I wish you well.



[ Gong ]



Soviet Union against Spain.



[ Gong ]



[ Yelling, Cheering ]






[ Lama ] Japan against Okinawa.






[ Gong ]



[ Lama ] France against Brazil!



[ Man ] dd Oh-yay-oh-yay

Oh-yay-oh-yay dd



dd Oh-yay-oh-yay

Oh-yay-oh-yay dd



dd Oh-yay-oh-yay

Oh-yay-oh-yay dd



- dd Oh-yay-oh-yay Oh-yay-oh-yay dddd

- [ Grunting ]



[ Crowd Shouting ]



[ Crowd Cheering ]




[ Grunts ]



[ Lama ] China against Korea!



[ Karate Yells ]



- [ Gong Resounds ]

- [ Yells ]



[ Cheering Grows Louder ]



He's moving like an animal.



[ Dobbs ]

More like a snake.



Harry, our little pension fund.



- Yeah.

- [ Chuckles ]



Hey, boss, how come there ain't nobody

watching this thing?



Well, 'cause they don't think

anybody can lift it.



[ Chattering Quietly ]



- Chris, how are you feeling?

- The kid's a winner.



Of course he is,

for at least one round.



I mean, for your sake.



After all,

you don't want to become...



a permanent resident

of the Lost City, do you?



He should be in training.



- I know you'll win the first round.

- Yeah.



You're gonna win

the whole thing.



You're going to split

the prize with them?



We have a deal.



So do we.



Turkey against Scotland!



[ Crowd Cheering ]






Ohh! Aaah!



[ Body Hits Mat ]






[ Groaning ]



Siam against Africa!



dddd [ Drums ]



[ Rhythmic Panting ]



[ Bones Cracking ]



[ Yells ]



[ Crowd Cheering ]






[ Triumphant Grunting ]



[ Spits ]



Germany against United States!



Chris, I don't know about you...



but I plan on seeing

Times Square again.



- Get 'im!

- [ Nervous Chuckle ]



[ Cheering ]



[ Gong Resounds ]



[ Gasps ]



He's outclassed.



Hope you enjoy Christmas

in the Lost City.



New York City!



- [ Bones Snap ]

- Aaah!






- [ Crowd Cheering Loudly ]

- Yeah! Yeah!



Mongolia against Greece!



- [ Gong Resounds ]

- [ Crowd Cheering ]



[ Roaring ]



[ Body Pounding On Mat ]



This guy's no big deal.



Japan against Turkey!



[ Grunts ]






- [ Gong Resounds ]

- [ Yells ]






[ Karate Yells ]



[ Yelling Continues ]






- Hyah!

- [ Grunts Loudly ]



Now he's got a style

like a monkey.



Mongolia against Siam!



[ Gong Resounds ]



[ Gong Resounds ]






It's over.

Hit the gong!



- No!

- [ Back Snaps ]



[ Body Falls On Mat ]



- Phang.

- Chris, sit down!



[ Grunts ]



[ Growling ]






We need a little chat.






Tomorrow you are

throwing the fight.



- Throwing the--

- [ Harry ] Takin' a dive.



- A plunge, kid.

- You see, it is the perfect setup.



That dragon is so

bloody enormous...



if we're going to lift it out of here,

we need you healthy.



Well, let's face it.

You have been lucky so far.



Why the long face?



I thought this was your quest,

your dream.



Well, soon it'll be a reality.



[ Thunder Rumbling ]



Harry, I think the kid

needs some rest.



Sleep well.



[ Wings Flapping ]



[ Wings Flapping ]



[ Lama ] Spain against United States!



[ Gong Resounds ]



[ Grunts Loudly ]



Up. Get up!



[ Echoing ] Get up!



[ Grunts ]



Yeah! How 'bout that?

The kid can really take a beating.



[ Whistling ]



It's time for plan "B."



What's plan "B"?






Mongolia against Japan!



See, the winner's gonna wear himself

out, then he'll roll right over for you.



- [ Nervous Chuckle ]

- This is good.



- [ Gong Resounds ]

- [ Yells ]



Aaah! Ohh!



[ Roars ]



Lucky punch.



Yeah. Yeah.



Lucky punch.



[ Motor Humming ]



Come on, Dobbsy!

Dobbs, come on!



Come on. Dobbs!



Come on!



Secure it!



[ Lama ] Semifinal.



United States against China!



[ Gong Resounds ]



A tiger.



Hurry it up!

I can't hold this forever!



- Yeah! All right, Dobbs!

- Is it secure?




What about me?



Come on!

Let's get out of here!



Hey, Dobbs!

You bastard!



What about me?



I'll see you outside the gates.



Trust me, Harry.



[ Rhythmic Cheering ]



- [ Whistle Blows ]

- [ Bell Ringing ]



[ Ringing Continues ]



Dobbs, we got company.



- [ Yelling ]

- Run for it, Harry!



[ Ringing Continues ]






[ Crashing ]



What a mess.



Oh, yeah?



[ Dobbs ] I'm sorry, kid,

we tried to run out on you.



I guess that's

the difference between us.



I've never, ever said I was

sorry before, and meant it.



And I never, ever

had a quest...



that wasn't for me,

number one.



I wasn't always

a pirate, you know.



Believe it or not,

for over    years...



I was a genuine captain...



in the Royal Navy.



I raised the Union Jack in countries

you never even heard of...



fought the Hun in the great war.



For what?



For glory of God, the British Empire

and His Majesty the King.



And when it was all over,

what was I left with?



Oh, well, you win some...



you lose some.



Now, you just watch

your tail, my old son.



[ Gate Creaks ]



These men have committed

a great sacrilege...



against this competition.



Let it be known that the price

for such betrayal...



is death!






I will pay for their freedom.



I brought them here.



It's my fault.



If I win, they'll go free.



You'll keep the dragon.



This is for good.



- So be it.

- [ Sighs ]



Final event!






against United States!



[ Gong Resounds ]



[ Crowd Shouting Rhythmically ]



Cover up!






Cover up!






[ Exhales ]



- Get up! Chris! Get up!

- [ Khao Speaking Dialect ]



[ Panting ]



Come on.



We're dead, Dobbs.

We're dead!



I won't say it again, Harry.

Shut up!



[ Crowd Yelling ]



[ Growls ]






[ Grunting ]



Chris, give yourself

some room!






[ Grunting Continues, Crashing ]



[ Chickens Clucking ]






Boss, this don't sound good.



Don't sound good at all.



At least while they're shouting,

it means he's still alive.



[ Roaring ]



- [ Grunts ]

- [ Yells ]



[ Growls ]



Chris, you got him!

Now get in there and finish him!



- Go, go, go!

- Yeah! Yeah!



[ Panting ]



[ Panting, Growling Quietly ]



Come on!






[ Loud Yell ]



[ Angry Grunt ]



[ Echoing ]

Come on!









You've done it!




Chris! Chris! Chris!



Chris, it's me, Maxie!




It's all right, kid.



You did it.



[ Master Tchi ]

Christopher Dubois, we honor you...



as the greatest warrior

of the Ghan gheng.



[ Crowd Cheering ]



Hey, way to go, champ.






Christopher, now that you are

the undisputed champion...



- I've been thinking.

- About what?



A plan, a perfect plan.



Oh, I don't think he wants

to hear about it now, Harry.



[ Dubois Narrating ]

I didn't get the golden dragon...



but I returned to New York,

like I promised.



I got the kids off the streets.



In the end, we all did just fine.



Maxie trained many great fighters

and became a big celebrity.



Last I heard, Dobbs and Harry

opened a trading post...



deep in the Amazon.



Bless their souls.


Special help by SergeiK