Raising Cain Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Raising Cain script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Brian De Palma movie with John Lithgow.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Raising Cain. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Raising Cain Script





- Let me put your jacket on, Sam.

- No, no.



- Come on, sweetie. Come on.

- I don't want to.



- You taking off, Karen?

- Trying to.



- Need a hand?

- Would you mind?



Are you giving your mommy

a hard time?



- No.

- You'll let Carter do it?



There you go.

Amy, did you say hi to Sam?



- Hi, Sam.

- Hi, Amy.



- Darn.

- Something wrong?



No, no. Jenny was supposed

to pick us up half an hour ago.



She probably got delayed

at the hospital.



- Can I drop you somewhere?

- That would be great!



He is such an amazing kid.

You've done a great job with him.






Do you realise how important

these early years are?



Are you kidding?

I've read all the books



and I get all the expert advice

I can handle from my mother-in-law.



I know what you mean.

I've seen her in action. Oh, boy.



Don't you have

any know-it-all relatives?



My father wrote the book

on child development.



Fortunately, it's in Norwegian.



What does he say on the subject?

In English.



- What does he not have to say?

- That bad?



Actually, he's one of

the most visionary men in his field.



He heads a child-development clinic

outside of Oslo.



We're taking Amy there next week.



Jenny never said anything about

Amy going to a clinic in Norway.



It would be a great

opportunity for you and Sam.



- I think Sam's a little young.

- I don't know. A big boy like Sam?



What's so visionary

about your dad's clinic, anyway?



First of all, it's in a beautiful,

natural country setting.



Amy will be supervised

by a team of child psychologists



who record her progress hourly.



But you can't study child development



and think anyone

is gonna take it seriously



if you only have one subject.



It's just another case history.



So, what we're setting up is

a control group of gifted children.



We'll need at least five, none

of them older than three years old.



- That's why I want Sam...

- To be your guinea pig?



- Carter, you got to be kidding.

- No.



Nobody will send their kid

to some snake pit in Norway



- for some developmental study.

- It's not a snake pit.



Do you think I'd let Amy go

unless it was completely safe?



No! But I can't believe

Jenny agrees with it.



- Just forget it.

- Don't get mad.






- Bless you.

- I'm not mad. (Sneezes)



We're friends, remember?



And as a friend, I'm telling you

the whole idea is crazy.



Why would any sane parent

allow their kid to be part of that?



Do you realise no one knows anything

about personality development?



Everything has been pure conjecture.



All we psychiatrists do is chase cows

after the barn door has been opened.






For the first time,

we'll be able to observe what happens



and precisely monitor

the psychological consequences.



Not with my kid, you don't.



- (Sneezes)

- Oh!



- Sorry.

- It's in my eyes!



I got the wheel.



I'm so sorry.



- Karen... are you all right?

- I've got something in my eye.



- It hurts.

- Let me have a look.



Look up. Now look down.

It's just the tiniest bit of dirt.



- It hurts!

- Just keep your eyes closed.



I'll get a... a tissue.



- Are the kids OK?

- Don't move! They're fine.



They're fine! So sorry. I'm so sorry.



What's that smell?



(Muffled yelling)



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



- (Horn honking)

- (Groans)



(Sinister laughter)



- Kiss her.

- What?



In five seconds those guys

will be in your face



and what do you look like, killer?

Go on, kiss her!



(Man) Ooh! Well done.






- When did you get out?

- Move over.



Isn't this pleasant?

We just gonna sit here all day?



- What are you doing here?

- I'm saving your ass, that's what.



I was supposed to be an observer.

What I'm observing is very odd.



Twins chatting in the front,

the driver slumped over the wheel.



- What is wrong with this?

- I don't need you!



"I don't need you!" (Chuckles)



Let's get out of here, Carter,

before we're seen...



because, believe me,

we'll be remembered.



Drop me at the corner.

I could use a drink.



- Don't follow me.

- "Don't follow me."



- Stop that!

- "Stop that."



All right, all right.



- Jesus.

- Oh, Carter...



you're a thankless dope.



I was only trying to help,

which, of course, I did.



This thing you're doing

means everything to the old man



and you can't fuck it up.



- I'm not fucking anything up.

- Oh, really?



What were you planning on doing

with the little missus?



I'm gonna...



take her back to the park

and leave her there.



Very good. I see you've got this

all thought out(!)



"Take her back to the park

and leave her there." Then what?



When the chloroform wears off,

she'll be fine.



- And the cops will come for you.

- I won't hurt her!



You won't hurt her, she'll hurt you!



Oh, my God. What are we gonna do?



- I'll tell you what we're gonna do.

- What?



First, stop at your place.

I need to get out of these clothes.



- And then you need to get lost.

- And then what?



The cat's in the bag...



and the bag is in the river.



(Yawns) I've been up all night

with Mrs Bellor.



The radiation seems to be working.



I'm gonna lie down

before I take her for her checkup.



Isn't she beautiful?



Oh, Dr Nix. Oh, how horny we are.



Ow! You're hurting me.



That's all right. I'll get her.



You just wait here.






(Police siren in distance)



'Mommy! Mommy! '






Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

Mommy! Mommy!



(Crying continues)



(Carter) Shut up!



Stop that.



(Man, Norwegian accent)

I was afraid of this.



I wanted him to do this himself.

I didn't want you to help him.



Gee, Daddy,

I was only trying to help out.



If I hadn't been there,

we'd all be fucked.



(Sighs) Carter's an amateur.

He panicked.



Oh, stop it!



I know you, Cain.



Carter weakened and you stepped in.



We all know your tough-guy act.



But we don't need

a loose cannon here.



Carter can finish this himself.



Let me tell you something, Doctor.

I know Carter wants to help



but we're talking about stealing kids

and experimenting on them.



You may need this "loose cannon".



You should never have gotten out.

You're nothing but a cheap hoodlum.



I am what you made me, Dad.



- Shut up and finish your drink.

- I already have.



Then let me get you another.



You know...



you could get us all

put away for good.



There's no jail that can hold me.



I'm the escape artist, remember?



I learned it breaking out of

all those cages you locked me in.



They were not cages!



They were a specially designed

infant environment.



- They were cages!

- Hush. You'll wake the child.



But hey,

I'm not one to hold a grudge.



After all, where would I be

without you, Baumse?



You wouldn't exist.



That's right

but I do exist, don't I?



I'm that fucked-up experiment

of yours that won't go away.



Hickory dickory dock. Cain

has picked his lock. I'm out of here.



The cat's in the bag

and the bag is going in the river.



So don't fuck with me, Dad!



You may lose more than

your licence this time.



Have you talked to the others?



- About what?

- About what we are doing.



(Laughs) Are you kidding?

If Margo finds out...



- What did you put in this?

- Just something to relax you.



You fucking...



I want you to sleep now, Cain.



You've done a good job

but we don't need you any more.



I want you to relax and sleep.



Carter can handle everything now.



(Clocks ticking and chiming)



(# Grieg: Morning from Peer Gynt)



Daddy, I want to pick the flowers.



We don't pick 'em, sweetie.

We just look at them.



I'm going to take her outside.



- I'll take her.

- No, you finish up.



We'll be fine. We're going to

go look at the flowers.



- Would you like that gift-wrapped?

- Yes. Thank you.



I'll be right back.






That's what I would buy

for the man in my life.



- How are you?

- Fine. And you?






After the funeral...



I was a block of ice.



I couldn't bear to feel,

so I felt nothing.



I'm sorry I made such a mess of it.



I'm staying at the Garden Court.

If you wanted to just talk...



I'll be there tonight. We could...



I saw you come in with Carter

and your little girl.



I guess I just didn't thaw out

fast enough.



- Here's a flower for you, Mommy.

- Thank you, sweetie.



- Are you finished?

- Yeah.



- I mean, no.

- Are you all right? You look upset.



No, I'm fine.

I'm just not finished.



Take Amy to the park

and I'll catch up.



No, it's going to rain.

We're going to go home.



But don't be too long.



Amy needs to spend more time

with her mommy.



- More quality time.

- I'll be home soon.



We'll have plenty of time

for quality time.



- Bye, sweetie.

- Bye, Mommy.



- Miss?

- Yes?



I'd like this one also, please.



(Woman on phone)

'Mr Dante isn't answering.'



Tell him that Jenny O'Keefe called

and that I have his keys.



And I can meet him at O'Keefe Park...

Camino Park at one.



If he can meet me by the playground.



(Banging, woman chattering outside)



(Crash, woman shouting)






(Children chattering)



(Woman) Maxine, be careful.



You went too high.



- Jenny.

- Hi.



- Hi. Where's Amy?

- Home, with Carter.



I missed them.

What a great guy you've got.



Taking a day off to spend with Maxine

hasn't occurred to my husband.



- Is everything all right?

- Yeah.



- No.

- What's the matter?



- Sarah, I saw Jack today.

- Jesus.






I think he still loves me.



Oh, come on.

Isn't it a little late for that?



He was so flustered

he forgot his keys,



so I'm meeting him here

to return them.



I hate to bring this up but

you are married to the perfect man.



The perfect man?



Yesterday, out of the blue,

he started to make love to me



and then stopped

when Amy started to cry.



- He was worried about Amy...

- He didn't even go to her room.



He got into his car

and then drove off.



That doesn't make any sense.



Carter isn't making any sense



and he's becoming

awfully compulsive with Amy.



He doesn't just take care of her.

He studies her.



I have this horrible feeling it has

something to do with his father.



You're not just finding excuses

to start up with Jack again?



I don't know.



- Boy, he looks great.

- Yeah.



Definitely don't do what I wanna do.



- Good luck.

- Thanks.



Thank you.



Nothing's as stupid

as making a dramatic exit



and having to go back

for your car keys.



Fortunately, it was a rental.

They sent over another set.



You're very good at dramatic exits.



- I'm sorry, Jenny.

- It's OK. I got over it.



- And I learned something.

- What?



To be the dispassionate doctor.



Let's walk.


















Three o'clock?






(Amy crying)



'It's OK, sweetie.

It's all right, baby.'



(Thinks) 'Why couldn't we just have

an intercom instead of this thing? '



(Singing quietly in Norwegian)



'I don't know why I agreed to it.



'Taking two years off from

his practice to raise Amy personally.



'Testing out a few new approaches

to child raising in his own home.



'Maybe even write a book about it.



'So I go to work



'and the child psychologist

stays at home, playing house dad.'






(Carter humming lullaby)









(Chattering outside)



(Crash outside)



'Oh, God. I can't let Jack open

Carter's present.'



'Jack's wife, Emma, was my patient,

dying of lung cancer.



'It was agonising for him but

he came every night to sit with her.



'My heart went out to him.



'I wanted so much

to take away some of his pain.



'Then I realised

it was more than that.



'I was falling in love with him.'






- What's going on?

- Leave the room.



- You must leave the room!

- What the hell?



Code blue!



- Get out of the way, sir.

- Coming through.



- What have we got?

- We have cardiac arrest.



- Here's a bag.

- One milligram epinephrine.






(Gasping, laughing)



What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?!



Happy Valentine's Day.



This for me? You came back.



- I just came because...

- Why did you run away?



I thought I saw someone.



- Where?

- In the woods.



Well, he's not here now, is he?






Is he?






But there was someone.









Oh, my God.



- Sarah, it's Jenny.

- 'My God, are you all right? '



- Yes, I'm fine.

- 'Carter's been calling all night.'



- Oh, no.

- 'What happened to you? '



- I was with Jack.

- 'At his hotel? All night? '



I can't explain now.

What did Carter say?



'Since you didn't come home

he figured you had an accident.



'He called all the hospitals

and the police.



'What are you going to tell him? '






Honey. Honey, it's OK.

I'm right here.



- Are you all right?

- Yeah.



I had the worst dream.



I'll say. You were moaning

and waving your hands around.



I dreamt I was in

the weirdest car accident.



Well, you're OK now.



Why don't I get you a glass of water?



OK. Thanks, sweetie.



I get so worried about you, honey.



I think you've been

working too hard.



You shouldn't have to carry

the whole load.



It's beginning to take a toll on you.



I don't know.



Maybe we should be rethinking

this parenting arrangement.



I just don't think

it's been fair to you.



One of these days I'm going to have

to get back to my own practice.



Maybe we could get a sitter in,

during the day.



I should go back to work.

What do you think?



I think...



(Muffled screaming)



- Dr Nix.

- Oh, hi, Nan.



- Can you do me a big favour?

- Of course.



My boyfriend forgot me.

Can you drop me at Mrs Roberts'?



- Sure, I...

- (Baby crying)



I just have

to pick something up first.



Can you keep an eye on Amy for me?



- Yeah. No problem.

- I'll be right back.



(Gasping and moaning)



(Cain, laughing) Jesus!



Be a Peeping Tom on your own time.

We're going to lose that kid.



- That's my wife.

- No shit(?)






I married her too soon.

She never got over him.



No question of that. (Laughs)



Look, Carter,

why don't you just go home?



- I'll handle the baby-sitter.

- (Sarah panting)



I guess you're right.



I don't feel very well.



I'd better just go home and sleep.



That's right. You go sleep.

I'll take care of everything.



I'll just be you for a while, huh?



Until this whole mess is cleaned up.



Poor schmuck.









Oooh... yes!



Where did you get

that neat trench coat?



I copped it.



You know, Dr Nix, I should

be going out with older guys.



I'll tell you something.



For a man your age, you're...

you're still pretty cute.



It's not the mileage, honey.

It's the make.



Keep an eye on the monster.

I gotta go pee.



I'll be right back.






(Door creaking)



I know what you're going to do.



It's a bad thing

and I'm going to tell.



Get out of here!












(Jack) What's the matter? Jenny?



(Starts engine)



(Birds singing)



(Bird shrieks)



Help! Somebody help!



(Screaming) Carter!



Carter! Carter!



(Alarm beeping)






(Beeping stops)



(Gentle music playing)



(Sighs) Jenny.



Oh, Jenny.



(Music continues)



We were all going

to the beach today to have a...



a Valentine's Day picnic.



Jenny took Amy to the park

while I packed up the Jeep.



I guess that was at about eight.



They were supposed to be back at ten.



My wife is never late.

I was immediately concerned.



So I went to the park to search

for them at about ten thirty



but they weren't there.



So I called up you fellas

and came right over here.



Dr Nix, I'm sorry to say



we've had a few other

disappearances from this park.



From your description, your wife

and daughter were likely candidates.



You mean...

they might have been kidnapped?



We don't know. All we know now

is that they've disappeared.



You told us you went there regularly

with your little girl.



- That's right.

- Ever notice anybody strange,



another man or a woman

that seemed to be hanging around?






Wait a minute.

There was somebody, a man.



I remember because... I noticed he

didn't seem to have a child with him.



Why would you come to a playground

without a child?



Why don't you sit down

with our sketch artist?



It would be helpful to get a picture.



Of course.



Peters, it's Cally.

I want you to do a sketch.



Yeah, right away. I'll send him over?



See that guy?

That's Jay Peters, our sketch man.



Why don't you go see what you guys

can come up with?



- All right.

- Come on.



And, er, thanks for all your help.



Dr Nix, Jay Peters.



How you doing? Have a seat.



- Just do the best you can.

- You got it.






Poor guy.



- This is getting out of hand, Sean.

- Yup.



It seems like a serial to me.



A detective's dream -

the motiveless murder.



What have we got now?



Two moms, a baby-sitter

and their kids are gone.



From the same playground.



And there's Dr Nix.



What do you mean?



It's the kind of name

that sticks in your head.



- From where?

- From ancient history.



Oh, your specialty.



- Let's go home, Mack.

- Sean, come on...



- Go home.

- I wouldn't waste your time.



When you retire, you don't

come to the office any more.



Sit in your chair, watch

the shopping channel, wash your car.



Take your grandkids to the zoo.

Maybe go see a ball game.



What you don't do is hang around here

looking over our shoulders.



- I'm just trying to help you.

- You're in the way.



Yeah? Well, maybe you can tell me

who this Dr Nix is.



That guy there working with Peters.



Yeah. Any dope can see that.



But I worked another Nix case

   years ago.



   years ago.

What are you talking about?



I'm talking about that guy's old man.



- Are you sure?

- Same name, same face.



So, what did your Dr Nix do?



We got an anonymous tip

he was buying babies.



I remember we caught him with five.




Was he starting a basketball team?



- Who knows?

- So what happened to him?



He jumped bail and left the country.



He was Swedish or something,

we couldn't extradite him.



- Great. Thanks for sharing.

- Wait.



At his trial, an associate testified

against him, a Dr Lynn Waldheim.



Still works around here.

I called Waldheim's office.



They tell me the doctor

checked into the hospital.



- What's the matter with him?

- Her. Cancer.



I told her the father of

one of the missing kids was a Dr Nix.



She says she'll be right over.



So this is retirement?



I think I'll just have

a heart attack right here.






I could never retire, so I don't.



- You don't mind, do you, guys?

- Mack...



consider yourself

back on my task force.



Thanks, Terri.






Hey, Sean. Thanks.



(Mack) I know what you're thinking.

(Sean) Like father, like son.



Too easy. Just because his father's

a nut doesn't mean Carter is.



I'm going with what we got.



Two mothers, a baby-sitter

and their kids disappear.



When Peters has finished that

sketch I want it shown to everybody.



- (Phone)

- Yeah?






We'll be right down.



Car popped up out of Half Moon Marsh.



Had a woman's body in it.

They just brought it in downstairs.



- Oh, God.

- Do we bring him?



Let's see how bad she is.



- How's it going?

- Very well.



It's amazing. It looks just like him.



He was wearing a trench coat.



- My God.

- Ma'am?



(Terri) Tell me when you're finished.

Let's go.



- Detective Terri, Dr Waldheim.

- Thanks for coming over.



It's uncanny.

He looks exactly like his father.



- That's Carter Nix.

- It couldn't be anyone else.



And his wife and child

have disappeared?



- It gets worse.

- We got a dead woman downstairs



that could be his wife.



So much tragedy in one family.



- Could you walk with us?

- Certainly.



This way.



- Are you feeling up to this?

- I hate this wig.



I told them to get me a grey one.

My hair is grey.



They couldn't find one.



- I look like a transvestite.

- It looks fine.



You're very kind

but you don't lie very well.



- So, you were trained by Dr Nix?

- I took my residency with him.



- Why him?

- Because he was the best.



I was interested in his work

on multiple personalities.



We wrote a book together

based on one of his patients.



In the book, we called him Cain.



- Three Faces Of Cain or something?

- He had many more faces than that.



Down here.

So, what was the book called?



Raising Cain:

The Creation And Evolution



Of The Multiple Personality.



It was a bestseller.

They even made a TV movie out of it.



I heard he made quite a lot of money.



I wouldn't have it.

I had my name removed from the book.



- Why?

- I didn't want that kind of money.



What kind of money was that?



Money profited

off the misfortune of another.



You still wrote the book.



I didn't know all the circumstances

surrounding the case.



- What were they? This way.

- Yes. Let me explain.



All multiple personality patients,

regardless of their background,



seem to share

certain childhood traumas.



Then the original personality

splinters into others.



For instance,

if a boy is molested by his mother



or abused by his father,

the original...






The original personality

forgets it ever happened.



How could his loving parent

do such a terrible thing?



And he creates

an alternate personality.



This becomes the person

it happened to.



He is the one who suffers the pain

for all the rest.



Hm, you do something bad,

the other personality takes the rap.



Very convenient.



It is not a psychological state

one wishes to acquire.



With each trauma

there may be another personality.



Soon scores of them

are running around inside your head,



squabbling amongst themselves as to

which one controls the consciousness.



Only one personality can control

the consciousness at one time.



- So they're talking to each other.

- Sounds like one messed-up guy.



Yes, but by carefully

observing and documenting



the formation and development

of Cain's multiples,



Dr Nix was creating a whole new

theory of personality evolvement.



Yeah. There was only one problem.



- (Lift bell)

- Only one? What was it?



- The raw data.

- (Sean) Elevator.



The raw data

was extraordinarily detailed.



It was as if he'd gotten

into a time machine



and seen each of Cain's personality

splitting traumas as it occurred.



I was never allowed to meet Cain.



His true identity

was known only to Dr Nix.



All the information I had



I transcribed from tapes recorded

during their sessions.



So, how do you think

he got the information?



I never knew for sure



but years later, when he got arrested

for trying to buy babies,



I suspected

there could only be one answer.






He had created Cain's multiple

personalities in order to study them.



He had taken some innocent child

and split its personality.



He needed a control group

to test his theories,



- that's why he was buying babies.

- (Lift bell)






To the right.



And you testified against him

at his trial?



A man like that should be in jail!



- What happened to Cain?

- Only Dr Nix knew that.



What's the story, Al?



Looks like she was put

in the car alive and then drowned.



Look at her nails.

See how they're cut and torn?



Looks like she was trying

to claw her way out.



You should see the expression

on her face.



(Man) Lieutenant, we got lucky.



A lady's picked out the guy

on the bench there. He's real close.



All right.



Excuse me, sir. Excuse me?



Lieutenant Terri, Bay View police.

I'd like to ask you a few questions.



It's just a short ride.

You'll help us out a lot.



Short ride?

I could help you out here.



- Do you have a car here in the lot?

- This is my car right here.



- This is your car?

- It's a rental car.



Give the keys to Detective Carleton.



- You ride with us.

- I don't understand...



You can have the keys.

I just rented it yesterday.



I'm visiting.



Here. These are...



- What is this?

- I must have rubbed...



- Huh? This looks like blood.

- I've never seen that.



- Would you open this?

- Sure. It's probably the round key.



I don't know what you expect to find,

I'm not hiding anything.



Weapons or something.



Oh, my God.






- Hello?

- (Nix) 'Carter? '



- Yes, sir?

- 'Turn on channel six.'



'That's going to mean light rain... '



'A Bayland Park man was indicted



'on charges he killed

an   -year-old baby-sitter.'



- 'You're a good boy, Carter.'

- Thank you, sir.



'Now, meet me at the hotel at  am,




- I'll be there.

- 'The children must be moved.'



Bye-bye, Baumse.



'The charges against Jack Dante,   



'include first-degree murder

and kidnapping.



'He is also being questioned about

the disappearance of Sam Bowman.



'Karen Bowman's body



'was recovered by police from the

trunk of her car in Half Moon Marsh.'









Wake up!



- Don't move or I'll cut it.

- Jenny, what are you doing?



- I'm bleeding. Oh, my God!

- And I can help you.



- Don't let me die!

- What have you done with Amy?



- What are you saying?

- I want answers!



- How could you let me drown?

- What's happened?



Was it because of Jack?

You saw us in the park together.



You got him arrested

for what you did.



- Help me.

- Tell me where Amy is!



But I don't know where she is!

What are you saying?



Tell her before

you get your throat cut.



- But I don't know.

- "I don't know."



- I don't!

- Who are you talking to?



- I do. I took her to dear old Dad.

- Where is he?



Who are you talking to?



Where have you taken her?



Taken her? Taken her where?



She's... she's...

She's... with my father.



Your father? What are you saying?

Your father is dead!



No, no. He's not dead. He's here.



Amy's with him. She's fine.



- Tell her, Cain. She's fine.

- (Doorbell)



- Why won't you tell her?

- (Terri) Bay View Police!



Carter, get up. Carter, get up.



- Tell her, Cain!

- (Banging) Doctor?!



- Amy's fine. Why won't you tell her?

- Dr O'Keefe?



- You've got to tell her.

- Get up.



According to Norwegian authorities,



Dr Nix took a swan dive

into a fjord    years ago.



There was a suicide note

but they never recovered the body.




Carter says they're with his father.



His father's been dead for    years.

This gets better all the time.



Let's hope Waldheim

can get something out of this psycho.



When I got myself out of the car,



I could only think of one thing.



If he was crazy enough to kill me

what was he going to do to Amy?



So then I went home...



but she wasn't there.



That's when I called you.



And then Carter came home.



I just wanted him

to tell me where Amy was.






Well, let's hope he's not too nuts.



What do you mean?



Too nuts to go to jail.



You mean he might not go to jail?



First we've got to find out

if he's competent to stand trial.



Any smart lawyer will plead him

not guilty by reason of insanity.



And depending on what

Waldheim finds out,



Carter could wind up a celebrity

mental case in a cushy institution.



- He might be out someday?

- All he's got to do is get better.






It's quite something,

after writing about him for years,



- to finally meet him.

- Carter is Cain.



And Josh and Margo

and God knows who else.



Now it is clear to me

how Dr Nix got all his precise data.



He traumatised his own son.



Then, over the years,

he observed the effects.



- Does Carter know what he did?

- Carter didn't do anything.



Cain did all the killing.



- Who is Cain?

- One of Carter's multiples,



one of the ones Dr Nix created

when he abused him as a child.



When something bad

is about to happen to Carter



or when something bad has to be done,



Carter blacks out

and Cain takes over.



After the unpleasantness,

Cain exits and Carter wakes up.



He has lost some time. He doesn't

remember how he got where he is



or what happened while he was asleep.



He may be confused

but his conscience is clean.



So how do we find the children?



Carter doesn't know where they are



but one of the other multiples may.



And how do we talk to them?



Hypnotism is the fastest though

not always the most prudent method.



We've got to find these babies now.



Then I will need

an absolutely quiet space



where I can be alone with Carter.



Whatever you need, and do it fast.



I don't wanna be walking behind

any little coffins.



It's all right.



We'll find them.



(Cain laughs)



She doesn't care who she fucks

or where she does it.



But don't worry, buddy.



I'm not gonna let that loving wife

of yours sell you down the river.



I'll put that two-timing bitch

in a box she'll never swim out of.






You remember that lady cop

that brought Waldheim her coffee?



Take a look down at your feet.



Don't be so obvious! Jesus.






Keep your head up. Now reach down.









and pick it up.



Good boy.



Carter, you're awake now.



I am a doctor and I am here

to help you. Do you understand?






(Boy's voice) Are you talking to me?



Yes, I'm talking to you.



Carter, pay attention.

You have to answer my questions



so I will be able to understand

what is going on.



Is that perfectly clear?



- No.

- Why?



Because I'm not Carter.



- You're not Carter?

- No.



Wait a minute. If you're not Carter,

then who are you?



I'm Josh.






- And where is Carter?

- Carter's inside.



Inside where?



Can you wake him up

so I can talk to him?



- No.

- Why?



Baumse would hurt me.



- Who is Baumse?

- Baumse is my dad.



But your father isn't here any more.

He's dead.



No, no! He's here. I gotta go.



Your father isn't here now

so you don't have to be afraid.



He'll hurt me.



No, he can't hurt you now,

I won't let him.



- You won't?

- No.



- You promise?

- Yes, I promise.






- How old are you?

- Seven and a half.



Why are you the one

who came to talk to me?



I don't know.



- Why are you here?

- I don't know!



Try to think.



What is the last thing

that you remember, hm?



- I was in a playground.

- A playground.



And what happened?



Get out of here!



I saw Cain.



He was going to do something bad,



something I'd be blamed for.



I told him it was bad!

Then I told Margo.



She got real mad!

She told me to go to sleep!



Then I woke up here.



My... My arm hurts.



- That's why I'm here.

- Could you explain that?



- That's what Margo says.

- Margo.



That's what she says.



Hickory dickory dock.

Cain has picked his lock.



He did a bad deed

and Josh comes to bleed.



Hickory dickory dock.






Everything is all right.

Everything is all right.



Do you know where the babies are?



- What babies?

- Someone hid the babies.



- No, no, no...

- Nobody is going to get punished.



I just want to know where they are.



He did it again!

It was Baumse! He did it again!



Oh, no.



- What's the matter?

- Shh!



- She heard me.

- Who heard you?






She's right behind you. Don't look!



I shouldn't be talking to you.



How do you know she heard you?



She's staring right at me,



like I did something bad.



- Who is Margo?

- She protects the children.



She won't let Baumse hurt them

like he hurt me.



When he took the children before

she called up the police.



- She called the police?

- Yes.



But you said that he did it again.



- Yes.

- Oh, boy.



She won't just call the police

this time.



- What is she going to do?

- I don't know.



I gotta get out of here.

Where is she?



Carter? Carter? Josh?



Josh, I want to talk to you.



When I snap my fingers,

you are going to wake up.






Is this Margo?



Do you know where the children are?






Dr Waldheim?



Dr Waldheim?!



Dr Waldheim!



Did he tell you where Amy is?



(Lift bell)



Where's Amy, Dr Waldheim?






My God, my God.



Help! Help!



(Honking horn)



(Man) What's the matter with you?

You almost took those people out!



Are you blitzed again?



(Man) I'll take it out of your pay!



( nd man) Guys, guys. Cool it.



Manuel, you almost took

the taxicab with you.



Move the truck.

Put it over there out of the way.



(Shouting in Spanish)



(Ringing tone)






Carter escaped. Let's go. Yeah?



- It's Jenny O'Keefe.

- Where are you?



I'm at the Riviera Motel,

I followed Waldheim here.



That's not Waldheim. Just stay put.



- Stay put, we'll be right over!

- I gotta go.



Jesus! Stop! You're gonna kill

somebody with that sundial!



Calm down.



OK, stop. OK, now back it up.






(Lift bell)



(Lift bell)



- Mommy!

- Oh, my God.



- Mommy!

- So, this is my daughter-in-law.



God! What kind of a mother are you?

Put that knife down and come out.



- Give me my child!

- I want my mommy!



I have a gun.

It's pointed at your heart.



If you have anything to say,

say it gently,



I don't want you upsetting the child.



You're her mother.

You're scared and angry.



And if looks could kill, my dear,



I would be dead.



I want my mommy!



It's OK, honey. I'm here now

and we're going to go home.



Now, drop the knife

and come out of there.



- Why are you doing this?

- I can't explain.



- Carter is waiting downstairs.

- Carter is in there.



(Amy) I want my mommy!



You're a poor liar, my dear.



Carter always does as he's told.

He's a good boy.



Once we're safely away,

he'll be yours again.



You might have to share him

with the law.



Someone will have to pay

for these terrible crimes.



- (Jenny) You did this.

- I did nothing.



I don't even exist.



(Thunder rumbles)



Now say goodbye to Amy

and don't upset her.



- Can I kiss her?

- No. Don't force me to kill you.



It would be very harmful

to the child.



Damn you! Look what you've done!



(Thunder crashes)



(Men shouting in Spanish)






- Back up!

- Mommy!



Back up!






Back up!



Do it!



She's not there. Let's go

around front. Stay in the car!



(Jenny) We thought Carter

was imagining his dead father.



Dr Nix faked his suicide

so that he could kidnap the children



without the police tracking him down.



What about tracking down his son?



Once Carter helped him get the kids

he was disposable.



Dr Nix planned to disappear

and leave Carter for the police.



Did they find him yet?






Do you think he'll come back?



I don't know.

I hope so. He needs help.



- He needs to be locked up.

- He needs to be in a hospital.



Are you running for sainthood?



- He tried to kill you.

- I know.



(Sarah) In case he shows up,

I'd be packing a.  .



Jack's staying with me now, so...



Better than a.  . How's it going?



Good. He's been very supportive.



And Amy likes him.



Did you see the new bunny

he brought her? Amy!



Amy?! I'll be right back.















Where's Daddy?



Daddy's not here, sweetie,

he's gone away.



- Daddy's here.

- No, he's not.



Come on, we've got to get back.

Come to Mommy.


Special help by SergeiK