Ran Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Ran script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Akira Kurosawa movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Ran. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Ran Script



The arrow which

felled the boar...



belonged to Lord Ichimonji.



Drink to him!



The wily old beast...



shot out right

in front of me.



My horse reared...



Before I could aim, off I fell.






shall we roast the boar?



He was old.



His hide is though, it stinks.






Like me, old Hidetora



Would you eat me?



You'd stick in our throats.



That's why I joined your hunt...



to reinforce our friendship.



I, too!



I would cement the bonds...



between the houses of

Ichimonji and Ayabe...



I would marry my daughter...



to your son Saburo.



Hold on!



That's my own intention.



Lord Ichimonji,

the day is propitious.



Give us your answer.



Whom will you have for Saburo...



my daughter or Lord Ayabe's?



Not an easy choice.



Two daughters...



for one son.



A pity, Jiro, my second son,

already has a wife.






Entertain us!



From the far mountain...



From the near mountain...



Who comes hippety-hopping...



Showing off his handsome ears?



A hare!



Only one hare, Kyoami?



Two, I think.



Hopping here to be eaten by




Suburo, that's rude!



Hold your tongue!



The Great Lord is tired.



Let us withdraw until he wakes.



This is unlike Father.



He only pretends to sleep.



After Saburo's insult...



how else could he save face?



All he did was hunt.



In the old days...



he'd rout an army

and not be winded.



It's impolite to our guests.



Kyoami, wake him!



Father worries me...



he's barely snoring today.



Father, what is it?



Are you ill?



A dream...



I had a dream.



I was in a strange land.



A vast wilderness.



I went on and on,

but met no one.



I called, I shouted...



but no one answered.



I was alone.



Alone in the wide world.



I felt a chill...



Such stupidity!



Taro's voice pulled me back...



I saw my beloved children.












Father, I've never

seen you like this.



It's not right.



Quiet, Saburo!



Be thankful we have his




I'm puzzled, too.



I can scarcely believe my ears.



Normally all he asks is our




That's affection enough.



All right.



I've been considering an idea...



and I've reached a decision.



I want to tell it to you.



Now is a good time to do it...



while we have with us...



Lords Fujimaki and Ayabe.



Bring them!



I, Hidetora Ichimonji...



was born in that small castle

in the mountains.



At that time,

this entire plain...



seethed with constant battle.



Many lords vied for power.



At the age of seventeen...



I flew my banner

over that castle.



I waged war for fifty years...



and at last the plain was mine.



I hoisted my colours

over the main castle.



I spent more years...



fighting lance to lance...



with these two gentlemen.



Now the moment has come...



to stable the steeds of war...



and give free rein to peace.



But old Hidetora...



is seventy years old.



I hereby cede total authority...



over all my dominions...



to my eldest son Taro.



My lord, this is so sudden...



Not at all.



I've thought long and hard.



There comes a time...



to step aside...



and pass on the reins

to younger hands.



I say to you: That time is now!



This is my will.



Taro is now head of the




Iord of these lands.



I will quit the castle keep...



and move to the outer tower.



I will retain a   -man escort...



and the title and insignia

of Great Lord.



But the actual leadership...



lies entirely with Taro.



I expect all of you to obey!



I'll obey.



But what about me and Saburo?



What do you intend for us?



I give you, Jiro and Saburo...



the Second and Third Castles...



with their attendant lands.



You will support Taro...



in the First Castle.



I shall be your guest...



visiting each castle in turn...



living out my remaining years.



How hard it is to be old.



I would speak.



I respect your wishes...



and appreciate your trust...



but I get you to reconsider.






Though I am your eldest son...



I could never take your place.



It is too great a task.



I always pray to

the God of War...



"Let his life last     years..."



"even if it means

shaving a bit off mine."



What a pretty speech.



I cannot use such honeyed words.



I'd be embarrassed.



Don't be spiteful!



You mean Taro only flatters me?



Pay no attention to Saburo.



I feel the same as Taro.



We'd like nothing better...



than to stay behind your shield.



But it's our turn

to shield you...



from life's bitter arrows.



Well said, Jiro.



Bring me that quiver!



Break an arrow in two.



Can you do it?



Bundle them...



and try again.



A single arrow is easily broken.



Not so three together.



Whenever Taro is in trouble...



if you unite your forces...



the house of Ichimonji

will be safe.



Even in a sheaf...



  arrows can be broken.



More of your pranks.



Stop being foolish.



It's you who are foolish.



Your plan is absurd.



You are either senile or mad.






Do not insult your father!



What madness have I spoken?



Wherein lies my senility?



I'll tell you.



What kind of world do we live




One barren of loyalty and




I'm aware of that.



So you should be!



You spilled an ocean of blood.



You showed no mercy, no pity.



We too are children

of this age...



weaned on strife and chaos.



We are your sons,

yet you count on our fidelity.



In my eyes,

that makes you a fool.



A senile old fool!



So that's it!



You mean one day...



you'll forget I'm your father.



You'll betray me.



More folly!



Does a traitor betray himself?



Then you mean your brothers?



He's jealous of Taro's position.



Is that why you slander me?



Brother or not, watch your step!



Your lesson of the three arrows

was wasted.



The unity of the three sons is




You scorn your father's wishes?



Parents and children

have no place in this worlds?



Very well, since you

will have it so...



I cut the bond between us!



You are a stranger to me.



Out of my sight!



You mustn't!



Quiet, Tango.



My mistake was to love him too




I spoiled him.



It's my fault he's arrogant.



But it's too late for regrets.



When flesh is rotten...



even our own...



cut it away!



Wait, my lord!



Master Saburo is blunt...



perhaps even disrespectful.



But his words are honest

and come from the heart.



Consider well: You will find...



he is not wrong.



- Silence!

- I will speak.






I will stay.



You disobey me?



My duty to you is to speak my




Brandish your sword, I won't




Revoke this rash decision.



Your insolence matches his!



I will not have it!



I banish you both!






What misery!



What will you do now?



I grieve for Father, not myself.



The horror ahead of him...



Tango, you're an idiot.






For defending me and being




Your place is with Father.



He needs you.



They're following us!



Wait, son-in-law!



Why do you run away?






Hear me out!



You're in disgrace,

exiled from your lands.



Lord Ayabe and I...



witnessed the whole incident.



You are an outcast...



little more than a beggar.



Forgive my rudeness...



What I'm trying to say...



I can't find the words.



The meaning is clear.



No lord chooses a beggar...



for his daughter.



Of course not.



No... now hold on!



Lord Ayabe rejected the




But on my way home

I got to thinking...



of your extraordinary conduct.



I like the way you spoke up.



You have character and courage.



You'd make a fine son-in-law.



I retraced my steps...



but you had gone.



Does my offer interest you?



How can I know?



Then come stay with me...



while you think it over.



You too, Tango.



You are honest and loyal.



I can use you, will you come?



Thank you for your generosity...



but I cannot accept.



Whatever disguise

I must adopt...



I shan't abandon the Great Lord.



What's going on?



Hidetora's concubines

are moving from the castle.



They block my lady's retinue.






I am now the mistress here!



They must make way!



My women kneeling to Taro's







Why do you say that?



You gave him the castle keep.



It's only natural.



Gives away his house...



Gives away his land...



His bounty earns him

a new title...



Lord of the rice fields.



A scarecrow!



Call me a fool?



No, the fool is me...



for serving as butt

to your laughing-stock.



But you're another for losing

your keep.



You know, Kaede...



the view is more pleasant...



now that is it mine.



As I recall...



a banner used to hang there.



Yes, Father's banner.



Also his helmet and armour.



Where are they?



I gave them to Father's men.



The armour doesn't matter.



But the banner...



My lord...



it belongs with the head

of the house of Ichimonji.



But Father is keeping

his title and insignia.



Without them, you are a shadow.



What do you mean?



He made it clear...



that I am now in command.



In that case...



behave as if you are.



You want the banner?



Ridiculous! You take

back what you give.



It is Lord Taro's order!



See the lord, a gourd in the




Swinging this way...



Swaying that way...



Spinning as the breeze blows.



So high up, dangling

hollow from the tower.



Isn't it fun?



Villain! I'll teach you!



See the lord, a gourd in the




Swinging this way...



Swaying that way...



Spinning as the breeze blows.



So high up...



Dangling hollow from the tower.



What fun, what fun!



It's Ogura.



I have a message.



Lord Taro is holding

a family gathering...



to celebrate the transfer

of power.



He invites his honoured father.



You too, Lord lkoma.



Your "family gathering"...



is only us?



Please, Father-in-Law...



won't you sit down?



I am to sit below you?



Who am I?



The honourable father of my




Is that all?



And the Great Lord...



is he dead?



Don't joke.



I'm not joking!



I retain my title and my status.



Have you forgotten?



No, of course not.



It's you who forget...



you gave full authority to me.



What do you want?



I gave you this castle...



I moved out,

reduced my escort...



They may be few in number...



but they're boisterous enough.



What is that song?



With such goings-on...



how can I make myself obeyed?



They are warriors,

unschooled in manners.



They like comic songs.



Comic songs can go too far!



That song makes fun of me!



My guard was defending

my honour.



Yet you went ahead

and killed him.



I cannot allow that.



This once, I'll overlook it.



But I must have your promise...



that it won't happen again.



You will sign this...



and seal it with your blood.






This is nonsense!



Read it.









"I cede to Taro Takatora

the domains of Ichimonji."






"I make him sole ruler

of the house of Ichimonji."






"Though I am Taro's father..."



"I shall submit

to his authority..."



"and act accordingly."



"I swear by all the deities."



"May they punish me

if I disobey."



I'm to seal this with my blood?



This silly thing?



Everything it contains...



was proclaimed by you




before witnesses.



What does it change

if you sign it?



Are you a son?



What do you mean?



Is this a son's attitude?



The hen pecks the cock...



and makes him crow.



I will not stay here.






I have another son.



Thank you, you did well.



I was born and raised

in this castle.



It belonged to my father.



I left it to marry you.



My father and brothers,

after the marriage...



relaxed their vigilance.



Hidetora murdered them.



Now I am back

in my family castle...



How I have longed for this day.



Right there...



my mother took her own life.



Father is on his way.



My brother sent him packing.



He says Father grows




it would be unwise

to let him stay here.



Father's counsellor, lkoma...



is privy to my brother's plans.



This severity is unlike

Lord Taro.



And you, my lord...



why do you do nothing?



He's right.



You should succeed

the Great Lord.



Lord Taro is a weakling.



The stake is large:

Gamble for it.



Then you are all willing...



to gamble with me?






Dogs turn on a master...



who gives up the chase.



Sound the horn or become

the quarry.



How the dogs howl!



I must say, I find it unfair.



Born twelve months after Taro...



so all my life

I must grovel at his feet.



- Crack these bonds!

- Good for you, my lord!



Don't like your chops yet.



Taro is easy pickings.



His wife, Lady Kaede,

is another story.



Quite true.



She'd be a perfect match

for you.



Why not steal her?



Don't be impertinent.



First of all, there's Father.



He still has thirty warriors.



Each one is worth a thousand.



He'll soon be here...



and so will they.



Any ideas?



Open the gates!



Hidetora is here!



I will seek out Sue first.



Tell Jiro I want to see him.






Praise be...



to the Eternal Western Paradise.



Praise be to

the Eternal Buddha...



in    trillion manifestations.



Praise be to Amida Buddha.



I knew you'd be here.






Never mind the ceremony.



It's been a long time.



Let me look at you.



Still the same sad face.



When I see you...



it breaks my heart.



It's worse when you smile.



I burned down your castle...



you father and mother perished.



And you look at me like that.



Look upon me with hatred.



It would be easier to bear.



Go on, hate me!



I don't hate you.



All is decided

in our previous lives.



The Buddha embraces all things.



Buddha again!



He is gone from this evil world.



His guardians are in exile...



routed by the fury of Ashur.



We can't rely on Buddha's mercy.



There you are, Jiro.



I've come to be your guest.



I'm disappointed in Taro.



I know everything.



It's all in my brother's letter.



Taro wrote to you?



He says your guards...



were unruly and vulgar.



I am to receive you

with courtesy.



But I cannot let

your warriors...



inside the castle walls.



What's this??



I'm to come in alone...



leaving my men to rot outside?



My brother is the head

of the clan.



I have no choice

but to obey him.



If you dislike his conditions...



then it might be best...



to go back and apologize.



Apologize to Taro?



Go back?






Lord Kurogane. Lord Shirane!



What does this mean?



Lord lkoma!



An order from Hidetora.



"We arrived suddenly..."



"the castle is unprepared."



"Withdraw and wait outside."



Enough is enough.



I understand.



You too...



you're just like Taro.



You want to be rid of me.



I'm too much trouble.



That's not true.



If you were alone,

I'd welcome you gladly.



The Great Lord goes

nowhere alone.



You renounced your power.



You have no need of an escort.



Only the birds and the beasts...



live in solitude.



I've heard enough excuses.



Open the gates!



You needn't worry.



It's not for my men to enter...



but for me to leave!



Open the gates!



Now close them!



I will not see you again.






The villages are deserted.



Not a grain of rice anywhere.



The peasants took everything

and fled to the mountains.



My lord!



We must go to the Third Castle.



It was your first victory.



Go back to where you started...



No, lkoma!



If I could do that...



would I roam the plain hungry?



Use your head!



What kind of welcome

would I get...



I, who banished

the lord of the castle?



By order of

Lord Taro Takatora...



head of the Ichimonji clan...



I take possession

of this castle.



Open the gates!



Without our master, Saburo...



the castle is nothing to us.



We leave it to you.



We will follow him

and die for him.



We hear he is with

Lord Fujimaki.



We go to join him.



It's Tango!



I have rice, bean curd, plums.



I followed you...



and saw how you suffered.



Though banished,

I am still your loyal vassal.



Is it really Tango?



Hold on!



Don't take charity

from peasants.



A samurai will starve

rather than beg.



The peasants are presumptuous.



Burn their villages!



Wait, my lord!



Don't blame the peasants.



Rather than disobey

Taro's decree, they fled.



What decree?



That you are banished.



Anyone who helps you...



will die.



Now I understand.



You tried to warn me of this.



Laugh, Tango.



Wretched Hidetora.



Rejected by his children...



driven from his castles...



with no place to go.



You have a place to go, my lord.



Master Saburo...



has found refuge

with Lord Fujimaki.



Go to him.



No... I can't.



How could I ever face him?



Listen to me!



All Saburo wants is

your welfare.



If I'm disguised like this...



if I followed you so far...



it's all thanks to him.



He sent me to protect you.



I have news.



Saburo's men gave up the castle.



They went to join Lord Fujimaki.



Now Fujimaki's plot is clear.



First he takes Saburo...



then Saburo's warriors...



then your lordship himself.



The Ichimonjis battle

each other.



And he walks off with your land.



That's a lie!



He's not that kind of man!



We must go to the Third Castle!



But Taro's general has taken it!



Ogura? He won't touch us.



What do I smell?



A very fishy stink!



Ogura has only a few men.



We can beat them easily.



My horse!



That's it, hurry!



"Hell is ever at hand..."



"which you cannot say

of Heaven."



Stay behind if you're afraid!



And yet...



all we did was

tell the truth.



- The enemy.

- I know. Call lkoma and Ogura!



It's a trap: They tricked us!



We're surrounded, overwhelmed!



We truly are in Hell!



Lord Taro is slain.






So be it.



A stray shot from the tower.



The fortunes of war.



The fates are kinder to you.



And Father?



He'll commit seppuku.



We are lost!



Prepare yourself.



Farewell, my lord.



Go back!



Lord Jiro!



The die is cast: Do not falter.



You chose this path: Follow it.



It leads to absolute rulership.



You can no longer turn back.



Is he mad?



And better off for it.



What do you mean?



Please, my lord...



come to your wits!



In a mad world

only the mad are sane.



What do you see?



Forgive me...



Oh, excellent!



The failed mind

sees the heart's failings.



The wonder of it!



I see on this withered plain...



All those I destroyed...



A phantom army...



One by one they come floating...



Rising before me...



Who's there?



Travellers stranded

by the storm.



Let us stay the night.



My house is too poor

for visitors.



We ask nothing special.



I'm sorry; I must be alone.



Why? Are you diseased?



- No.

- Then let us in.



I cannot.



The one who seeks shelter...



is the Great Lord himself.



We're coming in.



Our lord was taken ill.



He is wet through.



Bring me something to cover him.



I'm cold...






He is himself again.



More's the pity.



He is better off mad.



Listen to me.



I, Hidetora...



was attacked by my own sons.



I was betrayed by my vassal.



That's not the worst.



Because of me, my loyal men...



died a useless death.



As fate would have it...



only I survived.



I, who should have died.



You there! Woman!



I am not a woman.



It's so dark... bring a light.



I have no light.



I have no need of one.



Are your eyes so poor?



Are you Lady Sue's brother...



young Lord Tsurumaru?






It's been a long time...



Lord Hidetora.



You remember me?



How could I forget you?



I was only a boy.



But could I forget the man...



who burned down our castle?



Who in exchange for my life...



gouged out my eyes?



I try to be like my sister.



To pray to Buddha...



and rid myself of hatred.



But not one day do I forget!



Not one night do

I sleep in peace!



I regret I cannot welcome you...



as befits the Great Lord.



Luckily... my sister

gave me a flute.



I will play for you.



Lacking anything else...



I give you hospitality

of the heart.



It is the only pleasure...



left to me.






here is my brother's hair.



He died in battle.



Unfortunately, it falls on me...



to bring this unhappy news.






Where is my husband's body?



In this heat...



it was too unsightly

to be displayed.



We burned it where it lay.



We held funeral rites

at a temple.






Where are his armour and helmet?



You're mocking me.



I'm wearing them.



Surely you recognize them.



Of course.



But I didn't dream



...you would wear them

so soon after his death.



So I chose not to see them.



You surprise me.



I had thought...



my brother would be pleased...



to see me in his armour.



It was stupid of me.



Forgive me.



Help me take it off!






I am about to be naked.



Lords lkoma and Ogura,

you have worked well...



to further our interests.



We appreciate it.



These gifts are

a token of thanks.



They're also a parting gift.






Lord Jiro feels it unwise...



to keep you in his service.



Men who betray one master

may betray another.



A reasonable point of view.



Naturally you are




but bear no grudges.



Is that clear? Good!



The Lady Kaede is here.



Send her in.



My apologies for my harsh words.



I am ashamed.



The incident is forgotten.



They say your father

has gone mad.



That should please you.



What do you mean by that?



I spoke frankly...



without gilding my thoughts.



Forgive me if I offended.



You must hate my father...



for what he did

to your family.



Am I wrong?



Now it's my turn to be frank.



You are just as pleased as I am.



Lord Jiro, you are now head...



of the house of Ichimonji.



This helmet is rightfully yours.



I am not blind!



You murdered your brother...



and stole his title!



Prepare to die!






Even now...



you deny it?



It wasn't I who

killed my brother.



Then who did?



Speak! Who was it?



It was... Kurogane.






You gave the order

but won't take the blame.



A fine leader!



You give in so easily.



Now I will tell you the truth!



I don't care about Taro's death.



What concerns me...



is my own future.



I won't be a widow,

with my hair cropped;



not a nun, with my head shaved.



This castle was my father's.



I won't leave it!



Consider my request well.



For my part, I'll say nothing...



of your abominable crimes.



I won't reproach you...



or speak against you.



If I did the kingdom

would split.



But always remember...



I can destroy you.



Is it a bargain, Lord Jiro?



My lord...



Yes, sister-in-law?






After what we've just done?



By rights...



I really should be...



your wife.



I have a wife... Sue.



I'll be merely your concubine?



No... no.



You're mine.



No one else shall have you.



Don't cry, Kaede.



You won't be just a concubine.



As long as Lady Sue remains...



I'll attend to her.



But how?



I'll repudiate her.



That's not what I want!



After our ecstasy...



I can't bear it

that another woman...



has known your touch.



Such a woman cannot

remain alive.



Well now, look where we are.



If fortune had run true...



Tsurumaru would live here.



You shelter in the very ruins...



of the castle you burned.



Ignorance is bliss indeed.



Your helmet, my lord.



Your plumes.



Don't you look regal?



Help, here come demons!



Two of them!



Traitors! You must pay!



No, wait!



Let us explain!



Save your breath.



I know all about your treachery.



Die, traitor!



Jiro killed Taro!



Madness saved Hidetora.



If he recovers his wits...



he'll be killed, too.



Jiro slew Taro;

our lord is next.



We must take him

to Master Saburo.



If only we could!



Mention Saburo and he runs away.



He doesn't dare face him.



On that point he's sane.



What about Master Saburo?



Would you like to see him?



The only way is to

bring Saburo here.



Maybe he can talk sense to him.



I'll be back as soon as I can.



Take good care of him.



Lady Kaede leads you

by the nose.



If you wish to marry, fine.



But to kill Lady Sue for that?



Sometimes killing is necessary.



But to kill on a whim!



The order is unreasonable...



I must refuse.



Lord Kurogane...



At the Second Castle...



there is a supply of salt?



Of course... why?



When you bring back her head...



salt it first.



Otherwise, in this heat...



we'll be unable

to look at it.



Lady Sue is so beautiful...



it would be

ungracious to her.



Since you will go personally...



there will be no mistake.



Do it as you see fit.



Why stay with this mad old man?



If the rock you sit on

starts to roll...



jump clear.



Or you'll go with it

and be squashed.



Only a fool stays aboard.



What is this place?






Think of it.



All my life...



I've been his nurse.



Good boy...



Sweet dreams.



I, Kurogane, am back.






Thank you for being quick.



At your service, my lady.



I have brought the object...



as per your instructions.



Be so kind as to examine it.



I'll be the first to look.



What is this?



Your joking goes too far!



Is anything wrong?



Lmagine that!



Lady Sue was a fox in disguise.



Enough of your tricks!



This is a statue from a shrine.



Clever fox...

first becomes human...



then turns himself to stone.



Are you making

a fool of me?



Certainly not.



There are many foxes hereabouts.



It is said they take human form.



Take care, my lord.



They often impersonate women.



In Central Asia a fox

seduced King Pan Tsu...



and made him kill      men.



In China he married King Yu

and ravaged the land.



In Japan, as Princess Tamamo...



he caused great

havoc at court.



He became a white fox

with nine tails.



Then they lost trace of him.



Some people say...



he settled down here.



So beware, my lord, beware.



This is how you

keep our bargain.



You conspire with Kurogane...



to humiliate me!



No, you're wrong.






It's Kurogane's doing.



Always Kurogane!



Is he your only vassal?



He's the villain who kills Taro.



He's the hero who saves Sue.



A two-headed monster!



This is your "right arm"?



Until I have Sue's head...



you shall not see me again!



Sister... my flute!



We've no time to get it.



I've had it since boyhood.



What shall we do?



Kurogane said

they'll pursue you.



I'll go back for the flute.



Your legs are old.



I'm the one to go.



We're near the ruins

of your castle.



Go there and pray for your dead.



You may never be back again.



Tsurumaru, let's hurry.



I see our castle...



what's left of it.



Which way, sister?



Over there.






Earth and sky are topsy turvy.



I was the fool

and made him laugh.



Now the coin is flipped.



Don't be mute,

say something.



You speak nonsense,

I'll speak truth.



We'll see what comes of it.



Begin, old man!



A serpent's egg

is white and pure.



A bird's is speckled and soiled.



This is a castle...



Here's a wall.



The bird left the speckled egg

for the white.






The egg cracks,

out comes a snake.



Empty space above the wall.






The bird is gobbled

by the snake.



Where am I?



Who am I?



Stupid bird!






It hurts.



I'm a worm,

don't crush me!



Who'd bother to crush a worm?



Who are you?



Is someone crying?



Who's crying?






Man is born crying.



When he's cried enough, he dies.



Saburo has crossed the river.



He's now in Hachiman Field.



It makes no sense.



What can he do with so few men?



Message from Lord Saburo.



He is here to find his father.



That done, he will

leave in peace.



Fujimaki is at the border.



I don't like it.



I didn't want reinforcements.



You should be glad.



Thanks to Fujimaki...



the enemy is

pinned down here.



We can rescue your father

from Azusa Plain.



But it looks so aggressive.



One false move could mean war.



Maybe I was too hasty.



My worry spurred me on, but...



my son-in-law will grumble.



Sitting here we pose no threat.



Prepare for battle!



My lord, this is ill advised.



Let Saburo have his father.



Avoid this war.



Once he has Father...



he'll accuse me of

treason and attack.



We can't give up Hidetora...



we don't know where he is.



There is much unrest

in the land.



Fujimaki and Ayabe

bide their time.



We need to retrench, not attack.



Lady Kaede awaits Lord Jiro...



to celebrate his

departure for battle.



A warlord doesn't

run to his woman.



Stay away!



When the enemy is assembled...



we can go after his lordship.



Be patient...

Rest the horses!









Kurogane has swayed you again.






It's no time for war.



Wars are won by strong leaders.



Why fear Fujimaki and Ayabe?



Your mistake...



was to spare Hidetora,

mad or not.



To kill him I have to find him.



Saburo knows where he is.



Otherwise he wouldn't have come.



Send him a message.



Say he can have his father.



Watch his movements

and send out your assassins.



I'm lost.



Such is the human condition.



This path...



I remember...



We came this way before.



Men always travel the same road.



If you're tired of it, jump!



Up there.



Who is it?






Sister, that voice...



This ruin was once a castle.



It belonged to Sue's father.



I destroyed it.



Why am I here?



Why is Sue here?



And Tsurumaru, too.



Is this a dream?



No, this is Hell.



The lowest level of Hell.






Message from Lord Jiro!



Very good.



He says he won't attack.



We're to leave

once we have Father.



Let's go at once.



We'd give away his whereabouts.



Wait till dark.



Ayabe is on the move.



Vulture! He smells blood!



Stay calm, my lord.



Ayabe is watching...



so is Fujimaki.



They're waiting.



Don't give them an excuse

to attack.



He wants Father

but makes no move.



What's his game?



She's taking so long.



I'll go see what's keeping her.



No, don't!



Never mind the flute.



You're acting like a child.



I don't want to be alone again.



You won't be alone.



The image of the Buddha Amida...



will protect you in my place.






I won't be gone long.






I found Kyoami...



crying on Azusa Plain.



Where's you master?



Forgive me!



He's disappeared.



You lost him on the plain?



Now we can't wait for dark.



I'm going to Azusa Plain.



Keep the enemy busy here.



Ten men follow Lord Saburo!



He's moving...



He's heading for Azusa Plain.



Gunnery captain!



Take your men to Azusa Plain...



and lay an ambush.



A reward for whoever

kills Saburo.



Are you mad?



Break your word and it's war!



So be it... it was inevitable.



Saburo is not our only enemy.



So what?



If they attack, we retaliate.



We grab their land...



and enlarge our own.



Fine words,

but words don't win wars.



Where's the dog eager for prey?



Kaede's right.



You're a mouse posing

as a mastiff.



Kaede barks and you grovel.






Stay behind!



If you fear to fight, desert!



If I deserted...



where would I go?






You have your orders... go!



Message for Lord Saburo.



"Enemy gunners coming,

take care."









Thinks he's smart.



Get ready, men!



We're moving into the woods!






What a sky!



Am I in the other world?



Is this paradise?






Why are you so cruel?



Why pull me from my grave?



Don't you know me?









What do you mean by "father"?



Wait... I remember.



I had three sons.



Are you one of them?



Yes. I am Saburo.






It's you!



I have no face to show you...



no words to excuse myself.



Give me poison to drink.



I'll swallow it gladly.



Don't talk like that.



I don't hate you, Father.



No sweet lies; I've had my fill.



Does he look like a hypocrite?



True, soft words often deceive.



But my lord... look at him!



Tears like this...



can only come from the heart.



Come with me.



You'll live with us...



and forget this bad dream.



If only you can forget...



my cruelty to you.



Forgive me.



I am a stupid old fool.






The enemy is in the woods.



Our superior strength

is useless there.



Then we'll burn them out!






Pull back!



We outnumber them.



Crush them!



Ayabe is marching

on the First Castle.






He's on the ridge!



Those troops are a decoy.



Pull back!






That's enough.



Another cheer!



I have so much to say.



When we're alone and quiet...



we will talk, father to son.



That's all I want.



Nothing else.



He is dead.



I know when one is dead.



He is dead.



You and I live, but Saburo...



You can't die.



I have tales to tell...



forgiveness to ask.



Is this justice?



Are you gone forever?



Keep away!



It grows dark...



Senile old fool.



Do not call back his spirit.



He has suffered enough.



Lord Saburo!



Victory is ours!



The enemy is retreating

with Ayabe in pursuit.



We've won!






It doesn't seem possible.



He isn't here to share this.



Hidetora is also gone... why?



Are there no gods... no Buddha?



If you exist, hear me!



You are mischievous and cruel!



Are you so bored up there...



you must crush us like ants?



Is it such fun to see men weep?



Enough! Do not blaspheme!



It is the gods who weep.



They see us killing

each other...



over and over since time began.



They can't save us

from ourselves.



Don't cry.



It's how the world is made.



Men prefer sorrow over joy...



suffering over peace.



Look at them

in the First Castle.



They revel in pain

and bloodshed.



They celebrate murder.



We'll stay; you go to the tower.



Where's Lord Jiro?



Whose head is that...

Saburo's or Hidetora's?




My lord ordered me to...



Is Lady Kaede the master here?



I serve you, but never her!






Your scheming destroyed

the house of Ichimonji!



Such is the vanity of woman!



Vanity, you say?



I wanted to avenge my family!



I wanted this castle to burn!



I have done all I set out to do.



My lord, prepare to die.



I, Kurogane, will follow you.




Special help by SergeiK