The Rapture Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the The Rapture script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Mimi Rogers and Will Patton movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of The Rapture. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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The Rapture Script



Hold for your number.



Operator 182.

What city, please?



Please hold for the number.



Operator 182. What city, please?



Is that a business or residence?



Please hold for the number.



It's a business?



Please hold for the number.



Operator    . What city, please?



Is that a business or residence?



Please hold for the number.



Operator    . What city, please?



How do you spell that?



Please hold for the number.



Operator    . What city, please?



Is that a business or residence?



Please hold for the number.



Operator    . What city, please?



Is that a business or residence?



Please hold for the number.



What about them?



No. He's wearing a rug,

and she has a nose job.



Not a bad nose job.



They're all bad.



Let's go to

the Continental Club.






Come on, Vic. You don't want

to go back to the airport.



I like the airport.



I like the bars

at the airport hotels.



I like tourists.



I don't want that tonight.



What's the matter?



You scared of getting dirty?






Come on, Vic.



It's a place to start.



Let's have some fun.



I like them.



You would.



I'm Vic.



I'm Sharon.






What brings you

to this side of town?



We got tired

of shooting the dogs...



where the rich people live.



What are you looking for now?



Now we're looking for something

a little less obvious.



But fun, definitely fun.



We're very social people.



You might be asking

for something you can't handle.



I can handle it.



What if things

go out of control?



What's control

got to do with it?



I think he wants to find out

if you have any limits.



Tell him I haven't

found them yet.



Sharon hasn't

found her limits yet.



Talk, talk, talk.



Let's go somewhere.



I have a store.



Let's go to the store.



Come here.



Come here and have a seat.



Come on.

I'll show you around.






What a man.



Nice store you got here, Vic.




Come on.



Show me what you mean by fun.



No, Vic likes to watch.



Watch this.



Was that far enough?



Randy, right?



Oh, you remembered my name.



Hi, Randy.



Was it enough?



That was...






This is operator    .

What city, please?



Is that a business or residence?



Hold for the number.



This is operator     .

What city?



Can you spell that?



Is that "d" as in dick?



Please hold for the number.



Hi, Wayne.



Quite strong last night,

wasn't it?



By a factor of five.



It was almost

like the first time.



I mean, it was that clear.



And the horn.



The sound of the horn,

that was new.



One note, a very clear tone.



I found it on my piano.



It's a B-flat.



What do you think?



I think it's going to happen,

and soon.



Have you been praying?



Yeah, as much as I can.






What does the boy say?



Not yet.



Tell me a story.



No, no, no. I already

know that story.



Tell me something new.



I've done things for money.



Like what?



Things I wish I hadn't.



Like what?



I killed a man once.



For how much?



For a thousand dollars.



It's not very much money.



It was a lot then.



All I can say now

is I wish I hadn't.






'Cause it stays with me.



I mean, I killed a man.



I took his life.



His only life. That's bad.



Did you know him?






Well, why did the people

that paid you want him dead?



There are some questions

you just don't ask.



After that, they offered

me another job, though.



Same kind of job, better money.



Did you do it?






But I think about

that killing a lot...



I think, you know...



if we weren't taught

that killing is bad...



would I still feel this bad?



I don't know.



You don't know?



Are you scared of me now?



Did anyone pay you to kill me?



That was not a good year.



     that was my best year.



I was nineteen.



Hmm? What was your best year?



I guess I'm still waiting.



I don't know.



I don't know.

Everything just seems so...






Time passes so quickly.



Yeah? I think

it's kind of slow.



No, I mean--I mean

like a day, you know?



A day is always just over.



I don't know

what I'm trying to say.



No, I think I understand.



-Oh, really?




Ha. Why don't you

let me in on my secret?



I think you're depressed...



and I think you

should see a therapist.



Oh, that's great.

That's fucking brilliant.



You understand that

these are the last days.



You can't go on like this.

God is coming back.



His prophecies are

now being fulfilled.



You have to accept Jesus

as your Lord and Savior.






You won't be saved.



We're not trying to scare you.






Do you understand the difference

between righteousness and faith?



Why don't you tell me?



It's only by the grace

of God you'll be saved.



Well, what if I lead

a good life?



Does it still matter

if I don't believe?



Do you really lead a good life?






You have to believe.



If you don't...



you go to hell.



Well, that doesn't seem fair.



I used to think that,

but then I met Him.






That's what we're

trying to tell you.



"For God so loved the world

He gave His only begotten son,...



"that whosoever

believeth in His name...



"should not perish,

but have everlasting life."



You can have what we have.



A personal relationship

with the Son of God.



It's hard to believe

unless you believe...



but when you believe it,

then it's easy.



You just know.












Who knows? It just is.



Right. And I'm

supposed to buy this?






It's a gift.



We know what you're thinking.



Doesn't make sense.






I was like you.



I doubt it.



No, really.



Like I said, I doubt it.



I heard someone

talking about the boy.



Who's the boy?



Some people say

that he's a prophet...



in the old tradition.



Some people say

there's others like him...



all around the country.



All around the world.



And what do you say?



I say trust in God.



Excuse me.



Operator    .

What city, please?



City, please?



Please hold for the number.



Operator    .

What city, please?



Is that a business or residence?









Hi, Vic.



I dropped by a few of the hotels

near the airport today.



You'll never guess who I found.



The most fascinating

couple, really.



They're from Philadelphia.



Well, he's from Pennsylvania,

but she's from Florida...



and they're married.



Isn't that romantic?



What time?



Pick you up at  :  .



Here's to open-minded people...



in L.A...



my kind of town.



Honey, don't you have

something better to do?



I'm doing it.



Oh, you.



You again?






What is that?



What are you talking about?



She has a tattoo on her back.






Got it when I was a kid.



This was before she met me.



Just--Just got drunk one night.



One night?



You had it done in one night?



Well, you know how kids are.



I almost got a tattoo once.



She was drunk.



Angie, you got that

in one night?



Sharon, she doesn't

want to talk about it.



There's nothing to talk about.



Why did you get it?



Sharon, can we

talk about it later?



I mean

it must have bee,n painful.



I don't remember

and I don't know why I ,got it.



It's OK, Angie.



I'm here. I'm with you.



Why would you get a tattoo

that you didn't really want?



I'm sorry.



I don't mean

to make you unhappy...



but I really need to know.






I don't know.



I don't know,

but it's important.



What is it?



Don't you know what's going on?






The dream.



The pearl.



What dream?



Tell them.



Think about it.

That would be a miracle.






It's a beautiful day,

isn't it?



How are you?



We're fine. And you?



I'm fine, now that I dream

about the pearl.



What dream would that be?



The pearl.

I dream about the pearl.



Tell us about it.



What's it look like?



Well, you know.

The pearl. It's...



It's a big pearl by a river.



No, it's not.



You haven't seen it.



Yes, I have.



You can't fake it.



Well, it's a message from God.



If you really want it,

all you have to do is pray.






He's coming back.



Slow down.



If everybody's

getting this dream...



how come it isn't

on the news?



Those who need to know know.



And those that don't believe

won't get the dream.



There are five billion people

on the planet.



There's I don't know

how many religions.



Why does the God of some little

country on the Mediterranean...



have to be the God for everyone?



Isn't that a little arrogant?



I mean, really.



The Buddhists get along OK

without Jesus Christ.



The Hindus get along OK

without Jesus Christ.



The Muslims seem

to be getting along OK...



without Jesus Christ.



But none of them are saved.



Sharon, this is

my friend Andrea.



Andrea's from Nebraska.



Come and join.



Get up.






Get up or get out.



Ohh. What'd I do?



I have to make the bed.



Look, it's  :   in the morning.



Get out of bed

or get out of the house.






This bed is unclean.



No, no.






You changed the sheets




Shut up!



I'm starting over, Randy.



I've had enough.



Enough what?



I need a new direction

in my life.



There is a God. I know it.



There is a God,

and I'm going to meet Him.



When did you get religion?



I am trying, Randy.



I want my salvation.



Sharon, you're fine

the way you are.



You just want to live

in sin, don't you?



Yeah, that's right.



I just want to live in sin.



Fine. Be a slave

to the devil.



Devil? You remember

where we met?



Don't start asking

me now to apologize...



for who I am or

what I believe in.



Oh, and what do you believe in?



There is no God.



There's only chaos.



Why do we have

such guilty consciences?



Answer that.



You're the one

with the guilty conscience.



I sleep really well.



At least I used to.



Ow. Jesus Christ, that's hot.



Don't take the Lord's name

in vain, Randy.



That's one

of the commandments...



and it comes before

theft and adultery.



It even comes before murder.



That's how important it is...



not to take

the Lord's name in vain.



Yeah? Since when

have you known the Lord?



I am trying to.



But what does a shower

at  :   in the morning...



have to do

with eternal salvation?



I want to be clean.



Am I clean?



Yeah, you're clean.



When we do something wrong...



we feel bad...



and that's because there's

a little bit of God...



inside of all of us

telling it's time to...



change our ways

before it's too late.



Isn't that right?



No, that's not right.



It's just conditioned

by society.



All we are is animals...



whose brains have become

too big and too complicated...



for the purposes of

satisfying our animal needs...



which are food and sex.



There's a spiritual need

just as real as hunger...



just as real

as the need for love.



Sharon, don't you understand

what's going on?



The world's a disaster...



we have no power

to make it better.



You hate your job...



you hate your life...



but you want to feel special.



And instead of letting

me do that...



you're rushing off to something

that's not even there.



Mary, you need

to get the hell outta here!



There's no...pearl.



There's only us.



I feel sorry for you, Randy.



I really do.



But you have to leave.



I don't want to leave.



I want to stay here with you.



You know me.



We know each other.



We know each other's secrets.



That's something.



I think

we can love each other...



and I think you feel that, too.



There has to be something more.






I'm tired of the pain

in my life.



I'm tired of feeling

empty all the time.



Let me help you.



Why can't we let God

help both of us?



Because there is no God.



God, please.



Please, please help me.



God, I'm lost.



Chicks don't

usually stop for me.



I think they think

I'm dangerous.



They're probably right.



I'm not as dangerous

as some guys are I know.



But I would never

give me a lift...



that's for sure. No way.



If I was a chick...



no double-fucking way

would I give me a lift.



I've looked in the mirror.

I've seen myself. I mean...



with my thumb out...



and I was a chick

and I saw me, no, sir.




Now, on the other hand

if I was, uh--



If I was the one who was

hitching, I was a chick...



I'd stop for me in a second.



In fact I'd--

I'd--I'd fuck me, too.



In fact, if I was hitching

and I was a chick...



and I got stopped by a chick,

I'd fuck me that way, too.



Yeah. In fact

I wouldn't mind, ...



getting into a bi-girl

scene with myself.



Actually, you're the first chick

that's ever given me a lift.



I don't think

other chicks pick me up...



'cause they can tell

I carry a gun...



and I've been to prison

in Vermont.



I--I don't think that's...



where they can tell

I've been to prison...



but that's where

I'm from--Vermont.



You ever been to Vermont?



I'm from

the Lemonfaire Valley.



Actually, there's

no lemons in Vermont.



Actually comes

from the French--



Les Monts Verts...



which means

the Green Mountains...



which is what Vermont

means--green mountains.



Ver--green, mont--mountains.



Vermont--Green Mountains.






my father's a farmer.



I left home.



What's your name? I'm Tommy.






Oh, yeah? With who?






Who you sharin' it with?



You gonna share it with me?






you know that

the state bird of Vermont...



is the hermit thrush?



Bet you didn't know that.



State flower is the red clover.



Highest point is

Mount Mansfield, I believe...



which is     --something.

I don't know.



Hey, you got a quarter?



Get some Magic Fingers

going in here.



How'd that be?



It's time for you to go, Tommy.






You have to go now.



And you have to

leave me your gun.



Can I get dressed?



Where were you?



Turn around.






Come on.



Where have you been?



I went away for a few days.



Who'd you go with?



No one.



Meet anyone?






Yes, I did.



I did meet someone.



You're OK?



I'm fine, Vic.



I'm really, really fine.



No, you're not.



Something's going on.



You've changed.



You've got this look right now.



What look?



The goofy smile.



If I tell you, you're

not going to believe me...



but I have to tell you...



so it really doesn't matter

if you don't believe me.



It doesn't matter to me.



I mean, it matters to me...



but you're the one who

really needs to hear this now.



You met a guy.



Well, "guy" is not exactly

the word I'd use for him.



You fox.



You fell in love.






Wait till he

finds out about you.



Oh, He knows all about me.



Is he as bad a boy

as I am?



I think you should meet Him.



You told him about me?



I told you--

He knows everything.



He's rich, right?



He's some rich guy...



and you fell for

some line of his.



You could love Him, too.



You fell for some

rich homosexual.



He's the Lord

Jesus Christ, Vic.



He's the Son of God.






you quit your job?



Why would I do that?



To go to the airport...



sell flowers...



do whatever the cult

wants you to do.



You can't understand...



but I--I know

what that's like.



Until it happens to you...



and until you accept

God into your heart...



it's like a fairy tale.



It's like some joke

that you just don't get.



I think you need

to be deprogrammed.



There is no cult, Vic.



There's only God

and his message of love.









Look, you'll

give this up someday.



I know you.

You'll give this up.



This is forever.



Everybody says that.



This is different.



Everybody says that, too.



Sharon, call me

when this is over.



Hold for the number.



Hi. Who's this?



Hi, Susanna. This is Sharon.



Have you met Jesus?



Oh, I'm sure

you're in a hurry...



but don't you think

you could take time out...



to get to know

your Lord and Savior?



Well, OK, you have

a nice day, too.



Oh, what was

the number you wanted?



Here you go.



Hi, this is Sharon.

Who's this?



Hi, Maria.



Have you met God?



You have.



Isn't he wonderful?



You're supposed to spend...



a maximum of fifteen seconds

on each call.



Do you know what

your average has been?






Take a guess.



Twenty seconds? Twenty-five?



Two minutes.



You were clocked on one call

at seven minutes fifteen.



I am just trying

to do my job.



It seems like you're trying

to do two jobs out there.



We only have one job.



That's right,

and you're not doing...



the one that you're

being paid for.






God made me an information

operator for a reason.



I'm in a position

to spread His word...



to hundreds

of people every day...












I know you can't believe this...



but God is coming back

to judge the world...



and it's important.



I have to tell people.



We have to prepare

for His return.



When did you first

see the light?



A few days ago.



You don't believe me.



Sometimes people have

heard about the pearl...



and they try to pretend

like they've seen it...



but you can always tell

when they're lying.



You just can't fake it.






When they first meet Him...



everyone thinks

that judgment day...



is just around the corner.



I remember

that feeling very well.



It's a powerful feeling.



But that sense that it's going

to happen tomorrow passes...



when tomorrow comes

and He doesn't...



and then you understand

that those feelings...



as powerful as they are...



and the dreams

as real as they are,...



are still just shadows

of the real thing...



and no one can say...



how far away that

real thing really is.



But the feeling

is so strong.



I don't know you,

but I know you.



A lot of people who have come

to God have been broken.



They've been messed up by life.



The unbelievers

try to make it seem...



like there's something

wrong with us...



that we're stupid.



But only the humble

hear the voice of God.



You're alone, aren't you?



It's hard at the beginning.



You give up your whole life...



just like you've come

to a new country.



Your old friends cannot

really be your friends anymore.



What do I do?



Trust in God.



And take it easy on the phones.



Who's the boy?



God is coming back...



and there are wars

and rumors of wars...



and a curse devours the earth...



and those who live in it

are held guilty.



God is coming back.



There are wars

and rumors of wars...



and a curse devours the earth...



and those who live in it

are held guilty.



We have to wait.



We have to wait.



For how long?



Probably a few years--

five years, six years.



Probably a few years.



Five years, six years.



Hi, Randy.



Oh, uh...



Sharon, right? Sharon.



How's that apartment coming?



Is it still unclean?






So you found your salvation.






I found God.



Oh, yeah?



Is he gonna move in, or did he

keep his own place...



or you gonna do

that commuting thing?



You got to watch that.



It's very tough

on a relationship.



Why are you here?



I know you're as lost

as I was, Randy...



and I wanted to tell you

that you could know God.



If you just surrender

your pride, you can know God.



Sharon, it's just a drug.



You're in pain.



Instead of doing heroin,

you're doing God...



and I need sandpaper.



Randy, God is real.




God is not make-believe

and you know that.



You don't want to admit it

because you're afraid.



What am I afraid of?



What we're all afraid of--



God's judgment.






I'm not.



I don't want to lose you.



You just want to save my soul.



At least you know

you have one.



I don't want to tell

my secrets in church.



I'll pray for both of us.



You'd stay with me

even if I didn't pray?



So far we're still in the realm

of signs and wonders...



but the Rapture is coming.



It says so in the Bible.



Our bodies will be

transformed into spirit...



and then we'll be called up

in the clouds to meet God.



The end is coming soon.



This year.




Ever since I was a kid

I had this feeling...



that something was

going to happen to me.



I always knew that

when it happened...



that I'd recognize it.



I wouldn't mistake it

for something else.



I wouldn't have

something happen to me...



and say this is it...



and later on say,

"Nah, that wasn't it."



It was a secret feeling...



and I never told

anybody about it.



What's the feeling now?



Something's gonna happen.



Where's heaven?



It's in the sky.



Why can't we see it?



You will.



But why can't we see it now?






Do you love Baby Jesus?






Well, then you'll

see him real soon.



What does the Bible say?




We who are alive

who are saved...



will be taken

bodily into heaven.



Oh, Sharon, Sharon!



You just can't

accept God, can you?






Well, maybe we should talk

about that for a minute.



OK. So do you mean that

if you're a Christian...



and you were ironing

your shirts...



and the Rapture happens,

you get taken up to heaven...



in the middle of

doing your laundry?



Well, does God

give you time...



to turn off the iron

or do your shirts bur,n?



I wear permanent press.



Well, I mean, what's

supposed to happen?



You're supposed to

float up into the sky?



In the twinkling of an eye...



the body will be

transformed into spirit.



And there is a warning.



If you listen,

if you pray for it...



there's going to be

a warning.



We'll hear the sound of

trumpets, God's angels.









I'm trying to say this...



without causing you

a lot of pain.



Any way you say it,

I'm fired, right?



We have struggled together...



but you have to admit,

it hasn't worked out.



It's 'cause I'm not kissing ass

around here, isn't it?



Louis, it's because

you're not doing your job.



You're not doing

your job, bananahead.






we tried to get you help.



I don't want your fucking help!



We took you to a counselor.



You took me to a homo!



I took you to an AA meeting.



They're a bunch of a-holes.



A-holes, the lot of them!



And you're an a-hole.



And I'm tired of kissing

your Christian a-hole!



What are you looking at?!



Louis, I'll pray for you.



Oh, fuck you!



Get down!



OK. OK...






No speeches, preacher.



I have a little girl.



So what?



Come in.



You see, now's

one of those times...



when I wish I was a believer.






'Cause I would have

a rock to stand on.



'Cause I could tell myself

everything was for the better...



because God has a plan.



But it is...because He does.



Oh, it is so hard

for me, Sharon.



I try to resist it

as much as possible.



So you do feel something

tugging at you, don't you?



I tell myself

it's just conditioning...



it's how I was raised.



I tell myself if we didn't

tell our children about God...



they wouldn't ask.



It is a story we tell ourselves

so everything makes sense.



It's not.



How do you know?



The Bible.



Don't tell me "The Bible."



It's a question of faith.



So there's no proof?



Paula, the universe you live in

is a cold and empty place.



The universe I live in

is filled with God.



Will we see Daddy again?






When we die?



Or when God

takes us to heaven.



When the Rapture comes,

does that mean we die?



Not exactly.






you can go to heaven

without dying?






But...if you die...



then you can still

go to heaven?






So Daddy is going to heaven.



No. Daddy's already in heaven.



If we pray to Daddy,

can he hear us?



Well, we pray to God...



and God tells Daddy

what we're saying.



That way he can hear







This is from

the book of "Revelations..."



chapter twelve, verse six.



It says...



"And the woman fled

into the desert...



"where she had a place

prepared for her by God."



Is anyone else

getting visions...



that tells us we have to

go to the desert?



You don't believe me.



I do.



What does it mean?



You're the only one

who can hear these calls.



It could be Satan.



I don't think so.



Then God wants you

for a special purpose.



Please come with me.



We haven't been invited.



But I'm scared.



Don't ask God

to meet you halfway.



What does that mean?



Sharon, you can't just

leave like this.



Yes, I can.



God is calling me.



No, no. No, Sharon.



What about Mary?



God is calling her, too.



Why don't you sell the house?



You can't

just walk away from it.



Of course I can.



There's a better house

waiting for me.



God is building me

a mansion right now.



What should I wear?



God won't come

the bank will own your ,home...



and what are you

going to do then?



I'm going to heaven.



Mary and I are

going to heaven...



and we'll be wearing

these dresses together...



when we finally see God.



Randy always loved this dress.



I'll wear it for him.



I'm going to be

seeing him soon.



And he always loved

to see Mary in this.



Don't you get

white robes and wings?



Angels don't have wings.



I don't know about the robes.



I don't know what they wear.



I guess I'll find out.



So then what's the sweater for?



It gets cold

in the desert at night.



Winter is coming.



You're going to need

more than a sweater.



He's taking us soon.



Very soon.



How do you know?



He told me.






Sharon, listen to me.



I don't know

if you can hear me...



but listen to me.

You need food.



Not that much.



You need a tent.



I don't want you guys

sleeping out in the car, OK?









Thank you, Paula.



You need something else.



You can't go out

to the desert alone.



There are a lot of creeps

out there, Sharon...



and a woman alone--



I'm scared.



God will take care of us.









Oh, Paula, no.




You don't have to use it

but you have to take it.



And you can bring it back

to me when you come home.



I'm not coming home.






Yes, Mary?



This doesn't look

like heaven, Mom.



This isn't heaven, honey.



Then why stop here?



Think of heaven

as a great big hotel...



or a big office building.






Well, this is the lobby.



This is where we have to wait.



For what?



The elevator.



This is it.



Come on. Everybody out.



Are you waiting

for God, too?



Oh, is that what you guys

are doing here?



God is coming back.



Sounds good.



He really is.






He's coming tomorrow.



No. Soon, Mary.

He's coming soon.



That's it, Mary!

That's it!



Come on, he's calling us.

Let's hurry.



Come on, Mary.



No, my panda!



Come on...go.



I--I miss my daddy.



Honey, I miss your daddy, too.



I wanna see him again.



You will. You will

see him in heaven.



Why can't we go

to heaven, Mommy?



I wanna go to heaven.



We have to wait

until God calls us.



Did God call Daddy?



When you die,

is that when God calls you?






Then I wanna die.



Oh, sweetie, no.



You wanna go to heaven,

don't you?






And you believe...



that when we die

we'll go to heaven,...



because we're saved, right?






Then why can't we just die

and go there really quickly...



and be with Daddy again?



Why do we have

to stay here...



and hang around

and wait for God?



Come on, Mom...



let's die.



Let's give God one more chance.









I'm Foster Madison.



Sharon and Mary.



Oh, yeah?



I have a little sister

named Mary.



She's all grown up now.



Are you with God?



No. I'm with the sheriff.



We're waiting for our Father.



Where's he?






Don't you go to school?



I don't have to go to school.



I'm not asking

you to understand...



or to have faith, but...



the end of the world

is coming, and...



we're a lot safer out here.



Well, there's a two-week limit

on staying here.



Is that a limit on how long

I can stay in the park...



or just this

particular campsite?



Actually, it's just a limit

on how long you can use...



this particular campsite.



OK, so if I move over there...



or over there or over there...



I can stay another two weeks?



Technically, I can't stop you.



Thank you.



Could I ask you a question?






Is this good

for your little girl?



Have you been saved?






Do you know what that means?






Would you like to be?



Oh, yeah, yeah...

Sure. Who wouldn't?



Why is it so hard

for you to pray?



Well, you have to surrender

to God, don't you?



That's right.



It's in my training--



I don't give up my gun.


           'd like to believe.



That these are the last days?



You know they are.



God is coming back

to judge the world.



A lot of people

are gonna suffer.



You know, I hope

that's not true...



but if it is, and there's

no law against it...



my hands are tied.



I bet with a little prayer...



you'd be on my side

in an hour.



Well, then it's time

for me to go.



Watch out for the coyotes.


















Mom...I'm hungry.



You said we'd give

Him one more chance.







You said we'd give God

one more chance.



And if we didn't get

the Rapture...



that we could die.



That's what you said.

You promised.






Don't you believe in God?






Don't you love God?



Then why can't we

just go to God?



Go now. Now.



One more chance.



I was in the neighborhood.



Thought you'd stop by

for a cup of sugar?



No. Actually,

I brought you this.



We have sleeping bags.



Yeah, I know.



It's just, sometimes,

you wanna sit on the ground...



you don't wanna get dirty,

it's nice to have a blanket.



Thank you.



I, uh--I also brought

your little girl--



It's just a candy bar.



I know that moms

are worried about cavities...



so if you don't

wanna give it to her...



you know, I'll understand.



I'll give it to her.



You can share it.









I'll check up on you again

sometime if that's OK.



Thank you.



Mom, you have to make up

your mind now!



Gabriel's coming, Mom!

Gabriel's coming!



It's God, Mom! It's God!



Don't ask God

to meet you halfway!






Mary...Mary, wake up.



It's OK, honey.



It's OK.



Oh, baby, you're just hungry.



We'll get something to eat.

We'll go to town.



No. We can't leave.



Yes, we can.



But we don't need any food.



God will give us food

when we get to heaven.



We'll be in heaven tonight.



There was a river

and I was in heaven, .



Where was I?



You were there.






Sort of.



You were there

but only sort of,.



It's almost morning.



Soon as the sun comes up,

we'll get something to eat.



$ .   please.



Oh, no, you don't.



Call the police.




-Why not?



She had a kid.



Do you love me?






Do you love Jesus?






You know, in heaven...



there's Jesus and

Baby Jesus together...



and Baby Jesus has

the special job of...



He has the special job...



of looking out

for all the children.



Mary, do you love Baby Jesus?






It's not fair to make you pay

because I'm lost.



If God loves us

He'll understand,.



We're going to heaven now.



We're going...together?






And Daddy? Daddy's in heaven?



Daddy...We'll see Daddy, yes...



and we'll be together forever...



because nothing

is broken in heaven.



I love you.






You have to love God, Mary.



Do you love God?






Tell him that.



Don't be afraid, baby.



Could you get out

of the car, please?



Well, what happened to God?



What's wrong?



I need to see your license

and your registration, please.



They're in the car.



Thank you.



Could you step over in--



In the light, please?









Where's your little girl?



She's with God.



She died?









I killed her.



I was gonna kill

myself, too, but...



you can't get into heaven

if you kill yourself.



You can get into heaven

if somebody else kills you...



but not if you kill yourself.



Life is some...



kind of punishment,

isn't it?



You have to

go through with it...



even when you know

what life is for.



What is life for?



Ask God.



And what does He say?



I think...



He says that, basically...



that you have to love Him

no matter what...



but I don't love Him!



Not anymore.



He has too many rules.



He told me to meet

Him in the desert...



and I did...



and I waited,

and He didn't come.



He broke His promise.



He let me kill my little girl...



and He still expects

me to love Him?



I'm afraid of hell

so I have to wait out m,y life...



waiting for God.



Now...He'll forgive me,

and He'll let me join...



my daughter and

my husband in heaven...



but first, I have

to say I love Him.



You can send me

to the gas chamber...



and if I let God

into my heart...



before I die,

then I can go to heaven...



because God is merciful.



How fast was I going?



Hundred miles an hour.



Hundred miles an hour.



If I'd have gone

off a bridge and died...



would I have gone to heaven?



I don't know.



Neither do I.



I know you.



I should be embarrassed

to tell you where we met...



but I'm not ashamed.



I'm not ashamed

of anything anymore.



I found God.

God found me.



I was preaching

the word of God...



in a shopping mall

in Palm Springs...



and they had me kicked out.



So I went back in.



Then they had me arrested.



Have you heard

the word of God?



It's the greatest

gift of all time.



You have to trust

completely in God.



He'll forgive all your sins.



Who forgives God?



God is coming back, Mommy.



There are wars

and rumors of wars, Mommy...



and a curse

devours the earth...



and those who live in it

are held guilty.



He said He would

take us to heaven.



Mother, listen to me.



The living outnumber the dead.



The armies of the Lord...



are waiting

for the day of judgment.



Don't you still love God, Mommy?



He left us alone--



alone in the desert.



He let me kill you.



But do you still love Him?



How can I love a God

that let me kill my baby?



God loves you

because you love Him.






I know you want me back...



but I can't come back, Mommy.



I'm dead.



That's the first call!



It's Gabriel

blowing his trumpet!



There'll be six more calls!



You have until

the last call to repent!



After that it's too late!



There's the snap.



Hands off to Henderson.



Henderson's going

to the right side...



and he's tackled at

the fifteen yard line.



It's God!



He's giving us a last chance

to save ourselves.



That's War.



It's the first horseman

of the Apocalypse.



Hark, the herald angels sing



Glory to the newborn King



Peace on earth and mercy mild



God and sinners reconciled



Joyful all ye nations rise



Join the triumph of the skies



With angelic hosts proclaim



Christ is born



in Bethlehem



What more do you need?



Get out of here.



What are you doing here?



I want to know

what happens next.



Are you scared?



I don't know.



I never had any faith.



But you did.












Well, if the world

is coming to an end...



this isn't the place to be.

Now let's go.






No, I don't want to go!



Don't let me go!









Hi, Mom.



Is this hell?



Hello, Mary?



Is that your daughter?



Mary, where are you?



I'm here.



Where are we?



You know when you hear

those songs...



about the river that

washes away all your sins?



Well, here it is.



We're in heaven.



Why are we in heaven?



We're not in heaven.

Heaven's over there.



I can't see it.



It's there.



If you love God, it's there.






do you love God...



for giving you

the gift of life?









Mommy, Gabriel's coming.



You have to make up

your mind.



There's nothing more to say.



You have to love God.



I love you, Mary.



That isn't enough.



Baby, it's all I have.



If life is a gift...



if it really is a gift...



and there really is a heaven--



There really is a heaven.



Then why should I thank Him...



for the gift

of so much suffering, Mary?



So much pain on the earth

that He created?



Let me ask Him why.



Tell God you love Him!



I can't.



If you don't tell God

that you love Him...



you can't go to heaven.



Tell God that you love Him!









Do you see heaven?






Isn't it beautiful?






Do you know how long

you have to stay here?






How long?







Special help by SergeiK