Read My Lips Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Read My Lips script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Vincent Cassel and Emanuelle Devos.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Read My Lips. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Read My Lips Script






SEDIM. Can I help you?



Hold on, I'll see.



It's Andreux from Stelmex.






I didn't quite hear.

Could you say that again?



Just a moment.



SEDIM. Can I help you?



He's just taken a call.



Shall I ask him to call you back?



I'll put you through.






Yes, sir.

I'll be right in.



Feeling better?



What's the matter? Are you ill?



Sorry, sir.



I don't know what came over me.



Why not take a few days off?



Not now.



Not now?

You prefer when you're rested?



I have so much paperwork,

the Chesnais site about to start...



Could you use some help?






Why, is there anything wrong?






everything's fine.



I'm suggesting we hire someone.



To replace me?



Not replace you. Help you.



An extra person.

An assistant, if you like.



Trainees are cheap.

We'd even save on messengers.



What kind of work?






To help me. I'm a secretary.



Secretarial Assistant.



- Preferably male.

- Sorry?



A man would be best.



We can't do that.



The Employment Office

can't specify gender.



Discrimination is against the law.



I see.



What age?



  -  .



Make that   .



What else?



He should be friendly,

not too tall, nice hands...



You mean well-groomed?



Yes. Well-groomed.



It doesn't work. Oh yes.



Sorry! Had a rush job

blow-drying a real cow.



There's a jar

and a bottle in the bag.



If she won't eat,

just give her the bottle.









You know him?



No, why? Because he's deaf?



He said hi. Something bugging you?



No, I'm OK.



What are you doing tonight?



Girls' night out.

With Sophie and Arielle, you know?



- Who?

- Sophie and Arielle.



I don't know them.



Then Sophie has a date

at a salsa club. I may tag along.



Are things OK with Jean-François?



He has work problems but we don't talk.



For all I care.



I feel dead.

Six months without sex.



I can't stand him touching me.



Not that he tries.



But it bugs me,



just knowing

he's thinking about it.



Living together is complicated.



Too hot?






Little sweetie-pie...



Carla, there's a messenger for you.



I'm coming.



Excuse me.



SEDIM, can I help you?



Mr. Quentin's out.

Can I take a message?



I know all about it.

Mr. Douze's new zoning proposal.



Yes, Mr. Millet's lawyer.



I'll hold.






I'll find out

and call you this afternoon.






What slip?



To sign.



I've got nothing to sign.






I've got no slip.



- Who sent you?

- The Employment Office.



I'm Paul Angeli.



For the training job.



I see.



- I'm still here.

- Wrong place?



No, right place.



OK, thanks. Goodbye.



I asked them to call

before sending somebody.



They never told me.

Do I sign something?



No, my mistake.

Don't worry about it.



Let's go to a café.



No problem.






You can type?






- And use a computer?

- Yeah.



Make photocopies?



No sweat. I've done loads.



Have you worked with spreadsheets?






For calculations.



Sure, loads of spreadsheets.



For calculations, I'm...



I'm good.



What programs?



Funny, I can't remember.



The programs...



...the usual programs.



German ones, maybe?



You haven't worked

for two years.



Why not?



Why not? I was in Fleury.






I was in Fleury. Doing time.



What kind of time?



Time Magazine.



I was in jail!

Are you shitting me?



You were in prison?



The Employment Office

didn't tell you?



OK, I get it.



I just...



You know how parole works?



I have to see you

every week for six months.



You miss one time,

you better have a good excuse.



You miss twice, forget about excuses,

you're back inside.



That clear?






You have anything to say?



Like what?



I don't know.



About yourself. Got any plans?






The office opens at  :  .

I normally get here at  .



Hello, Mrs. Renée.



First thing,

go around the offices.



Outgoing mail, you bring to me.



- Outgoing male, me?

- Outgoing letters to put in the mail.



Check the stocks of paper,

toner levels and plotter inks.



Bring all incoming faxes to me.



Stationery is here.



Equipment supplies are here.

Ink, paper, etc.



Got that

or should I write it down?



No problem.



Another thing...



If anyone else

asks you to do anything, say yes.



Even if you don't know how,

say yes.



Ask me and I'll show you.



Mr. Morel?



This is Paul Angeli,

our new trainee.



He was at Rank Xerox.



Glad to meet you.



- My coffee coming?

- It's on your desk.



Why did you say that?



What would you rather I said?



You'll have to wear a tie.



- Where'd you get the clothes?

- At the hostel.



Shoes are a bit big...



- What's your size?

-   .



I'll see if I have some.



You know how to type?






- How about faxes, etc.?

- I dunno either.



- Did you tell them?

- Yeah.



And still they hired you?



What's so funny?



You want me to take a shitty job



like sweeping out a chicken factory?



Get the blue folders and films.



We're low on paper.

Get a new pack ready.



Give me that.



Don't you think that'll do?



I'm hungry!



Can I ask you something?



Why were you in prison?



Sorry, it's silly of me...



No, it's OK.



- You don't have to answer.

- I'll answer.



I went down for...



aggravated robbery

and receiving.



- What kind of robbery?

- Aggravated and receiving.



I did banks, cars, stickups... anything.



Nothing too heavy. Nobody got killed.



What's up?

Did I say something wrong?



They're making fun of me.



How do you know?



I lip-read.



I read people's lips.



- You kidding me?

- You asked, I answered.



- You mean you're... deaf?

- What are these? Earrings?



- Not just kind of deaf?

- Yes, well...



I was deaf.

Now I'm kind of deaf.



Deaf, like deaf?



Deaf! Can we drop it now?



Over there, for example...



What are they saying?



In a nutshell...



Keller is saying

I've done well for myself.



A dog like me is lucky

to get a guy like you.



Maybe I'm a good number

and they've been missing out.



He said something else, but it's obvious.



Do they know you...



Have you eaten your fill?

Can we go?



What are they fighting about?



The work's held up by a supplier,

Lehaleur, the mayor's son-in-law.



To get a building permit,

you have to use his company. Morel did,



but Lehaleur wants more money.



Off the books?



- Is that straight?

- Is it what?



Straight business practice?



I only know his name is Richard.






The guy from the salsa club?



That's all I know.

It's always him that calls me.



We meet in clubs

or go straight to hotels...



and we fuck.



I've never known anything like it.



It's so...



I want to end it but...

Two days without him, I go nuts!



I'd never imagined it.









Like that.

Being a mindless piece of meat.






You're already here?



What are you doing here?



Just checking...



- Since when?

- What?



Sleeping in the closet.

Since when?



- I dunno.

- How can you not know?



Since the beginning.



Ever since you joined the company?






I don't understand.

Aren't you in a hostel?



I'm locked out after  .



It's like jail.

I'm not going back.



Why didn't you tell me?



Don't pitch a fit.

I don't give a shit where I sleep.



Don't you realize?



If you're caught, who pays? Me!



You'll be fired

but I'm in trouble!



OK, sorry.



Where did you wash?






You're insane.



There's a phone.

You can put it in your name.



Put your name on the mailbox, too.



This is it.



It's nice.



Clean, light...



It still smells like cement.



Do you like it?



You're sure I can stay?



Until the building work's done.



- How long's that?

- The work?



They say five or six months.



Is that all you've got?



Here's a big closet.



These are for you.



And... take this too.



What is it?



An advance on your pay.



Weekends may be noisy.

They work around the clock.



No water yet.



Are you pleased?



What's the matter?



Goddamn it!



Isn't that what you want?



What are you after?

Apartment, job, money...



What do you want?

I don't get it.



Wait, damn it!



The dampness and cracks

are due to a sublayer of clay.



- Did Guibert know?

- I've no idea.



- If so, he's not saying.

- Do we inform the client?



That they'll need galoshes

to use their parking lot?



Carla? Where's Le Henry?



Stuck in Grenoble. His meeting

with the zoning office was delayed.



He'll call you.



Keller, where's the Flérets job at?



All wrapped up, almost.



I should have

the cadastral survey tomorrow.



Let's hear it.



I fixed everything, including

one last snag about the alignment...



- May I speak to you, Mr. Keller?

- Sure.



Wasn't I handling the Flérets job?



Since then, we've lost two contracts



and a third site's on hold



so please,

let's each stick to our job.



What's it to you if I see

a project through for once?



I'm in sales, Carla.



The name of the game

is "commission".



I work on commission.



Do I hassle you to take a pay cut?



Hi, honey.



Hang on a second.



You want to bitch at me?

Let's go see Morel about it.



Cool it!






If you want to fire me,

I understand



but please don't say why.



Keller's a shit.

I was handling the Flérets project.



Just as I'm ready to submit it,

the creep gets it back from Morel!



For three years

I've slaved for them!



Doing all their work,

lying to their wives!



I've had enough!



Can you steal the file from Keller?



Steal the file.



- It's nothing to you.

- I'm not stealing.



- Why?

- You know why.



One false move, I'm back in jail.

Don't mess me around.



I'm not stealing anything.



When you grabbed me yesterday,

I was scared and shocked.



But I understand, in a way.



You think you owe me.

You pay with what you've got.



You got me wrong.

I don't blame you...



but it's true, you do owe me.






You're quiet today.



Nothing to say?



How's the job going?



- You're not too lost?

- It's OK.



You're adapting?



Yeah, I'm...



I'm adapting.



SEDIM, can I help you?



Hello, Mr. Keller.



I can't. He's in a meeting.



All right.



It's Mr. Keller. Very urgent.



I'll put you through.



You lost the file?



Are you that stupid?






Is there a copy

of the Flérets file?



I must have the original. Why?



Take it straight to City Hall.



Yes, sir.



Don't worry, Mr. Keller.

I'm on my way.



I've got everything.



Meet me in the bar opposite.



See you there.



- Could you turn it down?

- Take your aids out!



Madam Mayor,



members of the council,



we're here to discuss

the city's call for bids



to develop the district

known as "Les Flérets".



What the fuck?



- Where were you?

- We missed each other.



- I was waiting in the bar!

- We looked there.



Where's Carla?



Miss Behm is in there.



What's she playing at?



Relax, it's OK.



Everything's cool.



The raised roof on the right

contains a machinery room



and the ventilation system

for the parking lot.



Our objective was to...



Fucking bitch!



- Get off me!

- I'll kill you!



Now, now...



You OK?



I see!



You won't get away with this.



Morel's going to hear all about it.



Trust me.



Here are all the expenses



and all...



the commissions you've been paid

for   years.



Mr. Morel will be interested.

Trust me!



Let him go, Paul.

Let's go.



Keller has chosen to leave us,

so we'll have to share his files.



Quentin, you can take over

Grenoble and Drancy.



I know it's extra work,

but I see no alternative.



Miss Behm,

can you take over Les Flérets?



Yes, sir.



Now, Les Mureaux.

You saw the mayor?



It's me.



Are you busy tonight?



I dunno. Why?



Like to come out with me?



Depends. Is it work?



Coming out with me is work?









There's a guy

at the door for you.






Act like we're friends!






Annie, Boubou.



Hi Paul.



Want a drink?



So what is this?



Boubou's birthday.

The girl I introduced you to.



The short fat one?



With the long blond hair.



What did you tell them?



That you're my friend.



Do you mind?



- What kind of friend?

- I didn't specify.



What do we do?



I don't know. Talk, drink.



Same as everybody.



- You don't want to dance?

- I can't dance.



- I can show you.

- No! Not here.



Can you take my hand?



- Do we get to smooch?

- No, this'll do fine.



This'll do.



- How will you get home?

- Subway.



- I'm taking a cab. Want a ride?

- No need.



See you tomorrow, then.



- Jeanne!

- Hi, Pierre. You OK?






I'm worried.



Odile's not back.

Have you seen her today?



No. Not since yesterday,

at the supermarket.



Didn't she come home last night?



The kitchen light was on.



Yes, but she was out.



Forget it.



Is Paul Angeli there?



Yes. Who's calling?



I'd like to see Paul Angeli.



I'll tell him.






Paul? Somebody's here for you.



Somebody's here for you.

See you in the canteen?



Help me, damn it!



Help me.



Can't stay here.



You can't stay here.



Go in there.



Lock the door.



You owe how much?



- Seventy.

- Seventy what?



Seventy Gs.      .



      francs! That's enormous!



- Who's this Marchand?

- I dunno.



You owe      

to a man you don't know?



I borrowed it   years ago

from a guy named Villard.



He had a nightclub.

He sold it to Marchand.



I never met Marchand. I only know

he wants his bread tomorrow.



If you don't have it,

what can he do?



Yeah, right.



How about you?



- Do you have any?

- What?



Money? No, I don't have any.






I don't, I swear.



- I need the afternoon off.

- What will you do?



I don't know. Jesus!



What's that look for?



Can you help me? No. So.



Isn't Paul here?



I'll do it.



Good afternoon.



Could I see Paul Angeli please?



Your name?



Mr. Masson.



You're his... parole officer?



He told you about me?



You're Carla?



Miss Carla?



He told you about me too?



He didn't check in this morning.

I was worried.



That's too bad!

I sent him on a job.



Does it matter?



Not checking in, yes.



- He didn't even call.

- It's my fault.



A rush job came in last night.

We couldn't wait.



Mr. Masson was expecting you.

I wouldn't have sent you out.



Send these faxes and print



the plans for the Drancy site.



And this...



May I have a word with him?



Of course.






use your office.



Look, we have a deal.



You check in at the agreed times.



Where the hell were you?



- I went to see him.

- Who?



Marchand, the nightclub owner.



He asked for his money.



I said I didn't have it.



He asked if I had any ideas.



I said I just got out, I'm broke.



He said he had an idea.



I asked what.



He said...



"Work for me till you pay me off.

You'll get free food and tips."



What did you say?



What could I say?



How will you cope?



Working here and there?



I can't. I thought you realized.



I can't do both.

I have to leave here.



Besides, it isn't working out.



- What isn't?

- Me, here.



It's not my thing.



That's not true!

It's working well.



You're doing fine

and making progress.



I'm not.

I told you I don't give a shit.



Don't sweat it. I have no choice.



Have you told Masson?






He'd freak if he knew I was working

for a guy like Marchand.



You write him a letter,



tell him I wasn't up to it.



He won't be surprised.



I'll say I'm looking for another job.



On the other hand...



If I could stay in the studio

for a while...



Could I keep the keys

for a couple more weeks?



I have a meeting. Wait here.



Let him handle the alderman.



If in doubt, call my cell phone.



Oh, it's you.



What's up?



I have to see Richard.

Lend me your place.



Don't be a pain.

I told Jean-François to call me here.



Don't do this to me!



I'll never ask you again.



No, you can't.



OK, coming right up.






Grab the bucket.



The boss wants champagne for three.



Your champagne.



Come in. Put it there.



Do I know you?



I don't think so.



That'll do.



I have to lock up.



- How do you get home?

- By train.



- Want a ride?

- Sure. I'll just finish this.



She has a big bust.



I wouldn't want to wear that.



Hi. Mind if I join you?



How are you?



I was in the area and...



Hang on.



Have some food.

You must be hungry.



- Sure?

- No, really.



- I have meal vouchers.

- I'm OK.






So what?



You tell me. How's it going?



I'm OK.



Hi, assholes.



Still working a lot?



More, since I'm alone.



You haven't hired anybody?



- You want to come back?

- No thanks.



What are they saying?



The usual crap.



Yes, but... what kind of crap?



Let me see...



Quentin's describing

his dinner last night.



    francs all included.



Are you busy tonight?



Why? Want to buy me dinner?



Let's go to a club.



How about it?



I've never been to a club.



You'll see, it's great.



I'm sure. I've never tried.



But I don't dance.



I'm really glad you said that.



Let's skip formalities.



I think we should.



You're really... nice.



Nice to ask me out, anyhow.



It's time I went home.









No, no...



Me? Nobody, no.



How about you?



You go with prostitutes?



Funny, I didn't imagine that.






Your bag please.



Sorry I'm late. I waited    minutes

for the subway and got lost.



I can't talk to customers.



Want a drink?



I need to see your lips.

I can't hear.



Do you want a drink?



Gin and tonic.



- What's that?

- Gin...



and tonic. Fizzy.

You'll like it.



Can I have a straw?



Go outside.



Meet me at the back door,

by the garbage.



See you there.



Go now.



The back door.



I'll take that.



Go on.



What are we doing?



You'll see.



- Wait for me!

- Move your ass!



What are you doing?



That's illegal!



Come on!



Watch your step.



What are you doing? Come on.



Come here.






I feel dizzy.



Don't be scared.

I'm here. It's OK.



See the second floor, there?



Use the binoculars.



- There?

- Yes.



- The orange window?

- Yeah.



The guys talking inside.



Can you tell what they're saying?



They're saying hello...



OK. What else?



It's too far!



They keep turning their backs.



I need to know

if you can read from here.



Make an effort.



No use. I'm not a fax machine!



Can you lip-read or not?



I read lips, not scalps!



Is that Marchand's place?



Which one's Marchand?



On the left.



Do you know the others?



They're the Carambo brothers.



The older one

was in Fleury with me.



We barely met.



- I see.

- What?



Let me go!



- Let go!

- Be quiet.



- I'll scream.

- No yelling!



Let's talk, OK?



Just stay and watch

what they say.



You didn't mind asking me

to rob Keller's car.



- This is different.

- There's no risk!



The only danger

is falling down the stairs.



They'll call me.

Take these. I'll be back.



- Who'll call you?

- Trust me. I'll be back.



Don't leave me here alone.



See you later. Thanks.



Stay here.



I'll be back, honest!



I'll be back.






What the hell is this?



Why am I here?



Your champagne.



We'll get back to it.



What's he doing there?



Why did he ask me...



How will you do it?



Do what?



I dunno.



Will you mug them, or what?



- I'm not sure yet.

- Not sure yet?



You've no idea!

You don't know a thing!



It's worth a try, right?



Why should I freeze on a roof

spying on hoodlums?



Don't give me that!

For the money, maybe?



If I get some, you get some.



I don't give a shit about money.



Let's cut the crap.



Just tell me what you want.



Come to work like before.



Work nights at the club,

days at the office.



I'll fix your hours.

We'll use a company car.



Fuck you!



Take it or leave it.



No, you've made a mistake.



Yes, I'll give you

the architects' number.



It's Baron & Co,           .



Fax this to that number.



Marchand's scared.

Street's too narrow.



Scared of bakery next door.



Young guy makes a phone call.



Wait, I can't read my writing.



"Meet the guy

from the bank tomorrow."



"Case the joint."

Chapeau, Chameau?



Must be somebody's name.

Ever heard of him?



Means nothing to me.



"Around  ." Must be   o'clock

or the  th, I don't know.



The two brothers go in...



Marchand disagrees.



He wants to go in.



"Why can't the other guy

wait in the car?"



They argue.



A number...

Old guy takes notes from photos.



Road map...

They talk about money.



Marchand says numbers,




I get it.

One guy supplies the plans.



The others pull the job.



Marchand hasn't a clue.

He's never robbed anything.



Why do they say  - ?



-  -  o'clock?

- They keep saying  - .



You haven't heard from her?



No. How long's it been?



- A week.

- A week!



I assumed it was only since yesterday.

Something must have happened to her!



Have you told the police?



If I had, they'd be here.



I had no real reason to worry.



Your wife disappears for a week

and you don't worry?



It's not the first time.



She's gone missing before.






She stayed a few days with Lucie

but always came back.



I don't understand.



You haven't been married    years.



I don't mean that.



Be right with you!



I don't get why she never told me.

I'm her sister, after all.



Maybe she didn't tell you everything.



I guess so.



What's the work today?



Finish the Bulto file.



Call Meldeg,

see if the goods arrived.



All set?



Try zipping your pants.



Paul, file this.



You should have fixed it last week!



Now Belin says the site's on hold!



What are you up to?

What is this bullshit?



Don't interrupt!

You think I'm dumb?



I always said it was risky.



OK! It's too late now.



- Maybe...

- OK!



May I say something?



It seems to me...



our problem with Lehaleur

is psychological.



We got off on the wrong foot.



I could try and find a solution.



It can't hurt.



Yes! I'm coming.



I'm coming.



What's your problem?



- Mr. Lehaleur?

- What about him?



What have I done to you?



The neighbors!



He's agreeing more and more.



See you later.



She's here. I'll put her on.



For you. Mr. Morel.



Sorry, I can't hear you.



That's better.

It went very well.



Mr. Lehaleur is fully in the picture.



Thank you, Mr. Morel.



I'm a bit tired, but OK.



Is it the job?



Yeah. It never stops.

Paperwork, building sites...



I'm working around the clock.



Can you cope?



No problem.



New nail polish?






Like it?



- A bit pale.

- "Rosewood."



- Can you babysit tonight?

- I'm out tonight.



It's not so easy these days.



- A lot of work?

- Not only that.



Still seeing your boyfriend?



Still seeing your boyfriend?



- He's not my boyfriend.

- But you still see him?






A margarita and two beers.



Are you done?



Your antics with those jerks.



What antics?



"What antics?"



- What have I done wrong?

- Forget it.



Is it them?

Why? They're nice.



Sure, real nice.



It's OK. It's over.



Feeling OK?









- You're hurt.

- I'm OK.



- Let me see.

- Honest.



I said I'm OK.



I have to go back in.



Did you hear me?



Are you OK to go?



Go in. I'll join you.



Go on the roof, I mean.



Can you hear me?



- Yes.

- I'm going back in.






Get changed and take her home.



She'll direct you.

Gimme some smokes.



- Leave the car keys on the bar.

- OK.






Let me help you.






Mind your head.



I hate what he's become.



It's that crummy bar.



It's changed him.



He always had an eye for bimbos.



What's he like with you?



Search me. He's the boss.



Where does he fuck them?



Where does he fuck the bimbos?



Upstairs in his office?



Why am I asking you?

You won't tell me anyhow.



I'm the dumb cow

and he's the boss.



He has to...



fuck them somewhere.



You want the window open?



- I feel sick.

- Sit up. Sit up!






- What now?

- I need to pee.






I'll tell you later.



What do you want?



There's nobody there.

No lights on.



I didn't see him.



What do we do now?



Until when?



I heard you. No need to shout!



What a prick!



How can anyone be such a jerk?



They were garbage sacks.



I only saw them for a second.



What shape where they?



Like... sacks with things inside.



What things? Could be anything!

Cash, shoes, clothes...



You shift clothes at   a.m.?



Not cash, either.



- He didn't come out?

- No! I didn't see!



He must still be asleep.



All right!



- What do we do?

- Nothing. What else?



He'll come down sometime to eat.



Then I'll go up.



I have to go to the office to work.



Go on, then.



But leave the car.



What for?



You see me on the subway

with the sacks?



Don't you trust me?






- We meet where?

- Dunno. I'll call you.



Can you pick up some clothes

from my place?



There's one thing I don't get.



If your wife disappeared   weeks ago,

why did you only report it yesterday?



She often went off

to stay with her sister



in Désertines, near Montluçon.



- You have no children?

- No.



She couldn't.



I almost forgot.

I put something aside for you.



What's upstairs?



Two bedrooms and a...



a shower, not really a bathroom.



- And there's a cellar?

- A full-size basement.



These are the...



the most recent photos, from last year.



It's me.



- Where are you?

- In the car. He just came out.



I'm going in.



- Eat with us?

- No. Back in a half hour.



Gimme some smokes.



- Where's the other guy?

- He'll be right back.



Any luck?



Fuck all!



I looked everywhere. Nothing!



- You searched?

- Yes! Everywhere!



The only sacks were full of garbage!



What you put me through!



I'll go.



Yeah, right.



If he shows, call me.



Give me the key.



Give me the key.



Where's my vodka?



Set the boss's table.

He's coming.



Where is he?



A lot?



Meet me at the car.



Then what?



Then? We get the hell out.



Then what?



What do you mean, then?



Then you split, is that it?



So what?



Go if you want,

but without the cash.



- That wasn't the deal.

- No. You were supposed to find it.



Let go.



I'll be in the car.



Come in ten minutes

or I'll be gone.



Stop it.






- Where's Paul?

- He just went out.



Something wrong?



Where is it, motherfucker?



Where is it?



- What?

- The money!



- Where is it?

- I don't know!



Where's the money, motherfucker?



Where is it?



What's he done?



Stay out of this.

Don't ask questions.



Don't ask. Just go downstairs.



When the Carambos arrive,

stall them and warn me, OK?



Go on.



- Where is it?

- I don't know!



Where is it?



I know nothing about it!









Tell them anything!

Say I'll be there in an hour.



Give them a drink.



Yes, I'm upstairs!



Wait there. I'll come down!



I'm coming down. Wait!



What do I do now?



Say something. Quick!






Do as I say.



Marchand. His wife.



Slow down!



Go to...



Go to her place.






Yes, like that.






Hold on, I'm coming!



I got a problem

with the money!



He ripped off the money!



Who did?

Stop sniffling like a faggot!



Who's there?



You don't know me.

You are Mrs. Marchand?



Yes. Why?



It's about your husband.

It's important.



Has something happened to him?



I'm his mistress.



Mrs. Marchand? Are you there?



Stop hitting him!

I'm sick of picking him up.



- Give up. He can't talk.

- Let me.



- I'll make him talk.

- Shut the fuck up.



You screwed us.

Now I ask the questions.



I've known him for six months.



We fucked every day. We were going

to South Africa tomorrow.



I don't understand.



You're not his type at all.



They were mostly blondes



and pretty, at least.



It was physical.



We fucked like animals.



I'd never imagined it.






Like a mindless piece of meat.



Yesterday I heard

he had another woman.



I can't take that.



You understand?



Where did you do it?



The studio above the club.



He even gave me the key.



Can you hear me?



Spill it or we're dead.



I'll give you half my share.



I don't understand.



- It's my wife.

- Go on.



It's me. What do you want?



Get lost.

Take a pill and go to bed.



What's up with her?



She's drunk. Ignore it.



Don't hang up on me, you prick!



You're going to talk!



- What now?

- I know everything.



What, you dumb cow?



About you and the slut.



Your false ID. Your travel plans!



I'm busy. Cut the crap.



I want to hear.



I suppose your plane ticket is crap!



What ticket?



You're not alone!

Who's with you?



Is that a plane ticket

in your coat, or what?



Take your plane, scumbag!



- I'm keeping the dough!

- What dough?



The dough you just stole!



I sacrificed everything for him!

What a scumbag!



How could he do it to me?



On my mother's life! How could he?



All for nothing.



He's a bastard.



These'll help.



Can I have a drink?



Where's your wife?






These were in your bedroom.



Where's the dough?



What are these?



Grab Porky, stick his head in the tub

and don't let go.



Hold still.



It's me.



- What's up with her?

- She's only sleeping.



The money!



- What time is it?

- Around  .






You have Masson today?



You can't go like that.



Fuck! The cops!



Isn't that him?



Slow down.



What the fuck's going on?



He's trying to say something.



I can't with the cops!



Look! He's talking to us.



I don't understand.



He's talking about his wife.



About his wife. He says he loved her...



he loved her...



and it's over.

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