Real Women Have Curves Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Real Women Have Curves script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the America Ferrara movie.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Real Women Have Curves. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Real Women Have Curves Script



Ana, something happened to Ama.



What happened?

- I don't know, come and talk to her.



Estela, I always have to do it.

You go.



She wants you, not me.



Ana's here, Ama.

- Buenos dias.



Hello, Grandpa.



Say something.




- Who is it?



It's Ana.

- Mija, come closer.



I'm really sick,

you'll have to make breakfast for the men.






Mama, can't Estela do that?

- Estela has a lot of work at the factory.



Mija, I woke up in the middle of the night,

soaking wet.



It was like I was on fire.



Okay, Mama, what's wrong?



Is it your legs?




- What about your back?




- And your head?



Yeah, that, too.



And how's your hearing?






Today's my last day of high school,

I'm not gonna miss that.






So your pain is gone?



I struggle with it,

just like I struggled to give you birth...



and raise you and take care of this family.



Yes, it hurts!



I didn't ask

for you to give birth to me, okay?



That's enough.



Estela, what's wrong with your sister?



Come and help me.



Okay, seven years at M.I.T.



Four years at Stanford.

- Four years of teacher's college.



I'll continue my education, too.

I'll backpack through Europe, and....



Ana, hang on a minute.



What's happening

with the college applications?



I'm not going to college.



What do you mean?



You're a smart woman

with something to contribute to this world.



My family can't afford college.



There are scholarships,

grants, financial aid...



everything we've been talking about all year.



Mr. Guzman,

I'm really sorry to have to say this...



but you should probably

spend your time helping somebody else.



Now, I have to go, but...



you were the best.






Thank you, come back again.



I've been waiting for this day.



Yeah, me, too.

- Here's your uniform.



Just give me my check, okay.



That's sick.



I was keeping it warm for you

until you got here.



You know, you can always just kiss my ass

to get your job back.












Don't ask why.

Just come, I need to show you something.



All right.



Come on, hurry up.















Thank you, cousins.



All the happiness, Ana...






for many years.



Look at your big cake.



Cake? Oh, my God.



Can't you see she's bigger than the cake?



Why did you quit your job?



Why do you know about this?

- I just know.



Okay, Mom, I quit my job.

- Why?



I didn't get along with the manager.



So what?



You're just gonna have to get another job.



I know, Papa, okay?

It's just something I had to do.



Tomorrow you come to work with us

in the factory.




- No way!



Estela, we're very far behind.



We're not behind.

- Yes, we are.



If we don't help your sister,

who else is going to?



I don't know, and really, I don't care.



Why do you have to say that?

- Because it's true.



Estela stays up all night

trying to finish those dresses.



Papa, I can't afford any more help.

- That takes care of that.



If Estela cannot pay Ana,

it doesn't really help us.



She'll pay.



Fine, I'll pay her. She can iron.



End of discussion, senor. Who wants cake?



I want some.



A big one.



Take a small one.



Mr. Guzman, what are you doing here?



Are your parents here?

- Yeah, but I told you...



Ana, who is it?



Good afternoon, sir. Ma'am.



I'm Luis Guzman.

I'm Ana's English teacher.



I speak English.

- I'm sorry.



Ana's an excellent student.



I'd like to see her continue her education,

go to college.



Mr. Guzman,

of course we want Ana to get educated.



We have already discussed that

amongst our family.



But we need her to work now.



She can go to college later.



Senor Garcia,

Ana's a very special young woman.



She got into Beverly Hills High School...



which isn't easy,

and now she can go further.



There are all kinds of scholarships.



I'm sorry, Mr. Guzman...



but tomorrow morning

she goes to the factory...



to sew, with us.



May I ask you, Mr. Garcia,

just to please think about college.



I'll think about it. I'll talk to my wife.



Let's go, Anita.



I told you.



She doesn't do her chores...



she doesn't clean her room,

she doesn't do laundry...



she doesn't cook....



She gives me plenty of trouble.






Ana doesn't give you that much trouble.



Look, her teacher...



is very happy with her.



If we make an effort...



I believe we can help her get into college,

to get an education.



I can teach her.



I can teach her to sew.



I can teach her to raise her kids...



and take care of her husband.



Those are things

they won't teach her in school.



It's all right, she can get married later.



Are you not listening to me?



It's a matter of principle.



It's not fair.



I worked since I was    years old...



and Ana is    years old.



Now it's her turn.



She has to work.



My life is over.



You're so dramatic, just like Ama.



Excuse me, but I'm nothing like Mom, okay?



Whatever you say.



Oh, my God.



Don't even think about it.



You'll never fit into that one. It's a Size  .



Why do you always have to be like this?

- I only tell you for your own good.



Look at you! Enormous!




- They must weight    kilos each!



Mom, what do you think you're doing?



You're so dramatic.



Good morning, Mrs. Carmen.

- Good morning!



Good morning, Normita.

Good morning, Panchita.



Mrs. Carmen, how are you?



Very well, thank you.



Normita, you must be in love.



You look so fancy,

I hardly recognized you.



My fiance bought me this dress.



Yeah? It's beautiful.



Just wait.



That happened with my husband,

and then he stopped buying me clothes.



Maybe it was your fault.



Why would it be my fault?



Just look at you.



Maybe the material got too expensive.



Envy or charity?



Like my grandmother used to say,

"There's no better dressing...



"than meat on bones."



And you are not going to make me cry.



You go ahead and cry, Panchita.

I'm going to the bakery.



Are you a new worker?



This is my daughter, Ana.



Are you going to be working here full-time?

- No.



I'm just helping out my sister

until I find a better job.



Me, too.



I'm just working here until I win the lottery.



Mujeres, this is my daughter, Ana.



You know, the one I always complain about.



Mommy, she's Mrs. Carmen's daughter.



I can't believe

you finally made it to the factory.



Yeah, what took you so long?



I had a meeting with a supplier,

but that's none of your business.



This is Dona Carlota.



This is an overlock, which makes hems.

She's a pro.



Welcome, I hope you like the job.



And this is Pancha and her machine.



We already met.



Don't touch anything

that belongs to Pancha.



She really gets upset,

you'd think it was her baby.



-That's not true.

-lt is true.



This is another overlock machine.

Norma does the work, and she's very fast.



I'm Carlota's daughter...



and these are my sisters,

Lupita and Angelica.



And this is Rosali, the troublemaker.



And this is Ama's station.



These scissors are yours. Don't lose them.



Everything gets lost in this place.

- Come on, let me show you your job.



Pay attention.

- Ama, are you doing your work?



Yes, my general.



Watch. We do high quality work here, okay?

That's why I get the orders.



It's so hot in here. Can't you get a fan?



We have a fan.



You know that the fan blows dust

on the dresses.



Always use the steam, okay?

And please don't burn the tulle.




- Okay, it's real easy work.



And always check the level of the water

and let me know when it gets low, okay?



So I can send you out to buy some more.



When you're done, you put the dress here...



on the bagger,

you put a plastic bag over it...



and you put it on that rack for me, okay?



If we work hard today, we'll finish these.



That'll be one hundred in Size  .



Did you hear, Mrs. Carlota?

We're close to    .



What a beautiful dress.



We take the finished dresses

to the distributor and then start on Size  .



How much do they pay us

to make these dresses?



$   for assembling each.



And how much do they

sell them for at the stores?



They sell them at Bloomingdale's for $   .



We make them for $  

they sell them for $   ...



does this seem right to you?



Just work, okay?



I don't think she knows how to do anything.



I don't think she'll make it,

and with her mother here....



She's so arrogant.



I have chisme from the market.



Mommy, Mrs. Carmen has gossip.



I love gossip.



You should be working!



El Dorado Ortiz...



is secretly in love with Rosali.



That's horrible.



That dirty old man...



Iooks like a shriveled-up mango.



El Dorado Ortiz is in love with Rosali.



He thinks you're too skinny,

but he would love...



to fatten you up.



But don't get as fat as Ana.



Ama, we have to work now.



Yes, my general.



You burned it!

- Ana, can't you do anything right!



Where are you going?



You little brat. Wait!



Come here! Don't make me come after you!






What's going on here?



This is my mom.



Is this your daughter?



Yeah, this fatty.



My daughter.



Knock yourself out, ladies.



Where are you going?



Where the hell are you going?



I can't take it anymore.



I'm too old for this.



I don't know why I'm working.



My hands have arthritis.



And I'm going blind from so much sewing.



Yeah, Mama, I know, okay.

Everybody knows.



Leave! If you want to leave, leave!






Am I embarrassing you?



Are you ashamed to work with us?



So much effort, so much sacrifice....



And all for what?



For you.



You only think I'm a beast of burden.



Ama, come on let's go.

Let's go back, come on.



Oh, my God.



Hold onto me.

Come on, we're gonna go back.



You have to help me.



Come on.



You behave, okay?



How cute! Look at yourself in the mirror.



Good morning.

- Good morning, Gorgonia.



How did you sleep?

- Okay, and you?



How do you think, with my arthritis?



I see you have a new Saint Antonio.



That's for Ana.



And how many years

have you had this one hanging here?



That one....



Eleven years.



I put it up on Estela's   th birthday.



I'm gonna take it down.



No! Leave it there.



Who knows, Estela could still get married.



It's too late for Estela to get married.

Now I have to concentrate on Ana.



They're delicious.



That's how I like them.



You're a treasure.






Do you remember our gold...



close to our hometown, near the hills?



There was a cave full of gold.



Papa, those are only legends.



And the men who saw

the cave and the gold?



The gold doesn't exist, Dad.



Grandpa, tell me about the treasure.



Many years ago, during the Revolution...



people would hide their gold

in the caves in the mountains.



After the Revolution, there was a rumor...



that there was a cave full of gold...



close to our hometown.



Inside the cave...



there was a sign

painted on the wall, that said:



"This gold can only be taken

by a man with a pure heart."



I always wanted to find that gold.



Grandpa, I'm sure you're going to find it.



Look, I already found it. You are my gold.



Now I want you to find yours.




- What's up?



Ana, how's it going?

- Mr. Guzman, I did it.



I filled out the applications.

- Look at that, Ana, way to go.



Is it the truth?

- Of course it is. I don't lie on applications.



Except about my weight.



Where's the personal statement?



I didn't think it was necessary.

- You didn't write one?



You have to write one.



I'm friendly with

the Dean of Admissions at Columbia.



If you write it now I can get it to him

and get you in for the September semester.




- But look, you need to write an essay.



About what?

- Write about something you know.



You can write about yourself.

- Myself?



Why not?



You can do this.

I'll keep this until you bring me the essay.



Go, write.






When are you going to Europe?



Hey, Jimmy.

I don't know if I'm going anymore.



My sister needs me to stay

and help her with her fashion boutique.



I was thinking about joining you,

but you're not going anymore?






Europe is so cool.

You'll get a whole new perspective.



What kind of perspective?



It's different in Europe.

Things are too easy here.



Like you're handed everything

from school to a car.



That's why I want to teach,

do something different, you know?



I'm doing some assistant work

for Mr. Guzman this summer.



What are you doing?



I have to go, so I'll see you later.



Your number?



Maybe we could hang out.



Yeah, I gotta go.






It's finished.



With that music, they want to get on TV.



They need to improve a little bit.



Yeah, I'd say.



Carmencita, your back hurting again?



After    years of sewing,

what else do you expect?



Estela, Ana, you really missed something

in the soap opera The Poor Cry More.



Mom, I don't watch Spanish soap operas.



It's not a regular novela, it's a Brazilian.



They're better. Isn't that so?

- Much better.



What happened?



You remember Juanita,

the cross-eyed daughter?



Yes, I remember.






This handsome, dark stranger...



comes to visit the fishing village.



And she meets him...



and he told her that he didn't care

what she looked like...



that he loves her, that he wants her...



but of course we know what he wanted, no?



One night, without telling her parents,

Juanita goes out with the stranger.



Mom, let me guess, she gets pregnant?



Ana, don't spoil the story.



What happened?

- She gets pregnant.



And worse,

he asks her to run away with him.



Of course that means

that she has to betray her mother's wishes.



And then?

- Entonces, they're on the bus to Rio...



and she sticks

out her head to say goodbye...



to her mother who was crying there.



And all of a sudden this bus comes by....



And it cut her head off!



Mom, that's the stupidest thing

I've ever heard.



Ana, you better listen.



That's what happens

to people who don't listen to their mother.




- And all you had was the headless body.




- Hi, Jimmy, it's Ana.



Hey, Ana!



Are you busy?



Is this a bad time? I can call you back later.



I mean, I'm just calling to say hi.

- No, it's a good time, actually.



Listen to this insane computer program

I found on the web.



"Mierda." "Shit."



It's curse words in Spanish.






"Ya la cague." "I screwed up. "



Where did you get this?



"Pendejo." "Jerk." "Pinche." "Goddamn it."



All right, okay, Jimmy, I get it.






Do you think I'm your maid?



You left dishes in the sink.



Get water, the burner's here.



Shut up, she's coming.



We almost finished pinning the pattern.



Look. What do you think?






Just a few little adjustments here

and then we can get started.



Aren't we supposed to be working?



We're already behind schedule.



Why isn't everyone here?



Norma, why are you late?

Where's your mother and your sisters?



Estela, I need to talk to you.






Estela, I'm sorry.



I say this from the heart.



Why are you sorry?



I wanted to tell you earlier,

but I didn't know how to tell you.



Tell me. What?



I'm getting married sooner than I thought.



When's the wedding?

- Next month.



I'm so happy for you.

- In Mexico.



I have to leave tomorrow.



My fiance wants me

to move with him to Mexico.



Norma, you're my fastest employee.

I need you.



I know. I'm so proud

of the work that I've done for you.



I'm sorry that I have to leave.

And you're my best boss.



My mother and my sisters

are moving with us.



You're all leaving me?

- No, Norma, por favor!



It's always been my mother's dream

to go back to her village in Mexico.



I'm sorry. Perdoname.



Don't be sorry, I'm happy for you.



I just can't pay you right now, okay?



I'm sorry.



Give my check

to my cousin at the Chapala Market.



Okay, gracias.



Good luck.



Mrs. Carmen...



thank you for everything.



God bless you.



We need those four seamstresses

to finish this work.



I mean, we never finish on time.

You know the Glitz company.



They don't pay me until we do.

I have no money to pay any of you.



I should just close the factory.

- No, you can't close the factory.



I can't believe you're paying us late again.



I just lost four seamstresses.

How are we gonna finish this order?



I can wait a little bit, but not too long.

- Gracias, Rosali.



And you, Pancha?



I'll charge you interest.



Are you serious?

- No.



But let's get back to work

before I change my mind.



And you, Mrs. Carmen?



What kind of a mother would I be

if I didn't help my daughter?



And you say I don't love you.



It's because I love you

that I make your life so miserable.



Don't love me so much.



And you, girl?



Estela, if you don't pay me,

how am I gonna save up any money?



For what?



Forget it.

- Ana, you're so selfish.



You expect me to do this dirty work

for nothing?



This is dirty work?



This is a sweatshop.



Don't you get it?



You're all cheap labor for Bloomingdale's!



We are not cheap labor.



How would you know what hard work is?

All you've done is flip burgers!



I'm grateful for what Ama has taught me.

And I'm proud of what I do!



You little brat!



I never wanted to work here

in the first place!



Much less for nothing.



See the trouble you cause?






Come on, I'm sorry, okay?



I'll help you.

- Can you work until I can pay you?









Let's get back to work.



You burned yourself, dear!



"Heal, heal, little frog tail.



"If it doesn't heal now,

it will heal tomorrow."



Fatty, wake up.



What time is it?

- It's still night.



Then why are you waking me up?



I have a secret.

I'm telling it only to you.



Mom, I'm sleeping.



You're not gonna believe this,

but I'm pregnant.






I'm pregnant.

- How could you be pregnant?



A woman knows these things.

But don't tell anybody.



Mom, you're imagining things.



Ana, I need you more than ever now.



It's probably just gas.



Eat less beans.



Why did Norma and the others

have to leave?



That doesn't look that bad.






You are not going to believe this.



I heard gossip at the Chapala Market.



No food in the work place.



It's our break time.



Then you take a break,

because I can't afford one.






Our Normita...



ate the cake before the wedding.



I heard that Norma's fiance

convinced her to have sex...



with him the night before,

and after he had a taste....



    people at the church,

the priest waiting...



and he never showed up for the ceremony.



God damn him.



Norma's mother never approved

of the man...



pero Norma insisted.



No, no.



A mother knows

the right man for her daughter.



Mom, you're so old-fashioned.



Can you believe her?

Girls nowadays think they know so much.



That's why they end up panzonas.

- No, the reason they end up pregnant...



is 'cause they don't know

how to use contraceptives.



Look at her, Miss Know-lt-All.



Your husband won't like you

knowing so much.




- A man wants a virgin.



Why is a woman's virginity

the only thing that matters?



A woman has thoughts,

ideas, a mind of her own.



A mind, and thoughts?



No more stories, Ama!



Estela, that's what I do best!



My reason for living.






What are you writing?

- I'm writing a letter to Mrs. Glass.



Who's that?



She's the owner

of the manufacturing company.



She's the one who pays us

to make these dresses.



Yeah, I'm asking for an advance

on the dress order.



I need to pay the electricity

and the monthly bills.



I'm late on the rent.

- Estela, that's serious.



I know.



If you really need this money,

you should go and talk to her in person.



A letter's not gonna do anything.

- She's too busy, she won't see me.



I'll go with you.

- She's too busy.



You're not afraid of her, are you?



Why should I be afraid of her?



Ana, please don't say anything, okay?



I can try.



Hi, is Mrs. Glass here?



Who are you?



I'm a contractor for Mrs. Glass,

my name is Estela Garcia.



Do you have an appointment?

- No.



You need an appointment.



Okay, we don't have an appointment,

let's go.



Hello, Mrs. Glass.




- Hi.



What can I do for you?



I know that last month

we were a couple of days late...






we were hoping that...



that you....



We need an advance. Money...



to pay the bills,

the electricity so that we can work...



and get you your dresses

on time when you need them.



And who are you?



I'm Estela's business partner, Ana.



Ana, Estela knows the rules.



I can't pay advances.



I went out on a limb

to hire you in the first place...



because I believe a woman like me

should help one like you...



but I can only help you so much.



You have to help yourself

and meet your deadlines.



You have until the end of the month,

when the order has to be shipped.



You have    days, honey.    days, that's it.



I'll be back at  :  .



She's worse than you said.



Did you say something, Estela?




- Because it sounded like you did.



I didn't say anything.



I see.



You ladies have a nice day.



Can't you keep your mouth shut?



I was just trying to help.



I'm trying to keep the factory open

for all of us.



You know, people depend on me.



Your mother is waiting for you, dear.



Your mother is a little crazy.



You're just figuring this out?



She's asking for her little girl.



Who knows what she might want?




- Hi.






Shut the door.



I have morning sickness.



Mom, it's not morning, it's evening.



Ana, be serious.



Comfort me.



Did you ever think

that maybe you're not pregnant...



and you're just imagining all of this?



I am pregnant. A woman knows.



I haven't had my period for three months.



Then why don't you go talk to the doctor,

not me.



Are you ready to leave?

- I'm coming, Grandpa!



Let's go.



And where are you two going?

- Ana invited me to the movies tonight.



I think it's a great idea.



Bye, Dad.



Don't wait up for us.

- Have fun.



Thank you, good night.






We'll meet here in two hours.



Be good.






This is a great place.

- Yeah.



Are you staring at my boobs?






Yes, no.






I mean, they're so big,

why wouldn't you, right?



I'm a guy, I guess I kind of have to.



Can we change the subject?



Yes, hi.

- Hi.



I made this list of topics to talk about...



so that we wouldn't run out

of things to talk about.






Can I see the list?



You have a really beautiful face.



Just my face?



I'm sorry.



You don't take compliments well?



No. Compliments,

that's not one of the topics on my list.



And you don't want to show me the list?




- No.



Are big breasts on the list?




- Let's order.



I had a nice night tonight.

- Me, too.



That's where I have to meet my grandpa.



I guess this is good night.



Okay, bye.






It's that time again, Panchita?






Today's the anniversary

of my father's death.



He was so handsome.






He was a very elegant man.



The day he died...



I couldn't pay the hospital...



so I pretended...



that he was still alive...



and I put him in a wheelchair...



and I took him home in a taxi.



You were a good daughter, Panchita.



I tried.



Hi, Estela.

- Hi, Mr. Hiro.



The rent is three weeks late.

- I'm so sorry.



Will you be able to pay rent

by the end of the month?



Yes, of course.

- Good.



I like having you as a tenant

and I'd hate to have to kick you out.






Say hi to Rosali for me.



I will.












What are you doing here?

- Papi, I need some help.



I told Estela this many times.



"If you do not have the cash up front...



"do not do it."



Yes, I know, but she's working hard...



and it's just not working out.



She still has to pay the rent.



I know, Papa, but it's not her fault.



I mean, I never realized how hard she works.






I will lend Estela the money.



Thank you, Papa.



Estela, let me see.



It's beautiful.



Did you draw it yourself?

- Yes.



You're lying.

You probably copied it from a magazine.



No, I did it.



I'm working on my own line.

Would you buy a dress like this?



Of course I would buy a dress like this.

If it would fit me.



This gray dress is

the biggest order I've ever had.



It won't be easy.



If we don't finish it by the end of the month

the manufacturer won't pay us.



Let's prove to them that we can do it.



Let's make     gray dresses

of better quality than anyone else.



Estela, maybe we can

turn on the fan in here.



The fan blows dust on the dresses.



Can you iron a little faster?



I need help with the hems,

we won't make the deadline.



Estela, it's not that I don't iron fast enough.



Every time I finish ironing,

I stop for a minute...



to really look at the dress.



I never realized how much work,

"puro lomo," as mom says...



is put into it.



And then I wake up,

and I remind myself that it's not for me.



So I put that plastic bag over it.

And stick it on the rack...



push it away.



She got a point.



Come on, hurry up.



Straighten up, walk like a lady.



Even l, in my condition, I walk like a lady.









Is Ana there?



Who is this?



This is Cecilia.



Yes. I will call her for you.



Do you want to hear music tonight?



No thank you.



Let's go, guys.



Good evening.




- Ready to go?



What's wrong?



Jimmy, does your mom understand you?



Most of the time.



Does your mom?

- No.



I don't know, it's like she hates me.



She thinks I'm fat and I'm ugly

and God knows what...



You're not fat.



You're beautiful.



Where did you tell your mom

you were tonight?



She thinks I'm at Mass again.



So, is this a sin?



No, that's a beso.



A kiss.



Can't believe I'm leaving in two weeks

to go to teacher's college.



Ana, don't worry.



You're gonna get accepted to college, too.



Are we done?



You have one more dress to iron.



Estela, this is beautiful.



Did you make this?



What's it for?

- It's for you.



Come on, you know I can't fit into this.



I cut this especially for your body, okay?



Pretty dresses aren't just for skinny girls.



This one's yours.



I spent a lot of money on this material.

- Shut up!



Your turn.



Thank you, darling.



Whose turn is it?

- Mine.



Here's my piece.



What do you want?



Senora, can I please speak

to your daughter?



No, she's not here.

- Mama, what are you talking about?



I'm right here, open the door.

- What's going on now?



It's that man who's always looking for Ana.



Okay, let me see.



Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon.



Come in.

- Thanks.



You did it.

- What?



You got in.

- What?



The Dean called me personally

with the news.



My God, are you serious?



Your daughter's been

accepted for admission...



to Columbia University

with a full scholarship.



Please, come in, sit down.



I got accepted with a scholarship?



So, where is this Columbia University?



It's in New York City.



New York?



What's wrong with that?



Look, Mr. Guzman, it isn't that

we don't want Ana to go to college...



but all the way to New York?



I'm sure there must be

wonderful colleges in this area.



But none of them is Columbia University.



Papa, you don't understand,

it's one of the best schools in the nation.



Sir, you left your country

for a better opportunity...



and now, it's Ana's turn.



Look, Mr. Guzman...

- Raul!



Senor Guzman...



we are a family,

and we intend to stay that way.



Mama, it's not gonna change anything.






It's okay, Carmencita.



Mr. Guzman, Ana is going to go to college.

But not now.



I didn't come this far

to see my family break apart.



Papa, I don't understand.

How is this breaking us apart?



What about Estela and the factory?



What about it?



What about abuelo?



You want to abandon him?






Thank you very much, Senor Guzman...



but this is a family matter.



Thank you very much

for coming all the way here to tell us.



Don't put chilies on the nopalitos.

I'll get an upset stomach.



Then don't eat them.






Have you heard that if you take the baby

away from Saint Antonio he'll work faster?



Si. Didn't you know that?






A cigar for my grandpa, please.



I know what kind he likes.



Can I get some condoms, too?



What kind do you want?



I don't know, what do you recommend?



These are kind of fun.



All right.




- Yeah.



The door.



Let's do it.



Are you sure?



I'm ready.



Hold on, damn this shirt!

- How do you say "damn" in Spanish?






Pinche the shirt.



What are you laughing at?



Hold on.









Turn the lights on.

I want you to see me.



See, this is what I look like.



What a beauty.



I'll write to you.






I'll e-mail you.

- No.



Jimmy, really.



Don't worry about me anymore, okay?



I mean, once you get to college...



we won't have anything

to talk about, anyway...



and I don't know, you'll probably end up

meeting some skinny girl, right?



I'm really gonna miss you.



You tramp.






You lost your virginity, didn't you?



Mom, you're imagining things.

- I can tell!



You're not only fat, now you're a puta!



You would say that, wouldn't you?



Why didn't you value yourself?



Because there's more to me

than what's in between my legs!



You better not get pregnant

and embarrass me.



Me, embarrass you? Come on.



You're the one pretending

to be pregnant for attention.



I am pregnant.

- You're not!



Yes, I am!

- You're not pregnant, Mom!



You're only pretending

because you want a baby in the house.



But you can't have a baby.

I'm not your baby anymore!



No, senora, you're not pregnant.



Of course I am.



Dona Carmen, don't you think

I know a thing or two about this?



I haven't had a period in four months.



Dona Carmen,

that's not unusual for a woman your age.



I think it's about time you and l...



had a little conversation about menopause.



That means "the change of life."



Mom, the doctor said no sugar.

Why are you eating a flan?



I'm having a craving.

- But you're not pregnant.



Okay, I'm not pregnant.



I'm going through the change of life.



It's over.



I'm no longer a woman.



A grandmother is what I should be

at this age.



You know, Ana...



you're not bad looking.



If you lost weight...

- Just stop it!



You could be beautiful!



Stop it! You're overweight, too!



So why should I listen to you?

- Ana, don't eat the flan.



This is beautiful.



I stink.






Who farted?



He who smells it first

is the one who has it beneath him.



Ana, please don't waste the distilled water,

it's expensive.



Estela, it's so hot in here.



Seriously, I feel like I'm in hell.



Fifteen, sixteen...

- How many more dresses to finish?






Only   ?



Such a relief we're almost done with this.



Ana! What are you doing?



Mama, come on.



It's so hot, all the steam

has me sweating like a pig.



We're sweating, too,

but we're not taking our clothes off.



Why not?



We're all women,

we all have the same things.



Put it on.



Estela, Rosali, Pancha, please.



Aren't you hot in those clothes?

I feel so sticky.



Aren't you embarrassed?

- Of what?



Look at you, you look awful.



Mama, I happen to like myself.



Right on, sister!



And you?



The two of you should lose weight.



You would look beautiful

without all that fat!



Dona Carmen, Ana and Estela are beautiful.



They look good the way they are!

- Thank you, Pancha.



Thank you, Pancha.



Aren't you ashamed?



Mama, you look just like us.

- Yes, but I'm married.



So that's it. Make myself attractive

so that I can catch a man.



Ana, listen to her.

Learn now or you'll end up like Estela.



Mama, I do want to lose weight.



And part of me doesn't because

my weight says to everybody, fuck you!



Hail Mary! What are you trying to do?



How dare anybody tell me

what I should look like...



or what I should be...



when there's so much more to me

than just my weight!



What's wrong with

wanting to be thin and sexy?



You don't get it.



I want to be taken seriously.



Respected for what I think,

not for how I look.



Exactly, thank you.

- What if you don't think anything?



I look like a cow.



Rosali, shut up!

Stand up, you know, look at yourself.



If you're a cow, then I'm a hippo.



And I'm an elephant.

- And I'm orca.



You are so skinny

in comparison to all of us.



No, I'm not, look at my fat hips.



Come on.

- And my cellulite.



You want to see cellulite?



All right, here we go. You started it.



It's not fat, cellulite.



This is cellulite.



Excuse me, ladies.



This is cellulite!



All right, Estela, it's not that bad.



That's nothing.



But you don't understand.



I got all these stretch marks...



in my arms and chi-chis, look.



That's small, honey.

You want stretch marks?



Here you go, okay?



I have stretch marks

that go from north to south.



Ladies, ladies...



let me show you stretch marks.



From east to west!



Jesus, she wins.



Have you all gone mad?



Ladies, look, how beautiful we are!



And how good this feels!



To be rid of all these clothes

and just let it all hang out!



Okay, ladies, we have work to do. Come on.



Who cares what we look like

when no one's watching us?



Mama, aren't you hot?



Mama, what's that scar?



This one?



This one is you.



That's a big scar.



Look at you.



Look at all of you.



This is who we are, Mama.



Real women.



You have no shame.



Pancha, let her go.



Goodbye, Mama!



Mujeres! Let's finish the order tonight!



We finished the order.



I wanted to repay Estela's loan.



So soon?



Papa, thank you so much

for lending Estela the money.



You're welcome, dear.



You are very welcome.



Papa, I....



I have something to tell you.



I don't know how to say this.



You have my blessing.



Why is everybody so quiet?



Sit down, please.



Ana has something to tell you.



Do you want something to eat?



No thank you.

- I gotta go to work.



I thought you were going

to the airport with us.



I can't.



I wanted you to be there.



I gotta go to the factory.



You're gonna do great. Call me, okay?



I'm leaving, Dad.



Have a nice day.



Let's go, sweetie.



You're going to be late!



I'll wait for you in the truck.









I'm going now.



Don't you want to come out

and say goodbye?



Come on, open the door.



Come on, open the door.



Mama, come out and give me

your blessing, please.



Let's go, you'll miss the plane.



Good luck, cousin. Write from New York.






We'll visit you.



That's me.



Don't worry about me.



You'll always be in my heart.



Thank you, Papa.



Take care, sweetie.



1, 2, 3, go!




- Go!



1, 2, 3, go!




- I already said it!



I already said, 1, 2, 3, go!



Yes, but sing a song now!

- Which one?



O Sole Mio.

- Again?



Don't you tired of it?

Special help by SergeiK