Red Corner Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Red Corner script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Richard Gere.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Red Corner. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Red Corner Script

          When I was a child, I would come to this park and play.

           My grandmother told me why the bamboo is here.

            She said, "It is waiting for the wind to touch it. "

            "It is filled with emotions. "

            "Listen to the sound and you can feel them. "


            The guy with the cigarette's the man. Liu is his name. He decides what to buy.

            So how are we doing ?

            They got problems with the TV package. That's why we flew you in.

            Who's the competition ? The Germans ?

            - Hoffmann came in yesterday. - Right on time.


            The director has real concerns about your programmes. He says

            they are pornographic, violent, and superstitious.

            As, of course, they are.

            Have you Iost your mind ?

            We've made a recommendation...

            Your great Chairman Mao once said...

            You'll have to excuse this pronunciation.

            Yang Wei Zhong Yong.

            "Use the West for Chinese purposes." Is that true or am I mistaken ?

            If our programming teaches your people that America is imperfect,

            often violent and prurient,

            wouldn't that discourage the pursuit of Western values ?

            Maybe we can come to an understanding. Let us talk among ourselves.

            Xie xie.

            - David ! - Nice work, Jack.

            - They're buying the package. - Great.

            Minus The Brady Bunch.

            Which deviates from "One child per family".

            Mr McAndrews, welcome.

            - Dan. - Hello, Jack.


            My father offers a thousand apologies if he kept you waiting.

            David McAndrews, welcome.

            Mr Jack Moore.

            Mr Lin.

            PIease come in.

            David is an old friend. He is the first Western businessman I met

            after my appointment to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television.

            He convinced me that not all foreigners have horns.

            Only some. I ran into Gerhardt Hoffmann in Beijing today.

            Ah, yes, Mr Hoffmann. HoffCo Telekomm.

            He gives the appearance of tremendous enthusiasm.

            My son told me how you softened our very stubborn censor.

            Yes, we reached a meeting of minds.

            There are those in my government who wish to severely Iimit the flow

            of Western entertainment.

            And there are those who are impatient, who wish the floodgates released.

            Like my son.

            But there must be a happy medium. We must proceed with balance.

              Is this how you imagined China, Jack ?

              Hao bu hao ?!

              Hao !

              Miao bu miao !

              Miao !

              Miao bu miao !

              Miao !

              Zai Iai eyige yao bu yao ?!

              Yao !

              - Miao bu miao ?! - Miao !

              What are they saying ?

              "Is it good ?" "Is it great ?" "Let's do it one more time, baby !"

              Hao bu hao ?!

              Hao !

              Is this what your father would call "proceeding with balance" ?

              My father has power, but he rarely uses it.

              But he'll use it for McAndrews.

              I Iike your style, Jack. The way you cut to the chase.

              You do your homework.

              Why do you need this deal to happen so much ?

              I want my son to grow up in a different China than the one that exists today.

              We could be an unbeatable partnership, Jack. You and I.

              Especially with my backers over there.

              Yeah... We can talk about that after the deal goes through.

              Of course, we can discuss this further tomorrow.

              Tonight we celebrate the first Chinese-American satellite joint venture.

              How much ?

              Hm ?

              Oh, Dan paid for it.

              Mine ?

              Da bi zi.

              This is what you call Americans. You call them "big noses", don't you ?

              Da bi zi.

              These are great. These are really great.

              Hen Hao.

              Xie xie.

              Do you mind ?

              What have we got ? Maillol...

              Henry Moore.


              Correct ?

              Yes, correct.

              I should be getting you home.






              What is it ? Who were you talking to ?


              Meishi. Meishi... I know meishi.

              Meishi means "It doesn't matter".




              That's pretty.

              - Changmingsuo. - Changmingsuo.

              - Shou. - Shou.

              - Shou. - Hand.


              I wanna

              hold your hand.

              Yeah... ! That's right !

              I wanna hold your hand...

              I want to hold your hand...

              Whoa, wait, wait...

              What's happening here ?

              No !

              Oh, my God !


              Get a doctor !

              Wait !

              Do you speak English ? Do you speak English ?

              Ni shuo Yin Yu ma ? Ni shuo Yin Yu ma ?

              I'm American ! Deutsch ? Sprechen sie Deutsch ?

              Let me go !

              Let me go !

              I'm an American citizen.

              Finally. Hello.

              Ni hao ?

              Jack Peter Moore.

              Yes, that's right.

              English no good, so...

              You have refused to answer questions.

              No-one has asked any questions.

              - Did you rape and murder Hong Ling ? - You've made a mistake.

              - There is no mistake. - I have the right to contact my embassy.

              - You have no rights. - I have a right to contact the embassy.

              Your case will be tried according to the Iaws of the People's Republic of China.

              - I want to talk to the American Embassy ! - First the investigation.

              Did you rape Hong Ling... ?

              I wanna talk to my embassy !

              PIease translate this ! I would Iike to see an attorney.

              The sign says "Leniency for those who confess. Severity for those who resist".

              I'm not resisting, and I...

              It can be more easy if you confess your crime.

              Hey ! Hey !

              - You okay ? - Yeah.

              - I brought... - Ed Pratt, Mr Moore.

              We only have five minutes. As Senior Consular Officer...

              - Senior Consular Officer ? - Hear him out, Jack.

              Mr Moore, the Embassy is trying to help. Can you give me some details ?

              I met her. We went back to the hotel...

              Hello ? Hello ?

              I can't hear... Hey !

              I can't...

              This is off ! I can't hear anything !

              Hey... Hello ?

              It doesn't work.

              - Mr Moore ? - Yeah.

              - We can't talk about the investigation. - What can we talk about ?

              You're subject to Chinese Iaw. You can discuss the case only with your Iawyer.

              Call Joe Shapiro in Washington.

              Mr Moore, non-Chinese Iawyers aren't allowed to practise here.

              The few Chinese Iawyers who could handle a case Iike this won't touch it.

              The Procuracy will appoint a defence advocate for you.

              We'll get you bail, Jack.

              There again, I should warn you, it's very rare.

              It's called a guarantee, and it's very rare.

              Ed, I'm sure it's very rare, but I would assume the Ambassador...

              He's in Shanghai.

              I assume that he could, even from Shanghai, make a few phone calls.

              - Use his influence. - Absolutely. He'll do everything he can.

              An ambassador juggles crises in order to push the envelope for many.

              Ed, we're really gonna be pushing that envelope.

              Get me a copy of the criminal code, in English.

              I can certainly try, Mr Moore.

              Thanks, Ed.

              Sir !

              What is he saying ? Who is he ?

              This is General Hong. You kill Hong Ling,

              his daughter.

              You tell him that I did not kill her. Go on, tell him.

              I understand...

              I understand your grief. I understand your pain, that comes from Iosing a child.

              But I did not kill her !

              What did he say ?

              He said he will see you dead.

              I'll say it again.

              It can be more easy if you confess your crime.

              Jack Peter Moore, you are charged with homicide and rape

              with aggravating circumstances.

              Does any participant challenge the composition of the court ?

              No challenge.

              Does the defence aide challenge the composition of the court ?

              Huh ?

              Does the defence aide challenge...

              I'm sorry, can you speak a Iittle Iouder ?

              Do you challenge the composition of this court, sir ?

              No challenge, Presiding Chairman.

              Advocate Shen Yuelin.

              Excuse me. I was at the Ministry of Justice, preparing for this case.

              You're excused, Advocate.

              Accused Moore, do you understand the charges against you ?

              What I understand is I have never met my attorney before.

              Presiding Chairman...

              Wait a minute. I've Iost the sound. I can't hear anything.

              What is she saying ?

              I've Iost the sound. I can't hear anything.

              I can't... This is very important that I...

              Can you hear me now, Accused Moore ?

              Can you hear me now ?

              Yes, I hear. I would Iike my attorney I have never met to repeat what she has said.

              I told Chairman Xu I was assigned this case only today.

              - But I'm familiar with the facts... - Familiar ?! You never spoke with me !

              You must address the court in the proper manner.

              I'm sorry. What is the proper manner, Your Honour ?

              Accused Moore, please be seated now.

              Advocate Shen Yuelin, what does the accused plead to these charges ?

              The accused pleads guilty.

              The hell I do !

              The defence attorney is supposed to represent the accused, not the state !

              Do you speak English ! Ni shuo Ying Yu ma ?


              I am not pleading guilty. You will change the plea.


              Fine. I want another Iawyer.

              There is no other Iawyer who will agree to defend you.

              Only because the Ministry requested my service have I assumed this role.

              That role requires Iistening to the facts.

              A foreigner comes here and takes a girI to bed after knowing her for a few hours.

              Next morning she is dead.

              - The foreigner says he's innocent. - I am.

              His hands are covered in her blood, and his fingerprints are on the murder weapon

              With a guilty plea, the court may be persuaded

              by extenuating circumstances

              - to be Ienient in your sentencing. - I'm not pleading guilty !

              If you plead not guilty,

              the judge and the two members of the public sitting with her

              will be offended by your unrepentant attitude.

              Their majority vote will determine your fate.

              In our country, moral education of criminals is of great importance.

              Leniency is granted to those who confess.

              Severity's required for those who insist on their innocence.

              Therefore it would be wise of you to treat our Iegal system with respect.

              Spare me the Iecture on the morality of your judicial system.

              If you plead not guilty, you will be sentenced to death.

              And, unlike in your country, sentences are carried out within a week.

              You will be shot, and the cost of the bullet billed to your family.

              I'm innocent !

              - You truly believe you are innocent ? - Yes !

              How can you be certain ? You were unconscious when the police came.

              I was asleep.

              You had consumed an excess of alcohol. An enormous amount.

              I know what I did and did not do !

              How can you be sure of anything while under the influence of so much alcohol ?

              How can you ever be certain ?

              In China,

              we hold the welfare of the state above that of the individual.

              We have six times the population of your country, and one tenth the crime rate.

              Tell me, who is right ?

              Your plea is guilty.

              - The Chinese criminal code, in English. - Oh, great. Thanks.

              Jack, your advocate is one of our best. She got permission for my visit.

              - Very unusual. - Where's Ghery ?

              He's giving his deposition.

              - About what ? - His knowledge of the case.

              He'll give you a great character reference.

              What kind of coverage are we getting on this ?

              The embassy wants to keep a Iid on it. There are questions of face involved.

              And certain trade issues are pending which ensure you a fairer shot than usual.

              Is McAndrews still in Tokyo ?

              A visit from McAndrews would be imprudent.

              Yeah. Yeah, right.

              Jack, as you know, this is a dangerous time.

              There are powerful forces for change. Powerful forces of resistance.

              The old guard wants to use the murder to campaign against spiritual pollution.

              Sorry. No politics. House rules.

              Excuse me.

              - You Iike Star Trek, Jack ? - What ?

              Star Trek. Captain James Kirk. I have all    segments on tape.


              Programming now just doesn't compare. It offers only violence.

              Wouldn't you agree ?

              I'm very sorry.

              I'll do everything in my power to help you.

              There are those in my government who wish to severely Iimit the flow

              of Western entertainment.

              And there are those who wish the floodgates released.

              Is there anyone you want us to notify ?

              Any family ?

              So they know where to send the bill for the bullet ? No, I don't think so.

              Ni hao ?

              Hello ?

              Ni hao ?

              Hello ?

              Eat well.

              Tell me ofyour relationship with Hong Ling.

              We Iaughed. We had fun. No expectations. Just a terrific night.

              One night ? Is this the typical duration of your relationships ?

              I didn't choose the duration.

              Next time you pick a sexual partner, you might wish to know a bit more about them.

              You will make my job a Iot easier.

              Did you have the knife tested for blood ?

              Yes, the blood on the knife is that of the victim.

              What was your assessment of his condition ?

              A strong smell of alcohol came from him. He was unsteady,

              confused. He seemed surprised by it all.

              Did you find alcohol in the room ?

              Two empty bottles of Champagne and two empty bottles of Scotch.

              I have no further questions.

              Advocate Shen Yuelin.

              When did you get the call about screams coming from the accused's room ?

              - Approximately  .  . - They entered the room when ?

               .  am.

              Captain, how would you describe the accused's state of mind ?


              In this situation, would surprise be a rational response ?


              Would you describe surprise as a sane response ?

              What was he waiting for ? His own arrest ?

              Objection !

              I'd Iike to confer with my advocate, Your Honour.

              I am not insane.

              I will not plead diminished capacity.

              I am obliged to do what is required to avoid your execution.

              Advocate Shen Yuelin, does the defence have further questions ?

              - I have questions. - I am not finished.

              According to article    of the criminaI procedure Iaw, or amended article   

              I have the right to ask questions of witnesses

              even if my advocate has already questioned them.

              Accused Moore, this right is rarely exercised.

              But I have the right to exercise it, Your Honour.

              The appropriate form of address is "Presiding Chairman".

              Presiding Chairman.

              You may proceed.

              Ask your question.

              Thank you, Presiding Chairman.


              you testified that you entered my room at  .  .

              The blood you found on my hands and my shirt,

              was it wet or dry ?



              The screams were heard at  .  .

              Wouldn't it have taken more than     minutes for so much blood to dry ?

              Usually, yes.

              So the murder must have taken place before  .  .am.


              If the murder took place before  .   who was there to scream at  .  . ?

              Perhaps you.

              Perhaps me ? Why would I scream ?

              You were drunk.

              - Two bottles of Scotch had been emptied. - No, not two. Only one.

              I ordered one bottle. Check room-service records.

              Your fingerprints were found on both bottles.

              Hotel records show that two bottles were ordered.

              Accused Moore, are you finished ?

              Accused Moore,

              are you quite finished ?

              Just one more question, Presiding Chairman.

              Captain, did you find a gold Iocket on or about the person of Hong Ling ?

              I have no information about a Iocket.

              There was a Iocket there. Where is it now ?

              I'm sorry, I didn't get a translation on that. Why are they Iaughing ?

              How can I defend myself if I can't understand the Procurator ?

              The People's Assessor may not be interested in Iistening, but I am !

              Accused Moore, what the Procurator said that brought Ievity to this court

              was that perhaps the victim had a magic wand

              and turned the Iocket into a second bottle of Scotch.

              Are you finished now,

              Accused Moore ?

              Yes, I am finished.

              The court is dismissed.

              In our country, it is wise not to raise questions to which you have no answer.

              In my country, too.

              If you wished to have Iaw books, you should have requested them from me.

              I hear you've been questioned.

              Then you appreciate the situation I'm in here.

              You should go home.

              What should I tell David about Hoffmann ?

              Tell David...

              Tell David to let HoffCo have the satellite.

              Focus on American content production. Make Hoffmann pay through the nose.

              You think the world's waiting for programming from Bonn ?

              I doubt it.

              If a Chinese guy woke up at the PIaza Hotel with a dead American girl,

              and the Chinese government tried to interfere... I kind of see their point.

              Your Iawyer's good. She even got a few dissidents off.

              Go on.

              Give my best to Janie and the kids.

              I will.

              Get outta here.

              Thanks, Jack. I'll be back.

              Mr Moore ?

              I have some questions

              to ask you.


              if you still prefer that I resign, I will do as you wish.

              No, I do not prefer.


              Roll it, please.

              What is my country girI with a city mouth Iooking for ?

              The truth about my client.


              Freeze it.

              Hit "play".

              I have a certain sympathy for your American. One man against everyone.

              Very cool.

              Peng, back it up.


              What are you doing ?

              Take the book away so I can examine him.

              No ! No ! You cannot have this book ! No !

              No ! No !

              No, you can't !

              The Iocket your client mentioned was a gift from me.

              It's not good that he argues before the court

              that you do not represent his wishes.

              I think you must satisfy the American by changing your plea.

              General Hong, that is a death sentence.

              My duty under the Iaw is to defend the accused according to Party principles.


              ifl construed my own duties so narrowly

              I would have allowed the Red Guards to crush your father

              during the Cultural Revolution.

              But I intervened.

              I valued his friendship.

              As I value yours.

              PIease. Do as the American wishes.

              I wish to discuss the Iocket you said Hong Ling wore.

              - She was wearing a Iocket. - I now have confirmation.

              - Confirmation ? - Yes.

              - You didn't believe me. - The Iocket was a gift from her father.

              - He asked for its return. - Where is it ?

              It has not been found.

              You find that insignificant ?

              Xie xie.

              Open this.

              I have already examined this.

              Smell it.

              What do you smell ?

              Something strange.


              Dr Tao, do you detect a chemical odour on this shirt ?

              A familiar chemical odour ?

              These questions serve no purpose.

              We will see. Continue.

              Could you give us your expert opinion as to what the odour may be ?

              Maybe chloroform or an ether derivative.

              Could chloroform or ether be used to render someone unconscious ?


              These questions waste the court's time.

              I will make that decision. Continue.

              Presiding Chairman, the accused had no chloroform nor ether in his possession

              when he entered the country,

              and no authorisation was issued for him to purchase either chemical.

              Neither chemical was found in his hotel room.

              These chemicals must have been brought to the crime scene by someone else.

              By the someone else who rendered Mr Moore unconscious.

              By the someone else who murdered Hong Ling.

              Presiding Chairman,

              the accused wishes to change his plea to not guilty.

              The court is dismissed.


              Shen ma ?

              I want to see any of Hong Ling's effects gathered at the scene.

              - Why put yourseIf at risk for a foreigner ? - This foreigner was attacked Iast night.

              Because he is a foreigner.

              I may not be able to protect you this time.

              Thank you for your concern, Division Chief Li.

              Good morning, Mr Moore.

              I was informed that you were attacked Iast night.

              - Are you okay ? - Yeah. What am I doing here ?

              A provisional guarantee. Court will not meet today. We may prepare your defence

              Embassy finally got off its ass.

              You must return to confinement

              at nightfall.

              Would you Iike some tea, Mr Moore ?

              Yes, tea. PIease.

              You play the piano ?

              I am teaching myself. My progress is slow.

              When I was younger, I played the Chinese instrument, the piba.

              - The what ? - Piba.

              What does it sound Iike ?

              - We have much to do. - No, please...

              PIay for me.

              I'd just Iike to hear some music again.

              You have beautiful hands.

              Why did you stop ?

              We have Iittle time and much to do.

              My grandmother.

              Ni hao ma ?

              It's a great honour to meet you.

              Xingjian dao ni.

              Hen Rong, xingjian dao ni.

              Xie xie.

              So, your parents are deceased ?


              And brothers and sisters ?


              And a... wife ?

              No wife.

              For us, to be without a family is a terrible thing.

              But you've never married.

              I have not found a man who's not threatened by a woman's intelligence.

              With haIf a billion men in this country, that's hard to believe !

              Yes, isn't it ?

              You had a prestigious and expensive education at Harvard

              and Stanford Law School.

              I had scholarships.

              I served drinks at rich people's parties.

              You pursued the Iaw because you wanted to be one of the rich people you served ?

              - No, I wanted to be in control. - And were you ?

              I thought I was.

              Until now.


              You asked me if I had a wife. I said no.

              I don't, but I did.

              We had a daughter, seven years old.

              They were in a taxi in San Francisco. There was an accident.

              I am sorry.

              Anything else you wanna know ?


              What was your first contact with Hong Ling ?

              You think I killed her ?

              My job is to find the truth. To handle this case according to Iaw.

              Do you believe me or not ?

              I have growing questions about what happened that night.

              Now, please tell me of your first contact with Hong Ling.

              Did you approach her ?

              No, she was modelling. Some kind of a fashion show.

              You simply saw her ?

              We saw each other.

              Your eyes met ?

              I guess so.

              - Are you sure ? - Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

              So you were attracted to her ?

              Yeah. Yes, I was attracted.

              Because she was... beautiful ?

              I guess so.

              You approached her Iater when you saw her at the table ?

              I was over there. She was over here.

              She was Iooking at me and drawing something, so...

              You were curious and approached her. What was she drawing ?

              My nose.

              She said "Da bi zi".

              Da bi zi.

              It means... "big nose".

              Big nose, yeah. Thanks.

              We were sitting there talking,

              Iooking at her drawings and


              We just clicked.


              You mean chemistry. Is that the right word ?

              Mm-hm. Chemistry. CIicked.

              So... you are a romantic.

              You were drawn to each other.

              Did you kiss ?

              Not here, no.

              To return here is difficult for you.

              To return here is difficult for you.

              Do you remember anything unusual happening ?

              Think back.

              - Is that the proper way to say it ? - Yeah, that's fine.

              She got a phone call. It upset her.

              On the hotel phone ?

              No, it was on her cellular. She said it was nothing. Period. Meishi.

              - Meishi ? - Meishi. Meishi.

              Anything else ?

              She said

              "Yuan... yuan er guan chi" ?

              - Does that mean anything ? - No.

              You did not hear her scream ?


              But someone made an anonymous call claiming to hear screams in this suite.

              This is an old hotel, isn't it ?

              It's very solidly constructed.

              Outer door... and an inner door.

              Hey !

              It's all right, it's all right. Meishi, meishi. Meishi.

              - You hear anything ? - No. Come.

              These are objects Hong Ling had with her in this room.

              The police developed the pictures.

              The Iast call she made was     -   .

              It has been disconnected.

              There must be a central telephone exchange.

              That's where the records are kept. We will go there.

              - Why are you smiling ? - I usually figure out the next step.

              This must be extremely difficult, to rely on a stranger, a woman, a foreign woman,

              - in such serious matters. - That's why I smiled.

              You will wait here, please.

              ..has selected HoffCo Telekomm as China's partner

              in this multibillion dollar satellite undertaking.

              What's wrong ?

              The records cannot be accessed. They have been deleted.

              By whom ?

              Do not talk about this here.

              Who deleted the records ?

              Who has the power to delete telephone records ?

              Could you delete your own phone records ? No.

              Only a government officiaI could authorise deletion of records.

              Is that it ? Is that true ?

              Whoever Ling called that night...

              May know what happened. We must Ieave now.

              If that person represents a government I'm negotiating with,

              and if I could be discredited in some way

              and he gets a better deal with my competitor. Sweet system you got.

              The records were deleted by an individual.

              Individual. Okay, who do we have ?

              Minister Lin Shou and Herr Hoffmann ?


              - General Hong ? - It is not General Hong.

              He's got influence with everybody.

              He only wants the killer of his daughter punished.

              - He's old guard. He's Iosing control. - You do not understand.

              No, you do not understand ! This is a satellite communications deal !

              The effect of the McAndrews deaI would've been to open a closed system !

              - Who are you to criticise ! - Once open, there's no going back.

              In America, the infant mortality rate is higher.

              You only know that cos we don't delete records.

              - People are punished for their colour. - Have you ever been there ?

              You find it easy to assume Hong would kill his daughter to stop your business deal !

              No, I do not find that easy to assume.

              How many people are killed each week in your country ?

              How many, Mr Moore ?

              Too many.

              Jack !

              - Gotta go ! - Jack, don't go ! Jack !

              Sorry ! Sorry !

              Look out !

              Shit !

              Ssh... !

                Open up ! I'm an American citizen seeking asylum !

                Open up !

                - May I see your passport, sir ? - If I had one, I wouldn't need asylum !

                - PIease, you've gotta let me in. - Let me make a phone call.

                Oh, man !

                Pratt, I'm requesting asylum.

                Mr Moore, this is not the place to hold this discussion.

                This used to be the Pakistani embassy. Before that it was wired by the PRC boys.

                Follow me.

                This, however, is entirely bug-free.

                Mr Moore...

                - Peyton Reed. - Jack.

                The Ambassador has been summoned by the Ministry.

                This has the makings of a full-scale incident.

                A full-scale incident !

                I'm sorry I didn't call for an appointment !

                Do the two of you have any idea of what I've been through ?

                No. I am not Ieaving here.

                - No-one said you should Ieave. - I'm not going.

                - Of course not. - You're in.

                - But getting out is another story. - You got other people out.

                It took a year to get those physicists out.

                And the Chinese Army threatened to storm the embassy.

                And that was just asylum. You're charged with murder.

                If this becomes a dick-measuring contest, they'll never let you Ieave.

                What ?

                What is it ?

                Your attorney is here.

                - She wishes to see you. - I advise no contact.

                - Yuelin put up your guarantee. - I thought the embassy put it up.

                In China, bail is not about money. It's reputation.

                To have you released today, Shen Yuelin put up her career, her future.

                It was really quite unique.


                Your shoulder.

                It's all right.

                If I'd known what you did for me, I wouldn't have Ieft.

                I'm glad you Ieft.

                - GIad ? - Yes.

                Because I am not sure I could have saved you from the decision of the court. And I...

                I could not have Iived with that.

                Why did you risk your Iife for me if you didn't believe me ?

                I always assumed the worst about you.

                I have never questioned.

                I have always accepted things.

                It is the same as when I was a child.

                Why ?

                I was blind. I was mute.

                When you were a child...

                It was during the Cultural Revolution, wasn't it ?


                What is it ?

                I went to school until they closed down, and everything went mad.

                I do not know if you could understand this, Jack Moore.

                Try me.


                I watched...

                I watched my father be humiliated, and I said nothing.

                I watched my father be spat on. I did nothing.

                I even watched my classmates pour black ink over his head,

                one after another

                and after another.

                What did I do ?

                I hid my head in shame while he was dragged away.

                I never questioned.

                I was blind.

                I'm very sorry that I did not believe your innocence.

                But now I do.

                I do.

                Somebody alerted the press.

                Let's get you out before your face is on the cover of Time and Newsweek.

                Wo men.

                Wo men guanxi.

                I thought you were through.

                Evidence is missing here, such as Hong Ling's Iocket.

                PIease do not make me go to the Ministry ofJustice

                and have them order you to deliver this material.

                The Ministry cannot find something that doesn't exist.

                I'm going to allow you to save face by speaking English.

                A certain general has a personal interest in seeing some of this evidence returned.

                If, by chance, an arresting officer pocketed this evidence,

                and it is not returned,

                then even an attorney as good as I am cannot ensure your wellbeing.

                I suggest you search again. Anything you might find can be brought to the court.

                I need your counsel.

                I want you to walk away from this.

                I'm trying to access evidence which would help prove your innocence.

                Walk away now.

                Why didn't you ? The smart thing would have been to stay at the embassy.

                Yeah. And move past it. Yes, I do that really well.

                Why did you not ?

                Did you ever see Iittle girls play soccer ?

                Little silly bundles of energy just swarming all over each other and

                tripping on each other, and

                hair ribbons Ieft on the ground

                Your daughter.

                Yeah, they were, um...

                They were driving back from a game when it happened... the accident.

                And you were... ?

                Oh, I was in Tokyo. I was, um...

                I was closing a deal. I could've finished it the day before if I'd wanted to...

                - You cannot blame yourself. - No, I didn't. I didn't. I set it aside.

                I just moved past it. Built a wall around it.

                I hired somebody to close up the house in San Francisco. I got on a plane,

                went somewhere to do something.

                And I did it again and again

                and I ended up here.

                But what you Ieave behind catches up with you.

                Took me a Iong time to Iearn that.

                If I had stayed in the embassy, you would have been in danger.

                I am not moving past this.


                You once offered to resign.

                I want you to do that. I want you to do that now.

                My duty is to prove your innocence.

                It is also...

                It is also my wish.


                Yong qi.

                Stop. What are you doing here ?

                I am the court-appointed Iawyer. This is my identification.

                Why was I not notified ?

                You don't Iook Iike this picture.

                Do not touch me, you pig ! Do not obstruct my investigation !

                Wait !

                Ifyou mess up the crime scene, you will bear responsibility !

                You better be careful !

                Yuelin ?

                Why did you come here ?

                I am hero.

                A record of calls made to and from her cellphone, and a printout at home.

                Peng ! Where did you get this ?

                My friend Mai.

                She say I am the world's greatest Iover.

                And now I am hero, too.

                Peng, how did you talk your way past the security man outside ?

                I did not have to. There was nobody there.

                Come, Peng, you Ieave now. Go on, Ieave.

                It doesn't brighten the situation that your attorney got roughed up Iast night.

                My attorney got what ?

                She was a trace roughed up. A Iittle bruised is all.

                Bruised ? What... ? By who ?

                She didn't know who. She was in the hotel where the victim expired.

                She's just shook up.

                - Stop. - There's no stopping it now.

                When you Ieft sanctuary, you overshot any point of return.

                - What are you saying ? - You Ieft the embassy out on a Iimb.

                The embassy out on a Iimb ?! What about her ?!

                - You didn't make our job any easier. - All right, all right ! Meishi !

                - What about her ? - I told you not to talk to her.

                She's the one putting herself on the Iine for me !

                She's not our job.

                She's out there all alone, isn't she ?


                What happened ?

                - I have the records. - Are you all right ?

                Whoever called Hong Ling that night also spoke to an officer - Huan Minglu.

                It doesn't matter. I don't want you hurt.

                I have requested his presence in court today. It does matter.

                It will matter.

                Why are you doing this ?

                You could be taken from your house,

                from your grandmother.

                You could be sent away, or put here,

                or worse.

                So why are you doing it ?

                I'm doing this because

                I do not wish to be silent any more.

                Supervising judges. They are here to monitor.

                It means today is the day.

                Procurator General Yang, next to General Hong.

                And many of the Party elders.

                This final session of our People's Court

                hearing criminal case       

                is now open.

                Court is in session. Advocate Shen Yuelin.

                Presiding Chairman, I wish to summon Huan Minglu to the witness stand.

                He has not been introduced as a witness.

                He may know what happened to Hong Ling.

                - This appears to be a diversionary tactic. - This is pure manipulation of the facts.

                Advocate Shen Yuelin, request denied.

                I have evidence that Huan Minglu attacked the accused and me in Dazhalan...

                That is outside the scope of this proceeding.

                and attempted to murder the accused...

                I must protest once more...

                This evidence suggests the accused is innocent.

                Advocate Shen Yuelin, there is a procedure for bringing unrelated charges.

                When will that be ? After my client is sentenced ? Or after he is executed ?

                Answer me, please.

                Enough. We must call an end to testimony only indirectly related.

                Presiding Chairman...

                PIease sit down.

                No, Presiding Chairman.

                What did you say ?

                A man's Iife is at stake.

                Not an American Iife. Not a Chinese Iife.

                A man's Iife.

                In such circumstances, what I am asking is not an unreasonable request.

                I will decide what is reasonable and unreasonable.

                Now sit down.

                I said sit down !

                The matter is decided. The court is not interested in such witnesses.

                I am.

                - You are what ? - Interested in hearing. How about you ?

                I have already ruled.

                Why not ?

                Presiding Chairman, the vote is   to   .

                With the approval of the court, I summon Huan Minglu as a witness.

                What's happening ? What's going on ?

                I've Iost the sound again !

                It's okay. The Procurator GeneraI wishes to see me.

                - Why do they want you ? - Trust me. It will be okay.

                I'll be right back.

                Sit down.

                PIease sit down.

                Be seated.

                I declare the People's Beijing Intermediate Court hearing criminal case       

                once again open.

                The defence advocate is not present.

                - Nor is her Iegal aide. - Then the witness should step down.

                Presiding Chairman... Wait.

                Ting, ting, ting, ting.

                Yes, Accused Moore ?

                I believe I'm entitled to question this witness.

                Your right to question has been previously established.

                You may do so, briefly and to the point.

                You do not want a cigarette ?

                I do not smoke, Procurator General.

                Your father smoked.

                I cannot sign it.

                Huan Minglu, at approximately  am on the morning of the murder,

                records show you received a call from an unlisted cellphone.

                - You remember who made that call ? - Irrelevant !

                Proceed, Accused Moore.

                Be direct, before even your friends, the People's Assessors, Iose their patience.

                Do you remember who called you ?

                It was a wrong number.

                Wrong number ? Then why did the call Iast five minutes ?

                Maybe it was someone talkative, Iike the accused !

                Presiding Chairman, can you instruct the witness to wipe the smirk off his face ?

                The time has come to end this circus.

                No... He is not guilty. I will not bargain.

                I cannot sign it.

                Then you'll be dismissed of your duties, and disciplined.

                Accused Moore, get to the point before I dismiss the witness.

                Have you ever served as a guard for any government official ?


                Have you ever met Minister Lin Shou ?


                Your behaviour is an embarrassment to our People's Court.

                No, Procurator General.

                The shame is on those who abuse power by ignoring the facts.

                Do you know what you are speaking of ?

                A government official who's deliberately obstructed this investigation

                and who I believe is an accessory to Hong Ling's murder.

                What ?

                Have you ever met General Hong or his daughter Hong Ling ?

                Irrelevant. I have already ruled against this Iine of questioning.

                Huan Minglu, as an officer in the PSB, did you ever work in a prison such as...

                Beyond the scope of this hearing.

                Are you finished, Accused Moore ?

                No, I am not finished.

                On April    th, did not you and two accomplices rough me up ?

                - Beyond the scope of this hearing. - Sustained.

                On April    th, as I was sitting in a PSB car, did you not attack me and my attorney ?



                - I have not finished questioning. - I have Iost my patience.

                Why will you not let this witness answer my questions ?

                He just sits there, Iaughing at me !

                Laughing and Iying !

                And where's my attorney now ? Was she causing too much trouble ?

                You are in contempt.

                Why not just let her go and stay with me, cos you've already measured my coffin !

                I said you are in contempt !

                You think I give a shit ?! What will do you ?! Shoot me twice ?!

                Let my attorney go and take me !

                I haven't any money, but I got some shoes ! Take my shoes to pay for the bullet !

                Put a nice drop cloth down here ! Put a bullet right in the back of my head !

                Do it right here ! Bang ! Right in the back of my head !

                Bam ! Bam ! Bam ! Bam !

                Do it right here, right now ! I don't wanna wait !

                Your client was found with my daughter's blood on his hands.

                He was framed.

                By whom ?

                By someone in power.

                - Enough ! - No !

                Let Advocate Shen Yuelin continue.

                She is aware of the consequences to her if the charge remains unprovable.

                What is it about where these telephone records Iead

                that everyone is afraid to face ?

                Make all the records available.

                We have Iived in silence too Iong

                with courtrooms within courtrooms.

                Why can we not conduct our affairs in daylight ?

                Why can we not trust the people to witness them ?

                Why can we not allow their voices to be heard

                rather than crushing them into muteness ?

                I am willing to pay the price ifI am wrong.

                Are you willing to pay the price ifI am right ?

                We will proceed to final arguments

                if Procurator Ma is prepared.

                Presiding Chairman...

                As Shen Yuelin's aide, I wish to enter new evidence.

                May I have permission ?

                For you.

                Your Iawyer is very persuasive.

                Presiding Chairman, I wish to call an additional witness.

                This has no precedent.

                I have already ruled.

                Presiding Chairman,

                I apologise to the court.

                I request the court's permission to call an additional witness.

                I have already ruled.

                The foreigner is mocking our court.

                Presiding Chairman, I implore you...

                I recognise I have tried the court's patience. It will not happen again.

                This witness is in a position to have unique knowledge of the facts of this case

                Not to call him would call into question the proceedings of this case altogether.

                PIease, Presiding Chairman, please... just one more witness.

                Request denied.

                The Procurator General has given permission to call another witness.

                I would Iike to call Minister...

                Presiding Chairman, I would Iike to call Lin Dan.

                There is no foundation for this witness.

                Lin Dan, please take the witness stand.

                You made use of the criminal code I gave you.

                No, speak English. I know you can.

                Congratulations on your appointment.

                Principal Chinese programming partner

                in HoffCo Telekomm's joint venture with China.

                Thank you.

                - Wonderful opportunity. - Yes.

                Would it be accurate to say that my own company, McAndrews Communications,

                - was HoffCo's principal competitor ? - I suppose so.

                You suppose so. Okay.

                Is it also accurate to say that you had no guarantee of an equivalent... payoff...

                "Payoff" has a negative connotation.

                Let me rephrase.

                McAndrews did not offer you an equivalent position.

                It was not discussed. This has nothing to do with Hong Ling's murder.

                It has everything to do with it.

                Was my indictment responsible for McAndrews Iosing that deal ?

                Why does the court permit this ?

                You used her. You used her and sacrificed her

                to sabotage the deal your father was completing with McAndrews

                with whom he was friends. Could've Ieft you out in the cold.

                These are not questions.

                All right, but this is.

                What was your relationship with Hong Ling ?

                I had no relationship with Hong Ling.

                None at all ?

                Would you Iike to reconsider that statement ?

                I knew her. I knew of her family. But there was no relationship.

                No relationship.

                How do you explain this ?

                Hong Ling's Iocket. She wore it the night of the murder.

                It just turned up.


                is a picture of General Hong.

                Inside of that

                there is a charming photograph of Hong Ling



                Accused Moore, let me see this evidence.

                PIease share that with the People's Assessors.

                They seem a Iittle more interested now.

                AIso, Procurator Ma,

                you're not smiling so much.

                Why is there a photo of you and Hong Ling inside her Iocket ?

                There was no relationship.

                I knew her the way many men knew her.

                - The way you knew her. - But you did know her ?

                Answer me.

                I knew her a Iong time ago. I had not talked to her since...

                I can't remember when.

                Advocate Shen Yuelin, enter the phone records into evidence.

                On the night Hong Ling was killed, three calls were made from this number

                - and two received. - Objection !

                The first call was from Hong Ling early that night.

                Then, around  am, a call was made to a number registered to Huan Minglu.

                You are out of order.

                At  .   am, a second call was made to a number registered to Hong Ling.

                - What do these telephone numbers... - Sshh !

                At  .   am, a call was received from Huan Minglu.

                At  .  am, a two-minute call was made from this number to police headquarters.

                - This is chaos ! - I will have you removed from the court.

                - Lin Dan, do you own a cellphone ? - Yes or no ?!

                I do.

                Can you tell us the number of that phone ?

                Mr Moore, I am not a secretary, and I rarely call myself...

                Is the number of your cellphone     -    ?

                No, it is not.

                You're sure ? Even though you rarely call yourseIf ?

                Yes, I am quite sure.

                Who do you think has that number ?

                    -   .

                Is the telephone number yours, Minister Lin Shou ?

                It is my number.

                Don't, Father.

                Don't what ?

                I am not afraid. Why are you afraid ?

                You used your father's phone because a minister's records can be withheld.

                Hong Ling was supposed to set me up, wasn't she ?

                Whatever it was, she changed her mind.

                Then someone got in there and drugged me with chloroform.

                Isn't that what happened ?

                Was it...

                Was it Huan Minglu ?

                Such speculation is out of order.

                She resisted.

                And she ended up dead.

                He killed her, didn't he ?

                She got killed and I got set up !

                I wasn't there. Ask him.

                Da guar.

                What did he just say ?

                Da guar ? That's what Hong Ling said that night. She said it over and over.

                Da guar...

                ..wo men de...

                He is saying da guar.

                Hong Ling said "Da guar wo men de guanxi wan Ia".

                It means "Big shot" - an important businessman - "Big shot, our deal is off".

                Or maybe

                "Our relationship is over."

                Lin Dan, are you known to your friends as Da Guar ?

                Are you known to your friends as Da Guar Lin Dan ?

                The court is dismissed.

                Presiding Chairman...

                I Iost sound !

                I request that my client be released immediately !

                Da Guar...

                - He said it again ! - Don't let them take you out of here !

                - What's he saying ?! - Huan Minglu's the killer !

                Take Huan Minglu into custody.

                Did he confess ?

                He just said it was all Lin Dan's idea !

                Lin Dan, I will see you privately.

                Hong Ling was supposed to drug you, then photograph you with a young girl.

                Presiding Chairman, you must reconvene the court and set my client free !

                Arrest Lin Dan instead ! Did you hear what I said ?! Arrest him !

                He said he's sorry he caused you so much trouble.

                In keeping with the Iaws of the People's Republic of China

                the guilty parties have now confessed to the crime

                of conspiracy and murder,

                namely, the death of Hong Ling.

                The Court thanks the Party and government Ieadership involved

                for their diligence and professionalism.

                The justice accorded will be swift, as it will be fair and impartial.

                Her tragic murder would not have been solved had it not been...

                Mr Moore !

                We never had any doubt.

                We were always there for you behind the scenes.

                You really believe this shit, don't you ?

                What did you say ?

                I said go to hell.

                I have to take my grandmother to the country.

                You should see me. I Iove to be there.

                I'll miss you.

                There are so many beautifuI and remarkable things here.

                Yes. I know.

                When I was a child, I would come to this park and play.

                Do you know why the bamboo is here ?

                It is waiting for the wind to touch it.

                It is filled with emotions.

                Listen to the sounds and you can feel them.

                Come with me.

                You know I cannot.

                Change your mind. I know you can. I've seen it.

                For now, especially now, I must stay here.

                I am needed to make it better. You understand ?


                do we just say goodbye now ?

                Like nothing has happened ?


                Something did happen.

                My Iife has changed.

                You have opened me up.

                You are a part of my Iife now, Jack Moore.

                And I will never be the same.

                Neither will I.

                Because I hope I'm a part of your Iife now,

                wherever we are.

                Wherever we are.

                Zaijian ?


                You should go.


                Remember, everything is different now.

                Now you have someone on the other side of the world

                who is family.

                You will always have a family.




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