Remember The Titans Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Remember The Titans script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Denzel Washington football movie..  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Remember The Titans. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Remember The Titans Script



(Woman In Virginia)



high school football

is a way of life.



It's bigger

than Christmas day.



My daddy

coached in Alexandria.



He worked so hard,

my mama left him,



but I stayed with Coach.



He needed me on that field.



Up until     

in Alexandria,



there was no race mixing.



Then the schoolboard

forced us to integrate.



They combined the white school

and the black school into one




T. C. Williams High School.






Murderer! Murderer!



[Sheryl] That summer

a black teenager was killed



by a white store owner,



and the city was

on the verge of exploding.



[Buddy Miles] Well, my mind

is goin'through some changes 



You've caused

enough damage!



- This is my store!

- Back off.



[Player]Blue left!

Blue left!Left!



Come on, Kurt, don't let Ray

back you down like that!



You're twice his size!




What are they doing?



If they keep playing like that,

we'll lose every game!



I didn't think

that was so bad.



 She had to run 



[Whistle Blows]



Looks good, Gerry.

I can see you been working.




Thanks a lot, Coach.



Listen, with the schools

integrating and all,



some of the guys are

worried about losing



their starting




Well, that's something we're

just gonna have to figure out,



but you don't worry

about that now.



You just keep at it.

All right?



Yes, Coach.



[Man]Hey, guys!Guys!



It's comin' down!



It's comin' down

at the store!



They want to burn

the place up



'cause that colored kid

got shot.



Come on, man,

let's go.



Hey. Hey!



[Train Whistle Blows]






You just get Sheryl

to the school now, Herb.









[Tires Squeal]



Get in the truck.



Gerry, Alan, Ray,



if you ever want

to play for me again,



get in the truck now.



You boys are gonna cool off,

come with me to my office,



help me finish

packing my things.



Gerry, son, your heart's

in the right place,



but you ought

to know better



than to embarrass

the coach like that.



Hell, why don't you just

kick them all off the team?



I don't want to play with

any of those black animals.






[Bertier]I see him.



Who are you?



I'm Herman Boone. I'm

the new assistant coach.



[Tyrell] Well, from

the looks of things,



I'd say we got all the help

we need around here.



Why ain't you outside there



with all your

little friends, hollerin'?



This was the time that

was arranged for me



to meet with

Coach Yoast.



I never miss

an appointment.



Well, maybe you just

better reschedule.



Coach Boone, the school

board made the decision



to put you on my staff.

I did not hire you.



Well, I came up here

to coach at G.W.



I didn't ask the schools

to redistrict.



I didn't ask to be

assigned to your staff,



so I guess we're both

in a situation



we don't want to be in.



But I can guarantee

you this, Coach,



I come to win.



Win?Coach Yoast

here has been nominated



to the Virginia

High School Hall of Fame.



   winning seasons.



I won a couple of titles

down in North Carolina.



That's double ''A'' ball.



This here's Virginia.

We play triple ''A.''



What an opportunity

for me then...



to learn...

from the best.



[Marvin Gaye]  Ooh, I bet

you're wonderin' how I knew 



[Man] Are those

people the movers?



[Woman] No. Looks like

they're moving in here.



[Woman] How many

of them are there?




It only takes one.



Then we're gonna be

overrun by 'em.



[Girl]Mommy, where are you

taking my teddy bear?



That. Come on, y'all.

Ohh. [Laughs]



Where is everybody?



Nicky, yes.



[Man]Look there, here

comes somemore of'em.



[Woman] That's Dr. Day, that

Negro from the schoolboard.



What's he doing here?



Thes choolboard has decided

that Negro Herman Boone



is gonna be

the head coach at T.C.



It's not fair!

My daddy's head coach!



This is gonna be

his Hall of Fame year!



No one

is trying to take away



your daddy's future

place in the hall.



You can't just walk in here

and take my daddy's job away!



That is enough, Sheryl.

That's enough.












it's all right, Bill.

I feel the same way.



It's those agitators

and race-mixers



I feel like

taking a swat at.



Trouble makers in

the Berg are ready



to put a torch

to the city.



to put a torch

to the city.



You want us to burn up

like Watts?



Every head coach in

the system is white.



We had to give them




It's the world we live in,

God help us all.



I left North Carolina

because I was passed over



for a job that I had

rightfully earned.



Gave it to a white coach

down there



couldn't even tie up

his own football cleats.



Now you are asking me



to do the same thing

to this man?



I can't do that.






Folks in Carolina say

you marched with Dr. King.



Say you stood toe-to-toe

with the Klan.



Said you're a race man.



That's right.

I'm also a family man.



Coach Boone, black folks

have never had



anything in this city

to call their own



except humiliation

and despair.



Dr. Day, excuse me.



Herman, I think you'd

better look outside.






So, you see,

we need you, Coach Boone.



Come on,

meet the people.



Coach Boone,

I'm Charles Campbell.



This here is

my boy Julius.



He can be the finest

defensive end



in the whole state

if you push him to it.



I've heard a lot

about you.



You're like an answer

to our prayers.



Now, wait a minute. I'm not

an answer to your prayers.



I'm not a savior

or Jesus Christ,



Martin Luther King,

or the Easter bunny.



I'm a football coach,

that's all.



Just a football coach.



You're our coach.



You're our coach!



Coach Boone!



[Crowd Chanting]




[Knock On Door]



What do you want?



Is Coach Yoast here?



We're busy...




for head coaching jobs.



Gotten    offers and

certainly no time for you.



Well, come on in.

I've got an office out back.



[Boone]Look, Ican't

even spell diplomacy,



andI'm sorry about

the way things went down,



but make no mistake,

I am qualifiied



to be this school's

head coach.



Sure. You've been in,




  or   programs

in the past    years?



[Boone] With   or  





This isn't about me.



I'm worried about my boys.



Well, I ain't gonna

cook 'em and eat 'em.



The best player will play.

Color won't matter.



From the looks of our

little situation we got here,



I'd say it's about

all that does.



Yeah, you're right.



We're in

a tough spot, Coach,



you, me, the whole city.



I think it would go a long

way to smooth things over



if you would stay,

work on the staff,



be a defensive coordinator,

assistant head coach.



Work under you?



If that's the way

you see it.



Good night, Coach.



It's been

a rare privilege



to have lived here

as long as I have



coaching your boys.



I'll be taking

the year off...






after which

I'll be moving to Loudon



and taking the head coaching

job at Loudon High.



- I say boycott T.C. Williams!

- Tell 'em, Fred!



Our boys aren't playing

for some ''Coach Coon!''




he stole your job.



I'm not playing for him.



I started a petition, and I'm

sitting this season out.



Only place

you're going to sit



is back in that chair,




I appreciate it, though.



Boycott T. C.!

Boycott the school!



Stop this, Fred.

You know none of these boys



can afford to go

to some other district



just to play ball.



They sit this one out,



they put their futures

on the line.



Coach, I'm out, too.



I'm not playing

for no thief.



Don't do this.



Don't make this any harder

for me than it already is.



Coach, if you go, I go.



[Man # ]I only play

for you, Coach Yoast.



[Man # ]Don't go, Coach.

You can't leave us.



Coach Yoast!

Coach Yoast! Coach Yoast!



We'll be all right,




I've coached

most of these boys



since they

were your age.



I've seen them grow up

in front of my eyes,



almost like

they were my own kids.






This is a heck of a time

to be abandoning them



to look out for

themselves, ain't it?



So...what are you

gonna do?



We gonna play

someball, y'all!



Black inside, black inside,

black inside.



Unh, unh, unh, unh!



Yo, Petey,

how many yards you figure



you gonna get

this season, bro?



You know, I ain't one

to brag, big Blue,



but I figure on

at least a thousand.



But I ain't

one to brag.



Didn't I tell you

all them white boys



weren't gonna play

for no brother?



Well, who needs 'em, baby?



From now on the Titans gonna be

powered by soul power, bro.



! He said soul power!



[Person Blows Whistle]



Shut up.






Put your hand down.



You're smiling.






Yes, sir.

Why are you smiling?



'Cause I love football.

Football's fun.



Fun, sir. It's fun?



- Yes.

- You sure?



I think--



Now you're thinkin'.



First you smile,

then you thinkin'.



You think football

is still fun?



Uh, yes.






- Yes--no, sir.

- No?



It was fun.



Not anymore, though,

is it?



Not right now.



It's not fun anymore.

Not even a little bit.



Make up your mind.

Think since you're thinking.



Go on, think.

Is it fun?



- No, sir.

- No?



Absolutely not?



Zero fun, sir.



All right, listen up.

I'm Coach Boone.



I'm gonna tell you all

about how much ''fun''



you're gonna have

this season.



We leave for camp,

Gettysburg College,



August    th,  :   A.M.



If you report at  :  



you will not be playing

football this season,



you will be watching.



You will wear

a jacket, shirt, and tie.



if you don't have one,

buy one.



Can't afford one,

borrow one from your old man.



if you don't

have an old man,



then find a drunk,

trade him for his.



'Cause I guarantee you

there isn't a bum on the street



that looks as raggedy

and ridiculous



as what I'm looking at

right now.



This is no democracy.



It is a dictatorship.



I am the law.



if you survive camp,

you will be on the team.



if you survive.



Check 'em in, Coach.



Checkin' 'em in.



I'm Coach Hinds,

your offensive line coach.



Yell out your name and position

starting from the right.



Petey Jones,

running back.



The running back, y'all.




Whatever, Petey.



Get outta here!



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jerry Harris, quarterback.




Hallelujah, Rev!






It's just

a nickname.



And who in the name

of heaven might you be?



Louie Lastik,

offensive lineman.



Naval family,just moved

here from Bayonne.



Someone said football,

so I come runnin'.



What's goin' on,







With him calling the shots,

ain't none of us



gonna see nothin'

but the bench this year.



He ain't calling

the shots. You'll play.




You have just disrupted



my first team meeting



in an unacceptable




This is my team now.



Either you're with that

or you're not.



I'm here, ain't I?

Let's talk football.



Let's talk football.



I run the defense--



As a part of

my team strategy.



Now, I have never seen

an assistant coach's name



in the newspaper

for losing a game.



I want a job

for Coach Tyrell.



He's been with me

for    years.



I won't leave him

out in the cold.



You don't get me

without him.



You're overcooking

my grits, Coach.



All right. I will

allow Coach Tyrell



to coach

the special team,



but I will have

my eye on him.



And you.



Good morning, good morning,

Coaches, how are you?



Good morning

to you.



Looks good today,

doesn't it?



Just wanted to let you know

what the offense is doing.



Awful skinny playbook,

ain't it?



I run   plays, split veer.

It's like novocaine.



Just give it time,

always works.



See you on the bus.



Be patient, Bill.

Your time will come.



Herman, here we go.



Here we go.



How can I help

you boys?



I'm Gerry Bertier,



the only all-American

you got on this team.



You want any of us

to play for you,



you reserve half

the open positions



for Hammond players,



half the offense,

half the special teams.



We don't need any of

your people on defense.



We're already set.



Uh-huh. Don't need

none of my people?



What did you say

your name was, Jerry?






No, you must have said

Jerry, like Lewis,



which would make you

Dean Martin, right?



Ladies and gentlemen,

I got an announcement to make.



We got Jerry Lewis

and Dean Martin



going to camp with us

here this year.



Jerry tells the jokes,



Dean sings the songs

and gets the girl.



Let's give them

a round of applause.



Where's your folks,




Your parents,

are they here?



Where are they?



That's my mother.



That's your mama?



Very nice.

How are you?



Take a good look at her.



'Cause once

you get on that bus,



you ain't got no mama

no more.



You got your brothers

on the team,



and you got your daddy.



Now, you know who

your daddy is, don't you?



Gerry, if you want to play

on this football team,



you answer me when I ask you

who is your daddy.



Who's your daddy, Gerry?



Who's your daddy?






Uh-huh. And whose team

is this?



Is this your team,

or is this your daddy's team?






Mm-hmm. Get on the bus.



Put your jacket on first

and get on the bus.






Uh, Dean?



Fix that tie, son.






All right, listen up,

I want everybody off the bus.



Let's go. Follow me. Everybody.

Let's go right now.



[Boy] Why we got

to get off the bus?



[Boy] What are

they doing, man?



All right,

everybody, off the bus.



Listen up, I don't care



if you're black, green,

blue, white, or orange,



I want all of my defensive

players on this side,



all players going out

for offense over here.



Right now.



Let's move! Let's move!

Let's move! Let's move!



You and you, offensive bus.

Sit together.



You and you, defensive bus.

Sit together.



Get comfortable, too,



because the person that

I have you sitting next to



is the same one

you'll be rooming with



for the duration

of this camp.



! 'Cause, baby!



!There ain't

no mountain high enough !



!Ain't no valley

low enough !



Blue, shut up.



I don't want to see

your smilin' and shuff in',



and hear all your minstrel

show singing on this bus.



You, too.



Got that right.



You can shut up, too.



  [Rock Guitar]



  When I die

and they lay me to rest 



That's my bed.



  Gonna go to the place

that's the best 



  When I lay me

down to die 



And that's his bed.



  Up to the spirit

in the sky 



  Goin'up to the spirit

in the sky 



I ain't lookin' at that

for   weeks, man.



Take it down.



  When I die 



You can close your eyes

for   weeks, all I care.



Why don't you look at your wall

and I'll look at mine?



I'll look

wherever I want to,



and I don't want to be

looking at that for   weeks.



Then you better use your

X-ray vision, Superman,



and look right through it,

'cause it ain't comin' down.















Follow me!



Come on! Come on!



All right,

wait up!



Get off me!

Get off me!



Get him off.



Get off me!



Bunch of tough guys, huh?



You look like a bunch

of fifth-grade sissies



after a cat fight.



You got anger. That's good.



You're gonna need it, son.



You got aggression.

That's even better.



You're gonna

need that, too,



but any  -year-old child

can throw a feet.



Football is about

controlling that anger.



Harnessing that aggression

into a team effort



to achieve perfection!



Some coaches,

they cut a player



if they think

he's not up to snuff.



When they think

he's hurting the team.



This is

a public school program.



I will never, ever

cut a player



who comes out

to play for me,



but when you put

that uniform on,



that Titan uniform,

you better come to work.



We will be perfect...



in every aspect of the game.



You drop a pass,

you run a mile.



You miss a blocking assignment,

you run a mile.



You fumble the football,



and I will break my foot off

in your John Brown hindparts...



and then you will run a mile.






Let's go to work.







Move those feet!



Get up, boy! Get up! Get up!



Get up! Get up! Get up!



[Coach Blows Whistle]



[Yoast] Keep those heads up!



Keep those feet moving!




we gonna do is changing.



We are change.



We're gonna change

the way we run.



We're gonna change

the way we eat.



We're gonna change

the way we block.



We're gonna change

the way we tackle.



We're gonna change

the way we win.



[Yoast]Defense is desire!



Fire and desire.



Defense! Come on!



[Coach Blows Whistle]



Get up. Get outta here.

Go run. Go.









[Yoast]Keep those legs movin'!

Keep those legs apart!



Keep movin: keep movin'.



Keep that ball with you till

you get outta the briar patch.



Show me, son! Show me, 'Bama!



Show me, 'Bama!



Jump on that ball carrier

like a starving man



on a Christmas ham.







Fumble! Fumble!




What is wrong with you?



Why are you fumbling

my football?



My blockers were bad.



Your blockers

ain't got nothin'



to do with you

holding the ball!



Did your blockers

fumble the football,



or did you fumble

the football?



I did, sir.



All right. How many

feet are in a mile?



How many feet

are in a mile?






You pick this ball up,

you run every one of them!



You're killing me, Petey!

You're killing me!



What are you doing, man?



Eating lunch.



I see you eating lunch.



But why you

eating over here?



Why don't you go on over there

and eat with your people?



Man, I don't have

any people.



I'm with everybody,




[Blue]He's just

a light-skinned brother.



Yeah, and I'm

a dark-skinned cracker.



Come on, Julius, he's

just another blessed child



in God's loving family.



[Blue Humming]



Come on, Blue, let me--



[Humming ''Amazing Grace'']



[Rev]Lord, we come

before you today...



and ask you to soften

big Julius Campbell's heart.



Look at that traitor.



And Rev?

He better be praying



I block for

his black behind.



Yeah, but, Ray,

if you don't block



you're not gonna start.



I'll start.



I'll just bide

my time.



I got some plays we won

the city title with lastyear.



Got some trick plays,

some stuff that might



fire up the boys'

imaginations a little bit.



Trick plays?



I think unless the boys

start having a little fun



they're not gonna put points

up on that board for you.



You worry

about your defense.



Let me worry about

the offense.



All right.






I want you to

tell me something



about one of your

black teammates.



Sir, yes, sir!



I'm rooming with Blue, sir,



and I noticed he wears those

leopard-spotted underwears,



bikini-style, sir!



OK, maybe somebody

who's not your roommate.



Sir, I eat lunch with Rev.



That's Jerry Harris, sir!



People call him Rev

'cause he's always praying,



and he won't abide

a foul tongue, sir!



And what is the Rev gonna

do after high school?



I don't know.



Go to college

and all that, I guess.



What about you?

You gonna go to college?



Oh, not me, Coach.



I ain't a brainiac

like Rev.



Think you got a future

in football?



Heck, no. I just figure

ifI got to be in school



I might as well hit some

people while I'm at it.



All right, I like that.



A self-aware man,

I like that.



But if you don't

go to college,



it's not gonna be because

you're not qualified,



so I wan tyou to bring me

your test scores



at the end of every week, and

we'll go over them together, OK?



We'll keep that

between you and me.






So, what kind of music

does the Rev like?



Me and Rev both

dig on The Temptations.



Oh, yeah?



! I know you want

to leave me !



! But I refuse

to let you go !



 If I got to pray 



 Plead for your sympathy 



! I don't mind !



! 'Cause you mean

that much to me !



!Ain't too proud

to beg !



OK, all right.

Stop begging.



Anybody else?



No volunteers?









No, huh?



Each one of you

will spend time every day



with a teammate of

a different race.



You will learn

about him and his family,



his likes, his dislikes.



You will report back to me



until you meet every one

of your teammates.



Until that time,

we go to  -a-day practices.



You continue

to ignore each other,



we'll go

to  -a-day practices.



Now, is there any part of this

you don't understand?



Let's see.

What's your daddy's name?



I mean, you do have

a daddy right?



I have a father,

and his name is Eric.



And what's he do?



Wait, he does have

a job, right?



  [Country On Stereo]

  They're gonna

put me in the movies 



Huh? Yes! This one.



I don't even have

to ask, but I will.



What do you think

of this one?



Does the term ''cruel

and unusual punishment''



mean anything to you?



[Coach Blowing Whistle]



  minutes to go

in the game.



The other team is out there,

they're tired.



Fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter.



Fourth quarter.



Nobody from my family

ever went to no college.



I'll tutor you,




I'm white trash!



I ain't gonna get

no C-plus grades!



I'm just down-home, no-good,




white trash, man!



Would you hurry up

and get off the phone?



I got to call

my girl, too, man!



Say it right now.



Oh, oh, don't

do this right now.



Hey, man, what is this,

Wild Kingdom?



Shut up, y'all!



Mating habits of

the mountain gorillas?



Gerry, you say it, or I'm

not hanging up the phone.



Say it right now.



I love you, sugar.



Ha ha ha!

''I love you, sugar!''






[Player# ]Let's go!



[Player# ] Watch it!

Watch it!






[Yoast] Get him!

Get him!Get him!




What are y'all doing?



   stack! You're supposed

to know your jobs!



Campbell, you're playing

selfish, show-off football.



Hold your man down.



don't you single me out

like that.



What, you think

I'm stupid or something?




I'm the team captain,



and I don't need you

up in my face--



[Boone Blows Whistle]



[Blue] We're here to

play football, y'all.



Let's play football.



[Sighs] Doc?



I got it.



Y'all didn't come

out here to practice!



'Cause champions

pay the price!



Lookin' like a bunch

of bums out here!



[Boone] Who's a coward?

Cowards won't block.



Cowards won't tackle.



Cowards won't

go after fumbles.



[Blue] Coach,

we need a water break.



We been out here all day.



[Coach Blows Whistle]



What did you say?



I said we need

a water break.



You need a water break.



Water is for cowards.

Water makes you weak.



Water is for washing

blood off that uniform,



and you don't get

no blood on my uniform.



Boy, you must be

outside your mind!



We are going to do up-downs



until Blue is no longer

tired and thirsty.






[Blows Whistle]



[Yoast] Coach!



[Blows Whistle]



There's a fine line

between tough and crazy,



and you're firting

with it.



[Blows Whistle]



[Blows Twice]



[Boone]All right,

get some water.




I'll take that.



Hey, wait

your turn, boy.



Who you calling

a boy, cracker?






Quit it, jerks!



Come on! You're all acting

like a bunch of sissies!



[Sheryl] Quit it!



[Players Shouting]






All right, man, listen.

I'm Gerry, you're Julius.



Let's get some particulars



and just get this

over with, all right?



- Particulars?

- Yeah.



No matter what I tell you,



you ain't never gonna know

nothing about me.



Listen, I ain't runnin'

any more of these  -a-days.



What I got to say,

you really don't want to hear



'cause honesty ain't too high

on your people's priority list.




You want honesty?



All right, honestly,

I think you're nothing.




but a pure waste



of God-given talent.



You don't listen

to nobody, man.



Not even Doc or Boone!



Shiver push on the line

every time, man.



You blow right past 'em!



Push 'em!

Pull 'em!Do something!



You can't run over

everybody in this league,



and every time you do, you

leave one of your teammates



hanging out to dry--

me in particular!



Why should I give a hoot

about you, huh?



Or anybody else out there?



You want to talk about a waste,

you the captain?






- Captain's supposed to be

the leader, right?




You got a job? You

been doing your job?



I've been doing my job.



Then why don't you tell

your white buddies



to block for Rev better?

'Cause they have not blocked



for him worth a plugged nickel,

and you know it!



Nobody plays!

Your self included!



I'm supposed to wear

myself out for the team?



What team?!



No. No, what

I'm gonna do is,



I'm gonna look out

for myself,



and I'm gonna get mine.



See, man?



That's the worst attitude

I ever heard.



Attitude reflects

leadership, Captain.



[Horn Blows]



[Boone]Let's go, let's go,

let's go, let's go!



Wake up, gentlemen,

it's late.



It's   A.M. In the morning.



All right, listen up.



You will follow Doc, myself,

and the other coaches,



we're gonna take a little

run through the woods.



if you get lost

along the way,



don't bother

coming back to camp.



Just hitchhike

your hindparts on home.



Any questions?



Coach, this is a high

school football team.



We're not in

the marines here.



Let's go.



[Yoast] Let's go.



  Tell me,

where have you been 



 My blue-eyed son? 



  Where have you been 



 My darlin' young one? 



 I've stumbled

up on the side 



  Of    misty mountains 



 I've walked

and I've crawled 



  Over   broken high ways 



 But it's hard 



 It's hard 



Oh, no, no.




Come on, baby.

Can't take no rest.



  Oh, it's hard, girl 



 It's a hard rain 



[All Panting]



 A-gonna fall 



[Boone]Anybody know

what this place is?






This is Gettysburg.



This is where they fought

the Battle of Gettysburg.



      men died right here

on this field,



fightin' the same fight



that we're still fightin'

amongst ourselves...






This green field right here



was painted red.



Bubbling with the blood

of young boys.






and hot lead pouring

right through their bodies.



Listen to their souls, men.



''I killed my brother

with malice in my heart. ''



'' Hat red destroyed my family.''



You listen...



and you take a lesson

from the dead.



If we don't come together...



right now,

on this hallowed ground...



then we, too,

will be destroyed.



Just like they were.



I don't care if you

like each other or not,



but you will

respect each other,



and maybe...



I don't know,

maybe we'll...



learn to play this game

like men.






[Titans Shouting]



[Titan] Here we go!



[Boone Blows Whistle]



All right.



We'll be out here all night,

until we get this thing right.



Let's go.



[Titan]Let's go,

team, pick itup!



On the ball, Rev.




Come on, everybody.



Get it right!












Check blue!



There it is. Whoo!



[Rev]Let's go!Hut!






Get him!

Get him!Get him!






What was that, Ray?



Whatever it is,

it ain't blockin'!



Give me a break, Gerry.



You want a break?

I'll give you a break!



Wait a minute,

wait, wait.



Let them handle this.



If we get to Rev once,

just one time,



Is wear to God,

I'm gonna hit you so hard,



by the time you come to,



ooh, boy, you're gonna

need a new hair cut.



You understand me? Uhh!



Ha ha ha ha!




Let's play, fellas!



[Blows Whistle]



On the ball.

Let's run it again.



[Titans Shouting]






[Titan]All right.













[Blows Whistle]



Get off me!



Hoo hoo!



You all right,

big Petey?



You all right?



You really stuck him,




Yeah, I love me

a little contact, Petey!



This is left side!



- Strong side!

- Left side!



- Strong side!

-[Bertier]Left side!




Strong side!



Left side!



-Strong side!

- Left side!



Strong side!



- Aah!

- Aah!







What wins games?



[Titans Defense]




- What wins games?

- Defense!



- What wins games?

- Defense!



 I was once out strolling 



  One veryhot

summer's day 



  When I thought I'd

lay myself down to rest 



[Bertier]Hey, fellas.



Look at that fruitcake.



[Titan WolfWhistles]



Gerry, just keep

your mouth shut



and get back

on that field.



Coach Boone,

I'm Colonel Bass.



I just got transferred here



from Huntington Beach,




This is my son Ronnie,

and he's a quarterback.



How you doing, Ronnie?

This is Coach Yoast.



My pleasure.



We're pretty set at the,

uh, quarterback, Colonel,



but, uh,

if the boy's any good,



you may want to check out

Wilson or Hamilton.



Well, I, uh,

I met Coach Taber.



[ColonelBass]He won't let

blacks play on his team.



The way I see it,



if these boys can

fight a war together,



they can play

football together.



Now, he's

a pretty good runner.



 Spill the wine

and take that pearl 






 Spill the wine

and take that pearl 



Yeah, a fruitcake, huh?



I think we can find

a place for your boy.






With one or two conditions.



[Titans Chattering]



Hey, Sunshine.




! Sunshine !









[Petey]Hey, man,

all that rubbin'



ain't gonna make

them golden locks



grow back no faster now.

You know that, huh?



! Sunshine,

Sunshine, Sunshine !



Sunshine, huh?







Choke it up, huh?



That's cool.

I can dig it.



[Titans] Ooh!



Come on, now.



Don't leave me hangin:

bro. Come on.



[Blue]Hey, he got

a little soul power.



Look at this man here.



He called me ''bro''!



Hey, but, hey,



I liked him better

with the long hair, bro.



Reminded me

of Bertier's mama.



[Titans] Ohh!



What? What?



[Titan]Now, how do you know

what Bertier's mama looks like?



Brother, don't you know

me and Bertier's mama



went out on the town

last night, bro?



What are you say--



Hold up, hold up.

Listen, now, Blue.



Why are you talking about

Bertier's mama like that?



See, now, you

making me angry, man.



Look like I ain't gonna

be able to take your mama



to the prom no more.



[Blue] What you laughin' at,

Jerry Buck?



You need to tell your mama



to shave them old legs

of hers, bro.



And, Julius,

when she's done,



maybe your mama

can borrow the razor



and shave that old

nasty back ofhers.



[Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa,

wait, wait, wait.



[Blue] You mad because she

lookin' like a wolfman woman.



Hey, hey. Lastik, man,

what happened to you?



Man, I just gave your

mama a piggyback ride,



and she weighs twice

as much as I do.



That ain't funny.



That's--that's a mama joke.






! Listen, baby!



!Ain't no mountain high !



!Ain't no valley low !



!Ain't no river

wide enough, baby!



! if you need me,

call me !



! No matter

where you are !



! No matter

how far!



! No, no, darlin' !



 Just call my name 



 I'll be there

in a hurry 



!You don't have

to worry!



! 'Cause, baby, there !



 Ain't no mountain

high enough 



So, Julius, I was

thinking that we--



He's in the shower.



 Ain't no mountain

low enough 



What do you want, man?



You know what I want.



[Titans] Ohh!







Come on!



 I told you 



  You could always

count on me 



[Titans] Ooh! Ooh!



Hey, Bertier!



Get off. Get off.



[Bertier] You have no idea

who you messed with, man!



There's too much

male bonding



going on in here

for me.



I'm out. You dig?



[Bertier]All right!



What is going on here?



 Ain't no river wide enough 



He kissed me, man!



  To keep me from getting

to you, babe 






  'Cause baby there 



!Ain't no mountain

high enough !



 Ain't no valley low enough 



!Ain't no river

wide enough !



!To keep me from gettin'

to you, babe !



- Ronnie Bass.

- Yes, sir.



I like that haircut.

Get in there



and show me what

you got. Option left.



[Titan] Let's go, baby.

Rookie quarterback.




Side field, come on.



[Sunshine] Left! Left!



[Titans Shouting]



Set! Hut!







Hard step.



Read the tackle.



Got to see the pitch,

all right?




you can throw it a mile,



but you

can't pitch it   yards.



Gotta see it.



if you don't read it,

you weave 'em.



- Rev!

-[Rev] Yes, sir!



Show him how.



Yes, sir.






[Julius] You want

this milk, Bertier?



Yeah, I'll take it, man.



You can have it.



Hey, can you slide

a bit, Gerry?



Hey, Ray, this is

the defensive table.



  To get bread from dough 



Hi, Petey.



What's up, man?



Hey, Sunshine.



It's not like I care

or nothin',



but bein' your roommate

and all, uh...



you was just messin'

with Bertier, right?



You--you was just messing

with his mind, right?



You're not really, uh...



What are you

talking about, Petey?



Look, man, it don't

matter to me, you know?



I-if, you know, if...



I just got to know,

you know? Uh...



If it don't matter,

what's the big deal?



I got to know.



Know what?



You know what I got to know?

Don't mess with my mind!



Looks like Coach

been keeping Petey



out in the sun

for too long, bro.






Hey, sweetie.

Sit down.



[Yoast]Have my dessert.



[Sheryl] Coach Boone?



You did a good job

up here.



[Sheryl] You're in a tough

camp from what I can see.



Well, I'm very happy

to have the approval



of a  -year-old.



I'm    / 

thank you very much.



Why don't you

get this little girl



some pretty dolls

or something, Coach?



I tried.

She loves football.



[Boone] What are you?!



[Titans] Mo-bile! A-gile!




What is pain?!



French bread!



[Boone] What is fatigue?!



Army clothes!



Will you ever quit?!






We want some mo'!

We want some mo'!



We want some mo'!



Turn in!



[Rhythmic Panting]



Let me ask you something,

Mr. Campbell.






What kind of power

you got?



Oh, man, you know

I got some soul power.



What kind of power

you got?



What kind of question

is that?



I got soul power!



- Yes, you do!

- Right on!



Let me ask you something

now, Mr. Bertier.



How strong are you?



I'm too strong!



- What?!

- I'm too strong!



- How strong?

- Too strong!



I want a victory!



Oh, I want a victory!



I want a victory!



No, I want a victory!



You all want a victory?!



[ All ]




You all want a victory?!







[All Cheering]



[Titans]  Good-bye 



! Na na na na !



! Hey, hey, hey!



! Good-bye !



[Rev] Let me

hear you!



[Rev]Let me hear you!



Up in the front!

Up in the front!



Whole school!



[Titans] Hey, hey, hey 



What'd they do up there,

brainwash 'em?



They must be high

on somethin'.



[Titans] Na nanana 



 Hey, hey, hey 



Hey, Mom.



Oh, welcome home.




Ah, ha ha.



Mmm-ah! How you doin',




Oh, I missed you

so much.



Hey, man.

Like, are we cool?



Yeah, we're cool, man.



Mrs. Boone,

nice to meet you.



You, too.



Yeah, this is, uh,

little Karen.



This is Nicky.

Nicky, that's Sheryl.



Why do you dress

so weird?






Look who's talking.



[Sheryl] Ow.



Well, we're just all

getting along, aren't we?



We don't want you!






Get out!



We don't want them here!



  Time has come today 



  Young hearts

can go their way 



  Can't put it off

another day 



What you doin'

to my school, boy?



Man, this stuff

is messed up.




anything serious happen,



they shut the school down,



and our season

go down the drain.



This here's

real messed up.



But there are a lot

of pretty women here.






Look at 'em, Gerry.



They hate us.



Nah. Just a bad day.

Things'll cool down.



No, Gerry. They're

always gonna hate us.






We don't need you here,

either, hippie boy.



You hear

what he said?



Hey, man.



Hey, Julius.



Man, it's crazy

out here, man.



Yeah, well,

what did you expect?



I don't know. I ain't quite

expect it to be like this.



Ah, sorry. Julius,

this is Emma.



 Now the time has come 






Camp over now, huh?



Back to the real world,




[Julius] This is what

they're integrating us for?



We'd have been better off

staying where we were.












Yeah, this is

my sanctuary right here.



All this hat red and turmoil

swirling around us,



but this...

this is always right.









Victory and defeat.



It's just a game, Doc,




I love it.



Coach, I'm afraid I've put you

into a no-win situation.



I just found out the board

didn't even think



you'd make it out ofcamp.



And now that you have,



I've learned that

at the first sign of trouble--




What kind of trouble?



Lose a game...



they'll fire you



and turn it back over

to Yoast.



One game,

just like that?






What about my family?



We just got here.



They just expect me

to pick up and move?



What about my girls?



I--I don't know

what to say, I...



I'm sorry, Coach.



! Pump, pump,

pump it up! !



! Pump, pump,

pump it up! !



! Pump that Titan spirit up! !



Look at 'em.



They come here

to watch the game,



and they still don't

want no part of us.



[School Band Playing]






! Give us more !



! Do your stuff,

let's go! !






[Boone]All right,

everybody on their feet.



On your feet, on your feet.

Let's go, let's go.



[Boone Clapping]



[Boone]Listen up.



I'm not gonna talk

to you tonight about...



winnin' and losin'.



You're already winners,



'cause you didn't

kill each other up at camp.




Tonight, we got Hayfiield.



Like all the other schools

in this conference,



they're all white.



They don't have

to worry about race.



We do.



[Boone]But we're better

for it, men.



Let me tell you something.

You don't let anything...






come between us.




Nothin' tears us apart.



Greek mythology,



the titans were greater

even than the gods.



They ruled their universe

with absolute power.



Well, that football field

out there tonight,



that's our universe.



Let's rule it like titans.



Got it!



[Crowd Cheering]



[Players Grunting]



[Announcer On P.A.]

So the Titans defense



takes the field

for the first time




the Hayfiield Hawks,



led by quarterback

Daniel Cullum



on the Hawks







We're moving like molasses

out there,



for crying out loud!



I mean, come on!



Uhh! Ooh!









Are all white girls

that crazy?






You guys can do

better than that--uhh!



[Player] Yeah!



[Bertier]Huddle up.

Fellas, huddle up.



Bosley? Where's Alan?



Alan, you've got to

stick your man!



They're gonna score on us

all night if you don't--



He's too fast, Gerry.

I can't stick with him.




Let's go, let's go!



[Quarterback]   ! Hut!



[Referee Blows Whistle]




Touchdown, Hawks!



[Band Playing]



[Crowd Cheering]



Shape up that

defense, Yoast.



You just worry

about your offense.



Hey, they score again,

I'm takin' over.






[Player] That's it!



[Player] Watch him!

Watch him!






[Cheerleaders Cheering]






[Players Grunting]



Petey, get over here!

What are you doing, son?



You missed the block

by a mile.



You didn't even have the

football to fumble this time.



There's no excuse!

No excuse!



[Boone] You want to play

football or not?



do you want to

play football--



Boy, get over there

on the bench?






Herb, take over for me.



You got it.




You all right?



I was a  -year starter

at G.W.



All this yelling

he's doing,



it--it don't do nothing

but make me play worse.



I can't play for this man.



You come play

linebacker for me.



  's killing us. I want

you to get out there,



I want you

to cover him for me.



- You want me to go in now?

- Yeah.



I can't! I--I...



I haven't practiced

with the defense. I can't.



[Yoast] That doesn't matter.

Just get out there.



I want you to cover   .

That's all you have to do.



[Yoast] We'll talk

about the rest of it



when we

put this one away.



You think Yoast is trying to

let them score on purpose?






do you?



Oh, come on, Herman.



[Yoast] OK, let's go.



What is Petey

doing in there?



[Doc]Looks like Yoast

is trying him out on defense.



He's taking Alan out.




Herman, Herman, Herman.



Come on. Let's see.

Let's see what happens.



It might be all right.



It's OK. You're OK.

You're OK. OK.



don't you take out

my son!



He's gettin' beat like he

stole somethin', Mr. Bosley.



You just stay

out of it, girl!



He's just getting beat,

that's all I'm saying.






[Quarterback] Set!   !

Hut hut!






- Yeah!

- Ha!






 Ah, yeah 




Hut!Hut, hut!



 Doo doo







 Doo doo doot 



 Doo doo doot 



 Doo doo




 La oohhoo 



[Crowd Cheering]



Go, Defense.



 Drummer, keep it going 










 Right on time 



 Blow my mind 









[Crowd Cheering]









[Referee Blows Whistle]



Yeah! Uhh!



[Announcer] Touchdown!

Game, Titans!



[Petey] Yeah!



The Titans are here, y'all,

and we ain't goin' nowhere.



Yo, you got to be loud

all the time, man?




can hear you, baby.



I think they all heard

you fumble, man.



First of all, the hand.

Second of all, who won the game?



My dad is--



Don't worry about it.

It's not your fault.



They--they like

to show off,



and that's what they do.



Wait, wait, wait.




Yeah. What?



I heard you say ''they.''



Yeah, they. Them.

Them over there.



But what you mean by ''they''--

you talking about Pete--



[Bertier] You're you,

and they are them.



[Horn Honks]



[Emma] Gerry.



[Man]Hey, Gerry.

Hop in, buddy.



We're heading over

to the hill, Gerry.




gonna be there.



Why don't you hang out

down here with us?



We're, you know.



What are you trying

to do, Gerry?



[Bertier]Listen, when

something unexpected comes,



you just got to pick it up

and run with it.



I'm not running in the same

direction as you are, Gerry.



Come with us.



[Emma]Look, standing up

for what you believe in,



it's all well and good,




you got your priorities

real mixed up this time.



Are you comin'

or not, man?



  The way you stole my heart 



  You know, you could have

been a cool crook 



 And, baby,

you're so smart 



  You know, you could have

been a school book 



[Girls Giggling]



Petey Jones.



Come on, man.



No, man.



What, man? It's on me, man.

We party on. Let's go.



Look--look here, man,

all right?



This here's Virginia.

All right?



They got problems with,

you know--



They don't want us

in there, man.



Oh, man, that's history, bro.

It's on me. Come on.



Woman:: So lonely 



  Without you 



 But our love 



We're full tonight, boys.



What? There's tables

all over the place, man.



What are you

talking about?



Well, this is

my establishment.



I reserve the right

to refuse service to anybody.



Yeah, that means

you, too, hippie boy.



Now, y'all want

somethin' to eat,



you can take these boys

out back



and pick it up

from the kitchen.



What'd I tell you,




Yo, come on, Petey, man!




I didn't know, man.



I told you! What you

mean you didn't know?!



You think I was

playing with you?!



Man, he didn't know,




Blue, he don't

want to know.



You pull some crap

like that,



you better be able

to back it up.




let's go, man.



Why don't you

cool out? Cool out!



Let's go, Rev.




let's go, man.



What happened?



This man acting

a fool tonight, man.






Man, don't even talk

to that man, man.



He acting all crazy

and stuff, man.



[Blue]It doesn't even

make nonsense.






[Blue]He know the man's

from out of town.



  times--  times,

player of the week.



He's not some

walk-on scrub, Yoast.



The boy's a player.

He's a star.



And he busted

his but for you.



This is all your doing,

you blacks.



That is enough.



It's my call.



Now listen.



You just go on

home now, Fred,



before you do something

that you're going to regret.




Yeah, well...



I guess we won't be seeing

much of him, huh?



I will.



He's on the deacon

board with me.






All right,

listen, about Petey...



no thanks required,







You challenged

my authority



in front of the entire

football team, Coach.



Now, you think you're

doing these boys a favor



taking them aside every time

I come down on them,



protecting them

from big bad Boone.



You're cutting my legs

from under me.



Some of the boys

just don't respond well



to public criticism.



I tell them

what they need to know,



but I don't

humiliate them



in front of the team.



Which boys are you

talking about?



Which ones

you talking about?



I come down on Bertier.

I don't see you coddle him.



Come down on Sunshine.



Don't see you grab his hand,

take him off to the side.



Which boys

are you talking about?



Now, I may be a mean cuss,



but I'm the same

mean cuss



with everybody out there

on that football field.



The world

don't give a damn



about how sensitive

these kids are--




the young black kids.



You ain't doing

these kids a favor



by patronizing them.



You're crippling them.



You're crippling them

for life.



[Kids Chattering]







what are you doing?



I'm going down

to the Berg.



The Berg?






What are you doing

at the Berg?



I'm going to play

basketball with Julius.



Then we're going to

comeback here for dinner.



Gerry, if your father

was still alive--



Ma, would--



Just give him a chance.

Just get to know him.



Listen to him

for   seconds.



I don't want

to get to know him.



You are coming to church

with your mother.



[Crowd Cheering]



Right, right, right!



He's mine!






[Referee Blows Whistle]



[Player] You blew

your assignment!



Man, I'm covering for you.

Don't get in my face.



Yo, cool out.

Cool out.



where are you at?



What planet are

you on tonight?



Yeah, yeah, yeah.



I mean, it's fine, man.



I knew you was going

to stand me up.



I figured you weren't

going to make out



to the Berg, no way.



I knew you was all talk,



but now you

making us look bad



out there on the field.



Don't talk to me, man.



You ain't got nothing

to say to me.



Why the clouds,




I can't make

that pitch, Petey.



You ain't gonna

never play anyway,



unless we're up

by    points.



And seeing as how

we ain't never gonna be



up by no    points,



you might as well

just sit back, relax,



and enjoy the bench.



How's it going, yo?



Man, I didn't sign up

to play like this.



These guys we're playing

got no heart.



We play like this

against Groveton,



we're going down.



[Boone] OK, Offense.

Offense, let's go.



[Players Shouting]






[Referee Blows Whistle]




Touchdown, Titans!



Game, Titans!



How you doing, Coach?



Good morning.



Where's your dad?



He's in his office.




Nicky, you all right?



Yes, Daddy.






What you doing?



Shooting some hoops.



Want to play?



I just did my nails.



[Boone]How you doing?





if you don't need me,



I'm going to--



[Tyrell]I'm going

to wait out back.



[Yoast]All right, Herb.



Coach Boone, to what

do I owe this surprise?



Have a seat.



I'll get straight to it.



We won't survive

another game



like the one we played

last Friday,



so I spoke to Mr. Vernon

the math teacher,



asked him to look at

the game film from Groveton,



who we got next week.



I asked him

to analyze it for me.



Every coach has

certain tendencies--



All of them

except Ed Henry.



The only time

we'd be seeing Ed Henry



is at the state







Well, gosh, this is...



this is great stuff--



Every quarter

broken down,



how many times they run

each play. I mean--



You like that, huh?



We'll be very tough

defensively with this.



I think so.



I brought Nicky by.



She was asking me

about Sheryl.



I'm getting

ready to take her over



to some of

her friends' house.



Any time you want to

bring her by the house,



we'd be more than

happy to have her.



  [Rock Guitar]



[Girl # ]

Oh, he's so cute.



[Girl # ]He's in

my third period class.



[SchoolBell Rings]



What y'all staring

at old Sunshine for?



I'm the one dominating

on the field.



He ain't played

a minute all year.



Who cares

about the field?



Well, I don't want to be

the one to break your heart,



but Sunshine's

from California.



Yeah. A California

dream boat.







is from California.



He's a Californian--



You talking

to my girl?



I don't see any

livestock around here,



so I don't know what

you talkin' 'bout.






[Boy]It's a fight!




Guys, stop it!




Get off me. Get off me.



[Boy] Hey!



[Petey] You want some?



Hey, hey, break it up.






[Petey] Get your hands

off me, man!



Hey, get off me!



Come here, man.






Petey, get these girls

out of here.



Get out of here!



Uncle Tom traitor!



Uncle Tom!



I know you didn't call me

no Uncle Tom.



Y'all better

back off me now, man.



Go! Move!



Looks like you went

to the zoo



and made some

new friends, Bertier.




Oh, big smart guy, huh?






















has asked about Sheryl.



Wanted to know if she could

come over and spend the night.



I told her I'd run it by you,

see what you thought.






She's over

at the Boones' tonight.



I was going to swing by



on my way home

and pick her up.



Over at the Boones', huh?






So that's the way

it is, huh?



Yeah, you haven't

changed a bit.



You was the one trying

to please everybody,



be the nice guy.



Sooner or later,

a man's got to pick sides.



As for me, well, I'm--

I'm not going to put myself



- through the rest of the season

with that uppity--

- Hey.



I brought you here.



I want you with me,



but you got to do

what you got to do.



That's all

you can say to me



after all

we've been through?



Do what you got to do?



Hey, Herb--



You go to hell.



[Film ProjectorRunning]



[Sheryl] That veer's

getting better.



I'll admit that.



But you're still weak

on the left side.



We're not weak

on the left side.



We just got to work harder

on the left side, that's all.



- That's not the problem.

- What is the problem?



You think it is, but it ain't.

It's your pass reads.



It's not--

It's a run anyway.



It's not a pass.

The veer is a run.



all right, you two,

that's enough of that.



Sheryl, don't you want

to play with Nicky?



I hate playing

with dolls.



I'm not playing.

I'm accessorizing.



Yeah, why don'tyou

go accessorize?



Don't you want to go

accessorize with--




Hey, ''Coach Coon!''



[Children Yelling]



In the back.

In the back.



[Nicky Crying]







[Man Shouts]



[Dog Barking]






Where's Coach, man?



What do he want

with us now?



Coaches ain't called

this meeting tonight.



We did.



We outta here.



[ulius] Y'all gonna

walk out on your teammate?



He say he got

something to say.



Y'all got

to listen to him.



Turn around,

turn around.



Whereyou going?

Turn around.



Coach Boone brought us

this far, y'all,



but he ain't going to be

there for us forever, man.



So what?

We won a few games.



And y'all fools

think that's something?



Man, that ain't

nothing, y'all.



And you know what else?



We ain't nothing, either.



Yeah, we came together

in camp. Cool.



But then

we're right back here,



and the world tells us



that they don't want us

to be together.



We fall apart



like we ain't a damn bit

of nothing, man.



Andy'all think

we done won something?



Man, we ain't won

nothing, y'all--






[Lastik]Rev, what's

that you're always



telling me

when I get sick



of trying to keep up

with my grades and stuff?



! Even youths !



! Grow tired and weary!






! Even young men

stumble and fall !



! But those who trust

in the Lord !



!Will renew

their strength !



Say amen.



Amen. That's what

I'm talking about.



Amen--amen, right?



That's right, Rev.




  They will soar 



  On wings

like eagles 



! Oh, like eagles, y'all !



! Like eagles, y'all !



!They will walk!



!And not grow faint !



[Rev] Yeah.

Can I get an amen?



[Player] Yeah!









We're playing Groveton

Friday night, y'all.



You all gonna play like

you ain't got no heart?






Do you all want

a victory?






Do you all want

a victory?







Turn in!












Like I said,



we will not be




We're going to play

football games.



Hatred, violence

will not intimidate us.



[Reporter]Is that

why you need



the state troopers,




Look, I don't need no

John Brown state troopers.



And you can tell whoever

threw this brick



through my window



they can come visit me




I'll be at home.



I think it's time

you stopped



antagonizing everybody and

learned a little humility.



Humility, huh?



You know, if you could

just keep your mouth shut



and if you didn't

brag so much--



I see.

So you're blaming me



for what happened

last night?



No. I am talking about

setting a good example



for our boys

and for the community.



I don't scratch my head

unless it itches,



and I don't dance unless

I hear some music.



I will not be intimidated.

That's just the way it is.



If you want to carry

your sinful pride with you



to your grave,

that's your business,



But when your sins

endanger my little girl,



it becomes mine.



My sins?



You think my sins

had something to do



with what happened

last night?



I'm sorry about what

happened to your daughter,



I really am,



but maybe you got

a small taste



of what my girls

go through.






Welcome to my life, Yoast.



[Players Chattering]



[Player]Shh, shh!



[Chattering Stops]



What's going on?






Uh, we wanted

to let you know



we was going to warm up



a little different




[Announcer] This is the first

true test of the season



for the undefeated

T. C. Williams Titans,



'cause tonight,

they're going up against



the undefeated

Groveton Lions.



Their all-state nose guard

Kip Tyler



is as mean as

a copper head snake.






And here come

the Titans.



They're playing in front

of a capacity crowd



for the first time

this season.




! Ha, real good !



! Hoo, ha, we feel !



! Hoo, ha, real good !



! Hoo, ha, we feel !



! Hoo, ha, real good !



! Hoo, ha, we feel !



! Hoo, ha, real good !



! Hoo, ha, we feel !



! Hoo, ha, real good !




 Hoo, ha, we feel 



Julius Campbell



is playing strong side







He's so good.

He's got all-American--






- And Gerry Bertier--

- Sheryl.



I do not care.



[Blue]   !







! Everywhere we go !



! Everywhere we go !



! People wanna know !



! People wanna know !



!Who we are !



!Who we are !



! So we tell them !



! So we tell them !




  We are the Titans 



  We are the Titans 



!The mighty, mighty

Titans !



!The mighty,

mighty Titans !




  Ooh, ah, oh, yeah 



  Ooh, ah, oh, yeah 



Who do they think they are,

the Beatles?




  Ooh, ah, oh, yeah 



all right, quit gawking.

Warm up.









Shut 'em up--hard.



[Referee Blows Whistle]









Omaha, Budds, omaha.






[Lastik] Omaha!






[Referee Blows Whistle]



Song's over, Sambo.



[Referee Blows Whistle]



[Players Shouting]



[Crowd] Ohh.



[Player] Yo, man.



Let's go, baby.

Let's go, let's go.



What happened,




I--I audibled.



Rev, I swear to God

I audibled.



- all right, fellas, coming through.

- I didn't hear it.



Swear to God.




take a look at that, son.



[Rev] Uhh.



Well, he broke a bone

in the wrist.



He won't be throwing

any more this season.



[Rev] Ahh.



You got one minute,




Take the other

time-out, Coach.






Ronnie Bass!



Coach, Rev's

going back in, right?



Not at quarterback, son.



I can't make

that pitch, Coach.



Yes, you can.



When I was    years old,



I lost my mother

and my father



in the same month, Ronnie--

the same month.



    brothers and sisters.

I was the youngest one,



but they were all

looking up to me.



Now, I wasn't readyyet,

either, but they needed me.



Your team

needs you tonight.



You're the colonel.



You're going to command

your troops tonight.



- Doyou understand?

- Yes, sir.



Twins right,

   zero read.



Let's go.



Let's go.



Let's go.



What's the matter?

Haven't you ever seen



a football injury before,

you wimps?



[Sunshine]Let's go.

Showsomelife in thoselegs.



I got it. It's going

to be all right.




you release this time.



Louie, let him through,

all right?



-Just let him through.

- What?



Trust me.



You had     brothers

and sisters?







    sounds better.



[Referee Blows Whistle]









[Sunshine]Blue,   !



Blue,   !






[Referee Blows Whistle]



Ha ha ha!






[Referee Blows Whistle]



[Player] Whoo!




Unnecessary roughness!



That's a penalty!



On the quarterback? Are

you kidding me, Coach?



 Na nanana 




Did you see that, man?



That's a bad

white boy, man.






 Na nanana 



 Hey, hey, hey 






We've got ourselves

a football player.






 Na nanana 



 Hey, hey, hey 



-  Good-bye 

- Uhh!






 Na nanana 



 Hey, hey, hey 



 It's all right 



  Give it tome

one time, hey 






 Na nanana 



 Hey, hey, hey 






all right, listen up,

listen up, listen up.



Listen up, listen up.

Listen up.






[Cheering Stops]



Game ball--



Ronnie Bass.






Hey, this ball

right here...



hey, this ball

right here



goes to the real king

right here.



Thanks for teaching me

the veer, Rev.



Aw, come on.






[Titans] Rev! Rev! Rev!



- Rev! Rev! Rev!

- Ow!



Rev! Rev! Rev!



[Rev] Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Come on.






Can I speak with you

in private?







Whoa, whoa, whoa.



What's on

your mind, son?



I want Ray

off the team, Coach.



You know my policy,




Yes, I do,



and I respect it,



I know that Ray missed

that block on purpose.



Sometimes you just got

to cut a man loose.







you're the captain.



You make a decision,



but you support

your decision.



[Player# ] We're going to

rememberthis foralong time.



[Player# ]

Hey, guys, waitup.



I want to catch

aride withyou.






[Player] Oh, man,

nota word.



You're out.






I'm not going to letyou

play for this team anymore.






Oh, yeah,Jerry Lewis?



Going to go

and tell ''Coach Coon''



what to do

just like last time?



But, then, that's right.



He is your daddy now,

isn't he?



Boone don't cut anybody.



Remember, Gerry?



I had you cut, Ray.



You're willing

tojust throw away



our friendship for them?



You can keep them.






 Now, I've beenhappylately 




thegoodthings to come 








has begun 



  Oh, I've been







Heck ofa gameyou boys

played last night.






Thankyou, Officer.



Best defense I've seen

in    years.



 Peace train 



Tell thatcoach of yours



tokeep up thegoodwork.



Oh. Oh, yeah.

I'll--I'll do that.



 Now, I've been





thegoodthings to come 







[Bertier] Yo, man,

your taxihadasiren.






Hey, man,

what's going on?



Doing all right.



 Ride on thepeace train 






  Come on thepeace train 



 Justcome on

thepeace train 




it's thepeace train 







This songgoes out



to the undefeated Titans.



This cityis alive

with schoolspirit.



Goget 'em, Titans!





I was downtown 



  Workin'forthe F.B.I.  



 Sittin'in anest





piling high 



 Apair of.  s

made me openmy eyes 



 My temperjuststarted




 She was along cool woman

in ablack dress 



 Just-a '  ',

beautiful, tall 




I was abadmess 



  'Cause thatlong cool woman




  Whoo !









[Man] We are

here tonight tohonormen



thatare teaching




leadership on and off

the field



and high moral standards

as well.



Ladies andgentlemen,



letmeintroduce toyou

the      Hall ofFamenominees.



Come on, Daddy.






When we playedJefferson,



we were down by  

with     seconds left.



So we blitzed the safety

from the weak side...






Heck ofa season

the Titans are having, Coach.



Too bad it's got to end.



Oh, we're still in it,




Taber's boys

are pretty good,



but I thinkwe'll take

'em in the regional.



Well, not ifwe have anything

to say about it.



you just leave this

to us, Bill.



Boone's out, and you're

head coach again.



And all roads lead

to the Hall of Fame.



[Reporter] Coach Taber?



What doyou think

ofthe Titans, Coach?



Thinkyou have a chance

against that defense



they have over there

at T.C.?



[Coach Blows Whistle]



[Taber] Ton, Billy, Ray,

come on overhere.



Boys. Theseare

myall-American tackles.



Prize bulls

who don't do nothin'



but knock the chocolate

out offolks.



[Reporter]Is it true

you're notgonna trade fiilms



with Coach Boone?



I'm not gonna do anything

to help that monkey.



[Doc] Well...



what are we going

to do about this?



We're gonna get ready

for Saturday.



Seeyou out there

on the field.






[Referee Blows Whistle]




Hey, Mr. Offiicial.



Mr. Official, can I talk

toyou for a second?



Back off, Coach, ifyou

want to stay in this game.






[Referee Blows Whistle]



I've got holding

on    white.



are you trying to cheat

my boys out ofthe game?






Let 'emplay,

Ref, let 'emplay.



Let 'em play!

Let the boys play!






Coach, come on.



[Boone] Cheater!



[Doc] Coach.



[Cheerleaders Cheering]



Go, go, go, go!



[Blows Whistle]



[Sheryl] Oh, come on!

What was that?!






What are you, blind?




That wasn'tahold.



Oh, come on, that was

such a bad call.






[Titan] Give him

apiece of yourmind!



I know all about it,




What are you

talking about, Bill?



You call this game fair,



or I'll go

to the papers.



I don't care

ifI go down with ya,



but before God,

I swear I'll see



every last one of you

thrown injail.



You dig your own grave.






Defense! On me!



OK, Petey, don'tyou drift

to the strong side.



Coach, they're callin' a holding

penalty on me every time.



Did I ask

for your excuses?



[Yoast] You want toact




you better give me

a star effort,






Forget about him!



[Yoast]Alan, you're in!



Come on!



all right, now,



I don't want them

to gain anotheryard.



[Yoast] Youblitzallnight!



Ifthey cross

the line ofscrimmage,



I'm gonna take

every last one of you out.






they remember forever



the night they played

the Titans.



[Titans Shouting]



[Referee Blows Whistle]



Leave no doubt!






[Titan] Come on, y'all!

Swing itleft!



all right! all right!

all right!



Set! Hut!



[Referee Blows Whistle]



You better makeyourself

comfortable down there.







[Blows Whistle]



[Referee Blows Whistle]



You did good!



That one was

for you, Coach.



all right, baby.

all right.



You brought us here,




Run it up, Herman!



Leave no doubt!



 Music's inyour city, too 






 Music's gettin'goodtome 



 Butnow, don'tya,




 Don'tyou want




Hut hut!






 Don'tyou want




 Baby, baby,

letmelightyour fiire 




little bithigher 



Good game.



Good game.






Good game.



Coach. Coach.



I took a straw poll.



you just lostyourself

the Hall of Fame.




Goodgame, y'all.




Hey, goodjob,   .




Goodjob, men.




Hey, way to stick.






Good game, Coach.















[Girl] Titans!









What happened

out there, man?



Come on,

talk to me, Petey.









I'm so proud of you.



Hey, Julius.







Comehere, man.



Don't move.



Go on.

It's OK.



- Man.

- What's up, man?



Let's get out of here.



Let's go paint the town

or something.



Let's go. Let's go.



I--I got to hang

with my girl tonight.



I got to hang

with her tonight.



all right, all right.



Where you going?



I don't know.



I--I don't know,

but I'm gonna go. all right?



- You gonna go?

- Yeah, man.



I want to go, man, but you

know what I mean, man.



I know.

I'll see ya.



Looks like

you weren't the one



with the mixed-up

priorities, huh?






I think it's gonna

take me a little longer



than you might like.



But, um...



I just wanted you to know

that I'm gonna try.



Good-bye, Gerry.






Make me a promise?



You'll be there

to root for us



when we play Marshall

for the title?



  [Folk Guitar]



 Just yesterday mornin' 



I know how much

it meant toyou.



I ain't gonna lie.



I wanted the Hall

of Fame real bad.




Just plain old jealousy.



As old as Cain and Abel.



You know what?



I wanted it, too.



But there's always next year

or the year after that.



As long as it takes

for them to wise up.



Wouldn't want it now




Bunch of ol' red necks.



  That I thought

would never end 



 I've seen lonely times 



Let's knock 'em dead

at state, Coach.












Daddy! You're home!



My girls! Mmm-ah!



Give me a kiss.




Congratulations, Herman.



all right. Mmm.



What'd I tell you,

baby, huh?



Yeah, we can't get too

far ahead of ourselves.



We still got to get

Ed Henry and Marshall.



We got all these--



[Man] You've done a good job,

Coach Boone!






[Neighbors Cheering]



 My body's achin' 



 And my time is at hand 



 I won't make it

any other way 



Well, I'll be

John Brown.



[Nicky] We cleaned up

the kitchen, Daddy,



so you could get

right to work.



You did?




I got news for you.



I ain't workin' tonight.




we're gonna celebrate.



We're gonna

let these people know



who's gonna win state.



- Right?

- Right!



- Right?!

- Right!



- Right?!

- Right!



- Right?!

- Right!



[Boone] Everybody!




We're gonna win state!



 But I always thought

that I'd see you again 




We're gonna win state!



  Oh, I've seen fiire,

and I've seen rain 



 I've seen sunny days 



  That I thought

would never end 



 I've seen lonely times 



  When I could not

find a friend 



 But I always thought

that I'd see you 



[Boy]Hey, Gerry!

You man!



No, you!

No, you, you!



You! Yeah!



  Thought I'd see you

one more time again 



[Boy] Oh, shoot! Gerry!

are you OK?



[Horn Blaring]



How you doin', son?



He ain't all right?

He all right?



He's, uh...



How's he doing?



Not too good.

Not too good.



How well is he doing?



How bad is it?



How bad is it?



He's paralyzed

from the waist down.



Don't say that to me.

Don't say that to me.






Sorry, Mrs. Bertier.



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.



[Sniff ing]



He doesn't want to see

anybody but you,Julius.



Yes, ma'am.



You be strong.



Yes, ma'am.



Those tears are not gonna

make my boywalk again.



Only kin's allowed in here.



Alice, are you blind?



Don't you see

the family resemblance?



That's my brother.



all right.



Oh, man.



Well, you think

I look banged up,



you should see my Camaro.



Man, I sure

am sorry, man.



I should have

been there with you.



What are you

talking about?



You would've been in that bed

right next to me.



You can't be hurt

like this.



You--you're Superman.



I was afraid of you,




I only saw

what I was afraid of.



And now I know I was

only hating my brother.



I'll tell you what,




Um, when all this

is over...



me and you are

gonna move out



to the same

neighborhood together.



OK? And, um...



and we'll get old,

and we'll get fat.



And there ain't gonna be

all this black-white



between us.




Left side.



Strong side.



Good morning.



Good morning.



Uh, the Marshall film.



Well, that's good.



We're gonna have

to be real sharp



on the offensive

and defensive sides



of the football.



Figure we give

the kids



a couple ofextra

practices this week,



make sure

they stay focused.



Got a press conference

today at     noon.



Press conference?



Listen, what we do here

amongst ourselves is one thing,



but we are not gonna

parade around



talking about football

at a time like this.



Hold on. I'm not talking

about parading.



I'm talking about

going out there,



presentin' a strong,

united front.



Now, I'm hurtin'...



just like you are,




but the season

is not overyet.



I did--We did not

come this far



to just break down

and lose now.



Everything's not always

about winning and losing.



I'm a winner.



I'm going to win.



Is this even about

football anymore?



Or is it just about you?




Coach Boone...



Uh, Coach,

you lost Bertier...



Is your defense

in trouble?



You cannot replace

a Gerry Bertier...



as a player or person.






I don't know, Mama.



Maybe Yoast was right.



Maybe I pushed 'em

too hard.



Gerry had an accident.



Sometimes life's

just hard.



For no reason at all.



You think I was blinded

by my own ambition?



Mm. Whatever kind

of ambition it took



to do What you did

around here...



this world could use

a lot more of it, Herman.






[Bertier]Hey, Coach.



[Titans] Hey, Coach.



[Yoast] How you doing?



This for me?



I want you to be my eyes

out there, all right?




Any of these guys slack off,



you just let me know.



You bet I will.



How you doing, Gerry?



I'm all right, Coach.



I was just talking

to these guys about Marshall,



trying to get 'em--



You don't need to talk

about football now.



I think this is a good

time for refection



and for prayer--






I'm hurt.



I ain't dead.



No, you're not.




No, you're not.



You know, I've been,

uh, reading up



on the activities

that they got for people



in wheelchairs and such.



They got Olympics.



[Crowd Cheering]







This is the grand daddy



of state high school football




The Virginia triple 'A. ''



It just doesn't get any better.



We have

Coach Herman Boone's Titans



vs. the legend, Ed Henry,



with over     wins

in    years.



[Boone] Amen.



[Titans] Amen.



[Titan] Let's go!







what's the matter?



I'm eligible.






Well, um, I'm glad

to hear that, son,



but I'm already married.



I got a C-plus average,





I'm going to college.




all right, fantastic.



Coach? Coach?



I just want

to say I'm sorry.



You abandoned your team

in their moment of need, Petey.



''Sorry'' won't make up

for that.



Yeah, I know, but...



listen, I want

to play for you.



I want to play

for the championship.



You can play for me

next year.



You sit on that bench.



Show me you can support

your teammates.



You'll start again

as a senior.




Entering the stadium now



is Jean Bertier.

Now, she's the mother



of injured all-American

linebacker, Gerry Bertier.




Andthe Titan fans



are really giving her

a warm reception.



[Crowd Chanting]

Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



[Fans On TV]

Gerry! Gerry! Gerry!



[Announcer]And here come

the Titans,



entering the stadium



in what's become

their own unique style.



!We feel,

hoo, hah, real good !



! Hoo, hah, we feel !



! Hoo, hah, real good !



! Hoo, hah, we feel !



! Hoo, hah, real good !



! Hoo, hah, we feel !



! Hoo, hah, real good !



! Hoo, hah, we feel !



! Hoo, hah, real good !



[Crowd Cheering]






[Emma]Julius Campbell?



[Cheerleaders Cheering]



Hi, I'm Emma Hoyt.



Oh. Oh, I guess

we never met, huh?



Uh, excuse me, young lady.

You can't be here right now.



[Doc] You gonna have

to get back to your seat.



Well, now we've met.




It's nice to meet you.



Good luck, Julius.



 !   !



[Titan] Whoa! Wait!



What the hell's going on?






Who do they

think they are,



the New YorkJets?






Get  !



[ulius] Get !

Bosley, move!



Move it up!Line up!

Get Bosley! Get  !Get  !



all right, let's go!



Hut hut!



[Referee Blows Whistle]



Real good.



Keep it up.

Shotgun rush.



[Yoast] Cover  !

Go to cover  !Pass!






[Referee Blows Whistle]



Put some pressure

on that QB.



They got all day

to throw, Coach.



You just worry

about your offense.



[Titan]Let's go!

Swing it!Swing it!







Get set! Get set!









[Referee Blows Whistle]







What's wrong, Gerry?




Do not come in here!






They got receivers

everywhere out there.



It's like watching

Monday NightFootball.



Good hustle, good hustle,

good hustle.



Just give him

a little cushion.



And when they throw

that ball, you stick him.



- Ready?

- Break!






[Sunshine]Red,   !



Red,   !



Hut! Hut hut!



[Referee Blows Whistle]




Titans star quarterback,



Ronnie Bass, gains   yards.



What you think? You

think we got a chance?



Got to give me some way

to disguise that coverage.



Let's start thinking

about it. Let's go.












[Referee Blows Whistle]



[Referee Blows Whistle]



They're a mile

ahead of us.



He's a mile ahead

of you, Coach.



If your defense

would stop somebody,



we'd get the ball

a little more.



[Announcer] Well, the Titans

gave 'em a scare,



but Ed Henry looks

supremely confident.



T. C. Williams

goes in at thehalf



trailing  - .



[Sheryl] Coach!






You better get back

toyour seat.



I can't, Coach.




Ed Henry's got Boone's

number, sure as shootin'.



And you ain't doin' nothin'

against that shotgun.



Look, Coach...



now ain't the time

to be proud.



It's all right.

We're in a fight.



You boys are doing

all that you can do.



Anybody can see that.



Win or lose...



we gonna walk out

of this stadium tonight



with our heads held high.



Do your best.



That's all anybody

can ask for.



No, it ain't, Coach.



With all due respect, uh,

you demanded more of us.



You demanded perfection.



Now, I ain't saying that

I'm perfect, 'cause I'm not.



And I ain't gonna never be.

None of us are.



But we have won every single

game we have played till now.



So this team is perfect.



We stepped out on that field

that way tonight.



And, uh, ifit's all the same

toyou, Coach Boone,



that's how

we want to leave it.



[Yoast] Yeah.



I hope you boys have learned

as much from me this year



as I've learned from you.



You've taught this city how

to trust the soul of a man



rather than the look of him.



And I guess it's about time

I joined the club.



Herman! I sure could

use your help.



Ed Henry's kicking my ass

out there.



[Boone] Listen up.

This is our time now.



Second half is our time!



We gonna make some changes

on defense.



They're spreading us out

too far.



We gonna put Sunshine, Alan,

Glascoe, Davis.



You gonna play both ways,

rest of the game.



I don't want a receiver



to get across that line

of scrimmage.



Coach Yoast will tell you

where you're playing, all right?



Let's go. It's our time.

Everybody in.



Our time! Our time!

Our time!



Titans on  !   ,    !







Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go!



all right, Julius.



We're gonna go    monster.



I know that's all

you need to know.



all right, we're going

zone, Alan. I need--



Sir, I could play

with Roosevelt.



But I cannot play

with these guys.



No, I tell you what.



I didn't warm the bench

all year



so I could watch us

go down on my account.



Put Petey in.

He's better.



[Yoast] You want him

to take your spot,



you go give it to him.









Ha ha!

Ha ha ha!



  [Rock Guitar]



[Referee Blows Whistle]



all right, Petey!



all right!

That was beautiful!



Offense, let's go.



  There's a place up ahead 



 And I'm goin' 



 Just as fast as my feet

can fly 



  Come away, come away

if you're goin' 



 Leave the sinkin'ship




  Come on the risin' wind 



  We're goin'up

around the bend 



all right, Defense?

Get out there!



Let's go! Let's stop 'em!



Let's go,

let's go, let's go.



 Better get while

the gettin's good 



 Hitch a ride to the end

of the high way 



  Where theneons

turn to wood 



O- ...inside veer.

O-  inside veer.



  Come on the risin' wind 



  We're goin'up

around the bend 






  You can ponder

perpetual motion 



[Announcer]A fieldgoal

attempt for T. C. Williams.



It's good!



 Always time

for a good conversation 



[Announcer]So they trail

Marshall  - 



heading into

the fourth quarter.



Ref. He's lining

up offsides!



Look,   's offsides!



Freeze right,    Z go.



Ref, I know you can see him!

You got eyes!



Gun-right,    X-fat.



And tell Tommy to watch

the free safety. Go.



Get right in there, Blue.

You know what I'm talking about.



You can't be afraid.



He's offsides!

He's lining up offsides!



Got to hold them here,




Hold 'em right here!



Whoa! Pass! Pass!



Let's go, Offense.

Let's go.




Titans trail Marshall  - .




All Marshall has to do



is hold on to the ball,



and they will be

the state champions.



[Titan] Watch 'em

on the weak side!



On the weak side!



Hold on to that ball,




[Yoast]Hold the ball!

Hold the ball!



[Blows Whistle]



Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hold on to that ball!



[Yoast]Hold on to thatball!



Hold on to that ball,





all right!all right!



Ohh, Petey!






Get a time-out!




Coach, they're slanting to

our strong side every time.



You got to catch 'em

in that slant



and let 'em overpursue.



He's onto your game.



You got to throw something

at him he's not ready for.



- Rev! Where's Rev?

- Yes, sir.



- all right, listen, you ready to run?

- Yes, sir.



Fake    blast...



with a backside

George reverse.



You got that?

Fake    blast



with a backside

George reverse.



Like your life

depended upon it.



Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go get 'em!




The Titans take the field



with time to run one final play

for the state championship.



I thought

he was injured.



I guess not.



Why are they

bringing in a QB.?




The Titans have    yards



to get to the endzone.



Oh, my gosh.

I can't watch this.



I can't watch this. No.



What? What?

Sheryl, what's wrong?



No, I can't watch it.






No, it's too bad.

Not now. Not now.



They're gonna throw it deep.

Cover deep!



[Coach Henry] Watch

the deep pass!Cover it deep!




Ready! Set! Hut!






Yeah! Ha ha ha!



Well, that's it, boys.



That's it.



Good season.



It's all right.



Yes! Yes!



Come on.



Congratulations, Coach.



all right.

Thank you, Coach.



You did a good job.

Played a fine game.



I know football,



but what you did

with those boys...



[Yoast] You were the right man

for the job, coach!



You're a Hall of Fame

in my book.









Mmm-ah! Whoo!










Hoo hoo hoo!









Aah! Ha!



[Sheryl Narrating] The Titans

danced their way into history.




the perfect season.



State champions

and first runner-up



for the national




Second-best high schoolteam

in the country.



Gerry Bertier won a gold medal

for the shotput



in the wheelchair games.



Daddy coached him.



   years later,

Gerry died.



And that's what brought us

back here today.



Gerry is gone,

bu this spirit lives on.



People say that it can't work,

black and white.



Well, here we make it work

every day.



We have our disagreements,

of course.



But before we reach

for hate,



always, always we remember

the Titans.



[Blue] Hm hm hm hm 



 Hm hm hm hm 



! Hey, hey, hey!



! Good-bye !



! Na na na na !



! Na na na na !



! Hey, hey, hey!



! Good-bye !



 Ain't no mountain high 



 Ain't no valley low 



 Ain't no river wide enough,




 If you need me,

call me 



 No matter

where you are 



 No matter how far 



 Don't worry, baby 



 Just call my name 



 I'll be there

in a hurry 



  You don't have

to worry 



  'Cause baby there 



 Ain't no mountain

high enough 



 Ain't no valley

low enough 



 Ain't no river

wide enough 



  To keep me from gettin'

to you, baby 



 Remember the day 



 I set you free 



 I told you

you could always 



  Count on me, darlin' 



 From that day on 



 I made a vow 



 I'll be there

when you want me 



 Some way, somehow 



  'Cause baby there 



 Ain't no mountain

high enough 



 Ain't no valley

low enough 



 Ain't no river

wide enough 



 Ain't no valley

low enough 



 Ain't no mountain

high enough 



 Ain't no valley

low enough... 

Special help by SergeiK