Resident Evil: Apocalypse Script - Dialogue Transcript

Voila! Finally, the Resident Evil: Apocalypse script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie starring Milla Jovovich.  This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. You won't hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse Script




My name is Alice.



I worked for

the Umbrella Corporation...



...the largest and most powerful

commercial entity in the world.



I was head of security...


            a secret high-tech facility

called The Hive...



...a giant underground laboratory

developing experimental...



...viral weaponry.



But there was an incident.



The virus escaped

and everybody died.



Trouble was...



...they didn't stay dead.



The T-virus reanimated their bodies.



But I survived.

Myself and one other...


            environmentalist named Matt.



When we emerged, we were

seized by Umbrella scientists.



Matt and I were separated.



He's mutating. I want him

in the Nemesis Program.






Take her to the

Raccoon City facility...



...and assemble the team.



We're reopening The Hive.



I want to know

what went on down there.



We thought we'd

survived the horror.



But we were wrong.



You're watching Raccoon  .

Now the weather, with Terri Morales.



It's  :   in the a.m. And already

the temperature has reached...



...a massive    degrees as this

unprecedented heat wave continues.



Clear skies in Raccoon City and a

light breeze coming in from the west.



And as a special bonus just for you,

we have a pollen count of  .  .



That's a record low

for this time of year.



Good news for all you hay fever

and asthma sufferers.



All in all, it looks like it's gonna be

another beautiful day.



Stay with us. After the break...



...we're gonna look at your favorite

holiday hot spots.



Advance team, proceed.






Holy shit.



Excuse us, ma'am.

There's been an incident.



Excuse us, sir.

There's been an incident.



How bad is it?



- You must come with us.

- I must get my daughter.



- It's taken care of.

- What are you doing?



You don't understand.

She's left for school.



This is U-Gamma  

evacuation complete...



...but we just lost contact

with Gamma   .



Unit    calling for immediate backup

at city hall.



Still no explanation for this wave

of unexplained killings...



...that is sweeping across the city.



A deadly crime spree with no end.



Backup, we need backup now!



Just like Valentine told us...



Off-duty law enforcement personnel,

report for duty immediately.



Give us a hand over here,

this guy's insane!



- It's Valentine.

- Hold your fire.



- Valentine!

- They're infected.



Somebody get this ugly bitch

off of me!



I told you. Shoot for the head.



Please, somebody get her.



No! Don't shoot! Don't...



I'm leaving town.

I suggest you do the same.



Everyone's leaving the city.



We've received reports

of Umbrella Corporation...



...dispatching armed guards

and troop carriers.



Move in an orderly fashion

to security checkpoints.



The city is completely contained.

Troops have sealed all exits.



The only way out is this bridge.



All citizens must pass through

medical scanning.



Sir! You better take a look at this.



Family members must pass through

security checkpoints together.



Please proceed in an orderly fashion.

Do not run.



- He's clean. Let him pass.

- Next!



No pushing, please. Keep in line.



Can we get some

reinforcements down here?



Chopper Delta, new orders.



Proceed directly to

Ravens Gate Bridge.



Reinforcements urgently needed.



Copy that, base. On our way.



Get it.



No! Get off!



Get away! No! Stop! Get off!



No! Get back!



Civilian in trouble. Three o'clock.

Go down.



I can't. We have our orders.



No! Get back! No!



They're gonna kill her!

Take us down now!



She's a civilian. We have orders.



Fuck orders!



Nicholai, tie me off.



Get back! No!









Take us down! Down, now!



Hey. Hey, you okay?



Step away from the edge.

Come over to me.



- Everything's okay.

- No, it's not.



I've seen what happens to you

once you've been bitten.



- We can help you.

- There's no going back.






Move! Peyton!



- Peyton!

- Valentine. Hey, Valentine.



- Move! Police! Move!

- Let her through.



Glad you're here.

We could use the help.



- He has a weak heart.

- Get away from him!



Everybody, stand back!



- Daddy!

- Get away from him!



- Get her away from him!

- It's okay.



- Get her away!

- It's okay. Come on.



- Daddy!

- It's okay, I got you.



- Get him off! Get him off me!

- Move aside!



Get back!



It's here. It's reached the gate.



Why are you here? You should've

got out while you had the chance.



These are our people, Jill.



- Close them.

- Sir?



Seal the gates.



- Our men are still out there...

- Just do it.



Oh, my God, they're closing

the gates!



This is a biohazard quarantine area.



Due to risk of infection, you cannot

be allowed to leave the city.



What the fuck is going on here?



All appropriate measures

are being taken.



The situation is under control.



Please return to your homes.



You won't get away with this!



Let us out!



You have five seconds

to turn around...



...and return to the city.



Do it.



Use of live ammunition

has been authorized.






- They can't shoot people!

- They won't fire.






- Get them back!

- Two.



- Move!

- One.



Everybody, clear out!



Kilo and Romeo squads,

rendezvous at sector   ...



...and secure against enemy.



- Grenade!

- Grenade!



Squads three to seven

are on full retreat.



No, sir. Suppression measures

have failed. We can't contain it.



The infection is spreading faster

than anyone anticipated.



Dr. Ashford.



- Shouldn't you be on the chopper?

- I'm not going.



I was instructed to get you and

the other scientists out of the hot zone.



You're too important to Umbrella

to be at risk.



I'm not leaving without my daughter.



I'm sorry, truly.

But the city is sealed.



She may have survived the crash,

but we couldn't find her anywhere.



Even if she were still alive,

I couldn't let her out.



The risk of infection is too great.

You must understand.



You do what you have to do.



I'm staying.



There has to be someone left alive.



Come on.



- Matt!

- Take her to the Raccoon City facility.



I want her quarantined.

Close observation.



Prepare her for exposure.



Up the dosage.



Just do it.









Let's get under cover.



You have to get out.



This is my place. I'm hiding here.



- It's big enough for all of us.

- Don't tell me...



Okay, just cool it. Put the gun down.



Put the gun down.



And, you, take it easy.



So does the Raccoon City

Police Department...



...have any comment

on what those things are?



What's that you got there?



My Emmy.



That's if any of us make it out.



Are you all right?



What are you doing?



What's wrong?



It's my sister. She's not well.



- Maybe I can help.

- No.



Out of my way.



Just get out.



You're feeding her? You're sick.



Just leave us alone.






- I'm getting out of here.

- Hey.



Hey! Hey, no!



Oh, my God!



Hey, help us! Come on!



Get it in there!



What the hell was that?









- What the fuck is that thing?

- What are you doing?



Get back here.












I know.



I count three of them.



They got us boxed in.



What are we gonna do?



Let's go.






We're gonna need

more ammo. I'm out.



Shit. I'm out.






Who the fuck are you?



GTA, motherfucker!



Oh, yeah!



Ten points!



Yuri. You okay?



Bite this.



- You okay?

- Yeah. Yeah.



Pull back!



This way.



This is Olivera. We've been overrun.

Request immediate chopper evac.



We need to find somewhere

to stop for a moment.



I don't think that's a good idea.



There might be more of those...






If there were more,

we'd have seen them by now.



- You know what they are?

- They're bio-weapons...



...from Umbrella labs

beneath the city.



How come you know so much

about Umbrella?



I used to work for them.



Damn it.



Hold it.



What do you think you're doing?



He's wounded.

The infection's spreading.



I'm fine.



You should take care of him now.



It'll be more difficult later.



You know that.






If it comes to that...



...I'll take care of it myself.



As you wish.



It's nothing personal.

But in an hour, maybe two...


           'll be dead.



And moments later,

you'll become one of them.



You'll endanger your friends,

try to kill them...



...probably succeed.



I'm sorry. That's just the way it is.



Help me!



There's too many of them.



Let's get out of here.

This way!



Sir, T-virus infection

has reached critical levels.



This is a perfect opportunity.



Ensure all data streams

are recorded.



Activate Nemesis Program now.



- Hey!

- Here! We're down here!



- Hey!

- Come! We're here!



- Where are they going?

- They're landing there. Let's get Yuri!



- Come on, Yuri. We're getting out.

- We'll get you fixed up. Come.



Hold on, Yuri. We're almost there.



No. No! Don't leave!



- Down here! We're coming!

- They dropped something.



Maybe a radio. One that works.



Take Yuri.



Hold on, Yuri.



Nicholai, put me down.



Okay, rest here.



What is this?



Looks like weapon cases.



We don't need weapons.

We need evacuation!



These weren't meant for us.






Plenty to go around.



Don't shoot!



I got the power.



Thank you! Owe you one, man.






Maybe I was safer outside.



Get them guns out of my damn face.



Motherfucker, please. Look...


            shit is custom.



What the fuck is that?






You're going down,

you son of a bitch!






Deploy defensive formation.

Take him down.



You fuckers is crazy. Look at that guy,

got a rocket launcher.



- What do we have?

- A dozen armed men. Well organized.



- I'm surprised there's anyone left.

- They're S.T.A.R.S.



Special Tactics and Rescue Squad.

They're the best.






Back! Fall back!



- Let's see how good they really are.

- Altering protocols.






Oh, shit.






Those were some pretty slick moves

back there.



I'm good...



...but I'm not that good.



- You should be thankful for that.

- What do you mean?



They did something to me.



I barely feel human anymore.



We should keep moving.

Before the sound attracts anything.



Keep moving.



- Hello?

- God, I thought you'd never answer.



- Who is this?

- I can get you out of the city.



All four of you.



But first we have

to come to an arrangement.



Are you ready to make a deal?



- Do we have a choice?

- Not if you want to live past tonight, no.



His name is Dr. Ashford and he...



Runs the genetics and viral research

division of Umbrella Corporation.



What's he want with us?



His daughter, Angela,

is trapped in the city.



Umbrella was to evac her,

but she didn't make it.



She's hiding out in her school.



We find her, he'll help us escape

the perimeter.



No fucking deal.



We find the building with

the thickest walls and doors...



...and we barricade ourselves in.

Sit tight, wait for help.



There won't be any help.



Umbrella knows

they can't contain the infection.



So at sunrise this morning, Raccoon

City will be completely sanitized.



What do you mean by "sanitized"?



A precision tactical nuclear device.



- What yield?

- Five kilotons.



- Fuck me.

- Stupid.



- What does that mean?

- It means it'll destroy the infection...



...and all evidence of it.



It's bullshit. It's bullshit!



No fucking way would they

get away with that!



- It would be all over the fucking news!

- Cover-up.



Cover-up's already prepared.



A meltdown

at the nuclear power plant.



- A tragic accident.

- Not even Umbrella is capable of this.



Not capable?



Peyton, you were there at the bridge.



You know exactly how far

Umbrella will go.



So, what do we do now, huh?



I think we should be out of here

by sunrise.



What if there is no way out and he's

watching us on these cameras...



What if there is no way out and he's

watching us on these cameras...


            this is some kind

of sick game?



- What is it?

- What's going on?



- Wait.

- Sunrise ain't gonna wait.






- There's something down there.

- Where?






I don't see anything.



That doesn't alter the fact that

there is something down there.



I'm getting sick of this bullshit!









He's located another two

S.T.A.R.S. Members.





Run. Just go!



Primary target is identified.



Gentlemen, this is what

we've been waiting for.



Confirm at  :    and    seconds.



The Nemesis Program is now

fully activated.



Look, I'm...

I'm sorry about your friend.



Let's just get to the school

and find this kid.



This bite...


            won't stop bleeding.



- Why didn't they see us?

- What?



The chopper. We were right there

in the street in front of the hospital.



- How could they not see us?

- They saw us.



What do you mean?



We're assets, Nicholai.



Expendable assets.



And we've just been expended.






I'm not one of those things.



Hey, remember me? Look, I haven't

been bitten or anything. Look.



Climb aboard.



Lloyd Jefferson Wade.



You can call me L.J. On account

of the informal situation.



We're gonna have to split up

to search this place.



Forget it. Forget it! I'm not going

out there by myself.



I can go with you.



You, take the first floor.



You, take the second.



I'll take the basement.



- I've never shot a gun before.

- There's nothing to it.



Try to hit them in the head.



I see you, mother...



Oh, shit!



So did you get the call as well?



- What?

- You're here for the girl?



Oh, yeah, yeah. The girl.



Dr. Ashford didn't say he made a deal

with someone else.



I guess we're partners.









It's gonna be okay.



There's no need to be afraid.



We're gonna take you home.



Oh, my God.



Help me!






You can't help her.



Not now.



I've seen what they do.



- Are you Angela?

- Yes.



We should hurry

before they come back.



Hold this.



Angela Ashford, huh?



That's a pretty grown-up name

for a little girl.



I'm not a little girl.






...all my friends call me Angie.

- Angie, huh?



I like that.



Those things are in here.



It's okay, honey. They're slow.

We can run around them.






Not them.






Get back.






Thought you might need a hand.



- You work for Umbrella?

- Used to.



Until they left us for dead in this place.

Now I consider myself freelance.



Sergeant Nicholai Genovev,

at your service.



- Come on!

- Wait! Angie!



Save the girl! I've got this bitch.



Oh, shit.



From now on, stay right beside me.



It's blocked.



What do we do now?



Wait here. Eyes:






Thank you.



You two know each other?



She's infected.



She's infected on a massive level.



- How can you know that?

- Because she is too.



You're infected? When were

you gonna tell us that?



- Let me see.

- No.



You know I'm not gonna hurt you.



Let me see.



It's the antivirus,

the cure to the T-virus.



There's a cure?



How did you get this?



My daddy.

My daddy made it for me.



He's sick.

And someday, I'll get sick too.



He just wanted to stop that.



When I was little...



...I had to walk on crutches.



They said I'd never get better,

just worse.



He found a way

to make me stronger.



The T-virus.



Then they took the invention

away from him.



Get out of my house!



He's not a bad man.



He didn't mean for any of this.



It's okay.



Don't shoot! He's cool.



He made a deal with Dr. Doom,

same as you.



How many of you guys are there?



What do you mean?






When were you bitten?



- Three hours ago.

- What the...?



It's your lucky day.



Should have told me you got bit.

I'm hanging with you and shit.



- Let me speak to my daughter.

- First, you tell us how we're getting out.



There's a helicopter

already being prepped.



It takes off in    minutes.



It'll be the last transport to leave

Raccoon City before they detonate.



I take it this helicopter isn't

laid out just for us.



No. It has another purpose,

but it'll be lightly guarded.



- Where's the evac site?

- May I speak to my daughter now?



- Daddy?

- Hey, sweetheart.



- Are you all right?

- When can I see you?



Soon. These people will

bring you to see me.



I'll see you very soon.



Put the lady back on.



Where do we have to go?



The helicopter will be at city hall.



I suggest you make haste.








Just like people.



You really thought I didn't know?



So, what are you injecting me with?



The antivirus.



The T-virus reanimates dead cells.



Basically, bringing the dead to life.



Or in a living human,

it can cause uncontrollable mutation.



Or it can help her walk again,

if the virus is kept in check with this.



- Angie's infected?

- Yes.



The cellular growth is enough

to regenerate her...



...but not enough to cause mutation.



And they infected you

with the T-virus as well?






But don't worry.

I'm not contagious.






Tape the story.

I'll see that it gets put to good use.



My name is Alice.



I worked for the

Umbrella Corporation...



...the largest and most powerful

commercial entity in the world.



I was head of security at a secret

high-tech facility called The Hive...



...a giant underground laboratory

developing experimental...



...viral weaponry.



Let's go.



You missed one.



We have to hurry.



- We're okay. We have time.

- No! We have to hurry.



- Holy shit! We stealing his ride!

- Take off.



- I said, take off!

- What's the rush?



We've been expecting you.



- Perimeter secure.

- All sectors locked down.



- Angie!

- Daddy!



- I knew you wouldn't leave me.

- No. Never.



Discard primary weaponry.



The two of you showed such promise,

but we had to see you in action.



And most impressive you've been.



You're like brother and sister.



Heightened speed, strength,

agility, the same killer instincts.



Parallel strands of research.



And now...

Now we'll discover which is superior.



Fight him.






Fight him, or they die.



What makes you think I care?



Daddy! Daddy, no.






He was a valuable asset

to the corporation.



I don't even care

about these people.






He's mutating. I want him

in the Nemesis Program.






Cellular structure breaking down.



T-virus is manifesting itself

in a genetic mutation.



We're seeing similar

cellular regeneration.



I'm sorry.



Oh, Matt. I'm so sorry.



Finish him.



I said, finish him.









Don't you understand

how important you are to me?



That creature is one thing,

but you...



...somehow you bonded

with the T-virus on a cellular level.



You adapted it, changed it.

You became magnificent.



- I became a freak.

- No.



You're not mutation.

You're evolution.



With my help, just imagine

what you can achieve.



What about him?



Evolution has its dead ends.



Now, finish this.

Put him out of his misery...



...and come with me.






You're such

a disappointment to me.



All that strength...



...but no will to use it.



What a waste.



Prepare for takeoff.



Sanitation of Raccoon City

to commence on my mark.



Kill her.



What are you doing?



Get us airborne.



This is Cain. Priority overload.

Initiate launch proceedings.



Detonation set

at T-minus   minutes.



Angie, get down!



Why haven't we taken off?



Because I usually drive a Cadillac.



Surrender, or we open fire.



Drop it.






Drop your weapon and surrender.



Let's get this thing in the air!



You have to get up.






Come on, we have to go.

We have to go. Come on.



Come on.



Get up!



If you expect me to beg, I will not.






Killing me won't put things right.






...but it's a start.



Are you going to be all right?



Hang on to something!



We're going down!



U-Gamma   to base.




We've located the crash site.



Fetch the medical team.



What about the others?



No other bodies found, sir.



We have unconfirmed reports

of disaster at Raccoon City.



These shocking images just in.



A mysterious plague

or viral outbreak has run rampant...



Implicating Umbrella Corporation

in deaths of innocent citizens.



This tape, work of former Raccoon  

anchorwoman Terri Morales.



New evidence now

discredits earlier reports...



- Nothing more than sick joke.

- Fake videotape totally discredited.



Nothing more than a big hoax.



Playing on the very real tragedy...



...which overwhelmed

Raccoon City this week.



The reactor at the nuclear

power station went critical.



The worst atomic disaster since the

Russian Chernobyl incident in     .



The state governor personally

thanked the Umbrella Corporation...



...for their swift action.



The perpetrators of the hoax,

Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera...


            being sought

for questioning by the police.






Alice, wake up.



Can you hear me?



Do you understand

what I'm saying?






Begin the purging process.



Her recovery's remarkable.



And her powers,

both physical and mental...



...are developing

at a geometric rate.



Where are you?



You're safe.



Come on.



That's it.



There we are.



Do you know what that is?



It's a pen.



You see?



You try.



That's it.






Look at me.



Can you remember anything?



You remember your name?



My name?



My name.



I want her under

  -hour observation.



A complete set of blood work.



Chemical and electrolyte analysis

by the end of the day.



My name.



- My name.

- Sir.



Advanced reflex testing is a priority.



My name.



- Monitor electrical impulses...

- Sir.






What is it?



My name...





And I remember everything.



This is central.

Request immediate backup.



Maximum response.



Thank you, gentlemen.

We'll take over from here.



- On whose authority?

- Classified. Level six authorization.



Sorry, sir.



Let them go.



Good to have you back.



Are you all right?



Program Alice activated.



What did they do to you?



This is a product of the

Umbrella Corporation.



Our business is life itself.



Some side effects may occur.

Special help by SergeiK